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Weather the Storm

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Draco traced his fingers over the small scar at the curve of Harry's jaw. It could have been healed with magic but Harry had refused.

To remind him, he'd said.

What a martyr.

Neither of them regretted their affair. They each had a plethora of reasons to end their respective marriages.

However, they hadn't been discreet and that had been a mistake in the end.

"I'd thought Ginny more likely to attack you," Harry said lightly, pulling Draco's hand away and pressing a kiss to his palm.

"Your ex has a temper," Draco replied, gasping when Harry sucked two fingers into his mouth, lavishing attention on them as if they were Draco's cock. "Mine is certifiable."

Harry nodded, opening his eyes as he released Draco's hand. "I know that now."

"I'll never forgive her," Draco whispered fiercely. The scandal had nearly destroyed him. He wanted nothing more than to be with Harry, to hold him, apologise to him, and yet he was forced to deal with the situation Astoria had created by attacking none other than Harry Potter when she found out.

If he thought he could get away with it, he'd kill her himself.

Harry clearly sensed his dark mood and shifted closer, sliding a leg between Draco's and reaching for his cock. "Do you really want to talk about our soon-to-be ex-wives right now?"


Draco tipped his head back as Harry began sucking on his favourite spot, just above where his shoulder met his neck. It would leave a mark and maybe this time Draco wouldn't bother to heal it.

To remind him.