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The Other Side Of Paradise

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Izuku, even at ten years old, knows  there is something wrong with him. His father told him so. His mother had told him so. Even Kacchan- his best and only friend had told him so. If something isn’t wrong with him, why had his father hit him. Why had his father- a hero used his quirk on him? Isn’t he only supposed to hurt villains? Is  Izuku a villain?

Why do mother and father still call him a girl when he said he isn’t? Why does everyone still call him Izumi when he says his name was Izuku? Why had father left? He has his quirk now. Even if mother doesn’t like it because it’s like fathers, he still has one. The doctor was wrong, he isn’t quirkless.

 But Izuku still packs everything he could fit into his All Might backpack and leaves the house after he gets home from school. He doesn’t know what to do or where to go, but he doesn’t like it at home. Mother is always either hurting him or ignoring him. He wouldn’t have eaten in the last couple of years if the lunch lady wasn’t nice and gave him free lunch, even though she knew mother and father could pay for it. 

He doesn’t think mother will notice until someone asks her, which could be a couple of weeks. So he has a while to find somewhere to stay. 

It’s starting to get dark now, and Izuku still hasn’t found a place to stay. Izuku finds himself wandering near a nice neighborhood, one where the richest of the rich live, where his father probably live. 

Izuku stares at the houses as he walks past them, hands gripping tightly on the straps of his All Might Backpack, and rin straight into a boy with spiky red hair. 


The only thing Touya regrets is leaving Shouto behind, but he couldn’t get Shouto alone for long enough to sneak him out, father basically has him on lockdown. 

He hadn’t been able to convince Natsou or Fumi to leave with him, they hadn’t seen just how evil father really was, so he left by himself. 

He is only going to miss one person, his homeroom teacher- Mr. Aizawa, probably the only person that actually cared about him, who had single handedly restored his faith is heroes. Who had let him into his personal life- showing him what a family was truly like. 

But he couldn’t go back now, he left a note, a suicide note, in Mr. Aizawa’s desk, letting him know that why (he couldn’t let him know he was alive, he would unintentionally bring him back into his clutches. And he wouldn’t allow that.)

He knows nothing would get done, not even his own ‘suicide’ would cause the Endeavor to face the consequences for his actions. No one cares. 

Touya is so lost in though, hands by his sides in fists, that he doesn’t notice the small curly haired boy walking towards him until said boy was knocked to the ground. 


Izuku looks up at the boy that knocked him to the ground and frowns at him. 

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry” the boy said, reaching out to help Izuku stand back up. “Do you live around here?” The boy asks

Izuku shakes his head in response. 

“Do you need help getting home?” He asked again, and again Izuku shook his head. 

“I don’t like it at home. I’m going to find somewhere else to stay.” Izuku responds, pulling the backpack straps tighter. 

“Me too kid. Me too kid.” He boy responds. 


Touya learns that the kid-Izuku as he insisted he call him- has an abusive hero father with a fire quirk, an abusive and neglective mother, a fire quirk, is bullied at school, and loves heroes more than anything in the world. 

He also learns Izuku quote “used to be Izumi, but he didn’t like that, so he changed his name to Izuku” 

looking at the boy next to him, he can’t help but see Shouto. So he decides that if he couldn’t help Shouto, he would help Izuku. Besides, he doubts Izuku would survive on the streets very long by himself, whether he gets picked up by quirk/human/sex traffickers, killed or sent back to his parents, he won’t last more than a couple weeks. So Touya takes him under his wing.


Hizashi always teases Shouts about how much he cares about Todoroki Touya. Which isn’t fair, Hizashi has favorite students he treated like his kids, why can’t he?

Maybe it’s because Touya spends most of his after school time at their apartment, Shouta calls him by his given name and is the only student he cares for like that. 

He had worried, at first, that Touya would be like his father, he looked almost identical to Endeavor and he had hoped he wouldn’t have to deal with a mini Endeavor in his classroom (Endeavor would throw a fit if he expelled Touya, which he definitely would have if he was anything like his father). But all his worries had quickly been washed away. Todoroki Touya was nothing like his father, he was sarcastic, sassy, but secretly cared for his peers(and his siblings, he couldn’t count the number of times he heard Touya talking about his siblings)

Touya always arrives at school early, often the first one to class, and Shouta had made it a habit to arrive early to give Touya a small breakfast(the kid was so skinny, he was worry’s he was eating at all) before shuffling back to the teachers lounge to sleep on his boyfriend before the official start of homeroom. But today, Touya is nowhere to be seen. 

Shouta frowns into his capture weapon, it isn’t like Touya to disappear without telling him, or at least a phone call to UA to inform Nezu he would be absent. 

He shrugs it off for the moment, maybe he is just late. 

Yes. Maybe he is just late. 


Aizawa walked into the room as the bell rang and frowned when he didn’t see Touya sitting in his seat, now he knew something was wrong. He decided he’d call the boys cell after homeroom, and then his father if he didn’t pick up. 

