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Lila Gets Exposed Compilation

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    The last few weeks had been crazy for Alya. A few weeks ago, the day after another incident where Marinette bullied Lila, she hadn’t showed up to school. Alya couldn’t believe the girl would skip school after something like that. But then the next day happened, and then the next, and Marinette still hadn’t returned.

    It wasn’t until they were assigned a group project, everyone in groups of two that Alya thought something was up. “Miss Bustier, what about Marinette? Everyone has a partner but her.”

    “Marinette does not need a partner because she will not be doing this project.”

    “Why doesn’t she need to do it?” Lila asked. “Is she doing a different one by herself?”

    Alya didn’t notice the worried look Adrien gave at Lila as she focused on the teacher’s next words. “No, she is not doing the project because she is no longer and student here and has not been for the past week.”

    Alya’s eyes widened. Marinette no longer going here? That was taking things too far over a disagreement that was her fault in the first place.

    “Oh no! I hope it wasn’t because of me!” Lila said, looking like she might cry. But next to her, Adrien was looking sad. “No I… I think it might be because of me.”

    That caught Alya off guard, but she never heard much after that other than overhearing that Adrien had talked with Marinette and that he had been right, though Alya suspected it was because of Marinette being jealous Lila liked him rather than anything else.

    After that, things had mostly been fine. Alya grew closer friends with Lila, loving to learn what she could about ladybug from the heroine’s friend. Most recently Lila had been talking about how Ladybug usually consulted with Lila on new heroes like Rena Rouge and Carapace, which made Alya happy to know that Lila thought so highly of her.

    Before she could ask more, there was a sound of an explosion nearby. An akuma attack was happening. Alya ran one way while Lila went the other. Alya pulled her phone out and started recording. The villain was tough, and the heroes were having trouble with them, so Ladybug called for her lucky charm. Zooming in, Alya saw that it was a fox statue and Ladybug then started running off. The reporter knew exactly what that meant. Ladybug was going to get the fox miraculous, she would get to be Rena Rouge again.

    She kept filming the battle, but also kept an eye out for Ladybug to flag her down, or just to be prepared. But she kept waiting until she saw a streak of orange in the corner of her eye. Alya looked and almost dropped her phone. It was a fox hero. And it wasn’t her. Ladybug hadn’t come to her. Had she not noticed she was there? If Ladybug got a new person to be the fox hero, she would have gone to Lila right? And Lila knew Alya was here. Maybe they had talked before about backups?

    When everything was fixed, Alya went looking for Lila. It didn’t take long and the two met up again. “So… there was a new fox hero today.” Alya showed Lila the footage she had gotten.

    Lila nodded. “Yeah, Ladybug changed it up a bit. We agreed Rena Rouge wasn’t the best fit for being a holder.”

    Alya froze at the statement, not able to speak, but Lila didn’t notice and kept talking. “And… I think I can trust you enough. Ladybug thought I was a good fit and chose me to be the new fox hero.”

    Alya watched as Lila pulled out a fox tail necklace almost identical to the miraculous.But Alya had seen the real one. She knew how it really looked. Before she could stop herself, Alya spoke. “You’re lying.”

    Lila looked at Alya. “What? No I’m n-”

    “Then tell me who Rena Rouge is, or was.”

    Lila paused, taken aback. “Oh, well her name was Katherine. She’s lives near my house and-”

    “No Lila. You’re wrong.”

    Again, Lila was taken aback. “Oh so you got to meet the real Rena Rouge? Sorry, I did lie. I didn’t know you knew so I wanted to make sure it was still a secret so she was safe.”

    Alya just stared at Lila. “Marinette was right, wasn’t she? You were lying, all this time. You’re not friends with Ladybug or help choose the heroes.” “What? No of course we’re frie-” “Because if you were friends with her and did help, you would know I was Rena Rouge.”

    This time, Lila froze. Out of all the people she lied to about Rena Rouge, she had decided to lie to the hero herself. “N-no, you. I… I just was saying in case people were listening.”

    “Lila, no one is around. Even if you were just saying that because people were nearby, you insulted me to my face. Calling me unfit for being a hero.”

    “No, that’s not what I-” Lila didn’t get to finish as Alya stormed off. She went all the way to the Dupain-Cheng bakery. When she went in, She was greeted by Marinette’s mother’s cold glare. The woman opened her mouth, but Alya was faster. “I know I messed up and I can’t believe I just realized it, but please please let me apologized to Marinette, even if she doesn’t forgive me.

    Reluctantly, Alya was let upstairs. She knocked on Marinette’s door and then held on the door handle. Marinette tried to open the door but she was prevented by the hand. “Marinette, it’s me Alya. I know you probably don’t want to see me but I want to say I’m sorry. You were right.”

    Marinette stopped trying to open the hatch when Alya started talking, but by the lack of footsteps, she was listening and not walking away.

