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My heart is running away (To completion)

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Jimin had gotten used to waking up like this. It didn't mean he enjoyed it any less when it happened; when the soft scent that surrounded Taehyung surrounded him like a blanket. The soft barely there smell of cucumber and mint that the other let out. It was always something that made him smile, how such an excitable and bright person could let out such a calm and gentle scent.

Everything about Taehyung made him smile though, and as he reached out to stroke his cheek he felt his smile grow. He watched as his face scrunched up slightly at his touch, a sign he was at least partly awake. Jimin couldn't resist leaning forward and pressing kisses across his face.

He didn't stop until the other was grumbling as he woke up. He lifted his head as the grumbling turned to huffing and light pushes against his chest. He didn't try to stop the huge smile growing on his face as Taehyung glared at him with puffy eyes and pouty lips.

"Good morning darling." He gently pecked his nose, his smile only widening when Taehyung's nose scrunched up. "Did I wake you?" His head tilted slightly trying to play innocent even if he knew the answer.

"Why do you insist on doing this whenever you're up first? Whenever I'm up first I leave you be," Taehyung grumbled eyes still narrowed at the elder as he reached up and rubbed at his eyes. Jimin let out a quiet giggle and huddled close to him, wrapping his arms around small hips.

"That's because I don't like being alone when I know you could be keeping me company." Jimin hummed nuzzling into the underside of his jaw. He let out a low purr as Taehyung let out a tiny huff but didn't pull away from him. "Just because you're needy for affection doesn't mean you can interrupt my sleep." Taehyung sighed though he lightly patted Jimin on his head, fingers lightly curling into the faded out purple strands.

Jimin just shrugged still nuzzling into his neck, lip piercing brushing against his neck. He sighed relaxed, swimming in the calming scent of his lover. "You're lucky I love you." Taehyung rolled his eyes as the other never intended to answer his previous statement. Jimin just nodded, nipping at the small scent gland he possessed.

Taehyung squealed surprised before shoving Jimin away from him. "Okay, that's enough now." Jimin easily backed off at his words, able to hear the serious tone hidden in them. "Sorry babe." He mumbled apologetically, pressing a small lingering kiss into his cheek to correct his mistake.

He knew better than to go near the others scent gland; Taehyung was always sensitive about his scent glands. Betas didn't get anything out of having their scent glands stimulated in contrast to alphas and omegas who could either become agitated or calmed, since he knew this he avoided having his scent gland touched. He didn't want another reminder he was a beta, another reminder he wasn't what everyone expected or wanted out of him. Everyone except for Jimin of course.

Taehyung shrugged laying back down fully and staring at the ceiling. Jimin lightly placed his head on Taehyung's chest, waiting for the other to recover from getting upset. He listened to the others heartbeat, humming softly as he did.

After a few minutes Taehyung's hand came up and gently rubbed the back of jimin's head. "I'm hungry." He hummed out in response to his touch, tilting his head up on his chest. Taehyung scoffed in response looking down at him. "I hope you're not expecting me to make you something."

Jimin pouted but lifted himself up off him. "Whatever." He mumbled before climbing off the bed. "See if I make you anything to eat." He huffed pretending to ignore how Taehyung's eyes roamed his built torso appreciatively. He scoffed turning as he left the bedroom.

Jimin always enjoyed their apartment, living in the city meant they weren't left with many great places to live. The places available were either too small or too expensive for the two to afford, but when they found their apartment it was absolutely perfect. Two bedrooms and a cozy kitchen and lounge. It was only a plus that it was on the cheaper side because of the small building and usually cold uninsulated winters. It was perfect for them.

Jimin entered the small kitchen and immediately headed for the fridge. He pulled out the ingredients to make pancakes, one of the few breakfast items he could manage. With his few skills he was able to start the food and cut the fruit.

Through the soft sizzle of the cooking batter he heard the sound of soft footsteps. Jimin barely glanced up, focused on not burning the pancakes. He flipped them occasionally before taking them off and starting another batch.

He turned around after he shut off the stove and smiled as he saw Taehyung with one glass of orange juice and one glass of almond milk. He was always so thoughtful and helpful, even if it wasn't much.

Once they sat down they began eating, quiet except for the sound of the clinking forks against glass. "So, do you have any appointments today?" Taehyung mumbled lifting his head slightly to look at the other, his eyebrow slightly raised causing the light to catch on his eyebrow piercing.

"Only a couple. I'll be home by 6." He said quietly looking across the table at the other. "Babe I took time off for you yesterday, don't be upset." He watched as Taehyung frowned at the news of him working. "Don't you have work to do anyway?" Jimin tried to reason.

Taehyung rolled his eyes leaning his head back. "I'm already ahead in the designs I need, I'll be done early either way." He lifted his head looking at him challengingly. "I just want you to rest but if you're not, at least be home on time." He tried to reason.

Knowing that the other only wanted the best for him he reached out and grabbed his hand, running his thumb over his knuckles. "I'll be home in time for us to cuddle and watch some movies." He shot the other a sweet smile; the one that caused his eyes to scrunch into crescents and his cheeks to seem even fuller.

"Ghibli?" Taehyung raised an eyebrow at him, trying to figure out if the deal was going to be worth it. "Fine, Ghibli it is." Jimin rolled his eyes playfully, still holding his hand.

He kept his eyes on Jimin, looking for something in his gaze. "Fine you can go. Don't overwork though." It was obvious
Taehyung was serious, which Jimin planned to take to heart and listen to him. "Promise, I need to go and get ready."

He brought his hand up and gently kissed his hand, looking down at the table and saw the food done. "You can deal with the dishes right?" He asked as he stood up, not really waiting for an answer.

"I'll be back." He grinned before heading back to their bedroom, hearing the upset sound Taehyung let out at having to clean the dishes.

Taehyung hated doing any type of housework, something they often had disagreements about. It was the way that Jimin was raised to automatically leave the housework on the partner. His parents were old fashioned and believed in traditional couple structured. Taehyung never fit into that structure and it lead to jimin having to change out of what he was taught to expect. They were both taught to expect certain things though, so neither could be blamed.

With a shake of his head and a grin he headed into their room and to the closet. Humming a song that he was into lately he slipped on a long sleeved turtle neck and a pair of black pants. Combing his hands through his hair to straighten his hair he headed over to the vanity table.

He slipped on his signature silver rings which were a normal part of his outfit. He checked the time to see how long he had till he had to be in the shop. Seeing he didn't have much time left before he had to go he slipped on his shoes and grabbed his jacket before walking out of the room.

He headed to the kitchen, standing in the doorway as he watched Taehyung wiped down the table. "That was quick." Jimin hummed causing Taehyung to look up and smile. "You look nice." Taehyung hummed dropping the rag on the table and walking over to Jimin.

Jimin watched as long arms wrapped around his waist. "You look hot." Taehyung mumbled looking at him with a small smile. He resisted the urge to return his words knowing he would only get an eyeroll; since the younger believed that since he was still in messy sleep clothes and had bed head he couldn't be called hot.

"Thank you ba-" His words were cut off as soft lips were pressed against his own. He let out a soft hum surprised at the suddenness. As he got over his shock he brought a hand up to grasp at his arm, moving his lips against his. He easily fell into slow rhythm of the push and pull of their lips meeting, the quiet wet sound of their lips parting being the only sound heard.

After a few moments Jimin pulled away with a soft suck to Taehyung's bottom lip. "I gotta go babe." He whispered, his hand sliding down to grip his hip. "If we don't stop now, we never will." He grinned coyly as he pressed another kiss to his mouth.

"Finee, go and leave me here to suffer boredom." Taehyung ranted, not deterred by Jimin's snort of amusement as he pulled away from him. "You'll live, I gotta go." He reasoned before grabbing his keys from the counter and heading for the door. Taehyung waved at his back and he walked out the door, leaving him alone.

Jimin worked in a fairly successful tattoo parlor as one of the main tattoo artists and occasional piercer. He did all of Taehyung's tattoos and piercing himself and they always got compliments when they were seen. He was often busy at the shop, working in the busy part of Seoul and had a reputation to uphold.

He had five appointments that day, nothing too big that he saw from his schedule. He would be home before it got too late and wouldn't be tired from rushing, which was something he did often when he had a busy day.

Once he got to the shop he wasted no time and set up his station, going ahead and getting the stencils out and prepping his equipment. He was happy to see his best friend was already there and working. As the owner of the shop he was usually there before any of the workers and usually stayed longer than the others. It was still nice to not be here by himself, considering his first appointment was scheduled earlier than most were.

"What's up Seok." He called as finished setting up his stuff and had a few minutes before his client would shut up. "How you been doing?" He questioned

"Pretty good. We're settling into the new place well. Our sales have been doing great. I couldn't be better." Hoseok shot him a bright grin over his shoulder as he sat at the front desk. "You're pretty much the only artist that is coming in today, besides a few that are coming in for consultation."

Jimin nodded, listening to the soft scribbling of Hoseok's pen as he wrote into his planner. "Cool, no offense but some of your artists are dickheads." Jimin grunted glancing up as he sat in a chair, turning his head to look at him.

"None taken, some just have their head up their ass." Hoseok shrugged leaning back in his chair. "Oh, how did your day off go?" Hoseok looked at him with that worried older brother look he often got from him, he didn't mind it since he found it comforting.

"Good, got to sleep in and went out with Tae. It felt good to relax." He shrugged slightly, his hand coming up to brush his hair out of his face.

"What I meant was how do you feel?" Hoseok fixed him with a stare and Jimin's mouth flattened out into a line. "The same; tense and tired." He shrugged, sighing slightly as he felt the familiar ache in his head that came whenever he mentioned his recent feelings.

"That's tough. Have you ever thought about wearing yourself out. Forcing it out till your loose and boneless?" Hoseok said spinning around to face him. Jimin's face scrunched up immediately.

"Is that a weird euphemism for fucking?"

Hoseok rolled his eyes standing up from the desk. "No you nasty, I'm talking about working out. When was the last time you went to the Gym or actually sweated?" He questioned putting his hands on his hips.

"Like...three months ago?" By Jimin's tone it was obvious that he didn't actually know how long it had been. Hoseok rolled his eyes again and Jimin bitterly thought if the other would do that everytime he thought he did something stupid.

"There's your answer. Go to the gym and make yourself feel better." Hoseok said like it was the simplest answer in the world and the most obvious one.

Jimin mulled it over in his mind and realized it was a pretty straightforward answer. He had never felt like this when he was going to the gym, but he had stopped because he was busy. He could spare a couple hours a day to visit his gym, health was important to him anyway. He would check his schedule and see when he could spare some time to visit for a couple of hours.

Yeah he could do that. It was pretty simple, not like he would tell Hoseok that though.

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Jimin didn't expect to be looking forward to going to the gym as much as he did. He guessed it was because it took a week for him to finally have enough free time to actually plan to go. He also chalked it up to everyone around him being excited for it too. Taehyung was happy for him to go back to doing something he loved (He was also excited for the alpha to feed more into his muscle kink he insisted he didn't have). Hoseok and Namjoon were supportive as always for him and were happy to encourage him. Namjoon had even sent him facts about proper gym etiquette and the pros and cons of regular exercise.

This lead to him being excited to actually being doing what he had planned to do. It took a week but it was worth it. He had a three hour time period that day where he didn't have anything lined up at work which meant he could relax and throw himself into the work out.

He had just finished the last appointment he had for the day. After seeing the client off, repeatedly reminding them about tattoo safety he headed back to his station. He began to clean up, humming softly as he put everything back in place so he could leave as soon as possible.

Pulling off his gloves he walked over to where Hoseok sat, sketching out a new design. "I'm about to head out Hobi." He said running a hand through his messy hair. "I'm gonna change in the bathroom but then I'm gone." He placed his hand on his shoulders.

Hoseok glanced up at him and grinned before shrugging his hands off as he stood up. "Good, don't overwork yourself alright. I can't have my favorite artist too tired to work." He fixed him with a pointed look obviously trying to play the role of a stern boss and his best friend simultaneously. The look soon changed into a signature smile as he patted him on his back. "Now go change, you smell like ink."

Jimin let out a small bark of laughter before heading to the small bathroom inside the tattoo shop. Once he was inside he began undressing before putting on his shirt and basketball shorts. He looked into the mirror and grinned, he missed being able to dress like this with a reason.

He walked out of the bathroom, fixing his bag over his shoulder. He gave Hoseok a wave as he walked out, before giving a polite nod to one of the artists just arriving. He was never able to make friends with other people who worked at the shop. He didn't agree with much they did and most were bigoted assholes in his opinion.

Once he was out of the shop he let out a happy sigh. The drive to the gym wouldn't take more than ten minutes which he was happy for; he didn't want to waste any more time. Once in the car he began driving the familiar path to pretty large gym.

Jimin decided he should probably call Taehyung before he got there. Taehyung was aware he was going to the gym again but he still felt like he should remind him so he would know he wouldn't be home right as he got off work. Taehyung never did have the best memory anyway and often ended up forgetting the smallest things, therefore Jimin often picked up the slack reminding him about deadlines and meetings he was expected to attend.

Keeping his eyes on the road he pulled out his phone before speed dialing the beta. As he stopped at a red light a few rings later the call connected. "What do you want?" Was the immediate response he got. He raised an eyebrow surprised since the other was usually excited for phone calls when they were apart.

"Excuse me?" It was the only thing he could think to say to him, hoping nothing was wrong with him. "You woke me up from my nap, I want to know why?" Taehyung replied with a huff. "It better not be for nothing. I may love you but I'm not afraid to hit you." Taehyung sounded grumpy as he threatened the other and Jimin couldn't help but smile. Despite the fact that he would probably hit him when he came home and it would hurt, it didn't distract from the fact that the other was absolutely adorable when he was napping and when he was grumpy. He couldn't believe he wouldn't see it in person.

"Sorry love, I didn't know you were napping. I just wanted to make sure you remember that I'm going to the gym and won't be home for a couple of hours." He said gently as he turned a corner, glancing at the time on the radio.

It was quiet on the other end besides the sound of the others deep breathing. Jimin waited patiently, hoping the other didn't fall asleep on him, it wouldn't be surprising to him if that did happen though. "Mmm… no I didn't remember. I was kinda expecting cuddles." Taehyung blew out a puff of air and Jimin could practically feel the pout through the screen.

"Sorry I can't be there to cuddle you to sleep Tae. I kinda expected this so.." He laughed softly, spurred on by the others grumble. "Babe, I'm almost there so I gotta go now, you can go back to sleep now alright?"

He listened to the other shuffle and rustle around in the bed. "Okay I'll go back to sleep. Be safe and don't overwork yourself alright? I love you Minnie." Taehyung's voice was soft and beginning to slur at the end of his words.

He saw the gym coming up at the next road and he wouldn't deny he was thinking of turning around to cuddle with Taehyung until he begged for him to let go of him. It sounded appealing but he knew that he couldn't do that, no matter how much he wanted to.

"I love you too Taetae. Sleep well."

Once he got there he headed inside, pulling out his membership card. He made polite conversation with the lady at the reception desk, confused on why she looked so anxious. She must be having a bad day is what he figured as he headed towards the door.

He figured out why she was so anxious as soon as he walked into the actual gym area. It was the tensest it had ever been in there, like there was a fight about to breakout, it seemed like it at least. It didn't help that he only saw alphas there; most of the people that went to the gym he was acquainted with since it was normal to have gym buddies while you were there. None of the betas he knew were there and he wasn't surprised; no beta would want to be stuck in this and be stuck trying to be the peacemaker. It was well known that confrontations were something betas were good at breaking up but if they weren't broken up and lasted for an extended amount of time the beta would end up becoming agitated themselves.

It also reeked in there, which was expected because of the tense atmosphere and alpha pheromones. He shook his head to clear it and decided to breathe through his mouth as he walked farther in to avoid becoming agitated himself. Jimin was a fairly calm alpha with only a few reasons he truly got angry. It often led to him getting mistaken for a beta which unlike many he didn't take as an insult.

"Woosung, what's going on in here, dude? Was there a fight or something?" He asked as he walked over to where the older alpha was using the treadmill. He could tell he was being affected by the tension too, if the clenched jaw and shoulders were anything to go by. Woosung was a fairly laid back alpha too which was one of the reasons he was friends with him.

