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Calling The Radio

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Hizashi’s radio show, Put Your Hands Up Radio, played non-stop songs from 1am-5am every Friday, with occasional interviews or call segments. Some may say that was an absurd time period for a well-known hero and that it would get more ratings if it was at a normal time of day.

But he didn’t choose the time frame for his fans.

Well, he did, but only ONE of his fans, specifically, his dearest number one listener.

Shouta had always given Hizashi as much support as he could, even when it inconvenienced himself. But, Shouta slept for as much of the day as possible, given the more night-heavy nature of being an underground hero, so he was more often awake during the times no one else was.

Specifically, Shouta's patrols were always late at night because those were at the times crime was most likely to occur.

However, Hizashi had known Shouta would stay up even if he was supposed to be getting sleep if he had his radio show on during the day. Shouta also wouldn't have had been able to listen to the radio if it occurred during school hours, not to mention that Hizashi would have to miss his own classes to be at the station.

Therefore, it was only logical to make sure that Shouta would not lose any sleep over Hizashi's radio show, so Hizashi made it so that his radio show went on during the late hours of the night when Shouta would be winding up his patrol.

Hizashi didn't know if Shouta knew how much it meant to him that Shouta listened in.

Shouta had always listened, from that first day that they meet. Sure, Shouta tried his best to avoid and ignore the blond, but he still listened.

Shouta listened when Hizashi talked about his plans for the future, he listened when Hizashi rambled on about nothing, he listened when Hizashi broke up with someone, he listened when Hizashi confessed to him, and he listened to Hizashi's radio show.

Shouta was Hizashi's very first listener, and he was absolutely touched at the fact that Shouta continued listening.

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Contrary to popular belief, Shouta actually called during Hizashi's radio caller segment quite often.

Not too often, of course, he didn't want to monopolize the caller segment, given that his calls were given priority because he was Hizashi's husband, but Shouta did call every now and then.

Sometimes, it was simply to say hi, generally disguising the hello as something else.

"Hello, my dearest listener!" Hizashi would greet. "What can I help you with today?"

"Just reminding my students that they have a test on Monday and that they'd better study, or I'll expel them," Shouta said.

"Ooh! Scary!" Hizashi laughed easily. "Shout out to those listeners! Even if it's the weekend, you can't forget about academics, yo!"

Sometimes, Shouta called to request a song that Hizashi had sung earlier that day or week. It was a little sappy, but Shouta would often do this to figure out what songs they were and then put them in a playlist for Hizashi and himself to enjoy later.

"Welcome, my dearest listener!"

"There was a song that came up on the radio this morning," Shouta would often start, not revealing that he heard Hizashi singing the song while he was making breakfast for the two of them. "I don't know the name, but it was about a blackbird, and I remember the line 'blackbird singing in the dead of night.'"

Shouta sang the line he remembered, knowing that Hizashi loved it when he sang.

"Yes, that song is Blackbird by the Beatles! I'll be sure to play it later tonight for you!"

Other times, it was to ask a question. These questions were often ones relevant to hero work and things that Shouta believed were important to know if someone was going to become a hero. He knew that many of his students listened to Put Your Hands Up Radio, despite the late hour it played, so it was only logical to take advantage of the fact that they were listening to impart on them some good life lessons.

"What kind of questions do you have for me tonight, my dearest listener?"

"What do you do when you make mistakes in the field, and how do you handle those mistakes?" This was a little heavier than the questions Shouta usually asked, but it was an important question nonetheless.

"Well, first, I'd like to say that we all make mistakes, even heroes. At the end of the day, we're only human, and there will be times when we can't do something," Hizashi started. "It could be misjudging the situation, accidentally damaging the surrounding area, and, yes, even incidents where bystanders end up getting hurt. It's...hard to solve some mistakes in the moment. We can call paramedics and evacuate citizens and pay for any damage we caused, but some damage can't be fixed, and heroes are liable to feel guilty about these mistakes. The important thing here is to seek help. Many heroes go to therapists and others keep a close-knit group of friends to confide in. There's nothing wrong with getting help, even if you're a hero. In fact, especially if you're a hero! It's an important and rewarding, but high-stress job, and you don't have to shoulder that stress alone. I hope that answered your question!"

Most of the time though, Shouta called because he missed his husband. There were times when the both of them became too engrossed in their multiple jobs and allowed their relationship to fall somewhat to the wayside.

"How do you do, my dearest listener?"

"I miss you," Shouta responded, a little too out of it to come up with any other excuse as to why he was calling the station.

Hizashi's voice softened, going from his Present Mic persona to something more akin to the man Shouta knew.

"I miss you, too, starlight."

"I love you, come home soon," Shouta smiled.

"I love you, too," Hizashi said before Shouta hung up and allowed him to continue to the rest of his radio show.