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Their Sun (JJBA: Stardust Crusaders)

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"When someone threatens me, I don't feel scared and say 'Why Me?'. I smile and say, 'Try me.'"

Sophia Perez is an ally to Jotaro Kujo and the members of the Stardust Crusaders. Sophia is a half American and half Italian teenager who lived all her life in America, but started going on more trips around the world when she met Joseph Joestar and became his assistant. She lived an ordinary life before she got caught up with the Joestars despite some family drama that she has left in the past. When Jotaro's mother, Holly, got sick due to DIO, she goes with Jotaro and the others to kill Dio. She holds one of the most powerful stands with an insane power, Solar.

Basic Information


- Soph

- Sophie

- Ms. Perez

- Perez





Zodiac Sign





5 feet 2 inches


140 pounds


American & Italian

Hair Color


Eye Color



Joseph's Assistant





Shepard's Pie


-Reading and Writing




Sophia is short with larger hips and chest than most people her age. She bares resemblance to her mother in some areas while also adopting some of her father's appearance(hair and eye color). She has fair, milky skin which gets a bit tanner the longer the series goes on. She never wears makeup. Ever. When Jean asked why did she not wear makeup, she asked, in reply, why do girls wear makeup. This kept him quiet for a couple of hours. Her attire changes throughout the adventure, the other members having no idea where she gets these clothes, to which she replies it's a secret, but she usually wears the same headphones that her mother got her. They are either on her head when listening to music or around her neck when she's fighting or when she is talking to the others.


Personality and Relationships


Sophia is generally quiet and doesn't really try to cause trouble in the gang or throw herself into trouble(which Jotaro was more than happy about). She sometimes will strike up a casual conversation between the group about what they do at home and ask them some simple questions, such as their hobbies, goals, or interests. It soon appeared to them that she did this in order for everyone to relax a little bit, as this mission was high risk. She is sort of an optimist, but was definitely a realist. She didn't pull none of that 'we can do this if we work together!' stuff, she was real about situations and always considered options. She is friendly and someone can make her laugh easily if they really wanted to. Puns sometimes get her good. She is also sort of motherly, as she shows deep concern when one of the members or injured or ended up in a dangerous situation. When it's her and someone she trusts, she might be a bit more talkative and chatty, but if that person isn't in the mood to talk, she respects it and stops.


Jotaro Kujo

Nobody expected this at all, but these two might be the closest in the whole group. Jotaro respects her because she is quiet and a realist, sometimes listening to music with her. He also respects her capabilities and power and states occasionally that they were lucky to have her on their side as she would be a deadly opponent. He also shows some concern when she gets injured and it's clear to everyone that he respects her. She feels the same, respecting his wit and his abilities and has even stated that she could trust Jotaro with her life and has said many good things about Jotaro despite his occasional attitude. They disagree with each other sometimes, but respectfully, never losing their cool with each other.

Joseph Joestar

What does she even say about him? They may get a little goofy with each other sometimes and his puns sometimes make her laugh. Occasionally she will listen to music with him, but this is very rare. The only times she listens to music with him is when they are traveling on a vehicle. He respects the girl greatly due to her strength, determination, and dedication to her family; as she reminds him a lot of Caesar in that way. She respects him because he not only gave her a job, but they have saved each other on multiple occasions.

Holly Kujo

Holly is a sweet woman and easily earned Sophia's deep respects. She helps with cooking and even made Holly breakfast when she wasn't able to cook the day she got sick, taking care of her with Joseph. Holly enjoys having Sophia around as the girl has a lot of positive energy. And what more could she ask for when Sophia gets along swimmingly with her son?

Muhammad Avdol

She met him with Joseph in Egypt and got along well with him. In fact, he is the one who helped her get enough control over her stand that she can use it somewhat decently. He continues to help her develop and has earned Sophia's trust. She finds him just a bit amusing and they always make fire jokes together after they reunite since the Hol Horse incident. She displays a sort of protectiveness around him and slams someone down when they try to insult him. She respects him deeply and they often have casual chats but nothing serious.

Noriaki Kakyoin

They get along pretty well too. He shows her respect for her abilities and understands her confusion and her inability to be able to relate with other people who didn't have stands and couldn't see them. They became pretty quick friends and they often do chores together or do some minor shopping when getting things the group needs. She finds his tongue thing a little creepy though...

