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It was a quiet day at the Hokuriku Times. Reporter Kobayashi wondered if there was anything he and his other staff member, Reporter Shimizu, could do. Hmm. The Wonder Duo was a hot topic. Ground Zero and Deku were the Wonder Duo and ranked in top 3 when they featured on the prestigious Hero Journal magazine. They were partners, and the public often wondered if there was more to that. Ground Zero had saved Deku for more than the newspapers could count, and vice versa, but some shippers could tell you the number.
A quick search told him that the trending hashtags were: bakugou x midoriya, bakugou x kirishima and wonder duo break up. Break up? People really do have a favourable opinion of those two as a couple. Humming to himself, he patted Shimizu's shoulder and the other smirked, looking at the results.

'Follow the Wonder Duo. Track them. Camera at the ready at all times.’ Kobayashi had faith that Shimizu was up to the job.


Days passed. Things were slow as usual. A sudden burst of noise from outside disrupted the silence. ‘Shimizu, why the rush?’ Kobayashi asked, frantic. His eyes lit up, ‘Unless you got news?’

Shimizu’s eyes were wild, his face split into a big grin. ‘Big news! This could be our break! The name Hokuriku Times will trend on the internet for the first time!’

His voice dropped into a dramatic whisper. ‘I saw Ground Zero and Deku kissing, and better yet, I caught them on camera.’

Kobayashi smiled and turned on the lone computer in the news agency. ‘Let’s get to work.’


Meanwhile, Bakugou and Midoriya were dressed in hoodies and masks, holding hands and hoping not to attract attention. ‘Kacchan, are you sure that nobody saw us? The alley was brightly lit, and our hair is quite distinctive.’

Bakugou flicked Midoriya’s forehead using his free hand, prompting an indignant ‘Ow!’ from the other. ‘Nobody saw us, dipshit. Stop worrying. Anyone could hear your mumbling a mile away.’ Bakugou’s hand patted Midoriya’s head, annoyed that the hoodie covered the mop of green curls. ‘Everything’s fine, okay?’ He tugged Midoriya closer, hand moving to Midoriya’s waist.

Midoriya turned to Bakugou, a soft expression and a bright smile on his face. ‘Everything’s fine when I’m with you.’

Bakugou smirked, tips of his ears turning red. ‘Shut your cheesy trap. I’m the best.’

The green head laughed, ‘I agree. You’re the best, Kacchan!’

Bakugou growled lowly. ‘If you repeat that again, I’ll kill you.’

‘But I’m just complimenting you!’ Giggles.

‘Shut the fuck up, Deku!’

‘Kacchan is the best!’


kiara @grxndzxro

omg I saw ground zero eating with deku in a cute ramen shop!!!!! (my phone ran out of battery at that time so I was unable to get a pic) and they looked so happy uwu when will they end up together :’(

maya @redriotingzero

bakudeku shippers wilding AGAIN. they’re just hero partners & best friends. just stfu. bakugou’s dating kirishima and we all know it!

Nico @midoriyatodo

Todoroki and Midoriya posing for Dive Magazine. Todoroki’s actually smiling, he’s always so smiley when he’s around his boyfriend. Yes, Todoroki and Midoriya are boyfriends. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

fatima @stopthisshippingwar

stop. please. ships aren’t important, all we got to do is to support our heroes!

Shimizu laughed, a sound of victory. ‘It’s done! Front page, tomorrow morning?’

Kobayashi shook his head slowly. ‘Let’s do it my way.’


‘A recent picture released by Hokuriku Times had startled the internet and had gotten 3 million views in 2 hours. Top heroes Midoriya Izuku and Bakugou Katsuki were photographed while kissing. Although they were wearing hoodies and masks, both items did not cover their faces during their public make out. Some fans were dismayed, shocked, even outraged. Ito, 63, said that she was amazed. ‘I cannot understand the urge for males to kiss other males. I do not support this.’ Reporting from Gifu-‘

Bakugou switched off the television and landed heavily on the sofa. Sparks were crackling from his palms. ‘Those shitty reporters! This is a fucking invasion of privacy!’

Midoriya was pacing anxiously and stopped to look around the shared apartment. So many memories hung on the walls. Pictures like Bakugou scowling when Midoriya washed the other’s hair, porcupine head exploding with soapsuds. Midoriya was laughing, freckles popping, as Denki snapped this picture. Denki was invited over that day to bake a cake (Midoriya’s idea, despite Bakugou’s protests that he could bake the best damn cake you’ve ever had, Deku) and it turned into a food fight instead. Denki dared Bakugou to let Midoriya wash his hair…

Bakugou and Midoriya in suits for the Opening Ceremony of Heroes Weekly. Arguing over the last carton of ice cream. Debating the relevance of the hit comic, Dive Shounen.

Midoriya thought back to the times when they ran and stayed hidden in public just because they were holding hands. The fear that they would get caught by reporters – and now it had come true.

