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Sweets and Treats

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Risotto Nero:

Risotto’s kisses are sparse, but hoooo boy are they intense. He’d leave his S/O breathless every time, biting their lower lip and holding them tightly. Since he is very tall, he’d most likely have to lift his S/O up until they are close enough to his face with their legs slung around his waist and his arms pressing them to his broad chest.
Giving love bites is his forté for it means marking his S/O as his and his alone.



Prosciutto’s kisses are mostly deep and passionate with a lot of tongue involved. His touches are overflowing with expertise and poise and he knows exactly when to be gentle with his ministrations and when to be more dominating. After a kiss he lets both their foreheads touching, brushing his thumb over his S/O’s lips and savoring their scent, drinking in their warmth. He likes it when their eyelashes flutter across his cheek in a tame butterfly kiss.



Pesci gives very gentle and sweet kisses, which are in fact so soft and vanilla that they are almost just pecks. Cuddling is what he likes most, simply lying in each others arms and basking in each others body heat. He gives the best hugs too. However, he’s mostly too shy to initiate a kiss and gets a little flustered when his S/O takes the lead. His initial careful touches would become bolder however once he gains more confidence and experience with his S/O.



Sloppy and playful kisses that can turn rather goofy, but when he’s serious he’s quite passionate. Pretty wild hand game as well and also not opposed to PDA, in fact he can’t really stop himself from touching his S/O when they are in public, always an arm slung around their waist or holding their hand. Formaggio likes to whisper sweet nothings and cheesy pet names into his S/O’s ear to tease them and get them blushing. Neck kisses are his favorite, especially when he can get his lover laughing.



His kisses are long and meaningful, but also often teasing: He likes to pull away at the best moments just to look at his S/O with a cocky smirk. Illuso loves to surprise his S/O with a quick kiss when he suddenly pops out of a mirror they were just passing by. He can’t help snicker at their cute reaction and will allow them to steal a second kiss to make up for the little scare.



Melone’s kisses are surprisingly sweet and tender, but sometimes he likes to mess with his S/O and suddenly squeeze their bum, only to chuckle at their surprised reaction. When he’s really riled up though, his kisses turn demanding and messy, capturing all of his S/O’s attention with their intensity and the way he moans into their mouth. It’s no surprise he is quite the skilled kisser with the way he can tie perfect cherry knots with his tongue.



Ghiaccio is opposed to showing affection in the open since he finds it plain annoying, especially if it’s around his work space. Once he and his S/O are in private however, he’s rather wild with his kisses, all with teeth clinking against teeth and biting lips. Rough is the keyword here and hickeys and bite marks aren’t unusual either. It’s no surprise that his S/O often finds themself with a sore mouth after a make-out session with him.

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There is a stack of papers waiting to be delivered to Risotto and the task had been assigned to lucky you this time (not that you were complaining about the errand, you always enjoyed the sight of La Squadra’s smoking hot leader).
Since politeness is a must even around a bunch of gangsters who kill for a living, you let your knuckles rap gently against the door to Risotto’s office.

“It’s me! I have the documents you asked for!”

When shortly afterward a gruff voice announces “Come in”, you press down the handle and let yourself inside Risotto’s office, bracing yourself for the encounter with your crush. The man in question is sitting behind his working desk, his handsome face illuminated by the light blue hue of his open laptop.

Prancing across the room to put the papers onto the table, you make sure your skirt swings around with every feathery step you take in hopes of gaining his attention.
Despite your bets attempts, he throws nothing more than a short glance your way before he lowers down his head again and focuses on the papers you brought him, completely engulfed by his work.

The lack of attention Risotto gives you is irritating: You even wore your cutest (and shortest) skirt and yet he didn’t even seem to mind at all!
This is certainly not what you had expected and the sheer frustration of the situation is making you bite your lip.

“Is there something you need?”, asks Risotto since you are still standing in front of his desk without anything to do.

You halt for a second – there is indeed something more you want from him – but then shake your head with a sigh.
The moment you contemplate about retreating for real, Risotto turns a rustling page over and a pen accidentally rolls across his working desk, landing with a soft thump onto the floor.

This is your chance.

With a surprised sound, you bend down to pick up his pen from the ground, feeling the fabric of your skirt rise up your thighs when you stretch your legs. You were pretty sure your panties were visible to him, but you refrained from staying extra long in this position. After all, you didn’t want it to look as if you had intended to seduce him (eventhough you totally had), discretion was the keyword here.

Getting up again, you brush some invisible dust off your skirt and straighten the cloth, making sure you let your fingertips linger a little on the soft skin beneath the hem of your skirt.

