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What was Left Unsaid

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Setting: Kitchen - Elizabeth is making tea as John comes in from outside.

John: ( Enters from stage left) Good morrow Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: Good morning, John. ( Sitting down)
John: Do you know of Abigail’s whereabouts? She has not come when I call.
Elizabeth: Aye. (starts sipping tea)
John: (Sitting across from Elizabeth) Where might she be? Do inform.
Elizabeth: I discharged her.
John: Whatever for? She tended to the chores well enough.
Elizabeth: (Standing up and moving down stage right) She pay no attention to which I tell her. (Moving to center stage) Abigail’s attention was only ever paid to you, John.
John: She would hardly do such thing, she paid no mind to that of myself. Her person might be close to that of a wintery season but the chores are done all the same, permit her a chance.
Elizabeth: She was awfully close yo you to bind you no mind, John.
John: She paid you fair heed.
Elizabeth: She was fond of you, unduly fond. One could consider the closeness-
John: Closeness? What might you mean by this?
Elizabeth: Aye, closeness you spent much time together.
John: There is no such closeness.
Elizabeth: (Walking towards John) There is closeness, John and the fondness between the two of you could be considered... blasphemous.
John: What say you?! I will be considered no such thing!
Elizabeth: Yes, John, blasphemous. Your bond to that girl is too fond.
John: There is no attachment, no closeness nor do we carry a fondness for the other.
Elizabeth: Think you that I have no eyes nor ears?
John: Thinks me not. (Moves down stage) I must confess, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: Confess what?
John: I am an honest christian man and yet I have gone against that of god. I have committed sin.
Elizabeth: What sin, John? What sin could a christian man commit?
John: Adultery. I have committed adultery.
Elizabeth: Adultery…. Abigail that cause you commit adultery?
John: Aye. (Moves towards Elizabeth)
Elizabeth: I see. (Moving away) John, explain me this (Moves closer) I perform the proper duties of a wife and yet you chose to lay with a girl instead of the one of which you married? You call yourself a good christian man?
John: Occur again it will not. I made a mistake, one of which will not repeat, I promise you.
Elizabeth: Promise me not. (Starts walking out of the room) For it is not I that you need promise, you have committed sin and for that it is only god you can repent to.
John: I ask forgiveness and pray that it be received. I regret my actions. Speak on it more, do you wish, Elizabeth?
Elizabeth: Speak on it not John (Moving fully from the scene) the children require tending to.