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Sweets and Treats

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When you hear the sound of smashing glass and an angry yell you are immediately alarmed and up on your feet.

In order to find the source of the ruckus, you decide to boldly enter the room from which the strange sounds had emerged.

Just as you press down the handle and take a step inside, Formaggio, Melone and Ghiaccio almost run you over in a mad dash and quickly take cover behind you. It doesn’t take long for you to find out why the three are so desperately in need for a good hiding spot: In the middle of the room stands a very, VERY enraged-looking Prosciutto and his ominous Stand with its magnitude of eyes is already crawling around his legs, just waiting to inflict his aging ability onto some unfortunate guy.


“What have you done this time?”, you ask the assassins behind you with a weary sigh. Somehow that trio always managed to get into trouble.


“Just teased him a bit”, Ghiaccio answers with a mischievous grin. “But today might have gone a little beyond the usual…”

You could definitely see that: The deep frown contorting Prosciutto’s face was a telltale sign.


“You’re gonna protect us, won’t you? I mean, teamwork and all, you know the drill”, Formaggio says, but he is way less casual than his usual self.


“And how exactly should I do that?”


Unfortunately, there’s no answer to your question.

Like a lion on the hunt Prosciutto takes slow steps towards you and you can feel the three other men behind you getting nervous the closer he gets to them.

Finally he is standing in front of you, blue eyes glaring holes into your face.


“Move. I need to have a talk with those fucking idiots”, he growls.


Most other people would have faltered at this point since Prosciutto is a pretty scary man, even threefold so when he is pissed off. However, you know him well enough that he won’t just lash out on you and so you stay where you are without budging a centimeter and shake your head at his request.

“Hey, Prosciutto”, you say in hopes of calming him down, “no need to get violent, yeah? Let’s just be civil about it, I’m sure whatever they did isn’t worthy of using your Stand on them and-”

However, you can’t finish your sentence since he cuts you off with a harsh: “You don’t get it, they need to learn their lesson. How do they say? If you don’t want to listen, find out the hard way…” Prosciutto cracks his knuckles, effectively making Formaggio and Melone behind you wince.

At this rate he surely isn’t going to come to his senses. So what to do now?

You need to come up with a plan quickly…and realize there may just be one sole option left…


Before Prosciutto can even utter a single syllable, you take his face into your hands and lead him to your lips into a kiss. His lips are soft and slightly parted so that you can see his slight overbite. You feel him shift a little at first – blue eyes widened in surprise at your sudden action - before he slowly opens his mouth and allows your tongue to enter.

Prosciutto tastes like mint mixed with nicotine and since you are so close to him, you can smell the fragrance of his high class perfume.

He seems to be quite pleased about your peculiar choice of calming him down, so much that he even puts his hand on your hip to pull you closer to him and he deepens the kiss.


From somewhere behind your back you can hear Ghiaccio muttering “Seriously?” and Formaggio and Melone’s cheering (not only because of your special method of calming Prosciutto down, but rather because they get to live for yet another day).

After a while you pull back from Prosciutto with a pant and notice with glee that his face has visibly relaxed, his stern expression with the furrowed brow and clenched teeth switched to an almost serene one.

“Well”, Prosciutto mumbles, even gifting you with an amused smirk – a rather unusual sight for him, “you sure have your ways to get what you want…”