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Missed Confession

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‘Confession Plan A!’ Midoriya exclaims with a bright, toothy smile. Mineta, Aoyama and Kaminari were momentarily blinded. The smile beamed upon the walls of Midoriya’s room. ‘The reason why you’re here is because I want to confess to Kacchan, but I can’t do it without your help. Please help me!’

Kaminari flopped down onto Midoriya’s bed, the All Might bed covers jumping from the force of it. ‘Damn, I knew that something was up.’ He nudged a foot against Midoriya’s ankle. ‘Since when?’

Aoyama glanced at Midoriya. ‘Is it during the time I fed you cheese? The cheeses were tasty, oui?’

Mineta smirked, ‘Must be the time when Bakugou got out from the shower stall naked.’ The other two sniggered, Kaminari whispered, ‘I completely understand. Kacchan might be a jerk sometimes, but he’s a jerk with nice abs.’

Midoriya waved his hands frantically. ‘Let’s focus on the plan, shall we?’ Laughing nervously, he carefully placed the notebook titled Hero Plan No. 19 onto the bed. All four of them crowded around it, flicking through the pages. Aoyama nodded in approval at drawings of Bakugou stretching and fighting. Midoriya studied their reactions nervously.

‘Okay, so your plan is?’ Mineta glanced up from a very long paragraph describing Bakugou’s merits in fighting.

Midoriya sat up straighter, thumbs twiddling. ‘Writing love letters, maybe?’

‘I think Bakugou would appreciate a more direct approach.’ Kaminari winked.

Mineta grinned, ‘Hands on approach?’

Midoriya frowned, deep in thought. ‘Give me some ideas?’

Kaminari levelled Midoriya with a Look. ‘I think you should ask him out.’


‘Oui! I’ll buy you a sparkly suit that will dazzle Bakugou immediately!’ Aoyama exclaimed.

Mineta nudged Midoriya, ‘I’ll provide some pictures for you to know him better physically.’ Midoriya’s face slowly turned red. Mineta continued smoothly, ‘Some flowers could work as well. I’ll do some research!’

Midoriya smiled gratefully, ‘Thank you everyone! Let’s set up a weekly meeting in my room. Same time? And uh, keep this a secret, please?’

Kaminari patted Midoriya’s shoulder reassuringly. ‘Don’t worry. I won’t say a word.’

Aoyama and Mineta both nodded, Mineta rubbing his palms together. Aoyama winked, ‘Keep dazzling!’


Midoriya glanced at the clock in the living room. The next weekly meeting will start in 15 minutes! He subtly looked past Iida and Ochako and found Kaminari beckoning him over, right next to Bakugou. ‘Midoriya! Kacchan is here!’

Midoriya winced, surely Kacchan didn’t think that something was up? Bakugou looked up briefly, face pinched with a frown and a pout. As he sided up, Kaminari grinned and said, ‘Why does Midoriya call you Kacchan?’

Bakugou rolled his eyes. ’Deku thinks I’m cute.’

Midoriya spluttered while Kaminari chucked. ‘He does, doesn’t he?’

‘N-no! I call Kacchan Kacchan because I look up and admire him!’ Midoriya met Bakugou’s gaze head on.

Kaminari leaned back onto the couch, hands behind his head and whispering loudly, ‘That was a bit too sincere, Midoriya, you got a crush on Bakugou or something?’

Bakugou looked confused. ‘Deku doesn’t. Do you, fucker?’

Aoyama spun in front of them, quirk flashing. ‘I can’t stop dazzling!’ All three of them looked up.

Midoriya felt relieved.


'Kacchan's so oblivious!' Kaminari bounced on Midoriya's bed. Aoyama frowned at him, 'Kaminari, that was too obvious!' Midoriya glanced gratefully at Aoyama for speaking up. His schedule didn’t mark today as Confrontation Day.

'Okay, okay! No more hints! The whole 'Deku thinks I'm cute' was kinda funny though,' Kaminari dropped his voice into a low, gruff tone.

Mineta coughed loudly. 'I found some flowers that'll be suitable!' He pulled out his phone and said, 'Jonquil! It represents love; affection returned; desire; desire for affection returned. A cry for love!'

Midoriya clapped his hands excitedly. ‘Thank you, Mineta! I’ll ask Shiozaki for help!’

Kaminari peered at him interestedly, ‘'Shiozaki? The girl from Class 1B who grows vines?

