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Yoongi couldn’t keep his eyes off him . Park Jimin . It’s been a few weeks now, if not months, since Yoongi has been coming to this restaurant every single day for the sole purpose of talking to him. Jimin worked as a waiter and would always be the one to take Yoongi’s order, a shy smile playing on his lips. 


God , Yoongi loved everything about him. The way his eyes turned into the most beautiful crescent when he smiled, the way he would almost fall when he laughed, the way he would call him “Yoonie” ever since he accidently gave the elder this nickname. 


Smiling at the memories, Yoongi didn’t hear the small “Wait!” coming from Jimin’s lips, before a loud thump reached him. Everyone, including him, turned their attention to the scene. When Yoongi’s eyes finally fell on Jimin, he held his breath, immediately standing up. 


“What did you fucking do?!” The manager scolded as he approached Jimin who just fell on the ground after colliding with a client. A few broken cups were now on the ground, as Jimin had accidently dropped them. “Can’t see where you walk?!”


Jimin looked down and tried picking up the pieces of glass on the ground, cutting himself in the process. He didn’t say anything, lips pressed together and tears gathering in his eyes. That’s when Yoongi realized he couldn’t just stand there. Not when someone was being so harsh to Jimin after a simple, human mistake. However, Yoongi didn’t have much time to do anything. Jimin had already stood up to run away at an incredible speed. 


“Fuck.” Yoongi cursed, immediately following the younger to the bathroom. He couldn’t leave him alone after what happened. He didn’t know why, but he felt the need to reassure Jimin. The need to protect him. 


“Jimin?” Yoongi called calmly when he entered the bathroom, walking slowly. He didn’t have to call a second time, already hearing broken sobs coming from the last stall. Chest tightened, Yoongi approached, knocking on the door that now separated him from the younger. “Jimin, can you come out, please?” He asked, waiting for an answer that came after a short silence. 


“Jiminie is sorry…!” Jimin cries, surprising Yoongi with the sudden higher-pitched tone of his voice. “He didn’t mean it! He swears h-he didn’t mean it!” 


“Jimin…” Yoongi sighed, hating the fact that he couldn’t hug him close when he probably needed it the most. “Jimin, please, come out.”


“No!! P-Please don’t arrest me! J-Jiminie will be good, he promises!”


Yoongi came to a halt at the younger’s words, blinking a couple of times. Obviously, Jimin knew Yoongi was a police officer, but where did he get the idea of Yoongi arresting him? Pressing his lips together in an attempt to not laugh, Yoongi finally let out a faint chuckle at how adorable Jimin sounded. 


“What do you mean, arrest you? I’m not here to arrest you or anything like that. I just want to talk to you, I saw what happened. Are you okay? I’m here for you, you know it, right?” Yoongi said, waiting a moment. Jimin’s sobs got quieter until he finally decided to open the door, slowly. He peeked outside to make sure Yoongi didn’t have any handcuffs to put around his wrists, which made the elder smile playfully, before opening entirely and step out of the stall, teary eyes meeting Yoongi’s. 


Heart clenching at the sight, Yoongi gently brushed a stray clump of hair out of Jimin’s eyes, thumb stroking his cheek and making the younger feel more relaxed. 


Jimin avoided his gaze, looking down at where Yoongi was offering his hands. “Can I?” Jimin nodded at Yoongi’s question, bringing his small hands in the elder’s, a faint smile playing on his lips at the size difference. Looking carefully at Jimin’s fingers, Yoongi gritted his teeth when he noticed the various cuts on them. How he wished he was the one getting hurt. How he hated seeing the younger like this. “You’re bleeding. Jimin, we need to clean those and-”


Jimin quickly interrupted him as he pulled his hands back to hide them behind his back, a panicked look on his face. “N-No! Jiminie doesn’t need to go to the hospital!” 


Jaw dropped at the sudden excessive reaction, Yoongi didn’t know how to respond at first, having never heard him talk like that. He swallowed thickly when he realized how Jimin was shaking, probably from fear. “It’s fine, Jimin. I have a first-aid kit in my car, I can bring it here. You won’t need to go to the hospital.” He finally said in a reassuring tone, smiling at the younger. 


Hesitantly, Jimin nodded, cheeks burning red. “Can…” He paused for a moment, pressing his lips together nervously. “Can Jiminie go with Yoonie?” 


Yoongi felt as if his heart just dropped from how cute Jimin sounded and looked, innocent wide, teary eyes looking straight into Yoongi one’s. He couldn’t help but coo, bringing a hand to Jimin’s hair and softly ruffling it. “Of course you can. But…” The smile on Jimin’s lips quickly disappeared when the next words left Yoongi’s mouth.” What about your work?” Yoongi quickly regretted asking this, seeing how Jimin broke down into tears again, completely distressed. “Hey, hey hey, Jiminie it’s okay.” He shushed him, wrapping his arms around Jimin and gently pressing his face against his own chest. “It’s fine.” He repeated, rubbing a hand up and down Jimin’s back to soothe him. He heard the younger try to talk in between broken sobs, catching the words ‘fire me’ and ‘never work’. “They won’t fire you, okay? I’m going to talk to your manager and you’re going home for today. Is it alright? Jimin?” He called when he didn’t hear any answer, looking down at Jimin who finally nodded weakly. “Good. Let’s go.”


Jimin nodded again, rubbing his tired eyes as he reached for Yoongi’s hand that he took. It was a way for him to feel safer, and probably calmer, since he stopped crying when he clenched the elder’s hand, little hiccups still leaving his swollen lips. They both walked out of the bathroom to talk to the manager. Seeing how Jimin immediately hid behind him, small fingers tightening around his own, Yoongi made sure to explain that he needed to bring him home today. 


He wasn’t going to let him push himself to exhaustion.


After paying for his order, he guided Jimin outside to his car, opening the door in order to search for the first-aid kit. “Where is it…” He mumbled before hearing another door closing and Jimin holding up the kit in his hands. 


