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“Fuyuhiko!” Hajime whined in the same manner. “It’s stupid Fuyu! I don’t want to break up. Give me one good reason-and make it good-why we should break up.” Fuyuhiko sighed, gesturing around the room, “This. Isn’t this enough?” Hajime titled his head in confusion, “What is it not enough for you.”
“No, it’s not that and you know it.”
“You can’t just say that after you just asked if this room was enough?”
“Hajime. This is all I can give you.” Hajime shook yhis head in exasperation. “Fuyuhiko, please stop beating around the bush. I know you lied to me about a lot of things as we were dating but I always knew when your feelings were genuine.”

Fuyuhiko sighed, tears obviously in his eyes. “I just. You know I can’t be the picture perfect boyfriend for you. You deserve better. Someone who can be the picture perfect love song and isn’t afraid of needles so they can tattoo your name in a heart and call it a lucky charm. I think you deserve so much better than me. After all the lies I’ve made you believe.”

“Fuyuhiko…” Hajime, reached towards the boy in shock but before the taller boy could wrap his arms around his boyfriend, Fuyuhiko backed away. “Please, for all that is holy, just let me go. I’ll let you keep the house, just, please. Lets break up. I’m tired of seeing you compare our relationship to Mikan and Peko’s or Sonia’s and Chiaki’s queer platonic relationship. Please.” And with tears running down Fuyuhiko’s face, he ran out the door. And like the idiot Hajime was, he let him go.
“Hajime get the fuck up.” Kazuichi banged on the door with Chiaki, Sonia and Akane in tow. Both were angry and seemed to be trying to awake the brunette from a week of being couped up in the ex-KuzuHina house. “I’m going to fucking kill that little bitch,” said Chiaki, “I’ll kill him slowly, painfully, he doesn’t deserve life.”

Kazuichi, Sonia and Akane turned to the girl, all with very different expresions. “Hell yeah, kets kill Fuyuhiko together, Chiaki.” Sonia spoke up to, “Oh yes, please let me come with.”

Kazuichi decided to not comment, fearing he’d be next to the girl’s wrath. He instead choose to continue knocking, “Hajime, come out! Sonia and Chiaki are possibly serious about killing Fuyuhiko.”

Finally, the door opened and out came Hajime.
“Hey guys.”
To say Hajime looked terrible would be an understatement. He had matted hair wet spots on his shirt and wrinkled close. His eyes were red, puffy and bloodshot.

“Dude.” Said Kazuichi, “Have you been crying all week.”

“No.”Scoffed Hajime “I ran out of tears an hour after I processed everything. I continued sobbing for another half hour and I’ve just been laying in the puddle of my tears for the rest of the week.”

“Thats,” Akane grimanced, “Not a good alternitive.”

“Ah!” Said Sonia, pulling out a bento from her purse, “I hope your hungry! I made you something to eat.” Hajime smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes as he took it. “Thank you Sonia.”

He turned to them all. “Please, come in”
Fuyuhiko looked out on the raining day, watching raindrops fall, “Young master, please. Go and take Hajime back.” Fuyuhiko shook his head, “no this is for the best.” Peko shook her head, tears in her eyes before walking out of the room. Fuyuhiko could swear he heard her mutter, “For who? Because it’s not good for you.” Fuyuhiko’s eyes drifted to a speak of long brown hair on the wiindow sill, beofre another tear slipped out of his eyes, “I really miss your hair in my face. And the way your innocence taste. But still I think you should know. Hajime deserves so much better than me.”
Peko sat down on her bed and began sobbing. She hated seeing her childhood friend like this. Destroying himself for what he believes is another’s happily ever after. Fuyuhiko was always like this, putting others before him. Did he ever stop to think about himself and his happiness? That maybe him being happy can make someone else happy?

As a child, Peko was always infatuated with the Kuzuryu boy, as both a loyal bodygaurd, a protector, and if she would hope, as a future wife. Even when, during middle school, Fuyuhiko had rejected her, saying the same; “I’m too horrible for you. I’ll only make you miseable” and she herself finding a more attraction to women, she never once believed his words towards himself. She never once believed he could make anyone miserable like he believed.

