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stickies from heero

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the shower drain in the upstairs bathroom is clogged again, duo. - fix it you should know by not that i was implying you cut your hair, duo - thank you for taking care of the drain having dinner with lena tonight, and no, it is not a date. - ditch the pink notes, duo. please.i accept that you were drunk, duo, but that does not make what you said hurt any less. - and yes, i am still angry

we are not going to talk about this using post-it notes, duo. - i will be home at 19:00 that discussion could have been more productive. can we try again tonight, duo - without the alcohol? i can work with twitchy for now, duo. no explosives until you have worked whatever it is out of your system you are being deliberately vague, duo, and stubborn. at least we are in agreement on that.

i am hardly perfect, duo - you have said so yourself. that would make another point we are apparently in total agreement on. i did not go out of my way to intimidate her, duo. i have nothing to apologize for. either the toaster is on the fritz, duo, or you are still pissed off at me. - i assume it is the latter. she does not need to like me, duo. she just needs to be able to do her job. - you have always been immune to my glares.

♡ please feel free to use your imagination to fill in the blanks regarding what duo might have said or done to get such a reaction from heero. there will be occasions where we get more info from duo's side - perhaps even a note or two!

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should i remove you as my emergency contact, duo? - you seemed surprised. it turned out to be nothing, as you already know. and yes, duo, i do have a DNR. this is not up for discussion, duo. the choice is mine. - you have made it very clear you think it is a bad one. what kind of trouble could you possibly get into? should i make a list, duo? - we are going to need some larger notes.

i will see you when you get back. - preferably in one piece, duo. i will take pleasure in reminding you that a distal radius fracture is just a 'minor annoyance' for the next 6 weeks, duo. count on it.sadistic?  far less colorful than some of your recent insults, duo, but just as should only cut it if you want to, duo. i told you that i do not mind helping you with it - repeatedly.

i said that you should start lowering the dosage, duo, not that you were addicted. - i am not wrong. i doubt that will make you fully ambidextrous, duo. and i was not blushing. it is obvious that you are bored, duo. two more weeks until you are back on light duty. - please stop trying to cook. evidently, it was not as dull as you thought, duo. i have hidden all of your knives - at least the ones i could find...



♡ if you have any questions as to what is happening behind the scenes, i will be more than happy to answer them if i can. some of it is even vague in my head! 

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from what i understand, it is supposed to itch, duo - perhaps you should use something less lethal next time... like a chopstick i will stop treating you like an idiot when you stop acting like one, duo.  the blood stains are barely noticeable. the chocolate milkshake in the freezer with you name on it is no an apology, duo. sometimes a chocolate milkshake is just a chocolate milkshake, duo.

no, i had not noticed that you were frustrated, duo. /end scarcasm thank you for giving me the opportunity to exercise my sense of humor, duo. - you are one of the rare few that get it. i definitely did not agree to that last night, duo, unless i was under the influence. - was i? the beer was your idea, duo. are you saying it was a bad one?

where did the flowers come from, duo? - they look like they need water. or were you trying for dead? i am capable of being subtle, duo. - and yes, i am completely serious. i am sure that you did not mean half the things you said last night, duo. - get some sleep. i am not sure what you mean by 'incriminating', duo. - care to explain?


♡ this is a very workable format for heero. it allows him all the time he needs to come up with an appropriate response to one of duo's notes, or to something duo has said.

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embarrassment is entirely different matter, duo  are we talking about yours or mine? i am willing to disregard everything that you said last night, duo.  you were exhausted. i told you i did not mind the hug, duo. - or do you want me to disregard that as well? you might not have come right out and said it duo, but you made it pretty clear that his opinion matters more than mine does.

perhaps i am biased, duo - you are my best friend.  that does not make me blind to your shortcomings. you are likely just as aware as i am of what they are, duo. - we can compare notes during dinner, if you like. you do tend to babble when you are nervous, duo. - i just do not consider it a flaw. yes, you are a terrible cook, duo.  on the upside, you have all the best take out on speed dial.

rotten patient - yes  messy? sometimes. usually when you are in a rush. - you blow things up better than anyone else i know, duo. i do not like it when you call me 'buddy', duo - especially in front of other people. yuy is fine, maxwell. wufei is not overly fond of nicknames, duo. he accept 'fei from you because he knows you do not mean any disrespect.