‘Yeah! She’s been really helpful when I-’ Midoriya halted quickly. Aoyama smirked, ‘Oui, oui. What did you ask her to do?’ He looked at Midoriya expectantly, eyes sparkling.

‘Nothing! Just some roses!’ ‘Some roses, huh?’ ‘Ooooh, roses!’ ‘Next time you’ll be giving him nudes!’

Midoriya pouted. ‘Mineta, did you take pictures of Kacchan naked?’

Mineta raised a haughty eyebrow. ‘What makes you think that?’ He reached in his back pocket and pulled out some pictures. Pictures that had captured Bakugou in various states of undress. Midoriya immediately adverted his eyes. ‘Mineta!’

Kaminari’s giggles could be heard down the corridor and Aoyama stared at Midoriya knowingly. Midoriya tilted his head to look at the ceiling, and only the ceiling. ‘We should arrange a double date for them and for us.’ Aoyama nudged Kaminari. ‘I prepared a sparkly suit that lights up when Midoriya smiles. Bakugou wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off Midoriya. He shall sparkle under my disco light.’

Midoriya nodded, eyes determined. ‘I’ll ask him out tomorrow! Thanks for your help, everyone!’


‘Kacchan! Do you want to go out with us tonight at 7? Kaminari and Aoyama will be coming!’ Midoriya beamed at Bakugou. He looked like a Christmas tree, with the colourful lights that Aoyama placed in his hair.

‘Fine. Where to?’ Midoriya blinked in surprise. Bakugou rarely went out, and if he did, it was only with his group of friends. Maybe he agreed to go because of Kaminari?

‘There’s this fancy restaurant that’s affordable. Aoyama’s going to be my date!’ Kaminari butted in excitedly. Midoriya felt a sudden jolt of panic, adrenaline running through his veins. Please don’t let Bakugou catch on!

Bakugou raised an eyebrow. ‘You like Aoyama? Really, Charger?’

Midoriya frowned unhappily. ‘Aoyama is a very special person to be with! Don’t say that about him!’

Bakugou snorted. ‘Oh, look. A competition to win over Cheeseshit. Fucker went into my room and fed me cheese at 4 am today. He’s special, alright.’

As though smelling Bakugou’s judgment, Aoyama looked up from his pelvis exercises and waved cheerily. ‘Midoriya! Come here and I’ll teach you how to sparkle with me!’

Bakugou crossed his arms. ‘Like he doesn’t sparkle enough already.’

Kaminari sang softly under his breath 'This must be true love, true love, Kacchan and Midoriya are going to kiss because it's true love!’


6;30. Aoyama rummaged in Midoriya's room for sparkly shoes and was very disappointed. ‘Your shoes are a disgrace! Tsk!’’ He wagged a glittery nail at Midoriya. ‘Lucky for you, I brought some glitter so you can sprinkle them on your black shoes. Hopefully Bakugou has a feet fetish.’

6:55. Aoyama plaited Midoriya’s hair into braids.

6.58. Midoriya’s hair is a mess!

6:59 Midoriya could hear his heartbeat. Thump thump thump. He felt ridiculously overdressed. It was just a dinner! A double date!

7:00. Aoyama almost had a heart attack when he saw Bakugou. A t-shirt under a suit jacket! Simple yet casual! Bakugou grunted. ‘Deku. Why are you dressed like a disco ball?’

'This is an important occasion! We should dress festively for Christmas!’ Midoriya glanced at Aoyama for backup, while smiling softly at Bakugou.

Bakugou had a puzzled frown on his face. ‘It’s October. Christmas is two months away, what have you been eating?’ He peered at Midoriya suspiciously. ‘Is it because of that cheese that sparkly fucker gave you?’

Midoriya grinned, his guard temporarily down. ‘You care about me, don't you?’

The sound of Kaminari's yelling disrupted the sudden silence. ‘Sorry I'm latw! I had to make my hair look pretty for my pretty date!’

Aoyama smirked at Kaminari fondly, 'You look pretty too. But Bakugou and Midoriya look stunning today. Look how they look together, a beautiful couple.’

Bakugou snorted, ‘Yeah, we’re a beautiful couple. A couple of idiots, including me, because I agreed to go out with you.’

Midoriya pouted unhappily at Aoyama, his heart beating fast. That was too close for comfort.


