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their daily lives

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stabby has created the chatroom


stabby: yay, it worked!


stabby has added detective killjoy, determined, and aya stole my username to the chatroom


stabby: and now everyone is here!

determined:  i think we're still missing people...

aya stole my username: i think these are the people she like. tolerates

stabby: yup yup!

detective killjoy: It's no secret you don't really like being around the Investigation Team much, do you, Aya?

stabby: hanamura-chan's kind of annoying :/ hypocrite imho

determined: he only figured out last year that he was bi, i think it's just slowly working its way into his head

stabby: well he needs to figure it out SOONER if i hear him misgender brother one more time i'm going to punch him in the gut

aya stole my username: i don't think you have to i think kanji and ms kujikawa would gladly do it for you

stabby: yeah but they'd do it Nicely and I Don't Want Them To Be Nice

detective killjoy: Please, sister, don't commit acts of violence against Yosuke for my sake. Give him time.

stabby: if brother says so!

determined: chara can you go make sure she doesn't actually do anything i think narukami would freak out if she actually did anything

aya stole my username: ok




detective killjoy: I would like to update and confirm that Aya did not actually do anything to physically harm Yosuke, but she glared at him through the entire meeting.

stabby: there's only so much i can handle without being violent

determined: i feel like we're missing all the signs of a budding serial killer and honestly aya terrifies me sometimes

aya stole my username: what if she's been like. a serial killer all this time and the only reason we're alive is because she likes us for some reason

aya stole my username: naotos alive bc hes her brother but she just kinda tolerates us

stabby: while i am not a criminal you are correct in that this chat is the people i tolerate + naoto whom i lov

determined: wheres mr tatsumi and ms kujikawa then

stabby: 1. frisk ur literally rise's age you don't have to call her ms

stabby: 2. do you want the entire it knowing abt how much i dont like yosuke

aya stole my username: you havent forgiven him for the pageant have you

stabby: never have and never will

detective killjoy: Sister, please. That was in the past.

stabby: yeah but it still made you feel bad at the time and honestly!!!!! what was he thinking???!!!!

determined: i feel like she wants to punch yosuke every time she thinks of it

stabby: he is Correct





determined: i think i just felt a chill run down my spine

aya stole my username: this friend has to be something if aya openly calls them a friend

stabby has added knivesandneedles to the chatroom

knivesandneedles: aya are these your other friends?????

stabby: yes! detective killjoy is my Good Brother and the other two are the only other people i tolerate enough to tell them Deep Secrets

determined: hi i'm frisk, nice to meet you

aya stole my username: with a name like that i can see how aya's friends with you. anyways i'm chara and aya took my username before i could get it

knivesandneedles: you guys sound like fun!!!!!! i'm himiko toga and i can be anyone you want me to be!

detective killjoy: I left for ten minutes and there's a new person here.

knivesandneedles: so YOU'RE the naoto she won't stop talking abt

stabby: himikooooo!!!!

knivesandneedles: half the things you talk abt are related to him in some way lol please start talking to other ppl more

stabby: other ppl are Bad

aya stole my username: the one time i 100% agree with what aya says

detective killjoy: oh. oh no.

stabby: brother????




detective killjoy <-> determined

detective killjoy: How in the world.

determined: first of all, buzzfeed? secondly, what the HELL?

detective killjoy: Language. I don't know either. I just know that Aya could be in severe danger from interacting with this girl.

determined: miss himiko doesn't seem like she'd want to hurt aya??? if anything aya's like. the person in the least possible danger

determined: i think you're actually in greater danger here so please please be careful

determined: you're like. the only person i can legit talk to about stuff like

detective killjoy: I understand. I'll do my best to be careful. Try and avoid prolonged interaction with Toga.

determined: kinda difficult when she's literally in the Personal Deep Groupchat but got it


Unnamed Chatroom

knivesandneedles: did i scare the twinks off

stabby: himi why

aya stole my username: it's true they did just kinda mutually disappear

knivesandneedles: what if they're dating lol

stabby: no!!!! brother is already dating kanji and rise!!!!


aya stole my username: i'm surprised it took this long to get a keysmash and it's from potential serial killer number 3

determined: what the actual hell happened here

knivesandneedles: HE RISES FROM THE DEAD


detective killjoy: I immediately regret returning if this is what greets me.


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knivesandneedles <-> stabby

knivesandneedles: alright aya starting today i gotta get you to talk to people that aren't that groupchat

stabby: you're one to talk >:(

knivesandneedles: noah fence but your bro gave me some Insider Information that even though you join in on their investigation team meetings you rlly only talk to naoto

knivesandneedles: 2. i have friends outside of the groupchat

knivesandneedles: 3. you're what, 13? 14? and you still hardly talk to anybody, not rlly even rise and kanji and theyre the ppl naotos dating

knivesandneedles: i understand being antisocial but you have literally no social skills in decent gatherings and ppl are gonna start expecting a lot outta you as a teenage girl

stabby: ill stab em

knivesandneedles: stabbing is an answer half the time but not when your brother brings you to a gathering and is clearly proud of u and putting his reputation on the line fr u

knivesandneedles: conclusion: you at least need to be able to fake talking to people normally




determined <-> detective killjoy

detective killjoy: So the obvious thing is: Aya could be close friends with a serial killer.

determined: Chara's comment concerned me, too. Potential serial killer number THREE?

determined: I mean... There's always the off-chance that he's just joking around, but it's still pretty worrying.

detective killjoy: We'll figure this out. We have to.




Unnamed Chatroom

aya stole my username: we need a name

knivesandneedles: agreed! we can't just keep being "unnamed chatroom" for all of eternity, thats boring

determined: Aya has admin privileges, since she created the room, so it's up to her to decide a name.

stabby: suggest names every1 i'm outta ideas

knivesandneedles: two girls and three twinks!

detective killjoy: Declined.

determined: the personal chat?

aya stole my username: boriiiiing.

stabby: you guys aren't very good at this >:(

knivesandneedles: ooh! the secret room!

detective killjoy: Sounds... cryptic.

aya stole my username: i like that one

determined: unless anyone has other suggestions, i guess that's it

knivesandneedles: memoirs of the last sane people!

aya stole my username: lol

stabby: too long

stabby: alright boys and girl, this is a SHOCKING TWIST

detective killjoy: oh no

stabby has changed Unnamed Chatroom's name to The Rat Zone

aya stole my username: god is dead and we killed him.