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Playing With Fire

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//~~~~~~~~Chapter 1~~~~~~~~~~\\




Ironically this is the first thought that pops in her head as she lets the metal door swing shut behind her. Adjusting the strap of her duffel bag Momo lifts her head high and pulls her shoulders back to make herself seem as tall as possible. Which is hard because the large building before her, makes her feel so small.


She entered through the back door as instructed in the first day notice she received after graduation from the academy. It just so happens to enter into the apparatus bay where two red firetrucks are parked side by side along with an ambulance in the corner. Momo’s seen her fair share of these monster like vehicles, but this is different. These would be her trucks, the ones that carry her into the field where she can start helping people. Her footsteps echo on the smooth floor as she walks between the trucks and touches the cool metal. Leaning in Momo can see her reflection in the red paint as she smiles at herself.


‘You can do this’ she chants softly to image.


“Yaoyorozu” A voice snaps, causing Momo to jerk away from the truck as if it burnt her and look up. The second floor of the firehouse is an open loft with a railing where a large man with white hair stands ridged. His dark eyes glaring down at her as if he were already angry at her.


Momo quickly stands at attention and slaps her hands at her side, “Battalion Chief Sekijiro”


His eyes give her a once over before jutting his chin out to her, “Is that your real name?”


“Sir?” Momo cocks her head in question, not really sure what he’s asking.


“Momo? Is that your real name?”


“Oh! Yes, sir!” Momo nods quickly.


“What’d you do to your parents to deserve a name like that?” He sneers and Momo can feel her smile slowly drop off her face.


Not sure what to say Momo just kept her mouth shut as her battalion chief unfolds his hands and grasps onto the railing, “You’re prettier than most, I’ll give you that.”


Silence flitters between them as Momo fights to not say anything that’ll land her in trouble with her superior. She can feel her teeth digging into her tongue to hold back.


When he seemed to realize she wasn’t going to accept his ‘compliment’ he rolls his eyes and points down, “The women’s locker room is to the left. Ignore the ping pong table. We’ll move it out in a week if you’re still here”


Momo looks to the door he’s pointing to, and see’s a sign taped to the wall next to it written in sharpie, ‘Woman’.


Her stomach churns at the lack of hospitality, but she shows nothing as she looks back up to her chief, “Yes sir”


The chief turns his head and shouts over his shoulder, “Round up you bunch of dogs! Come meet someone”


Within seconds she can hear several sets of footsteps and her chief is joined on both sides by five new faces. All of them looking down at her with different expressions.


Momo quickly forces a smile. Even though her first meeting with her chief didn’t go as planned, there’s no reason to expect the same treatment from her new coworkers. She holds up a hand in a silent hello as she awaits introductions.


“Who’s this?” A blonde crosses his arms over the railing and leans his chin into his arms as he smiled down at Momo.


“Gentlemen meet our new diversity hire”

The word ‘diversity’ hung in the air as Momo’s smile twitches and her hand lowers. She can see some faces turn away from her and she can’t tell if it’s because they feel awkward by what was said or they just didn’t care. Her stomach churns again while she tries to keep the smile up as she takes in each face slowly.


“You know Chief, there’s another way to say that” A voice speaks up and Momo looks to her right to see a young man walk from around the firetruck.


Her heart stutters when she gets a good look at the man that came to her defense. His hair two toned, wearing a tight fitted black firefighter shirt and black uniform pants. As he walks closer she notices a scar around his left eye, nearly making both sides of his face completely different from each other. He stops near her, and goes from glaring at their chief to looking at her. Even his eyes are different colors.


“Yeah, we’re screwed” The chief says curtly as he turns away and walks back from where he came.


Momo looks from the railing of blinking eyes to the duel haired man and her smile comes back this time with ease and less forcefulness.


“I’m Momo Yaoyorozu” She says with a quick bow.


He just blinks at her before turning abruptly and walks back towards the front of the trucks where he had been apparently working.


“Oh um, good talk” She calls out before chiding herself on how lame that sounds.


Hearing a chuckle she looks back up at the set of eyes looking down at her and she can feel her self-consciousness ticking at her insides. Her new coworkers looking down at her like she feared they would.


“Don’t get discouraged! That’s just how Captain Todoroki says hello” The red head points out.


“Yeah don’t take it personally,” The blonde from earlier waves at her, “I’m Denki Kaminari, welcome to the 1A unit.” 


At the prospect of finally meeting someone with manners she feels her anxiety ease her shoulders, “Hello” She bows, “I’m Momo Yaoyorozu”


The spiky red head points to himself, “Names Kirishima, that pouty face over there is our second in command Lt. Bakugo”


When addressed the sandy blonde haired man growled and began shouting at the red head for calling him names again.


“I’m Sero, the truck engineer”




Kirishima points off to where the half and half firefighter walked off to, “And that was our captain, Todoroki”


The other two introduced themselves and Momo committed every name to memory as she nods, “It’s great to meet you all”


“Come on up, I’ll give you the tour” Kirishima points to the set of stairs on the other side of the bay.


Lifting her bag again Momo jogs over to the stairs, but not before throwing a look over her shoulder at the man that stood up for her. Her new captain.


The firehouse is pretty high tech, more so than she expected after spending several months training at the academy that was built back in the day with original bricks and all. They had a large kitchen with an open dining room, a day room with a large U shaped couch that sat before an even bigger screen. Kaminari said it was something all the guys pitched in to buy. 


“Fitness rooms pretty standard. Most of us go to the boxing gym down the street for a real work out. It’s called Snipe’s Gym, ever seen it?” Kirishima looks over his shoulder to Momo as they stop by the small room with minimal training equipment.


“Can’t say I have. I actually just moved into the area yesterday.” 


“Really? Where you from?” Sero leans against the wall near them. Only Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero joined in on the tour of the station, while the others went back to whatever they’d been doing.


“Grew up in Osaka. Kinda, been there my whole life, so all of this is pretty new”


“Well, welcome to Musutafu. I’m a native, so if you have any questions feel free to ask” Sero says and Momo nods.


“Actually I do need to join a good gym so I’ll check out Snipe’s”


Kaminari continues with the tour as they talk, “The owners pretty cool. He use to be a cop until he got hurt in the line of duty. Used his pension to open a gym that civil servants can frequent.”


“A cop?” Momo asks out loud.


“Yeah, we get along with our boys in blue here. Of course, there’s that competitive vibe but it’s all in good nature” Kirishima explains.


“You’ll meet them soon enough. They usually show up to our call outs for back up.”


They showed her the dorms which is just a large room with sectioned off bunk beds. It has some half walls to give a semblance of privacy, but it’s all open floor for easy access if a call comes in at night and they need to get up quickly. After the tour of the upstairs, they move over to the poles near the dining room.


“We come to my favorite part of the house” Kaminari motions to the three polls and rubs his hand on them affectionately, “I love these babies”


“Yeah so does your mom” Bakugo calls from the kitchen, causing Sero and Kirishima to snicker at the look of shock on Kirishima’s face.


“Shut up Bakugo! MY MOM IS A VERY NICE LADY!” The blonde snaps loudly causing the guys to laugh harder.


“Yeah she is” Bakugo snorts which in effect has Kaminari waving his fist at him with a silent threat.


Momo just looks between all of them to see there’s no real animosity and it brings a smile to her face as she hopes to someday be as close to them as they are to each other.


“Care to try it out?” Sero asks Momo who nods quickly.


“Yes please” She makes sure her duffel bag is hooked around her tightly before grabbing onto the pole and making a leap down the large hole in the floor. Air shoots up around her, fluttering her hair and jostling her clothes. Within seconds she lands back on the lower level with a giggle and looks up to see the faces of her coworkers smiling down at her.


Stepping back she awaits their decent but bumps into a body and turns quickly to see the man from earlier standing there. She quickly self-consciously pats at her hair and feels that it’s still in her ponytail.


“H-hello captain!”


He just blinks down at her as she clears her throat, “It’s Captain Todoroki right?”


Silence meets her still and Momo coughs uncomfortably, “I um- wanted to say thank you for what you said back there”


“I didn’t say it for your benefit” His blunt words slap her and she feels her smile drop every so slightly.


“Oh, well, I still appreciated it non-the less. I look forward to working together.”


He hums and looks away to the trucks as Momo follows his gaze, “Are you working on the rigs?”


“Yeah, just making sure they’re stocked.”


Momo feels pride swell as she clenches her hands into fists and holds them up, “As expected, my new team is diligent and prepared. I look forward to working with you Captain!”


His eyes slide back to her and ever so slightly he leans in. Momo freezes as she leans back, not sure what he’s doing until he stops quickly and looks down at her, “You talk a lot”


“Woah, Todoroki way to be blunt!” Kirishima says loudly as he pops up next to Momo and laughs at the tension in the air.


Todoroki leans back and shrugs before he goes back to the trucks, leaving a fully baffled Momo.


Talk a lot? Is that bad? Good? What did he mean by that?


Momo feels her stomach knot up at the thought of annoying someone on her first day here, let alone her captain. Especially the one who did her a favor by speaking up for her even if he didn’t mean to. Was she talking to much?


“Come on Yaoyorozu! We’ll show you the mechanic bay. Maybe Shinso will let you touch his tools” Sero calls over and Momo shakes out of her thoughts as she jogs over to her coworkers.


By the end of the day, Momo has been shown across all of the property, including the equipment shed out back, and given a tour of both trucks. Currently she’s standing in the ‘woman’s’ locker room, unloading her stuff into her locker. True to word there was a ping pong table in the center of the room, along with several boxes of unmarked items. 


Now that she’s alone she can process her situation. So her battalion chief seems to dislike that she’s here, and it can only be assumed due to her gender. Which bothered her, but she’s tough, she can ignore his harsh words, so long as they don’t interfere with her work. Everyone else seems nice enough, especially the boys that gave her a tour. Shinso’s quiet, but he at least appreciated that Momo could name all the tools he had for the truck engines. Bakugo and her have limited interaction but she’s sure he means well. Todoroki… well he’s a mystery to her at this moment. 


‘You talk a lot’


That phrase kept bouncing around in her head for the past three hours since he said it. She hasn’t seen him since but she wonders what their next interaction will be like.


Momo folds her empty bag at the bottom of her locker before shutting it and walking out to the main bay area. Talking can be heard upstairs and Momo begins to make her way up to join the others.


“I’m just saying, eight women join a class of a hundred and seven recruits, and three of those eight pass. Eighty seven fire stations all across Japan and we get stuck with one of those three.” She can hear the voice of her chief and she pauses on the stairs out of sight. They’re talking about her.


“What did I do to deserve this?” He asks to whoever else is in the room.


“Come on Chief. She seems fine.” Sero speaks up.


“Yeah, she’s nice” Kaminari follows in as well.


“Nice doesn’t cut it in this line of work. Who would you trust more to pull you out of a fire? Bakugo or little miss nice down there?”


His words stung as she clenches her hands into fists. His bias towards her apparent in his tone and words.


Silence meets him and Momo can feel her stomach falling at the lack of support. No one obviously wanting to answer when they all knew who they’d rather pick. They didn’t know her or her skills yet. Nothing against them but they trusted what they knew and she couldn’t fault them for that.


“Honestly, I don’t care who pulls me out of a fire, as long as they do it” Todoroki’s voice speaks up and Momo lifts her head at the strong tone of his voice.


“Watch yourself Todoroki” Chief snaps at him, “Do you even know how much it costs to put a woman through the academy?”


Having enough of this, Momo takes two steps at a time and appears at the top as she answers for them, “Same amount as it costs to put a man through, I imagine”


All eyes turn to her and the chief glares at her for intruding on their conversation. Momo looks up at him and doesn’t break the eye contact. She refuses to back down and show she’s as weak as he thinks.


Tension fills the air as the others look between Momo and Sekijiro, wondering what might transpire next.


“$82,000 of the tax payers money goes into each woman recruit that joins the academy just to have them fail and drop out.”


“I say if you pass the academy, you’ve proven yourself” Bakugo says from the other side of the room where he’s pouring coffee into a large mug.


If Momo weren’t trying to seem as intimidating as possible, she would have smiled at the spiky blonde for saying those words. 


“I’m worried about the life of my men out in the field with you. And I feel bad for the poor son of a bitch that dies because you’re not tough enough to drag them out of a fire. All because the city mayor wants to say female recruitment is up for his election year. That’s why I have an issue with you” The chief spat out before turning around and making his way out of the dining room and down the stairs to leave for the night.


Momo stands awkwardly in the center as all the guys cough or scratch their heads to try and find a way around this awkward moment.


“Well that was ugly” Kaminari groans.


“Uh so about the Chief,” Kirishima rubs the back of his head, “He’s kind of old school”


Momo snaps her head towards him, “No it’s fine. I can take it. I don’t need anyone to carry my load. While it’s out there. I want you all to know I can do this job. You’ll see that I can pull my weight harder than any man can. Don’t slow down for me, because I keep up and if I can’t, don’t wait for me.”


“Well I can tell that by looking at you. Didn’t you graduate top of your class at the academy?” Shinso asks and everyone looks over at him.