As he sat down at his desk, he saw a piece of paper sticking out of one of the drawers he let Touya use for snacks and medical supplies. 

Curious, he quickly passed out the quiz, told the class to shut up, and opened the drawer. Inside was a neatly folded piece of paper with his name neatly written on top. 

Mr. Aizawa

I’m sorry you had to learn about this like this, but I was just so tired, and there’s no escaping this. 

By the time you read this, I’ll be long dead, in an alley somewhere no one will find me. 

I wasn’t even going to leave a note, just let myself disappear. But I know you’ll worry. 

My father never cared for me. He’s never cared for anyone besides himself. He married mother for her quirk, and created me and my siblings for the sole reason of having a successor to beat All Might. It was me at first, with a fire quirk stronger than his own, but a body not strong enough to handle the heat. He didn’t care, he trained beat me everyday until Shouto’s quirk came in. And then he cast me aside like a used napkin. And Shouto, even though he was just 4 years old, was subjected to the same training beating I was. 

He hurt mother too, for protecting Shouto and I. until one day, she snapped, she could only see him when she looked at Shouto, and she poured boiling water on his face. I worry about what she would have done if it were me instead. 

He locked her up in a mental hospital and won’t let any of us visit. 

You’re the only person I know to care for me. So you are the only person to receive a note. I’m sorry 

I’m sorry. I’m just so tired

Thank you for all you’ve done, you are a great hero and father if you choose to become one. 

Love, your son student,



“Sensei?” A students voice rings out, sounding panicked. Shouta blinks, feeling cold tears run down his face. Shouta hasn’t cried in almost 10 years. 

“Everyone stay seated, I’m going to get someone to take over the class.” He says, standing up quickly, before rushing out of the room, quickly texting his boyfriend and asking another teacher to take over his homeroom. 

A couple of minutes later, his boyfriend bursts into the empty classroom in a panic. 

“Shouta? What’s wrong? You said it was about Touya?” Hizashi asks, voice rising slightly as he struggles to contain control over his quirk. 

Shouta wordlessly passses the note to Hizashi with shaking hands. It’s quiet for a minute as Hizashi reads the note. 

“Oh Shouta.” Hizashi says, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend. Shouta rests his chin in Hizashi’s shoulder, silent tears sliding down his cheeks. 

“We could have helped him ‘Zashi. We- god, I should have known, I should have said something.” Shouta says, staring blankly at the wall, mind running through the millions of ways he could have helped Touya. 

“You didn’t know Shou, you couldn’t have known. No one thought Endeavor would be like that. And even if we did, do you think anyone would have believed us? Do you think we could have gotten him into UA or our custody?” 

“It wouldn’t have hurt to try ‘Zashi. But it’s too late now. He’s gone.”

That's the only day Shouta ever is absent from work, and he doesn’t let himself become attached to another student Again



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Izuku holds Touya’s hand tightly as he pulls Izuku out of the streets and into the alley way. 

“Izuku, you can’t go running after hero fights,” Touya whispers “someone could recognize you, or you could get hurt.”

“Touya…” Izuku groans “wanna see the fight! It’s January Smoke and a new hero!”

“Izuku, if someone recognizes you, you could go back to your mother or father.” Touya says. Izuku's face twists into a frown. 

“Okay, I won’t watch the Hero fight.” He sighs

“Good, now come on, we’re going to get some hair dye.”


Life on the streets is not easy for a ten year old and sixteen year old, but they manage. Mostly by pickpocketing, begging, and being paid under the table. (Heroes are by far the kindest. Eraserhead has given then a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter and ¥20,000.) And at 20, Touya is finally able to rent an apartment (a shitty 1 bedroom apartment, but an apartment nonetheless.)

Izuku and Touya got fake birth certificates, ID’s and everything else they needed to live as Akantai Izuku and Touya (though Touya goes by Dabi to everyone but Izuku). There were plenty of bumps along the way (why are pads and tampons so expensive? Why couldn’t Izuku have been born male?) especially when both of the boys had lots and lots of trauma. 

Touya works 3 jobs, while Izuku works 2, and uses the rest of his free time studying(he still wants to get into UA, and he can’t let himself fall behind.) 

One of Izuku’s jobs is near his old apartment, and he would often pass the middle school he would be attending on the way to work. Which is were he is today, 10 months ways from the UA entrance exam, walking under a bride, calculating how much more he has to make before he could both attend UA and start HRT.

Izuku grips his notebook in one hand, open so he can write in it, and muttering slightly to himself as he plans out the next couple of months in finances(given no emergencies come up.)

‘This month we’ll have ¥820 left for extra spending. Gosh that’s not-’

The porthole over the sewer bursts open, clattering to the ground. A large, sludge? Crawls out and makes his way towards Izuku. 

“Oh hey! A perfect body suit for me!” It yells

Izuku turns on a dime and begins to sprint in the other direction. 

“Hey kid! Get back here!” The sludge yells at his back. Izuku isn’t fast enough, and soon the sludge man is trying to force his way down Izuku's throat. Izuku claws at him in a fruitless attempt to stop suffocating. 

