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Your Favourite Plaything

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As you land outside your large cave, the trees nearly snapping from the force of your wings, you let your feet touch the ground before turning back into your humanoid form. The scent of death radiates off of you, your muscles and joints aching from so much flying, conquering and violence, but the ache is rather satisfying. Not many dragon lords can boast about achieving so much in a single day, but you are not most dragon lords. There is a reason why most other dragons fear you.

Still, now you have arrived home, all thoughts of your long, violent day leave your mind. Because at the mouth of your cave stands Lucoa, your favourite plaything.

Totally naked, she grins and waves at you, every movement making her enormous tits bounce.

“You’re back!” she calls.

You smile. Conquering may be tiring work, but there is something you never get tired of: pleasuring yourself with your bimbo plaything. Just thinking about what you are going to do to her makes arousal throb through your body, your dick getting hard. You have other bimbos at your disposal, but Lucoa will always be your favourite. Not only does she have an amazing body, but she always comes to great you when you get home. She was the first female dragon you ever brainwashed into becoming your plaything and, whilst technically having enough power to break the spell, Lucoa never does. She seems to like being this way.

You walk towards her, grab her by the back of the neck and pull her into a forceful kiss. You press her soft body against you, her tits squashing against your chest, and your hardening cock digs into her waist. Lucoa giggles, pressing herself even closer and tilting her head up to look at you. She bites her bottom lip and starts to suck on it, the simple action driving you wild. Letting out a rough grunt, you trail kisses across her face and start to suck on her ear, nibbling with sharp teeth and making her moan.

“I need to fuck you so badly,” you mutter, breath hot against her ear.

“Go ahead,” is all she says, and you smirk.

With incredible speed, you scoop her up into a bridal carry, and Lucoa giggles again, toying with the hair at the base of your neck.

The overwhelming need to fuck her building up, you enter your cave, where all of your servants turn to look at you.

“Good evening, Master.”

“Did your pillaging go well?”

“What will you be requiring for dinner?”

You ignore them, walking past your slaves with Lucoa in your arms, until you reach your main chambers. You leave the door open, not caring if anyone walks in (your servants see you fucking your bimbos all the time, and you just consider them bugs on the walls), and throw Lucoa onto the large bed.

The springs creak beneath her, and she laughs. She spreads her legs, showing you her wet pussy. She needs you so badly; you are the only one who can give her what she needs.

Approaching her, you revert your scale-suit back to normal skin, leaving you as naked as her. Your large dragon dick stands erect, pre-come leaking from the head. Lucoa stares at your dick, and you smile; your dick is her favourite thing in the world.

“I am going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow,” you say, kneeling on the bed beside her. “I am going to fuck you until you scream with pleasure, and then fill you up with my come. I am going to impregnate you and fill you with my litter.”

“You’ll breed me?” Lucoa gasps, staring up at me.

“If I will breed any of my playthings, it will be you.” Of course, you doubt this will actually get her pregnant. No, the goal isn’t to impregnate Lucoa, but to show your power. You have the power to breed her, as you have done many times before with others. “But before we get to that… I want your gorgeous mouth around my cock.”

Lucoa obeys without hesitation, getting onto her knees. You recline so you lie on your back, watching her move between your legs, her tits bouncing and her nipples hard with arousal. She leans over you, and wraps her hand around the base of your dick. A shiver of arousal runs through you, but you only let out a groan when her lips touch the head.

She actually kisses the head of your dick before parting her lips, letting her mouth sheath your erection. Her head moves down, swallowing your dick, and the wet heat of her mouth causes another groan to escape your throat.

Lucoa swirls her tongue around the head of your throbbing dick, before taking you as deep as she can, her teeth gently grazing your shaft. Closing your eyes, you let her have some fun sucking on your cock, before your need to have control comes back. Letting Lucoa have fun is important, but you are the master here, and you must never let a possession think above her position.

So, still keeping your eyes closed, you reach out and grab her head, fingers digging into her hair. And with unceremonious tugs of your hands, you force your cock even further into her mouth. Lucoa splutters but doesn’t pull away, letting you use her mouth to pleasure yourself. You jerk her head up and down in rough movements, smacking your cock into the back of her throat hard enough to cause pain, but you don’t care. Being aggressive is part of being the master.

You keep jerking her head until you feel your knot start to swell, and you stop. If you come now, you will waste all of this come inside her stomach, as well as end the love making far too soon. So although your arousal longs to keep fucking her mouth until you shoot semen down her throat, you pull Lucoa off of your cock, and sit up.

