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Fuzzy Feelings

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           The day started as any other. Woke up with your favorite feline, got dressed, and quickly out of the house with energy needed for the adventure that awaits you. 


Luck was on your side as the months grew. Your ability to climb, hunt, scout, and to stalk all increasing in your life since getting out into the woods. Never had you thought you could become someone so prone to the outdoors like now, but you had no other choice. Thankfully quick to adapt given what you were, despite what you had become. 


...One thing from your original species was right in doing at least that.


"Heya, Boy!" You chirped happily as your faithful companion came bounding up to you with something in his mouth. "Oh, you finally caught that damn squirrel, huh? Bet he gave you a run. Good job!" You praised, quick to take it from him. 


Oliver, your feline since childhood, had somehow stayed with you through your biggest challenges so far. After the incident, you had lost practically everything you knew. Who you were, who you used to be, but Oliver was the first thing you saw. Lo and behold with the help of your feline, you had found a lot of information out. Though it only contained him, still found out your name. He became your biggest and only reliable source of family, support, but most importantly; Survival. 


In many ways than one, truth be told. 


Today was hunting day though, meaning you and Oliver would be out of the cabin for quite possibly all day, maybe two. The food you were collecting was growing in large sums, grateful for fruits, nuts, fish, and meat you both were able to gain. You didn't know how lucky you were to have gotten such a nice place able to keep them cool, but you wouldn't question it.


Was best to ignore the questions.


"Alright, I think we got enough for today, boy!" You wiped your forehead with your wrist, admiring your hard work. "This is our biggest haul yet, Oliver! Holy crap, can't wait to get these babies sliced and diced!" 


Oliver simply gave a loud mew in response, purring his ever loud jackhammer of a noise. 


Oliver was hooked up then like a slay dog as you both started back, pulling the bounty with ease together. The slay you piled everything on was a mixture of sticks, twigs, dried leaves and old fabrics that were woven together to make it harder to break. 


Did you always know how to be like this? You weren't sure, your past merely nonexistent from your mind. It seemed the ideas always came to you however, and that’s all that mattered! 


The trip was long, but thankfully uneventful. Weren’t sure how long you were away, how far you traveled, but it always felt short when you had Oliver with you. The sky was darkening a nice shade now as you both walked on, making you become more aware of the area. Normally, nocturnal animals would begin showing up to where you and Oliver would have to bunker down, or worse yet fight... 


Only for nothing to be around.


Something wasn't right, but everything seemed fine besides that. Shrugging off for an easy night, or preparing for a larger fight, you pushed your paranoia to the side. 


"Once we get to the campsite, let's break. Sound good?" His soft mew answered, making you smile. 


Getting to the small makeshift camp, made with stones by the river months ago, came quickly after that. The river was shimmering with the darkening sky, the chilly autumn air was refreshing and crisp as you breathed in deeply as you got to work making a fire. The thought was preoccupying your racing mind with if you were here; Homes right around the corner!


"Oliver? You think winter is coming faster than we expected?" You asked out of the blue, only for another mew. "Yeah... Me too..." 


It was close to the seasons where most larger animals would be active. Large predators should be on the hunt, or even noise at all should alert you to something scavenging much like you both. It wasn't as if none weren’t around the area. In fact you had to run from a few bear cubs, wolves, and fight off more than your fair share of random snakes before, but there was also a certain ease that came with the knowledge that they were there. 


This quiet sensation? Though it was peaceful, like a veil of security was suddenly draped on the dangers of the woods, it didn't feel like the forest you knew. 


As you both sat and kept warm by the flames, you breathed in deeply once more as you both sat in silence. The eerie silence... The kind that demands your attention, trying to tell you something was wrong. 


But you ignored that feeling, having a bad case of paranoia to begin with, so it would be best to let it drop. It was normal to get itchy during the quiet days. Just had to pet Oliver, and all your fears were chased away by his loud purring. 


It wasn't long before you both arrived home, your muscles aching as you finished putting the food down in the cold basement. Swear on some days, it felt as if it was an ice box on purpose. Was perfect storing your meats, fruits, and fish though. With the basement trapped; anything larger than a badger would be stopped and added to the growing pile for winter. 


Trying to prepare all you can for your first winter was proving to be a pain in the ass, but you were making good progress. 


Remembering how you got here was still fresh in your mind, but the why was difficult to recall. Took you guys about a week and a half to travel the woods, only to find this abandoned place. After scouting it out, you had deemed no one lived here due to the curling paint on the walls, holes that left cracks from decaying wood, mildew from rain storms with the roof broken allowed the leaks to come in and rot the floors away. It looked untouched for years as mice left holes and cracks within the walls, dust and cobwebs spiders made, and windows broken in some places of the house. Old furniture were even covered in white sheets, which you still had yet to use fully.


Couldn’t decide if it was either a complex building made for large families, or if it was used as a vacation spot for others. There were clues with pictures strewn about with many different families and couples, but you were more concerned and happy with the items the building contained. 


When you thought about other people, the random doubt in your mind hit that if you could have been with others popped into your curiosity, to think it would be better to be with them… Something in you seemed to be on the verge of snapping, only quick to smash it down as the thought alone left a horrible taste on your tongue.


No… No, humans have betrayed you too much. Your own kind tossed you aside, how could you forget? Besides, humans were horrible things. 


How were you any different though? You’re exactly like them, too. Human. Horrible. Tainted.


Shaking your head clear, whatever it was that happened between you and original humans, you could make it through by yourself here. You didn’t need them, proven that you could take care of yourself and a cat larger than you! Whether doubts attacked you or not, whether faded memories would come back to haunt you, it didn’t matter as this was your new home. 


And you aim to protect it from those beings.


It feels as if it’s been all your life you two had been here, but you know it was only for the summer. No signs of life were around besides you, Oliver, and the wildlife that grew around in this forgotten part of the world. Though some days were dangerous, you had made it safe, secure, and were able to power through it. The spot was hidden deep in the woods enough for you to trap and hunt without humans, and found yourself more grateful than you’d realized.


"Alright, think that does it." You huffed, setting the last of your pile up in the basement. "Think it's time for rest... And well deserved supper! Whatt’ya say, Oliver?" You beamed at your feline, his meow echoing within the basement, sounding hungry. 


With such a firm agreement, how could you make him wait any longer? With a chuckle, you gathered up enough food for you both and gathered within the safety of the attic. 


No sooner after you ate, you found yourself covered in the furs of your bed, along with a radiating warmth from Oliver as he began to curl tightly around you. The shared warmth was welcomed as you could feel his Soul radiate with comfort and contentment. 


Job well done, Y/n. Job well done. Get some sleep. Beautiful, restful, sleep... 


Because tomorrow; Have to skin, gut, clean, and prep food for later... It was the last of the autumn, so you had to get the skins out to make sure you and Oliver stayed warm. The next coming days you have to figure out how to make a small space with heat without catching anything on fire... Then there's items around the home you can use, projects still waiting to be done... 


But tomorrow, you promise. Tomorrow, you'll see what it all holds and what you can scrap and what you can continue. With a sigh, you fell blissfully asleep with Oliver. Warm, full, and content... 


Tomorrow will hold better days.

You were only a small bitty after all… Being a foot high, you could only do so much. 



Felt Oliver move away from you, taking his precious warmth with him as you shivered in the cold morning air. You groaned, trying to locate the heavy furs to wrap up in to stay warm, only to fail when you tried to tug them over you. Cracking an eye open, you glanced over...


Only to have the fat cat sitting right on top of the precious bundles, ruining your plans to sleep in a bit more. 


“Oliverrrrrr, why wake me if you’re going to rudely take that warmth away??” You whined, trying to scoot under what fur he so graciously let you keep.


Which wasn’t a lot, the stupid thing.


Oliver simply mewed at you, a hint of amusement in his tone as his green and yellow eyes peered down at your struggles.


“Uuuugh, you just want food, you fattie…” You sat up, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes as you stretched. “Fine, fine… I’m up, I’m up! Rude thing.” Your muscles screamed to go back to bed, but you continued through it. 


A stare-down took place as always in the mornings. You both quite enjoyed doing this as a morning ritual, actually. Only to stop when he gives you those slow blinks, which you replied with your own. A chuckle escaped you when Oliver finally left and hopped to the window sill, knowing you were up and ready to start the day.