They were seated in the restaurant, low dim lighting over four bowls of steaming spicy ramen. Midoriya sighed, he originally wanted to go to a fancy restaurant, but he couldn’t afford it. Either way, time spent with Kacchan is still rewarding. He looked at Kacchan, who had slightly pink cheeks due to the steam, and his noisy slurping. Kaminari and Aoyama were playfully bantering, yet Kacchan remained quiet. What was he thinking?

He placed a hand gingerly on Kacchan’s shoulder. ‘Hi! Did you like the flowers?’

Kacchan stared at him grumpily. ‘Flowers? Hah? The roses, you mean? Did you give me those?’

Midoriya managed to stutter out a ‘Yes.’

Kacchan scrunched up his nose and looked at him, ‘Why would you give me roses?’

‘I just- I wanted you get you something nice and roses are nice, I would love to receive roses. I thought you would like them, I’m sorry if I offended you Kacchan,’ Midoriya cleared his throat. ‘So I got you roses.’

Kaminari gave him a side eye. ‘Roses for the lovebirds!’

Midoriya wanted to bury his red cheeks into a table. Kacchan still doesn’t understand his feelings for him!

Kacchan frowned, ‘Do you have feelings for me, Sparky?’

Kaminari laughed gently. ‘Well, I don’t. I only have eyes for my date here. And who’s your date again?’

The tips of Kacchan’s ears were slowly turning crimson. ‘Deku, are you my date right now? That’s why you dressed up?’



Aoyama looked upon the scene with amusement. Mineta grinned at them, unseen by the four. Disaster is impending. Doom arriving on the horizon. ‘It’s interesting how Bakugou is so oblivious even though he’s quite clever.’ Aoyama murmured. Mineta looked at Aoyama thoughtfully, ‘Do you think we can help?’

Aoyama startled, regained his composure quickly. ‘How?’

Mineta smirked. Bakugou looked confused. He must need some help there. Mineta swirled over to Midoriya’s table.

Something brushed against Midoriya’s leg. A bouquet of…flowers?

‘What’s this?’ Bakugou glanced fiercely at Midoriya.

Midoriya met his stare head on. ‘It’s jonquil. It means desire for affection returned. Kacchan, I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while now, but you don’t seem to understand-‘

‘Haah? What don’t I understand? Go on!’

Midoriya put a calming hand on Bakugou’s shoulder. Shoulders are nice. Shoulders don’t look at him like they’re going to bite his hand. ‘I was going to say that I’ve liked you for a while now.’

Bakugou’s eyebrows are knotted. Midoriya resists the urge to reach out and smooth them over.

‘Like a crush. Not as friends.’ Kaminari helpfully supplied. Mineta cackled. Aoyama smiled wryly. Took them too long, Aoyama thought, staring at the door longingly.

Midoriya looked at Bakugou hopefully. ‘Please accept my flowers?’

Bakugou’s cheeks were tinted a light red, barely noticeable under the lights, with the steam and smoke wafting from the various bowls of noodles around them. ‘Okay.’ He said gruffly.

‘Really? So uh, do you want to date?’ Midoriya leaned forward, elbows pressed against the table, eyes big and wide, staring at Bakugou imploringly.

Bakugou stirred his ramen soup distractedly, gaze pulling at Midoriya, ‘You’ve been telling me this for weeks?’

Kaminari rolled his eyes. ‘Dude, he’s been preparing for this for so long! I can’t believe you haven’t noticed!’

Aoyama loudly shushed the table. He tugged his hair behind his ears, ‘So? Are you two going to date?’

Kaminari pouted, ‘I don’t understand why Bakugou is taking so long about this. He’s always so decisive, right? So bold and quick witted.’ He sighed dreamily.

Bakugou scowled at them, ‘Stop it. I need to think. This affects us in the hero course.’




They’ve all finished their noodles. Midoriya’s hand is in Bakugou’s. They’re inching slowly towards each other. Or, Midoriya is aiming for a quick peck on Bakugou’s cheek. Because cheeks are reliable and Bakugou’s cheek looks tempting.

Mineta sighed loudly. ‘Cut the bullshit. Are you going to kiss or nah?’ He puckered his lips and made kissing noises.

Midoriya’s mouth landed on Bakugou’s cheek.

An innocent cheek kiss isn’t what Midoriya imagined for their first kiss – but Confession Plan A was a success!

He’ll mark it down and start a new notebook for Dating Plan A when they get back.