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Queen of Diamonds

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Pain. Sharp, stabbing pain. And dull, throbbing pain. And raw, stinging pain. That's too many different kinds, Kira thought dimly. Too many pains. His broken left hand twitched feebly, and through bruised and swelling eyelids, he squinted up at what cast a thin shadow over him.

“Hmm. You know, I'm not usually so vindictive. A little petty, sure, but I'm not like you. How many people have you killed, Yoshikage Kira?” Rohan Kishibe loomed over Kira with a bitter smile on his face, his arms casually folded in front of him. “Reimi Sugimoto was the first… well, unless you count her parents, her pet dog… and what did you do to her, once you'd killed her? Once you'd torn her back open and left her bleeding on her floor? Did you defile her body, too?” Kira grit his aching teeth with irritation. He didn't much care for being moralized at. And besides, this scrawny little smartass of a boy knew what he was. A half-slain monster at his mercy. He fucking knew. So why wax poetic about it?

“Yes. Is that what you wanted to hear? I had my way with her. What was left of her,” Kira hissed nastily. “Maybe you heard from outside. But you wouldn't remember, would you?” He wheezed out a weak cough. “Just leave me alone.”

“What, and give you what you want? No, no. You've been left alone long enough, I think. Jotaro-san! Josuke! C'mere. I think we're going to need some privacy.” As if a switch had gone off, Jotaro and Josuke nodded silently and each of them picked up one of Kira's bruised, bloodied arms. Kira whined with pain. One of his shoulders felt broken. High whimpers rode atop thin breaths as he was dragged unceremoniously into an alley and dropped back on the ground.

“Fuck off,” Kira slurred, trying not to breathe too deep. He knew at least a couple of his ribs were broken, and wondered if maybe they'd punctured one of his lungs. Rohan stood over him serenely, and his smile warmed into something genuinely happy. A cold, terrified shiver ran down Kira's spine. What was he in for?

“Koichi, you and Okuyasu come over here. I want everyone to see this… Well, except for… That kid, Hayato Kawajiri… he's been taken care of by the paramedics, right? He's out of the way?”

“Yeah, he won't come back here,” Okuyasu replied.

“Good. Now, take a good look.” Rohan took a step forward and stepped on Kira's right hand, crushing a few of the bones and sending a splatter of blood onto the concrete. Kira whimpered softly and his legs trembled. “I want you to pay attention.” The heel of his shoe ground into Kira's hand, scraping it against the pavement and breaking a few more bones. With a small laugh, he bent down to look Kira in the eye, the sideswept fringe of his hair falling forward. “You ever watch American movies, Kira-san? I like American movies. They're not always very well-written but sometimes you get some really cool ideas. There's an old one called 'The Manchurian Candidate' where… oh, you've seen it, haven't you…? Ah, what a wonderful face, so afraid... I should have brought a sketchbook with me...” He stood back up and reached up to Jotaro's face, a couple of slender fingers caressing high cheekbones. “Anyway, I wrote in three of them... And all it took was a trigger word to activate… Heaven's Door is pretty powerful, y'know? So they're going to do whatever they want to you. No boundaries. No limits. No trepidation...” Cold green eyes turned downward and stared right into Kira's terrified soul. “And no ethical considerations whatsoever. The five of us going to brutalize you, and I feel obligated to tell you that you may very well not survive the encounter.” His smile widened and looked almost sweet as he laughed again. “This is the most evil thing I'm ever going to do, but you know what? I'll give myself this. This one sin.”

“Three…?” Kira rasped, shaking with fear and pain.

“Yeah.” Rohan stepped off of Kira's hand and circled around, until he stood behind Okuyasu and Koichi and placed his arms around them. “One of these four lovely boys is going to violate you with the deepest depravity he can manage, all of his own free will. Care to take a guess which?”