Jean Pierre Polnareff

He's probably the biggest goof there is. She laughs at some of the things he does and sometimes casually makes fun of him, but it's all good between them. She sometimes spares him some kindness and sometimes tells him the things he needs to hear in order to cheer up. When Devo locked her in the bathroom and had it fill to the brim with blood, he was the one who saved her. Afterwards, she sympathized with him and his situation with bathrooms, as she was victim to blood filling up in the bathroom at a rapid speed.


What does she say about this fuckin' dog? She isn't the biggest fan of dogs, but she doesn't hate them. But Iggy...likes to test her patience. She related him to the dog she has at home with her mother and father and how he's such a spoiled dog and a brat. Iggy takes offense to this, but...she can kind of easily overpower him with her dark solar manipulation. After his death, she mourns him out of respect for having been loyal to the group despite his hatred of it and his ability. 


This fucking bitch.


Power and Abilities


Sophia has the stand Solar, which is a stand made of mostly fire and dark energy taking a humanoid form. It's one of the most powerful stands in the series and can obliterate most of the squad if she loses control over it. Fortunately, this never happens as Sophia manages to stay calm in almost every situation. She almost once lost it at Dan of Steel, a dark flames having been about to appear in her hand before Jotaro manages to calm her and made sure he took the brunt of things, but that seemed to make her feel only worse. Her stand has Dark and Pure Solar Manipulation. Dark Solar Manipulation is the power to manipulate the dark/destructive aspects of the sun/solar energy. Combination of Solar Manipulation and Negative Forces Manipulation. Opposite to Pure Solar Manipulation. User can create, shape and manipulate the solar energy/matter of a darker, detrimental nature; that which damages, destroys, and consumes anything/everything they come across, representing the hazardous destructive side of sun, which in turn ignores most of the limitations and weaknesses of normal solar energy/matter. In essence, this is about solely controlling the negative powers of the sun. Pure Solar Manipulation is the ability to manipulate the beneficial aspects of the sun. Combination of Positive Forces Manipulation and Solar Manipulation. Opposite of Dark Solar Manipulation. User can create, shape and manipulate solar energy of beneficial nature; that which strengthens, enhances and causes anything/everything it comes across to flourish, representing the sustaining and preserving side of earth, which in turn ignores most of the common limitations and weaknesses of its normal elemental variety. In essence, this is about solely controlling the positive powers of the sun.


Wisdom - "Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad."

Calm - Sophia shows more emotions than Jotaro, of course, but she never seems to really get angry unless something hit close to home. Any insults thrown at her don't do much, depending on the insults.

Power - She has a lot of destructive power and sometimes can have her powers get extremely destructive and can rip apart an entire building if she lost control.

Creativity - She is creative and her tactics are strange, but genius. One time, she let her opponent get very close to ending her life, then, last minute, she took advantage of his every weakness and killed him.


-Firestorm Creation (solar winds)

-Supernova Inducement

-Negative Forces Manipulation

-Healing Augmentation

-Life-Force Augmentation

-Physical Augmentation

-Solar Energy Manipulation

-Solar Healing

-Astronomical Object Manipulation

-Cosmic Fire Manipulation

-White Fire Manipulation

-White Light Manipulation

Chapter Text

     Music blared in Sophia's ears, the brunette leaning back and enjoying the upbeat music. Her eyes were closed, giving the illusion to most people she was asleep. However, she used her stand to keep an eye out for anybody arriving. When her stand nudges her, she pauses her music and lets her headphones hang loosely around her neck. "Papa! Over here, papa, over here!" Holly jumps up and down, seeing her grandfather looking for her. "Holly!" Joseph exclaims. "Outta my way!" He rudely shoves someone aside with his mass as he rushes to Holly, "I can't believe you're here!" Holly giggles happily as Joseph swings her around in his hug, Sophia chuckling softly. Avdol next to her gestures to her headphones, to which she places them on his head and plays what she had been listening to, the male smiling thankfully and listening to the music.

