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Totally expected but unlikely mates!

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Everyone knew that he was going to be an alpha. 

So those dummies should know better. They should know better.

And it wasn’t like he was upset. He wasn’t even bothered, not one bit. The ones who were upset were those dummies. Not him. 

Okay. Fine. That was a lie. 

He was very upset. Deku was his. Only his. He scented him every chance he got, okay? Left marks everywhere. Sure they weren’t on his glands but still. He staked his claim every chance he had. Those dumb older alphas thought his aggressive scenting and biting was just a phase. THEY KNEW NOTHING! 

It didn’t matter that he was only 10 years old: a young alpha who hadn’t even gone through his first rut. Whose scent hadn’t even fully matured. That didn’t matter. It didn’t matter because when he did finally get taller than Deku he would be the one to claim the most amazing Omega ever. So they needed to keep their nasty scents away from his future mate.

His entire family knew, okay? They were always teasing him. Messing with him.

They constantly told everyone that he used to be the most calm in Deku’s arms. He would kick up a storm if they took him away. 

Once his teeth grew in, they were all over Deku. Small little bite marks to prove he belonged to someone. 

Their scents were literally all over each other. If one of them walked into a room, everyone thought two people had entered. Even their parents had mistaken them for each other because of how tangled their scents are. 

They belonged to each other. They will be the most perfect mates ever.



“Deku!” screamed Bakugou. He finally got out of class. He ignored all of those extras who wanted to talk to him. He pushed his way was past them. Damn extras getting in the way.

“Kacchan! How are you?” Deku’s smile could probably save the dumb planet. “Auntie said she’s making curry tonight!”

The faint scent of sweet apples with a hint of cinnamon filled his nostrils. Bakugou hurried to hug the omega. “School was fine,” he grumbled out. “Too many dumb people tried to talk to me.” 

Laughing softly, Deku placed his arms around his childhood friend. “Now, that’s not very nice.” 

“Hmph, it wouldn’t be an issue if they just realized I don’t want to talk to them. If I wanted to talk to them I would.” 

“Okay, okay. Let’s get you home.” Deku reached out to hold his hand. Bakugou made sure to interlace their fingers together. He didn’t want anyone to ever hold Deku’s hand like this. Only his alpha should be allowed to get so close. 

“Deku, someone said something today that makes no sense,” He paused to look up at him. “Is it true that you aren’t an omega omega? And that I’m not an alpha alpha?”

Almost missing a step, Deku bit his lip. “Well, they”re technically correct?” 

“Those dummies were right?!” Bakugou could feel his cheeks heating up. “I called them stupid.”

“In this today’s time we have multiple types of tests to be able to determine what secondary gender someone will be. But we didn’t use to have that. In olden times, a person would present basically whenever they finally finished going through puberty. They either had a rut or heat or for betas, their scents fully matured. Some don’t consider others a proper omega or alpha, or beta until they have gone through this. So in a way your friend is correct.” Deku started to blush. “I’m not yet an omega, I haven’t had my heat.”

Kacchan stared at the blush painting Deku’s face. He was fascinated by the color. He wanted to touch it. How is it possible he looks nicer with his face all red? 

“Deku, have you ever wanted to kiss someone?” 

“Have I ever wanted to what?” Deku’s cheeks resembled a tomato.

“Wanted to kiss someone.”

“K-k-kiss?!” He exclaimed. “I-I-I ca-ca-can’t say I have.”

“You never wanted to kiss someone?” Bakugou felt unreasonably glad yet disappointed. I’ve always wanted to kiss him.

“Kacchan who’s been talking to you about all of this?” 

“Hmph, some dummy tried to kiss me today.” Bakugou wrinkled his nose. That guy didn’t even smell half as appealing as Deku. Can’t believe he can’t tell when someone is taken. Deku’s scent is all over me.  



Midoriya felt his world turn topsy turvy. Someone had attempted to kiss his Kacchan. There was someone Kacchan’s age pursuing his younger friend. 

“Did you want them to?” Midoriya held his breath. 

He knew it was irrational to consider his younger friend, who for god's sake has never had a rut, as his alpha. Yet ever since he started to experience his preheats, the only scent that calms him down was Kacchan’s faint spicy caramel scent. 

The first time he ever experienced his preheat, Kacchan had left one of his sweaters in his room. And the relief it brought him was unrivaled. He spent that entire day building a nest from his soft blankets and anything with Kacchan’s scent. And anytime his preheats came he would always use Kacchan’s scent in his nest. It made him feel safe. He didn’t let anyone know he was using Kacchan’s scent. It would be terrible if they found out. What would they say if they knew he was using the scent of someone six years younger than him?