♡ for the most part, both heero and duo have a fairly routine work schedule. unless they are working out in the field, which is not that common of an occurrence, they do have the weekends off.



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do *you* think i should be insulted that you have a nickname for everyone but me, duo? i will be out of contact for the next several days, duo.  can you please feed raven? ... 'ro?  it may take some getting used to, duo. sally said you missed your appointment on tuesday, duo, and she would like for you to call to reschedule it asap.

it was just a precaution, duo, as i already explained. - and there is always risk. you know that better than anyone. yes, i can hear you whispering, duo. please stop. my hearing is just fine. perhaps i would be more inclined to take your advice, co, if you had a better record for making it out of the blast radius in time. movie tomorrow night sounds good, duo. i think it is your turn to choose. - we can call for pizza.

you have a very warped sense of humor, duo maxwell. and your laughter is contagious. the cookies were good, duo, honestly. - the huge mess in the kitchen not so much. i eat sweets more often now that we are living together. - is this one of the 'benefits' you mentioned the other night, duo? i am glad that you find me entertaining, duo. - ditto


♡ we will find out more about 'raven' as this odd little story moves forward - at the very least we will find out the inspiration for his name. ^_~

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you are definitely more social than i am, duo. - what do you suggest? your opinion has always mattered, duo.  the 21st should work. when you say 'always', i usually translate it as 'most of the time'. that does not make you unreliable, duo. you know that i do more than 'tolerate' you, duo.

are we going to talk about our feelings now, duo?  - you first. that is a lot of vodka, duo. you having a plan is exactly what i am afraid of, duo. i am often confused by things you say, duo. i just assume you are citing some old bizarre cultural reference.

you are almost right, duo. i was thoroughly entertained listening to you try to explain why it was funny. i am not attracted to relena in the way you think i am. - you are going to have to trust me on this one. if you have a question for me, duo, you should just ask. - will be home late tonight. yes duo.  - though i suspect you already knew that.


♡ duo should probably know by now that being straightforward with heero is always his best option. heero is perfectly okay with having to remind duo of that every now and then - especially when it is something important.

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can we please continue this conversation in person, duo?  - i will be home tonight at 18:00. i was not intentionally late. did you intentionally pass out on the couch, duo? i refuse to argue with you about this duo. you were definitely blushing. yes, of course i like being right, duo.  the vodka was a solid plan b.

i think i am entitled to be smug, duo. you have my express permission to 'wipe that stupid grin off my face' whenever you want, duo.  i insist. wufei called twice, duo. something about kittens in his garage. he was borderline frantic and unable to reach trowa. i am sure they are adorable, duo, but no.

the black one already has a bright green ribbon around his neck, duo, and you are telling me you are not attached to it? trowa sent me pictures, duo.  please tell me you have not named it... i will not be late, duo  i know how much you are looking forward to all of us getting together. he was more than a little tipsy, duo. did you know he could sing like that?


♡ in this universe, wufei and trowa are also part of the preventers organization.  while none of them have permanent partners and usually work on their own, trowa and heero are often paired up for field assignments, as are wufei and duo.