“I still keep in touch with my old teacher there. Aizawa right” The purple haired firefighter asks and Momo nods quickly.


“Yeah Aizawa”


“He mentioned you last time I was there. First female firefighter paramedic to graduate number one in thirty five years.”


Blushing at the mention she can see some of her coworkers eyes widen, “Wow Yaoyorozu is that true?”


“Yeah, Yeah it is”


“Todoroki graduated first of our class two years ago. That’s impressive” Sero whistles loudly as other agree with him.


Just as she was about to tell them she doesn’t like to brag, an alarm sounds causing her to jump and look around the room at the lighting siren on the wall.


It’s like a switch is flicked and all six of the guys drop whatever they’d been doing and run towards the pols or the stairs. Mom follows down the stairs and stops as she sees them all standing by the line of suits, watching as they suit up and she looks for a spare one.


“Where’s mine?” She asks quickly.


“Don’t worry about it. We got this one. You stay and get use to the place.” Kirishima says as he shrugs into his large fireproof coat.


“What?” Momo whispers as Kaminari nods and rushes by her, “We’ll get you set up on the next one”


She sputters out as she tries to argue but she doesn’t want to hold them back from the emergency. Todoroki is already suited up first and opening the trucks driver door followed by Bakugo. Within two minutes from the sound of the alarm the door to the bay is open and they guys pile in the left truck as it slowly glides out of the building, leaving Momo standing in its wake watching them go.


And that was Momo’s first day on the job as a firefighter. It’s not at all how she expected it to be as the excitement from earlier drains out and onto the floor.


The building really does feel cold…


//~~~~~~~~End Chapter 1~~~~~~~~~~\\

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//~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\\

As a paramedic firefighter, your job is almost considered the most important one on the team. Of course all jobs are important to ensure the safety of civilians in an emergency, but it’s the paramedics that ensure the person is alright. No use saving someone if they just die a few seconds later from injuries that could have been prevented with proper care.

On their team the only other paramedic firefighter is Shinso and his silence could give Todoroki’s a run for his money. On Momo’s second day she was assigned to shadow Shinso and get the hang of the ropes. Even though she trained in the natures of medicine, she still has a lot to learn.

Momo’s currently practicing her CPR compression while counting them out to herself. The plastic dummy crunching under her pumps due to overuse in the past. Once at 30 she leans and down blows two rescue breaths before continuing 30 more pumps.

“Alright so you’re competent in CPR. That makes you a step above those idiots over there” Shinso says as he juts his thumb over to the guys that are nearby lugging equipment from the truck to the empty space of the bay.

“Aw come on Shinso baby! We know you’d love to practice CPR with us” Kaminari makes kissy faces at the purple haired paramedic who scoffs and gives them a disgusted sneer.

Kirishima, and Sero double over laughing as they drop the used oxygen tanks near the others.

Momo finishes her compression's and sits back up on her knees as she smiles encouragingly at Shinso, “Don’t listen to them. What’s next?”

Shinso looks back down to Momo and her CPR dummy before clicking his tongue in annoyance, “I can handle them. Back to your test”

“Oh so this is a test?” Momo smiles at the thought of a challenge.

The purple haired man is sitting on a large metal table and holding an open book that he’s been reading ever since she got here this morning. Originally when reported to him he asked her to get the breathing dummy down and she just complied without question.

“Of course this is a test. I need to see what you know. Better to find out now rather than in a real emergency when you’re looking for me to help you and I’m not there”

“Alright. Test me” Momo smirks.

“Ohhh you hear that guys? Yaoyorozu is challenging Shin Shin to a battle of wits and knowledge” Sero slaps a hand to Kirishima’s shoulder as the red head and nearby blonde drop what they’re doing and climb up the truck to sit on its side and get a good view of the ‘battle’ that’s drawn their attention.

Ignoring them Shinso quirks a brow up, “Bright red blood spurting would indicate what?”

Without missing a beat Momo answers with that smile still on her lips, “An arterial bleed”

“Dark red blood flowing is what?”

“A venous bleed”

“How would you control these bleeds?”

Momo scoffs as if this were a walk in the park, “Direct pressure and if that doesn’t work I would tourniquet it”

Shinso squints his eyes at her and shuts his book, finally giving her his full attention, “How would you treat cardiogenic shock?”

“Well, I would start by pumping their IV with fluids and plasma, and if no improvement is seen I’d use norepinephrine or dopamine to fix it.”

Todoroki walks into the bay and looks up at the three knuckleheads with annoyance, “Shouldn’t you three be stocking the new equipment in the truck?”

“Yeah in a minute! The new girl is totally having a stand off with Shinso! You gotta see this!” Kaminari whisper shouts as he points over to the two paramedics. Todoroki sighs but turns to view the display of medical education.

“What’s the first thing you do with a third degree burn victim?”

“Besides assessing how much skin is damaged, you quickly remove any foreign objects and dead skin to treat the burn itself.”

“What would you use?”

“Intravenous fluids containing electrolytes”

Todoroki’s eyes widen half an inch as he admires Yaoyorozu’s knowledge and her confidence to display it like this.

“A child with projectile vomiting, a stiff neck, and a fever causes you to suspect what?”

“Meningitis of course”

“Shinso, she is killing it!” Sero shouts over at them and the senior paramedic glared over at the fellow firefighters before facing Momo, “You’re pretty well versed”

At this compliment Momo preens in pride as she feels her face warm up in embarrassment, “Thank you Shinso.”

“You have any medical experience?”

“Well, sort of.” Momo rubs the back of her neck, “Both my parents are surgeons. They wanted me to follow in their footsteps”

The three from the truck climb down and continue to re-load the truck with new equipment as the blonde calls over his shoulder, “Not that we aren’t happy to have you. But why not follow them?”

Momo looks down in thought as Todoroki watches her, waiting to hear her answer.

“I guess you could say I didn’t have a passion to pick and choose who I could save.” She blushed bright red and shakes her head, “I mean! That didn’t come out right. My parents are so world renowned that their surgeries have to be approved by a select board of medical experts. They don’t just help anybody. I want to help as many people as I can.”

Momo looks up and for some reason she wants to find Todoroki’s eyes to see if she can read his expression. Although his face is blank as usual, she can almost see respect behind the tuffs of hair that have fallen over his face.

A blaring alarm sounds, causing Momo to jump several feet in the air. The guys laugh at her reaction as they all rush to the line of suits to gear up. Momo can feel her heart pounding out of her chest. Her first call. This is it!

Momo runs over to the far side where her gear is stowed. She see’s her name sewn into the patch over the breast as she lugs on her large white and yellow fire coat.

“Alright rookie! Time to see what you’re made of!” Kaminari rushes by her and knock a fist against her hard hat that she securely places on her head. Kirishima and Sero pass by her and do a similar knock to her helmet as Todoroki follows and just passes her by without the supporting knock. She smiles none the less and pulls herself up and into the body of the behemoth like truck.

“Lock and load you sons of bitches!” Bakugo screams as he runs along side the truck, already in gear and throws open the driver door.

The inside of the truck is roomy, with two sets of seats facing each other, leaving room in the center for their large boots to spread out. Momo is squished between Sero and Todoroki as Kaminari and Kirishima sit across from them.

The bay doors were already slid open when the alarm sounded, and the alarm of the bay is replaces by the siren as Bakugo whips the truck out of the building. Momo squeaks as she falls against Todoroki’s shoulder and she looks up to see those duel colored eyes look down at her in question.

“Sorry!” Momo pushes away and feels the bump of the road under her feet as Bakugo whips and speeds along the roads of Musutafu.

“Whoa” She gasps as he does another quick turn and tries to steady herself.

The guys laugh at her wobbly seating, “It’s alright, you’ll get use to Bakugo’s driving soon” Sero assures.

Shinso is in the front next to Bakugo looking over his seat at them, “We have a car accident on 7th and 42nd; two vehicles, both reporting injuries."

Their captain takes charge instantly, "Sero you and Kiri are on perimeter. Bakugo and Kaminari are on rescue with me. Yaoyorozu, you’re with Shinso”

Everyone nods as Momo replays his words in her head, “Right”

The drive is fast with Bakugo screaming and blaring the horn to get drivers out of the way as most of the guys laughed at his temper, “I swear to god I will run your ass over!”

Once the truck rolls to a stop it’s like a switch is flipped and everyone’s faces turn serious. When the door is thrown open they all file out while Kiri and Sero quickly make the perimeter and telling bystanders to back up.

Two cars are smashed together on the side of the intersection, and a woman is pacing with her phone in hand while screaming in it.

A pink haired cop rushes up to them and Todoroki takes the lead, “Office Mina, what’s the damage?”

The pink cop points over at the cars, “The red Toyota's doors are jammed, I can’t get them open and the driver’s unconscious. I didn’t want to break the glass and hurt him so I waited for my fire guys to get here”

“Good call. Change of plans! Shinso, you and Bakugo are with me. Bakugo get the jaws ready. Kaminari, check the car to make sure it's safe to approach.” Todoroki says to the two and they nod as they get the jaws and paramedic bag.

“What about her?” Todoroki points to the screaming woman on the phone.

Mina sighs in annoyance, “She’s complaining of a hurt neck, but she physically seems fine. Won’t shut up about her insurance and lawyers though”

Todoroki looks to Momo and shoved the paramedic bag into her hands, “You care for her”

“Me?” Momo looks at the angry woman, “She looks fine”

“Are you questioning me?” Todoroki asks as he narrows his eyes at her.

“No! No sir! I-I’ll take care of her” Momo fumbles with the bag and rushes over to the screaming woman.

“Oh you guys got a newbie? And she’s a girl?” Mina squeals as Momo walks away from them and out of ear shot.

Carefully Momo walks over to the woman as broken glass crunches under her boots, “Hello Ma’m, I’m a paramedic with the Musutafu Fire department. I need to check your injuries”

The woman snaps her head to Momo and sneers as she looks down at her, “Um how old are you? No, I want a doctor to look at me!”

Feeling the slap of her words Momo forces her smile now, “Of course, we can get you an ambulance, but until that get’s here let me check you out. The officer said you have pains in your neck. May I-“ Momo reaches our a hand and the woman takes a step back as she holds up her phone.

“Don’t touch me! Can’t you see I’m on the phone! That idiot over there ran right into me! I’m late to my yoga class and my husbands car is ruined! I’m going to sue that worm for everything he’s worth!”

Annoyance ticks at her, “Miss please, I want to make sure you’re not hurt”

“Are you stupid? I said I want a doctor! Where is your supervisor? Get me your supervisor!”

Momo looks over her shoulder to see Todoroki and Bakugo working with the jaws to pull the unconscious man out.

“Um, he’s busy at the moment but-“

“But nothing! What is your badge number little girl! I’m reporting you for refusal to treat me”

“But I’ll treat you now! Let me just-“

The woman screams bloody murder as she stomps her foot, “I want a fucking doctor!”

Momo can feel the eyes of her fellow coworkers on her back and she closes her hands into fists, “Alright, that’s it. If you’re refusing treatment, I can not by law help you”

“What do you think you’re doing?” The woman sneers as Momo turns her back to her, “I’m hurt”

“Well you have two options.“ Momo turns around and holds up two fingers, “One, you can sit down and let me treat you. Or two, you can take your possible concussion and brain damage to your lawyer and hope you don’t fall into a coma that leads to vegetation and possible death. Which can I help you with?”

Silence fills the air, except for the sounds of the jaws ripping at metal.

The woman sneers as she ends her call by hanging up the phone, “Fine”

Momo smiled brightly while she motions to the sidewalk, “Please have a seat”

“Oh damn, I think I’m in love!” The pink haired officer swoons as she fans herself and looks to Todoroki as he steps back allowing Bakugo and Shinso to pull the man from his car, “You got someone special here Todo-babe”

Todoroki looks over to Momo as she placed a neck brace on the annoyed but quiet woman.

“Maybe we do” He answers Mina before going back to work.

Momo finishes up with the woman and an ambulance arrives shortly and takes her away. The female paramedic cleans up her trash and packs her medical bag.

“Wow, you were great”

Momo looks up from where she’s squatting to see the pink girl from earlier smiling down at her, “I mean, just amazing. You shut that bitch down”

“Oh um… she wasn’t that bad” Momo forces a laugh.

“Pfft she was a demon! But the accident was her fault. All the witnesses said she was on her phone and she had a red light. I’ll have some officers pay her a visit later for a ticket.”

Momo can’t help but cover her mouth as a giggle bubbles out, “Well that’s good to hear that she’ll be held to her damages. I’m Momo Yaoyorozu by the way.”

As if remembering introductions the cop bows several times and scratches the back of her head, “I’m so sorry! I’m Officer Mina Ashindo”

The two laugh at her embarrassment before Mina stands back up and Momo follows as she lugs up her large paramedic bag, “So you’re a girl”

“Um, last time I checked yeah?” Momo cocks her head.