“Ew, why would I want to kiss that dummy.” The disgust in Kacchan’s voice should not give him such relief. But it did. It freaking did. 

“Oh, you don’t like him?” 

Seeing Kacchan pout was pretty cute. He looked absolutely adorable. “He was okay. But now he’s a dummy.”

“Maybe he thought you were very cool?” He? Oh god he’s probably an omega Kacchan’s age. And he was okay?! That’s Kacchan speak for he was pretty cool! 

“I am very cool. But still, he shouldn’t have gotten that close.”

“How close did he get?” Midoriya had never felt the need to scent Kacchan so strong.

“Uh well, he was like close close but not close close?”

“What do you mean? He was close close but not close close?”

Kacchan huffed out a breath, “Let me show you.” 

Midoriya’s heart skipped a beat, it's been kick-started. Kacchan pulled on his shirt, dragging him close. Kacchan’s spicy caramel scent washed over him. Feeling the other’s breath so darn close caused him to open his eyes. When did I close them?

Kacchan was right in his personal space.

“See, it’s close close but not close close.” 

His fiery red eyes looked right at him. Kacchan hadn’t let go. They were breathing the same air. Someone had gotten that close to Kacchan. He blinked rapidly. Trying to get himself to speak. 

Kacchan let go, stepping away easily. “I didn’t want him to be that close to me.”

Midoriya’s mouth was dry. His heart was still racing. Kacchan’s scent still filled his nostrils. He wanted to get close to him. As close to him as possible. His tummy was starting to cramp up. He felt as if he had a fever.

“Are we going straight home today?” Kacchan asked. 

Swallowing, he cleared his throat. “Yes, I think I have to go straight home today.”

“Oh.” Kacchan eyes pulled into a small frown. “Can I come over?”

“N-n-not today.” 


The rest of the walk was spent in silence. Midoriya could feel his body becoming more and more hot. The need to have Kacchan scent him was strong. And knowing that Kacchan was just an arm’s length away was torture. He knew what it meant. He knew that this wasn’t a preheat. He was finally going to be a real omega omega

His heat was here. 

Midoriya’s mind raced ahead. He couldn’t be near Kacchan anymore. Or he’d be constantly setting off his heat. Kacchan was but a boy. He was still a child. At least he presented at the end of the school year. Today had been his last test. 

He has no choice but to accept it. The offer to attend the boarding school.

He’d be away from Kacchan. Before his omega instincts acted up too much. Before he ruined his friendship with him. Before he got his heartbroken because there was no way Kacchan would like a loser like himself for a mate.




He would leave.



It was finally time. And he couldn’t fucking wait. 

Midoriya Izuku was coming back from fucking University. It’d been years since he had physically laid eyes on him. They’ve only kept in touch through stupid cellphone screens. And he was only coming back because he was graduating from highschool. 

He also might have used his puppy eyes on Auntie Inko to make sure that Deku would be there. 

(Not that he would ever admit it.)

Some might call him delusional to wait for someone who never wanted to meet up. Or plain insane because they hadn’t met in eight years. After all, childhood friends often outgrew one another. But he knew better. It didn’t matter that they hadn’t seen each other for eight fucking years, Deku will be his mate.

 (Don’t tell anyone but he’s slightly terrified that their scents weren’t compatible. Goddamn it, what if Deku was thinking about dating someone? There’s no way, no one else noticed how amazing he was. There had to be other people trying to win his heart.)

He didn’t fucking care that they haven’t seen each other in forever. No one else ever felt right to him. He was considered popular despite his less than stellar attitude; he had to deal with omegas sending their pheromone filled valentine’s day cards into his locker. He even made, dare he say it, friends throughout the years. Some of them even had the guts to confess and remained friends despite him brutally rejecting them.

Tugging on his graduation hat, Bakugou fixed perfectly onto his head. He wanted to look at his absolute best when meeting Deku. Not a hair should be out of place. He thanked the gods above that he tamed those unruly spikes of his, trust that in itself was quite the impossible challenge. (But who the hell knew for how long they would stay flat?)

He hated the fact that Deku would see him before he even got the chance to say hello. They were meeting after the ceremony, it made slightly irritated that he had to give the valedictorian speech. Sure he was damn proud to show his future mate he was smarter than all the losers at this nationally recognized school. He was the best his generation had to offer in this entire prefecture.

The entire ride to the school, made his heart race. He was more nervous about seeing Deku than finally closing the chapter on his high school. He knew there were friendships that wouldn’t survive the perils of college life. 