‘What are we going to do?’ Midoriya spoke weakly. He walked to the sofa and rested his head on Bakugou’s shoulder, thighs touching. Bakugou pulled him closer, warm weight nestling against each other.

Everything they’ve worked for…how destructive would this be to their hero career?


kiara @grxndzxro


Al @bkdkrealmao



maya @redriotingzero

omg what. that news agency is fooling around. or it was a publicity stunt. idc. kiribaku is real bye


Hanna @dekusbishclink

It’s real. Bkdk is real. Yes I love this song #bakudekuisreal

sara. @babybakubroexplodo



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Hokuriku Times
28th January 2025 13:45 JST

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They look happy together. Wishing them the best of luck.


Ew they’re gay. That’s some disgusting shit bro.

Evelyn Chinen



Couple of pansies tryna save the fucking world doing hero shit. Just when I thought that heroes were the worst thing on this planet, we get gay heroes. They can be bisexual or pansexual or whatever the fuck they say they are, I don’t care. I don’t wanna see them ever again. #BoycottGroundZeroAndDeku We can protect ourselves.

Josie K

Stop pushing the gay agenda onto us. Leave us the fuck alone. #BoycottGroundZeroAndDeku
Don’t buy their merch. Don’t support them. They’re gay.

See reply to Josie K [Expanded]

Ron H Josie, everyone knows that you’re just upset that you couldn’t fuck one or both of them. Grow the fuck up. People have different sexualities. These heroes were just caught on camera, that’s all, they’re not forcing their ‘gay agenda’ on anyone. ‘Don’t buy their merch’? Ground Zero and Deku are the best heroes out there right now. They got millions, billions of fans – just because they’re gay doesn’t change that.


Yasmine S

Oh my god!!! My otp, y’all. Actually kissing. Fuck, I must’ve woken up in a fanfic.

Gina B


Deku Official ✔️@dekuofficial

Hello everyone. I'm here to clarify the photo taken from Hokuriku Times. Hokuriku Times should never have taken that photo of us, and our hero agency will file out complaints and follow through procedures. Thank you to the fans who had been and continued to be supportive, no matter how the media depicts of Ground Zero and I.

When fans checked Zero's Twitter, however, they were disappointed that he hadn’t issued an update yet.

Dakota @ricepicelicehice

I have a confession to make. Personally, I don't care about heroes. But Bakugou and Midoriya just don't look good together? Their hair colors don't compliment each other, unlike Bakugou and Kirishima. Hey, just saying. Don't attack me. #kiribaku

Gabrielle @galaxystarshero

I like BakuDeku, but we all know who the superior ship is. #tododeku #tododekusavestheday

teddy @tedtedteddy

as a gay person, i've never felt accepted in society before. but with the photo of bakudeku, i feel…good. empowered, even. it's like i found the courage to come out to my parents, and i did, and they were fine with it. i was so scared that they wouldn't since i live in a homophobic environment and i just wanna thank ground zero and deku for making this possible. i love you. #thankyoubakudeku

eve @applepoison
bakudeku is fake, that’s why midoriya didn’t clear up shit. or he cheated on todoroki for bakugou. 😌

rue @heroj0urnaI @applepoison lmao sis no. midoriya values his privacy, and bakugou is the same, if not more. the reason why midoriya didn’t clear up anything was bc he didn’t wanna expose their private life even further. you're reaching with the todoroki part.

bkdks back off @applepoison @heroj0urnaI wrong. tododeku is real, that pic was a publicity stunt.

bkdks back off @applepoison


[Expand to see replies to @applepoison]

Replies to @applepoison
rue @heroj0urnaI @applepoison you're embarrassing yourself. bakugou would never pull a stunt like that, he hates publicity.
bkdks back off @applepoison @heroj0urnaI oh so you’re bakugou now? you know his every move?


Texts from Midoriya Izuku’s phone, 29th of January 2025

Deku (18:00): Kacchan! Things seemed to have cooled down, there were no photographers outside our agency!

Kacchan (18:00): of course there weren't. i sent them off.

Deku (18:03): I thought we talked about this before

Deku (18:03): Please don't threaten reporters!!!

Kacchan (18:04): fuck you

Deku (18:05): When I get back, sure!

Kacchan (18:05): i'll pound into your ass so hard that you'll forget your own name

Kacchan (18:05): been thinking abt it all day

Kacchan (18:06): [Photo Attachment]



'Let's show those fuckers what we're made of.’ Bakugou grinned. They were at the Sweets aisle, faces uncovered - they were completely exposed to the public. Children, yelling their names and running towards them, were shushed and halted by theie parents.

Midoriya responded with a matching grin, a determined look in his eyes. 'Kacchan?'

'Yeah, Deku?'

'I love you.’ He whispered into Bakugou's ear.

'Love you too.’ Bakugou said gruffly.

