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time or place (i’ll come back to you)

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There is nothing in the world that is truly the most powerful. No person, no creature. They can all be broken down, defeated, killed. It’s the way of the world, a way to maintain balance. 

Even the strongest, most dangerous creatures can be taken down by someone weaker if they’re clever enough. It’s bullshit in Jungkook’s opinion. As much shit as he’s had to change and adjust to in this shift from human to vampire, there should be some benefit. Some upside. He’s spent a majority of his human life weak and powerless. This was supposed to be his chance.

The only things that have made it seem worth it are minimal; strength, agility, being immune to the ups and downs of the weather. Eternal life, too, but whether or not that’s an upside depends if you can keep a human from touching your weaknesses, from taking away the power that makes you stronger than them.

For hundreds of years, Jungkook has made it so his weaknesses could not be touched, could not be used against him. Hundreds of years, a small dent in his eternal life, and its snapped and tugged away from him in one night.

When Yoongi had freed him all of those years ago, he swore to never let another person put a hold on him. He swore to never let himself bind to anyone, let them use him as they please.

It only took him five hundred and fifty six years to fuck it up.

His guard is down, body pounding with euphoria and confidence. Blood on his lips and pumping through his veins. A cute boy in his lap with his neck arched for him. Hidden away at the back of some shotty club because even after hundreds of years Jungkook still has to do that to be with a man.

His guard is down, mind focused on the blood rushing over his tongue instead of the sound of steps around him. Even in the back room of the club, music pounding through the walls, he’d still be able to hear them. If he were paying attention.

But he isn’t. Maybe there was something in his drink to make his mind so hazy, in the boy’s blood. Maybe it’s because he’s pushed himself, going on days and days without feeding himself because of guilt and regret and shitty things a vampire shouldn’t feel. But either way, he doesn’t hear them, doesn’t see them, doesn’t know there’s even a danger around him until there’s a sharp pain in the side of his neck.

The first thing he feels is confusion. The second, rage, than panic. The worst of it is an all consuming weakness, every inch of strength inside of him seeping out until his arms feel like limp noodles around the boy in his lap. It took him a long time to adjust to that strength. So long that Yoongi had gotten frustrated with him.

In a second it is gone.

The boy climbs from his lap, a wicked smile on his face. He looks to someone behind him, but Jungkook’s head is starting to feel hazy. It has been years since he’s felt truly drunk, he had forgotten the feeling. But now he must be, he thinks, as the smell of cigarettes and onions fills his nostrils. It makes his stomach twist in discomfort, making Jungkook feel what he thinks is nausea. 

The world spins around him and Jungkook feels sick, poisoned, useless. He can’t do anything when hands shoot out from behind him and grab at his jaw. He struggles but he doesn’t think he’s moving at all when those grubby fingers dig into his jaw and force his mouth open. He can’t do anything but let his panic grow because he’s heard stories of humans stealing teeth for whatever the hell reason humans need vampire teeth for. 

But they don’t touch his teeth, they only hold him in place to reach down and slip the fingers off of Jungkook’s fingers.

“Don’t,” Jungkook grunts, uncaring that his voice betrays how desperate he feels. His heart is soaring when he manages to actually knock the hand back and curl his own fingers. It does little to keep the man from taking his rings.

For the first time in hundreds of years, Jungkook feels a tightness in his throat that threatens to make his eyes wet. He laughs at that. It’s been so long since he’s cried, since he’s felt a fear like this. 

“Fuck off,” Jungkook snaps, baring teeth and growling but it’s all he can do. There’s laughter around him and that pisses him off more. He doesn’t want these humans to see his wet eyelashes but he can’t stop them. 

He thinks of Yoongi, wonders where he is. He’d tear the throats of every human in the entire club for touching him and then move on to their families. But Jungkook is far from him because he threw a tantrum and the universe is circling around to punish him for it.

Balance, or karma. What the fuck ever.

“You’re mine now, vamp,” a voice sounds beside his ear, tone filled with sick delight and malice. “All mine.”

Jungkook spits, or tries to. His mouth tastes like rust from the blood and his tongue is too numb. He can’t form words and his head spins, lights shining around the corners of his vision before everything goes black.

There are many stories as to why humans seek out control over vampires. The most logical ones being because vampires are powerful, dangerous because they feed off of humans, they’re a threat to mankind, or for the purpose of science because humans need an explanation for everything. 

Others stories include things like warding off the wolves that used to prowl through the woods when people were still living in hanoks, or obtaining a vampire blood bank for potion, power. For sex, for rituals. He even heard one story about vampires being the equivalent to dogs, pets that humans enjoy to play with. 

Many stories and Jungkook doesn’t give a shit about the reason. There isn’t a single reason that would justify it to him. If someone needed his blood, they could ask. If they needed help, they could ask. Jungkook probably wouldn’t do either, but it never hurts to ask. 

He’s strived hard not to be one of those stories his entire life; another vampire enslaved. It isn’t common, but it feels like it is when Jungkook thinks over the thousands of stories he’s heard about enslaved vampires and how few of them have broke themselves free. 

Even some in this same area, but Jungkook hasn’t been afraid of it because he’s always been able to protect himself.

Jungkook looks around the room he is in, head dizzy. The absence of his rings are too noticeable even though he tries with all of his might to not focus on his fingers. They were heavy, attached to his body every single second of his long life. He feels like he’s missing a limb now that they’re gone.

A snarl rips from his throat at the sound of footsteps, at the sudden smell of onions. He’s in the basement of a house, the walls covered in garden tools and the ground covered in boxes and old looking toys. It smells of must and he can see the dust in the air. When the dim light flickers over the staircase, he sees even more dust covering the shelves lining the walls. 

His snarl is returned with a laugh before he sees the feet descending the wooden staircase. The house feels old, smells old. The stairs creak and he can hear the rats in the wall, scampering around. 

“Growl all you want but I am not afraid of you.”

Jungkook laughs dryly at that. “You should be.”

But it’s true, the man isn’t. He can hear his pulse, beating regularly. He doesn’t smell fear or sweat.

The only thing recognizable about him is his voice and grubby fingers. He looks as dirty as he smells; greasy hair clinging to his sweaty forehead, grit between the rolls of his neck like he hasn’t showered in days. His clothes at least smell like laundry detergent, though there’s sweat stains over his chest and beneath his arms. It is the middle of the summer and the man clearly isn’t adjusting well to it.

Jungkook would make a comment about it, but he’s silent as the man holds up his hand, showing off his long fingers and how they’re decorated with the rings Jungkook once wore.

“This was a lot easier than I imagined. You vampires sure make it obvious what things hold great value to you. You touch this constantly as if you’re checking to see if it’s fallen off.”

He touches over the ring on his middle finger. A ring Jungkook’s father had made himself. A ring whose stone has fallen out so often that Jungkook is afraid of losing it. The second one had been given to him from Yoongi; a powerful ring that makes it so the sun doesn’t burn his skin and he doesn’t have to stay awake during the night unless he chooses to.

The third is even more important, a gift given to him by the first person that held his heart. 

“You’ve been watching me.”

The man nods, his ego showing bright in his eyes. Jungkook snorts. He hadn’t felt that way when he first gained power. He had been afraid of the strength in his fingertips and weapons digging into his gums. This man in front of him is different, like every other typical weak human being. He’s been craving the feeling of power, gets off on it. 

“It was stupid of you to come here. Everyone here is ready to get their hands on a vamp. You just happened to like my bar a little too much. Did you not think your eyes would grow red and show beneath neon lights?”

Another growl. Jungkook is irritated. He’s annoyed with himself, too. Yoongi is going to be pissed he messed up, was careless enough to frequent the same place to eat.

But he can’t find a good meal in this godforsaken town and Seoul is off limits. There are too many children, too many old people. And Jungkook has rules when it comes to feeding. Strict rules that he will not break.

No children, no old people. He prefers to mix his feeding with sex but he won’t touch a person other than the bite if they don’t want to be. There’s no coercion, no mind manipulation until after the deed is done and Jungkook has to erase his face from their memory. 

Finding the club had been a heaven sent. Or so he thought. He liked the small town, he didn’t want to leave it. Or, he didn’t want Yoongi to find him and he knew Yoongi would search city through city first. 

This one is too close to a large pack of wolves and it’s so dumb to come here by himself that Yoongi would never suspect it.

“Give me my rings.”

The man laughs, fiddling with the one Jungkook’s father gave him. “Now why would I do that? I worked hard for this.”

All of the theories as to why humans want to control vampires may be different. But how they can always remain the same. The taking of a piece of jewelry held close to the vampire’s heart, dipped into the vampire’s blood, and worn on the left hand of their new master. There is a spell involved, but how a human like this got in touch with a warlock, Jungkook doesn’t know.

Sick thing about vampire being materialistic and passionately loving, sentimental. The universe creating a weakness that would take a clever mind to figure out and someone, some fuck face thousands of years ago, did.

And some fuck face is standing in front of him now, smug about it.

“What do you want? Get on with it and let me go.”