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i will pick dinner up on my way home.  we need to go food shopping, duo. give me a little credit here, duo.  we never go through a gallon of milk that fast. the discussion needed to happen, duo. we are sharing a living space. you do not get to make those decisions on your own. i was not comparing you to the kitten, duo. i merely agreed with you that i would eventually get used to him.

we are going to need to reschedule, duo.  - something came up and i am going to be out of town for the next few days.yes, a lot of what you say lately sounds suggestive, duo.   - are you implying it is my imagination?no, nothing dangerous. i should have plenty of time to come up with a way to 'make it up to you; duo. please keep izzy out of my room when you are feeding raven, duo. - he is quite adept at climbing, as you have already discovered.

i will never not react when you sneak up on me, duo.  - your welcome home was otherwise very appreciated. do i want to know what happened to our old coffeemaker, duo? there was no 'shoot out', duo. it was just the one shot and i did not think it was worth mentioning. i know it is not what you meant, duo, but i can confirm that i am very much enjoying having more than your back.


♡ now having crossed the 'friends to something more' barrier, heero and duo are navigating this new development in their relationship with relative ease. there have been changes in their usual banter, of course, but nothing heero had not been expecting. duo does manage to catch him off guard every now and then, but heero is nothing, if not adaptable.


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a thick black line rainbow with 'happy pride, duo.' underneath you do know i have no idea what 'smh' means, right duo? that is not what i was referring to, duo, but now that you mention it, there are some specific parts i prefer over others yes, i did specifically request cabin C-4, duo.  - there is no such thing as coincidence.

duo, there were two usb cables in kitchen drawer last time i checked.  izzy again? i have already requested the days off, duo. nothing is going to 'come up'.  - you have my word. yes, i would definitely classify you as distracting, duo.  - it appears to be a natural talent. of course i read the instructions, duo.  - did you actually doubt it?

saying that you have 'the magic touch', duo and reminding me that you never lie is not a convincing enough argument. i will remind you that you promised to prove it to me this weekend, duo. i knew exactly what i was saying when i suggested that you drive this weekend, duo. you occasionally surprise the hell out of me too, maxwell.


♡ this series of notes was posted on my tumblr during pride month, and heero was not going to let the month of june pass without a written reminder.

♡ heero is slowly gaining confidence in his ability to rise to what he feels are some of duo's more challenging notes. heero does not strive to reach duo's level of the art, but is absolutely intent on giving the other man a run for his money when he is able to.

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i did tell you that he asked, duo. you should have expected that call from quatre. he agreed to take care of raven and izzy, but he thought it was odd that we were both going to be away at the same time, duo. if you want to fill quatre in on what has been happening with us, duo, i am perfectly okay with that. i was not ware there was a hot tub, duo.  - yes, it was an enjoyable addition.

i am glad that we agree that izzy is the cause of the recent increase in your split ends, duo. i promise that i will try my best not to damage you hair, duo - or any other part of you. it does not count if you ask for it, duo   - loudly and definitely more than once barbeque this weekend sounds good, duo.  do you need me to pick anything up?

you know what i like, duo.  surprise me. stop apologizing, duo. i know you did not mean it as an insult. yes, you do smirk, duo.  i will point it out next time. is that a competition now, duo?  - should we be keeping score?


♡ duo's phone call with quatre was a bit awkward, and he was very glad that quatre was unable to accept the video portion of it. heero makes duo promise that he will let wufei into the loop in the very near future.

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i do not glare at izzy, duo. the stern look is meant to discourage unwanted behavior. - it works. i am not sure exactly how i am supposed to take that, duo. - coming from you, it almost sounded like a compliment. you are more skilled with knives than i am, duo, and that makes you invaluable in the kitchen.  - stop sulking. if you stick you tongue out at me again, duo, we are going to have a repeat of last night. - including the burnt meal.

it was a warning, duo, not a challenge.  and that was most definitely a smirk. of course i rolled my eyes.  were you expecting a different reaction from me, duo? yes, we have plenty of leftovers and no, i do not mind them, duo.  - you did a great job. i did not think you were going to set anything on fire, duo.  last time was definitely a fluke.

i did not know it was filled with catnip when i bought it, duo. no - it did not need stitches.  yes - you can kiss it better when you get home, duo. i texted you the address, duo.  - can you make it by 14:00? i will prove it, duo.  - later


♡ everything continues to go smoothly for heero and duo; aside from the occasional mishap. heero is pleased with the progress they have made communicating with one another.

