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A new father

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Once upon a time, during the reign of the Royal House of Plantagenet – the Norman House of Nottingham was under the leadership of Lord George of Nottingham, who served as the Sheriff and Lord of the County and Nottingham Fiefdom. He had inherited the title from his Norman Ancestors as a reward for loyalty to the House of Plantagenet.


George of Nottingham was a striking figure, and no one would be able to guess the truth behind his birth. After all, nobody except for the hag who served at his birth could possibly know that just a few hours after being born, two babies had been switched – although both had unknowingly been sired by Nottingham’s predecessor. But the hag had used Polyjuice potion after rendering the young wife of the previous Sheriff unconscious on their wedding night. Having used a lust potion tailored to the Sheriff’s chemistry as her personal perfume, she ensured that the Norman Noble would not be able to resist her. The old hag still fondly remembered those lust filled hours which resulted in the birth of George of Nottingham.


It was a shame that no one had known anything about her origins – or that she had been cast out of her family for trying to ensnare the young heirs of noble houses – muggle and magical alike and she had even been burned from the family tree. However, by using her magic, she found a magical relation in the Ancient and Noble House of Prince, who had not known about their connection.


Switching the children, after having poisoned the half-brother of her baby boy was done within seconds. It took her a great deal of self-control not to poison the young wife of the Sheriff as well– but she denied herself that pleasure. The death of a child was explainable, but the death of such a young and healthy noble woman would be near impossible to explain, and the Nobility would never rest until the culprit had been caught and executed.


The hag truly had been very cunning. After using a strong potion to permanently change her looks, she applied for and was hired as the nursery maid for the young heir. Every night after everyone was sleeping, she was able to teach the young heir about his magical heritage. By using strong compulsions, she increased his trust in her – and most importantly, ensured that he would never question any of her motives for as long as he lived.


Due to the hag’s treacherous action of poisoning one of the infants, only one of the boys survived the first week of his life. The unfortunate baby was buried in an anonymous plot. George of Nottingham grew up as the beloved and dutiful son of his Lord father and Lady mother and had been raised - since he was able to read and write - as a loyal servant of the English-Norman crown and of the Roman-Catholic Church.

Nottingham was quite gifted in the Mind Arts. Nobody in his environment – whether commoner or noble was able to lie to him or omit any portion of the truth, when he was nearby. This was the main reason why the young Nottingham had been chosen as successor to his late father.


At the age of 25 years, George had the honour of accompanying the young Prince John of Plantagenet on a pilgrimage that would end in Rome. During the pilgrimage, they were set upon by robbers. Fortunately the young nobles were able to fend off the robbers and by the end of the skirmish, George had saved the life of the young heir of Plantagenet and due to this act received the title – Friend of the Prince, as well as the promise that one day Prince John would be willing to be the godfather to his firstborn son.

Sheriff of Notthingham

The wedding had been announced. George was to be married to a young Italian noble maid of excellent breeding. She was both beautiful and gifted with a brilliant mind. She was so graceful that anytime she walked through a room it would seem as if she was floating on air. Prince John congratulated George on his good fortune and wished him many children.


Prince John may have been married, but as the youngest son the chances that he would ever inherit the throne were laughably small. Even more dangerous for the family was their relationship to young Maid Marian – their young ward and royal cousin. Whoever managed to gain her hand and produce an heir with her would be in the running for the English throne.


If one were to ask the young Prince, he would have said that he preferred to see Marian betrothed to George of Nottingham, but alas it was not to be. Nevertheless, he did receive a promise from his friend and brother in arms that if anything should happen to Marian’s family, Nottingham would offer her sanctuary inside the castle and even his hand in marriage if necessary. As Marian was a royal ward, it was part of their duty to look for a suitable suitor.


Prince John knew that Lord Locksley had once tried to arrange a betrothal between his son Robin and the maid Marian. Luckily for them, Marian’s father had rejected the suit. He did not trust the Anglo-Saxon Lord, who had often been suspected of trying to usurp the Norman dominance. Locksley had never forgiven them for interfering with his claim and bitterness festered in his heart.