    “Something happened today and I realized Lila was lying. She was lying the whole time and I didn’t see it. I’m a reporter and I didn’t even check her facts when you did. I pushed you away like everyone else and I’m sorry.”

    Alya had let go of the handle when Marinette stopped trying to open the door so when she once again tried opening it, there was nothing to stop her. Alya looked up at Marinette who looked like she might cry. Her old friend looked back down at her, asked ‘How?’ and waved Alya in.

    “After you left, Lila told me more about her supposed relationship with Ladybug and that the new heroes were chosen from people Lila told Ladybug about.” Alya saw Marinette’s lips tighten like she wanted to say something, but the girl wasn’t given a chance. “There was a new fox hero today and I asked Lila about it. She said she was the new hero and Rena Rouge was a mistake.”

    “I don’t see why that helped you figure out she was lying.” Marinette half whispered.

    “Because Lila had just said how great I was, and, since I guess it doesn’t matter anymore…” she paused. Since Alya wasn’t Rena Rouge anymore, she doubted it mattered if she told Marinette. Even if she was given the opportunity, she would turn it down. “I was Rena Rouge.”

    Marinette stared at Alya for a few seconds before they widened. “So Lila didn’t know she was saying you were a good friend and a horrible hero at the same time!”

    Alya nodded sadly. “After that, I finally decided to look everything up, and you were right. I was a horrible friend. Can you forgive me?”

    Marinette looked to the side, unable to meet Alya’s eyes as she spoke. “Maybe eventually, but not right away. I’ve done so many things for you and the class, the way you all treated me was horrible. If I hadn’t been threatened and almost akumatized however many times, maybe I would have forced myself to stay, but with all of it happening…” Marinette trailed off as Alya tried processing her old friend’s words.

    “She threatened you?! Why didn’t you say anything?!” Alya nearly screamed, but she kept her voice low enough so Marinette’s parents wouldn’t hear.

    “I didn’t think anyone would believe me.” Marinette replied meekly leaving Alya fuming.

    “I’m so so sorry I let it go this far. I’ll do what I can to fix things. I promise.”

    Marinette nodded and after more talking, they had a way to contact each other again as Marinette now had a new phone, something Alya was internally embarrassed for not knowing since she hadn’t even tried contacting the girl in ages. As she left the bakery, Alya pulled up the Ladyblog and started removing everything about Lila. Once the reporter got to a safe place, she turned on the phone camera. “Hey guys. This isn’t Ladybug news exactly, but it is extremely important."

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   The door of the classroom burst open as Rose came into the room. But it wasn’t actually Rose anymore. Juleka jumped up from her seat first. “Rose!”


   The Akumatized Rose looked at Juleka with her pure blue eyes. “No, my name is Honest Policy and I am here to make Marinette pay for the conflict she has caused.”


   In the commotion, no one saw Adrien leave, but as the focus was on Marinette, she could not do the same. From her seat in the classroom, Lila looked nervous, though no one noticed that either.


   “Marinette. You have done everything you can to make Lila out as a liar. Because of this, you have turned against the whole class. Before, you would help us and now you hurt us. Tell us why and if you tell us the truth now, you will not be hurt.”


   “I have been telling the truth.” Marinette started. “Lila has been lying to all of us. She isn’t friends with Ladybug, she didn’t save Jagged Stone’s cat, and she doesn’t know Prince Ali. You should know that Rose.”


   But Honest Policy didn’t listen. “I gave you a chance Marinette, but instead you continue to cause problems. Now you will have to tell the truth.” She raised a scepter and it started to glow the same blue as her eyes. “Tell me the truth about Lila!” and a beam came from the scepter and hit… Chat Noir.


   Adrien had returned just in time to see the attack about to fire at Marinette. He didn’t know what it would do, he wasn’t listening, but just like he would protect his Lady, he needed to protect Marinette. So just as the beam fired, he jumped in front of Marinette. As soon as it did, he was forced to talk. “Lila is a Liar. Ladybug and her are not friends at all. Lila couldn’t have gone on the trips she supposedly went on because at the same time we had to face her as Volpina again on Heroes Day. I saw Ladybug confront her when Lila claimed to Adrien Agreste that she and Ladybug were friends. She also claimed to have the fox miraculous which Ladybug has to retrieve to give to the fox hero, same with the bee and turtle miraculouses. She also-”


   Finally, he stopped talking as the glow faded from around him. Honest Policy had made him stop, and Chat was finally able to catch his breath, barely able to pause in his forced revelation. 


   Meanwhile, a few feet away, Lila stared at the hero in horror. How had he known that much? And Lila hadn’t seen anyone that could hear them around when Ladybug appeared. Had Ladybug or Adrien told him? No he would have said that. Then Lila realized that if it was only the three of them, then Adrien was- No he couldn’t be Chat Noir as the hero had just referred to Adrien as someone else. She didn’t have the chance to think more as Honest Policy turned to her.


