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Winter was upon the country of England. It was December First, and Elias and Chise's preparations for Yule were about to begin. They dicussed who was doing what chore on their way home from the College. The early sunset had them walking with more caution, watching for snow and ice.
  They arrived home as the Silver Lady was pulling a pork roast out of the oven. She also had several side dishes to go along with, filling the home with delicious smells and warmth. Chise and Elias removed their coats, and Elias placed his briefcase on the table. Chise noticed a card sticking out of the case.

"Elias? What is that paper?" Chise asked while she pointed at his briefcase.

"I'm not sure." Elias said as he removed his gloves. He touched each latch on the briefcase with a fingertip, and reached inside. "It's a card." He said while walking to the kitchen table.

"What does it say?" Chise asked. She could see the stamp of the College on the back of the envelope. Elias and Chise sat down, and he tore the envelope open. Elias read out loud:

'"Professor Ainsworth, you and a guest are cordially invited to our 'Hollyday Party' on December Fifteenth. Enjoy dinner, drinks, and dancing at the Library here at the College. Please RSVP by December tenth."

"I've heard the other Professors talking about this. Apparently is like a Christmas dinner, but they call it a Holly day, to honor everyone's various religions. It's more of a winter solstice party." Elias explained.

"Are you planning on going? Who will you bring?" Chise asked.

"I suppose so. I guess it would look bad on my part if I didn't go. For employee morale and the like." Elias said.

"Would you bring a guest?" Chise asked.

"Of course you would be with me." Elias said, as a matter of course.

"What?!?! I can't go! I'm a student. Teachers don't bring students to this kind of thing, Elias."

"You are not a student. You are my bride first and foremost. It's not even a question of who I would bring, Chise."

Chise looked down, eyes wide in amazement. She was surprised yet again of how Elias thinks of her; his bride before anything else. She blushed bright pink.

"Now, let's have dinner, shall we? Thank you for dinner, Silver." Elias said to the brownie.

"Itadakimasu, Silky." Chise said, and they ate their dinner, making small talk about their day.


"Oi, Chise! Ohio!" Alice said.

"Ohayo, Alice." Chise said.

"Did the Bonehead get an invite yesterday?"

"He did."

"Is he going? Is he bringing you?"

"Yes and yes. Are you going with Renfred?"

"Of course! I'm his body guard after all."  Alice told her.

Chise sighed in relief. "Good. Now I'll have someone to talk to. I've never been to one of these."

"Oh, it's simple Chise. They go in and drink and talk for an hour. Then they sit, talk, eat and talk for another two hours. The ones that are drunk enough dance for the last hour. Its worth it to go just for the dance watching." Alice said with a smile.

"What do I wear? Is it a formal thing or-"

"Fairly formal; I've always seen the women in gowns, and men in suits or tuxedos. I think it's bullocks, I wear a suit just like the men." Alice said with a sneer.

"Red and green colors?"

"Yes, usually. I wear black, like my soul. The Bonehead wears the same shit everyday, so he's all set. Tell Silky to make you a red prom dress maybe?" Alice said.

"Thank you for your advice, and I'll let Silky know about the dress. Bye!" Chise said with a wave.

"Bye!" Alice waved back.


December fifteenth arrived fast.
On the night of the invitation, Chise went to her room, and got measured by the Silver Lady. Chise had no idea what Silky had in mind for a dress, or the color.
Silky had Chise take a shower about four hours before they were to leave.
"Already?" Chise asked, and Silky nodded.
Chise went and took a shower, then Elias followed suit.
  Chise was just in a towel in her room, with Silky brushed Chise's hair, which now fell halfway across her back. She twisted her fine red hair into a french twist, then pinned fresh holly leaves and berries into the twist.
  Silver took down a makeup case, and starting applying foundation to her face. She lined Chise's eyelids in warm brown tones. She lightly lined Chise's eyes, then added the final touch of red lipstick. Chise turned around and looked at herself in the mirror.

"Wow Silver! I look beautiful! Thank you so much!" Chise said and gave her a hug.

Silky had her put on red lace panties, but no bra. She went to the wardrobe and pulled out a knee-length red silk dress, with a sleevless halter top. She helped Chise get into the dress, and tied it at the back of her neck. The dress was the sofest thing Chise ever wore. A dress like this would cost thousands at the store, Chise thought to herself.
Silky handed Chise a black bolero to wear to keep her arms warm.

"Black? Not green or gold or silver?"

Silver shook her head and winked. She left Chise with nude thigh-high stockings and black velvet pumps with ankle straps and bows on the back. She closed the door behind her, and went downstairs.