Locksley himself had two sons. One son was born from his marriage and the younger son was a bastard with a young noble woman of high standing. Locksley had done everything in his power to ensure that the two boys would never meet. Robin had been a disappointment to him. The young noble really didn’t care for his duties as the heir of the fiefdom and would much rather have spent his days hunting – both prey and skirts alike, drinking gallons of alcohol and looking for fights. His only saving grace had been that he volunteered for the next crusade to free Jerusalem from the so-called heathens. But even then, Lord Locksley had suspected that Robin only volunteered to escape any possible lawsuits. The Church had made clear that all knights and volunteers for the crusade would be receiving total absolution of their sins. If one went on the crusade, nobody would ever be able to ruin their life due to past deeds again.


Will Scarlet on the other hand, behaved more like an heir should behave. He knew everything about their tenants, the condition of their homes and how the crops and storms had influenced them. It was a pity that Locksley had not claimed the boy and ensured that he would be raised properly as should befit his station. At least his mother had done well for the young man. The boy had been educated by monks and was a little scholar and a warrior, with strong morals and yet he would not be able to inherit because those Normans followed the Church!


But this latest disappointment made Locksley careless and he decided to get back at the Crown. And what better way to hurt them than to take away their children. The whole country had celebrated as the royal family visited Nottingham for the baptism of Severus Nottingham, the firstborn of George of Nottingham and his wife Aurelia.

As a frail woman, Aurelia had not recovered well from the birth of Nottingham’s heir. But her loyalty and love to her lord husband and her child was unmistakable. Seeing the Queen blessing the little tyke, Locksley vowed that the child would die. He would make Nottingham suffer, and when the time was right, he would kill him too. In Locksley’s mind, the only good Norman is a dead Norman.

Seven years later, Locksley got his chance. He bribed a male servant who had been accused of lusting after Nottingham’s wife and was more than willing to help the conspirators gain access to the castle. They killed Aurelia in cold blood, as she tried to protect her little son, before forcing the boy to swallow a poison that would slowly kill him over the next few weeks. Then they proceeded to stab every part of him that they could reach.


What they had already done to the child was bad enough, but then Locksley had to take his vengeance further. He forced the boy to remove his nightshirt, before molesting him, and then ordering one of his fellow conspirators to bring in the corpses of those who had died defending the young heir. Severus did not know what the man had planned, but even though he had been stabbed and poisoned, he managed to grab a small dagger and cut their faces, before he was disarmed and brutally beaten.


Before the conspirators could do more to the injured boy, shouts warned them of having been discovered and the men fled. Nottingham reached the chambers and growled after noticing the carnage. Healers were called at once…even the hag was called, but they all told him the same thing, nothing could be done to save his young son. They just advised him not to wait too long before burying the victims and to leave the hunt for the traitors to a higher power.


“Papa, l-l-love you”, whispered Severus, before he succumbed to his injuries and the poison, two weeks later. As Nottingham cradled his dead son, his heart turned to ice and he vowed to his beloved child that he would find the traitors and avenge him. And he would. He would show them no mercy. They had cost him his family.


To make matters even worse, a messenger brought news that enemies of the English Crown had captured Richard Lionheart and demanded a high ransom for him. If they did not receive the ransom, they would kill him and send his body back in pieces. Prince John, already serving as regent, would be leading the nation until they had either collected enough money to pay the ransom or found a way to free Richard.

Summoning the bishop to organise the burial of his wife and child, Nottingham…his eyes dead and cold after kissing his son one final time, ordered that the whole fiefdom should be in mourning for the loss of lives. He also ordered that the bloody dagger should be presented during the burial – where all nobles of the county would gather on pain of death! God would guide them in finding those traitors and letting justice run its course.


Whether they wanted to, or not…all the conspirators and their families went to the burial and had been forced to offer their condolences to the grieving father and husband. But one could only imagine the shock that went through the guilty ones as the dagger started to pulse and emitted an eerie light each time one of the conspirators stepped up to the dais.


Nottingham noticed it as well, and it was the first time that he had delved into the darker vestiges of his inherited magic and, out of anyone’s sight, directed a quill to write down the names and a descriptions of those men that had cost him his family.

Nottingham hunted them mercilessly. He separated them from their family and loved ones, and in time every single conspirator was outlawed, got kicked out of the church, and soon faced their execution. The last that the traitors had been allowed to see before facing the executioner’s axe, was the branding of their family as thralls to the Houses of Nottingham, Prince and Plantagenet.