“This?” Jimin asked curiously, now sitting in the back of the car. Eyes wide, Yoongi looked at him, not understanding how Jimin entered the car so fast. He was definitely full of energy. More than often


“Yes. That one.” Yoongi said as he joined Jimin in the back, sitting next to him. “Thank you.” He took the kit from the younger’s hands, searching for small tissues and a cream he would use to clean the cuts. “Give me your hands.” Yoongi asked when he saw how focused Jimin was, looking inside of the kit. “Saw something you like?” Yoongi smiled as he took Jimin’s hands in his, gently cleaning and disinfecting.


“Mmh!” Jimin hummed, nodding vigorously. “Yoonie has kittens and pups inside of that!” 


“Kittens and pups?” Yoongi repeated curiously, looking at the first aid kit. That’s when he saw the band-aids he was often carrying for children. “Oh. These.” He chuckled playfully when he met Jimin’s eyes glistening with hope. How adorable . “You can choose which ones you want, and I’ll put them on you.” 


“Really!?” Jimin asked enthusiastically, a huge smile on his face. 

“Really.” Yoongi repeated, laughing as he look at Jimin rushing to choose the most colorful band-aids he had, asking him to put them on his fingers which Yoongi quickly did. 


“It’s so pretty!! Thank you Yoonie for giving them to Jiminie!” Jimin squealed happily, moving his fingers in front of him. He was so happy, so carefree . How come he looked so different, but at the same time so similar to his every-day self? 


“Jimin…” Yoongi started, searching for Jimin’s eyes in case he would feel uncomfortable about the question he was about to ask. “Why are you talking in third person?” 


That probably wasn’t a good time to ask that. 


Frowning at his words, Jimin put his hands down on the seat, properly facing Yoongi. “What does Yoonie mean? D-Did Jiminie do something wrong?”


“What? Oh my god, no !” Yoongi quickly said, shaking his head. “Of course no, you did nothing wrong. I was just wondering…” He paused a moment, searching for the right words. He had an idea about what was happening to Jimin, but did he have the right to talk about it to him? After a few seconds, Yoongi finally breathed out. “Do you know about Little Space, Jimin?”


Jimin froze, eyes quickly looking down. He played nervously with his fingers, not saying a word. 


“Aah… Sorry. I shouldn’t have asked that. Forget about it, we need to-”


“...feels better.” Jimin muttered, face down. 


“What?” Yoongi asked curiously as he didn’t catch what Jimin said. 


“Jiminie feels happier when he slips in.” Jimin mumbled shyly. “He feels warm and fuzzy…”


Warmth blooming in his chest, Yoongi nodded. He was grateful to see how much Jimin trusted him, to tell him about something so important. “That’s good. I’m glad.” 


“Y-Yoonie’s not mad at Jiminie?” Jimin hesitantly looked up, almost scared. He was so used to people treating him differently when he slipped into little space, even though no one actually understood the situation.


“Mad at you?” Yoongi repeated, baffled. “Of course not. Jimin, thank you for trusting me enough with this.” 


Eyes brimming with tears yet once again, Jimin nodded, slowly crawling to Yoongi to snuggle up to him, breathing in the comforting smell of Yoongi’s clothes. How lucky to have you , Yoongi thought as he gently petted Jimin’s hair, pressing a kiss against his head. 


“Let’s bring you home, shall we?” 


Despite hating the idea of going home and leave Yoongi in his most vulnerable state, Jimin nodded obediently. 


One hour later, police department


“What does that mean…” Yoongi whispers to himself as he sat in front of a tons of paperwork, in his office. He hasn’t been able to focus on his tasks properly ever since he left Jimin at his apartment, the image of the younger looking at him with a disappointed look haunting him. Looking up, he hesitated for a bit before finally turning on his laptop, searching up Little Space . He scrolled down a few pages, gathering as much information as he could. 


“Caregiver… Rules…” Yoongi mumbled to himself as he kept reading, before suddenly being startled by the sound of his phone ringing. How much time did he spent, searching up information? 


From Jimin

Hi, Yoongi.

Can we see each other tomorrow? I need to talk to you. 


Yoongi blinked a couple of times at the way Jimin wrote. Did he slip out? He quickly answered the younger, before leaving his office, hoping nothing bad happened to Jimin.


The next day


Fidgeting in his seat in front of Yoongi, Jimin looked around him, in the Café. He was silent since Yoongi joined him and probably didn’t know how to start the conversation. But what grabbed Yoongi’s attention the most was the band-aids on Jimin fingers. He had changed them and was now wearing simple, plain ones. The sight made Yoongi’s heart clench, as he gently reached for Jimin’s hands. 


“Why did you take them off?” 


“Ah…” Jimin looked at his hands now hidden under Yoongi’s, as his cheeks were now burning red. “I felt embarrassed.” He answered shyly, avoiding Yoongi’s look. 


Raising an eyebrow at his answer, Yoongi gently stroke his small hands. “Why is that? You know... You shouldn’t get embarrassed for liking something soft and colorful.” 


Jimin smiled, grateful for Yoongi’s sincerity. It was the first time someone actually said that to him. He was so used to others saying how childish he sounded. However with Yoongi, it was different . Shaking his head, Jimin looked up. “That’s not it. It’s not about liking cute things, only. It’s just…” 


“Is it about what I asked you yesterday?” 


Jimin nodded vigorously, pressing his lips together. “H-How do you know about..” Jimin started, whispering the last words. “Little space?” 


Yoongi couldn’t help but smile at his reaction. “I’ve heard about it." He looked at Jimin's panicked look, quickly wanting to reassure him. "It's fine." He started, searching for Jimin's eyes as the younger avoided his gaze. "I've made some researches about it... I wanted to know more about it."


"Oh." Jimin simply answered at first, blushing. "Really?" He tried, playing with his fingers. "What did you learn?"


Yoongi waited a moment, thanking the waiter that brought both of their drinks. A black coffee and a strawberry smoothie. Watching Jimin take the glass in his hands and wrapping his pretty lips around the straw, Yoongi finally answered. "I learned that Littles often need a caregiver... That's right?" 


Coughing as he tried to take a sip of his smoothie, Jimin looked around him. "Can we... Can we talk about it somewhere else?" 


