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Broken Boy

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The human mind is truly the scariest thing of all.

Jason sat down in his living room, a bottle of expensive whiskey in one hand and a tumbler with three fingers of whiskey in the other. One part of him wanted to think, the other just wanted rest. Just two hours ago, he had been sleeping in his cage at Pierce's house, and now he was in his own house - it felt so unfamiliar to call it "his own house" - drinking.

He tried to fill the empty feeling in the pit of his stomach by emptying the tumbler in one go, pouring in another three fingers and emptying that as well. But it didn't help. He filled it a third time, this time to the brim. With a sigh, he set the nearly empty whiskey bottle on the small side table in his left side.

Everything felt so unreal, almost as if he wasn't actually where he thought he was. Perhaps he was still at Pierce's house, sleeping and about to be woken up by a boot in his stomach. Tears stung in his eyes as he realized that waking up anywhere else wouldn't make him happy either. Things had changed. For a few weeks, Jason believed that he was getting his happy ending after all, but then everything took a turn for the absolute worst. Liam became terribly cold and distant, and eventually... he didn't even want to think of the time he spent with Pierce.

Now he was alone. He had nobody to fall back on, and it wasn't for the lack of suiters. Many women had tried to get close to him, but he had rebuffed every single one of them. Although he was not entirely gay, he had never been involved with any other woman than Carrie-Anne. Even those encounters were enforced.

There had been one woman who he felt attracted to: Emma Hewitt. She was everything he thought he needed. But then he got involved in the BDSM scene. He remembered the first time he let a man tie him up. It had been with Mel Gibson. That was an entirely unpleasant encounter, he would later recall. The second time was with Alan Rickman. He would later compare that encounter to having your second sigarette: it wasn't as bad as the first, but far from pleasurable.

He didn't remember the exact events of any of his encounters that weren't with Liam or Pierce, but he did remember the recurring thought that helped him to suffer through all of them: This too will pass.

But now that it was actually over, he wanted nothing more than to go back to those moments, specifically to those with Liam. The feeling he had when lying in Liam's arms was the best he ever knew, even if it only occured after being beaten black and blue.

But Liam was afraid of love. So much so, that he started to distance himself from Jason more and more as time progressed. That, he did in the only way he knew how: violently and abrupt. Liam was never a good talker, and Jason experienced that on many occasions. But never before did it hurt the way it did when they finally parted.

Pierce Brosnan was a cruel man. He was known in the BDSM community to be of violent nature - he was actually on several "black lists" throughout the country - and on Jason, he was no different than on other slaves he had owned in the past. He was cruel solely because he could, or so he always said. Jason was sure that there was something more hiding within the man, but he never dared ask: Brosnan had managed to have him end up in hospital within the first week. He didn't dare challenge him at all.

Jason gave up pouring the whiskey into a glass before devouring it. He grabbed the bottle and finished it in one go. He walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of scotch. It was nearly completely filled. The second he noticed it, he made up his mind to empty the thing completely.

Eventually he woked himself through one-and-a-half containers of scotch before passing out on the couch.

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'Get down on your fucking knees!' Liam fumed angrily as he threw Jason down on the floor. He attempted to feign uncontainable anger, circling his prey slowly.

Jason clearly remembered being beside his Master after a particularly intense BDSM scene. Liam had requested that he remained until Liam fell asleep - which Jason did. All the while, Jason continued to stroke Liam's face and hair lovingly, managing - barely - to keep from claiming the man's lips with his own.

But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't summon the memory of lying down beside Liam and deciding to stay for the night. He did find himself in Liam's bed when morning came. It was a crime for which he would undoubtedly be punished.

He trembled with fear as he looked around the Red Room of Pain - only now he realized where Liam got the name from. He saw long rows of whips and restraints hanging from the walls, and he knew that the cabinet along the opposite wall held ties and belts. This was going to be worse than the scene they did the day before. Yesterday's beating was fueled by mutual desire, but today it was fueled by anger, or so Liam would like to have him believe.

Liam didn't need to search his heart to know that, deep down inside, he wasn't angry at all. He was afraid. Liam had never intended for the relationship to turn out like this, but Jason... He was different from every other submissive.