   “Lila, you will reveal your lies!” She shouted then hit Lila with another blue beam. Within a few minutes, all of Lila’s lies were revealed, and after another beam, she revealed everything she had done to keep her lies believed. Skipping school while lying to her mother, working with Hawkmoth on purpose to get revenge on Ladybug, Threatening Marinette to keep her quiet, and many other things. She was only able to stop speaking when Ladybug appeared. With Honest Policy distracted, it was an easy fight. The scepter was broken and changed back to phone it had been.


   One Miraculous Ladybug later and it was revealed that there had been a group chat between Rose and the other girls excluding Marinette that mainly consisted of Lila complaining about the designer and of them all agreeing how Marinette was acting caused all interactions with her to downhill. Rose had finally become fed up with her friends fighting and just wanted Marinette to come clean about why she was doing all this. Rose was upset enough after another fight that morning that she ran out of the room and was akumatized not long afterwards.


   As Rose took in her surroundings, seeing Ladybug, it was obvious to her what had happened. “I was akumatized again?”


   Ladybug nodded and helped her up. “Yes, but you’re okay now. You didn’t hurt anyone, but you may want to speak with your class on what happened. Bug out!” And the heroine left, leaving Rose to face the class.


   “Did we find out why Marinette was being so mean?” Rose asked the class, nervous when most of them looked nervous to answer, and someone sad. 


   Finally Juleka spoke up. “Rose, Marinette wasn’t being mean. We were. She was right, and Lila was really lying.”


   Rose was horrified at the answer. They had been making Marinette the villain and this whole time, she and the class had taken that role. “Where… where is she?” Rose asked timidly.


   “She ran out after Lila started telling us about how she had been lying.” Alix spoke up. As soon as she finished the sentence, Rose left the room to find Marinette, not taking too long to find the dark haired girl.


   “Marinette, I’m sorry! You… you were right the whole time.”


   The other girl looked at Rose sadly. “It’s alright, she had everyone fooled. Well… mostly everyone. But since people know now, hopefully things will get better.”


   Rose gave Marinette a hug of apology, then took her back to the classroom, passing by their teacher as she took and angry Lila down to the office.


   “At least she likely won’t get akumatized since I just was.” Rose commented after seeing the pair.


   “Yeah. Maybe eventually, but not now. For now, let’s just try to get better.” Marinette gave a smile to Rose and they went back into the classroom.

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    Gia Rossi was confused when she was called into the head office at the embassy. She had no idea why, but it sounded serious and she couldn’t help but be a little nervous.


    “Madame Rossi.” the man sitting at the desk began moments after Gia sat down. “It has come to my attention that you have been misusing the abilities your job has given you.”


    Gia Rossi was shocked. She didn’t know what he meant. What had she done?


    “Your job as a Project Organizer, while allowing you to travel between countries, is only supposed to happen with our approval. Especially because we need to know beforehand to set up travel, boarding and the like. Going on your own not for embassy work would need to be considered as vacation time, so we may end up docking your pay for the next few weeks because of this. If we hear of you leaving the country with no notice again, we will have to terminate you.”


    For a few moments, Gia was unable to speak, but was soon able to regain her voice. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you are talking about. I haven’t left the country since I moved. I’ve been working here in Paris, helping with efforts to work on the akuma problem. I’m glad the issue at my daughter’s school was rectified since I nearly transferred her to another, thought it would have been tough with the faculty all akumatized.”


    The man in front of Gia gained a confused look on his face. “No one has been akumatized more than a day since they first appeared. What are you talking about?”


    “My daughter informed me her school was closed due to so many people being akumatized. I’ve only left the house when extremely necessary because of the threat they pose.”


    “You’re daughter is Lila Rossi, correct?” the man asked, and when Gia nodded, he explained that another worker had seen a video of her daughter talking about how she had been travelling all around and had been in dangerous situations. She claimed to know many celebrities through her mother’s job. The worker had finally made the connection between Lila and Gia and had spoken with HR, who contacted the Project Manager, who was the man sitting in front of Gia now.


    After talking for a while, Gia assured that what Lila said in the video and others were lies and she promised her daughter would be punished for these things. Madame Rossi left the embassy office and immediately called the school. As it dialed, she thought about all her daughter’s claims. School out for so long? There should have been some message sent by the embassy about something so important. Lila going on a runway to save a cat? People would ask where she was and why she let her daughter in such a dangerous area. And the claims of travelling had just nearly cost Gia her job.


    “Hello? Principal Damocles speaking.”


    “This is Gia Rossi. I would like to set up a meeting with you, my daughter, her teacher and I. She has been missing from school for a while, yes?”


    “Correct. I would think it would be hard to be at school with your daughter and you travelling. I know I had trouble contacting you.” the principal explained.


    “That’s the thing. I have not been travelling at all. My daughter claimed the school was closed and I would like a meeting going over this.”


