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no good story begins with its protagonist being drunk. 


and jeongguk is drunk. 


he knows he’s drunk because his lips are numb and he feels light and slightly dizzy. he hasn’t drunk enough to puke and pass out, so he’s doing fine. 


jeongguk wishes it was as easy as that, just drink all the problems away, all the bad thoughts. drink until it’s his aching soul what’s numb. 


he still remembers every single word his mother had said to him that awful night. she said jeongguk was still too young and too dumb to take care of something as important as that… alone. his father, on the other hand, being the alpha he is, had argued otherwise. 


“it’s your responsibility as an alpha. you’ll have to grow up, pup, and take care of it.” the alpha had said, arms crossed over his chest which could come up as intimidating if it wasn’t because of the look in his eyes: soft, fond, full of empathy and pride. his father being supportive gave him some hope, but… his mom was totally against it. 


“he’s too young. he can’t do it without a mate. he should keep studying, he’s going to ruin his life because of a one night stand.” his mother’s words were painful, because there was truth behind them. 


jeongguk, at the age of 18, wasn’t ready to be a parent… a single parent. 


the omega he had slept with couldn’t and didn’t want to rise the pup. jeongguk could relate and wasn’t going to blame her or get angry. it was a hard decision to make, even if she didn’t want that up the whole trauma was hard. she was scared of what her family and friends would think of her. she didn’t want to become a mother just yet. 


they thought about abortion and the omega was more than willing to do it, but for some reason that idea made jeongguk’s stomach twist in a weird way. all of his instincts were telling him to keep that  pup, because it was his . it wasn’t only instinct tho, it was a sensation he couldn’t explain. he was fond of that pup even before it was born. 


and maybe there was a chance that jeongguk would be a good parent. he just wanted to try and do things right for once. he had never been too good at anything, sure, he was decent at lots of things, but his only passion was photography and he never pursued it anyway. he was good at going out with his friends and playing video games, he was good at being a cringy adolescent. 


so he talked to the omega about it, promised to never reach out for her, that he was gonna take care of it alone. jeongguk deleted the omega’s number from his phone as soon as she gave birth. 


“you’re–” the omega sighed. “you really want that, jeongguk? it’s too much without a mate and you’re an alpha…” she was looking at him as if he was an alien, something strange and different and maybe not good. that was a look jeongguk would have to face a lot of times the next four years.


“i’ll try my best.” 


and he did, since the very beginning. jeongguk helped the omega in everything he could while she was pregnant, visited her a lot and made sure she was healthy and good. they even became friends. that made everything more difficult when jeongguk had to cut off any contact as he promised. he missed having someone to go through this journey. he also regretted that he had met her that way, in a party when they were both drunk, because jeongguk liked her and maybe if things hadn’t turned out the way they did, they could have fallen in love. 


jeongguk used to be a helpless romantic. he loved the idea of love. 


and here he is now, drinking while yoongi babysits his pup.


he somehow manages to go back home walking. the irish pub where he was drinking was near his place, that’s why he went there a friday night per month. he drank a bit while yoongi was with the pup, to cope with the stress and the loneliness. it’s not like he feels lonely, he’s not alone, yoongi’s always there for him. but he still feels like something’s missing, his whole body screams for it, but he never listens, he never admits it. 


jeongguk closes the door behind him and locks it, taking off his shoes and dropping them on the floor carefully. 


it is 03:38 at night, he doesn’t want to wake up moonsoo. 


moonsoo, his baby. every drinking friday he left the house feeling burned out, half panicking and angry. but every drinking friday he came home and as soon as his pup’s scent reached his nose, all he wanted to do was go to bed and hold the baby close to his chest. 


that’s exactly what he plans to do. he enters his room and finds yoongi there on his bed next to moonsoo. the alpha is playing on his phone but he soon notices jeongguk and stands up. 


moonsoo’s and jeongguk’s bed is a permanent nest. moonsoo had started nesting a bit sooner than the rest of the kids and jeongguk suspects it’s because he misses something… someone. the baby omega needs a safe place and at some point it started to be jeongguk’s safe place too. 


“you smell sad.” yoongi comments while he watches jeongguk strip off his clothes until he’s only wearing underwear. yoongi is his best friend, he is like an older brother, like a protector. the alpha doesn’t need to smell jeongguk to know he’s sad because he knows him. 


“i’m fine.” that’s what jeongguk always says. 


of course, yoongi doesn’t buy it, but he knows better than to push right now when the younger is tipsy and emotional. so he chooses to have a talk tomorrow. 


“d-did he… eat well? what did you cook for dinner? did he brush his teeth?” jeongguk is asking in whispers while laying down on the nest.


“he did, gguk, don’t worry and sleep.” and with that, yoongi disappears from the room. 


jeongguk immediately hugs moonsoo, burying his nose in the baby’s soft hair and breathing his familiar scent mixed with yoongi’s. there’s nothing better than that. 


moonsoo only lets jeongguk and yoongi in his nest, hoseok had tried to sit on the bed once and moonsoo had snapped at him badly, crying and pouting and complaining about how it was his nest and that only appa and hyungie could be there. 


the pup moves in between his father’s arms, complaining in his sleep, but jeongguk hums and shushes him. “i’m here, moonie.” 


“appa?” the pup whispers barely audibly, not even bothering to open his eyes. 


“”yeah, appa is here.” the alpha strokes the omega’s back up and down soothingly while moonsoo scents him until he’s pleased enough to go back to sleep completely pressed against his father. 


jeongguk regrets lots of things, but not this one. 


jeongguk wakes up the next morning with no signs of hangover fortunately, but moonsoo is not in the nest and he panics for a moment because he’s still half asleep. he stands up and searches for some sweatpants to wear. 


when jeongguk steps into the tiny living room, yoongi’s feeding moonsoo, both of them sitting on the floor with their backs pressed to the sofa behind them. 


“i told you not to give moonie froot loops.” jeongguk scolds yoongi, but plops down on the sofa after taking a bowl full of those stupid cereals and eating some. 


“you can’t try to scold me for that if you’re gonna eat them. plus, moonie likes them.” yoongi shrugs, as always not giving a damn about what jeongguk says. he’s the older after all and if jeongguk is moonsoo’s father, yoongi is like the grandfather. 


the younger caresses his baby’s hair from behind and the omega is soon leaning back to search for more contact while still munching on the cereals. “those are all sugar.” 


a long moment passes before yoongi finally talks. 

“i think you should go out on dates.” that seems to catch the pup’s attention, but he doesn’t say anything. moonsoo is not fond of talking much, which worries jeongguk a little. he only talks a bit more when he’s alone with jeongguk or when he gets comfortable with someone. 


“why that so suddenly, hyung?” the younger is already frowning and looking at the older alpha as if he was talking nonsense. the mint hair makes yoongi look younger for some reason, jeongguk misses his black hair but the older has been dying it like that since he was 17. 


yoongi sighs deeply, already tired of the conversation because it’s quite obvious why but he knows it’s necessary. “you need a partner.” 


“i have you. we’re partners in crime.” 


“let me correct myself, you need a lover.” they’re staring at each other now, yoongi is trying to convince jeongguk with his piercing cat eyes. 


it’s a sensitive topic and jeongguk doesn’t like to talk about it. “i don’t want a mate.” 


“first, everyone wants a mate.” yoongi corrects the younger. it hurts him to the core that jeongguk is so closed to the idea of being with someone. everyone needs love and affection. the type of love and affection that nor yoongi or moonsoo can give him. “second, i wasn’t talking about mating, you can’t just mate anyone. i was talking about a girlfriend.” 


jeongguk’s already shaking his head no. “i don’t need that. everything i need is here right now.” 


“i'm not gonna be here forever, gguk.” the older reminds him carefully not to sound too harsh. “tae and i were planning on move in together, probably mate too.”


jeongguk knows, but he prefers not to think about it. “you both can live here.” he shrugs not looking at yoongi anymore. the house wasn’t that tiny in jeongguk’s eyes. it wasn’t even an apartment, it’s a proper house of one floor and a porch and a little yard where moonsoo usually plays. it’s perfect for a family. there are two rooms with their separate bathrooms and the living room is big. it used to be jeongguk’s halmeoni’s house and she gave it in heritage to him. it’s old, but more than enough. the alpha makes sure to make it look cozy. 


and they’ll fit fine. 




“moonie loves tae, so there’s no problem. it’ll be good for him to have an omega in the house.” moonsoo looks up when he hears his name, but doesn’t talk. 


yoongi doesn’t want to go too deep into the topic with moonsoo sitting there with them. “just do it for me… i’ll set you up with someone. just this time, gguk, please.” he pauses. “it’s just a date.” 


jeongguk can see the worry in yoongi’s eyes and it makes him feel bad. a date won’t hurt him… “okay, hyung. just a date.” 


yoongi’s relieved smile is enough for him. 


but jeongguk is suddenly very nervous… 

he’s never had a date before. 


the week passes smoothly. nothing really happens and jeongguk forgets about the date completely. that’s until yoongi texts him. 



i found someone for u   






for the DATE u stupid pup



                                                      i feel attacked 

i breathed



she’s hot, you’ll like her 



i’m not even sure if my dick still works



it worked well enough before 



shut up, don’t even dare to



it’s been ages and i still can’t believe you knotted that girl 









try to regain control of your dick

just in case 



that’s it, i won’t go


jeongguk is used to the teasing. it’s okay. before when it happened, he was afraid and he felt stupid, now it’s just funny. 



he forgets about the date again until friday when taehyung comes home to help him dress up. jeongguk is not even nervous anymore, he’s not planning to go out with the girl ever again, he’s just doing it so yoongi will shut up. 


so his dick is perfectly fine inside his pants. 


taehyung is looking for something in the alpha’s closet, huffing from time to time. “you really wear this clothes?” 




“they’re plain. almost all of them are black.” he’s doing a mess of jeongguk’s closet, so he guesses he’ll have to clean up later. he plops on the bed and lays there. he has no energy for this shit, maybe he should have drunk some coffee. 


“yoongi’s closet is the same.” he argues, curling up in the nest and burying half of his face on the pillow. the alpha is sleepy, he wishes he’d had moonsoo with him to hug him. 


finally, taehyung turns around with a yellow shirt and blue jeans. “these will do.” he comments to himself, smiling happily as if he had found gold. then he realizes jeongguk is dozing off and frowns. “jeongguk. you have to take this date seriously.” 


“hmm.” that’s the only thing jeongguk does, humming with his eyes closed, hugging his son’s pillow. when are yoongi and moonie going to return from the grocery shop? 


“gguk… you’ll need someone when yoongi and i move in together.” tae says in a soft voice, moving nearer to the bed, but not too much. he doesn’t want to have moonsoo snapping at him for his nest. 


“i have moonie.” for jeongguk it’s way more than enough. 


“you wanna know what i think?” the omega carefully asks, but he doesn’t wait for jeongguk’s answer. “i think you’re afraid because you messed up once. you’re always working or taking care of moonie. you try to be as busy as possible so you don’t have to think of anything. and i don’t want you to feel lonely when yoongi is not living here anymore.” 


jeongguk’s throat goes dry. it’s not like that , he wants to say. but instead, being the hyper hormoned alpha he is, he just sits up on the bed and glares at taehyung, his scent spiking up a bit. “and you wanna know what i think? i think you and yoongi are tired of having to deal with me and moonsoo. it’s okay, i get it, but be honest for god’s sake. and really? you both actually think that setting me up a date is gonna fix my life? and what if i don’t like the girl or she doesn’t like me? i go out for a hundred dates until i find the one? do you really think i have the time and energy for that?” 


“jeongguk.” taehyung’s voice sounds pained. he’s a bit taken aback by the alpha’s scent, his body naturally reacting to it. taehyung is usually teasing jeongguk about everything, they’re good friends and they know each other well. but jeongguk is always calm and controlled, composed. he’s never seen jeongguk cry, he’s never seen him mad until now. yoongi is the one who sees those things. 


but the alpha can’t stop, he has to let it all out. “you’re crazy if you think a young unmated omega would want to get involved with an alpha with a kid. they’ll want to have their own children and form their family, not just be the rebound for someone else.” 


so it is that. taehyung would’ve never imagined that jeongguk’s insecurities could be that deep. taehyung still admires him the most, because after everything the alpha still chooses his pup over everyone and everything else and taehyung knows that not every parent does that. but he’s so wrong about everything. taehyung and yoongi love to spend time and take care of moonsoo, for yoongi’s almost like his pup too. and the alpha loves jeongguk with his whole heart, he won’t ever get tired of him, he won’t ever leave him. after all, yoongi had gone through all of it with jeongguk. 


“o-okay… just this one. if you don’t like it, you won’t have to do it again.” taehyung is not afraid of jeongguk, he knows the alpha is as sweet as gummy bears. 


“i’m sorry.” the alpha apologizes when he has calmed down a bit. taehyung knows him well enough to know that the younger is already punishing himself for acting like that. the alpha never using his rank at all, he might as well pass as a beta or even an omega if it wasn’t for the strong scent. 


“it’s okay. i’m glad you let all of that out. and we love you and moonie, don’t dare to think otherwise.” 


jeongguk is finally dressed up and taehyung swears he looks like a whole meal. tae is head over heels for yoongi, but he still has eyes and he hates that such a good alpha like jeongguk is put into waste. 


the alpha is just staring at himself through the mirror and from where taehyung is standing he can see that jeongguk is not happy. “you don’t like the outfit?” 


he shakes his head no. 


“why? i swear to god, your legs look amazing in those jeans and the yellow shirt is cute on you. perfect balance between hot and soft.” taehyung explains. 


jeongguk sighs deeply. everyday when he goes to work the only thing he thinks about is going back home, taking care of moonsoo and cuddle him to sleep. maybe he is depressed. yoongi has told him that before. but he really doesn’t wanna leave home to be with some random omega. he doesn’t even know if moonsoo will take that well. 

he often feels like crying, but he never does. is that depression? 


“how’s the pup doing?” yoongi says when he steps into the room, but he catches quickly the distress on his friend’s scent. “hey… gguk.” yoongi cautiously approaches him patting him on the shoulder. jeongguk’s reaction takes yoongi off guard. the boy hugs the alpha tightly and buries his face on the older’s neck sniffing before scenting his friend. jeongguk doesn’t even remember that taehyung is still there watching. 


yoongi looks at his boyfriend asking him with his eyes what happened for jeongguk to be like that. taehyung just smiles sadly as an answer. yoongi had sometimes let the other alpha scent him when jeongguk is upset or anxious, sometimes even when yoongi had gone out with friends and he smelled like other people. jeongguk had no one to be territorial with apart from yoongi and moonsoo so. but he’s usually really good at keeping his instincts down. 


the older alpha lets jeongguk nuzzle on his neck until their scents are mixed and the boy makes distance, his whole face light red. “sorry.” but he’s looking at taehyung. he knows for fact that taehyung doesn’t care about his boyfriend smelling like jeongguk, he has grow attached to the other alpha’s scent too. 


“it’s okay.” taehyung shrugs and moves closer to them, combing jeongguk’s hair with his long fingers. 


god, jeongguk is embarrassed. 


then someone is knocking on the front door. “oh, that must be hoseok.” the three of them make their way to the living room. yoongi goes to open the door while jeongguk, being the perfectionist he is, makes sure the living room is clean and not the mess it can be sometimes. when he turns around hoseok throws himself at jeongguk, hugging him tightly.


“ggukie!” jeongguk giggles, wrapping his arms around the alpha too. it’s been a while since he saw him last time. hoseok’s red hair tingles his cheek. 


then a foreign scent hits his nose. it smells so much like omega to him, like fresh clean sheets and sweet citrus juice and it makes jeongguk’s mouth salivate a little. 


he wishes he could taste it. 


when hoseok lets go of him, jeongguk can finally see the person behind that delicious scent. his eyes widen at the view. the omega is as short as yoongi and is wearing tight jeans that hug his muscled thighs perfectly and a long sleeved shirt probably two sizes bigger than it should, his hair is platinum blonde and a bit ruffled. he’s smiling with his whole face while he talks to yoongi and taehyung. jeongguk stares. 


until the omega stares back at him. 




“oh, jeongguk, this is jimin.” hoseok says, introducing them. “he’s a friend of yoongi and mine from college.” 


“nice to meet you, jeongguk, hoseok has talked a lot about you.” jimin smiles and he’s about to say something else when moonsoo appears in the living room with sleepy eyes and he runs to his dad who automatically lifts him up in his arms. the little omega hides his face on his father’s neck. 


perfect timing, moonsoo. 


he stops looking at jimin all at once.


“why are you awake, uhm?” he asks to his son, stepping away from all of them. 


“i want to sleep with appa.” the pup says, pouting and his voice sounds like he’s about to cry. maybe he had a nightmare, maybe jeongguk shouldn’t go to that date. 


“hey, moonie.” yoongi whispers carefully stepping closer to them. “you’ll sleep with me today, okay? just for a bit.” yoongi makes grabby hands for the omega to go and hug him instead. 


jeongguk can feel jimin’s eyes on him. it makes him want to hide, he feels embarrassed for what he’s about to do. he doesn’t let go of his pup just yet, the alpha tightens his grip and scents moonsoo until the pup relaxes. he hates all of this date thing the moment he passes moonsoo to yoongi, knowing he has to go. when the older alpha is holding moonsoo, jeongguk kisses the pup’s face all over making him giggle. “i love you.” 


“moonie loves appa too.” 


“appa loves you more, moonie.” 


with a heavy heart, jeongguk goes to the front door after saying goodbye, throwing a quick glance back to where yoongi is holding moonsoo. his eyes wander around the room before stopping on jimin, who’s looking at him too. the omega smiles at him sweetly, jeongguk’s heart stops. 


he leaves for that stupid date with jimin’s scent lingering in his nose. 


the date is… decent at least. the girl is hot, as yoongi commented. she has light brown hair that jeongguk would like to caress because it looks so soft. she’s tall and has long curvy legs. jeongguk would like her if it wasn’t because of her scent. it’s not like he hates it, but it doesn’t smell like clean and fresh. hers is sweet mix of dark chocolate and it has an undertone that jeongguk can't quite distinguish. it makes him angry and a bit upset. 


“you… didn’t like the date, right?” xion asks when they step out of the restaurant. they’re half way through september and it’s starting to get a bit cold. the alpha takes his jacket and carefully places it over the omega’s shoulders. she looks a bit surprised. 


“i liked it. it’s just… i guess i’m distracted.” he’s not able to look at her. how could he say that there’s something about another omega’s scent that’s making his head a mess?


“ah, sorry. you must be thinking of moonsoo. it’s the first time you’ve ever leave him home for a date? yoongi told me that.” 


jeongguk surely has thought of moonsoo a lot during the date, but he’s surprised that it’s not what was distracting him. “y-yeah…” 


“it’s okay.” xion smiles reassuringly. “you have my number, you can call me if you want to have a second date, okay?” 


“hmm.” jeongguk hums as an answer. a second passes. “can i ask you something?” 


xion’s eyebrows raise up. “sure.” 


“why did you… why did you agree to have a date with… a single parent? you’re really pretty, you could have any alpha you wanted.” the alpha is now looking at the girl, waiting for an honest answer. 


xion looks surprised again, but then she chuckles softly. “why wouldn’t i? because you’re a parent? that’s not something bad, jeongguk.” 


“ye-yeah i know, but… it’s a lot. and there’s other alphas with less responsibilities.” he explains, his hands hidden in the pocket of his jeans. 


“honestly? yoongi showed me a photo of you.” jeongguk blushes and looks down to the ground. that makes xion laugh again. “you are so handsome.” it almost sounds like she’s complaining about it. “and yoongi always talks wonders about you.” 


“he was lying.” the alpha blushes even more but giggles. “he was just exaggerating.” 


“no… he wasn’t.” xion looks serious when she says that. “but i know you don’t really like me, and it’s okay. i had a good time, jeongguk. really. you’re probably the sweetest alpha i’ve ever met.”


jeongguk tells her she can keep the jacket because it’s cold. he takes her to her place and they say goodbye. 


he’s sad when he’s alone standing there and xion has already closed the door of her apartment. he feels disappointed with himself, maybe because yoongi and taehyung were insisting so much he had some hope about this night. 


xion is so nice, why can’t he like her? it’s unfair. 


jeongguk returns back home to find hoseok sound asleep on his sofa and a tiny omega sitting on the floor scrolling down his phone. he has sweater paws, jeongguk notices. 


jimin looks up at him the very first moment jeongguk appears into the living room. “hi.” he greets. “how was your date?” 


the alpha blushes and wishes he could punch himself right there. “uhm… it was… okay.” why did yoongi not tell him that hoseok and the omega would be staying home tonight? “why are you there tho?” 


“oh, uhm,” jimin stands up quickly and fidgets with the hem of his long sleeves. “i know i should have asked you before staying here. yoongi-hyung said it was okay, but i should have asked you too. i’m sorry.”


“i meant,” jeongguk blinks. “w-why are you sitting on the floor while hoseok is sprawled on the sofa? what an asshole.” the omega’s scent is everywhere in the room and jeongguk’s body heats up a bit, the thought about tasting it coming back to his head again. he’s never wanted to taste something so bad… of course, he has nothing to compare it to. he’s never wanted anyone like that. not like he wants jimin. he’s not into boys. 


“he was tired, i don’t mind staying up at night.” he explains. “i’m a night owl.” 


the alpha takes some seconds to answer. “lemme make you a bed.” 




“yeah, you have to sleep. wait here.” jeongguk goes to his room, moving carefully to not wake yoongi and moonsoo up. he takes from his wardrobe a spare tatami and a few blankets. also some pillows, they have lots of them because moonsoo loves them for their nest and jeongguk bought too many just in case. he goes back to the living room and places the tatami next to the sofa. jeongguk can physically sense jimin’s eyes on him while he works and it makes his skin feel warm and itchy. he’s building a nest, because he’s used to that with moonsoo. and honestly, jeongguk loves nests too. he places the pillows and blankets strategically. when he’s finished, he looks at jimin searching for approval, totally looking like a pup. 


jimin is looking down at the nest with a panicked face. 


“oh god, you don’t like it? i’m sorry. that was super rude, maybe you wanted to build it yourself.” the alpha begins to panic as well,  talking too quickly.


“no, no. jeongguk, it’s… uhm. i wasn’t expecting you to make a nest. it’s kinda intimate.” jimin makes his way to the nest anyways and lays there, pulling the blankets up to his chin and getting comfy. “i also wasn’t expecting to ever see an alpha making a nest out of nowhere.” he jokes, smiling. ah, what a beautiful smile. it makes him feel a bit better. 


jeongguk laughs nervously. “yeah… i know it’s weird but moonsoo loves to nest so… i learned. i thought you would be more comfortable like that.” 


“thank you, jeongguk.” the omega says rather simply but sounds truthful. 


“no problem…” jimin’s eyes are already closed. maybe the omega was really tired after all. jeongguk can’t help but feel a little pride filling his chest at the sight of jimin sleeping comfortably in the nest he’s built. he’s never felt like that before. it’s weird in a good way, feeling like he’s helped and took care of someone else apart from moonsoo. 


the alpha stares a bit longer before going to his room. yoongi is spooning moonsoo, so jeongguk takes off his clothes and lays on the bed behind the alpha and cuddles him, his nose shamelessly buried in yoongi’s nape. since the older alpha is tiny, jeongguk is able to wrap his arm around his waist and cuddle moonsoo too, resting his hand on the pup’s tummy. 


Chapter Text


jeongguk wakes up, sniffing the air. 


smells like pancakes and banana milkshake. banana milkshakes are his favorites. 


it’s saturday so he would usually stay in bed until it was time to have lunch, but his stomach is painfully empty. he drank a bit last night, not too much tho, he didn’t want to look like an alcoholic in front of xion. he could use a good breakfast. 


he stumbles out of the bed. yoongi is already out and moonsoo is asleep, so the alpha takes the chance to kiss him a bit because his baby is specially cute while sleeping, he puckers out his lips and has his hands curled up in fists against his chest like a tiny fluff ball. 


he finds taehyung and yoongi in the kitchen and on his way there he notices that jimin is still sleeping in the nest. the sight is warm, he’s glad that jimin was able to sleep comfortably. “good morning.” taehyung greets, throwing him a weird glance. 


“morning, taehyungie.” jeongguk greets back. he plops down in one of the chairs and rest his elbows on the kitchen counter. there’s juice, pancakes and the milkshakes. his stomach rumbles loudly. yoongi glances at him. 


“the pup is in a good mood today.” yoongi comments then makes a pause to sip on his coffee. “the date went well?” 


“it… went well.” jeongguk answers sincerely, because the date was pretty good, but not… what jeongguk wants. he wants fresh clean sheets and citrus juice, which is really weird because he was sure he only liked women, but he surely feels attracted to jimin’s scent. if he’s in a good mood it’s because jimin slept nicely in the nest he built. 


“so?” taehyung insists. he’s the type to ask for details. and he’s also the type to give too many details, like that one time when jeongguk asked him how had his date with yoongi been, when the two had started dating, and the omega explained how he wouldn’t want to live ever again without yoongi’s kisses because his lips were the best lips and he tasted like heaven and how only with a few kisses taehyung was wet. jeongguk didn’t want to know any of that. specially the wet part. the alpha learnt not to ask about anything ever again. 


“we didn’t click. she’s pretty and all but… i just don’t like her. her scent was…” he tries to explain but he’s interrupted by taehyung mid sentence. 


“don’t be rude about an omega’s scent. it’s really important for us.” he says as a warning raising his index finger at him. as if he has ever been disrespectful with an omega. 


“it’s not that, she smells really good, like the richest chocolate, fancy. but i…” he sighs, defeated. “i guess i was distracted.” 


“here.” yoongi finally takes pity on him and gives him a plate with two pancakes and a glass full of banana milkshake. jeongguk’s stomach growls at the sight. he loves yoongi’s cooking the mostest. 


“why didn’t you tell me that hoseok and jimin were coming over to sleep?” the alpha asks after a while with his mouth full of food. it tastes delicious so he low key moans and earns a weird glance from taehyung again. 


“it wasn’t the plan but hoseok was tired because he came here straight from work and jimin doesn’t drive so.” yoongi explains shrugging. that makes sense. 


“the poor boy was still awake and sitting on the floor when i came back. he should have slept with tae.” the younger scolds shamelessly while munching on his food. 


“what? in yoongi’s bed? no way.” the omega shakes his head in disbelief. “you want me to go crazy?” 


“so territorial.” jeongguk huffs.


“i let you scent my alpha and also sleep with him, i think i’m not that territorial.” taehyung snaps back at him, a triumphal grin plastered on his lips. they’re always bickering, so jeongguk is not offended. 


yoongi remains quiet and jeongguk blushes.


okay, maybe jeongguk and yoongi are a bit too affectionate. the younger doesn’t remember when it started. he’s known yoongi since forever, but he guesses they got affectionate when jeongguk decided to keep moonsoo. yoongi and him already lived together by that time, but then the older got more touchy. they cuddled a lot, maybe because yoongi knew he was going through a lot. 


“-and it doesn’t matter because jiminie got an alpha making a nest just for him, right?” taehyung keeps teasing, but…jeongguk panics.


so he rambles. “it was too much, i shouldn’t have done it. god, why am i so awkward? why couldn’t i just give him the tatami and go to sleep? he must think i’m a creep, a total weirdo.” jeongguk hides his face behind his hands and groans in frustration. he really doesn’t want jimin thinking badly of him… for some reason. 


jeongguk sees between his fingers how taehyung and yoongi share looks. then they look back at the alpha. jeongguk hates when they do that, they’re not mated yet and still it seems like they can communicate with their minds. it’s probably because they’re bonded. 


“i think it’s cute that you made him a nest.” yoongi says, but jeongguk doesn’t know if he says that to make him feel better or because he really thinks that way. 


“hm.” taehyung hums and then makes a pause, thinking while staring at jeongguk as if he was going to read his mind too. “i think it could have a sexual undertone.” 


“what could have a sexual undertone?” jimin asks innocently appearing out of nowhere and stepping inside the kitchen, he’s barefoot and he tiptoes because the kitchen floor is cold. he doesn’t hesitate before sitting down next to jeongguk who’s about to have a mental breakdown because fucking hell does jimin smell good. and he’s even cuter all sleepy with his face swallow, it should be illegal. the alpha doesn’t know if he wants to baby him or what.  




“the nest.” taehyung says at the same time and jeongguk could cry right now. he’s going to kill taehyung. 


jeongguk clears his throat and faces the omega next to him. “i apologize if that was weird and you thought… of it in that way.  it wasn’t my intention-”


jimin looks very amused by jeongguk’s demeanor, he props his elbow on the kitchen counter and places his hand under his chin to look at the alpha. “you haven’t been with many omegas right?” he asks and it’s obvious that he’s fighting back a laugh. 


jeongguk straightens and freezes. “i– uhm–” he stutters. flashbacks of the only time he’s been with someone rushing through his mind in waves. he used to think about that night a lot, because after all he had liked it, and he liked the girl. but with time he had stopped replaying it. he blushes at the memory of himself in a random room at someone's party, popping a knot because it was his first time and he was very drunk. the girl was close to her heat and he just went a bit wild without being able to control himself. 


“jimin, enough.” yoongi warns him but his voice is soft. “the only omega he’s used to be with is his pup.” 


jeongguk loves yoongi.

he’s always there to save him. 

he probably knows that jeongguk was having flashbacks of vietnam. 


“okay… i’m sorry, i was just playing. you don’t have to apologize, i really liked your gesture. it was kind.” jimin is smiling at him and he sounds genuine, so the alpha breathes again, but the red won´t leave his face and jimin staring at him doesn´t help. “i slept so well…” 



somehow, jimin is again at his house when he comes back from work two days after the nest incident. that´s how jeongguk refers to it in his head. 


jimin is wearing a black hoodie so big that it almost reach his knees making him look even more tiny and jeongguk thinks it must belong to his alpha. the thought upsets him a bit for some reason. he imagines himself sneaking under the hoodie while jimin is still wearing it, he's sure they both can fit inside… 




jimin is already looking back at jeongguk when he comes back to reality. 

“hey, jeonggukie. jimin and i are gonna hang out tonight.” taehyung informs him.

“hmm.” he hums, dropping his bag on the floor and pretending to keep it cool, like he hasn´t been staring at jimin. but he can’t stop thinking about cuddling jimin inside that hoodie, he’d probably bury his nose in the omega’s neck and fall asleep right there. jeongguk only wants cuddles, is not weird. “since when are you two best friends?” he asks while taking off his jacket. both omegas are drinking some shots in the kitchen. “and i told you, you can't drink if moonie is here, i don't want him to see…” maybe the alpha is a bit too protective but… he can’t help it. 


“don´t worry, yoongi is putting him to bed.” the omega explains. jimin just looks to one and another while they talk.


“still, i don't like it.” he sighs because taehyung is already pouring more tequila. he's tired, he doesn't wanna fight taehyung right now.


“relax for a bit, jeongguk, you´re always so stressed.” that upsets him. he´s only been at home for 5 minutes and he´s already felt upset 2 times. he chooses not to say anything, because maybe today is not a good day, and he doesn´t want to have any problem with taehyung. plus, he´s sure the omega could make him cry right now. he´s tired and frustrated as always, but he feels different in some way. 


how is he not going to be stressed? he's a parent, he works, he's lonely. the only good thing about his days is coming back home and hugging moonsoo. 


his chest aches. he just wants to sleep it off. “have fun. gonna sleep.” the alpha announces. 


“aren't you gonna have dinner? you must be hungry…” that's the first time jimin talks and his voice is so kind, so smooth, so full of pity. jeongguk hates it. 


he doesn't even spare him a glance before going to his room. 

“can you please go?” he asks yoongi, who's still cuddling with moonsoo. “i think they're waiting for you.” he tries to not show in his voice how upset he is. he doesn’t even know why he’s feeling like that. 


yoongi knows tho, as always. 

he doesn’t say anything this time, and jeongguk is thankful, because he doesn’t want to talk. but he pats jeongguk’s hair before leaving. 


when jeongguk and moonsoo are alone in the room and cuddling, the alpha feels a bit better. the knot in his stomach loosens up a bit and he can breathe again. the room is a mess of blankets and moonsoo’s toys. the alpha should clean up a bit. maybe tomorrow


“appa.” moonsoo complains, his voice whiny. “appa stinks.” he’s sniffing his dad all over, his face is full of disgust. maybe jeongguk hasn’t been careful with scents at work today. he remembers he has helped his omega co-worker cleaning the restaurant tables today, even if his shift had ended. they had been chatting a bit too but nothing too close. 


“should we take a bath then?” the alpha proposes. moonsoo nods enthusiastically. 


so that’s how they end up in the bathroom. jeongguk fills the bathtub with warm water and makes sure to make it super bubbly for moonsoo, because his pup likes to play with the foam. 


the alpha helps his pup strip off his pajamas and does the same with his clothes. once they’re surrounded by warmth and the salty scent of baby soap, the alpha’s whole body relaxes and he sighs deeply.


he’s about to fall asleep right there and then when he feels moonsoo’s tiny hands pulling the alpha’s fingers to his hair. “appa.” he says, demanding. so jeongguk washes his pup’s hair carefully, massaging the scalp while moonsoo plays with his ducky. that yellow duck is always waiting for moonsoo in their bathroom. 


“appa.” moonsoo breaks the silence again. “taetae has a new friend.” he comments matter of factly. 


“hmm. i know.” 


“he made me pancakes today.” moonsoo keeps explaining. “can we adopt him?” 


“you want to adopt him because he made you pancakes, moonie?” jeongguk can’t help it, he starts giggling. 


moonsoo doesn’t like that. he turns around to look at his dad, full pout on display and brows furrowed. “minie doesn’t have home now.”  


“how would you know that?” jeongguk asks and now is his turn to frown. he is still soaping his pup everywhere. minie? he even has a nickname now? it’s weird because moonsoo doesn’t get attached to anyone so quickly. 


“moonie heard him.” 

next morning when he wakes up, he catches the scent of toasts and juice. moonsoo moves between his arms. jeongguk takes him and stumbles out of bed, not ready to stop hugging him just yet. the little omega hugs him tightly like a baby monkey and buries his face in his dad’s neck, still sound asleep. 


for his surprise is not yoongi who’s cooking, but jimin. did he sleep here again? 


“oh, jeongguk. good morning!” the omega greets him enthusiastically and then gestures him to sit down on the kitchen counter. “i made breakfast.” he comments, already pouring a glass full of orange juice and giving it to the alpha. 


“you didn’t have to make anything…” jeongguk tries to protest in a whisper. 


“i felt bad because you went to bed without having dinner and i think it was my fault.” jimin explains. the omega is straightforward. 


jeongguk doesn’t know what to think. jimin looks so cute right now. and fuck, does jeongguk love the gesture. it’s caring, and the alpha loves being taken care of. “it wasn’t your fault. taehyung and i fight a lot, but i love him anyway.” he shrugs. 


“he says you introduced him to yoongi.” jimin sits in front of him after giving him a plate with toasts. the alpha has to look at him, his fringe falling messily on his forehead, bed-kissed. 


“yeh. they’re my two best friends, i’ve known yoongi for longer tho. where are they by the way?” jeongguk mounches on his toast. moonsoo is still asleep in his arms, so he’s careful with every movement. 