Sensing Jimin's discomfort, Yoongi nodded, already pulling out his wallet to pay. "What about my apartment?" Yoongi suggested without any second thoughts, until he noticed Jimin didn’t answer right away. "Oh- nevermind, it might not be appropriate even if we know each other for a few months now-" 


Jimin shook his head vigorously, a giggle escaping his mouth. "It's fine! I would love to come and see how your home looks like, Yoonie." He said enthusiastically, the nickname naturally slipping out. However, when he realized it, his smile disappeared. "O-Oh, I shouldn't-"


"Please keep calling me like that." Yoongi interrupted in a reassuring tone. "It's adorable."


Jimin broke into a smile, definitely satisfied with the praise. 


"We should go, then. Wait for me here, I'm just gonna pay." As Jimin nodded, focused on his smoothie, Yoongi stood up to walk to the checkout and pay. 


"I'm sorry!" A voice apologized, quickly followed by Jimin's voice.


"It's okay..."


Heart sinking at the tone of Jimin's voice, almost... scared? Yoongi turned around, slipping the wallet back into his pocket. His eyes fell on Jimin who was rubbing his sweater paws together, trying to get rid of the icing sugar which fell on it. 


He wasn't hurt. 


He wasn't. 


So why did Yoongi feel the need to punch the man's face? 


Approaching them, Yoongi grabbed the stranger's arm to pull him back forcefully. He moved in between him and Jimin, glaring at the man. "You already apologize, go away now." Yoongi spat, waiting until he left them so that he could turn towards Jimin, taking his wrists in his hands. "Was it only here?" 


Jimin looked at Yoongi with surprised, wide eyes, not expecting him to show such protective side. "Y-Yes." 


"I'm buying you a new one whenever we get the chance to."


"No, it's fine-"


"I'm doing it anyway." Yoongi insisted, letting go of Jimin's wrist to take his hand in his own instead. "Let's go home."


"Home..." Jimin mumbled to himself, taking his drink and standing up to follow Yoongi, giggling happily at the word he used. "Let's go home!" He repeated excitedly.


Yoongi’s apartment

"So... you're telling me you don't have a caregiver?" Yoongi asked, as they both sat on the couch.


"I don't." Jimin answered in a disappointed tone, sighing. Yoongi couldn't help but huff, a smile playing on his lips. "I'm being serious, Yoonie, stop laughing at me..."


"Oh, Jiminie I'm not laughing at you." Jimin blushed at the nickname, still pouting and refusing to meet Yoongi's eyes. "Jiminie..." He called again, an apologetic look on his face. "I'm actually worried about you. How do you deal with it alone?" 


"Mh... It's hard." Jimin breathed out, pausing for a moment, grateful for how Yoongi is giving him all the time he needs to talk. "I just force myself not to slip, since.. I don't trust anyone enough to do it around them. Especially not at work..." 


"But isn't it where you would need it the most?" Yoongi said, referring to how stressful the place is and how he would understand why Jimin would slip into Little space. Jimin simply nodded silently. "And you slipped in front of me... I mean, you talked to me yesterday while being a Little, right?" Jimin nodded again. "Do you trust me enough to do it?" 


Jimin smiled shyly at his question, to which the answer was obvious for him. "Yes. You're... the only one."


"Jimin, look at me." 


At Yoongi's request, Jimin looked up, meeting the elder's eyes. 


"You know you can be yourself in front of me, right?" Jimin nodded. "You can slip into Little space whenever you feel like it."


Lips parted, Jimin hesitated a moment before answering, cheeks burning red. "Are you... going to be my caregiver?" 


"Your...?" Taken aback by the sudden question, Yoongi searched for his words, which immediately made Jimin panic. 


“I-It’s fine! It was just a question and I know it would be a lot for you, especially since you haven’t taken care of a Little before and-” Jimin’s words tumbled out of his mouth so fast that they barely even made sense.


“Yes.” Yoongi interrupted, as Jimin suddenly froze, jaw dropped. 




“Yes, I will be your caregiver. That is, if you trust me enough for it.” Yoongi chuckled when he noticed the tears gathering in Jimin’s eyes. “Don’t cry, kitten.” 


“T-Thank you…” Jimin said, immediately snuggling up to Yoongi when the latter opened his arms, closing them around the younger. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


Smiling at Jimin’s words, Yoongi rubbed a soothing hand against Jimin’s back, kissing his temple. “You don’t need to thank me for that. Let’s talk about it, okay?” Jimin nodded, blinking the tears away when Yoongi gently cupped his face to make him look at him. “Let’s set up some rules, too.” 


“Mmh!” Jimin nodded obediently. 


Fuck. He’s adorable.

Yoongi spent the following days with Jimin, going on a few dates, learning about each other. Watching movies, visiting the aquarium and even trying to cook together -which, by the way, ended up with them playfully fighting and throwing flour at each other-. They grew closer, kissing each other, bathing together. Everything seemed to go well, except for one thing.


Jimin never slipped again.


That day, both were laying on Yoongi’s bed as a movie kept playing, in front of them. Jimin had closed his eyes for a moment now, nuzzling Yoongi’s chest. 




“Mmh…?” Jimin answered drowsily, smiling when he felt Yoongi’s fingers running through his hair, almost purring at the comforting touch. 


“Why…” Yoongi started, looking at Jimin’s sleepy face. “Why haven’t you slipped into little space?” At his words, Jimin held his breath, and Yoongi quickly regretted having asked that. However, the younger simply hid his face in the crook of Yoongi’s neck. He gently pressed his lips against Yoong’s skin, a gentle gesture that he found to be comforting for him, whenever Jimin would feel a bit stressed. “It’s fine. Take your time. I’m not blaming you for anything, you know that, right?” Yoongi whispered, hand slowly trailing up Jimin’s back, under his sweater, to rub soothing circles against his bare skin. He waited a moment for Jimin to feel ready to talk. Until he did.


“J-Jiminie is scared Y-Yoonie would regret being his caregiver and leave Jiminie...”


“What?” Yoongi suddenly says with a surprised look, definitely never expecting this answer from Jimin, and certainly not for him to slip into little space so fast. Was he really on the verge of slipping, already? “Jimin, baby, listen to me.” He said, slightly distancing himself from Jimin and cupping his face. “I will never regret anything with you. I won’t regret being your caregiver, but you have to give me a chance. I will never leave you. Do you understand?” 