    There was a pause before the principal spoke again, taking a moment or two to realize what Gia meant. “I see. How soon would you be available for a meeting?”


    “I am on my way to the school now. Would a meeting in half an hour work fine?”


    “Yes yes. With a matter this important, the sooner we can have the meeting the better. It also lines up with the student’s lunch time so her teacher will be available.”


    “Thank you, and I shall see you soon.” Gia Rossi hung up the phone and continued to the school. She may have been lenient on Lila because of the move, but her daughter had taken too much advantage of that, and now she needed to realize her actions have consequences.

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     “Homework sucks!” Alix yelled to herself getting a shush from the school librarian. She was trying to finish what she wasn’t able to last night. She was going to, but she lost track of time hyperfocusing on something else. Curse her ADHD. Yeah maybe she was told multiple times by her brother to work on homework, but it doesn’t always work like that.


     ‘Focus.’ she thought to herself as her mind wandered off to last night. ‘This is due today!’ Her leg started bouncing and she tapped her pen on the desk and grabbed her other pen as a small floating rabbit tried to take it away. Wait.


     “Fluff?” She whispered, leaning towards the kwami before it flew off. She looked to where they went and there was her older self. Homework could definitely wait for this.


     “Hey mini me. Homework causing some trouble?”


     “Yes! Why does it have to be so hard?” Alix asked her adult self.


     “Who knows. They stopped giving homework a few years ago. Apparently it was more harm than help or something.”


     “So why are you here? Is there another akuma you need help with?”


     Adult Alix seemed to wince. “You know how the Hawkmoth from my time isn’t the same from this time.”


     “Yeah. It’s not like akumas have been quiet when talking with Hawkmoth. Why?”


     Her older self sighed. “So there’s this one guy who guards the miraculous, no clue how he’s still alive, but he gave me a note, which apparently he got from Ladybug and she apparently got it from you and you got it from me. Your basic time travel stuff. Anyway, that note was about now. Right now I mean.”


     Alix made her pause to explain, but she just told Alix she’ll find out.


     “Well anyway, I’m supposed to come back right now and tell you that Lila is a liar, will become Hawkmoth, stuff like that.”


     “Wait, Lila really is a liar? And she’s going to become Hawkmoth?! We need to tell someone!.”


     Future Alix shook her head. “Sorry, you can’t. Technically she hasn’t done anything wrong since she’s not Hawkmoth yet, and who knows what will happen if you try telling someone. She’s could become Hawkmoth no matter what.”


     Alix put her hands to her head. “This is horrible! And Lila’s a liar, meaning Marinette is right and we’ve been so mean to her.”


     “Yeah, there’s a reason Marinette gets to be a hero and Lila doesn’t.”


     “Marinette gets a Miraculous too?!”


     “Eventually yeah. Can’t tell you who exactly but she does get one at one point. But that doesn’t matter right now. What does matter is you help Marinette and anyone else Lila might hurt. It’s… it’s really important for everyone involved. And you may not want to, but you especially need to help Chloe.”


     That made Alix have a double take. “Chloe?! I haven’t helped her since she almost dragged me into a group with her and Sabrina a few years back.”


     “Yeah her. She’s gonna improve, I promise. But she’s going to need some extra help because of something Lila does.”


     Alix grumbled but then nodded. “Fine, I guess if I have to. I doubt she actually will get better, but I guess she should get a chance.”


     Future Alix shrugged. “Hey, at least when you give her a chance, she’ll try to improve at least a little. Lila just threatens and lies her way to popularity.”


     “Who the hell did she threaten?!” Alix all but yelled, getting a shush from someone nearby but at least out of sight.


     “Well, I don’t know who she has right now, but basically any time someone figures it out and confronts her, she threatens them. With Marinette it was her friends and her crush on Adrien, for Chloe it was her dad’s position as mayor since her mom is actually in the embassy and would have some sway. For Adrien it was going to his father and getting him permanent homeschooling.”


     Alix was fuming. “Lila is such a b-” she couldn’t finish as Fluff came out of nowhere and covered her mouth.


     “Careful, we’re in a school library. Being loud is already pushing it.” Her adult version explained, but then quickly added. “I’d love to curse about her too though.”


     Alix huffed before looking up at herself. “Well what am I supposed to do about it? Who the heck is going to even believe me?”


     Future Alix put her hand on her chin. “Well, Marinette isn’t the only one that knows, but Since Lila has been threatening Marinette and possibly others, though I’m not sure who right now, there are going to be some people in the class that know and just are too scared to speak up. I texted the class one by one asking who they believe, Marinette or Lila.”


     “Alright, but how am I supposed to convince anyone else?”


     Alix got a smirk from her double. “Our class has done a lot of cool things, and I know when there’s something you do like, you’ll learn everything you can about it. Maybe talk about some of that stuff and Lila will tell a blatant lie not knowing others know the truth.”


     Alix crossed her arms. “What did you do?”