“i don’t know, when i woke up they were gone.” he makes a pause then laughs softly. “i hope they’re not having a quickie somewhere.” the last part is a barely audible whisper, jimin even leans forward on the kitchen counter so the alpha is able to hear him, there’s a smirk playing on his lips. 


jeongguk blushes hard, feeling hot all over. what’s wrong with him? he can’t even talk about sex now? maybe he’s slowly but surely going back to being a virgin. or maybe it’s the fact that is jimin who he’s talking with. jimin. hot cute jimin. isn’t it illegal? to be hot and cute at the same time? he shouldn’t be thinking that jimin is hot, but damn, jeongguk has eyes and jimin is fit and curvy and...


he drinks his glass of juice in one go, hoping it will cool him down a bit. it doesn’t. “they don’t do that type of stuff…” 


jimin’s fucking smirk goes wide then. “everyone does that type of stuff, jeonggukie.” 


“so i guess you do a lot of that with your alpha.” why. has. he. said. THAT. 


“why are you assuming i have an alpha? and why are you assuming i’m into alphas?” the omega tilts his head to the side, exposing his long thick neck. jeongguk would love to kiss it. no, he would love to nibble it. 


“don’t you have one?” he shrugs, trying to appear calm. 




oh, ouch


no, not ouch. 


“that’s cool.” jeongguk drops his gaze to the toast in his plate and plays with it between his fingers. “wouldn’t he be upset about you staying in a house full of unmated alphas?” 


“he’s not the jealous type. plus, he knows you and yoongi are no menace.” 


jeongguk just nods. of course, yoongi loves taehyung more than anything and jeongguk is just jeongguk, not a menace at all. no one would be really interested in him anyway. his mood drops considerably. 


“but… why don’t you live with him?” the alpha regains some courage to be able to look at jimin and when he does, the omega’s expression is soft. everything about jimin seems to be soft, except for his gaze sometimes, it can be so sharp and piercing. his eyes have something. 


“it’s not that easy, i guess.” jimin doesn’t look upset about it tho. 


jeongguk breathes in, deeply. then exhales. “well, you can stay here as long as you need. moonie likes you.” moonsoo liking jimin is a quality guaranteed certificate anyway, so. 


“really?” jimin’s eyebrows rise up.


“yeah. i mean, yoongi and taehyung are moving in together so there’s gonna be an empty room-“


“nono, i meant, moonie likes me?” jimin is looking at him now with pup eyes and jeongguk’s heart melts a bit. he nods. “i’m glad. he’s so cute.” now he’s smiling with all of his face, his eyes disappear. “but are you sure about the living here part? we barely know each other. and i don’t have much money now.” 


“it’s okay. you can pay me by babysitting. but you should talk to your alpha first.” 


“oh jeonggukie, you’re so well behaved.” the omega says in a mocking way. 


we found an apartment!



that was fast,,



i know, but we really want to do this 






don’t be sad, pup

you knew it was gonna happen



i’m not sad

i’m happy for u







if u r happy 

then i’m happy



that’s sappy 

but thank you

it means a lot 



i’m gonna miss u



i’m gonna miss you 2, gukkie

but you know i’ll be there most of the time with you

nothing’s gonna change

you still have me, okay?



okay, ig,,,

thnk youufor staying with me, hyunggg



don’t even try to thank me, pup

i do it gladly



shut up, and lemme say this okay?

i need to take it off my chest






thank you for staying with me, even if you didn’t have to, even when things got hard

thank you for taking care of moonie and for loving him almost as much as i do

i love you lots, yk? 





g0d, i’m embarrasEd 



istg, you’re the cutest pup




one more hour and he can eat. jeongguk is starving, his stomach is painfully empty. he had run late this morning to work, because today he’s doing two shifts instead of one in the afternoon. he hadn’t had time for breakfast. and he’s also… nervous. today was moonsoo first day of school. he’s younger than the rest of the babies because he was born in december. jeongguk hates that he hasn’t been able to drop his baby at school, but he’s glad that taehyung could do it. 


still… there’s something off. he should have scented moonsoo before school, he should have given him lots of kisses and he should have encouraged him to make friends today and to have fun. 


he’s been a lot more stressed recently. yoongi and taehyung had found a new apartment and they’re already moving in together. seeing yoongi’s bedroom empty and full of boxes makes his heart cry. and having to let moonsoo go to school isn’t helping. he has read about it, how parents are even more sad to let their pups in school… well, that’s what happened to most of omegas, they wouldn’t want to let go of their pups. 


maybe he needs to reconnect with his alpha side? not that he really likes that part of his biology. but he’s only had one rut in his life. maybe that’s unhealthy and his biological system thinks he’s becoming an omega. he read about a similar case once somewhere. 


maybe he just reads stupid stuff on the internet and tends to overthink. he’s never even cared about ranks that much. but he knows the connection an omega has with their pup is the strongest. sometimes jeongguk had wondered how would he feel now with moonsoo if he had been an omega, if he had gotten pregnant. he thinks weird shit. jeongguk also tends to think they broke social conventions, alphas can be great single parents. 


jeongguk is about to eat the first spoon of his kimchi fried rice when his phone rings, he doesn’t recognize the number but he picks it up anyway. 




“is this jeon jeongguk?” 


“yeah, it’s me. who am i talking to?” 


“this is jag-eun holang-i school in seoul.” 


jeongguk’s heart stops all of a sudden at the recognition of moonsoo’s school name, little tiger school. he stands up from where he was sitting. he feels cold all of a sudden. 


“mister jeon, we called to inform you that an incident has occurred at class with his son, jeon moonsoo. we took him to the hospital and he’s being taken care of right now-“


panic floods through the alpha’s whole body and he can’t see anything, he can’t move, he can’t breathe. this must be a nightmare. 




“seoul national hospital.”


jeongguk hangs up and stumbles out of the tiny service room where he was eating. he can hear his coworkers’ voices calling after him as he goes outside of the building. cold air hits his face but the sick feeling won’t leave his stomach. 


the alpha takes his phone again, typing with shaky fingers. 




national hospital



it only takes a few seconds for yoongi to reply. 



im omw

jeongguk runs. he’s never run that fast in his life. he runs until he can barely feel his legs, he just moves automatically. the restaurant he works in is near seoul hospital, only a few blocks away but he has to go through crowded streets. 


the alpha pushes people away when he passes by and trips a few times. 


i’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m sorry… 


that’s the only thing echoing inside his head. 


he should have taken moonsoo to school that morning, he should have tried harder, he shouldn’t have taken that extra shift. 


once he reaches the hospital, he goes straight to the receptionist and asks for moonsoo. the woman asks him if he’s a relative and the alpha says he’s his dad. she seems surprised, probably because the alpha still looks like a teenager. 


he sprints to his hospital room, but the doctor is already outside with moonsoo, yoongi and taehyung are there and… jimin. he can’t think about that now tho. how did they get there so fast? jeongguk is sure he ran for 10 minutes, but yoongi drives. 


moonsoo… his little eye is dark and swollen, there’s a few stitches in his cheekbone right underneath his eye. jeongguk doesn’t even realize he’s crying until he’s kneeling in front of his pup and sobbing uncontrollably. moonsoo’s face is full of worry. jeongguk wants to say he’s fine, but he isn’t. 


“appa?” the omega throws himself into his dad’s arms and hugs him tightly. “don’t cry, appa.” 


jeongguk cries even louder, he can’t help it. he’s totally a cry baby. he was so scared. suddenly the alpha feels gentle hands caressing his hair and then someone is taking moonsoo and his heart breaks right there and then. “n-no..” 


“it’s okay, pup. i have moonie.” it’s yoongi’s voice. somehow it makes him even sadder, tears his chest apart, takes the breath away off his lungs. he wants yoongi to take care of him, he wants him to keep living with them, to be the one in charge. jeongguk is so selfish. 


someone is helping him to stand up. his vision is blurry with tears. “i’m doctor lee. let me help you.” the doctor takes him inside the room assigned to moonsoo and makes him sit somewhere, but that doesn’t last long. 


“i—“ jeongguk stands up quickly and runs with jelly legs to the bathroom and kneels in front of the toilet. two seconds and he’s throwing up the only thing in his stomach: bilis. he’s trembling slightly, the nausea persistent and making his whole body shake with disgust. the alpha is gripping the toilet as if his entire life depended on it. he feels so sick. 


“hey… shhh. i’m here.” taehyung whispers, stroking his back up and down. jeongguk again feels selfish, because he wishes it was yoongi there with him. the older’s scent would calm him down. 


“w-why would anyone hurt moonie? why?” jeongguk asks to himself because he doesn’t understand anything. he can’t puke anymore, but the tears and snot won’t stop rolling down his face and nose. they’re all assuming someone punched moonsoo, because it looks like it. 


“i don’t… i don’t know, ggukie. it must have been some troublemaker kiddo.” taehyung says while wiping off his face and helps him get to his feet. taehyung cleans him up carefully, looking at him like his own heart is broken too. “let’s talk to doctor lee and go home, okay?” 


jeongguk and moonsoo will be going home, taehyung and yoongi won’t. 


when they make their way back to the room, the doctor talks carefully as if he was making sure that jeongguk has calmed down. “apparently some of his classmates found out that moonsoo only has one parent, the teacher already told me she’s going to punish the responsibles.” 

so someone had harassed moonsoo because he has no mom.


jeongguk can only look down, feeling guilty. it’s not his fault, he knows… but it isn’t his fault? he would have never imagined that some kids were going to bully moonsoo for that. he knows someone’s missing, someone who’s never been there. there’s an empty place in his heart for that person and the alpha wonders if moonsoo feels the same. he hopes it’s just him. 


“it’s… really uncommon to see an unmated alpha with a pup these days. kids can be cruel sometimes.” the doctor keeps talking. jeongguk knows, but he hates that everyone is determined to remind him of that, because it shouldn’t be like that. he should be enough. 


“he only pushed me, but i fell face first on a table, appa.” moonsoo talks then, he sounds as if he isn’t even a bit upset about it. it makes jeongguk feel even worse because his pup is too good. “don’t be mad, appa.” 


the alpha sighs deeply, defeated, tired, sick. “i’m gonna talk with his parents either way, moonie.” his voice comes out broken and weird from all the crying and the effort it took him to puke. 


moonsoo nods, then makes grabby hands to his dad, who automatically stands up from the bed he was sitting on to take him. his body aches with every movement, exhaustion catching up on him. 


“jeongguk.” doctor lee calls him when they’re about to leave after they’ve taken the medicines for moonsoo. the man is a beta, jeongguk notices for the first time because there’s not a strong scent coming from him, his face is wrinkled by age and his hair is completely white. he reminds the alpha of his grandpa. “i think you should make an appointment to come and see me.” the alpha glances at yoongi, who looks at him with sadness written all over his face before nodding encouragingly. “it’s really amazing what you’re doing, being a single parent, but you look really worn out. maybe you should take some vitamins. when was your last rut?” 


jeongguk blushes bright red, because everyone’s attention is on him. he knows he shouldn’t feel embarrassed about his biological needs and all of that, but god, jimin is there. he’s about to shake his head no, when yoongi answers instead of him. “he’s only had one.” 


the younger alpha throws the older one a killing look. he wants to die right there. 


“you’re about 22, you should have had some ruts by now considering you hang out with omegas. their heats must have affected you.” the doctor explains. 


“taehyung is not an omega for me.” jeongguk says, panicking. 


“hey!” the omega protests. jimin giggles next to him. at least someone’s having fun. “i’m fucking attractive and i smell like heaven.” 


“you’re yoongi’s! that’s what i meant, jeez!” he complains and moonsoo starts laughing too. yoongi seems amused too, he even has the audacity to chuckle. 


“we’ll talk about that when you come to see me okay? from now on also try to eat healthy.” jeongguk nods enthusiastically, trying to erase from his memory the conversation that had just taken place. 

apparently this is going to be jimin’s first night living with them because the omega had insisted about staying with jeongguk. yoongi and taehyung drop them and then they leave saying something like ‘we have to try out the new apartment.’ that has clear dirty connotations when jeongguk assures them that everything’s okay now.


“so, you heard the doctor, you gotta eat, gukkie.” 

jimin says as soon as they go inside of the house. he doesn’t wait for an answer, the omega just starts taking stuff off the fridge. jeongguk doesn’t want to remember about the conversation with doctor lee, because it means that jimin has ears and that he heard about jeongguk’s ruts. maybe it’s silly but he thinks jimin won’t find that too appealing. 


“lemme bath moonsoo first.” the alpha says and before jimin is able to say anything he takes his pup to the bathroom. 


jeongguk carefully takes off the omega’s clothes and inspects his swollen eye. “hey, puppy. can you see with your eye?” he raises his right hand and very softly caresses the wound. moonsoo can barely open his eye, but at least the alpha knows the medicine is doing its job taking the pain away, because moonsoo doesn’t flinch when his dad touches the purple bruise. 


he shakes his head no. “only a bit.” 


“hmm.” jeongguk hums, trying to control his emotions as best as he can. “you’re not going to school tomorrow, okay? you’re staying with me.” 


moonsoo doesn’t say anything, but jeongguk knows the pup is relieved. maybe he isn’t upset about the whole accident, but he prefers staying home. he can feel it. 


the alpha takes off his uniform too and quickly cleans himself up before doing the same with moonsoo. he makes a mental note: call boss to ask for some days off + clean uniform. he had run all the way to the hospital still wearing his work clothes, they’re soaked in sweat. “are you tired?” 


moonsoo nods. “and hungry.” 


“okay. let’s be quick then.” jeongguk helps the pup wear his favorite pajamas, ones with spiderman draws in it. “we’ll watch a film today, you can choose. but you’ll have to watch it with one eye, uhm?” 


“spiderman!” moonsoo quickly replies, excited even if they’ve watched it a hundred times. one day they watched it three times in a row. yoongi almost jumped out of the window and threatened to take the laptop with him. 


that’s how they all end up watching spiderman into the spiderverse and eating udon, which by the way is fucking delicious. he’s glad that jimin knows how to cook, because jeongguk doesn’t know shit. when the alpha carefully glances over at jimin, the omega seems to be even more focused on the film than moonsoo. the alpha can’t stop thinking it’s too cute. he’s glad that jimin is there with them too, jeongguk doesn’t like being alone. 


“did you like the udon?” jimin asks suddenly, catching jeongguk’s attention again when the alpha finishes his food and drops the chopsticks. everything about jimin screams ‘look at me, i’m gorgeous.’ and that makes his whole body tingle.


the alpha nods. “thank you. you have cooking skills. it was really tasty.” 


“what about you, moonie? did you like it?” jimin pecks over jeongguk to look at the pup who smiles while nodding eagerly, his cheeks are stuffed with food making his tiny face look round and chubby.


jimin chuckles, his eyes disappear. “i’ll cook often so you two can eat well.” 


“sounds nice.” it sounds more than nice. having jimin taking care of him is like living in heaven, and jimin must be an angel—


he has an alpha. he has to remind himself.


oh, that. 


“but…” jimin keeps talking, playing with the hem of his sleeve, maybe that’s an habit. “can i ask you something?”


“yes, of course.” 


“can you make me a nest? in my room?” jimin is not looking at him and jeongguk can smell the distress in his scent. no, not distress, more like nervousness. it makes the citrous part stand out more than the fresh part of his scent. “i mean, if it’s okay with you.” the alpha is about to open his mouth to talk when jimin continues. “i know it sounds silly, but i liked it the first night i spent here. it made me feel at home. i don’t really like sleeping alone and… i thought, i don’t know. i can do it myself of course. it was stupid to ask.” he’s shaking his head no to himself, eyes closed and tiny hands covering his face so jeongguk won’t be able to see him. 


the alpha could die right there. jimin liked it that much. a weird sense of pride fills his chest just like that night. “h-hey… don’t worry. i’ll do it gladly.” 


jimin finally breathes, but keeps his face hidden when he says “thank you, ggukie.” 


during the rest of the film, jeongguk sits on the sofa rigidly, too conscious of jimin’s body not so far from his, too conscious of his presence. and when jimin laughs in a concrete part of the movie, the alpha notices for the first time that he has a crooked tooth. what should be a flaw only makes jeongguk more attracted to him and he wants to ask why is it crooked and maybe the omega would tell him a childhood story about him tripping over while riding his bike and falling face first or maybe playing baseball, who knows.

“say good night to jimin, moonie.” the alpha is carrying a half asleep moonsoo in his arms.


“goonight—“ moonsoo yawns half sentence, scrunching up his nose with watery eyes. “—minie.” 


“good night, honey. sleep tight.” jimin caresses moonsoo’s back a couple of times before heading to his new room. 


jeongguk takes moonsoo to bed, tucking him in the mess of blankets that is their nest. “wait for me here, i’m gonna help jimin with something, okay?” 


“are you gonna kiss him goonight, appa?” moonsoo, that pup, is smiling knowingly. 


“oh my- why do you say such a thing?” the alpha asks sitting on the end of the bed, his face is redder than tomatoes. moonsoo is way too smart.


“because you always kiss me goonight, appa” 

the alpha sighs, closing his room’s door behind him. how would it feel? kissing jimin? it’s been so long since he’s kissed anyone, he doesn’t even remember about it. the only thing he knows is that he’s never seen someone with such a beautiful lips. it’s stupid how plump they’re. 


with his face burning, jeongguk makes his way to the omega’s room, knocking before going inside. 


jimin’s already wearing his pajamas… or at least jeongguk thinks he is, because that pajama only consists of the same oversized hoodie jeongguk saw him wearing not long ago. 


his legs are there. the hoodie reaches to his knees but still that’s enough to mess up with jeongguk’s head. he feels hot all over and—


maybe they need some house rules. like ‘you won’t walk around half naked’ for example. jeongguk can’t help to think that maybe jimin is a bit too comfortable living with an alpha.


but what affects him the most is the fact that the omega is wearing glasses. big black squared glasses. they look good on him. 


“hey gukkie, i was reading some webtoons, lemme…” he doesn’t finish the sentence, he just clears the bed from all the stuff there, clothes and his laptop. there’s only the light from a cute heart shaped lamp that must belong to jimin because yoongi would never own something like that, but the alpha likes it. he should remind yoongi to take the last boxes to the new apartment so jimin can settle in, even if the omega has only brought a few items.


i love reading webtoons, he wants to say. but it’s been long since he’s read any. 


“uh-uhm… what do you want me to use for the nest?” the alpha asks still standing near the door. 


“i have, uh, those plushies.” the omega points at them with his index finger. a box of plushies and books. there’s a lot of books and mangas. “and i-mhm. i also have a couple of blankets and that big pillow.” the alpha glances over at said pillow and… the pillowcase has a big draw of an anime character that strikes as familiar to jeongguk but he doesn’t remember right now. 


oh, god. jimin is an otaku? 


there’s not a lot to work with, and if it was jeongguk he would rearrange the whole room so the bed would be under the window, but jimin liked it the first time even if it was simple. it made him feel comfy and that’s what the alpha wants. “okay.” 


he starts to pick stuff and place it on the bed, trying to find the best position for each item. at the end the bed is surrounded by plushies whilst the blankets are wrinkled up and fluffy. “do you want any clothes for the nest too?” he asks then because the nest lacks scent, which is an important thing. “something of your alpha? that hoodie?” 


jeongguk could swear that jimin blushes a bit then. “i don’t have any clothes of him… mhm how about your t-shirt?” he smiles then, but it’s almost a smirk. 


“you want my t-shirt?” the alpha asks incredulously. jimin nods a bit too quickly. “are you sure? my scent… is hm– not that good.”


“your scent is perfectly fine.” jimin reassures him. “it smells like rainy days and bonfire. and baby soap.” 


jeongguk hesitates, mostly because he’s embarrassed about having to take off his shirt. and also because it’s a really old dodgers t-shirt yoongi gave him. they always watch the matches together. 


fuck it.  


he takes off the piece of clothing making sure to rub it against his scent glands a bit in the process. if the omega notices, he doesn’t say anything. thank god. 


jeongguk places it on top of the pillow because… jimin will have his face there. he will be able to smell jeongguk all night. and maybe jeongguk will have his t-shirt back soaked in fresh citrus. 


he knows he shouldn’t be thinking like that, he’s conscious about it being a possessive type of behavior but he can’t help it. maybe he’ll tell doctor lee about it so he can give him some pills or whatever. 


jimin eyes him up and down a couple of times, then bites his lip. here it is, mister crooked tooth.


“well, uhm, gotta go to sleep.” the alpha awkwardly says, rubbing the back of his neck.


“sleep tight and… thank you again, this means a lot.” the omega curls up in the middle of the nest and when jeongguk is about to say a ‘no problem’ he catches jimin nuzzling his shirt. 

that night jeongguk dreams about rainy days reading with a certain omega next to him on the sofa and lazy make out sessions and crooked teeth sinking in his lower lip. 


he’s fucked.

Chapter Text



how is living w jimin?



it’s hell




is he idk 

messy or what?


not worse than u

but im dying 





wait, i think tae will help better


[tigertae was added]



whaddup babies



jeonggukie says he’s dying



kay, u have my attention

what’s the problem homie



i think im fucked



can you elaborate?



jimin is messing up w my head






yeh, (⊙v⊙)

sorry, *(⊙o⊙)









so you like jimin?



ofc he likes him!



but that’s great news



but he’s gay panicking



oh, that

well, kid, it’s okey

nothing’s gonna change bc you like boys now

so chillax



the real question is how do u seduce him



i think he died








he’s never said anything about that



how is that even possible 

u r friends w him





[yourhope was added]




why are u adding every1



it was about time to make a friends gc



we need help 



has jimin ever mentioned to u that he had an alpha?



no, never

i know he has alpha friends, not only yoongi and i

but he has no boyfriend



ah, so he’s into boys too



ofc, he’s into boys jeongguk for fuck’s sake



it’s pretty obvious

first day of class i caught him checking hobie out



wait whAt 

that’s premium info 

why didn’t i know that


if i’d known that before we would be dating now for sure





[jk left the chat]


[jk was added]



hobie, jeongguk likes jimin

don’t say stuff like that



oh FUCK i'm sorry gguk

i was joking 

yk i'm into girls



didn’t u suck that dude’s dick at that party a while ago



he was experimenting



yeh, what yoongi said 



anygays, since apparently i'm the only one here 

with common sense, i’ll come up w a plan so ggukie can seduce jimin



he told me he has an alpha

im not doing anything

i’d feel bad




i thought u wanted to get that ass


[jk left the chat]



can you pick up your damn phone 



don’t make this even more difficult

we need to talk

you can’t leave like that 

tell me at least where the hell are you

who are you staying with?



stop texting me






don’t even try to baby me



who are you with 



stop being possessive over me 

go knot ur omega and leave me the fuck alone




please, let’s talk 


[mochi blocked knothead]

jeongguk has left moonsoo at home with jimin. 

this is the omega’s first time babysitting moonsoo and he would be lying if he said he’s not tempted to call taehyung and ask him to come over and help. 


jimin doesn’t know why the hell is he so anxious, moonsoo is just a pup, not scary at all and actually very sweet. and jimin likes kids, he’s somehow good at taking care of them. back at home he used to babysit a lot. because that’s how it is in packs, out of the blue, there’s at least 5 newborn pups and they help each other in packs, they’re like big families. 


jimin doesn’t miss it one bit. 


so maybe he’s nervous about babysitting moonsoo because he’s jeongguk’s son. 

the alpha has been nothing but kind to him even without knowing him at all. jeongguk hasn’t even made questions about why he was looking for a place to stay, hasn’t asked anymore about his supposed alpha boyfriend ever since that morning. 


and jimin… well, he wishes jeongguk would ask. it would give him the chance to tell someone how he feels, why he ran away from his pack.


but the alpha is so respectful and discrete. 

it makes jimin feel valued, like his privacy and his feelings are important, contrary of what he felt back at the pack. 


he knows it was his fault, but still, namjoon was his friend. the omega can’t understand how did they end up in that messed up situation. 


“are you talking to appa?” moonsoo asks without looking at jimin. the little omega is focused on trying to paint in a coloring book with a red pencil. it’s a spiderman coloring book. moonsoo loves spiderman and jimin is sure that at the end he’ll love spiderman as well.


jimin blocks namjoon’s number and leaves his phone on top of the coffee table. he feels strangely better after doing it, like his bond with namjoon is dying faster than he thought. “no, i’m not talking to appa— i mean, jeongguk.” he corrects himself because calling the alpha appa is weird and he can’t believe it yet, that jeongguk is a parent. 


and a good one. 


“you think appa will be mad if i tell him i like someone?” moonsoo’s question catches jimin off guard. he has stopped coloring to look at the omega with concerned eyes. 


in that exact moment jimin realizes how much moonsoo and jeongguk look alike when they make puppy eyes. moonsoo is like a tiny copy of the alpha, but with wavy hair and some freckles. 

moonsoo also looks like the younger and less tired version of jeongguk. it’s like seeing two different moments of someone’s life at the same time. 


jimin sits down on the floor next to the pup and takes a black pencil to help moonsoo with his drawing. “why would he be mad?” 


“mhm.” moonsoo hums with pouty lips and stays silent for some long seconds before talking again. “i like the boy who pushed me.” the pup confesses, still pouting. “i don’t want appa to be mad at him.” 


jimin looks at moonsoo as if trying to check that confession is true. but why would moonsoo lie? 


“he’s not mad at him, i think he only got scared because he thought something really bad had happened to you.” they were all scared, yoongi was on the verge of panicking and taehyung had to drive them to the hospital. but jimin was surprised when he saw how quickly yoongi’s behavior changed from a terrified one to a calm and mature one the moment they arrived and saw moonsoo. it makes jimin think that yoongi will be a great parent. he’s been parent until now after all.


“it w-was an accident…” moonsoo’s voice trembles a little and jimin knows what that means. 


the omega glances at the pup and finds watery eyes and an intensified pout. he’s not painting anymore, the spiderman drawing long forgotten. 


“moonie.” as soon as he calls him, the little omega is crawling up to his lap and hugging him, chubby arms circling his neck and little nose buried behind jimin’s ear, right in his scent gland. 


jimin freezes on the spot for a moment before being able to react. he hugs moonsoo while gently stroking and patting his back in an attempt to comfort him. 


“i-i didn’t... want appa to f-feel bad.” moonsoo’s voice is a muffled whisper while he tries to take a whiff of jimin’s scent. the omega lets him

do as he pleases, even if none of the pups he’s babysitted has ever done anything like this. pups are only comforted by his parents’ scents, but jimin remembers taehyung saying something about moonsoo liking yoongi’s scent, so maybe it’s the same with him. 


“moonie, it’s okay. it wasn’t your fault. your appa would probably be worried even if you’re attacked by a butterfly.” jimin tries to joke and moonsoo giggles softly and hugs him tighter, the little omega’s laugh vibrating against the older’s chest. 


“don’t tell him that i like someone, please.” the pup makes distance just to look at jimin’s face. he places his tiny hands on jimin’s cheeks as if he was trying to be more serious. it’s only cuter. 


“i won’t tell him. it’ll be our secret.” jimin says to set him at ease. 


“promise with your nose.” moonsoo demands.


“what? how?” he asks, but moonsoo quickly moves to give him a eskimo kiss. jimin smiles with his whole face. “that’s how you and jeongguk make promises?” 


“of course! how else?” 

jeongguk doesn’t know what he was expecting, but he surely wasn’t expecting this. 


instead of a big alpha and their partner angry and waiting for answers in the headmaster’s office, he finds a mom, an omega to be exact. 


a pretty omega. 


she’s about 30? probably less. she’s short and curvy. she looks really good in the work clothes she’s wearing, a pencil black skirt and a pale blue shirt. her blonde hair is tied up in a messy high bun, there are long wavy locks falling down her face. she’s not wearing makeup. 


“thank you for coming.” the headmaster says. “as you know, there has been a problem between your kids.” 


jeongguk was ready to fight, because someone has hurt his baby, but honestly, he doubts he can do that considering the omega sitting next to him. she smells like lilacs, jeongguk notices. 


“how is moonsoo?” the question is so sudden. jeongguk turns around to look at her and blinks. “i’m sorry, that was rude. i’m nell, i’m benjamin’s mother.” 


the accent is strong, she must be british. “u-uh, i'm jeongguk.” he awkwardly introduces himself. 


“nice to meet you, jeongguk.” the omega shakes jeongguk’s hand softly. her skin is soft. “i really hope moonsoo is okay, i can’t express how sorry i am for my son’s behavior.” she sounds so concerned, the alpha is surprised. 


“benjamin is a good pup, he has never given any problem to us in school.” the headmaster’s explains. 


“he’s acting weird lately.” nell says, looking down to her joined hands on her lap. “his father and i are getting divorced, but he refuses to accept it. his dad has already moved out of our home.” she confesses, her cheeks are tinted with pink. she shouldn’t feel embarrassed because of that, jeongguk thinks. 


“her teacher told me everything happened because benjamin found out that moonsoo only has one parent.” the headmaster says. “i think it would be great if we could show him somehow that there’s nothing wrong with that.” 


“he can come to my place and play with moonsoo and i.” jeongguk says before even thinking about it. “i mean, if you want. maybe if he sees that we’re okay like that, he can accept the situation better.” the alpha shrugs. 


“moonsoo will be fine doing that?” nell is staring at him with shiny pleading eyes. 


“he’s not even mad. he was more worried about me being mad with benjamin.” he sighs. “i think this will really help your son.” 


“then it’s settled.” the headmaster says happily. 

“wait! please? jeongguk!” the alpha stops his tracks all at once when he hears the omega calling and the sound of high heels crashing against the marble floor of the school’s hall.


jeongguk turns around to see her. “did something happen?” 


“no! no. i just—“ she stops in front of jeongguk and smiles widely. “i just wanted to thank you. you were way too kind.” 


“you don’t need to thank me.” jeongguk scratches his nape and looks everywhere but at nell’s unbuttoned shirt. her collarbones shine under the fluorescent lights. “i lowkey wanna prove that it’s alright to… being a single parent.” 


“i feel like i have a lot to learn from you.” she tilts her head a little while watching him. “you’re definitely something else.” 


“thank you?” the alpha giggles. 


the omega gives him her phone. “save your number so we can hang out with our pups.” she says, still smiling brightly. 


jeongguk does as he’s told. “text me anytime. i work part time every afternoon except fridays.” 


“great. i’ll text you soon.” she promises. then nell waves at him and jeongguk watches as she goes to her car and drives away. 


that was a weird experience. but nell is lovely.




hey jimin 



hi hyung



did jeongguk get home already?



not yet 




he’s not picking up his phone

i wanted to tell him to come over tonight 



oh, i’ll tell him, dw



you’re coming too






don’t even try to argue with me 




( ̄^ ̄)ゞ




since when do u have a boyfriend



what the hell



jeongguk told me

i can’t believe u didn’t tell me

i feel betrayed

have i ever been a bad hyung?

i thought you trusted me 




stop the drama hyung 

i didn’t tell u bc it wasn’t important

and i’m single again so



oh really? 

that’s good to know









don’t use fuckin emoticons 

it’s weird when u do it






fuck u



control ur damn boyfriend 

he’s being creepy af



oh is he?

( ̄◇ ̄;)






stop being so obvious



sToP bEiNg So ObViOus 



do that one (1) more time 

and we’re dOnE



but i’m not obvious 

i just asked jimin about his bf



you need to learn to do things smoothly 



doesn’t matter 

jimin is single now



finally good news 

when they come home tonight 

try to be smooth

jeongguk is already too shy

if you do smt to make jimin suspect anything 

he’ll die of a heart attack 

we don’t want that

they’ll naturally fall together 

you’ll see 



what if it doesn’t go naturally 

jeongguk is… jeongguk 



it’ll go well

i have a feeling

and if not, i’ll help them a little




you’re scary sometimes 



but u love me



wait a min

you and jeongguk talk about me?








jeongguk has managed to make an appointment with doctor lee for tomorrow morning after the meeting with nell. he’s feeling kind of anxious about seeing doctor lee again. the beta had guessed something was wrong with him just by looking at him. it makes the alpha think that maybe there is something wrong. and he’s also a bit worried because what if living with jimin actually affects him? 


he has some missing calls from yoongi and jimin has texted him saying that yoongi has invited them over, so the alpha has stopped by the grocery store to buy something to drink tonight. he’s in the mood to drink, maybe that way he’ll stop thinking about jimin, which seems unlikely considering that the omega is going to be there as well but.


he wonders if moonsoo is having a good time with jimin. 


the alpha is in his world thinking about random stuff with his headphones on and the music loud. 

he has this feeling like jimin probably sings so well, his voice is high but it gets lower depending on what he’s talking about. 


jeongguk sighs to himself. 


he’s staring at the alcohol stand trying to choose a drink. he and yoongi are suckers for whiskey, taehyung loves tequila tho. and jimin… he doesn’t know. 


oh, he almost forgets. “shit.” he takes his phone and dials his dad’s number. the alpha waits patiently for his dad to pick up. “abeoji.” he greets while taking whiskey, tequila and soju because everyone likes soju. 


“hey, kiddo. how are you doing?” he can hear his dad smiling from the other side. 


“i’m doing fine. mhmm.” he hums trying to pick up a bottle of coke. he’s holding his phone between his shoulder and his cheek. “i need a favor. can you come and stay with moonsoo tonight? just for a few hours, i promise. yoongi—“ he’s cut mid sentence by a big alpha walking by and pushing him with his shoulder. he almost drops all of the bottles, thank god he only drops the coke. he almost makes a big mess.


“i’m so sorry.” the alpha says, squatting down and taking the coke to give it back to jeongguk. “i wasn’t looking where i was going, i was following…” he makes a pause. “doesn’t matter.” 


jeongguk takes a moment to look at the guy. he’s taller than him and a bit broader. but his scent is what tells jeongguk to stay away. it’s too strong for jeongguk’s sensitive nose and he’s always been picky with scents anyway. the other alpha smells like… wild. jeongguk doesn’t know how to describe it and that makes him anxious. alphas aren't supposed to like other alpha's scents but he and yoongi prove that's more than possible. well, them and alpha couples but those are rare to see. not that jeongguk is comparing his relationship with yoongi with a romantic thing, not at all. 


the way the guy is looking back at him doesn’t help. it's intense, like he is trying to look right through him, it makes him want to make himself look tiny so the alpha will go away already. 


“n-no problem…” and with that he goes away, trying to forget the alpha’s scent lingering in his nose. it was choking him and jeongguk doesn't know if it was intentional, which makes him even more nervous.


“jeongguk?” his dad calls over the phone. 


“sorry, appa. i’m here.” he pays quickly, trying to get the hell out of there as soon as possible. 


“i was saying that i’ll be there in half an hour. i just gotta dress up and drive over there.” jeongguk hears his dad walking around his house while he talks. 


“thank you, appa.” 


“no problem, ai.” 

jimin has a problem: 


he doesn’t know what to wear to go to yoongi’s tonight.  


the omega looks around his new room, the stuff he’s brought still in the boxes. he’s only brought his books, some clothes and a few other items.


he should go shopping or something, he’s sure taehyung will want to come with him.


at the end jimin chooses something simple but neat; white t-shirt, black skinny jeans and black leather jacket. it looks good with his silver rings and earrings, he thinks while looking at his reflection on the mirror. he chooses against trying to do anything with his hair because he knows he’ll eventually run his fingers through it and he’ll mess it up. 


makeup? maybe that’s too much but… he likes looking pretty and he hasn’t felt pretty in so long…


the omega sits down on the floor of his room and takes his makeup bag, that picks up moonsoo’s interest. the pup sits on jimin’s bed and stares while jimin applies some dark sparkly eyeshadow following the natural line of his eyelid. then he puts on some glossy lipstick in a nude color so it doesn’t stand out so much, his lips are already too plump. 


“you are so pretty.” moonsoo says in a whiny voice. “i wanna be pretty too.” 


