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a home named you

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Staring at the single flame that adorned a candle on the table, Jungkook allowed his thoughts to roam mindlessly.

The silent apartment around him aided to his focused thoughts; anxiety coursing through his veins nonetheless. He often tried to refrain from biting his lip whenever intense nervousness struck him. It was a bad habit he had picked up in his much younger days and had recently began trying to quit. At some point quite recently he began to realize that split lips just weren’t cute at the age of 21.

So instead he took to playing with the ends of his long -sleeved, stripped shirt, flicking away at the cloth periodically and rhythmically as if in a trance.

Seconds seemed like minutes, minutes like hours as he fought to stay awake, waiting for the faithful knock on the door he had been anticipating all week. Or was it months? It had been hard enough for him to sleep as is, barely squeezing in 5 hours a night the past few days because he was just that excited.

He was excited for the knock on the door that was 5 months in the waiting, 5 months too long, yet 5 months that seemed like they had flown by now that he was so anxious and anticipant. He figured there was something about anxiety that made your teeth quiver and your bones rattle, all of which he was struggling to control at the moment. Jungkook grabbed the blanket that rest on the couch end and wrapped it around himself, hoping it would give him a form of comfort to calm himself down.

It smelled lightly of Jimin’s cologne that he would admit he was guilty of spraying on the plush a few times. It had been one of the only things keeping his sanity in place over the past few months.

A shadow of light passed through the dimly lit living room, making a picture of what was assuredly headlights against the home’s white walls. It was enough to draw Jungkook out of his daze, a small gasp leaving his lips as he jumped off the couch.

His feet, quiet on the carpeted floors, rushed towards the front door and eyed the way the headlights that lit up the room suddenly turned off. Even through the door, he could hear the jingle of keys coming closer and closer, trying his best to remember how to breathe and not faint from being overwhelmed.


In and out.

In and out.

In....and out.


Only two knocks on the door had passed before it was swung open by Jungkook, revealing a beautiful, fondly smiling Jimin, dressed in an oversized t-shirt of Jungkook’s and a pair of leather pants.

Words were spared as Jimin quickly let go of his suitcase handle, seeing Jungkook fling himself towards him and close the little distance they had between them. Delicate, sweet laughter escaped Jimin’s full lips as he clung to Jungkook’s body, staring directly into his eyes.

“My baby, did you miss me?” The gorgeous smile on the man’s face was nearly blinded by the tears that began to water in Jungkook’s eyes. Jimin gently cooed, standing on his tip toes to kiss Jungkook’s forehead, lovingly resting his head between his heart and shoulder. The strong arms around Jimin’s body squeezed him impossibly tighter, as if promising to never leave him again.

Burying his head in Jimin’s neck, Jungkook closed his eyes, taking in the moment for all it was worth. He had waited ages for this—no amount of five hours phone calls and video chats could suffice for his boyfriend’s psychical presence. Nothing could compare to his touch, the sound of his voice in person, the sparkles in his eyes and the blush on his cheeks when their eyes met. There was absolutely nothing like it.

“I love you.”

Jungkook’s voice was ever so slight that he wondered if Jimin’s had actually heard him. For a while, he figured hadn’t until he felt Jimin kiss his forehead once more, clearing his throat quietly in a way that displayed that he himself was choked up with emotion.

In worry, Jungkook pulled away from Jimin’s shoulder quickly, obvious wet eyes looking at Jimin’s watery ones with a clearly upset expression on his lips.

“No, don’t cry, why are you crying?!”

Jungkook’s brushed his thumbs against Jimin’s cheeks just as two tears fell, stopping them from running down his rosy cheeks.

“I just—I love you so much more, bun. You know that? ”

Jungkook’s pouted lips prepared to protest, only to be silenced by Jimin’s gentle hands wrapping around his neck. One of his hands cupped the back of his neck while the other worked to gently comb through the curls that resided on the nape of Jungkook’s neck.

“You’re thinking too much, baby boy. Come here.”