Woosung glanced over before turning off the treadmill and getting down from it. "Are you serious? You don't smell it?" He sounded genuinely shocked that he didn't apparently smell it. If it was the dominant pheromones that all the alphas were letting out like a stream then yes he smelled it. That still didn't answer his question.

"You mean the smell these dumb meatheads are letting out?" He tilted his head, ignoring the growl someone let out at his words. Like he said, dumb meatheads. Woosung looked at him obviously still confused on what he wasn't getting yet. His eyes flashed as if just realizing something.

"You're not breathing through your nose are you?" He questioned getting a head shake in response. "Breathe through your nose and you'll see why everyone is like this." Jimin eyed him skeptically wondering what smell would be causing this.

"Do I actually want to smell it?" He questioned him as woosung grabbed his water bottle and towel. Woosung shot him an amused grin. "You can smell and look, but don't touch." He winked at him before heading over to another machine.

Jimin was more confused than ever at his statement. He really didn't want to smell whatever was happening but he didn't know if he could keep breathing through his mouth the whole time; he could pretty much taste the sweat at this point.

With a sigh, he breathed deeply through his nose and after a few inhales he felt his eyes widen as he realized what 'it' was. At first all he could smell was the heavy musky scent of agitated alpha pheromones mixed with sweat. Underneath all of that funk though was pure sweetness.

The rich oaky smell of honey filled his nose before shifting to something sweeter and fruity; peaches. A scent only an omega could carry as their scents were known to be the sweetest. Judging by how pure and unadulterated the scent was, he could tell the omega was unmated.

No wonder everyone was going crazy; no omega ever went to this gym since all the pheromones usually caused their scent to strengthen and for them to not be able to control themselves, not that alphas could apparently either.

He wondered how the omega was fairing in this situation and hoped no one was harassing them. Omegas were still either discriminated against and sexualized in everyday life and this was the perfect opportunity for this to happen.

He wandered off to where the scent was the strongest, frowning when he saw all the machines around occupied by alphas. Most weren't even using them, just sitting enjoying what they most consider to be a show, or maybe it was a line of some sort. There was an alpha standing in front of one of the leg extension machines.

The alpha also stood in front of one of the prettiest people Jimin had ever seen, who just so happened to be the omega who had caused this whole problem. Not that they seemed to care.

The omega was sat on the machine, obviously in the middle of his workout when they were approached. The alpha stood over him talking to them as jimin approached the group. The omega looked pretty blank as the other talked to him; probably flirting.

"So if you like, I can show you how to use that machine...maybe I could even help you with your flexibility?" The alpha asked and Jimin's couldn't help how he cringed at the obvious implications of his offer. His eyes moved to the omega who was still staring at the alpha, his mouth slightly quirked at the edges. Jimin for a few seconds believed that the omega liked the attention and that this was their intention in coming. That was until he opened his mouth.

"I don't know how many times I need to tell you guys this but no I don't need you to spot me, I don't need your help to use it and I definitely don't need your help with my flexibility." The omegas eyes narrowed as he looked at the alpha. "So leave me alone now." The omega rolled his eyes looking away.

The alpha obviously didn't like rejection because he growled down at the omega before stalking away. "Fine, whatever omega slut." He grumbled under his breath but it was obvious that the omega heard him judging by how he rolled his eyes before beginning to use the machine again.

No one else approached him, probably because they were watching him work out now. Even Jimin was slightly distracted by the smooth thick thighs that were tensing with every movement he made. Once he realized that all of them were staring at the omega like he was a piece of meat and they were starving animals ready to pounce he moved forward towards the middle of the group.

He ended up in front of the omega who for a few seconds didn't stop his work out until he realized a shadow fell over him. He lifted his head to look up at him, doe eyes slightly hidden because of long raven bangs. His eyes then narrowed into slits already knowing what to expect with another alpha, until Jimin crouched down in front of him surprising him and everyone around him.

"Hey I was wondering if you wanted to work out with me. Over there?" He nodded to another area where there wasn't many machines and was more mats than anything else. The omega eyed him suspiciously, obviously not sure if he could trust him. He scanned the other alphas around him, who were still eyeing him hungrily.

"Sure." He whispered, his voice soft and quiet as he stood up from where he sat. The alphas stared shocked as he headed over to the area jimin suggested. Jimin couldn't help the smirk that came over his face as he stood, not sure why he was so proud of himself for convincing him to go with him. It stayed on his face as he followed him, the glare of the angry alphas following him.

The omega sat down on one of the benches, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand, pushing his wet bangs back revealing shaped eyebrows. "So would you like to tell me why you brought me over here? Not that I'm not thankful but I figure you had a reason for doing this." It was obvious that he wasn't the type to beat around the bush, or maybe it was only because he was on edge considering how penetrative his scent had gotten after the alpha walked away.

"I only did it because they looked ready to pounce on you and it didn't seem like no one would stop them." Jimin said slowly rolling over an exercise ball over to him and sitting down on it in front of him. "I still don't know your name and I'm sure you're tired of being referred to as omega. So, what's your name?" He asked.

A small smile quirked up at the edge of his mouth and he nodded. "So thoughtful." He laughed softly. "I'm Jungkook, nice to meet you." He offered his hand out for him. Jimin looked at the hand and hated how woosung's words popped into his head at that moment. 'You can smell and touch, but don't touch.' It was as if Jungkook was an art exhibit to all of them; an omega who dared to enter an alpha dominated gym and dangle themselves in front of them and tempt them. No wonder no one seemed to have touch him considering how he didn't smell like anything but himself. They didn't want to drive away their entertainment. They really were dumb meatheads in his opinion.

He smiled at him and reached up taking the slim hand into his own. "Jimin, nice to meet you too." He squeezed his hand lightly before pulling away from his. "So is this your first time coming here? I've never seen you here before." He tilted his head at him slightly.

"Yeah, this one is cheaper than my university one and the machines in the omega section haven't been updated in a while. We're not allowed in the other sections, I'm starting to see why." Jungkook rolled his eyes glancing over to where a group of alphas were still eyeing him.

He grimaced and nodded understandingly. "You're a uni student?" He said with a slight hum realizing the other was pretty young looking.

"Yeah I'm a sophomore." Jungkook nodded slightly at him. "I'm studying photography with a minor in business." He explained with a small smile.

"Ooh what a smart cookie." Jimin teased getting a giggle in response. "I studied Art and Digital Design. Lame I know but I loved studying it." He said scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.

"It's not lame, it's obvious you have good taste in art." He looked down at his forearm. Jimin followed his line of sight to where the light lines and bold black coloring of one of his older tattoos were placed. Jimin noticed the other also had tattoos, one was on the side of his ring finger; the omega symbol. Tattoos displaying sub gender wasn't uncommon but more common among alphas as they were usually the proudest of them all.

"Thanks, I actually did this one myself." He reached down tracing the lines with a soft smile remembering when he did it.

Jungkook smiled as he watched him, his front teeth being revealed as he did. Jimin momentarily thought 'bunny' when it happened. "Wanna be my workout partner for the rest of the day?" Jungkook offered standing up. Jimin wasted no time and agreed and stood up in front of him.

Jimin let him lead as they walked over to a group of machines and began, taking turns watching each other and working out beside each other while making small talk in between.

They got to know each other pretty well; they learned they were both from Busan and enjoyed similar foods and anime. After a few hours they both felt like they could be good friends soon; they had great chemistry for two people who just met.

After the workout they left the gym, skipping out on the shower for obvious reasons in Jungkook's case. "So, this was fun. Maybe we should hang out again?" Jimin said playing with his bag strap as they stood in front of the gym doors.

Jungkook grinned and nodded shyly before reaching in his bag and pulling out his phone. "Can I get your number then?" He asked shuffling his feet in a sign of awkwardness that Jimin found absolutely adorable.

Once he took the phone from his hand and hid the small coo he almost let out at the sight of the cute phone case with little bunny characters on it he put his number in and texted himself to make sure he had his number too. "Here you go, text me when you want to hang out sometime."

Jungkook nodded putting his phone away and ruffling his hand through his messy hair. "Okay, see you later hyung." Jungkook waved at him before walking away from him, probably back to his dorm. Jimin stood there watching him go with a soft smile on his face. It had been so long since he had made a new friend it had filled him with warmth, especially such an adorable one.

He felt his phone go off and immediately thought it was Jungkook and wasted no time pulling it out. He blinked a few times as he saw it was Taehyung that was texting and squashed down the slight disappointment he felt (along with the usual happiness he felt when Taehyung ever comes up) when he was wrong in who he thought it was. He convinced himself that he was just excited to have a new friend and was eager to become better friends with him.

That must be why he felt disappointment for those few moments. That must be it, it had to be.

Chapter Text

Jimin had to say that everything that happened after his trip to the gym seemed to be better than it actually was. It was as if meeting Jungkook put rose colored glasses on him and made him see the positive side of everything.

It even made his time with Taehyung become better as if something inside him shifted and opened up, making more room inside of him to bring something more in. He easily filled that room up with Taehyung, even if there was little more of him he didn't claim as his own.

That was the reason why he was happy to comply to the others needs for affection, it wasn't like he fought him off either way when he asked for cuddles, which was how he ended up in the cuddle session he was in now.

Jimin had come home from work, not tired but drained from the human interaction that came with working in a tattoo shop. The house was dark with no lights in the kitchen or living room which he assumed meant that Taehyung was out. That caused him to frown since he assumed Taehyung would be home today as he didn't remember the other having any work to do today.

He took off his boots and walked farther into the house heading towards their room. He ran his hands through his messy hair, thinking of what color he should dye it next or if he should go natural again. While debating between blonde and pink he stopped in the doorway and felt his mind go into a standstill.

He stared into the room blankly surprised at the sight in front of him. Pillows and blankets were arranged messily on the bed making something similar to a nest where Taehyung was laid in the middle,wrapped in a blanket scrolling through his phone with his headphones on.

Jimin took a moment to appreciate the sight of him, looking smaller than he would ever believe he could look. He also looked soft, cheeks round as they pushed into a blanket and eyes puffy and dropping as if he had just woken up. This was the cutest scene he had ever seen, and it was all his to see.

"Hey cutie, did you get bored?" He asked walking towards the bed, catching the moment that Taehyung realized he was there and his head popped up over the edge of the blanket in front of him. Jimin didn't hesitate to coo at the messy bed head the other was sporting, not regretting it as the top of the others cheeks reddened in embarrassment.

"Oh I didn't realize you were home.." Taehyung said looking down at the mess he had made on the bed. "I'm sorry I should clean this up, I was lonely and cold so I did this." He chuckled softly picking at the blanket that was draped over him.

Jimin watched with fond eyes as taehyung lightly ruffled the blanket he was in, this wasn't abnormal behavior for Taehyung to do, he had grown up around elders who used nesting as a sign of comfort, they didn't hesitate to teach Taehyung and without knowing caused it to become a habit. Of course they had done this before Taehyung had presented and gone against everything everyone thought he would end up being.

"Can I join?" He asked walking over to bed and leaning onto it, hearing the soft creaking of the old bed. Taehyung nodded slightly still keeping his eyes on him and his movements. Jimin felt his eyes watching him the whole time as he got onto the bed and moved to where Taehyung was wrapped up at. "Come here baby." He murmured as he moved to him gently wrapping him in his arms as he laid down with him.

Taehyung went easily, moving how he was being gently nudged, his eyes softening as he looked at the alpha who was holding him. Jimin gently rubbed his hand along his arm humming softly to him as they settled under the blankets.

"You wanna tell me why you're doing this baby? Not that their needs to be a reason but is there one?" He asked gently cupping the others jaw to make him look up at him.

Taehyung slowly shook, turning his head to kiss the palm of his hand. "No, just tired from today. You know how it goes." He whispered against his palm, his eyes drooping slightly. It was obvious he was still tired and Jimin was never one to force the other to talk if he didn't want to.

Taehyung worked for a rather small clothing design chain as one of the designers. Taehyung had always dreamed of being something successful and he was on his way to doing that. He had only worked there for two years but he looked upon highly in the workplace. That didn't stop him from falling into the pattern of work stress and workplace drama, it took a toll on him since he was more attuned to it than others.

Jimin nodded remembering all the trouble that the other often ranted about having while at work. It's why he usually did his actual work at home. "Go back to sleep Tae. I'll be here when you wake up and we'll order some take out alright?" He proposed gently brushing his thumb against his cheekbone.

Taehyung nodded, eyes already sliding shut as Jimin removed his hand to let his head rest back on the pillow. Jimin began stroking his hair, watching as Taehyung slowly fell back asleep. He hated seeing Taehyung so out of it, he had been through enough already.

Jimin simply settled beside the warm body planning to just lay there until the other woke up and felt better. He was busy playing with the fraying hem of the old shirt Taehyung was wearing (It was Jimin's but Taehyung never cared about that boundary). While he was busy trying to pull a loose string he felt his strong ding in his pocket.

He pulled it out and grinned as he saw the familiar contact name. 'Jungkookie'

Jungkookie: Hyung I'm bored so it's your job to entertain me now

Me: You only text me when you're bored brat -_-

Jungkookie: untrue! I love spending time with you you're always busy :<

Me: I can't help that I work a lot..

Jungkookie: you're ignoring the baby which isn't okay!

Me: well 'baby' you haven't texted me today anyway so you're in the wrong too

Jungkookie: I went on a date today 😊 so I was busy

Me: You went on a date?

Jungkookie: yeah why?

Me: Why didn't you tell me?

Jungkookie: am I meant to?

Me: Well no but you usually tell me when you go out and stuff, so why not now?

Jungkookie: it was a spur of the moment thing hyung

Jungkookie: I only did it because you were too busy to go with me to the new movie I wanted to go to :/

Me: oh, sorry I guess?

Jungkookie: all is forgiven lol I gotta go though :( I have to do some homework

Me: If you hadn't gone on that date it would've already been done

Jungkookie: keep talking and I'll go on another date hyungie~

Me: Do that and you won't get any attention from hyung, baby

Jungkookie: Seems like a fair trade ❤️

Jimin didn't answer after that, his phone dropping beside him as he stared at the ceiling, a dopey smile on his face. The smile disappeared as he thought back on the fact that jungkook had gone on a date and the fact that it was upsetting him. Even thinking about it now caused something cold and ugly to grow in his chest, it only felt tighter when he realized it wouldn't of happened if he spent time with him.

It wasn't that he didn't like spending time with him, he was just busy and had other things to deal with. They still went to the gym together and occasionally Jimin would take Jungkook out for lunch if he was free during that time. It had become a loose routine of theirs which caused them to become close friends that obviously enjoyed spending time together, but he had become busier lately and didn't pay the younger as much attention, which Jungkook thrived off of. All of that leads to Jungkook going on a date.

Jimin didn't know why it had bothered him so much that Jungkook went on a date, but it did. He figured it was because Jungkook seemed so small so often and so sweet all the time. He knew in the logical side of his brain that Jungkook went to the gym regularly and was actually pretty strong, he had also seen Jungkook tell multiple people off and curse at them without a care in the world for what they thought of him.

Jungkook could very well take care of himself, he didn't need Jimin to protect him and he would most likely be upset if he tried. Maybe he didn't like it because he didn't want someone else to have Jungkook's attention as Jungkook once called him 'his closest friend', leading to him because protective over the title and him. It was similar to his protectiveness over Taehyung.

It was completely different though, his inner alpha got possessive over Taehyung and didn't like anyone looking at what they claimed as theirs. His protectiveness over Jungkook must of been his worry over the other getting hurt not because of a claim on him, he didn't have any claim over Jungkook, he couldn't even if he wanted to. He just wanted to make sure no one got close enough to make a claim, not without his sayso at least.

He saw how people responded to Jungkook and his pretty face and smell. Jungkook was desirable and Jimin would be damned if he let some alpha take all that prettiness for himself.

He huffed to himself as he was pulled out of his thoughts slightly by the sleep talking beta, who never talked about anything understandable. He looked back at the ceiling and sighed wondering what he could do about the problem that was arising.

It wasn't hard to figure out how to figure out the solution it was quite simple. All he had to do was give more free time to the young omega, so much that he would have no time to think about dating. He would give him all the attention he claimed to need and it would be easy.

Jimin was a smart guy and often knew the best way to deal with things. He was still human though which was why his logic skills were blocked by the jealousy he couldn't explain. It didn't help that he was a human with a very present inner alpha; an alpha who was calm until things it cared about was threatened.