Jimin nodded weakly, tears streaming down his face as he closed his eyes. 


“Good.” Yoongi breathed out, brushing his lips against Jimin’s cheeks to dry his tears before kissing him. “I’m lucky to have you. I’ll keep reminding you that.” He whispered against his lips, smiling when he heard Jimin’s choked up sobs. “Don’t cry.”


Jimin nodded again, before letting himself fall asleep in Yoongi’s arms.


Since that day, Jimin has been able to stay Little more often, slipping into Little Space whenever he would be around Yoongi, feeling comfortable enough for it. And Yoongi couldn’t be more grateful for that. 


“Open up, kitten.” Yoongi ordered as Jimin sat on his lap at the table. Looking at the fork, Jimin pressed his lips together in an adorable pout, shaking his head. “Baby, I’m not going to say it twice. You’ve been warned.” He lowered his voice, frowning at how Jimin still refused to eat any kind of food. 


Jimin kept shaking his head vigorously. He didn’t often refused food and whenever he did, it was either because he was in a bad mood or he simply wanted to be a brat. 


Sighing at the situation, Yoongi put the fork down on the table. “Stand up.”


“W-What? Nu-uh! J-Jiminie has to stay on Y-Yoonie’s lap!” Jimin quickly said in a panicked tone, wrapping his arms around Yoongi’s neck in an attempt to not get pushed out of his lap. 


“Jimin, you heard me. You won’t get to see any movie before bed if you keep acting up like you’re doing right now.”


Jimin froze at his words. “N-No disney movie?” 


“No disney movie.” Yoongi confirmed, watching the Little slowly get off his lap, looking down in shame. He tugged on his oversized shirt he was wearing, trying to cover his bare legs since he also didn’t want to wear pants, today. “You’ve been such a naughty boy since this morning, you know that, right?” 


Eyes brimming with tears at the mention of being naughty, Jimin shook his head. “N-Nuh, Jiminie is good, he promises…!”


“Is he really?” Yoongi asked playfully, standing up from his seat. “You’ve been disobeying me since this morning.” 


Jimin swallowed thickly, walking backwards. “J-Jiminie is sorry…” He mumbled. “P-Please, n-no spanks, Jiminie is sorry..!” 


“Oh?” Yoongi chuckled, walking towards Jimin and slowly guiding him to the bedroom. “You know that’s not how it works.”






Jimin shook his head, almost tumbling backwards. Yoongi quickly caught him, lifting him in his arms to finally bring him to the bed where he sat on the edge. 


“Thirty, then?” 


“N-No! Yoonie, please !” Jimin complained, pout coming back to his lips.

“You know I’ll keep adding more if you continue.” At his strict tone, Jimin went silent. “Come on, lay down properly. Can you do it for me?” Yoongi asked, fingers slightly wrapping around the nape of Jimin’s neck which was enough for him to immediately submit and lay on his stomach, on Yoongi’s lap. “Good job.” 


Jimin whimpered at the praise as he hid his face in his arms. 


Gently rubbing a hand on Jimin’s back first, Yoongi slowly picked the hem of the sweater and lifted it up before lowering Jimin’s baby blue panties, making the younger shudder when he felt the cold air against his cheeks. 


“Can you count for me, kitten?” Yoongi asked, hand slowly stroking Jimin’s smooth skin. “Use your words, baby.” 


“Y-Yes-! Ah! ” Jimin immediately let out a high pitched squeal when he felt the first swat on his bum. “O-One!” 


“Good job.” Yoongi praised, a proud smile playing on his lips as the second spank landed, harder than before. 


“T-Two…!” Jimin squirmed on his lap, crying out when he felt Yoongi’s hand again. 


“Stay still.” He warned, holding the younger more firmly as he continued, listening to Jimin’s broken sobs and the way he kept counting breathlessly. “You’re doing so good. So, so good.” 


“N-Nine...Ninetee- Ah ! Y-Yoonie !” Face buried in his arms, Jimin cried, from pain but mostly frustration. He had to be good, he knew it, but he couldn’t help kicking his feet, trying to get away from Yoongi’s grip.

“Last one. It’s almost over.” He didn’t hear any response, however a smirk made its way across his face when Jimin lifted his butt, waiting for the last one to come and for it to be over. Yoongi chuckled slightly, pressing against Jimin’s lower back until he was properly laid down, before finally giving the last, sharp spank. 


“Twent…” Jimin started in between breathless sobs, entire body trembling, before Yoongi pulled back his panties and brought him up. He wrapped his arms around Jimin, kissing his forehead as Jimin let himself fall onto him. 

“It’s over. You did so good.” Yoongi whispered against his lips, softly licking them before kissing him.


“J-Jiminie is s-sorry!” Jimin cried as little hiccups escaped his mouth, legs still shaking. 


Yoongi gently rubbed a hand on his asscheeks, massaging them to soothe the pain. “I know you are. You won’t act up like you did anymore, right?” 


Jimin nodded vigorously at his words. “N-Never again!” 


“Good.” Yoongi smiled, slowly laying back on the bed and bringing Jimin into his arms. 


“C-Can… Can Jiminie go back to s-sleep?” He asked, in between hiccups.


Yoongi couldn’t help but coo at how adorable he looked, running a hand through Jimin’s hair. “Of course kitten.” He answered, hugging the younger close to him. 


How lucky I am , he thought, listening to Jimin’s breathing that calmed down, now that he fell asleep. And without noticing it, he quickly ended up falling into Morpheus’ arms, too. 









Yoongi snapped his eyes opened, waking up in a worry as he  turned his head towards Jimin. He was afraid the younger would be hurt, however… It was nothing like this.


“Jiminie, hey, what’s going on?” Yoongi asked in a whisper, cupping Jimin’s face in his hands. He was well aware of what was happening. After all, he couldn’t ignore the feeling of Jimin’s hard dick pressing against his thigh. 


Sniffling and desperately clutching Yoongi’s arms, Jimin kept rutting against him. “Y-Yoonie please help...Jiminie feels weird… I-It hurts-” 


“Shhh.” Yoongi quickly shushed, arms wrapping around the Little’s body, pressing him against his chest. He pressed his lips together, cursing silently at himself for forgetting to talk about that with Jimin. Was he even able to touch him differently , when the younger was in Little Space? “It’s okay.” He reassured, rubbing Jimin’s back soothingly. “It’s going to go away. Just breathe, and go back to sleep. I’m here.” 


