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It's like one of my Japanese animes! - Tweet fics Batch #5

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Their apartment was a complete mess by this point, not that either Deunan or Briareos cared much about that at the moment. The blonde ESWAT member currently pressed up against a wall as her cyborg boyfriend fucked her from behind. His robot shaft far better than the real thing.


Who actually started the whole thing no had any idea, but neither Revy or Eda had any plans of backing down. The two of them into their third hour in trying to prove who was the better fuck. Restrained grunts and groans coming from them as their pussies rubbed against each other.


“Trakhni menya!” Balalaika moaned whilst her naked body rocked back and forth as Rock pounded her from behind. His hands roaming over the leader of Hotel Moscow’s curvaceous and scarred body. “Trakhni menya sil'neye!” she moaned again as a hand wrapped itself in her blonde hair.


[1/2] The room was an open secret in Chaldea. A place where everyone, master or servant alike, could use to relieve themselves of any pent up stress or urges. Inside one of the many discrete glory hole stalls, its holes leading to places unknown. Artoria Pendragon moaned needily.

[2/2] The blonde servant’s head steadily bobbing up and down the monstrous phallus that filled her throat to the brim with its thick meat. Fingers frantically thrusting in and out of her needy quim. A thrill running through her at the thought that she wasn’t even halfway down.


Rally Vincent moaned, the sound partially muffled by the t-shirt clenched between her teeth, as the rifle suppressor slowly slid in and out of her aroused sex. An idle hand caressing an exposed breast. Her toes slowly starting to curl inwards as she felt her orgasm approaching.


With the bulk of the werewolf on top of her there wasn’t much Seras Victoria could do. But trying to escape was the last thing on her mind as the lycan’s girthy member furiously pistoned in and out of her twat. The vampire’s fingers digging into the ground as she moaned wantonly.


Valmet moaned as she felt Koko’s pelvis slap against her rear, feeling the strapon thrust in and out of her sex. Koko’s moans sounding like a choir of angels in the ears of the large muscular woman. This was heaven for her, utterly submissive to the lusts of the one she adored.


Sheryl and Ranka glanced at each other angrily briefly before giving Alto smouldering looks as their mouths feuded over his turgid shaft. His crotch covered with multiple purple and green lipstick marks as neither starlet showed any sign of letting the other one win this fight.


The pavement underneath Fubuki began to crack as the monster furiously pounded her pussy with its inhuman member. The heroine moaned loudly. Her breasts threatening to spill out from her tattered dress. Sometimes she simply loved to lose a fight to relieve some pent up stress.


When Saeko found herself on her knees in front of her students, her blouse torn open, she nearly climaxed. The nympho teacher drooling as her vision filled with the sight of several studly shafts rising up to greet her, opening her mouth wide as she felt a hand push her closer.


With his hands around her waist Satoru’s eyes could not leave the sight of Neena’s awe-inspiring breasts as they bounced around wildly on her chest. He gasped as he felt another pair of breasts press into his backside. “I hope you save something for me,” Sayoko whispered huskily.


It was the tentacle thrusting in between her breasts that came first, showering Masane’s prodigious bust with thick ropes of cum. The Witchblade wielder moaning loudly as she then felt the X-Con’s tentacles suddenly pushing deeper inside her as they began pumping their loads.