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A Peculiar Summoner and his Heroes (Summoner Supports)

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Information on the Summoner


Name: Remnant (Real name unknown)

Age: 25

Status: Summoner and Tactician of the Order

Appearance: Remnant is 185 cm tall, weighting 77 kg (not counting that thing). Usually goes around wearing the uniform given to him from his appearance in Zenith, keeping his hood up most of the time. Under it he has short messy black hair with a streak of white (Caused by stress?). His eyes are grey with a shade of teal, but hide a lot of pain behind them. Has a scar on the right side of his neck, going from the jaw to the collarbone. His body is fairly developed, showing sign of a rigorous training (He was already well built when he first appeared, but his training with the heroes improved it further), allowing him to keep up with Heroes like Hector. Sadly that thing causes him some troubles. His body sometimes works against him, causing him to feel sick after some time.

Personality: Remnant is very upbeat and sometimes chaotic (Sharena loves that), dragging Heroes left and right to do something (even chatting works). He normally hangs around people he can have a nice chat with (Mainly the twins from the World of the Sacred Stones or the royals from the world of Conquest) and likes to play with the more younger Heroes. He usually takes a nap in the royal gardens during the first few hours of the afternoon, and it's not unusual to see him napping near the Tikis (He says their presence is calming). He heavily disapproves negative behaviour and hates to be looked down upon (He managed to literally pin to the wall one of the Grimas to make them behave). He also appears to be more at ease around mother-like figures, making him docile (some examples are Deirdre, Camilla, Cecilia and Princess Gunnthrá). During battles and strategy meetings, his demeanor shifts to a more serious degree showing great insight and tactical knowledge of the various worlds and Heroes (says that back home, all the worlds of the Heroes were part of a collection of legends and myths and downplays his tactical prowess despite the Robin stating otherwise).


Personal Notes (Alfonse, Sharena, Anna and Appointed Healer)


Alfonse: Upon his arrival, I didn't want to grow close to the Summoner. My previous experience with Zacharias (Or should I call him Bruno?) left me with a habit of distrusting people who came in the Order. And initially I saw that the Summoner was more reclusive and unwilling to open himself. Sharena eventually managed to convince me to help the Summoner going through... I think he called it 'Depression' ? Anyway, we managed to help him out of it and if I must be honest, I'm glad we did. Now, the Summoner is happy to talk about his knowledge about the worlds and also tells some fun stories from his own. Even still... he wishes us to keep that thing hidden from the others except the healers and those he grows close to. He explained to me how it works more than one time, and everytime I find myself to just stare at it and wonder how much further his world was compared to ours. He says he would get rid of it if he had the chance, but he still needs it. I guess we'll see what the future holds.


Sharena: Remnant is such a funny guy to hang around! He always know how to cheer you up whenever you feel down with just a few words (Even though at the beginning he needed that same cheer)! He also has a large collection of stories that he's ready to tell whenever you want (He loves a lot of them and loves to share them). He's my super best pal ever! But... sometimes I see him standing absolutely still, watching the horizon with a lost look. Of course I call for him, and it's hilarious to see him start screaming something before realizing what's happening and calms down. Still, I can't help but wonder what's on his mind. Does he think of his home? Or has he fallen back in his previous state, even for just a moment? I just know that I'll always be his best friend here, letting him know that he can always count on me!


Anna: Our Summoner is a great asset for the Order. They allowed us to put up a good resistance against the Emblian invasions and allowed us to also free the Heroes under Veronica's contract without problems. And let's not talk about the Muspellian war. He was able to keep up with the Muspellian general and tactician and even defeat her... But the death of Princess Gunnthrá hit him hard. Suffice to say that when Surtr died, Remnant immediately left the room where the battle happened and we found him destroying a wall with that thing and... well it was not a pretty sight. But after that, when he summoned the Princess, he retrieved his usual chatoic attitude. He's also very good in getting money for the Order, so he gets bonus points from me. I'd surely get a bigger profit than my sisters with him around. A merchant must see when something brings more profit, and I'd like to admit that I have a VERY trained eye for it hehe~


Ethlyn: As the appointed healer of the Summoner, I tend to him at least one hour per day. He's quite the troublesome man, sometimes, especially when he must stop a fight in the Order. But seeing even the more strong willed Heroes of the Order look unable to retaliate at the Summoner's words is always funny. I think I also noticed that some of the female Heroes seem to have taken quite the liking to the Summoner (Even some of the more... bad ones). And I also noticed that he seem to look at my brother and Dierdre with a strange look. I cannot really place it, but it seems like he's looking at them like a child is looking at his parents. I think I should talk about this with Sigurd. He might know what to do.


Known Skills


Iceberg: A skill learnt during his role as Summoner, taught to him by various heroes (Mainly by Lloyd of the Black Fang). Makes use of his innate high resistance to magic to unleash a powerful blow against a target. Altough it remains to understand why he has such a high resistance. Could it be related to the fact that his world has no magic? Even the Summoner has no clue.


Draconic Aura: A skill that the Summoner learned on the spot when he was sparring with Duma, the God of Strength. Boosts the Summoner strength for a more powerful hit. Although it is only for one hit and cannot be used constantly, the Summoner has found a decent application for it when he needs to either break through enemy ranks or literally just break things. Even if it isn't as powerful as Dragon Fang, it still has some usage.


Magical Storage: A skill that the Summoner discovered by chance. When he uses that thing to block a magical attack, said magic is absorbed and used to empower the Summoner's next attack, be it magical or physical. It works similarly to Fjorm's Ice Mirror, but doesn't affect arrows and daggers. The Summoner has find some uses for it, mainly to block spells used by the Heroes in the Order to attack eachother with the intention of killing.


Rational Hatred: A skill named by the Summoner himself when he discovered he could use the skill Vengeance constantly. He claims to be something similar to what berserkers go through during battle. The closer he is to death, the more damage he can deal. It is also connected to that thing, making him and those around him even stronger during certain moments. While some think it's just something related to morale, those that know the Summoner's secret can easely understand when it activates.


Special Spiral: A skill taught him by the bard Lewyn and the wolfskin Keaton. This skill allows him to use more frequently the skill Iceberg. While he relies on this skill more than others, it has some draw backs against those that prevent the Summoner from activating the skill in the first place.


Wings of Mercy: A skill learnt during his role as Summoner, taught to him by various heroes (Mainly by Palla of the Whitewing). Allows the Summoner to teleport himself nearby an ally that is heavily wounded. He sometimes uses it with a strange strategy: let some heroes attack a powerful enemy, gaining wounds and then teleport himself to secure the kill when the enemy is weak enough.