     "Thank you for coming!" Holly says joyfully, the brunette looking back over with interest. "Hey, you're my one and only daughter and if you tell me you need me to be somewhere, just give me a day and I'll cross the globe!" Sophia smiles, admiring the relationship between Joseph and his daughter. Joseph may be a weird bastard(literally), but he was family oriented and she could respect that about him. Holly giggles, continuing to hug her father. "Did mom come?" Joseph grins cheekily, "She didn't like me leaving. But I told Suzi is was official Joestar incorporated business and I had to go," He chuckles in success, knowing he managed to fool his wife into letting him leave. Sophia rolls her eyes in amusement, as that was typical Joseph. She continued to watch as Joseph and Holly had their moments, turning to Avdol and signing. 

     'You dig the music?'

     He signs back with a smile. 'You have good taste.'

     She smiles and gives a thumbs up, glad he liked it, then she heard Joseph shouting loudly and looked over, raising a brow at him and watching as everyone stared. Joseph made them buzz off and Sophia continued to sign to Avdol.

     'So, Joseph's grandson has developed a stand and doesn't understand what is happening? And he decided to lock himself in the jail by will until he can 'unbound' his stand from him?'

     'Yes. He is confused and this is likely the first time he is experiencing stands. I have hopes that we will be able to convince him to leave his cell without having to use force. But, most of all, without your abilities, as you can do extreme damage to the jail. We are also hoping Holly does not obtain a stand, as she is a kind and peaceful woman and can not hold the power of a stand.'

     'I know obtaining a stand is through hereditary means, but can abilities be adopted from their parents too?'

     'From what I have seen, no, but that was a good question. By the way, have you taken the time to practice with your stand? Have you been doing as I recommended?'

    "Yeah. I have been working on alternating between pure solar and dark solar powers. Healing and destruction, all in a loop. It's kind of hard to do it after a while, but to build yourself, you have to break yourself...' They see Joseph snap his fingers and Avdol takes off her headphones, giving them back to her as both stand up. Joseph looks down at Holly with a gentle smile, "Holly, I'd like you to meet a friend of mine from Egypt, Muhammad Avdol. This young teenager here is my assistant." Avdol bows his head in respect, "Mrs. Kujo, it is very nice to meet you." Holly smiles and shakes his hand, "Wonderful to meet you too, Avdol." Sophia also smiles, giving Holly a reassuring look, "We'll help your son make sense of his situation, Mrs. Kujo, I promise." Holly gives her a thankful look, to which they then leave the airport to go to the jail and get Jotaro out of his cell.

     The girl follows behind Avdol, hoping she wouldn't have to use her stand. If she lost her cool or this Jotaro character ended up being more powerful than they expected, then she might end up ripping this jail apart unintentionally to where she might have to knock herself out by bashing her head against the wall. Which hurt a lot more than she'd like. "Oh, it's getting spookier!" She heard the cop. "He's got more things in there! If there is something possessing him, it's not something nice! If word of this gets to my superiors, I'd lose my job in a heartbeat for sure..." Joseph walks up behind the shaking cop, who was pretty scared out of his mind. "He's no longer your problem," Joseph says, "I'll be taking my grandson home now."

     Jotaro looks up with a bored look, "Your grandson?" He inquires. Joseph takes another step, but the cops come up and stop him. "Hold it! That's far enough!" "You're better off just staying where you are! It's dangerous... Convince him to leave from where you're standing!" The cops try to convince him to stay back, but then the old man picks them up by the scruffs of their uniforms and toss them to the side. "Outta the way!" Holly rushes forward, "Jotaro, this is your grandfather! Whatever's happened, he'll be able to help you! Please come out and talk to him!" Holly says, completely unaffected by her grandfather's behavior. Sophia leans against the wall and places on headphones. "Mrs. Kujo," Sophia says, grabbing Holly's attention, "I know all of this is confusing, but this could get deadly if Jotaro's 'evil spirit' feels threatened. Over here is a safe enough distance." Holly nods in understanding and heads over to her, but continues to watch.

     The cell door opens. Joseph gives a menacing stare, "Get out. It's time to go home." Joseph's voice was the epitome of 'I want none of your shit', but it was clear that Jotaro wasn't accepting it, because his voice took the same tone. "Get lost!" Jotaro says. "I didn't ask you to come here! You really think you can help me?" His tone was that of disbelief and disdain. "An old man like yourself... Sorry you came all the way from New York, but nobody can help me, gramps," He says as he holds up the pinkie from Joseph's prosthetic hand, which was a major surprise to Sophia. She supposes that Jotaro was good with misdirection. This really is Joseph's son. He must be incredibly intelligent. Jotaro waves the thing around a little while Joseph observes his hand.

