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Welcome Back To the Unknown

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Evelien had prepared for Jack to yell his intro at the top of his lungs.

She'd prepared for him to attempt to explain why they were back to playing it again in one breath, and fail.

She did not, however, prepare for what happened afterwards.

That voice came back, louder than it had been than when Jack played it by himself.

The same exact process happened again, and the next thing they knew, they were being pulled back into the game.

"Hello? Is someone there? Can anyone hear me?"

Evelien groaned as she woke up, on a bed that wasn't her's. Jack was still unconscious next to her. She got up, looking for the source of the voice.

"Hello? Please, answer if you can hear me." 

It must've been coming from under the bed, and sure enough, there was a radio. Evelien gave a message to whoever was on the other end.

"Hello?" Silence. She wasn't about to leave, not without Jack.

"Oh, I didn't expect anyone to hear me. I've been trying for about fifteen minutes now. Where are you?" Was that Amy?

"I'm not sure, I think it's some kind of bedroom?" Jack finally sat up, looking at her in confusion, before his eyes widened.

He didn't have time to explain why, because the door burst open, revealing some sort of shadow monster. It went straight for Evelien.

"No!" Jack yelled, trying to fend it off. The radio was knocked to the other side of the room, with Amy's panicked voice sending frantic messages trying to reach them.

One flash, two flashes, and then Evelien was gone.

"Shoot! Ah, I still can't swear!" Jack grabbed the radio. Unlike last time, there was no backpack or anything else in the room, so he went to go save his girlfriend.

He wasted no time checking rooms, they were more than likely empty anyway. The only ones that interested him were the ones with codes. Every time, he entered the same thing.


Three times wrong, one time right, but she wasn't in that room.

That's when Jack started to panic.

He ran between rooms, now trying to find whichever one she was in. Even when he ran out of breath, he didn't stop.

That is, until he (quite literally) ran into someone. That someone happened to be Mark. Amy was with him.

"Jack? What's wrong?" He didn't answer immediately, instead attempting to catch his breath.

"Shadow...Evelien...trying to find her..." He managed. Mark helped him up.

Honestly, it was a lot easier with three people searching.

Amy was out of earshot when Mark whispered to Jack.

"So, we're back then. Strange how I couldn't remember a thing when I woke up." Jack nodded, only half paying attention.

The lights suddenly went out, followed by an all too familiar voice whispering in Jack's ear.

"I̵ ̶d̶i̵d̸n̵'̷t̷ ̶g̵e̸t̵ ̷m̷y̵ ̶f̸u̸n̵ ̴l̴a̷s̵t̶ ̴t̷i̴m̸e̷,̴ ̶s̷o̴ ̷I̷'̶l̷l̸ ̴g̶e̸t̴ ̷i̵t̷ ̸n̵o̶w̷.̴"

"RUN!" Was all Jack could manage before his ego took over.

The high pitched giggle was the only clue they needed.

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Still split up.

History repeating itself not exactly, but closely enough that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference had there not been five extra people.

Except then, Natemare had been the first ego discovered.

As far as he knew, it was now Madpat being the first.

Unless Anti or Dark was out on their tails and he didn't know it.

Nate thought he'd found a safe place to hide, out of sight for anyone looking from the hallway he came from. The only way he discovered it was by sheer luck.

So either the egos knew every inch of this place or he was going crazy.

"Come on Nate, you know you can't hide from me." And he did, he really did.

Only problem was, their goal was different than last time.

Last time, they weren't trying to outright kill them, just tried to make escaping harder.

The 'no killing players' rule got thrown out the window this time.

That is, if the mini bombs the mad ego was throwing at Nate was any indication.

"I may not be able to, but what do you expect me to do when you're literally throwing bombs at me?!" He dodged another one.

He just needed to keep going until Mad got tired enough.

He needed to keep going until he was finished.

But he was sick of running.

He could almost hear Natemare laughing at him from inside his head. Laughing at him and taunting him by saying he couldn't run forever.

He prayed Mad didn't see him slow down, just a little.

They weren't answered.

"Is someone getting a little tired? Because I've been going easy on you, I can throw pretty far."

Why wouldn't he give up already?!

Nate reached a dead end and tripped.

Right then and there, he could've called that a pun.

Because he was sure of what was going to happen.

"Let him go!"

Mat watched helplessly as Nate tripped at a dead end. Either his alter ego didn't hear or chose to ignore him. At least, that's what he assumed, because Mad ended up answering anyway.

"And miss another opportunity? No." 

So Mat kept fighting to take over before anything happened.

Meanwhile, Nate almost got the upper hand, had it not been for the ego he was up against pulling a strange device out and pressing a button.

A high pitched ringing that sounded too similar (just way higher pitched) to Darkiplier's rang out afterwards, Nate had to cover his ears to prevent permanent hearing damage.

Next thing he knew, he was being pinned against the wall.

Mad was actually really strong.

He really wished the others would show up now, because he knew they were here.

Just as he was about to give up, a shout came from the other side of the room. Both of them turned to see Jack standing in the middle of the hall, Evelien behind him while Mark and Felix were on either side of him.

"Just when I thought I was done with alter egos, and you show up?" Why did he have his hand out? Mad was distracted now.

"I'd reccomend you step back. Wouldn't want any of you getting killed this early, would we?" He didn't seem to be talking to anybody currently present. Instead, he seemed to be talking to one of the egos, as though he could see them.

Natemate actually answered, and Nate wouldn't be surprised if Anti, Dark and whatever Felix's alter ego's name was answered as well.

"No, of course we wouldn't want that happening. It would be such a shame."

"Shut up Natemare." He tried to stop it, but this seemed to make his ego angrier than he already was. He didn't answer.

"You'd probably kill him anyway." Mark was either very brave, very stupid, or both in this one moment. Mad actually grinned at this answer, which was not the reaction that was expected.

"Well isn't that smart? I'm tempted to call it a genius idea. But I won't, because you're right." And then there was a knife in his hand-

-which was then knocked out by Jack, but the Irishman didn't even move.

In Mad's temporary surprise, Nate was able to escape and make his way to the others (somehow). The ego on the other side of the hall closed his eyes, before his grin returned.

"Fine then, you win this time. Next time though, don't expect to get away so easily."

And with those final words (for now anyway, who knows when he'd be back?), Mat was then on his hands and knees.

Nate went to go and help him up when Felix voiced his (and Evelien's) thoughts.

"What just happened?"