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"So... You all already know??"

No one paid attention to a distressed Polnareff, who couldn't make up his mind about feeling happy or betrayed.

"Say, Avdol... they told you the submarine will be here as soon as possible... But it has just left the platform?"

"A regrettable situation, Joestar San. I think it will arrive in at least 18 hours more..."

"That... is not convenient..."

Jotaro huffed: "Yare yare... Jiji, I'll get some provisions ready, and then take a nap."

Kakyoin got close to him: "I'll go with you, Jotaro, I feel tired too."

Jotaro just nodded and walked back to the house. Before Kakyoin could join him, Polnareff took the teen by the shoulders, spun him around and shook him, yelling: "KAKYOIN!! WHY?? Why you told them not to share with me this notice?? I would have been quiet!!"

The teen just shrugged awkwardly: "Look, Polnareff, I-"

"Kakyoin! Go to rest too, we have a lot to do tomorrow."

"Understood, Joestar San!"

Kakyoin easily escaped from Polnareff's grasp and went to join Jotaro in the house, leaving the french man agape.

"Joestar San!" Polnareff looked back at the old man, crying: "You too!! Why, WHY??"

Joseph just sighted: "Polnareff, we don't have time for-"


Joseph was suddenly feeling tired too. Fortunately, Avdol intervened: "Joestar San, if I may... I'll talk to Polnareff."

"Then, I'll leave it to you, Avdol. I'm going to supervise how they're placing the provisions, and make Jotaro and Kakyoin do the heavy lifting." The old man chuckled.

Avdol extended his hand towards Polnareff: "Come with me, friend."

Polnareff, sniffing, took his hand and Avdol guided him to the beach. The sun was low on the horizon. Avdol made them sit on the sand and started to remove his robes.

Polnareff went still: "Avdol?"

The Egyptian just smiled: "What? Aren't you feeling tired too? Don't you want to refresh a bit? Swimming in the ocean has helped me to relax and sleep well these days."

"Y-yeah... But I don't have a bathing suit..."

Avdol laughed out loud. "My friend! Have you never swum in the nude?"

Polnareff blushed a bit. "Uhh... N-no... Not really..."

Avdol just winked and gave him a seductive smile: "Don't worry, it is a pleasant experience, and we can bond again."

Polnareff eagerly nodded and started stripping so fast, it made Avdol laugh more.

He still had his bracelets on, Polnareff realized.

"A-aren't you to take off these?"

"I do like to swim with them, they help me focus so I don't fall asleep on the water, hahaha!"

Polnareff checked out Avdol. He has a very nice build: his legs, always hidden by the heavy robes, were strong as his arms, and he has a very nice b-

"Polnareff, the last that gets into the water is a rotten egg! Haha haha!"


Both men jumped at the refreshing water, playing around and splashing each other.

There was a moment where Polnareff lost sight of Avdol and was frantically looking for him when he felt a hand took his ankle and submerged him. Polnareff at first panicked, but then saw it was just Avdol playing a prank on him. Since he didn't have time to take enough air, he tried to disengage. Quickly, Avdol understood his mistake and let him go.

"Gasp! Avdol! Cof, cof! You could have warned me!"

"I'm sorry, my friend."

"It's ok... But I'll have my revenge, come here!"

Now Avdol was trying to escape, but Polnareff grabbed him from behind, by his shoulders, and submerged both on the water.
Being flush together, Polnareff felt his soft cock nestle in Avdol's butt cheeks. Avdol took Polnareff's arms, wrapped them around his body, and start rubbing back on Polnareff's dick. The french man rubbed against him too, but now swimming up to reach the surface. Once they were on the surface and could breathe, Polnareff didn't let go.

"Avdol..." He said softly, resting his head against the Egyptian's shoulder and letting the calm waves move them. "Avdol... I thought I've lost you. I thought I would never see you again." He started crying again. "I'm so happy for having you in my arms, alive... Please, please... Never risk your life for me ever again, please."

"Polnareff... My friend... You can't ask that from me, you know? I'll gladly do it again... But let's get out of the water, the sun is almost gone and its not adviced to swim at night... Let's go, friend..."

Polnareff hugged Avdol tightly before let him go and both swam quietly to the beach. Once there, they gathered their clothes. Avdol said: "There's a small well in the middle of the island, that's where I take the water for all my needs. Let's go and have a bath."

They walked in silence, naked, holding his clothes in their arms. The moonlight and the stars shone in the sky, showing them their path.

Polnareff wanted to laugh because of the absurd situation, but he still felt very raw.