When you turn around to put his pen back onto his desk, you notice a pair of crimson red eyes glued on your frame. His face was ever so unreadable, but the way his gaze stays on you lets your hope flare up again.
Oh, did he catch the bait this time?
Fighting back a victorious smile, you innocently ask Risotto what’s the matter.

No words leave his mouth for a while until he suddenly stands up and steps close to you. Involuntarily you hold your breath. The rusty smell of iron mixed with a whiff of blood clouds your head and you feel dizzy.

“You know”, Risotto says and you don’t dare to look up into his face, but you can hear the faintest hint of amusement in his dark voice, “You’re pretty distracting. Maybe we should address this matter sometime after work…”

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- Many people fear Cioccolata - and for good reason, he is one of the most notorious members among Passione’s ranks: depraved, insane and cruel. It is said that even the Boss is wary of him and yet there is one other person next to his loyal Secco who keeps him company and does so entirely out of their free will.

- They were one of his patients back in the day. Cioccolata dimly remembers the sight of them laying on the operation table, pumped full with tranquilizers, so delicate, so vulnerable. They were one of the few lucky people under his knife that got away with all their organs intact and yet he still somehow managed to steal something from them – their heart (you know, in a metaphorical sense).

- After Cioccolata had been made a full fledged member of the Mafia, they showed up at his door again, asking for a check-up.
“I don’t have a license anymore. Surely, you must have heard why”, he said, an amused glint in his eyes. It’s hardly a secret to anyone at this point that he has killed countless of his patients, rightfully brand marked as scum of society. However, Cioccolata certainly didn’t expect their response to be this:
“Doesn’t matter to me. I don’t trust any doctor other than you.”

- Cioccolata praises his S/O’s courage, although he initially confused their eagerness to stay with him for simple stupidity, maybe even a naive desire for the thrill of danger. Now he knows that there is much more to his partner than meets the eye.

- Secco, he treats more like a pet than a friend, however his S/O is on a different pedestal. He’s far from being gentle with them either, but he certainly holds back with the violence. His S/O makes no amends in trying to make him a better person (as if that would ever work), yet somehow their mere presence fills him with content, eases his sadistic streak just a little.

- “Doctor? Is it time for an appointment again?”Hearing his title slip from their tongue so innocently and yet laced with deliciously hidden intent makes him smirk and he will play along with their little game, already reaching for the video recorder.
“Who gave you permission to leave the hospital bed?”

- Somehow his S/O has turned into his last bastion of sanity. The overwhelming desire to witness the screams and the pain of his victims isn’t the sole thing on his mind anymore.This vague feeling is hard to describe: Does he really…enjoy their company?
Well, this is new. A sentiment so uncanny, and yet not exactly unpleasant. Cioccolata muses that he could get used to it.

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Risotto Nero:

It’s difficult to plan a date with Risotto since being the head of an execution squad doesn’t really allow much freedom in that regard. Wherever he goes he draws attention onto him, may it be for his imposing height or for his intimidating appearance – it’s certainly too much attention for an assassin.

That’s why he prefers staying at home or at his S/O’s place on a date. Spending a quiet evening together, snuggled up close with some movies and snacks seems to be a nice way for Risotto to blow off some steam from his busy work schedule.
Risotto isn’t exactly a chatter box so a date with him could lead to a rather one-sided conversation, but what he doesn’t tell in words, he makes up with actions: Slow rubs on their hand or back and the one or other chaste kiss assure his lover that he is listening to everything and that he basks in their company.



A real gentleman during a date and always dressed to impress. He is the type to take out his lover to a romantic candle light dinner in a glamorous restaurant. Only the best champagne and the most classy location will suffice for him and his significant other.

Prosciutto isn’t opposed to accompanying his S/O to the mall either, in fact he takes pleasure in going shopping with them and helping out with advice when picking the right accessory. When they pose in front of him, turning around themself and asking if this or that looks good on them, Prosciutto won’t just mumble a half-assed response, but will give his honest (and also highly critical) opinion.



His S/O could talk Pesci pretty much into anything for a date, he is simply happy when they make time for him at all. He is quite drawn to nature, so a picnic by the river or maybe even a fishing trip would be an ideal date in his books. Understandably, fishing isn’t an activity for everyone and he’s the last person wanting to make his S/O uncomfortable, so just strolling around the park or the city with some fast food or ice cream on the go is a great option for him as well.
Dates always make him a little nervous, he is just so afraid of screwing up: What if his lover gets bored? What if he accidentally oversteps a boundary or says something stupid?

The worries he harbors would sooner of later vanish once he loosens up a little and forgets his anxieties, then Pesci becomes quite talkative and energetic.