In their mind Jungkook was being threatened and they would do anything to stop the threat. The quickest way to stop it was to take all of his time and attention, simple right?

Jimin hoped he could, he wanted to satisfy that itch in his mind that told him that he needed to spend time with Jungkook and make sure he didn't go on dates. With a sigh, now tired from all his thinking he laid down comfortably to sleep. His arms wrapped back around Taehyung and closed his eyes comfortably and happy in his position.

He was still wearing the rose colored glass that had overtaken his vision. The glass that has caused him to not think things through and see the cons of things, but what could possibly be a problem that would come from his plans.

There can't be any, right?

Chapter Text

Jimin was happy to say that so far his plan was going better than he ever imagined it. Jungkook was happy to conform with his wishes and hung out with Jimin in all of his free time just like Jimin did. If Jimin wasn't at work or home he was with Jungkook and the same could go for Jungkook. Jimin could confidently say in the two weeks he started his plan that Jungkook hadn't gone on anymore dates, which meant both him and his alpha was happy. Jimin didn't like being protective over Jungkook, not liking how he felt when it happened.

At the moment he and Jungkook were out walking after Jimin had picked Jungkook up from his last class for the day and Jimin wouldn't deny that the face the young was making at the moment wasn't absolutely adorable. Jimin had pretty much demanded to carry Jungkook's bag for him, he had won the argument leading to the other pouting as they walked, while Jimin had an accomplished smirk on his face. They often did things like this, get into little arguments and competitions, which included doing stuff for each other.

"Stop pouting kookie, it's just a bag." Jimin eventually spoke up, gently bumping his shoulder with the other. He got a huff in response, seeing Jungkook look at him from the corner of his eye.

"But it's my bag, you shouldn't have to carry it." Jungkook whined turning to look at him, doe eyes widened slightly in a begging fashion. Jimin resisted the urge to coo or pinch the others cheeks as he stared into his eyes, grinning slightly. The omega had killer puppy dog eyes and he often couldn't resist giving him whatever he wanted to have.

"How about this? I'll carry your bag and you'll stop pouting because I'm going to buy you ice cream?" He offered, his head tilting to the side slightly as he looked at him. He hoped it would be enough for him, while he loved the little pout and begging eyes Jungkook was sporting he also loved his bright smile and quiet giggles.

"Serious?" He asked quietly, blinking up at the alpha. It was obvious his offer enticed him, Jimin knew the others love for all things sweet. Ice cream was one of his favorites and he hardly ever rejected an offer for it.

Jimin nodded pointing towards the park where an ice cream stand was located. "Any flavor you like." He hummed out, grinning as he could tell the other would eventually give as he saw him shuffle from foot to foot, glancing between Jimin and the park.

"Thank you, hyung." Jungkook mumbled out, ever so polite when it came to the other treating him. Jimin could only grin wider at him, knowing he had won in a way. Jimin didn't hesitate, reaching out and grabbing the others hand before leading him across the street to the park.

Jungkook went willingly, wiggling his hand around so their hands were clasped together. Jimin was so focused on getting them across the street and to the ice cream stand that he missed the small smile that spread across jungkook's face as he looked down at their hands.

"Here we are." Jimin said happily gesturing to the ice cream stand. Jungkook looked up and smiled stepping up and looking at the menu with the different flavors.

"Pick anything you want." Jimin reminded as the other bent down slightly, not separating their hands from each other.

"I want strawberry." Jungkook mumbled as he stood up straight looking at him. Jimin nodded and stepped forward to the man who was serving and ordered their ice cream and only separated their hands to pay and receive the ice cream.

He handed Jungkook the ice cream, watching for that sweet smile to show on the others face. Once he finished staring at Jungkook, he lead him over to a tree sitting under it with him as they leaned back against the tree.

They were quiet as they ate their ice cream, focused on the sweet treat and the calm park. Jimin turned his head and watched the other as he ate his ice cream, seeing his happy eyes as he did. He enjoyed seeing him happy, the way his eyes seemed to twinkle more when he laughed and giggled. Spoiling him was one of the best ways to do it he had always noticed, seeing how shy but thankful the younger always appeared once he gave him something.

The younger was focusing on licking the melted ice cream from his fingers when he noticed he was being stared at. He lifted his eyes to his, cheeks turning a soft pink as he thought he had ice cream on his face or something. "What are you looking at?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

"You, brat." He said, a slight smirk on his face as he saw the other narrowed his eyes at him, obviously not liking the term. Jungkook words were seemingly on the ruder side of things with his tone but he didn't like being called a brat, even if he was one. Jimin always knew how to get a reaction out of him

"I'm not a brat." Jungkook mumbled as he went back to eating his ice cream with a small huff. Jimin chuckled and looked away before his eyes widened as something wet and cold came in contact with his cheek and heard the soft high pitched giggles of Jungkook. He reached up and touched his cheek, his hand coming back sticky and wet. He saw the pink ice cream on his fingers and shook his head as he realized what it was. Jungkook truly was a brat.

Jimin turned his head back to Jungkook and narrowed his eyes at the giggling boy who was trying to appear innocent. "You didn't just do that." Jimin said obviously surprised but never one to back down, especially with Jungkook.

"Do what?" Jungkook looked at him innocently, playing dumb. Jimin pursed his lips before moving forward, pressing his ice cream against his nose, causing Jungkook to let out an unmanly squeal. "Hyung!" He cried out pulling away from him, ice cream dripping from the tip of his nose and smeared across his cheeks. His nose scrunched up and his eyes crossed as he tried to look at where the ice cream was placed on his nose.

Jimin didn't try to stop himself from bursting into laughter, finding the sight funny. His laughter only increased at the others huffing and whining, trying to wipe the ice cream off without getting it everywhere.

He looked over at him and took pity as he watched him try to wipe all of the ice cream off. "Okay, come here. You're only making it worse." Jimin sighed as if it was a chore and grabbed the napkins that he had gotten with the ice cream and began wiping the others face gently, knowing how sensitive the other claimed his skin to be.

Jungkook was quiet silently watching him with those big eyes of his, letting jimin do the cleaning. Jimin was happy doing this, one hand cupping his cheek while the other worked on the mess on his face. He was content with his actions before a thought entered his mind and made him lose his breath.

Jungkook was pretty. He had this thought quite often to be often but this time it knocked the air from his chest. Because Jungkook was like super pretty in a way he hadn't realized until he was right in front of him. He now saw it all though, he saw jungkook's pretty eyes and pretty cheeks and pretty nose and even his lips were pretty... He was just so pretty

"Why are you staring at me like that hyung?" Jungkook spoke up with a giggle, pulling jimin out of his thoughts. Jimin cleared his throat and shook his head slightly trying to pull his mind away from where it was currently residing.

"Sorry." He whispered as he finished cleaning his face off. His hands lingered as he made sure it was clear before pulling his hands away. "There all done." He said and smiled at him, smile staying as Jungkook smiled back.

"Let get out of here?" Jungkook offered as he stood up, looking down at the other waiting for him to follow and offered his hand. Jimin took the slender hand in his own, and stood before hesitating when letting go. Once they were both standing they began walking again, throwing away the rest of their melted ice cream.

Once Jungkook began animatedly talking about his latest project Jimin turned and watched as he spoke. While Jimin was still trying to follow the story, his mind was focusing in on how pretty Jungkook looked while talking.


Taehyung would call himself pretty confident person when it came to many things. His work, what he believed in and making friends would name a few of them. One thing he was never fully confident in was his relationship. Don't get him wrong, he loved Jimin and knew he wanted to be with him, but he wasn't always sure if it would end up that way.

He knew Jimin's parents didn't approve of him and that his own parents were surprised he had ended up with an alpha. He saw the stares and surprised whispers they got when people found out their subgender. It was obvious it was focused around him being a beta. It was well known that betas were seen as extras and not needed which is why not many people thought highly of them.

Jimin and their friends were the only people he was sure never thought of him as a useless beta. It didn't mean he never questioned if Jimin wouldn't find someone better suited for him; an omega. Jimin had never given him a reason to doubt him though, he was very open and told him everything. He told him about work, where he was going and who he hung out with. The people he hung out with rarely included omegas, Namjoon was the only one who he saw constantly and he was mated. Jimin and Taehyung had never had a reason to hide anything from each other.

That was until recently where Jimin seemed to be out more and always on his phone. It wasn't anything drastic of course, he still came home at night and he wasn't gone when Taehyung woke up. He was out more during the day instead of coming home and spending time with Taehyung at home. It didn't help that Jimin wasn't telling him where he was going or who he was with. He knew it wasn't Hoseok or Namjoon or anyone they knew because he had gone to them about it.

Taehyung didn't like being left in the dark, especially when he felt like it was stifling the relationship. It wasn't like Taehyung didn't trust Jimin, he trusted him with his life but his worries about what could be happening caused him to become anxious.

He was anxious when Jimin told him he would he late getting home, he was anxious when he saw the smile that slipped onto jimin's face when he looked down at his phone at times, he was anxious when Jimin came home obviously happy and didn't tell him what made him so happy.

Taehyung didn't want to go to Jimin about it and accidentally offend the other. Jimin never did like how insecure the other became when it came to him and sometimes interpreted as him not having faith in their relationship. He knew that if he even insinuated that he believed that Jimin was even thinking of cheating he would end up with an upset boyfriend.

He wanted to believe that whatever Jimin was doing wasn't serious. That Jimin wouldn't fall for the things strangers and jimin's parents told him about their relationship and wouldn't fall for the pressure that came with it. Jimin was hiding something but it couldn't be anything too bad. Jimin wasn't obligated to tell him anything and maybe it was a one time thing.

But Jimin would never go behind his back if it was something serious. Jimin would never betray his trust. Would he?

Chapter Text

Since Jimin had reached the epiphany about Jungkook being pretty he had been feeling different. He hasn't stopped hanging out with him once he realized Jungkook was pretty, even though he should've pulled away knowing it was a bad route he was leading himself down.

Despite everything, Jimin just seemed to be around Jungkook more and more, trying to satisfy that incessant part of him that demanded to be near jungkook. That part of him also demanded closeness, whether it be hand holding or just a simple brush of their arms it was enough to keep him satisfied..and his inner alpha purring.

Jimin could never quite figure out why it was happening though, for a second he actually thought he liked Jungkook. That couldn't be right though because he had never reacted to Taehyung like this. He had missed Taehyung before when they hadn’t spent a lot of time together but he had never been itching before like he had been with Jungkook. His inner alpha was usually pretty content when he was with Taehyung but as of lately it only calmed down slightly when they were with Taehyung but it was only fully calmed when he was around Jungkook constantly. He really didn't know what was happening to him.

Jimin was contemplating this while he was sitting on Jungkook’s bed. Jungkook was a diligent student but sometimes it took him a little longer than some to understand something he was being taught. Homework could be a struggle for him and he could easily burn himself out, which was why Jimin had volunteered to help him since exams were coming up soon.

After he had worked with the other to understand the topic, making sure to be patient as he could be, he let the other finish his work quietly. The youngers scent took on an almost acrid scent that overtook the sweet peach and honey scent he usually had whenever Jimin even sighed while watching Jungkook working. His worry on not disappointing Jimin was almost endearing, though his heart squeezed uncomfortably when Jungkook teared up when he got a question wrong for the third time.

They had agreed to go out when Jungkook had finished his work and was caught up on everything he got behind on since he was struggling and spending so much time doing other things. Jimin was close to not hanging out with the other for that week when he had found out he had an essay due in a week that he had barely started. After a lot of pouting and whining, all coming from Jungkook, he had relented and said that if Jungkook caught up on the work he had been slacking on that he would go and get coffee with him.(Jungkook avoided telling him that the reason he hadn’t been doing his work was because he was spending all of his extra time with Jimin.)

So that was why Jimin was currently sat on Jungkook’s small twin bed watching as the other worked at his desk on his Art History homework. He enjoyed watching the younger when he worked, seeing his eyebrows furrow when he struggled with something and the way he chewed at his bottom lip when he was immersed in his work. It was becoming a pass time he enjoyed a lot. He took the time to let his eyes scan over the other dorm room. He glanced over to the other side of the dorm, wondering about Jungkook’s dorm mate. He knew they were also an omega since it had become a new rule that you be put with someone of the same sub-gender to avoid any complications based on it. He wondered how close they were, if they were friends or if they were only acquaintances that saw each other in passing.

He knew little about Jungkook’s friends, he knew his closest friends were one of his TA’s and the TA’s boyfriend that he shared a class with. He worried about Jungkook sometimes and what would happen if he wasn’t there with him. He didn’t like the idea of Jungkook being lonely or sad, of being alone.

“Hyung i’m done.” Jungkook spoke up once he closed his laptop, running a hand through his hair as he looked over to Jimin. Jimin looked over and smiled at him, glad to be able to get out and actually spend time together without just sitting and watching him.

“Okay, cool. Lets go.” Jimin stood up from the bed, stretching after sitting in the same position for a while. Jungkook stood after him, leaving his stuff spread out on the desk as he walked over to Jimin. Still smiling Jimin grabbed his hand and lead him out of the dorm, pausing only to let Jungkook lock the door before they were walking again. Jungkook walked beside Jimin, their hands swinging between the two of them.

“So hyung, how was work?” Jungkook asked as they exited his building, eyes soft as he looked over to him. This was often how they started conversations, asking about the other persons day before they drifted into other things that sometimes weren’t even related. It was their usual order of things, it was something they both made sure to follow whenever a new conversation was started.

“It was good, how was yours? You didn’t have work today did you?” Jimin glanced over to the younger watching as he shook his head in response.

“My day was fine, the bakery wasn’t that busy today so I wasn’t needed.” He said quietly as they walked down the street, his eyes scanning around them, his teeth chewing at his bottom lip until the skin was red and irritated, causing Jimin to frown.

“Would you tattoo me?” Jungkook suddenly asked after a couple seconds of neither saying a thing. It was so sudden that it caused Jimin to freeze, it wasn’t that strange of a question but the implications of it was the problem.

Jimin always saw tattooing as something intimate, something special and sacred between two people. Of course, he had tattooed his friends before but tattooing Jungkook would be something different. Jungkook was always something delicate to him, someone who would complain if his skin was made out of the wrong material. Jungkook had tattoos, he had seen them but he didn’t know how he dealt with them if his skin was so sensitive. He didn’t know what he would do if he had accidentally caused the other discomfort.

“Yeah I would. Why? Are you planning to get another tattoo or something?” Jimin asked after the other nudged him to get his attention again. Jimin was aware of two tattoos that Jungkook had; the omega symbol and a sunflower he had on his shoulder blade.

“Yeah, or maybe another piercing. I know I just want something done to me. Time for a change, you know?” Jungkook said as he looked at Jimin, shooting him a small smile.

“Well, I’d be happy to do it if you really want me to.” Jimin said as they approached the coffee shop.

“I think you're the only person I would trust at the moment to do this one. It means a lot to me.” Jungkook said, his voice tapering off to a shy whisper.

Jimin squeezed his hand before grinning at him. Jungkook looked at him and smiled back, brightening slightly as the other nodded, agreeing to do the tattoo for him. “I’ll get the coffee, you stay here.” Jimin said as he let go of Jungkook’s hand, watching him nod before heading into the coffee shop alreading knowing what the other would order.

Jimin waited in the short line before ordering for the two, knowing what the other would get for himself already. He decided to get Jungkook a pastry, knowing the strawberry ones were his favorite ones.

Once he got the coffee and pastry, he headed back outside a smile on his face. He looked up expecting to see Jungkook where he left him before he went in. He expected him to be alone.

He expected wrong.

Jungkook was standing there with someone Jimin didn’t know. They looked like they were pretty close, considering how close they were and how the boys hand was holding onto Jungkook's arm. Jungkook was giggling, cheeks lightly flushed as he looked at the taller male.

Jimin huffed, feeling his anger rise at the sight of Jungkook being touched by someone else. He walked over to them and cleared his throat as he didn’t see them move as he reached them. The unknown male looked up at the clearing of his voice and raised an eyebrow at him. Jimin’s eyes stayed narrowed at the male as he gave Jungkook his coffee.

“Who is this Kookie?” He asked trying to keep the defensiveness out of his voice as he talked to the omega. It was hard considering he could tell the unknown male was an alpha, an obviously interested one at that.