“I MEAN- uh, sorry again! My mouth is faster than my brain. What I mean to say is you’re a female firefighter. That’s something you don’t see a lot”

Blushing; Momo hugs the strap to her chest, “I guess”

“Well, if you ever need to talk to a fellow female civil servant, here’s my number. I get together with some other girls at the gym when we need to let out some steam. Call me any time you need to talk” Mina hands her a small card with her officer name and badge number on it along with a number at the bottom.

Smiling brightly Momo hugs the card to her heart, “I would love that. Thank you”

Mina’s radio comes to life as someone spouts off an address and Mina click, “Officer 02 Mina responding.” After she releases the button she looks back to Momo, “Sorry that’s me. I gotta go”

“It was nice meeting you!” Momo shouts as Mina waves over her shoulder and gets in her cop car.

“You done?”

Momo looks to her right to see Shinso staring at her with his own bag in hand.

“Yeah! All packed up!”

“Good job back there” He motions to the spot where the injured woman had been standing, “You handled that well”

“Thank you!”

“Yeah you put that bitch in her place” Kaminari laughs when he swats Momo’s helmet as he walks by.

“Watch your fucking mouth” Bakugo walks by next as he glared at Kaminari, but he also gives a tap to Momo's helmet and she feels her hear swell with pride.

Momo laughs at the display of support as she finds Todoroki walking up next, “Alright everyone back to the house.”

“Yes Cap!” Sero salutes him as he gets in the drivers seat this time.

Todoroki looks down at Momo and she looks up at him, “You did good.”

For some reason his praise means more than the others as she smiles brightly, “Thank you Captain Todoroki.”

She watched as his hand slowly raises to her helmet and gently his knuckles rap against the hard material. It was just a single tap but his hand drops back down to his side and he looks away. Momo just watches with wide eyes as he acts as if nothing just happened. Did she just gain some respect from her captain?

He grunts before opening the side door and nudges his head for her to get in first. She climbs in and he follows before slamming it shut behind them.
“Can we stop for Wacdonalds?” Kaminari calls from the front seat.

“No we have food at the house” Bakugo snaps, “Don’t waste your money”

A chorus of whines can be heard as they try and argue with him that they deserve it. Momo just silently sits in the center and basks in the pride that she completed her first call as a firefighter paramedic. Her cheeks are glowing and her smile is practically lighting the compartment they all shared.

“What’s got you all happy?” Bakugo sneers at her, “It’s fucking creepy”

“It was her first call, duh!” Sero shouts as he looks in the review mirror at them, “She’s proud”

“Aw then that totally calls for take out!” Kaminari shouts, “TO CELEBRATE!”

“I’ll make us food when we get back” Bakugo slumps in his seat with his arms crossed. Those dangerously red eyes looking for a fight and ready to step up if anyone dare question him.

“But you always make spicy food!” Kirishima whines, “My mouth is still recovering from last weeks chili night”

“Shut up you big baby! You can’t handle any spices!”

“Waaahhh Mama Todoroki, Bakugo’s being mean again” Kirishima and Kaminari whined.

Momo looks to ‘Mama Todoroki’ and fights back a giggle at his annoyed face as he crosses his arms, similar to Bakugo's own posture. This causes their shoulders to press together and she can’t bring herself to lean away from the pressure.

“You guys talk to much” He looks out the window.

She perks up at that. It’s what he said to her on her first day.

“Awww come on Todoroki show us some kind of affection!” Sero pouts.

“That is Todoroki’s way of showing affection!” Shinso barks and all eyes look to him as he faces forward.

“What was that Shinso?” Kiri asks and the purple haired paramedic ignores him. Shouting soon follows with everyone wanting him to continue his train of thought but he refuses to talk any more. It almost seems as if his daily quota for talking has been reached and he just shut down.

At the thought of those words Momo smiles again, feeling bright for a completely different reason. She looks over at Todoroki as he looks out the window. He seems to notice her staring in the reflection of the glass and blinks at her several times before closing his eyes and leaning back to relax. Momo feels her cheeks heat up as she faces forward and listens to her coworkers shout more about food.

//~~~~~~End Chapter 2~~~~~~~~~~~~\\

Chapter Text

//~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 3~~~~~~~~~~~~\\

“So I just… pick one?” Momo motions to the row of bunk beds as the guys stroll by her. She presses her back to the frame of the open door, feeling the metal dig into her shoulder blade.

“Yeah, any one” Kaminari shrugs off his shirt and Momo looks away as several other guys follow suit and pull off their shirts. It’s a room full of totally jacked men, and while she’s not at all nervous around the male anatomy, she still doesn’t want them to assume she’s looking.

It’s Momo’s first night at the firehouse on a 36 hour shift and she’s just made it past the first nine. The past 2 days she got to go home but now that she’s familiar with the house she’s on full duty. The schedules are sporadic with some of them being as long as forty hours or more depending on the need. This would be her first night actually sleeping over at the firehouse and part of her feels nervous.

There are small walls dividing the bunk beds but she can still see these men gallivanting around in their bare necessities. She just brushed her teeth and changed into black leggings and a tank top. They had to be ready at any second if a call came in so no pajamas. Momo watches as Sero and Shinso take the farthest bunk while Kaminari and Kirishima go next to them. Bakugo takes the top bunk all on his own and is already asleep after having an hour head start to bed.

Momo looks to the other side of the room where several other bunk beds sat away from the others. Should she take the farthest away? Would that seem rude? Everyone else is conjugated together on the left side. What if she made them uncomfortable? What about the middle? Would they be offended if she took the farthest bunk?

Her stomach knots up as a figure comes up behind her while she internally freaks out over what to do in the doorway.

“Excuse me”

Momo squeaks as she steps aside as if fire licked at her heels. Looking up she comes face to chest with Todoroki. Unlike the others he’s wearing a grey firefighter shirt and he’s scratching at his duel colored hair, mixing the red and white together.

“Oh, sorry” She watches as he walks by her, the outside of his arm brushing her chest ever so slightly that it’s hardly noticed but still perceived in a way as Momo lowers her head and fights back her flush.

Todoroki walks to the farthest set of bunks on the other side and lowers himself down onto the bottom bunk. Watching him for a second longer, her mind makes itself up as she swallows her anxiety.

Giving a hum she follows suit and stands next to his bed side as he opens the covers but pauses as he looks up at her figure. Is her heart beating loudly or is that just the sound of Kaminari bouncing on the springs of the mattress as he gets comfortable?

“Do you need something?” He raises a brow to her as his mismatches eyes look her up and down.

Momo isn’t sure why she decided to do this but she smiles and points to the bed, “Mind if I top you?”

His eyes grow wide as she slaps a hand to her mouth before pulling it off, “I mean-“

“Wow, Yaoyorozu you are bold” Kirishima pokes his head from around the wall where he’s laying on top bunk.

“Yeah get it girl!” Sero woops as laughter breaks out and several other heads poke around the wall to watch the ‘show’ that is Momo producing word vomit all over their captain.

Momo can feel her face glowing in embarrassment, “I meant to say- DO you mind if I climb up?”


The laughter grows louder and Momo covers her face with her hands, “Ugh why is this so hard?”

“That’s what she said!” Shinso pipes up as the other guys hoot and shout that the quiet one is now in on the joke.

“Will you fuck faces shut up!” Bakugo shouts as he sits up with wild bed hair and glares at them, “I’m trying to sleep!”

The laughter dies down and Momo holds her fists to her stomach to calm it as she looks to Todoroki who’s less shocked, “Do what you want.”

Sighing in relief that he didn’t tell her to get lost she goes to the end of the bed and climbs the metal pole to get to the top. Once situated she snuggles into the covers and closes her eyes. Until seconds later…


She cracks an eye open to see darkness and listens for any other sounds.

“How’s it feel to top Todoroki?” Kirishima whispers and the room is filled with muffled giggling.

Momo’s face burns bright red as she shoved the blanket over her head.

“Leave her alone guys” Todoroki says softly and the giggles die down.

“Fine fine”

After a few minutes of silence, followed by gradual snoring she figures the joke is over with. Lowering her blanket she breaths out and looks up at the ceiling. Maybe if she tried really hard, she’d get a few hours of sleep. Momo’s always found it difficult to sleep in a new place. She never did a sleepover as a kid, so being in a new place is hard for her. Even her new apartment doesn’t quite feel like home. She’s hardly touched her boxes pilled up in the living room and she’s yet to buy any furniture for the place. These past few nights she’s been sleeping on the floor for just a few hours if lucky. When she wasn’t trying to sleep she found herself nose deep in her medical books. Always looking to learn something or improve in a subject. Especially if someone’s life might depend on her someday.

The sounds of loud snoring fill the room and she clutches the blanket to her chest as she bites her lower lip. This is completely new for her, the sharing space with six men that she hardly knows. On a mattress that has more lumps and springs poking her than nessessary. Her mind wont shut off as she begins to think of her chores tomorrow. Already planning what supplies to restock and what maps to look through to memorize the city.

Squeezing her eyes shut she tried counting backwards from a thousand, but all it does is speed up her already racing thoughts. Normally if she can’t sleep she reads a book in bed. But she didn’t want to disturb her bunk mates with any small light she’ll need to see.

After an hour and just laying there she managed to convince herself to get up and have a hot drink to help her sleep. Climbing down, she tried to do it as quietly as possible so as not to wake Todoroki and feels she succeeded. Once her thick socks touched the floor she managed to softly sneak from the bunk room and into the common room. After passing that, she came to the kitchen where the automatic lights flickered on. Momo’s made herself familiar with the cupboards and how the team labels their food to avoid someone else from taking it. She brought a large pack of tea but didn’t label it since she wanted to share it. Her grandmother always said a friend could be gained just by sharing a good cup of tea. After heating up the water in the kettle she pours herself a large mug of lavender tea and brings the warm mug up to her nose. The calming scent washes over her, causing her shoulders to sag and her eyes dip close for a single moment.

She walks over to the railing that overlooks the apparatus bay and two shiny, red trucks parked in opposite ways from each other.

A smile pulls at her lips as she dwells on her few calls they got today. Just another car accident but no major injuries and a stove fire that turned out to be just continued to the stove. Bakugo and Shinso had it out before Momo could even get up the stairs to the apartment with the second fire extinguisher. But, even if the calls are small, she still did it. She’s a Musutafu firefighter paramedic and this is her station the 1A. Lucky for her their chief has been out on other business so she hasn’t seen him since her first day and she hopes he stays far away until she solidifies her rank here.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

Turning her head, Momo looks over her shoulder to see Todoroki walking along the railing towards her. His hair all messed up from bed and she can’t help but think how cute it looks sticking up. But that kind of thinking is inappropriate, especially when it’s about her captain.

Momo gently shakes her head, “No, did I wake you?”

“I’m a light sleeper. I was awake the second you sat up.” He scratches his hair and takes the spot next to her on the railing, “Which brings me to ask, why are you awake?”

Momo hugs the mug closer to her chin to let the steam calm her nerves, “I don’t sleep well in new places. Even my apartment is foreign territory right now.”

Great, now he’s going to think she’s weak, and a baby that misses her parents place.

“What kind of tea is that?”

Out of all the questions she expected, that was not one of them. Looking down at her mug to the light purple water she smiles and inhales again as she exhales the answer, “Lavender tea, would you like some?”

“Sure” His answer is short as Momo pushes off the railing and heads back to the kettle. Silently she makes a second mug with the remaining hot water before joining him back at their original spot.

When he accepts the mug their fingers brush and her stomach does that weird flip flop it’s been doing since she first laid eyes on him.

He hums his thanks before bringing it up to his mouth.

“Oh careful it’s hot-“ She tries to warn but he’s already sipping it as if it were room temp. She lowers her hand and goes back to holding her mug in silence. Part of her chiding herself for trying to baby him. He’s a grown man and can handle some hot liquids without being warned like a child.

“I had a hard time my first night here” He suddenly says and she blinks several times, wondering if she heard him correctly.

“You did?”

He nods and lowers the mug from his chin to swap back and forth in his hands, “Yeah, up until the academy I’ve always had just one room. My room, in my home that I shared with my siblings.”

“Siblings? How many?”

Todoroki gets a soft smile on his face at the thought and Momo smiles, happy that he likes whatever he’s thinking about.

“Two brothers, and one sister. I’m the youngest actually.”

Momo’s eyes widen a bit, “Really?”

“Why do you seem shocked?” Todoroki raises an eyebrow at her tone as his smile drops quickly, replacing it with his usual stoic frown.

Blushing Momo pushes a strand of hair from her face, “Nothing, just that you kind of have that older brother vibe going on.”

“I give you a vibe?” He asks and Momo shakes her head as she brings the mug up to try and hide her pink cheeks.

“Forget what I just said. Soooo three siblings? Do they live nearby?”

He seems to allow the change of subject as he looks back out to the bay and admire the trucks, “Yeah, they all have homes now with their own families. Their own lives.”

Not sure what to say she sighs, “Well, I never had siblings. Just me and my nannies. But I always wanted a brother maybe a sister to play with”

Todoroki nods at that and the silence that follows is one of contemplating as she can read the question on his face. He obviously wants to ask something but is debating if he should. She just keeps her mouth shut and allows him the time he needs. Though she doesn’t have to wait long for her reward as he speaks.