♡ i am just about caught up on posting the backlog of notes from tumblr, and so you can expect updates to slow down to weekly soon - as we will be live!

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i am a man of my word, duo.  - you should be acutely aware of that by now. there is not need for you to feel guilty, duo. it is unlikely to leave a scar. i was not pouting, duo. - the 'sentence' is unfair in that i did not do anything wrong. that sounded a lot like you were suggesting we start sharing a bed, duo.  - were you?

i sometimes misunderstand what you are trying to say to me, duo and i would hate to jump to conclusions. i am sorry that i frustrate you, duo. yes, finding the pile of your pillows and blankets in the middle of bed was a damn clear signal, duo. i am pleased that you think i am worth it, duo.  - it goes both ways.

he definitely blames me for losing his braid rights, duo.  - there is some truth to that. i will be out of contact until the 8th, duo.  you know the drill.


♡  and so we see that a leap has been taken! being the more cautious and inexperienced of the pair, heero is fine deferring to duo in matters such as these.  duo is more savvy when it comes to interpersonal skills and has an excellent track record.

♡ i have been posting 12 notes at a time, but due to the next series of notes needing continuity, this chapter only has 10.

♡ chapter 13 will be a short story that i will be posting along with a series of notes that duo left for heero while heero was away on the field assignment mentioned in the last note of this chapter.

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                                                                                              #stickies from heero, no duo ( volume 1 )

Successive Normal


Based on Preventers intel, Heero had estimated his out of contact window to be two weeks and that was the information he had passed on to Duo. In an unusual and unexpected turn of events, he and Trowa had succeeded in finalizing everything in nine days.

Still, it was a long time to be out in the field - where their duties took precedence over everything else, and Heero was feeling genuinely fatigued upon arriving home.

The house was quiet, anticipated for 16:00 on a Wednesday, and Heero removed his boots at the door before carrying his bags upstairs and into his bedroom; setting them near the closet to be dealt with later. *Their bedroom*, Heero quickly amended.

The new arrangement had begun only days before he had left on this assignment, and he glanced over at the bed, smiling at the extra pillows nestled up against the headboard beside his own.

Heero liked sharing his bed with Duo.  

Waking up in the morning next to Duo after the night they had spent together at the cabin had been very nice. That short weekend getaway Heero had planned for them had quickly accelerated the changes in the dynamic between them.

He would have thought it was too soon into this new phase of their relationship, but Duo was adamant and Heero, unable to see a downside to it, had easily capitulated.

Heero was seriously looking forward to spending tonight in his own bed after being away; and knowing that Duo would be right there beside him made the prospect even more appealing.

Standing there in the bedroom, Heero was forced to acknowledge that it would be unwise for him to fall asleep right now, though he very much wanted to. If he were to lie down, it would undoubtedly be many hours before he woke, and that would be detrimental in attempting to re-establish his regular sleep patterns.

Deciding that a strong cup of coffee would assist in keeping him awake for a while, Heero descended the stairs and headed toward the kitchen.

                                                     refrigerator with duo's notes on it

The array of colorful 3X3 notes stood out vividly against the dull finish of their stainless refrigerator, and Heero could not help but let out a loud laugh as he stepped inside the room. He might have predicted this if he had given in any thought to it, but his exhaustion was easily at the forefront of his thoughts for the past few hours.

Heero neared the refrigerator, reaching out to touch the first of the notes – a purple one.  He was inordinately pleased seeing them there, immediately dismissing his thought as somewhat irrational. It was obvious that Duo had been thinking about Heero while he was away. Heero could understand that; he had done more than his fair share of thinking about Duo as well.

Still with a smile on his face, Heero filled the coffeemaker with water and added the coffee grounds and then set the machine to brew, and finally reached up into the cabinet to retrieve a mug.