Taking a moment, your eyes stayed on your feline as your smile only grew. Though it was clear he was filthy, his orange fur was engulfed in the rays of sunlight to which leaked from the window sill, making it give off the illusion he was clean with beautiful fur. The type of cat Oliver was wasn’t rare by standards, just a simple orange tabby cat. White dusted his snout that faded into a light cream following around his cheeks, under his chest, down his paws, and he even had a few cream rings around the end of his tail with the tip being white.


Watching for a bit longer, you saw his tail twitch and how he began to chitter at something. Chuckling, you couldn’t help but shake your head at his little antics, warmth in your heart just knowing you have such a great feline by your side.


That you weren’t alone.


Quick, you got changed with the clothing you had from last night. You’ll have to collect water soon, another project you would be trying to figure out before the first snow fell, to use as a means of both bathing and cleaning. Rolling your shoulders, you sighed as you looked to your weapons of choice.


Being freshly cleaned, twin makeshift razor blades welcomed you. They resembled large meat cleavers, perfect for butchering and you kept the blades nice and sharp with grinding a rock against them. They were made with pinning needles, thread and metal from staplers to keep the blades still, with a broken pen clip as handlebars. With what other thread you had around, you made both sheaths and a holder for them. The blades were ready to pop out of the worn material, but they would hold for a bit longer.  


With those situated on your body comfortably and easy to grab, you went and picked up your backpack made from fabric you couldn’t recall you’ve gotten from. The bag was about your torso length, more if packed to the brim, while being a lot wider. Extra pins and needles were throughout it, some easy to grab if you needed it in a pinch as a backup weapon. It held your valuables within, items needed for any and everything you could think of.


Brushing your hands over the straps, maybe you’re not as useless as you once began? You’ve come a long way… You’ve fought, survived in a world that has forgotten you, protected yourself against things that deem you’re worthless. 


How were you here to begin with was a question you wanted to know desperately… What chased you here? Why were you what you were? Were you ever truly a human before? Who were you


Who Are You?


But like all questions, it made your head hurt. That was no surprise… 


Oliver gave a loud growl, startling you from your thoughts. Looking over, he was eying something out of the window with such anger, it made you curious. 


“Whatcha see, Boyo?” You called out, slightly concerned. 


He acted similar to if he saw a large predator. Was it a large bird? An owl, perhaps? No… No, owls don’t come around anymore to the house, what with bird proofing the roof a while back. And it’s early, they’d be asleep in a dark place, wouldn’t they?


His fur was bristled, tail fluffed up to the extreme, and suddenly he jumped from the window. Oliver practically dashed to the vent used for your travels, his noises getting louder as you walked over to him. 


When you got to stand beside him, you looked at the window.

Nearly jumped at the sight.

Out the window, you were able to see another Feline. This feline was black as night, their eyes an ember color, and they had long fangs poking out of their mouth. And was that-... A Spiked collar?! What the hell?! The collar itself was a blood red with golden spikes…


From where you both were standing, the cat was on top of the roof, peering in. Glowering inside at Oliver as it eerily moved its head slowly towards you, focusing it’s burning eyes as the slits dilated slowly before snapping right back harshly. 


Felt a shiver run down your spine as you gulped thickly.


How the hell could another cat be here?! It was impossible! This was a safe place, far from humans! Far from any population, actually! It looked to be too taken cared of to be a simple stray compared to how you and Oliver looked… 


Oliver yowled loud enough to shock you out of your staring contest with the creature in question. Reacting quickly, you hurried up and opened the vent, wanting to get far away from those burning eyes. As quick as you could, you shut the vent down behind you both, a small scowl on your face as your eyes went wide in fear. 


Where there was an owned animal, there were owners around. Had someone finally come to the house!? Had someone sold this god forsaken safe place?!


Then you heard voices as they traveled through the air duct. 


Blood ran cold, heart in your throat, you froze in place as you heard-

T H E M.



The more you listen, the more the voices weren’t familiar. It soothed you somewhat, but what didn’t was the fact they sounded masculine. Don’t like either gender, but damn it if you didn’t like one far less than the other. One voice seemed to mumble, while the other was clear as day. 


It was… Rather shocking how loud people could be. Where they always that loud?


Whoever they were, your mind began to race with scenarios of how to chase them out. It’s been a while since you were around others, but a good frighten could always chase them away. Had to get a better vantage point of who was here first though. 


Trying hard to muffle your movements, seemed to fail as you traveled within the old metal air duct. With the occasional thump from hopping down the metal contraptions as you got to the main level, you both made it around with ease. Thankfully, the only real attention you got was a huff and a mumble. Which, could have sworn someone said ‘damn rats’ in the distances.


Couldn’t help but smile at that. But if they think it’s a creature like that? Why ruin such a sweet delusion. It’ll help you in the long run, best to keep them guessing what's creeping in the house. 


Bounced against Oliver's butt who came to a sudden stop, forgetting you had followed him, you blinked in surprise. Trying to peek over the lard, realize you've came to a vent opening. It’ll lead into the dinning room area, but there were faint shuffles from the room. 


Shit, were they looking for something? Was this their old house from before and they finally came back to claim it? Or were they people who think they could take your home?


Forcing yourself to the front, you peeked into the living room. Someone is quickly going back and forth, red boots catching your eyes. Whoever is moving in, they must be hella tall or just used to walking with splits in their steps. 


Thinking back to when you were a normal human, how tall would you have been?... 


Shaking your head, you gave an annoyed huff as you forced yourself back behind your feline. Couldn’t see a single thing from this angle, had to get higher to find out exactly what you would be dealing with. They must be taking a look around the house, perhaps looking at the damages? Well, that would be good, then maybe you can stay hidden and let them do what needs to be done? Would help in your plans for the winter… 


But you were doing so good on your own, actually felt proud in managing on your own for so long! 


...Though you didn’t have much confidence that you would even last during the winter months. 


A growl left your chest as Oliver followed you to the next vantage point. It would be a climb, but it could overlook the living room at least, see how many were in the house. No way would just one or two people here, they had to have grabbed a group to scout this place out, maybe even help clean up?


Lord knows you tried your best.


That was your main plan… Before Oliver took off into another vent, making you groan as you chased after. He was heading right for the porch exit, the one where he knows he can jump with ease from and exit the house without you! That idiot must really want to fight the feline if he’s practically darting out.


“Oliver, you dumbass!” You hissed quietly. “Get back here! N-no! Noooo!!!” You grabbed his tail just before he managed to shove his face into the metal frame, successfully stopping him-


Only to be jerked forward and seeing white as pain shot up your abdomen.


Gasping, it took you a few moments before realizing you were seeing the world upside down. Moving on your back, you realize the metal frame of the vent came and clamped down hard on your gut. The only reason you weren’t chopped in half was that your bag held most of the harsher blow, successfully keeping it propped open with one of your hard metals that lay within. 


You coughed and grunted, moving your hands under the frame as you pushed it upwards shakily. 


“Seriously, Oliver?! You asshole!” You grunted to no one in particular, Oliver being long gone. “God, that smarts...”


Shuffling caught your hearing, feeling something coming towards you. That sped you up to get back into the safety of the vents, the metal frame giving an audible click shut as you sat and held your stomach, eyes glued to the entrance.


What came to your surprise… It wasn’t humans.


But Skeletons.


Found yourself staring at a pair who seemed to be staring right back. They-... They couldn’t see you, could they? No, the vent was far too high for-... Okay, for one of them. The other was a few heads taller, but both had a similar vibe coming from them. Lazy, laid back, but you definitely felt their eyes on you. 


Scooting back, you tried not to make a sound as you held your stomach, managing to get into the safety of the vent as you leaned against the cold metal. Keeping your breathing as quiet as you could, you brought up your shirt to take a look at your pain, only to wince as it was beginning to bruise already. Right below your ribcage held a long line from the metal, the redness was turning darker by the moment, even breathing began to hurt the more your body tried to expand in the area.


Wonderful, that cat better have thought this was worth it.


Though, your mind couldn’t believe what you had just seen…


Skeletons… But they weren’t as if they were zombies or the undead, no. Now that you thought about it, could feel as if the house had some type of pressure in the air that wasn’t there before. It was familiar, but you couldn’t understand how you knew that it was related to them.