“His legs are still shaking, look. No fuckin' good if he can still move them, right?” Josuke growled, bringing up a foot and stomping down on one of Kira's thighs, a cruel and angry sneer on his face. Dear god. What little blood remained in Kira's face drained out. Josuke? The boy was a holy terror. Even though he was severely injured, Kira had seen firsthand what his stand could do, and to think that he was angry and adrenaline-filled enough to do all of this to him made him squeak with fear even as his breath trembled from the pain he was in. “Jotaro-san, you should prop him up a little, maybe. I think I'm gonna fix this.” Jotaro glanced to Rohan, who nodded in approval.

“Okay.” Jotaro stood behind Kira and grabbed his arms roughly, holding him up, and Josuke glared at the beaten wretch with fury in his eyes.

“Josuke, try focusing on his ankles first. They're easier to break, and I know you're beat up and tired...” Rohan's voice, soft and high and a little nasally, irritated Kira to no end. He sounded so fucking young, like he was just another shitty kid. Hearing him give such cruel directions was repugnant, and pissed Kira off. He was the predator. He was the one who should be torturing these lousy fucks to death right now.

“What's that look for, huh? Wishing you could turn things around? Well, keep dreaming,” snarled a new voice. A smaller fist than Kira expected cracked him across the jaw, and with wild, confused eyes, he glanced over to get a look at his assailant. Ugh, even looking around hurt. His eyes ached. But sure enough, Koichi Hirose stood next to him, soft lips contorted into a snarl. The boy's hand shot out and grabbed Kira's hair, hard. “You're so pathetic. And you're outmanned five to one, anyway, so it's not like you could do anything about it, anyway.” Koichi stepped over Kira so he straddled his hips, holding his face just at crotch level with a tight fistful of his hair.

“No...” A terrified whisper tumbled out of Kira's lips before he could stop it. “It's you, isn't it…? No, no, no...”

“Yes.” Rohan leaned against the alley wall, grinning. “Koichi-kun is a lovely boy, but the thing he and I and, to a far greater extent, you, have in common is, when we hate somebody, really hate them, we'll stop at very little to make them pay. I told him what I intended to do, and he asked that I give him complete free will. And I can't say no to him, just look at that sweet face.”

A sudden breaking pain hit Kira in the left ankle before he had time to retort. Josuke had apparently taken Rohan's advice and brought down his weight in a single, cataclysmic stomp. Kira opened his mouth to weakly cry out with pain, a thin, pathetic wail that bubbled out of his raw, bloody throat. Fingers wrapped around his jaw far too quickly, holding his mouth open, and his eyes creaked back open. (When had he closed them?) Koichi loomed over him with a cruel smirk.

“Hold that face. Rohan-sensei, wouldn't you say that's the most genuine portrait of agony you ever saw?” He let go of Kira's hair and, a smug little smirk on his face, started undoing his pants. Kira's eyes widened in horror. No, no, no, no… “Ooh, you're scared, now, aren't you? Don't be such a little bitch about it, you've done far worse to far better people.” Kira felt a little spark of irritation in his heart. Who was the bitch? Not him. But then Koichi's pants dropped to his ankles, and Kira could see the telltale bulge of an erection sticking out of his boxers. The boy slipped a thumb under the waistband, slowly sliding it around to the side and edging them down, down… Kira's eyes darted fearfully to the others. Okuyasu and Josuke stood by his feet, idly kicking them around at various levels of strength and discussing what they were going to hit next. Jotaro stood immovable and silent, facing forward so Kira couldn't see his face. And Rohan… Rohan watched with that terrifying look on his face. He was so fucking excited, seeing his wicked plans come to fruition. Kira whimpered softly despite himself, and Koichi's fingers dug deeper into his cheeks.

“Maybe here...” Okuyasu's voice, rough and kinda dopey, rumbled up to the forefront of Kira's attention. He felt a shoe pressing into his own crotch, pushing hard enough to make tears leak from his eyes. He was already in such immense pain, so many different kinds of pain, it really only took that much more to break him.