They weren't supposed to get emotionally attached at all. Love wasn't supposed to happen. Jason was to be trained and transferred to Pierce Brosnan. The idea of losing Jason, of giving the man away left a hollow feeling in Liam's chest. He was giving his boy to an abuser, as he had done with so many others. But it was time for the both of them to move on and to close this chapter of their lives.

Liam started off by cuffing Jason's wrists to the ceiling. He then went to select a paddle suitable for this occasion. He chose for a brown leather paddle with a large amount of studs on it.. Usually he would show what he had selected to Jason before striking, but everything had changed. He immediately struck Jason on his ass. He always started off slowly, but that too went out the window. Jason let out a surprised cry. He knew immediately what Liam had chosen. He knew better than to look back. Instead he chose to direct his gaze forward.

For a moment, Liam fell completely silent. He lowered his arms unconsciously as a voice in the back of his head spoke up. It could've been so easy, but you had to fall in love with the one boy you know you can't keep. And of course he had to fall in love with you too. Brilliant. Just fucking brilliant. But it's not your fault. It's Jason's fault.

He had no idea why he thought so, but it caused something within him to break. Adrenaline rushed through his veins as he raised his arm and started to beat Jason savagely. He didn't care that he had to deliver Jason in a decent state. He just couldn't bring himself to care.

'Why - do - you - have - to - make - everything - so - complicated?' Liam inquired, underlining every single word with a smack of the paddle on Jason's buttocks.

Jason didn't even try to remain silent. He, too, was confused. His breath started to shiver as he fought to hold back tears. I thought... I really thought that we were getting closer. I gave you my body and soul, and I thought you were about to do the same.

The beating lasted a total of eleven minutes. At the thirty-seconds-mark, Jason's ass had already adapted a bright pink color. By the two-minute-mark, it had shifted from pink to angry red. The studs left their marks there where they hit the sensitive area. Eventually, the centre of the battered backside became purple.

Stop... Please, Master... Please...

When Liam had finally exhausted himself completely, he ceased hitting. With his hands on his knees, he rested for a moment. The literal distance between Jason and himself was so small, and yet the man's sobbing sounded so distant, so far away.

He'd better face the truth (and the consequences) now than later, he decided. He dreaded the sight he would be met with when he would actually face Jason, but he moved around to look him in the eyes nonetheless.

This is so wrong. What have I done?

The once so strong and independent Jason Isaacs had been reduced to... To what, actually? He was a trembling mess.

'I'm sorry', Liam whispered softly. 'I shouldn't have -'

Liam had to stop and pinch the bridge of his nose to prevent himself from crying. He closed his eyes for a moment to stabilise himself before speaking further.

'I shouldn't have let the anger get the better of me. I... I didn't know what I was doing.' He brushed some of the tears away from Jason's cheeks. 'Please forgive me', he pleaded.

Jason was in terrible pain, and he hated the burning sensation on his ass cheeks, but he couldn't bring himself to actually hate Liam. They were both men, after all, and he understood what comes with that. Even if I didn't understand: a dog doesn't bite the hand that beats him for it is the same hand that feeds him.

Please know that I forgive you.

'I'm nothing without you', Liam suddenly confessed. He had never intended to say those words, but now they came out at their own accord. It didn't matter anymore. He had lost too much ground already. There was nothing more to gain.

A wave of relief washed over him when he noticed that Jason was leaning into his touch.

'You are forgiven', Jason rasped.


In the hours that followed, Liam performed aftercare on Jason's terribly bruised ass. When that was completed, they had some scotch together. All the while, a nasty silence hovered over them.

Liam loathed the silence and the awkward atmosphere it spawned, but he couldn't bring himself to end the silence. What was there to say?

The truth, perhaps? It's bound to come out in the end.

Eventually, Liam made up his mind to tell Jason tomorrow morning, just before Pierce was due to arrive. Neither of them would benefit from a overly dramatic and terribly lengthy farewell.

For now, Liam wanted nothing more than to go to bed. One snap of his fingers was enough to alert Jason of his wish to go to bed immediately.

Jason winced as he got up from his position on the floor. He had been sitting cross-legged as to prevent his heels from digging into his bruised ass as he kneeled.