“I’m made of liquid kid, that won’t work.” The man laughs.

‘Touya won't know what happened to me if I die now’ Izuku thinks, tears leaking out of his eyes. 

Izuku lights his hand on fire, and slams it into the villain in an effort to get him out of his lungs . (He hates his quirk and he’ll never use it to hurt another human being like he did to him but he couldn’t let Touya wonder what happened to him)

The villain wails in pain

“You little shit!” He cries, and pushes deeper into Izuku’s throat. His ribs scream in protest, his binder keeping his lungs from being able to fully open up. Izuku lights up his arm, ready to-

“FEAR NOT FOR I AM HERE” a booming voice announces from the other side of the tunnel. There’s a blast of air, and the villain is forced out (and off) of Izuku. 

‘I’m going to be so late for work’ is Izuku's last thought before his world goes black. 


Izuku awakes to a slight slapping of his face. Izuku wonders why his ribs ache, but decides he must have forgotten to take his binder off after work again. 

“Give me 5 more minutes Touya,” he slurs “my shift doesn’t even start ‘till 7:30.”

There’s a loud booming laugh, and Izuku opens his eyes. And before he can stop himself-

“You’re not Touya,” He says. To All Might. Izuku feels his face heat up as All Might laughs again.

“I am not Touya, young,” All Might gesture for Izuku to tell him his name. 

“Um, Akantai Izuku”

“Are you alright young Akantai?” All Might asks

“Y-yeah, but” Izuku opens his notebook to find the hero has already signed it “oh, never mind. Thank you sir.” 

Touya and him have a list of heroes they like(Eraserhead, All Might, and Present Mic are at the top of the list) and list of heroes they hate (Endeavor and Dragon) everyone else was okay. 

Hopefully Touya wouldn’t ask to many questions about how he met the number one hero. Or why he was late to work. 

“I must be going young Akantai!” The number one hero announces, and Izuku remembers the one question he has to ask the hero 

“Wait-” Izuku stands up and-

He’s flying 


The hero sets Izuku down on a roof, and Izuku smacks his mouth, trying to get some on the moisture back in. 

“That was very reckless my boy you could have been seriously injured,” All Might chastises him

“I-I’m sorry I just,” Izuku takes a deep breath “I wanted to know, if I could be a hero, without a quirk. A hero like you. I want to save people will a smile that shows to fear!”

Izuku closes his eyes, memories of Kacchan, his mother and father beating him because he was ‘quirkless’ bubbling to the surface. His mother screaming and calling him a monster when he used his quirk for the first time. 

When he opens them, he finds, not All Might, but a skeleton of a man. 

“A fake?” He screams. 

“I am All Might,” He says, blood dripping out of his mouth and down his chin. 

“I don’t believe you,” Izuku says hesitantly

“There are many people who retain their abs at the pool right? Well there is none!” All Might says. Izuku just stares at him blankly. 

“A smile that shows no fear huh?” All Might sighs and sinks to the roof floor “what’s written on the internet is not necessarily true you know.” Izuku stares in confusion. All Might pulls up the right side of his shirt, revealing an ugly scar. 

“This scar is from a battle I fought 5 years ago.” Izuku flinches at the sight “result: semi destruction of my respiratory system, and total removal of my stomach. My face is emaciated and haggard; my eyes are the side effects of the surgeries. Currently, I cannot work more than 3 hours as an active hero.” Izukus heart sinks, if this is what they’re doing to the symbol of peace

“As for your question, no. I do not think you can be a hero without a quirk. But I do not understand why you are asking the question. You have a quirk. Use it my boy.”

“Th-thank you, All Might.” Izuku managed to stutter out, still trying to process all the knew information he just received. 

And with that All Might leaves. 


Izuku wanders back towards work, having called in and explained the situation(his boss is nice and isn’t holding it against him) when he hears an explosion in a nearby alley way, curious, he makes his way towards the sound. Stopping for a moment won’t hurt right? 

‘What?’ The slime villain, that… All Might…. what?

Did….did Izuku cause All Might to drop him? 

Oh god. And he caused All Might to use up all the time he had left. 

The victim of the villain struggles, setting off explosions as the heroes try(and fail) to come up with a plan. 

Izuku is frozen in place, mind racing with self-deprecating thoughs(what he doesn’t know, is that All Might is only a few feet away with identical thought) when he meets the eyes of the victim. Bakugou Katsuki. 

And suddenly, he’s moving. Ignoring the shouts behind him, Izuku throws his bag at the villain, hitting him square on the eye, distracting the villain long enough for his former friend bully classmate to breathe. 

“YOU AGAIN!” The villain roars. The heroes jump back to life, but before anything can be done, All Might jumps in, blasting the villain away. 

Izuku gathers his books, turns on a dime and runs out of the alley way.(can’t let them find me, can’t let them see me, can’t let him get me)


Izuku sighs, he’s exhausted, and half of the customers have recognized him from the slime villain. He just wants to go home, curl up in bed and wait for another horrible day in the life of Midoriya Izuku. 