     "Tell me, did you see it? Or even feel it?" Jotaro asks. Sophia had a temptation to say something, but didn't, her stands hands grabbing her shoulders, clinging to her. She looks to Avdol and whispers, "But Joseph's hand is prosthetic. He can't feel pain in it..." Avdol waves as though to say 'ignore it', to which she nods in understanding. "That's the evil spirit," Jotaro continues as he tosses the metal pinkie, which Joseph caught. "Stay away from me! Or you'll lose what's left of your life..." He turns away, the door to the cell closing. Sophia was itching to let her stand free, but didn't, holding it back. She watches as Joseph places the finger in his pocket, then snaps his fingers. "Alright, Avdol, it's your turn now! If things don't go as planned, you're up, Soph."

     Holly watches as Avdol steps into the light, dressed in Egyptian garbs. Avdol is a black man-of Egyptian nationality-of above-average height and medium to heavy build. His main attire consists of a long overcoat or robe with wrist-length sleeves and a scarf around his neck. He has two identical scars that run down his cheeks. He wears a headband or headscarf wrapped around his forehead and keeps his hair in a style resembling Bantu knots, as well as wearing a long ponytail. He wears earrings comprised of a single, long chain of medallions, resembling a necklace. The largest of these medallions is engraved with the Egyptian ankh symbol; a large tassel hangs from this medallion, resting atop his chest. The smaller medallions are engraved with various other symbols. He wears a varying number of thick metallic bracelets on both of his wrists. "I'd like you to meet an Egyptian friend of mine who I met a few years ago. Say hello to Avdol."

     Jotaro observes the man with a menacing look, cold and distant. This kid was really confused by his situation, despite how calmly she was handling it. Joseph points to Jotaro while looking at Avdol, "Do what you have to, just get my grandson out of this damn cell." Jotaro comes to attention, shifting a little, "Hold it! Back off! You look strong enough... But do you really think I'd let someone chase me outta here just 'cause you told them to do it?" Joseph steps back as Jotaro talks, Avdol moving forward. "I don't work like that!" Jotaro leans back. "In fact, all you've done is make me want to stay here even more." Avdol looks down, eyes closed, "I'm afraid this may get a little bit rough. But in a few minutes, he'll be filled with so much pain that he'll be begging you to let him out of here." Joseph tips his head, "Just do what you have to do." Holly's eyes widened, shocked, "Papa! You can't be serious!" The cops were shocked, "Wait, we just can't let you-!" Joseph doesn't look their way while shouting, "Zip it, pig!"

     "Yes, sir!"

     It was then did fire surround Avdol and in a few moments, after it got a bit hotter, Avdol summoned his stand. "This is-!" Holly gasps, Joseph chuckling. "That's right," Joseph confirms, "Avdol also has what you called an 'evil spirit'. An 'evil spirit' completely under the control of Avdol's will and it's name is...Magicians Red!" Now that Avdol summoned his stand, Sophia's pops up from behind her, clinging to her back. Holly's eyes widen upon seeing what now clung onto Sophia. "My assistant has one as well and while she doesn't have complete control over it's abilities, she has complete command over it," Joseph gestures behind him to Sophia, whose stand clung to her like a toddler with his mom. Magicians Red uses the fire to bind Jotaro and pin him to the wall. 

     "What's going on? Why's Kujo flattening himself against the back wall?!"

     "I have no idea! But do you feel how hot it's getting in here? Look at those numbers! That's insane! What's happening?!"

     Sophia looks over, "Do you two ever shut your fucking mouths? You're so fucking loud I'd probably be able to hear you over my music on full blast. Zip your lips and keep your noses out of our business." Magicians Red moves forward and begins moving Jotaro to the cell bars, but then Jotaro's stand pops out and chest bumps the flaming stand back. "Aha!" Joseph exclaims. "There it is! It's shown itself! And the fact that it's so clearly visible means it's incredibly strong!"