“Look at me.” Koichi's voice had taken on a frightening growl. Kira knew how dangerous the boy was from experience. He didn't want to face him. Not like this. His eyes squeezed shut. Short, bitten nails dug into his skin, and finally Koichi's other hand reached up and grabbed his hair again, yanking hard. “I said look at me, you little shit. All that monologue-ing before, you can fucking listen to me now.” Kira's eyes opened reluctantly, and he saw that Koichi's boxers had fallen down to join his pants. “I'll warn you once. If you bite me, I'm gonna break your teeth and shove 'em one by one down your ugly throat. You know what it felt like, to know that my town, full of people I love, was menaced by some creepy, pathetic little bitch like you? Huh?” With a single thrust, he shoved his half-hard cock down Kira's throat. “It felt like this.”

Taking care not to bite down (Kira knew that of them all, Koichi was the least likely to make empty threats.), Kira squirmed and trembled, trying desperately to breathe through his nose. Not that this was easy, considering it was broken and bleeding profusely, and crying was making it get stuffed up. And it was equally difficult to keep still as he felt Jotaro's grip on his wrists tighten to a bone-crushing pressure. His fingertips grew cold and felt as though they were swelling as the pain in his forearms mounted steadily. A few gagging coughs climbed up his throat, and Koichi's grip on his jaw and hair tightened, holding his mouth wide open as he thrust in and out. Blood and precum and thickening saliva and sweat mingled in Kira's mouth and made him gag even more, until he was bending forward from how his stomach twisted, nauseous and painful.

Strong hands grabbed Kira's legs and pulled them up and outward, and a pair of incorporeal hands, probably belonging to Crazy Diamond, tore the fabric of his trousers at the seams, basically destroying the crotch of the white suit pants and leaving him exposed.

“Holy shit, he has that Killer Queen motif on his boxers, too,” Okuyasu snickered, before Kira felt a rough hand tear the boxers away. No, no, no, no… Not that, too. Wasn't this enough? Sure, he was a terrible man, he'd done some really heinous shit, he'd admit that in a heartbeat. He was an evil, wicked man who deserved some sort of terrible fate for it. But had he really used up all of his luck already? He never thought for a moment that it'd come to this…

“Creeps like this, so full of themselves… they hate indignity more than anything, right?” That was Josuke's voice.  “Maybe we should humiliate him even more.” Fingertips skated along Kira's inner thigh, until a couple of fingers roughly shoved themselves into his ass. He cried out as best as he could, though his voice was still muffled by Koichi thrusting in and out of his throat, so it came out only as a shrill, gurgling squeak. “I think I'm gonna-”

“Actually, Josuke, if I may… I'd like to take a crack at it, first… You don't mind, do you?” Kira's eyes widened even more. Was this for real? They really were cruel, trying to make the embarrassment even worse. To his distress, Josuke chuckled grimly and pulled his fingers out just as unceremoniously as he'd put them in.

“By all means, go ahead. I think you've got a little more score to settle, and I don't mind taking turns.”

“Wow, look at you, being all mature, letting Rohan go first-”

“It's not like that, bro, don't play it off like I'm being a classy guy or nothing. I figure he's earned it, is all. And besides, while he's doing that...” Josuke moved to the side. “...We can always keep ourselves occupied like this.” A fist hit Kira's side, and he coughed up blood with a frail whimper. “Hey, Koichi, that ease the way any?”

“Sure, a little,” Koichi growled back. “Don't feel obligated to stop, now… His throat clenches up when he's hurt, and it feels amazing… Is that gross, to say something like that? I guess so.” Koichi's eyes darted back down to look at Kira derisively. “But you don't give a shit about being gross, do you? Nasty, pathetic thing like you...” Kira toyed with the idea of passing out, hoping maybe they'd grow bored with him. Jotaro, Josuke, and Okuyasu would, certainly. But sadistic little fucks like Rohan and Koichi would probably just wait until he woke up before doing even more depraved things to him. And Rohan could always use Heaven's Door to keep him up, if he hadn't already. Another sharp punch to his broken ribs shoved Kira out of his thoughts. He weakly coughed again, his throat convulsing as his stomach twisted up even more. He could feel the beginnings of nausea, like he'd be sick pretty soon if this continued just the same.