He leans on the counter and yawns, waiting for the tale-tell sign of the bell ringing. It’s been a slow day, luckily, Izuku doesn’t think he can handle anymore human interaction.

The bell rings and Izuku straightens up, putting on a smile and hoping he doesn’t have to deal with a tourist. 

“Hello, welcome to Blue Cat Cafe, how may I help you,” He says in the friendliest voice he can muster. Izuku’s smile drops for a millionth of a second as he spots All Might walk through the door, but he keeps it up. 

“Welcome sir, would you like to try our drink of the day? It’s 20% off.”

“No thank you, young Akantai. I was actually wondering if I could speak to you?”

“Um, sure. But I’m working right now. My shift ends at 18:45. Would you like to order anything in the meantime.” Izuku smiles, trying to swallow the lump of panic and discomfort in his throat(did he recognize him? Was he going to yell at him for the Sludge villain?

“Sure, my boy, what to do you recommend?”


Izuku swallows a lump of anxiety is his throat. He followed the hero out of the cafe, hoping the scolding isn’t too long. He just wants to get home, take off his binder and s l e e p. 

“My boy,” All Might starts “I wanted to thank you, and make some corrections… and I also have a proposal for you. If you had not have been there, I fear the worst may have been the reality.”

“But, it’s entirely my fault. I disturbed you during your work.”

“You know, every hero tell a similar story. And you know what they all say? ‘My body movies without hesitation.’ This is what happened to you, right?” Izuku nods, tears starting to gather in his eyes “you, young Akantai, can be a hero.”


Chapter Text

Toshinori looks at the boy before him. He’s small, standing just above his hip, with wild, curly black hair, sun-kissed freckled face and tears streaming down his face. 

“You can be a hero” Toshinori had said, repeating the words Nana had told him all those years ago. 

“I believe you are worthy of taking my power.”

“W-What?” The boy stutters, face twisting in confusion. 

“My quirk, One For All, is a stockpiling quirk. And I am able to pass it down. And I believe you are a vessel worthy of being the next holder of One For All.”

“M-me?” Akantai asks, disbelief laced in his voice. 

“Yes, you, young Akantai. What do you say? Do you accept.”

“Yes,” The boy breathes, tears leaking down his face.


Izuku bursts through the front door, eyes red from crying, and surprising Touya who sat at the kitchen table. 


“Um…” Touya says “I-I don’t know?”


“Izuku? Are you okay? Did you hit your head?” Touya asks, half-joking but also looking deeply concerned

“NO LOOK!” Izuku shoves his phone in Touya’s face, showing All Mights number saved into his phone. 

“That.. doesn’t mean anything Izuku, that could be literally anyone’s number.”

“No, I’m not lying Touya, All Might has a quirk that can be passed down and he wants to give it to me! ME TOUYA!” Izuku says, throwing his hands in the air and pacing around the(very small) living/dining room. 

“Izuku….” Touya starts

“This means I don’t have to use my dad's quirk! I can be a hero without using my fire! ” Izuku interrupts him. 

“Izuku,” Touya says, a little more stern than before. Izuku turns and looks at him, a wide smile stretched across his face. Touya sighs and runs a hand through his hair. 

“You’re not lying are you…” Izuku shakes his head “take off your binder and we’ll talk about this.”


Izuku is vibrating as he tells Touya about his day, about All Might and One For All. All while Touya stares at him in disbelief. 

“Izuku…” Touya starts

“I have to take it Touya! I don’t like my fire, this will give me a clean slate. A new start! And I can actually use my quirk!”

“Izuku, I was going to say, the decision is up to you and I’ll support you either way.”

“Oh good,” Izuku sighs “cause I already told him yes.”

“You stupid fuck,” Touya says, slapping the side of Izuku's head “you didn’t even ask me if I was okay with it?”

“I was in the moment Touya!”

“Were you in the moment when you RAN INTO A VILLAIN FIGHT?”


“I’m disowning you.” He says, crossing his arms and leaning deeper into the couch cousins.

“You can’t do that!”

“Too late.”


Izuku shows up to Dagobah beach 2 days later at 6 am, dressed in a long sleeve shirt and basketball shorts. The beach was near his old neighborhood, and he had seen a couple of his old neighbors on the way here(Mrs and mr Hishidai and their twins, Mrs. and Mrs. Matsumoto and their new(er) son, and Nakayama Tadashi, an old schoolmate of his.)

“Aw young Akantai!” All Might greets him in his small form “Are you ready for training?”

Izuku is definitely not, he’s very underweight and hasn’t had a proper meal since he was 4 but yeah, whatever. He couldn’t tell All Might that. He nods and smiles. 

“Let’s get going!”


Izuku’s muscles are about to give out. He’s pulling All Might through the sand as he sat upon a fridge. 

“This fridge makes a mighty fine perch!” All Mights calls down. 

“Why am I doing this?” Izuku questions “and don’t you weigh like 275 kilos?”