     Jotaro's eyes narrow. "Let's do this..." He gestures for Star Platinum to move forward, the purple being taking a hold of Avdol's throat. Sophia moves forward, her stand going to knock Jotaro's stand back with a kick, but it dodged and knocked it back a bit. Sophia summons a shield of solar energy and smacks his stand back instead with something he can't hope to punch. She looks to Avdol with concern, "Are you okay, Avdol? Do you need me to heal you?" Avdol coughs, "I can't believe he's able to make it manifest so distinctly! Well done!" Jotaro looks between them, impressed, "Your evil spirits are impressive too. So tell me, grandpa, you know about these evil spirits?" Joseph kept watching, "Of course I do." Avdol looks over, "Mr. Joestar, when you asked me to get your grandson out of this jail cell, I had planned on going easy on the boy. But in light of his tremendous power, I'm reconsidering that. Just one misstep could put us all in danger. Tell me if you want me to stop."

     Sophia shakes her head, "No, let me do it. I have a plan." Avdol looks to Joseph, who nods, the Egyptian standing back. Sophia decides to try speaking first, "Jotaro, I know this is all very confusing right now, but this isn't actually an evil spirit. It's a manifestation of your fighting will. It will always be fighting and standing at your side, so we call them Stands. Each stand is unique and has it's own abilities and are only obtained through hereditary means. The spirit only acts out like it was early if you chose not to control it. It will obey you because it IS you. You don't have to stay in this cell out of the concern you might hurt others because it only will if you let it. Trust me, I felt the exact same way when I got my stand. Until I was fourteen, I was pretty sure that I was being followed by a guardian angel or a demonic spirit. My mom couldn't see it since she isn't a stand user and every time I got scared or angry, it acted until I managed to hold it back. Recently, I've been training with it and I have full control over what it does, just not some of it's abilities. If you come out, we can help you control your stand." Jotaro clearly thinks about it, then eventually, he steps out. He looks down at her.

     "Out of respect for your ability and the truth in your words, I'll stay out," He sighs. "But only because you actually explained this to me. Though it is a bit stupid." She laughs softly, "Understandable, but my stand clinging to my back is enough proof that this is nonsense either way, yeah?" Jotaro nods, Joseph nodding in approval to Sophia, glad this didn't have to get ugly. It could have been a total disaster. Holly rushes to her son and hugs him tightly, then hugs Sophia, who was a bit surprised. "Thank you for convincing to get my son out of that horrid jail cell!" Sophia chuckles, though a bit flustered. "Um, n-no problem, Mrs. Kujo. I was honored to be able to help," She giggles. Jotaro looks down at her, "You said you could help me control my stand?" She looks up at him, "Well, it's basically you, so as long as you manage to keep yourself under control, you should be fine. Then, over time, it'll begin obeying your every subconscious command."

     Joseph looks over, "If you want to know more about this 'evil spirit', you'll have to leave this jail."

Magicians Red

User: Muhammad Avdol

Destructive Power - B

Speed - B

Range - C

Persistence - B

Precision - C

Development Potential - D


User: Sophia Perez

Destructive Power - A

Speed - B

Range - B

Persistence - C

Precision - C

Development Potential - A


     Holly continues to hug her son's arm, "Thank you, thank you, Jotaro! I'm glad you finally left that awful jail cell!" Jotaro sighs, "Why are you such an annoying bitch?" Joseph hums from surprise, Holly only smiling thoughtlessly, not caring much, "Okay! I dunno!" Joseph's eyes were wide, shocked by Jotaro's behavior while Sophia simply listened to music, leaning back in her chair and getting some coffee and pound cake, a little hungry since she didn't eat anything on the plane. "Hey! How dare you address your own mother that way! And I already hear that language from Sophia, I don't need it from you too! Stop smiling, Holly, you'll only encourage it!" Holly continues to smile, chirping, "Okay~!"

     Jotaro speaks up this time, "Hey, grandpa, one question. There's something I can't quite wrap my brain around..." Jotaro looks over to Sophia and taps her headphones, the girl feeling it and pausing her music, letting her headphones hang around her neck. "You seem to know everything about this evil spirit, this stand, whatever you wanna call it... But how do you know this?" Joseph hums in understanding of the question, "How do I know? I guess I did come all the way from New York to explain it to you. But in order for you to understand the whole history of it, I must start form the beginning. This is part of the legacy of the Joestar family." He reaches into his coat while a waiter comes over and sets down Sophia's coffee and pound cake, the girl passing everyone their own drinks, as she had gotten them stuff too, to which Avdol nods thanks to her, Holly smiling brightly as she enjoys her tea.