Each conspirator was hung in an iron cage before the ruins of his former fiefdom, with an iron plaque around his neck listing his crimes and the punishment. The church made it clear that not even a burial would be granted to them, as their sins had been too great. Excommunication was not enough to allow any leniency for those fools.


After his family had been viciously destroyed, Nottingham changed into a cold and merciless Sheriff who did not suffer fools gladly, and woe unto the Anglo-Saxon who tried to rebel or even steal in Nottingham.

Lady Marian would light a candle every year on the date of the boy’s death and she would pray for the family. Once upon a time, during her maidenhood, she had encountered a young and charming Nottingham, and she had developed a crush on him. Now she tried to smother those feelings because this new version of her former crush scared her witless.


Nottingham’s formal clothes now had one difference. He now kept a locket on his person which contained a picture of his beloved son. He was, quite often, observed playing with the locket in times of duress or when he was confronted with a criminal child. The law of the land was merciless – age did not matter. If one was caught stealing, then their life was forfeit. The only exception was if the culprit was a child who begged for leniency and accepted the penalty of serving as a thrall for the next forty years. Special runes were inscribed on the criminal’s body that would prevent any escape to another county.

And then the rumours started. It was said that Robin Hood – aka Robin of Locksley had escaped his planned execution in the Holy Land and was on his way back to England, on a mission to unite with the enemies of the Crown. Those rumours didn’t really interest Nottingham. Instead he spent his time trying to fulfil his duties to the Crown and spent many nights dreaming that fate would allow him to be reunited with his child again. To be able to hug his beloved son again and to keep him safe. If given the chance, he would ensure that no other treacherous conspiracies would succeed and cost him the most important in life - his child.

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One would be hard pressed to claim that the Marauders ever truly considered the consequences of their actions. In fact, since the Headmaster would protect them from their deeds most of the time, they felt there was no need to change their modus operandi…even if they had considered the consequences. After all, they felt that it was not their fault that the slimy snakes didn’t have any sense of humour.


The Marauder’s favourite Snake to victimize was always Severus Snape, one of the few of that Noble house who managed to get under their skin. Bullying him, pranking him and even destroying his meagre belongings was simply the norm for the pampered quartet. Not even Remus, supposedly the brains of the bunch, rarely did anything beyond a few token protests, to try to stop the others. And really, why should they stop – according to them, Snape gave as good as he got. He never stopped standing up against them – glaring at them with his dark eyes and a sneer on his lips that sent, unknown to Snape, warm shivers down their spines.


It really didn’t help that three of them were fast approaching puberty Remus due the werewolf curse, as well as Sirius and James. Various wet dreams were almost a weekly occurrence and would often feature the lithe Slytherin at their mercy.

James often dreamt of Severus as a damsel in distress. These dreams would usually feature Severus in colourful dresses, and James would come to his rescue and ride off with the Slytherin on a white steed. Severus’ hands would still be bound behind him and James would steal his first kiss. In his dream, instead of disgust, the shy Slytherin would look at him with adoration and hero-worship, before shyly succumbing to James’ demands for more kisses.


Remus’ dreams usually featured wildlife scenarios – and were fed by his knowledge about forests and myths. At times Remus would be a berserk or a Wolf man, but regardless, Severus always fearlessly chose the beast within Remus as his mate. This resulted in lots of howling before Remus would claim his mate.


As for Sirius…the wish for control and dominance was so strong in the Black heir that his wet dreams typically featured dungeon scenes. In his dreams, Sirius acted as the strong and powerful dominant, and Severus was his perfect shy submissive, willing to kneel and accept Sirius’ orders and love forever.

Fortunately, Peter wasn’t even close to puberty. Many nights, he could only sleep after casting the strongest of silencing charms, to block out the sounds of the others. Still, Peter really could not understand why his friends were so fixated on Severus. He wondered why they had not chosen one of the numerous girls who would be quite eager to do anything and everything for the Marauders but instead fell for a Slytherin who was not even classically handsome and almost always had a sneer on his face.


These thoughts nourished Peters dark side, and the wish to taint Severus before any of the other Marauders, overcame him. Peter knew that all he would need to do was find a way to trigger his own puberty – perhaps by using a spell, a potion or even a ritual – and then, oh it would be so glorious. He would snatch up the Slytherin and do everything he had only dared to fantasize about. He would make sure that nobody else could or would have any of Severus’ ‘firsts’.