Carefully, Jimin pulled Jungkook towards him, closing the gap between them as their lips softly met. In surprise, Jungkook let out a small yelp against Jimin’s lips, almost instantaneously closing his eyes and melting into the man that stood a just few inches shorter than him.

As they kissed, it was easy for Jimin to feel Jungkook’s knees weakening. In the back of his mind he noted to tease him for it later, like he always did. But at the very moment, all he cared about was being the present and kissing the man he had been without for 5 months. Lips still locked, Jimin tugged Jungkook’s bottom lip gently, causing the younger to perk up and slip just a bit out of dreamland; coming back to the present moment.


With full, swollen lips and blushed cheeks, the pair eventually moved to the living room and crossed-legged at their small table. Before them was a plate full of foods Jungkook had made in anticipation of his boyfriend’s arrival—which Jimin had to stop himself from crying about.

The pair discussed how Jungkook had taken up cooking in Jimin’s absence. He usually spent most of his day playing videos games and recording videos for his up-and-coming YouTube channel. However, he took momentary breaks to learn how to cook some meals, partly hoping it would cut back on the pair‘s habit of ordering takeout incessantly.

“Dinner was amazing, Jungkookie. I can’t believe you became a master chef in 5 months.” Jimin chuckled, eye-smile setting Jungkook’s heart ablaze as he blushed from across the table. There was something about not seeing his boyfriend for almost half a year that made him so undeniably nervous—as if they had just met a few weeks ago and he was crushing unbelievably hard. He wanted to slap himself and tell himself not to act so shy, but in the face of the man he loved—he was just hopeless.

“I’m glad you liked it. I worried the seasoning on the pork was too much.”

As Jungkook spoke, Jimin took a sip of water, shaking his head to protest.

“It was perfect, bun. Reminds me of someone.”

Jimin grinned as he moved to the couch, getting himself comfortable before outstretching his open arms towards Jungkook. With his doe eyes sparkling, the younger rushed over to the couch, laying next to his boyfriend instead of on top of him like Jimin thought he would. Instead, Jungkook gently lifted Jimin’s body just enough so that he could slide underneath him—Jimin’s body now laying against his.

With a coo, Jimin let out the cutest of laugh, resting his head against Jungkook’s defined chest and releasing a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding in. There was something about feeling his warmth after all the past months, smelling the aroma of the sweet perfumes and lotions he enjoys, hearing his heartbeat thump against his ear. Everything about it reminded him that he was where home was—Jungkook is, was and will always be home.


“I wanted to talk to you about something that’s been on my mind.”

The sudden change in Jungkook’s tone, from light to serious, alarmed Jimin, body raising slightly so he could stare Jungkook in the eye.

“Of course. Shoot, baby, I’m all ears.”


“I’ve been thinking about Paris.”


The words made Jimin visibly tense, Jungkook feeling his every movement.

“We already agreed that what’s best for us right now is to stay here, save up some more and then think about the idea again. You don’t have to cater to me, Jungkook, I understand that this route was the wisest choice.”

“I got my first few checks from YouTube while you were away. When I first started, I didn’t even think much would come from it, but it’s a lot more than I could have imagined, Jimin. When we first talked about it, you were doing all the work, accepting a ton of contracts; and I was still a cashier at the grocery store. If you add that with the money I’ve been making from YouTube, I’ve been saving so much, Jimin, really!”

His rambling was incessant but the man on top of him listened intently, staring fondly at his boyfriend who wanted nothing more than to make him happy in any way he possibly could. Taking in his words, Jimin released a heavy sigh, now puzzled eyes turning away from Jungkook in deep thought.

It had been his dream for a while to accept a modeling contract with a hot, up-and-coming branch in Paris. He had been given the offer, and while it would pay more than either had ever made, it had its conditions. To live comfortably, he would have to house himself, which wouldn’t be cheap; as well as provide for anything he would personally need. However, the pay per gig was so high that as soon as a couple of gigs were complete, it left more than enough room to allow them to cover necessities and still have some spending money.