“Oh hyungie, This is sungjin. This is the person who took me on the date a while ago. I told you about that remember?” Jungkook said, oblivious to the tension between the two alphas who were staring each other down at the moment. “Sungjin-ah this is Jimin, he’s been keeping me company when I’m out of my classes.” He beamed up at the alpha who slowly nodded, his eyes narrowed at Jimin.

“I gotta go now jungkook, but I do know I want to go on another date with you if that is alright with you.” Sungjin stared down at Jungkook, his cheeks reddened slightly from the sudden attention on him along with the question.

“O-oh, well you have my number so I’ll think about it and get back to you.” Jungkook smiled at him, accepting the hug he was rewarded with. He giggled looking down as Sungjin began walking away, bumping shoulders with Jimin who barely held back a growl.

Soon Sungjin was gone but his smell clung to Jungkook, desperately, taking over his peach and honey scent. Jimin was livid to say the least, Jungkook agreed to not go on anymore dates as long as Jimin spent time with him but he just set up a date right in front of him.

Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s arm and pulled him into the alley behind them, shading them from view. He didn’t listen to Jungkook’s squeal of shock or the confused questions he shot at him before he pressed him into the brick wall, gently of course.

“Hyung what are you doing?” Jungkook as confused, those doe eyes of his widened even farther as he looked at him, pouting in confusion.

Jimin stared at him, swallowing harshly as the peach scent got stronger, almost overpowering at the others confused fear. He leaned closer into him, his inner alpha growling at the way the others scent was tainted by the chocolate smell of the alpha who had touched him. “Oh kookie, you lied to me.” He whispered as he pressed his face into the side of his neck, where his scent was the strongest and came out in light waves.

Jungkook squeaked at the feeling of the other so close to him before relaxing as Jimin nuzzled into the exposed skin. “Hyung I didn’t lie.” Jungkook whispered, still in the others hold as Jimin placed his hands on either side of Jungkook, caging him in.

“You did. The deal was no dating if I made sure the baby got the attention he wanted.” Jimin whispered, warm breath heating the skin of the pale neck. He heard Jungkook whimper, causing him to step closer instinctually.

“Hyungie, I wasn’t actually going to go on another date with him..” Jungkook whispered, craning his head back to allow Jimin more space to rub against. “I prefer you, you know that.” Jungkook gasped as Jimin’s lips grazed the skin near his jaw as he moved up.

“I don’t want you to talk to him again kookie. He obviously doesn't know how to stay away from what isn’t his.” Jungkook could only nod, dazed from the scenting he was receiving in public, not really paying attention to what the alpha was saying.

Jimin soon pulled away, pupils dilated as he looked at the flushed omega. He stared as the other licked his lips in nervousness. Jimin wasn’t thinking when he began to lean in, only seeing how the others eyes drooped as he got closer to him.

Their lips were only centimeters apart, warm breath intermingled as they got closer and closer. They were still dazed from each other until a loud car horn went off, pulling Jimin out of his stupor. He immediately ripped himself away, pressing himself against the opposite wall with a gasp. Junkook’s own eyes snapped open in surprise and looked at the alpha, confused on why he pulled away.

Jimin felt guilt tear through him, because Jungkook looked confused on why he wouldn’t kiss him, it was the same look Taehyunh gave him whenever he told him he wouldn’t be home for dinner.

“I gotta g-go. I’m sorry.” Jimin whispered before running. He ran away, not really knowing where he was running or what exactly he was running away from. He knew he was running away from Jungkook, or maybe it was the guilt he felt because of him, or maybe it was the confusion that came from Jimin hiding stuff from the people closest to him. He could even be running from the soft lips he had barely grazed with his own before he remembered he had a boyfriend who he couldn’t imagine losing.

He wouldn’t accept though that he couldn’t run away from his own feelings, the ones he didn’t even know were there until both Jungkook’s and Taehyung’s smile ran through his mind and all he could imagine was breaking both of their hearts with his lies.

Chapter Text

Taehyung never got tired of doing things that he loved, he loved designing, he loved hanging out with the people he loved, he loved playing with animals. He especially loved doing things he got praised for doing. That was why he didn’t think he could find a job better suited for him than designing.

Taehyung worked at a small design agency but sometimes they got lucky with larger jobs. Such as right then where they got a job designing for a photoshoot. It wasn’t super big or glamourous but it would be put in a magazine with their names as the designers. It would get their name out there and could bring in more business, which was always good. Taehyung was especially happy because of this considering he had designed a lot of the outfits that would be showcased in the magazine. They did shoots occasionally but this was the first time it was such a big one for them.

When he found this out he was ecstatic, telling everyone close to him the good news. Hoseok and Namjoon, as his only really close friends had congratulated him repeatedly. Jimin had also been happy for what he was doing but had been acting weird the past few days, shying away from hugs and anything affectionate while getting distracted easily, zoning out randomly before snapping back while his citrusy scent turned sour. With his accomplishment, Taehyung had seen a little bit of his old Jimin come back. With a smile and a kiss that had left Taehyung breathless Jimin had made Taehyung his favorite dinner and had held him that night as if he was the only thing that kept him breathing.

That didn’t mean Jimin wasn’t gone most of his day off the very next day, but it showed Taehyung that they could get over whatever was going on between them at the moment.

Taehyung sighed softly, adjusting his sweater as he sat in the provided chair while waiting for the photoshoot the start. The room they were having the shoot in was large and open with large windows and grey flooring that squeaked under his foot.

Since he was one of the main designers he was required to be there in case there were any wardrobe problems that needed to be fixed. He usually went to the photoshoots but this was the first time he was truly needed for it. That worried him considering if there was a problem it would fall mainly on him.

He looked up as he heard the director call for them to begin and watched a bunch of people get into place. His eyes scanned the models that got in front of the backdrop, two of them wearing his designs and one wearing one he had remembered seeing made. He watched as they got in position and watched as the photoshoot started, orders being called at the models who moved as told. After a couple minutes the director called for them to stop and called who he guessed was an intern over.

He watched the interns back, recognizing the hoodie that they were wearing as something Jimin had owned. It was a nice hoodie for sure, expensive too and he couldn’t help but wonder how an intern could afford it. He was pulled out of his thoughts as the intern nodded and moved to the camera set up for the shoot and started doing something to it; adjusting it is what he guessed.

He didn’t stop watching the intern though, he had nothing better to do at the moment though. The intern looked back in his direction, at the director to ask something and Taehyung couldn’t help the way his eyes widened slightly as he saw the interns face.

Pretty skin, a nose he felt would only suit his face, a pair of delicate pink lips and eyes he saw twinkle with every word he said. Taehyung, as someone who had to see things from the best angle and had to make sure everything was something desirable when he made it, could tell the boy was one of the most beautiful people he had ever laid his eyes on. The feeling only got stronger when the intern’s eyes turned to him and he shot him a smile that revealed bunny teeth and caused his eyes to crinkle at the edge, taehyung would never forgive himself for how his cheeks almost immediately reddened as he raised his hand in greeting.

The intern turned back to the director, who seemed happy with whatever the intern changed as the photographer gave the thumbs up. The shoot would start up again soon and the intern slowly shuffled over to where Taehyung was seated.

“Taehyung-ssi would you like me to get you a coffee?” The intern asked, doe eyes wide and hesitant. Taehyung could still feel the warmth in his cheeks and it didn’t seem to be planning to go anywhere anytime soon. What could he do when someone as gorgeous as the intern was directly talking to him and trying to cater to his needs.

Once he got over the awe of the situation he tilted his head slightly. “How do you know my name?” He asked confused not sure how the other would know his name or anything about him.

“O-oh I work at your company shoots regularly. You probably never noticed me but I really like your work. You’re really talented.” The intern’s ears were turning pink and Taehyung resisted the urge to coo at him. “Im Jungkook by the way.” The intern, Jungkook, offered his hand forward for Taehyung to shake.

Taehyung leaned forward to take it and as soon as his large hand encased the others smaller one he was hit with the others scent. Sweet peaches and warm honey hit him first causing his shoulders to droop as the scent caused him to relax. Following that smell was something fainter and softer; something rubbed on. Oranges with a slight spice to it;cinnamon, it was something so obviously Jimin, his Jimin.

Taehyung focused back in on Jungkook, confused on why he smelled like Jimin, maybe it was a perfume because it didn’t make any sense for him to smell like Jimin. “Im Taehyung as you know. I would like a coffee though if it is not too much trouble.” Taehyung said as he pulled his hand away from Jungkook’s, a soft smile on his face as he looked at him.

Jungkook beamed obviously happy to be able to do something for him. “If you agree to enjoy a coffee with me while I drink it.” Taehyung said, a slight giggle slipping from his mouth as he saw the startled expression on the others face before it was replaced with a shy one, cheeks turning a rosy red as his eyes lowered shyly. Jungkook looked around seeing nothing that would need his attention immediately.

“We could do that.” Jungkook said shuffling his feet as his brushed his fingers through his long hair. Once Jungkook had retrieved his coffee order he had ran off to get the coffee for the two of them. Taehyung watched him run off, finding it funny how Jungkook smelled like Jimin and was wearing a hoodie just like him. How funny.

Jungkook soon returned with their coffees and sat down beside Taehyung as he handed the coffee to him. He shot the younger a smile as he took the coffee leaning to the side the other was sat on. “So Jungkook, tell me about yourself.” Taehyung held a curious tone in his voice as he looked to the young male, wanting to know him. (Also maybe where he got his perfume, the scent was so strangely similar to Jimin. He wanted it for himself for if he ever missed Jimin enough.)

The other opened his mouth to answer just as the shoot was called to resume. They both glanced over at the same time and giggled as they looked back at each other. Jungkook began talking to him, his voice lowered to make sure he didn’t disturb the shoot.

Once the shoot ended Taehyung could say that he and Jungkook were going to be good friends. They had learned a lot about each other, for example Taehyung now knew that Jungkook was in college to be a photographer and loved sweets. Taehyung could also say he found Jungkook to be a complete doll that he wanted to coo at constantly.

Once the shoot ended Jungkook had to help everyone pack the equipment up and only then would he be able to go home. Taehyung didn’t hesitate to offer to help him with his portion of the work.

Jungkook didn’t reject the help and together they moved over to where the lights were placed and they had to load them. Taehyung let Jungkook tell him how to do it, almost going slack jawed as he watched Jungkook pick up the first one, he watched as he did it almost effortlessly. His hoodie hid his apparent upper body muscles but his ripped jeans did not. He was able to see how his thigh muscles tensed as he stood up straight, not hiding the strength that the other held in his full thighs.

Jungkook glanced back at him, raising an eyebrow as he held the light over his shoulder. “What are you waiting for Taetae?” Jungkook as confused as the beta sat there staring at him. Taehyung shook his head, willing off the embarrassment as he grabbed a light himself, struggling more than Jungkook did. Jungkook giggled watching him before walking out of the room to place the light down on the roller so they would be transported.

Taehyung followed him quietly, figuring it would be best to work in silence. They repeated the process until all the lights were taken out and loaded outside. Taehyung flopped down in his seat and groaned, tired from carrying the lights. “This is why I don't do physical activities.” He huffed out, already feeling the soreness in his arms causing him to whine.

His pouting only increased when Jungkook walked over, standing over him. “It wasn't that much Tae.” Jungkook shook his head as the other let out another whine before he reached a hand out and gently squeezed at his biceps, lightly massaging the warm area. Taehyung quieted down and looked up at him, the feeling of the warm hand squeezing at the sore area was slightly painful but in a good way as the tension left his body slightly. “I go to the gym a lot, I know how to get rid of muscle pains.” Jungkook’s voice was soothing as he began to massage both biceps, allowing the other to relax in his seat as he rubbed at his shoulders.

“Thanks kook.” Taehyung whispered after a few seconds, watching a sweet bunny smile spread over the youthful face. Jungkook shrugged slightly, obviously shy about his skills. Taehyung craned his head back to look at him and smiled as the hand stayed on his relaxed arms.

“You welcome hyung.” Jungkook whispered pulling his hands away and looking away to obscure the view of his flushed cheeks, missing the pout on the other face because of his touch being taken away from him. “You wanna get out of here? I'm hungry and there is a nice cafe nearby I go to a lot .” Jungkook offered hesitantly as he turned to face the other again, eyes wide and hopeful.

As if Taehyung could ever say no to a face so sweet and inviting. He was sure the other could ask for the world and he would give it to him without hesitation if he flashed those doe eyes at him.

As they walked to the cafe that Jungkook had talked about they continued talking. Even though they had just met, Taehyung felt like they were already close friends. He didn’t know what it was about Jungkook that made him so relaxed and eager to talk to him. He supposed it could be his scent or maybe even him being an omega. Scientists had even at one point theorized that Omegas and Beta would naturally become closer when put together because of their pheromones which calmed each other down causing an comfortability that neither could have with alphas.

Taehyung would like to believe that their sub gender had nothing to do with their quickly developing friendship. Taehyung never did like what people’s sub gender caused them to behave like. He liked that if you can't smell him, you would never think that he was an omega. He liked that Jungkook was fairly tall (not taller than him thank the heavens). He liked that him being an omega didn’t stop him from doing manual labor, he also liked it because he saw that Jungkook wasn’t some dainty thing that expected others to do things for him.

There were things that gave him away though, from the soft features that showed a youthfulness that counteracted with his strong jawline to his body that even though it was in shape still held some of it’s omega softness that was most obvious in his thighs and in his tiny waist. It only made the boy prettier in his opinion.

He focused back in what was really happening as jungkook grabbed his arm and pulled him into the cafe. There were only a few people in the cafe because it was still fairly early in the day and most people would be in work or school, meaning there was no line for them.

The lady at the front looked up and shot a smile at Jungkook before her eyes travelled up his arm that was holding onto Taehyung’s bicep. She was obviously shocked at seeing Taehyung here and looked back at Jungkook curiously. “He’s new, where is the one you usually come here with?” She asked causing both Jungkook and Taehyung to look at her in surprise and confusion.

The confusion mainly came from Taehyung not understanding why Jungkook coming here with him was so strange, even if he usually came with someone else. His eyes travelled to Jungkook who was obviously embarrassed considering the tip of his pierced ears were turning red. “He is a new friend noona...don’t be rude.” Jungkook said, pouting slightly at the girl because of her question.

The girl apologized slowly, though her eyes did look to Taehyung a few times, a strange look in her eyes that caused Taehyung to squirm at the attention and lean closer to Jungkook. Her eyes narrowed slightly at the sight before she asked for their orders and once they got their coffee they went and sat down.

For a few minutes they sat there, sipping at their drinks not saying anything to each other. “So, im not the first person you asked to come here?” Taehyung teased and watched as Jungkook just turned red obviously embarrassed from it being brought up again.

“I bring my friend here occasionally when we hang out. She is probably used to seeing me here with him.” Jungkook said, voice quiet as he looked down at the table, playing with the rim of his cup. Taehyung nodded looking across the table at him.

“You enjoy hanging out with me more though, right?” Taehyung said obviously joking with him. Jungkook obviously didn’t get the tone because his eyes widened and he looked up at him, eyes brighter than usual as he looked at him.

“I enjoy hanging out with you both, both are enjoyable just a different type of enjoyable.”

Later on, Taehyung was walking Jungkook to his dorm, his arm thrown over his shoulders. They were talking about work and anything else that came up because of that. Taehyung was enjoying himself a lot and didn’t want to have to separate from him. He had missed being the center of someone's attention and had been missing that since Jimin had started acting different. That was probably why he was so eager to be close to him, Jungkook still held the smell of oranges that melded with his peach and honey scent. It was one of the most addicting and calming scents he had ever encountered.

They stopped outside of his building and Jungkook spun out of his hold, giving him a bright bunny smile. Taehyung opened his mouth to say goodbye before Jungkook launched himself at him and captured him in a tight hug, burying his face in his chest.

Taehyung stared down at him in shock not knowing what else to do besides patting the top of his head light, awkwardly. “Sorry, you just smell like someone I miss at the moment.” Jungkook whispered into his chest, Taehyung softened knowing it was the same for him. Jungkook soon let go, cheeks pink as he waved and headed inside.

He walked away, wondering what he could possibly smell like to smell like whoever Jungkook missed, maybe it was the coffee he had or maybe even the juice he had spilled before leaving work.