Next to the well was a small stream of water, a clothesline and a hammock between two palm trees.

"Wow, Avdol, you really made a home here."

"Hahaha! People should adapt to their environment and make the environment adapt to them, otherwise... how can they survive?" Avdol squatted to rinse out his clothes: "Do you want to wash yours?"

"Nah, I'm good." Polnareff quickly smelt his clothes. "UGH! Ok, maybe a quick rinse will be better."

They let them hanging on the clothesline. Next to the well were a bar soap, body scrubbers, and a small bucket. Avdol took them and got back to the stream, filled the bucket, and stood up, making a gesture to Polnareff to get closer to him.

"Let's get rid of the salty water, my friend." Avdol said while he was undoing his complicated hairdo. His long hair cascaded on his back and Polnareff got suddenly without words. Avdol smiled seductively at him while he started to soap the body scrubbers: "Would you let me wash your back? Would you wash mine?"

"A-Avdol... Yes, o-of course..."

Avdol handed him one of the body scrubbers, and, instead of going behind Polnareff, he hugged him from the front and started to scrub Polnareff's back and front, while rubbing his whole body against the french man.

Polnareff was heavily breathing while trying to scrub Avdol's back too. He murmured to Avdol's ear: "Avdol... I... I truly want to kiss you... I want to make love to you so badly... Please... Tell me I can... Please, don't put me away... But I want to respect your religion... What can I do, Avdol... Tell me, please..."

Avdol looked at Polnareff with a heavy gaze: "My friend..." He said quietly: "My love... I believe in love and compassion... And Love cannot be contained within our speaking or listening."

Avdol started to softly kiss Polnareff's face and neck.

"Love is an ocean whose depths cannot be plumbed... Love cannot be found in erudition and science, books and pages... the kernel of Love is a mystery that cannot be divulged."

Polnareff hugged Avdol tightly, while Avdol softly said to his ear:

"I profess the religion of Love, and whatever direction its steed may take, Love is my religion and my faith. So, let us give up conversation made with our tongues and vibrate our hearts."

Polnareff kissed Avdol with all his might, and both of them keep deliciously frotting against each other. Polnareff grabbed both of their hard dicks and started pumping them.

"Oh, Jean... Jean..."

Avdol spun around Polnareff's embrace and told him: "Put your dick between my thighs... Oh... Yes, like that... Oh..."

Polnareff reached for Avdol's dick and pumped it while humping Avdol, and started babbling: "I want you, I want you so bad, let me be inside you, let me enter your body, Muhhamad..."

Avdol said between breaths: "There's... Ah! an almond oil vial... Ah, ah! Inside the bucket..."

Avdol disengaged the upper part of him, to reach the bucket on the ground, but Polnareff kept him firmly grabbed by the hips and didn't stop humping him.

Avdol started laughing: "Polnareff- I can't- reach the- vial like- this-"

Polnareff just stopped a bit so they could be on all fours on the ground, and then continued with his motions: "Now you can easily reach it, mmhh? Close your legs, OH, YEAH! Unf, like that..."

Avdol let him have his fill for a while, but then he put his hand between his tights and caressed Polnareff's dick to stop his movements: "Before you get impatient, let's prepare each other. I want to be inside you too, my love. I want all of you."

Both took their time to prepare each other. Polnareff penetrated Avdol from behind, while they stood up, and Avdol supported his weight with his forearms on a palm tree. Polnareff felt he was in heaven, he felt powerful and desperate at the same time, and near his limit, his movements became more rough and erratic, when at last he came inside Avdol.

When it was Avdol's turn, he laid Polnareff in the ground, put one of Polnareff's leg in his shoulder and penetrated him with caress. Polnareff's cum was still dripping out of him when Avdol came inside.

Both of them washed gently each other again. The moon still was big on the sky, reflecting its light over them.

Polnareff was kissing Avdol when a thought came to his mind:

"Avdol... How are we going to get back to the house stark naked..."

"Don't worry, Polnareff, what's the worst that can happen? they're just gonna laugh at us."

"But I don't wanna!!"

"Polnareff, sometimes I think you're like a brat..."

"I'M NOT!!"

"OK! ok! Then... Why not wait a bit over the hammock, so our clothes are not so wet when we put them on?"

"Can it hold both of us?"

"I think so... If not, you're gonna help me to find a new spot for the hammock."

Both men laid down on it, embraced and waited, sated and calmed. Polnareff rested his head in Avdol's chest, hearing the beating of his heart.