The man laughs again before he crosses his arms over his chest, tucking his fingers beneath his sweaty armpits. “I want what everyone wants. They pay lots of money for venom like yours. You’re not going anywhere.”

Greed and power. Humans are typical and worthless. 

Jungkook bares his teeth when the man comes closer. He could strike the man, see if it’s really true that he’s now bound to him and risk the pain that will come because of it. But he’s heard that a vampire can die striking their master and he’s not risking death, not yet.

He owes Yoongi too much to let himself get killed by some sweaty human that smells like he munches on onions as an afternoon snack.

The smell of onions grow worse, gagging Jungkook when the man is close enough to touch. And he does, trailing a hand over Jungkook’s jaw and pressing into the hinge.

Jungkook snaps his lips shut, teeth digging into his tongue but he doesn’t care. His own blood doesn’t taste as good as a human’s. He hasn’t fed himself enough this week, had barely gotten his fill of the boy at the club before this fuck face took him. 


The universe can fuck it self, Jungkook thinks when his mouth opens without his consent.

The man presses his thumb beneath his fang and finally, Jungkook smells fear, can hear the growing thump of his heart. He presses against the tip and Jungkook tries, tries to clamp his teeth down but he can’t.

Another laugh in delight and the man no longer is afraid, but flying high on his own ego. “Perfect. You won’t leave your room unless instructed. I’m not a cruel man. I will provide you with an actual room. But it is not yet night and I must not have my son see you.”

Jungkook spits out the foul taste of the man’s skin on his tongue. It doesn’t work, not fully. “I don’t need to be awake during the night.”

He glances at his sun ring, at the red stone planted in the middle. He doesn’t know which one allows the man to hold power over him but he doubts it’s that one. There’s too much magic in that ring as it was crafted by one of the most powerful warlocks in existence. 

The most powerful of all time, according to Hoseok. 

“You will be,” the man says, backing off of him. “I will not have you disrupt my household.”

Jungkook cranks his head to the side, the sound of his neck cracking echoing off the basement alls. “You sound as if I’ve chosen to do that.”

The man grins. “Sleep now, vampire. Rest before I drain you tomorrow.”

Jungkook bites his tongue, watching as the man slinks back to the staircase. He acts as if he’s doing Jungkook a favor of letting him rest before he takes his venom.

He can hear the boy that had been mentioned, his footsteps quieter. His giggles high pitched and his voice squeaky. He can hear how quickly the glee in the kid’s voice changes when his father’s sounds, can taste the way his heartbeat quickens because he’s afraid of his father.

Jungkook grunts, tugging at the restraints around his wrists. He could easily break through him if it weren’t for the magic hold on him.

“Fuck,” Jungkook growls. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck .”

The master’s name is Daesung. Kim Daesung. The second time he comes around to collect Jungkook, he doesn’t sweat so much. He smells like soap and he’s cleaned the grit from his neck. He even parted his hair and gelled it.

He still smells like onions.

It isn’t painful when he takes Jungkook’s venon, a needle poking into his gums. The man is afraid when Jungkook’s teeth extract, but it quickly goes away because he knows Jungkook can’t hurt him.

It’s too precise. There is no fumbling around to find the right spot to puncture his venom sac, he gets it on the first try. Either Kim Daesung has experience in stealing from vampires, or has the help of someone who does.

When the man leaves, Jungkook listens to the boy talk to his father. There’s a woman too. Jungkook listens to them whisper in the night, listens to the man brag about having a vampire in the basement. He teases his wife with him, even whispering that Jungkook can hear the noises she makes.

It spurs her on in the most sickening way. The woman is just as foul as the man, her words twisting out of her mouth in a way that would smell just as bad as the house if words had a scent.

Despite the foulness of his parents, the boy is pleasant. Jungkook finds himself searching for him, the sounds of him breathing, laughing just to pass the time. He talks to himself a lot, pretending to be different characters and Jungkook imagines him playing with figurines. Sometimes the way he talks makes Jungkook think he’s hanging out of his bedroom window, talking to the animals outside.

It isn’t until a week after Jungkook’s been captive that he’s moved to another part of the house. He barely gets a glimpse of the interior, he doesn’t care what it looks like enough to turn his head and let his eyes look around. From what he does see is the Kim family has kept the decor of the seventies, not upgrading to the new trends of the nineties. He smells the remnants of their dinner and what must be strawberry bubble bath when he walks past the bathroom.

The first door, he can hear the boy behind. He suppresses his grin, not wanting to reveal to his parents that he is not sleeping the way they probably assume. Jungkook can hear his fingers prodding over buttons like he’s hidden himself beneath a blanket to play his gameboy.

The room at the end of the hallway is the one Jungkook is shoved into. The man doesn’t say a word to him other than ordering him to stay put, to not leave. Weak humans shouldn’t have that kind of power, but Jungkook feels his fingers freeze as they curl around the window. He can’t even open it.

Jungkook growls lowly as he sinks into the corner of the room. He feels his throat tight again like he could cry but he won’t. He thinks of Yoongi; he can’t stop thinking of Yoongi. He’s probably out there searching for him because that’s how Yoongi is.

Even if Yoongi were told by a thousand people Jungkook was dead, he wouldn’t stop searching for him until he saw his lifeless body with his own eyes.

And even then, Yoongi wouldn’t accept it.

The second week, Jungkook meets the boy he has been listening to. He wondered when it would happen. The boy never goes to bed after his parents tell him goodnight and he stays awake far after they fall asleep. He listens to the boy pad around the hallway in the middle of the night, his parents unaware that he’s crept from his bedroom. 

Jungkook expects the same again, but he freezes when he hears the twisting of the door knob. The door creaks and it feels like the wood is screaming when it’s pushed open.

Jungkook feels smug that Daesung didn’t think it all through. Jungkook may not be able to leave the room but he made it so anyone could still come in.

It shows how dumb Daesung is, how much he didn’t think this through. He isn’t the expert here, there’s someone else playing him like a puppeteer. If Daesung was experienced in dealing with enslaving vampires, he would know that Jungkook could tear out his son’s throat because he never ordered him not to.

“Who are you?” 

The boy’s head is cocked in curiosity. He isn’t afraid like most children would be finding a monster in their home in the middle of the night. He brushes the bangs from his forehead, unfazed as he waits for Jungkook’s response. 

“Someone you’re not supposed to know is here,” Jungkook replies before turning back to the items scattered across the bed. If it can be called that when it’s nothing more than a wooden slate with a thin sheet thrown over it. At least it isn’t a coffin.

Luckily, Jungkook doesn’t get cold. The items he has been given are just as thin; shirts that are much too big for him and jeans that look to have seen better days. They’re shredded and torn around the knees, the new look of this time and Jungkook still isn’t used to it.

At least they’ve given him clothes. It’s been two weeks and Jungkook had been in the same clothes from the club, his skin unwashed and greasy hair sticking to his forehead. 

“I know everything,” the boy goes on, stepping into the room. He clearly doesn't if he’s so easily approaching someone like Jungkook. Even if he doesn’t know what Jungkook is, he looks like the typical stranger danger kind. Covered in leather and metal, tattoos snaking up his arms and ears stretched big enough the little boy’s finger to fit through. Metal covers the curves of his ears and there are two diamond dermals above his eyebrow.  

“So who are you?”

“If you know everything then shouldn’t you already know?” Jungkook responds and he doesn’t know why he’s entertaining the young boy.  Maybe because it feels good to speak after remaining silent for so many days. Maybe because he's been listening to him, seeking him out like he’s the only thing Jungkook can find comfort in this godforsaken prison. Maybe because the boy talks to himself so often and no one ever talks back.

Not even his parents. He listens to them at dinner time, as the boy rambles on about his day and all he gets in response is his parents snapping at him to finish his food.

Turning over his shoulder, he catches the boy pouting. He can’t be more than nine or ten, cheeks pudgy and as wide as his eyes. Eyes that grow even wider as he fiddles with the hem of his Pokémon shirt and hangs his head dramatically.

“I’m Jungkook,” Jungkook grits out, annoyed. 

He knew being here was going to be aggravating, but he didn’t expect there to be a kid. Not that Jungkook hates kids, they’re actually the one thing in this world he doesn’t hate. Kids and animals. Sometimes his hyungs.

But it pisses him off that the child is here. That there’s a child being raised beneath a man who gets his off on abusing someone, taking them prisoner. He is pissed off that the kid will have to deal with a shitty father and then grow up to be the same kind of piece of shit. 

It’s instant the way the boy lights up, head flying back up and eyes shining. “Jungkook-ssi, do you need help?”

The boy doesn’t wait for a response, pushing beside Jungkook to take his wrinkled clothes into hands. He folds them and lays them back down, patting over them gently.

Jungkook grits his teeth. The scent of onion lingers on the boy but it’s faded. The smell is a given since he lives in the same house and rarely leaves. The smell of honey and strawberries is stronger, especially when the boy tilts his head towards him. 

He smelled the bubble bath before, the entire hallway filled with the scent of strawberries after the boy bathes. It is strong on his skin too and when Jungkook had finally been allowed to shower, he found himself filling the bottom of the shower with the pink soap.

“Are you a monster too?”