He didn't even know that they smelled like the same thing, the thing they both missed at the moment. Both smelled like oranges, one from the jacket he had stolen a few days before while the other smelled like that because he lived with the source of it. Both of them missed the source of it; both of them missed Jimin. Their Jimin.

Chapter Text

Cold was the only way Taehyung could describe his home when he got home that day.

The house was quiet as he closed the door behind him, shrugging off his jacket. After looking around he realized that Jimin was home, he just wasn’t greeting him like he used to. Taehyung had gotten use to it at this point though.

When Jimin had first started isolating himself, Taehyung had been worried and scared. Scared that Jimin was hiding something from him or that something was wrong with him. Now though, he figured that Jimin had to work through it himself. He still thought he was hiding something from him but he gave him the benefit of thought. They had been together since college so he doubted Jimin would betray him or lie to him. So Taehyung had just accepted it and let Jimin work through it, he had let jimin push him away, he had let jimin avoid his hugs and kisses, he had let Jimin treat him as if he is not his boyfriend.

He stepped out of his shoes before heading farther into his house looking around for his alpha.

“Minnie..” He called out as he headed towards their bedroom and stopped as he saw Jimin. Jimin was sat on the bed, hair flat and falling into his face as he looked down at the book in his hands. Taehyung couldn’t help but smile as he saw the relaxed look on Jimin’s face.

Jimin looked up and raised an eyebrow as he saw him, his eyes widening slightly. “TaeTae, I didn’t know you were home.” Jimin said, setting his book down and sitting up on the bed. Taehyung watched him for a little while, noticing how Jimin didn’t seem tense or to be avoiding eye contact like before.

“The shoot went well so it didn’t take very long.” Taehyung walked towards the bed, climbing on and listening to the soft creak that came from the old springs of the bed. Jimin watched him silently, eyes silently appraising him. Taehyung stopped in front of Jimin and sat down in front of him. “How was your day?” He asked curiously, chewing at the skin of his lip.

“I’m good, I didn’t have work today so I was just home all day.” Jimin said and shrugged slightly, looking away as he reached up and ran his hand through his hair. His hand stopped half way and tightened on the dyed strands before letting it go and letting it fall back into his face.

“That’s good, I hope you were able to relax.” Taehyung rocked back as he sat with his legs crossed. Taehyung opened his mouth to say something but froze as he felt Jimin’s hand on his. He looked down and watched as Jimin’s fingers lightly curled around his own.

‘“I love you babe.” Jimin whispered staring down at their hands. “I love you so much, you mean the world to me.” Jimin said, force behind his voice as if trying to get a point across. To himself or to Taehyung he didn’t know.

“I love you too Min.” Taehyung whispered confused on what was going on. Jimin leaned forward towards him, letting his hand go to press his lips against his. Taehyung gasped as Jimin’s hands caged him in on either side of his hips.

Taehyung was confused on what caused the change in Jimin all of a sudden. Just the day before he had ran away from his hug like he had burnt him. He wouldn’t deny him of something he wanted though.

He kissed back, ever so gentle as he believed that love was something Jimin was hoping to receive out of this. He was apparently wrong as Jimin’s lips were bruising against him, harsh and fast was the only way he could describe. The kiss was angry and Taehyung didn’t think he did anything for Jimin to be angry at him.

Taehyung brought up a hand to gently cup Jimin’s cheek before wrenching him away from him. Jimin’s lips were swollen and red, looking plusher than usual while his cheeks were a light red. Taehyung would guess he didn’t look any better. “Are you sure you are alright Jimin?” Taehyung made sure to be gentle with his words when speaking to him. He didn’t know if Jimin was hoping for his apparent aggression to be returned but that wasn’t something Taehyung was good at doing.

Jimin rolled his eyes at his words, hand running through his hair again before settling on either side of him. “I’m fine, I just miss kissing you.” Jimin leaned in again,but Taehyung turned his head before their lips could touch. Jimin wasn’t deterred as his lips came in contact with his cheek and began trailing kisses down his neck. Taehyung huffed before lightly pushing him off of him.

Jimin groaned and sat back in front of him, eyes narrowed at him. “What is your problem Tae?” Jimin said frowning at him. Taehyung raised an eyebrow at him, not sure what was going on with Jimin or if this Jimin was better than the other that was ignoring him

“You just began to pay attention to me again and you expect me to just let you do that? You know better Minnie. Kissing isn’t going to change the fact that you ignored me for close to two weeks. I want to go back to before but not until I know you are over whatever has been going on or unless you talk to me.” Taehyung said frowning at Jimin as he pushed himself off the bed. He only got a glimpse of the guilt ridden expression that the other had before Jimin was following after him.

Jimin grabbed his hand and pulled him back to him. “Wait wait Tae I’m sorry alright? I am going to try to do better for you. I mistreated you and you didn’t deserve it. How about we make dinner and watch a movie. Your choice.” Jimin said, eyes silently begging the beta to forgive him.

Taehyung looked over him for a moment before sighing and moving in and hugging him tightly. “Okay we can do that, I’ve missed you.” Taehyung whispered as Jimin buried his face in his shoulder and inhaled deeply. Taehyung rubbed his back as Jimin’s grip tightened and he continued inhaling into his shoulder as if searching for something or trying to take something in.

“God, I really don’t deserve you babe. I hope you know that.” Jimin whispered before pulling back and grabbing his hand pulling him towards the kitchen.

Jimin was always a great cook and it was something that Taehyung always loved. How good Jimin looked while cooking. How his eyebrows furrowed slightly as he focused on the task and how he moved so confident and sure that Taehyung never once worried about having bad food put in front of him. He usually stayed in the kitchen, sat at the counter while watching him, but today was different.

Today he had gotten his boyfriend back from the clutches of whatever had stolen him away without him even realizing it was happening. Eager to make up for lost time he pressed himself against his back and wrapped his arms around him. It was uncomfortable and made Jimin hesitate because of the added weight but he didn't push him off, Taehyung hoped he never did again.

Jimin was able to cook though and he lightly wiggled in the others hold as he was plating the food. "You need to get off baby." He said softly as he placed the rice on the plates, grin slipping on his face at the peluntant whine the other let slip.

Jimin gently shooed him off to the living room, telling him to pick out a movie for them. He put the cooked meat on the plate next and put it on a tray before grabbing water for them. He carried it to the living room and took his seat beside him.

"What are we watching?" He asked curiously as he leaned back and leaned onto Taehyung. "It's the drama we were watching before but never finished. I figured we could finish it." Taehyung smiled at him.

Jimin nodded slightly and grabbed one of the plates and placing it in his lap. He focused on the starting credit as he got out the chopsticks adjusting them in his hand.

He focused on the drama, Taehyung and Jimin exchanged comments on the cheesiness. Taehyung snuggled closer Jimin who fed him rice and meat from their plates. Taehyung was pretty purring.

They got through two episodes before Taehyung felt his eyes drooping slightly. As his belly was full and he felt warm and safe, he wasn't afraid to begin to doze off on the others shoulder.


Jimin would never deny being in love as he watched Taehyung doze off on his shoulder. He watched as his face relaxed before his jaw tensed as if trying to fight it off. He could stop the way his eyes slipped shut and the way his face drooped and relaxed.

They couldn't stop a lot of things.

He couldn’t stop the way his heart fluttered for Taehyung whenever he smiled at him. He couldn’t stop the way he relaxed so easily when he smelled the minty freshness that came off of Taehyung in gentle waves. He couldn’t stop the way he wouldn’t hesitate to get down on his knee and submit to him, anywhere and anytime if that was what it took to make the beta happy.

He also couldn’t help the way he was so eager to follow after the young omega who didn’t seem to know what he was doing to him. He couldn’t help the feelings that curled in his heart and mind when Jungkook turned those innocent doe eyes onto him and used his sweet voice to appeal to him. He also couldn’t help that somewhere deep inside he knew that the feelings weren’t fully platonic, not in the slightest. He couldn’t help that he was beginning to resent the younger because of how he made him feel. He couldn’t stop any of that.

He could stop some things though, things that would cause him to lose so many things he loved and cherished. He knew that if he continued with what he was doing he would end up doing something much worse than just a smudge of a kiss. It could lead to so much worse, worse case scenario he broke both of their hearts and they all end up single and hurt because of his lies and deceit, blame and guilt would be thrown like confetti and trust would shatter.

He couldn't do that to them, so someone had to suffer just a bit to stop that from happening. Sadly, it seemed Jungkook would have to be the one. It was best for them all after all. It didn't mean that when he pulled out his phone that he didn't hesitate as he opened their conversation.

The last thing that was sent was a selfie Jungkook had taken and sent to him. The text under it boldy saying 'I still smell like you :( how is your scent so strong??'. The selfie was Jungkook laid out on his bed, hair laid back surrounding his head in a dark cloud,pink lips pouted sweetly as he looked at the camera with dark large eyes.

Jungkook didn’t know how much of a tease he was, no matter how much it seemed like he did.

Me: Sorry gukkie, my scent can get pretty potent at times. It’ll fade eventually

JK❤: it’s fine hyung :P i like how you smell

Me: I’m glad to hear that gukkie but I need to talk to you about something

JK❤: sure hyung what’s up?

Me: Jungkook I think we should spend some time apart.

Jimin watched as the read symbol appeared and waited with a heavy heart for him to respond. The response he got though was a phone call. He had the ringer low so it wasn’t too loud but it echoed through his head and caused his fingers to tremble.

He slowly answered it and brought it to his ear, biting at his lip as if it was a chew toy.

”What the hell is that meant to mean?” Jungkook’s voice met his ears and Jimin closed his eyes, able to hear the confusion and concealed worry in his voice.

“I just think we shouldn’t talk for a while. Like, for a couple of months.” Jimin said slowly, trying to word it as gently and as kindly as possible. He was met with static for a while, only the sounds of Jungkook's breathing in his ear.

”You’re kidding right..? This isn’t funny hyung.” Jungkook voice was beginning to shake ever so slightly.

“Jungkook it isn’t you I promise..”

”Don't call me that please hyungie… Gukkie, kookie, even baby is better...please don’t call me that..” Jimin could hear it better now, the tremble and the way he paused occasionally to control himself. Jimin’s baby was going to cry, and it was because of him.

“Jungkook, this is better for both of us. Believe me please.” Jimin tried to keep his voice strong and sturdy to show he was sure and serious about this. He faltered when he heard a wet whimper from the other. The tell-tale sign of crying.

”God you sound like my ex.’’ Jungkook said bitterly before sniffling with a sigh.

“Don’t you dare compare me to that bastard Jungkook.” Jimin said frowning as he remembered how Jungkook had told him about his ex.

An alpha who was high off his testosterone and wanted to bend Jungkook to the perfect omega to marry and breed, patronising and emotionally abusive the alpha had been with Jungkook for two years before breaking up with him claiming he was ungrateful and unlovable. Young Jungkook who had just entered college had been heartbroken, depending on the person he had placed his heart with. After all, it happened because Jungkook wanted to go to the gym. The gym was something the alpha thought an omega should never enter. It ended with a broken hearted Jungkook with the worry of not being a good enough omega.

Being compared to that asshole caused a twisting in Jimin’s stomach. He was just trying to save the younger from getting hurt.

”Then stop acting like him! Call me when you’re thinking straight because this is not my hyungie. Jungkook then proceeded to hang up on him, the dial tone ringing in his ear.

Jimin dropped his phone and sighed running his hands over his face. That could've gone so much better. He just wanted him to stay far away for a while so his confusing feelings could settle down some. With how that conversation went, he knew he could’ve possibly lost Jungkook fully.

His inner alpha had gone quiet, not content but almost sad. It didn’t matter though, he could live without Jungkook. He didn’t need those doe eyes or that bunny smile or that sweet scent that turned sweeter at the gland. He didn’t need any of that, he never did.

He tried to convince himself that, but as he closed his eyes planning to sleep and forget about the conversation there was only one thing on his mind. If he had the chance, he would prove to Jungkook that he was the only alpha that could treat him right. If Jungkook was his omega, he would give him the world. If he wasn’t in the situation he was in, Jungkook would have already been his.

But those were all if’s.

You can’t build your life on if’s.

If’s made you quit your job for a dream that would fail and end up with you on the street. If’s made you risk everything for just a chance at something that could never work out.

No matter how many if’s there may be, or how tempting those if’s were, Jimin couldn’t give up everything for them, he couldn’t risk his life for those if’s.

No matter how much his inner alpha was crying out for what could’ve been.

If only…

Chapter Text

Taehyung always prided himself on being a good friend. He did his best to make sure all his friends were happy and gave him the best advice he could. That included if he got new friends that he didn’t know the best, but he still wanted to keep them happy. That included the adorable omega who he wanted to coo and cuddle with half of the time.

Jungkook had called him two days after Taehyung and Jimin had made up asking to hang out. He could tell from his tone that he wasn’t at his happiest at the moment. So, he decided to make him a small care package of things he had learned the other enjoyed. Candy, Banana milk, a soft bunny plushie (he learned the other enjoyed soft and fluffy things that were cuddly) and some assorted nail polish. He had seen a few half empty polish bottles scattered around his small dorm and in his bag. He had decided to give it a chance and gift the other some nail polish thinking that it would take his mind off it to paint his nails.

So when he knocked on the dorm room door and shifted from foot to foot, looking down at the bag in his hand. He had missed the younger omega and he hoped some good hugs and attention would bring his spirits up. He knew it worked on him and he couldn’t help but wonder how good the other was at cuddling. He stopped shifting as the door opened and he was greeted with the sight of Jungkook, obviously confused and adorable with his ruffled looking.

“Tae hyung? What are you doing here?” Jungkook asked tilting his head at him while raising any eyebrow at him.

Taehyung peaked over the slightly shorter male and beamed as he saw the room was empty besides Jungkook. His laptop was open on his bed with a few papers spread around him. He was being a good student and doing his work, cute. Taehyung almost felt bad about bursting in on him. Almost.

“Kookie!” Taehyung said instead of giving him an answer to his question and pulled him into an one-armed hug. Jungkook didn’t resist him as his face was pressed into the other’s shoulder. Taehyung gave the top of his head a soft nuzzle before letting the other go.

Jungkook was still looking at him confused but with a slightly happier look in his eyes, a smile showing at the corner of his mouth. “I’m going to assume you have a reason to be here and let you in.” Jungkook opened the door wider and let him into the room.

Taehyung stepped in and set the bag down on the nearest surface before pulling Jungkook into another hug and pulled him towards his bed. Jungkook went easily enough, more pliant than ever which was a sign of his hidden sadness. Taehyung pulled him onto the bed and sat beside him before wrapping his arms around him.

“Jungkook are you alright? You sounded sad over the phone.” Taehyung said gently running his hand down the others back, trying to keep the other relaxed so he would talk to him about whatever was bothering him that day. He hated seeing the omega do anything but smiling.

He felt Jungkook shrug against his, leaning into his embrace hesitantly. “My friend stopped talking to me. He didn’t even give me a reason, he just thought we should spend time apart. It was stupid and he’s stupid but I already miss him.” Jungkook mumbled turning his face into the others shoulder again with his sigh.

Taehyung cooed knowing what it felt like to go through a breakup, though he knew the other hadn’t been dating his friend but he was reacting similarly to how you would. Looks like he brought the right stuff with him then. “It hurts doesn't it kook?” He whispered

Jungkook nodded, pouting against the others shoulder. Taehyung could feel it so he cooed softly, holding the other close to him. He gently rocked him as he hoped having tactile comfort would felt his emotional state, this was what betas are made for anyway.

“I have something for you…” Taehyung whispered as he gently rubbed his back causing the other to look up at him with confused eyes.

“R-really? Why?” Jungkook said sitting up slowly and ruffling his hair as he looked at him. Taehyung smiled, liking how the other perked up at the idea of Taehyung bringing him a gift. Taehyung might just have to spoil the omega till he never stops smiling.

Taehyung unwrapped himself from Jungkook before walking back to where he left the bag he brought. He walked back over and plopped on the bed, scooting back into his spot. “This is meant to make you feel better.” Taehyung said, sitting the bag in Jungkook’s lap with a smile.

Jungkook looked at the bag, inspecting how it looked and peeking in on the contents. His eyes lit up as he saw the snacks in there. He quickly pulled out the snacks and milk, ignoring the other stuff at the moment. “You even got my favorite brand.” Jungkook squealed as he looked at the banana milk. He shot Taehyung a happy smile before picking up the bag, planning to compliment and thank the other on everything he got him.