“you’re already pretty.” jimin answers giggling. 


moonsoo is about to protest when the doorbell rings. he stands up and goes to the entrance. when he opens the door, jeongguk is there with… and older version of him. jimin tilts his head to the side while staring at the man, he can’t help it. he looks so much like jeongguk. he’s so handsome. 


when he snaps back to reality he realizes that both alphas are looking at him, but jeongguk’s expression looks pained. 


“kiddo, you didn’t tell me you were living with a gorgeous omega.” jeongguk’s dad says smiling widely, his whole face wrinkles.


but it doesn’t matter how old he is, jimin still blushes like crazy. he wishes in that moment he’d put bb cream so the blush wouldn’t be so obvious. “t-thank you. please come in.” he moves to the side to leave space for them to get inside. 


jeongguk’s father moves first, moonsoo runs to him and jumps so the old alpha has to take him in his arms, laughing loudly. 


jimin stands there awkwardly, staring at the scene displaying in front of them. he can't help but think that jeongguk is too shy compared to his dad. he doesn't know if that's good or bad.


“sorry… i didn’t tell you my abeoji was coming. he’s gonna stay with moonsoo so we can go out.” jeongguk explains, leaving some bags on the kitchen counter. 


“it’s fine, don’t worry.” jimin goes to stand by his side while they watch the other two chuckling and talking enthusiastically. it's cute. jimin had thought that jeongguk didn't have any support from his family since he hasn't talked about them not even once, it looks like he only has eyes for yoongi.


“i’m also sorry about my abeoji’s comment, he can be straight forward sometimes…” the younger looks really concerned. 


“ggukie, don’t worry, really.” he tries to make him relax by smiling and expelling some pheromones. “i liked it.” 


“oh.” jeongguk doesn’t say anything else and that worries jimin a bit. did he say something wrong?


they say goodbye to jeongguk’s dad and the younger spends at least 10 minutes talking with his pup and scenting him before they go. 

jeongguk drives in silence, focused on the road. 

jimin is playing with his rings, trying to find something to say, anything. but as always, the alpha surprises him. 


“you look really pretty.” he says in a whisper, still looking to the front. 


when the omega turns around to see him, even in the dim light of the night, he can see the blush, pink against the pale skin. “really?” he pushes. 


jeongguk nods, his fringe so long that it almost covers his eyes. “i like your makeup.” he keeps complimenting, probably because he has realized that jimin likes to be praised. “d-do you think… you could… do some makeup on me?” 


jimin’s eyes widen as he stares at the alpha. “do you want me to do your makeup?” he’s surprised honestly, alphas never use makeup. not usually, at least. 


“y-yeh, it looks good.” the alpha answers rather simply, shrugging. “do you think it would suit me?” 


“you’re handsome.” the omega states because it’s a fact. he’s still very pleasantly impressed. “everything would look good on you.” 

when they arrive, taehyung goes straight to hug jimin and jeongguk goes straight to hug yoongi. the older alpha giggles because jeongguk is hugging him too tight. then hoseok hugs them both so they end up doing a sandwich of yoongi. jeongguk has missed his scent a lot, so this is comforting, like coming back home. taehyung just ruffles his hair making it look more wavy than it was before. who does he think he is? his older brother? tsk. 


after all the greetings, they settle in the dining table and eat some snacks while they wait for the pizza to arrive. jeongguk is happy because they brought him seaweed and he loves that brand specially because they make it spicy. 


“how is moonsoo doing?” yoongi asks him while pouring some whiskey for both of them. suddenly everyone’s attention is on him. 


“uhm… i think he’s doing fine. the medicine is doing its work.” he explains, then takes a sip of the whiskey. his nose scrunches up at the taste. the first sip is the worst, then the alcohol does its work. 


“how did the meeting go?” taehyung is the one asking now. “did you kick someone’s ass?” 


jeongguk shakes his head no. “actually, his mom is, like, super sweet and i don’t know–“ he stops talking to take another sip. “i gave her my number.” 


“you what?!” taehyung almost jumps from his chair. hoseok is laughing like crazy in a matter of seconds and yoongi looks confused. jimin is the only one unfazed. 


“isn’t she old?” hoseok asks, wiping away the tears from his eyes. 


“not really, she must be 30.” he shrugs, drinking the rest of his glass. “i told her we could meet with our pups because she’s having a hard time getting divorced. her son isn’t taking it well and that’s why he pushed moonsoo.” 


“but is she hot?” hoseok moves his eyebrows up and down, but stops when taehyung punches him on the shoulder. the alpha whines and rubs the place where he has been beaten. “what? maybe she’s hot.” he almost looks offended.


“she’s pretty.” jeongguk answers before he can stop himself. when he realizes what he has just said, he blushes and remembers nell’s unbuttoned shirt. 


“oh my god.” taehyung places his hands on his cheeks and makes an ugly surprise like expression, mimicking that one screaming painting. “you’re being so cheeky. i can’t recognize you anymore. where is my jeongguk?”


jeongguk only sighs, already tired of the omega acting like the drama queen he is. good thing that yoongi is pouring him another glass. “i’m not cheeky.” he defends himself. “i only wanted to help her.” 


“i’m sure moonsoo will be happy when he knows.” jimin is watching him with softness written all over his face. 

some drinks later and they’re all talking too loudly, fighting over uno because that game is devilish and yoongi and taehyung always cheat. they're made for each other.


jeongguk guessed right with the soju, jimin has drunk three glasses mixed with beer and a few of taehyung’s shots of tequila. not that jeongguk is counting or something. 


but he keeps darting quick glances to the omega, trying not to get caught. it feels like playing hide and seek and it makes jeongguk’s belly get full of excitement. 


he feels silly because he likes the feeling. 

a few more drinks and yoongi’s music is playing on the background while they chat, but jimin stands up and goes to the balcony. 


“go with him.” taehyung mouths and then tries to wink but moves his whole face and it’s not elegant at all. but it makes jeongguk laugh. 


he goes to the tiny balcony, closing the door behind him and rests his arms on the railing to look down. taehyung and yoongi live on an eighth floor so the view is pretty good from up there. they can see seoul unfolding in front of them. 


“i didn’t know you smoke.” the alpha comments then. their shoulders are touching and he only wants to move nearer, nearer, nearer


“i don’t.” jimin answers, but takes a long drag of the cigarette. “i found the packet in my jacket. from my ex.” 


jeongguk tries not to react to the ‘ex’ part because he can’t be happy about that, even if he maybe likes jimin. “but that doesn’t explain why you’re smoking.” 


“it’s a little ‘fuck you’ or whatever. ‘you’re a knothead so i smoke your shit’ kinda thing. i dunno, i’m drunk.” he’s gesticulating with his hands while talking, the words slurred, but the alpha gets distracted by jimin’s hands playing in the air. he wears lots of rings even if his hands are tiny. “you get me?”


“not really, i never dated.” the alcohol is helping him feel more confident. usually he wouldn’t talk about this type of things. mostly because he's embarrassed. “and i don’t like bad smells, i have an irritable nose.” 


jimin’s left eyebrow raises up, but he doesn’t say one word. leaning closer to the alpha, jimin raises up the hand holding the cigarette until it reaches jeongguk’s lips. the alpha instinctively parts his lips and takes a drag just because jimin is offering. 


jeongguk coughs the moment the smoke hits his poor throat. the omega laughs noisily while jeongguk chokes on air.


“that-that was gross.” the alpha complains, because even when he manages to breathe again, the taste is still there and his mouth feels drier than the sahara desert.


“but funny.” jimin states, grinning. 

at the end of the night, hoseok is knocked out on the sofa, the poor alpha works way too much and is always exhausted. jimin takes the blanket taehyung gives him to cover hoseok with it. yoongi seems like he’s going to be like that too sooner than later, so taehyung sends him to their room. 


“pup, don’t drive now. stay here.” yoongi says before going. “you drank too much.” 


jeongguk wouldn’t argue even if he wanted, he’s drained and still tipsy. he just wants to pass out somewhere. he's glad that his dad is at home with moonsoo.


“i’ll preparare the guests room for you both.” taehyung says and goes to said room. oh, no.


the alpha checks that jimin is distracted by cleaning the dining table of all the shit they’ve eaten, then jeongguk follows taehyung to the guests room and closes the door after him so jimin won't be able to hear. “are you kidding me? i can’t sleep with jimin, tae!” he whispers passive-aggressively.


“‘course you can, don’t be a chicken.” the omega doesn’t spare him a glance, still focused on making the bed. 


“i’m going to kill y’all.” jeongguk whines, because he knows his friends and knows they have setted this up. 


“whatever.” taehyung dismisses him with his hand. “want some pajamas? or do you prefer sleeping in underwear?” he wiggles his eyebrows making the alpha want to punch him. 


“pajamas, please.” jeongguk rubs his eyes softly with the heel of his hands in an attempt to get some extra patience. 




jeongguk decides it’s better to sleep as soon as possible so the night ends quickly.

jimin waits for jeongguk under the covers on the mattress. he’s wearing one of taehyung’s jumpers that smells fancy, probably because it's from an expensive brand. he hasn’t even bothered to take off his makeup. 


when jeongguk finally comes back to the room, he’s only wearing sweatpants and they must belong to taehyung as well because they fit just right, but jimin tries hard not to stare like last time he saw jeongguk shirtless. “aren’t you going to be uncomfy sleeping with me?” he’s still standing in the middle of the room, fidgetting with the laces of his sweatpants.


jimin shakes his head no enthusiastically. “i prefer sleeping with someone, i already told you i don’t like sleeping alone.” 


“yeh, but that doesn’t mean you want me in the same bed as you.” 


“get in the bed right now and stop overthinking so much.” the omega commands with a low voice and pats the empty spot next to him. 


the alpha obeys pretty quick, making jimin smile pleased. he's obedient for an alpha.


“good boy.” he praises. “now, please, try to sleep, hm?” jimin has his eyes closed already. 


“kay." jeongguk whispers, curled up as far away from the omega as he can. "good night, jimin.” 


“night, gguk.” 




but jimin doesn't sleep at all. 


and jeongguk doesn't sleep either. 


Chapter Text



the night turns out to be endless. 


what time is it now? jeongguk would look for it on his phone but he doesn’t know where the hell he has placed it and he’s not going to move to search for it, he doesn’t want to wake jimin up.


the alpha sighs. he doesn’t dare to look over to where jimin is, because he would feel like a creep watching while the omega is sleeping. but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to look. he wants to know how he looks while he's sleeping, maybe he sleeps with his mouth half open. that would be cute and funny. 


he was so tired, why isn’t he sleeping? probably because he never sleeps without moonsoo.


he sighs again.


“why are you sighing so much?” jimin’s velvety voice suddenly resonates in the room, it startles the alpha who almost jumps out of the bed.


“shit, jimin. you scared me.” he complains, trying to calm down his racing heart. “i thought you were sleeping.” 


“i can’t sleep with all that sighing.” the omega retorts. hearing jimin’s voice next to him but not being able to see him, sends shivers through all his body. he likes the sensation of the omega’s voice around him. 


but jeongguk is jeongguk and he immediately feels bad. “i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to keep you up. you must be tired.” 


“mhm.” he hums. “i’m tired, but also still tipsy so it’s kinda difficult to sleep when everything is spinning around.” jeongguk can feel him moving on the bed and when he finally turns to the side to look at the omega, he’s already staring back at him. there’s plenty of light in the room, because the window is wide and the yellow street lights seep inside, brightening up jimin’s face until it almost looks like it’s glowing. his hair is tousled and the blonde stands out even more in that warm light.


the alpha is mesmerized. 


“why blonde?” jeongguk asks out of nowhere but it doesn’t matter because jimin smiles, crooked tooth appearing. 


“i don’t know.” he answers sincerely, half giggling the words. “i think it suits me. but i was thinking about dyeing it another color.” 


“i like it blonde.” the alpha confesses. 


“thank you.” 


they fall into a comfortable silence, but they keep looking at each other. long seconds pass by before any of them decides to talk again. 


why did you break up with your boyfriend? he wants to ask, but honestly? he doesn’t really care. if jimin wants to tell him at some point, he will, but it’s none of jeongguk’s business. he believes that the omega is a bit secretive, and that’s okay, jeongguk is like that too. mostly when it’s related to love, dynamics or about moonsoo’s mother and how he feels about it. they’re either things that embarrass or pain him.


he only hopes that the omega didn’t get hurt. 


“so, you didn’t answer my question. why are you sighing so much?” jimin asks again.


“i think i miss moonie.” that for some reason makes jimin ghost a smile. “i’m used to sleep with him, sometimes with yoongi.” 


“ah, so i am the reason. i’m disturbing your sleep.” the omega says in a serious voice, eyebrows pinched together. 


“what? no! i didn’t mean it like that, jimin.” his whispers are a bit too loud. “i meant that i’m not used to sleep with anyone else, it’s not specially because of you.” 


“hyung.” jimin says serious still, expression unreadable now. 


“what?” the alpha is suddenly lost in the conversation.


“you keep calling me jimin. just call me hyung.” he explains simply. “i’m older than you. and stop worrying so much. i was just joking, gguk.”


“i wasn’t worried.” he almost pouts but he keeps himself from doing it. he doesn’t want to look like a baby in front of jimin, but if it was yoongi, he’d totally pout for him. 


“it was written all over your face.” jimin rolls his eyes, because apparently it is something really obvious. “plus, your scent burns a little bit more when you get anxious.” 


“sorry.” he can’t help but to apologize, because maybe his scent had made the omega uncomfortable. he knows it can be a bit too much. 


“why are you apologizing? i told you i like your scent.” jimin reassures. “the bonfire part of it stands out when you’re nervous but it’s not unpleasant at all, just stronger.” 


jeongguk blushes and has to bury his face on the pillow so the omega won’t be able to see it. he’s not used to people commenting on his scent, but he likes it. jimin likes his scent. it's the best praise he could ever receive. jimin is like that, makes his alpha wake up. 


“i can help you.” jimin says suddenly, making the alpha raise his head from the pillow just to look at him, curious. “to sleep.” 




jeongguk doesn’t get an answer but jimin moves closer. he lays on his back and gets comfortable on the pillows before patting his own chest. “come here.” 


“what?” the alpha’s eyes widen. 


“i’ll pet your hair until you fall asleep.” he explains. 






“n-no way, jimin.”


“it’s hyung and yes way, gguk.” the omega huffs. “don’t make me angry. i swear this always works, you’ll fall asleep automatically.” 


“are you kidding me?” the alpha remains frozen in his place. “did taehyung tell you something?” he asks, because maybe his friend told jimin that jeongguk has a crush on him and they’re mocking him. it seems like something taehyung would do, but of course, yoongi would never let him.


jimin tilts his head to the side looking confused. “no? stop acting like that. cuddles will help you sleep.” 


“aren’t you going to be uncomfortable?” jeongguk is still unsure and he doesn’t want to overstep any boundaries.


“i’ll be fine.” the omega answers while shrugging.


the alpha gulps. he moves nearer until he can feel jimin’s body radiating warmth, but he’s careful not to touch and instead of resting his head on top of the omega’s chest, he only sinks his nose in jimin’s shoulder. since he’s wearing taehyung’s clothes, he can smell the other omega’s scent as well and it’s calming, familiar. 


jimin doesn’t complain, but still raises his arm above his chest to be able to pet jeongguk’s hair. at first it’s just him playing with the soft locks between his fingers, then he massages the scalp with the pads or simply buries them in the sea of chocolate hair. 


the loving care mixed with jimin’s scent has the alpha feeling drowsy and he’s soon sound asleep, while his chest reverberates with a soft purr. 

jeongguk somehow manages to be in the hospital just in time for his appointment with doctor lee. he hopes the beta won’t make him do any test, because maybe all the alcohol he drank last night won’t help. 


all the way to the hospital, the only thing in the alpha’s head has been how he has woken up to a very sleep jimin hugging him with all of his body. they were a mess of legs and arms and limbs, the omega had his face hidden in jeongguk’s neck, his soft breaths and tousled blonde hair tickling the alpha’s skin. 


jeongguk almost pretends to forget about his appointment with doctor lee just so he wouldn’t have to leave the bed… and jimin. 


the worst of it is that even if jimin was sleeping half on top of him, he’s never been more comfortable in his entire life. moonsoo tends to kick him when he’s asleep and moves a lot whilst yoongi likes jeongguk being the big spoon. 


but the thing is that jeongguk prefers to be the one being hugged and jimin does exactly that with his whole body. 


he could make a whole thesis about why being cuddled is the best and why sleeping with jimin has been great, but he’s nervous about the appointment. 


“good morning, jeongguk. please have a sit.” doctor lee signals for him to sit down on the 

stretcher and jeongguk very hesitantly does as he’s told. “you don’t need to worry too much, this is just routine.” 


the alpha nods and lets the doctor do his job, after all the man has been nothing but kind with him and moonsoo. 


lee examines his ears and his mouth while humming some song that makes jeongguk distracted. the he proceeds to check his blood pressure and hear the beat of his heart. lastly, he checks his back. 


when he’s finished he lets jeongguk put back on his shirt and gesticulates to the sit in front of his desk. “you’re healthy, from what i’ve seen. but i really think you’re low in energy. do you eat well?” 


“when i have time.” the alpha answers sincerely.


“it’s important for a father to stay strong, being a parent is exhausting and you should focus on your health as well. moonsoo will be grateful, he was really worried about you” 


jeongguk gulps but says nothing. 


“about your ruts tho, that’s not healthy.” doctor lee takes off his glasses. “can i ask how many times you’ve had sex on the past year?” 


the alpha blushes and looks down to his lap. he feels embarrassed and he doesn’t like to talk about that kind of stuff. mostly because there’s nothing to talk about. “i didn’t.” 


“what about dating?” he asks then. 


jeongguk shakes his head no. “i’ve only had sex once, with moonsoo’s mom. apart from that, i’ve never been with an omega physically or romantically.” his cheeks are burning and he hates this conversation so much. 


“there’s any reason to that?” the beta leans back on his chair. 


“i was a— i am—“ he doesn’t know why, but he has his eyes full of tears in a matter of seconds. “i am afraid.” 


“of what, jeongguk?” 


“of fucking up again.” finally he has said it. he’s never told that to anyone, not even yoongi. that’s why he got so angry at taehyung before the date with xion, because the omega can see right through him and it scares him. 




“i l-love moonsoo more than anything… but—“ jeongguk is fully crying by now, but he doesn't make any sound, the tears just fall freely down his cheeks, dying when they crash into jeongguk's clothes. “it was so difficult.” he’s behaving like a baby, he knows and he hates it. “i was so y-young… i only wanted to have fun but i messed up so bad. i almost ruin that girl’s life and still i wish she would have stayed with us. we ended up being friends and i thought maybe she would change her mind and-” 


at some point, doctor lee had stood up and walked around the desk to sit down next to jeongguk. he pats the alpha’s shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. “it’s okay to not want to be alone, jeongguk. what you did, only a few would have done the same. it was brave of you. you have the sweetest pup, you couldn’t have done better than what you’ve done.” 


the alpha feels like he’s able to breathe again after carrying those feelings for years. he was afraid of confessing that it had been hard, he doesn't regret it, but during the years he had wondered how would have it been to be normal, he had wished in those selfish moments that he would have been able to go to college and fool around like the rest of his friends, to fall in love properly and to grow up at a normal pace. 


when he calms down, jeongguk talks again while whipping off the tears with the back of his hand. “what if i’m feeling weird lately?” 


“what do you mean?” 


“there’s someone living with us now… i’ve been feeling a bit nervous like… itchy.” he doesn’t know how to say it. “can’t you give me suppressants?” 


“i can’t give you suppressants, jeongguk. you have to let your body do its work. you need to go through your ruts.” 


“but what do i do if i end up having one?" the alpha sighs, he doesn’t even want to think about it. ruts are fucking painful, even more without a partner. his first rut had been hell and he doesn't want to go through that again. 


“symptoms are very evident, you’ll feel feverish and your instincts will slowly but surely take care of the rest. the days before you’ll probably be irritable.” explains doctor lee.


“sounds horrible.” 


that makes the beta laugh. “you’ll enjoy them when you find a partner to spend them with.” 


“but that’s not happening anytime soon.” jeongguk says exasperated. 


doctor lee fully laughs now. “eat these vitamins and stay healthy. give up on your instincts a little, jeongguk. you’ll feel better.” he passes jeongguk the receipt for the vitamins and smiles kindly, his whole face wrinkling. honestly, this man knows how to do his job and make jeongguk's sad ass calm down at the same time, he deserves and award.


“i’ll try.” he stands up. “thank you so much for everything, doctor lee.” 


“my pleasure.” 


how was ur appointment w the doctor?



better than expected



are u okay then?



yeh ig



what about ur ruts? 



he told me he can't gimme any suppressants

bc it's unhealthy

so ig I'll go into a rut 

bc having jimin at home is gonna make me go crazy



you'll only go in rut if he goes in heat

maybe u should talk w him



i don't think i want to have that convo



but u should



it would be embarrassing,hyung

I don't even know him that much

i don't want to make him uncomfortable

it's his house as well now

if he goes in heat

I'll go to my dad's for a while 



okay okay

but tae told me u two slept together last night

did smt happen?



we talked a bit

we kinda cuddled while sleeping




that's smt gguk



I don't think so

he's still into his ex 

talks about him like the dude did smt wrong

but i don't wanna ask



i lowkey imagine jimin dating a dickhead tbh

bc he's too good

seems the type to fall for a bad boy 




im not any of that

and i dont wanna be any of that


guess there's nothing i can do

and im still unsure about wanting to date

even less a boy



i get it but

u really dont need to worry about that




bc jimin won't ever like me







a few weeks later, jeongguk and nell have finally organized a playdate for the pups. jeongguk only had one condition, it had to be at his house because that way he'd feel more comfortable with moonsoo having to play with benjamin.


because nell can be a sweetheart but he still doesn't like her son.


jimin is going to be there as well and that also makes him less anxious even if the omega will probably stay in his room. 


things at home have been calm and easy, they've fallen in a nice routine were they work like a couple, cleaning and cooking together or dividing up the chores, they also spend a lot of time on the couch watching series or cartoons with moonsoo. sometimes jimin pets his hair like that one night, lazily, and the alpha has to stop himself from purring again because it would be totally not good. but he wants to purr for jimin, make him see how comfortable makes jeongguk feel.

maybe they're falling in a brotherly dynamic, but still jeongguk has to remind himself that they aren't boyfriends. 


but it feels like that sometimes. he knows it's one sided, he knows maybe he's too whipped after the little time they've known each other, he knows it's pathetic.


but he still likes the feeling of having jimin around, it's comfy and more than enough. being his friend is more than enough.

when nell and benjamin come at five, jeongguk has all the house clean and ready, because he's a bit obsessive with that type of stuff. jimin once laughed about it, but then said he really liked it because he's messy and they complement each other well. "hey, nell." 


"hello, jeongguk. thanks for inviting us." nell smiles but then looks down at his son. "benjamin, say hi."


the little alpha has his arms already crossed over his chest and refuses to look at jeongguk, but he doesn't seem angry, more like embarrassed. "hi." the boy is blonde as well but his eyes are kind of sharp so his father is korean for sure. a weird mix, but the kid is cute as hell. 


"hi, benjamin. please come in. moonsoo is waiting for you." he moves aside to let them inside the house into the living room where moonsoo is jumping in his spot. the moment he sees benjamin, his whole face lights up.


"benji!" moonsoo greets, already pulling at the alpha's wrist to make him follow him. "what do you wanna do today? did you bring me my homework? do you miss me at class?" 


jeongguk blinks a couple of times watching the scene playing in front of him. he frowns, because he doesn't understand how in the world can moonsoo be so nice to benjamin after all. he knows his pup is the best, but this is way too much. 


"i don't miss you… shut up…" benjamin half whispers while sitting down on the floor in front of some of moonsoo's toys. 


moonsoo doesn't seem to care about that one bit. "i did miss you a lot." he says as if it meant nothing. jeongguk doesn't know when has his pup become so blunt. 


"whatever. i did bring your homework." benjamin takes his backpack off his shoulder and opens the zip to give moonsoo a calligraphy notebook. "your teacher gave it to me when she knew i was coming."


moonsoo takes it as if it was a gift, smiling from ear to ear. "thank you, benji." 


benjamin is three years older than moonsoo, maybe that's why the omega is so captivated by him. he looks up to him somehow even if jeongguk doesn't understand why. the pup seems to have really bad temper which jeongguk hates because it's typical alpha behavior, but he wonders if that's what he's seen at home and he's only copying it. 


that reminds him of nell so he turns his attention to her. "want some coffee?" the omega is quick to nod so they go to the kitchen. she sits on the kitchen table with a leg over the other one and the skirt she's wearing raises a bit, not like jeongguk is looking at it, of course. she watches the alpha as he prepares two cups of coffee. "do you think this will help benjamin?"


"i do. I can't be more grateful for your help, jeongguk. it really means a lot." the omega stops to sip some coffee, then he wets her lips. "that's why i thought about treating you to dinner. would you like that?" 


jeongguk is… surprised. in a good way. he doesn't hesitate before agreeing. "of course, that would be great, honestly." after all, nell is the only single parent he knows. 


"then I'll text you soon." 


nell is about to say something else when jimin enters the kitchen, wearing jeongguk's grey sweatpants and a black t-shirt. jeongguk knows they're his because there's a tiny tomato stain close to the right knee part of one day moonsoo decided it was okay to play with spaghetti. the alpha doesn't want to think about it, because he's probably wearing them by accident, but seeing him wearing his clothes stirs something in his belly. 


"oh, hello. you must be nell right?" jimin is soon smiling prettily and shaking nell's hand. "I'm jimin."


"glad to meet you, jimin." the woman says kindly, giving jeongguk a look he doesn't know how to interpret tho. she's wearing lipstick today, a bright red one, the alpha notices. 


jeongguk pours some coffee for jimin and gives him the mug carefully not to touch his hand. he feels so awkward right now and he doesn't even know why. 


"you didn't tell me you have a boyfriend when we talked." nell says out of the blue and the alpha goes into full panic mode. 


"oh my god, no nell. i mean. he's not- we are not boyfriends. not at all. far from boyfriends. really far." his voice is a few pitches higher than usual and he wants to slap himself because that was so obvious. 


"you two text a lot?" jimin says instead of acknowledging what the alpha just said. 


"since we exchanged numbers, yes." the other omega replies, shrugging of the hair of her shoulder, making jeongguk look without wanting to. 


fuck, he wants to run away. the distress must be obvious to jimin, because he takes his mug and says he's going back to his room to leave them alone. 


jeongguk wants to die. 


at some point of the afternoon, nell has to go out to take care of some work stuff, so jeongguk tells her he can take care of benjamin. they're all in the little garden, including jimin, who has gone out of his room as soon as nell was out of the picture and now sits  next to jeongguk in the porch. 


"she's really pretty." he says out of nowhere. 


jeongguk knows he shouldn't say anything. he's oblivious but not that much. it doesn't matter, he still is sincere. "she is." you're prettier , he wants to add, but that would be totally out of place. 


jimin falls silent after that. jeongguk hates it. 


he feels like he's risking a relationship with jimin he doesn't even have. it's stupid, but it makes him antsy. 

he doesn't want anything to change between them because they work perfectly fine, he can't believe he's so scared over almost nothing. 


the alpha knows it doesn't mean the same for jimin, their relationship, whatever is it. but it means a lot of things for jeongguk. 


even if they barely talk about themselves, about how they feel or deep stuff, jeongguk has learnt to know jimin at the end of the day. he knows what he likes, what he hates, he knows his flaws and his oddities and they only make jeongguk want to lean closer and hug him and kiss him silly.


jeongguk doesn't feel lonely when he's with jimin, and maybe he's imagining everything, but he thinks jimin feels lonely too but he likes to believe that jeongguk helps him somehow, at least with his presence.


he's overthinking. 


"you're cute." jeongguk hears benjamin say while whipping off some grass from moonsoo's wavy hair. 


moonsoo goes red and he hides his face behind his hands. "aishhh!" he complains. jeongguk doesn't understand a single thing.


"don't let it get to you, tsk." benjamin says going back to his shitty attitude. but the little omega doesn't seem to care. "you're also really annoying."


jimin laughs softly next to him. 


"why are you laughing?" asks the alpha, still lost.


"can't believe you're so oblivious." he shamelessly keeps laughing at him, almost falling on top of the alpha because jimin laughs with his whole body and goes weak. "moonsoo likes benjamin."


"he what?!" it only makes jimin laugh even more. "how why when? oh my god, i already have to worry about him liking people? I'm not ready!" he leans back until he's laying on the floor of the porch, jimin settles his head on his stomach laying there as well.


"don't be dramatic, it's just normal."


"fuck that, I'll be all the scared i want, I'm the dad. it's allowed." 

jimin is laying on the sofa with moonsoo while jeongguk cooks. he's probably making sandwiches, because the alpha knows nothing about cooking. it's almost alarming, but trying is what really counts so. 


"why do you like spiderman so much, moonie?" jimin asks, because this is the nth time they watch the animated movie since he's living there. 


"'coz he's kind and funny." moonsoo begins to count with his fingers. "he's always trying to help people around him." he makes a pause and looks at the other omega with a cute smile. "and he reminds me of appa. even if he likes iron man more."


"that's why? because he reminds you of appa?" moonsoo never fails to impress him. none of the pups back in the pack were like this, so lovely. maybe because with jeongguk dynamics don't matter that much while in the pack is all that matters. jeongguk is lovely and has a lovely pup, easy but still amazing and new for jimin.


moonsoo nods quickly, making his hair fall on his eyes. jimin giggles. 


the doorbell rings then and jimin has to take moonsoo's legs off his lap to go and see who is it. he would have expected anyone, literally anyone but him. 


"jimin…" namjoon says already stepping closer to him and inside the house, placing a hand on the door probably to make sure jimin won't slam it shut on his face. 


"w-what are you doing here? how…" the omega gulps, because he doesn't know how to act. one thing is telling him to fuck off over texts and another completely different thing is to have him there in front of jimin in all his damn glory. jimin had almost forgotten how good looking he is, how charming. he's wearing jeans and a jacket, he looks fancy not like he's usual style. this is why he run away at night, while the whole house was sleeping, so they weren't able to stop him. because namjoon could, if he wanted. 


"i accidentally walked into that kid and he smelled like you, even if just a little I wouldn't mistake your scent anywhere." namjoon explains, shrugging.


"and you think coming here is okay? you're not welcomed, namjoon." he crosses his arms over his chest, protectively. the bond between them is mostly gone and jimin likes it that way. "so, go away. and don't come here again."


"baby, please. listen to me, we haven't talked-"


jimin interrupts him mid sentence. "c-can you stop calling me that?" his chest feels tight. 


"we were friends, jimin." says namjoon, who looks pained as well, but jimin doesn't think he deserves to feel like that.


"until you mated seokjin." the omega says looking down at his bare feet.


"I'm sorry, i know i should have told you because of what we were doing and…" he sighs. 


"you should have told me because we were friends, but yes, also because we had a thing. now please, go. i really don't want to see you, namjoon." jimin is trying to make himself look smaller, even if he hates it, because maybe that way namjoon will realize that he's making him feel real bad. 


"jimin please, at least come back home. I don't like that you're living with an alpha we don't know." namjoon steps closer again and caresses his cheek softly with his big hand. the gesture is innocent, but he's using his alpha voice and it makes jimin shiver. namjoon has used it on him before, because he's used to get what he wants. it has never bothered jimin, until now. namjoon only used it with him in bed, it was like a game. seokjin has always been the submissive one in bed, but jimin was a brat. that's how they worked so well.


"i think he told you very clearly that he doesn't want to see you." jeongguk's voice sounds from behind jimin and he's never been more relieved in his life. namjoon keeps being too close tho, his scent spiking up almost immediately at the sight of another alpha.


"kid, we are talking." namjoon dismisses him with a simple gesture of his hand, as if jeongguk wasn't even worth his time. it makes jimin angry. 


"don't talk to him like that, this is his house, namjoon." jimin scolds him, finally looking up to confront the alpha. "and by the way, he's not a kid, he's more of a man than you would ever be." 


namjoon is not one to get mad easily, jimin knows, but he also knows that hurt him even if it was just a bit. he has too much alpha ego because he had two omegas for too long. the pack treats him as if he was made of gold, but he's just another silly alpha. a silly boy.


"what happened to you? you have never talked to me like that before." namjoon's hands are on his hips now, watching jimin as if he couldn't believe his eyes. like jimin is not the omega he used to know anymore. 


jeongguk is probably tired of all of this situation because next thing he does is stepping between them. "i asked you to go kindly, if i have to ask again I won't be so kind." jimin thinks about it, trying to figure out all the possible outcomes of a fight between the alphas. namjoon is broad and bit taller, but he's sure jeongguk is stronger. the younger alpha is in shape after all. 


"don't make me laugh, kid. i saw you at the grocery store, you were trembling so much you almost drop all of the alcohol." namjoon's voice is full of poison and jimin doesn't like at all that it was true that thing about namjoon walking into jeongguk. he feels guilty, he should have told jeongguk everything about his situation and now is too late and worse. the omega takes the chance, since he's behind the younger and shielded by his body, to cling to him just a little gripping the alpha's shirt and burying his nose in his back. 


it's like a little prayer for jeongguk not to get hurt or for jeongguk to save him from this, he doesn't know.


"well, the situation is different now, buddy." jeongguk talks, his voice still as calm as before. "you're talking to my boyfriend now." jimin freezes, taken by surprise, only being able to move impossibly closer to jeongguk, who in exchange puts one of his hands on his back just to hold jimin's tinier one. "and I'm pretty sure that following your ex can be considered harassment. maybe I should take this issue to the police? or maybe we should fight because someone needs to kick your ass so you stop acting all alpha because you ain't shit and someone needs to put you in your place." 


jeongguk's bonfire scent is everywhere, it's suffocating but jimin would love to let himself drown in it. it would be great for it to be the only thing jimin smells for the rest of his life, even if it burns. 


a long moment passes and then the door is shut. the sound startles jimin, who's still pressed against jeongguk back. the alpha doesn't say anything. 


but he's going to ask jimin to move out, he knows he knows he knows. he'll say that he can't have jimin here if a creepy alpha is going to be following him, because jeongguk has a pup and he'll think about his safety before anything. jimin understands, but he doesn't want to go. he likes it here. he likes spending time with moonsoo and jeongguk. he likes his new room and his new life even if it's simple, he loves it. 

the only thing he does is babysitting moonsoo, reading, cooking, talking with jeongguk, spending time with their friends. it's enough and all he wants.


"jimin." jeongguk calls. jimin squeezes his hand but doesn't move, afraid of what will happen next. "jiminie." jimin doesn't want to cry, but it's being hard.

"lemme turn around please." the alpha asks softly. 


jimin sighs deeply and loosens the grip on the alpha's shirt, it's wrinkled now. 


jeongguk turns around and again takes jimin by surprise. the alpha leans closer and instead of a reprimand, he gives the omega a eskimo kiss like the ones he gives moonsoo only to hug him after. 


jimin is quick to melt into the hug, jeongguk's strong arms around him making him feel safe. 