Jimin cried in his arms, sucking lightly on Yoongi’s neck as a form of comfort. One of his leg wrapped around Yoongi’s, Jimin kept searching for that friction that was never enough. However, he ended up falling asleep again, exhausted. 


“Let’s talk about it in a few hours…” Yoongi mumbled, more to himself, pressing a kiss on top of Jimin’s sleepy head. 


Thankfully, they trusted each other enough to not do anything they would hate or feel uncomfortable with. 

In the morning, Yoongi woke up searching for Jimin next to him who… wasn’t there. Quickly opening his eyes, he immediately felt a weight on his lower body, making him unable to turn around. 




Yoongi called in a deep, raspy voice, as his eyes finally met Jimin’s, who was sitting on his crotch. Smiling happily, he leaned forward to shyly peck Yoongi’s lips before giggling. “Good morning Yoongi.”


“Good morning kitten.” Yoongi answered, smiling at Jimin’s enthusiasm and energy, even at this hour. “You slipped out?” He asked, more of a statement since he could easily notice the change. 


“I did!” Jimin nodded, trailing his fingers up Yoongi’s chest and playing nervously with his shirt. “I wanted to talk to you, so I thought it was better to do it while I was… Big.” He chuckled.


“I see.” Yoongi replied, bringing a hand to Jimin’s cheek and stroking it gently, smiling at how the younger closed his eyes and leaned against his palm, searching for comfort. “What did you want to talk about?” 


Cheeks burning red, Jimin avoided his gaze when he opened his eyes again. “A-About what happened this night.” 


Yoongi hummed. “I didn’t do anything because we never talked about it.”


“Thank you.” Jimin said, grateful for how caring Yoongi was towards him. “But…” He started, nervously.


“But..?” Raising an eyebrow with a curious look, Yoongi waited for him.


“I want you to touch me.”


“Oh.” The simple, short answer made Jimin gulp nervously, scared that he said something he shouldn’t have, which Yoongi immediately noticed as he brushed his hands against Jimin’s thighs. “But I was touching you.” Yoongi continued, smirking.


Jimin huffed loudly, pout forming on his lips. “You know very well what I’m talking about!” 


“No I don’t, and I don’t want to go over the limits you forgot to tell me.” 


Looking down, cheeks burning with embarrassment, Jimin nodded. “Mh… I want you to… I want you to- I can’t say it!” He finally whined, frustrated. 


Yoongi broke into laughter. “Baby, it’s fine!” He reassured, stroking Jimin’s thighs. “Do you want me to wrap my fingers around your cock?” 


Almost tumbling forward, not expecting his words, Jimin took a deep breath. “Y-Yes…”


“Do you want me to kiss every part of your body? Slip my tongue inside of you?” He continued, loving the way Jimin started rutting against him, little whimpers escaping his lips at each one of Yoongi’s words.




“Do you want me to make love to you, baby?” 


Biting down on his lower lip, Jimin nodded vigorously. “Please. Please make love to me.”


“What about when you’re a Little?”


Jimin stopped, looking down at Yoongi with teary eyes, face absolutely mortified. “You… You don’t want me… When I’m in Little Space?” He asked in a small voice.


“Oh my god, no, that’s not it!” Yoongi quickly tried to explain, sitting up properly. “I want you to feel safe with me. I’m not going to touch you in Little Space if you don’t want me to. That’s all.”


With a sigh of relief, Jimin rubbed his eyes. “I want you in Little Space too. Please?” 


Yoongi melted at the adorable tone and sparkly, wide eyes looking at him. Jimin seemed to have grown softer, gentler and more carefree with time. Probably, or most certainly more pliant, too. How could Yoongi say no? “Of course. We just need one, and most important thing.” Jimin tilted his head to the side like a curious puppy, waiting for Yoongi to continue. “A safeword.” 


“Bunny!” Jimin quickly answered, making Yoongi chuckle.


“Alright, alright. Bunny it is. Promise me you’ll use it if you need it, okay?” Jimin nodded. “And remember, the colors are still a thing too.”


“I know. Green for good, yellow for wait, red for stop!” 


“Good job.” Yoongi praised, pulling Jimin into a kiss, eliciting a loud moan from the younger.


“Y-Yoonie…” Jimin whimpered against his lips, grinding his hips to feel Yoongi’s cock through the boxer. 


“What is it, kitten?” Yoongi gently pulled on Jimin’s lower lip before letting the younger licking his own lips eagerly. “Words.”


“K-Keep praising me…” 


Smiling, Yoongi trailed his hands down to slide them under Jimin’s panties, grabbing his asscheeks and gently massaging them. “Such a good, good baby. So pretty, so obedient. Aren’t you? Are you going to listen to my orders, be a good kitten for me?”


Jimin whined, nodding vigorously, before he hid his face in the crook of Yoongi’s neck, breathing heavily at the warmth pooling in his stomach. 


“Jiminie?” Yoongi tried to call, softly pinching Jimin’s asscheeks, making the younger let out a high-pitched moan. 




“Here’s my baby. Good job.” Yoongi praised when Jimin let himself slip into little space. He gently spanked the younger who sucked in a sharp breath. “Can you turn around, kitten?”  


Jimin nodded quickly, putting his hands back on the bed to try and turn around, despite how weak he felt. When he almost fell forward, Yoongi caught him to pull him towards him, gently making Jimin sit in between his legs. “C-Can Jiminie… Can he take of his p-panties?” 


Yoongi smiled, rubbing a hand against Jimin’s stomach. “Of course you can.”


At his words, Jimin immediately took his underwear off, kicking it aside eagerly before letting himself fall back against Yoongi’s chest he could feel against his back. He sighed contentedly, moving his hips. Slowly, he took Yoongi’s hands in his, putting them on both of his own thighs. “Is Yoonie going to show Jiminie how to f-feel better?” He asked, almost innocently despite knowing what he was doing, looking up and back at Yoongi with eyes glistening with hope. 