But it didn't continue just the same. A moment later, Kira felt something shoving up inside of him, and heard Rohan moan faintly. It hurt, but the pain was honestly negligible compared to his injuries. His revulsion and anger were far more keenly felt, and he couldn't help but squirm indignantly. But, of course, he'd picked the wrong men to do this to. Koichi thrust a little harder into his mouth, tugging harder on his hair, and Rohan started fucking him hard and fast with no warning at all. The repeated movements were far more painful than the initial push in, and Kira wailed weakly as tears flowed freely down his cheeks.

“Fuck, the way your throat tightens up when you cry is fantastic, I wish you'd do that again… You're a slutty little bitch, aren't you?” Koichi snarled, now struggling to speak past panting and gasping. He was getting close, Kira could tell. The thrusts of hips were getting faster, more frenetic. “Disgusting little excuse of a man… You're barely even worth this...” His breaths grew gradually faster until at last, with a single broken moan, Koichi came into Kira's mouth and throat, fucking his mouth just a little longer with weak thrusts, before slowly pulling out and reaching down to pull his pants back up. Cum and blood and saliva dripped out of Kira's open mouth, running slowly down his chin as he fought to catch his breath. It was disgusting. It was horrific. He wasn't sure he could stand it, but he wasn't done. Even now, they weren't done with him. “I think I'll let you have a nice view of Rohan-sensei fucking you, how's that sound?” Koichi panted, keeping his grip on Kira's hair to keep his face upright. “I'd hate for you to miss anything.” He lightly slapped one of Kira's cheeks, more to humiliate him than physically hurt him, and grinned as he watched Rohan ravish Kira with as much force and aggression as he could manage.

“Hurts, doesn't it, Kira-san?” Rohan asked, his voice a bad imitation of sweetness. “But don't worry, I'm sure the blood will ease the way a little bit. And a murderer like you would know all about that, wouldn't you?” Kira knew he was a murderer. The accusation didn't faze him. But what did unsettle his nerves was the way Rohan looked at him. It was the look of a man triumphant. And Kira couldn't help but wonder if any of his victims had felt the same way he did now.

Probably not, he decided. He had never carried on like this. This was absolutely unfair and, he told himself, he didn't deserve a moment of it. His breaths were ragged and pained, and despite his best efforts he couldn't hold back the pathetic little whimpers in each exhale. He hated how it made him sound. It just wasn't fair. All he'd ever wanted was to be left alone. It wasn't much. Really, it wasn't. The very last thing he wanted was to have to see Rohan leering at him as he thrust roughly in and out, or have to feel Koichi's breath against his skin as the boy laughed softly in his ear.

“You look angry… Why? There's nothing you can do about it. I thought you made the best of things that couldn't be helped… Oh, but wait, that's what you did when it suited you. When it was to indulge your nasty little desires. What's the matter? Living hands don't interest you, do they?” Koichi grabbed Kira's face a little harder and jammed a couple of fingers into his mouth, anchoring his jaw to keep it open. “Where's those filthy little moans of yours now, huh?”

Kira squeaked as the other two boys rained assaults on him again. A kick to the ribs here, a stomp on his unbroken ankle there. And all the while, they called him killer, murderer, monster. And it hurt, god it hurt, but he'd manage. The insults were nothing. And he was already so injured there wasn't much more they could do to him to make things worse.

