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Give 'Em Hell, Kid

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The minutes, weeks, months, seem to zoom right by now that you’re with the weird trio you call family, Isabel, Furlan, and Levi. It is strange how fast time flies by when you’re no longer alone, dragging your feet through disease ridden streets, searching every nook and cranny for something to eat.
Even though your hands are red and raw from cleaning nearly every moment of the fucking day for just over a year now, the thought of being surrounded by people and being useful to them makes the pain all worth it.

Setting down the rag, you glance over at the cracked clock hanging on the dull wall and decide you should probably cook something, the others will be home soon. Your knees creak as you stand, aching ever so slightly from being crouched down for so long. “How can Levi bare to do this all the poor bones are screaming at me. This must be what it feels like to be as old as that midget.” You sigh as you slowly make your way to the kitchen, searching through the cupboards for ingredients that you can throw together to make something edible, at least.

“Okay...those vegetables are going off so...soup it is, again.” You make a mental note to go out and steal some better food because if you have soup one more fucking time…well, lets just say Levi will look like a delicate daisy next to your new found rage against soup.

As the minutes tick by, you busy yourself in the kitchen, trying your hardest not to dirty the newly cleaned kitchen because the last thing you need is Levi breathing down your neck at the mess you’ve made.
You’re so engrossed with making dinner that you don’t even notice the trio walking into the kitchen until Isabel pounces on you and traps you in a rib crushing hug. “(F/n)-sis! We’re home~!” She chirps in your ear as she practically smushes you to death.

“Isabel, if you want dinner, I’d stop suffocating the poor girl.” Furlan shakes his head at Isabel and laughs after she drops you as if you’d suddenly burned her hands. “Smells good, (F/n). Your soup is the freaking best, honestly.” He gives you a sweet smile, the compliment making the heat rush to your cheeks. Suddenly, you don’t hate soup as much anymore, you’d eat it every freaking day if it makes your family happy.

“Oi, brat. Catch.” Out of the corner of your eye, you see something getting lobbed at your head at an alarming speed. In a panic, you turn to catch it but it hits you square in the forehead with a thump before lading in your hands, the hands you were meant to put out to catch the flying bread in the first place. “You have hands for a reason, use them unless you want a concussion. What if I was some scummy asshole and that bread was in fact a rock. You’d be out like a light, if not, dead.”

Levi has a habit of trying to use everyday situations to teach you about the cruel nature of their job. For example, the other week, you were innocently sweeping the stairs when out of nowhere, Levi came at you with a knife, a butter knife, but it was still scary! Then you got lectured on how your had a broom but didn’t use it to defend yourself and some other shit like that. You get that he’s trying to tell you that life doesn’t wait for anyone, if it decides you’re going to die, it isn’t going to wait for your permission or for you to be totally prepared for it. You need to be able to asses the situation and act quickly and accordingly as if it’s all second nature to you.
It’s not like you didn’t ask him to do this, you begged him to help you get as strong as them so you could help them kick some ass on jobs since you’ve already mastered the 3DM gear, you just didn’t expect him to go about doing it this way, but maybe that’s for the best though. You’re a bit older now and experienced, you're not the young, fragile kid you once were when those three saved your sorry ass, and you want to be able to repay them for that massive debt you owe. It's only been a year but, you've mature a lot thanks to the three musketeers you call family.

“I gotta expect the unexpected, huh?” You question as you bring up a hand to rub at the red mark on your forehead, hissing at the pain as you press down on the tender skin. One day you’ll get him back, one day you’ll be the unexpected and make him proud. Okay, maybe not proud but at least content that you’ve actually learned something and aren’t completely hopeless when it comes to kicking ass.

Levi finally nods at your question as he takes a seat at the table, joined by Isabel and Furlan as they wait for you to dish out dinner. You walk over to the counter to cut up the bread when you notice the trio speaking in hushed tones, just too quiet for you to hear. Sighing in defeat, you finally dish up the soup and join the whispering three at the table, their conversation dying out as soon as you sit down.
As much as your curiosity is bothering you, you know better than to ask what they were talking about as it was probably about work and as of right now, that’s really none of your business.

The atmosphere throughout dinner is just...awkward, to say the least. The air is so thick with tension that you could probably cut it with one of Levi’s many knives if you tried.
Feeling uncomfortable, you clear your throat as you stand, picking up your dishes to go wash them.

“Oi, brat. What drives you to survive?” Levi calling out for you has you sharply turning on your heel to face him, a hint of confusion plastered over your face at the sudden question. You haven't told them about your dream yet, even after the year or so you’ve been with them, so why the sudden interest...oh wait, Isabel. Not long after moving in with the three, you remember telling the girl your one true desire in life. You glance over at the redhead who mouths you an ‘I’m sorry’ before nodding her head towards Levi as if to give you some sort of encouragement.

“Well, I really want to see the sky. The fluffy white clouds that sore across it everyday as well as the stars that twinkle in the dead of night. The sun that illuminates every inch of the ground with a warm light, and the moon that bathes everything it sees in silver. At first, I was content with doing this alone but now, I wanna see these wonders with you guys.” You lips curve into a big, bright smile, passion flashing across your (e/c) eyes as you tell them of your one wish in life.
“I know it’s sappy and cheesy but, that’s all I want. I don’t care about money or luxuries or anything like that.” A nervous laugh escapes your lips as your eyes dart between the three as they stare at you in awe, even Levi has his mouth open ever so slightly.

“You’ll see it.” Levi says as he stands, dishes in hand, and walks over to you. He snatches the plates out of your grip and heads over to the sink to wash them. “I promise you that, brat.”
As soon as the words hit your ears, you’re in disbelief. Levi is being nice to you, what the hell kind of magic soup did you make? And how the hell can you remake it?

“Levi-bro! She looks like she’s seen a ghost!” Isabel points out your rather perplexed state and bursts into a fit of laughter at your expense, Furlan soon joining in as the room fills with a chorus of laughter.

“Tch, brats.” Levi sighs, his lips curling into the faintest of smiles as he concentrates on the dishes, listening to the giggling morons behind him. His very own giggling morons.

“Anyway, (F/n), before you self-combust, let me explain.” Furlan starts trying to give reason for the sudden question, still chuckling here and there, and reveals that the three of them have been offered a huge job by one of the pompous nobles from upstairs, and that their reward is a citizenship for above ground, something you could only dream of receiving. They just need to get caught by the survey corps, the crazy bastards who fight titans for a living, and kill their leader, Erwin Smith. It seems easy enough so what could possibly go wrong, before you know it, you’ll be living out your dream, gazing up at the night sky with the three best people in this cruel world.