Chapter Text



jimin doesn't know where to start. 


it's a long story, but what he knows is that he doesn't want to go into details. 


mostly because even if he's sure jeongguk won't judge him, he's also a hundred percent sure he'll see him differently.


okay, maybe not a hundred, but eighty percent. 


they're sitting in the kitchen table and jimin has a cup of tea between his hands. he doesn't recall when has jeongguk made tea —probably because he was sobbing like crazy the moment he has felt held by the alpha—, but it's warm and comforting, maybe too hot but that's okay because jimin feels cold, his body naturally missing the sympathy of jeongguk's arms around him.


jeongguk is not rushing him to talk, he's just sitting next to him, silently sipping on his tea from time to time. but he's watching the omega with a slight frown. "I'm sorry about… you know, saying you're my boyfriend." he scratches his neck. "i just wanted to make him go and i thought that way he'd lose interest in you, but… he doesn't seem the type to let things be." 


jimin sighs. no, namjoon is the type to fight for the things he wants. that's okay, until it involves people. "he's…" he doesn't know how to describe him. charming? an smart ass? handsome as hell?  "he is nice most of the time. a good friend even." chooses to say the omega. "i think I owe you an explanation." his gaze is fixated on the mug. it's a red one but it has some blue as well and… oh, it's an spiderman mug. that almost makes him smile.  


"you don't owe me anything, jimin." jeongguk answers rather simply. "if you want to explain, I'll be here to listen, but don't do it because you feel obligated." 


jimin almost smiles again. of course jeongguk would say something like that. 


"i want to explain myself." he is still looking down so he's not able to see the alpha's face, it's easier that way. he tries to focus on the spiderman mug full of tea in front of him, the smell of it, how the taste remains in his tongue. bittersweet like today's events. namjoon's sudden appearance has been nerve wrecking but jeongguk has been really fucking sweet. the eskimo kiss, god. something so simple can show so much love. it's a soft way to leave at least a tiny bit of your scent in the other person and jimin suspects jeongguk would have scented jimin properly if it wasn't because of how proper he is. 


lost in his sea of thoughts, the omega feels something soft but calloused caressing his own hand. jeongguk's hand. 


when he raises his gaze finally, the alpha is there waiting patiently while the pads of his fingers stroke the back of jimin's hand still holding his cup like his life depends on it. 


"namjoon was my best friend." starts the omega. "I've grown up with him. we… are part of a pack." jimin finds himself holding jeongguk's hand instead of the mug, because even if it's not as warm, the effect it has on him is the same if not better. "i know, packs are so rare these days and i really get why now. but i was born there, my parents are part of the pack as well and everything works like a big ass family. everything is really cool when you're a pup, it's a good environment." he makes a pause, focused on playing with the alpha's long fingers. "but dynamics are always there. and i guess that's okay if you're an alpha, but if not, it starts to become a bagage." 


"how?" whispers jeongguk. 


"your rank defines you." jimin sighs. "for example, i should be mated by now." for the world outside of the pack, the usual thing is to get mated whenever you want. 


"oh. and you wanted to mate with that namjoon guy?" that makes jimin chuckle a bit. the omega has the feeling that jeongguk doesn't really like namjoon one bit.


"nah, not at all. but we were best friends and we used to fuck a lot." five seconds pass before jimin's eyes widen at the realization of what he has just said. "i mean, we were friends with benefits i guess… but he also had seokjin for that so." 


surprisingly, the alpha hasn't stopped holding his hand and that's relieving. 


"the three of us had a thing. i didn't exactly get along with seokjin tho. he was always  ready to fight with me over namjoon, but i didn't get why should i fight over namjoon when the three of us worked just right." his lips turns downwards in a weird grimace, because he knows he's been silly. "i guess he always wanted namjoon all to himself. so when seokjin went into heat last time, they mated. I know it wasn't planned but still—" he shakes his head. "i dunno, i felt betrayed." 


jeongguk hasn't said anything yet, so jimin keeps rambling.


"namjoon always payed more attention to him than me anyway so i guess it was bound to happen." 

the truth is that jimin had felt really bad for too long. he had been sick of all of it long ago, his stomach full of knots every time he was with the other two. he felt less compared to seokjin, because at some point he had to admit that the omega was gorgeous. "i wasn't happy with them i guess. when i started going to college and met yoongi and hobie, i realized that life didn't have to be like that. i could have someone who would value me as i deserved and life was a lot more interesting outside of the pack." 


"but what about your parents? they're still in the pack." the alpha tilts his head to the side, his lips are puckered out as if he was about to give a kiss to the air. parenting is a sensitive topic for jeongguk and jimin guesses he must be thinking how did jimin's parents feel when he left.


"i told them i was gonna try to live outside of the pack." jimin explains, the feather like touch of jeongguk's hand on his is the only thing he can think right now so he lets the words just flow out of his mouth. "they didn't want at first, that's why i run away." 


"why didn't you tell yoongi and hobie about it? they would have helped." 


"i was… afraid of what they would've thought." 


"then why are you telling me now?" the question is obvious. 


why would jimin talk with jeongguk about it? 


a big reason can be because the alpha deserves an explanation. he had to face namjoon after all.


jimin tries to look inside of himself, searching for something he doesn't know yet. his feelings are upside-down, tangled in a ball of yarn where he's not able to see the end nor the beginning. nothing makes sense. it has his chest tightening up. 


he flickers his glimmering eyes, on the verge of tears for the third time today at the sight of how messed up he is. 


"I don't know." he breathes hard. "i wanted you to know." 


it doesn't matter how incoherent that may be because when jimin stares at jeongguk in an attempt to find the same confusion he feels, the alpha appears serene as if the picture in front of him wasn't jimin's storm of thoughts but the quietest sea.


after that jimin finishes his cup of tea, the alpha's hand playing with his own all along. 


jeongguk doesn't look like he's going to leave jimin alone not even for a minute and jimin would be lying if he said it's not cute. "ggukie… can you… stop holding my hand? just a moment. i should clean my face, i probably look like a big fucking mess." exactly how he feels. the omega pulls at his hand, trying to set it free from the alpha's grip, but he only manages to pull the alpha with him towards the bathroom."are you always this clingy?" 


"no." the answer comes too quickly.


"don't lie to me." 


"okay okay, i am perhaps lowkey clingy, but only sometimes with some people." jeongguk is still holding his hand to dear life, but he shrugs.


"is that people you talk about yoongi and only yoongi?" the omega raises one eyebrow, inquiringly. 


"well–" he starts, pouting slightly while he thinks. "apart from moonie." 


"you're so whipped for yoongi, head over heels for him, totally in love." jimin smiles but it's more like a smirk because he's teasing the alpha. 


"what? no! I'm not!" jeongguk half shouts and loosens his hand so jimin is quick to move and pull it from his grip. "we're best friends."


"i was just joking, but you're a whipped man anyway." he manages to go to the bathroom after that, leaving a pouty jeongguk waiting in the living room. 


he only comes out again after cleaning his face with cold water, trying for the swelling of his eyes to go away. he takes a couple of minutes looking at himself on the mirror and thinking that everything is alright. he can stay, this can be his home for now. jeongguk is not mad, only even more nice than he was before. he can breathe.


when he walks into the living room moonsoo is sound asleep, his mouth is partially open and his cheek is pressed against the sofa. he realizes that he doesn't want to sleep alone tonight. 


but he doesn't know how to ask


he doesn't even know if he actually can sleep with them or if they'd want to. 


"i thought about camping here tonight." jeongguk says as if he was reading his mind all along. "you wanna sleep with us?" he signals the tatami on the floor, right in front of the television. it's the same one jimin slept on the first night he had been here. jeongguk must have prepared it while he was in the bathroom. 


the omega nods, already getting underneath the covers like that day. he gets comfy and curls up trying to be as tiny as possible. the alpha takes moonsoo carefully in his arms and places him on the right side of the tatami, then he lays down between them. 


this time jeongguk doesn't ask if he's going to be comfortable. he cuddles jimin all night long.


until moonsoo gets in between them and cuddles jimin instead. 


either way, jimin feels better. 

it's been a week since jimin's encounter with namjoon and jeongguk has only left his side to go to work. the alpha feels weird about the whole thing. 


he's never acted like that before.


of course, he's an alpha, but he's never been aggressive with another alpha. in highschool he never fought with anyone, he was the popular type of boy, sure, his friends were popular as well, but he never had any problem with someone. he doesn't like aggressive people, even less knowing that almost forty percent of the population are alphas -knotheads full of hormones and rage-. god bless there are more omegas than anything. 


the thing is he likes to talk things out when he's able. 




he would have kicked that shitty attempt of an alpha without thinking twice about it. 


alphas should be caring, thoughtful. he can't comprehend how can namjoon be like that considering he's in a pack where they have conservative values, someone should teach them how packs actually worked.  he remembers some stuff he learned in high school.


the role of an alpha is the closest thing to being a guardian. his father taught him that and that's why he's always been proud to be an alpha. he thinks it can be noble, if you use your strength to protect, not to take advantage of others. 


jeongguk got so mad when he heard namjoon using his alpha voice with jimin. he felt his body boiling, screaming at him to move and to beat the shit out of namjoon.


he understands why jimin dated someone like him, he thought he had nothing else, nothing better. jeongguk would have loved to tell him that he could have whoever he wanted, because it's the fucking truth. jimin could very easily be mistaken by a prince, even wearing pajamas and with his glasses on. 


the alpha is also trying to forget about the 'we used to fuck a lot' part for the sake of his heart… and his neglected dick. 


he's taking a bath because he needed to relax and think a for a bit but he's overthinking as always. and now he can only think about jimin saying that stupid sentence that makes jeongguk think about him in a sexual way even if he's tried hard, really hard, these two months not to think of him in that way or any way close to boyfriends or mates. but everything is so awfully domestic. 


and jimin keeps walking around only wearing that damn hoodie as a pajama. and he smells so good. and he's touchy. and he's had sex with another omega. the alpha's mouth goes dry.


his brain is already supplying him with a handful of images of jimin with another omega with no face doing all kinds of dirty stuff. 


truth is jeongguk has never been that much into porn. he guesses he was just into it at a normal level, but he didn't share his preferences with anyone, mostly because they were omegaxomega… and alphaxalpha. he didn't even care if they were boys or girls even when he thought he was straight. he specially liked when one of the alphas was a lot smaller than the other one.


he looks down. there's only a bit of foam left so he's able to see his boner in all of his glory. he bites his bottom lip. 


he shouldn't. he shakes his head. 


he shouldn't feel bad about it right? he has his needs as well. he'll just try to not think about jimin.


his hand is grabbing the base of his shaft before he's able to think about it. he shivers only with that, sensitive for the lack of touch. the strokes are slow at first because his mind is blank, he's not really turned on but he feels needy. 


then there's a knock on the door and jeongguk almost jumps out of his own skin, his cheeks are flames even if there's no one there to watch. "jeongguk?" jimin's voice sounds from the other side of the door. "dinner is almost ready."


the alpha is gripping too hard on his cock as if that would prevent him from making any sound, but it only makes him harder. "ggukie? are you okay?" his velvety voice resonates again. "is everything alright in there?" 


"y-yeah…" the alpha stutters. "I'll be done in a minute." 




fuck. the only time he decides to touch himself and jimin has to appear. it's like the world is trying to constantly remind him of the omega's beautiful existence. his brain is back to supply him the most nasty images it can create with the lack of practice. and again jimin is the protagonist of them all. 


he imagines jimin licking another omega's hole eagerly, almost mercilessly ignoring the cries until the omega reaches his climax. jimin's beautiful plump lips covered and shining with slick. that turns him on enough to move his hand faster until he's groaning lowly. 


then the image turns into something completely different.  jeongguk is kneeling in front of jimin, his hands behind his back, because jimin has told him to do so. jimin has his thumb in the alpha's mouth, playing with the saliva before using it to caress the head of jeongguk's dick. but every time the alpha's hips move upwards involuntary, jimin moves his hand away. it's a sweet torture. but in jeongguk's imagination, jimin ends up sitting on top of the alpha, riding him just to use him because he could do whatever he wanted with him. 


jeongguk comes a lot. he's high as if he had just smoked the best joint ever. it takes him an embarrassing lot of time to come down of his orgasm. 


and soon enough he feels gross and and highkey ashamed. 


but his body is light as a feather and sleep is getting into every cell of his limp body. 


he manages to step out of the bath after some minutes, puts on his pajamas —jimin still has his dodgers shirt and he misses it a little, he only hopes that the omega won't clean it before return it to him if that ever happens because it's been months— and dries his hair until it's ruffled. 


he finally goes out of the bathroom with spaghetti legs, shaky, but it's not because of anxiety so that's good. 


he doesn't remember the last time he jerked off because usually if he's a bit horny, he's more tired and prefers the sleep better than the release. 


"you're blushing." jimin pinpoints when the three of them are sitting on the floor of the living room, eating in the little black wooden table. did his father make that one? he doesn't know. most of the furniture is from his grandma. 


"I'm not blushing." but he feels the burning sensation of shame heating up in his cheeks. 


the omega looks at him with a raised eyebrow. "your bath was long." 


"it lasted a moderate amount of time." jeongguk doesn't dare to look at jimin, instead he keeps munching on his food. 


"moderate, uh?" the alpha can almost hear the smirk in jimin's voice. 


hey jeongguk



hi nell

how are u



fine fine

just finished with the papers for the divorce

I'm officially single




i mean

not great

but im glad if u r feeling better



yes, i think i'm better now 

the bond is still there 

but i can barely feel it anymore



how's benjamin doing



i think he's slowly improving

he doesn't wanna talk about it 

but i think he liked playing with moonsoo

he talks about you as well



oh really?

what does he say?



I'll tell you when we have dinner

maybe tonight?

i need to celebrate



sounds good



8 pm at mine

"jimin." jeongguk calls as he enters the omega's bedroom. "nell is treating me to dinner tonight. can you babysit moonie?" 


"hyung." he corrects, walking around the room  and moving things from here to there, trying to find the best spot to leave them. he's received the rest of his stuff thanks to his parents finally, after a lot of calls jeongguk couldn't help but overhear. "and no problem." 


jeongguk always forgets to call him hyung. 


plus, he likes jimin correcting him. it gets on his nerves a little, and the alpha has found out that annoying jimin is really entertaining. 


"can you do my makeup?" jeongguk asks, already sitting down on jimin's bed. truth is that he's been feeling more and more comfortable with jimin. he doesn't feel the need to ask before doing something, he can just take the lead even if it's just a little, because the omega never rejects any of his tender loving care. 


first they cuddled that night at yoongi's place.


then the eskimo kiss. 


then the hugs. 


then more cuddles at night. 


and now jeongguk scents jimin before he goes out, just in case namjoon might be following him. that should make him back off. 


okay, it's not properly scenting. because that's too intimate. but. 


but jeongguk makes jimin wear one of his shirts or jackets every time he leaves the house. 


he knows he's doing stuff he's not supposed to, like last week in the bathroom. he doesn't exactly regret it, but he's not proud about it either. 


"yeh, but first go get dressed." the omega commands. 

when jeongguk leaves the room, jimin is finally able  to frown. the alpha is going to have dinner with that woman and jimin…


well, he doesn't like her at all. 


it's more of a feeling than anything, because she's done nothing to make him suspect about her. it's mostly about the way she looked at jeongguk, like he's the best meal she's ever seen. 


jimin sighs. maybe he's being too protective. but jeongguk is too sweet to see that kind stuff. 


the omega picks up his makeup bag and opens it, throwing all of its contents on the bed. he rummages through the items, choosing the ones he likes the most. a pallet of shiny dark eyeshadows, a few lipsticks that will probably fit jeongguk and some blush. the alpha's skin is pretty neat so he won't use concealer. 


jeongguk comes back dressed all in black. 


jimin has to stare a for a while. 


the black jeans hug his legs like a second skin, revealing big muscled thighs that are usually hidden by sweatpants and work clothes, the black shirt fits perfectly and makes him look wider in the shoulders. but his waist. oh, his waist. it's petite, contrasting with the rest, making his eyes linger there for more time.


"how do i look?" the alpha asks, while he finishes buttoning up the sleeves of his shirt. 


"you—" he clears his throat awkwardly. "you look good?" 


"are you asking?" jeongguk looks confused. 


"no— sorry. i mean, you look really good." it reminds him of the day he met him, when jeongguk had a date with that girl. he was dressing up taehyung style at that time, but his is pure jeongguk. jimin likes it a lot. he pats the spot in front of him on the bed, signaling the alpha to sit down. jeongguk is quick to obey, as always, plopping down and smiling. 


jimin focuses on the makeup so he doesn't have to think about what's happening or why his heart is doing funny stuff. 


he takes his bunny headband and puts it on jeongguk's soft hair to pull it back, showing his forehead. his hair is really too long now, maybe jimin should cut it for him. same goes for moonsoo.


jimin does his job silently, applying the tiniest amount of reddish shiny eyeshadow to accentuate the shape of the alpha's eyes. but there's a question in the back of his mind. 


"is this… a date?" the omega asks in a whisper while using some blush. 


"you mean dinner with nell?" jimin nods. "no, we're just celebrating that she's got the divorce." 


jimin doesn't think that's something he'd celebrate, it makes his nose scrunch up in something akin to disgust. 


"but you like her." jimin states, without thinking. he searches for the lipsticks just to have something else to do because his heart is beating too fast. 


"no, i don't." jeongguk's answer is clear and quick. when jimin looks at him again, his gaze falls on his lips. the cupid bow is prominent. jeongguk has pretty lips, so he chooses the cherry gloss lipstick and, taking the alpha's chin so he doesn't move, he applies it carefully until his lips are coated in shiny red. 


"it looks good on you." he comments ambiguously, not really referring to anything. 


"thank you, jimin." the alpha is whispering and if jimin is not hallucinating, he's also staring at the omega's lips. 


jimin moves a little closer by reflex. 


"it's hyung." the omega corrects and their lips touch. jimin doesn't know who moved first, but he's almost sure it was jeongguk. he gasps, even if they're barely kissing, he can taste the cherry gloss. he decides that he wants a real kiss, but jeongguk is already licking on jimin's bottom lip as if he was asking him to open his mouth. and he does. 


they kiss. 


jimin can't believe he's kissing jeongguk. 


he's been thinking about him as nothing more than a really good friend, a really good person and a sweet boy. 


and what surprises him the most is that it feels good. jeongguk kisses as he is, soft but full of surprises. 

he licks inside of his mouth and explores and nips and whimpers.


jimin's hands are buried in the chocolate hair and the headband is somewhere on the floor. the omega moves closer at the feeling of the alpha's hands on his waist. his heart is doing all kinds of stupid things. 


they're fully making out in a matter of seconds, it gets desperate and louder. jeongguk is loud for an alpha. but his little cries don't bother jimin at all. it's probably the best thing he's ever heard in his entire life. 


jimin is pushing him down slightly to make him lay down on the bed. he straddles the alpha's hips and the boy almost mewls. that's when the omega realizes that jeongguk is already fully hard inside his tight pants. jimin is cheeky enough to break the kiss and look down at it. oh wow. 


"fuck." the alpha's swearing makes jimin raise his gaze again and stop staring at the big bulge caged under those jeans. "this is embarrassing. i— i'm sorry. shit." he's hiding his face behind his hands. he really looks like he's having a bad time, but jimin doesn't care. he doesn't move from where he's sitting, seriously tempted to move his hips to gain some friction. 


"gguk-ah." jimin calls him. "it's okay." he tries but the alpha interrupts him.


"no, it's not." 


"gguk, listen to me. it's fine, honestly, it's more than fine, it's huge." he chooses to joke about it, so the alpha feels less awkward. 


and that makes him laugh but it's the type of laugh when you're really nervous and laughing it's weird and sounds like something between a giggle and a pained whine. 


"don't comment on my dick, please. just ignore it, forget it exists…" jeongguk keeps going at it.


"it's gonna be difficult."


"jimin…" he complains.


"hyung." the omega corrects for the nth time. 


something vibrates in jeongguk pocket and suddenly jimin remembers that the alpha is going to hang out with that woman. he wants to tell him not to go, to stay home with him and keep kissing him silly, they'll think about it later. 


but he can see jeongguk hesitating as well, and he also knows he'd feel bad if he asks him to stay. "you should go, you're gonna be late, ggukie." 


"i need to calm down first." 


jimin chuckles. 


they'll talk about it tomorrow. 


but jimin's giggling heart is not going to calm down anytime soon. 

jeongguk arrives at nell's place bit late. not because of the boner, but because he didn't want to leave jimin. 


he can't believe they kissed, no, fuck that, they made out. 


it was great until jeongguk's dick had to make an appearance into the scene. but it's fine, jimin's told him it's fine so it's fine. 


but he wishes he had been able to stay. 


he has this itch, like his body is telling him 'why the hell did you leave, you stupid?'


he should have called nell to cancel, but he's already there so there's nothing he can do. 


but he wants to kiss jimin again. he's already addicted to it and it's only been one time. 


he should feel anxious about what all of this means, but he's not. because jimin told him it's fine and he trusts him.


it's as easy as that. 


"what are you thinking about, jeongguk? you look like you have lot going on in your head." nell comments, taking a long sip of wine. 


they're having pasta and honestly, nell cooks really good. it's carbonara and it's the most delicious thing he's ever eaten after yoongi's bulgogi and his grandma's tteokbokki and seafood soup. 


"just… stuff. it's something silly, don't worry." he munches on his spaghetti, his cheeks full of food and it probably makes him look silly but he doesn't care. "so how is benjamin?" 


"he's alright, but he won't stop talking about you and monsoo… and your friend." 


"jimin?" that picks up jeongguk's attention.


"yeh, that one. he thinks he's pretty. has a crush on him or something. pup's stuff." she shrugs, pouring what must be the third glass 0of wine. 


"ah, i see." jimin is the prettiest thing on earth so of course, benjamin likes him. "well, i think moonsoo has a crush on benjamin. he's all over the place for him." 


"i know, benjamin thinks he's annoying but i think he likes it." nell laughs and it's a cute sound that makes him laugh as well. he's probably tipsy and nell is probably already drunk, her cheeks are as red as the wine. "he likes you as well, thinks you're cool and all that." 


jeongguk smiles actually happy that the pup is doing well. he's a good pup after all. 


they keep drinking. jeongguk drinks until he's drunk enough to make his vision blurry and his head spin and his thoughts dissipate and his body feel warm and tingly. 


somehow, even in his intoxicated state, he manages to help nell to climb up the stairs of her loft apartment. and somehow he also helps her go to the bathroom and wash her face and take off her clothes to go to bed. all of it happens between giggles and whispers. jeongguk doesn't know why are they whispering, but it makes him laugh even more. 


nell pulls at the alpha's shirt to make him fall on the bed with her and after that, everything gets blurry to the point jeongguk doesn't remember. 


there's only nell's vanilla scent everywhere, clouding his mind and senses.


hobie hyung



hey minie



can we talk?



of course, minie

are u okay?




i guess

i mean, idk

i feel ansty

but in a good way



what happened? 



promise me you won't tell tae and yoongi





this seems serious 

i promise



i kissed jeongguk 



oh my

that lucky bastard








so you kissed him




he kissed me first i think

but we made out

it was


really good

and cute

and awkward 





that's good jimin

really good

im happy for you



it was just that

we haven't talked yet

he has gone to have dinner with that woman

i don't like her



i think you're just jealous 

it's fine

jeongguk probably likes you a hundred times more than you like him

and he's the best person i know

you can trust him



why do you think he likes me more



bc i have a feeling

you should think about it

and figure out what you want

and what you feel for him



yeh… i know

but i am a mess



its okay to be a mess



thank you hyung

youre the best



dont make me blush

i love u




i love u too




jimin likes jeongguk



he wHAT



they made out tonight



oh my fuckin gud

how should we call them








i think he's broken



looks like it



i hope they get married








I'll be the wedding planner 






you can't say anything

i promised jimin i wouldn't say anything

he will kill me if he finds out



then why did u tell us



bc this is super important













hey ggukie

are u comin home tonight?

its getting late

please be careful

moonie is already asleep but he said he misses u and he loves u

good night


liked the kiss

just so you know



Chapter Text

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jeongguk wakes up disoriented. 


it takes him some time to even open his eyes properly. he's super thirsty and there's a bad savor lingering in his tongue. the only thing that comes to his mind at that moment is that it's really weird for him to fall asleep without brushing his teeth. 

that only happens if he's wasted or too sad to even make his arm move the toothbrush. something that's so easy yet so boring. 


he drank last night. 


slowly memories of the night flash in his mind. they feel distant and chaotic. he remembers having dinner with nell and helping her go upstairs. he doesn't remember going back home. 


because he didn't. 


the alpha has his eyes wide open now and the only thing he's able to see is nell's face only inches apart from him. her red lipstick is all over her face and her mouth is slightly open.


wait what. 


why is he sleeping with nell? 


he looks around and that's when panic kicks in. 


nell is only covered by a thick blanket, the same one jeongguk is covered by and when he peeks under it, he's met with the omega's pale as glass skin. 


and the worst part is that jeongguk is only wearing boxers. 


he tries to not breathe too hard so nell won't wake up, because he's not ready to face her. 


while he gets out of the bed and searches for his discarded clothes on the floor, dressing up to the speed of light, his body telling him to run the fuck away, he can only think how is this even possible.


how can someone fuck everything up two times the same way. 


jeongguk can't believe he had sex with nell and he can't even remember. last time with moonsoo's mom at least he was totally conscious. 


his second time having sex and he doesn't remember and he's going to be a total jerk about it and run away before the omega wakes up. if that's not being a douchebag… he'll have the rest of his life to feel guilty about it. 


when he's out of nell's place he texts yoongi, because he's about to cry and he doesn't know what to do. thinking that five years ago he was in a similar situation feels like a cruel joke. 





i fucked up again

idk what to do


i'm the worst




what happened

are u okay?



no im not okay 

fuck hyung

i messed up real bad

i hate myself


i wanna die



ey pup

don't say that ever again 

or istg i will be the one to kill you

tell me what's wrong so i can help



i think i had sex with nell





you think?

how are u not sure if u had sex



i was really drunk

what the hell do i do



why don't you talk with her?



i can't hyung

i can't 





relax okay?

nell is a grown up omega

she has a pup

she probably takes pills 

so don't worry too much about unwanted pregnancies




i didn't even think about that




what were u thinking then



about how i fucked up again

why am i like this

i don't even like nell




you're head over heels for jimin 



fuck fuck fuckkk


he's gonna hate me




why would he



he asked me if i liked nell

and i told him i don't 

and we kissed

now he's gonna think i lied



don't tell him then






just don't tell him

you don't know for sure if you slept with nell right?

then why would you upset jimin for nothing

you aren't dating him

it was just a kiss



i can't do that to him hyung

even if we arent dating

even if we don't kiss ever again

i don't care

i don't wanna keep things from him

i don't wanna lie to him

i need to be honest with him

i think he'll appreciate that

even if it means we won't date 




you're really too good to be real




im a piece of shit



don't torture urself pup

it's not that bad okay?

jimin will still be ur friend



i hope so


jeongguk stares at the messages, the ones jimin sent him last night while he probably was having sex, thinking that he's disappointed the omega. he knows jimin won't tell him anything, won't scold him, won't argue with him. but he knows this will hurt him.


that's why jeongguk cries in the bus all the way home.

when jeongguk is in front of his house's door, he realizes he has no key, so he must have left it at nell's apartment. fuck his luck. he hates everything right now, but mostly his own existence.


the alpha rings the doorbell and waits, the anxiety bubbling up in the pit of his stomach like a constant reminder of his guilt. 


a very sleepy but smiley jimin welcomes him in after some seconds, but soon all of it disappears as the alpha steps inside and jeongguk is able to see the exact moment when it clicks. 


jeongguk surely reeks like omega. like nell. and he's been out all night. 


jimin's expression drops, but the omega is also quick to make a neutral facade. 


he tries to ignore those five seconds where disappointment is everything there has been inside jimin's big eyes. 


"h-hey, jimin…" he greets feeling so out of place it almost hurts physically. "i—" he starts, but the omega won't let him speak.


"it's okay." jimin says, but he's not looking at jeongguk, he's staring at the floor diligently avoiding the alpha's eyes. "it's okay, you don't need to say anything. i get it." 


the worst part is that jeongguk doesn't know what else to say, because of course jimin knows, even if the alpha explains himself, that won't change anything.


because it's changed already. 


jeongguk can't feel it clearly right now, but he's sure he soon will. he'll feel jimin slip from this thing they have, this relationship they've built in no time, this tiny comfort zone where they both felt better, like water slips from your fingers when you try to grab it. there's no way you can hold it, unless it's carefully. 


even worse is knowing that he's hurt jimin. 


knowing that he's no longer good for him, if he brings jimin pain. 


knowing that he hasn't been good enough, but only an aggravating to all the insecurities jimin has been carrying until he met jeongguk. because the alpha understands him. it doesn't matter if jimin doesn't say it explicitly, jeongguk can read between lines and he gets it. he also doesn't need the omega to tell him that he feels comfortable here with him and moonsoo because he's seen it. 


the only thing clear for the alpha right now is that he doesn't want jimin to feel uncomfortable, he wants him to feel at home, even if he doesn't have any chance with the omega anymore.


it's funny how he hasn't got any time to assimilate the fact that he had chances with jimin before he took them away himself. 


"it was just a kiss." jimin starts to say, still avoiding the alpha's gaze like the plague. "nothing else. it's normal sometimes, you know? you're an alpha and I'm an omega, things like this happen all the time. it's just biology messing up with our heads. but you didn't want to kiss me and i didn't want to kiss you. we were just confused, so let's forget it happened." the words sound empty, as if jimin was an actor for a mediocre romance movie repeating a mediocre script. the flatness of it all stabs jeongguk right in his chest, leaving his body vibrating, throbbing in pain. 


he wants to scream at him and tell him none of that is true. he's wanted to kiss jimin from the very beginning, his biology doesn't have anything to do with that. "jimin." he tries to sound like he's scolding him, but it comes out like a plea. jimin is surely doing this to convince himself and prevent himself from some pain. and jeongguk might be selfish, but he can't let the omega think like that. "it was never about biology." he can't confess right now, in these circumstances because it's not the moment. jimin may still hate him. "so please, don't—" he gasps a cry, tearing up. "—don't think like that. m-maybe our bond has to do with biological stuff, but it's still—"


"which bond are you talking about?" jimin interrupts him.


"jimin, you know we… we fit together." he tries to explain. "i can feel it." 


"you're imagining stuff, jeongguk." the omega says bitterly. he hasn't looked at the alpha once. "I'm going back to sleep, you should too, you must be tired." of fucking nell. he doesn't say it, but jeongguk knows.


jimin disappears closing the door of his room that suddenly looks like a bunker. 


jeongguk doesn't see him for the rest of the day, not even when he knocks on the door to give him some food he's cooked, not even when moonsoo calls for him to come and watch cartoons. 


the alpha manages not to cry in front of moonsoo, but sobs like a baby the whole night. 


he suddenly feels empathy for namjoon, because this might be what he's felt, when jimin run away trying to make their bond deteriorate until it died. he's never thought they had a bond before, but right now he can feel it, almost touch it as it aches.


both, namjoon and him, made something that ultimately led jimin to run away from them.


he's no better than namjoon, but he understands his appearance out of nowhere, trying to hold on to jimin.


jimin is addicting. 


jeongguk loves him, it doesn't matter how. friends or something else, he loves jimin.


can i sleep at urs for some days?







its nothing

i just

wanna spend time w u




at least put some effort in ur lies

what happened 




i can't tell u


I'll go somewhere else





u can stay at mine whenever 

yk that





jimin is sick. 


he feels like all of the energy has been sucked away from his body. the only thing he wants to do is lay down on the bed for the rest of his pathetic life. 


okay, he's pitying himself, but what else is he supposed to do? 


it has happened to him the same thing twice, first with namjoon, then with jeongguk.


for some reason he's never good enough for the people around him. 


there's nothing he can change about himself that would make people like him better. he knows that no matter how much he tries to be pretty, to be nice or funny, people he loves will always choose someone else. 


he had started to think that maybe it was namjoon's fault, maybe there wasn't anything bad with jimin. maybe it could had all been a mistake but namjoon didn't mean to be bad with him. maybe it wasn't that jimin wasn't good enough.


but if jeongguk, the most caring and lovely person he's ever met, thinks jimin is not good enough, then…


then jimin is not good enough. 


he can't blame jeongguk. nell is gorgeous, like seokjin is, exuberant and elegant to the point they are sharp enough to cut jimin and make him bleed and ooze insecurities. 


insecurities are a clinging plant holding on to him, constricting all his body and movements, making the good things stay away from him. loneliness makes its way in though. 


they keep away his friends. jimin's never been able to be honest with yoongi and hoseok, his only friends apart from namjoon. he never told them about the pack, never told them about his weird relationship with his best friend and seokjin, never told them how much everything hurt. never told them that he needed help. he doesn't know why, but he kept all of it to himself. 


he didn't want to bother them. 


with the last bit of strength he has, he takes his phone and some clothes plus his laptop and packs it all in a backpack.


i just need some time, the omega thinks while he waits for a late night bus to come, sitting on the sidewalk. i'll come back soon. 


he tries to forget about the plates full of food he's found on the floor in front of his room when he's opened the door to leave the house. he tries to forget about the kiss. he tries to forget that jeongguk kissed him first, as if he was reading his mind like he always does. he tries to forget about jeongguk's body reacting so naturally against his. he tries to forget that it has felt right.


instead, as he opens his pack's house door, his mind wanders around the memories this place holds. 


his mom usually repeats the same story about jimin dancing around the house and tripping off on the porch stairs, face first, breaking his front tooth. it's still crooked. 


he steps inside and walks carefully around, trying not to make any sound because the house is full of alphas always ready to jump to anyone's throat. his stomach is growling tho, so he goes to the kitchen before going to his room. 


the omega leaves his backpack on the floor and opens the fridge to rummage into it, taking a cheese slice and munching on it as he keeps searching for more food. 


"it's good to see you at home." namjoon's voice echoes through the thick silence that involves the house, his breath so close to jimin that it makes the little hairs of his nape raise. 


"fuck you." the omega says but he doesn't dare to move away. he feels weak around the alpha, like his only presence makes jimin slip into submission, into his omega role where he belongs. jimin doesn't know what makes namjoon hold so much power, but he guesses it may be his scent. it smells like forest, pines after the rain and verbena, kind of spicy. it invades everything wherever he goes, it's impossible not to notice him.


"let me cook you something, you look like you're starving, searching for food like that. like a racoon or something." he takes jimin carefully by the wrist and makes him sit down on one of the kitchen chairs."what are you craving, minie?"


"don't call me that." jimin complains but rest his arms and head on top of the kitchen table, watching namjoon. "pasta. with lots of—" 


"lots of cheese, i know." the alpha finishes his sentence, already working on cooking that pasta. "are you close to your heat? you always want pasta when your about to go in heat." 


"none of your business." the last thing he wants to do right now is talk or even think about his heat. it will be his first heat without someone to spend it with, because even in his first heat namjoon was there. they didn't have sex technically, but the alpha helped as much as a teenager alpha could do. 


"okay. but i can smell you anyway." he says, shrugging as he pours the pasta into the boiling water. "you have at least one week before it kicks. are you gonna spend it with your new boyfriend?" namjoon and his stupid nose. 


"can you stop being so intrusive?" the omega retorts sharply but lazily. "it's really fucking tiring."


"I'm just saying that you're not used to be alone. you'll need help." the alpha turns around and leans on the kitchen counter, his big arms crossed over his chest. "if you stay here, there are young alphas always willing to help."  


"no, thank you." 


"it's gonna hurt a lot, minie." 


"i don't care." he shrugs. "now gimmie my pasta and go the fuck to sleep with your mate, namjoon. your scent is making me want to puke and your stupid questions and suggestions only make me want to jump off a window." he gives zero shits about how namjoon might take it, he can't stand his presence and all the out of place stuff he says.