“Nope! I’ve lost weight! I only weigh 255!”

“That’s still a lot.” He groans “but why am I pulling you on top of this fridge?”

“Aren’t you a curious one? It’s because you aren’t a vessel!”

“But… that’s the opposite of what you said before?” Izuku says, falling to the sandy floor as his legs give out.

“It’s your body silly! If I were to give you my quirk now, your body would combust!” All Might explains, snapping a picture of his fallen body. 

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, what?” Izuku questions frantically. 

“Your body is not strong enough to handle the sheer power of One For All.”

“Okay, so in order to gain muscle, I’m… picking up trash?”

“Not quite, my boy! This beach used to be beautiful, until the currents dumped a bunch of trash on it. People took advantage of that and it became an illegal dumping ground.” All Might explains “The young crop of heroes are obsessed with flashiness when the essence of being a hero is helping people!” Izuku can cheer to that. “Mark this, my boy, as your first steps towards being a hero!”


Izuku feels like he’s about to drop dead as he takes the customer's order. All Might had given him an exercise plan that he called the “Aim to pass! American dream plan”, but due to the fact that Izuku hadn’t told him he works instead of going to school and didn’t have the money to stick to the eating plan it includes, Izuku ended up more and more exhausted as the days went on.

He ends up having to use a good bit of his HRT money in order to have 3 meals a day, with one a week actually being within the meal plan.

He also ends taking up an extra shift twice a week, just so his HRT fund wouldn’t go flat. And he spends most nights tossing and turning due to nightmares and insomnia, so it’s safe to say he isn’t sticking to the plan very well.

But hey, at least he isn’t binding during his daily clean-the-beach with All Might, he isn’t actually insane(even if his brother would argue otherwise).

Izuku jogs behind All Might, who is riding a segway in his small form, carrying a trashed cooler in his arms when his exhaustion finally catches up with him. His legs and arms give out, both him and the cooler trashing to the ground. Izuku resists the urge to curl into a ball and cry, It’s too early for this shit, he’s dysphoric and Touya’s shit boss had decided he wouldn’t get his paycheck for another 3 weeks, meaning they had to use most of their grocery money for rent instead of food. In short, he’s having a bad time™.

“Hey, Hey. get up, you’ve only got 3 months until the entrance exam, there’s no way you’ll make it at this rate.” All Might said, a small amount of blood dripping down his chin. Izuku resisted the urge to moan and clench his stomach (when was the last time he ate a full meal? A week ago? Two? He’d been living off of stolen goods from the cafe for the last couple of days.)

“I’m sorry,” Izuku manages to squeak out, his stomach clenching.

“My boy,” All Might says, concerned now “What’s wrong?”

“Sorry, we just… didn’t have much grocery money this month,” Izuku says, forcing himself to sit up “And I don’t want to drain our emergency funds, or my UA fund, or my medical funds.”

“My boy, if your family is struggling with money, I can help.” All Might says, “Let’s take a break and get you some real food.”


Izuku practically inhales the K atsudon the second it’s put on the table, he hasn’t had it since he was… 6 maybe? But it’s as good as he remembers it being. All Might chuckles to himself as he watches Izuku, himself only having a small bowl of soba. 

“Slow down, young Akantai. You’ll end up choking if you eat that fast.”

Izuku reluctantly slows down and takes sips of his water in between bites.

“When was the last time you ate a full meal?” All Might questions

“Um, I mean we ran out of food like 3 days ago, but before that… maybe 2 weeks ago?”

“You haven’t eaten in 3 days?” All Might gasps

“oh, No. Um, my brother sometimes takes home extra cookies from work, and I can sometimes take a croissant or two from the cafe.” Izuku explains

“My boy,” All Might says, running a hand through his hair “If you need help, I can help.”

Izuku blushes 

“It’s fine, my brother should be getting pain today or tomorrow, his boss just decided he wouldn’t get his paycheck until 3 weeks after he usually gets it because he was late a couple of days.”

“What do you usually eat” Izuku blushes harder

“Um, I try to eat one meal a week that sticks to the meal plan, but most days I eat microwavable ramen for Lunch and Dinner and buy a croissant for breakfast if I’m lucky,”

All Might sighs

“No wonder you collapsed today, you’re barely eating.”

“Oh, um. Really? I mean, I’ve been eating more recently that I have since I was, like, 4.” All those years were his mother and father refused to feed him more than twice a month, and than living on the street where he was lucky to eat once a day, eating two meals a day is a luxury. He doesn’t care if it’s the cheapest microwavable food, its food .

All Might looks horrified. Izuku forgets it’s not normal for kids to… just not have food. To constantly worry about the things he’s had to worry about for so long. If he’s going to be able to eat, if someone will find him, if someone will hurt him. Spending most of his childhood running from danger, scavaging for food and hiding from everyone made him forget that normal people live normal lives, with normal families and normal schedules. 

“My boy...”


All Might starts to bring bento boxes for both him and Touya every time he sees him, and will often bring him out to eat. Which he greatly appreciates and is honestly living for.