Jungkook sits on the board that’s supposed to be his bed, letting the boy straighten his things. He’s careful in the way he touches the clothes like he’s afraid of tearing them more. “Yes.”

The boy rolls his eyes and gives Jungkook a look that says he’s bullshitting. “Nuh uh. You don’t look like a monster.”

“And what does a monster look like?”

Staying quiet, the boy continues to fold the clothes Jungkook has been given. He starts to hums, pouting again. His expression looks stressed as he contemplates Jungkook’s question but it goes away when he thinks of the right answer.

“Looks mean,” he finally says. He puffs his chest out, head nodding. “Yeah, looks mean.”

Jungkook opens his lips up to respond to that, to tell him that according to society Jungkook looks plenty mean, but the boy is whipping his head around, scowling before he can. The boy’s lips pull back as far as possible before he starts to growl. It lasts about a second before he bursts into a fit of giggles.

Part of Jungkook is annoyed when his own lips quirk up and another part of him doesn’t care.

“You look a bit like a wolf.”

The boy quirks a brow at that. “Really?” He bares his teeth again, giggling instead of growling. 

“Wolves are the enemy,” Jungkook says, tilting his head to the side. He finds the boy just as strange as the boy probably finds him.

“No,” the boy says, arms crossed over his chest. He huffs out, nostrils flaring. “I can’t be a wolf then. We’re friends. Not enemies.”

“I didn’t agree to that,” Jungkook says but he feels bad when the boy’s smile fades. His eyes grow wide again and Jungkook doesn’t know if the boy is using that look against him or if he’s truly sad.

He doesn’t get a chance to apologize when he hears the sound of Daesung’s footsteps in the hallway. Even the boy hears it despite his normal human ears. 

Jungkook is quick to stand up, shuffling the boy to the door. “Go on. Your Appa doesn’t want you to see me.”

The boy resists at first, but becomes easier to move at the mention of his father.

“I don’t like him,” the boy complains, tone whining. “He’ll hurt me.”

Jungkook pushes the boy out of the room before he bends down. It feels like he’s being restrained again with the way his arms don’t want to move when he tells them to. He doesn’t want to send the boy away because fear is starting to seep off of him. 

But as much as Jungkook has a rule not to hurt children, he also knows not to go out of his way to protect anyone. No one but his own family, at least. 

He really wants to though and it’s dumb. 

“Scramble, wolf boy.”

“Taehyung,” the boy says, trying to pout again but this time it doesn’t work on Jungkook. “My name is Taehyung.”

“Okay Taehyung,” Jungkook says, waving his hands nearly in panic as the footsteps grow closer. “Go.”

“Wake up.”

Jungkook grunts as a foot comes hard into his ribcage. Normally vampires don’t feel the pain like a human does, but Jungkook is aching.

He hasn’t fed in many days. His gums ache as bad as the rest of his body does, throbbing because the pain from the needle has yet to recede. 

Fear spikes when Jungkook snarls at the man, the sound even frightening himself.  But despite the fear, the man strikes, hands coming down hard against Jungkook’s mouth.

He slumps back against the wall, panting softly. He wonders which will win out, instinct or magic. Will his hunger and his body’s need to survive overrule the magic that bounds him to the man?

Jungkook doubts it.

“I need to feed,” Jungkook rasps. He won’t beg for it. Even if he’s an inch from death, he won’t. He has too much pride and anger.

The man laughs as he squats down, eye level with Jungkook. Jungkook can hear the rush of his blood, the way his heart throbs beneath his jaw. His mouth waters, teeth digging painfully into his lips. 

“You will eat if you behave.”

Jungkook doesn’t want to but he complies when the man pries his mouth open again. It took him a long time to restrain himself when he was hungry, when there was fresh blood so close to his mouth, but he doesn’t want to control it now.

He has to though, his mouth remaining open despite his silent screams for his teeth to clamp down. He can almost taste the man’s blood on his tongue as he fiddles with Jungkook’s teeth.

The pain is worse before and the moan of pain Jungkook lets out sounds foreign to him. The man looks pleased as he extracts more venom, pulling the needle from Jungkook’s mouth with an interested ‘hmph.’

“How often do you produce this?” the man asks as he squirts the clear liquid into a tube. “I’ve sold the first extract and I have merchants from all over the world trying to contact me.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes. “Not a smart businessman, you are. You should make it so little to no one knows your names, knows where you are.”

The man’s grin slips from his mouth. He steadies his eyes on Jungkook for a long moment before he nods. “Only one person knows my name. She’s my contact for merchants.”

“Smart,” Jungkook compliments. He wants to tear the man’s throat out. “You don’t want greedy men showing up on your front porch, ready to kill your family and take your vampire.”

Daesung grits his teeth as he stands. “Behave and you can eat. How does squirrel sound?”

It sounds really fucking good, actually, Jungkook thinks. But he keeps up his disgusted expression to let his new master think he’s taking the upper hand here. Jungkook will eat anything at this point, though animals are usually last measures. 

A rule he made when he still felt somewhat human. When his morals were still naive and based on a life that would either end up Heaven or Hell, not a life that would never end.

Plus, he thinks most animals are cute.

When the man laughs, twisted and sickly, Jungkook knows he isn’t going to eat anytime soon.

He knows it and he’s right, as days slowly tick by and Jungkook’s hunger grows. The man doesn’t even visit him, letting him rot away in a bedroom that looks as if it had been once inhabited by a teenager. There are patches on the walls like posters had once been there, the shelves covered in dusty, unread books. There’s a lone tamagotchi on the shelf that’s probably died now that it’s been forgotten about. He’s explored some of the closet and found small shoes and clothes that looked as if they were high fashion in the eighties.

In his human life, long periods of silence were common. But as the years passed, Jungkook’s become accustomed to the noisy world. It feels uncomfortable now dealing with the silence. He tries to busy himself with the books as he waits for his master to decide when to feed him. They’re uninteresting, teenage love stories that Jungkook scoffs.

Thinking about kissing makes him think about feeding. Thinking about humans makes him think about feeding. Thinking about being in love reminds him of his first love, the first time he was enslaved, and the stupid fucking promise he made to himself that he broke.

He tries to look out the window but the sun burns his skin and hurts his eyes. He keeps the curtains closed instead, keeping the room as dark as possible. 

It isn’t until Jungkook feels as if it’s body is eating itself that the door knob finally turns. It’s the middle of the night he thinks, later than Daesung usually visits.

But it isn’t Daesung. He realizes it in horror the moment the door swipes open and the smell of honey and strawberries fills the room. Those eyes are just as curious as he remembers, peeking around in the dark before he sneaks inside and closes the door behind him.

“Are you awake, Jungkook-ssi?”

Jungkook’s teeth dig harshly into his lips. The sound of Taehyung’s beating heart is loud, the sound of blood moving through his veins even louder, like it’s been amplified and put on speakers. Jungkook’s aches even more when he smells it, the smell of sweet blood touching his nose.

“I’m sleeping,” Jungkook tries but the small boy ignores him to slip into his room.

“Are you ill? You don’t sound well.”

The sudden flood of light has Jungkook wincing and curling in on himself. Taehyung’s eyes are wide with worry now as he scrambles across the room to him.

The damn kid has no sense of danger as he falls onto his knees beside Jungkook, ignoring the weak snarl Jungkook lets out to touch his forehead.

“Are you okay?” the boy asks, gasps. There’s actual horror in his eyes and Jungkook doesn’t know the last time someone looked at him like that and wasn’t afraid of him.

Jungkook knows he doesn’t feel hot, he doesn’t run a fever. But it takes him a moment to realize why the boy looks so much more concerned.

“Your eyes are red,” the boy whispers, touching beneath his eyelid.

Every part of Jungkook is screaming to push forward, snap his teeth against the boy’s throat. But he forces himself to be still.

There have been times he’s pushed himself not to feed. Yoongi’s made him go weeks before in order to strengthen him. There have been times he’s been unable to find a person willing to bare their neck for him and he’s been able to control himself.

But Jungkook feels weak from whatever Daesung used to get him here, to keep him here, or from the magic. He feels drained from the venom being sucked out of him and so fucking hungry it hurts. 

And Taehyung smells unreal. It disgusts Jungkook how pulled he feels towards the boy and he hates this part, this hunger that makes him want to snap his teeth into his throat.

“You should be sleeping,” Jungkook manages, leaning away from the boy. He doesn’t get the hint of personal space either, kneeing even closer to Jungkook in response.

“I don’t have school tomorrow. I stay up all night.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes at the indignant way he says it. “How old are you?”

“Eight,” Taehyung says before he slumps back onto the ground, sitting cross legged beside him. “How old are you?”

Jungkook tries not to inhale, tries not to focus on the smell of the boy’s blood. “Five hundred and eighty years old.”

The boy laughs. He quickly covers his mouth when it gets too loud. “Nuh uh. My Eomma is thirty and she is ancient. You don’t look ancient.”

Jungkook grins at that. “Magic. All monsters have magic.”

Taehyung contemplates this for a moment, head leaning to the side before he peers at him. His shoulders curl forward as he tucks his hands between his legs. “Really?”