"okay." the alpha says, but jimin can see it in his face, he's not happy at all about the way the omega has talked to him. namjoon places a plate full of pasta with tomato sauce and cheese in front of him on the kitchen table. "but just so you know," he lowers down slightly, enough to talk to him in a whisper close to his ear. "no one's gonna love you as much as i do, minie."


and he goes leaving jimin alone in the kitchen.


no one's gonna love you as much as i do. 


so that's it? that's all jimin can have? namjoon? he's really starting to believe so. maybe he can't have anything better than this, an alpha who's mated, someone who has betrayed their friendship preferring another omega over jimin. 


that sentence makes a home in jimin's already ill mind, infecting it in a matter of seconds. 


the amount of hate he consecrates to himself hits him in waves like it always does, religiously, until his stomach is upside down with nausea and his eyes are full of unshed bitter tears. 


suddenly he's not hungry anymore, so he makes his way to his bedroom and locks the door when he's inside. he lays down on his bed, not even bothering to get undressed. finally he's able to cry his eyes out until he falls asleep exhausted. 



uhm i 

dont wanna bother 

i just wanted to know if u r okay

u went out last night so

ig what i want to say is that we miss u

and that even if we're not in the best terms

i consider u my friend

and i consider this your house as well

i hope u think the same way as me


jimin stares at the screen next morning, reading jeongguk's texts over and over again. 



im okay

i went back home

to see my parents for a bit

I'll be back asap



he chooses to lie, because it's not jeongguk's fault that jimin is not good enough nor that he made high expectations of that kiss. jeongguk is still a good alpha.



are u really okay?

moonsoo is a little worried




I'm okay

i miss him

do u think it would be okay if i talk with him?




ofc it's okay, jimin





but I'll call in a min





jimin stands up from the bed and changes quickly to more comfy clothes before heading to the bathroom and washing his face. his eyes are puffy from all the crying and red. he sighs deeply looking at his reflection, sadness written all over his face.


the omega goes back to lay on the bed and then starts the video call, he feels glad when the first thing he sees is moonsoo's tiny round face instead of jeongguk's pretty one. 


"minie!" moonsoo greets from the other end of the line, smiling widely.


"hey, moonie. how are you doing? did you eat breakfast?" jimin asks, trying to start a conversation but it doesn't go too well


"minie, it's afternoon! i had breakfast and lunch." the little omega explains matter of factly.


jimin looks at the time on his phone. four p.m. he's been sleeping all morning and skipped lunch. his stomach is painfully empty, but he doesn't want to move, he doesn't want to do anything other than lay there. "oh, right."


"when are you coming back home? i wanna show you something i found this morning in the garden." 

jimin wonders what that might be and smiles softly, endeared by the innocence of the pup. 


"I'll come back soon, i promise. i'm just spending some time with my family." he keeps lying, because what else is he supposed to do? tell moonsoo that he's falling for his dad without realizing? sounds like a terrible idea. maybe jeongguk is listening so it's even worse. "just a couple of days." 

a couple of days turn out to be six days. jimin doesn't come back to jeongguk's place. and he doesn't come out of his room, not even to eat. he survives with some protein bars he left there when he moved out and water. he doesn't want to see namjoon and there's a big probability to find him in his way to the kitchen. so he starves himself.





hey jiminie

how about we go out tonight 



why so suddenly



bc it's friday 

and i wanna go out




just the two of us




i wanna have a 'no alpha's allowed night'






c'mon hun

let's drink and have some fun tonight 

i missssss yaaaaa



okay okay

let's go out tonight 

i wanna get wasted



that's my boiii♡ 



jimin does really want to get wasted to the point where he can walk or think or even breathe.


don't get him wrong, he knows that drinking when you're in self destruction mode is not a good idea and can be catastrophic, but he doesn't give a damn because he's being toxic as hell so. 


so when it's nine in the evening, he takes a shower and chooses his clothes. luckily for him, almost all of his clothes are here. he only took some of his favourite pieces to jeongguk's place, but he can work with what he has here. 


his plan goes like this: 


first, he'll dress up to look hot as fuck. even if he doesn't feel like that, he can fake it until he makes it.


then he'll go to the club with taehyung and he'll drink and drink and drink everything he can.


finally, he'll dance until his legs give out with every stranger in the club and he'll most likely go home with one of them to have some sex or pass out. 


he's never had sex with anyone other than namjoon and seokjin, but jimin thinks it's about time.


after searching in his closet, he decides to wear ripped black skinny jeans and a platinum see-through shirt with a low neckline. he also wears long silver earrings and some of his favourite rings. jimin goes for a smokey eye look and lipgloss. he styles his hair so it looks wavy. 


the finished look it's really good, he has to admit. enough to get someone to fuck him or something. 


jimin tries to go out of the pack's house but just when he's opening the front door, he finds seokjin there with one of the packs dogs. the omega's vanilla and lotus scent is everywhere, even if he's outside.


"oh, jimin. i didn't know you were here." seokjin says, and he really looks surprised. jimin is also surprised about namjoon not telling seokjin about their little encounter days ago. they worked that way when they were together, keeping secrets (not so secret) from each other. it was mostly about namjoon and jimin spending time together without seokjin and the other way around. 


at first jimin really liked seokjin, he's older than him, so jimin looked up to him a lot. he was always beautiful in jimin's eyes and he also did everything beautifully. but it wasn't only about appearances, it was about how charming the older omega has always been. it all captivated jimin the same way namjoon's intelligence and leadership did. they were different but they had the same effect on jimin. "yeh… i came back for some days…" he says, already feeling blue again. in seokjin's presence he feels like nothing. 


"how… how are you doing?" jimin nods and looks down to his feet. the black boots he's wearing are a present from namjoon actually. at that time jimin thought it was a courting gift. 


"I'm fine. how about—" jimin signals his own neck, where a mating mark would go. "—you?" 


"it's weird, to be honest." jimin nods again, but his gaze falls to the ground again. "it feels good tho, just too much." jimin keeps nodding with his head hanging low, just so the omega knows he's listening. "actually i wanted to talk to you if that's okay? i feel like i have a lot of things to tell you. are you busy now?" jimin can feel seokjin's eyes watching him up and down. 


"i was gonna hang out with a friend." he answers in a whisper.


"you look really good, so pretty." seokjin's voice is honey, smooth and thick. 


jimin would deny all of it, reject the praises because he knows they're not true and seokjin is only saying all of that because he knows his weaknesses. he knows what jimin is lacking. 


"i won't keep you for too long then." seokjin sits on the porch and pats the spot next to him. he's still holding the tiny dog against his chest while he plays with the fur. 


jimin hesitates for some long seconds before doing as he's told, keeping a safe distance from seokjin anyway. 


"i would like to apologise." those words aren't what jimin was expecting, they make him look at the omega, frowning, trying to see if the person next to him is really the seokjin he knows. "i realized that not only i haven't been a good hyung, but also I've been a terrible friend and lover." the older stops for a moment, eyes locking with jimin's, as if he's trying to make his apology look honest. "when i went into heat—" he starts to explain, jimin winces slightly at the mention of it. "i don't know what took over me, it was almost animalistic. i wasn't feeling like myself, the only thing i could think of was that i didn't want to share something that's mine anymore."


"namjoon is not a thing." jimin interrupts him, his voice plane. "and he wasn't yours anyway." 


"i know, but i couldn't stop myself from thinking that way." he shrugs, as if playing with jimin's feelings wasn't a big deal. "i know we hurt you, but you were in the middle." 


in the middle , like some furniture when it's dark at night and you want to go to the kitchen and get some water. you can trip with it and get your foot's pinky hurt. but when on the daylight, you use it to storage your stupid stuff. 


"are you finished?" jimin says as he stands up quickly, looking down at the older with a neutral face. 


"I'm not telling you this to make you upset, jimin. that's the last thing i want. i feel like all of this is the reason why you left and i feel awful because this is your home, i don't want you to go. we all miss you." seokjin is standing now, the dog forgotten on the ground. 


ah, so it's that. you feel guilty because i left, but you're glad that i did. "did you ever like me? at least one bit? or all that we had was just a thing to go through until you could have namjoon?" there's another reason why he run away at night and avoided any confrontation: his heart had been broken by acts, but words, the things he had been suspecting all this time, might be true. he'll never forget whatever seokjin has to say. his heart hammers inside his chest as if it was trying to break his rib cage. 


"i liked you." jimin breathes again. "but i didn't like you when you were close to namjoon. i didn't like that you two were best friends. i felt out of place. i felt jealous." seokjin confesses. but jimin doesn't understand, namjoon had always been all over the place for seokjin. and jimin wasn't going to fight against it. "i like him a lot. i love him. and i know you don't. but i felt like you could have had him at any moment. jealousy and possessiveness really took over me. maybe one day, when you fall in love… you'll feel the same."


"I'm not like you two, seokjin. even if i fall in love, even if i want someone to be mine, i wouldn't do it sabotaging other's feelings." he sighs and turns around to start walking. he needs to call a cab. "because i know how it feels." 


"jimin wait!" seokjin shouts from behind. "I'm pregnant." 


that makes him stop his tracks. 


"it wasn't namjoon's fault, all of this. he's wanted to talk to you since the very beginning. he misses you. and he wants you to meet the pup, when they born. please… think about it. you will be welcomed." 


seokjin is apologising because of namjoon. he wants the alpha to feel better. that makes his rage melt away slowly. they're having a pup. 

jimin arrives to the club twenty minutes later, he's still looking hot even after his encounter with seokjin. he feels ready to find someone to make out with in the club's bathroom stall.


the only thing really wrong right now with him is that he actually feels hot. so when he's inside and next to the bar, he takes off his leather jacket. he's glad that he's wearing the see-through shirt, because the little air breeze there is in this dark place gets inside of it cooling him down enough not to suffocate. the bartender gives him his drink, tequila to get started and looks at him with something akin to hunger. jimin ignores it, because he's not there to think. 


"jiminie~" taehyung sings as he hugs him from behind, burying his nose in jimin's nape. closeness is a common behaviour for omegas and jimin needs some of it right now. "you smell really strong today, really good." 


"thanks, tae." he turns around still between the other omega's longer arms to look at him. he gives taehyung a shot of tequila. 


"ahg, i love this shit. it's the best way to get tipsy enough to start the night." he comments as he leaves the glass on the bar counter. 


"another two then." 


they have four shots of tequila. it burns the back of jimin's throat but that's the last of his concerns. he feels clingy. 


and it gets worse when the two of them start dancing between the ocean of sweaty bodies, all alpha and omega's scents mixed together and making him feel more dizzy than the shots. 


he blinks and then he's lost taehyung somewhere and instead jimin is nosing into some alpha's neck, searching for a good scent or something to bite, to release some of the things that are filling up his stomach in a strange way, warm but painful. the alpha's hands are everywhere, but jimin loves them when they're on his ass. he also loves to feel the alpha's hard cock against his hip. it makes him remember about the kiss with jeongguk. 


what a good timing to remember that. 


but it's enough to make him imagine that this alpha is jeongguk. sweet, sweet jeongguk. 


jimin misses him, misses his scent and his lips. misses seeing him everyday. he doesn't want to admit it, but that's how it is. 


the alpha bites softly on jimin's neck, making him whine and…



and then slick is gushing out of his hole. 


oh no. 


suddenly the idea of making out or having sex with an stranger isn't appealing at all. more like scary. 


if he's going into heat there's only one person he wants to spend it with. 


"i-i…" jimin's mouth is dry, his mind slowly but surely getting clouded by the alcohol and the desire to be taken care of and to be knotted until he can't feel his own body. "i need to go." 


"are you feeling shy suddenly?" this alpha laughs and his voices is so low it makes jimin shiver. "you're not going anywhere." 


the omega feels a mix of fear and the urge to have something inside of him now. 


"he's my omega." a familiar voice sounds from behind him, above the noise of the music, loud and clear, imposing. 


Chapter Text

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"he's my omega." hoseok's words sting. not because it's him saying them and referring to jimin, no. it's because jeongguk can't be the one saying them. never before has he wanted to own something or someone so bad as he wants to own jimin, right now and since the first time he's seen him. he should have noticed it earlier. all of his instincts were telling him to listen, were pulling him towards jimin. but it wasn't only that. jeongguk had fallen for his scent first, then his beauty, then his charisma and his bad sense of humor, his sassiness, his flaws. it's everything. 


at first he thinks he wants jimin to come back home and at least be friends. after a few months living together, not seeing him for almost a week has been weird and loneliness has made its way back to jeongguk's chest. but he's not really sure if being friends is really going to be enough.


jimin turns around to look at hoseok, his saviour, his guardian angel for the night, with shiny eyes and shiny lips. jeongguk lets himself stare just for a moment. the omega screams 'glad' from every pore of his body. and hoseok smiles, as simple as that.


what was jeongguk expecting? appearing out of the blue and helping jimin out of that situation after days of no communication? of course the omega is glad it's hoseok who's standing there, behind him, pressed against his back with both arms around his body saying 'this person here belongs to me.'


jeongguk walks away, deciding that he's had enough. he's been pre-drinking all afternoon with yoongi, and even if everything is starting to get blurry, suddenly it looks like it's not too much. he needs to drink a bit more. he tells himself it's not because he's jealous or sad or angry, it's to cope with all the pheromones around him. there are too many dancing bodies, sweating and making out. they don't seem to get tired, but jeongguk is barely able to breathe through all the scents. he has a sensitive nose after all. jeongguk tries to take a quick peek into his own memories, when partying was a big part of his life. how did he enjoy clubs? 


he needs jimin more than jimin needs him. the thought invades his head, erasing everything else. he shouldn't be feeling like this, wanting someone to need you is so selfish. 


"did you find him?" taehyung asks when the alpha makes it to the bar. yoongi is hugging him like his life depends on it and jeongguk's never been jealous of them, but now he is. turns out he's an horrible person. wanting to own jimin, and now he's jealous of his best friends. he's not a superhero, he's not a guardian and he's not a good alpha. 


"h-hobie found him." he shrugs, trying to keep it cool but takes taehyung's glass of whatever that is and drinks it all in one big sip. 


"hey hey, pup." yoongi is soon scolding him. "calm down. the alcohol is not going anywhere and you've already drunk too much." 


"is jimin okay?" taehyung keeps asking, insisting as always in the worst moment possible, getting on the alpha's nerves.


"yes, tae! he's really fucking okay! for fuck's sake!" as soon as he screams, he regrets it. he hates having arguments, he hates losing control of his emotions. but taehyung only cares about jimin lately. isn't he supposed to be jeongguk's best friend? 


"jeongguk." yoongi's reprimanding tone is the worst thing he can hear, jeongguk thinks he could bare anything in the world except yoongi being mad at him. but of course yoongi would take taehyung's side. jeongguk is alone. but. "if you have something to tell tae, do it. don't keep it to yourself." the older alpha isn't hugging his boyfriend anymore, he's standing next to jeongguk, a gentle hand on the alpha's shoulder, encouraging.


the young alpha, who had already hanged his head low, looks up to his hyung surprised. "i–" he turns his gaze to taehyung. "i hate that you seem to care more about jimin than me. you've only known him for a few months, I'm your best friend." 


taehyung looks sad almost instantly. jeongguk hasn't seen him sad since he introduced him to yoongi. the omega is about to say something when hoseok and jimin enter the scene. 


"i think we gotta get out of here." hoseok says, his face a mix between panic and something else. he has an arm around jimin's waist, keeping him close. jeongguk looks away, focuses on getting the bartender's attention and forget about how he's been a jerk to taehyung too. taehyung is not his, if he wants a new best friend, he can have it. jeongguk can be alone, he’s better off without all of them anyway. he has moonsoo. they don’t get that. he’s trying hard to convince himself. if he keeps fucking up, they’ll all eventually leave his side. it’s just natural. they’ve had enough of his shit already. 


"oh fuck." he hears yoongi swearing, but jeongguk doesn't turn around to see what happens. "we should take him home." 


"jimin are you feeling too bad?" taehyung's voice sounds worried. jeongguk sips on his new glass of alcohol, this time it's vodka mixed with some cheap version of coke. it's too sweet for his taste and doesn't fit well with the vodka. 


"g-ggukie…" it's a plea. he's never heard jimin talk like that, it makes his stomach twist in a weird way. jeongguk stops all movements, the glass of vodka midway between his lips and the counter. "pl-please…" 


that's the only thing jeongguk needs to turn around just in time to receive the omega in his arms, a thick wave of his scent slapping jeongguk on the face and leaving him out of breath. there's something about jimin's scent, it's strong and it makes the alpha's mouth water. "j-jimin… are you..?" 


"he's about to be in heat." hoseok explains. "are you on suppressants, jeongguk?"


"the doctor didn't give me rut suppressants." he doesn't get why hoseok is asking him something like that when they have worse problems right now. jeongguk is making sure that jimin is well secured between his arms, hugging him against his chest and stroking his back up and down, trying to soothe the omega or himself, because he's on the verge of panic.


"let's get the fuck out of here first, please. we don't have that much time." taehyung guides them all to the exit quickly. but in those few minutes, the alpha realizes that the moment he's had jimin in his arms, all the anger and sadness have gone away. just like that, evaporated. maybe the circumstances aren't the best ones and he doesn't know what's going to happen next, but he's glad to have jimin back at least for now. 


they make it outside and they walk fast, searching for yoongi's car. jeongguk is sure that anyone could be able to follow jimin's scent now that they're outside and the smoke and pheromones don't hide it and he's also sure that anyone would be turned on. honestly, he would be aroused as well if he wasn't so freaking worried right now. he doesn't want to imagine what could have happened if jimin and taehyung had been alone. 


when they find yoongi's car, the older alpha unlocks it and they all get inside. hoseok sits on the front with yoongi and jeongguk is on the back pressed between taehyung and jimin. he fastens jimin's belt, but the omega takes the chance to move closer to nuzzle jeongguk's neck and jawline. the alpha shivers. my heart is too weak for this, he thinks. he moves away and sits very still, trying to muster all his strength to be cold as ice about this. but jimin rest his head on his shoulder and buries his face in the alpha's neck. jeongguk can feel everyone's eyes on him. are they expecting him to do something? 


"i-i think we should take him to his pack…" jeongguk says in a trembling voice, because he needs them to focus on something else. 


"to where? " they all say at the same time. that's when jeongguk realizes. oh, fuck. he shouldn't have said that. another reason for panicking. "he's in a pack?" taehyung asks.


"did you know that?" now is yoongi's turn to ask.


"i didn't. but wow." hoseok moves enough to look back where him and the omegas are sitting. "our jiminie surely knows how to keep a secret." if jimin is able to listen through the pain or whatever he's feeling right now, he doesn't show it. instead there's a sound close to a moan and then jimin is not resting his head on jeongguk's shoulder anymore, his upper body is on the alpha's lap and he's nosing into his legs, dangerously close to the alpha's crotch. 


jeongguk blushes more than he's ever blushed in his whole life. "j-jimin-ah!" that makes taehyung laugh like crazy and only makes jeongguk more embarrassed. 


"i think he wants to go home with you, jeonggukie." hoseok says between giggles. the alpha looks down at the omega on his lap. he's only caressing the alpha's clothed thighs with his nose, but it's enough to make jeongguk's heart beat faster. it's even worse when jimin locks gazes with him while biting his bottom lip. the alpha has to close his eyes and breathe deeply. this is bad


yoongi drives fast, but the ride home seems endless. when they finally arrive, taehyung helps him get jimin inside his room. he's glad that moonsoo is at his grandpa's place or else jeongguk wouldn't know how to deal with jimin and his baby. 


they help jimin lay down on his bed, but the omega seems restless. jeongguk closes the door of his room just a moment to talk with taehyung in private. 


"you're staying, right?" jeongguk asks in a whisper, hoping jimin won't be able to listen through the door, but it sounds more like he's begging. 


"me?" taehyung chuckles. the alpha doesn't get how is he able to laugh right now, he's worried. "he doesn't need me, gguk. he needs you." the omega points jeongguk's chest with his index finger, dramatic as always. 


"what am i supposed to do?" jeongguk is praying internally to all his gods to help him, his brows furrowed in an exasperated expression. he only wanted to drink his sadness away in peace, how has he ended up like this? 


"do i have to explain how this goes?" he sounds incredulous, crossing his arms over his chest and arching an eyebrow. this is a thing he hates about his best friend, he knows everything. 


"mhm yes?!" it irritates jeongguk. 


"okay, so first you gotta get naked and then you put your magic wand into his—" 


jeongguk raises his hands in surrender. he doesn't need to listen to that. "for fuck's sake, tae. don't refer to my dick as magic wand." 


"what do you want me to call it then? meat stick? dong? disco stick? sweet pepper, wiener, todger—" he was counting them with his fingers and jeongguk is sure he knows a lot of those.


"I'm not doing this." part of it because he's panicking, part of it because this is not okay. him and jimin are not even in good terms, jeongguk would feel like he's taking advantage of the situation. what if he helps jimin through his heat and when it breaks, jimin doesn't want anything to do with jeongguk? he would feel like shit. "I-I'm not doing this…" 


"okay, okay." taehyung moves closer, there's no more jokes, he sounds serious now like he's finally taken pity on him. the omega places both hands on the alpha's shoulders. "you don't have to do it." jeongguk sighs in relief. "at least take care of him, make sure he eats and drinks enough water. heats are painful, same as ruts. help him as much as you can, he'll appreciate it." 


jeongguk nods. he can do that. he's a master of taking care of people and he doesn't want jimin to be in pain. 




oh, there's a but. 


"but what?"


"it's gonna be difficult to resist him, so… be prepared. he clearly wants you, he's not gonna stop until he gets you." taehyung shrugs. 

taehyung leaves him alone with the situation then. and the first thing jeongguk does is texting his appa.




i know it's late

i need a favor

can moonie stay with you some days? 




of course he can stay as much as you need

we'll have lots of fun



thank you appa

I'll have taehyung bringing you moonie stuff to yours




but pup

is everything okay?





it could be better 




what happens?



remember my roommate?



that pretty omega you like 



i don't like him






the thing is


having troubles


im gonna help him 



you can say that he's in heat, jeongguk

you're a grown up alpha 



i wanna die

like right now 



need advice?




I'll call you if i need help

tell moonie i love him

and i miss him

wish him good night for me

I'll call tomorrow 



okay, pup

good luck

suddenly jeongguk is glad that he taught his dad how to use his mobile phone to send texts -his dad is the worst when it comes to technology, he manages to break even tv remotes-, because he would have been a lot more embarrassed if he had to talk to him instead of just writing.


next thing he does is search on google. 


he shouldn't have typed that. all of the websites are porn websites, some of them really gross.


he changes some of the words.




okay, that's better. some of them are still porn, but there's one that basically says the same stuff taehyung has told him already: eat well, stay hydrated and sleep as much as possible. 


okay, he can help with all of that. it's easy. jeongguk smiles still looking at the screen of his phone, relief washing through his body. 




he doesn't know much about how heats actually go. his only rut is a blurry memory of pain and neediness. and he's sure he only went to a few health classes back in high school and skipped the rest because they were boring as hell and not a thing a teenager wants to learn about. he knows the basics, he thinks, an irrational desire to have pups and all that. but he's curious about how jimin might be feeling. 



more porn. he's not surprised about it, but he's a bit concerned. if young alphas have to learn how heats work by watching porn, it's going to be real bad. he makes a mental note to research better and ask taehyung about it in depth. he will need it when the time comes for moonsoo. he can't believe he's been so oblivious about it until now. irresponsible. the thing is that jeongguk should know about this kind of stuff because everyone knows, it's literally in written in their bodies, but… that has never really been jeongguk's world. he's never acted on his rank and he's never been possessed by his instincts. for all that matters, jeongguk could be a beta. 


but he has a knot, so he's not. 


talking about that. what if he goes into rut? shit, he doesn't even want to think about that possibility.


okay, okay. it's time to face this. it can't be that bad right? he thinks as he opens the door of jimin's bedroom. a thick wave of citrus scent punches jeongguk on the nose. adjusting his eyes to the darkness filling the room, he finally sees jimin totally naked on top of the mattress. the alpha's first reaction is to look away immediately, a hand covering his eyes anyway. "jimin, why are you naked?" 


"gguk… come here, please." his voice is smooth, a few pitches lower than usual, almost as if it was made to attract him.


and it works. jeongguk carefully walks to the mattress and sits on it, next to jimin, trying not to stare. 


"good boy." jimin praises him and moves closer, sitting as well so he's able to nose at the alpha's neck. 


a very blushing jeongguk raises his right hand to pull the omega's sweaty fringe back. then, hand pressed on his forehead, the alpha realizes jimin is burning. "i think… i should make you a bath." he comments while watching the omega who's nuzzling his hand now. "you still smell a bit of the club. then… mhm." he pauses when he listens jimin's pained whine. 


"i-it hurts… i don't wanna take a bath… i wanna-" 


"a bath and food will make you feel better, jimin." the alpha interrupts him, because he's almost sure he doesn't need to hear the end of that sentence. jeongguk is trying his best to not look at jimin's naked body, to be decent, to not surrender to his instincts nor jimin's attempts to seduce him. he doesn't really think jimin is trying to seduce him, he just needs what he needs. in any other situation, jimin wouldn't try anything with him. "c'mon." he takes jimin in his arms, just to help him get into his feet. 


hand in hand they go to the bathroom. jeongguk focuses on filling the bathtub with lukewarm water. it's cold outside but jimin is feverish. he doesn't think he'll catch a cold. when the water is ready he helps the omega get inside and sit down. jeongguk doesn't think about it twice before taking moonsoo's baby soap to wash jimin with it. he goes for the hair first, meanwhile mustering strength to go for the body, massaging the scalp carefully to ease some of the pain away or at least distract jimin from it. when jeongguk checks on the omega, he finds him with his eyes closed but furrowing. 


"c-can i ask you something?" jeongguk breaks the silence finally, but it's probably not a good idea. jimin nods. "these days… when you where at the pack… did you see namjoon?" what he really wants to know is if he's spent time with the other alpha. he doesn't have the right to ask that, since things with nell happened but the doubt is eating him from inside. 


"i saw him, but of course he was a knothead as always." jimin answers sincerely, the alpha can feel his eyes on him. "i lowkey talked with seokjin, he was also a knothead even if he has no knot. isn't that amazing?" he clicks his tongue. "anyways, they're having a pup." 


"really?" jeongguk takes this chance, since they're both distracted, to start rubbing jimin's body carefully. his face is a palette of every shade of red. 


jimin is fit. like, it's obvious that he takes care of his body. he's muscled but thin. and that's info he gets only using his hands, caressing here and there, massaging his shoulders. jimin melts in the bathtub and moans when jeongguk presses in the right spots. 


"w-whatever… they're happy now that-that i'm not in the middle, ah, r-right there…" okay, time to leave the shoulders. his hands move to the front instead, rubbing the omega's chest. jimin moans again when jeongguk accidentally caresses one of his nipples and even arches his back against the marble tub. 


"o-okay! i think you should finish this yourself..." jeongguk moves away his hands and closes his eyes, breathing unevenly. he stands up and turns around. "i'll cook something. y-you need to eat.”


jeongguk is a chicken, a fucking coward. at least if he were like marty mcfly from back to the future, he’ll end up doing stuff whenever someone would call him chicken, and he’s sure his friends would call him chicken now if they had seen how he’s run out of the bathroom. he’s starting to think this wasn’t a good idea at all, maybe hoseok would have done this much better… even if that pisses jeongguk off so much.


this is not a moment to think stuff like that. he has to try and do as best as he can, there’s no room for panic.


jeongguk goes to the kitchen and starts rummaging through the pantry searching for something his stupid hands can cook without setting the kitchen on fire. after doubting between cheetos, a plastic jar full of kimchi and baby food, he opts for the baby food. at least it’s nutritious. he keeps buying them because even if moonsoo is not a baby anymore, he still loves them and it’s the only way in which the little omega eats vegetables.


it’s the best option. and he only needs to use the microwave. true, he hates that stupid thing, because he doesn’t really get how does it work. but he can manage.

when jimin somehow makes it to the living room, with wobbly legs he sits on the floor in front of the tiny table where jeongguk has already placed two bowls of baby food and cold water.


jeongguk is really hungry, his stomach completely empty of food and full of alcohol. at least he doesn’t feel drunk anymore after the turn of events. "i... made baby food because it was the only thing edible i found in the pantry." jeongguk explains, his attentive eyes don’t miss the way jimin shudders, still very naked in front of jeongguk. he makes a quick trip to the omega's room and takes his shirt -the one he got from yoongi and jimin’s new pajama- and comes back. without saying anything, he makes the omega wear it. the reason? because he can't have a naked jimin eating baby food in front of him. "i hope you like it, moonie loves it. try to eat as much as you can, taehyung and google say you'll need it."


jimin chuckles softly, raising a spoon full of baby food with a shaky hand. the alpha can see that he’s trying his best to keep his instincts away. the bath must have sobered him up in more than one way or maybe it’s the way jeongguk has run away. “i can’t believe that you searched it up on google, you’re hilarious.”


“what else was i supposed to do?” jeongguk complains, slightly pouting. “not like google has helped that much. i’m genuinely concerned.” the alpha watches as jimin struggles with his shaky body. “wait, let me help you.” he takes the spoon jimin was holding and places it in front of the omega’s lips, ready to feed him. 


as soon as jimin eats the first spoon, he moans. he must have been so hungry. jimin moves closer until their bodies are pressed together and lets jeongguk feed him silently. seeing jimin eat so well takes some of the nervousness away from him. it’s a simple gesture, but he feels like he’s doing good. 


every two spoons, he eats one two, not even bothering to take his own spoon. he doesn’t want to think that they’re having indirect kisses but they totally are. it’s stupid, but he likes it. and he loves taking care of jimin like this, it satisfies all the instincts he didn’t know he had.


jeongguk almost thinks that everything is fine until jimin makes a pained whine. the alpha tries to give him another spoon of baby food, but he turns his face away, eyebrows pinched together in distress. "okay, no more food… bed?" 


jimin curls up against the alpha's body, making himself look as smaller as possible. jeongguk interprets it as a yes, so he lifts the omega up in his arms and takes him to his bedroom, placing him carefully on top of the mattress. "how are you feeling?" he sits next to him, waiting, watching and searching for any signs of discomfort apart from the omega's expression. he has his arms locked over his lower belly.  


"h-hurts." he breathes slowly while looking around the room. "everything is wrong." 


that picks up jeongguk's attention. "what do you mean everything is wrong? s-should i leave? do you want some time alone?" 


"n-no no! please… it's… the room, jeongguk, the room is a mess." jimin complains.


"a mess?" the alpha checks the state of the room. it's not perfectly organized but it looks good, jimin has everything clean and the room looks cozy. and it smells like jimin, so to jeongguk is perfect. "i think it's fine." jimin shakes his head no. "would a nest make it better?" jimin nods quickly, wet locks bouncing on his forehead. it makes the alpha smile. "do you prefer to make it yourself?" 


jimin, who was with his eyes closed, glances at the alpha, lips pursed. "no. i want you to do it. you… make them better." 


"practice makes perfect." he shrugs. 


"use your stuff. i want your clothes." it's an order and jeongguk is not going to argue with him. 


jeongguk makes a really good nest on jimin's mattress, he's honestly proud of it. his clothes are all over the place but perfectly placed, and there are lots of pillows. jimin has pulled him down, making him lay there with him on it and jeongguk has to admit it feels good and comfortable, just like his own nest in his room. there's something about nesting, he doesn't really know what is it. 


jimin has changed his pajama t-shirt for one of jeongguk's hoodies that is way too long for him but it hides the important parts. the omega shifts, probably trying to find a good position to lay down between all the clothes. and apparently the best way to be comfy is completely pressed against jeongguk's body, hugging him with his right arm and leg, like a koala, face between jeongguk's shoulder and neck. 


maybe the heat hasn't really started yet and those from before were just some warnings. jimin does smell strongly, but now is muffled with the alpha's scent. and being in a nest has calmed him, jeongguk notices. "how are you feeling now?" 


"tired. wanna nap..." jimin whispers, it's clear in his voice that he's already drifting into a deep sleep. 


"sleep all you can, 'm not going anywhere." 


"thank you, gguk." 


and jeongguk wants to ask why him and not hoseok. he found him at the club after all, he saved him from that creepy alpha. so, why is jeongguk here with jimin and not hoseok? they know each other for longer, jimin should be more comfortable going through his heat with his friend. 


and jeongguk is just jeongguk. he's a piece of shit.


he doesn't know how to do anything the right way.


and he messes up everything. 


he guesses he'll have time after all of this to ask jimin and to apologise, to ask him to come back home. 

jeongguk wakes up feeling something weird, but he refuses to open his eyes because, damn, he was sleeping so well. "mhmm." he complains, scrunching up his nose. he was having this dream, he doesn't exactly remember now but he knows it was good and it had jimin on it, it makes him smile. they were in the beach with moonsoo. 


"a-alpha…" jimin's voice is silky smooth, citrus scent is everywhere and he sounds close. then there's movement on jeongguk's lap, right where it shouldn't be any movement. "please… alpha." 


alpha. jeongguk opens his eyes to find his lap full of jimin, his legs on each side of jeongguk's hips, straddling him. he's still wearing the hoodie, but since he's not wearing any underwear, the slick has soaked the alpha's sweatpants, he can feel the wetness of it in his boxers. "jimin… fuck. " that’s all his mind can supply him with.


jimin nods, but jeongguk doesn't get why. 


"i-i need to…" jimin is slowly circling his hips, jeongguk notices, and he also realizes he's rock hard underneath the omega. only the pressure there is enough for jeongguk to gasp. he’s sure he could come only with that in some minutes, being the lacking of touch guy he is. "n-need to…" 


jeongguk's hands move to the omega's hips on instinct to keep him from moving anymore, but that causes jimin to whimper. "what do you need, jimin? tell me." he doesn’t know how the hell does he manage to sound calm. 


"c-can i… can i touch myself, alpha?" jimin is staring at him. his gaze is fierce, hungry, but there's control in it too. 


it takes him a second to answer. "yes, you can, jiminie. touch yourself." jeongguk pulls jimin's hoodie up enough to let him some room to do as he pleases. the alpha looks up just when jimin is starting to jerk off, moaning silently, like he's relieved only by doing that. 


the omega keeps moving his hips just right on top of jeongguk's hard on. he keeps his hands on jimin's waist though, trying not to touch him anywhere else, but he would love to explore jimin's body. he especially would like to replace jimin’s hand for his own. he’s never touched anyone’s dick before, he only has experience with his, but he wants to try. for the quick glance he’s taken at it, he knows that the omega’s cock is smaller, but jeongguk believes his hand would fit just right.


"a-alpha…" that call makes jeongguk sit up on the bed, so he's able to be on eye level with the omega, their noses touch and jeongguk is half hugging jimin. usually he would be panicking by now, overthinking as always, but instead there's something inside of him, pulling him towards jimin with the only intention of making him feel better. his brain, though, still reminds him that he shouldn't touch jimin too much. 


but. there's stuff he thinks he's allowed to do. 


first, he gives jimin a eskimo kiss. and when that isn't enough to calm jimin, who's crying moans and only more upset with that, jeongguk kisses him. it's just a peck, but then there's another and another. jeongguk keeps moving back whenever jimin chases for his lips. 


"j-jeongguk…" jimin complains. "don't tease me." 


the alpha still pecks jimin on the corner of his lips. 