Chise rolled on her stockings, and strapped herself into her shoes. She grabbed her clutch which had tampons, lipstick, and her wand, just in case. With a quick hug and kiss to Ruth, she opened the door and went downstairs.

Chise was going slowly down the stairs, being careful in her new shoes. As she went down each step, she was getting a better and better view of Elias. She was wondering if he was going to use a glamour, but he didnt.

She was breathless. She always found him handsome, but tonight even more so. He had on a black three-piece suit, but he switched out his white oxford shirt to a button up of blood red. He had on a solid black necktie. She saw him clutch his heart, and notice he had on black gloves instead of usual white.

"Chise. You are stunning." Elias whispered.

"You look so handsome, Elias. I'm lucky to have you as mine." Chise said, with her heart in her throat. She dabbed at her eyes with a tissue. "Are we ready to go?"

"Always, with you." He said, and held out his hand. Chise smiled, and gave him her hand.


"Torrey. Why the hell did we get here so early?" Ed Sinclair, one of the librarians here at the College asked.

"Why are you complaining? It's open bar, you melt. I'm just getting my money's worth, that's all. And besides, Stroud and I have a bet-I think a certain Mage will show up tonight, and he does not. When I prove him wrong, yet again, he owes me a takeaway." Torrey explained, and he turned to face the door.

Dean Quinlan was at the double doors, welcoming the faculty in for dinner. Torrey stood directly across, so his nosy self can watch everyone come in. He gave introductions to Ed from Torrey's coworkers.

"Ha! I knew it! I knew he'd show up, and of course with his apprentice." Torrey said smugly.

Ed scoffed. "His apprentice? Is he lame enough that he couldn't get a date? Had to settle for a student, or teacher's pet?"

"You apparently haven't met Professor Ainsworth, Head of Magecraft. Let's go say hi!" Torrey said excitedly.

Torrey brought an embarrassed Ed to say hello.

"Hullo, Professor Ainsworth. Hello, Miss Hatori." Torrey said, and grasped Chise's hand and kissed it. Chise blushed, and gently put her arm down.

"Good Evening, Mr. Sinclair." Elias said with a nod, then walked with Chise over to the bar.

"Bloody hell! What is he? Is he even human? And where the fuck did he find that apprentice?" Ed said in shock.

"That, my friend, is a long story. Let me tell it to you over a few cocktails." Torrey said, and headed to the bar.

Alice and Mikhail arrived shortly thereafter, and to Chise's delight, Angelica and her husband David arrived. Angelica wore a stunning emerald green long-sleeved velvet gown, and David had on a tuxedo.

"Hello there, lass. You've been well, I trust?" Angie asked Chise.

Chise went and embraced Angelica. "I'm doing well, Angelica. I love your dress!" She said.

"You look absolutely gorgeous, Chise. Silky did amazing work, yet again. You better get used to every man looking at you all night." Angie said, beeming.

"Miss Gem Bee. You've been well?" Elias asked.

"Thorn. Yes, moderately so. Having a pre-teen daughter is a challenge I wasn't prepared for. You'll see when you two have kids of your own." Angelica said, and winked at Elias.

"I'm going outside, Chise. I need some fresh air." Elias said abruptly, then walked down the hall, to the doors outside.

"It was getting to people-y for Elias. He's still the eternal hermit at heart." Angelica said.

"You know him well, Angie." Chise said.

"Yeah, well, damn near a hundred years now. It feels that way anyway. I'm going for a drink. We'll sit at your table for dinner." Angelica said, then headed to the bar.

Chise decided she would use the rest room. It was time to change her tampon. Her period came back two days ago, so Chise was glad her dress was lose and flowy, to hide any bloating.

Chise heard the door slam behind her. Elias strode over to her and picked her up and placed her against the wall.

"Chise. I. Want. You." He said, while panting.

"Here?!?!? We'll get caught!" Chise squeaked.

"Go through that door." Elias said and pointed. He placed Chise down so she could cross the hall. He went in behind her and shut the door, and spread his magic onto it.
  The room was dark besides a single lightbulb, swinging from a string on the ceiling she couldnt see. A confrence desk appeared before her.

"Sit. Face me." Elias said sternly. Chise hoisted herself onto the table, and crossed her legs.

"Miss Hatori. Do you know why I am filled with lust for you? Do you know what you did? Did you know what you said?!?" Elias demanded, as he took off Chise's bolero and set it aside. He undid the bow at the back of her neck, and freed her breasts. He licked his way down, from her ruby lips, down her neck, then to her breasts.