Jungkook nods, shifting away from Taehyung inch by inch so he won’t notice and become offended. Children are sensitive things, that’s why they must be protected. “Really.”

Taehyung’s face scrunches. “My Appa doesn’t have magic.”

The words float through Jungkook’s mind a moment before he understands the meaning behind them. He straightens himself up, eyeing over how the boy nibbles unsurely at his bottom lip and curls further in on himself. His heart picks up in pace but he isn’t afraid. 

“Your Appa isn’t a monster,” Jungkook tries but he doesn’t know. He listens to the movements in the house sometimes, tuning into the conversations between the boy and his parents. Tries to imagine the scenes on the television when it’s playing but all Taehyung watches is Pokémon and he doesn’t know it. But he hasn’t heard anything for Taehyung to call his father a monster, unless Taehyung somehow understands that his father has taken a prisoner inside of his home.

Taehyung just shrugs, lifting one shoulder. “I don’t think you know what monsters are since you said you are one and you’re not.”

Jungkook breathes out a laugh. If only the boy knew how hard it is for him not to sink his teeth into his neck right now.

“You’ve got a smart mouth,” Jungkook chides. “Don’t you know not to talk to your hyung like that?”

Taehyung giggles before bouncing up and onto his toes. He bares his teeth again, growling as he curls his fingers into paws. When he fails at scaring Jungkook, his cocks a hip and cups a hand over it. “If you’re a monster, you’re not very scary.”

There’s attitude on his face that would be amusing normally, a grown expression on such a young face, but Jungkook is starting to shake with his attempts to hold himself back.

“Go to bed before your father finds you missing from your room.”

Taehyung crosses his arms over his chest, shaking his head. “No. Appa isn’t here.”

Fuck, Jungkook thinks, licking over his sharp teeth. He wishes he knew more about this control thing. Yoongi probably does. He often talks about it. The ancient vampire knows everything and Jungkook never listens to him.

Insolent, Yoongi calls him. Somehow his tone is always fond when he says it.

“Well then go before your Eomma finds out. She wanders throughout the night as often as you do.”

The wife has yet to stray into this room, thankfully. Jungkook only hears her when she speaks to her husband or Taehyung. She has quiet steps and sounds petite, dainty. Her words are cruel and twisted. Even if she doesn’t touch him, Jungkook hates her just as much as her husband.

“She isn’t here either,” Taehyung tells him as he sits back down, so close his knees touch Jungkook’s. “Namjoon hyung is here. He’s eleven so he’s babysitting me.”

Jungkook doesn’t keep up with the laws anymore, but he doesn’t think an eleven year old should be in charge of a small boy. A small boy in a house with a hungry vampire. 

It clicks then. Jungkook is being tested by Daesung. It makes him angry that he would put his son at risk like that, just to punish Jungkook or to test how well he behaves.

Or, he’s paranoid, he wouldn’t be surprised if either were true.

“Who is Namjoon?” Jungkook says. He doesn’t need to breathe but he inhales deeply, trying to calm himself. Maybe he’ll eat the babysitter.

He’s a child, it’s against his rules, but Jungkook has less attachment to the babysitter and more to the curious boy in front of him. For whatever reason, he’s fond. 

“He helps me with my studies. He lives down by the forest. Have you seen it? Big trees?”

Jungkook inhales again, teeth digging into his tongue. All he can smell is blood, not the scent of another human. “I haven’t been to the forest.”

There are wolves past the border of this town. He doubts they’d venture here when they have all of Seoul to play fetch. It’s another reason Jungkook is hesitant to enter the city.

A werewolf bite is just as venomous as a vampire’s. Except it isn’t just a human that is affected.

Jungkook wonders if Daesung has ties to wolves, if that’s what he injected into Jungkook’s skin to make him so weak.

“It’s so pretty,” Taehyung goes. He pushes up on his knees, reaching over to press against Jungkook’s forehead.

He can’t help it, he shoves Taehyung’s arm away before he can stop himself. Hurt instantly fills Taehyung’s eyes but he doesn’t give a shit right now.

“Get out,” Jungkook grunts, his tone as pained as he feels. He’s starting to sweat, he never sweats. “Get out, Taehyung.”

There’s a pout on Taehyung’s lips as he stands and curls his arms over his chest, hugging himself. “You don’t have to be mean.”

“I am a monster,” Jungkook grits out, forcing himself to stand. He will throw the boy into the hallway if he has to. “I am mean.”

“No,” Taehyung snaps, his squeaky voice the farthest thing from scary. “You are not. You’re just grumpy because you don’t feel good.”

And with that Taehyung storms out, banging the door loudly behind him.

It is eight days after Jungkook is promised to be fed that the master actually feeds him. He anticipates a squirrel or dead animal, he isn’t expecting a woman.

She is dainty, bones prodding into her skin. Her hair is pulled back into a tight bun, revealing the slope of her neck and the veins running beneath her skin.

Daesung sits her on his bed as Jungkook paces. He feels like a predator, tongue darting over his bottom lip and fingers clenching around his sides. He feels like the monster he claims to be.

“For you,” Daesung says, stroking his fingers gently down the side of the woman’s face before making her tilt her head, revealing her neck. Jungkook doesn’t even focus on the rings on his fingers, too obsessed with the lines of blue beneath the woman’s skin. “Though, I’ve assumed you prefer men. I figured you wouldn’t be too picky.”

Jungkook sniffs, rubbing a hand over his nose. Her perfume is strong, noticeable even over the strong smell of her blood. “I need consent.”

The man laughs. “What?”

Even the woman’s perfectly sculpted eyebrows scrunch together. She stays as she is, hands laid limp in her lap and head cocked to the side. Her eyes are familiar as is the small pout on her lips.

“I won’t drink from a human without consent,” Jungkook replies. His body is so tense he feels like stone.

He doesn’t know how cruel Daesung is to humans, but Jungkook isn’t going to help him torture another person if this is what he’s getting at.

The woman laughs and it’s then he realizes who she is. Taehyung’s mother.

Jungkook wonders where Taehyung is. If he’s at school, studying with Namjoon. If he’s wandering too close to the wolves. He wonders if it’s a pack that has good relations with humans or one that will be quick to tear out his throat if he comes too close.

He wonders why he wonders so much about the boy. 

“A vampire with morals,” the woman laughs, cruelty in her eyes. “Take your fill, vampire. I won’t offer it a second time.”

It feels like a trap, Daesung so easily offering up his wife to a starving vampire. But Jungkook care, doesn’t think twice about it before he’s lunging across the room. 

She stands when Jungkook folds his hands beneath her jaw, lifting her. He could rip her head off with how strong the urge is to drink, but he’s careful in not harming her more than the pinch of his teeth.

His moan is muffled as his teeth sink into skin, the taste filling his lips. She tastes as good as any human does, but right now it’s the most satisfying meal. He’s heard of some vampires finding humans whose blood tastes better than anything they’ve ever had, usually within stories of soulmates and other shit Jungkook doesn’t believe in. But he thinks it’s this; a starving vampire finally eating. 

“Oh,” the woman gasps, pleasure in her tone as he curls her slender fingers around Jungkook’s shoulders, pulling him closer. She is petite, fragile beneath Jungkook’s fingers and he doesn’t care if he shatters her. 

When the woman moans again, body curling into Jungkook’s, Daesung grabs roughly at Jungkook’s neck to pull him off. “Enough. Stop.”

Jungkook’s body moves on it’s own accord but he doesn’t have it in him to complain at the moment. He sighs in relief, licking at the blood on his lips. 

The woman looks dazed, skin flushed and eyes blown out. She doesn’t move away at first, but lingers against Jungkook’s body.

His senses rush back to him, his vision clearing and ears unclogging. He can hear the flies outside and smell the flowers that have started to bloom. 

A growl forms on his lips because he smells the wolves. There was one here, he can smell it seeping in from the opened door. 

Yoongi claims vampires to be the most powerful creature but Jungkook is realizing they’re weak, just as weak as humans. Hunger leaves him vulnerable, unable to detect a threat. Yoongi will get a kick out of that.

“Where are your manners? Thank her.”

Jungkook glances down at the woman, bowing his head. “Thank you, Mrs. Kim.”

The woman has a sweet smile but wicked eyes. She pats Jungkook’s cheek. “You were right, my love. It feels amazing. Leave me with him.”

Daesung frowns, eyes angry as he turns to look at his wife. His wife doesn’t look back, her gaze focused on Jungkook’s face.

For a human who thinks Jungkook is a monster for eating people, she looks like she might just do the same to him. 

“Do not harm her,” Daesung grits out, prodding a finger against Jungkook’s chest. He eyes the ring on it, the one his first love had given him. “Make it quick, dear. We have to pick up the boy soon.”

Jungkook’s ears perk at the mention of Taehyung. He tries not to show his interest, or concern. The man says boy the same way he says vampire. 

He leaves the door open when he leaves and Jungkook watches him walk out before the smell of perfume hits his nose as the woman presses her wrist against his mouth.

“Take more,” she breathes, eyes blowing out again.

