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The Powerful Bite of a Beast

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"What's the matter Dad?"

Humphrey's father had come in from work and sat down straight at the table, his head in his hands. He’d never seen him like this before. Panic filled him as he wondered what awful thing could have befallen him. 

“Are you ill?” 

“No,” Humpty answered wearily. “I’m not ill.” 

“Then what is it?” 

He sat down next to him and placed his arms around his shoulder. 

“I’ve been fired. My boss has been itching to get rid of me for years. He thinks I’m too old and he's right. He found that as an excuse, and because of it, I no longer have a job.

"That's okay Dad," he replied, feeling relieved that his announcement wasn't something worse. "There are other places to work."

"Not for me Humphrey. I'm an old man. No one will want to hire me now. Besides, my boss owns half the town."

Humpty was right. His boss did own half the town and he ruled it with an iron fist. There were only a few jobs around that you didn't have to go through the Beast to acquire one.

"Don't worry Dad. It's about time I got a job, I'm old enough!"

"But you have school!"

"I'm eighteen. I can choose whether to stay in school or not," Humphrey definitively told his father.

"Well, I don't want my son losing his education just because he has to get a job," he argued back.

"Fine, I'll look for something that I can do after school or on weekends."

"You are a swell young man," Humpty stated, giving Humphrey a hug. He could've sworn he felt his father's tears drip upon his shoulders, but when looking at him, Humpty had already wiped them away.

In Humphrey's head, finding a job would be easy. 

However, he was wrong.

There was high unemployment in the village, and the few interviews he was able to have, the first question they asked was about previous experience. Humphrey hadn't had 

none. The second question was whether he had ever worked for the Beast before, or if he had any family members that did.

The Beast, was the name he had given to his dad's boss many years ago when Humphrey was only a young child. He'd watch as his father came home from work every night, exhausted as more and more work piled onto him with less and less pay. Humpty's working conditions were awful, but if he complained, it only seemed to get worse. In the end, he just kept his head down and got on, hoping that the Beast wouldn't single him out any further.

Not many people had seen the Beast in real life. Humphrey himself had never seen him, but he had an image in his mind because of his father describing his ugly personality, and telling him about how he looked. Humpty had only seen him once. He described him as a tall, handsome man. Humphrey didn't call him the Beast based on his looks, but who he was on the inside. 

Almost no one had ever seen him, but if you put a toe out of line, you could've bet your bottom that you'd his wrath, thanks to his minions who managed the various workplaces. You were never safe to talk about him, but that didn't stop the hushed whispers and tales that spread.

He lived in a huge mansion on a hillside that was just outside of the village. Everyone knew he lived there, and yet, he was never sighted ever leaving his home.

After Humphrey's fifth rejection for lack of experience, he decided enough was enough. His father had put up with the Beast's shit for years now, and for him to lose his job for no good reason, it sucked and he was mad as hell.

Instead of talking to the Beast's assistant; a slimy guy by the name of Hopper, Humphrey was going to cut out the middle man and go straight to the top. He knew that whatever he said would go back to him anyways.

The walk to his house took Humphrey longer than he expected, and when he arrived, a huge gate separated the large mansion. At the side was an intercom. Part of him wanted to climb the gate as to not be turned away, but instead, he pressed the buzzer.

"Yes?" a voice answered almost immediately. It was a rich, deep voice that furthermore suited his nickname very well. He sounded beastly.

Humphrey put on his most fearsome voice he could manage. "I want to talk to the Beast. It's a matter of urgency!"

He hadn't meant to accidentally call that out, but it seemingly did. Humphrey was about to turn around and leave, when to his surprise, the gates began to open. He ran through them as soon as the gap was wide enough and carried on running until he got to the front door. 

The door was golden and a large knocker was plastered in the middle. Humphrey didn't need to use it as the door was already open, presumably for him.

"I want to speak with you!" He shouted out into the dark entrance hall that had a huge staircase right in the middle, but apart from that, he couldn't make out anything in the dark.

"For starters, I'm not the Beast. My name is Daring Charming." 

Humphrey looked to the source of where the voice was, and saw the silhouette of a man on the stairs.

He introduced himself. "You don't know me, but I'm Humphrey. You fired my father, Humpty Dumpty, because in your eyes, he is too old. He is healthy enough to work.

Daring actually had the audacity to laugh.