"i want a real kiss, gguk." he looks really annoyed right now. it amazes how even in heat, desperate, jimin is able to look cute. "you're being so mean." the alpha likes whiny jimin a lot, he has to admit.


jeongguk kisses him like jimin wants, deep and wet just like the first time they kissed, slamming their lips together in a rush. the omega melts into it, his free hand buried in jeongguk's hair, pulling at it in a way that it's painful, but feels good. jimin moves his hand faster and faster, mewling until he breaks apart. he comes everywhere, all over his hand and hoodie, and all over jeongguk's shirt. 


the omega's sigh tickles jeongguk's lips, the strong grip he had on the alpha's messy hair loosens, his whole body relaxing as he comes down from his orgasm. 


"better?" jeongguk whispers and jimin nods as an answer letting his head rest on the alpha's shoulder, nose caressing his neck slightly and making him shiver. 

jeongguk helps jimin clean up and changes his clothes too. the omega falls asleep soon after that. he should have eaten something , jeongguk thinks. he checks the hour on his phone. 7 a.m. 


carefully not to wake jimin up, the alpha gets off the nest. he walks to the kitchen and starts preparing some breakfast. he needs coffee if this is going to keep happening for some days. but at least jimin is doing fine. there's this thought in the back of his mind that keeps discouraging him. this thought about someone else, namjoon or hoseok, being able to take care of jimin better than him. 


jeongguk needs help so he calls yoongi. 


"who the hell would call at this hour?" yoongi's annoyed tone means he was still sleeping. 




"jeongguk. it's saturday. 7 a.m. go the fuck back to sleep." 


the alpha pouts automatically then he remembers that yoongi can't see him through the phone so that won't help him today. "hyung i need help." 


"shit, pup. can't you need help at 9 a.m? please? i can't think right now." 


"okay… I'll call later." 


"thank you." 


jeongguk sighs deeply as he slides down until he's sitting on the kitchen floor. he thinks about calling taehyung, but he's sleeping with yoongi so that's not a good idea. so jeongguk ends up texting hoseok, even if he doesn't want to talk to him right now. but he's the only one who could be awake at this hour.







is everything alright 



i think so



how's jimin?



i don't really know



are you helping him?



not exactly 


I'm doing what i can

but i don't think that's…




anything you do for him is gonna help 

your only presence helps




i was thinking 

maybe you should help him




jeongguk i don't even like men



lemme doubt it


he's jimin

he's above genders and sexuality 

everyone should and does like him

I'm sure of it

you too



why are you trying to convince me

of sleeping with the guy you like




i know you would do better



that's not how it works 

i told you

even if you do nothing

only being there with him is helping

and he chose you

he was all over you the moment he saw you at the club

can't you just accept it? 

he likes you

not me 



he said

what happened was just a kiss

he said that it meant nothing

that it was just hormones 

that he doesn't like me

i don't wanna do something 

that he can regret doing after the heat breaks



he really said that?




and tbh

it hurt 

a lot



i can imagine

but even if he doesn't like you

you do like him

so help him

as best as you can

it's only gonna last a couple of days




it might be silly but jeongguk is crying, fat tears are splashing on the phone screen, the sudden realization of the situation he's actually in hitting him with no mercy. 


he has to help jimin, because jeongguk doesn't like him, he loves him. 


but those feelings are not reciprocated at all, jimin may even hate him.  


he thought that was fine, but it's not. 


it's really not okay. 


and all of this is probably going to end after jimin's heat. 


jimin will want to move out and never see jeongguk again. jeongguk who took advantage of his heat to have sex with him because he was pathetic enough to fall in love and fuck it all up. 


he tries his best to cry silently, muffling his sobs with his hands pressed to his mouth. the air is refusing to make its way into jeongguk's lungs and the only thing he can think about it's not to wake jimin up. the floor is cold but his feet and hands are cooler, his head feels hotter than hell though, throbbing with every puzzling thought. his face is all screwed up and his body can only rock him sluggishly as a way of comfort.

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jimin wakes up feverish, covered in sweat and slick, his whole body is on fire and hurting. but there's something even worse. 


when he turns around in the nest, jeongguk is not there. panic creeps into his chest with the possibility of the alpha having left him alone. 


he stumbles out of the nest and picks up one of jeongguk's shirts to wear it. every movement takes all of his strength to be made. the idea of leaving the nest is not pleasant at all, but he has to find his alpha. so he leaves his nest and his room. there's a light breeze coming from somewhere that helps jimin cool down a bit but makes him shiver at the same time. 


he walks around the house that seems empty, his bare feet make small sounds that can be heard through the intense silence as he wanders around the place. he thinks he's never seen the house so silent, since moonsoo is always playing around, watching cartoons or singing. jeongguk's rainy scent is lingering wherever he goes though, but it's stronger in the kitchen. 


his nose wasn't lying. when jimin goes into the kitchen, he finds jeongguk there, sitting on the cool floor, eyes closed and hand grasping the phone, knuckles white. jimin steps closer because he needs to be closer, but if he were sane right now, he would have left the alpha alone. because his face is twisted and jimin doesn't need to know why exactly to know it's his fault. 


when he kneels next to him, jeongguk opens his eyes. they're red and swollen, tired, there are dark circles decorating them and making them look smaller than they are. he can't barely keep them open. still— "jimin… you shouldn't be here… you need to rest." the alpha's voice is one of misery, wobbly, but it's still jeongguk so he's kind. 


"y-you weren't there… when i woke up." jimin explains as if it isn't obvious. "i thought you left." his skin is itching to touch jeongguk, at least caress him, hug him, whatever the alpha allows him to do. he raises his right hand to brush the alpha's arm in a light touch, tentative to not scare him off. 


jeongguk takes his hand instead. "sorry. i didn't mean to scare you." he's not looking at jimin, he keeps his focus on the omega's fingers, playing with them to keep his mind from something else. but what? "needed some time." jimin studies his face and notices the dead tears on his red cheeks, matching his red nose. he looks younger , jimin thinks, but even more tired. he's even more similar to moonsoo. he can't help but think that jeongguk is pretty, even now full of sadness. 


"why were you crying?" jimin dares to ask, his eyes dropping to his linked hands, but still glancing upwards every few seconds to read the alpha's face. he suspects jeongguk won't tell him the real reason behind his breakdown, but jimin needs to know. 


"i—" he starts, laughing bitterly, his smile tight from the lack of use. jeongguk only smiles when he wants to smile, he never fakes it as jimin does. "i miss moonie. that's it. I'm okay." he almost telegraphs the words. 


the omega frowns, he can read through it all. it's not difficult, even if jeongguk could be really missing his pup, jimin knows that's not the case today. "can you stop pretending that you're okay?" 


"I'm okay, jimin." he sighs and lets go of jimin's hand. that simple thing drives the omega crazy, who until now had kept his instincts under control. "don't—"


"stop lying." jimin stands up quickly, glad that the shirt covers him enough right now that he's not needy, but burning with anger. the object of his anger is unsure. "say what you want to say, at least once in your life."


jeongguk remains sitting there, not even bothering to look at jimin. it infuriates him, because it seems like the alpha could be there all day taking whatever jimin has to say, he could scream, even hit him, and jimin feels like jeongguk wouldn't do anything to defend himself. 


and he should. 


"are you gonna stay there looking like a stray dog?" jeongguk doesn't make any attempt to reply, he only hangs his head low. "aren't you gonna get mad at me? do something! scream at me, push me, anything!" 


"why would i get mad at you?" the alpha asks whispering. there's not even a bit of bonfire in his scent, all there's left is grey sad rain. "none of this is your fault." 


"i ran away." jimin retorts quickly. "aren't you mad about that?" 


"I'm not namjoon, jimin, and you're not mine." those words hit jimin differently. jeongguk sounds calm while pronouncing them, confident as if he has thought about it for long. "I'm not gonna go after you and beg you to come back home, I'm not gonna try to keep you here if that's not what you want. if you ran away, it was because you weren't comfortable here anymore and that was only my fault. i misunderstood the whole situation, right?" jimin is frozen on the spot watching how his lie really made a home in the alpha's head. he played his role perfectly. "i overstepped the boundaries. shouldn't have kissed you. i put you in a weird place." 


jeongguk finally stands up to be in eye level with jimin, releasing a long sigh. "i apologise." 




the alpha doesn't let jimin finish talking. "i don't want you to think that I'm taking advantage of you because you're in heat and i like you. i know you need someone right now, but i don't wanna make things even worse." jeongguk is only a few steps apart from him, but the distance feels wide for jimin when he's eager to be close and touch even being mad as he is. jeongguk likes him? 

then why did he sleep with nell after they kissed? it doesn't make any sense. "i tried to convince hobie to help you instead of me, but he—"


"you really did that?" jimin's eyes are glossy with tears. he thinks he doesn't get jeongguk. he kisses jimin and then spends the night with nell and now he tells jimin that he likes him only to say he wanted hoseok to take care of him. 


"i thought… you would feel more comfortable with him." 


"but you like me." 


"that's not what you need now." jeongguk shrugs. jimin would like to pretend that he doesn't understand jeongguk's doubts and fears, but deep inside, they're the result of his lie, so he understands. jimin moves closer, the space between them killing him for different reasons now. he doesn't want his alpha to feel bad. he doesn't want jeongguk to feel bad. jimin needs to comfort him.


"i lied." jimin needs to touch. "what i said that day is not the truth." now that he thinks about it objectively, and not with the pained heart of one who's rejected, he realizes that he acted wrong. jeongguk came back home after sleeping with nell knowing that he'd made jimin upset, but he never tried to lie or hide. he's sincere even when he messes up. since the alpha doesn't move away, jimin grabs his shirt only to have something in his hand and to keep jeongguk there. "i kissed you because i wanted." 


"you're saying that because you're in heat, jimin…" he complains but his words go against his actions, because next thing jimin knows is that jeongguk is pulling him closer until they crash against each other. suddenly, jimin's need for contact is forgotten. he prefers waiting for jeongguk to reach for him, like this, like he needs jimin the same way he needs him. finally he gets why patience is a virtue.


his mouth goes dry with the feeling of the alpha's breathing near his ear, it makes his whole body shiver in anticipation. there's something in the back of his mind telling him to bare his neck for his alpha, but he refuses to do it so easily. jeongguk hasn't even touched him as he needs yet and his mind wants to go full submissive mode. jeongguk is not intimidating or imposing as namjoon is, still jimin only wants to be good for jeongguk. 


"see?" jimin can't hear any smirk in his voice. it's just calm and soft almost lulling him into believing the alpha's words. "it's your body talking for you." jeongguk makes his point clear by raising his hand and stroking jimin's hair before gently rubbing the spot below his ear with his thumb. jimin relaxes under the attention. he's wanted jeongguk to touch him in any way since he saw him at the club. no, since they kissed. 


no. since they first met. 


now it's clear in his head, that bond jeongguk mentioned when he was so blind to hear anything. it's different from the one he had with namjoon since that bond existed thanks to the pack. the bond was something similar to what he calls family in his head, 

his parents and namjoon, even seokjin fits in that concept. 


with jeongguk it's like it has always been there, even before they met. they click together. they fit in each other's chests, like there's always been an empty place there reserved just for them. 


maybe it's the heat making him imagine things, but he hopes that's not the case. 


jimin wants to trigger something else in jeongguk, another reaction, another movement in jimin's direction. he can't look at the alpha's face right now, so he fixes his gaze on his neck, letting his thoughts fly over the idea of scenting jeongguk properly. jimin's hands curl up against the alpha's chest innocently to prove his words are truthful. he waits patiently. am i doing good, jeongguk? am i good for you? "it's not the heat." 


"then you'll have to repeat that when it's finished so i can believe it." jimin nods way too enthusiastically. he can do that, he can confess when his heat is over, no big deal. 


"but you have to promise me you won't do that again." jimin has his eyes closed now as he whispers, fingers making a pattern on the alpha's shirt. 


"do what?" 


"choosing someone else." he shouldn't have said that, he regrets it the moment the words leave his mouth. it makes him vulnerable. it's not jeongguk's fault if namjoon wanted seokjin more than he wanted jimin, even after all the time they've been together. it's not jeongguk's fault if jimin got hurt when he slept with nell. maybe jimin needs to stop being so sensitive. he tries to back away a little, his guts twisting bitterly as his mind runs through the same thoughts over and over again. 


but jeongguk is taking his hand right away, preventing him from leaving. "i didn't choose anyone. what happened, whatever it was, it wasn't like that—"


"i don't wanna hear any of that right now, gguk." the  last thing jimin needs is listening to jeongguk talk about that stupid night. his eyes drop to their jointed hands. it's weird how their hands always seem to find the way to reunite. "i don't want you to… try to… get rid of me… if you don't wanna help me i totally get it. i didn't even ask in the first place. but don't try to make anyone else come and take care of me." when i only want you, his mind supplies. it reminds him of namjoon offering a young alpha of the pack to spend his heat with. as if it meant nothing. "you can go… or i can go back to the pack, don't wanna kick you out of your own house." 




"it's fine. i can spend it alone, really. it's not that bad." the omega shrugs, but the pep talk is for himself. heats are bad, they hurt and he's never been through one alone, but he's managed until now. jeongguk hasn't even done anything to him yet, so… he can do it by himself. "plus, moonie probably misses you as well." jimin thinks that'll make it. there's nothing more important for jeongguk than moonsoo, they're never separated for too long. 


"jimin." jeongguk calls again pulling him closer. "I'm not going anywhere." 

i'm not going anywhere. jimin might be selfish, but he hopes that jeongguk will really stay with him. it doesn't matter if the alpha doesn't technically help him with the heat, jimin doesn't want to be alone. 

he's kept his instincts in check until now, but his body is still throbbing with pain and he knows that if jeongguk leaves, he's going to spend the rest of this nightmare crying. 


fortunately, jeongguk seems to have his mind made up, because the moment they get to jimin's room he's kissing the omega, but not on the lips, no. the alpha kisses him everywhere, mouth exploring jimin's skin like he's eager to know where the sweet spots are. somehow they make it to the nest, jeongguk's weight on top of him is enough to drive jimin crazy. 


"gguk…" jeongguk only hums in response, too busy kissing the omega's jawline. jimin forgets about his control and bares his neck as a silent plea to keep the alpha going. 


jeongguk takes the opportunity right away. jimin feels teeth sinking in his neck too close to where the mating mark would be. the omega's heart stops for a moment, breath stuck in his throat and eyes closed. there's something akin to panic bubbling up in his chest, but it only turns him up even more. and the alpha's following deep growl is probably the best thing he's ever heard.  


jimin whimpers when he feels the alpha lapping that same spot, slick already gushing out of his hole and soaking the clothes underneath them. "s-sorry… i…" he whispers against the bruised skin. "couldn't help myself… you shouldn't do that." 


"mhm?" jimin's trying to lift up jeongguk's shirt as they talk. he wants to see the alpha's tiny waist again. he's distracted, but he knows what jeongguk means. jimin shouldn't bare his neck like that, but the thing is he doesn't care. he wants to bare his neck. 


jeongguk gives one last lick to the wound before kissing jimin on the lips. finally , jimin thinks, jeongguk surely likes to make me wait. but it doesn't last long. the alpha gets rid of jimin's shirt and trails his kisses down to the omega's chest, kissing each nipple, but giving one of them a careful bite that makes jimin whine.


"stop teasing…" jimin complains whispering. jeongguk looks up and they lock gazes while the alpha continues with that sweet torture, kissing and nibbling wherever he goes, until he reaches jimin's happy trail where the omega's cock rests painfully hard. 


jeongguk kisses the tip, before taking it all in his mouth in one swift movement of his head. jimin's hands are pulling the alpha's hair while he moans. he wasn't expecting jeongguk to be so blunt when he's usually so shy and careful. plus, usually alphas tend to avoid any interaction with omega's dicks because they're kind of useless, not the real deal. namjoon never did anything near his dick, now that he thinks about it. it was always seokjin who was in charge of that. maybe only pack alphas behave like that. or maybe jeongguk is special. 


the alpha bobs his head tentatively at first, getting used to the sensation of having something in his mouth, jimin guesses. when jimin dares to look down, pulling jeongguk's fringe back with his hands to be able to watch his face, the alpha has his eyes closed. jimin has to admit that he looks good like that, with his mouth full. the view is enough to have jimin on the edge of coming in seconds. "gguk…" jimin moans his name, pulling on the alpha's hair a bit harsh. "i-i'm coming… pu-pull out."


jeongguk does as he's told as the obedient alpha he is, but he keeps his mouth open, his tongue poking out catching almost all of the omega's come. some of it ends up on the alpha's cheeks and chin though. jimin hasn't even made any sound as he came, he was too astonished. 


"c'mere." jimin demands, his body relaxing under jeongguk's weight when the alpha settles on top of him. the omega licks him clean first even if he loves to see sweet jeongguk covered in his come. "you didn't have to do that…" 


"how are you feeling?" jeongguk ignores jimin's comment. 


he's not in pain anymore, at least for now and he doesn't feel like he's on fire, only gross. "way better. thank you for… y-you know." 


jeongguk slams his lips against jimin's, probably to make him shut up before he says anything else. their tongues brush and jimin can taste himself in the alpha's mouth. it's almost enough to set his body on fire again. 


"you need to eat." jeongguk states between pecks. "and take a bath." 





needless to say, jeongguk wins the argument using his kisses to convince jimin to go to the bathroom. 

but jimin only goes under one condition: jeongguk has to take a bath with him. 


that's how both of them end in the bathtub, surrounded by hot water and lots of foam. jimin wants to complain, because he hasn't been able to see jeongguk fully naked yet. even now the only thing he can see is his chest, but not his abdomen. the bubbles cover all the important parts jimin is eager to see. it's unfair. before jimin could see anything the alpha has got inside the bathtub in a movement faster than light. 


they're in front of each other and jeongguk is rigorously avoiding jimin's eyes. what is it now? 


"you don't want me to see you naked?" jimin asks, because maybe jeongguk is back to his shy self again. 


"maybe." the alpha shrugs, his fingers playing with the bubbles absently. 


"but i wanna see you." jimin complains, splashing some water in the alphas direction. "you don't have to be embarrassed about, gguk. you're so handsome… so hot." the omega moves in the water trying to get as closer to the alpha as he can. his hands brush jeongguk's legs under the water, up his strong thighs until he reaches what he was looking for. 


jeongguk is fully hard and jimin leaves him gasping for air the moment he takes his cock in his hand. he's salivating only with that. the alpha's dick is thicker and bigger than his. the omega wonders how would it feel like in his mouth, how would it feel filling him up. "jimin." he warns. 


but isn't jeongguk tired of jimin leaving him with blue balls? "mhm?" jimin hums inquisitively, moving closer until his nose caresses jeongguk's. 


"you need to clean yourself and eat." jimin sighs deeply. jeongguk looks serious about this and he wants to behave for him so he backs away until he's sitting in his initial position, but he's frowning. 


"okay. whatever." 


"don't pout…" 


"I'm not pouting." 


he is pouting. he wants jeongguk to feel good too. even if jimin is a little pissed off, he lets jeongguk clean him up. the alpha works in silence, rubbing here and there with the baby soap. the idea of getting rid of the alpha's scent only makes him even more pissed. 


"i'm sorry." jeongguk says after a while. he's scrubbing jimin's shoulders and neck very carefully. 


the omega doesn't get why is he apologising now. "about what?"


"your neck." then jeongguk touches with the pads of his fingers the bruise there. jimin winces slightly. "i didn't mean to mark you out." 


"i like it." of course he likes it, for God's sake. he loves it. he's been thinking of jeongguk as his alpha all along and his alpha has marked him. it feels great, almost perfect. but jeongguk needs constant reassurance and jimin is okay with that. "so don't worry." 



talk to me when you're not drunk


talk to me when you get that dick

jeongguk is highkey panicking 

be gentle w him

he's innocent 


good morning jiminie

are you okay? 

i texted jeongguk but he's not answering 

i thought about bringing you some toys

you know what i mean

just in case jeongguk chickens out

i'll be there in 20 mins

i hope u 2 are not fuckin when i get there

i don't wanna see that

but gimmie the details later

jimin laughs when he checks taehyung's texts. then he notices he has texts from yoongi and hoseok as well. 


call me if you need me

jimin doesn't need hoseok for this. it really upsets him how much jeongguk was doubting himself about all of this to even ask another alpha to take care of jimin. 


i love you, minie 

m here for you

take care of my pup, please

jimin sighs deeply, reading yoongi's texts over and over again. he doesn't remember if yoongi has ever said he loves him before. jimin thinks this is the first time. they've always got along well, but jimin's secrets kept him away from the alpha. and since yoongi had taehyung, jimin made even more distance. he didn't want to intrude and at that time he was always thinking about ranks and what he should or shouldn't do. he didn't know taehyung back then, he didn't know if yoongi's boyfriend was jealous or possessive. so jimin tried not to overstep anything. and then taehyung turned out to be a beautiful person. but with hoseok was easier. 


jimin has been really dumb.


yoongi loves him. they're good friends. 

jimin is curled up in a blanket, sitting on the sofa while he stares at his phone. "taehyung is coming." he warns jeongguk, who's only wearing boxers while he makes quick trips to the kitchen and back to the living room. he's tried to cook something, kimchi fried rice, but it's burnt. 


ten minutes and three spoons of burnt rice after, the doorbell rings. jimin can smell from his spot on the sofa the food taehyung has brought. 


"it smells like something is burning in here." taehyung comments sitting next to him on the sofa after leaving the food on the table. "so jeongguk cooked. god bless i brought you real food." 


"i tried, okay?" jeongguk huffs while rummaging in the bags. when he finds the budae jjigae bowl, he's quick to unpack it and try it. he hums while munching on it, it almost sounds like moans. he must have been so hungry. 


jimin opts for the jajangmyeon because it's the closest thing to pasta, but spicy and without the cheese jimin craves. but this will do. "thank you for bringing food, tae." 


"i also brought some toys." taehyung says with a devilish smirk plastered on his lips. when jeongguk coughs, choking on his food, the omega adds: "don't worry, i brought some for you as well." 


jeongguk blushes like crazy, chopsticks halfway between his mouth and the budae jjigae. he looks funny.  "we don't need them…" 


"ah, so you are finally using your dick?" taehyung's quick response has jimin holding back a laugh. he shouldn't laugh, but the interaction between the two best friends is hilarious. 


"i don't need to use it and it's none of your business." after that the alpha focuses solely on his food, devouring it within minutes and continuing with the next bowl of food. taehyung just rolls his eyes, exasperated. 


jimin is not that hungry. maybe he would eat more if jeongguk was feeding him like the other day, but taehyung is right there and that would be really embarrassing. 

"how is he treating you?" taehyung leans closer to whisper when jeongguk has disappeared in his own room to gather moonsoo's clothes and toys.  


"uh?" the question surprises jimin. the omega leaves his half full bowl of jajangmyeon on the table before turning around to look at his friend. 


"you know, how is it like sleeping with him?" the omega is almost jumping of excitement on the sofa, watching jimin with wide eyes. "i want the dirty details, chim." 


jimin tilts his head to the side like a confused puppy. "why do you seem even more excited about this than me? plus, isn't it weird to know about that? he's your best friend." 


"oh, c'mon! please?" taehyung pouts, hands joined together in front of his chest like a little prayer. 


"we haven't done that much… when he said he doesn't need to use his dick, he means it." jimin shrugs. he's managing surprisingly well even with the lack of actual fucking.


"so you must be thirsty as fuck." 


"not really… he gave me a blowjob." jimin chews on his bottom lip at the memory. it's been only a couple of hours since that, but he needs more. 


"shit, i wasn't expecting jeongguk to do that. i mean, he was straight until you appeared." 


"he was what ?" 


"what are you talking about?" jeongguk appears out of nowhere and both omegas almost jump out of their skins. 


"nothing!" they scream at the same time. 


but jeongguk doesn't buy it. "... i don't like that you two are friends… it's getting scary." 


our jeonggukie is a national gay hero



how so? 



what did he do?



ask jimin 




make him use his dick 

gay gods are watching



shut uuuup

i didn't even know he wasn't into boys



he's into you

what else do you need?

honor the gay gods, jimin

make them proud



tae… 😑









ily2!!! 🤩

"moonie… i know, i know, pup. i miss you too." jeongguk's soft voice is barely audible from where jimin is still sitting on the sofa. "you'll come back home soon, i promise." 


jimin… never thought about all of this in depth. for him it is like this: jeongguk looks like a teenager but he isn't. he has a kid. jimin loves moonie, it's difficult not to do it. but he never thought that the problem could be him, meddling between father and son. he doesn't exactly know if he's doing that since jeongguk and him aren't dating. and even if the alpha likes him, it doesn't mean that he wants to date jimin. 


jeongguk is an adult with big responsibilities. he's not thinking only of himself. 


it never crossed jimin's mind, the idea of wanting to date jeongguk. 


"why?" jimin focuses on jeongguk again. "because i'm helping jiminie. he's sick, moonie, that's why. you want him to get well soon, right?" the alpha walks around smiling gently to the sound of his pup talking. it melts jimin's heart. "I'm taking care of him, don't worry. he's alright." the little omega must be asking how is jimin feeling. "he's resting right now, you can talk to jiminie tomorrow." 


"jeongguk." jimin calls only mouthing his name. the alpha walks to him and sits next to jimin. 


"i'll tell him, moonie." jimin moves closer, only covered by the soft blanket he' taken from the nest, nothing underneath. "i love you." the alpha says fondly while the omega noses his jaw and behind his ear before licking his scent gland. jimin feels how jeongguk freezes on the spot. "s-sleep tight, pup." the alpha hangs up, sighing unevenly. "moonie says he misses you and hopes you'll get well soon. he sends you kisses." 


"mhm miss him too." jimin hums too busy with his work in the alpha's neck. he's kissing and licking diligently, trying to coat jeongguk with his scent. he needs to forget about his guilt. he needs jeongguk to make him forget.  


jeongguk bares his neck surprisingly easily. he was frozen a moment ago, but now he's relaxed under jimin's attention. "c'mere" the alpha whispers with lidded eyes, he's grabbing the omega's waist, pulling him closer until jimin is straddling him, sitting on his lap. jeongguk makes sure they're surrounded by the blanket then and without any warn, the alpha kisses jimin's shoulder, slowly drawing a path with his wet lips until he reaches the omega's scent gland. 


jimin has his heart beating in his throat, resonating through his chest as the excitement takes over him. jeongguk is not only kissing jimin's scent gland, he's also kissing the teeth mark next to it. it feels great, honestly, feeling like someone really cares about him in this world. in that very moment, jimin decides that he doesn't give a shit about jeongguk sleeping with nell. he doesn't care, because jeongguk is right there with him when he most needs it. and if after all they never date, it doesn't matter either. jeongguk has proven to be his friend and jimin wants him close no matter what. he could be anything for him. 

jimin starts leaking slick when jeongguk licks that sweet spot below his ear. "s-sorry… can't help it." he hopes he's not ruining the moment, he's been bearing the pain so well until now, only feeling too hot or a bit dizzy, but there's nothing he can do about his scent or the slick. 


"don't apologize…" teeth brush against his skin when the alpha talks and it's frightening how much he likes it. he shouldn't love it this much. the idea of being marked, bonded, together in a complete different level with someone has never been so appealing for jimin. the heats sometimes would try to convince him otherwise when he spent them with namjoon, but the only thought made him panic and sobered him up from his feverish illusions. and of course, he never bared his neck for namjoon unless he used his alpha voice. jeongguk is a whole different story. 


jimin thinks they could mate right now and he wouldn't care, he wouldn't regret it one bit. it's scary in a good way. 


maybe he's out of his mind, hallucinating because he's needy and lonely. yeah, it has to be that. 


still he hopes jeongguk would sink his teeth into the flesh of his neck, drawing blood and making a mess just to lick it clean after while knotting jimin. 




"...mhm?" jimin hums, biting his bottom lip with his eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of being wrapped by the alpha mixed with his imagination. 


"stop doing that, jimin…" the alpha warns again, but he's still whispering against his neck. 


"d-doin' what…?"  


"asking me to mate." jimin's heart stops. 


"i didn't say anything." 


jeongguk growls deeply in response, his scent spiking up until all jimin can smell is a big bonfire almost as if the flames were right in front of him. jimin whines softly, involuntarily moving his hips. it's a bit uncomfortable, feeling jeongguk's drenched underwear underneath his bare skin. the alpha squeezes jimin's waist, but the omega is not sure if it's to make him stop moving or to encourage him. 


"you were asking me to mate, i know…"  jeongguk is the one moving his hips now, upwards, against jimin's bare ass making him gasp. "i feel it." 


"i didn't." he keeps denying it all. "i was… i didn't." jimin can't think coherently right now. his trembling hands are already pulling down the alpha's soaked underwear, setting his boner free. jimin maneuvers on top of the alpha to take some of his slick with his fingers. he uses it to coat the alpha's cock. they don't need more lubrication, but jimin thinks that should feel nice. and he wanted to feel jeongguk's thick dick in his hand. 


jeongguk's breath hitches in his throat, so jimin gives him some tentative strokes before aligning himself with the head of it. he pushes down slowly, trying to get used to the stretch as quickly as he can though. when he reaches a certain point, he moans loudly and sinks down until he's completely full. 


"j-jimin…!" jeongguk moans as a complain, tightening his grip on jimin's wait until is painful. "f-fuck, be careful…" 


"sorry, couldn't help it." jimin whispers, blushing because it's embarrassing how much he wanted to do that. it feels so good , he thinks while tilting his head back a little as he starts to move up. there's this feeling in his belly akin to satisfaction, but he needs something more. the omega supports himself in jeongguk's shoulders as he rocks his hips achingly carefully. it drives him mad but also puts him on edge. 


jeongguk settles his hands on the omega's ass then, helping him move. he also decides to attack his neck again and jimin has problems to realize that he's scenting him, but there's a lot of teeth in it. not that jimin is complaining. 


they keep going with that calm pace until jeongguk thrusts up particularly hard, hitting jimin's sweet spot making him cry a moan. it only makes the omega even more eager. 


he quickens his movements trying to catch up with jeongguk's erratic ones. "n-not gonna… last long, min…" his horrified tone almost makes jimin laugh. 


"knot me, alpha." jimin begs, a few tears running down his cheeks. maybe it's the effort of all of this, because he's not sad at all. he's happy, almost sated. "please." 


jeongguk shakes his head no desperately. "d-don't ask me stuff like that… i can't…" he's already trying to pull out. jimin doesn't like that. 


"jeongguk, please. alpha." he keeps begging almost pouting and pulling jeongguk's hair. he doesn't get now why jeongguk wouldn't want to knot him. 


"j-jimin… please…" the omega can almost see his resolve shaking. 



Chapter Text







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jimin feels so good around him, so tight and wet. his scent is all jeongguk can smell, it's everywhere, he feels it stuffing his lungs when he inhales, he can taste it in on his tongue even when he's not lapping jimin's neck. the citrus so delicious that jeongguk has the need to bite as if jimin was a fruit. it's ridiculous, but jeongguk wants more of it. he makes a mental note, he needs to give jimin's slick a taste, it's a must. 


and jimin's begging is driving him insane. 


he's also not sure if he really heard jimin in his head, asking him to mate, to complete the bond they share right there. to make him his. it's all too much, too much for jeongguk's weak heart. but he thinks he's heard him, he's felt him asking. or maybe it was his own desire. 


he can't deny anything to jimin, he just can't say no. how would he if the only thing he wants is for jimin to be happy? whatever jimin wants, whatever crazy thing he asks for, jeongguk wants to give it all to him. he wants to be the one providing everything the omega needs. 


so jimin's begging isn't helping to control himself. 


jeongguk doesn't want to fuck up for the nth time. what if jimin gets pregnant? there are pills and stuff, but he prefers not having to go through that. the last time someone tried to get rid of a pup, jeongguk couldn't do it. he doesn't regret it, but. he doesn't want to risk it.  


he would love to knot jimin and fill him up with his come, with his pups, sure. but he shouldn't.


"gguk… please…" jimin breathes his name with a whine. he's getting impatient because jeongguk has stopped all movements in an attempt to calm down. the omega tries to fuck himself, to use him just like jeongguk had imagined, but he prevents him from doing it by seizing his hips. jeongguk licks the few tears running down jimin's face and the omega follows his movement as jeongguk backs away, trying desperately to be closer. 


if he waits enough maybe he can keep going for a while and try to make jimin come like that. but he can't last enough, he knows. he's out of shape. this is his third time having real sex and he doesn't remember whatever that happened with nell. so this is his second time. pathetic? probably. but he can't help but being afraid of it all. 


nothing ends up well when he has sex. nothing. 


"p-please, alpha…" jeongguk is able to see the disappointment on jimin's face. it's not exactly that, it's more like he's confused and sad. he doesn't understand why jeongguk can't knot him, but the alpha doesn't blame him, he's not thinking straight with the heat and all. jeongguk isn't thinking straight either. 


"what if you… if you regret it later?" each syllable feels like he's stabbing his own heart. he shouldn't have asked that, he shouldn't have tempted fate.

he doesn't want to know, but he needed to ask. 


jimin's expression softens. he places his hands on jeongguk's cheeks and leans closer until he brushes his nose with the alpha's in a eskimo kiss as he whispers: "i won't regret it." 


that's how moonsoo and jeongguk make promises.


jeongguk relaxes, his grip on jimin's hips loosens until his hands fall to jimin's strong thighs instead. jimin doesn't move yet. 


"are you okay?" the omega whispers, his face turning from soft to pained, red from the effort he's making not to move. jeongguk can tell he's trying hard to keep his instincts in check. 


jeongguk just nods. 


"c-can i...?" jimin asks, voice trembling. 


"move, omega." that's his first time addressing someone using their rank. he knows it should be natural during sex, people like that type of stuff. so he does it for jimin and he seems to love it, because he lets out a mumbled moan that sounds a lot like alpha and begins to roll his hips in circles. 


jeongguk just hides his face in jimin's neck allowing jimin to have all control and fuck himself using jeongguk as much as he wants. he licks and kisses everywhere he can, from jimin's shoulder to his ear, sometimes when it feels too good he sucks on the soft skin leaving bruises. he likes them too much, it's like saying 'you're mine' in a silent way. 


the calm pace of his hips doesn't last long, jimin is soon too impatient, chasing his release. jeongguk has to help him when he starts to cry again, because it's just not enough, it's never enough. 


jimin is clinging to jeongguk firmly, their bodies almost completely pressed together, the omega's hands buried in jeongguk's tousled dark hair pulling at it mercilessly whenever jeongguk hits his prostate with a particular hard thrust. jimin comes the moment jeongguk's knot begins to swell up getting caught in his rim. "fuck." he swears loud and clear, his head tilted back in pure bliss. the omega's come is all over their stomachs, yet jimin is not sated. he keeps fucking himself on jeongguk's knot to over sensitivity and he doesn't stop until he feels the thick spurts of come filling him up. 


jeongguk has tried to be as quiet as possible, muffling his moans by biting and sucking jimin's glowy skin. but he groans loudly when jimin tries to move and jeongguk has to seize his waist again. "j-jimin… stop … gonna get hurt like that." 


jimin, for once, listens to him and calms down, allowing himself to come down from his high. jeongguk sighs deep and long, exhausted even if jimin did pretty much all of the work. 


jeongguk has never felt like this, so at ease, so numb. not even when he gets real drunk. for a moment there's nothing but jimin all over him and that's all he needs, feels a lot like nirvana. he chooses not to overthink, just for today, about the possible repercussions of all of this. jimin hugs him koala style and jeongguk tries to sit in the most comfortable way possible so they can wait for his knot to deflate. he makes sure that jimin is well covered by the blanket and hugs him too with limp arms rubbing circles on his back to coax him into resting. 


the omega gets comfy too, burying his nose in jeongguk's neck and playing gently with the little hairs of his nape as he slowly drifts into sleep. 

jimin has decided to take moonsoo to the park this afternoon. he's texted taehyung and yoongi so they can join their little adventure. jimin's never went anywhere with moonsoo aside the trip they make to the school and back home, but that's only been a couple of times when jeongguk couldn't do it because of his work. honestly, jimin is doing this in part because he feels guilty about the situation he's put jeongguk through. 


jeongguk kept on helping him during the heat and growing more confident about sex each time jimin was too horny and in pain to think about anything else that wasn't his alpha's knot. he shivers at the thought of it, the memories still very present and vivid in his mind as he looks at moonsoo playing in the sand near the swings. 