Jungkook knows his eyes turn red as her fear spikes again. He keeps them latched onto her as he takes her hand into his hold and sinks his teeth into her wrist.

Jungkook finds out why Taehyung is afraid of his father after a month of being there. He listens from his bedroom to the yelling, anger flooding through him when he hears the smash.

He nearly breaks the door down when Taehyung shrieks, his shrill voice filled with terror. But even if he does break the door, he won’t be able to leave this godforsaken room. The sounds make rage blossom inside of him, his hair standing up on the back of his neck.

The corners of his vision go red with how terrified Taehyung sounds as he begs for his father to stop. 

But it builds inside of him and Jungkook’s fist breaks into the wall beside the window. No pain comes and Jungkook slumps to the ground. For the first time, he hates his ability to hear far away, hates that he has to listen to Taehyung’s choked out sobs.

A growl forms in his throat and rips across the room, a loud sound vibrating off of the walls when he hears footsteps and he jumps up to his feet. He wonders if he could break the tie on him with how angry he is. If he can tear off Daesung’s hand and break the spell.

But Jungkook has to calm himself when the door opens and those sobs become louder. Those ring covered fingers are gripping hard into Taehyung’s shoulders before Daesung shoves him into the room.

Seeing him upset is worse than hearing him. Those usually curious eyes are filled with fat tears and so red they look as if they may swell like the red marks on his cheeks are. His heart is hammering a mile a minute, his bottom lip wobbling around each sob.

“Come here.”

Jungkook immediately steps over the space between him and Daesung. He clenches his fingers into fists. 

“Do you know what this is, Taehyung?” Daesung growls, grabbing Taehyung’s chin and making him look at Jungkook. “Do you know what it will do to punish little brats?”

Not a good damn thing, Jungkook thinks. Taehyung is watching him with wide eyes and Jungkook doesn’t like that he is afraid, even if he knows he isn’t afraid of him.

Or maybe now he is, now that his father confirms that Jungkook is indeed a monster.

Jungkook can’t move but his fingers twitch in the need to rip Daesung’s hands from Taehyung.

“Bite him,” Daesung orders, shoving Taehyung towards Jungkook. “Don’t kill him.”

Taehyung whimpers, immediately pulling back from Jungkook. Jungkook is falling to his knees before he can stop himself. He mentally screams at himself to stop but his mind doesn’t listen to him.

He feels sick when Taehyung twists in fear and plants those small hands to him to push him off.

“Please, no, no,” Taehyung hiccups quietly, pulling his arms into his body. “Please, I’m sorry.”

“You’ll learn not to speak that way to me,” Daesung grits, shoving Taehyung forward as Jungkook takes Taehyung’s arm into his own. Jungkook’s fucking pissed, his whole body thrumming with rage.

His teeth don’t extend as he wraps his lips around Taehyung’s wrist. He doesn’t dig his teeth in, only scrapes them over his skin before gently pressing down. Daesung looks pleased as Taehyung whimpers and tries to jerk his arm back.

The fear dissipates some as Taehyung realizes Jungkook isn’t hurting him. But he’s a smart kid and continues to make noises like it’s hurting him. Vampire bites feel good for humans, a reward rather than a punishment, but Daesung must be too focused on terrifying his son rather than hurting him.

Jungkook bites at his own cheek, waiting until blood covers his tongue before he licks it over his lips and dabs Taehyung’s skin with it to make it look believable. Fat tears are rolling down Taehyung’s cheeks, his chest jerking with his hiccuped breaths as he pulls his bloody wrist up this chest.

Not another word is said before Taehyung is being yanked from the room.

“Why didn’t you hurt me?”

Jungkook rubs his fingers down the page of the book he’s been reading. Taehyung had brought it to him after he admitted to reading everything on the shelves. It seems like a book for older kids, but Taehyung had said it was one of his favorites. “I didn’t want to.”

“I thought you were a monster.”

Looking up, Jungkook finds genuine curiosity on the boy’s face. He’s once again snuck to Jungkook in the middle of the night. The red marks have faded from his skin, but he moves like his body is in pain and it’s difficult for Jungkook to look at him and remain in pain. 

“I am,” Jungkook hums. 

“Show me your teeth.”


Taehyung slumps forward, pouting again. “Please?”

Jungkook shakes his head. He doesn’t want Taehyung to look at him with that fear again. 

“That means you and Appa are liars then. Vampires have sharp teeth and they drink blood. You didn’t drink mine.”

Jungkook closes the book and holds it in his lap. “I didn’t want to.”

“Why not?”

Jungkook grins. Normally curiosity like this would annoy him. “Because you’re a child.”

Taehyung scoffs at that, indignant with his arms crossed over his chest. “I am not.”

“Really?” Jungkook asks, quirking a brow. He’s much more comfortable around the boy now that he’s fed. And he’s fed on a regular basis. He isn’t sure if Daesung knows how often his wife sneaks inside the room, but it isn’t his problem.

There are humans who become addicted to vampire venom. He’s seen it before, been haggled by humans for it but he’s never given in, never wanted to be pulled into a trap.

He still was, but Jungkook is done with being angry with himself. 

“You have a babysitter. That means you’re a child.”

Another scoff. More growling. Jungkook pretends to be scared. 

“I’m eight ,” Taehyung clarifies, pointing firmly at his chest like this proves his point and not Jungkook’s. Today he’s wearing a pink Pokemon instead of the usual yellow or brown one. It is fat and round with spikes on his head. It’s cute and Taehyung had introduced it to Jungkook but he can’t remember his name.

There’s so many, Jungkook can’t keep up. 

“Do you have a job yet?”

Taehyung frowns at that. “No.”

“Then you’re a child.”

It is amusing, teasing the boy. He gets flustered easily and loves to debate. He really does believe he knows everything. Even if he doesn’t, he’s smart, coming up with quick comebacks that stump Jungkook. 

“Do you have a job?” Taehyung shoots back, eyes narrowing.

Jungkook shakes his head. “I am a vampire. I don’t need a job.”

“Appa says you work for him,” Taehyung says as he leans back on his palms, no longer offended sounding. Those curious eyes are back. “He said you had to do anything he tells you. That is why I was afraid. I thought you would hurt me like he does.”

Jungkook frowns at that, shaking his head. “I do have to do anything he tells me.”

“So why didn’t you bite me?”

There’s the fear again, slipping through the smell of strawberries and shampoo. 

“Your Appa didn’t tell me to break skin. He asked me to bite you and I did. I just didn’t let it hurt you.”

Taehyung smiles at that, head cocking. “Why do you have to do what he says?”

Jungkook cranks his neck to the side, debating on how much information he can give the boy. He seems smart, like he could understand. 

Jungkook doesn’t know why he even wants to tell him.

“You know how I said monsters have magic?” Jungkook says, bringing his legs up towards his chest. He listens for the sounds of Taehyung’s parents, taking in their snores to make sure they don’t wake. “Well, there is this spell that makes it so people can make vampires do whatever they want.”

Taehyung’s eyes widen in amazement. “Whoa. Like anything?”

Jungkook nods. Or at least he thinks so. “Yep. That’s why I can’t leave this room. Your Appa told me not to.”

The round of Taehyung’s nose curls upwards at that, wrinkles appearing on the bridge. “My Appa isn’t magic.”

“I know,” Jungkook says. “He must have had help somehow, learned the spell somewhere.”

Taehyung pushes up on his knees, always fidgeting. “How does he do the spell?”

Jungkook shrugs. He doesn’t know. He only knows one warlock and he’s very secretive about anything to do with magic. Only Yoongi can ever get him to reveal his secrets and that’s only because they have been living out eternal life together since long before Jungkook was even born.

“You have to enchant something very special to the vampire. I don’t know how, but as long as he wears my rings on his fingers, I have to do what he says.”

“That’s crap,” Taehyung grunts, anger in his eyes as he crosses his chest. 

“Watch your mouth,” Jungkook scolds with a laugh that ruins it.

“It is!” Taehyung exclaims. “I have to do what he says too or he’ll hurt me. It sucks.”

Jungkook hums in agreement. He shouldn’t be encouraging the boy’s habit of staying up late into the night. But he enjoys the company and he is fond of Taehyung and his curious questions.

“If I could stop him from doing that, I would.”

Taehyung smiles with his eyes, though his lips remain pressed together for a moment. “See? Not a mean monster.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes. “Okay, wolf boy. Whatever you say.”

There’s a loud huff from Daesung and Jungkook waves a hand towards the door. “Your Appa is going to wake soon to use the bathroom. Go back to bed.”

Taehyung stands without question or argument. “I’ll bring you another book, okay? Finish that one.”

“Bring me your silly creatures instead,” Jungkook says, waving a hand towards Taehyung’s shirt. “I’ll learn them.”

Taehyung cries in delight, a hand covering over his mouth before he scurries off.

When Taehyung returns, he doesn’t bring his creatures with him. Whatever he does bring can fit clenched in his tiny fists that he keeps held tight against his chest.

Jungkook lifts his head in interest. He had been waiting for Taehyung to come visit him again. It had been another bad day for him. Jungkook had listened to his mother scolding him for getting a bad grade in school, he had listened to his fearful heart when his father came home.