     “Well I may have mentioned Markov without talking about their name and Lila talked about their cousin who created him. Max was surprised since Lila wasn’t on his family tree. But that’s not what I started with.”


     “She didn’t!” Alix exclaimed in a hushed voice. “Oh my gosh it’s that easy? She doesn’t even learn about what she’s lying about. How were we so blind?”


     “Hey, my theory is we’ve got magic miraculouses, we got a magic ice cream guy, who says that Lila doesn’t have a magic tongue.”


     Alix’s eyes widened. “You’re right! Oh my gosh. This makes so much sense now! What else is real magic? Did gods from different mythologies actually exist? If so my brother would freak out.”


     “Okay mini me, one thing at a time. First, you need to help your friends.”


     Alix nodded and pulled out her phone before her double spoke again. “Oh and by the way, you need to thank Fluff.”


     “Wait, what for?”


     “They helped finish your homework I doubt it was important anyway. Well other than helping your grade, but homework just sucks in general.”


     Alix thanked Fluff and her adult self. “I’ll do my best to help everyone. Who knows, maybe that’s what’ll help Ladybug think I can get a miraculous.”


     “You have no idea mini me.”


     Alix started to walk away before turning back. “Wait, aren’t you only given your miraculous for emergencies when there’s no one else that can help? Is Lila that bad as Hawkmoth?”


     “Let’s just say, she’s worse as herself than as Hawkmoth. But speaking of, I should probably get going.” Future Alix took out her watch. “Fluff, Clockwise.”


     Alix gave a quick wave to Bunnix before she left with Rabbit Hole leaving the skater on her own. At that moment the warning bell for class rang and she grabbed her homework to rush to class. Entering the room, of course Marinette wasn’t there, but Lila was, talking about more lies. Alix held in a frown and walked over. “Hey what are you guys talking about?”


     Lila smiled. “Oh we were just talking about how I almost competed in the Olympics, but couldn’t because of my hand.”


     “Oh really? What event?” The skater asked.


     “Gymnastics. It should be obvious why I couldn’t with my hand.”


     Alix faked interest. “Oh really, which one?”


     “Um, the most recent one.”


     “Oh…” she tried her best to sound disappointed.


     “Well I also almost went into the games before that.”


     Alix held in a smile. “Did you ever get to meet Ewan Fernandez? Or maybe Benjamin Macé?”


     “Oh yes of course! We practiced together sometimes!”


     “But wouldn’t you be competing for Italy?” The red head tilted her head innocently. “And they’re speed skaters, not gymnasts. I mean, everyone knows I like skating.”


     For once, Lila was at a loss for words. She was soon able to come up with an excuse that she mixed up some names, but Alix knew it wouldn’t take long for her to be figured out now. And hopefully it would help the rest of her class.

Chapter Text

     It had been a normal day of school, class had already started and Marinette was running as fast as she could to school to at least be under five minutes before the start of class. Unfortunately, someone ran right out of an adjacent street and right into Marinette.


     Marinette collapsed and her purse went flying. She did her best to grab it but first she noticed who ran into her. It was a girl about her age. The girl had an Italian complexion, olive eyes and chestnut brown hair.


     “Look… I’m already late Lila.”


     The girl looked right at Marinette. This girl did look like Lila, but also different. Her hair was all even, she didn’t have bangs and it was all messy. She had a bruise on her cheek and a fearful look in her eyes. “H-how do you know my name?”


     That shocked Marinette. “You… you look like someone in my class, Lila Rossi.”


     “But that’s my name! I’m Lila Velia Rossi. I was kidnapped a few years ago. But I’m alive! I escaped.” She looked back to where she came from. “I just escaped, come on!”


     Lila Velia grabbed Marinette’s hand and started running, dragging the designer along. Fortunately Marinette grabbed her purse before they left the scene. “Look, if we can hide ourselves for a minute or two, I can call Ladybug to help you?”


     “A Ladybug? How will that help? You need to call the police! I need to get back to my mom in Italy.”


     “No, Velia-” “It’s Lila.” “Calling you Velia because I know another Lila who looks like you and she’s horrible and I don’t want that association. Ladybug is a superhero. She and Chat Noir have been saving the town for the past year or so.”


     Velia looked skeptical. “Look if we find something, sure, but not until then.”


     Marinette nodded and she carefully opened her bag and mouthed for Tikki to text people about where she was. “Can I ask some questions?”


     “Sure, just don’t stop us.” Velia quickly replied, yanking them around a corner at the last second.


     “If you’re from Italy, why is your French so good?”


     “My father was from France and my captors were as well.”


     “Alright, do you know what your mom does? Like what’s her job?” Marinette hoped it wouldn’t be-


     “She says she works at an embassy.”


     Marinette cursed under her breath. “And how old are you?”


     At this, Velia shook her head. “I don’t know. I haven’t had birthdays and not sure how many years it’s been exactly.”