Peter thought that perhaps he would go even further and offer his gullible friends a bet – whoever could bed Severus first, and steal his first kiss, would receive eternal servitude from the losers. He could just imagine it…the heirs of Potter and Black – and even Moony grovelling in the dust at his feet for the rest of their pathetic lives. He would make them call him Master and force them to watch as he had his fun with the shy Slytherin again and again. And should his slaves be good, then – being such a generous Master Peter would allow them to have sex with Severus one time only .

None of them could have known that due, in part, to their actions, Severus would soon end up in the past and would be instrumental in healing the heart and soul of a grieving father, while becoming part of a new and loving family. This had been the magnanimous decision of the Pantheon. It was decided that Severus should not be exploited by either side and that he deserved to be free and to have a loving family, including a strong caring magical father.


Fate, Magic and Death had confirmed that Severus’ fate was irrevocably tied to Nottingham’s own. Therefore, they allowed the poisoning and permanent de-aging of their young favourite, before sending him back to Nottingham’s time. Severus’ most traumatic memories would be locked away, and as a boon, he would soon receive all the required knowledge of the past. They would also gift him with the ability to recognize liars on the spot, which was the same gift that Nottingham possessed.


Getting reunited with Severus would trigger Nottingham’s own magic and as a gift, the deities would grant him perfect control over it. He would also be granted the knowledge of both worlds, his and the world Severus was from, so he would know the correct way to teach his heir. When the time was right, the woman that they had once chosen as a companion for Nottingham would be drawn to father and son, so that past would finally be corrected, and peace would reign once more.


Lady Marian should never have married Robin Hood, but the loss of Severus had transformed Nottingham into a dark beast, so that his death seemed like the only solution. While they had hoped that the Lady would at least be able to save him, they had been wrong and the darkness conquered that part of the country, as their original defenders had been slain.

It certainly had been a shock when the young Slytherin collapsed during dinner. Professor Sprout was the first professor to arrive at the table. Since the students immediately reported that Severus had collapsed after he drank from his goblet, the professor smelled the contents of the goblet, before paling drastically as she recognized the smell of hemlock and concluded that Severus was suffering from hemlock poisoning. In her mind, this was no harmless prank, but an obvious murder attempt. She and the others had no way of knowing that without really considering the consequences, the Marauders had bribed a few gullible House Elves to place a large amount of the herb into Severus’ goblet. They told the Elves that it was only a harmless herb, and none of them knew that Severus was allergic to parts of the plant.


The other students would be kept in the Great Hall, and the DMLE would be informed. Severus was transported to the infirmary, where Poppy had to magically pump his stomach hoping to remove as much of the poison as possible to prevent it from spreading throughout his body. With such a high dose placed into his drink, the young Slytherin had had a severe allergic reaction, and needed to be placed into an enchanted sleep to protect his organs…especially his heart and his brain. This would give Poppy and the professors a chance to – not only discover the culprits, but also to find a way to heal Severus.


The glares of the Slytherin students promised retribution to those who were responsible for the heinous crime. Lily Evans had begun to cry, realising the danger that Severus was in too late. Marlene and Mary attempted to cheer her up without much success, but truthfully even they had been shocked at the latest events.

Unfortunately, while everyone was focused on the events in the Great Hall, nobody realised that a time portal had opened in the infirmary and the unconscious Slytherin was transported back in time to meet his destiny. The only clue remaining in the infirmary was Time Sand, which was found in a circle around Severus’ bed, along with a portrait that showed Nottingham and his young son, before his violent death. But was this a coincidence or not?

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Yule 1193


Nottingham was in a bad mood, not only had Richard Lionheart been captured while he was on his way home from the recent crusade, but the thrice damned Austrian who took him was demanding a ransom so high that England would be crippled for many years to come. John did his best as a regent to keep the nobles from rebelling, which was not easy, since his French enemies wanted to take control over their French properties.


Nottingham had been forced to bury his murdered wife and son, and even though the conspirators had all been captured and punished, it didn’t change the fact that Nottingham had lost the most important person in his life. Little Severus had always enjoyed Yule. He enjoyed just spending time cuddling close with his beloved father in front of the fire, while Nottingham sang for him. Severus didn’t need anything more to be happy.