How did you forget, though? Monsters now roam the world, believing to be only fantasies and nightmares, becoming reality. Were those stories true, you weren’t so sure. All you knew was that they were your reason why you had become what you turned into, what was called a ‘Bitty’


Bitties are creatures who used to be humans, turned into these pint-size versions of themselves. All that you could recall was that after something broke, a sort of shield or something that kept the monsters trapped, humans with ‘Special Souls’ turned how you were now. How were you special? You didn’t know, but you never want to find out.


Something in the back of your mind sent a sharp shiver down your spine, making you choke as you covered your mouth to quiet your coughing. Whatever that was sent a wave of pain and sickness, forcing yourself to think of something else...


Even with that thought, that Monsters were the reason you’re a Bitty, you weren’t-... Angry with them? Wasn’t there fault, you mildly thought… No, in fact, you felt happy that they were out? 


But… Why?


With a heavy sigh, you forced yourself to move. The pain in your stomach was just bearable, but you managed to go to your original destination. Oliver would have to wait now if he got in trouble, hopefully he wouldn’t. Took longer than you would like to admit to travel through the vents, but you got to the high vantage point to watch the whole living room without other incident. Peeking through, you watched in utter fascination. 


Yet another Skeleton was within, looking as if they were cleaning. It was the one with the red boots, your guess confirmed when they were tall enough to take such steps. They were tall enough that you could see the top of their head poke slightly over the vent when they got near. They couldn’t see you, so you felt safe enough to rub your pain in peace as your mind began to wonder, listening and watching the strange thing move. 


It looked so similar to a human skeleton… But the angles were off. The creatures skull was much longer, the teeth weren’t like humans as they were only on the front of its face. They were oddly straight, but his bones were as white as snow. Though it was very odd how it was clear they were smiling brightly, emotions ringing clear, you wondered if their face was that of humans skin to morph into expressions? Could they change their expression? Are their bones soft like human flesh or hard like bones?


Blinking, you scowled from your stupid thoughts as you looked at their clothing to distract yourself from useless questioning. 


The creature wore a long, red scarf that seemed to be slightly tattered at the end, paired with matching boots and red gloves, both having gold somewhere on them. They had on what seemed to be something black that hugged their bones, perhaps some type of specialized bodysuit? It peeked out of the cargo shorts on their legs, up their spine when you got a glance, over their arms, and seeming to end where his chest was with a work shirt with the label “SKELE-MOVER”, which made your lips twitch. 


Would they be friendly to something like you?


...Course not. Nothing ever was.


“SANS!” You flinched at his loud tone, barely managing to hold in your squeak. “SANS, THIS PLACE DOESN’T SEEM TO HAVE A SINGLE CREATURE ROAMING WITHIN IT! IT’S ASTOUNDING!” Fuck, he had a loud voice!


Rubbing your stomach from the hard jolt, you found yourself smiling at that with pride despite your ears ringing.  


“yeah, it’s… pretty mice place, i’d say.” A softer voice answered back, walking into view. “but ya sure ya haven’t-... seen anythin’, Paps?”


Oh, it’s the same short skeleton you saw back at the porch. 


They wore a blue sweater with a grey hoodie, plain white t-shirt, basketball shorts with a white line running down while wearing blue and white sneakers. They were the complete opposite of the taller Skeleton; Much rounder skull with a mandible that seems to have merged together, showing off just a mouth with a permanent grin. Noticed that his sockets were much larger, rounder, with orbs of lights that acted like eyes.


...That… Did their eyes just dart to your spot? Oh… Oh fuck, no, they do not-


“HMM…” The one named Paps thought for a moment, putting his hand on his chin while his other rested on his hip bone. “WELL, I BELIEVE I SAW AN ORANGE FELINE SOMEWHERE? PERHAPS I WAS JUST SEEING THINGS, BUT OTHER THAN THAT, NOTHING ELSE COMES TO MY MIND?” 


“...a… a cat? out here?” The one named Sans said, a questionable expression on his face. “huh... gotta be kitten me.”






“uuh... can’t be paw-sitive, bu’ Stretch just left to go find Blue. Razz, Red, Edge, Grape, and Slick are still lookin’ ‘round the house. ‘n Mutt said he was going to check where the fuse box was.”


Counting on your fingers, you paled. That’s 10 creatures! Where they all planning on living here?! 


...Well, then again, the place was large enough, you suppose... 


“said he’d check th’basement first.” 




Fuck, someone's going to find all that food!!


You got up faster than you meant to, the pain in your stomach protesting to stay still for a bit longer. Forcing yourself to move through it, practically running down the vents as quietly as you could, holding onto the side with one hand as you held your throbbing torso. 


All your months of hard labor! You were not going to let some asshole find it, no doubt would trash it! Oh fuck, hope you weren’t too late!


Sliding down the vent with more force than you meant to, you made it to the basement opening in record time. You might have made more noise than you were wanting to, but your panic just flared! What if one of them found everything before you could scavenge what you could?! Some of it was just ripe enough to bring back upstairs, able to hide it.


Staying quiet, you listened for any noise as you stayed in the vent before making a move. 


What welcomed you was an odd warmth, as if it was from a flame. It was completely opposite from what you were normally used, but you chalked it up as just missing the one who came in. 


Slowly, you made your way out and stared into the black abyss of the basement. Familiar piles of your food welcomed you, along with the basements creepy vibe and an eerie feeling of eyes. Trying your hardest, you just couldn’t get your eyes fixed within the darkness yet, the dusty windows being of no help. 


Well, if something was in here, they would have attacked or alerted someone, right? Whoever the one was deemed ‘Mutt’ was gone, just your paranoid self left in the dark. As quick as you could, you made it over to most of the berries and nuts, scooping them up and shoving as much as you could before going over to your meat section. 


Stopping for a moment, something in the corner caught your eye. It felt as if you were staring right at a figure… A dark, looming figure who held a grin sharp enough to tear through metal. 


Blinking, you squinted into the damn space. Only to find it was the old empty corner with an old desk near it, boxes piled up, and the dark abode you were so much more familiar with. You gave a soft sign as you dragged your backpack along the ground to the meat, only wincing slightly from your torso’s pain.


“Fuckin’-... Dammit all…” You cursed quietly as you yanked out a piece of fabric, some pieces of berries and nuts falling in the process.


Ignoring those for now, you took the largest of the meats and other ones you could, swift to wrap the bundles up and place it within your bag. The feeling of eyes didn’t leave you though, making your body shake as you began to breathe heavily as you went to grab the fallen items-


Only to blink when seeing that they weren’t on the floor, but back within your bag. 


...Shit, your mind was beginning to do it’s damnable thing again! This is why you needed Oliver around you!


The pain in your gut helped keep your mind at bay from creating figments of your imagination in the dark, but something just wasn’t right… 


Shuffling your backpack back on, the weight helped grounded you more as you peered to the known exit that’ll lead outside. You felt ungodly warm all of the sudden though… 


In fact, did it get hotter?


Something behind you clicked, a sound of someone lighting up a smoke and inhaling deeply as your eyes got a flash of bright-... What the fuck? Was that purple? 

“well, well… didn’t expect a lil’ house guest so soon...” A voice drawled behind you, your mouth running dry. “thou’t it was strange ta have a place so clean ‘n unoccupied…”


Felt your whole body turn numb as dread began to swallow you up. Praying you wouldn’t scream your head off, you turned and looked up.


“th’ corpses ‘r’a sight thou’.” A hooded figure said, fangs in a large smile as they loomed over you dangerously close.


Chapter Text






Bolting wasn’t the right word as you forced your body to move as fast as bloody possible! 


Not even a second look, you ran from what one could only consider “Death In A Hoodie” ! Didn’t matter if it was Human, didn’t matter if it was a figment of your imagination, didn’t matter what the fuck it was! 


All you knew was that it was BAD NEWS , that you needed to FLEE .


Picking up speed, something started to feel off. Forcing your body to continue to move, your muscles began to scream as it felt like unbearable flames licked at your skin. The more you struggled, the hotter it became! What the hell was happening?! Were you overheating?! 


Wait, what was that glow? 


Glancing down and around, sure enough there was a glowing burnt orange engulfing your torso. Sure was a pretty color, to say the least. Strange, it started to make you feel-... Weightless


That weightless sensation increased, a squeak escaped your lips as the floor started to shrink from you. Wait, what?! Were you-


“Ho-holy?! Wh-hat the fuck ?!” You squirmed hard, feeling your backpack rising with the glowing magic; only for the glow to stop as you felt yourself drop.


