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Rut Scenes

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“K-Kacchan?” she asked as she entered the dark apartment, finding herself a little apprehensive. “Kacchan, I’m home!”


“Deku~” came his gravely voice from the bedroom.


“Kacchan?” she asked again, jumping when she heard a sudden noise. She was then tackled to the ground, sending her things spilling everywhere. Before she knew it, she was being assaulted by tongue and hands, hot and heavy against her skin. He was radiating heat off of every inch of his body, and he was roving his hands over every bit of her he could touch.


“Deku,” he growled, gnawing on her neck, right over his claim bite. “You smell so~ good.”


“K!-Kacchan,” she moaned, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and back. She whined when he grabbed her legs and pulled them open, pushing her thighs up and rolling his hips against her crotch. “Nnhah!


“De~ku,” he cooed, licking his tongue up her neck in a single stripe. “You’re so tasty~ I’m going to fucking devour you,” he finished with a growl as he proceeded to rip off her clothes.


“Ah! Ka-ah!” she cried out as her pants and underwear were ripped open, along with her shirt and bra, leaving her most intimate parts open to the air. He mouthed aggressively at her breasts and inserted two fingers inside of her. She keened as her back arched away from the floor, writhing on his fingers as he stimulated her. Her body was quickly filling with heat, aroused beyond belief at being manhandled and dominated by her boyfriend. He bit at her neck and chest, sucking hickeys wherever he could reach, marking her up all over.


“Mine,” he growled, his tail wagging behind him as he pumped his fingers in and out of her, quickly adding a third. “Mine, mine, mine,” he repeated like a mantra, as if she could ever forget. “You’re mine, Deku, my mate,” he said, slowly looking up at her with a heated look, his expression sending sending heat pulsing through her body.


“My cute,” a bite to her neck, “submissive,” a bite to her breast, “delicious,” a bite to her lips, “fuckable little mate.” He fumbled around with his pants and pulled his cock out, rubbing his hot and heavy member against her.


“W-wait! Ka-Kacchan, condom,” she said, reaching for one of the bags. This seemed to momentarily break his sex crazed trance as he glanced over at the strewn bags.


“Hah?” he asked, regarding the bags with disdain before an amused smile appeared on his face. “Oh, so you’ve been busy, eh?”


“K-Kirishima a-and Mina h-helped me get them, a-after K-Kaminari sa-ah!” She was cut off by him shoving his fingers back inside her, spreading her apart roughly.


“Don’t you even fucking dare  say another alpha’s name,” he commanded, voice low and dangerous as he wrapped a broad hand around her throat. “ Understand?”


“Y-yes! I’m sorry,” she whimpered, gasping out when he ripped his fingers out. He dug around in the bags lazily for a moment, seeing if there was anything he felt like using, all while keeping a hand on her throat. He pulled out the box of condoms, gave her an unimpressed look and tossed them away. He placed his hands on her waist, pulled her legs around him, and stuffed his penis inside of her in one fell thrust. Izuku arched her back as he pressed into her, his cock creating a slight bulge in her lower abdomen.


Deku~” he cooed, rolling his hips back slowly before surging forward to sheath himself inside of her. “I’m,” he began, punctuating each word with a hard thrust, drawing a pathetic gasp from her each time. “Going. To. Fuck. Ing. Wreck you ,” he promised in a growl, his voice low and deadly. She moaned as she felt heat surge through her body under his ministrations, her arms thrown lazily above her head as he slowly fucked her.


“Y-yes, Kah-Kacchan,” she sighed, her head tossed back as she took deep breaths. He pressed his thumbs into her abdomen, able to feel his cock move deep inside of her. His pace quickly increased to animalistic, with Kacchan letting out feral growls and moans. Her Kacchan was generally a pretty enthusiastic lover, but this was on a whole new level. It was much more primal and physical than normal, but it was exciting. Her thighs trembled, her toes curled and her back arched as her orgasm shot through her, and, as usual, he fucked her right through it. It wasn’t often where Kacchan came before she did.


“Grrr,” he growled, some drool escaping his mouth as his thrusts turned choppy and uncoordinated. “Fuck, Deku. Mine, my little mate. My little Deku, mine,” he said in his dangerously sexy voice.