This too will pass.

'Goodnight, Master', he said politely, even if only to end the silence. But Liam didn't answer.

A new form of sadness overwhelmed Jason as he listened to drunk footsteps fading away. So this was how life was going to be from now on. This wasn't anything like he had known just weeks ago. He managed to hold back his tears as he went to his room, completely unaware of the mental state Liam was working himself into.


Trying to sleep was useless, Liam soon concluded. Several hours had to pass before he gave up. He got out of bed in his boxers and shirt, and then he started to wander through the house aimlessly. On his way, he occasionally picked up items, only to put them down immediately. He did all of that in near complete darkness. Not that he minded; his eyes had gotten used to the darkness.

When he finally decided that he had wandered around enough, he went to grab a large bottle of scotch. With that in his hand - he didn't even bother to take a glass - he made his way to Jason's room. He passed a clock and noticed that it was half past one.

He found Jason is his cage. The poor man was busy trying to find a decent position to sleep in, but he was in too much pain.

'Couldn't sleep either, Master?' Jason asked when he noticed a presence.

'I feel bad about what I did', Liam admitted. 'I've never felt like this before. Usually, I feel great and powerful after punishing a slave, but... I know all too well that I was in the wrong, that you weren't.'

'You are forgiven', Jason reassured him.

Liam was still unconvinced, but he said nothing. Instead, he sat down just outside Jason's cage and offered the man the bottle of scotch. That was received with a small smile of gratitude. Jason was still lying on his side as he brought the beverage to his lips. After having a long gulp, he passed the alcohol back.

'You need to rest', Liam insisted out of the blue.

Neither was sleepy, but staying awake wasn't the most... wise thing to do.

Jason settled down on his side. The sight was so pretty that Liam couldn't keep from taking the man's hand and entwining the fingers with his own.

'I'm sorry', he whispered one last time.

'I know', replied.

In the end, Liam did remain awake all through the night. He was too entranced to even remember the scotch.

He's so... perfect... He's sweet, beautiful, intelligent - and he's someone else's property.


When he woke up, Jason found that Liam had one of his hands in a gentle grasp.

'Do you want some coffee, Master?' he asked. He felt better - but still bad.

'Stay where you are', Liam responded. He got his phone from the pocket of his sweatpants and checked the time. 'Fuck!' he exclaimed before jumping up.

It was quarter to eleven, and he had to get dressed. Pierce was due to arrive at eleven.

Liam's heart beat wildly in his chest as he tried to make himself presentable.

Several minutes passed before he managed to get back to Jason, who had remained exactly where he was when Liam jumped up.

'What's wrong?' he asked.

'Pierce is coming', Liam explained. 'He's going to be here in ten minutes.'

'What does he want?'

'He's here for you, to take you away with him.'

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'He's here for you, to take you away with him.'

It was like a slap to the face, hearing that he was to be taken away. Jason wanted to ask why, but he couldn't find the courage to.

'I should have told you earlier,' Liam admitted. 'but I... Pierce and I made an arrangement six months ago. I was to train you for three months, and then I would transfer you to him. I trained many people for him, including Gabriel Byrne, Colin Farrell and Cillian Murphy. He only wants the best boys, and I sought them out for him. I never got attached to any of them - I even loathed Colin - but you.. you are so different. I can't help thinking that we're better off together, and that I should give him another boy, but I can't. He wants you, and he will have you, even if he has to do it with force.'

Jason crawled out of he cage and kneeled before Liam, wincing as his heels dug into his sensitive ass. Tears blurred his sight.

'You could've told me', he whispered. 'You should have told me.'

'I know', Liam replied. 'I didn't want you to know yet. I am not so fond of long and dramatic farewells. The longer, the more it hurts.'

'Can't he take Carrie-Anne?' Jason suggested suddenly. 'She is well trained.'

'No. He ony wants boys because they have a better pain tolerance.' Also, I want to keep her. She is the only slave I can keep, and I really need her at the moment.

The doorbell rang.

'That's Pierce', Liam knew. He turned on his heels to get the door.