He heard the slap that followed and it only added to Jungkook’s growing anger.

Taehyung smells like wolves. That adds to it too.

“Are you awake?”

“Yes,” Jungkook supplies. He’s starting to get hungry again, the sound of Taehyung’s heart a little more apparent than it usually is. But the boy is in no danger as he sneaks close. “You should be asleep.”

“You say that every night,” Taehyung laughs. His feet echo over the ground, seemingly loud but his parents remain asleep. “I brought you something.”

Jungkook shifts up as Taehyung holds out his hand. He holds his hand beneath it, waiting. 

It’s a bracelet of some sort. Different shades of pink and green strings braided together with tiny beads throughout. Most of them are white squares with strawberries on them.

“Jiminnie and I made friendship bracelets,” Taehyung explains. “I wanted to make one for you too.”

Taehyung holds up his arm then, showing off the collection of bracelets on his own wrist. One is the exact same red and green as Jungkook’s. 

There is pressure in Jungkook’s throat and he rolls his eyes at himself for how foolish it is.

He lets Taehyung help him tie it over his wrists and Taehyung grabs his hand, admiring the flowers he has inked around his wrist. He giggles, nose wrinkling.

“What a scary monster you are, covered in flowers.”

Jungkook laughs at that, taking his hand back. There are scarier tattoos on his body, less delicate and pretty, but he doesn’t mention it. “Quiet. They were my mother’s favorite flower.”

Taehyung sits beside him, tucking his hands between his legs when he’s finished putting on the bracelet. “My Eomma tried to garden but all of her plants died.”

Jungkook bites his lip and keeps his comments to himself. He doesn’t know how Taehyung feels about his mother, if he finds her to be a monster like his father. 

“Where is your Eomma? Do you want the phone to call her?”

Part of Jungkook wants to believe Taehyung isn’t going to grow up to be like his parents, but he’s sure even Taehyung’s parents weren’t horrific when they were children.

“She passed away,” Jungkook tells him. “When I was little.”

Taehyung pushes his lip into a pout, shoulders shrinking. Jungkook regrets telling him suddenly.

“Jiminnie’s Eomma died too, when he was a baby,” Taehyung says. He sighs, fiddling with his bracelet. “Did you like your Eomma?”

Jungkook nods. It’s been so long and he still misses her, even if he barely remembers her face. “She was nice.”

“I wish my Eomma died instead of yours. She isn’t nice.”

He says it so casually, almost offhandedly as he takes Jungkook’s hand into his own and looks at the words written over his knuckles. Jungkook doesn’t know if he can read English and Taehyung doesn’t ask what it says.

“Don’t say that.”

“What?” Taehyung whines. “She’s mean. She called me stupid today but I studied for my spelling test so hard and then slapped my face when I told her.”

Yoongi would probably find it amusing how protective he feels of the small boy. 

“And she pulls my hair a lot in the morning because I am too slow to get out of bed.”

He keeps going and there is anger quickly bottling up inside of Jungkook. He doesn’t realize Taehyung has finished talking until he’s standing up and touching Jungkook’s face.

“Whoa,” Taehyung gasps. His eyes are shiny with tears and Jungkook feels the growl in his throat but he doesn’t want to scare him. “How do you make your eyes so red?”

Jungkook blinks a few times, inhaling deeply until he doesn’t feel so angry. “Magic.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes. “Okay, maybe you can be scary.”

“Did I scare you?”

Taehyung sits back down, shaking his head. “No. You said you didn’t want to hurt me.”

The next time Taehyung’s mother visits him for a feeding, Jungkook nearly drains her. He loses it when he thinks of what Taehyung said and it takes Daesung stabbing something hard into his neck to pull him off.

It feels like poison in his veins, the same thing he had been injected with that got him here in the first place. His vision turns spotty before he collapses from the strength seeping out of his legs.

“Do vampires really drink blood?”

Jungkook watches as Taehyung paces around the room. His parents have company over and he’s been sent to keep Jungkook quiet. He heard Daesung instruct Taehyung to scream if Jungkook ‘acted bad.’

He knows if he does act bad, Taehyung will be punished.

This morning, Taehyung had gotten in trouble saying his belly hurt too much to eat breakfast. Jungkook wonders if this is punishment for him too.

But the joke is on Daesung, because even though Jungkook is so thirsty he feels like he might lose his mind, he won’t hurt Taehyung. He trusts himself enough now to know that.

“Yes. I eat regular food too.” 

Taehyung doesn’t look like he believes him. “Nuh uh.”

“Mhm,” Jungkook argues. “I can eat all food but onions.”

Taehyung stops then, eyes wide. “Even garlic?”

“Even garlic.”

Looking amazed, Taehyung sits beside him again. He seems to know to keep his distance this time as Jungkook curls himself into the corner of the wall as much as possible. 

“I got in trouble today because I didn’t eat. But my tummy hurts.”

Jungkook shifts uncomfortably. “I know.”

“Did you eat?”

Jungkook shakes his head. He doesn’t want to discuss it with Taehyung, to explain it. He’s too little and Jungkook doesn’t want to scare him.

But Taehyung is nosy and Jungkook knows he should have lied.


“Are you hungry?” Taehyung jumps to his feet. “Does your belly hurt?”

“I am okay.”

“Do you want me to go out there and sneak some?”

“No, you’ll get in trouble.”

“But if you’re hungry -”

Taehyung is rushing towards the door when the growl sounds from Jungkook’s throat. He doesn’t mean to but panic washes over him.

No , Taehyung.”

Taehyung freezes and for the first time, his fear is directly the result of Jungkook. He pulls his hands up to his chest, eyes wide.

Frustration fills Jungkook. “I’m sorry. I just - can’t eat, okay?”

“Are you mad at me?”

“No,” Jungkook sighs. He feels like a rope that’s slowly being pulled apart. “No. I just don’t want you to get in trouble. Your Appa told me I can’t eat and you’ll get in trouble for helping me.”

Taehyung frowns at that. “I told you he was a monster.”

Jungkook is too tired to argue so he just nods. “I should have believed you. You know everything, right?”

He’s hoping it would make Taehyung smile, to make him look less sad, but it doesn’t.

Jungkook doesn’t expect Taehyung to return so soon but he appears in the middle of the night the next day.

With him is a box of donuts that Jungkook weakly accepts. They’re the small powdered kind that make his mouth dry when he eats them.

“I don’t know how to cook.”

Jungkook laughs at that. “This is perfect.”

“I have something else,” Taehyung says, nibbling on his bottom lip. “Hold out your hand.”

Taehyung digs into the pocket of his sweatpants and whatever it is, he keeps clasped in his fist until Jungkook holds his palm out. 

His heart leaps into his throat when his eyes catch on the metal that falls into his palm. The red stone taking in the moonlight that slips through the curtains and the one beside it, a thin but heavy band with his lover’s name etched into it. 

“And this one,” Taehyung says, digging into his pocket again and producing the green stoned ring his father had given him. He dumps it into Jungkook’s palm, tongue pressed beneath his teeth. “I think that’s it. I brought this one too but I think it’s his wedding ring.”

Taehyung holds up an unfamiliar ring and Jungkook shakes his head.

He can’t believe this. The sudden power he feels is overwhelming. He expected a feeling of relief being freed, but he feels the same.

Part of him is afraid that this is fake, and he will walk through those doors and die.

“How - how did you get these?” 

Taehyung watches in interest as Jungkook slips them back onto his fingers. Even after all these months, he still hadn’t gotten used to the feeling of going without them. He feels whole again having them on.

“Eomma takes this medicine that she says makes her sleep really hard. She gives it to me too sometimes. I snuck it into Appa’s food.”

Eight years old and the kid is a mastermind.

“You could have hurt him,” Jungkook says but he wouldn’t have cared if Taehyung did.

“I don’t care,” Taehyung says as he climbs up onto the bed with Jungkook. “He is really mean.”

Jungkook softens, flexing his fingers. He nudges Taehyung’s shoulder with his own. “Thank you, Taehyung-ssi.”

Taehyung smiles widely, showing off his teeth and making his cheeks round even more than they already do. “You can leave the room now and come see my Pokemon things and cook something better than donuts.”

Jungkook glances out at the moon. He’s free, he can leave the house. This prison.

“Alright,” Jungkook says. “But I have to go somewhere else to eat. And I - I won’t be coming back.”

He wants to take the boy with him but it’s impossible. He feels like he’s going to tear through a club of people to satiate his need to feed and Yoongi won’t let him just bring a small human boy into their home.

Taehyung frowns as he slips off of the bed. “Good thing there’s so many Pokemon.”

With a snort, Jungkook follows after Taehyung.

He is nervous when he lifts his foot to drop it over the threshold, and excitement fills him when nothing happens. He feels like he’s taking his first breath as he steps into the hallway and follows Taehyung to his room.