“You mentioned your parents the other day. They’re surgeons”

“Mhm” Momo nods, wondering where this is going.

Todoroki looks down into his tea as he words his next sentence carefully, “Do you regret it?”

“Regret what?”

“Not listening to them. Not becoming a doctor”

“Hmmm” Momo bit her lower lip in thought as she thinks about her answer. Her silence seems to irk him because he quickly withdraws.

“Nevermind, you don’t have to answer-“

“No no I want to” Momo quickly assures him as she reaches out a hand and rests it on his arm to keep him from leaving. He glances down to where her fingers are curled around his bicep and she quickly drops it as a flush covers her face.

“Um, to answer that question honestly, I don’t regret it at all. I never grew up wanting to be a firefighter, as strange as this sounds, but it kind of fell in my lap.”

Todoroki turns to her and rests his hip on the railing as he cocks his head, eager to hear more. The look on his face is new to her. It’s one of interest as if he’s looking for something in her answer. Though with his cold eyes no one would see this if they had just met him.

“I knew I wanted to help people. My parents always assumed I would be like them so there was no ‘Oh Momo, IF you ever be a doctor..’ or ‘IF you decide to be a doctor’. Nope it was always, ‘Momo WHEN you’re a doctor,’ and ‘Momo you’ll NEED to study this book for medical school,’ you know?”

Todoroki nods for her to continue.

“I just kind of went along with it, not vocalizing what I want because I didn’t know what I wanted. Until, two years ago.”

Momo smiles at the memory of something and Todoroki leans closer, “What happened two years ago?”

She smirks up at him, “Why are you so interested in my past Todoroki? I recall you once telling me that I talk to much.”

For the rest of Momo’s life she will never forget the shade of red that flushed across his cheeks as the firefighter faces forward. His hair falling over his eyes in an attempt to hide his new color but she’s already seen it. Her lips pull into a smile as she leans forward on the railing to get a better look at his face.

“Sorry about that” He grunts as he raises the tea to cover his apology but she heard it loud and clear.

A giggle bubbles up through her throat and she hugs her warm mug to her chest. For some reason her heart is beating in sync with her stomachs flips. It’s something similar to the feeling of falling off a building, like she trained at the academy with zip lines.

“Alright” Momo nods and faces forward as she presses her lips together to try and hide her smile but it’s pretty obvious by now.

Together the two firefighters stand in silence while they admire the half lit bay and firetrucks. After about fifteen minutes of silence Momo sighs and looks back to her captain.

“I guess we better try and get back to sleep.”

“You think you’ll be able to?” He asks before he downs the rest of his tea.

Just as she’s about to answer the alarm goes off in the building causing Momo to jump. Todoroki takes several steps back as she looks over her shoulder at him. He’s setting his empty mug on the counter before jogging over to the hole in the floor.

“You’ll get use to it eventually.” He says as he grabs onto the pole and slides down to the first level.

Momo smiles again as she follows quickly and slides her mug next to his own before jumping onto the pole and feels the rush of air around her before her feet land seconds later on the first floor.

They’re both pulling up their turn out pants and reaching for their matching jackets when they’re joined by the other five members. Sero is pulling down his turn out pants from the rack as he looks at them.

“How did you two get down here so fast?”

Kirishima is rubbing the sleep from his eyes while hopping on one foot to get his pants on, “I don’t remember seeing you guys leave the room”


“Less talk more rush ass hats!” Bakugo is already dressed and smashes Sero and Kirishima’s helmets on their heads as he walks by.

Momo and Todoroki are climbing into the truck with Todoroki in the drivers seat and Momo in the passenger. She smiles over at him as he starts the engine and the doors of the bay open before them.

“You still need to tell me what happened to you” Todoroki says as he rolls down the window.

“Hm?” Momo asks as the back door is open and everyone begins piling in.

“Two years ago, you never told me what happened”

Realization strikes her and she nods, “I’ll tell you one day.”

“Tell him what?” Sero asks from the back seat of the truck.

Once the door shuts with the final person in Todoroki guns it on the peddle and the truck takes off into the night.

“None of your business” Todoroki says calmly before focusing on driving.

“Aw come on!” Sero wines as Kaminari joins him and Bakugo snaps at them to shut up.

“It’s to late for your stupid ass questions”

But back at the fire house there sits two still warm mugs side by side, just as they had been. Momo wonders if they’ll have more nights like this. Because if so, she might need to get use to these butterflies in her stomach.

//~~~~~~~~~~End Chapter 3~~~~~~~~~~~~\\

Chapter Text

//~~~~~~~~Chapter 4~~~~~~~~~~\\

“Charging to 300” Shinso shouts as Momo pulls her hands away from the mans chest. As soon as she’s clear Shinso shocks the man with the paddles.

Both of them look to the flat line on the screen and Shinso curses.

“Charging for another round” He says and hits the reset button as Momo begins compressions again.

“I can switch with you” Shinso says as Momo grunts and sweat drips down her face.

“No I got this” She puffs out and pushes down on the cracked ribs on the victim.

After several seconds of pumping Shinso alerts her to clear, “Charging 300, clear”

Momo lifts her hands up as she pushes away and he shocks the man again. That long, drawn out ring of the flat line is interrupted by a pulse and Momo can feel her shoulders sag in relief.

“We got a pulse” Shinso announces and Momo leans down, bracing her hands on the concrete as she coughs loudly.

She’s been doing chest compressions on a middle age man for the past twelve minutes and it’s taken its toll on her. Sweat drips down her brow as she wipes it away with the back of her hand.

“I got it from here. Take a breath” Shinso tells her as he tends to the man.

Momo falls back on her bottom and looks up at the hot sun above. Her heart is pounding through her ears and her throat is dry. Adrenalin pumping faster than she can comprehend as she closes her eyes and tries to count to ten between breaths but it’s hard.

Ice cold water is splashes on her face as she sputters and shakes her head quickly. Blinking the water from her eyes she looks up to see Todoroki standing over her. His turn out jacket off just showing him in his baggy black fire proof pants and under shirt. A half empty water bottle in hand that he apparently used to pour on her.

“What?” She gasps out and wipes her face with the back of her hand again. Though it did feel amazing to have that salty sweat pushed away.

“You were going into shock” he says as if he’s seen it a hundred times before, “You need to calm down”

“I know how to calm down” She snaps as she shrugs off her fireman jacket and drops it next to her discarded helmet.

Their late night call out has just been one of many, leaving Momo exhausted from the lack of sleep. The first call out was a heater fire in a pawn shop that was easily put out with the hose, followed minutes later by another call for a broken fire hydrant that was flooding a nearby homeless shelter. After getting the water shut off they were called out to a car accident several blocks over where they spend nearly an hour cutting apart several cars that piled up together. Momo managed to get this man out but his heart had stopped. They left the firehouse around one in the morning, and now-

She glances at her watch to see it’s nearly nine AM.

After counting her breaths she stands up while putting her two fingers to her pulse to track it. Todoroki stands by waiting as she nods to him, “See? I’m fine”

Todoroki holds his hands up in surrender as he takes a step back, “Just making sure. These people don’t need to see a fireman loose their food. Makes us looks bad to our community”

She looks over her shoulder to see a steady stream of people lined up around the perimeter that Sero set with tape. Their eyes taking in the mangled cars and victims lined up in the street being attended to by the others.

Nodding she agrees while taking the water bottle from his hand and dumping the rest out over her head, effectively soaking her from the shoulders up.

Todoroki watches with that same neutral face as she shakes her head and collects herself, “I’m good.”

An ambulance pulls up along the fire truck, along with a police car. The site is then taken over by the next responders as the 1A gather together after handing off their cases.

Together the unit trudge to their truck and pile in it, exhausted and ready for some sleep. Sero’s driving this time as he slowly pulls out of the accident scene with assistance from the police. The ride is silent as everyone relishes in the change to sit down in an air conditioned vehicle.

“I’m starving” Kirishima sighs loudly.

“Hi starving, I’m Kaminari” The blonde chuckles out but it doesn’t quite reach his eyes since he’s so tired.

“Quit it with a dad jokes. I’m in no mood” Shinso snaps and the blonde snorts.

They reach the firehouse and the team sluggishly hangs their gear along the wall near the trucks.

“Kiri, you and Shinso reload the supplies.” Todoroki says as the two called upon groan in annoyance.

“I’ll help” Kaminari offers and the three stay behind to replenish the medical gear used and such.

Momo follows Bakugo and Todoroki up the stairs to the open kitchen where the sandy blonde begins to pull out food. Momo takes a seat at the bar top and eyes the two empty mugs sitting side by side. It feels like a lifetime ago that she and Todoroki stood against that railing and talked.

A spatula slaps the counter in front of her and she jumps as she looks up to see Bakugo sliding a cutting board and knife to her.

“You cut the vegetables” He says, leaving no room for argument as he holds out a metal bowl of peppers and onions.

Momo accepts the bowl and begins to chop as instructed while the second in command cracks the eggs and begins to whisk them together. She hasn’t had much interaction with him since arriving, but from what she can tell he’s very angry and loud all the time. Always scowling and looking to pick a fight with just about everyone. Part of her wonders why he’s like this, but she knows she’s still to new to ask or even interpreted a reason for his anger. She doesn’t even know if he likes or hates her yet.

“Oi cut with your fingers in” He snaps and Momo looks down to see what he means.

Bakugo growls loudly as he sets down his bowl and walks next to her as he jerks the knife gently from her hand and curls his fingers around the pepper, “Make sure to keep your elbows in and fingers curled. That way you don’t chop off those carrot sticks you call hands”

After watching his example he offers her the knife back and she accepts. Tucking her elbows back and curls her tips around the pepper and begins to cut again. It does feel a lot easier ad she knife slides through the red pepper with ease. Bakugo nods in approval before going to the fridge and pulls out a block of bacon.

Momo glances over at Todoroki as he collects their old mugs and begins to do dishes at the sink.

This is nice… Everyone in this station has a job, including her. A smile pulls at her lips as she feels included for the first time since she’s started here.

“The fuck you smiling about?” Bakugo gives her a look, similar to that of disgust but she feels use to it by now.

Todoroki glances over his shoulder to see what smile Bakugo is referring to and Momo giggles, “Nothing. I just… I didn’t know you cooked Bakugo”

“Oh you haven’t lived till you’ve tried chef Bakugo’s omelet” Sero swoons as he walks into the kitchen.

“Shut up” The chef snaps but a blush covers his cheeks in annoyance.

“So do we take turns cooking?” Momo asks Sero as the thin firefighter takes a seat next to her and swipes a slice of pepper from her growing pile.

“Sometimes, but Bakugo usually likes to cook” He explains while pointing his pepper at the blonde before popping it into his mouth, “I mean he really likes it. He watches all those reality cooking shows and everything. Which by the way, fair warning. When Iron Chef is on don’t even think about touching the remote.”

“It makes no sense to order out every damn day! Save your money and it’s healthier” Bakugo explains as he angrily slaps down the bacon on a cooking pan.

“Do you cook?” Sero asks Momo as he reaches for another pepper.

Momo uses the flat side of the knife to slap his hand gently and he pulls back with a teasing smile, “Not really. I can bake a little, but cooking is foreign territory to me.”

“Well Bakugo can teach you a thing or two, isn’t that right?”

Bakugo sneers at them but doesn’t respond as he shoves the bacon into the oven.

Momo finishes cutting the vegetables and hands them off to the chef as she wipes her hands on a dish towel. The kitchen is a buzz with smells and sounds from different sources. It’s nothing like the kitchen back at home with just a maid doing all the cooking for her parents and her. This is somehow a lot warmer to be in.

“What should I do next?” She looks around for another job; excited to contribute and show her worth.

“Go clean up. Food will be ready when you’re back” Todoroki says as he finishes the last of the dishes.

Momo makes her way back downstairs to see Shinso directing the other two firefighters on their check list. She gives a wave as she ducks into the women’s locker room. The white paper still taped to the side of the door. Walking around the ping pong ball table she grabs her change of clothes from her locker and makes her way to the showers in the back.

The showers remind her a lot of the ones she use to use at the academy. Locker room style with small walls dividing the stalls and overhead hoses dangling down. She scrubs off the sweat and grime of the night and changes into her black uniform pants and an old tank top from the firefighters academy. Her hair is thrown up into a wet ponytail as she slips into her black sneakers. When she leaves the locker room she scan smell bacon wafting throughout the open firehouse.

Seconds later an angry voice shouts to come and eat. The men’s locker room door opens near her and Todoroki strolls out, also freshly showered and in similar clothing except his is a Unit 1A shirt that hugs his muscular arms perfectly.

They look at each other and Momo feels a shiver roll down her spine as those duel eyes dissect her from the inside out.

“I thought you poured water bottles over your head to get clean”

She thinks she misheard him and replays it in her mind before sputtering and dropping her mouth open in shock, “If I recall correctly, Captain, it was you that dumped that water bottle on me.”