"I don't see what's so funny."

"Please do come inside."

Walking through the door into the entrance hall was like stepping out of the day into night. Once it was shut, no more light was visible to see.

"If your father is too old to work, why not let him have his rest. You look fit enough to work."

"I am, but thanks to your monopoly in this town, I can't."

"I don't think me owning a few businesses would have any impact on you finding employment."

  A few businesses ? Was Daring blind to the fact he owned almost every single one in the village?

"Why is it that when I get asked if I have any family who used to work for you, they terminate the interview." Humphrey was feeling more angry with each passing second.

"Maybe Humpty wasn't a well liked man."

"Don't you speak about my father like that. He is a decent, hard working man which is more than can be said about you."

"I have a job here if you want it," Daring exclaimed, completely ignoring Humphrey's anger.


"You heard me. I need a live in housekeeper."

"How could you seriously expect me to live here."

"It's all up to you Humphrey. You'll get good pay and one weekend off a month. Other than that, I'd expect you to stay in this house and do exactly as I say."

Humphrey would never accept any offer from a man like Daring. 

"I don't think so!" He turned to stomp away, and Daring opened up the door, gesturing him to leave. "Okay Humphrey, if that's what you want."

He stepped out into the bright sunshine.

The door was slowly creaking shut, and with it, Humphrey's only chances of finding a job. He couldn't bear the idea of being around Daring, but right now, he didn't have any other option. Just as the door almost closed, he squeezed back through the Beast's lair.

Daring turned around, seeing Humphrey back in his mansion. "Had a change of mind?"

"I need the money. Also, I need to call my father."

"I'll send word to him that you are here. In a month's time, you'll be able to tell him yourself. That being said, your room is on the first floor. It's the second door on the left. I trust it will be to your satisfaction. Dinner is at 9:00." After Daring finished speaking, he turned and walked up the stairs, leaving him alone.

Humphrey walked up the stairs, holding onto the banister as he could barely find the room he was talking about. When he was able to see it, he noticed his room was just as dark as the rest of the house. He walked over to the curtains and opened them, letting the light shine through. 

Notable to Humphrey was the huge golden bed with a beautiful yellow rug besides it. When he got on the bed, he was so comfortable that he ended up falling asleep. 

A few hours later, he woke up to the sound of a faint knock on his door. He had no idea why until remembering what Daring told him hours before. He wanted Humphrey to join him for dinner. As much as he was hungry, he wasn't in the mood to get up and eat. When Daring didn't see him down at the table, he marched up to Humphrey's room, screaming at him to hurry, as he was starting to get impatient.

"What's taking you so long? Hurry up!"

"Okay, I'm coming. Just give me a minute."

He sat on the bed, trying to be rid of the sleepiness in his eyes. Humphrey got, sitting at the dinner table. Because of how dark it now was, Daring's face was unrecognizable.

Down in front of him was a plate of food, and Humphrey got to work eating. He wasn't expecting Daring to speak to him, however.

"I sent my assistant Hop-"

"I already know his name," he reminded him, not letting him finish his sentence.

He continued.

"Since you don't have any clothes of your own, I sent him out to get some for you."

"Hey! I have clothes at home. You didn't tell me to bring anything."

"Well, I wasn't even expecting you to come here in the first place. And plus, I need you wearing appropriate attire while you're here! Not something old and cheap."

Now that was offensive !

"My father's not as rich as you. How could you even expect him to afford expensive things?"

Daring rolled his eyes before he spoke again. "You know what Humphrey, let's drop this conversation. Just eat."

Humphrey went back to eating, trying to keep his eyes off of Daring. He ate quicker and focused on his meal. The faster he garbled down on the dinner, the faster he'd be able to get back to his room. 

When he was done, Humphrey left, reentering his bedroom. For the rest of the time he'd be staying, he decided on not talking to Daring, and instead, keeping the focus on his assigned work. 

Returning, he noticed something upon inspection. In the room was a wardrobe containing only one item. A golden tuxedo in his exact size. 

Daring said that he'd sent Hopper out to buy him clothing, but not one thing to wear. He didn't know if his assistant came or not, but it seemed he had. Humphrey thought the tuxedo was stunning. He hung the golden artifact back in the wardrobe and laid down on the comfy bed once more. 