Suddenly a bright light blinded him, and three different voices told him that he would not be lonesome any longer. His biggest wish had been granted and father and son would be reunited once more. Nottingham blinked, but he could not deny it. There on the bed lay a seven-year-old boy who looked exactly like his late son. Hope filled him even as he wondered how it was possible.


Listen Sheriff, we may not be able to change everything that has happened to you, but this time we are able to rectify a grave injustice done to your family. Centuries in the future, the soul of your son was granted a new life and was reborn without the shadows of the past. An attack on your son has forced us to intervene and send him back where he belongs so that you and he will no longer be separated. We took the liberty to adjust his age to fit the age that he was when he was taken from you. We have also blocked his memories of the future. But beware Sheriff. There are enemies still lurking in the shadows. Your heir was poisoned with hemlock, and you are the only one who can save him. Young Severus will need you to overcome the challenges in the future.”


What are you talking about?”, Nottingham asked while carefully cradling his son – his beloved boy to his dark clad chest. He was still almost overcome with shock from the sudden reappearance of the child, that he could not comprehend everything he was being told.


Your son is a male bearer. He is among the rarest of magical beings on this planet. For his safety, you must keep this a secret, or you will risk to losing him to the greed of mankind. Also – you should remove the hag from the castle as soon as possible. She will not take well the news that your son has been returned to you”, the one called Fate warned him.


We were able to remove the magical blocks from your core and you and young Severus will learn to use your magical powers together. We will ensure that a suitable bride will find her way to you and your son before the dawn of the new century approaches.

Severus groaned. He was so tired, and he didn’t feel well. But…he also felt sort of strange. As his mind cleared, he realised that he knew what this feeling was. He felt safe and warm. He had only felt this way in his dreams with his Papa. This was his Papa. He knew it. His Papa was holding him. The one who would defeat his bad dreams and keep him safe. He no longer had to fear the shadows, his Papa would keep him safe and cure him of all his ailments.


How can I help him?”, Nottingham, inquired as he carefully cradled Severus closer to him, so that his injuries would not be aggravated unnecessarily.


You are a natural chanter, Sheriff. Your voice and your song are all that is necessary to cure the poisoning. We have also prepared a few godly remedies, that will destroy the rest of the poison and will completely heal your beloved son. He will have to remain indoors for a few months, as our remedies are often too strong for mortals. But you should not worry, we have only granted you access to diluted remedies. But even so, it is best to remain cautious as they could still overtax his immune system, until he has a chance to recover”, Lady Magic replied.


How long will he need to take the remedy, My Lady?”, Nottingham asked, not liking how Severus was responding to his light touch. Even though the boy did not completely flinch back from him, he was still worried about what his baby boy had been through and he vowed not to lose his son again if he could help it.


He should take it for two weeks, along with some broth, soft bread, fruit and vegetables. If possible fresh hot milk with honey at least once a day would do him very well indeed”, Fate advised.

Though he was grateful, being who he was – he could not help but to feel slightly uneasy. He warily asked, “Why are you helping us?” Experience had taught him that nothing in life came for free.


Ah, what a clever lad”, Death responded while smirking. “Young Severus is a favourite of ours. And it may be that we tied the survival of magic to his destiny and his life. We know that neither he nor you, Nottingham, would ever abuse our trust. Farewell for now, Sheriff.”


I am most grateful for your help. As soon as night falls, I will carry Severus to a secret chamber, that is connected to my personal chambers. I feel that this room will be better for his recovery and will enable him to sleep the treatment off in comfort and safety. I will never forget the gift you have given me or your help. I am sure that Severus will not forget it either”, replied Nottingham, as he bowed deeply with the unconscious boy in his arms.


A last warning – the time portal that brought your son back to you has not been deactivated, yet. It is possible that someone reckless or desperate enough will be able to use it and end up near the castle. It should close itself off within the next fortnight. We wish you and your family only the best, Sheriff. Au revoir”, said Lady Magic before the three deities disappeared again.

Sooner or later the time portal would lose the last vestiges of its power and return to a normal magical portrait, well hidden by Hogwarts within his walls. Only someone with a pure heart would ever be able to find it and reactivate its powers again. Though, it was possible that the portal could be used as the final escape for the students and staff members within the castle. Should Hogwarts fall one day, the castle’s inhabitants could end up anywhere.