Jungkook pulled out the small bunny plushie next. His eyes widened slightly as he took in the stuffed animal with soft brown fur and a plush body with drooping ears. Taehyung watched as Jungkook brought the bunny to his chest and hugged it close, his head dipped down to allow Jungkook to bury his nose into the top of the bunny.

Taehyung being the good friend that he was remembered Jungkook had a much more sensitive nose than most, meaning that he had to be careful with what smells he was put around. It was hard considering most people had different scents, Jungkook particularly struggled with alpha scents if they weren’t on the gentler side but most scents couldn’t hide the natural musk that normally marked someone as an alpha. Jungkook’s sinuses were irritated for close to a week after having to sit next to an alpha who was in pre-rut. The intensified smell had Jungkook feeling like he had a terrible cold.

Because he had that memory stuck in his head, he had lightly scented the bear with his own scent. Beta’s scent were naturally gentler and calming, meaning his scent was very unlikely to irritate his sensitive nose.

It made him happy to see Jungkook inhale into the bunny and sigh, relaxing in his spot slowly as he probably got a nose full of minty cucumber, and Jungkook seemed to like it. Jungkook looked up and gave Taehyung a sweet smile, clutching the bunny to himself as he reached out and gave Taehyung’s arm a gentle squeeze. “Thank you Taetae.” Jungkook whispered before setting the bunny in his lap.

Jungkook seemed to notice the bag wasn’t completely empty and reached for it. Taehyung felt his anxiety rise as Jungkook picked it up, he didn’t want to accidentally offend him with the nail polish. The polish bottles could’ve been his roommates for all he knew, but Jungkook seemed like the type who wouldn’t be opposed to painting his nails. He took in how Jungkook’s nails were manicured and taken care of. Jungkook wasn’t the type to get offended by this type of thing either, or atleast Taehyung hoped so.

Jungkook pulled out the three nail polish bottle and stared at them silently, causing Taehyung’s anxiety to rise. Taehyung thought the colors were pretty; a shiny black, a dusty pink, and a midnight blue. He thought the colors would be fitting for Jungkook and his usual wardrobe,

“Why did you get this?” Jungkook asked quietly as he held the bottles in his hand. Taehyung reached out and took the bottles from them holding the black one up.

“I thought painting your nails would take your mind off of everything. I heard it was relaxing.” Taehyung said softly, shrugging to show that the other didn’t need to say yes to it. He did want to see how pretty the other’s hands looked with the colors.

Jungkook nodded and grabbed the blue one looking down at it. He lightly shook it and nodded his head slightly as if thinking over his words. “Okay, but you have to paint yours too.” Jungkook said with a soft grin slipping onto his face.

Taehyung beamed and nodded. “Only if we match.” Taehyung bargained as he scooted closer to him. Jungkook nodded and reached out grabbing one of Taehyung’s larger hands and set it on his lap.

“Deal, you are going to look so pretty.” Jungkook teased with a giggle.

Taehyung was sure that the other would be even prettier without even knowing and that thought only made him join in on the laughing.


Taehyung would have to admit, having your nails painted was very enjoyable. The feeling of the brush was very satisfying and once it dried he liked how it looked. It was a plus that Jungkook seemed like a pro at this. Jungkook had even let him paint his nails, though it was messy, Jungkook told him he did great before fixing it himself.

After they finished and it dried, Jungkook took a few pictures of them before beginning to eat his candy as they put a movie on his laptop to watch. It was relaxing and Taehyung could tell by how relaxed Jungkook was against him that he was a lot happier than earlier.

Taehyung was still thinking over the fact that Jungkook had lost one of his friends, for apparently no reason. Jungkook wasn’t clingy or overly sensitive so it was surprising to see that Jungkook was so broken up over a relatively new friend. In Taehyung’s opinion Jungkook was the perfect candidate for a best friend, sweet and funny and good company. That alpha must of been stupid to not want to be friends with Jungkook. It wasn’t helped that it was one of the first alphas that Jungkook tried to befriend. Alphas often only talked to Jungkook to try and get his number or go out with him, they often stopped talking to him when they figured out that Jungkook wasn’t interested in dating at that moment.

That was a lie, Jungkook had become picky with who he actually wanted to date and actually try with. Jungkook had went on a date about a month ago but it was because they had been friends for close to a year and bored. Jungkook didn’t really see a future with the guy but he decided the guy was nice enough.

He knew Jungkook found betas easier to befriend considering they didn’t have inner voices that told them to try to mate with him. He knew about Jungkook’s only friends and how they were both betas.

Seokjin was a beta who had began to buy the omega coffee when he noticed he was dozing off in class, and then there was Yoongi who shared a class with Jungkook and would only work with Jungkook on projects. Jungkook found out it was because Yoongi thought Jungkook was the only competent person in the class. Jungkook considered that one of the best compliments he has ever gotten.

Yoongi had dropped by his class one day to return his notes and it just so happened to be the class with Jin as the T.A. Jungkook would say it was love at first sight if he had ever seen it.

Yoongi made it a habit to stop by his class every morning and talk to them both. Two weeks later they were going on dates and a month after that they were official. That had happened fout months into Jungkook’s freshman year.

They were basically married at this point and Jungkook would be lying if he didn’t want the same.

It made Taehyung sad knowing Jungkook haven’t had any good romantic relationships at this point. Jungkook deserved someone who would sweep him off his feet and try to keep him there. But no, he got rude egotistical jerks who thought that just because Jungkook was labeled Omega that it was all he was.

Maybe Taehyung could set Jungkook up with someone from work, he knew plenty of people who would be happy to go out with such a good omega. He was sure he could convince him to go out with at least one of them, and hey maybe Jungkook would make some new friends. He could even introduce him to Jimin, to show him what a good alpha was like.

Taehyung peeked down at the dozing omega and took the carton of banana milk from him and set it on the desk. Jungkook deserved to be happy, no matter what it took.

Taehyung would make sure of it. No matter what.

Chapter Text

Taehyung knew he had to be careful about how he had to go about all of this. He didn’t want to cause more heartbreak or sadness for Jungkook. So he had to do some research and allow Jungkook to recover from the alpha who had deserted him. Luckily, he recovered fairly quickly, or he recovered quickly enough to be smiling more and not seem so sad if he was reminded of them. It had taken around two weeks for Taehyung to reach that revelation but it was enough for him to get enough information to believe he could set Jungkook up on a date and have good chances of him having a second date.

He had learned a few things. For one Jungkook was pansexual, so Taehyung had a wide array to people to choose from. Jungkook also came from a more traditional family. (An alpha father and omega mother. His father believed omegas should be homemakers and more submissive of the couple. He even had an older alpha brother who was already dating an omega female). Taehyung had taken that to mean that Jungkook only dated alphas, it was sad considering there were so many great betas and omegas out there for him to be happy with. Maybe he could set him up with a beta or omega if the first few alphas didn’t work out, he would just tell Jungkook to keep an open mind.

With that in mind he set out to find suitable bachelors who would know how to treat omegas like people and not objects, it was harder than you would think. After running over his options, he decided to go to Jimin first to see if Jimin had any friends that were single and ready to mingle. Jimin usually picked good people to be friends with, Hoseok and Namjoon being one example of this, but they were with each other so that didn’t matter.

What he had to focus on was getting the young omega an alpha who wasn’t stupid enough to desert him. That meant that Taehyung started with Jimin to find alphas.

"Jiminie do you have any alpha friends that are single and are looking for a nice omega?" Taehyung asked plopping down beside Jimin, slipping out on a greeting because he was a man on a mission.

Jimin lifted his head from the book he was reading, startled and obviously confused. "Um may I ask why first of all? You don't have any omega friends do you? You haven't really mention any have you?" Jimin said as he leaned his head back against the couch to look at him.

"Yeah I do actually! He's a sweetheart, he's in college and he smells like the best dessert you could ever want. He also gives me danishes from the bakery he works in." Taehyung said excitedly, not catching the fleeting glance of shock and fear that came onto his face.

“Oh.. okay. So you want to know if I know any good alphas that could go well with your friend?” Jimin asked after staring at him for a few seconds. Taehyung nodded happily, a large smile stretched over his face.

“Yep, so tell me, do you have any nice alpha friends who know how to treat an omega right? He is really sweet and he needs someone who knows how to be affectionate.” Taehyung reminded him, and Jimin could tell he was serious about having his friend with someone who could treat him well.

Jimin almost felt bad that most alphas he knew were douchebags. Not all but most. He quickly ran through the many alphas he knew, trying to find one that would live up to Taehyung’s friends expectations. “Uhh there is Moonbin? He is pretty sweet, a little on the shy side but he is super sweet.” Jimin said thoughtfully thinking back to the alpha who was barely younger than him but had been quiet and more reserved them most alphas of his size. For someone who was going on 6’0 and had such sharp eyes it almost funny how he could curl into himself when embarrassed.

Taehyung nodded thoughtfully, thinking over the limited information he was given. “GIve me his number and I might set him up. He might be good with him.” Taehyung said as he rubbed at his chin, as if his face wasn’t baby smooth and he could grow a beard. “Any others?” He asked hopefully. He wanted options for his friend.

Jimin shook his head slightly, smiling apologetically. “Not any that won’t try to knot him on the first date.” Jimin said gently.

Taehyung scrunched up his face and shook his head. “That is disgusting.” He huffed before leaving, walking to their bedroom.

Jimin could only shake his head as he watched him go, the lingering smell of mint and honey something that he had began to welcome and crave at this point. The mixed smell of his beta and what could’ve (read: should’ve) been his omega. His mind must be playing tricks on him for him to be able to smell Jungkook wherever Taehyung was, but he didn’t mind, he didn’t even think he wanted the trick to stop.

Now that is something disgusting.


Taehyung figured that since he wanted plenty of choices for Jungkook he could choose people from his work next.

There were plenty of alphas, male and female from him to choose for him. All different ages too. Jungkook did have a little big of a sugar baby vibe when he was given gifts, all soft and blushy. Yeah, maybe, but he was looking for a long term thing so he would keep them around his own age.

He sat at his desk, silently thinking the open layout of the floor so everyone was visible to him. His eyes scanned the floor, looking for an alpha that would be good for him.

His eyes landed on one of the designer assistants. He had been working there for a couple of years and was known to be extremely kind and funny when you talked to him. Cha Eunwoo.

He was tall too, he could imagine Jungkook curling up into him. A tall alpha would be good for a tall omega. He knew jungkook hated feeling too big and too broad to be found desirable.

Taehyung knew that his size only made him more desirable. In Taehyung's opinion at least.

He watched as Eun Woo laughed at something someone said, picking up the multiple rolls of fabric. He was strong too

He was a strong candidate for sure.


He knew he had the kids number so it wouldn't be a problem talking to him about it.

Someone walked in front of Eun Woo catching Taehyung's attention. Hye-jin.

Taehyung perked up as he saw her, bingo.

He figured Jungkook leaned more towards male alphas than female alphas for whatever reason considering he only talked about guys as far as he knew, but he knew that Jungkook wasn’t opposed to getting a girlfriend. Hye-jin was a nice alpha who knew how to use her alpha just like male alphas.

She was fairly short but her natural confidence and dominance made even Taehyung feel small at times. She was a good leader, smart and funny. Taehyung could imagine Jungkook and her having a good time together.

He didn’t know how Hye-jin felt about dating male omegas. It was a well known fact that female alphas usually didn’t date male omegas and usually dated female omegas and any beta. Hye-jin didn’t usually seem like the type to care for societal norms and he knew Jungkook would happily submit to anybody who he trusted and had enough dominance to push him there.

Jungkook submitted so prettily, he was even submissive enough to submit platonically. Jungkook looked so adorable when he relaxed into Taehyung, when his body relaxed. When he was purring as he became so pliable and needy. Those were the best time to cuddle him, when he was so easy to hold and hug, he would even whine when you would pull away. So adorable.

Taehyung shook his head trying to focus back on the task at hand. Jungkook and Hye-jin could go well together. They both even enjoyed physical activities together. Sporty couples were cute.

As far as he knew Hye-jin was single, last he heard she had a nasty breakup with an ex-boyfriend about 4 months ago. What is a better way to get over a terrible breakup then start seeing a pretty omega with doe eyes. Yeah, Taehyung could see that working out.

Taehyung stopped looking at her and thought about what he had so far.

Moonbin, Eun woo and Hye-jin

Taehyung figured finding one more would be a good idea to make sure that he had a good shot of Jungkook going on a second date with someone.

He scanned the office for anyone else that could match well with what he believed Jungkook’s ideal type was. Then, his eyes landed on his supervisor, why didn’t he think of that before.

One of the most looked up to men in the office, and one of the most lusted after. Smart, charming and oh so caring. He even remembers Taehyung’s birthday and had given him a cupcake (He did that for everyone but everyone appreciated the care.)

Big, strong and muscular which only made the alpha part of him even more intimidating. He was a sweetheart, and cared about the people who worked under him. He wasn’t even over professional, he joked with his employees and was able to talk to them comfortably.

That didn’t change the fact that he was intimidating, a muscular guy of his size and position meant that he was automatically intimidating. They had all seen him when he was angry, when people took his kindness for weakness and he had to put others in their place.

Taehyung knew he had been saying this a lot but Wonho would be perfect for Jungkook.

Having a close friend dating your boss would be uncomfortable wouldn’t it? What would happen if they broke up, he would have to see them both and deal with the in between. Also what would happen if he had to hear about their cheesy dates and such. He would probably have to become friends with Wonho too, and he didn’t know how he felt about his friend being his boss. He didn’t care if Jimin and Hoseok were able to be friends even though Hoseok was his boss, he wasn’t doing it.

He was a perfect candidate though, so he would give him a chance. Jungkook’s happiness comes first.

Later after work, Taehyung called Jungkook and told him the news about his soon to be scheduled blind dates. Of course, Jungkook was scared and anxious. Poor baby, hadn’t been on an actual date in months, especially not one that was arranged by someone else.

Taehyung had to assure him that all the possible choices were safe and had good potential. Taehyung promised he would help him through the whole process, from choosing the date to getting ready. Jungkook only seemed more worried at the thought of Taehyung choosing his outfit, especially with Jungkook’s recent exploration of different styles.

“Kookie, it's not like I’m going to dress you like a clown, calm down.” Taehyung said after he got another whine from the younger. He could pretty much here the pout that the other was sporting.

“I'm a designer! You know you’re going to look great and they won’t be able to take their eyes off you.” Taehyung continued trying to convince him that he could do it. He heard a soft huff from the other side.

“Fiine, I get the final say though.” Jungkook finally caved in and Taehyung beamed knowing he would get to help the Omega be ready.

“You won’t regret it precious. I’ll be over after your classes tomorrow to give you your choices and help you decide.” Taehyung said as he exited his building and headed towards his car.

“Okay hyungie, meet in my dorm alright?”

Taehyung only hummed in agreement as he reached his car. “I gotta go now Kook, gotta drive.”

Jungkook didn’t hesitate. “Be safe hyung, don’t text and drive and watch the road.” He listed off and he could only smile at the worry he had in his voice.

He was a sweetheart.

“I will, I will. You be safe too kookie.”

Chapter Text

For the people who did want a recap of the date:

*Taehyung had given Jungkook all of their numbers so he could choose himself who to go on a date with and had chosen Wonho so Wonho had won the poll I gave you guys*

-Taehyung had helped Jungkook get ready and had put him in an oversized sweater and a pair of denim jeans and called him cute from the moment he was dressed to when Wonho picked him up.

-Wonho had taken them to a new exhibit at the art museum that had just opened that week.

-They easily bonded over a mutual love over the different art types

-Once they began talking about schooling they learned they both had an interest in business.

-By the time they reached the end of the exhibit they were pretty whipped for each other

-After the exhibit, Wonho took Jungkook to a little bistro on the corner

-They told funny stories about each other and even talked about their childhood

-After paying and leaving (Somehow Jungkook had managed to convince him to split the check) Wonho walked Jungkook back to his dorm building

-"I really enjoyed hanging out, maybe we could do this again sometime soon?"

-"Oh most definitely, I really enjoy your company."