“Ghh! Ka-ah~” she keened, tossing her head back as his hot member penetrated her repeatedly, her cunt extra sensitive from her orgasm.


“You’re wrapped so nicely around me, Deku~” he cooed into her ear, his breath hot against her skin. “Your cute little pussy is just desperate for my cock, isn’t it?” She inhaled sharply as he pressed his hands into her, making her feel tighter around him. “Yeah, you can’t get enough of my dick, can you? Eh?” he asked, although Izuku was too lost in her pleasure to respond. He caught her off guard by forcing her on her side and delivering a harsh spank to her ass, ripping her pants open even more immediately afterwards.


“Ah!” she cried out, tears of pleasure streaking down her face.


“Answer me!” he barked, his pace increasing even more, to the point where it was borderline painful. “You can’t get enough of my cock, can you, you little whore?”


“N-no!” she forced out, choking on a moan as she braced her hands on the floor. “C-can’t get enough! Can’t get enough of Kacchan, of Kacchan’s cock! Ahh!” She babbled as he pounded into her pussy, desperate to cum. “Please! Fuck, don’t stop! Don’t stop, Kacchan! Oh, fuck! Ahh!”


“Heh,” he growled, leaning over her predatorily. “I’m not going to stop,” he promised her lowly, sending a chill down her spine as she arched her back. “I’m not going to stop until you can’t fucking walk. Trust me, my cute little mate, I’m going to fuck you for hours. I’m going to fuck you until I’m satisfied. I’m going to fuck you until you’re begging me to stop,” he paused in his words and his thrusts to whisper in her ear, “but I won’t.” She cried out as his pace resumed, her thighs trembling violently.


“I’m not going to stop, and you’re going to be dripping with my cum for days. I’m going to fuck you so good that you won’t be able to think straight. You want that, you little whore? You want my cock inside you, making you feel so good that you go insane? Haah? Tell me!”


“Y-yes! K-Kacchan! Please!” she cried, her body convulsing and writhing as she was fucked viciously. Her body convulsed as another orgasm shot through her, setting her nerves on fire as her vision turned white. She went completely limp against the floor, but Kacchan seemed like he wasn’t quite done.


“Shit, fuck, Deku,” he groaned. “Fuck, ‘m gonna fill your pussy with my cum. Gonna breed you so good, yeah?” he taunted, hugging her thigh to his body as he fucked Her mercilessly. She had never felt so wrecked in her life, and it was intoxicating having her boyfriend just fuck her into oblivion, and, from what the others had said, this was only the beginning.


“Aaah!” she cried out as a sharp, painful spank was delivered to her ass.


“Don’t you fucking dare think about anything else but my cock, you little slut,” he commanded as she wept in pleasure.


“I’m sorry!” she cried out, barely able to get the words out. “‘M s-sorry, K-Kah-acchan! Mmmah! F-fuck! F-feels s-s-so good! Aaah!”


“Shit, fuck! Deku!” he cried out as he finally, finally, came inside of her, cumming more than he ever had before. Her stomach felt ever so slightly distended as he finally stopped for a moment, his cock twitching inside of her.


“Hah, hah, K-Kacchan,” she panted, her face bright red and tear streaked. “Shit.”


“Deku,” he growled as he kissed her neck and shoulders. “Fuck, I’m sorry, I can’t help it,” he apologized. “You just, fuck, you smell so, so fucking good.”


“I think I’m going to die if we keep this up for the next few days,” she said, only half joking. Her entire body felt like jello and she felt hot and sticky, constricted and oversensitive in her clothes. “And you couldn’t wait until I got out of my clothes?”


“No,” he said, causing her to sigh in exasperation. “It took everything in me not to hunt you down and drag you home. What the fuck took you so long, huh?” he asked, hugging her around the middle.


“Well, Kami-,” she paused at the loud growl that emitted from his throat. “Um, someone suggested that I get stuff to prepare for your, uh, your rut, so it would be easier to get through. S-so, I was convinced t-to buy s-some sex t-toys. I-if you want to h-have a look.” She let out a pathetic cry as he picked her up in his lap so they could look at her haul, the hot cum inside of her swishing around.


