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Buddy System

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You’ve been coming to this camp for years, spending your summers as a kid making friends and enjoying the time away from you life back at home.You were so fond of your time here, that you decided you wanted to go back as a counselor. The pay wasn’t great, but you could relive those precious memories of yours in a whole new way. Sure, you were anxious. What if the kids didn’t like you? What if they hated the activities you planned? What if someone got hurt? You could relax though, knowing that in the entire time you’ve come here, nothing bad has ever happened. After all, you wouldn’t be alone.

After the first week, a lot of the anxieties you came with had largely drifted away. The kids seemed great, you had fun things planned, and most importantly you felt prepared for the summer after the training program. All in all, you felt like you were off to a great start. That was, until one of your campers picked up a nasty habit of wandering into the woods. You remember the temptation, what kid didn’t day dream about an adventure through the forest? However, this was reality and that kid was probably going to injure himself one of these days if he doesn’t cut it out. You were so lost in thought that you didn’t notice your co-counselor calling out to you.

“Hey!” she barked, pulling you out of your head. “Do you mind going after him this time?”. She looked flustered, this was her first time ever coming to this camp and needless to say the camp grounds can get complicated to navigate. You felt confident in your abilities to find him, so her request seemed only fair to you. “Of course, we shouldn’t be long!” you responded, already walking towards the woods were he probably entered at, waving to your group as you turned around and head out.

The woods were different than what you remembered, but you had to admit it felt good being able to walk out here with a sense of authority. You could tell by the slightly worn path that many kids and counselors have walked through this way, and it was most likely where your camper had gone as well. This kid may have wandered off by himself, but he wasn’t dumb enough not to follow a path of some kind. After a couple of minutes of walking you started to grow anxious, although not for the camper. You couldn’t help but feel like someone was following you, watching the way you navigated the jagged edges and rocks in your path. Pausing for a second, you could’ve sworn you heard faint rustling sounds behind you, yet as you looked around nothing was there.

“The heat must be getting to me” you said as you went to grab your water bottle, fumbling with the latch to unhook it from your belt before the condensation caused it to slip from your grasp. You sighed, as if somehow this was the most frustrating part of your day. As you bent over to pick it up, that eerie feeling of being watch rushed over you again. You felt exposed, like ever part of you was being leered at and at a moments notice something would be right behind you. Letting out the breath you were holding, you brushed it off. There was clearly nobody following you and even if someone was, who else is out here besides the camp? After a few more minutes, you finally found David near a creek, his knee scrapped and starting to bruise fairly bad.

As you walked over to the boy, you immediately started to sling off your campers back and open it to get supplies. “David, what happened are you alright?” you asked, focusing on disinfecting the cut. He fumbled a bit, clearly agitated by the cleaning wipes and put on a brave face for you. “I was getting bored waiting for everyone so I wanted to explore a bit, I just got distracted and fell its not a big deal okay?”. You gently placed you hand on his arm to help navigate him up, leaving it there for a second to comfort him.

“It’s okay David, believe it or not I was once a kid to, but you can’t wander off, at least not without me okay?”. The boy nodded shyly, not looking you in the eye but clearly happy that you had found him out here. You walked behind David as the two of you walked back to the camp grounds. You had to admit, you’d hope having another person here with you would ease your tensions about the woods, yet that lingering glare still felt ever present on you.

David seemed much more present during the days activities, and you were happy to see that he was much more engaged with you and his other campers as the day when on. Eventually, you all rounded into the dining hall for dinner to begin ending your day when your co-counselor approach you again.

“Sorry but I think I left our end day activity supplies in the main office, do you mind if I borrow the key so I can go grab them?

You started searching your pockets for the keys, only to look at your friend in horror as you began frantically going through every pocket and pouch on your persons. You quickly drew your attention to her. “Shit, I can’t find our key anywhere, I must’ve dropped it when I was looking for David.” You were suppose to be the senior member between the two of you and now suddenly you’ve lost a child and the main office key in one day. Sensing your worries, your fellow counselor straightened up. “Hey it’s okay I’ll just go ask the head counselor and say I couldn’t find you, there’s still plenty of day time left if you want to go find the key.”. You knew that you two would look bad today, but it’d be far worse if you didn’t have that key at the end of the night. “Yeah I’d appreciate that, I didn’t stray far so I should be able to find it quick”. You patted her shoulder to try and let her know you appreciated her, but you were quickly out the door and headed to the woods.