He also adjusts the plan so that Izuku doesn’t feel like shit, and it’s safe to say Izuku is attached to All Might in ways he wasn’t before (any man that feeds Izuku is already leagues better than his sperm donor).

Izuku ends up finishing the beach on the day of the entrance exam. Which means he has 2 hours with his new quirk before he has to use it. Fun.


Izuku stands nervously outside the UA gates, if you had told him 3 years ago he’d be here, he would have laughed in your face and told you to stop fucking with him. But he’s here. 

Izuku lets a small smile slip onto his face, He’s here at UA . to become a hero, and maybe even meet some of his heroes. 

Touya had given him some pointers on the entrance exam, telling him that it was robots and that there was another side to the scoring. He hadn’t gone into detail, but it was enough to get the wheels in Izuku’s head turning. 

Touya had also encouraged him to use his original quirk, trying to beat into his head that his quirk was not his fathers, but his own. Which Izuku was trying to take into consideration. But… it was still hard. He's spent, god 5 years being either beaten with the quirk or being told he was only going to become a villain because his quirk was his fathers.

‘Another side…. Another side. What does he mean, could it be…. Something to do with non-combat quirks? To help them get it? But how ? How could they-’ and Izuku is falling. And then, he’s not.

“Sorry for using my quirk on you!” a bubbly voice says from behind him “I just thought it would be bad luck to trip before the exam!”

“Um…” Izuku says

“Oh!” the voice says again, and Izuku is put back on his feet. Izuku faces a girl with short chestnut brown hair who practically radiated sunshine.

“Good luck on the exam!” she bubbles and basically skips away.

“Thank you,” Izuku weakly calls after her, knowing full well she can’t hear him.


Izuku hates changing rooms, for one thing, he’s trans, and he  has scars along his back and arms. Two things he doesn’t want to announce to the entirety of UA’s exam participants. So he changes in a stall. 

Izuku ends up being one of the last ones out, in his shitty mix-matched thrift store tracksuit he’d been lucky enough to find. So he ends up being in the back of the crowd, waiting for the exam to start. 

Izuku’s hands are sweating and he’s shaking slightly as the anxiety sets in, so he starts to scan through the crowd, making notes of what he thing everyone’s quirks might be to calm himself. Izuku finds himself slipping into his habit of mumbling when a hand falls onto his shoulder, and Izuku reacts like any traumatized abuse victim would, and drops, rolling away from the hand and putting his arms up is self-defense.

‘Don’t let him hit your face’ he thinks ‘It’s too obvious and it’ll attract attention, keep the hits to your torso, upper arms, and thighs.’ but Izuku doesn’t find himself on the receiving end of an attack, instead, he remembers where he is UA. and the entire crowd of test-takers is staring at him.

“And START ” Present Mic announces, and Izuku is off, leaving the other kids in confusion. (too many years of having to react to the slightest sound in an instant in order to avoid being beaten or taken had sharpened his reaction speed.)

There are no count downs in real life! ” Present mic announces “ I’d follow examinee 7353 !”

Izuku finds himself in front of a 3 pointer, and he makes a risky decision and attacks it with a steady stream of flames.

‘You are not your father’ he reminds himself ‘it is your quirk, not his.’ he repeats the words of his brother as he takes out another 6 robots. 

Izuku is suddenly reminded of his brother's other advice as he watched another examinee pull someone out of danger. 

‘Rescue points.’ Izuku thinks.

And so Izuku abandons using his quirk, and instead pulls other test-takers out of danger. He just hopes the rescue points are enough to pass him. 

“Holy shit” someone next to him gasps as the ground rumbles. A giant robot- one standing taller than most of the building- emerges from the distance.

“Is that the zero pointer?” someone questions. 

“UA is insane!” another cries as they flee from the scene. Izuku, on the other hand, starts heading towards it. There’s got to be plenty of people to help right? so more points for him.

“What the fuck are you doing?” someone hells “That's things not worth any points!” Izuku gives them the bird and continues to head towards it, helping fallen test takers on the way.

And thank god Izuku decided not to run in the other direction because there's a girl pleading for help, the girl that had stopped him from falling.

Izuku runs towards her, and before he can even think , he jumping, putting the strength of One For All behind it. Izuku lights up his arm and punches the head with all his strength.

He can hear his bones snap.

Izuku hadn’t thought this far. Because now he’s 21 meters in the air and free-falling with no way to stop himself. 

‘Well shit’ he thinks ‘I don’t think Recovery Girl can fix me if I’m dead.’

Izuku has all but accepted his death, when he feels a sharp slap across his face. And, he's no longer falling. The girl.

Times up!”

Izuku falls and lays on the floor in agony. Breaking 3 out of 4 limbs is not the way to end the exam. Izuku can faintly hear Recovery Girl chastising him for overusing his quirk, but he’s too concerned with crying and/or passing out from the pain. Recovery Girl plants a kiss on the top of his head, and his last thought before passing out is ‘I hope Touya isn’t too mad’

Chapter Text

Izuku is dead, he is so dead. And if he’s not he sure as hell would rather be dead than have to deal with whatever Touya has planned for him. He’s not even sure All Might can save him at this point, hell Touya will straight up kill All Might too. No one’s safe from Touya’s rath, save Recovery Girl.