“Hmm,” he said as he looked through the bags, seemingly unfazed by the sex toys. A grin appeared on his face as he pulled out some restraints and a vibrator. “This could be fun~


“Kacchan, please, I need a break,” she said, utterly exhausted.


“This is only the beginning, Deku~” he cooed into her ear, her overstimulated body shivering in response. “You better call out of work for the next few days.”


“Kacchan, if I die, I’m haunting you,” she threatened, crying out when he traced his hand down to her clit.


“Don’t worry,” he said mischievously, kissing and nibbling at the skin under her ear. “I prepped plenty of food for us, and we have plenty of water.” She groaned in pleasure and over sensitivity as his knot deflated enough for him to slip out of her, allowing his cum to leak out of her swollen pussy. Her breath hitched as he stuck two fingers inside of her to keep his cum from escaping.


“Mm, so full,” she gasped, causing him to growl into her ear.


“Can’t wait to keep fucking this sloppy pussy of yours,” he smiled against the shell of her ear. “Get ready, Deku~












Bakugou was filled with so much energy that he felt as if he was going to explode, and the only way to release that energy was to fuck his mate into oblivion, and cum inside her so much that she would never get it all out. He knew she had an amazing body, but now, in the haze of his rut, she was practically a goddess. He couldn’t get enough of her, and he wasn’t planning on letting her go. After a few rounds in the living room, when she was in desperate need of a break, he let her rest in their den and riffled through her bags of sex toys. Earlier he had only stopped just enough to pull out some restraints and a vibrator, which he had put to good use, but he knew there was more hidden away. She had looked so good tied up, like a little present, and the way she squirmed on the vibrator, it was a sight he would never forget.


He felt his cock twitch as he riffled through the bags, his head swimming with the thought of his innocent looking little Deku buying so many lewd things. When she got them, had she imagined him using them on her? Had she imagined him fucking her while she was bound to the bed? Had she imagined him splitting her open on his cock while he also fucked her with a dildo? Had she imagined him forcing her to hold a vibrator against herself while he watched? Maybe fucked her face while doing so? Her face was probably bright red as she picked everything out, and god, what a delicious sight that must have been. He pulled out each toy she had gotten, his mind filling with dirty thoughts as he imagined all the different ways he could use them on her, all the different way he could make her scream.


He pulled himself from his thoughts with a shake of his head as he reminded himself that he needed to get his mate some food and water. He walked to the fridge and pulled out whatever he had prepared for them in the few hours he had when he realized his rut was arriving. Thank god he had worked quickly after that realization, because he wanted to make sure his mate was well fed and taken care of during his rut. If worse had come to worst, he’d have sent her to live with one of his pack members until his rut was over. Her safety was the most important thing to him, no matter how much the idea of not having her with him hurt. He had heard horror stories of alphas losing control or not preparing enough before their ruts and severely injuring their mates, and he shuddered in fear at that happening to his Deku. He had survived ruts on his own before, he could do it again if need be, no matter how much it would torment him to go without his mate now.


He shook his head at the thoughts and grabbed some food to quickly heat up. As he waited for the food to get warm enough, his mind began to wander as to what other ways he could mate with her. God, he wanted to bang her on every surface in their home. Their living area was still a disheveled mess, due to his enthusiasm at which he pleasured his Deku. Their territory was ripe with the scent of sex, their scents invading every inch of the space. He was also certain that any hybrid walking by would be overpowered by their scents. Good, he wanted everyone to know just how good he was making his mate feel. Speaking of which...


Deku~,” he cooed as he walked back into their den, his cock throbbing as he saw her splayed out on their bed, absolutely dripping with cum. Her skin was shiny with spit and sweat, and she was littered with hickeys and bite marks. She looked like a beautiful, gorgeous, messy goddess.


“Mmmmh, Ka-Kacchan,” she panted out, looking over at him with heavy lidded eyes.


“I’m right here, baby,” he promised as he set down the plate of food and drink, slipping his cock back inside of her, causing her to let out a pathetic whimper. He manhandled her until she was seated on his lap, his cock buried deep inside of her, and brought the plate over for her to eat off of.


“Mm,” she moaned, his cock twitching inside of her warmth. God, she looked so good with her little tummy distended from his cock and cum. She was such a good little cockwarmer for him too, submissive and complacent.