“Baby.” Jimin closed his eyes, palm resting against his face as if he was stressed. And Jungkook absolutely hated the fact that Jimin had only been back for a few of hours and he had already caused the man to stress.


“I’m sorry, hyung. Just....forget I even mentioned i—“

“I’m not putting the idea, down, baby. You know Paris is my dream, but even more than that, you are. I don’t want you spending all your savings to house us, or us living by barely getting by when we’re secure here. It’s like taking us out of a good place and putting us into an uncomfortable one.”

“Being uncomfortable is what makes you grow, Jiminie. I never pay for anything around here. You take care of me and never ask for a thing in return; now it’s my turn.”

“My baby’s all grown up, huh.”

Jungkook blushed, shy at not only Jimin’s words but the fact that he had raised his voice in the first place. He was naturally the more quiet of the pair, but he was also just as equally passionate as Jimin about anything he set his heart to.

“You’re the most selfless human being in the world, have I ever told you that? You know how much I adore you?”

The amount of blushing Jungkook had done this evening had him both embarrassed and frustrated with himself. But one smile from Jimin, directed at the fact that his boyfriend was mimicking a cherry, buried all his worries.

“How about we talk about this all in the morning. I have something for you.”

Jimin reached for his phone resting on the small table, Jungkook’s eyes instantly widened.


“Jimin, is it, Promise! Did you finish it?!”


“I did, you want to give it a listen?”


Jungkook nodded enthusiastically as Jimin laid his head against his shoulder, pressing play on the track he had been working on here and there during his departure.


“I want you to be light, baby, you should be your light.” Jimin softly sung the words to his boyfriend after what had to be the 10th repeat of the song, the man sleepily closing his eyes at the sound. The melodic tone of Jimin’s voice times two was enough to coax Jungkook to sleep, added to the fact that it was nearing 5AM and he had been awake all night. All the anxiety he had the night before ceased to exist, arms wrapped around Jimin’s body so tightly as if he thought he’d slip away given a chance.


Jungkook was awaken the next day by the soft sound of humming, feet gently kicking around in hopes of finding Jimin’s body heat nearby. It wasn’t until he started to come to a bit more that he realized the man was most likely near their closet on the far side of the room. Even in spite of his all his curiosity he refused to open his eyes, scared the sunlight might try to blind him if he gave in too fast.

“You’ve been asleep all morning, baby, it’s a little after 1PM.”

Jimin’s voice was playful and light as he took careful steps towards Jungkook; who would be lying if he said he didn’t have goosebumps from hearing Jimin’s voice in the morning again. The bed dipped down a little and Jimin’s small hand moved to caress the bare skin of Jungkook’s back. A little higher than his hips was covered by the comforter, preferring to sleep shirtless no matter the weather. His boyfriend always appreciated the view.

Jungkook could only groan as a verbal response, but he didn’t hesitate to mindlessly outstretch his hand, hoping Jimin would get the hint. Chuckling softly, he did, taking his boyfriend’s larger hand into both of his own and kissing it softly. Jimin’s fingers massaged Jungkook’s hands gently, thumbs circling into his skin in the most soothing manner.

It was when Jimin’s warm lips began to kiss his knuckles that he noticed something was out of the ordinary.

Wiping his tired eyes with his free hand, Jungkook turned so that he was facing Jimin, seeing the intense blush on his cheeks before anything else. With furrowed eyebrows Jungkook glanced down at his left hand, noting a beautiful silver and diamond ring occupied his ring finger; one he hadn’t remembered wearing before he went to sleep.

In confusion, he kept his eyes on Jimin (who was sheepishly avoiding his gaze) as he wuickly walked over to his organized jewelry case—somehow now wide awake. He didn’t have much jewelry to his name, but what he did have, he cherished and knew well. He was sure he would remember owning something so beautiful—the ring was silver with a double strand of small diamonds down the middle; something he was sure it would take him ages to be able to afford.