'Wait', Jason said. In a matter of seconds, he was up on his feet. Without giving it an ounce of thought, he lounged onto Liam and kissed him passionately on the mouth. Jason tangled his fingers in Liam's hair, and Liam had his arms around Jason's waist.

It was interrupted by a second ring of the doorbell.

'He is not a patient man', Liam explained as he untangled himself from their embrace. 'I'd better... you know... get the door.'

'Don't make me go', Jason peaded, but Liam had already run off to invite Pierce in. Thus, he remained alone in what he had called "his room" for the past three months. At first, it had been terribly uninviting and cold, but now he wanted to be nowhere else. With a sigh, he went to greet Pierce at the door.

In the time it took him to reach the front door, Liam and Pierce had moved to the living room. Jason dropped to his knees in the adjacent room and crawled into the living room, gaze directed downward.

'He's in a good state', Liam said. He snapped his fingers and pointed down beside himself. Jason immediately sped up and sat down beside his Master. He kneeled up, managing barely to remain silent as he was reminded of his bruises.

'I want to see him', Pierce said. 'Come here, lad.'

Jason didn't dare look up as he crawled over to Pierce. He kneeled before Pierce, heartbeat racing. The arrangements had been made months ago, and yet Jason found that he was terribly insecure. What if Pierce didn't approve of him? He was all too aware that he wasn't too young and that he didn't have the prettiest body. Being bare wasn't comfortable at all. Somehow, Pierce hadn't noticed his bruised ass yet.

'Stand', Liam commanded sternly. 'Show mister Brosnan your body.' Jason did as he was told. Pierce took in every detail he could, using not only his eyes, but his hands as well. He grinned as he squeezed Jason's chest.

'Pretty boy...' he muttered. 'Turn around.' When Jason did, Pierce gasped, and then he started to laugh. 'You got him good, didn't you?' he asked, adressing Liam rather than Jason. With a nasty smirk, he started to trace his fingertips across Jason's bruises. Jason looked at Liam to plead for help silently, but Liam remained stoic and silent. When Pierce squeezed hard, Jason yelped, but he didn't slap Pierce away.

There is no reason to make him hate you right away.

Pierce spread Jason's ass cheeks and inspected the man's asshole. He then nodded approvingly. 'On all fours, lad.'

Despite the intense hate he already felt for the other man, Jason obeyed. Lust rushed blood to Pierce's cock as he knelt down behind Jason. He opened up his trousers and pulled out his large cock. Liam had never seen the thing, and he was quite impressed.

'You must prepare him first', Liam insisted.

'I'd rather not. I like a tight ass.' He lubed his cock poorly before ramming into Jason. In response, Jason cried out, but he remained in position. 'Too whiney for my taste', he commented. 'You've got to toughen up if you want to be my whore.'

I don't want to be. Quite frankly, I want nothing to do with you at all.

'Yes, Sir', Jason said, hesitant about the title with which he adressed the man.

'It's "Master" from now on. I am your new owner. I assume Liam told you about your fate somewhere in the three months you were with him, or didn't he?'

If you want to talk, then at least get your cock out of me. If you want to fuck, then do so.

'I only told him five minutes ago. He didn't exactly get the time to process it.' Liam was visibly tempted to stand straight and to flee the situation by fetching Pierce a drink or something to eat, but he remained where he was. He couldn't show himself up. Not this time.

'But that shouldn't influence his sex skills.' Pierce started to thrust into Jason. He didn't bother to be careful or comforting in any way. He just took what he wanted, uncaring for the one on the receiving end.

'Your slave apologizes for allowing the discomfort to influence his skills. He knows he should be able to serve his Master whenever he is asked to.'

As Pierce continued to pound into Jason, the other man remained silent. He couldn't find any pleasure in this, for he didn't feel any connection to Pierce. And it didn't please Pierce in the least.

After several minutes, Pierce pulled out to reveal that his cock had grown soft. He was so displeased with Jason that he didn't even bother to finish. With a frustrated growl, he pushed his cock back into his pants.

'I'm sorry, Pierce', Liam said when Pierce had settled back down.  'I didn't know that he would be so upset.'

'I will get him to satisfy me, be it the easy way or the hard way.' Pierce combed his fingers through his hair. In a sudden flare of anger, he raised his foot to kick Jason down. 'Get me some scotch', he then ordered.