Formaggio loves places where he can relax and shrug off the stress his profession puts onto him on a regular basis. He would love to take his S/O to his favorite little bar, downing a beer or two with some food and chatting with them animatedly. Often his conversations are laced with heavy flirting and the one or other touch that goes just beyond tame hand holding. Seeing his lover wearing one of his own jackets is very alluring to him, especially if they are way too big for them. It just looks so cute on them!

He isn’t opposed to lounging lazily with his S/O at home either, maybe even cooking a meal together. Formaggio is a firm believer that food tastes miles better when he and his lover work as a team in the kitchen.



Illuso would probably take his S/O to the movies. He deliberately chooses a horror flick, not only because he likes the thrill of the suspense, but also because he can be near them when they get scared and drape an arm around his lover for comfort.

Illuso enjoys culture in general, so taking a trip to a museum or an art gallery wouldn’t be unusual for him to suggest either. He thinks there is something pleasant – even intimate - about looking at art pieces together and he will ask his S/O for their interpretation if he catches them standing around a painting for a while. He pays much interest to them voicing their thoughts and loves deep, interesting discussions with them.

Also he makes it a priority to buy them something after a date as a little souvenir, so they can remember the good time they shared together.



To be honest, Melone is content with anything his S/O suggests as long as he can spend time together with them. If they ask him for his preference, he’ll tell them the name of a small café or a gelateria, anything cozy is okay with him.

Small talk is fine and all, but having deep conversations that go just beyond the usual superficial chatter is what he truly enjoys. Melone is well-read, so his S/O won’t have any troubles finding a good enough subject to talk about with him, it can range from literature to philosophy to pop culture to mundane issues and even to celebrity gossip; there’s hardly a topic he knows absolutely nothing about.
Similar to Prosciutto, Melone is also eager to accompany his lover on a shopping trip since he is fond of fashion. He’ll gladly offer advice when his significant other asks him for his opinion (although he will teasingly state that they’d look much better without clothes anyway).



The ice rink is Ghiaccio’s favorite place to take his S/O to on a date. Unsurprisingly, he’s an ice skating pro, making all the other people on the ice stop and stare in awe at his graceful twirls and expert jumps. Never would his S/O catch Ghiaccio admitting it, but he secretly tries to impress his lover with his skating skills. Should his significant other be a much less stellar skater than him, he’ll try to teach them, gathering up all the little patience that he has and even giving the one or other encouraging comment.

Arcades are great too! Ghiaccio is very competitive with videogames and he will by no means take a defeat lightly. During a match he is so focused on the flickering screen as the moving pixels reflect on his glasses and he snarls and curses whenever his S/O manages to outdo him. He’ll treat them to lunch if they win a game against him.

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Risotto Nero:

Risotto is all hard muscles, but that won’t stop is s/o from hugging him at any possible occasion.
Being the workaholic that he is, he doesn’t really have much time to tend to his girlfriend’s cuddle requests, but sometimes he just swoops her up onto his lap and lets her snuggle up to him while he finishes up some paperwork.
Only time he’s really up for cuddling is in the morning when lounging together in bed.
Riz would probably always be the big spoon since he’s a pretty tall guy and it just feels amazing to lay on his broad chest with his one arm pressing her close to him almost possessively.



Prosciutto isn’t really a very cuddly person per se and while he won’t be as rash about it as Ghiaccio, he too will grumble all the while his girlfriend hugs him. He’ll often say stuff like ‘Not now’, ‘I’m busy’, ‘Come on, I’ve got work to do’, however, at the end of an exhausting day, he’ll gladly let himself melt into his girlfriend’s embrace and showers her with kisses and praise.

She’d open up his tight hair buns and let her fingers glide through his hair while he just enjoys her gentle touch.



Aw, he’s a total cuddle bug! Pesci gives the best hugs out of all the Squadra guys and when being in his arms, his girlfriend just feels so safe and warm and nice. He’s always so careful with her and ask her if he’s holding her right and if she’s content, he just wants her to feel good. Spending time together with her always makes the boy sooo happy, he lives for her affectionate cuddles.

Also his girlfriend would never have to worry about blankets or being cold, she’d just have to ask Pesci to hold her and she’d be good considering how soft and warm he feels.



Perfect match here, because Formaggio mostly expresses his affection by physical touch too, he just can’t get his hands off his cute girlfriend! He’s also not against cuddling in public, other people should know after all that his wonderful s/o is all his.

Especially loves nuzzling his nose into the crook of her neck or tickling her, anything to get her laughing and smiling. Best time for cuddling in his opinion are lazy Sunday afternoons when he just dozes off with his lover snuggled up to him.