The side of his lips quirk up as he walks forward with his hands deep in his pockets, “You talk to much”

Sputtering she tries to come up with a witty reply but breaks out in a giggle instead as she catches up to him and together they walk up the stairs to the kitchen. Shinso’s setting out the plates that have sizable portions of food on them. Kiri is trying to sneak pieces but keeps getting his hand slapped away by Bakugo.

“Wait for the others you god damn animal!”

“But I’m hungry!” He whines loudly.

“You have no restraint” Shinso mutters as Sero sneaks a piece of bacon off his plate.

Todoroki takes the lead as he takes his seat near the head of the table. Everyone else is sitting down and all eyes turn to Momo as she takes in the family like setting. The table is perfectly sized with two extra empty chairs . Nothing like the grand dining room her parents owned and would set out spaciously in. It’s so much more intimate.

“Oi, ponytail! You gonna stand there all day?” Bakugo glares at her as he points with a fork to the empty seat next to Todoroki, “Sit down”

“Yeah come on Yaoyorozu” Sero waves her over as Kiri mimics him and Kaminari pours her a glass of orange juice.

Skipping over, Momo takes her spot and feels warmth seep into her as everyone breaks into their food as soon as she’s off her feet. Plates of toast and butter are passed while several conversations break out. Silverware clink and scratch against ceramic, partnered with the laughter bubbling up as Bakugo snaps at Sero for hogging the honey.

“I swear to god you were raised in a barn!”

“My mom would disagree”

“Your mom is a swine”

“Don’t talk about my mama!”

“Can we go through one mean without someone talking smack about someone else’s parents?”

“Bite me cellophane”

Momo accepts a plate of toast and grabs one off the top before passing it to Shinso who chides Bakugo on his language.

She feels a puff of warm air in her eat as Todoroki leans closer and whispers, “It’s always like this by the way”

Her face flushes as she turns her head to see him leaning close to her face. When he also realizes how close he is, the captain leans back into his seat.

Momo tries to fight the blush off her face, “Is it now?”

“Yeah, always loud, and always vulgar” He sips his coffee with eyes forward.

She looks over at the others and back to him, “I don’t mind”

At that he glances back at her mid sip before shrugging.

“After this, I’m going to sleep all day” Sero whines and Momo focuses on the conversation.

“Ditto” Kiri agrees, along with Kaminari.

“You’ll get to sleep for five hours but I’m waking you up. It’ll fuck with your sleep schedule” Bakugo points out which some agree too.

“Fine MOM!”

After breakfast in finishes, Momo offers to clean, which is gratefully accepts by the others that didn’t get a chance to shower before eating. Together she and Todoroki straighten the kitchen as the others tackle down to the locker rooms to change.

Momo is washing the dishes as Todoroki dries. Every time Momo hands him a new dish, their hands brush together and it’s starting to really mess with her head. The fact that this guy, she’s hardly known more than a few days is causing her insides to flip, it’s a mystery. Part of her wants to think it’s because he’s her Captain and she wants to impress him. But a more feminine side of her knows it’s because he’s one of the most handsome men she’s ever seen in her life. Of course she’s not blind to those muscles and that perfect face.

Once the last dish is handed over she covers her mouth when a yawn breaks through and he glances at her as he dries the plate.


“I should say so. I didn’t get any sleep last night” She rubs at her eyes, “Maybe now I’ll finally be able to catch a few hours”


She stands there, unsure if she should wait for him to finish or head on her way. He seems to know what she’s doing and glances her way, “You waiting for an invitation?”

“No, I was just seeing if you were going to sleep too?” She fiddles with the hem of her top.

He sets the dried plate down and throws the dish towel over his shoulder as he leans against the sink and crosses his arms, “Why?”

That familiar flush creeps its way up her neck and to her cheeks as she looks away. But she can feel those duel eyes piercing into her skin.

“I thought we could share a bunk again”

The silence that meets her, makes her want to look at him, but she’s afraid of what she’ll see when she does. Would he be confused? Weirded out? Angry?


Her eyes finally find his and she see’s indifference as he tucks the dish towel on the handle of the sink and brushes past her to the dorms. He pauses and looks over his shoulder at her, “You coming?”

“Oh, yeah!” Quickly Momo rushes to walk behind him.

They go back to their original bunk on the far side away from an already sleeping group of men. Momo climbs up and nestles herself down into the blankets. She can hear Todoroki doing the same on the lower bunk. She rolls onto her side and looks at the wall as she listens to him. Past all the snoring in the large room, she can just barely make out his breathing. Momo can just picture him laying on his back, staring up at the bottom of her bunk. His duel colored eyes burning into the mattress and through to her body. It warms her up as she clutches the blanket to her chest. She focuses on him, counts the space between each exhale as it grows longer and longer. Before she knows it, the sound of his breathing slowly puts her to sleep.
Unknown to them that this would now be considered their bed, by not only them, but the others as well. And no one would question it either, because why would they?

//~~~~~~~~~End Chapter 4~~~~~~~~~~\\

Chapter Text

//~~~~~~~~Ch 5~~~~~~~~\\

Momo tried to fight back the skip in her step as she collects the practice climbing gear from the training shed. But she's sure it's noticeable as she bites her lower lip to hold back the grin that's threatening to take over.

Todoroki had informed the unit that today they would be training. Suiting up to full gear, they all went out back to the obstacle training structure that all stations had to keep their skills in shape. It looked like an actual building with some walls hallowed out while others had windows of different sizes along the middle. The building is suppose to simulate different types of structures so they're ready for anything. Its tall structure casting a shadow along the group gathered near it.

Momo sets her gear down near the line of her fellow firefighters and looks to their captain who's standing before them with a clip board.

His hard eyes looks to each of them, inspecting that they have on their full gear, even though it's pretty warm outside as it is.

"Today, we'll be practicing our climbing and rescues. I'll time each of you from top to bottom." He lifts a timer hanging by a thin rope around his neck, "Once you reach the top you'll 'rescue' your civilian and lower them to the ground before following after they are safe. It's a test of strength and time"

Momo nods quickly as she lifts her climbing gear over her shoulder and turns to her coworkers. With determination set in her onyx eyes she walks to Shinso's side and taps him on the shoulder. He glances back at her with a raised brow.

"Wanna be partners?" She asks with a grin.

He shakes his head and points to Kaminari, "I already paired with Kaminari"

"Oh! That's fine!" She shakes her hands at him before looking over to Kirishima, "Hey Kirishima!"

The redhead looks up from his gear and she points to herself, "Partner?"

He squints his eyes and holds his hands up in surrender, "Sorry, I'm going first with Sero" The thin man waves at her from his spot by his own equipment.

Disappointment fills her chest as she forces her next smile and shakes her head, "No problem!"

Looking over her shoulder she spots the spiky haired blonde and trots over to him. He's hooking on clips to his vest, ignoring her presence.

"Hey Bakugo" She bends forward to try and catch his eyes but he turns away to get the rope. She pouts a bit as she steps closer, "So I figure since you don't have a partner, and I don't have a partner then we could-"

"No" He glares at her before looking back to his equipment.

At the sudden force of temperament she pauses and tries to brush off his anger, "But we need to partner-"

"Listen ponytail I can lift five of you. You're not a challenge for me. If I'm gonna break the firefighters rescue lift record, it wont be with you" He doesn't bother looking at her and she can feel annoyance well up in her chest.

"Ok, well that's great for you, but I need to have a partner" She puts her hands on her hips, "Captain said-"

"Jeez, you don't get your way once and you wanna tattle?" He eyes her.

Shocked by his words she looks down and fiddles with the zipper on her fire coat. His cold attitude not anything new but the fact that he's refusing to work with her is new in itself. Maybe he's just having a bad day?

"No" She mutters and he gives a nod before rising up to tower over her.

"Good, just stay out of my way" He walks by her with determined eyes set on the wall.

Watching him go she looked to the other paired groups and back the way he went.

"There a problem?"

Jumping she turns to see Todoroki standing behind her with those all knowing duel colored eyes.

"Oh y-yeah- no! Not at all Captain" She salutes him quickly before dropping her hand. Her smile forced and her cheeks should have started to hurt with the force behind her fake expression. Though years of being the daughter of two affluent surgeons has trained her to smile for hours while shaking hands and laughing at stale jokes from her seniors. It wouldn't be a problem to give that same expression to another person. Though from the way his eyes narrowed at her, she wonders if he had the ability to see through her. The thought alone made her fingers fidget with her clips attached to her coat.

Todoroki looks in the direction Bakugo went before looking back to her, "You have a lot to learn"

"Sir?" She cocks her head, unsure of what he means.

He takes a step closer and she stands straight as he towers over her. She has to tilt her head up to meet his eyes, "See you on the wall"

With that he turns away and heads over to the wall where Shinso is lined up while Kaminari waits at the top. Momo takes her spot nearby watching as Todoroki shouts for them to start. Like lighting Shinso takes off and begins to scale the building with his hook and rope. He manages to reach the top in a sensible time as he attaches the gear to Kaminari and begins to lower him to the ground. The paramedic followed shortly after and Todoroki went over their times as they switch and Shinso became the civilian in need of a rescue.

After they finished, it was Kirishima and Sero, before they swapped and finished with a slightly better time than the first team. Momo swallows as Bakugo says something to Kirishima and the red head nodded quickly. She looks to their Captain who's squinting at Bakugo and Kirishima.

Would he say something? Tell Bakugo to pair with Momo?

But he stayed silent as Bakugo scaled the tall wall and lowered Kirishima in a record time that severally beat the others. Once at the bottom the red head slapped Bakugo on the back and proceeded to tell him how manly he is. The others congratulating him on his four minute and 27 second rescue. For a man with the fastest time on their squad he didn't look to pleased with it. It might have something to do with the fact that Kaminari mentioned he's second to another unnamed firefighters time from some unit.
Soon all eyes look to Momo as she clutches her climbing gear to her chest.

Todoroki speaks first when it's obvious she's not moving, "Yaoyorozu, you're up next. Who's your partner?"

Her onyx eyes quickly dart over to Bakugo and he's looking away while taking off his climbing gear. She then looks to Shinso, Kirishima, and Sero but they're staying silent. Her heart starts racing as she opens her mouth to say something when an alarm goes off at the station. All eyes look over and everyone drops their gear as they make a dash for the bay.

Saved by the bell.

They're already in their fire gear so they just grab their helmets as some of them hop onto the red truck. The call is for a truck and an ambulance so Sero peels out of the bay in record time while Shinso takes the ambulance with Momo. The cab is silent while they follow the firetruck to the accident site. She looks over to Shinso and faces forward when he doesn't even glance at her.

Did she do something?

Only one way to find out.

"Did I do something wrong?"

Her coworker lets out a loud sigh as he glances at her, "No... Yes? But, no"

"Ok? What does that mean?" She leans forward in her seat to look at him.

He finally glances at her before facing forward, "You'll learn this eventually but firefighters have very eccentric egos. I'm not exempt from this but, it's hard to explain"

She squints her eyes at him, "Is it because I'm a woman?"

His silence answers her as she scoffs and leans back into her seat with her arms crossed, "You guys didn't seem to have an issue with my gender when I got here. We've worked fine together until now. What's changed?"

He seems to hate this conversation because he rubs his hand over his face, "Because men are jerks. We really are. If word gets out that a woman dropped us off a building, we'd never hear the end of it."

"So it's that you guys don't trust me to actually save someone? You all think I can't measure up to what you guys can do."

She's had this happen plenty of times in the academy. Though there were other woman she could lean on and work with at times, she's run into this sexist wall before, and it wouldn't be the last.

Silence floats around the cab again as the siren above fills the gaps. After a moment Shinso clears his throat, "I'm sorry"

"S'fine" She mutters as she looks out the window, "I'm fine"

Don't let them see you cry. You'd just be proving them right if you allowed that part to show.

But she can't help but be disappointed. She feels weak, and small, and she feels like that insignificant high school girl two years ago. Trapped.

They arrive at the accident site soon enough. It's a simple summer BBQ picnic that got a little out of hand. Someone thought the food would cook faster on a roaring fire rather than a simple grill. Nothing to major, just a burning picnic table and a bunch of destroyed Tupperware. Sero and Kirishima were the ones to put it out with some water and dirt while Bakugo scolded the idiots who started the emergency. Momo walked around the crowd asking if anyone was hurt, which thankfully no one was.

She's shouldering her paramedic bag as she waits orders to roll out when she heard a gaggle of women nearby swoon over the guys.

"Oh my gawddd check out the blonde" A middle age woman fanned herself as she points her other hand in the direction of Bakugo.

"Which one? Both are sooooo handsome"

"Please Mita, do you even have eyes? The purple haired paramedic is the real eye candy!"

'Mita' as proclaimed puffed out her cheeks, "Like you have a chance you chicken legged monster"

"At least I don't have hips as wide as your big mouth"

"Ladies, ladies please" Another woman stood between them with a coy look and a smirk that showed she didn't mind the catty fight at all, "I think we can all agree we're attractive, at least more so than that woman firefighter"

The other ladies giggled as Momo tightens her hold on her strap. She's standing mostly behind the ambulance but their words are as clear as day.