Opening your eyes, you stare at her. She knees on the bed, her lips red and swollen from sucking you so much, and her eyes water slightly from the few times you made her gag. But even in a state like this, she is still the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

“Did you enjoy that, Master?” she asks, putting her hands on your thighs and squeezing.

“Of course,” you say. “But your job is not over yet. Our fucking will end when I knot you and fill you with my come, but there is something else I must do before we get to that.” You sit up straighter, and grab her breasts, prompting a slight gasp. “I must fuck these beautiful things.”

Lucoa smiles. “Oh, of course.”

She lies on her back and you straddle her waist, adjusting your position until your cock is right above her breasts. Lucoa stares up at you, and you take a moment to admire her breasts.

Before you get to fucking them, however, you feel she has earned another reward. So you reach out and pinch both her nipples between your thumbs and forefingers. The simple action is enough to make Lucoa moan, but when you start to rub them, she actually cries out, arching her back.

“Master…” she gasps, moaning in pleasure.

You build up speed, rubbing her nipples as she melts beneath you, and it doesn’t take Lucoa long to come. She rides her orgasm for several seconds, eyes closed and face flushed with pleasure.

“How was that?” you ask when it is over.

Lucoa smiles. “Master… you… you are amazing.”

You smile. “I know I am.”

With Lucoa still panting for breath, you prepare for what you were to do intentionally. You stick your fingers into her mouth and she sucks on command, coating them in saliva. Then you take your wet fingers and coat the skin between her breasts, giving the areas lubrication. And as she still pants for breath, you place your cock between her huge tits and watch Lucoa reach up and press her breasts together, squashing you between them.

The pressure is incredible and you groan, placing your hands on her shoulders. And then you start to thrust. It feels so amazingly good as you thrust your cock between her tits, the pressure making everything so tight you can’t help but groan again. You fuck her breasts faster and faster, only stopping when you realise you might come all over her tits if you carry on much longer.

So even though you want to carry on, you sit back and climb off of her.

“Right, on your hands and knees,” you say.

Lucoa nods and rolls over, getting into the right position. Her ass sticks up in the air, and you give her left cheek a hard smack. She shudders with arousal, and you grin. Without waiting for permission, you trail your hands down her ass cheeks until you reach her wet pussy, her thighs damp from coming a couple of minutes ago. And, grasping for cock at the base, you line yourself up and push in as hard as you can.

She cries out at the sudden girth, her head hanging as she gasps. You don’t wait for her to adjust and start thrusting hard, pushing in as deep as you can physically go before pulling almost all the way out and then slamming back into her. Lucoa moans and trembles beneath you, and your fingernails dig into her hips, pounding her as hard as you can. Even when so horny, she’s still so wonderfully tight; although, any woman feels tight when you have a cock as big as a male dragon.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” you gasp, your balls slapping against her ass as you fuck her as hard as you can.

Lucoa moans and whines, falling apart as you fuck her relentlessly, not caring if you hurt her, just needing your orgasm and her body so much you can barely think.

“M-Master!” Lucoa cries, and she clenches tight around you.

And that’s it. The incredible pressure becomes too much, and you come undone. With a cry of pleasure, you come hard, pleasure filling every cell in your body as semen shoots out of you. The heat of your come tips Lucoa over the edge, and she comes for the second time, screaming so loud surely every servant in the cave can here (and you still don’t care).

Your orgasm lasts for several, blissful seconds, and when it ends, you feel your knot swelling. You keep hold of Lucoa’s hips, feeling your semen flow out of you as your knot swells. In a few seconds, it has locked you together, your cock fully sheathed inside her.

“Master,” Lucoa gasps. “You’re the best.”

You smile, stroking her back. With a quick movement, you flip the two of you over so you lie on your side, spooning her. You reach across her hips and lay your hand against her lower abdomen, grinning when her stomach starts to swell slightly, her uterus getting filled with the semen that still flows out of you.

“You are mine,” you say, stroking her stomach as the budge grows bigger. You may be very, very rough with her, but nothing can deny the fact that Lucoa is your favourite plaything. “You are mine. You are bursting with my come.”

Lucoa moans slightly. “Master…”

You smile and kiss her neck, focusing on your heartbeats and the swell of her abdomen, and consider yourself well and truly pleasured.