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captives of the wine dark sea

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The crew of the fierce Silencer knew this: that Captain Kylo Ren had whisked away the son of a small, wealthy island’s governor, that the man possessed red, fiery hair that had grown soft and long while at sea, and that Captain Kylo Ren and Sir Armitage Hux were deeply in love.


Of course, the crew did not possess all of the facts. The relationship between Kylo and Hux was a working one. Hux had hated his father, being his bastard and did not fancy the old man Brendol had tried to marry him off to. So he had stowed away on the first vessel he could find.

It just so happened that vessel was a trading one, one carrying chests of treasures.

Kylo Ren had sunk it, but only after clearing them out of such items. Chief amongst these treasures had been Hux himself, sneering defiantly despite the sword pointed at his throat.

"Well, well, well,” Kylo had said, walking around Hux and taking him in at all angles. “And who might you be?”

Hux had spat at his face in response. A truly romantic first meeting, as most anyone would agree.


From there, Hux had moved onto the Silencer as a new resident, taking up space in Kylo’s rooms.

(It made sense, the crew had argued at the time, for Kylo’s room is the only one with a lock and one did not want Hux prowling about as he pleased at that point.)

(It was certainly not because Kylo fancied how Hux’s backside looked within the trousers he had borrowed from Thannison, oh, no.)


“What were you doing on that ship?” Kylo Ren had asked, only after they were away from the burning, sinking wreckage of the trader and the people that his crew had left behind to die.