A small yelp escaped as you were stopped by your backpacks straps, holding you inplace as you blinked in the darkness, not able to see anymore. The damn glow of the orange screwed up your senses as you now dangled, a hand immediately went to grip one of your weapons handles as a low growl escaped your chest, your other hand tightly holding onto the strap. Though pain shot up through your body from under your arms and from your torso, didn’t dare allow yourself to show a wince, something saying someone could see in the dark.


“heh… squirmy lil’ thin’, ain’t ya, Darlin’?” Someone said with a chuckle, amusement ringing clear in his tone as you growled loudly back. “shit, yer feisty… relax, ain’ gunna hurt’cha.”


….Excuse?! You!? Sir!?!


Felt your face balk at the figure. 


“Oh, relax ? Ya want me ta fuckin’ relax?! The nerve of this guy! “Oh, sure! Lemme jus’ press the fuckin’ nerve button ta relax as I’m being dangled up by however high yer holdin’ me, ya asshole!”


Quiet was your response, filled only by your huffing as the leftover heat caused you to become more riled and annoyed as you curled your legs up underneath you. As your eyes began to adjust to the dark, a bright purple was a beacon as you narrowed your eyes on it, the slight scent of something sweet within the air hitting your nose, leaving an almost soothing aftertaste on your tongue.


Was that scent coming from it?... What type of smoke was that, exactly? 


…Kind of nice...


“...mmm… sounds like’ya need some help ta relax, Spitfire.” The being said as he blew some of that smoke into your face, making you scrunch up. “s’allright, just breathe...”


For a moment, the thought of disgusting smoke made you panic before the smell of what reminded you of sweet berries with the hint of a bonfire smoke made it into your nose. The smell was gentle, not overwhelming as you thought as you began to relax. Could feel your tense muscle easing, your mind hazing, your pain becoming slightly numb-


Oh fuck, what kind of drug was that?! No, no, no, fight it!


“N-not when I’m dangled like a damn doll, thanks...” You bit back, forcing a scowl. “But if you’re offerin’, let me down and maybe I will?”


“heh... will’ya bolt again?” Could feel him move as you swayed slightly, only to hold tighter for dear life on your strap.


“Wouldn’t you?! ” You deadpanned. “Being held captive by a bein’ ten times my weight, height, and size; Tell me, you’d try and make friends with someone who’d kill you easily!?” Was he serious right now? 


God, what a psychopath!


“oof... point made, heh…” Could feel you were being brought closer to the figures face as your breath hitched, sinking into yourself as your eyes grew wide with what you were now faced with. “kinda wanna get’ta know ya thou’, Kitten… s’tha’ so bad?”


Gulping thickly, you could see an outline of the creatures face. He, too, was a Skeleton being, a faint outline of a skull underneath a fur trimmed hood stared right back at you, making it look as if their sinister as Reaper itself. The main features you could see were fangs. Sharp as hell fangs as they held the smoke tightly between them, only to realize-


He was smirking at you.


“I-is-... F-fuck off! I-...” Could feel your body start shaking, your arm began trying to wrap around your torso as it gave a sharper pain. “F-fuckin’-... Jerk, let go! It’s bad for me , that’s what!”  


“aw, bu’ yer so full o’life, Darlin’...” Your blood ran cold as he brought his other hand up, bringing it closer as your eyes went wide by what you saw. 


“‘n yer-”

“D-DON’T TOUCH ME!” You screamed, kicking his hand away as the move jolted you hard, making you wince as you couldn’t help a pained groan escape.


Claws. Fucker had claws for hands


Hell no! No no no!!!


Cursing lowly, you curled up a bit more on yourself as you felt your chest rumble with a louder growl. It was quiet after that, nerves making your body shake as you held your weapon tighter in your hand, the temptation to bring it out only growing as you narrowed your eyes at the being. 


He took another deep drag of his-... Wait. What exactly was he smoking? Strange shape, looked thin, almost like a treat? Dog treat? How did that work… As he smoked, you could see that he had small eye sockets, but from what light you could get, you could barely see that calculating glare he now held. He breathed out the vapor as it twisted above his head, the smoke giving you more visibility before disappearing.


“allright… m’bad, Darlin’, m’bad…” He said softly. “need’ja ta relax thou’, yer workin’ yerself inta’a panic.” 


“Again, wouldn’ you , ya overgrown halloween decoration?” You spat.


“...fair point… bu’, c’mon now, i ain’ tha’bad-”

“Thats what they all fuckin’ say, you dumbass.” You rolled your eyes as you held your torso tighter.. 


Does he think you’re stupid!? That you’re a fucking idiot? Hell no!


“You can take your boney ass, take yer fuckin’ claws, yer fuckin’ friends, and yer goddamn weird drugs out of my home!” You gave a quick kick, growling harder as you stared at the being.


“o- ho ... yer home, huh? sorri, Darlin’... bu’ we bought it fair ‘n square from th’old lady who owned it before.” He said, bringing you up higher as he dangled you closer to his face. “so, yer tresspassin’ on our turf… ‘n i don’ take kindly ta trespassers, lil’ lady.” He growled back, only for it to eerily change into a deep, throaty chuckle as you tried to kick at his face.


“Fine, ya fuck! Keep th’damn house! Lemme go ‘n ya won’t see me ‘gain!” You tried once more to swat at him with your foot, only to narrowly miss as he-


OH MY GOD , did you just snap at my foot!?” You squawked, pulling your legs up under you as you glared down at the being in disbelief.


“...heh... well, yer takin’ a step in’th’ right direction ta get on m’bad side, Darlin’... ain’t nice ta try ‘n kick a gentle bein’s face.” He chuckled.


You couldn’t form a sentence for a moment, highly irritated at both what he just tried to do and his fucking pun!


“...A-at least I’m not dangling you high above ones head, you fuckin’ jerk! God, you’re about to eat me, aren’t you!? Fuck, I knew it! I KNEW IT, LET ME GO-


“whoa, whoa, shit Spitfire, stop yer flailing. like hell would i eat’cha...” He chuckled harder at your squirms. “i mean, damn… i like ta’ eat out afta a date, but if yer willin’, i’d give ya a tiny nibble now...”


...It felt like he fucking winked .


“....I don’t know if you’re being goddamn SERIOUS … Or if you’re being an utter PERVERT !” You felt your face turning to disgust, either one being horrible. “Either way, what the fuck, dude?


“wha’?... i mean, ya sayin’ th’ word ‘fuck’ a lot… need a demonstration ta get yer mind made up, Darlin’?” 


“Wha-” You watched in utter shock as the beings mouth opened to reveal something resembling a tongue in burnt orange coming out from behind his fangs. 


It lit up the room good, your eyes trained on his jello-lava lamp looking tongue as it swiped against his fangs. You noticed his one canine was golden with two cracks running up his cheek, as his right socket seemed to have a large slash running over and stopped at his mid cheek. When his sockets caught you looking into them, he definitely gave you a wink...


The being radiated both Death and looked as a Reaper himself, but with that display?... You just-... 


Can’t. You can’t. 


“...You’re a pervert.” You narrowed your glare as you deadpanned at him. “Wonderful, a fuckin’ pervert. I’d rather get ate by a fuckin’ wild snake, thanks.”


“ bu’ ya lookin’ like a ssssss snack, Spitfire… ya wound me…” He sighed playfully as he made that tongue disappear. “can i be tha’ snake? sure i’m wild ‘nough…”


Only for his damn tongue to flick out like a forked snakes, making you give him a glare.


And trying hard not to smile.


“...I… have no doubt you’re wild, since yer flirtin’ wit’ a goddamn bitty .” Your face hardened a bit more as you tried pulling yourself up on the strap of your bookbag. “Then again, I'd call that desperate , not wild .”


“s-shit-...” The arm you were being held from began to jiggle slightly, alerting you he was laughing. “heh, yer a fuckin’ ball , Spitfire. maybe i’m both? maybe i’m neither?... either way, yer smilin’, ya sassy Kitten.”


Quiet filled the air as you held what you hoped was eye contact with the being, pursing your lips straight as you let out a small growl. Tension began to fill between you both as you killed your growling, the noise and vibrations hurting your bruising more. 


….Why couldn’t he just let you down? Seriously, this was becoming uncomfortable.


“...would’ja settle if i healed ya?” Finally rang out, making you blink. 