Yoongi couldn’t help but grab his chin to properly turn Jimin’s head towards him and kiss him, trailing his other hand up until he wrapped his fingers around Jimin’s cock, eliciting a loud moan from the younger. “Try it lightly, at first.” Yoongi whispered against his lips, brushing his thumb over the slit and making Jimin cry out, so so sensitive. “See what makes you feel good.” Slowly moving his hand up and down, Yoongi let go of Jimin’s chin to kiss his ear, whispering praises against it, seeing how Jimin’s thighs were shaking uncontrollably. “Is this okay?” Jimin nodded again. “Color, baby.”


“G-Green!” Jimin whimpered, trying to thrust up into the elder’s hand until Yoongi pressed his other hand against Jimin’s leg to keep him still. “Y-Yoonie…!” Jimin whined, throwing his head backwards and squirming as Yoongi started stroking him faster while playing with Jimin’s ear, licking and nibbling it. 


“Can you come for me, kitten?” Yoongi murmured, smiling against Jimin’s ear when the younger cried out and came, body jolting. “Shh..” Yoongi shushed when he heard Jimin’s small hiccups as he rode out his orgasm, tears streaming down his face. He released his grip to bring his fingers to Jimin’s lips. “Open up.” Jimin immediately parted his lips to wrap them around Yoongi’s fingers, obediently sucking and swallowing the cum he brought to his mouth. Moaning when Yoongi pressed against his tongue, Jimin opened his watery eyes to look at him. “Does this help?” 


Jimin only nodded, wrapping his hand around Yoongi’s wrist to keep his fingers inside of his mouth, sucking eagerly. He felt calmer, more relaxed, whenever he had something in his mouth. And Yoongi… he couldn’t help but smile at the realization. 


Oh. Kitten.. 

A few weeks later…


“How does Jiminie look!!” Jimin asked in front of the fitting room, happily turning around to show off the baby blue sweater-dress he tried on. 


Yoongi, with already a bunch of shopping bags in his hands, couldn’t help but laugh fondly at the Little. “You look adorable.” He said, missing the pout on Jimin’s lips as he glanced at the man who was standing a few feet from them.


“Only adorable??” Jimin whined, tilting his head to the side when Yoongi didn’t answer. “Yoonie you mean- oh! ” Jimin quickly breathed out as Yoongi walked to him, letting the bags on the ground to wrap his arms around Jimin. He softly licked the younger’s neck before kissing it. “Y-Yoonie…” Jimin whimpered, clutching Yoongi’s clothes. 


Oh, how much he loved the attention Yoongi gave to him. 


However, after sucking a hickey on the Little’s neck, Yoongi stopped, opening his eyes to glare at the man who immediately left, probably sensing how protective Yoongi was towards Jimin.


“Why did Yoonie stop?” Jimin complained, looking up at the elder, pouting. 


“Sorry baby, we can’t do anything more here.” 


“Then let Jiminie suck Yoonie too!” 


Yoongi choked on a breath at his words, pressing his lips together in an attempt to not laugh. “Baby…” Jimin stomped his foot when he tried reaching for Yoongi’s neck, but the elder didn’t let him. “Don’t stomp your foot.” Yoongi warned. However, Jimin didn’t listen and repeated it again. Pulling on Jimin’s arms to make him let go of his shirt, Yoongi slowly distanced himself from him and took back the bags he had left behind him.  “Jimin. I’m not going to repeat it again.” 


Jimin inhaled deeply, fists clenched. “Yoonie is a meanie!” Jimin shouted before running to the fitting room in order to change back to his clothes. 


Yoongi clenched his teeth at his reaction, ignoring the heads that curiously turned towards him. “That’s it, we’re leaving. If you can’t even behave here, you’re going home.” Jimin didn’t answer, still changing until he opened the curtain and walked to the checkout. “You-” Yoongi sighed. “You’re not taking these.” Yoongi quickly said, catching Jimin’s arm to make him stop. 


“What!? Yoonie promised Jiminie he would buy everything Jimin wants!”  


“If you behaved . Which isn’t the case. Come on, put this down.” Yoongi said in a strict tone. Jimin parted his lips silently, looking at Yoongi like he was about to cry, hands clutching the clothes he was pressing against himself. He was trying to make the elder change his mind, which wasn’t the first time. He knew it only worked in the beginning, but now they knew each other better. “Don’t look at me like that Jimin, it won’t work and you know it. Let’s go.” 


Lips still forming an adorable pout, Jimin dawdled through the shop to put the clothes back in their respective section before joining Yoongi.


“Good job.”


Jimin didn’t say anything, even avoiding the elder’s eyes to show him how mad he was. Yoongi sighed in an amused way, before leaving the shop, making sure Jimin was following him.


He was definitely not going to let it go before the Little understood what he did wrong. 

Yoongi’s apartment


“But Jiminie wanted to eat ice cream!” Jimin shouted, as Yoongi inhaled deeply, massaging the bridge of his nose. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, Jimin laid down on his stomach and face hidden in the pillow. They’ve been arguing since they arrived at the apartment, the Little crying about how he forgot to ask Yoongi to buy him ice cream on the way home. 


“That’s enough.” Yoongi raised his voice, making the younger freeze. He quickly leaned towards Jimin to carry him, easily bringing him on his lap despite how Jimin kicked his legs in an attempt to free himself.


“N-No!” Jimin cried before letting out a yelp of surprise when Yoongi’s hand smacked his asscheek. He immediately stopped moving, tears naturally streaming down.


“Stop moving.” Yoongi warned, watching Jimin nod and move his hips in an attempt to pull down his short pants. Yoongi helped him getting rid of it, along with his underwear, before spanking him again. “You have to count, kitten. You know that.”


Jimin brought his arms in front of him, body shuddering as he said in a weak, shaky voice “T-Two.” He didn’t have time to catch his breath before feeling the third and four smack against his already red ass, making him cry harder. Yoongi didn’t stop, even going harder each time. He knew Jimin could take it, and he knew Jimin would use his safeword if he needed to. But he also knew Jimin would take the punishment so, so well for him.


And he was right.


