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the sunset is in their eyes

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You  didn’ t know  how you wormed your way into their  little  family.   

It started slowly. Burnet kissing you on the cheek (you had blushed and stumbled but she grinned and waved it off); Kukui ruffling your hair  (easier to act unaffected)  when you figured out there was a similarity in the energy between mega evolution and z-moves.   

Brunet invite d  you out for dinner. Kukui ma de  it, whil st  you two  chattered  on the porch   

I heard you worked under Sycamore,  she said. You couldn’t help but admire her muscles—how a  dream  researcher got those was beyond you.  What did you learn from him? Flirting?  

You raise d  her hand to your lips and kiss ed  it. She trie d  to stifle her gasp.   

Among other things…  you let your sentence trail off. She grinned and giggled.  “But I’m not the best at it.”  

Nice try, but I’m used to Kukui doing that.  

A hand clamp ed  down on your shoulder.  

What’s this about me? You should know not to talk about others while their back is turned, yeah?  

You  stared  him down, then kiss ed  his   cheek.  Burnet’s  smile widen ed .  

You’re not used to  that , huh,  she teased (although you didn’ t  know why).  

They share d  a glance, then nod ded,   satisfied .  

Dinner! ”  Kukui proclaimed.  And drinks!  


You  didn’ t know how it happen ed,  but you w o ke  with Burnet  sprawled  across your chest.  Kukui somehow  ha d  his arms   wrapped  around the two of you.  

Oh  no.  

You’ overstepped your boundaries.   

You tr ied  to extract yourself from the two, but Kukui’s grip  was  iron.  Burnet  looked so  peaceful.  You relent ed , mentally preparing yourself for awkwardness.  

There  was  none. Burnet  sat up  first , as if the whole ordeal was natural.  

Morning,  she said,  either of you remember what happened?  

Bits and pieces  flashed  across your mind.  You debate d  shaking your head, but  settled  on a thumbs down. You  didn’t  trust yourself  to  speak.  

We fell asleep on the bed,  Kukui deadpanned. He removed his vice grip from your shoulder. You could finally sit up.  

Should I—  

Nah. What kind of hosts would we be if we didn’t serve you breakfast?  

I really should be go—  

Burnet cut you off this time, placing her lips against yours.  It was brief, for she pulled away before you could gather your thoughts.  

You’re staying for breakfast,  she ordered, dragging you to the kitchen.  It’s Sunday. Yesterday you told me your schedule was as free can be.  

You were defeated.   

Better be a good breakfast,  you grumbled.  

But of course!  And I know just  how  to make it better.”  

Kukui laughed and started the pancakes while Burnet pinned you against a wall.