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Pita Ten: A voted Story

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Pita Ten: A voted story.

Disclaimer: None of the characters in this chapter are mine. They belong to Koge Donbo. All of these chapters are written on the fly as soon as I update, so there may be mistakes. Any comments or reviews are appreciated. All votes here are ignored.

Chapter 1.

Kotarou Higuchi was studying when Misha burst in carrying a large pot.

"Guess what! Guess what! I made something for ya su!" she said excitedly.

"Urrrgh, Misha, not nowwww," Kotarou groaned.

"Twy it? Pwetty please suuu?" Misha said, with pleading eyes.

Kotarou was silent for a minute.

"...ok..." he said. He looked in the pot. In it was a mix of vegetables in some sort of red sauce. At the very least, it smelt good, which was a very good sign.

He took a bite. Misha looked at him expectantly.

"Well su?" she asked.

"AHHHHHH! SPICY! WATER!" Kotarou yelled, crying.

"Ah! Water water!" Misha said as she ran off into the kitchen. When she came back, she was carrying a glass. She plopped it down on the table and Kotarou drank deeply.

"More water!" Misha said and ran off again.

"I'm... ahhh... fine!" Kotarou yelled at her. But she still grabbed another glass of water. She ran back. Tripped.

"Ahhhhh!" she crash landed on the floor and the water got everywhere. On the carpets, under the door, on Misha and in the doormat.

"Auuuu! I got dese letteries wet suuu!" she sobbed.

"It's ...hah...ok," Kotarou panted as he helped Misha pick up the letters. Then he stopped at one and said, "huh? What's this?" before opening it.

Dear Kotarou,

I'm sorry that I cannot be home more often, so I bought you three super-premium tickets for the fair on Sunday. Using these you can get free food and rides for the whole day. Go with your friends.

Love, Dad.

"A fair?" Misha squeaked, "I wanna goes too!"

"But what about the others?" Kotarou asked.