“C’mon, baby, you need to eat and drink,” he told her, kissing her behind the ear. “You need to keep your energy up.”


“I don’t think,” she whispered, leaning her head back against his shoulder with her eyes shut, “that I’ll ever have enough energy to keep up with your sex drive.” He chuckled as he placed a kiss to her tear stained, freckled cheek.


“Well, I want you to at least be awake while I fuck you,” he whispered, sending a shiver through her body. “Now c’mon, eat. Drink,” he commanded as he brought a forkful of food to her mouth. She took the fork from his hand and began to slowly eat, humming happily at how good the food was.


“Mm, yummy,” she tiredly praised around a mouthful of food, pride swelling in his chest. He loved pampering his mate... not that that was unusual for an alpha, but still. He was sure that no alpha ever felt so strongly about their mate as he did about his Deku. She was his adorable little nerd, who worked too hard, couldn’t cook, was so easily embarrassed, and had no sense of self preservation. And she was all his.


He absentmindedly rubbed the bulge his cock created in her abdomen, causing her to squirm in his lap. Fuck, she was cute.


“Eat up, Deku,” he whispered into her ear as she ate. “Because, when you’re done, I’m gonna go back to fucking your brains out. And, I’m gonna break out some more of those toys you bought for us.” She, predictably, turned bright red at his words, and he nibbled on her sensitive ears. He thought hybrids had sensitive ears, but Deku’s were pretty sensitive too, and he loved it.


“Kacchan, I need a bath,” she complained, rubbing her thighs together. They were shiny and covered in cum, the thick ropes of white decorated her thighs like lace.


“We can do it in the bath,” he agreed, his mind full of dirty, naughty ideas, the things he could do to her to make her scream with pleasure.


Kacchaaaaan!” she whined, causing him to chuckle fondly.












Izuku didn’t know what day it was or what time it was as her boyfriend fucked her over the table. She had been trying to set the table for dinner when her sex crazed hybrid pounced. She thought they had enough time of clarity for them to eat properly, but she had been so very wrong. At least this time he had taken her pants off instead of ruining them. Kacchan was utterly insatiable, barely giving her a moment’s rest, and leaving her completely exhausted. She had tried valiantly to actually get something done but to no avail, he seemed intent on fucking her brains out. She had lost count of how many times he had cum inside of her, and she thanked God that she was on birth control. Did he know that?


“Deku,” he growled, sending shivers down her spine. He pressed her forcefully into the tabletop, his hand splaying across her back. His skin was inhumanly warm against her, which she chalked up to being a side affect of his rut.


“K-Ka-ah! Kacchan,” she gasped, her body shiny with sweat. “N-need to eat, I-I’m exhausted.”


“Tough shit, you little whore,” Kacchan growled, causing her to keen at the degradation. “I’m not done with you yet,” he informed her as he pounded into her, slightly moving the table across the floor.


“Mm,” she moaned, spreading her legs apart to more easily allow his cock to slide in and out of her. Her movement was not unnoticed by the wolf fucking her.


“You’re so desperate for my cock, aren’t you? You filthy slut,” he panted into her ear, making her gasp and writhe beneath him. “Spreading your legs like this for me, you just want my dick inside you all the time. Use you as nothing more than a sleeve for my cock. I bet I could tell you to bend over any time, anywhere, and you’d let me fuck your whore pussy. Eh? I could have you begging for my cock and my cum, couldn’t I? Little Deku~” he snarled predatorily into her ear.


“Fuck! Kacchan!” she moaned, her legs shaking as her orgasm approached for the umpteenth time in those past couple of days. She was going to pass out, she just knew it, and she knew he was going to fuck her anyways. The thought was strangely exhilarating to her, the idea of him just taking what he wanted, using her body to satisfy himself.


“Oi!” he shouted, pulling her from her thoughts as he spanked her ass, causing her to cry out. “Are you fucking listening to me, whore?” he roared into her ear as he pulled her back by her arms, forcing her back to arch. “My cock should be the only thing you focus on, not anything else! Got that?” he snapped, biting on her shoulder.