"Elias! What if someone comes in?!?!?" Chise said between moans.

"This room isn't here, Chise. No one can see it." Elias leaned into his wife, gently laying her on the table.

"You said 'I'm lucky to have you as mine'. This thought hasn't left my mind since. It was I who was lucky to find you, and now I'm blessed to have you. I'm the lucky one, Chise. Me." Elias cried. "You are everything to me."

"I love you, Elias Ainsworth. You are mine alone, and I am yours."

"Mine." He said, the lifted up Chise's skirt.

"Elias! Um...I'm on my period."

"I don't care." He said, as he took her lacy panties off. He removed her tampon, and it disappeared in a puff of smoke. He knelt down, and ate his wife out, enjoying her moans and cries. He got her to climax fairly quickly, so he stood up, and upzipped his pants.
He wrapped Chise's legs around his waist, and thrust into her with abandon. He started to pant really hard, then tensed up sharply as he came. He removed himself from his wife, and adjusted himself and his clothes.

"I'm going outside. No one saw me leave and come here, I'm sure. You should use the washroom to fix your hair. I'll go to our table first, then join me there." Elias said, and vanished.
  Chise walked out the door, only to find herself in the back of the bathroom. She went to the mirror and removed her tangled french twist. She brushed out her hair and let it hang loose, and pinned the holly sprig behind her left ear.

"There you are, Chise! I was starting to get worried!"

"Sorry hair was giving me a headache. I'll be at the table in just a few minutes, ok?"


Chise walked back to the dining area, albeit on shaky legs. The rush of adrenalin was still coursing through her body. Elias sat at table five, along with Angelica, David, Alice, Renfred, Torrey and Ed. Of course by Chise's luck, Torrey was sitting across from her.

"There you are, lass. I was starting to think your nerves got to you." Angelica said, sitting besides Chise's chair.

Chise blushed. "I'll have to apologize to Silver when I get home. I ruined her hairstyle for tonight." She said and sat down next to her husband.

"I'm sure Silky will forgive you." Elias said, and held her hand.


Dinner was a stuffy, formal affair. Five courses were served, with complementary beer and wine paired with each course. Most of the guests at Chise's table had wine, but Alice, Mikhail, and Ed stuck with beer the whole night. Speeches and toasts made by each head professor were said inbetween courses.
    Chise made it a point to not finish each glass of wine she was offered, and drank mostly water. She and her teacher really haven't dicussed her drinking alcohol, and she didn't want one of those hangovers she heard about from Alice.
  As the night went on, Torrey and Ed almost had a contest of who could drink more beer. Torrey's face was flushed, and Ed's eyes were glassy. They openly stared at Chise and Elias throughout the whole dinner.

Alice was watching Torrey's current stupor with glee. "So, Innis...who is your date tonight?" She asked with a smirk.

"What? Oh. This is Ed Sinclair, he is a librarian here at the College, mostly in the research and languages department." Torrey said slowly, still refusing to take his eyes off of Chise.

"Oh? What languages do you speak, Mr.Sinclair? I speak English and Welsh." Angelica said.

"Huh? I can speak English, French, and some German." Ed said proudly. "I don't think anyone speaks as many languages as I do here at this table."

"Well, I speak English, Swedish, Finnish, German, Icelandic, and French." Elias said with an air of indifference. "Chise of course speaks Japanese."

Ed openly stared at the apprentice. "Do you now? I've always been a fan of Asian girls, and anime of course."

Chise cringed, and reached for her wine glass with her left hand, where Ed saw the ring on her finger.

"Bloody hell! She's married already? How can you stand that, Professor Ainsworth?!?!" Ed asked Elias.

"Chise is a Mage, Mr.Sinclair. She is her own person, and she chose who she will marry when the time is right. I'm sure she's had enough with your questions and of you and Torrey staring at her all night." Elias said, anger creeping into his voice. Torrey's face paled considerably.

Renfred stood up. "I beg your pardon on behalf of my currently fuddled colleagues, Chise and Ainsworth. You two don't deserve this staredown and iteragation from Torrey and Ed. Gentlemen, if you would come with me to the toilet." He said, and had Torrey and Ed walk behind him, like two schoolboys who got into trouble. Alice laughed as they walked away from the table. David stood up and joined the men, winking at Angelica as he left.

"Good. I'm glad Master will give those boys a good tongue lashing. I hope they don't ruin your night, Mages." Alice said, slurring her words.

"No, they didn't. I'm used to people staring at me and asking questions now." Chise said, and held Elias' hand again.