Returning to stand in front of the refrigerator, Heero carefully read each one of the six notes Duo had left in his absence; arranged in a mostly orderly fashion in three distinct rows on the right-hand side door.

Heero had no difficulty reading Duo’s handwriting, but that might have been because he was long accustomed to reading it. It was nothing like his own, though not surprising given what he knew of Duo’s past.

If pressed to classify the notes, Heero would have said that they were very ‘Duo’. The messages were alternately random and sweet, precocious and inquisitive and seeing Duo’s thoughts there in front of him caused Heero to miss Duo very sharply in that moment.

Heero pulled out the small stack of yellow post-it notes and a black felt tipped pen from the tiny drawer next to the stove and set them on the counter. Some of Duo’s notes could be answered in the available blank spaces of Duo’s original notes, but others would require more than a couple of words in response and Heero planned to respond to them all before Duo was expected back from work.

The coffeemaker beeped and Heero poured himself a nearly full cup and carried it into the living area and then seated himself on the couch. 

Heero had only been sitting for several minutes in the familiar setting before deciding on a change in tactics. The revised plan included allowing himself a short nap that Heero hoped would help him spend the balance of the evening in an upbeat and tentatively more social mood.

He retrieved his phone from the pocket of his trousers and set the alarm for 18:30 before lying the cell on the couch beside him and reclining back into the soft leather as he let his eyes drift closed.

If Heero had done his calculations correctly, he would have plenty of time to shower, order a quick meal and respond to Duo’s notes before the man himself was due to arrive home.



here are duo's notes:


                                                         duo's 6 stickies

and here are heero's responses:



                                    heero - izzy is more gentle with my hair when he's not competing with you for it.  why are you telling me this, duo? you are definitely a more comfortable bed partner than he is, heero - even if you do take up a lot more room.   thank you? did you seriously alphabetize the spices, heero? - that cannot be a coincidence! WTH?  i did, duo. it is much more convenient.



                 they don't make you share a bed with trowa, right? sorry, but i never really thought about it before...   - ignore me.  it has happened on occasion, duo, but not normally, no.  - that would be a negative on the ignoring bit. i'm not really jealous or anything, heero, but that would just be weird not that i know you are a cuddler.  i can see where you might find that weird, duo - i would feel the same if you were sharing a bed with wufei.  - we can talk about it later. how come you never told me how raven got his name, heero?  - and why do i miss all the good stuff?  well, not *all* the good stuff ^_~  i consider it a fairly embarrassing story, duo.  - how much did wufei tell you? it had better not have been all of it...


♡ this was a fun experiment. i enjoyed being inside of duo's head for a little while and getting some of his thoughts out there. i would love to hear what you think!

♡ we get to learn a few things about heero here that might not have been revealed from his notes alone. communication between them is improving, and heero feels less apprehensive about trying to express what he is feeling to duo. heero is thankful that duo is the way he is, and that he doesn't always need to spell it all out for him.

♡ chapter 14 will return us to our regularly scheduled notes - which will be updated weekly from now on.

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you were busy while i was away, duo - cooking - thinking - coercing wufei into revealing my secrets... that is not what he said, duo  if you really want to know the entire story, you could just ask me. no, there are not pictures that i am aware of. - you are far more amused by this than you should be, duo. we are not talking about this any more, duo. - it has nothing to do with me being embarrassed.

of course it was successful, duo. and yes, i suppose i did look 'pretty fucking hot'. - are those your words or wufei's? no, duo.  absolutely not. thank you for letting it go, duo.  - please feel free to share your most embarrassing moment in return. i do not think you are twisted, duo  - perhaps just strategically bent in all the right places.

yes, your idea of 'letting loose' does vary greatly from mine. i am sure we can come up with a compromise, duo. trowa did mention it last week - it slipped my mind.  are you interested in going, duo? you are correct, duo. it is really not my thing... but you are.  - tell quatre we will be there. you do not get to accuse me of being sappy duo, after what you said last week - and you said it in front of wufei.