Taehyung’s room is covered in posters. Mostly of his little creatures but also of animals and other cartoons. His shelves aren’t dusty, but they’re stacked with books and tiny statues. There are photos of him with another boy around the room, a lot of them. The boy’s cheeks are even chubbier than Taehyung’s and in every picture, he’s clinging onto Taehyung and smiling so hard that his eyes are squeezed closed.

“Is this Namjoon?” Jungkook asks as he touches the frame beside Taehyung’s bed. His sheets are Power Rangers, his comforter a bright pink and yellow flower pattern. 

Taehyung shakes his head as he drops to his knees and pulls a huge binder out from beneath his bed. “Jimin. My best friend. He lives by the forest too with Namjoon. But they aren’t brothers. Jimin-ah doesn’t have an Eomma, remember?”

Jungkook frowns at that, planting the frame back onto the nightstand. “I remember.”

The way Taehyung places the binder onto the bed is very gentle and hesitant, like he’s touching a prized object. Different in the way he had tossed such expensive rings at Jungkook just a few minutes earlier.

“Yeah. He is sad sometimes but Namjoon hyung shares his Eomma. I would share mine but I don’t like her. I don’t want her to be mean to him.”

Jungkook’s heart hurts some but he doesn’t show it as Taehyung opens the binder and shows off pages of cards. Each one has a different creature on the top, and the bottom is covered in statistics and what Jungkook assumes to be battle moves.

“I collect them,” Taehyung says. “Don’t touch them.”

It’s hard not to roll his eyes as Taehyung strokes over the glossy page. His tone is serious so Jungkook holds his hands up, showing Taehyung that he’s keeping them to himself.

He listens as Taehyung lists off each Pokemon. He tells Jungkook too much, things he won’t remember and he doesn’t try to because he won’t see Taehyung again.

“Oh, Jungkook-ssi, can you turn into a bat?” Taehyung asks suddenly as he hovers a hand over a creature that is supposed to be a bat but it’s blue and purple.  

Jungkook laughs at that. “I cannot.”

“Lame,” Taehyung says, turning the page again.

It’s dangerous, how focused Jungkook becomes on Taehyung. Dangerous because he doesn’t hear Daesung wake up, or move from his room. He doesn’t hear him until Daesung is opening the door to Jungkook’s prison and cussing.

Jungkook jumps from Taehyung’s bed when Daesung yells for his wife and sinks into the darkness. He presses a finger to his lips at Taehyung’s wide eyes, who rushes over to the wall and flicks off his nightlight, black blanketing the room. 

Taehyung scurries in putting the binder on his night stand before flying into his bed and rolling beneath the covers of his flowered comforter.

“Fucking piece of shit!” Daesung yells, voice rumbling over the walls of the hallway. Jungkook could slip through the window and escape with ease, but his feet remain rooted to the spot. “The rings are gone!”

Jungkook presses against the wall, feeling how cool it is when Taehyung’s door flies open. He swings it so hard the door knob smacks angrily into the wall.

Fear spikes through the room as Taehyung hides beneath his blankets. It’s dark, thankfully, because Taehyung is not good at pretending to be asleep. His eyes move quickly over the back of his eyelids and his face is clenched tightly in concentration.

“Get up!” Daesung yells, yanking the comforter from Taehyung. “I know you’re awake!”

Taehyung squeaks out when Daesung grabs his binder and tosses it, making it clang loudly against the wall. The tears are immediate, panic washing through Taehyung as he watches his beloved cards drop to the ground.

“What did you do, you insolent little brat!

Red. It’s all Jungkook sees. The room floods in it as he watches those grubby hands grab Taehyung’s shoulders. His body shakes with the anger it creates inside of him. He swears he’s never felt this uncontrollable need to kill, not even feed, to tear the pulse from someone’s throat.

“Taehyung go,” Jungkook grunts as he pushes away from the dark. He is fast, his speed benefiting him in grabbing Daesung before he can even remove his hands from his son. “Go hide.”

Daesung whips around, his fear louder than Taehyung’s. It tastes like gold and feels like victory. Jungkook can’t help the wicked smile on his face as he grabs the man’s throat, fingers digging in.

“Don’t touch him,” Jungkook growls. The man’s weight is nothing to Jungkook’s strength and he moves easily, choking beneath Jungkook’s grip. 

Jungkook doesn’t look to see if Taehyung actually did as he was told, to see if he is in the room. He doesn’t think about anything at all but his rage and the daggers that break from his gums.

He shoves them into the man’s throat without hesitation, enjoying the way fear tastes on his tongue. 

When Jungkook was still a new vampire, he had killed a few people. He didn’t know how much blood a human could lose, how strong his arms actually were. He had buried himself in guilt because of it.

Now, Jungkook doesn’t feel it. He feeds until the man stops struggling, until he hears the last beat of his heart.

Jungkook is a mess, the blood covering down his neck and chest. He knows he must look like a monster as he throws the man to the ground and stalks off, the red following him.

He can hear Taehyung’s heartbeat thudding from somewhere. He follows it as he wipes at his mouth, not wanting to scare Taehyung too much.

It’s useless because Jungkook feels out of control with anger and it amplifies when he finds Taehyung, cowering against the wall.

There’s a red handprint on his cheek. His mother stands in front of him, unaware of Jungkook until Taehyung’s fearful eyes fall on him. 

“You,” the woman cusses, whipping around.

She doesn’t get another word before Jungkook pulls her down the hallway and tears out her throat.


Taehyung’s face throbs. It feels like his heart is beating out of his cheeks. There’s pain in his forehead like a really bad headache.

Jungkook-ssi told him to hide but he doesn’t know where to go. He slips into the linen closet, hiding beneath the shelves of towels and soap. There’s yelling and snarling, Jungkook sounds really mean. 

He’s scared, so scared that he tries to cup a hand over his mouth and hide his whimpers but he can’t.


It’s his mother, hissing under her breath. Maybe Taehyung shouldn’t have hid in the linen closet because he always hides here and his mother always finds him.

She does again, the door whipping open before her pointy nails dig into his arm and yanks him out.

“You thief!” She cusses.

It hurts when she slaps him. Sometimes she hits his butt or his hand. Sometimes the face. Taehyung hates those the most.

He whimpers, shrinking small. Jimin told him to do that when he’s scared, that it’s supposed to keep him safe.

Jimin doesn’t know what he’s talking about because it doesn’t stop his mother from hitting him a second time.

“Don’t touch him.”

Taehyung isn’t normally afraid of Jungkook-ssi. He’s funny looking. When he laughs, his two front teeth pop out like he’s a bunny rabbit. He thinks he’s scary and mean, but he’s really bad at it.

He’s Taehyung’s friend, but right now he is scary. Taehyung can only kind of see him in the dark. His hair is too dark and all of the pictures on his arms and neck are black. His red eyes stand out though, bright like the night lights Taehyung usually uses.

They’re scary, his red eyes. He gets squiggly lines beneath them when they go red, when he shows his teeth. Taehyung can’t see it now and Jungkook’s red eyes quickly disappear as Jungkook grabs his mother.

It sounds gross, cracking and breaking. Taehyung covers his ears and tucks his head between his knees, chest aching as Jungkook drags his mother out of the room.

“Oh no,” Taehyung breathes, choking on his tears. “Oh no, oh no, oh no.”

It’s a mantra he repeats until he hears his name being called.


Taehyung whimpers quietly as he lifts his head, watching Jungkook come back into the hallway. He can’t see him, he doesn’t want to see him.

“Don’t hurt me,” Taehyung breathes as Jungkook drops to his knees in front of him. Up close, it’s easier to see how stained his skin is. The red fades from his eyes until Taehyung can barely see them in the dark.  

“I won’t hurt you. I’m your friend.”

Taehyung believes him, but he doesn’t uncurl himself. “You hurt my parents, didn’t you?”

“I did,” Jungkook says without hesitation. “They won’t hurt you again, got it?”

Taehyung nods, glancing behind Jungkook. He wonders where Jungkook put them. 

“You ate them.”

Jungkook huffs out a dry laugh but Taehyung isn’t joking and it isn’t funny.

“You freed me, I free you,” Jungkook says and Taehyung doesn’t understand. “Call Namjoon and tell him a bad guy came into your house.”

Jungkook’s eyes glow red again and he talks funny, very slow like he thinks Taehyung might not understand them. He sounds like one of those guys on the television that makes people do things with their voice.

“Don’t mention me, or vampires. You won’t remember I’m a vampire.”

Taehyung wrinkles his nose at that. “Okay.”

Jimin and Namjoon won’t believe him anyway. They always say monsters aren’t real when he talks about being afraid of them.

Taehyung opens his lips to say so but he blinks and Jungkook is gone.

The police are loud and scary. They keep asking questions Taehyung doesn’t know the answer to and he is afraid when he lies. But Jungkook told him to.

He doesn’t want Jungkook to get into trouble.

“I think this is ridiculous. It’s past midnight, he’s an eight year old boy and he just witnessed his parents die quite brutally. Why are you still bombarding him with questions?”

Taehyung turns, sinking into Namjoon’s Eomma’s side. She smells like baby powder. Her arm is strong around his shoulders. 

“Just a few more questions, Hyunmi-ssi -”


Namjoon’s mother stands then, carefully guiding Taehyung with her. 