     "Take a look at these pictures," Joseph says as he tosses them onto the table. "What are these about?" Joseph begins, "That coffin in one hundred years old and four years ago, it was pulled out of the Atlantic, off the coast of Africa." Jotaro raises a brow, "Okay, so?" Joseph's gaze was completely serious, "I had my assistant do a little research. My grandfather, Jonathon Joestar, your great-great grandfather, died while at sea. Turns out this exact same coffin was on that boat with him when he died. When they discovered it four years ago, it was empty. But I know exactly what was inside it. Avdol, Sophia, and I are trying to locate him as we speak." Jotaro comes to attention here, "Hold on, did you say 'him'? Are you suggesting there was a person inside that thing?"

     Sophia coughs into her fist, "Many years ago, a species called the Pillar Men lived alongside humans, but they were allergic to sunlight and turned to stone when they were in it to avoid dying. Kars, a genius among his race, created the Stone Mask. This one right here." She holds up one that had been in her father's possession. "The Pillar Men were wiped out by Kars and Esidisi, who left two infants alive, Wamuu and Santana," Sophia continues. "The masks were supposed to make the Pillar Men immune to sunlight and give them more power, but their heads were literally to powerful to be stabbed by it. So, they searched for a Red Stone of Aja in order to power it. It had been in the care of Joseph's mother at the time. Joseph defeated them, of course, at the loss of his prosthetic hand. But the important part is when the masks are used on a human..." Jotaro grunts, "What happens to them?" Sophia looks down, "They become just like my father, a vampire." Jotaro got wary at that.

     "My biological father is dead though, thankfully," Sophia says, making Jotaro relax. "One hundred years ago, Jonathon had a Stone Mask hanging on the wall and ended up doing research on it. However, his adopted brother, Dio, who hated him and wanted the family fortune, found it and had planned to use it to kill Jonathon but soon discovered the truth behind the mask and used it on himself. Now, DIO is a vampire and he could definitely live in a coffin, under the ocean, for one hundred years. And to prove to you this isn't a bunch of bullshit coming out of my mouth..." She holds out her hand and takes a dagger, slicing it carefully across her hand and smoothing it over the mask. The mask shoots out many tiny spikes, meant to puncture someone's brain. It eventually stopped, going back to normal while Sophia heals her hand. Jotaro was in shock, to say the least...

     Joseph slams his hand on the table, "That man is an evil incarnate! Now that he has been awakened from his hundred year slumber, it is our fate to fight that man!" Sophia looks over, "Sir, you'll cause a scene. best if you sit down. Drink your tea before it gets cold. I know you get worked up, so I got chamomile tea." Joseph sighs, "If you want to know how we truly know DIO exists and why I want to go after him, I guess the best way to explain it is to show you." He shows a camera given to him by Avdol, Sophia knowing what was coming next, so she just continues to eat her cake, getting another fork and getting a bit of it, feeding it to Holly, who hums in enjoyment. "Sophia, stop spoiling my daughter," He orders. "I will. Just include it as part of my paycheck and I'll happily do so," Sophia replies, Holly giggling and enjoying sharing the cake with Sophia. Joseph sighs, knowing he can't be mad.

     "See, the truth of it is, I myself had a rather startling revelation that started all this. About a year ago, I suddenly obtained a stand of my own," Joseph claims. Holly gasps, "Are you serious?" Jotaro was also in shock, "Gramps, what did you...?" Joseph slams down the camera, standing up, "Now, allow me to introduce my Stand!" He slams his hand down on the camera, shattering it to pieces, purple vines and thorns coming from his hand. A photo comes out of the camera, which Joseph grabs and holds up, "Did you see it? The thorns that came out of my hand? This is my stand! It can reveal faraway visions and place them on film! The only downside is I have to bust a thirty thousand yen camera every time I use it!" The waiter from earlier runs up, "Excuse me! Is everything alright over here?" Avdol turns and gestures for him to walk away, "We're fine. No go on, run along." Sophia smiles, "Sorry, my boss is a little extra. Do forgive him!" The waiter nods and walks away after she paid for the drinks and food.