Although you know you only had to cover a short ground, there was a growing feeling of despair that you couldn’t shake for some reason. You should’ve brought someone with you, after all you only mention the buddy system ever day to your campers. You started to get closer and closer to where you had found David and yet nothing. You had searched what felt like every area you had walked and yet you didn’t see any slimmer of silver that could have been your key. The sun was already starting to set, and you knew you had to get back soon. You were on the verge of tears when you heard a voice call out behind you.

“Hey, is this what you were looking for?” In the palm of the man’s hand was the main office key, the very one you had been searching for. You went to grab it when he suddenly clasped his hand shut.

“Um..yeah that’s exactly what I’m looking for thanks. Do you mind?”. You put your palm out hoping he would drop it, but his stare was so intense, making no indication of movement. It was unnerving to say the least, you hadn’t even heard him walk up and now he was still, almost like a statue, staring at you. That was until his eyes drifted downward towards your thighs, before he quickly brought his eyes back towards yours and smiled.

“Of course, hate for you to be stuck outside in the dark.” He moved forward to put the key in your hand, his large hand hovering over your own and lingering there for a moment, his fingers lightly grazing your wrist and teasing your skin and he slowly pulled away. Before you could thank him he spoke once again.

“You know, it’s getting real dark and these woods can be deceptive at night. I have a light why don’t I walk you back to your camp?” The man unnerved you, but he did have a point. You were so frantic in your search that you lost track of time and you still had a ways back to walk. You wanted to question the man about how he knew you were a camper, but you suppose it should’ve been fairly obvious from your branded attire.

“Well ma’am? Do you want a guide?” You realized you zoned out again, and meekly responded “Uh, yeah that would be great. It isn’t far so it shouldn’t take up much of your time.” You started to walk back before he even responded, hoping to get back to the grounds as quick as possible. Before you could take another step, a hand grasped firmly on your bicep, pulling you slightly in a different direction. You wanted to protest, but the man had once again interrupted you before you even had a chance to start

“Now you see what I mean, you’re already walking off without a clue. Another twenty minutes in that direction and you would be walking right into a pond.” the man said with a sense of pride as he slowly loosened his grip on your arm. You wanted to say something, wanted to call him out for his rough handling of you, but every time you looked into his eyes you instantly felt small. Like you were prey and he was just waiting for you to fight back. You managed to muster up a tight smile and started walking in the direction he started you on. You wanted to argue but you had to admit, everything looked so different in the dark. You had no idea where camp was.

The conversation during the walk was mostly one sided, the man seemed to be a talkative fellow. You mostly drowned him out, mostly just wanting the go back to your cabin and shower and sleep and forget all about today. Come to think of it, you should’ve been back by now. You stopped and turned to face the man to question his own directional skills.

“I don’t mean to be rude sir bu-”

“Hawks. Since you asked.” he interrupted with a smug smirk on his face. The man seemed to really like talking over you. He looked down at you, almost expectantly, as if you owed him something. You decided not to indulge the man.

You cleared your throat and just carried on with your initial question. “Hawks. How much farther until we reach the camp grounds?”. He started to walk closer to you, so close that you could feel the heat coming off his body. So close that you had to strain your neck to look up at the man, to see him staring down at you before he responded,

“It just another minute, can’t you see the lights up ahead?” he pointed forward, and you suppose from a distance you could see a window lit up. You once again only responded with a tight smile and started walking again, not wanting to be close to the man any longer. However, as you got closer and closer to the light source your feet began to drag. Something wasn’t right about the light, it was to dim or a different color. As you reluctantly got closer to the source you realized why.

It wasn’t your camp grounds.

Among the clearing you realized that the lit up cabin wasn’t one belonging to your camp, wasn’t one you’ve even seen before. Instead, it was just a lone cabin out in the woods, the woods you’ve been traversing with a total stranger and had no way of knowing where you were. Panic rushed over you as you began to put it all together, quickly turning your body to run only to collide into the chest of the very man who lured you here. His hands grabbed you in a powerful grip and without word he started to drag you towards the cabin. You tried pulling your arms out of his grasp but he was much stronger than he appeared, and in a panic you started to plead.“Sir I’m sorry for whatever I did but I really need to get back to my campers, and I’m sure my boss is really worried about me-”

“Hawks. I told you to call me Hawks” he growled, completely unfazed by your crying.

Hawks practically lifted you onto the porch as if you had weighed nothing, his one arm shifting to wrap around your stomach and firmly hold you against his body while his other pulled out his own key and began to unlock the door.

You began to writhe and kick the space around you, occasionally grazing his leg or bouncing against the wall. At this point you had no plan, only hoping to knock the man of balance but he once again seemed unfazed at your attempts to escape. If anything, the man started to get restless. His knee was bouncing, his fingers slowly massaging into your hips and his grip tightened on you, and he could barely unlock to door due to what could only be explained as excitement.