In the morning, Humphrey went downstairs to start working, opening up the huge drapes that blocked out the lights. The Beast was nowhere to be seen. He wondered for a brief second why Daring kept his house dark. It was a magnificent home. He continued making his way through the large mansion, opening every single curtain. There was only one room Humphrey couldn't enter because it was locked. As he hadn't seen the Beast for the rest of the day, he assumed that room was his. 

When the afternoon came, Humphrey found some cleaning supplies and used those to clean the house from top to bottom, and when it was dark, he went back to his room, flopping down on the bed. On this particular night, he heard the music for the first time.

When Humphrey secretly crept into the entrance hall, he could see Daring. He could make out his features in the moonlight and the Beast was playing the violin. The music was so heart-achingly haunting that Humphrey couldn't help but dance to the music. He danced on the stairs carefully, and when it stopped, he ran back to his room as quietly as he could. 

This carried on night after night, day after day. Every morning, Humphrey would open the  curtains, and then work in the house all day. When nighttime came, he'd dance silently to Daring's beautiful-sounding music. If the Beast ever caught him dancing, he never commented, and that was the only time of the day Humphrey was able to see him. 

Life continued on the same way for the next three weeks. 

At first he liked it because Daring wasn't bossing him around like he thought he might, but he wasn't speaking to Humphrey at all. He had no idea if the Beast liked the work he was doing or not, and he was feeling lonely without his dad around. 

He worked, slept, and ate on his own. The only time he ever shared a meal with Daring was the first day of arriving.


The tuxedo hung in the wardrobe without Humphrey wearing it. He worked and danced in the clothing he came in, but tonight, he would finally be putting it on for the first time. The quality of the fabric was comfortable. 

His ears followed the heavenly sound to the stairs and Humphrey began his nightly dance. He wasn't scared following down the steps as he danced on them enough to feel completely safe.

Only when Daring held his hand and had put his arm around Humphrey's waist did he realize that the music had stopped. His eyes flicked open and he for once got a thorough look at the Beast. Daring was not in the least as scary as his imagination made him be. He was so tall that the top of his head barely reached Humphrey's chin.

They danced down the stairs and all around the entrance hall, and neither of them spoke a word. He followed the Beast's lead, unable to tear his eyes away from his handsome face. Humphrey had an unexplained urgency of wanting to kiss Daring, which took him by surprise, considering how much he once despised him. 

They had been making passionate love through the music for weeks, even though this was the first time they had touched each other. Daring kissed Humphrey with an animalistic passion; fiercely and full emotion. First his lips, then his neck, moving down to his collarbones. 

He removed the tuxedo Humphrey was wore, leaving him only in his underwear. Daring began nibbling his neck, leaving behind bite marks. Each nibble sent shockwaves right to his cock, which was now desperate for the Beast's touch. Bending down to his knees, he used his teeth to bite off Humphrey's briefs, leaving him naked. 

Daring grabbed his dick, lapping at it like the fierce beast he was. He looked at Humphrey, smirking, before turning him around and shoving his fragile body into the wall. Despite feeling him convulsing in pleasure and hearing him gasping out loud, he didn't stop. 

Instead, Daring brought his long tongue to his entrance. When he pushed in a finger, Humphrey's legs became wobbly, and he collapsed to the cold floor. Daring joined him, pulling down his own pants and freeing his enormous cock.

 He was a beast in more ways than just one! 

He held Humphrey's waist, forcing himself into his tight ass. Having never had sex before, his ass was not ready for a man of his size, and the force in which Daring pushed into him caused him to cry out again, this time in pain. 

Humphrey could barely keep upright from his pounding. The Beast's cock filled him up, hitting his prostate and stretching his ass to its limit. When Daring had his orgasm, he came inside him, roaring out loudly, Humphrey was sure the whole village could hear. As he pulled out, the small boy could feel the Beast's cum dripping down his leg, and finally, he had fallen to the floor in a heap. Daring fell next to him, panting out of breath.

“You can take this weekend off as well as the next if you like,” he huffed. “You’ve earned it.” 

“My father thinks I’m coming home next weekend though, doesn’t he?” 

“Yes, so?” 

“Then it doesn’t matter if I stay here and we do this again instead.” 

“My calendar is clear anytime for you,” Daring claimed, rolling on top of Humphrey and giving a quick bite to his lips. 

You're such a beast, Daring," he told him, laughing.