“Heal?...” You furrowed your brows. “No-... No, I don’t need to be in debt to you. Jus’- Lemme go or else.”


“yeesh, i mean, if we’re goin’ tha’ route… if i let’ya down, you’d owe me still.” You faintly saw a shoulder shrug, making you groan.


“...Bastard, I owe you nothing. If ya don’t stop, I’ll-”

“you’ll wha’? cut me up wit’chur lil’ blade there?” A tone of mocking came, making you bristle.


“Why, yes you dumbass, exactly. I’ll cut’cha wit’ my ‘Lil’ Blade.’ ” You made your voice go deep, mocking his tone.


snrk- ... holy-... i’d like ta see ya try, Spitfire.” He tried holding back a laugh, only for it to come out as you narrowed your glare at him.


“Yeah? Is that a challenge , Reaper?” 


“bet yer lil’ ass s’a damn-” That was enough to get you to move.


Pulling your blade out quickly, it both cut him off and your straps, releasing yourself from his hold as you fell to the floor. When you landed, you realized it was a shorter fall than you realized. Glancing to the being, it seemed he was sitting crisscrossed on the ground.


For a moment, you vaguely wondered if he did that-


Fuck, not now! Gotta move! R U N Y/N!


“h- holy- ” Before he could even say a single thing more, you went and cut his shin, ripping a nice piece of fabric from his knee and earning a nice growl from the being as your backpack landed right beside you. 


“Don’ fuck with my ‘Lil’ Blades’ , Reaper! See ya in the next after life!” Quick on your word, you grabbed your bag and hightailed it out of there to the exit you knew of. 


Again, your body felt as if it was becoming unbearably hot, making your muscles retract as you groaned in pain. You forced yourself to continue through, able to make it through the cracks as the cold air replaced that burning sensation quickly.


Behind, could hear muffled curses and swears from the walls. It made you smile widely from that! Suits him right, the damn jerk! No one fucks with you like that and gets away with it!


...The only thing was, why did you wait so long to do that for?...


Didn’t know where you ended up after that, your vision dark once again, but you kept moving forward in the familiar pathway. Kept going, and going, and going- Until the pure, crisp air of autumn welcomed you outside.


You breathed in deeply, relishing in the fact that you had gotten outside as you dusted yourself off from the disgusting mess from within the wall. Quickly, you tied your straps together, promising to fix them up once you get back to the attic. Once you put the backpack on, you walked out of the bushes-


Only for something to ram right into you hard, knocking the air out of your lungs and to the ground. Whatever just slammed into you made your head spin, the next you knew you were looking up at the sky which was such a gorgeous blue. 


Wait… When was the last time you just took a moment to just appreciate the sky?... 


...So pretty, especially with the clouds.


Groaning, you closed your eyes as you rubbed your now throbbing head. The whole left of your side throbbed from whatever impact that was. Was that Oliver?! First the vent, now this?! What’s his deal today? Oliver was known to pounce on you, but nothing ever that hard! 


“God-... Dammit cat--”



Your voice hitched as you were suddenly scooped into cyan gloves, body tensed as you were suddenly face to face with yet another skull. Like the smaller one from the living room, this one had bright blue eyelights, his skull looked much rounder, and instead he had worry on his face.




Wait… Wait wait wait, is he-


“W-...What?” You blinked blearily at him.


“what’cha got’there, Blue?” Another voice popped up, making you jolt from your shocked state. “looks like’a tiny handful, heh.”




W-wait… Wait wait-


“s’tha’ so? ya really know how’ta knock ‘em down , bro.” The one named Papy said, coming around and leaning towards you over the smaller ones shoulder. “well... heya there, Squeaker. heh, ya allright?”


Much like the taller skeleton back in the living room, this one-... Was the one you saw earlier with Sans! He looked so similar to Pap, but so tired-


Wait, you needed to talk! Talk, dammit!


“PAPY, DON’T TEASE LIKE THAT! THEIR INJURED!” Blues head snapped to the tall being, moving you away as he scowled at them.


“U-uh-...” Words! Talk words, idiot! C’mon!!!


“oh, wonder how tha’ happened, huh?” Papy gave the smaller one a smirk and a-.. Raised brow? How the hell?... “did’ja get distracted ‘gain by yer girlfriend ?”


“I-...” Blue’s face flushed with cyan as he turned back his attention to you, making you captured in the creature's ability to do that. Was-... Was that blush? “BITTY, ALLOW ME TO ASSIST YOU, PLEASE! I FEEL SO BAD! COME, LET’S GET YOU SITUATED AND AWAY FROM MY BROTHER!”


Blue began to walk with you as you just sat in a daze. Furrowing your brows, you shook your head and forced yourself to look away from them both, rubbing your temple.


“W-wait-... Wait, w-what?” You stuttered, glancing back at them as you got your bearings. “No… No, I’m alright.”


“NONSENSE, BITTY! WHEN YOU CAME OUT OF THE BUSH, I HAD ACCIDENTALLY- EH… MWEH- ... K-KICKED YOU, I AM SO SORRY!” Blue was staring at you with the biggest eyelights, slightly wobbly as it looked like cyan tears were prickling at the edge of his sockets.


“O-oh… Oh, god, please-” Is he crying?! Oh, Lord, no! “I-it’s alright! Really, I should have watched were I was going- Don’t feel bad, Sir! I’ll be fine, I promise!” You tried to awkwardly pat whatever you could of his hand with one of yours as you held the other up to ease his worries. “Don’t worry, really! I’m a tough cookie!”


...Why the fuck were you trying to comfort!?




Lost for words, you stared at the beings. Blue was trying to give you the best damn pleading look you had ever seen before, making your heart strings tighten while his brother hoovered slightly behind with a gentle smirk on his face.


Wait… His brother looked more than familiar, like Paps, but also like...


“eh heh… let’s get’ya treated, Pipsqueak. m’bro said he heard’ja make’a real bad noise. don’ need’ja wit’ any cracks, do we?” Papy said, twirling a lollipop in his hands as he placed it between his teeth.


All the sudden a loud slam made all three of you jolt, your heads whipping to see-


“Oh, you gotta be kiddin’ me...” You groaned as you deadpanned at Reaper coming out of the basement, a scowl on his face as he looked around. 


When his eyes landed on you, you felt your blood run cold once again as his smile turned absolutely sinister. 


“there ya are, Spitfire...” Reaper growled as he began coming near the three of you.


“Motherfucker, does he not give up?!” You hissed, getting up-


Only to have the fingers curl around you once more, making your heart race as you stared at the Blue skeleton with fear, forgetting he was holding you. 


….How did you forget you were being held!?


“M-Miss Bitty, I-It’s Okay!” His tone lowered, much to your relief. “I Assure You, Mutt Wouldn’t Hurt You! I Promise, Whatever He Did, I’m Sure It Was Just A Misunderstanding!”


Glancing over to the irritated looking monster, those sockets were screaming ‘I Am Going To Torture You.’  


“Oh, sure. And I’m a unicorn...” Looking back over, you gave Blue a deadpan stare, who looked back at you puzzled.


Standing up in his hands, realizing not just the whole left side of you was throbbing, but your leg was throbbing worse, you hissed slightly. Forcing yourself to put pressure on it was a bad move, forced to stand on your other leg as you growled. Dammit, did you break your leg?! You’ve never done that before...


“F-fuck… Sorry ta say, but it was me who made him angry. So, if you don’t mind? I’d rather not get killed by Reaper today, or in the next few days coming.” Forcing a front, you put a hand on your weapons handle once more as you looked at Blue, trying to ignore your current pain.


“YOU-...You Riled Mutt Up, Miss Bitty?” Blue asked with a questionable glance, only for you to nod.


“well, when that boy likes’ta get ‘is claws on somethin’ interestin’, tends ta not let go…” Papy said, his smirk clear on his face as he walked in front of Mutts path towards you. “heh, ‘n by wha’ i can tell… ya got a lil’ scratch on ‘em, didn’ya?” 


“...Asshole wouldn’t put me down, dammit. He challenged me.” You puffed your cheeks, only to blink. 


What is with you suddenly!? Get away from these guys, dammit!


“easy, Pup. settle yer fur, no fetchin’ here.” Papy said with a light and teasing tone.


“heh... ya know i gotta chase th’pests when their fun ta play wit’, Buttacup.” Mutt said back with a darker tone. “now, outta m’way ‘n lemme see th’lil’ Lady. she’s gotta be taught’a lesson .” His sockets locked back onto you as your body went stiff.