Point is when Izuku tries to sneak into the apartment long after the test has ended and he promised to be home, he’s expecting it to be his last day. Maybe he’ll somehow get Eraserhead and Present Mic to attend his funeral. 

And of course, Touya is sitting at the kitchen table with his hands folded, staring at the front door when Izuku walks in. 

“Izuku,” Touya says in a sing-song voice, “It’s like 2 hours after you said you’d be home!” 

“Uh! Sorry!” Izuku shrieks, waving his hands in front of him. 

“You’d better have explanation little guy. Or you’re hoodie privileges are gone.”

“Uh…. I broke my bones… and recovery girl’s quirk made me… sleepy?” Touya's expression turns from borderline angry to concerned and confused 

“you, how did you, Izuku,”

“uh... All Might’s quirk kinda” Izuku rubs the back of his neck “Made my bones break when I used it.”

“All Might's quirk ... broke your bones….”



Needless to say, Izuku was grounded after telling Touya the whole story, but it was only from Touya’s hoodie and for a week. And he might have gotten ice cream for using his fire. 

He hasn’t had any contact from All Might since the day of the entrance exam, which made him anxious (what if he didn’t get enough rescue points and didn’t get in and All Might is disappointed, or what if someone had found his records suspicious or what if someone had connected him to Midoriya Izumi ) but he’s sure All Might’s just busy. 

“Izuku,” Touya calls from the front door “The letter from UA came!”

Izuku comes barreling out of their bedroom, and basically rips the envelope out of his brother's hand. 

“Woah, calm down Izuku,” 

Izuku eagerly opened the letter, a small round disk clattering onto the kitchen table, a small hologram flickering to life. 

"I AM HERE, IN HOLOGRAPHIC VIDEO FORM!" It was a pre-recorded video, depicting All Might in front of some yellow background. The hero glanced off-screen, perhaps receiving instructions from someone else. "AHEM, WELL. Young Akantai Izuku, you passed the U.A.'s written exam with flying colors! Congratulations! But not only that. You also exceeded my expectations, you earned 20 combat points in the practical exam. young Akantai! sadly this would not be enough to pass, but that wasn’t all there was to the exam. There's something I think you'd like to see!"

Another video burst to life in the corner, depicting the girl he had saved from the zero pointer, she appeared rosy-cheeked and lively again, approaching Present Mic with a sheepish look on her face. "Uhm, excuse me, Mr. Present Mic? Sorry to interrupt, but... do you remember the boy with messy black hair" She gestured at her head, "Had lots of freckles and the mix-matched tracksuit? I wanted to ask if it'd be alright if... I maybe gave him some of my points from the exam? He gave up on his chance to earn points to save me! And it wouldn't be fair if he didn't pass and I did even though he was the one who saved me." the video pauses but stays on the screen.

"Seems you made quite an impression, does it not? You, young Akantai! Chose the safety of others first, going around helping other examinees and saving that girl even though those actions weren't demanded in the exam, even though you had nothing to gain." All Might turned to face the camera directly, his face pulled into a shining grin. "For you see, the practical exam was not graded on combat points alone! A second factor was voted on by a panel of judges. And for that reason, I am proud to say you passed with 100 RESCUE POINTS!" All Might flashed a thumbs up, beaming at the screen.

"You passed the exam my boy, 120 points! Highest score in the history of UA!. Your heroic actions, bravery, and selflessness are now there for the whole world to see! Welcome, Akantai Izuku to your hero academia" the video pauses and glitches out as Izuku wipes tears from his eyes. He made it. 

“Well fuck, that’s way more points than I got,” Touya laughs, wrapping Izuku in hug, “I'm so proud of you Izuku.”

“I made it,” Izuku sniffles


Turns out, Izuku doesn’t know how to tie and tie and Touya is too busy laughing at him to fix it. 

“Shut the fuck up,” Izuku pouts “I didn’t grow up wearing ties.”

Touya laughs and pulls Izuku closer by the end of his tie. 

“You look pretty stupid,” he laughs, “But I’m a good brother so I’ll show you how to tie it.”

It takes 4 tries before Izuku can successfully tie his tie, and by then he’s rushing out the door with his backpack in hand(after, of course a quick hug from Touya and a reminder to beat up anyone that makes fun of him or likes Endeavor/Dragon).

Izuku barely makes the train, and manages to clamber on just before the door closes. Stupid tie. 

Izuku finds a seat and sits down, quickly spotting several other UA uniforms. Among them, a boy with lilac hair that defines gravity and eyebags that rivaled his own, a girl with shoulder length green hair, and a girl with pink dreadlocks.

