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Alas Poor Item World - Get Out Now

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[LASSWELL broods at stage center, FINA by his side. LID works on a machine in the background. JAKE watches her while hiding behind a stack of crates at stage left.]


Prithee, my lord, we must renew our search,
For I doth know we’d surely miss Rain’s spark.
His soul shone bright whilst he still ran with us
That an he’s flown, the world would fast grow dark.


Pray, how long must we comb each town and wood?
For all we’ve asked, we've found no hint nor sign.
I fear my heart grows dull, my dreams wilt fast.
I cannot hope the way you dost, I mind.

[RAIN pokes his head out from behind the backdrop. Voice from audience calls out, “He’s behind you!”. RAIN rolls his eyes, shrugs, and disappears. LID searches around herself for a tool and, disgusted, exits stage right to fetch it.]


But you must strive to carry on the fight,
Complete your tasks before Melfikya goes,
For an on Friday weapons still abide,
They may get stuck or lose the traits you chose.

[Enter LID stage left with large mallet. She smacks JAKE hard and chases him off, stage right. LASSWELL and FINA do not notice.]


O lady, bless, you’ve lit my fire anew,
For item world doth prove our mettle fine.
With even five percent of strength improv’d,
We surely must succeed our friend to find.

[Exeunt, pursued by an ipooh.]