“T-Thirty! N-N-No m-more!” Jimin sobbed, sniffling. “J-Jiminie is s-sorry! He’s s-sorry! He s-swears!” 


With a fond smile, Yoongi gently rubbed and massaged his red ass, leaning forward to press a kiss against it, eliciting a moan from the Little who lifted his hips. “You’re leaking so much, it’s already staining my pants, you know that, right?” Yoongi laughed, feeling how hard Jimin’s cock is against his thigh. Jimin simply nodded, choking on a sob when Yoongi slipped a finger inside of his hole. “You’re so loose from yesterday…”


Jimin whimpered, bringing his hands back on his ass, spreading his cheeks to expose himself. Yoongi smiled at how adorable the Little looks, slowly thrusting his finger in and out before adding a second one. Thighs shaking uncontrollably, Jimin moaned loudly, arching his back when Yoongi pressed against his prostate, massing it. Crying out from pleasure, Jimin kept calling Yoongi, over and over, drooling on the bed. “Y-Yoonie! Yoonie, Yoonie…!” 


“I’m here.” Yoongi reassured, rubbing Jimin’s asscheeks softly while adding a third finger inside of him, thrusting at a sharp pace. However, he quickly stopped when he noticed how Jimin was getting close, body jolting and voice getting louder each time he slipped inside.


“N-Nooo!” Jimin cried when Yoongi pulled his fingers out. He tried to grind against Yoongi’s thigh before he was brought up in his arms.


“You weren’t good today, you know that, right?” Yoongi said, wiping Jimin’s tears away before pressing him against his chest. 


Jimin only nodded dumbly, little “sorry”s escaping his mouth, wanting nothing more than to come. He was so close and yet, he couldn’t do anything than to accept his punishment. I deserved it , he thought, in order for it to feel better. But honestly? Nothing helped. He was way too overwhelmed, crying, unable to say anything else than incoherent babbles. 


Yoongi rubbing his back soothingly, he let the Little suck on his neck. A small gesture that finally seemed to calm him down. “It’s going to feel better, I promise.” 


Jimin didn’t say anything, still sucking on Yoongi’s neck until he fell asleep, too exhausted after crying for hours and being edged. 


How cute .



A few hours later


Yoongi woke up slowly, letting out a growl when he felt something warm and wet around his cock. He slightly lifted himself on his arms, trying to sit up. “What…?” He said in a raspy voice, slightly opening his eyes to look down. “Oh my god, Jimin…” He breathed out, throwing his head backwards. He bit his lips at the realization. They were both naked, -an habit when sleeping- and Jimin was in between Yoongi’s legs, trying to suck as best as he could. He saw the way Jimin frowned when he tried to deepthroat but quickly coughed, letting his cock slip out of his mouth. “Baby, hey, stop.” Yoongi quickly said, reaching for Jimin’s face and running his hands through the younger’s hair, petting it softly. 


Jimin sniffled, a frustrated look on his face. He wrapped his fingers around Yoongi’s cock again, before he was suddenly stopped. He finally looked at Yoongi. “Y-Yoonie is mad..?” 


Yoongi silently cursed at how adorable Jimin looked drooling like that. He smiled fondly, shaking his head and stroking Jimin’s cheek. “No, of course not, baby. What are you doing, though?” He waited for Jimin to answer, seeing how the Little suddenly blushed, embarrassed. “Come on, it’s fine. I’m not going to scold you.”


Jimin swallowed thickly, nodding. He pressed his cheek against Yoongi’s thigh, looking at him shyly. “Jiminie wanted to know h-how to make Yoonie feel good, too…”


“Oh, baby.” Yoongi cooed, cupping Jimin’s face and bringing him up to meet his lips. Jimin slowly stood up to crawl forward, happily kissing back. “You know you could have asked me. I can teach you. It’s better when I’m telling you what to do, right?” 


A huge smile made its way across Jimin’s face, as he nodded eagerly. “Yes! Thank you, Yoonie!” 


Yoongi smiled against his lips when Jimin kissed him again, clumsily. “Of course, kitten. Let’s go shower now, we’re all sweaty.”


Jimin giggled at his words, jumping out of bed. “Let’s go!” 


Warmth blooming in his chest, Yoongi let the Little take his hands in his and guide him towards the bathroom. He didn’t know how Jimin would get this much energy, however he couldn’t be more grateful. His days weren’t boring anymore. Whenever he came home, he had the pleasure to see an energetic Jimin jumping into his arms, calling him Yoonie , asking him to play with him, kissing him. Despite the fights, they were happy, just being with each other. Jimin trusted him, and so did Yoongi. What more could they ask for? 


“Be careful, kitten.” Yoongi said when he watched Jimin entering the shower. His arms were open, afraid of having to catch the Little if he slipped on the ground. Letting out a sigh of relief when he was sure everything was fine, Yoongi ran his fingers through Jimin’s hair. 


Jimin didn’t say anything, smiling and leaning forward to press a soft kiss against Yoongi’s lips. “What was that for?” Yoongi asked, amused, feeling like Jimin was hiding something. 


And… He wasn’t wrong. 


Jimin giggled at the question, slowly dropping to his knees, hands on Yoongi’s thighs. He nuzzled his cock, before dragging his own tongue from the base to the tip. 


Yoongi sucked in a sharp breath, fingers gently gripping Jimin’s hair. “Eager, aren’t we?”  Jimin closed his eyes and parted his lips, tongue lolling out. “F…” Yoongi pressed his lips together to keep himself from cursing, inhaling deeply before he took his cock in his hand, smearing the precum on Jimin’s tongue, eliciting a moan from the younger. “I’m gonna do it, pinch me if you want me to stop, okay?” Jimin nodded, fingers gripping Yoongi’s thighs harder when he finally pushed his cock inside of his warm mouth. “Your mouth feels so, so good, kitten.” Jimin hummed happily, trying his best to breathe through his nose when Yoongi started thrusting in and out at a fast pace, keeping his head still. 


Never looking away from the Little, Yoongi made sure to always look for any sign that Jimin wanted him to stop. However, he could only see how happy Jimin was to make him feel good. 


How pretty .