Taught a lesson? 




OH MY GOD, REALLY?! ” You screeched when Mutt licked his fangs and winked at you, making your face flush. “Fuck off with that, you pervert! I’ll do more than cut you next time!” 


“heh, like ta see ya try, Kitten. c’mon Blue, lemme see ‘er… jus’ fer a minute, i’ll heal ‘er real good…”


Oh dear god, please don’t let him give you away to that creature!


“I-... MUTT? DO I HAVE TO REMIND YOU THAT IS NOT HOW YOU INTERACT WITH BITTIES?” Blue deadpanned, slowly hiding you from the Reapers sights with his body. “YOU-... SHOULD RESPECT THEM, NOT-... NOT SAY SUCH THINGS!”


“oof, when are’ya gunna take a joke, Chipmunk, c’mooon…” Mutt seemed to jokingly whine as he leaned slightly with a smirk, able to get you back in his sights. “sides... ya know ‘m’th’best heala here… lemme see ‘er. i’ll heal ‘er up real quick, heh...” 


That dark, deep chuckle he emitted meant he was not going to just ‘heal you up’ .


“sorry, Poochie, gotta agree wit’bro… no treats if ya play rough house wit’ lil’bitties.” Papy said, sliding into Mutt’s view with ease. “c’mon now…”


“Would you kindly let me go, Sir?” You said in a hurry, shoving Blue’s fingers away as you tried to back up, your eyes darting from all three of them as Papy back talked Mutt.


Why were you being more-... Kind to this one? 


“B-But Miss Bitty, I Must Tend To Your Wounds! I’m Afraid I Harmed You Badly!” Blue pleaded once more, trying to walk away from the two bickering duo.


Mutt was trying to make his way over past Papy, who kept blocking his path with a small laugh. Your eyes went wide as the edges of your vision began to blur into darkness, only to shake your head as you pulled your blade out and aimed it upwards to Blue. 


...You already regretted doing it to the dear thing as he froze in his tracks, his face turning weary.


“Ah, S-sorry… But not as badly as I would harm you... Let me go now, please? I-... I don’t feel safe.” You said, a sorry expression on your face. “Really, I don’t. Once more, Please?” 


You know he was just trying to help, but you don’t-... Need it. Don’t want it. You’re fine! You will be!


“B-BITTY?!” The face Blue made had you cringing on the inside, but you didn’t dare let it show as you slowly backed up til you were at his fingertips. “W-Wait, H-Hey, It’s Okay! Relax, I Won’t Let-”

“Blue, don’t -” Papy tried to say.


You swiped at Blue in warning when he tried bringing you closer to him, only to earn a nice squeak as something was coming near you. With your own speed, you took ahold of whatever fabric came and used it to swing off and landed thankfully on your good leg. You landed wrongly on the ankle, but you powered through it as you ran full force to the woods, holding onto your backpack strap for dear life.


“B-BITTY, WAIT-!” Blues voice called out, but you ignored the cyan glow that enwrapped your body.


As calm as it was, as soothing as whatever wrapped around you, you couldn’t stop now for anything. You had to move, had to find Oliver. Had to get going, had to make a new plan!


Had to find a spot to rest at for your throbbing aches...


Curses and loud groans could be heard as you vanished into your natural paths, forcing yourself to continue to push your body to unbearable levels as you stayed near the side of the woods and close to the house. 


Oliver should be around, should still be near, hopefully…

Chapter Text

       Sadly the hunt for Oliver couldn’t be done with how injured you had become, so you had no choice but to look for a place to settle. Finding a nice rock, you snuck behind it as a nice pile of twigs and leaves gave you enough cover to sit down for a while. Body shook from over exertion, a scowl on your face as you realized just how hurt you’ve gotten. As you settled, you dug through the bag, aiming your sites at your leg and ankle to take a look at the damage.


The left leg was swollen, beginning to bloom with red and darkening already as you gave a sigh. Rubbing the harmed spot, you flinched as the pain shot up, forcing you to bite your tongue from the sensation with a barely contained curse. Bringing your other leg up, you rubbed at the ankle as it pulsed and throbbed slightly, but nothing else to worry about on that side. Lifting your shirt, you saw how much worse that line had gotten as it had practically spread over your lower ribs. Glancing to the left side, looked like even your hip and up was red and darkening.


With a softer groan, you pulled your shirt down to lean back as you tried to breathe. 


Barely interacted with any of them, yet you were so easily harmed! What the hell!


Didn’t know what the hell Blue slammed you with, but it was clearly an accident with how he reacted. Thinking back, you were about to give into temptation in allowing Blue to have healed you… But Reaper was trying his hardest to get you into his claws.


Shivered at the thought of what he was wanting to do to you, whatever it was his eyes were screaming with wanting revenge. It might’ve not been the smartest move to cut him, but not like that was your fault; When instincts kick in, can’t control it!


Have you ever even met a Monster before, though?


No... Yes? ... Couldn’t be sure.


With a groan, you shuffled through your bag deeper, trying to find- Ah, there it is. 


Pulling out a dark shard from the bag, you gave it a sour look of disgust. It was a dark grey piece of candy of some kind, looked like dark smoke with a slightly clear middle. The sun was out, making it shine almost eerily in the light, a faded feeling becoming stronger the more you stared at it, making your head throb as you sighed. You used to be given it from some place, having to had saved a good amount for your travels as you-... As you what, again? 


Where were you before this place that you gained such an item?… 


A sharp pain stopped your train of thought, making you rub the bridge of your nose with your free hand.


That memory isn’t worth it… Nothing is worth the pain.


Speaking of which...


A small whine came out of your chest as you prepared yourself, shivering slightly of the taste and feel of what's to come.


Gulping down your disgust, you took a hard bite out of the candy. With a few more crunches, the shards that stuck to your mouth like leftover glass was quick to turn into it’s thick slime, quick to slide down your throat and coating in what would be coal if you knew the taste. No sooner, it felt as if it reached everywhere within, feeling it stretch and branch out like vines and thread as it wrapped around the target areas of your wounds, binding what felt broken as it gave your body more pain from the work. Though once it had done its job, it slowly evaporated after, leaving you panting and sweating. 


It was difficult to use that item, worsens the pain before making it better… Was worth it thankfully as you gave your ankle a quick roll, the pain barely noticeable. Giving your side and below your ribs a tentative poke, they were still tender but manageable now.


Pulling out a berry, you munched on it to chase away the foul disgusting aftertaste on your tongue, sighing softly at the sweet and tart taste made your tongue fizzle.


What will you do now, however? By what Mutt had said, the house is no longer yours. Yes, it was never yours to begin with, but you were positive that it was worth nothing to anyone by how run down it was. You put so much work in creating the home you had made it into, was heartbreaking to hear that. But, how did they get here? How did they find such a safe haven? Not one human has been around for as long as you could recall. Had to be someone come around when you weren’t here, allowing them the chance to get what they need and leave quickly on your hunting days.


That had to be it, but why wouldn’t they touch the place then to clean it up?


Whatever the reason was, it didn’t matter anymore. You would be kicked out, or worse yet, taken and split into two different shelters from your feline!


With it being too close to winter, could try and hide out within. Would have to be your plan, your best bet… Once the first sight of spring comes rolling around, you can make it out without a hitch!


The only real problem with that is if you needed food, you would have to travel down into their own kitchen, no doubt they would toss your own supplies out… Had enough food in your bag to travel for maybe a day or two… 


Then the problem with that thought was you’ve been found out by 3 out of 10 of the monsters so far. Probably already alerted the rest of their friends or family members of their sightings with you, ruining your chances of being sneaky… Were so good at sneaking, though! Normal predators couldn’t even hear you coming, but something told you Mutt would be able to pick you out from underneath soil if given the chance… Rubbing your temples in concentration, you tried to recall for the others. 


Blue, Papy, Pap, Sans and Mutt made a total of 5 around the house, but no others were around… So, where was the others?


Wait, didn’t Pap say that there were others in the woods?... Shit, what if-


“OH-HO! HELLO, HELLO! WHAT IS THIS I SEE?!” You sat straight up as a voice called out, making you turn to see nothing around you, but you felt someone glaring.


Glancing up-




A yelp came out of your mouth as you fell sideways, scooting away from the being in a panic. 


