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A wrench to love

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Brigitte and Hana have been friends since childhood. Brigitte wanted to be a mechanic like her father and Hana enjoyed doing anything with her friends. The first thing Hana could build by herself was a small crane. She was 4 years old. Brigette was more interested in repairing. The first thing Brigette repaired by herself was an old car. She was 7.

They both attended the same high school and university of technologies and mechanics. When they were adults they started their own business. They owned a medium sized garage. Their working place was in 1st floor and they lived in 2nd. They were repairing, constructed technology for people by their requests, and tended to little problems with things.

But Brigette noticed something was changing. She tried to figure it out for at least 3 months. But once she found it. It was May 4th 11.58pm. "Hana, where are you? It's already midnight!" she called across the garage. "I'm near the black car!" she answered. Some old woman asked them to repair it for her. It was a really old model, first of those flying cars. Other technology in their garage were latest hits, everyone wanted to make from their classic flying cars racing flying cars.

When she arrived to the black car she looked for her friend."Where?" she asked. Then Hana slid from underneath the car on a board with a wrench in her hand and with smudges from the oil everywhere.

She was so beautiful how the light from the ceiling lights was sparkling in her dark brown eyes, a small smile on her face and soft giggles escaping her lips. Brigette didn't know what was happening, but she found herself kneeling above Hana and leaning her head down towards hers.

Her lips and tongue met with hers. At first Hana was surprised but then she closed her eyes and lifted her head up, deepening the kiss. They finally parted for a breath and Brigette leaned down again but this time Hana stopped her. "Brigette, we can't, we are at work." said seriously.

"But Hana, we own this garage." Brigette reminded.
"But we have a second floor too, can't we go there? This board isn't too comfromtable!"
"Then let's head upstairs," she stood up and offered Hana her hand "What do you say?"

"Okay." she said, taking her hand and heading upstairs. They were cuddling, sharing kisses for a few minutes and falling asleep.