♡ in addition to answering all of duo’s notes upon his return from his field assigment, heero left the first of these stickies on duo’s favorite coffee mug, knowing that he would find it only after heero had left for work the following morning.

♡ duo fully enjoys discovering some of heero's lesser known 'secrets', and while heero is prone to giving him a bit of a hard time about it, he doesn't really mind. heero is certain that there are some things in duo's past that will eventually surface.

Chapter Text

do not feel bad, duo. wufei knows better than to tease me about it. i refuse to wear a speedo, duo.  - you will have to be content with appreciating my assets in private. board shorts are fine, duo.  - can you please order me a medium pair in dark grey when you order yours? boring?  maybe, but not predictable.  i am assuming your will be black, duo?

a little tongue, duo?  :P i was just responding in kind, duo.  - size is irrelevant. at first glance i thought it was a note full of 1's and 0's, duo. lol makes more sense, thought i stand by my original statement. well within spec?  - you meets all of my requirements as well, duo.

yes, it is mandatory for all agents, duo.  - you will suffer through it precisely the way you did last year. your demonstration of a non-verbal expression of dominance was perfectly accurate, duo. i never doubted that you take it seriously, duo. you were plenty verbal once we made it to the couch, duo.



♡ heero and duo enjoy teasing one another about a wide variety of things. this is something that has remained constant throughout their relationship. heero is pleased that their new status as lovers has not altered the dynamic in that respect.

Chapter Text

of course i like hearing it, duo.  - izzy probably disagrees... i do not think he was traumatized, duo.  - a strategic retreat was his best option. electrician monday at 09:30. should take less than an hour. - does that work for you, duo? i left their card by the coffeemaker.  - whatever you want to do is fine with me, duo. your call.

i have no objections to a hot tub, duo.  - i will assume you have looked into what is involved to maintain it. i am confused as to your reasoning behind the analogy, duo, but if you claim that i am salted caramel but, i would say that you are rocky road. have i ever lead you to believe that i have any insight as to how your mind works, duo? - trust me, i do not. i do look forward to 'figuring you out', duo.  - you wishing me luck was not very encouraging...

for what it is worth, duo, you are no crazier than i am. i am quite fond of your 'little bits of crazy' as well, duo. it is part of the reason i always felt we were a good match. of course.  i will be more than happy to expand on that over the weekend, duo. wufei said you were 'giddy' all day yesterday, duo, and he implied that it was somehow my fault.


♡ heero is sometimes apprehensive to divulge too much information, but he does not hesitate to answer duo's questions; sometimes omitting things he doesn't think duo is ready to hear. heero is fairly certain that duo is not always 100% forthcoming with his responses to some of heero's inquiries either, but heero understands. there are some things that are still not easy to talk about.

Chapter Text

please tell me that you did not say that to his face, duo, and before you ask, no, an email would not have been much better. thank you, duo.  - your self-preservation instincts alarm me sometimes. in the future, i will leave those types of conversations for friday evenings, duo.   - deal? how likely?  very, duo.  and no, i do not have a specific number.

that was not your imagination duo, nor was it wishful thinking.  - we were 16 yes, that too, duo... quite a leap indeed - and yes, graceful too.   - thank you, duo. isn't it a little early to be thinking about halloween, duo?

i am less afraid of how your brain wokrs than i am of your costume ideas, duo. - does that make you feel any better? a roman gladiator?  that is as close as you will ever get to seeing me in a dress, duo. yes, i will think about it, duo.  - any ideas on what you will be offering in return? of course i can wait, duo.  - according to you, my patience is 'legendary'.


♡ there are still occasions where heero has a difficult time determining whether duo is just teasing him about something or if he is serious. duo seems to derive a great deal of amusement from flustering his lover from time to time, and heero has learned to be a good sport about it. 