     Marinette was about to ask another question when Velia yanked them into a doorway and pressed up against one wall of it. Marinette followed suit and the two stayed quiet and barely dared to breathe for a few minutes. Finally, Velia stopped hiding. “Please, if you think it would help, call the ladybug.”


     Marinette nodded. “I don’t want many people to know I know her so they can’t take advantage of me so I’m going somewhere else, but it will be close by. I promise, I’ll come back or she will show up, okay?”


     “I don’t believe you. I haven’t believed much in a long time… but I suppose I have to. You’re my only chance right now.”


     Marinette nodded, gave Velia a hug, and ran to a place to hide and transform. She waited a minute to make it seem like she was coming from across Paris before returning to the spot Veila was. But the scene had changed. Velia was being grabbed by an unfamiliar man and she looked terrified. “Hey, back off!”


     “Oh, Ladybug, don’t worry, my daughter is just having a fit.”


     Ladybug threw her yo-yo at him, smacking him in the face. “No, I already heard the story about what’s going on.”


     Since the man wasn’t an Akuma victim, she easily separated him from Velia and tied him to a light post. She pulled the main part of the yo-yo a bit further out and called the police and attempted to call Chat Noir, but he of course wasn’t transformed.


     After the calls, she walked over to Velia. “Hello, I was told that your name is Velia?”


     “It’s Lila actually, but the girl who was helping me was calling me by my middle name.”


     Ladybug gave a nod. “Alright, well my name is Ladybug. The police should be here soon, and as soon as they are, I’m going to visit someone else.”


     “Um, who?” The Italian asked.


     “Her name is Lila Rossi. She’s from Italy and moved to France recently, has a mother who works at an Embassy and loves to lie. So either she has lied and pretended to be you, or she has stolen your identity and has been you in a way.”


     Velia looked shocked at that, and to pass the time, Ladybug talked with Velia about everything that had happened on both of their ends. Velia about how she had been living, and Ladybug about the fake Lila. They weren’t able to learn too much, but at least enough before the police showed up. Ladybug explained things to the police and after they had Velia’s captor in cuffs. She told them not to contact the school yet as she wanted to be there in case the imposter tried anything. They agreed, especially Agent Roger since Sabrina was his daughter and in that Lila’s class.


     Ladybug quickly swung to the school and entered. She quickly spoke to the principal so he knew what was going on and hopefully wouldn’t complicate things. He allowed Ladybug to go to the classroom, especially when he heard the police were on the way.


     Within a few minutes, the heroine was out the door. She took a deep breath and walked in. The lesson came to a halt and everyone looked over.


     “Ladybug!” Alya called out. “What are you doing here?”


     “Is there an akuma attack?” Adrien asked, jumping out of his seat.


     Ladybug waved in a motion to calm them down. “No, no. I was just here to talk with a certain classmate of m-yours.”


     Alya looked around and then spotted Lila, who was slowly sliding down to hide herself. She may not know about the real Lila showing up, but Ladybug could still out her as not being friends with her. “Oh! Lila! She says you two are friends!”


     Ladybug nodded. “I think we are. I’m glad she has a friend, after everything she’s been through.”


     Lila looked calmer now. “Yeah, but being in those dangerous situations can help people.”


     “Well, not really. Alya, can you hand me your phone?”


     “No way, recording this right now.” She nodded her head towards Nino, who had moved to sit next to her moments after the hero entered. “You can use Nino’s.”


     Ladybug took the phone as distant sirens could be heard. She searched ‘Italian girl kidnapped Lila embassy’. They were likely to be words featured in an article about Velia. The first result mentioned Lila’s ‘return’ as did the second. The third somehow managed not to be related. The fourth, however, was exactly what she was looking for. She opened the page and put it down in front of Alya for her to read.


     “Wait, Lila, you were-”


     Ladybug stopped Alya. “Yes. We’re friends as well as Marinette and her.”


     Nino looked confused. “Uh, sorry dude, but those two get together like oil and water.”


     “They seemed fine together to me.” Ladybug said shaking her head. “I mean, who wouldn’t like the person that saved them from being rekidnapped.”


     Various people started talking at once. “Kidnapped? Lila was kidnapped.” “That’s what you get for bragging.” “She’s strong for getting out.”


     “Yes. The police were notified and currently have Lila with them.”


     Now the class was confused. “But…” Rose started. “Lila is right here.”


     Ladybug looked around. “No, I’m not seeing her. That girl up there looks similar though. What’s your name?”


     “As Rose said, my name is Lila. We’re best friends, remember? I helped saved Jagged Stone’s cat. I help with environmental projects with prince Ali.”


     Ladybug frowned. “Sorry, but the first time I met someone like you is the same day you were akumatized into Volpina and I called you out for lying about us being friends because I don’t like liars and saying we’re friends could endanger you.”


     “Lila, how could you lie to us?” Rose asked, sounding disappointed.