Or that was what he thought, until he felt a hand wrap around his cock and start roughly jerking him off. He'd somehow been able to get his eyes shut again, and he didn't particularly want to look and see whose hand it was. This rather hurt as well, he decided. But it was nowhere near as bad as the fact that he could feel himself growing hard despite that. He really didn't want to see that. He didn't want to acknowledge it or see Rohan's cruel eyes tearing into him with that awful knowing look. He wasn't sure he could bear the humiliation of it all. Kira desperately tried to distract himself, tried to pretend that the hand wrapped too tightly around him was softer, colder, gentler. And for a brief moment it worked; he imagined things as they were before, a beautiful, quiet hand touching him and nothing looming on the horizon. And between that and all the stimulation, he didn't quite catch the involuntary moan in time.

Oh, no. No, no, no, no…

“Ugh, god, did you hear that?” Sounded like Josuke. “I can't believe this sick fuck is getting off to this… Nasty.” The hand around his cock squeezed painfully hard, and Kira whined around the fingers in his mouth.

“You just can't help being disgusting, can you?” Koichi hissed in his ear, and Kira moaned again. It bothered him that he was starting to feel aroused, even if only physically, by this. By any of this. He wanted to hate it. He did hate it. He was in hideous pain from every angle and despite the blood loss his cheeks still burned bright red with humiliation and shame. Not shame for what he'd done, of course, but for the fact that he'd lost, that he'd let himself be put into this situation. How could he be so stupid? So incompetent? He couldn't bear it.

...Was it only physical arousal, though…? No, of course it was. Of course. He wasn't getting off to some awful, creepy, smug teenager saying horrible things to him. What kind of man would he be, after all, if that were the case? God, no. It was autonomic. His pride wouldn't allow him to consider otherwise.

Even so, it really was only the fractured remnants of Kira's pride that stopped him from wrapping his lips around Koichi's fingers, cold against his tongue compared to the hot blood that flooded his mouth. He just stayed right where he was, squirming weakly and whimpering as Rohan fucked him harder and faster.

Rohan came quietly and without warning, tensing up slightly and only letting out the tiniest moan. He pulled out as quickly as he'd pushed his way in, and for a one brief, wonderful moment, Kira thought this was finally over. They'd leave him bleeding in the alley, have enough mercy to be done with him. Koichi even backed up and pulled his fingers out of Kira's mouth.

But of course, Rohan's stand had forbidden mercy. After just a moment of shifting around, Kira felt himself getting turned roughly around onto his front. Jotaro let go of his wrists and grabbed his head instead, making Kira lean his weight onto his broken hands and sending sharp spikes of pain through his forearms.

“I think it's my turn...” Kira could hear Okuyasu's voice, rough and full of menace, behind him. He knew this boy wasn't as cruel as Koichi or Rohan were, but also that he was also under Heaven's Door's influence, so inhibition wasn't exactly going to get in his way. But none of that compared to the wave of anxiety he felt when he saw another cock in front of him. Of course Jotaro wanted a piece of the action as well. Of course he did. Unsurprisingly, he was much bigger than Koichi, and Kira's stomach twisted up again just from knowing where it was headed. Without another moment to mentally prepare, he was penetrated on both ends once more, roughly fucked from the front and from behind with equal measures of quick, agonizing brutality, each assailant using the previous ones’ cum as lube and taking no time to slow down.

That was enough. He had to do something or he'd die like this. And would they even stop, then? He thought about what he'd told Rohan earlier.

“I had my way with her. What was left of her.”

A burst of resolve welled up in Kira's heart, and with the last bit of forward-thinking concentration he had, he summoned Killer Queen. If he could just take out Jotaro first, maybe he'd have a chance…

An angry yell and a blinding flood of new pain to the side of his face caught Kira completely off-guard. Fuck, he'd forgotten Josuke was there, always watching, always ready with Crazy Diamond in tow. Killer Queen stumbled and tried to fight back, but its user was tired. It was tired. And it was never going to be as fast as it needed to be. And sure enough, Star Platinum appeared shortly after, and it too gave Killer Queen a hard punch to the face, this time to the other cheek. More blood spilled out of Kira's mouth and he saw spots behind his eyelids.