“Mah! Y-yes! I’m sorry,” she apologized as tears of pleasure streamed down her face. “Kacchan! Fuck!” His pounding remarkably increased as his orgasm steadily approached, the base of his penis swelling up as his knot began to inflate.


“Deku, Deku!” he shouted as his hips clashed one final time with her ass, his cum pumping into her red and puffy cunt, his knot plugging her up. “Sh-shit,” he panted, resting his forehead against the base of her neck.


“Ka-acchan,” she panted, eyes unfocused and glazed over. “Mmh.” She sighed as he peppered kisses against her flushed skin. She didn’t know how much longer she could survive this. The pleasure was becoming too much for her poor body to handle.













Bakugou was watching something on tv, not really paying any attention to the program that was playing, as he forced Deku’s mouth onto his cock. He glanced down at the sight between his legs, lust surging through him at what he saw. His gorgeous little Deku with her mouth stuffed full of his cock, cum leaking down her chin and streaked all over her face. One of her eyes was shut from the thick rope of sperm covering her eye, decorating her face beautifully. Her face was red and blotchy, open eye clouded with lust as she desperately worked her tongue around his impressive length.


“Such a good little cocksucker,” he praised as he pet her head. “So good at taking my cock wherever I want, whenever I want. You’re so hungry for my cum, huh, baby? What a good little cumdumpster.” He grinned wickedly as he forced her head all the way down to the base, groaning when she choked and swallowed around him. She was so cute, trying with all her might to be a good little cock sucker while still showing off her lewd body to him. Her back arched beautifully, allowing him to see her arms bound behind her back, as well as the tops of her abused ass cheeks. He could hear the soft hum of the vibrating dildo he had worked inside of her. It was a special kind of dildo, one of those that had a smaller attachment that vibrated her asshole while he fucked her pussy with the main piece. He had watched in pure delight after, when he pushed it in for the first time, he pulled it out to find it completely covered in his sperm. She was utterly coated inside from how many times he’d orgasmed inside her. It was an intoxicating thought. In fact, she had so much cum inside of her, that whenever he dragged her to a new room to fuck her in, she left a trail of dripping cum in her wake.


“Fuck, yeah~ Take it baby, take it like a good little slut. What a good girl for me. You’re such a slave for my cock, eh? Just happy to take what I give you, huh? What a good little whore.” He worked her head up and down his cock, his movements increasing when he grabbed both sides of her head to blindly fuck into her throat. Thankfully, he had the wherewithal to make sure his knot didn’t slip into her mouth. He wanted to choke her on his cock, sure, but not to where it would really hurt her. He pulled his dick out as the final strands of semen spurted out, resting the head against her bruised and swollen lips as he added more sperm to her already coated face.


“What a cute little whore,” he praised as he slapped his thick cock against her face, relishing in her cute little noises as he smeared the cum across her face. Bakugou pressed the head back against her abused lips and pushed in, prompting her to clean of his penis. The inside of her mouth was still painted white, so she didn’t get much off, but that was okay. All she had to do was kneel there and look pretty, keeping his pulsing cock warm in that perfect mouth of hers.


“Such a perfect little cocksleeve for me. What a good slut. Can’t get enough of my cum, can you? You desperate whore. Don’t worry, you’re gonna take everything I give you, like a good, dirty, fuckhole.” He smirked wickedly as he choppily thrust into her mouth, feeling her throat mold perfectly around his swollen cock.












Izuku cried out from oversensitivity as Kacchan fucked her against the full length mirror in their closet. She was pressed against the cold surface as her hybrid harshly rolled his hips into her. Her pussy ‘squelch’ed with his every movement due to the amount of their fluids inside her. His hips and balls slapped against her with every eager thrust, bruising her already battered ass. Her mind was blank as he used her up, far past the point of being embarrassed anymore. All she could focus on was the full feeling of his cock inside of her, as well as the warmth of his cum that coated her insides. She was surprised she was still upright at this point, but she chalked it up to Kacchan’s hybrid stamina and strength.


Deeeekuuu~” he taunted, looking her in the eyes through the mirror. She knew better than to try and break eye contact, so she obediently maintained his gaze. He licked his lips hungrily as he watched her, seemingly taking extreme satisfaction in how much he had wrecked her. She felt gross from all of the fluids she was covered in, but with the way Kacchan was looking at her, she felt beautiful. It was a strange feeling, but not an unwelcome one.