"Oh em gee did you see how tall she is? And those man hands!" A woman shivered dramatically, "So brutish"

"How can a woman possibly be a woman when she hides her body under those dirty clothes?"

"How much you wanna bet she uses the same bathroom as the men do" One giggles scandalously.

"You bitch" The first one laughed with her, "But for real, I would just die if a cute guy saw me in those hideous clothes"

A hand slapped the vehicle next to her causing Momo to jump and turn to see Shinso staring at her.

"You ready?"

Glancing back over her shoulder she faced back quickly and nods.

"Good" He opens the passenger door, "Wanna drive?"

Even though the hurtful words from those strangers still stung, she can't help but smile at the kind gesture of her coworker. With another silent nod he throws her the keys, which she catches quickly.

Momo dumps her bag in the back and heads over to the drivers seat. As she hoists herself up and closes the door she notices Todoroki standing with the women that had been gossiping. His eyes look hard as he speaks to them with his brow creased.

The women seem bashful and avoiding his gaze with guilty expressions.

What is he saying to them?

Though her thoughts are cut short as Shinso slaps the dash of the cab, "We going or not?"

She quickly starts the engine and feels the truck rumble to life. For some reason her stomach feels weird again.

Did Todoroki hear what those women said about her? Was he standing up for her? Or it's possible he's just hashing out more fire safety talk like Bakugo was doing except with much less colorful language.

They get back to the firehouse before the others and set out to check their inventory, even though they didn't use anything.

Ten minutes later the giant red truck pulls into the bay effortlessly and the remaining Unit 1-A jump out.

"Alright team, let's call it a day. We'll finish our training tomorrow. Kirishima, Sero, you're on truck duty."

Momo feels her stomach knot up as she stands to the side with her clip board and watches as her fellow firefighters walks by her. None of them would meet her gaze and she wonders if it's because they feel as bad as Shinso.

A hand claps on her shoulder and she looks over to see her fellow Paramedic next to her, "Hey so um, tomorrow if you still want to. I can be your partner"

Hope blooms in her chest as she hugs her clipboard to her ample chest and a giant smile spreads across her cheeks.

Shinso takes his hands back quickly, "Don't look at me like that. I'm doing it because I was an ass earlier. I just so happen to believe in karma, and it's not looking so good for me now"

Momo hums as her smile stay front and center, directed right at him. A blush crosses his face as he glares and rubs a hand down his face, "Just don't drop me!"

The purple haired paramedic storms off to the stairs as Momo sets the clipboard down on a nearby table.

She looks up to the balcony over the bay and see's her captain looking down at her. For a moment they just stare at each other. She wonders if he'll say anything about today.

His words running through her head from earlier, 'You have a lot to learn'

What did he mean? Was he talking about her team mates? What did she need to learn?

Todoroki is the first to move, breaking their staring contest. He heads back towards the kitchen where Bakugo is making stir fry and shouting at Kaminari to stop eating the peppers.

That night Momo lays in bed, restless as ever. Just staring up at the ceiling and counting the wooden planks. Her eyes adjusted in the dark with enough time and she wondered if it was like that for all the guys. Though that question isn't the main one on her mind at the moment.

How could she get her unit to trust her? To be one of them.

Rolling onto her side Momo sighs and forces her eyes shut to try and sleep. But all she can see is Bakugo's sneer and the avoiding gazes of her team.

At dinner everyone seemed to avoid the elephant in the room and go back to normal. Lots of talking and conversations about anything and everything. Momo stayed silent and just observed her coworkers. Maybe if she got to know them a bit more, they would understand her and know she's here to help.

That she won't drop them if the time ever came.

A creaky spring caught her attention as she snaps open her onyx eyes. Though all she can hear are the snores of Unit 1-A. Sitting up she can just see over the dividing half walls as a tuff of sandy blonde hair walk out the main door. The light from the hall spilling into the darkness for a brief few seconds before it's back to it's usual void color.

Where is Bakugo going?

Momo wonders if it could be a bathroom trip and waits patiently for his return. After ten minutes of waiting she sits back up and decided to investigate. The climb down the bed was slow enough so as not to wake Todoroki beneath her. Once her sock clad feet touch the linoleum she glances at his form as she holds her breath. After thirty seconds he doesn't stir, and his slow breathing is consistent.

Tip toeing through the room she keeps glancing over her shoulder as she waits for someone to wake up and ask her about her intentions. It vaguely reminds her of when she was a child and use to sneak into the kitchen for sweets.

Though the intentions of her sneaking aren't snack worthy, and instead have her curiosity peaked.

Once the door opens she slips out just as fast and it clicks softly behind her. Waiting another second she sighs and continues her trek down the hall to the kitchen. Sweeping left to right, there's no signs of Bakugo. Walking over to the balcony she looks out at the half lit bay. Everything is in it's place.

Taking the pole down, she lands soundlessly on the lower floor and walks over to the truck. Standing upon the perch to peek into the cab of the big red beast. No one in view.

Lowering back to the floor she crosses her arms under her chest and bites her lower lip.

Where could he have gone at this hour?

Her eyes found the wall of gear and paused on the empty spot next to the captains. Bakugo's fire gear is missing.

Trotting over to the wall she takes in the missing supplies before an idea comes to mind. She slips on a pair of sneakers that are behind her giant fire boots and makes her way out back.

True to her theory, she spots the brutish blonde hanging inches off the ground, swaying by the rope as he adjusts something in his hands.

Walking out onto the field she watches him drop what she can now see is a timer around his neck. The same timer Todoroki wore earlier. As soon as it beeps he starts climbing the side of the building like he did earlier.

His hands and feet moving faster than she's seen in a long time. She can faintly hear his grunts as he reaches the top before lowering a sandbag on a rope. Momo assumes that bag is suppose to be his 'rescue'. Once on the ground he climbs over the wall and descends the building in a similar fast fashion.

Once on the ground he grabs the timer and clicks the stop button.

"Fucking shit!" He shouts and kicks at the sandbag. Obviously he didn't beat the record rescue time.

Momo bites her lower lip as she inhaled a lung full of courage before stalking forward. Once close enough to be seen the blonde glares over at her.

"What are you doing up?"

Stopping near the sandbag he had kicked earlier she fiddles with the hem of her firefighter academy shirt, "I noticed you left the bunk awhile ago. Just curious I guess"

Her answer seemed to piss him off as he narrowed his red eyes at her and pointed a finger in her direction, "Don't follow me again. My business is my business"

Pouting in annoyance Momo puts her hands on her hips, "Listen Bakugo, I have something to say"

He scoffs and rolls his eyes at her as he turns back to his gear, "Oh goodie"

"I know you have an issue with me. Maybe it's because I'm a woman, or maybe you're just a jerk to everyone that's new. Be that as it may, I don't care. I'm not here to impress you or pet you fragile male ego. I can do anything you can do. That includes the rescue climb. I might even be able to help you with your time. Back at the academy I-"

He interrupts Momo by rolling his head to look at her over his shoulder and scoffs loudly, "You think you can tell me what to do? That you're better than me?"

Momo's eyes widen as she holds up her hands, "No! I didn't mean it like-"

Bakugo takes a step closer and as much as her non-confrontational mind is telling her to back down. She knows if she does that's it for her. She'll never gain his respect by submitting to his rage.

"Listen ponytail. I could care less if you have these grand dilutions of being besties with me. The others might fall in line and let you braid their hair while sharing your feelings at a slumber party, but if you think for one moment that you can tell me how to do my job." He leans closer till their noses almost touch, "You'll end up on my bad side."

With that said he took a step back and walked over to the wall again, "Now if you want to actually help. Be a good firefighter and take the sandbag back up. Can you handle that newbie?"

With a final glare sent her way she juts her chin out and picks up the sandbag.

"That's what I thought"

Momo tosses it over her shoulder and begins to fireman carry it up the eight flights of stairs. Her mind raging with comebacks that she should have said.

"I'll drop this sandbag on your stupid head" She growls out as she reaches the top, "You ignorant ass"

Once at the edge she drops it and swipes a hand across her forehead to remove the light sweat. Looking over the edge she see's Bakugo preparing for another run on the course. She should just go back to bed, let him carry his own stupid sandbag.

She heard the timer beep from the long distance and watched as he began his dash up the wall. Sighing loudly she steps back once he reaches the top to allow him room to work. Once he slung a foot over he doesn't even glance her way while he attaches the rope and gear to the sandbag as he would a rescue victim.

He hoists it up and just as he's about to perch it on the edge the bag slips from his hands and falls down the wall. Its harness attached to Bakugo's waist jerk him over the edge.

For Momo it was a blink of an eye and he was gone over the wall with a shout.

Her heart hammers up into her throat as she jolts forward, "Bakugo!"

Slamming up against the wall she looks over to see Bakugo hanging upside down, with his hands tangled in the sandbags harness. The rope holding at a single clip on his waist, leading up to the safety knot tied at the top of the railing next to Momo.

He grunts and jerks to try and free his hands but the harness shakes, "God damn it!"

"Stop moving!" Momo holds a hand out as if she could reach him. But he's well out of reach, paused in suspension on the sixth floor.

"Shut up!" Bakugo shouts and squirms more. Momo looks to the rope to see it loosening.

"Bakugo, stop moving the knot is slipping!"

"I can get out myself!" The angry blonde struggles harder.

Looking between the two Momo knows there's only one choice. If Bakugo falls now he would land on his head given the angle of his body and possibly die. There's no time to run down the steps and wake everyone up. She has to act fast.

Bakugo is cursing loudly and thrashing harder, which means this wouldn't be easy given his moving weight and the added that of the sandbag. But she picks up the limp end of the rope and wraps it around her waist with a tight knot. Taking a deep breath she grips the rope tightly in her hands and begins to pull. The rope is taunt at first but once she pulls the safety knot gives away from the ledge.

The sudden weight pulls her forward till she hits the wall with one foot up to brace herself on the edge.

"Mother fucker!" Bakugo screams at the sudden jerk and he looks up over his feet to see Momo's gritting face, "Are you trying to pull me up?"

Momo doesn't answer as she's focused on keeping the weight from pulling her over too. With teeth pressed firmly together she keeps her foot planted on the wall for support as she leans back and pulls at the rope. It’s thick material pressing so tightly into her skin she can feel indents making themselves at home under her white knuckled grip.

"Oh my god, don't drop me! I'll kill you if you drop me!"

"Shut up!" Momo uses this anger to fuel her as she pulls at the rope inch by inch.

It feels like an eternity as she pulls, and the rope is never ending. Part of her wonders if she's even making any progress. Her muscles burn and shout at her for release while sweat pools around her temple, causing her hair to stick to it messily.

Faintly she can hear Bakugo shout at someone else as other voices pierce the air. But she can't focus on that now because if she looses focus for even a second Bakugo could die.

It doesn't matter that he's an ass with a complex wider than a firetrucks body. He's a fellow firefighter, and a human being. She swore to help anyone and everyone when she decided to become a firefighter. Nothing is going to stand in her way from saving him, because if she fails she'll be sure to fall with him.

Because what kind of firefighter would she be if she just allowed him to slip through her fingers.

Looking up she can see his boots peeking up over the edge and hope fills her as she gives another powerful pull and she can see his whole lower legs.

Two figures rush past her and suddenly Kirishima and Todoroki are pulling Bakugo up and over the waist high wall.

Once the tension in the rope slacks and Bakugo is collapsed on the floor she drops to her knees next to him and braces herself on her hands. Both of them are breathing hard as she's sure they have matching heart rates.

Kirishima is saying something but Momo isn't listening as her onyx eyes look into those same red pupils that were glaring at her earlier. They're wide and dilated as he holds his hands to his chest to slow his own breathing down. She's not sure how long they stared at each other but Todoroki holds a hand out to Momo and she looks at it like a lifeline. Reaching out she grasps onto it and with a powerful lurch he pulls her to a standing position while Kirishima helps Bakugo up.

The red head is checking Bakugo for injuries, "Dude are you okay?"

Bakugo shrugs off the fellow firefighter and keeps his eyes on Momo as she looks to her Captain.

"Captain?" Momo huffs as she still tries to harness her deep breathing exercises.

Todoroki looks around the roof and back to her, "What is going on here"

Momo smashed her lips together in a thin line as she thinks about what to say, "Captain, I-"

Bakugo steps forward and interrupts her, "I was training. I wanted to try and beat that rescue time."

Todoroki turns his hard glare to the blonde, "Alone? You know that’s against station rules Bakugo"

The angry blonde looked ready to take his punishment when Momo speaks up, "No! He wasn't alone. He asked me to train with him. I hadn't done my turn yet so I figured this would benefit both of us."

Todoroki looks between them as if sensing the lie. Bakugo is looking at Momo with those same wide red eyes, as if she pulled him over that wall a second time.

"This true Bakugo?"

Seconds of silence pass as Bakugo nods once and Todoroki faces Momo, "Well in that case. All I can say is commendable job Yaoyorozu. You secured your team mate safely."