They marched to the counter, the cashier blinked at them, eyes wide. Bakugou slammed three boxes of banana flavored condoms onto the register. Midoriya tried to stiffle his laughter and buried his face into Bakugou's shoulder. The crowd watchimg gasped. Bakugou yelled, 'Yeah, we're fucking! Got a problem with that? This asshole here,' Bakugou pointed at Midoriya, 'is my boyfriend and hero partner.’ Bakugou kissed Midoriya briefly on the cheek and nuzzled his ear. Midoriya only smiled brightly at him. Everyone around them gasped and oohed, phones recording.


Nadia @dekuschildhoodfriendbk

The new Bakudeku video just got me shook. They're too precious. Please get married soon!!!

Daniel @danzheroez

Can Bakugou and Deku not he a thing??!! I want both of their dicks. Um. A threesome maybe?

bkdk is canon @bkdksbitch

that video gave me so much feels istg they will be the death of me 😭❤️


wonderduo ✔️

[View Photo]

Thank you for your kind words and support! An old selfie of Kacchan and I when we first started dating! ❤️

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midoriyadeku.deku AAAA SO CUTE MUCH SUPPORT
dekubby 怎麼辨?!太可愛了!
ˢᵉᵉ ᵗʳᵃⁿˢˡᵃᵗⁱᵒⁿ How do we handle this?! So cute!
bkdklver 一緒に最適です。
ˢᵉᵉ ᵗʳᵃⁿˢˡᵃᵗⁱᵒⁿ Perfect together.

lasagnae this is like a dream come true guys! gays stay winning!!
sarahacosta Ellos son mi mundo y espero que nunca se lastime
ˢᵉᵉ ᵗʳᵃⁿˢˡᵃᵗⁱᵒⁿ They are my world and I hope they never get hurt


‘Bakubro! When were you going to tell us?’ Kirishima laughed, shark teeth sharp as always.

‘Yeah! Kacchan, how could you do this to us?’ Denki pouted., mouth lifted in a teasing smile.

Ashido yelled, ‘Great! Now I can show the media your pictures!’

‘What pictures?’ Ochako stared at Bakugou and Midoriya knowingly. ‘Anyway, if you do, let's spilt the money!’

Ashido laughed, ‘It’s nothing explicit, really. They were making out, that’s all.’ She scrolled through her phone and opened a folder named ‘Cuties’. Bakugou growled warningly. ‘Don’t you dare, Pinky. And we’re not cute.’

Midoriya blushed furiously, ‘Mina, please!’

Iida started, arms waving. ‘Ashido, I don’t think that’s a good idea. We must respect their privacy.’ Ochako winked at her fiancé. ‘Aw, baby, let us have some fun!’ Iida’s cheeks colored.

Todoroki only looked on the scene disinterestedly.

Ashido pouted unhappily, a glint in her eye. ‘Fine. Check your texts then.’

Collective gasps filled the room. Bakugou and Midoriya were making out, all right, but it was obvious that they were seconds away from running into a room and doing more than making out. Their mouths were fighting and pushing back, and the photo captured the rapt expression on Midoriya’s face. Bakugou’s hands were placed on Midoriya’s cheeks and Bakugou seemed to push his emotions onto Midoriya’s kiss-bruised mouth.
And the other photo that Ashido sent? Scandalous. Bakugou and Midoria’s shirts were thrown onto the floor. Midoriya was on top and rutting against Bakugou, mouth wide open and in an ‘o’ of pleasure. The other had his eyes were closed in ecstasy and-

‘If any of you fuckers continue to gawp at the photos, I’ll kill you all!’ Bakugou roared. Nobody looked up from their phones.

‘Mina, please be my personal photographer!’ ‘Yes, Mina, please be mine too!’ ‘Mina! Mina! Mina!’ They cheered.

When everyone recovered from the shock and excitement, they realized Bakugou and Midoriya were gone.


From the bathroom, obscene slurping sounds could be heard. Ashido and Ochako crept towards the door and Ashido turned the door handle.

It swung open easily, but nobody could be seen.

In the bathtub, Midoriya and Bakugou looked at each other. Please don’t let them see us, please don’t let them see us!!

Deku (20:25): Shit do you think they can see us??

Kacchan (20:25): Shit? So now you know how to talk dirty, huh?

Deku (20:25): Sweetie pie

Deku (20:26): Honey

Deku (20:26): Babyyyy

Deku (20:26): My moon

Deku (20:27): My sun

Kacchan (20:27): DEKU U FUCKER SHUT UP

Kacchan (20:27): or i wont suck u off tonight 

Midoriya looked up hastily at Bakugou, color rising in his cheeks.

Deku (20:28): Then I'll…masturbate in front of you. I mean it, Kacchan. And I won't give you a hand job or eat you out either. ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ

Kacchan (20:29): i'll use Eggplant then.

Deku (20:29): You don't want some real dick?

Midoriya's cheeks were bright pink, and Bakugou couldn't wait to eat him like a cherry tomato later.

They heard a click from above and saw Ashido and Ochako smiling at them like proud parents.