Each strike was decisive, made with intent to grievously injure. No flurries of aimless punches meant to drive Killer Queen away, but also no precision strikes intended to kill. Kira could see what his stand saw, feel what it felt, and already he was regretting taking it out. But he had to try. He had to.

“Hey! You thought you'd get the drop on us?” Josuke kicked him in the ribs, and Kira sobbed with pain. “But since your stand is out...” Killer Queen's eyes widened with Kira's fear as Crazy Diamond's arm shot out to its throat, pinning it to the wall. Kira searched randomly with its eyes for an opening, tried desperately to lift its hand to turn something, anything into a bomb. But then his hand grew heavy, and the already-broken bones were crushed into the pavement. Similarly, one of Killer Queen's hands was dragged down towards the ground, pulling its whole body downward so Crazy Diamond's hand pushed deeper into its throat.

“HEH! MOTHAFUCKAAAAAA, YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE SLY,” Echoes Act 3's metallic voice crowed as it skipped a little closer to get a good look.

“Should I get my stand out, too?” Okuyasu grunted, still fucking Kira as hard as he could and digging his short, bitten nails into his sore hips.

“If you want to,” Rohan replied, leaning against the opposite wall of the alley to watch the gruesome spectacle. “The more the merrier, I'm inclined to think...” All of the dread and pain and anguish could barely fit anymore. Kira felt like he was overflowing. The tears that fell from his eyes, the blood that was pushed from his mouth and nose and ass and the multitudes of wounds on his body… all of it carried more distress than he'd ever felt in his life. And it only got worse as Star Platinum grabbed Killer Queen's other arm and pinned it hard to the wall. Out the corner of his stand's eye, Kira spotted The Hand looming close, as well, and in his own field of vision he saw Rohan's hand approaching his face.

“What're you doing?” Jotaro's voice was a dispassionate rumble, as always.

“Just a little something… don't stop, just slow down for a second so I can write this...” Kira's face quickly opened up into a book, and Rohan scratched a quick note into one of the pages before closing it back up.

I cannot voluntarily withdraw my stand. I will not kill anyone with my stand. I cannot deploy Sheer Heart Attack or activate Bites The Dust.

“That should just about do it. You can withdraw 3 Freeze now, Koichi-kun. I've got things taken care of.” Rohan combed his fingers affectionately through Koichi's hair, and the boy nodded. “But… you don't have to, if you don't want to... Take a look at that...” Rohan's foot bumped up against Kira's shattered wrist, the one being weighed down.

Killer Queen, meanwhile, was still completely cornered, and now defenseless. Kira watched helplessly through its eyes as Crazy Diamond drew up closer, and ran its free hand up Killer Queen's torso. Kira hated that its touch was so gentle, that it actually felt nice. It was insulting. It was humiliating.

It was fleeting.

A sharp punch hit Killer Queen's face again, cracking the pink, carapace-like skin. Another hand, this one belonging to Star Platinum, shot out and pushed Killer Queen's face against the brick wall. The pain was unbearable. Blood seeped out from the cracks in Killer Queen's armor, and Kira could feel one of his cheekbones being crushed under vicarious pressure. He cried out weakly even as he struggled for breath around Jotaro's cock in his mouth, and whimpered with a strange and unwelcome mix of fear, pain, and arousal as he felt Crazy Diamond's fingers sliding up Killer Queen's inner thigh, just barely catching on the fabric of the skirt-like garment it wore. The Hand was even worse, using its gentle left hand to caress Killer Queen's neck and making it tremble with Kira's revulsion and anxiety. It was technically still strong enough to struggle, and struggle it did, but in the face of four powerful stands that had it pinned to the wall, there wasn't much it could do.

