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There was soft knock at his door and Shouto flinched. He was already used to the silence of his recently empty room. He stood anyway, opening the door a crack and peeking outside.


“Do you mind if I come in?” She asked gently, as if he’d ever send her away. Shouto shook his head, opening the door wider and shutting it behind her.

Shouto hesitated, silent again, so she spoke. “You look so handsome.” She smiled softly. A cold, pale hand reached up and tucked a red curl behind his ear.

He shrugged, hands tucked into his dark suit. “Momo knows a lot of good stylists. She managed convince a few of them to help me.”

His mother’s hand dropped down his arm and squeezed gently. “You have such wonderful friends.”

Shouto paused, glancing down at her. The air around her was cold, her skin pale and her hair paler. Her eyes were warm when she looked at him though, a winter storm.

“Is everyone here?” Shouto finally asked and she nodded.

“Natsuo scared everyone by only showing up ten minutes ago, but yes, they’re all here.” They both smiled at the thought of him.

Shouto was silent for another moment. “Mom, I-“ He paused again. She hummed patiently and he nodded. “I...I’m glad you’re here.”

Her eyes crinkled and she took his face in her hands. He felt the sharp chill of her fingers on his left side. “I’m glad I get to be here. I get to see you with him and you look so happy.”

Shouto nodded slightly in her hands. He felt like a child again. “He makes me happy.”

She smiled. “Good. That’s all I’ve ever wanted for you.”


Mom was already sniffling pitifully in the front row.

She waved at him as the music began with shiny green eyes and a yellow handkerchief in her hand that probably belonged to Toshinori. The retired hero sat beside her, rubbing her back soothingly and slouching so that the people sitting behind him could still see. When he noticed Izuku watching them, he smiled, sunken eyes crinkling at the corners.

The music floating in and over his head, Izuku trying his hardest to not cry along with her. He promised himself that he wouldn’t, but it was hard as his heart swelled and the doors opened.

Shouto was stunning from across the room. Izuku must have had his mouth open, because Ochako leaned over and poked him, whispering something he didn’t catch about flies.

He was arm in arm with his mother, instantly smiling softly at the sight of him. His long hair was neatly braided into a multicolored bun, a few pieces hanging on either side of his face in pretty curls. His suit was dark, a deep black that made his skin seem to glow and made his eyes even sharper. Izuku didn’t understand how he had gotten so lucky.

He paused in front of Izuku and his mother leaned over and said something into his ear, punctuating it with a kiss to his left cheek and a small smile at Izuku. Then she left his side, sitting in the other row across the aisle with her two remaining children. Natsuo was sniffling with a grin and Fuyumi couldn’t keep the smile from her face, hand in hand with Tensei.

Shouto glanced back at his mother one last time before his technicolor eyes met Izuku’s again. The green-haired man offered his hands to him shyly, like this was a first date instead of their own wedding. Shouto didn’t hesitated, one warm and one cold.

“You look beautiful.” He said quietly, ignoring the room full of people.

Shouto’s face colored barely and he smiled. “So do you, love.” He answered, just as quietly. Izuku gave him a watery smile as the minister began speaking.

He might break his own promise.


“You’ve got flowers in your hair.” Izuku murmured, wide-eyed.

Shouto glanced at him, eyebrows raised. The servers set down their bowls, the chatter of friends and family floating in the air. “I know.” He finally answered, breaking apart his chopsticks.

Izuku blushed. “I didn’t notice before.” He had been plenty distracted during the ceremony.

Shouto smiled, amused. He picked one out of his bun and leaned over, tucking the white flower behind Izuku’s ear. The green-haired man grinned, grabbing his hand before he could pull away. He pressed a kiss to the cold fingers.

“You’re embarrassing.” His husband sighed with a warm face.

“It’s our wedding day, are you saying I can’t kiss you?”

Shouto retorted by leaning forward and kissing him on the mouth. He shut his eyes, feeling the familiar divide of temperatures and Shouto pulled his hand free, only to brush his hand back through his hair.

“Gross.” Kacchan hissed, jerking back to the present and the fact that he was sitting at a table in front of about fifty of his and Shouto’s closest friends and family.

Shouto pulled away with a roll of his eyes at Kacchan. The spiky blond went to flip him off before Eijirou grabbed his hand, laughing.

The servers finished setting out everyone’s food and Ochako jumped to her feet. “It’s time for toasts!” She exclaimed with a bubbly smile.

A few of them grabbed their drinks, but Izuku knew better. He remembered the maniac grin Ochako had worn when he had asked her to be in the wedding, and to give a speech as well. He glanced over at his husband, head propped up on his hand. He looked amused at Izuku’s expression, whatever it was.

“So, Deku asked me to write a speech about him and Todo- I’m sorry, Midoriya.” Shouto seemed to glow with the correction, glancing back at Izuku with a smile. Before he had even proposed, Shouto had already practically changed his name to Izuku’s. The green-haired man reached under the table and squeezed his hand before turning his attention back to Ochako.