The final course was finally served, which was a decadent dark chocolate Bete Noir torte, with candied orange peel. Small cordial glasses with tawny Port wine were served alongside. Chise scraped her plate clean, since she loved sweets. She drank the little glass of Port, and the combined alcohols she had drank finally made her feel flushed. She removed her bolero, and hung it over her chair. She usually put a glamour on her dragon-cursed arm, but she couldn't be bothered tonight.

Just then, the DJ on the stage switched the music from classical music to a thumping EDM song.

"Finally, some music to dance to! Oi, Chise! Let's go dance, and show these poor sods how it's done!" Alice said, as she stood up and removed her black blazer, leaving her in black slacks and a white button up shirt. She removed her black tie and threw it on the table. She unbuttoned the four top buttons, to cool down her alcohol infused body.

"Alice! I don't know how to dance! I've never danced to English music and-" Chise muttered.

"Bullocks!  Neither do these drunken blokes!  Look at them, flailing around! Just do what I do. Let's go! Take off your pointy shoes. I don't want you to puncture my toes!" Alice said, and walked around the table to Chise, as she removed her shoes.

Chise blushed bright pink as she walked to the dance floor with Alice.

"I might as well dance, too. It's been far too long since you took me dancing, David. You might want to work on that." Angelica said, and joined the girls on the dancefloor.

Elias and David sat beside each other, watching their girls dance to the bass heavy music. Chise was shy at first, but as she started to mimic the dance moves of Alice and Angelica, she slowly gained confidence.

"That's it, Chise! Shake what god gave you! Whooooo!" Alice said, as she handed the girls a yellow drink in a shot glass. "It's a lemondrop shot. Drink up, ladies!" Alice said with a laugh.

Angelica knocked the shot back in one go, then Chise follwed suit. She didn't expect the shot to be pure alcohol, and it lit a fire in her stomach. She loosened up some more, and continued to dance. Alice hugged Chise, and kissed her on the cheek.

"I love you, Chise. I'm so glad you're my best friend." Alice said, as she continued to dance.

"She's grown up to quite the lovely young lady, hasn't she Ainsworth? I'm so proud of how she overcame the challenges she had when she got here. You make a fine husband for her, Thorn." David said quietly.

"Yes, she has, and I thank you. I'm happy that she gets to live her life her way, without the fear of death most Slay Vegas are cursed with." Elias told Mr.Burley.

"I would suggest to you that after you get married, to travel the world with her. She is ever curious, and would love it. I would also suggest to wait until you've lived life for awhile before you have babies. Once that baby is born, you'll be homebound almost permanently." David said.

After dancing for about twelve minutes to the dance remix song, Chise slowly walked to Elias, her steps shaky, and with her trying to catch her breath. She leaned over to Elias, and kissed his front teeth, leaving her red lipstick there.

"I love you, Thorn." Chise said with a hiccup.

"I think our little Mage has had her fill tonight, Ains. She's gotten a tad pissed." Angelica said, while holding another lemondrop shot for herself, and one for Chise, who took it and shot it back before Elias could protest.

The DJ then slowed the music down, ans started a ballad. "I would like to welcome all couples to the dancefloor; this song's for you tonight."

Elias looked at his tipsy little wife. He stood up and held out his hand.

"Shall we dance, Chise?" Elias asked.

"I...I don't know-" she stammered.

"It doesn't matter. Let's go." Elias said, as he guided Chise to the dance floor. She placed her feet on Elias' shoes, and held him tight. He embraced her return, stroking her beautiful crimson locks as they swayed to the music. Angelica and David met up beside the Mages, and danced beside them.

Torrey and Ed sat in the chairs that Elias and David were sitting in, watching the couples dance with jealousy.

"You can't tell me that she's planning on marrying him! For fuck's sake!" Ed said in despair.

"I know, mate. I know. It slowly gets easier once you make peace with the fact. I wonder if her familiar sleeps with them at their house." Torrey said, with his voice barely recognizable now, after twelve beers and three cocktails.

"She has a familiar, too? Where is it then?" Ed said, looking around, panic fueling his beer-fuddled brain.

"She has a Church Grim as her familiar, who would quickly set you on fire if you so much look at her wrong." Torrey said.

"This night is not going well for me, Innis. I came here hoping I would find some lovely single ladies, and the one I want is bonded to a monster. She's a monster fucker, the little bitch!" Ed said in an angry voice.

"Innis. Sinclair. If you two had any sense, you would leave now, and start nursing the hangovers you are going to have in the morning." Renfred said menacingly, as he stood in front of them and stared them down.