Ka-ah-ch~” she groaned, dropping her head from exhaustion. Big mistake, as Kacchan’s hand surged forward to wrap around the front of her neck. “Mmngh!”


“Don’t you fucking take your eyes off me, you little whore,” he growled into her ear. “You don’t do anything unless I say, you got that?” he asked, maneuvering her leg until it was pulled up against his waist, leaving her with only one shaky leg to stand on. Thankfully, Kacchan was supporting most of her weight.


“Mmh,” she nodded as best as she could, her eyes rolling to the back of her head as she was fucked into. Her mind was blank and hazy, and it took all her energy to obey her Alpha. He looked gorgeous behind her. His muscles were bulging and glistening with sweat, his strong body the only reason she hadn’t collapsed. It almost seemed as if his muscles were straining under his skin, unable to be contained. His spiky hair was matted with sweat, as were his ears. His eyes were heated and crazed, clouded from lust, and, to her surprise, his teeth seemed longer. Maybe that was just her brain short circuiting. His grunts increased as he came once again inside of her. At the beginning of his rut, he had a few moments of clarity, now, it was just endless fucking. It was torturous yet amazing.












  Bakugou was in Nirvana as he fucked into the prone form of his mate, her body tied up and put on display for him. Her skin was flushed a delicious pink colour, and her ass was as red as her face. Her knees were spread apart, allowing him to easily piston in and out of her cunt which was dripping with sweat, lube and cum. Her arms were bound behind her back and her face was buried into the mattress, her mouth hanging open as drool dripped onto the bed. She looked amazing in her blissed out state, utterly overwhelmed by pleasure. He spread her ass cheeks apart, revealing the base of the buttplug he had inserted inside her. She was pumped full of so much of his cum that he could hear it squish and squelch inside of her, some of it dripping out of her puffy cunt and down her thighs.


He had never experienced a rut like this, and fuck it was perfect, especially since his little Deku had brought home so many fun toys to play with, he particularly liked the restraints. It was honestly a miracle that there was even cum coming out of him anymore, but that just ensured that she’d become pregnant with his pups. Her stomach was already bulging from how much cum he had released inside of her, and he could only imagine how beautiful she’d look when her stomach was swollen with his pups. His little Deku was practically incoherent at this point as he thrusted lazily into her cunt in short, brutal strokes.


“Deku,” he cooed, earning a pathetic little whimper from his mate. “You’re so cute like this.” He leaned forward and nibbled on the back of her neck which was already littered with hickeys and bite marks. “Such a good little mate for me~


“Haaah,” she gasped out, her mind blank as he fucked into her. Her entire body was trembling underneath him, overwhelmed by the pleasure she was getting from him. Her eyes were closed blissfully and her face was covered in tears, unable to form any words. His thrusts increased in pace as he orgasmed inside of her, his knot inflating inside of her, although she was so fucked open and loose that some of his thick cum still escaped her. He watched, entranced, as his thick sperm dripped down her already painted thighs, pooling by her knees and undoubtedly staining the blanket. He kissed the back of her neck and undid the rope around her arms, kissing the irritated parts of her skin.


“I love you, Deku,” he cooed into her ear as he lovingly stroked her outer thigh, flopping over so he was spooning her.


“Mmmnh, Ka,” she breathed out, her eyes glazed over and unfocused.


“It’s over now, babe,” he promised, kissing the back of her neck. “My rut’s up.” She sighed in relief and promptly passed out. He made a worried noise in the back of his throat as he gently prodded at his unconscious Deku. He shook his head and went about cleaning them up. He had conflicted feelings over the bruises and hickeys that littered her body, prideful that she was marked as his, and apologetic that he had done such a number on her. He grabbed a few wash clothes to wipe up the cum covering her thighs, stomach, pussy, and face, ridding her skin for the substance. To his satisfaction, he could still see cum leaking out of her puffy, open cunt, inside of which more cum resided. Once he made sure she was all clean and tucked in, he, reluctantly, left their den to make her something to eat to replenish her energy. They hadn’t exactly been able to eat properly during his rut.