Todoroki's praise welled up in her chest like a flower blooming in spring and she can't stop the blush that filled her cheeks.

"Wait wait wait! Yaoyorozu saved Bakugo?" Kirishima looks between the two.

Bakugo sets his mouth in a scowl as he glares at the red head, "Shut up spiky hair!"

"I can't wait to tell the guys!" Kirishima laughs as he slaps Momo on the back, "Great job, Yaoyorozu!"

She accepts his praise slightly less flustered than Todoroki's and nods.

"Let's get back down. I expect Bakugo to get a full check up with Shinso to make sure he's fine. The rest of you, get back to bed"

Together the firefighters collected the gear and made their way back to the station. Momo and Bakugo didn't speak again as they separated at the bay doors. She went back to her bunk and while it should have been hard to fall asleep with her adrenaline still kicking, it only took two minutes.

The next morning the news of her Bakugo rescue had spread to the other firefighters. It was prime conversation material at the breakfast table. Sero cooked this morning, and by cook; he just microwaved some eggos and slapped them on a plate for everyone.

Momo could only laugh as the guys joked with Bakugo about being Momo's first damsel in distress. The angry blonde took it in stride as he flipped off most of the guys and angrily ate his eggo's.

When it came time for the training to continue the team met out back near the tower from last night.

Shinso was suiting up, ready to be Momo's rescue, when Bakugo stepped forward already in his vest.

"Bakugo?" Momo questioned as he crossed his arms and jabs his thumb over his shoulder at Shinso.

"Take a hike sleepy. I'm her partner today."

Everyone's eyes grow wide as they look to the tall blonde and he just stares back at Momo.

"Well? You just gonna stand there with you mouth open?" Bakugo snaps at Momo and the paramedic quickly closes her mouth to nod.

Bakugo heads up the stairs to the roof as she takes her place at the front.

Todoroki readies the timer and sends her off with a single word, "Go'

Her feet carry her like they themselves were on fire, as she climbs the wall with such speed and grace that many of the firefighters below are in awe. She reaches Bakugo and similar to last night, she lowers him down. It’s a bit easier given the fact that there’s no sandbag added to the weight. Once achieved she climbs over the edge and propels down, landing with a thump before her crew. Todoroki stops the timer and smirks as he glances up at her. She can’t help but smile under his obvious praise.

“What’s her time?” Bakugo demands as he faces the Captain.

“Three minutes and thirty -six seconds.” He says and Bakugo’s mouth drops open.

Momo wipes a strand of sweat from her neck as her fellow firefighters pat her on the back, “Thanks guys”

Todoroki pockets the watch and Momo tries not to stare at that glimmer of playfulness in his eye, “I wouldn’t expect any less from the record holder herself”

Silence follows while everyone looks to their Captain as if he had two heads.

“What?” Bakugo asks as his eyes shrink to near dots.

Todoroki shrugs, “Oh you didn’t know? Yaoyorozu broke the record for scale rescues back at the academy. She still holds the title”

Bakugo’s mouth drops open and he snaps his head to look at Momo as she tries to bite away her grin but it’s impossible.

Gently she places her fingers on Bakugo’s hanging chin, “Well? You just gonna stand there with your mouth open?”

He quickly closes it and everyone expects him to yell, or scream, maybe even throw something. But a honest to god smile pulls across his face. His eyes crinkle as if not use to using this muscle in his face.

“You cheeky bitch”

Giggling she salutes him before collecting her stuff and walking back to the station.

Maybe she’ll earn their respect faster than she thought.

//~~~~~~~~~End Chapter 5~~~~~~~~~\\

Chapter Text

//~~~~~~ch 6~~~~~~~\\

Should she go with the round coffee table or the rectangle one?

What about a rug? Winter would be here in a few months and it could help keep the heat in her hard wood floors.

Momo scrunches up her face when she flips the furniture catalog, spotting the most hideous rug to human kind.

"Whoa, you looking for the worlds ugliest furniture?" A voice says and Momo looks over her shoulder to see Shinso standing there with a dirty plate.

Offering him a smile she flips the page away from the offending piece and shakes her head, "I'm trying not to"

"Ooo what are you shopping for?" Kaminari who had been walking back from the gym pauses at the opening of the kitchen while wiping his sweat away with a towel.

She closes the thick booklet, turning the cover out to show her coworker, "Furniture. My place is still inhabited by boxes. I haven't gotten the chance to go look so I'm just ordering it."

The blonde strolls over, bends down at the waist to examine the cover, "This place has good selections. What theme are you going for?"

"Honestly I have no idea where to start. I've never decorated an apartment before."

“It’s not so hard. Sero and I did pretty well” Kaminari grabs a water bottle from the fridge and Momo snaps her head up to look at him.

“You and Sero live together?”

Kaminari gives a thumbs up, “Heck yeah we do! Right out of the academy.”

She leans forward placing her chin in her hands, thinking about what their place would look like given their personalities. Momo couldn’t find any roommate ads that were ASAP, so she went for the first available apartment she could find that had an immediate opening.

The alarm overhead starts ringing, sending everyone in action. Momo drops the magazine on the table before following Shinso to the poles. Once down she notices Bakugo and Todoroki already suited up and climbing in the rig.

Momo grabs her large medical bag from the back of the ambulance while Shinso shoves his own onto his shoulder.

Together they were the third and forth in, followed seconds by Kirishima, Sero, and Kaminari.

“Come on you slow asses!” Bakugo leans his head from the open window, “My grandma moves faster and she’s dead!”

Once all the doors are shut the giant red truck pulls from the bay with three loud honks of the horn to warn drivers or pedestrians.

“What do we have?” Momo calls up to the driver seat where Bakugo is sitting.

“Street fight” Todoroki answers, glancing back at her briefly.

“A street fight? Isn’t that something for the cops?” Sero asks next to Momo.

“911 dispatched us so it must be for a reason”

“Ohhh look at the blue one” Kaminari’s voice carries as the female paramedic turns to the left to see the blond holding her furniture magazine and sharing it with Kirishima.

The red head is rubbing his chin, “The blue is an accent color, shouldn’t be used for everything”

“Oi- you some kind of designer now Kiri?” Sero chuckles as he cleans forward to see the booklet.

“You guys brought my book?” Momo feels her cheeks light up as attention is pulled to her.

“Yeah, you need to get on this. Your shift’s up tonight.” Kaminari points out, “You’ll end up sleeping on the floor”

“Look at that dining table. Now that’s some hard oak” Sero points to it.

“I got your hard oak right here if you don’t shut up back there about furniture!” Bakugo shouts from the drivers seat.

“Wow, Bakugo that’s so perverted” Kaminari snickers behind his hand, “Didn’t know you were such a deviant”

“Shut it Pikachu! I’ll fry your ass if you keep squawking like that!”

Momo observes Sero taking a pen from his jacket and circling a few things before handing the pen to Kiri who did the same thing.

The team arrives at a basketball court with a small crowd drawn around it.

“Alright unit,” Todoroki states as everyone exits the truck, “Let’s find who called”

“That would be me!” A woman came over with concern written on her face, “Follow me”

“Everyone move out of the way. You’re blocking the professionals! You damn gawkers!” Bakugo lead the team through the crowd while Sero and Kiri took to clearing the area.

“Up there” The woman points up at the hoop where a young boy is lodged into the metal ring.

“Get me down!” He cries.

Kaminari lifts his helmet in awe, “How’d he get up there?”

The woman then gestures to a small group of boys sitting on the side, all looking pissed off for being kept, “They got him up there some how and jammed him in. He’s stuck now.”

Todoroki nods, “Bakugo you’re on point for this. Get on the ladder. Kaminari I need you to back the truck in so we can get the ladder close enough.”

Both blondes saluted the captain before breaking to the truck. His duel colored eyes finding Momo’s instantly as she straightens her shoulders, “Get ready to provide medical if the kid needs it.”

“Got it captain” Shinso grabs Momo’s medical strap and pulls her away to the small group of boys on the side, “We’ll wait over here”

Momo looks down to the teens all glaring at the kid in the hoop. Her heart hurts every time she hears the kid sob for help.


Snapping her eyes back to the teens she see’s one laughing as he nudges the kid next to him, “Big baby”

“You think this is funny?” Momo says and all the teens look up at her from where they sat.

After not receiving a response she puts her hands on her hips and glares harder, “I asked you a question. You think his pain is funny?”

“Kind of yeah” The one that laughs smirks, “He was crying for his mommy before you got here”

“There’s nothing funny about what you did” She points up at the child, “You could have seriously hurt him”

“Calm down lady, he’s fine”

“Are you a doctor? Do you know why he can’t just bend forward and get out? His spine might be cracked. There are 33 bones in the back. Any one of them could have been damaged from your hazing.” She walks closer, looking at each and every one of them. Some have the decency to look guilty and avoid her gaze.

All except the one, “Whatever”

Her cheeks puff out as her eyebrows pinch together, “Why would you do this in the first place?”

“Kid knows this is our court. Caught him hogging it.” The teen says as if this were justification for his actions.

“What kind of privilege do you have that makes you think a community court belongs to you?”

The teen stood up and Momo finds he’s nearly the same height as her as his glare intensifies, “Because I said it does”

Shinso steps forward and puts a hand to the teens chest, “Back off”

“No I got this” Momo brushes Shinso’s hand away and steps closer to the teen, pulling her shoulders back to stand as tall as possible, “You think you can intimidate everyone you stand up to? Hate to break it to you kid, but I don’t intimidate so easily”

“Listen bitch-” The teen steps closer but his eyes look up at something behind Momo and widen, “Um”

“There a problem here?”

Momo nearly jumps as she turns her head to see her captain, Todoroki standing inches behind her with this hauntingly angry look in his eyes. Those eyes directed at the teen who’s cowering back a few steps.

“N-no sir”

“Sir?” Momo scoffs, “So you call him sir while I’m-“


She pauses her sentence and steps aside at attention for her captain, knowing that tone of voice, “Yes sir”

“Bakugo got the kid down, go tend to him”

She looks up at him and hears the order in his tone but she wants to defy it. With one last glare to the teen Momo clenches the strap of her bag, turning away to the kid that Bakugo carried to the other side of the court.

As she reached him a squad car pulls up and Mina pops her head out, her grin growing wide at the sight of Momo, “Hey girl!” Her hands wave excitedly.

Momo gives a weak wave before reaching the kid and kneeling down to start inspecting him. Mina is joined by a girl with short purple hair in a similar uniform. The partners head over to Todoroki and Shinso who are speaking to the teens responsible for the emergency.

“Hey kid you alright?” Momo gently smiles at the young boy who’s hiccuping and trying to swallow his tears like a big boy.

“M’fine. I wanna go home” He wipes furiously at his eyes.

“I know buddy, but I’m going to look you over first. What’s your name”


Momo puts her gloves on and holds her hands out, “Nice to meet you Kota; my names Momo. I’m a paramedic firefighter. Can I make sure nothings broken?”

He gives a rigid nod and she gets to work feeling his arms and legs, “You’re doing great Kota”

“I’m a cry baby” He wipes the runny snot on the back of his hand.

She glances up while feeling his shoulder, “Those guys say that?”

He doesn’t say anything but she knows it’s true as she sighs, “Well, they’re not really a good judge of character. I for one think you’re super brave for standing up to them.”

“No one gets to play here because they always take it. I wanted to play here”

“Good on you Kota. I’m sure your parents are super proud of you”

He shrinks in on himself, “They’re gone. I live with my aunt.”

Pain constricts her heart as she recalls the older teen saying Kota had been crying for his mom while stuck, “I’m sure she’ll be proud of you too”


Kota stops talking and Momo finishes up her check, “Alright, Kota you have some major bruising around your back and legs but you seem fine.” She removes her gloves, “I still would feel better about you getting some x-rays from a doctor though so I’ll let your aunt know.”


“No don’t tell her about it please” Kota looks up at Momo with wide eyes, “If she knows I got into another fight I’ll have to go back to therapy”

Momo gives a soft smile, “Sorry buddy but she’s gotta know. Your health is more important”

Kota crosses his arms in a pout and Momo leans forward, “But between you and me”

The kid looks up in wonder at what she’s going to say next.

"I’ll tell her how cool you are for standing up to those bullies” She winks as Kota’s eyes go wide and a smile pulls at his mouth.


“Yeah” Momo giggles, standing up, shouldering her bag, “I admire your courage Kota. That’s coming from a firefighter”

Kota’s eyes nearly sparkled but his face drops as another figure walks up to them. Turning her head, Momo sees the purple haired cop with her hands in her pockets, smirking at her.

“Hey, I’m officer Jiro.”

Momo smiles at her, “Nice to meet you Officer” Kota scoots closer to Momo and grasps the strap of her bag to try and hide behind her leg. She guesses the uniform does look pretty intimidating as she places a hand on top of Kota’s head, “I’m Momo and this is Kota”

“I’m familiar with this pip-squeak” Jiro says playfully, “His aunt works for the force”

He looks away from Jiro in defiance as the cop turns her attention to Momo, “He good?”