“I’m gonna come.” Yoongi warned, to which Jimin responded by pressing his hands on his thighs, pulling Yoongi closer to him as if to keep him in his mouth. “No, baby, not this time.” He breathed out, cupping Jimin’s face to making him move slightly backwards. He immediately took his cock in his hand, stroking it. The sight of Jimin’s face, with his disheveled hair, pink lips and watery eyes was enough to make him come on his face, as Jimin quickly opened his mouth and sticked his tongue out to collect as much cum  as he could. 


A growl escaped Yoongi’s throat when Jimin licked the tip, kissing it playfully. He looked up, giggling happily. “Did Jiminie do a good job?” He asked with innocent eyes, smiling. Yoongi let out a breathless laugh, brushing his fingers on Jimin’s cheeks before pressing them against his lips after wiping his own cum. 


“You did. Look at you, making a mess.” 


Jimin whined at his words, apologizing immediately before sucking on Yoongi’s fingers when he slipped them inside of his mouth. Humming contently, he didn’t break eye contact with Yoongi as he kept sucking eagerly.


“You’re gonna be the death of me.” Yoongi growled, watching the Little close his eyes and wrap his fingers around Yoongi’s wrist to keep him still. “Let’s get clean and we’ll go, alright?”


Jimin nodded vigorously, happy to remember how he would get the opportunity to finally visit Yoongi’s workplace. He had been asking it for so long and finally the day arrived.


However, what Yoongi didn’t expect was to learn that his co-worker called in sick. Was he actually alone to finish all the paperwork? 


“Great.” Yoongi sighed when he finally sat down in his office, looking at the papers on his desk. He ran a hand through his hair, glancing at Jimin who was happily walking around, shyly touching everything simply out of curiosity. Thankfully, he didn’t mind Yoongi focusing on his work for a few hours. Or at least, that’s what the elder thought. 


Jimin hummed, moving from a corner to another. It’s been an hour already since they arrived, and the Little couldn’t deny the fact that he was craving attention. 


But Yoongi didn’t say anything, thinking the plushies he had taken with him would be enough to distract Jimin for a while. It wasn’t.  


“Jimin, you-” Yoongi started, putting down his pen to look up. His lips parted silently, surprised to see Jimin bending himself over the couch, wiggling his butt. “Jimin.” Yoongi called in a sharp voice. However, Jimin only giggled and slowly spreaded his legs, lifting his ass a little more. Yoongi growled, pushing the papers to the side of his desk. How troublesome


Jimin ignored Yoongi’s strict tone and brought his hands back, slowly pulling down his baby blue shorts, laughing when he heard the elder suck in a sharp breath. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. And lube was leaking out of his gaping hole.




“Jimin. Stop that. You’ve been warned.” Yoongi said one last time before standing up and walking towards the younger. “Don’t ignore me.” Yoongi quickly wrapped a hand around Jimin’s waist to lift him, eliciting a loud yelp from the Little. He pulled the short off, throwing it away and walked back to the desk, sitting on his chair. 


“Y-Yoon- oh! ” Jimin moaned loudly when Yoongi freed himself out of his pants and pulled Jimin down on his cock. Sinking down to the hilt, Jimin threw his head backwards, whimpering at the sudden, delicious stretch. Thankfully, we was already so loose from how hard Yoongi fucked him, at home.


“Stay still. You’re gonna keep my cock inside of you like the good kitten you are, right? If you move, you won’t get to cum.” Thighs shaking, Jimin threw his arms around Yoongi’s neck, chest raising rapidly as he tried to catch his breath. He felt so full .


“Yoonie is a meanie!” Jimin cried, brushing his lips against Yoongi’s neck before sucking on it.


Despite his little whimpers and hickeys he kept sucking, Yoongi didn’t pay attention to him and simply went back to work, as if having Jimin so tight around him wasn’t affecting him. Which wasn’t true. Obviously. He was tried so hard to not thrust up or lay Jimin down on his desk to fuck him there.


Inhaling deeply after a few minutes, Yoongi spanked Jimin when he felt him move his hips forth and back, searching for his prostate. Jimin whined, body shaking as he clenched around Yoongi. “I said, still.” 


“Yooniiiie… Jiminie wants to-” Jimin immediately stopped, freezing when he heard someone knocking at the door. Panicking, he quickly shook his head and tried lifting his hips, however he was quickly brought down as Yoongi pressed his hands on Jimin’s ass. 


“Stay still, don’t say a word.” Jimin was surprised by how calm Yoongi sounded, but he nodded obediently and stopped moving, resting his head against his arm. “Come in.” Warmth pooling at his stomach, Jimin swallowed thickly when he heard Yoongi’s co-worker entering the office. 


“Oh, didn’t know you would have someone here. “ 


“He’s Jimin, I already told you who he is. He was feeling sick so he fell asleep in my arms.” Yoongi answered calmly, making sure his co-worker didn’t walk closer to see how he was buried inside of Jimin. He even wrapped his arms around Jimin, in such a protective way that made Jimin’s heart clench. “What do you want? I have a ton of work to do.”


Jimin didn’t hear anything else than the loud thumping of his heart. That is, until Yoongi called him.


“Jimin? He’s gone. You’re okay?” Jimin shyly raised his head, cheeks burning red as he looked at Yoongi who immediately smiled, cooing at him. “My baby is embarrassed? Were you scared he would see how horny you are? How my cock is filling you up?”


Moaning at his words, Jimin kept nodding dumbly, moving his hips.


“You’re so beautiful. So, so pretty for me.” Yoongi praised, trailing his hands up Jimin’s back to cup his face, kissing him hungrily. Jimin whimpered desperately against his lips, trying to ride his cock before his legs gave out, making Yoongi laugh softly. “Do you want me to fuck you? Push you down on my desk, ruin you in my office, where anyone can enter and see how desperate you are for my cock?” 


Jimin moaned, tears brimming his eyes. He loved each one of Yoongi’s words that kept making his own dick twitch. “Y-Yes!” 


Smiling, Yoongi stroke Jimin’s cheeks, looking at him fondly. “Tell me first, kitten. Tell me who you are.” 


Body shuddering, Jimin inhaled deeply, little hiccups escaping his lips. When he was finally ready to answer, he opened his mouth, tongue lolling out. “Jiminie is Yoonie’s good kitten.”