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Ms. Danvers, so articulate as always.

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It's been a while since I've been at this high school, Mon-El usually goes to the parent-teacher meetings organized in Phoebe's school, as per our arrangement, he goes to these meetings and I go to school plays or soccer matches, but Phoebe is actually not interested in any of those so I just take her to the softball tournaments and French classes. Today, however, I've been called by Phoebe's English teacher, who has become the newest victim of Phoebe's pranks.


Phoebe has become untamable since puberty hit her, she pranks her teachers and classmates and has been smoking with her squad in and out the school territory, Mon-El and I have been working together to make her understand that we are not happy about this behavior and that a change needs to be done. We have gone to the therapist to get to the root of the problem but apparently, she was just calling her parents attention. Mon-El and I decided to take fewer hours at work and spend more time with her which has certainly improved the whole situation, we were having a very tranquil year until Phoebe arrived with a note from her teacher saying that she wanted to talk with me specifically.


Phoebe claimed that she hasn't done anything, but I don't believe her that much, she squinted her deep blue eyes while telling me the facts about that day, which only means she is lying. So, I took a few hours free from the office and went to the National city high school and ask around where was Ms. Luthor classroom. Once I got the janitor's direction and arrived at her office, I knocked twice on the wooden door.


"Come in" I heard from the inside and my hand grabbed the doorknob to turn it open.


"Good afternoon Ms. Luthor..." I greeted entering the room but stopping in my tracks at the sight of the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life. She was still tall -you can tell by her graceful posture- slim, her skin still so soft at the touch, her piercing emerald eyes brighter than before, plump red lips matching her dark blood red blazer and her black blouse contrasting with her skin tone. Her dark hair tied up in a low bun, not even a strand of hair out of place. "I- I" I stammered not knowing what took over me. I, Kara Danvers, National City police lieutenant never stammers, but here I was again, Kara Danvers the teenager.


"You must be Lieutenant Danvers," She said standing up with a severe expression but with a mischievous spark in her eyes.


"Yeah-Yes... I'm … that" I stammered. Again.


"Are you always so eloquent Ms. Danvers?" She asked in a sarcastic yet playful way.


"I'm sorry, I might be a little distracted today" I poorly excused myself. She hummed affirmatively but said nothing more. "So, you wanted to talk about something? " I asked standing tall to boost my usual confidence.


"Yes, please have a seat" She motioned the chair in front of her, I sat down gracefully putting my purse on the floor next to me and putting my hands on my lap to stop them from fidgeting in front of her. She sat down again and leaned over her desk to pull out a file with my daughter's name on it. "When I first came back here and they gave me the job, I was warned that there was a girl who usually played prank to teachers, especially new teachers, I asked what were the actions taken and they replied that none, that she was the lieutenant and the police captain's daughter, and you may know that that confused me, I thought that who her parents were was irrelevant information but I was wrong and I was told that Captain Matthews has been bribing every teacher who even considers giving your daughter a single minute of detention let alone suspension." She cocked an eyebrow -a perfectly manicured eyebrow- at me silently asking for an explanation. " then almost a year ago your daughter stopped pranking they said, until yesterday's morning when she put these" She paused taking out a small transparent container with at least 3 thin snakes hissing and tangling between each other "in my purse. These are rough green snakes that are docile, often allowing a close approach by humans and rarely bites, so the prank was meant to scare but not harm" I gasped in surprise at this new information, I couldn't believe what Mon-El did and I couldn't believe how serious were Phoebe's pranks until now and how my ex-husband might be involved with these pranks as those snakes are his pets.


"I-I" I cleared my head to speak like an adult person " Ms. Luthor, I'm so sorry for this situation, I wasn't aware of how serious these pranks were and I didn't know what my ex-husband has been doing, I'm really sorry." She waved her hand dismissing my apologies in a non-rude manner.


"I didn't call you to get an apology, Ms. Danvers, I just thought that you needed to know because Phoebe almost beg me not to call you due to that I assumed - and I assumed right- that you were not aware and believe me, Ms. Danvers, I trust that you're better than your ex-husband at doing the right thing" She said locking her eyes with mine. " and after all she is your daughter, you need to know what she's done."


"Thank you" I muttered lowering my gazed ashamed and amazed at her for being so understandable and thoughtful after all this time.


"It's nothing. Please be aware that I'm giving your daughter a two days suspension and a week of detention" She informed speaking more softly like she was measuring my reaction at this, but I kept my blank expression and nodded in understanding.


"Seems fair, I will take actions thanks to this information," I said grabbing my purse and standing up, Ms. Luthor did the same and accompanied me to the door. "Thank you so much, Ms. Luthor," I said about to leave when she stopped me.


"Lieutenant" She called after me and I turned around to face her again.


"You have always called me Kara, since when do we use so many formalities? " I asked smirking as I saw her blushing.


"Kara," she said savoring my name in her mouth again. " You can call me Lena," She said softly. "You have changed a lot, you're still gorgeous though." Now it was my turn to blush.


"Look who's talking" I smiled. " I can't believe you came back, especially here," I said waving my arms around referring to this high school where we lived our love story.


"What can I say?" She shrugged "I'm a nostalgic person and here is where I was the happiest person I've ever been." She said getting closer to me so I and only I can hear her. "Kara?" She asked softly raising her eyes at me.




"Would you go on a date with me? A real one?" She asked and I instantly smiled feeling the tickles in my stomach as I used to feel around her when we were high school lovers and she used to kiss me on this same hallway just a few lockers away from our classroom. Am I still in love with her?


"I-I, yes... I would lo-like too" I said blushing heavily.


"Ms. Danvers, so articulate as always." She smirked making me blushed even more. "This Friday? At 7? Do you still have the same number?" She asked caressing my cheek with her thumb. "are you even single?" She asked more to herself than to me.


"Yes, yes and yes" I replied breathlessly not believing that this was actually happening. 'And yes, I'm single"


"Okay Kara, see you on Friday," She said leaning up into me to peck my lips with a promising kiss like the one she gave the last time I saw her on the graduation day, the same day I left to the Army.


"See you on Friday Lee" I smiled and I walked away not fighting the smile that broke through my lips. Yes, I was still in love with Lena Luthor.