'I'd like a bit of scotch as well.' Liam brought his order a lot kinder than Pierce, but he was still harsher than he usually was.

Jason went to get the drinks, glad to have an excuse to escape Pierce's criticizing gaze. He didn't like his new owner in the least. Pierce was cruel and unjust - for that he was actually known in the BDSM world. He listened to the conversation the two other men had as he poured the alcohol. Pierce said that if he knew how "worthless" Jason was, that he would have selected someone else. Liam apologized several times.

'It's not your fault', Pierce eventually said, watching closely how Jason came in with the beverages. 'Kneel beside me.'

Liam didn't dare protest. He actually wanted Jason beside himself for once last time, but Pierce was already in a mood.


It would be half an hour before Pierce left with Jason trailing obediently behind him. Pierce had expressed his displeasure with Jason's skill several times during the remainder of the visit, but he intended on taking the boy with him anyway.

'I will whip him into shape', he assured Liam with a cruel smile.

Liam closed the door behind Jason. He turned to grab himself another drink - he really needed it - but then he collapsed against the door. This was even worse than he expected it to be. He had to wait another half an hour before Carrie-Anne would arrive. He spent that time sitting in the living room with the bottle of scotch in his hand.

When Carrie-Anne did arrive, she immediately came to the living room and knelt before Liam, head up and eyes down as she had always been taught to.

'Good girl', Liam muttered, stroking her hair absentmindedly.

Carrie-Anne wasn't stupid: she knew exactly what just happened. Jason just walked out the door - for the last time. She couldn't help but feel relief when she thought of it. She knew that he would leave after three months, but still she felt a stab of jealousy whenever Liam showed any affection towards Jason. She actually counted the days until he would leave and today was the day. Despite the intense joy that flooded over her, she remained silent. Liam was visibly upset and she didn't want to deepen the wound.

'He's gone', Liam whispered.

'Who is the next one?' Carrie-Anne asked after a small silence. She doubted that he had even thought of finding a next boy. His time had been consumed entirely by his attachement to Jason.

'There is no next one.'

Liam didn't offer any explaination. Instead, he started to cry silently. This confused her. He had been upset before over the departure of one of his boys, but he had never cried over any of them.

'Is there anything this girl can do for you, Master?' Carrie-Anne asked. Seeing her Master hurt the way he was, hurt her. Liam wasn't extroardinarily cheerful, but he was never this down.

Liam was about to give her an answer, but he found that he couldn't speak. He fell to his knees and pulled a surprised Carrie-Anne into a tight embrace. It was so strange to Carrie-Anne to hear her Master sob like a small child. She knew him as a strong, indipendent man. She had never seen him cry, and now he did - for a fucking boy.

He has known me for twelve years, and I have been entirely devoted to him ever since that first day, but he has never shed a tear for me. Even when I had a depression, he couldn't care less, and now he is crying for a boy he has known just a little over three months.

The stab of jealousy was worse than she had ever experienced it before.

Ten seconds later, they were both crying, leaning into each other's touch.

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Pierce parked his car before his house. With a haughty look he got out of the car and to the front door. He continued to keep Jason in his line of sight as he fumbled to find his keys. Jason got out of the car as well and followed with a bowed head to the door.

'You are to go through this door now, but you will not go through this door again unless I send you on an errand that requires you to go outside', Pierce announced as he unlocked the door. 'Do you understand?'

'Yes, Master', Jason replied softly.

'Good.' Pierce stepped through the front door, and out of habit, he flung the door closed, nearly locking Jason out.

Once inside, Jason was surprised by three men kneeling in the entryway: Gabriel Byrne, Colin Farrell and Cillian Murphy. Jason remembered that Liam had mentioned them earlier that morning, but he didn't want to think of Liam any longer than he had to. The three kneeling men all shot one glance up at their new companion, then directed their gaze back down like they had always been taught to.

'This is Jason Isaacs', Pierce introduced his new possession, but he didn't need to. 'You might want to get acquainted.' Pierce disappeared into the living room, leaving his boys to introduce themselves.

