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Pita Ten: A voted Story

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Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me.

Huge A/N:

A few months ago, I posted up the draft version of the 23rd chapter of this story, and put it up for voting in three places. The turnout was very... poor, shall I say, and almost all the threads soon disappeared through lack of interest. I gave up on the story then.

I wish to at least present a summary of how it would have ended, but due to the nature of the story, vote fic, I can only post up what COULD have happened. So here's the draft of chapter 23 and a summary of what MAY have happened afterwards.

Chapter 23:

A. It was a trick to lure Kotarou out.
B. It was a trick, but Misha arrives.
C. Devros saw Misha.
D. Devros spotted someone else.

Kotarou crawled forwards, carefully avoiding all the junk on the ground. When he reached the end of the alley, he tentatively leaned forwards to look. Devros stood, looking small and nervous in front of a very tall... woman? with long, flowing black hair and angular features. She seemed to be cheerfully talking, her eyes were closed and her well-lipsticked mouth was in a constant smile.

Carefully and quietly, Kotarou edged out of the alley and snuck up to them, until he could hear their conversation. Not that it did him any good, he couldn't understand it at all. Sometimes, he'd hear things that sounded like words he knew, but he doubted he could even make a lot of the sounds he heard. But Devros understood, even spoke back, and whatever the woman was saying made him shake.

"KO-TAH-ROU KUUUUN!" someone... MISHA, yelled.

Kotarou gasped and looked up, saw nothing, and looked down. He was relieved to see that she wasn't using her powers, just running along the road, but unbelivably fast. What if... he turned towards Devros, who looked shocked, pale. He was even stepping back, as if he was preparing to run.

The woman however... had finally opened her eyes.
They were TINY!

Before Kotarou could say anything, Misha slid in front of him, completly blocking Kotarou's view. "Don't any of ya's DARE hurt Kotarou kun!" she yelled.

Someone laughed lightly. It wasn't Devros, but it wasn't a normal woman's laugh either. Kotarou shoved a bunch of pink hair out of his face and looked at the woman. Her eyes were closed, once again, and a hand, that was as big as her head, covered her mouth. When she stopped laughing, 'she' opened her eyes. "You have nothing to fear from me, Ma'am," 'she' said, "and please, call me 'Mr. Yang."



End Summary:

Assuming people would've voted for: A. Devros is gone. Mr. Yang talks to Kotarou and Misha.

Mr. Yang (from "The Antique Gift Shop" by Lee Eun) starts to talk to Kotarou, and seems to know who he is. While this chat is going on, Devros runs away to another variation.

Eventually, Mr. Yang reveals that he's there because he works at an Antique shop, and his boss stupidly sold a very dangerous pair of boots to a young boy. He had been searching for the boy for a long time, and was 'lucky' to be nearby when he heard news of the 'zombie outbreak'.

Kotarou and Misha, very surprised, talk about the boots Minoru have. Eventually, the boots are returned to him, everyone recovers, and strange things continue to happen to Kotarou and co.