What if Deku doesn’t even want to acknowledge me? What if the reason he never visited was because he realized my huge ass crush on him? Was it presumptuous to send him gifts every month? To call him everyday he possibly could. To talk to him for hours. Even if it meant using up all his data on video chatting. Was Deku dating someone and never told him? Sure he talked to him about everything, even how much he hated the guy he interned with. He told him the time he almost went into a heat in the common room. He fucking hoped Deku wasn’t dating anyone.

“We’re here,” the old hag announced. “My little tyke is finally growing up!”

“Shut up! I ain’t your little tyke,” Bakugou glared at his mom. “Don’t you dare call me that in front of anyone.”

“Aw shucks, you couldn’t mean your childhood friend you haven’t seen in years?” His mom’s eyes flashed in amusement.

Bakugou couldn’t even muster a response. He was that tongue tied. “Just don’t fucking speak.”

“You’d think you’d be more polite knowing that we’ll be the ones meeting Little ‘Zuku-chan first.”

He bolted from his seat, making sure to slam the car door. “I’ll see you later.” Huffing out a big sigh, he added softly, “Please don’t embarrass me in front of Deku. It’s all I ask.” He walked away, cheeks burning.

Bakugou couldn’t tell you a word about the ceremony. He knew he did his speech spectacularly; people had already come up to him accusing of him being a softy under his grouchy exterior. He couldn’t remember taking his diploma from the principal. He couldn’t even tell you how he made it to where his parents were. Couldn’t tell you how he made it back to Deku.

There were no words sufficient to describe what he felt in that moment. 

He caught the scent of apples and cinnamon; his entire world had utterly changed. 

Why was I scared? No one has ever smelled this amazing to me. 

No one should have the right to look so good. Deku was dressed casually: black tight jeans were tucked into red combat boots, a very loose white dress shirt  had been worn underneath a black vest which highlighted his small defined waist. His body was to die for. He had delectable thighs, they were all harsh lines and he couldn’t wait to be crushed by them. 

It was a great testament to how utterly gorgeous Deku’s face was that he couldn’t look away. Deku’s bright green doe eyes would have been the center of anyone else’s face but Deku’s most prominent feature were the dusting of freckles across his face. Bakugou could spend whole afternoons counting each individual freckle and not ever get bored. His cheekbones were high on his face, but the most adorable part was the baby fat still clinging to them. 

He was free from any bonding mark. His neck was also free from any bite mark. His scent was clean. No one had scented Deku.

“Hi!” Deku all but screamed in excitement. He practically vibrated from his spot. “How does it feel to be officially an adult?”

Bakugou grinned. Deku wasn’t spoken for.  I still have a chance. 

Walking forward he wrapped the smaller man in his arms. Deku’s hair barely tickled his chin. I’m finally taller than him! He couldn’t help when he released his scent all over Deku. And how could he control himself? Deku smelt utterly divine to him. He was desirable and he wanted no one to get any ideas. 

He was slightly worried Deku would be agitated he scented him without his consent. 

Yet Deku relaxed even further in his arms when he released his scent. He even let out a small sigh of contentment. 

I never want this hug to end.

Deku stepped away enough to look up at him. He looked happy. Why does he look so happy to see me? Why didn’t he ever visit?

“Kacchan! You've gotten so tall!”

“There was never any hope for you to grow, huh? Deku is still doll sized.”

Laughter that sounded like bells filled the area, “If I’m doll sized, you’re a giant.”

“I’m only a giant to doll sized people.”

They hadn’t let go of one another. Bakugou couldn’t get enough of Deku’s scent. He was practically drunk off Deku's scent; he was infatuated with Deku being in his arms. With him in his arms, Bakugou could take on the world.

“Baku-bro let me get a picture with you!” The annoying voice of Kirishima Eijiro popped his bubble. “Denki also wants one!” He turned to glare at his friends, almost all were alphas. He let out a small warning. Don’t you dare come any closer to Deku.

“His friends exploded into laughter. “Hey! Is the Deku-san? Aren’t you the boyfriend?” Denki had a death wish.

Deku’s cheeks filled with warmth. “The boyfriend?”

“Yeah! Why else would our man Bakugou video chat almost everyday! He rejected everyone for someone he was already in love with! It has to be you!” Denki laughed. “He’s hugging you from his own free will!”

Bakugou bit the inside of his cheek. He wanted to crush Denki. But he also wanted to know Deku’s response. 

“He doesn’t hug others?” Denki got close. His light omegan scent drifted over to them. “He hugs you only for a moment.” Poking one of Bakugou arm’s, “And who wouldn’t want to be wrapped up in these guns?”

Deku smiled tightly. His arms tightened, his scent got a little stronger. “Oh,” he looked up at Bakugou, “Aren’t your hugs only for me?”

The smile that lit Bakugou’s face was overwhelming. None of his friends had ever seen him so happy. “Yeah hugs are for future mates only.”