He kicked himself over every little thing he neglected to do while in his rut, even if he couldn’t really help himself. She was still his mate! It was his job to take care of her, even when his mind was drowning in lust. He redirected his irritation with himself into making an outstanding meal for his little Deku. He began to diligently make their meal, full of plenty nutrients to help her feel better. Humans were not nearly as durable as hybrids were, and with him being an alpha, it was even rougher on her. He was honestly surprised that she had lasted as long as she had, then again, his Deku was always full of surprises. She made life interesting, that’s for sure.


An hour or so later, he was finished with making her dinner, and headed back into their den to see if she was awake. He smiled fondly down at the sleeping woman, her face looking so peaceful as she slept. He leaned down to press a kiss to her cheek as he set down the food tray on their bed and slipped under the sheets behind her, pulling her into his lap so he could cuddle with her. Her weight felt right in his arms, it made him feel safe and at ease. He hoped she felt the same way when he held her; safe and protected, without a care in the world. Nothing mattered so long as his mate was safe.


Speaking of which...


“Mmh,” she whined in her sleep as her brows pinched slightly. He gazed down at her lovingly as she finally opened up her eyes, which were heavy and still a little glazed. “Kah-?”


“Shh,” he hushed, gently caressing her face. “Relax, love. It’s over,” he promised, pecking her cheek lovingly.


“Hmm?” she asked, sitting up ever so slightly.


“Here, you need to eat,” he said, getting a forkful of food and bringing it to her lips. He proceeded to feed her for some time, punctuating each forkful with a few loving kisses.  


“Mmm, can’t, too tired,” she whined, snuggling against him. “Mm, warm...”


“Okay, as fucking cute as you are like this, you need to eat,” he told her, trying to get her to eat more. She slowly started waking up more and more, eventually shoving him away and eating on her own. She migrated off of his lap and turned away from him as she began to eat her food angrily, upset setting in.


“Why are you pouting?”


“My cervix hurts,” she mumbled, to which he found himself busting out laughing. “It’s not funny!”


“I’m sorry, babe,” he managed out between laughs, tears pricking at his eyes. “It’s just, the way you said that, hahaha!”


“I hate you,” she mumbled, and, while he knew she didn’t mean it, his heart lurched painfully.


“Awe, c’mon, don’t say that,” he whined, leaning over to her and wrapping his arms around her waist. “Take it back, please?” he pleaded, his inner wolf whining pathetically.


“...I don’t hate you,” she mumbled, causing him to sigh in relief as he nuzzled into her back. “But, I am mad at you! Kacchan, you did a serious number on me! Look! I’m covered in hickeys! I don’t think I can even walk. My hips and back hurt, too! You couldn’t have held back a bit?”


“Honestly? No,” he admitted, kissing along her spine as she hunched over her plate of food. “Ruts can be pretty intense, especially with your mate. My first one after we got together was brutal.”


“Huh?” she asked slowly, confused. “I... I don’t remember that...”


“Oh, well, I didn’t spend it here,” he informed her. “Remember around a year ago when I left for a few days?” She paused, thinking back.


“Uh, yeah, I think so,” she nodded as she set the plate aside, taking a sip of water.


“I stayed at a hotel to deal with my rut,” he explained, kissing her bare back. “It was really weird, and hard to deal with. Mostly they’re just really irritating, but the one last year was pretty torturous; everything reminded me of you. Normally I can get through them easily enough, but last year was unbearable. Since I had found you, my mate, and you weren’t with me during my rut, everything felt wrong. I couldn’t get any satisfaction, no matter what I did. Even bringing your clothes didn’t help, in fact it only made things worse.”


“Is that why I couldn’t find my hoodie while you were gone?” she asked, more to herself than to him. “Well then... I need to pee,” she commented off handedly as she got out of bed, immediately collapsing onto the ground. “Ow!”


“Hey, you okay!?” he asked worriedly, leaping off the bed and crouching down next to her.


“...I can’t walk...” she mumbled, sitting up and wincing in pain. “Kacchan, I can’t walk...”


“ you want me to carry you?” he asked, feeling bad but also amused.


“Fine,” she relented grumpily. He scooped her up and carried her to the bathroom so she could use the toilet before carrying her back to bed, where she refused to look at him. He was still beyond amused. He loved her so much.