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it all started at zero - On Hiatus

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Hey guys, it's been a minute hasn't it? I'm sorry for being away for so long, and I know I don't need to apologize, but, if you know me, you know I'm gonna do it anyway.

I'm in an extremely funky headspace right now. Work is stressful, family is stressful, and it's put me in a massive dump.

I'm mainly saying this because this story... it's my baby. It's my proudest achievement as a writer and I want you guys to know that I am not done, in any means, with this story of my two awkward dorks.

This fandom has given me some damn good friends, and because of this funk and how busy I am, it got to the point I... I don't know, my funk has pretty much gotten me to where I hardly talk to anyone. And it's upsetting to me. So I'm sorry to you guys that I had gotten close to for the deafening silence. Know I still think about y'all and I love you.

Cause I want to be more active on here, I want to be more active on twitter, and I want to be more active on discord.

But I just can't. Not right now.

So I hope you can forgive me. And you'll see me at some point, I can promise you. At least when I'm able to get out of this bad funk I'm in.

And I'm sorry for posting this, cause I hate feeling this way, and I hate having to write this cause I feel... almost overdramatic.

But I feel like I owe you guys an explanation.

Stay safe out there during this pandemic. I love you guys. Tomokao for life.