But he would never see that. Ever. He believed he was destined to bring despair to everyone, from becoming the heir to the kuzuryu Yakuza clan instead of his sister. Only being able to settle with Hajime at the barest minimum because of clan resources. He didn’t realize that those little things were not anything to fret over. On the contrary, his little sister began traveling the world and seeing new places, nearly able to leave the yakuza life behind due to him taking the the chair as heir. And Hajime never wanted the perfect glamourous life. He just was so honored to be considered worth something to the Yakuza heir and loved Fuyuhiko to bits. And because Fuyuhiko didn’t accept her feelings, she would have been in a very unhappy relationship with her childhood friend that could have ended horribly

“Oh peko,” Mikan walked in, but noticing her fiancee’s distress, rushed to her side, “Oh dear whats wrong?” Mikan held her lover close to her chest, “I-I-I just w-w-w-wish h-h-he could see how much he means to everybody.” Mikan rocked the silver haired girl until it was way to dark to stay awake any longer.
Hajime slammed his ice cream spoon onto the table, “It’s just fucking stupid, okay.” Kazuichi noted on how Hajime’s tears seemed to drip down into the cookies and cream ice cream to make it salty. Hajime didn’t seem to mind as he shoved another spoonful, “What’s his reason?” Hajime sputtered through the tears and Chiaki’s chest, “I could do better? Who says I want better? I don’t love better, I love him-” Hajime stopped, “I love him. Oh my god, I love him.” Kazuichi nodded, “Yeah, what else is new?”

Hajime teared up more, “Oh my god. I let him go. I love him and I let him go.” Akane shrugged, “I mean, If he loved you he wouldn’t make you like this.” But Hajime just kept bawling.

Later that night, when Hajime was passed out from bawling and Akane and Kazuichi dragged him to his room, Chiaki and Sonia began talking.

“Why do you think Hajime just now realised he was in love with Fuyuhiko? I thought they were-”
“They are,” Chiaki sighed, “They just are idiots.”
Sonia smiled at her partner. “So what are you going to do? Are you still going to kill Fuyuhiko?” Chiaki snorted, “Hell yes. I’m going tomorrow, today was about Hajime and his health.”

Sonia smiled, shaking her head before deciding she might as well clean the place up for Hajime. It would do her well to know she didn’t have to worry about Hajime dying because of an untidy place.

“Young master,” Peko peaked her head into Fuyuhiko’s study, “Someone is here to see you.” Fuyuhiko nodded, not really paying attention. While it seemed he was focusing on his work, he couldn’t even focus on that as the words registered but only slightly. Peko nodded for the guest to enter. Fuyuhiko looked up at the guest entering hs room, “Chiaki?”

“Fuyuhiko” exclaimed Chiaki, closing the door. “Congratulations,” she spat out. “You,” she pointed accusingly at fuyuhiko, “have invented a new kind of stupid. A 'damage you can never undo' kind of stupid. An 'open all the cages in the zoo' kind of stupid. 'Truly, you didn't think this through?' kind of stupid” She slaughtened over to the Yakuza’s desk, “Let's review, You took a rumor a few not even Hajime knew and refuted it by breaking my friends heart, under the fact you didn’t think he bore your mark. I begged you to take a break, you refused to So scared of what your enemies will do.
You're the only enemy you ever seem to lose to You know why the Kotetsu’s can do what they want? they don't dignify school-yard taunts with a response! So yeah, congratulations!”

“Chiaki!” Fuyuhiko tried to explain, as Chiaki was leaving his study “ You've redefined your legacy. Congratulations,” Chiaki was so done with the yakuza leader,

“It was for Hajime’s own good, not mine!”

“His own good?” Chiaki turned towards the blond, “I languished in a loveless marriage in London, Peko lived only to read your letters.
I look at you and think 'God, what have we done with our lives and what did that get us?' That doesn't wipe the tears or the years away
But I'm back in the city and I'm here to stay.And you know what I'm here to do?”


“I'm not here for you,” a small smile formed on her lips. “I know Hajime like I know my own mind, You will never find anyone as trusting or as good, in a million years. A million years ago he said to me 'this one's mine' So I pushed all my doubts for you aside! Do you know why? I love Hajime more than anything in this life! I will choose his happiness over mine every time!”

Fuyuhiko was tearing up, “he is the best thing in our lives.
So never ever forget of the fact that you have been blessed with the best soulmate!”

“Yes! Soulmate, you little bitch! Everyone seemed to know but you to. And you ruined it! Congratulations for the rest of your life.
Every sacrifice you make is for Hajime’s Happiness give him the best life. Congratulations.” And with a slam of Fuyuhiko’s door Chiaki was gone and replacing her was Peko with an open letter, “Fuyuhiko, your not going to like this,” she handed the white paper to her boss, grimicing.
Hajime woke up with an ear splitting headache to a knock on his door, a piunding knock he hadn’t heard since Hajime and Fuyuhiko started living together.

When he opened the door a sword was in his face, a white haired boy no older than Hajime was smirking, “Hajime Hinata? Your coming with me.”
If you ever want to see your little boytoy again
And every little thing goes according to plan
Don't do anything that you think you'll regret
Or you'll have to check the mail for your boyfriend’s head

I'm keeping him bound and gagged
Him clothes soaked in gasoline
Hands tied behind his back
Where no one can hear him

Fuyuhiko kept looking at Natsu’s flowy and neat handwriting. This couldn’t be happening. He broke up with Hajime so he didn’t have to worry about shit like this happening. The Kotetsu clan had been at a turf war with the Kuzuryu clan for about a year now, both treading into the others territory. Natsu and him had also gotten off on the wrong foot.