Lily Evans was devastated by the attack on her friend and had decided that she would sneak into the infirmary to apologise on behalf of her moronic house members. She was quite surprised when she stumbled into three Slytherins – Lucius Malfoy along with Narcissa and Regulus Black, as she neared the infirmary. They had intended to visit Severus as well.


Most forgot that you shouldn’t look a gift horse or hippogriff in the mouth. Unbeknownst to them, the time portal was still active, but Lady Magic, in an effect to buy her favourite and his father more time, had readjusted the destination. Anyone who used it at present would not end up in Nottingham’s castle, but either at the Royal Palace of London, 1200 – or in the lair of the Merry Men of Nottingham, 1195. The destination was left completely up to the whim of the portal.


The quartet was dismayed to find that Severus was not in the infirmary, and - as always bad luck and curiosity were a bad combination. Lily happened to notice the portrait on the bed where Severus should have rested. Purely by chance, she stumbled over her own robes, collided with the three Slytherins and all four fell through the portrait.

Royal Palace of London, 1200 – Audience of King John 5 th January, 1200


Nobles and Royals were taught early in their lives to not openly show their shock or any strong emotion. However, what they had just witnessed proved more difficult than usual to maintain their unaffected and calm façade. It was not every day that one witnessed four young people – between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one years, appear out of nowhere only to land in front of the King’s throne.


One of the young men that suddenly appeared reminded the King of his most loyal advisor, Armand de Malfoy, while one of the young ladies and the second lad reminded him of one of his most cunning and loyal knights, who would soon be known as the King’s Champion Regulus Arcturus Black. The youngest of the new arrivals was lady appearing to be a mere fourteen years old. She had fiery red hair and emerald eyes and was not familiar to the King.


Not showing his displeasure at this sudden intrusion, the King continued to silently observe the young people. He was, in fact, irritated. He had been looking forward to seeing his young godson and his godson’s father, Nottingham again. The young lad was always so polite. The King had been delighted to hear that after a long battle, his young godson had been able to defeat the poison that those thrice damned conspirators used on him.


It had been a huge shock to learn that Severus ultimately survived the cowardly attack, but he was so weakened that his troubled father had not even considered seeking the help of the crown or one of their best healers for his sole heir.


It was no matter, the perpetrators would be interrogated, and he would make sure that it would happen before his best friend and his godson arrived at the Royal court. Should the foul villains prove to be spies of the French King...well they would have to face the consequences for treason.

Back in the Wizarding World, while the four displaced students were trying to figure out what to do about their current predicament, four names in the Book of Names suddenly switched colour to a bright fuchsia, and a loud alarm sounded along with a cacophony of tormented screams echoing through the Department of Mysteries.


Everyone realised that something serious had happened at Hogwarts. Albus Dumbledore must have gone too far in one of his schemes – and now the Unspeakables would investigate the current and past events at Hogwarts to figure out what in the name of Merlin was going on. None of them would rest until the truth of what was happening at Hogwarts had been exposed.


Dark times were ahead for Dumbledore, his young favourites, and Magical Britain. Voldemort inwardly rejoiced as he heard news about what was going on. This would help him immensely in his ultimate plans to conquer Britain. He only wondered if he should sit back and watch Dumbledore tumble from his pedestal without interfering, or use this time while Dumbledore was out of favour to take a more active role in politics once again. After all, with so many of Dumbledore’s loyal sheep following his every word, there was no guarantee that the current scandal would be enough to topple Dumbledore for good.


Neither the Marauders nor Albus Dumbledore had Fortuna on their side. The DMLE, the ICW, the Goblins and the Unspeakables would investigate the strange poisoning case at Hogwarts, before demanding an audit of all that went on inside the ancient castle. They would also be conducting magical, physical and mental health scans of all students and staff members.


For years they had been hearing about some of the terrible things that went on under Hogwarts’ current Headmaster. They were determined that nothing and no one would be able to stop Dumbledore’s fall from grace. Not even if he was able to present the cured victim to the stunned crowd, would his fate be changed. Fawkes was no longer bound to the geriatric wizard, and he had already taken up residence in Professor Flitwick’s office. Fawkes would not make himself available to help Dumbledore escape. There was nowhere for Dumbledore to run and they were determined that, this time, Dumbledore would not escape justice.