"it wasn't your fault." taehyung says, one of his arms resting on jimin's shoulders comfortably. 


"it was bound to happen." yoongi completes. 


"yeah, but… he wouldn't have gone into rut if i hadn't made him spend my heat with me." he pushes his hair back, frustrated and feeling… weird. he's not sure why yet. 


"are you making a paddy because you're really regretting making him go into rut or because you're upset 'cause he didn't let you spend it with him?" taehyung asks as eloquent as always. the omega just knows how to read everyone's minds, or maybe their faces, their emotions. if jimin asked, taehyung would probably say it's like a faculty only wise people have, people who perceive stuff on a psychic level or something. he would make a drama out of it. 


but he's right. "both?" 


"you know, he didn't want you to spend his rut with him because you were exhausted from your heat." yoongi explains distracted, always keeping a sharp eye on moonsoo. 


"good thing is that next time his rut will probably synchronise with your heat. problem solved. our jeonggukie is just a late bloomer." taehyung says after a while. he looks a lot like a dad too. 


jimin can't help but think that he's ruined a lot of things, though. he really meant it when he said he wouldn't regret it, but he wishes it all would have happened in a different way. he wishes they would have had sex with jeongguk really wanting to have it, feeling good and confident about it, and not just because jimin was dying for it. he wishes he could make jeongguk know how much jimin liked it, though. 


it felt good in a new and foreign way. and if jimin is honest with himself, he's pissed because he misses jeongguk. something deep inside of him, his omega, is whining because he wants to help his alpha, make him feel good when he's hurting. 


there's a force tugging at his chest that doesn't let him breathe or think of anything that's not jeongguk every 5 seconds. 


"i miss him." he confesses to the silence, because if he had to confess to his friends, he wouldn't do it, so he prefers to think he's confessing to the air, to the nothingness. 


yoongi looks at him, his sharp eyes softening slowly as he takes it in. "you should tell him." 


jimin only looks even more troubled. 


"he'll appreciate it. should be honest with him." the alpha shrugs. "tell him you wanna be his." 

tell him you wanna be his. does jimin really want that? dating is a thing but wanting jeongguk to be his alpha is… too much. 


and jimin is too afraid of commitment. 


"what are you thinkin' bout?" moonsoo, still playing with his ducky in the warm water. jimin was too deep in thought while helping the little omega clean himself up. 


"mhm was thinking about your appa." jimin says sincerely because it's easy to talk to moonsoo. "miss him." the house feels awkward without jeongguk's presence. as soon as he started to feel the pre-rut symptoms kicking in, he rented a rut room. jimin didn't like it. he should be here at home, not in a strange place when he's most vulnerable. well, jimin wouldn't describe alpha's ruts as a vulnerable times, but it's jeongguk so maybe his ruts aren't that violent. 


"miss him too." moonsoo comments but it's collected. "he gonna come back soon, don't worry, minie."  



jimin cooks diner while moonsoo is watching cartoons, but at some point the pup decides that watching jimin cooking is way more interesting and settles in the kitchen table. 


jimin feeds him from time to time, impressed when he discovers that moonsoo likes to munch on fresh carrots but hates the rest of the vegetables. the pup says that's why his appa still buys baby food for him, because he likes the veggies in those. 


so jimin lets him munch on his carrot while he works on trying to make a decent meal that moonsoo can eat. at the end he opts for some tuna kimchi stew and french omelette with veggies inside. he makes sure to cut those extra small so the little omega won't even notice them. 

"i told benji that i love him." moonsoo explains when they're watching cartoons, talking with his mouth full of food. 


"you did?" jimin asks, incredulous. moonsoo nods, his wavy hair falling into his eyes so he has to pull it away with his tiny hand. "what did he say?"


"he said… go away." moonsoo impersonates what jimin guesses it must be the little alpha's voice. "you're weird, he said." moonsoo shrugs. "but it's oki. i still like benji even when he's silly." jimin is about to ask something when moonsoo continues with his story, smiling widely. "and when we got out of class he did this— he moves closer to jimin and pats his hair, brushing it with his little fingers. "—with my hair and said see ya tomorrow, weirdo." 


jimin is not sure how to react. benjamin is really alpha like for his age, dominant with a bit of a douchebag behaviour, but jimin bets he has a soft spot for moonsoo even if he's not going to admit it any time soon. 

that night, for some reason, moonsoo wants jimin to sleep in his nest. so that's how jimin ends up standing there in the middle of jeongguk's bedroom, where he's never been before. he feels like he's invading the alpha's privacy. but moonsoo keeps trying to pull him to bed. 


"minie!" he pouts when he can't make jimin move from his spot. "wanna sleeeeeep." 


"o-okay… sorry. yeah. this… this is… okay." he mumbles, his gaze fixated on the nest in front of him after having checked the rest of the room with a quick look. the place is clean and organized except from some of moonsoo's plushies and toys. there's and spiderman poster on the closet door and some pictures pinned on the wall. almost all of them are from moonsoo, as a baby and growing up, but yoongi and taehyung appear a lot too and there are also some of moonsoo's paintings hanging there. 


jimin likes this room, but feels like he's intruding on a family. 


when he finally lies on the nest it's with a heavy heart. 


he cuddles moonsoo to sleep, well covered by the thick layer of blankets soaked in jeongguk's scent, feeling like he's at home but it's not his house to be at. he misses jeongguk a lot. but unlike moonsoo, he's not ready to confess his feelings yet. he's not brave enough or worse, he wouldn't be acting good if he confessed. jeongguk has a family already, he's never needed anyone as a partner. 


but jimin… he doesn't belong anywhere. 

that bitch:


oh, i thought you would have me blocked as well



i never expected you to text so there was no use in it


that bitch:




if the queen of the pack is talking to me 

it must be important

what do you want, jin


that bitch:

first of all, some respect

im still your hyung



then act like one


that bitch:

are you gonna have something bitter to answer whenever i talk?





that bitch:


you're still such a brat



and you two still fuckin love it

so stop pretending it doesn't turn you on


that bitch:

the thing is

we want to see you

maybe for dinner? 



i have a better plan

why don't yall forget about me

and let me the fuck alone

bc i don't wanna see either of u ever again?

sounds awesome, am i right?


that bitch:

we're trying to fix things, jimin


but you wouldn't want to talk 

or cooperate even if just a little

it's getting tiring

namjoon misses you a lot 



what about you?


that bitch:

what about me?



do you miss me? 

or is your life way better without me?


that bitch:

i can't say i regret mating namjoon, jimin



i didn't even ask you to say that

i know you you don't regret it


that bitch:




you can come to the pack 

i can cook something tasty 

or we can go out

eat something fancy

would u like that?

you can spend the night at the pack

we could play board games like old times



we can go out

but i want a place real fancy

and you pay


that bitch:

okay, great




the pregnancy going


that bitch:

pretty well tbh

apart from the nausea 

thank you for asking


golden palace at 9?





that bitch:

see you there

jimin has been struggling for the past hour. deciding the clothes he's going to wear is a difficult task because he has to look great, drop-dead gorgeous, glamorous and hot as fuck. 


it's not like he wants to look good for them, it's just an attempt to get a little revenge, show that he's confident even when he's not. 


yoongi and taehyung are going to stay with moonsoo for the night, hoseok has joined too. the couple is in charge of cooking and jimin can hear them laughing from his room. he wishes jeongguk and him were like that, laughing at the silliest things, sleeping together every night, reading out loud for the other to hear, having dates in the beach or walking around the city with nowhere to go, holding hands. now that he thinks about it, he didn't do any of those things with namjoon or seokjin. those fucking bastards, a little too late for dates now, isn't it? 


he should stop daydreaming about jeongguk before it hurts, though. 


it's not like he can do any of that. 


"so, where are you going, jiminie?" hoseok asks from where he's laying all sprawled on jimin's bed. 


the omega is staring at his closet, clueless. "i have a dinner… with my exes." he answers without thinking. but jeongguk told them already about the pack the night of the club so, who cares anymore. 


"with your exes, like, in plural?" jimin can hear it in his voice, he's acting cool about it but even if dating more than one person is okay, only a few are actually willing to share. alphas are too territorial, but omega's possessiveness is even worse. "how…  many?" 


"how many?" jimin replies, a bit offended. he turns to throw the alpha a bad look. "just two."


"but you dated them on different times or…?" 


"no. same time." 


"yeah, but like… how?" 


jimin arches an eyebrow. "i don't know, hobie, how do you date someone?" 


"ey, don't get mad I'm just curious. you never told me any of that." he pouts and jimin's anger melts right away. 


"sorry." he murmurs. 


"it's okay. but i just want to know, i dunno, you? kinda? feel like i don't really know you. or not the real you? does that make any sense?" hoseok is now sitting on the bed, a solemn expression written on his face as he talks. "we're not gonna judge you." his scent is softer than usual because he's naturally releasing soothing pheromones. jimin sits on the bed with him, following his scent like bees do with flowers. 


"i know. shouldn't have kept all of this to myself." he sighs, leaning closer until he's able to rest his head on the alpha's shoulder. "i didn't want you to think badly of me. being in a pack is not… something common these days. it's really conservative. i don't really know how the hell did i end up between those two." hoseok pats his leg encouraging him to continue. "you and yoongi were my first and only friends outside of the pack. I'm really glad I got to meet you.” 

“we wouldn’t have said anything about it. i mean, i would have probably asked lots of questions, but out of curiosity. and yoongi would have probably said something really eloquent about how packs were such a great way of living if you think about it and leave aside all the ranks thingy or he would have said something completely stupid.” jimin giggles while imaging it, because that sounds a lot like  yoongi. “i’m actually more concerned about your exes.”


“me too.” he confesses.


“why are you going with them then?” 


“i dunno.” jimin takes hoseok’s hand and plays with his fingers, he needs something to do with his hands when he feels like this, sad or confused, lost in a mare magnum of emotions. “guess i like to pretend they care about me. like they invited me to go out because they miss me.”


“why did you break up with them?” hoseok’s questions are easy and even if some time has passed now since then, jimin still is not aware of a ton of things. why does he do things, why did he take this decision and not the other one, why does he feel like he’s lacking something when he’s had a good life so far. he should be grateful, but his guts always crave for something more, something else. a home, someone who would love him no matter what, a place to come back when there’s a storm around. he wants what jeongguk has, here with moonsoo and his friends. he’s built his own little family, like jimin thought he had. 

jimin is sick, the high fever doesn’t let him think and the snot doesn't let him breathe, his throat dry and swollen. he feels like the universe is getting a revenge on him or something. it must be because he stole that bottle of peachy soju from the grocery store. but what else was he supposed to do? he needed some adrenaline in his life. he’s not going to high school, he’s studying from home because his parents think he doesn’t need to go anywhere to study. plus, he should just mate soon, not get anymore intelligent. so yeah, last saturday when he got out to buy some stuff, he thought some alcohol would help to spice up his life. now is wednesday and he’s fucking sick, all curled up in his bed and cuddling his soju bottle. he doesn’t regret shit.


“minie?” namjoon’s voice sounds near. jimin doesn’t answer, preferring to stay inside his burrito made of blankets. but the alpha gets inside as well and joins up, hugging jimin from behind and shamelessly beginning to scent jimin. 


“hey… s-stop… i’m sick, you gonna get sick too…” it feels like hell when he talks and winces. the alpha keeps doing his thing. “yah- stop scenting me… keep all that shit for your future mate, please.”


“mhm.” namjoon grunts and bitesjimin shivers and stays quiet until namjoon finishes, his body naturally submitting to the alpha. “why are you hugging a bottle of soju? we’re not even supposed to drink, you know?” 


“do i look like i care?” 


“then what are you waiting for? let’s have some shots, lil omega.” he smiles, but it’s more like a smirk that shows his dimple. jimin would punch that dimple out of his face if he wasn’t sick. 


“don’t call me that.” 


“what? omega?”


“little. i’m not little.” 


“if you compare yourself with a pup, then no, you’re not little. even if you look a lot like a pup.” 

“i don’t.” 


“my pup.” namjoon states. jimin falls silent, blush spreading all over his cheeks and neck.


they sit on the bed, jimin still half burrito half omega, too close for comfort. namjoon opens the bottle with a swift movement and hands it to jimin. the omega’s first instinct is to smell it and he is surprised to find out that it actually smells like peaches. 


“c’mon, puppy.” namjoon watches him, pupils wide while jimin brushes the bottle with his lips. he takes a sip of it. it burns his throat, but not enough to make him cough. and it tastes pretty good, the peach flavor softening the bitter taste of alcohol. 


namjoon takes the bottle away from jimin’s grip and takes a long sip, actually it’s more than one. jimin stares at him in awe. “you’ve drunk before.”


“yeah. jin-hyung bought me some.” he shrugs, drinking a bit more and then cleaning the corner of his lips with the back of his hand.


“ah. he’s pretty cool.” jimin means it literally. seokjin is pretty and cool. pretty cool. the prettiest omega in their pack. and he’s older and basically all jimin wants to be. 


“have you ever talked to him?” namjoon asks while jimin tries the soju again. 


“haha.” jimin fakes a laugh. “you’re hilarious.”


“why?” namjoon is totally outside of omega’s stuff, he’s too alpha for that. if it wasn’t because jimin is an omega, namjoon would never be in the omega’s part of the house. but jimin has to deal with the rest of omegas, has to deal with omega’s tasks like cleaning and cooking and babysitting. he likes cooking, but pups remind him that he has to get mated and bred and that honestly scares the living shit out of him. and how is he going to do that anyway if there’s not any alpha interested on him? they’re all thirsting after seokjin.


“he’s too beautiful to talk to me.” namjoon cracks a laugh. “i’m serious. he wouldn’t even look my way. i’m too ugly for his pretty eyes to land on me. i’m lucky i get to breathe the same air as him.”


“oh, god. why do you have to be so stupid.” the alpha complains, drinking a bit more. 


“i heard he’s after you, tho. and the elders like that match, ya know?” jimin keeps exaggerating everything and moving his hands a lot to act more dramatic. “cause you’re pack leader’s alpha son, all big and bossy, and he’s pack doctor’s son and, like, fucking perfect. your pups will be gods on earth.” he makes a pause to breathe, his throat more and more sore as he talks. “but i’m too ugly and not as smart or funny. not a good match, so i will die alone and my cats, cause i’m gonna have lots of those fur balls, are gonna eat my cold wrinkled corpse.”


namjoon gently takes his chin in his hand, making jimin look at him. and just like that, out of nowhere, jimin feels lips touching his and he has to remind himself to close his eyes because he was too startled. namjoon licks his bottom lip before tugging on it with his teeth, not so gently. jimin whines, then blushes like crazy, because he whined. 


“stop undervaluing yourself.” the alpha commands when he backs away. 


jimin doesn’t want to admit it, because it would be too pathetic, but that time when namjoon kissed him and the following kisses to come, he felt those butterflies all romance novels he’s read talk about flying around his stomach, making him feel pleasantly ansty.

jimin is in front of the restaurant, golden palace neon lights illuminating his figure in the dark night. he can confront namjoon or seokjin when they’re alone, but he’s not sure if he’ll be able to deal with both of them at the same time. truth is that he’s tired of acting rude and bratty, he would like to make it easy, but the only left overs of his disastrous ego won’t allow him. 


he thinks about jeongguk then, a tiny not so tiny part of him wishing the alpha was there to support him. but of course, if jeongguk were with him, he wouldn’t even have come in the first place. 


if he can go through this night, though, he’ll close this chapter of his life. 

he enters the place with his head high, faking his usual confidence. the outfit he’s chosen helps a lot. the black lace long sleeve shirt leaves little to the imagination, his pale neck decorated with a thick silver chain that looks more like a dog collar but he’s sure namjoon will love that. the black suit pants hug his ass just right and his boots make the whole look casual. he’s wearing heavy smokey eye and glossy red lips, his hair neatly styled instead of his usual messy hair.


both of them stare at him when jimin approaches the table they’re in. he sits down in front of the couple, crossing his right leg over the left one slowly as he smiles. “here i am. ready to leave your wallets empty.” he takes one of the menus and searches for something fancy. he opts for the most expensive dish they have. 


“how… have you been?” namjoon asks after the waitress has taken their orders. “who did you spend your heat with?” as invasive as always. 

“joon, that’s--” seokjin tries to say, but jimin interrupts.


“none of your business.” he completes. 


deep inside, jimin gets why namjoon is like that. they were best friends, then they fucked and dated or something like that. he’s used to know everything jimin does. plus, in packs it’s perfectly fine to ask about ruts and heats, know about the other’s cycles and stuff like that because they share mostly everything. and heats and ruts are normal, nothing to be ashamed of. but, in the real world, that’s really rude to ask. 


“i just wanted to know if you’ve been taken care of…” namjoon defends himself, throwing a quick look at seokjin. 




“that boy?” 




“he seems like a good kid.” that picks up jimin’s attention, who was already regretting coming. namjoon saying something nice about jeongguk makes jimin happy in a weird way. 


“so you’re dating someone new?” seokjin interrupts. jimin is really surprised that namjoon hasn’t talked about his encounters with jimin. 


“no, we are just friends. must be an habit of mine.”


after those first awkward minutes, the conversation goes smoothly, but jimin is really interested on one thing, so while he munches on his food, which by the way is delicious, he asks.


“how do you feel?” his question is directed to seokjin, who smiles brightly.


“it’s weird.” he confesses. namjoon observes the interaction in silence seemingly distracted with his food, but jimin knows that he’s listening carefully.


“how so?” 


“i don’t know. it’s a feeling. i guess. i can’t get used to the idea of something growing up inside of me and i’m allowed to eat a lot more without it looking weird.” he explains. 


jimin chuckles softly, endeared. seokjin really holds power over him still. “but can you feel them? wait, is it a boy or a girl?” 


“i hope it’s a girl, but it would be better for the pack for it to be a boy. we don’t know yet.”


jimin wonders how would being pregnant feel. he usually doesn’t think of that type of stuff because he has better things to think about and that subject makes him feel weird. if he had been the one mating namjoon, would he be pregnant by now? 


at the end of the night, jimin goes to the bathroom, just to have some time by himself. he looks at his reflection on the mirror, releasing a long sigh. it hasn’t been that bad. he’s over it, he made it. 


“minie?” namjoon’s voice echoes through the cold empty bathroom.


“mhm?” jimin hums inquisitive. 


namjoon walks closer so he can stand behind jimin, leaning in until jimin is able to feel the alpha’s nose softly brushing his neck, near his scent gland. jimin is quick to turn around to face him. “what are you doing?”


“i… i miss you.” he’s not lying, jimin can read it in his face, his pretty eyes glossy.


“you’re mated. you’re gonna have a pup. forget about me.” the words fall easily from his mouth and jimin feels better after saying them out loud. 


“when i said it wasn’t… planned… i meant it, jimin. i didn’t want to mate jin.” and just like that, namjoon’s world crashes and falls to the ground, fat tears running down his face. jimin tries to remember if he’s ever seen namjoon look so weak, but there’s nothing. “if i could… change things… i wouldn’t do it. if-if i could choose, i’d mate you. i wanted you, i wanted to be with you.” 


it doesn’t matter how honest the confession feels, it doesn’t mean anything to jimin now. “i don’t care, joonie.” the alpha scrunches up his face almost as if the pain was physical at the mention of his nickname, long ago forgotten. “you gotta accept the consequences of your actions. maybe you don’t love jin right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love him in the future. and more than anything else, you gotta take care of that pup. and don’t tell any of this to jin, he loves you more than anything.” jimin’s voice is soft but there’s no emotion in it.


“will you come back to the pack?” namjoon sniffles pathetically and jimin thinks it’s so different from the time he found jeongguk sitting on the floor with dry tears on his face. jeongguk doesn’t look strong like namjoon, but he is, yet jimin felt like he wanted to protect him. with namjoon he doesn’t feel anything at all.


“no.” it doesn’t matter if jeongguk comes one day and kicks him out or if things doesn’t go back to normal after spending jimin’s heat together and he has to move out, jimin won’t ever come back to live at the pack. 


after tonight, he’s free.

jimin walks all the way back home, feeling like there’s no more weight on his shoulders and enters the house feeling like a new person. when he closes the door behind him, he leans against it and closes his eyes, breathing deeply. 


there’s bonfire scent muffled by the softest rain, it smells dreamy. 




“jimin?” the alpha’s smooth voice makes him shiver in the best of the ways.


when jimin finally opens his eyes, jeongguk is in front of him, leaving a respectful amount of space between them. 


“are you okay?” he asks confused by jimin’s demeanor, tilting his head to the side like a puppy. 


jimin only runs to him and basically jumps on him, hugging him tightly and burying his nose in jeongguk’s neck. 


he shouldn’t say it. he’s really afraid of saying it, even if jeongguk is everything but frightening. 


“missed you.” he said it. “i don’t regret it. i don’t regret anything, gguk.”



Chapter Text

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jeongguk watches as jimin fidgets in his seat in the kitchen table. it’s funny how they always end up talking in the kitchen with a cup of tea in their hands. jimin has his gaze locked on his own cup, but jeongguk can feel him looking up at him from time to time. 


“i missed you too.” jeongguk says so the omega can calm down even if just a bit. he hasn’t been able to say it before because he was in shock. part of it because jimin smelled like namjoon when he’s hugged him. jeongguk doesn’t want to admit it, because it’s ridiculous and so unfair of him considering what happened with nell, but he hasn’t liked that at all. maybe it’s his biology refusing to let go of him yet, maybe helping jimin with his heat has opened a door that was closed before, maybe it’s just him being possessive. “but…” he starts, unsure, scratching the back of his neck anxiously. “why do you smell like namjoon…?”


“oh, that. sorry.” jeongguk likes that sorry, even if he knows jimin shouldn’t apologize. “i went out to have dinner with him and seokjin. they invited me to clear things out and all that.”


“and… how are you? i mean, are you feeling better? i feel like they were still really present in your thoughts.” jeongguk doesn’t need jimin telling him to know that.


jimin smiles and it’s probably the most sincere smile jeongguk has ever seen on him. it makes him want to smile as well. “it’s over. case closed. i’m free now and it feels nice.”


“but what happened?” jeongguk asks after taking a sip of his tea, curiosity being stronger than him.


“i think… i was wrong before, thinking so badly of them, ya know? like-” he makes a pause, trying to find the right words to express what’s going on inside his head. “i lowkey understand how seokjin behaved now.” he looks away while saying that,a slight blush painting his cheeks. “and about namjoon… i was wrong thinking he preferred seokjin, but now i wish he would prefer him.”


jeongguk tries to understand what all of that can mean, since jimin is being as cryptic as always. he never says things explicitly. jimin is almost like a book, the words are there but you still have to interpret them, see what’s the meaning behind them, and the result might be different to each person. “so he told you he-”


“he wanted to mate me.”

jeongguk keeps quiet. 


he doesn’t exactly know how that makes him feel. it’s not nice, that’s for sure. 


“please… say something?” jimin is back to fidgeting, playing with the rings in his fingers, as always needing something to do with his hands when he’s getting antsy.


“sorry, i just don’t really know how to react to that?” the alpha answers honestly, shrugging. it kind of makes him sad, for that dude seokjin. he pities him. and he feels bad for namjoon as well. he doesn’t hate the guy, because he gets why namjoon likes jimin so much. he gets how does it feel to mess everything up just because you slipped one time, you made a mistake that probably lasted minutes but the consequences last forever. and he’s also jealous. “don’t you regret not mating him while you could?” maybe the question is risky, he’s not sure he wants to hear the answer.


“no.” that’s it, as simple as that.


“are you sure?” he keeps insisting.


“why are you so worried about that?” jimin rest his face on his palm, his elbow on the kitchen table, and he stares at jeongguk but his eyes are soft as if he was looking at something precious but it’s just jeongguk.


“i dunno.” he knows. “i just want you to be happy.”


“i want you to be happy as well.” jimin’s response comes quick again and startles the alpha. 


“that’s not a priority.”


“why not?” jimin is frowning now. “why is my happiness a priority for you, but not yours?”


“it’s…” jeongguk sighs, long and deep. “not that easy.” moonsoo is his first priority and that’s not going to change ever, no matter what happens, his pup comes first. but jimin comes right after, his happiness and well being is all jeongguk wants. the alpha doesn’t remember when he started caring so much about  jimin, but he does to the point it’s overwhelming. like there’s not enough space in his ribcage to be home to his feelings for jimin. it makes him want to cry, because it’s too much for him to bear it.


“you should try.” 


jeongguk feels like they’re talking about something completely different now. “are you gonna stay here?”


jimin nods slightly. jeongguk nods in return. he can live like that, just by jimin’s side. they don’t need to be anything, just friends, for jeongguk that’s enough even if it will be hard.


they drink their teas in silence, but it’s not really comfortable more like heavy. there’s a lot of things left unsaid yet. they leave the kitchen, walking slowly until they reach the living room where their paths separate, but they stay there for some long seconds before jimin talks.


“gguk.” he whispers. “thank you, for, you know, helping me.” 


jimin doesn’t exactly say heat but jeongguk is already blushing profusely at the memories which he’s been replaying in his mind for the long days he’s been in rut. “you don’t need to thank me.”


“i wish i could have spent your rut with you, tho.” jimin continues. jeongguk coughs nervously, blushing even more if that’s possible and kind of getting aroused just with that. he still has post rut symptoms because as soon as it broke, he came back home. “i’m mad about that.”


“ji-jimin, don’t do this to me.” the alpha whines, hiding his face with his hands for a moment. he doesn’t know what turns him out more, the fact that jimin wanted to spend his rut with him or that jimin is mad with him. 


“okay, okay. but i really mean it.”




“no, let me finish. i need to say it.” the omega steps closer, but leaving some room between them. now jeongguk can take in the details about jimin makeup. his eyes are sharper with the smokey eye shadow, it’s sexy. but his glossy lips are the best part. jeongguk misses being able to kiss them freely, with no second thought. “i really missed you, i know that we’ve only been apart for some days, but i felt like something was off without you. i don’t know how to explain it.”


jeongguk is not sure if he’s hearing it correctly or what does any of this even mean. maybe he’s been too dumbfounded looking at his pretty lips that now he’s probably hallucinating. but. “the bond.” he says, barely audibly, afraid of what jimin’s reaction might be. last time he mentioned their bond, jimin told him there wasn’t anything between them.


“yeah.” jimin says shyly. “ our bond. i feel it now.” 


they stare at each other, the atmosphere tense now. he would ask ‘what now?’, but he’s too afraid to do so and he doesn’t want to rush things. he doesn’t even know if there’s anything to rush. “you should go to sleep, it’s late.” 


“okay, yeah.” jimin agrees quickly, probably as weird as jeongguk feels. they move closer to each other at the same time, and while jeongguk was going for an amigable but awkward pat pat on the hair, jimin was going for a hug. so they end up too close for comfort, their faces only inches apart. and, oh boy, does jeongguk want to kiss jimin. 


so  jeongguk is pleasantly surprised when jimin tiptoes to reach the alpha’s nose with his, brushing it in a eskimo kiss that doesn’t last enough for jeongguk’s liking. “good night.” jimin whispers before turning around and heading to his room. 


jeongguk stands there for what feels like an eternity, trying to come back to life. for some seconds he ponders the possibility of following jimin to his room and asking him to sleep together, because it feels wrong being apart. then he remembers that taehyung is sleeping there. maybe tomorrow.  


he walks to his room, exhaustion catching up with him, but the image he finds when he goes inside helps a lot. yoongi is there, all curled up and cuddling moonsoo. it feels like old times, when his hyung was still living with them. jeongguk strips off his clothes and gets under the covers, his nose is hit with a soft citrusy scent. jimin must have been sleeping here with moonsoo these days. the scent is muffled by yoongi’s strong alpha scent, but jeongguk can still smell it lingering on the blankets, and the mix of the two familiar scents soothes him. 


“mhmpup?” yoongi murmurs, not opening his eyes, but turning around so he’s laying on his back. jeongguk takes the chance to snuggle up to yoongi, tangling his legs with the alpha’s and hugging him to the point he’s half on top of him, face buried on the crook of his neck now. he makes sure to bring moonsoo closer, too. his pup easily cozying up against yoongi too, murmuring things in his dreams.

tension fills the house now. it’s driving jeongguk crazy, because he doesn’t know how to fix it, what to do about it. it’s only been four days since he’s come back home after his rut, they’ve fallen into their usual routine, but everytime they’re in the same room it’s like being in hell.


jeongguk wants to touch. he wants to stick to jimin’s side and never let go of him. he’s being clingy, but having jimin so close yet not close enough is killing him. he wants at least another eskimo kiss, but he can’t bring himself to ask for it. 

the other day jimin brushed past him to get in the bath, just wearing jeongguk’s dodgers shirt as pajama. the alpha almost melted at the sight. 


and when they have had lunch today, jimin was sitting next to him, leaning closer with every little chance or having his leg pressed against jeongguk’s or resting his head on the alpha’s shoulder while laughing at something funny in the cartoons. 


at this point jeongguk thinks he’s doing it on purpose to torture him.

/tigertae created a new group chat/

/tigertae changed the name to “the fam”/



whaddup babies




a family chat! 

jeongguk dont leave this one 



yeh gguk

stay w ussss



okay okay



but am i supposed to be here?






u are part of the family





chim!! just accept it already :(



taehyung texts jeongguk privately.




yo, jeongguk

u tell him



tell him what



that he’s part of the fam

im sure he’ll like it

dont be oblivious 

and just do as i tell u



youre so bossy


how does hyung even deal with you



i can assure u

he knows how to deal w me pretty well




i dont wanna know any of that



u r just jealous





jeongguk slides back to the group chat.




you’re part of the fam

there’s no turning back now







thank you






hey, hobs

didnt u have to tell us smt?




ive been promoted!!



congratulations hobi

m really happy for you 



yeah you worked hard

u deserve it



omg thats so cool!



congrats hobi hyung 



we need to celebrate this


come to our place

lets have dinner together






pup, bring moonie too



you sure?






then no alcohol




yeh yeh

got it




you comin?



yeh im in




when the clock ticks 8 pm, jeongguk is ready to go. he's dressed up comfortably but nicely with his modern hanbok. he bought some of those in different colours because he thinks they're kind of cool, taehyung thinks they lack personality though. but fuck taehyung and his fashion style. 


the only thing left to do is get moonsoo to dress up. he's been hyperactive today, running around the house since he's found out he's going to see yoongi in his new house. jeongguk has let him spend his energy in peace until he's started to jump on the couch and has fallen to the floor, only to keep jumping right after. now he's hiding from him somewhere. 


jeongguk follows the laughter of his pup, which echoes around the house. he ends up in front of jimin's half closed door, peeking inside carefully not to get caught. 


jimin is tickling moonsoo everywhere and the little omega is hysterically laughing and trying to shy away from jimin's touch. "okay okay, that's enough." he says, giggling. "now c'mere, you have to get ready. or you don't wanna see yoongi hyung?" 


"i wanna see hyungie!" moonsoo exclaims, sitting up straight in jimin's bed, a serious pout in his lips. 


"kay then. lemme help you dress up." moonsoo nods and jimin helps him out of his pajamas. jeongguk doesn't know why, but he doesn't want to interrupt them. he likes seeing them like this, all domestic, probably too soft for his heart not to melt. his heart is melting a lot lately.


"benji told me i looked cute today. not annoying. cute." moonsoo says then with a wide smile plastered on his face. 


"hmmm." jimin hums. "he's so whipped." 


"whipped?" moonsoo repeats, brows furrowed. 


"means he likes you lots." 


"benji likes me lots." moonsoo agrees, not doubting it even for a second. "but i like him more." 


jeongguk rolls his eyes. he still doesn't like benjamin for obvious reasons. like, he understands the kid, he's having troubles at home. but that doesn't mean he can be a bully, even less with his pup. benjamin should treat moonsoo like a prince, that's it. 


"mhm i know, you're whipped too." jimin comments when he's finished dressing moonsoo up, now combing his hair with his fingers. 


"appa is whipped too." jeongguk stops breathing, his heart stops beating all at once. "likes minie lots." 


"how much?" jimin humours him. 


moonsoo opens his arms as much as he can. "this much." 


"that really is a lot, uh." 


even if the scene is cute, jeongguk wants to die right now. is he that obvious? even moonsoo, a 4 years old pup, can see right through him? he's not trying to hide his feelings anymore —if he ever did— but he doesn't want to make things weird either and he hasn't confessed so technically there's no crime. 


"i like him lots too." jimin says, beaming. 


just like that, the words fall naturally. maybe it's because jimin is talking to moonsoo and not him, but jeongguk envies the easiness of it. 


moonsoo releases a high pitched scream out of excitement then that sounds a lot like "i knew!", making jeongguk's heart go back to beating and his lungs fill with air again. 


but jeongguk can't function anymore. 

for the whole length of the ride, jeongguk tries to forget he's heard anything at all. but, god, it's difficult. he has his gaze fixated on the road as he drives, only looking back through the rear mirror to check on moonso, who's fallen asleep the moment the car has started roaring softly, all the energy gone now. moonsoo always falls asleep in the car, yoongi says it's because it has the same effect as when jeongguk purrs. omegas don't have the ability to purr, but not many alphas can do it either. it's a way of comforting only a few develop. 


it never fails to lull moonsoo to sleep. 


jeongguk discovered he could purr when moonsoo was a newborn still and wouldn't stop crying to the point jeongguk would start crying too and at the end it was yoongi calming them both. that's how they started sleeping together, the pup between them and yoongi gently rubbing tiny circles on his belly until moonsoo fell asleep or even after that. jeongguk would just stare at yoongi, watching in awe how easy it was for him to calm moonsoo. maybe i'm just not a good parent , he would think. yoongi was a natural under all that fake rudeness taehyung managed to soft away later. 


but yoongi was not always there. 


"moonie... please..." jeongguk begs to his pup, who's crying inconsolably. it's almost 11 at night and moonsoo has been crying since 7. 


he's glad his appa has let him move in because this is a full house, not an apartment, which means they don't have neighbors to bother. since his grandma passed away, this house had been empty, ans that kind of made jeongguk sad because the memories he has of it while his grandma was still alive were full of live. his family would gather here for christmas every year and for every other celebration even if the house is not that big and he'd reunite with all of his cousins, play videogames while they waited for the food to be ready. 


jeongguk lived there when he was little with his grandma. his appa worked a lot and his eomma... well. they've never had a good relationship. mostly because jeongguk was a disappointment to her, he never studied, only wanted to paint or hang out with his friends. 


his parents were mated, but they were one of those couples who doesn't work out even if they're tied up by their marks. his appa was always calm and understanding with him, his eomma tho was more pushing, too strict and not so lovely. they're bond was deteriorated with time. 


and jeongguk grew up with his grandma mostly. she was the best. jeongguk couldn't understand how in the world was she her eomma's mother. 


he always felt like his grandma would have supported him with moonsoo. she also had been a single parent, since jeongguk's grandpa, her mate, died soon after she gave birth. 


he wonders if she would have helped him with moonsoo if she was still here. the pup is still crying non stop. it makes jeongguk's heart ache because how can someone cry so much? is he upset with jeongguk because he wants his mommy and not a teenager alpha? jeongguk might seem crazy, but he thinks moonsoo knows there's something that's not right. 