     “No, Ladybug’s lying! She just hates me!”


     Alya gave Lila a look. “Well then you were at least lying about you two being friends then, huh?”


     “Wait, no, that’s not what I mean!”


     Ladybug spoke up again. “So I want to ask again. Who are you really, because the real Lila Rossi has been found.”


     By now the police sirens could easily be heard, and Lila realized what they meant. She got up and began toward the door, but stopped and took a one eighty. She grabbed for the butterfly heading towards her but Ladybug’s yo-yo caught it first.


     “The police are on their way to question you. Hopefully we will learn the truth in the end.”


     “No! No this can’t be happening! You were all listening to be and pushing Marinette away. Why did you have to ruin everything again Ladybug?!”


     “Because you act against me. If you acted more truthfully and kindly, it would have never come to this.”


     The police eventually came and took the fake Lila away. A DNA test was taken and it was shown that Velia was really Mme. Rossi’s daughter. The fake Lila, who still would not give her real name, had run away and learned she looked almost exactly like Velia, so she took the girl’s place.


     Since identity theft was a crime, Velia asked if she wanted to press charges, though it would have to go through her mother. Velia quickly agreed, as she believed that if everyone knew she was still missing, they would have found her years ago.


     Neither girl was seen for a month until, in the fake Lila’s place, Velia started attending classes. She became fast friends with Marinette and eventually, after recovering enough, she was given the mouse miraculous and joined the hero team.

Chapter Text

     Lila was sitting happily in class. Marinette by herself had widened the scasm between her and her former friends. Adrien still seemed to be on Lila’s side, doing nothing to stop her and of course wasn’t helping Marinette. Everything was going perfect. Well, it was until a knock at the door.


     Principal Damocles walked into the room, making everyone look over at him. A substitute teacher showed up next to him, panting slightly. “I suppose this is the class?”


     The principal nodded. “Yes. I would like Lila, Marinette and Mlle Bustier to come with me to my office.”


     “Is something wrong?” Mlle Bustier asked, looking between Damocles and her students. 


     Lila did her best to keep a poker face. She hadn’t mentioned anything to their teachers or the principal. But likely it may have been one of the other students who told the principal about her trouble with Marinette.


     Marinette on the other hand was panicking. What had Lila claimed she had done? She looked towards Adrien hoping for support but he didn’t seem to be helpful, though she supposed there wasn’t much he could do.


     She Lila and Bustier followed Damocles to his office. Lila and her were both asked to be seated while their teacher stood nearby, and then their principal asked a simple question to her. “Mlle Bustier, I’ve received a few reports of conflict between these two girls from you. Can you summarize them as a review?”


     “Yes. Apparently Marinette has been treating Lila unfairly. She constantly claimed Lila is lying about her help and connections and recently it seems Marinette has begun to bully Lila.”


     Marinette tried to speak up to refute the claims, but Damocles quieted her. “Lila, what do you have to say of this?”


     Lila put on a sad act. “She’s right sir. I’ve just tried to be nice, but she doesn’t want to be friends. It’s like she’s trying to turn the class against me. And then recently she pulled me into the bathroom and threatened that she would take all my friends away.”


     Marinette stood up. “You did that to me and said you would if I didn’t stop trying to reveal your lies.”


The principal hushed Marinette. “You will get your chance to talk.”


     The designer slumped in her chair, crossing her arms as Lila continued to tell her lies, painting Marinette in a bad light. Then finally, it was her turn to speak. “Now what do you have to say about everything?”


     “When Lila first showed up, she told a lie that I knew was false, but I wasn’t allowed to share why. Instead I was trying to prove her other lies false. They had all seemed too good to be true. When she returned from her supposed trip, I was surprised to find everyone had moved me to the back. I would have been fine if I had been asked to be moved, but instead everyone got to move where they wanted but me. Everyone in the class thought I was jealous when I just felt ignored instead. At the same time she was making promises to the class of meeting with famous people. I wanted everyone to realize her lies both so that when her empty promises didn’t come true, the class wouldn’t be hurt and also because of how everyone was mistreating me because of it. When I wouldn’t stop, Lila tried convincing me one last time and when I didn’t give in, she threatened that she would take all my friends away from me, which she was already managing to do. From then, it’s been getting worse and my parents have been thinking of moving me from the school because of how toxic the class seems.”


     Damocles did not respond anymore than quieting Lila as she tried to speak. After a few moments, he gestured for someone to enter the room. Marinette has no idea who it was until Lila spoke. “Mama! What are you doing here?”


     “Your mother is here because she called me this morning to clarify some things. She says you were not away traveling during your absence from school and have no illnesses or disabilities.”


     “And now I am learning you have been bullying one of your classmates? Lila what is the meaning of this?”


     Lila gave a sad and worried look. “No! Mama! She’s lying! I’m not the bully, she is!”