Yet again, a Skeleton being now stared down at you in a disturbing manner. Everything with this one screamed difficult to describe, looking much like Sans and Blue, though the welcoming straight teeth were replaced with razor sharp ones, twisted in a large smile. Clad in purple and grey attire, had a tattered bandana that looked as if it had bat wings behind his neck. Was a rather cute look, but you did not enjoy his triforce eyes staring down at you in attention. In his left socket had a single triforce grouped together while his other held another triforce containing a white circle behind it. 


“A BITTY? A BITTY GAL SO FAR IN THE WOODS?” Their head tilted slightly as they watched you curiously. “MY, THIS IS A JOYOUS DAY INDEED! FIRST THE WONDERFUL HOUSE, NOW A WONDERFUL SURPRISE! GREETINGS!” They beamed over the rock at you, their smile disturbing yet their eyes didn’t match their smile.


Getting up without taking your eyes off the being, you patted yourself off as you scowled at him. He only beamed brighter, making your eyes twitch. Both of you stayed still, merely holding eye contact as you began to let a small growl escape.


“LET ME GUESS, LET ME GUESS…” He suddenly said, making you blink. 


“G-guess?... Guess what? What the hell are you-”


The next you new, his eyes turned into white orbs as they looked at you, seemingly through you, your body stiffened for a moment before the beings eye lights reverted back to his triforces.


“YOU’RE QUITE FAR FROM HOME, ARE YOU NOT?” The skeleton tilted his head once more, a slightly puzzled expression on his face. “SO FAR, TOO FAR, YOU KNOW?”


Staring at the skeleton, you didn’t understand what he meant by that. Tilting his head to the other side as his triforce eye in his left socket spun, catching your attention before you could even ask. 


“OH… I SEE, I SEE! THAT’S A SHAME, INDEED! AW, POOR LITTLE THING… I FEEL YOUR SOULS RADIATING PAINFUL PLEA.” His expression turned sad before ducking behind the rock. 


...Wait, wait, wait! What does he mean?! Your WHAT? The hell is he talking about?!


Don’t Need To Know.


Yes, I do!!


“H-Hey! Hey, wait-!” You were quick to jump up on top of the rock, only to find he was gone. 


Standing up on the rock, you tried to glance around to see which way he headed. When nothing showed, not even a noise, you furrowed your brows. Did he leave already? How the hell could he move so quickly? Where did he go!?


“THE GAME IS WAITING , THEME IS HIDING , BUT SEEKING IS CHEATING !” The voice came behind you, making you twist around quickly to see he was leaning over you with his hands on his hips with a larger grin. “DO YOU SEE ? OR DO YOU NOT ? CAN YOU STAY QUIET ? OR WILL YOU GET CAUGHT ?”


Staring at the being, all questions left your mind from his own. Why was he speaking in riddles?


“GRAPE!” A new voice yelled, making you squeak. “THERE YOU ARE, YOU BARBARIAN! WE ARE NEEDED BACK AT THE ROTTEN PLACE! DID YOU TURN YOUR CONTRAPTION OFF YET AGAIN?” Turning, you barely registered Grape was now in front of you as a tall skeleton, looking similar to Mutt, strolled in red and black with a scowl so fierce, it could turn fire into ice.


Even if it wasn’t aimed at you, you gulped.


“AH, AH! EDGE, MY BROTHER! I HAD A MARVELOUS REVOLUTION, YOU SEE! I COULD NOT LET IT GO TO WASTE, DO YOU NOT?” Apparently the being named Grape responded, putting his hands up in a small shrug.


“...WHAT WOULD THIS ‘REVOLUTION’ BE THAT IT HAD YOU PRACTICALLY BOLTING FROM YOUR DUTIES, GRAPE?” The tall skeleton hadn’t seemed to notice you as he stared at the purple insanity with a doubtful expression, crossing his arms over his chest.


Quietly and slowly, you began to slide down behind the rock as they talked, grabbing your backpack. Heart was racing as you found an empty hollowed out log just a good bit over, making your way towards it with ease.


Don’t look, don’t look, don’t look.






The sentence made you flinch, but you had to continue walking on. So what if they found your traps? You didn’t need to be caught, not now, not ever. Managed to get at least half way from them, using the trees and bushes as cover, only to feel the ground buzz with something under your feet.




Before you knew it, large red bones shot up in front of you before you could make it into the safety of the log. Your body was still trying to recover from before as you jolted, causing a new wave of pain to bloom as you turned and saw both skeletons staring deadly at you. Grape was bouncing on his heels excitedly with his fists at his sides, like a child wanting to open something up. 


While the other was glaring at you with a side glance, crimson orbs in hallowed sockets that felt like hot coals burning into you, while his hand was outstretched, glowing in the same color glow as the bones behind you. 


Swallowing, you felt something begin to crawl on your back. Vision going dim as you held eye contact with him especially.


“Ah, Yes… This Is Interesting Indeed.” Edge said in such a deep and low tone, only one thought went through your mind in that moment...



You’re Dead.


Keeping your mouth shut, you tried glancing around for another path to take as you grabbed your weapons handles with both hands. The magical bones were radiating something powerful, so fierce they were making your own blood boil and preparing for a fight. 


“Ah, Ah, Ah… No Place To Run, Creature. Come Now, It’d Be Easier If You Came Willingly.” Edge turned to face you fully as his crimson eyelights kept you pinned in place. 


Narrowing your eyes, you stayed silent. You didn’t dare move towards him, something that made him smirk threateningly.




A quick look to Grape showed he was slightly confused as well, before it was wiped off with his smile once more. 




Holy shit, did he just disappear in thin air?! 


Next you knew, a presence came right next to you, making you jump away and unsheathing your blades quickly as you took a stance. Looking, it was-...


It was Grape , standing to face Edge as his hands were on his hips, his smile wide at his sibling. 


Felt yourself bristle in warning, but yet not surprised. Monsters-... Had weird powers, didn’t they? It all depends on them, but you didn’t like how Grape just teleported like that.




A growl escaped your chest as you took to looking at Grape, ready for him to follow the order.


Waiting… Waiting… Waiting?


…Why was he not moving to do it?



“IF I DO, I FEAR THEY’LL BITE ME, EDGE.” Grape gave a shake of his head with his hands raised up, a pitiful sigh escaping him. 


“....Bite?....BITE?!” Edge balked at the smaller skeleton as you gave him a questioning glare yourself. “ARE YOU SERIOUS!? THEIR MEASLY BABYBONED TEETH COULD NOT DO DAMAGE, EVEN WITH THE INTENT TO HURT, YOU IMBECILE! JUST-! GRAB THEM! THEY ARE RIGHT BESIDE YOU!” Edge barked as you stared up at Grape.


Smart move if he doesn’t want to get cut.


“THE FACT I AM SO CLOSE SHOWS HOW THEY ARE, EDGY!” Grape replied, making you straighten up.


“Hey! You think I couldn’t take you on, you nutty thing!?” Found yourself suddenly regret saying, though growling through it as the beings eye light flashed over quickly to you.


Oh shit, oh fuck, shut up! Shut up, you should have used that distraction to get away!!


NUTTY? MY, WHAT A NAME!” Grape turned and smiled at you, giving you a wink. “I AM KNOWN AS THE MARVELOUS GRAY, BUT NUTTY HAS A NICE RING! PLEASED TO MEET YOU, LITTLE BITSY!” Only to squat down quickly and hold a gloved hand out to you. 


You must have made one hell of a questioning expression as his head tilted to the side once more.


“Y-you… You’re really insane if you expect me to shake your hand.” You deadpanned at him, only to get a larger smile. 




...W-... What?...


Realization hit that his triforce was spinning again in his left socket that held your attention for a little too long as a red glove came and quickly scooped you up, earning both a yelp and a loud growl from you. Were grabbed around your torso, weapons successfully pinned to your sides as you thrashed, feeling your bags extra tacks poking at the back of your spine, only to be lifted up to face Edge. 


“MUST I DO EVERYTHING MYSELF, YOU SHOWOFF?” Edge growled before his eye lights narrowed in as you squirmed. 


“S-shit-! Hey, let me go!” You barked. “Goddammit, what's up with you guys and picking up things?!”


Edge simply gave you a glower, his eye lights studying as you felt yourself bristle in warning. 


“Hey! Don’t just stare! Ain’t a damn puppet, ya giant dumbass!” You thrashed hard, trying to pull your arms up or turning your weapons in the grip to graze his hand.