“And I wasn’t really sure what to write, so I thought I might start from the beginning. So let me take you back to good, old first year at Yuuei High School.” Izuku rubbed his face, this was a bad idea. Ochako grinned and continued. “I was sitting there with Deku, doing homework, of all things, and he stops me and says ’I think I have a crush.’ I’m like ‘what’ and he says ‘I think I have a crush on Todoroki.’” The room snickered and Shouto suddenly looked awfully smug beside him. Izuku gave him a withering look.

“Cue the next, nearly year, Momo over there can back me up, of us trying to get these two nerds together.” She waved over at him and Shouto and Momo started giggling into Kyoka’s shoulder. “Long story short, we eventually forced them on a date together and here we all are.” Ochako smiled again. “I could go further into detail, but I think Deku might kill me, so I’ll end it with this. You both are my best friends and I’ve gotten to watch you side by side for years. I’m really happy for you guys and I hope you have an amazing married life, since you both act like an old married couple already anyways. Congratulations!” She sat down as the room clapped. Izuku grinned, rolling his eyes at her and she downed her drink with a wink.

From there Momo spoke, dragging Shouto under the bus in a similar fashion that had him glaring at her and Izuku snorting.

Then it was Kacchan, with a curt, ”You’re both fucking losers, but at least now you’re married losers so we don’t have to deal with your whining about each other anymore. Kiss in front of me again and I’ll throw up.”

“Classy, thanks Katsuki.” Shouto said, monotonously, as the blond plopped back down beside Eijirou and drank his glass in one gulp.

Tenya’s speech was quick and full of hand gestures and good lucks. Fuyumi was after him, raving about her youngest brother and the day he had come home and shyly told her about his new boyfriend. Then she launched into a story from their childhood about Shouto again and was eventually ushered back into her seat by Tensei and a snickering Natsuo.

Both of their mothers gave short, warm speeches. Izuku’s mother sniffled furiously through hers, while Rei looked incredibly nervous with all of the attention.

Then Toshinori was next. He spoke about how proud he was of both of them and how blessed he felt to be here today. His speech had Izuku in tears again, leaning pitifully on Shouto while his husband smiled gently and rubbed his back.

Eventually, the speeches drew to a close and they were finally allowed to eat. Shouto slurped his noodles without a care. Both of them had refused the whole customary wedding dinner and just picked their favorites for the meal.

As people finished eating, the party grew. Mom pulled him away from Shouto and hugged him to death, All Might lingering nervously beside her, then pulling Izuku into his own hug once she was finished. When he looked back, Shouto was off talking to his siblings and his mother, a shy look on his face.

Music played and tables were shoved aside. A somewhat drunk Mina ruled the dance floor again, swirling around with Eijirou and Denki close behind. Kacchan was dragged over by his husband, busy pretending he wasn’t having fun. He spotted Momo and Kyoka in a distant, dark corner, turning in simple circles and smiling warmly at each other. Izuku wondered how long it would be before they tied the knot, too.

There was a tap on his shoulder and Izuku turned around again, confused. He found Shouto standing there. “Dance?” He offered his hand.

Izuku blushed, taking it. “I’m not very good.”

“I think I can handle you.” Shouto teased, tugging him into his arms where he belonged. He took the lead and Izuku tried his best to not step on his feet. He wrapped his arms around his neck, smiling at him.

“You’re not that bad.” His husband mused a few minutes later.

“I’m trying really hard.” Izuku answered and he heard a little laugh from the other man. Shouto pulled him closer and they stopped. He tilted his head up, catching his attention again. “What?”

Shouto smiled warmly, shaking his head. “I love you.”

Izuku beamed, pressing his forehead to his. “I love you, too.”

His husband met him in the middle.


The party dragged into the late hours, but eventually, the crowd did dispersed with their well-wishes. It was after midnight when they finally left, hand in hand, for home, although it was still about a two hour train back to their apartment. They changed out of their suits and sat together on a long, tired ride home.

Izuku stifled a yawn as they finally announced their station, shaking his husband awake. Shouto just gave him a groan. He should’ve taken his mother’s advice and just booked a hotel room near the reception place. Shouto whined, holding onto his arm. His bun had been destroyed, a mess of red and white falling haphazardly down his shoulders at this point.

“Come on, train’s stopping.”

“I’m tired.”


“Carry me?” Shouto asked suddenly, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

Izuku blushed and sighed. “Fine, you big baby.”

“I’m the baby, carry me.” Izuku snorted at his half-delirious husband. Who knew weddings were this tiring?

The train screeched to a stop and Shouto stumbled to his feet. He leaned down and his husband hopped on his back, snuggling into his shoulder. He wasn’t heavy at all. “I love you.” He hummed lazily in his ear.

Izuku rolled his eyes fondly, feeling his arms wrap around him. “You’re lazy.”

“But you still love me.” He murmured. Izuku laughed, squeezing his thighs.

“Too much.”