-If Jungkook had kissed him on the cheek, he'll never tell how red he got when he pulled away and scampered inside


1 month later

"Taehyung what has got you so excited?" Jimin laughed as he saw Taehyung flicking through their closet, bouncing on the tips of his toes as he hummed along to the loud song playing in the room.

Whenever he got like this it usually meant he was looking forward to something.

Taehyung skipped over to him and wrapped his arms around his neck before kissing his nose. "We're going on a double date silly, I mentioned this to you last night..” Taehyung laughed slightly as he looked up at his alpha.
Jimin smiled down at him and wrapped his arms around his naked waist. “I was a little distracted last night baby you know that.” He whispered pressing his forehead against his. He had been distracted a lot lately, his inner alpha getting more and more disgruntled as time went on, self control was harder and harder each day.

Taehyung nodded eyes sparkling excitedly. “Its fine but we are going on a double date tonight with my boss. I set him up with my best friend and I swear Wonho hasn’t been happier since I started working there, he even mentioned giving me a raise. Which is like so unprofessional but still it shows he is really happy. Bun is happy too, he started wearing his hoodies and stuff and Wonho is so supportive and they are disgusting apart but I want to see them together.” Taehyung said excitedly as he nuzzled into Jimin’s chest.

Jimin was thrown off at the mention of ‘Bun’. He didn’t know what it was but Taehyung never actually told him the name of his best friend but he called him bun as of lately, clear affection in his voice that caused him what he thought was a normal amount of Jealousy.

He didn’t know that Taehyung never told him his name because Taehyung had mentioned Jimin to Jungkook and had seen so much panic in his eyes at the very mention of his name that he had immediately dropped it and was on high alert at the thought of the two having an unsavory past. His current theory was that Jimin had tattooed Jungkook and had frightened the poor boy. He couldn’t bring himself to confront Jimin about it, deep inside he knew he wouldn’t get actual answers.

Jimin nodded slightly, happy to see him so happy. He never quite liked Wonho though, from the first time they met he didn’t seem very interested in knowing Jimin, so Jimin never tried either.

“You should start getting ready babe. I want you to make a good impression.” Taehyung pouted, morphing into a smile as Jimin kissed him.

Jimin nodded and obeyed though as he headed to the large closet to pick out an outfit with Taehyung, a smile on both of their faces.

Neither mentioned the ominous feeling in the bottom of both of their stomachs saying that something bad was about to happen, something bad soon.


They sat in a restaurant, it was pretty empty but it was a nice place. Jimin and Taehyung sat beside each other as Taehyung played with Jimin’s fingers, playing with his signature rings. That feeling was still surrounding each other causing Taehyung to try to distract them by telling Jimin stories about him and ‘bun’.

Jimin was beginning to relax as he listened to the time Taehyung and Bun had a competition to see who could eat the most strawberry tarts. He tensed up again as Taehyung lifted his head and called out a name he knew, a name he had once said.

“Jungkookie!” Taehyung said happily jumping out of his seat and heading towards two approaching figures.

Jimin hated how his heart dropped and warmed at the same time as he saw Jungkook, but Jungkook looked so pretty. His hair had grown longer and easily framed his face and fell into his eyes. The all black outfit brought out his skin tone and eyes and Jimin’s eyes easily strayed to the smooth strip of skin that was revealed because of Jungkook’s cropped sweatshirt.

He froze as Jungkook looked at him over Taehyung’s shoulder as they hugged and looked at him with surprised and hurt eyes.

Jimin thought separating himself from the omega would help but if anything he only felt stronger for him, if he was judging by the way hurt spread through him as Wonho wrapped an arm around Jungkook and his hand curled around his exposed hip.

Taehyung led them over to the table and Jimin hated how Jungkook wouldn’t look at him, leaning into Wonho as if for comfort. Did Jimin really hurt him that much that he couldn’t look at him?

“Kookie this is my boyfriend, Jimin. Jimin this is Jungkook, my bestest friend.” Taehyung said happily and Jungkook lifted his head and smiled lightly before reaching a hand out to shake Jimin’s hand. Jimin could only stare at it, for too long apparently because Jungkook placed his hand down, clearing his throat awkwardly. Jiimin lifted his eyes and watched as Jungkook’s cheeks reddened, and he could only think about how many times he was the cause of that pretty blush.

His eyes dropped as Wonho kissed that warming cheek and whispered something in his ear as if to comfort him. From what? Jimin’s inner alpha was growling repeatedly as he tried to ignore the new couple in front of him.

The tension settled a little as a waiter came over and gave them the menus and took their drink order before leaving. They could all act like they weren’t thankful that Jimin ordered a bottle of wine.

They still didn’t say anything as they waited and looked at the menu and Jimin tried to hold back the guilt he felt as Taehyung gripped his hand worriedly.

When the drinks arrived he poured everyone a glass of wine, he could feel they would need it to get through this dinner.

Jungkook sipped his for a few seconds before looking up at the other two.

“So um, how long have you two been together?” Jungkook asked softly, glancing between the two of them.

Jimin wondered if he was thinking about their near kiss in the alleyway and almost downed his whole glass of wine as Taehyung went to answer them.

“Almost five years.” Taehyung said happily.

Jungkook nodded looking back at his glass, Taehyung frowned before starting a conversation with Wonho, managing to pull Jungkook into the conversation with him, Jimin joining in only a couple times but never directly talking to Jungkook.

They all had ordered and received their food, currently eating their food. Having small conversations here and there and as Jungkook talked about his upcoming midterms, Jimin couldn’t help the smile on his face at the nervous rambling from the youngest of the group.

The other three had all been through college and all understood the stress, yet they could only watch with soft fond eyes as Jungkook talked with his hands about his teachers and the projects he had. He never looked better or prettier to any of them in that moment as his eyes lit up and he smiled through his words.

None of them noticed they were all sporting a similar lovesick expression.

They eventually finished and Taehyung had convinced them to get dessert. It was obvious Jimin and Jungkook still weren’t super comfortable around each other so Taehyung wanted to give them extra time to get used to each other. Both couldn’t say no when he flashed puppy dog eyes at them.

Taehyung had decided on the dessert all by himself, knowing he liked it from the times he had tried it. Taehyung leaned into Jimin’s side watching as Jungkook and Wonho whispered to each other, Jungkook gripping Wonho’s arm as he giggled at something he was telling him.

Taehyung found it adorable how obvious it was that they liked each other, from the eye contact and constant touching to the happy smiles and adorable blushes. He was proud of himself for setting them up.

He glanced at Jimin to see what he was doing and saw him staring down at the table, not looking at any of them. He began to worry about how tense Jimin was becoming and started to say something before their desert was placed in front of them.

Jiimin lifted his head seeing the desert which was some type of crumble thing, it looked good.

Taehyung reached forward beginning to serve it on the plates they were given. Something inside of jimin told him something wasn’t right. He brought the plate closer and smelled it, causing him to frown. It smelled good but he swore the sweet floral scent hidden underneath wasn’t good.

The other three were talking, taking their plates, but went quiet as Jimin reached out and grabbed the plate from Jungkook, stopping him from taking it. They all looked at Jimin who for the first time that night was looking at Jungkook.

“Jimin..?” Taehyung as confused at Jimin raised a hand and waved over a waiter. He broke contact with Jungkook and pointed at the dessert.

“What exactly is put in this?” He asked softly causing the waiter to look at him confused.

“Sir, a lot of things go in our dishes-” Jimin didn’t hesitate to cut him off, almost becoming visibly agitated.

“Is there mango in this?” He asked instead, the only one who seemed to notice the way Jungkook tensed up at the mention of the fruit, the others were still looking at Jimin confused.

The waiter looked at the dessert and seemed to be thinking. “It was cooked in mango syrup I believe…” He said slowly, seeing how Jimin shook his head.

“Please take this back and bring us it without mango or just some type of cake please.” He said soflty, placing the plates back on the tray before pretty much shoving it into the waiter hands. The waiter looked at him confused before nodding and taking it away.

Jimin leaned back in his seat with a sigh, all three staring at him.

“What was wrong with the mangos?” Taehyung asked softly.

Jimin looked up at Jungkook, making eye contact. “I’m..allergic to mangos.” Jungkook said softly, playing with his long sleeves as all eyes turned to him. Both Wonho and Taehyung looked more confused than before.

“How did he..” Wonho began before stopping as Jungkook stood up, looking away from them.

“Um, e-excuse me.” Jungkook whispered before walking away, heading towards the bathrooms. They all watched him go silently, and they stayed silent as Jimin stood up, focusing on following the path where Jungkook had disappeared.
Taehyung and Wonho looked at each other, confused and worried about what was going on, and why they were being left in the dark, but they knew one thing: neither knew about Jungkook’s mango allergy.

When Jimin entered the bathroom, Jungkook was pacing, running his hands through his hair agitated. As the door closed behind him, Jungkook rounded on him. “What the hell do you think you are doing?!” He demanded as he stomped towards him.

“I saved you from an allergic reaction. Shouldn’t you say like, I don't know, Thank you?” Jimin asked raising an eyebrow, his passive aggressiveness rolling off of him in waves, causing Jungkook to stumble slightly in his pursuit.

Jungkook looked at him and huffed slightly, eyes narrowed into angry slits. “You never mentioned you had a boyfriend.” He said causing Jimin to tense slightly.

“Why do you keep lying to me?” Jungkook asked, face falling slightly as he looked at him.

“It isn't like that kookie you know that." Jimin said stepping towards him slowly. "I've never lied to you." He whispered

Jungkook stared at him as he got closer and looked down as Jimin gently linked their fingers.

"Tae never came up in any of our conversation, it didn't seem needed to talk about it." Jimin continued as he looked at the omega.

"Don't you think you should have mentioned him when you almost kissed me? Or was you abandoning me you're way of doing that?" Jungkook said weakly, a gentle wobble to his voice that caused Jimin's heart to squeeze in his chest.

Jimin slowly moved closer to the trembling form before pulling him into his chest. Jungkook let out a sudden sob as his hands curled into fists against his abdomen. Jimin softly shushed him, putting his head on top of his.

Their scents reached out and mingled, as if greeting each other after time away at sea. They mingled and danced until it was one cloud of fruit and sweetness. Jimin's eyes closed at the familiar concoction, wondering how many times they cuddled after jungkook's classes and it filled the room. God, he missed this.

"You know I would never use you right, baby?" Jimin mumbled, trying to soothe the trembling boy who was slowly calming.

He only got a nod in return as Jungkook's nose pressed into his collarbone.

"We can fix all of this, don't worry." He mumbled kissing his forehead before frowning as Jungkook shook his head and pulled away.

Jungkook looked up at him, eyes sad and red-rimmed. "I gotta go, Wonho is probably worried. Taehyung too." He whispered

Jimin stared at him, at the shuffling omega and how he moved towards the door. "Wonho? Really? Of all the people you could date, you chose Wonho." Jimin asked loudly, voice causing Jungkook to stop moving and look up at him.

"Are you really still doing this? Trying to monitor who I'm with?" Jungkook asked, disbelief clear in his voice. "When we were friends it made sense, wanting to protect me, but this? Wonho actually likes me and we're not friends anymore!" Jungkook voice raised at the end as his voice cracked.

Jimin didn't understand how much he hurt Jungkook. Jimin was Jungkook's first new friend in a while, the first alpha he put his trust in, in a while and it hurt to be left over text. It reminded him of his first boyfriend and it hurt how strongly his little heart could care for someone.

He didn't want to be put through that again,but staring into Jimin's eyes reminded him of how safe and happy he was with him. No one knew how often his inner omega missed the older alpha or how at this very moment his inner omega was begging for him to comply, even though they both liked Wonho, a lot.

"Kookie I just want you safe." Jimin said softly, eyes soft as Jungkook shook his head.

"No, it's not your job to worry about me anywhere. It's not your job to want me safe. I'm going to date Wonho, I'm going to do whatever I want and you can't stop me. You won't stop my happiness." Jungkook said softly before hurriedly walking out of the bathroom, leaving Jimin alone in the bathroom. The smell of upset and sad omega filled was all you could smell, now mixing with agitated alpha.

A putrid smell no one wanted to smell, or witness. It usually meant pain was involved, but not usually like this, with an omega walking away from an alpha, rejecting them in all forms.

Jimin looked around him and sighed, knowing he wouldn't listen, because it was always his job to worry, it was his job to keep him happy and safe, but he had failed.

After a few minutes he left the bathroom, clothes stained with the smell of souring peaches and overpowering honey, knowing what it seemed like. He shouldn't have been surprised to see Taehyung alone at the table, he loathed how all he could think about was Jungkook and Wonho alone together.

"They left, Jungkook looked ready to cry when he came out and pretty much begged Wonho to take him home." Taehyung said as he stood up, brushing off his clothes.

Jimin just stared at him, Taehyung was smart and he couldn't imagine him not noticing something was wrong.

"We're going home too, and we're going to have a talk. An actual talk, something long overdue. I'm tired of you hiding shit from me Jimin, so either you tell me what the hell is going on or we're going to have a large problem." Taehyung's voice was serious, along with his eyes and Jimin couldn't help the fear that was coming over him.

Jimin couldn't run away anymore.

Chapter Text

The dorm was quiet except for the soft sound of a sniffling omega and the comforting soft of a cooing and humming alpha.

When they had left the restaurant Jungkook was pretty close to tears, and by the time they were half way to Jungkook's dorm small trails of tears were falling down his flushed cheeks. This had worried Wonho and had ended with him following behind Jungkook into his dorm.

Wonho had hesitated and wrapped Jungkook into his arms and pulled him into his chest, allowing him to nuzzle into him with a sad wet whine.

"It's okay honey, I got you." He whispered into his hair as he pulled him with him to the bed, letting him cling onto him like his life depended on it. Jungkook was mumbling something about being sorry and how 'he' used him. Wonho didn't know what was happening but he had a pretty good idea and didn't like it.

He pulled onto the bed, allowing him to curl into him fully with a soft sigh. He tried to comfort him, letting out soft coos as he tried to talk him down from his panicked state.

"It's okay, it's okay I got you." He mumbled rubbing his hand down his back as he held him close. Eventually, his whimpers tapered off into soft sniffles as his hands moved to grip at Wonho's shirt.

Jungkook liked how gentle Wonho always was with him, not like he was some delicate thing that would break if looked at wrong, but he touched him like he only deserved the most loving and comforting touch. He wasn’t really use to this, his ex wasn’t the gentlest person in the world in general and that extended to him even when they cuddled. Jimin wasn’t rough by any means, but he wasn’t trying to be gentle with him, he didn’t mind it by any means.

Wonho was different, he comforted him without asking, even as he blubbered on and on about how hurt he was by another alpha. Wonho just nodded and tried to calm him down, Jungkook didn’t deserve him.

Jungkook’s hold on Wonho’s shirt was almost demanding as he shoved his face into the crook of his neck. Wonho let him, feeling the others shuttering break against his skin, he knew that the other was using his scent as a way to calm down. He found it endearing how scents could either upset or calm down the omega, he was glad he was the latter.

“Honey...are you alright?” He asked softly over the top of his head, still holding him close to him. He only got a nod causing him to gently slide a hand up the back of Jungkook’s neck and gently grip as he felt Jungkook relax easily in his hold with a soft whine.

“Words, precious.” He said softly, the hand not on his neck still soothingly rubbing along his back.

“I feel better, t-thank you for helping me through that.” He said softly, his voice thick with the post-tear roughness but still as sweet and loving to the ears as it would be any other day. “I’m sorry you had to see that, it shouldn’t be your responsibility to help me through that...but he just hit a nerve I guess..” His voice was quiet as his hands squirmed and messed up his shirt in the process, but Wonho didn’t care as long as Jungkook trusted him enough to talk about his problems.

And how he wanted to know the problem the omega was facing. He knew it had something to do with Jimin, judging on how they interacted and how Jimin hadn’t hesitated to follow him to the bathroom when he ran off. He didn’t like seeing Jungkook upset especially from another alpha. He had nothing against Jimin, he was dating a faithful employee of his that he cared for, but if he was in anyway harassing the omega he wasn’t afraid to confront him. The way he was acting wasn’t scared though, it was more betrayed judging by the way ‘he lied to me’ popped up multiple times, he could guess it was more of a trust thing.

That was even more upsetting, but that didn’t matter right now. He had a cuddly sad omega in his arms and he wasn’t going to let him be ignored.