None of the others moved from the floor, and it caused Jason to feel quite uncomfortable. Was he to kneel as well, or was he to remain on his feet? He chose to do the former.

'I don't know what you expected when you came here, but this is not going to be a walk in the park', Colin warned. 'I have been here the longest, and I have seen the most.'

'I arrived three months ago, and in another three months, I am going to get the surgery.' Cillian got uncomfortable too.

'What is the surgery?' Jason wanted to know. He knew that there were stories about Pierce cutting of the penises of his slaves, but he didn't believe them. This conversation, no matter how short, seemed to confirm the stories.

'I just had it', Gabriel informed Jason. 'And it's quite painful.'

'Does he actually... you know... cut off body parts?' Jason just couldn't believe it, or maybe he just didn't want to believe it.

'Yes. He feels more masculine when fucking something that doesn't have a penis.' It confirmed Jason's worst fears. He was to lose his penis.

'What's the surgery like?' Don't tell me, please. Tell me you can't talk about it. Please say that it is too traumatizing to discuss.

'First, he cuts of the blood flow to the penis, and when he is certain that the flow is completely cut off, he begins to remove the penis. He cuts it from the base, and then he lets you wait for six hours before putting you back into your cage for the night. We all have separate cages, but we sleep in one room.'

'Eventually, he cuts off your balls as well', Colin added. 'Pierce feels the need to remove all of your masculinity. But after three months, he gets bored with you, and then he dumps you, leaving you to deal with your mutilated body and mind. I myself have seen three boys leave, all of them terribly damaged. Broken, even.'


Pierce ate dinner in silence. His boys kneeled motionless beside his chair as he did so. Occasionally he fed one of them a bite of food, but apart from that, he payed little to no attention to them, solely because he could afford to treat - and thus deny attention - to his boys the way one would a household appliance. They were his property, after all, and they were all too aware of that. Even Jason, who entered this relationship a mere eight hours ago.

When he was done, Pierce put down his cutlery in a manner that signified that he was, indeed, done. The small gesture was enough to make Colin rise silently. With a neutral expression on his face, he began to clear the table. Jason watched as the other two remained where they were, heads down and hands on their thighs. He was still unfamiliar with the protocols, but he assumed that he was to do what his fellow slaves did.

He felt truly pathetic and worthless. Colin had warned him that Pierce tried to enforce submission from his slaves by ruining their self-esteem, and that he loved putting his boys down for the smallest of mistakes. Some boys tried to forget Pierce after their year of service, but none succeeded. Most ended up doing drugs or getting addicted to alcohol. A few started to do self-harm, and one committed suicide. Pierce had been exceptionally cruel to him. Colin couldn't explain why, for Pierce never allowed openness towards other boys. This order was not always obeyed, but this rule was undoubtedly the reason why this boy didn't dare speak up.

Jason had experienced first-hand how cruel Pierce could be in the few hours that he had spent at the Brosnan estate. He had gotten a hard slap on his already bruised ass for placing something on the wrong spot in the dishwasher and he got another squeeze in the ass for not understanding an order. The other boys had also gotten slaps, squeezes and kicks for being "disobedient" when all they did was make tiny mistakes anyone could have made.

'Time to give our new boy here a proper introduction', Pierce announced before Colin had the chance to kneel back down. 'He needs to learn how things go in here.'

Upon hearing that, Colin immediately left the room. He came back with two strap-ons, one for himself and one for Gabriel.

'Jason', Pierce snapped. 'Get the strap-ons on them. You'd better lube them - with your mouth - because that's all you're getting.'

 It took Jason several minutes to get the first strap-on positioned properly, because he had never had one in his hands before. In this time, Pierce repeatedly slapped him against the side of his head, snarling to get the thing positioned and lubed, lest the arousal would fade away. The fake phallus was quite realistic and convincing, thus making it easier for Jason to imagine that he was doing Liam's cock instead of a strap-on.  He took the thing in his mouth and started to perform the way Liam liked it, moaning and sucking passionately.

But thinking of Liam had a nasty side effect. It triggered a certain form of arousal, but it also triggered sadness. He didn't want to imagine what Liam was doing right now. The idea that there was another mouth on that cock made him shiver.