"moonie... baby..." he rocks him gently in his arms, by this time he's crying as well, fat tears rolling down his face. he swears to god he's never cried so much in his life until he's had his pup. he can't help it, it's the helplessness mixed with empathy. 


if his pup cries, he cries. 


he brings him close to his neck now, because his scent should calm him down a little bit, but the thing is that his scent is too strong because he's upset, it's all smokey and storm, nothing of its usual gentleness left. so he tries rubbing little circles on his back, as yoongi did the other night. 


when it doesn't work, he sighs and nuzzles the pup's little shoulder and his chubby cheek, trying to calm himself down with moonsoo's baby scent. he also tries to get at least a little bit more comfortable in the couch and closes his eyes. jeongguk focus on the sweet scent and before he realizes, there's a soft rumble vibrating deep in his chest and throat. 


jeongguk doesn't know where that's coming from or how the hell is he doing it, but moonsoo's cries dissolve slowly. then everything it's silent except from his purring. jeongguk wait a little bit, just to make sure that moonsoo is asleep, before moving to lay down on his back. 


moonsoo is sound asleep on top of his chest and that's great, really, but. how does he stop purring now? 

"are you okay?" jimin asks after probably 15 minutes of dead silence. 


"haha, yeah, of course. i'm alright." he's going to kill himself. that was the weirdest thing he could have said. 


"you seem distracted." jimin talks again after a long moment. 


"nah, just tired." jeongguk lies, shrugging. his hair falls on his eyes, too long for comfort but he still refuses to tie it up. 


when jeongguk dares to look to his side, jimin is staring at him. in fact, the omega raises his hand and pushes away the hair out of jeongguk's face. "want me to cut your hair? i used to do it in the pack and no one complained." 


jeongguk is too busy blushing and panicking because jimin just brushed his hair —and, jesus, he needs more— to even think that he wants to keep his hair long, but he's already agreeing because. 


because that means jimin playing with his hair. reminds him of that time at yoongi's place when they slept together for the first time. 


"yeah, okay. sure." 


"moonie could use a haircut too." 


"mhm." jeongguk hums. "i like his hair long, it's cute."


"i like too." 

"can we talk?" taehyung startles him. jeongguk was trying to pour some non alcoholic drinks for everyone in the kitchen, basically some coke with lemon slices and ice in it. 


"shit, taehyung, you scared me." jeongguk complains. he's poured some of the coke on the kitchen counter because he almost jumps out of his skin when taehyung has talked out of nowhere. 


the omega closes the kitchen's door behind him. jeongguk frowns. 


"we need to talk." taehyung states this time.


"right now?" 


"right now." even if he looks like he's made up his mind, jeongguk can see how taehyung's resolve crumbles with every passing second. "i... didn't want to do this thru texts." he explains, stepping closer. "i owe you an apology." 


jeongguk arches an eyebrow, confused. "why?" 


"remember what you told me at the club? about me and jimin and how i was acting?" jeongguk nods. "you were right." 


"tae, i didn't tell you that meaning to hurt you—" he starts to apologize but the omega doesn't let him finish the sentence. 


"lemme..." he interrupts. "i just need to say this." 


"sorry." this is so weird. taehyung is always cheerful and dramatic and funny, not serious or feeling down. he was like that before yoongi, an angsty teenager like jeongguk. that's why they got along so well, but whilst jeongguk was more chaotic, taehyung was more cringy. 


"it wasn't like that." taehyung continues, lips furrowed in a slight pout. "i mean, it can look like that. but i wasn't meaning it like that. i just... felt like jimin needed someone by his side. does that make any sense?" 


jeongguk thinks about it for a moment, gaze dropping to the drinks he was preparing. he is not the only one feeling too much for jimin. for some reason it's too easy to empathize with him. "yeh, i get it." he shrugs, but his shoulders feel heavy. maybe he fell apart from taehyung without realizing, he's not sure but the doubt is there. he gets why the omega would feel protective over jimin and he's new and amazing. 


and jeongguk is just jeongguk. 


he loves taehyung, but his best friend has always needed more. even when he was cringy, he managed to be a social butterfly. taehyung likes new people, likes getting to know them and likes getting attached to them. 


"please, don't do that face." taehyung whines, moving closer by instinct. 


"i'm not doing anything." he shrugs again. 


"yeah, you're making a puppy face and now i want to hug the shit out of you until you can't make anymore sad faces." he takes jeongguk's hand and pulls him closer, crashing their bodies together in a tight hug. "you're my best friend and i love you. i have enough love for you and jimin, so don't worry, ggukie." 


jeongguk doesn't know why is he pouting so much, but he feels better like this, between his best friend's arms. taehyung even dares to nuzzle his neck, scenting him a bit. it's been years since his friend has scented him, since yoongi and him started dating because jeongguk didn't want to step in between them... he forgot about that sometimes with yoongi though. jeongguk's and taehyung's scents mixed are really good, they fit. taehyung's scent is like sea salt and toffee, perfectly sweet, not too much. 


"you got jealous, you're so cute." taehyung comments, giggling against the soft skin in his neck and jeongguk tries to move away from his embrace with a whine. 


"you ruined the moment." 

"so." hoseok says out of the blue, looking at yoongi who has moonsoo eating on his lap. the pup is happily munching on his pizza too busy in his own world. "when are you two gonna mate and have pups? because yoongi is totally ready." 


jeongguk roars with laughter, can't help it and he's not even sorry. that was too sudden and so good. so straightforward. "god, yes. it's about time." 


this is probably the first time he's ever seen taehyung blush, even if it's only a bit, the softest shade of pink painting his cheeks stuffed with pizza. 


yoongi, on the other hand, doesn't blink. "sooner than later." 


"oh my god, i was just kidding." hoseok is the one surprised now. "are you serious?" yoongi nods one time, then buries his nose in moonsoo's hair. "tae doesn't look so convinced." 


"we haven't had that conversation yet." taehyung excuses himself, but he doesn't dare to look at any of them, too flustered. 


"we talked about mating when you are ready." yoongi retorts. 


jimin scoots closer to jeongguk leaning in to whisper in his ear. "taehyung's gonna have a heart attack." 


and honestly, jeongguk can totally see that happening.


"shit, yoongi. i’m not ready." 


"why are you panicking now? you two act like you're mated already. and you're probably the most perfect couple to ever exist." jeongguk tries to add more fuel to the fire because seeing taehyung like this is hilarious and rarely ever happens. 


"fucking hell, jeongguk, shut the fuck up you're no one to talk. you're literally head over heels-" jeongguk glares at his best friend. and if looks could kill, taehyung would be dead by now. 


jeongguk throws a quick glance to jimin, finds him smirking, and looks away quickly. 


"don't change the subject. how many pups?" hoseok asks again, totally amused but faking it like he's being just curious and those are just innocent questions.


"two or three." yoongi's response comes quickly.


all the colour in taehyung's face evaporates. but. "three...? isn't that too much?" he talks in a whisper. 


all of them laugh at the same time, but jeongguk catches yoongi fondly smiling at his boyfriend and taehyung naturally relaxes, shoulders dropping with a sigh. 


"not too much." moonsoo talks then, taking all of them by surprise. "i wanna have dongsaengs. three dongsaengs will be so cool." 


yoongi's smile gets wider and he combs his fingers through the omega's hair. "they wouldn't exactly be your dongsaengs, more like your cousins." 


"you want to have dongsaengs, moonie?" jimin asks now, jeongguk looks down at his hands on his lap instinctively. 


"of course! I'll be a good hyung like hyungie." 


"or a good oppa." hoseok supplies. 


"yes!" moonsoo exclaims enthusiastically. 

they decide to spend the night there, since all of them are too tired and lazy to go back home. hoseok crashes at the couch as always, one leg falling out the cushions, mouth slightly open. yoongi makes sure to cover him with a blanket. moonsoo has already fallen asleep as well in yoongi's bed and when jeongguk goes to take him, with the idea of bringing him to the guests room, but yoongi tells him it's fine, moonsoo can sleep with them tonight. 


jeongguk is fine with that until he realizes he's going to sleep with jimin all alone.


so he takes extra time making sure moonsoo is sound asleep and kisses his little face, before going to the guests room. 


they didn't bring pajamas but taehyung has let them some sweatpants and shirts. jimin's already under the blankets, so jeongguk changes his clothes quickly, but decides against the shirt because he likes the feeling of the sheets' soft material against his skin, it's more comfy. 


he turns off the lights before getting under the blankets as well, leaving a respectful amount of space between him and jimin, even if sleeping together shouldn't be weird by now and after all they've been through. 


but jeongguk can't help it, he's too conscious of everything. 


"would you have more pups if you could?" jimin asks out of nowhere. jeongguk thought he was asleep, so he's surprised to hear his voice breaking the silence. 


"no." he answers, maybe too quick and too sincere. but he's never lied to jimin and he's not going to start now. 




"'m too scared." 


there's silence again after that. jeongguk wonders what jimin might think of him, that he's a chicken, a coward. 


"i get it." jimin says instead. "it was hard raising moonsoo, but you learned a lot, right? you're not a newbie anymore." 


"still, you need two to make a pup." jeongguk jokes, huffing. he didn't think twice before saying that and when he realizes what he's just said he wants to slap himself. 


"guess moonie will have to be content with having cousins, then." jeongguk can see jimin's face if he turns his head to the side, the omega is still smirking —he's been smirking all night— playing along with his joke. 


"yoongi will be better than i was. taehyung will too, even if he's terrified right now. he keeps playing it cool, but he only wants to be yoongi's." jeongguk explains, more like talking to himself. he stretches his arms and uses them as a pillow as he looks up at the ceiling. "hope they mate soon." jeongguk can still feel jimin's eyes on him. "what?" 


"mhmmmnothing." jimin murmurs. "it's funny how you are so sure about them, about love and mating for other people, but when it comes to you... nothing." he makes a pause, sighing. "wish you would realize you could have those things too if you wanted." 


if you wanted. 


he thinks about what jimin has said to moonsoo, how he likes jeongguk too, and his chest clenches with pure fear. 


there's a lot of reasons why making a move on jimin would be a bad idea. but none of them come to his mind right now. it's just cold paralyzing fear. 


"didn't mean to upset you." jimin whispers after a while, probably because all he can smell is jeongguk's distress, bitter in his scent. 


jeongguk can't even articulate one word, his throat feels dry, closed and not wanting to cooperate. 


"gguk." jimin says and suddenly he sounds so close. jeongguk hasn't even realised that he had his eyes closed until he opens them and jimin is on top of him. "breathe? please?" he looks worried. jeongguk has forgotten how to breathe and he only exhales when jimin caresses his chest, just to add some pressure after, making him release the air from his lungs. 


"sorry." he sighs deeply, the fear disappearing slowly with every aspiration. a little bit of panic has taken over him, it's nothing new. 


but even if jeongguk is breathing normally now, jimin doesn't move away. he keeps sitting on top of him, straddling his lap. the position they're in is okay for him, until jimin decides to move, leaning down slowly hovering over him. 


jeongguk thinks, he's gonna stop now. there's no way he's gonna—


but jimin kisses him. no hesitation. 


it's tender, just a peck. 


but it's enough to make jeongguk grunt in protest. he knows what jimin is doing. he's trying to distract him.


jimin's smirk gets bigger, probably amused by jeongguk's behaviour. "what, jeonggukie, what do you want?" 


jeongguk shakes his head no, trying to convince himself that this is a horrible idea, that he should ask jimin to please keep his perfect ass away from him and his dick because this is not healthy. 


"stop thinking so much." jimin pecks him again, but this time he doesn't stop there. he trails his kisses down jeongguk's jaw to his neck. and jeongguk starts purring right away, he can't stop. it's just a soft rumble at first, so he hopes jimin is not able to hear it, but of course he can. "you're purring for me, what a good alpha. so good for me." 


jeongguk closes his eyes tight. the sound of jimin's suggestive voice making his whole body shiver in anticipation. jeongguk likes the praise. he wants to be good for jimin, wants to do everything the omega asks him to do because he trusts jimin. he briefly wonders how is it possible, how is jimin easier for him to deal with in heat than now. 


he's melting under jimin's soft touch of lips, his purring getting louder. jimin traces his hands all over jeongguk's chest, enjoying the vibration under the pads of his fingers, his lips follow them, down and down. 


"j-ji...min... " his voice wavers through the purr. it's embarrassing and uncomfortable and he's not able to stop because he's comfortable at the same time but also on the edge, nervous. because this is not them kissing during jimin's heat. 


this is jimin kissing him because he wants to. 


he's all flushed, cheeks, neck and chest burning with shame and the worst part is that he doesn't dislike it. 

but he still wishes he could tell his body to shut the fuck up. 


"mhm? what do you want, baby?" jimin asks, now fully sitting on jeongguk's hard on. he has detached himself from jeongguk's chest just to sit up straight, looking at jeongguk from above with lidded eyes, full of lust and something else jeongguk can't quite decipher. 


jeongguk whines softly just because. pet names. it makes jimin smile. "like it when i call you baby?" 


jeongguk's heart jumps inside his chest. he nods. he doesn't know what has taken over him, but he nods. he's slipped in his new role so easily. 


"use your words." jimin commands, but his voice is still gentle. 


jeongguk doesn't want to talk though. it's really embarrassing. he's not sure if he can formule a full sentence with all the purring. but jimin knows and he looks like he enjoys making jeongguk suffer a little bit. 


"i..." his chest rumbles so hard whenever he talks, his voice lower than usual. "l-like.... i-it..." 


jimin looks pleased and he rewards him with a roll of his hips that makes jeongguk moan too loud. jimin's eyes widen in clear surprise but he's quick to cover jeongguk's mouth with his left hand. "so responsive..." jimin comments in awe, grinding his ass against the alpha's boner again. the pressure is so good that jeongguk has to close his eyes for a moment, another moan muffled by jimin's hand. 


jeongguk raises his hands to touch, but jimin pushes them away and pins them to the matress above jeongguk's head with his spare hand. jimin is surprisingly strong, but it's not like jeongguk is trying to fight back. "you're not allowed to touch, baby." 

jimin slowly lets go of jeongguk's hands, testing if the alpha is going to obey him or not. but jeongguk does as he's told. "good boy." jimin praises. "now i'm gonna take care of you, but i need you to be quiet. can you do that for me?" 


jeongguk nods. jimin stops covering jeongguk's mouth. "words."


"i-i can... d-do it... i c-can..." 


jimin doesn't lose one second. the next thing jeongguk knows is that jimin is no longer sitting on top of him but he's pulling down jeongguk's sweatpants and underwear and quickly throwing them to the floor. jeongguk watches him lick his lips when he sees the alpha's cock hard against his abdomen. 


jimin takes the base of his shaft in his hand and gives the tip, glistening already with precome, a kitten lick. jeongguk tries not to react. then jimin licks a long stripe from the base to the head and wraps his lips around it. jeongguk hisses. jimin never takes his eyes off him, not even when he's kissing jeongguk's cock like it was something precious, not even when he takes it all inside in one swift movement. he feels jimin's throat closing around him. 


jeongguk tries to keep his eyes open because he wants to look at jimin like that, but he can't and he also has to bite his bottom lip, trying to stop any sound to come out of his mouth. his purring is getting wild though and he can't do anything about that either. jimin has his hands caressing jeongguk's hips, drawing circles with his thumbs on the sensitive skin there as he bobs his head taking him half way through. but sometimes jimin does that thing again, taking it all inside his mouth until jeongguk can feel his throat clenching around him. and jeongguk is not small at all. 


he has a newfound respect for jimin. 


jimin settles a slow pace, but it's enough to drive jeongguk crazy. he's trying so hard not to thrust up and not being able to touch jimin or make any sound makes it even harder. he's getting desperate and eager, he wants release and he wants it now. 


jeongguk opens his eyes to stare. he wants to behave, but, fuck, jimin looks so gorgeous right now, jeongguk's dick deep inside his mouth, full lips pink and swollen, eyes teary. 


jeongguk thrusts up searching for release. 


jimin whimpers and pulls out. 


but jeongguk was already coming in his mouth and now all over his face and himself. and it's a lot. 


" fuck ." surprisingly, it's not him who swears, it's jimin. "that was..." 


"s-sorry..." he's stopped purring, at least. he's too spent right now, but that's good. 


"no, it was... hot." jimin explains. he moves closer again, laying on top of jeongguk carefully. 


jesus, jeongguk thinks. jimin has come all over his right cheek and also on his chin. the alpha doesn't think about it, he pulls jimin closer and licks him clean, tasting himself. salty, but not gross as he thought it could be. 


"you did so good, baby." jimin praises again making jeongguk blush even more if possible. 


"stop it..." he whispers. 


"why? you really did good. you let me take care of you." jimin sighs, shuffling on top of him until he finds a comfortable position, nose buried in jeongguk's neck. "feeling better?" 


jeongguk nods. somehow, helping himself with his feet, he manages to pull the blankets up enough to cover them. he should also put back on his pajamas, but he doesn't want to make jimin move away. his weight is comforting, their bodies fit together like pieces of the same puzzle. "what about you, tho?" 


"i'm okay. just wanted to make you feel good." jimin sounds like he's already falling asleep, the words slurred. he's playing with jeongguk's hair between his fingers, almost as if he wants the alpha to get sleepy too. it works. they're both sleeping in a matter of seconds. 


and jeongguk hasn't slept better in his whole life. 

"oh." someone says, taehyung most likely, opening the door of the guests room. "someone got lucky last night." 




after taehyung closes the door again, not before laughing, they both stay silent. jeongguk is suddenly too aware of their position and how jimin is fully dressed while jeongguk is completely naked. 


"are you okay?" jimin whispers, still not planning to move apparently. 


jeongguk nods, but the events of last night are very present in his mind right now. how did they end up doing that, he doesn't know. it was so easy for him just do as jimin told him to. 


jeongguk feels awkward. like, he's never felt so awkward in his life. because he doesn't want to go out of bed, he wants jimin to keep sleeping on top of him, but at the same time he's like what does this all mean? he thought he would never have sex or anything close to that with jimin again.


and the room smells a lot like come and pheromones so he's going to get teased about it. 


"we should get up." jimin whispers again. 


"don't wanna." that makes jimin giggle. 


"but we should, don't act like a pup. gotta face taehyung, he's gonna tease you so bad." 


"your fault." 


"my fault?" 


"yeah, yours. you were the one trying to get in my pants." 


"tsk." jimin clicks his tongue, he is now looking at him, smirking again like last night. "you didn't complain. actually, you were more than willing." 


"your fault for being that bossy." 


jimin gasps, faking it like he's truly offended and slaps jeongguk's bare chest softly. "you loved it, so stop complaining and have some respect for your hyung." he moves away from jeongguk, trying to get up, but jeongguk is quick to pull him back again. he changes their positions, now the alpha is on top, caging jimin between his body and the bed. "ya... what do you want now? so annoying."


jeongguk pouts because he's not annoying, just clingy. he noses jimin's jaw, trying to make him bare his neck. jimin sighs, but there's a ghost of a smile on his face. he smells a lot like jeongguk's come and bonfire, but it's not enough. still he doesn't bare his neck. 


jeongguk brushes his nose close to jimin's ear. the omega giggles softly murmuring something about it being ticklish, so jeongguk bites his earlobe, not too hard but enough to make jimin hiss and surrender. "okay... okay... no need to get violent." 


the alpha smiles happily when jimin exposes his neck for him, tilting his head back to make room enough for jeongguk to do whatever he wants. he just nuzzles his throat at first, can't help but remember that time where he thought jimin was really asking him to mate. his neck was so close and it could have been so easy to just take what jimin was willing to give. jeongguk nibbles slightly, feels jimin's whole body tightening up with a shiver. jeongguk expects him to say something, try to move away from him, smell distressed, anything. but there's nothing, so jeongguk keeps testing. he drags his teeth along the golden skin until he gets to the right spot, where a mating mark should go. still nothing, jimin is just breathing unevenly, but there's no sign of discomfort. 


if you wanted. 


jeongguk still remembers the taste of jimin's blood. he marked his neck during his heat, trying really hard not to bite on the scent gland. but there's nothing left of them, jimin heals quickly. jeongguk hates it, hates that there's nothing of him in jimin. 


jeongguk bites hard and jimin moans. 


but he doesn't draw blood.


then kisses the same spot and licks, rubs his nose there, trying to mix his scent with jimin's. the omega's citrusy scent is as intoxicating as always, mouthwatering, but grounds him at the same time. 


he shouldn't have done that.


still, when he's pleased enough to let go of jimin, he can't apologise, because he's not sorry. 


jimin doesn't ask for an apology either. 

the moment they leave the room is all mockery. jeongguk doesn't even care. all he can think of is how easy could have been to sink his teeth... and how jimin did nothing to stop him. 


he can't look at jimin for the rest of the morning, too shocked by his own behaviour, but even more by jimin's. jeongguk kind of wants to scold him, tell him he should never let jeongguk do whatever he wants. 


his quietness combined with jimin's make the rest uncomfortable enough for taehyung and yoongi to push him to their room, locking him inside with them.


"what?" he asks, brows furrowed. 


"this is a jimintervention." taehyung singsongs, looking amused while yoongi just looks serious and honestly concerned. 


"that name is stupid." jeongguk attacks. 


"it's not, you're the stupid one here, my dude." taehyung fights back, crossing his arms over his chest. 


"can you tell him to stop this shit?" jeongguk is talking to yoongi now. 


yoongi's answer comes easily. "you need this. sit down." 


jeongguk sighs deep and long, but sits down on their bed, looking down at his feet. he doesn't want to talk about jimin, doesn't want to talk about anything, doesn't want to think about anything at all. 


to his surprise, taehyung sits down next to him and rubs his back up and down soothingly. when he looks up at yoongi, though, he's still dead serious. jeongguk doesn't like it, he feels small under yoongi's sharp gaze, doesn't like the anxiety coiling up in his stomach because of it. is yoongi mad at me? 


taehyung is the good guy, yoongi is the bad guy. 


"what happened?" taehyung asks, still trying to comfort jeongguk. 


"i messed up as always." he shrugs. 


"what did you do?" taehyung keeps asking. 


jeongguk is throwing quick glances at yoongi. he doesn't like that yoongi is not talking at all, just pinning jeongguk down on the bed with his eyes. 


"jimin–" he was going to say that jimin wanted to do some stuff last night, but honestly, it was jeongguk's fault for letting jimin. "we did some... we talked. one thing somehow led to another, we did some stuff, fell asleep." jeongguk really doesn't want to go deep in details, it wouldn't feel right, doesn't want to ruin jimin's privacy. "it was all okay, but this morning i don't know—" he feels yoongi's eyes on him. what if this seems like i'm playing with jimin's feelings? because we do stuff but i can't commit. yoongi is jimin's friend. will he be mad at me? the thought of yoongi not being his friend anymore is enough to make his eyes teary. he tries to hold back as much as he can. "i don't know what took over me, but i thought what if." 


"what if...?" taehyung is now releasing comforting pheromones, probably because jeongguk scent is turning bitter. 


"i tried to bite him, i bit him, but he... didn't do anything. didn't move, didn't complain, didn't look frightened at all. and i know he should be in heat to mate, but still..." 


if you wanted


"jeongguk... haven't you thought about the possibility of jimin actually wanting to be with you?" jeongguk shakes his head no. he's never thought of that, he's always thought there wasn't any chance, he's always been content with staying like this. even after hearing jimin say he likes jeongguk, that doesn't mean anything. "i think it's more than clear, he wants you." jeongguk keeps shaking his head no, because it can't be. "gguk, try to open your mind a little bit. why wouldn't he want you?" 


"because I'm me? the personification of disaster and disappointment? a big fucking mess?" jeongguk talks as if it's obvious. "and he's... completely the opposite. and i'm a parent." 


"first of all, stop beating yourself up so much, gguk." taehyung is caressing the hair in his nape now and it works, calms him down a little bit. 


"and stop making up excuses." yoongi completes, stepping closer and kneeling down in front of jeongguk. "jimin loves moonie and moonie loves jimin. there's no problem at all. the only thing you two need is a serious conversation." 


jeongguk feels better now that yoongi is talking. he raises his gaze to look at his hyung. he seems like he truly believes what he's saying. but how is he so sure? 


"stop being scared." yoongi continues. "i think jimin and some happiness are nothing to be afraid of, mhm?" 


"yeah, jimin makes you happy, right?" jeongguk nods without think. "then go get your man." taehyung says while chuckling. "make him yours."


"and pup," yoongi takes his chin, making sure jeongguk is looking at him in the eye. "there's no need to worry anymore." 

taehyung and yoongi tell him to leave moonsoo with them, so he can have time to talk to jimin alone. moonsoo is more than happy, because taehyung has promised him to take him out. they're going to go shopping and then they're going to have dinner out. 


"what? are you not gonna miss me?" jeongguk pouts. he has moonsoo in his arms, the pup is playing with his dad's hair with a big smile in his face. 


"of course i'm gonna miss appa!" he complains. "but i wanna go with taetae and hyungie." 


"okay pup..." moonsoo gives jeongguk an eskimo kiss before jeongguk lets go of him, sighing. 


moonsoo jumps to jimin's arms then to hug him tightly and jeongguk watches them silently and to jeongguk's surprise moonsoo gives him an eskimo kiss as well. 


taehyung gives him a thumbs up before going and yoongi's smile tell him that everything is going to be fine. 

the ride back home is silent, but it's not uncomfortable. jeongguk should be nervous but he's actually kind of excited. anxious in the best of the ways. 


when they arrive and jeongguk locks the front door behind him, he realizes he doesn't exactly know how to approach jimin. should he be straightforward? maybe that's a bit scary. 


he thinks about it for the majority of the afternoon. the house is so silent and calm without moonsoo that jeongguk has nothing else to do but overthink. if moonso was here, he would be a little distracted from the topic. 


but he is distracted enough to cut his finger when he's chopping some veggies in an attempt to cook some dinner for jimin. it's nothing bad, so he just licks it and puts a bandage on it. 


food turns out to be too bad, so he's not going to make jimin eat that. he's sure the omega would eat it all just to not make him feel bad. so they end up ordering mcdonald's. they watch tv as they eat and jeongguk finds out that jimin only orders chicken nuggets, he's not a man of hamburgers, while jeongguk, on the other hand, has ordered two big macs and french fries. 


they don't talk that much, just stuff like 'can you turn up the volume?' or 'gimmie some more ketchup.' that's until jeongguk catches jimin staring at him and grinning. 


"what?" he asks, mouth full of food. 


"you eat a lot." jimin's eyes fall to the alpha's mouth. 


"i need fuel to keep going." he shrugs. "and i'm still growing up." 


"still?" the omega sounds incredulous. 


jeongguk laughs loudly. "yeah, i know you will remain short, but i still have to grow some more." 


"haha." jimin fake laughs before throwing jeongguk a chicken nugget, straight to the face. "oops. looks like you have some ketchup in your face, jeonggukie, someone should teach you how to eat because you're clearly still a baby." after that he one of his nuggets munching on it happily, like he's just made the best comment ever. 


"you're gonna regret that." he threatens. 


"doubt it." 


jimin does regret it when jeongguk throws all of his french fries at him. he yelps and stands up from his spot on the floor, glaring at jeongguk. when jeongguk thinks jimin might slap him, the omega takes his other hamburger instead and breaks into a run. jeongguk stands up quickly and follows him around screaming something like 'take whatever you want but not my big mac.'


at some point they get tired of running, but they're giggling even when they got back to their sits. 


jimin, as always, has some other plan in mind. 


he sits on jeongguk's lap, straddling it like last night, and opens his mouth. there's a long moment where jeongguk seriously considers slipping one finger inside that pretty mouth, let go, see where jimin wants to go. 

but jimin gets impatient. "feed me." 




"are you deaf? i said feed me." 


"damn, always so bossy." he complains, but does as he's told and jimin makes a pleased sound.


"you better get used to it." 


"i'll try."

the domesticity of their night makes it all easier and jeongguk realizes that jimin isn't scary at all, thinking about them together isn't scary either. the only thing that's scary is the idea of losing jimin. 


but of course, past won't let him move forward. 


the doorbell rings and when jeongguk opens the door, nell is standing there in all her glory. she's wearing a black dress that leaves little to nothing to imagination, too tight and too short, red lipstick and hair falling in waves on her shoulders. 


"why aren't you answering my calls or my texts?" she moves pass jeongguk, turning around when she's inside the house to look at him. she looks mad. "what did i do?" 


jeongguk can see jimin looking at them from the living room, discomfort clear in his face. just when he was about to make it, his stupid decisions ruin it.


"nell... you did nothing, it's not your—" 


nell doesn't let him finish. "if it's not my fault then what's wrong with you? i thought we had fun." 


shit. this can't be happening to him. 


"i-i'm sorry nell... really... i know it's not an excuse, i just got..." he glances at jimin, who's hugging himself and making himself look tinier than normal. "i got scared, i didn't want to ruin—" 


"scared of what, jeongguk? i don't get you." 


"we slept together and i already liked someone and i messed up, this is not your fault, i shouldn't have—" he's talking too quickly, but nell catches it anyway.


"we what when, jeongguk?" she huffs. "we didn't sleep together. you just crashed at mine. you helped me upstairs and put me to bed, then fell asleep there." 


jeongguk blinks, then frowns. he doesn't understand shit. "but what about our clothes?" 


"i don't know, we probably drank too much to realize we were undressing. but i know for sure that we didn't have sex." 


"how do you know?" 


"it didn't smell like sex at all and i would have remembered anyway." 


jeongguk tries to remember. it didn't smell like sex or pheromones. he smelled like nell because he fell asleep in her bed, but there was no sign of sex. 

he was just too panicked to realize. 




nell rolls her eyes. "we're friends jeongguk, you can't just avoid talking to me. that's not how things work. you need to talk things out to solve problems, you know." she sighs. "i thought i did something wrong and made you upset." 


jeongguk shakes his head no. "no... you didn't do anything." 


"neither did you." she looks down at her wrist where she has an expensive looking watch. "i do think you're handsome, but you're my first friend in years. I'm not gonna ruin that for a quickie." that makes jeongguk blush like crazy. "now, i have to go. got a date, i was just passing by." she goes to the front door again. "make sure to text me back, benjamin wants another playdate with moonsoo." she looks back into the house. "good night, jimin." 


jimin waves at her awkwardly and then she's gone as fast as she came. 


jeongguk remains there, startled. 


"so you didn't sleep with her." jimin says but jeongguk can't know if he's surprised or not. 


"y-yeah... i guess?" he turns around, jimin has walked closer to him. "i'm sorry for making you think that i did." 


"it's okay, i didn't have any right to be upset about it." jimin shrugs, then smiles. "i forgot about that already anyway." 


they clean the mess they've done with their little food fight and then jimin asks jeongguk if he wants him to cut his hair. so jeongguk takes a quick shower and when he's in pajamas, jimin has already settled a chair in the kitchen, stating that the light there is better. 


he places a towel around jeongguk's shoulders so the hair won't stick to his clothes and starts working. he's using the kitchen's scissors. 


"don't make me look ugly." jeongguk begs. 


"you couldn't look ugly even if you tried, gguk." jimin murmurs, too focused on cutting. even if he's using the kitchen's scissors and even if he's not a hairdresser, jeongguk couldn't trust jimin more. so he closes his eyes when jimin works on the back part of his hair and only opens them again to stare at him when he's trimming his fringe. jimin has his tongue sticking out, brows furrowed. 


the haircut turns out pretty well and jimin hasn't cut that much, there's still a lot of fringe going on in his forehead but at least it doesn't cover his eyes anymore. and he looks older. 


jimin takes a shower as well, but he's slower then him, so jeongguk takes the chance to decide what his next movement is going to be. 


he chooses something comfy and familiar. jeongguk builds a nest in jimin's bedroom. at first he thought about just inviting jimin to his bedroom, because his nest is always ready there, but the room is a complete disaster. not cozy like jimin's. 


and maybe jimin will feel better in his room. 


so he makes a nice nest, trying for it to be as perfect as possible, bringing some blankets and pillows from his own nest. when he's finished, he sits down in the center of it waiting for jimin to come. 


he's not nervous until jimin appears in the room, only wearing jeongguk's dodgers t-shirt, his hair fluffy after using the hairdryer. his eyes widen when he sees the big mess of nest jeongguk has made. "uh..." 


"can we talk?" jeongguk asks and wants to punch himself because that was too fast. jimin nods anyway and crawls into the nest. they lie down and jeongguk makes sure that jimin is well covered by the blankets before anything else happens. he takes a moment too to watch jimin. the warm light of the little heart lamp is the only thing illuminating the room, making jimin's skin look even warmer and his hair to glow golden. "i want to... clear things out." 


jimin nods slightly, staring back at him. 


"what... what do you feel for me?" he knows already but he needs to hear it again, just in case. 


and probably that's the only thing jimin can't give him right away. "i need you to say it first." 


jeongguk can do that though. it's easy. "i like you. no, i love you." he sees how jimin sighs and closes his eyes almost as if he's trying to taste the words, to make them sink in. 


there's a moment of silence before jimin talks again. "i love you too. feels good... hearing it. can you say it again?" 


"i love you." jeongguk repeats. it does feel good, saying it. "i love you, jimin. i wanna... be with you? I'd like to date you, m-maybe court you or something..." 


jimin giggles but it almost sounds like he's in pain and the smile turns into a slight pout, a few tears roll down his cheeks and die against the pillow. "that's so... old fashioned..." 


jeongguk doesn't understand why is jimin crying right now. "okay okay, i won't court you, but please don't cry..."


"they're happy tears." jimin scoots closer until he can brush his nose against jeongguk's. "sorry. i wasn't expecting this. got me off guard." 


"but you deserve to be courted." jeongguk states. 


"you already have me, no need to court me." 


"what about mating then? i need to know what you want." he needs to know where this goes, because not everything is about love. it's about future and building it with someone and stop messing up. 


"i wanna mate. whenever you're ready." the response comes easy. 


"you sure?" jimin nods. he's still watching jeongguk with bright eyes, full of unshed tears and hopes. "what about moonie? it's a lot of responsibility. are you sure you want that?" that's probably the most important question he could ever make. this is where all can go downhill, because if jimin is not willing to be a parent for moonsoo, jeongguk will have to cut this before it starts. it would be painful, jeongguk wouldn't ever be with anyone that wasn't jimin. 


"gguk, i know. i love moonie. i just hope he's kind enough to share you with me." jimin jokes, some tears falling from his eyes with the force of another giggle. 


jeongguk wipes away the tears with his thumb while trying for this moment to remain etched in his mind forever. yoongi was right, taehyung was right. jeongguk needed someone, but he's starting to believe that he was just waiting for jimin to come back home, even before they knew each other. "i love you." 


the face jimin makes every time he hears those three words is priceless, like jeongguk is giving him exactly what he needs. "love you more." jimin whispers back before kissing jeongguk. it's tender, slow but deep, there's no eagerness or rush now, because they just gifted each other all the time in the world. 

no good story begins with its protagonist being drunk, but this time it did.