The air around them was still as they entered the house, the door heavy as it slammed behind them. Jimin stood silently near the door, watching as Taehyung removed his coat and shoes before turning and walking to the kitchen.

“Are you coming or not?” Taehyung asked, his warm voice unusually cold as he took a seat at the counter. Jimin had no choice but to follow and stood in front of the counter, eyes lowered as he was unsure if he even wanted to look at Taehyung

It was quiet for a few minutes, the feeling of Taehyung’s eyes boring into him as he stayed silent. “Say something, you at least owe me that don’t you?” Taehyung asked, his voice softer causing Jimin to look up as see Taehyung leaning into the counter, angry clear in his eyes but sad shining through it all.

“I don’t know what you want me to tell you..”

“The truth for once?” Taehyung chuckled before shaking his head. “You know, when I first met Jungkook, he was wearing a jacket that looked a lot like yours, and he smelled a lot like you. It was one of the first things that pulled me to him, a funny coincidence.” Jimin and Taehyung held eye contact the whole time, Jimin didn’t know if he was meant to respond or not.

“Now please don’t tell me that the reason I befriended him, that ‘happy coincidence’, was just proof that you were cheating on me?” Taehyung said firmly, eyes slowly shimmering under the lights of the kitchen.

“It was never like that baby, I promise, it was just platonic.” Jimin quickly answered, slight lies falling from his mouth as if that was the only thing he knew/

“Then why didn't you hide it! Why did I never hear of the o’ great omega that you befriended!” Taehyung burst standing up. “Tell me why I never saw you some days and I heard nothing about where you were going? Why did I never get an explanation when you came home smelling like you were just bathing in fucking honey!” Taehyung was losing it, all those times that he ate dinner alone and had to watch what used to be his and Jimin’s shows alone. Taehyung thought he lost Jimin, thought he did something wrong but no it was never that. It was Jimin off with someone else,

Jimin could only stare at the beta, seeing how upset he was. Is this how he affected Taehyung. Guilt quickly swelled up inside him as Taehyung looked away, rubbing at his face frustrated.

“I-I'm sorry, I didn’t know it was affecting you like this I promise.” Jimin tried to apologize, anything to get rid of the betrayed look he was before Taehyung had turned away from him.

“You didn’t know because you weren’t here!” Taehyung screamed, face crumbling slightly as he glanced at him.

“Tell me one thing Jimin. Do you like him?”

The million dollar question, did he like Jungkook. Surprisingly it wasn't a question he could answer right off the back.

He imagined Jungkook, bright doe eyes, infectious giggle, sweet smile. He thought about their time together, about how he felt with him.

He liked him.

Jimin knew he must be stupid with how that epiphany caused his body to lock up and feel like ice water was poured on him. How did he never realize that he liked Jungkook. He never labeled it as that, he just knew he wasn't in the mood to share at any time. Putting a label on it changed everything completely.

His eyes fell down to his feet, thinking of everything he did without realizing it was because of his feelings for Jungkook. He really was an idiot for not realizing what the actual feelings were.

Taehyung cleared his throat and Jimin quickly looked up knowing he expected an answer. Looking in his eyes, he knew he already knew the answer. Jimin couldn't imagine what it was like dating someone for years and finding out they had fallen for someone else so fast.

"I'm sorry.." Jimin whispered, knowing it would do nothing for them.

"Jungkook told me everything about the alpha who hurt him, about how the alpha scented him in an alley and almost kissed him before running out and refusing to be his friend afterwards." Taehyung said, not caring about how Jimin apologized.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me. Jungkook was just there and he.." Jimin stopped at the look on Taehyung's face.

"Jungkook didn't deserve to go through this shit, he doesn't deserve to get his heart broken by a dick." Taehyung said before standing up.

It made Jimin feel good knowing no blame was being placed on anyone but him. He deserved it. He watched as Taehyung walked up to him and focused on remaining strong, he wouldn't get pity if you broke either way.

"At some point you're going to apologize to Jungkook. For now, you're going to stay away from him and Wonho. You're going to have to earn back my trust because you just shattered it. I'm going to stay at Hobi's and Joon's for a few days, I'll call you when I'm ready to see you, because right now, I don't want to even hear your name."

It hurt hearing those words from the beta, but he knew he was lucky with the outcome. He still had Taehyung, he just had to earn him back.

Jimin just nodded before watching as Taehyung walked away to their room, likely to pack stuff to leave.

Jimin was quiet as he moved to sit on the couch, not knowing what to do, what to say. He liked Jungkook, a lot, a lot more than he wanted to admit. Taehyung was leaving him, no matter how long, he was still leaving him. How could he let things get so far. When he first initiated his plan he was so sure that everything would be fine, that he could have the best of both worlds, but he was wrong.

Spending so much time with Jungkook, led to attachment neither could have at that moment, it lead to Taehyung being neglected when all he wanted was his boyfriend with him. It lead to him being unfair to both of them. Neither deserved that.

When he had walked away from Jungkook that day, he thought it was for the best. He was trying to stop either from hurting but it seemed that he ended up just hurting them both even more. His inner alpha had curled into the most inner reaches of his mind and seemed to have no plans of coming out any time soon. He was truly alone this time and the guilt he felt, knowing it was all his fault was crushing.

He remembered the first time he saw Jungkook, an unexplored concept to him. An omega who didn’t follow the mold set for them. Jungkook went to an alpha dominated gym and didn’t flinch when alpha’s stood over him and leered, he held eye contact as she shot people down and held his own. Jungkook was passionate about what he cared about and wasn’t afraid to talk about what he cared about, Jungkook wasn’t afraid to be seen as a tattooed and pierced omega, even if omegas were perceived to be innocent and pure, that was never who Jungkook was.

He didn’t blame himself for falling for Jungkook, Jungkook was so easy to love and he was seeing that now. Deep down he had started falling for him the moment he saw Jungkook stand up to an alpha at the gym and didn’t even lower his eyes when the alpha growled at him. Jungkook wasn’t like most omegas, he was so easily delicate in the way people say omegas were made to be but strong in the way only someone like Jungkook could be.

He did blame himself for putting them in this situation, he couldn’t imagine what this must have done to both Jungkook’s and Taehyung's feelings. He felt really bad knowing how Taehyung’s insecurities worked, he knew and had pretty much proven them right. It hurt to think that Taehyung believed anyone would replace him in his heart, it just seemed that his heart was able to rearrange enough to make room for both Taehyung and Jungkook.
He was snapped out of his thoughts as he watched Taehyung come out with a bag over his shoulder. He immediately took notice of how puffy and red-rimmed his eyes were and had to hold back a whimper. Taehyung had been crying, and he would bet it was because of him.

Jimin stood up and walked to where Taehyung stood, taking in his tense form. He hesitantly moved forward and opened his arms for him. He knew it seemed like a bad move, but he knew Taehyung and he was glad that at least that didn’t change, because Taehyung fell into his arms easily, burying his face into his shoulder.

Taehyung hesitantly wrapped his free arm around him, holding him tightly as he stayed with his nose pressed into his shoulder, taking him in, taking them in.

“I’m so sorry Tae. Please know I mean it.” Jimin whispered into messy hair.

Taehyung nodded with a soft sob, pulling back slightly. “I know, I know you are. I’ll forgive you I promise, just not today Jimin. I just can’t.” Taehyung said desperately. “This isn’t the end, I can’t lose you. I just need time to know what to do now, I need to know what needs to change, I need to know what I need.” He said softly stepping back from him.

“I love you so much Tae. You’ll always be my beta.” Jimin mumbled softly, seeing the way Taehyung’s eyes swum with tears, but brightened ever so slightly.

“And you will always be my alpha.” He whispered before leaning up and gently kissing the corner of his mouth.

“Forever and always.” Jimin mumbled as Taehyung finally walked past him, opening the door, before closing it behind him.

Jimin was alone now, and his heart hadn’t matched his surrounding so perfectly before now.

Chapter Text

Hi I've just found out apparently Wonho left Monsta X for some reason that I'm not exactly sure is true or not.

So my question is, it it find with everyone if he stays in the story. I don't know the full story or how others feel about it so I want to make sure it is okay with everyone before doing something that could hurt some people?

Chapter Text

It had been about 3 months since Jimin and Taehyung broke up. Well took a break is the proper term for them but since they stopped at communication seemed more like a break-up in Taehyung's opinion.

In those 3 months a lot had happened. Taehyung had moved in with Hoseok and Namjoon who eagerly accepted their friend in, knowing he was struggling just by his sour scent. Once they heard the full story to say they were upset would be an understatement.

Hoseok, who was as close as a best friend as you could get, was disappointed to say the least when he heard what Jimin had done. Namjoon was even worse, sweet kind awkward Namjoon looked ready to hurt someone.

Namjoon was a strong advocate for sub gender equality and was very aware of Taehyung's feelings of being a beta. He was pissed that Jimin had dared do that to such a sweet person.

Jungkook, poor jungkook, was heartbroken by the news of their breakup, considering it was his fault in his opinion. Taehyung tried to tell him it wasn't but considering Jungkook was the object of his affection it was heart to steer him away from the idea.

It took awhile but Jungkook forgave himself and allowed himself to spend time with Taehyung again. It soon became Jungkook, Taehyung, and Wonho who spent time together all the time.

Wonho and Taehyung worked together meaning it wasn't hard for them to get along. They became similar to good friends, laughing and getting along like they knew each other for years. Taehyung and Jungkook were like best friends, often cuddling and laughing as they kept in contact. And then there was Wonho and Jungkook, as close to being in the honeymoon stage as you could be as you dated for almost four months.

Taehyung found their dynamics adorable and honestly, fun to watch. They were often touching one another, sometimes it was just hand holding, others times it was a hand on the thighs, if the two were feeling especially touchy, Jungkook could be found relaxing in Wonho's lap.

They were sweet to each other, often complimenting each other and encouraging the other. Jungkook often enjoying kissing Wonho's cheek, pressing his nose into his cheek with a cop and giggle. Wonho hugged him from behind a lot, whispering into Jungkook's ear before he reduced him to a blushy giggly baby.

But of course, Jungkook didn't like leaving Taehyung out when they all hung out. Jungkook would sometimes pull Taehyung into a hug and nuzzled his shoulder or he would put Taehyung in the middle during a movie or throw his legs over his lap, ending with his feet in Wonho. If it was a good day, Jungkook could even convince them to participate in a group hug(read:cuddle) on the couch for a little while. Taehyung obviously wasn’t comfortable the first time but he soon adjusted, Jungkook was warm and cuddly and smelled amazing, while Wonho was warm and solid and smelled good too, it wasn’t like it was a bad experience.

The other two didn’t mind, Jungkook because he knew Taehyung well and Wonho for whatever reason hardly ever fought back. Taehyung figured it was the beta in him that made it so easy for him to be in a cuddle pile with a friend and their boyfriend. Taehyung didn’t mind though, he would do anything for Jungkook and he enjoyed the familiar constant presence of an alpha. He felt like with the couple and his other friends he was able to become his true self.

Jungkook began taking Taehyung out, to museums to movies. He did anything he could to bring out Taehyung’s happiness, to make Taehyung remember who he was. They did a lot of stuff together through the time of the break, anything to get a smile Taehyung’s face.

It seemed to work, Taehyung was doing well as the three months went on. He stopped being sulky and sad everyday and he seemed to be functioning by himself. He began to realize that he shouldn’t have let the situation with Jimin go on for so long. When he began to feel ignored, he should of said something, when he began to wonder where Jimin went off to everyday, he should of said something. It was wrong of him to hold off until he ended up blowing up and breaking down. He knew he shouldn’t let others run over, no matter how much he loved them.

Because of this, he began talking to Jimin again. Mainly over text but still he began talking to him again. It was all through texts and calls because Taehyung didn’t feel ready to talk to him face to face again. Luckily it wasn’t awkward, they were best friends before they began dating so luckily they hadn’t lost that bond. Taehyung talked about his feelings and what he now expected out of the relationship. Jimin didn’t put up much of a fight, doing anything he could to try to make up for what he did.

Jimin also talked about how he felt, guilt was the main thing. He had technically cheated on his boyfriend and had betrayed the trust of a trusting friend. Almost five years of a relationship down the drain because he couldn’t control himself. He also talked about how bad he felt for how he had ended up treating Jungkook and how it was obvious he knew what he was doing since he didn’t mention the other to either. They didn’t try to avoid his feelings for Jungkook either, they knew if they wanted to continue the relationship they had to establish Jimin’s feelings and how to proceed with them.

That part was awkward to say the least. It was fairly awkward hearing your boyfriend talk about your friend so affectionately, but once Jimin finished explaining how he felt they tried to come up with a way for Jimin to either cope with the feelings or get over them. Taehyung would prefer for him to get over them, he didn’t enjoy the thought of Jimin fantasizing about Jungkook or Jimin thinking of Jungkook instead of him during... intimate situations.

They figured coping would be easier since Jimin’s feelings didn’t seem to decrease in the time they stopped being friends. There’s been instances of friends have feelings for each other and not acting on it. They both hoped that with extended time, the feelings would fade. They just wanted the best for everyone and it all seemed to center around Jimin getting himself under control.

They didn’t really worry about Jungkook ever responding, Jungkook was head over heels for Wonho. Jimin wasn’t very fond of that. It wasn’t like they were worried about a resulting cheating but no one wanted to end up uncomfortable if they hang out. All three of them were aware of the feelings, they chose to keep Wonho out of it to avoid alpha conflicted.

After a lot of talking, they felt confident in their choices and more confident in their relationship. Two and a half months after the break up they agreed that they should try a relationship again, they didn’t move back in together at the beginning, just going on dates and hanging out again like they used to. Taehyung had faith that they could do this.


While this was happening, he became more aware of how Wonho and Jungkook grew as a couple and how they didn’t seem to care about how they interact around others. It wasn't very noticeable at first but as time went on it became very noticeable how they really showed their feelings.

It wasn't uncommon to walk into the kitchen and find Wonho pressing himself against Jungkook's back, talking in his ear as Jungkook giggled and smiled. He usually pulled back when Taehyung walked in.

He also found them scenting each other while Jungkook sat pretty in Wonho's lap pretty often. That was interesting to see but since scenting was often a private matter he never could really appreciate how they looked together. He guessed the aftereffect was the bite marks and bruises he spotted on their shoulders and neck which he guessed meant it was good he didn't see.

He wondered what made them so touchy. Maybe it was the newness of their relationship or if it was how Jungkook was younger than all of them and was still in that playful stage of his life where relationships were something to enjoy and wasn't something to take seriously. He hoped it wasn't that. The thought of Jungkook ending it with Wonho because he wasn't ready for a long commitment was something that seemed unworldly and preposterous. Judging by the way he saw Wonho looking at Jungkook, it wouldn't be was for the Alpha. He even thought it might've been the Alpha and Omega inside them reacting. He knew different subspecies reacted differently to each other but he wasn't sure if it was that.

Namjoon and Hoseok never did stuff like this. They were both pretty chill, slightly touchy but still chill. He eventually came to the thought that it was all those factors. He couldn't help but wonder if Jungkook would react the same way if he wasn't dating an alpha. He knew some didn't like crossing over into what wasn't societally appropriate.

Would Jungkook be so eager to be public with his relationship if he was dating a beta? Or even an omega. Something told him he would be. Jungkook seemed like the type to he eager to show off who he was with no matter who they were. Jungkook was naturally affectionate even with his friends like Taehyung. He couldn't imagine it ever being hard for him to express his love.

He had only dated casually before he met Jimin and they had all seemed hesitant to show skin ship around others. It had mainly been alphas, whom he learned didn't want to risk their reputation. He was a popular person in high school, and universally good looking so it wasn't surprising people wanted him. It was hard for people to get used to him being a beta once they were with him in private, there was always someone who disagreed with his relationship, but it always came back to him being a beta, that he wouldn't be able to give them what they needed.

To say the least, his longest relationship before Jimin was five months. That's why he felt so anxious when it came down to it, if he lost Jimin what would happen then. Close to five years down the drain for what? Who would want him then? He was only about 25 it wasn't like he was old but he was a beta who wanted commitment. It wouldn't be easy to build up that type of relationship again.

Just thinking about it caused tightening in his chest but it was okay. For now, he had something close to a best friend he was happy to connect with and someone he was quickly getting close to. Jungkook and Wonho was enough.