A squeeze was your only reply, stopping your movements as you groaned from the sudden lack of air. There was a quiet threat with that squeeze, as if that could have been harder? Dammit, he could squeeze you like a jelly packet if he so desired to! It wouldn’t be that hard, especially since his hand covered more than your torso! 


“I Was Curious If You Were Mute Or Spoke In Another Language, So This Will Make Things Much Easier.” Edge said, that deep and low tone coming out once more. “Now, Let's Get This Settled… You Are Clearly A Gatherer For Your Group, Are You Not?”


You blinked at his tone, only to scowl.


“Group?... I’ve never been in-” Flinched as a sharp pain traveled up to your back. “I don’t have a group! What the hell are you talking about!?”


“You Are A Feral Doll, Are You Not?” Edge asked, his expression flattening. 


“No??” The hell is a ‘Feral Doll’? “I’m-” You hissed, the throbbing pain beginning to make your vision turn darker. “I’m just a bitty !”


Edge’s eyes narrowed as he glared at you, a scowl deepening on his features.


“I Do Not Believe You, Creature.” He droned bored, lifting his other hand as he took hold of your backpack, slowly pulling at it.


The feeling of your tack made you straighten up, only to thrash a bit harder as his grip tightened on you. The tack began to puncture into your back, right beside your spine as your eyes got wide, your breath hitching as the bag was beginning to be pulled upwards.


“H-hey, hey, hey-! D-don’t -” You tried to warn, only for a sudden burst of pain to rip through your back as you shut your eyes tight, biting your tongue to silence your scream.


Body shook with the new throbbing sensation as your back began to feel wet, soaking your shirt and downwards as you cracked an eye open to the skeleton in agony. His grip only tightened on you as he held your backpack in his other gloved hand, a simply bone brow up in question before he studied your item. 


One of the many tacks were sticking out of the fabric where your back was at, your blood covering the area as Edge pulled it up to his face to examine the substance. Then, something in his expression changed, as if he couldn’t piece something together, before looking at you questionably. 


‘That’s blood, you thick skulled idiot!’ Wanted to yell, only holding your tongue or be forced to whimper from the pain.



“You-... Are A Human Bitty?” He said in a tone of disbelief, making your other eye crack open as you tried to smile with the tears in your eyes.


“Damn right, pure human… Is it such a rarity, ya jerk?” You spat, your vision becoming hazy as you felt your smile turning larger.


He harmed you. 

The Monster just harmed you

What will you do, Y/n? 

What Will You Do?


-Fight                                                                                                                   -Flee


“OH, YOU’VE GONE AND DONE IT NOW, EDGY…” Gray sighed, putting his chin in a palm.


“What-... Stars, Like I Knew Their Item Held Weapons Within!” Edge growled, his eye lights trailing down as something began to drip down your leg and off your foot. “...I Did Not Expect That, But I Did Not Expect An Original, Either...” 


Something was beginning to flow into your body at that point, your dark vision turned to that of green. With that color, soothing intent came-


NO! “ You SCREAMED! “No, no, no! Don’t!” Panic began to flair, the color reminding you of something not right. “Stop-! Oh, God! Stop, stop, stop! Please!” You cried, your arms desperate to become free as your legs kicked. 


“I-! I Am Only Going To- Will You Halt Your Insufferable Squirming?!” Edge growled, but his voice was becoming distance, becoming something more familiar, more sinister

“I͇̠̔͑ Am̲͚̌ J̹͙͐ù͚sẗ̜̹̈ Hea̻̎l̢̈į̼͛͌n͌͜͢͞g͕͌̕͢ Ẹ͆ṇ̤̄̀ò̯̤͐u͔̓g͔͒h̰̖̆͘, Ĉ̰a̙͛l̠͊͟͠m͍̆ d̟͒ǫ̭̉̀ẅ̨͈́́n!̫͌” He chuckled with sick amusement.

Next thing you knew, orange fur was in your face as wind was passing through your hair. Olivers dusty scent was able to bring you back, chasing off whatever was surging through you emotions. Body bounced as you clung tighter to the familiar fur, your breathing shallow as your eyes hurt by how tightly you had them shut. Cracking one eye open, the trees went past in blurs, hearing slowly coming back as distant shouts could be heard.


...Wait, you were in someone's hands, weren’t you? 


Your back gave a harsh throb as a reminder, only to rub your face harder into Olivers fur in order to keep yourself from crying out. 


A certain jingle caught your attention, making you furrow your brows. That wasn’t Olivers raggy collar, it sounded like a bell with multiple items latched on. 


“O-oliver, what is that-” You choked as you looked back. “Oh… My god?! ” You screeched as you tried to sink further into his fur, a paw coming to swipe at you. “Holy!! Cat, what did you do?! ” 


It was that black cat from earlier who was following close behind, it’s glare dangerously fixed on you. The only real thing you noticed was that the creature was big. Real big. Too big , actually!


How could a feline be that large!? They were probably twice the size of your feline!


“S- shit! Shit, shit, shit! Run, Oliver!” You squeaked, holding onto his fur tighter as yet another swipe came dangerously close to you. 


Oliver took a sharp turn, practically forcing you to land on your feet to run with him in the moment before hopping back onto his back, only for him to dart up a tree. Clinging to his body, tried to keep your grip from becoming too hard yet not too soft as he evened out on thick branches, prancing from tree to tree as you looked back to see the large feline still after you.


Glowering at the persistent creature, you tried to look around for something, anything to help you get away from the massive beast chasing you both. 


As luck would have it, a nice branch was coming up in Olivers path. Setting yourself up on his back as he neared, only to reach out and grab a hold of it. Felt the branch bend with the force of Olivers speed, only to quickly ducked down as you released the item as it sling shot back.


It successfully hit the massive feline… But barely slowed it down!


“Fuck! What’re ya, a tank?!” You growled, only to look back and see the house coming up. “Oliver, hurry! Go, go, go! We’re almost home!” 


Oliver pushed further, faster, only to take a massive leap off the branch and on the roof of the house, quick to the entrance that was just large enough to allow both you and Oliver to squeeze within together. 


He was panting up a storm as he dashed to the comforts of your furred bed. You stayed clinging to his back as you both were glaring at the hole, waiting to see the other felines face or eyes would peer in, hiding in the darkness as if it would keep you both safe from prying eyes. 


When the hole didn’t show a single sign of movement, you gave a shaky breath of relief, sinking down to the comfort of the furs as you gave him a pat on his thigh. 


“...Holy… Damn…Good boy, Oliver…” You said softly, only to turn your scowling face to your feline. “But you have some shit to explain! What were you thinking?! You almost killed me with the vent only to get your ass chased by that thing?! What the hell ?!” 


Olivers glare never left the hole, but he mewed softly with his ears going back. 


“Oi… You’re such a shit sometimes…” You rubbed your face, only to flinch from the pain on your back. “Wonderful… Now I need another-”


Patting yourself down, your eyes went wide from the lack of weight. 


“W-WHAT?! Oh shit, oh shit- Oliver?! W-wheres my bag!?” Your belt felt light as well, only to grab hold and pale. “M-my weapons?! What the hell?! Where did-”


The image of Edge came back fresh in your mind, making you fall on your back as you hissed in both pain and annoyance. 


“SERIOUSLY!? I dropped them?! How did I-! Oh my goooood….” You whined, putting your hands on your face.


Great, wonderful… Not only are the food preserves going to be tossed, so are your bag and weapons! Beautiful! Just what you fucking needed…


Oliver slowly began laying on the furred bed, putting his chin on your stomach as he gave you such a pitiful mew, you had to reach up and softly stroke his face. His purr began to emit out, but it wasn’t as strong as it would be normally. 


You stayed there as you glared up at the ceiling, rubbing your felines face in the comfort of your own area. 


Never again will you be putting tacks in your bag, or if you do, use them up quick. 


The question is though, where’s your bag now ? Your weapons? How were you able to escape and what happened? So many questions, the only way to gain them is to talk to those jerks… 


Yeah, right.  


You might have a death wish, but you’re not that suicidal to just walk up to one and try and have a ‘Nice’ chat. 


Perhaps though you could stay quiet enough until nightfall to venture out, try and gain information if any of them knew about it. The ones who probably would know would be Gray and Edge, seeing as they were the last ones you saw.


What will you do?