Looking into his jewelry box, he saw that every slot in the small case was filled and organized like he had remembered it. With shaky hands, he turned to face towards Jimin, who had began walking towards him with an expression that conveyed that he was attempting to be composed.

“Jimin....what’s this?”

“Ah—” Jimin softly grinned at his lover’s breathless tone, twiddling his fingers together ever so slightly, skin flushed red. It took a matter of seconds longer than he would have liked, but he finally mustered up the courage to look at Jungkook.


“I was going to do something a lot more special, bun, but nothing felt like a more perfect moment than last night. You’ve stuck with me for 2 beautiful years, Jungkook, and I just can’t live without you. I can’t think of not having you as mine....not being yours.”

Staring into his boyfriend’s doe eyes, Jimin blushed furiously, taking in the deepest of breaths and getting down on one knee. He was gentle in grabbing Jungkook’s left hand, worry spreading across his face when he felt Jungkook psychically shaking against his touch.

Putting Jungkook’s health first, Jimin attempted to rise back unto his feet—only for Jungkook to quickly shake his head and push on his shoulder, as if to signal that he would be fine and Jimin should continue. With a gentle laugh, Jimin obeyed his boyfriend.

Staring at Jungkook brown eyes, pink tinted features and messy hair, Jimin was once again reminded of the man he fell in love with—a shy, quirky boy who loved gaming and Park Jimin wholeheartedly. He thought to himself that he could never truly be worthy.

“Jeon Jungkook, you’re my muse, my inspiration, my reason for working so hard day-in and day-out. I just want to grow with you forever; psychically, mentally, emotionally. There’s no one on this earth who makes my heart skip the way you do, no one who even comes close to having the pure heart you have. You love me unconditionally and accept all my flaws, I just want to love and cater to you forever, for as long as you’ll have me. Jungkook, will you make me the happiest man on earth and be my husband?”

Jungkook’s cheeks were lit bright red as he covered his ears, legs jogging in place as a display of how excitingly overwhelmed he was.


“Yeah, Yes, Yes, Yes!”


“Yeah, baby? My baby’s going to marry me?”


Jimin giggled at the thought and the state of his now fiancé, teary eyed, jumping to his feet. Jungkook began to jump cutely, tears running down his face as he excitedly clapped his hands. He was at a lost for words, doing nothing more but burying himself into Jimin’s arms when he was ready, crying into his shoulder.


“I-I love you so much.”


Holding him impossibly close, Jimin pressed what seemed like a hundred kisses across Jungkook’s face, cool lips resting calmingly against his flushed skin. Much like last night, he found himself crying alongside who was now his fiancé, but much more quietly as to not disrupt his own emotional spell.

“You’re so good to me, Jimin, I just. I don’t deserve you, you’re way too good to me. I can’t believe you’d want to marry me, have you seen yourself?! I—“

Jimin pressed his lips softly against Jungkook’s, feeling his strong shoulders drop and his knees begin to go weak—a common scene and occurrence between the two.


“You’re perfect and I wouldn’t trade you for the world, Jungkook. You’re the most perfect person I’ve ever met, I don’t want anyone else but you. I’m so honored to love you.”


“Are you sure?”


“I’m positive, bun. You’re going to make the best husband ever; I’m getting butterflies just thinking about seeing you at the alter. And I’m going to do everything I can to be the best husband, lover and supporter for you; for as long as I live.”


“I’m so in love with you.” Sobs broke through Jungkook’s body despite him wishing he could just stop crying and look his now fiancé in the eyes. But Jimin was so incredibly understanding, running his hands up and down Jungkook’s bare back—the warm contact assuring Jungkook that everything would be alright and the feeling was mutual.

As the couple embraced, they shared gentle, tearful kisses, ramblings of love exchanged as well the occasional exclamation of disbelief.

Soft kisses turned into deeper ones, and deeper kisses resulted in the pair making love in a way that felt brand new; a way that expressed that they were truly bound together for life.