"You can't talk to me that way, you armless freak! Don't you know who I am?!" Ed said, as he got up, swaying from side to side.

Alice stood in front of her Master. "You need to leave, or I'll smash your head in!" She said, with her fist in Ed's face.

"No need to be a bitch, Swayne. We were just leaving." Torrey said. He grabbed his co-worker's arm, and shuffled their way out of the library.

Elias and Chise continued to dance, slowly moving in circles. They ended up being at the center of the dance floor, where most of the couples gave them space, sneaking looks at them from afar. When the song finished, Elias guided his now drunk wife to the table again. He had her sit down, and slowly buckled her shoes to her feet.

"Are we going home now, my love?" Chise asked, a little too loudly.

"Yes, dear. Let's get you home, and start treating you for the hangover you will have tomorrow morning." Elias told her calmly.

"It's not fair! You're not drunk yet! We still have time here before we go home!" Chise said, green eyes blinking slowly.

"Elias could most likely wipe out that whole bar, and still be sober!" Angelica said with a small laugh. "He had three bottles of good Irish whisky at my house before, and it didn't effect him." She explained. Chise looked up at her husband in wonder.

Elias helped Chise put on her bolero jacket, and sat her down again. "I'll say our farewells to the faculty, then let's get you home, Chise." He said to her. Chise looked down and nodded, her head drooping dangerously close to the table.

Chise found two cordial glasses of Port still on the table, and drank them quickly, while Elias was away.

"Now, now, lass. You are done drinking for the night. Off to bed with you, little love." Angelica said, as she took Chise's coat that Elias handed to her, and placed it through her arms. "Get some water, aspirin, and sleep now. Call me if you need me." The Artificer said, and hugged Chise goodbye.

"Goodbye Angie! Goodnight David! I love you, Alice!" Chise said, again, a little too loudly. The people at her tabled laughed, and waved the Mages goodbye and goodnight.

Elias slowly walked with Chise to the front door to the library and went outside. They saw, and heard, both Torrey and Ed puking in the bushes in front of the building. Chise looked at them and giggled. Elias took out his wand from his cloak, and transported them home.


Elias and Chise appeared on their front door. Elias picked up his drunken wife, and carried her into the house. The Silver Lady walked behind them, worry on her face.
  Elias brought Chise into the living room, and laid her on the couch. He knelt down and removed her shoes. Ruth was in his human form, sitting in front if the fireplace.

"Chise, how much did you drink? I feel awful!" Ruth said, sweating through his clothes, his eyes glassy as well.

"Ruth! I had such a great time! Silky, there was a dessert there that I would love to have again! Chise said, but in Japanese, much to the chagrin of her housemates.
Chise continued to recall her night, still speaking Japanese, and gesturing wildly. She looked at them all in confusion. "Why aren't you answering me?" She asked, not realizing that she was speaking in her native language.

"Let's get you ready for bed, my Robin. Goodnight, Silver. Goodnight, Ruth. We'll see you in the morning." Elias told them, and carried his wife to their bedroom. He sat her down on the bed, and gently removed her shrug, and untied the bow on her dress again.

"Yes, Elias! Strip me naked and fuck me again!" Chise said, still blinking and nodding her head.

"Not tonight, my love. You are drunk. I don't want to take advantage of you in this state. Maybe when you sober up tomorrow." Elias said firmly. He quickly removed her stockings and dress, and placed a flannel nightshirt on her. She stumbled her way to the bathroom, with Elias on her heels. "Have a seat, Chise." Elias said, as he wet a fine-thread washcloth. She sat on the toilet seat while he wiped the makeup off her face.

"I have to use the toilet, Eli-" Chise started to say, then turned to the tub and started vomitting into it. She held onto the edge of the tub, while Elias held her hair back in his fist. He patted her back gently, as she let all the drinks out of her system.

"I'll meet you in the bedroom, Chise. I'm going downstairs to get you aspirin and some water." He said to his sick wife. Chise nodded, her body still shaking.

After about ten minutes in the bathroom, she walked to the bedroom, where Elias placed some aspirin tablets and a large glass of water. She sat down and took the aspirin, and drank the water in small sips.

"Did you have fun tonight, Elias?" Chise whispered as she laid down, lying on her side, facing him.

"Always when I'm with you, Chise." Elias said, now clad in pajamas himself. "Get some sleep, Robin."

"I love you, Thorn. Happy Hollyday." She whispered, and promptly fell asleep.

Elias laughed to himself. "Happy Hollyday, my bride." He said, and soon, he too fell asleep.