Kira felt a disgusting little jolt of arousal as he felt Star Platinum's tongue licking up some of the blood from Killer Queen's face. Horrified, he glanced up at Jotaro, who shot him the faintest smirk before beginning to fuck his mouth and throat a little harder. That fucker knew exactly what he was doing, and he knew that Kira knew it too. Kira could barely focus on breathing as blood flowed freely from his mouth and nose, much less on being angry, but he felt Killer Queen's discomfort and humiliation as keenly as though it were his own. And between that and the pain from them both, his brain simply fell into panic mode, an unworkable combination of radio static and screaming.

“Jotaro-san, you're going easy on him,” Koichi said with a voice that was far too soft, too sweet. “Don't you remember when he nearly killed us both? How he mocked you as you stood there bleeding?” The big hands wrapped around Kira's head tightened a little bit as Kira heard Koichi walk around and behind Jotaro to his other side. “Or how he's wearing the face of a man he killed right now?” Kira didn't feel any particular increase in violent force from Jotaro, but he did feel more from behind. Okuyasu was young and passionate, stood to reason he was angry thinking about what he overheard. He seemed all too happy to use that anger for this. Kira trembled violently as he was fucked brutally from behind, pushed up harder against Jotaro with each thrust, which drove the cock in his mouth even further back in his throat.

A hand wrapped around his cock again, moving too fast and squeezing too hard but providing stimulation all the same. How long had this been going on? Soon there'd be nothing left of him. Killer Queen's nerves were similarly frayed, and Kira could see through its frightened, anxious eyes that there was no end in sight. He could see himself in the corner of its vision, could see that he looked just as utterly destroyed as he felt. He wasn't even paying attention when he noticed he could feel his mouth flooding with hot liquid and realized Jotaro had come in his mouth. Jotaro pulled out slowly, and it dripped out and down Kira's face, mingled with blood and saliva. Kira only had barely enough air to cry out weakly with pain as Okuyasu roughly thrust in and out of him, completely without regard for anything else going on. At last the boy finished inside of him and pulled out, and once again Kira thought that maybe at last it was over. One of Jotaro's hands moved to Kira's face and pushed on his broken cheekbone, slipping on the blood so that it also pushed a little on his closed eyelids.

“Shut up,” he growled softly. “We've heard enough out of you. Koichi, you can release 3 Freeze now.” The pressure on Kira's hand stopped, though this did nothing to diminish the pain. Jotaro pulled Kira up so that he was on his bruised and aching knees. “Look at you, your face is a mess.” He bent down and repeated his stand's actions from earlier, licking up a smear of blood and tears and cum from Kira's cheek. One eye opened as wide as his swollen eyelids would allow, Kira stared in horror and disgust at what was happening. But as Jotaro pulled back, he caught sight of Rohan approaching.

“Jotaro-san… I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to impose just a bit...” he murmured as he gently tapped the side of his face, making a page open up on his cheek. Rohan quickly scribbled a note in, and closed his face back up. “There you go. And if you'd like to stop, just let me know, as always...” And with that, Rohan backed off, and Jotaro roughly pulled Kira up just a little higher as he leaned in again.

“You're disgusting. And because of that, I'm sure this will be your first one, won't it…?” Jotaro licked up more of the blood and cum and spit on Kira's face and immediately pushed his mouth onto Kira's, another act of violation that Kira found somehow even more humiliating and disgusting than being fucked. A horrible parody of intimacy. Intimacy he'd never wanted in the first place. He'd managed to avoid having to kiss people his whole life, something he'd been proud of. And now that little achievement went down the drain, as well. Kira knew better than to bite down as Jotaro's tongue pushed up against his, but the temptation burned bright in his heart. Being honest with himself, though, he probably lacked the strength to do it even if he tried. His jaw was as sore as the rest of him.

“Hey, look, it's crying.” Okuyasu had a funny way of noticing things and blurting them right out, and this was no exception. He'd taken a moment to look at the group of stands having their way with Killer Queen, and saw that tears were starting to collect in its huge, lamp-like eyes.

“Interesting… I didn't know stands could cry...” Rohan muttered, taking note of the sight and mentally filing it away for later. Jotaro only smirked and broke the kiss with Kira with a little chuckle.