Still, Fuyuhiko wanted to protect Hajime. But it seems that was no longer possible. No matter he would have to think of that later.
Hajime struggled, “I don’t even know why you took me. Me and Fuyuhiko are no longer together.” The white haired boy laughed, but didn’t say anything. Like he knew something Hajime didn’t. Then the boy left.
Listen up now, I won't repeat myself
This is how everything is gonna go down
When you make the drop, you better be by yourself
It could be detrimental to your hostage’s health
Fuyuhiko racked his fingers through his hair as we went into the limo with a bag. A bag full of fortunes. But to him it was mear pennies when compared the person whos life was at stake.
‘I gotta run away,’ thought Hajime, trying to remember all tricks Fuyuhiko taught Hajime. Granted, they were taught when Hajime was bound by tight leather and-. Nope. Its not a good to be thinking of those old water under the bridge moments right now.

Hajime began by undoing the tight knot around his wrists. The rope gave him rope burn but he didn’t care. Second he had to find a thing to defend himself with.

If he was someone else, some one stronger he would be able to use his fists. Since he was in his house at the time of the kidnapping he had no weapons, and even if he did he was fairly certain they would have taken them. Luckily there was a wooden chair in the room. With that in his possession he stepped out of his room.
Hajime woke up smelling something faintly of chocolate and sweets but still a fainst musk that only Fuyuhiko could produce. He looked around and saw that, while he did not see Fuyuhiko, something felt different from the past week where he was truly alone in this house. Yet, he was too afraid to leave the room and have the inkling doubt be right. That Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu was gone. His brain was fighting itself it seemed. But he had to go out, he had to make sure he was here.


Please let him be in the kitchen.
Please let him be in the livingroom, watching a stupid show.
Please let him be in the bathroom.
Please let him be in this house.
Please because this house is too empty, too cold, too big for only one.

He was in neither of those places.

Hajime was ready to cry. What did he do? What did he do to make Fuyuhiko hate him so much to leave him like this? He didn’t understand! Hajime loved Fuyuhiko more than the moon, more than the stars! Why?

His eyes drifted to a picture of Peko and Fuyuhiko. That… made sense. Of course, he loved his childhood friend he… wouldn’t like a no good average joe like Hajime. Why would he anyway?

“Hajime?” That was Fuyuhiko. He could no longer hold it in. He rushed to his ex and held him, falling to his knees to put his face in Fuyuhiko’s chest and dampening his white button up with his tears.
“She's got red eyes, long legs. Pretty rosy cheeks and I've got tan skin, brown hair. She's got a big smile, soft hands. Perfect little dimples. I've got torn jeans, chipped nails. Everything is simple.”
Fuyuhiko didn’t say anything, but ran his figers through Hajime’s hair. “Baby, I'm sorry! I'm not exactly what you had in mind. But please don't leave. If you stay, I promise I will change your mind. And is it too much to ask to just feel wanted?Too feel the love I feel for for you returned?And is it so wrong to think that you could love me? I guess the problem is that I'm not her. I'm not her, I'm not her
And I've got fair skin, brown hair. Not what you wanted anymore.”

Fuyuhiko took Hajime’s face out of his soaked chest, “What is going on? What brought up this?” Hajime wiped his tears, “You broke up with me because you loved someone else right? I’ve been thinking a lot I couldn’t find any truth to your reasons and… I realized, it’s because you were making excuses. You were hoping for someone better.”

Fuyuhiko shook his head, “Hajime Hinata. You are Better. Your what I want the most in the world.”
“Then why!?”
“Because you could do so much better than me.”

Fuyuhiko sighed, “I hate Shakespeare and Gosling and cakes with white frosting. Two names in a heart-shaped tattoo. I think cupid is stupid and violets are purple not fucking blue”
“Your letterman jacket doesn't fit. Your eyes can't hold stars and you'd die if your heart really skipped”

Fuyuhiko looked down, “Thats not me. I can’t be your love song disney prince or whatever. I can’t be your prom date. I mean, you just being associated with me got you kidnapped.”

Hajime smiled, bringing Fuyuhiko into his chest. “I hate pink hearts with glitter and Valentine's dinner And roses just die in a week. You were running from the Kotetsu clan when we met so we don't know our anniversary.” Fuyuhiko looked up into Hajime jade green eyes, “And you’re far too vain to kiss in the rain.The clouds, they aren't numbered to nine.” He began a gentle rocking.

“And I'll always love you but you don't have to sing it"For worse or for better" don't rhyme. They say I got the right one so now I should write one But I'd rather just show you tonight. I hate love songs. Yeah, I really do. I hate love songs. But I love you”