Chapter Text

no, you cannot take it back. you were quite adamant about it, if i recalling the conversation correctly, duo. honestly? it feels like you are setting me up, duo.  - planning to use my words against me? you were important during the wars and essential afterwards. now? crucial. - i trust you will keep your promise, duo. sentimental is preferable to sappy or mushy, duo, though i am not sure why you need a word for it.

you are already a tease, duo.  - and i do not just mean verbally. if i did not like, duo, you would have known by now.  - yes, i had a good teacher. i recall that we agreed to keep the notes to a pg-13 rating.  - this is your reminder, duo. you are cute when you pout, duo, but not irresistible.  - and yes, it applies to txts as well.

bring it on, maxwell.  - you could not be more mistaken. that sounded *exactly* like backpedaling to me, duo.  - please clarify. the benefits are likely to outweigh the risks, duo.  - you have until friday at 2200 to let me know. are you interested in joining us next week for out monthly dinner, duo?  - relena's idea.


♡ heero enjoys a good challenge, especially when duo is the one to initiate it; and even more so when duo claims he had no such thing in mind.  

Chapter Text

no pressure, duo.  - of course i told her, and no, she was not surprised. can we please have this conversation in person, duo?  - it could end up being a long one. just a reminder that you have until tonight, duo.  - 2200 precisely. i never specified how i was going to prove it, duo.  - can we consider this matter closed?

... you didn't know i had it in me?  - i have no response for either of the things you implying here, duo. yes, you are very clever, duo, but innuendo still counts.  - no more subtxts. i obviously do not think about it as much as you do, duo. it is not something i would worry about, duo. we are all wired differently.

i do not think that you have more inhibitions than i do, duo, but your are of a very different variety. that was sappy, duo, but ditto.  - i will see you in a few days. some wine in the hot tube tonight sounds perfect, duo. it was not your fault, duo. we were both preoccupied and not paying attention.


♡  there is still a lot that heero and duo have to learn about one another, as duo is no doubt finding out here.  some, but not all of this new knowledge, revolves around their fledgling intimacy; and that is a new territory for them both.  

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are you convinced i am fine now, duo?  - you were extremely thorough. love hurts?  - it is just a sprain, duo, and i heal very quickly... as you well know. i did tell him not to ask, duo.  - if he was embarrassed, he only has himself to blame. i hate to tell you this, duo, but you already have quite a few grey hairs.

i will never respond when you ask me 'how it's hanging', duo.  - you should already know. i assure you, duo, that you did not corrupt me, though you do provide me with a viable outlet. did i detect a hint of disappointment in that last note, duo? naughty?  yes, duo, but still within our stated parameters.

of course i know what a euphemism is, duo. i have just never heard that one before. your brain ranks high on my list of favorite parts, duo.  - number one, in fact. i am well aware of what you thought back then, duo. you were always very... vocal about it.i have always found your honesty refreshing, duo.


♡  a small mishap in the hot tub prompts questions and someone is more inquisitive than they should be.  

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despite what you think, i am very capable of being objective, duo. duo - do not ever leave me a voicemail that says 'i've had a little accident'. details, duo.  - the more the better, and of course i was worried. so did i pass, duo?  - that had to be a test of my patience...

i do appreciate it, duo. i think quatre does as well, considering how often you endanger yourself. has anyone ever told you that you do not fight fair, maxwell? agreed. you were very wound up over it.  - i have revoked it as promised, duo. i am going to pretend that you did not say that, duo.  - you can thank me later.

angry? no - of course not, duo.  just surprised and perhaps a little confused. while i do appreciate the clarification, duo, you will have to forgive me for remaining skeptical. completely at my mercy, duo?  - doubtful. he did not follow protocol, duo. there is no need for you to feel guilty about it.


♡ despite their many years of friendship, duo retains the ability to surprise and sometimes bewilder heero.  the appeal now is greater than it ever was.

♡ i am sorry for the delay in updating this chapter. i have not been posting these on tumblr, as i am taking a temporary break. updates will resume soon - i promise!