Nodding her head gently with an encouraging smile, “Yup, just some bruising, but I want him to see a doctor still”

“That’s fine, I can take him. Already called his aunt and she’ll meet us there. You good Kota?”

Kota steps out from behind Momo and pouts, “I'm fine but it’s not like I have a choice.”

“Always such a ray of sunshine” Jiro sighs loudly before facing Momo again, “See you around Firefighter Momo”

The way she says it like it’s some kind of play on words makes Momo briefly wonder what she means before the girl escorts Kota to her cruiser on the side next to the truck.


“Hey you good?” Shinso walks over.

“Yeah, all ready.”

Together the team makes there way to the truck but Momo hears her name being called. Looking over she noticed Mina jogging over with that same smile.

“I haven’t heard from you yet girl. What’s the hold up?” Mina puts her hands on her hip before cocking it, “I’ve been waiting by the phone forever for your call.”

Momo blushes and bows once, “Sorry, I’ve been on a 36 hour shift. It’s all so hectic.”

“That’s alright. I told the other girls about you. You just met one of them,” Mina points to the car where Jiro is helping Kota in, “Jiro’s pretty cool with strong women.”

“Well, I’ll give you a call once everything settles down.” Momo bows again, “Sorry for the wait”

“No problem. I gotta go. See ya around” Mina waves, running over to Jiro with that same excitable energy.

Trotting over to the truck she notices she’s the last to arrive since everyone except Todoroki are loaded in the truck. Momo feels her annoyance from earlier spike at the sight of him and she presses her lips together while walking by him.

“Yaoyorozu” He states and Momo pauses to look up at him.

Why is he so tall? It’s so unfair to have to always look up while he looks down easily, “Yes sir?”

“About earlier, you need to keep your temper in check”

Scoffing loudly Momo smiles in disbelief, “My temper? Excuse me?”

“Those boys back there—you were trying to start something with them”

“I was trying to explain why what they did is wrong.”

“That’s not your job. If you want to be a police officer, I’m sure Mina can get you into their academy.” His tone is hard as she flinches.

“I don’t want to be a cop.”

“Could have fooled me. Your order was to stand aside and wait for them to get the kid down. You wasted time arguing with them. What if he really needed immediate medical assistance? You were to busy picking fights with teenagers to notice”

Momo feels guilt fill her stomach. He’s right, she wasn’t paying attention to Kota, “I’m sorry sir”

“I didn’t ask for an apology” With that said Todoroki climbs into the passenger seat leaving Momo to stare at the ground in shame.

After several seconds of berating herself she joins the others in the truck. The silence is deafening since everyone heard her argument with the captain. Once they get back to the fire house everyone piles out slowly.

“Sero, you and Shinso are on refueling, Bakugo can you inspect the ladder?” Todoroki calls and receives a chorus of answers.

“I can help” Momo offers but Todoroki turns around quickly.

“No, your duty is over for the day. Punch out and head home”

“But I still have another three hours” Momo points out.

He walks closer, similar to earlier. His eyes squinting at her until she sighs loudly, “Yes sir”

Walking past her coworkers, Momo makes her way to the locker room. That white paper tapped to the glass staring back at her still like a beacon for her weaknesses.

She changed into her civvies before grabbing her duffel and heading out to the bay. The others were all getting ready to finish up when she walked by.

“See you later Momo” Kirishima calls from the top of the truck while Sero and Kaminari wave as well.

Momo gives a weak sign with her hand before turning to the open bay doors where Bakugo is waiting. Walking over to him she notices her magazine in his hand.

“Bakugo?” She questions.

“I circled everything not made of cheap ply wood. Don’t waste your money on that crap” He pushes the magazine in her hands.

A soft smile pulls at her lips as she looks up to the blonde, “Thanks Bakugo”

“Stop smiling ponytail, I just hate shitty furniture.” He looks away, huffing out a loud exhale of air as they stand there, “Also…”

She waits until he faces her, the sun shining down onto his face, “If you want to make it here; don’t take things personally”

He’s talking about her interaction with the captain as her head drops, “I know”

“Do you?” His question has her looking back up in shock.

“Because since we left that call you’ve had this stupid fucking kicked puppy look. It’s pissing me off.” He leans against the bay door, “You’re a fucking firefighter. Our skin’s suppose to be tougher than normal peoples.”

He’s right. A sad smile tugs at her mouth, “You’re right”

“Damn straight I’m right. Now get out of here” He turns away, stomping over to the truck to yell at Kaminari for taking to damn long on the fuel.

Inhaling deeply Momo is about to leave when she notices from the top floor Todoroki staring down at her. An unreadable look on his face. When he catches her eyes, the captain quickly looks away, heading into the kitchen.

Turning away from the firehouse Momo hugs the strap of her duffel bag to her chest with one hand while the other holds the furniture magazine.

Her first official shift as a firefighter didn’t quite go as planned.

She should feel tired and ready to go home, but her muscles are bunches with a need to stretch. To run…

Taking out her phone, Momo dials a number and holds it to her ear while listening to it ring.

After several rings the other line picks up with a cheery, “You got Mina!”

“Hey it’s Momo”

A loud squeal has Momo holding the phone away from her ear before pulling it back once it dies down, “Oh em gee hey girl!”

“Hey” Momo walks along the sidewalk, looking up at the afternoon sky, “I hope I’m not interrupting you”

“Nah, Jiro and I just dropped Kota off with his aunt. What’s up?”

Pausing, Momo looks down at the sidewalk before facing to the street next to her, “When’s your next work out?”

Another squeal has her once again holding the phone away as Mina speaks loudly, “How about tomorrow morning?”

“Tomorrows great, I’m free all day”

“Awesome! We can go for after work out brunch-- Ooohh maybe some drinks. I totally know this great place that has bottomless mimosas.”

Why was she already regretting this?

“Sounds great”

“Cool- oh we just got a call, gotta go! I’ll text you the address and time”


“Alright I’ll-“ But the line went dead and Momo pulls it away from her ear to look down like it just bit her.

“What did I just do” Momo whispers.

She’s never had real friends before, and she just got invited to an outing with multiple people. What should she wear? What if they hate her?

Maybe she should call and cancel?

No that would be rude. She called Mina and asked so no take backs.

Sighing loudly she reaches her apartment; taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Feeling the need to work out already, but she holds back. Opening her door she’s met with the sight of boxes scattered around her hard wood flooring. Nothing out of place and exactly how she left it.

So lonely…

Setting her stuff on the counter, Momo pulls out the catalog Bakugo handed her and flipped through it.

A smile pulls at her lips as she notices comments scribbled all over the pages from the guys. Kiri drawing hearts on things he likes while Sero did jagged swipes like in an action comic.

‘Love this’

‘Hate this’

‘You could do so much better’

‘You need to get this’

Giggling softly she noticed Bakugo’s heavy writing like he pressed the pen down so hard it almost ripped the page.

Her mind then drifted to Todoroki, the smile instantly falls from her face.

‘If you want to make it here; don’t take things personally’

Bakugo’s words drifted to her mind. He’s right, she did take what the captain said personally. But even though the captain was correct in calling her out, he didn’t have to be so rude.

Huffing angrily at the empty wall she pulls out her phone to order some dinner in. But part of her wonders what the others are eating at the firehouse tonight. Is everyone staying for dinner? Their shifts are up soon so maybe they plan on leaving.

When the squad finishes their shifts another unit comes in to cover for them. They’re volunteer firefighters that work part time and swap every few hours until the team came back.

Her Thai food arrives later and Momo eats on the floor while going through a few boxes to try and find her extra clothes. None of the boxes are marked which makes everything ten times harder. If she can just find which ones have her pajamas and pillows she can sleep easily tonight.

It’s now seven when she finally gives up on opening boxes and making a big mess. She doesn’t want to take things out until she orders the furniture. Exhaling loudly, Momo is putting her left over food away when loud voices are heard in the hall.

Her neighbors!

Excitement fills her as she stands up, dusting off her pants. She’s been super pumped to meet them but no one was home when she went to the two other doors on her floor. In her hall there are three doors. Her apartment is to the left with another door not far down and one across the hall.

Running over to the door she throws it open with a large smile, “Hello neigh-“ her voice tapers off as she opens her eyes to see three familiar faces, “—bors”

Standing in the middle of the small hallway is Sero, Kaminari and their captain Todoroki.

All four firefighters blink at each other for a few seconds.

It’s finally Kaminari who breaks the silence.

“No way! You live here too?”

Momo wants to imagine this is some cosmic joke. There is no way this is real? What are the odds of moving into the same apartment building of not just one of her coworkers but three? Thinking about it a little harder she does know this place gives a great price to public servants. Where else could she get a two bedroom apartment for one and afford it all on her own?

“Uh- y-yeah, wow” She finally answers, forcing a smile, “This is crazy”

“Totally!” Sero points to the door across from Momo’s, “That’s our place.”

Kaminari looks to Todoroki who’s looking just as shocked, “Captain isn’t this cool? Now all four of us can walk to work together!”

Instead of answering his trains the shocked look from his face and Momo feels annoyance bubble up as he turns away, “Welcome to the neighborhood”

With that he enters the door that’s next to Momo’s and shuts it soundly.

She puffs out her cheeks again, “Is he serious?”

Kaminari shrugs while laughing loudly, “The captain’s always like that. Don’t take him to serious.”

Sero takes out his keys and motions to her closed door, “How’s unpacking going?”

“It’s alright… I just can’t find my pillows or anything”

“Wanna crash on our couch tonight? You said you don’t have any furniture right?” Kaminari butts in quickly, “We have a pull out! Bakugo crashes all the time when he gets drunk.”

“Oh no I couldn’t impose” Momo shakes her hands up but Sero unlocks the door, holding it open.

“No it’s totally fine! Come in!”

With that said Momo was invited into the boys apartment as they shut the door behind her.

“Welcome to our digs! Get comfortable” Sero shrugs out of his coat before hanging it on a cluttered rack by the door.

The apartment itself isn’t anything like Momo pictured. It’s mostly like a huge nerd cave with video game posters littering the wall next to movies and band logo’s as well. A giant flat screen with multiple gaming systems cluttered the coffee table along with soda cans.

Sero got to work clearing the table with a blush, “Sorry, we’re usually a lot cleaner.”

“No no it’s fine. It looks great” Momo noticed the layout is similar to her own apartment and feels comfortable already as she takes a seat on the soft couch.

“Can I get you a drink? We have soda and milk” Kaminari calls from the kitchen.

“No thanks, I just had dinner”

“Oh, we ate at the fire house.“ Sero finishes cleaning and dumps the trash in the bin next to the counter.

Sadness wells up in her at the idea of missing a meal with her coworkers.

But she doesn’t want them to know she’s sad so instead she changes the subject, “So do any of the others live near by?”

“Shinso actually lives in the apartments across the street and Bakugo lives two train stops away.”

“Isn’t that kind of far?” Momo puts a finger to her chin in thought.

“Yeah but he he’s looking to move closer when he gets the chance. We don’t get a lot of free time with our job.”

“What about Kirishima?”

“Oh, he’s down the block in a townhouse his parents bought him.” Sero scoffs, “Mr. Fancy”

Kaminari chuckles, “Dude, he hates that name”

“Well he can suck it up because who owns a townhouse in the city? Rich people”

Momo winces at the use of rich people and Kaminari nods, “Yeah, like don’t tell him we told you but his parents are loaded. Like reallllllyyy loaded. His dad owns all the property on the north side. You know that really ritzy area.”

“Aren’t your parents rich too? Didn’t you say they’re like some crazy famous surgeons?” Kaminari asks as he takes a seat on the couch next to Momo while Sero swats at his head when he walks by.

“Dude, you can’t ask people if their parents are rich. So inconsiderate.”

“Sorry” Kaminari blushes and Momo shakes her head.

“No, it’s fine. My family is quite well off but I prefer to pay my own way.”


With that said the conversation is dropped and the trio go onto an easy conversation about movies before Sero helps Momo pull out the bed on the couch and prepare it for her.

“Thanks for letting me stay guys. I really appreciate it” Momo fluffs the guest pillow Kaminari dug out of the closet.

“Anything for a fellow smoke breather” Sero jokes, “But for real, it’s great to have you as a neighbor. I think we’ll all get along great.”

She smiles up at them while Sero stretches, “Well, I’m beat. I’ve been dreaming of my bed for 38 hours now. I’ll see you both in the morning.”

“Same here” Kaminari yawns, “Night guys”

“Good night” Momo waves to her coworkers before laying down onto the soft mattress.

The small sounds in the apartment make her feel as if she’s back at the fire house. Within no time snoring is heard through the thin walls and she smiles as she recognizes it as Kaminari.

Rolling over, Momo faces the front door and wonders if Todoroki is already asleep? It feels weird to not have him under her.

Blushing bright red she squeezes her eyes shut.

She already set her alarm on her phone before snuggling down into the blankets that smells like fresh cotton detergent.

Maybe the end of her day isn’t so bad.

//~~~~~~~End Ch 6~~~~~~~~~~\\