     Gia shushed her daughter. “After what I have learned today, I am more likely to believe this girl than you. Because of your lies becoming well known news, I nearly lost my job today!”


     After this, Damocles stood. “You claimed to your mother the school was closed due to akuma attacks that were not solved. With your mother’s job, the supposed inability to stop these attacks could have been told to other countries and damaged France’s relationship with them. As it did not happen, there are no consequences other than what your mother may give you. However, what is punishable is forging documents such as these medical papers for the disabilities you do not have.”


     Damocles continued, but at this point Marinette zoned out from her own thoughts. She didn’t realize the lies were this severe. If she did, she would have tried harder to find proof and what not. It was also surprising that her lies had been found out at all. But the main concern was how Lila looked right now. She was definitely upset and angry. Marinette didn’t care that Damocles was still talking, Marinette still jumped up to stop him. “Sir! I don’t mean to be rude, but we may want to take precautions before Lila is akumatized again!”


     Damocles was stunned but nodded in agreement. Gia on the other hand looked back and forth between the principal and the two girls. “Again? What do you mean again? I was unaware she had been akumatized before!”


     “I’m sorry, but Lila has likely been akumatized three or four times already.” Marinette explained to the woman, leaving her speechless. “When she first appeared at school, she was akumatized into Volpina.  Since she was actually in Paris, she was most likely reakumatized on heroes day since most people were. Also since we’ve only had one illusion making akuma, and there was an illusion on heroes day before everyone was reakumatized, that was most likely Lila. Then the day she came back from her trip, she was affected by the akuma that originally went have me and became Chameleon.”


     Gia looked at Mlle Bustier and M Damocles to see if this was right. The teacher nodded. “I have been watching when my students are akumatized and the two that occurred here are true. On heroes day many people were reakumatized if someone was not able to reassure them which was hard if you were someone who believe that the illusion of an evil Ladybug destroying Chat Noir was real.”


     Gia just stood there with her mouth hanging open. She may have known some of what her daughter had done, but this was too much. “I guess there is only one thing left to do. You will be going back to Italy to live with your grandparents. Your father’s grandparents.” She added when she saw Lila’s eyes light up. “Mine are too lenient so you have likely already used your lies to get on their good side. I didn’t let you see your other grandparents because they treated you so harshly but now it is obvious to see why.”


     “No! Mama you can’t be serious!”


     “I am! What you have done is extremely serious. You have crossed too many lines and now that I know about it, you will not be able to get away from the consequences.”


     It was then that an akuma came into the room phasing through a window. The adults moved back, Marinette tensed and Lila moved forward. The second it was within the liar’s reach, Marinette jumped at Lila and pushed her away from the butterfly. Mlle Bustier moved next and did her best to shoo it away from the others, especially Lila as it was going after her and from Gia, who was blowing up after what just happened. “Lila! This is too much! I saw you going after that! You know what it does and you went after it! Willingly! This was the final straw. I mean, the forging notes and the skipping school was bad enough, but this villain is a terrorist! And you were about to willingly help him! You aren’t just going to be going to your grandparents anymore, this is much worse! The only thing protecting you is the diplomatic immunity you have from me. But with what you just pulled, I am revoking that from you.”


     Lila looked horrified. Not only had her lies been found out but she was receiving some of the worst punishment she could get. Marinette guessed it was sort of a mental whiplash for Lila.


     As the people of the room argued, Marinette quickly slipped out of the room and transformed. She circled around and came by the window of the office and was let in to capture the butterfly, letting Mlle Bustier rest. “Is everything alright here? I was contacted about an akuma being here meaning something must have happened.”


     “It seems one of my students had been manipulating my class and we just learned she was about to willingly let herself be akumatized because she reached for the akuma.” Bustier quickly explained.


     “That would make sense. Lila seems to have a grudge against me when I stopped her from manipulating someone by using lies about us being friends. Plus even though she has proclaimed our friendship, Hawkmoth has not gone after her while he has gone after Chloé Bourgeois. If it weren’t for the fact that Chloé is the daughter of Paris, I would have said it would be because of your political status, but obviously it must not be the case.”


     With that, the pieces fell in place within the minds of the adults. Not much later the police had been called and Lila was taken away for her various crimes. Ladybug followed them as Lila was escorted out of Paris and further to out of Hawkmoth’s range to make sure that no akumas went after the liar.


     Fortunately no one noticed Marinette’s disappearance as once the police arrived, none of the classes were able to focus from the commotion it caused and classes were ended early for the day.


     Even with Lila gone, Marinette ended up changing schools as the fallout of what happened was just as toxic towards her as when Lila was seen as innocent. Though it was Lila’s mother who started the reveal, Marinette was seen as the cause of what happened. Bustier’s class went downhill from there, but as the principal had improved and none of the other classes were problems, they were seen as just a fluke within the otherwise well run school. By the next year, many of the students were taken elsewhere and Bustier was changed to a substitute teacher rather than full time.