After what felt like forever he had finally opened his cabin, pulling your reluctant self inside and locking the door behind him. Before you could ever question your surroundings Hawks throws you onto the couch and climbs on top of you, pining your body down with his weight.

“I can’t remember the last time I saw something as sweet as you around he” he groaned, rolling his clothed length into your pelvis, his eyes becoming lidded at the thought of your small body taking his whole length.

With the sensation of his hard member grinding into yours you let out a sob. “Hawks please I just want to-.” but before you could finish he practically headbutts you as his lips meet yours, his tongue overeager trying to explore the insides of your mouth. You can’t tell if its yours or his drool running down the side of your jaw but you do recognize the sounds of rustling denim as he clumsily pulls down his pants, revealing his straining length.

After what feels like forever of him grinding his length against your thinly clothed body and sloppily mashing against your mouth, he finally sits up, straddling your body and using his weight to prevent you from getting up. He looks almost deranged, with his heavy panting and the intensity at which he is sizing up your body.

You’re incoherent at this point, barely managing to get out words in between yours sobs and you can see him grow irritated by your sobs. You cries get louder as he slightly lifts his body off your only to peel away your gym shorts and panties, practically tearing them at the seams to get them of yourself. Before you can even get out one more “no”, he roughly shoves the remains of your panties into your mouth, gagging you.

“Oh hun you know I want to hear your pretty cries but unless you’re going to be chanting my name there’s no need for your words”. He sounds almost apologetic, but the tone is lost on you as he begins to pump his length while massaging your clit. The sensation feels good, but as long as you have strength your are writhing underneath him in some hope that you can throw him off.

Instead, you only manage to make Hawks moan. “Oh, I knew you wanted me. I knew you were out there looking for me.” He leans down towards your face again, trying to kiss you over the gag in your mouth as a sick form of affection. Deterred by the gag, his kisses slide lower and lower until they’re at your breast, with kissing turning into suckling. His moans are so loud they almost drown out your tears. After littering your breast with hickeys, his mouth eventually leaves your breast, detaching with a trail of drool from his lips. His eyes are lidded now, as if he was experiencing pure bliss.

Hawks guides his erection towards your entrance, and you try and kick away from the man but his grip is like claws into you sides. Sensing your fear he gives you one final look.

“Ssssh don’t worry, I’m gonna take real good care of you. You’re gonna be so happy with me doll.” he exclaims, before roughly slamming into you. Patience was not this mans virtue, as his pace is uneven and rough from the beginning, his over eagerness to be inside you getting the best of him. It’s all to much, as he desperately tries to get deeper inside of your warmth.

His thrusts are shallow and erratic, like he doesn’t dare leave your body as he roughly hits deep into your body. He thrusts with desperation, as if somehow you could leave him at any second. But with each thrust his grip tightens, his body becomes a little heavier on you, and your body a little weaker. Despite his erratic technique he manages to hit your g-spot repeatedly, causing you to weakly gasp and moan against your torn up panties.

Hearing your weak moans only drives him to rut harder, going from shallow thrusts to deeply slamming into you. His voice breaks through the sounds of flesh smacking against flesh.

“God you’re so beautiful, you’re gonna be such a pretty wife. Such a good mom. Will you care for our kids as much as your campers?” His question sounds less like a question and more like a statement, and although your brain is telling you to keep fighting, his constant whimpers about knocking you up while filling you with his cock make it hard to resist giving in.

At this point he’s almost fully pulling out of your before slamming his whole length right back in, jerking your body around as your hands no longer push against him but instead pull his body closer to your own. With a pace that is now both rough and faltering, you can tell he’s close to completion. You know he’ll finish inside you, and as much as you want to protest you can only go along with him as he uses your body. Between your increasingly loud moans, your arms wrapped around his neck pulling him closer, and your hips moving to met his own he was beginning to become overwhelmed. The warmth he feels in your arms and in your core is all to much for him, as he loudly groans with one final, deep thrust into your pussy, he shuts his eyes and buries his face in your shoulder as he fills your womb with his seed.

Despite finishing inside of you, you can still feeling him softly rut into you, as if he doesn’t want this to end. You both lie there, with him still inside you for what feels like hours, before you slowly fall into a slumber. He reluctantly pulls himself out of you, allowing some of his thick seed to spill out. He groans as he stands, exhausted but he still has enough strength to carry you to his bed, well he gently lays your body. Almost romantically he tucks you in, places a gentle kiss on your brow, and locks the padded restraint around your wrists before crawling in bed right beside his darling.