Izuku pops in a headphone, and to ease his anxiety, watches the purple headed boy so he’s sure he doesn’t miss his stop. He knows it’s kind of creepy, so he tries to just glance at his every few seconds to make sure he hasn’t left, but it apparently doesn’t work because the boy glares at him the entire stop and once Izuku follows him out of the train, he whips around.

“Do you have a problem with me?” The boy asks

“N-no!” Izuku says, throwing his hands by head and face heating up “I-I have really bad anxiety, and you have a UA uniform and I didn’t want to miss my stop,” The boy glares at him for a little longer before sighing.

“Sorry for bothering you, I’m just a little on edge,” the boy says, rubbing the back of his neck and starting to walk away

“It’s okay!” Izuku says, relaxing a bit and running to catch up to him “What class are you in?”

“Um, 1-A,”

“Me too!” Izuku smiles “I’m Akantai Izuku, what your name,”

“Shinsou Hitoshi,” He grunts

“Cool! who’s your favorite hero? Mines either Eraserhead or All Might, they’re pretty neck to neck,” Izuku says before he can stop himself (god he hasn’t talked to anyone his age in forever )

“Um, I like Eraserhead too, I didn’t know anyone else really knew about him,” Shinsou responds, looking at Izuku from the corner of his eye. (lets just pretend Izuku doesn’t feel very dysphoric standing next to the almost 180 cm boy while standing at only 160 cm)

“Really? I’ve never met anyone besides my brother who knew about him either!”


Izuku walks awkwardly besides Shinsou the rest of the way to class, it’s obvious that Shinsou doesn’t want to be friends or talk to him, but Izuku is an awkward gay who doesn’t know how to... talk to people at all. 

But at least he’ll have some idea what will go down in Eraserhead’s class. he knows from Touya that he doesn’t mess around, that your either work hard or get expelled. And that if you don’t show potential or take the course seriously, it’s over for you. 

He knows that he’s strict, but secretly caring, and has a soft spot for Present Mic, cats, and people with quirks ‘not suited for hero work.’ 

He also knows that there’s a high chase of Touya’s brother, Todoroki Shouto (red and white hair split down the middle, a burn scars on him right side, fire and ice quirk) and Bakugou Katsuki being in his class, if not at least in the hero course. 

He knows All Might will be teaching this year, and he knows that no one has any idea to suspect he’s not who he says he is. 

Izuku ends up falling behind Shinsou and most the other UA students go their separate ways, so he keeps to himself and takes deep breaths, trying to calm both his nerves and excitement.

And of course, there’s yelling coming from inside the 1-A classroom. Great. Izuku peeps in the door and finds, a dark blue haired boy and…. Kacchan. 

“"Don’t put your feet on the desk! Don’t you think that’s rude to the upperclassman and people who made the desk?!" the blue haired boy says.

"Nope, what junior high did you go to you side character? The top two?" Kacchan stares at him with a smirk.

“I attended Somei Private Academy. My Name is Iida Tenya,” 

“Somei? You’re a damn elite huh? Looks like I’ll have fun crushing you.” Kacchan grins. 

“Crushing? That’s cruel! Do you truly aim to be a hero?” 

Shinsou walks just walks past them and doesn’t give the two arguing a passing glance. 

Izuku tried to follow his example but ends up getting stopped by the blue haired boy. 

“Oh, it's you! Greetings, my name is Iida-"

"II um, I heard. I'm Akantai Izuku. It's really nice to meet you, Iida!"

"A pleasure to meet you as well, Akantai. I'm pleased to have another chance to speak with you, after the exam. I apologize for my behavior towards you-your selfless actions that day proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had deeply misjudged you." Iida bows deeply at Izuku.

“I don’t really know what your talking about but, It’s okay!” Izuku reassures him.

Izuku just wants to sit in his fucking seat (which, sadly, is directly besides Kacchan.) and he’s just spotted Todoroki Shouto

“Oh! It's you! With the freckles!” a new voice calls from the doorway “I wanted to thank you for saving me during the exam!” 

It’s the girl from the entrance exam, smiling and looking just as fine as she did in the video from the acceptance letter. 

“Oh, no problem,” and Izuku has no time to even process anything before a rough voice interrupts him(again)

“If you’re here to socialize, then you should get out,” There, on the floor, in a bright yellow sleeping bag, is Eraserhead. Izuku remembers Touya mentioning his sleeping bag but… he never really thought he’d see it… or that Eraserhead would be his homeroom teacher .

“This is,” Eraserhead opens the bag slightly, just to slip out a jelly packet and place it to his lips “the hero course.” He sucks the contents in one suck, stands up like a demented caterpillar, unzips the sleeping bag, and steps out.

“It took you 8 seconds to quiet down. Time is a precious resource. You lot aren’t very rational, are you?” Izuku is just staring at him, it’s like “ Eraserhead, ” he whispers. Eraserhead shoots him a look but doesn’t comment. Holy fuck

“I’m your homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shouta. Pleased to meet you.” He pulls out a couple of gym clothes out of his sleeping bag (how did he fit all 20 pairs in his sleeping bag??)

“Quickly now, change into your gym clothes and head out to the ground.”