I am his, and he is mine. Even if he were to have another, he is definitely thinking about me too.

'Are you thinking about him, lad?' Pierce asked. The tone of voice said enough: he sensed Jason's grief, and was all too willing to worsen it. 'He has forgotten all about you already. There is another boy beneath his hands right now. He is getting ready to stick his cock up the boy's ass. He is fingering the boy now, thinking that this boy is way tighter than you ever were. This boy is younger, of course, and much, much prettier. He is probably a model or an overly handsome young actor. He is in every way an improvement on you.'

Don't listen to him. He doesn't know what he is talking about.

'Compared to this new boy you are nothing.' Pierce continued to pour acid into the existing wounds. 'The kindness he showed you was all pretence. He tried to be kind, and when it got out of hand he regained control in the way he should have. Then he felt sorry for you. How stupid you were, believing that he cared about you at all. You were his slave, for fuck's sake, and now you're mine. Don't worry, boy. I won't give you the slightest reason to believe that I love you. Even more so, I don't even care about you, nor does anyone else. To the outside world, you were dead the second you signed on with Liam. I could kill you and nobody would bat an eye at it.'

Jason squeezed his eyes shut tightly to keep in the tears that threatened to fall. His hands balled up to tight fists, his knuckles turning white as the pressure increased. He fought the urge to stand straight and shout 'Kill me then, if nobody cares!'. Would he do it then? He honestly didn't know what to expect.

'Come on, boy!' Pierce ouldn't keep from kicking Jason's side. 'I'm not a patient man. Surely Liam has told you that.'

'Yes, Master', Jason replied, careful to not let the anger influence his tone of voice.

Colin was kind, and he pitied Jason severely. So much so that he decided to ignore his Master's earlier words. He bent down to lube Jason's hole with his tongue. Jason, who was still on his knees to adjust the second strap-on, made a jerky movement when he felt a wet tongue moistening his cleft. But he couldn't say that he disliked the short treatment. It could've been longer, but Pierce noticed the disregard for his orders.

'Ram your cock in there already!' he snapped angrily.

'Yes, Master', Colin immediately replied, shooting upright. 'Of course, Master.'

The kindness had not left him yet. As he pushed the strap-on into Jason's ass, he whispered a soft apology into Jason's ear. Neither experienced any form of pleasure, but neither dared stop. It was not up to them to decide whether or not they would continue. If Pierce wanted them to, they did, even if it was solely to keep him satisfied.

Slowly, Colin accelerated his thrusting. If they were still there, his balls would've made a beautiful slapping sound against Jason's ass. With a soft, slightly posessive growl, he wrapped his arms around Jason's torso. The sight of Jason's lips stretched around a cock, be it a real or a fake one, would've made Colin's cock hard in an instant.

Pierce stil sat on his chair, palming his pulsing cock through his pants. He loved this, knowing that his boys would do anything he asked of them. Cillian was still kneeling beside his Master, and he wasn't going to move until his Master told him to. Other aspects of life with Pierce had taught him that the man didn't like his boys doing anything without having being ordered so. Even if he had come up with something, he had to wait until Pierce came up with the idea before fulfilling it. He wasn't even allowed to touch his own cock without permission, regardless of how hard it was.

'Lie down on the couch, Colin', Pierce ordered. That order was promptly obeyed. 'Jason, sit on his cock.' That order was obeyed as well. Gabriel eagerly anticipated the moment when he would be ordered to push his strap-on into Jason as well, beside Colin's. He woud be allowed to do so soon, but first, Jason would be made to ride Colin.

'Ride his cock', Pierce now said, exactly as Gabriel epected him to. 'And you'd better make me believe that you're enjoying yourself. But no touching yourself.'

'Yes, Master', Jason replied, words melting into a moan as his prostate was brushed. He didn't have to use any acting skills at all: he truly enjoyed himself, riding a stranger's strap-on. Shame coiled in the pit of his stomach as he moaned and dug his fingertips into Colin's shoulders.

'I think that he is stretched enough to take two cocks', Gabriel said, his patience wearing thin. 'What do you think, Master?'

Pierce didn't respond with words. Instead, he made a small hand gesture.