“It really is just like you, isn't it? That's pretty pathetic.” Star Platinum squeezed harder on a broken section of Killer Queen's skin, forcing some more blood to bubble out from between the cracks in the hard shell. The contrast of the dark, almost-black blood on light pink was frightening to look at, but Kira couldn't find the strength to make Killer Queen look away from where it was bleeding and hurt. He only whined as quietly as he could manage. His eyes darted to the smudge of blood that hung on Jotaro's lips. His blood. It disgusted him, horrified him, but seeing the younger man licking it off so slowly without a care in the world still sent an embarrassingly pleasant shiver running down his spine. Trying to focus on something, anything that wasn’t just clamoring in his head with PAIN!! PAIN!! PAIN!! meant he was far too aware for his own liking of the fact that he was still very hard in what remained of his pants. That was almost more humiliating than everything else. He knew it was completely involuntary, but it still felt like his body was betraying him, and it made him mad.

Crazy Diamond had started grinding up against Killer Queen’s hips, and Kira saw through his stand’s eyes that it turned back and smiled as The Hand wrapped its arms around its waist and chest. Eugh. Those horrible, monstrous brats couldn’t keep off of each other even during this?? But he couldn’t pay too much attention to that. He felt his airway constricting as the hand around Killer Queen’s neck tightened up. A soft gasp and sigh behind Kira snapped him back to attention. Jotaro had stood and done his pants back up, but his grip on Kira’s hair was still painfully secure.

“Go ahead, I’m done with him,” Jotaro rumbled, his voice flat again, and he pulled Kira’s head back. Kira couldn’t really see what was going on, as one of his eyes had finally swollen shut and the other was halfway there, limiting his field of vision, but he soon felt a splatter of something hot and wet fall onto his face and flinched. Josuke sighed again and Kira heard fabric shuffling as the boy did his pants back up, too.

“You didn’t want to do anything else to him?” Koichi asked, almost disappointed.

“Nah. Honestly, this probably fucks him up more than anything. Defiled even more and I didn’t even have to touch him. It’s like… poetic, I think. Like in a really horrible, gross way,” Josuke replied as he started limping away. And he was right; it was more upsetting than nearly anything else he could have done, and Kira hated how obvious that was.

“Hm. Well, I wouldn’t call it poetic, but it certainly suits him.” Rohan walked back over and shoved Kira onto the ground, so he lay flat on his back. “What a pathetic creature you are, Kira-san… Gentlemen, why don’t you go ahead and put Killer Queen back for him?” A few more heavy punches, and Kira’s stand faded away, completely exhausted. Kira lay limply on the ground in a puddle of his own blood, barely conscious. “You can all be done, now… I’ll come and visit you all later, so I can take my stand writing off of you…”

One by one, the other young men walked away, leaving only Rohan and Kira.

“I don’t remember every detail of why you deserve this. Just from a numbers perspective, it makes sense, but this is absolutely personal. I can’t use my stand to access repressed, traumatic memories, but I know. I know you deserve my revenge.” Rohan’s eyes fell on the persistent erection poking out of Kira’s tattered trousers and stepped hard on it. Kira didn’t want to admit to himself, much less to Rohan, that he welcomed the contact. The sole of his shoe hurt his sensitive skin, but for once he was happy that he was too weak to lift his hips. He wiggled weakly until he came all over himself with the very last of his strength. Rohan didn’t even seem to notice, though he did see that Kira was shivering.

“One last thing…” Rohan stepped off of him and opened his broken, battered face up into a book one more time. “Just to make sure this doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass…” He bent down and wrote a final note:

If I survive long enough for anybody to ask what happened, I will not tell until after I’ve told them what I did to deserve it, and the names of every single one of my victims, in order.

Rohan walked away, hissing a few final insults under his breath, and Kira lay in the alley, exhausted and filthy and bleeding, as his face closed back up.