     "In just a second, a vision will appear in this photograph, Jotaro! And it will reveal your very destiny!" Joseph shouts, Jotaro's eyes wide, not understanding what his grandfather meant. "What are you talking about?" Then, Joseph sat down, "Jotaro, Holly, have the two of you ever taken the time to look carefully at the back of your necks?" Jotaro leans forward, "What does that mean?" Joseph begins, "You might have seen it, but you likely never thought much about it. A birthmark, shaped like a star. It turns out that we all have it." After Holly moved her hair, she spotted it, gasping, Jotaro also spotting his. Jotaro points, "I'll say it again, what the hell does all this mean?" Joseph speaks, "My father died when I was young, so I asked my mother about it and she said he had one too. Turns out, everyone from the Joestar bloodline is born with this exact same birthmark."

     Jotaro's face hardens, "Oh, alright. But just what the hell is going to turn up in that photograph?" Joseph doesn't show him yet, "It is our destiny, a path which until now has been unknown!" Holly leans forward a little, "Papa..." Jotaro leans forward, "I'm losing my patience! Just show me the damn photo already!" He takes it from Joseph, eyes narrowed a little. He then sees the image in the photograph, "It's DIO! He shows up in all my spirit photos! And look what's just above his shoulder! From the neck of this bastard on down is Jonathon Joestar! My grandfather! This son of a bitch took over his body!" Jotaro and Holly stared in absolute shock, the cold hands of terror drifting over them. "One hundred years ago, there was an an incident over the Atlantic ocean. All I know is what I learned from my grandmother, Erina. Somehow, my grandfather had survived. And this much I know is certain; this bastard is currently hiding somewhere on the globe, plotting something. It's been four years since he revived, my spirit photography and your evil spirit manifested since is most likely connected to DIO."

     Avdol stands up, "To society in general, our gifts are considered a physic power. Sophia and I had our stands since the day we were born, but your powers seem bound to DIO's body. Or, rather, Jonathon Joestar's body. There's some sort of invisible string that connects you all to him; his rebirth is also your own, awakening your sleeping powers." Joseph gives Avdol the photo, "Avdol, does this photo give you any indication to where he might be now?" Avdol takes it, looking it over. "No, nothing. There's hardly anything of note in the photo at all." Joseph sighs, "I see." Avdol places the photo in his sleeve, "I'll take a closer look at the photo later." Sophia stands, placing her headphones on her head. Joseph nods thanks to Avdol, "Thank you." Then, he noticed it.

     Holly had a look of utter terror and fear, mixed with concern. "Oh, Holly! I'm sorry I sprang all this on you out of the blue! Let's head home now," Joseph says, Holly pushing back her chair and standing. She was now smiling, though clearly still uneasy, "Alright." Joseph smiles, "I think I'll be sticking around for quite some time. Do you mind if I stay at your place while I'm here?" Holly smiles and shakes her head, "No, of course not, Papa. Let's go, Jotaro."

     Sophia listens to music as they get in the car, "Hey, there's not enough room, so I'll be taking another way there, okay? I got some things I need to do anyway." Joseph nods in understanding, "Alright, you work your magic." He grins at her stand, who hovered over her shoulder, then gave her a serious look, making her take off her headphones. "Do not lose control. No matter what," Joseph says. "And that is a direct order, Perez." Sophia grunts, nodding and closing the door for him, walking away casually as they drive away. Jotaro looks in the rear view mirror, seeing her back turned as she walks to god-knows-where.

     "What about her stand or evil spirit?" He asks, Joseph looking back at him, then back forward. "Sophia was born with her stand, though didn't know about it until she was five, where she was attacked by a sex offender at the beach. Her stand protected her, but it also radiated a lot of heat. She nearly died from dehydration that night, but the doctors saved her. Ever since then, she never used her stand much, but it would always appear by her and protect her from anything and everyone. When her father became a vampire, she used her stand to kill him. Her ability is dark and pure solar manipulation. She has many abilities and she's so overpowered that DIO would love to have her under his thrall. However, she can't control most of her abilities. She is learning to use them now, but it's difficult to control when it's so destructive. But she has learned to remain calm and keep it under control, so I'm not concerned for her." Jotaro nods in understanding and leans back, planning on relaxing for a bit now that he wasn't in that smelly cell.