Illuso doesn’t mind his girlfriend being so cuddly all the time, he actually likes it when she plays around with his long hair and demands to braid his pigtails.

For a cuddle session he’d get some blankets and some hot beverage and then he and his girlfriend would snuggle up close together, just basking in each others warmth and presence, maybe even with a good movie to relax a from work. Sometimes she’ll lay her head into his lap and he will softly brush through her hair and it’s the nicest thing ever.



Melone being Melone, he very much indulges in physical contact with his s/o, the boy will look for any excuses to cuddle with her and show her just how much she means to him.

He’s a big fan of just hugging his girlfriend from behind when she’s doing the cooking or other chores and just lets his head rest on her shoulder, whispering soft ‘I love you’s to her while peppering her cheek with kisses.
He can get quite clingy at times when he’s really needy for affection and just wraps his arms around her, not letting her get up from the cozy bed.



Ghiaccio’s like an angry cat whenever someone tries to be affectionate with him, like he’ll try to shove his girlfriend away when she’s in a cuddly mood and tells her to leave him alone, but after a while his harsh words loose their edge and then he just lets her cuddle him even though he’ll proclaim that he hates it (Ghiaccio secretly enjoys it though, he’s just a massive tsundere about it and can’t help it).
Also his hugs are anything but warm, his skin is always ice cold after all, so he’s perfect to snuggle up to during summer as a refreshment.

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When you hear the sound of smashing glass and an angry yell you are immediately alarmed and up on your feet.

In order to find the source of the ruckus, you decide to boldly enter the room from which the strange sounds had emerged.

Just as you press down the handle and take a step inside, Formaggio, Melone and Ghiaccio almost run you over in a mad dash and quickly take cover behind you. It doesn’t take long for you to find out why the three are so desperately in need for a good hiding spot: In the middle of the room stands a very, VERY enraged-looking Prosciutto and his ominous Stand with its magnitude of eyes is already crawling around his legs, just waiting to inflict his aging ability onto some unfortunate guy.


“What have you done this time?”, you ask the assassins behind you with a weary sigh. Somehow that trio always managed to get into trouble.


“Just teased him a bit”, Ghiaccio answers with a mischievous grin. “But today might have gone a little beyond the usual…”

You could definitely see that: The deep frown contorting Prosciutto’s face was a telltale sign.


“You’re gonna protect us, won’t you? I mean, teamwork and all, you know the drill”, Formaggio says, but he is way less casual than his usual self.


“And how exactly should I do that?”


Unfortunately, there’s no answer to your question.

Like a lion on the hunt Prosciutto takes slow steps towards you and you can feel the three other men behind you getting nervous the closer he gets to them.

Finally he is standing in front of you, blue eyes glaring holes into your face.


“Move. I need to have a talk with those fucking idiots”, he growls.


Most other people would have faltered at this point since Prosciutto is a pretty scary man, even threefold so when he is pissed off. However, you know him well enough that he won’t just lash out on you and so you stay where you are without budging a centimeter and shake your head at his request.

“Hey, Prosciutto”, you say in hopes of calming him down, “no need to get violent, yeah? Let’s just be civil about it, I’m sure whatever they did isn’t worthy of using your Stand on them and-”

However, you can’t finish your sentence since he cuts you off with a harsh: “You don’t get it, they need to learn their lesson. How do they say? If you don’t want to listen, find out the hard way…” Prosciutto cracks his knuckles, effectively making Formaggio and Melone behind you wince.

At this rate he surely isn’t going to come to his senses. So what to do now?

You need to come up with a plan quickly…and realize there may just be one sole option left…


Before Prosciutto can even utter a single syllable, you take his face into your hands and lead him to your lips into a kiss. His lips are soft and slightly parted so that you can see his slight overbite. You feel him shift a little at first – blue eyes widened in surprise at your sudden action - before he slowly opens his mouth and allows your tongue to enter.

Prosciutto tastes like mint mixed with nicotine and since you are so close to him, you can smell the fragrance of his high class perfume.

He seems to be quite pleased about your peculiar choice of calming him down, so much that he even puts his hand on your hip to pull you closer to him and he deepens the kiss.


From somewhere behind your back you can hear Ghiaccio muttering “Seriously?” and Formaggio and Melone’s cheering (not only because of your special method of calming Prosciutto down, but rather because they get to live for yet another day).

After a while you pull back from Prosciutto with a pant and notice with glee that his face has visibly relaxed, his stern expression with the furrowed brow and clenched teeth switched to an almost serene one.

“Well”, Prosciutto mumbles, even gifting you with an amused smirk – a rather unusual sight for him, “you sure have your ways to get what you want…”