“Once he can rest, you can speak to him again.”

“M’am, he should stay. They say right after the crime -”

“He is coming home with me. I will not argue on this.”

Taehyung thinks Namjoon’s mother is scary too, but her fingers are gentle as they pet over Taehyung’s hair. The police officer doesn’t argue with her and just sighs.

The car smells like perfume, Taehyung thinks as Namjoon’s mother helps him into the backseat. He’s really sleepy and he presses his face against the window, even though it’s cold.

He swears he sees red eyes outside of the police station, but he is too sleepy to tell. He keeps his eyes on the spot as Namjoon’s mother drives off, trying to see if it was the vampire but his eyes grow too heavy to keep open.

Chapter Text

Twenty Years Later


Coffee is heaven sent. Every sip is a delight on Taehyung’s tongue and it keeps him alert, awake enough to read through the essays he for some assinine reason decided to assign the first week of the semester. It’s apparent everyone hates the subject he’s teaching and they’ve only signed up thinking Magical Lore would be an easy A. 

Taehyung sighs, itching at his hairline. It is only the first week of classes. Maybe his students’ interest will grow the more he teaches them. His course is full of fascinating things, but so far he hasn’t taught a class where his students have agreed. 

He doesn’t get it, to be honest. From a human perspective, it’s mind-blowing that there are creatures who survive without beating hearts, who need to consume human blood to survive. It is unbelievable that there are humans who can contort their limbs and turn into wolves, but he’s seen it with his own eyes. 

His students take it as folklore, as fantasy. Not as truth. 


Taehyung glances up from his desk to find the one person who will make focusing impossible: Park Jimin. He leans a shoulder against the door frame, holding out a cup of coffee despite seeing that Taehyung is already sipping at one. 

“Namjoon-ah told me you decided it was a good idea to assign an essay on the first day of class and now you’re stuck here grading them.”

There’s amusement in Jimin’s eyes as he slinks into the office and takes the chair opposite of Taehyung. He stands out amongst the dark artifacts and dark decor that covers Taehyung’s office, his baby pink shirt clinging to his chest. It’s inappropriate, the ‘fuck off’ scribbled over his chest but he’s often mistaken as a student and it’s Jimin , so Taehyung holds back his scolding.

“It was a simple essay,” Taehyung replies defensively. “Only two pages. Choose a creature we will cover and say what you’re interested in learning about it and why.”

Jimin’s eyes bulge wide at that. “Two pages? Triple spaced, I’m hoping.”

Taehyung glares at him but remains quiet because Jimin is right. It was dumb of him.

This is only his second year as a college professor and he’s still trying to get the hang of it.

“Where is Namjoon anyway?”

Jimin shrugs, kicking his feet up on his desk. “Don’t know. Probably hitting on that cute new professor. Works in your department.”

Taehyung sighs, giving up on the essays. He doesn’t need to be reminded.

Last year, he had been the only Lore professor on campus. Now they’ve hired a second, a Kim Seokjin. His favorite class has been cut and now he has to teach ones that are actually terribly boring. Vampires in Media, what a joke. He feels like a fraud just attempting to write a course plan. 

“A whack job, you mean,” Taehyung grits out. He tried bonding with the new professor because Namjoon is clearly heart eyes and dicks out for him, but the moment Taehyung had tried to talk about lore with the man, he laughed.

How someone who teaches about magic and magical creatures doesn’t believe in them, Taehyung doesn’t know. But he had laughed when he saw how offended Taehyung seemed by it.

“The only whack job here is you, babe,” Jimin laughs. “Have you convinced any students yet that there are monsters who creep around in the night?” 

“No,” Taehyung mumbles. “The movies have ruined it. Everyone thinks it’s a lie, but listen, how many lores are there about vampires? Across the globe? From a time when there was no way of communicating to far away places? It isn’t a coincidence.”

Jimin gives him the same look that he always does. He entertains Taehyung’s ramblings about monsters with a smile on his lips. It’s both fond and amused, but he doesn’t believe a word Taehyung says. “It just shows how much parents love scaring their children.”

“Explain how they all have similar features then?” Taehyung debates. “All night walkers who drink blood and have to be invited inside to enter someone’s home. That is common in every lore.”

“Because it’s terrifying,” Jimin shoots back. “You’re cute when you’re passionate, Tae Tae.”

If it wasn’t Jimin, he would be frustrated. But it is Jimin and he doesn’t argue it anymore.

He wonders if Jimin would be so quick to shoot down the idea of vampires if he saw the way Namjoon’s body twisted and contorted. If he heard Namjoon’s bones breaking as he turned into a wolf almost as tall as himself. If he had Namjoon’s teeth in his face, snarling at him because he was pissed a young Taehyung sneaked out of the house when he wasn’t supposed to and followed him.

They haven’t talked about it. Namjoon told him not to ask questions so he didn’t.

Not to him , at least.

“You’re annoying always,” Taehyung shoots back but there’s no bite to it. “Get your feet off my desk.”

Jimin doesn’t move his feet but reaches out to sneak his fingers into the bowl of strawberry flavored candy Taehyung has beside his computer. “I’m here until you finish those papers. Because we’re going out tonight for Namjoon’s birthday weekend. You’re a shitty person for scheduling work during your hyung’s birthday celebration.”

Taehyung sighs. He had forgotten but he’ll never admit it. Even if Namjoon wouldn’t care that he forgot. “Help me then.”

With Jimin’s help, they knock out the stacks of essay in an hour or so. Taehyung is sure Jimin is only half reading what his students have to say, though he’s clearly amused by some of the things he reads as he laughs loudly and scribbles a huge, red check mark next to paragraphs. 

Taehyung doesn’t care, he intended to give everyone a passing grade just for doing the assignment. Even the ones who barely wrote half a page. It’s the attempt that matters even if he’s annoyed no one made a true attempt. 

He just had been excited to read them, to find a student that is excited about the course, but so far that’s not the case.

“Listen to this,” Jimin huffs. “‘Cambions are pretty dope. Imagine being half demon, half human. Which is basically full demon because humans are the worst species to exist. In this essay, I will -’”

Taehyung reaches over the desk, snatching the essay from Jimin. “What the hell is a cambion?”

He skims the writing quickly, finding his lips quirked up. Min Jungkook, as the heading says, really hates humankind. He’s written as much as Taehyung had assigned, but instead of it being which creature he’s interested in learning, he’s written an argumentative essay as to why humans are the real monsters.

“Interesting,” Taehyung hums, sinking back in his chair. It’s quite alarming how much he hates his own kind, but at least he doesn’t seem hateful or apathetic towards super creatures. 

He moves to jot down the grade in his grading notebook, but there is no Min Jungkook listed.

“Come on now,” Jimin says as he drops the last essays in his pile to the pile of completed ones, without completing them. “I want to get hyung drunk. He’s been walking around with the biggest stick up his ass lately.”

Taehyung snorts, planting Jungkook’s essay to the side so he can figure it out later. 

Namjoon was born with that stick up his ass. Not that Taehyung doesn’t understand why. From a young age, he’s been pushed into taking care of them by himself. His mother, Hyunmi, was always traveling, leaving Namjoon in charge. She took children in like a cat lady would take in kittens, and place them in Namjoon’s lap to care for.

“Probably because he has to deal with you,” Taehyung says but his tone is too fond as he grabs his briefcase. “You put bleach into his shampoo just last week and said it was because it’s important to ‘bleach the asshole.’”

Jimin grins proudly, lips opening to respond but there’s a throat clearing from Taehyung’s door that has them both whipping their heads to the newcomer.

He’s a student, Taehyung has suspected if the backpack strap over his shoulder that he clings onto is any indication. An older student, maybe mid twenties. He’s dressed head to toe in black, his black t-shirt tucked into ripped black jeans. There’s a black bucket hat over his black hair and even his arms and neck are covered in thick, black tattoos. He doesn’t step inside of the office, but the toes at the edge of the entranceway.

Taehyung has seen him quite a few times around campus, even before the year started. So much that Taehyung almost introduced himself a few times. There’s no way to mistake him. His ears are covered in metal and there are rubies over his eyebrow like they’ve been stamped into his skin.

“Sorry,” the newcomer says, looking strangely at Jimin and Taehyung. “Um, I’m looking for Seokjin’s office.”

He throws a thumb at the ‘Professor Kim’ Taehyung has printed on his door, showing off the bulky rings decorating his fingers. Taehyung can’t help but glance at Jimin’s amused smile, as it’s his fault the ‘Taehyung’ had been chipped away during prank week.

He isn’t a student but he’s here so often and participates in so many student activities that he might well be one.

“Office hours are closed this late,” Taehyung says. “You shouldn’t even be in the building.”

The grin on the man’s lips can only be considered cocky. He adjusts his fingers to his backpack, glancing beneath the brim of his bucket hat so Taehyung can see the muscle over his jaw and the way he tongues at his teeth.

“I’m his brother,” the man says. “Can you direct me in the right way or should I knock on every Kim’s door in Seoul before I find him?”

Jimin raises his brows, turning slightly so the man won’t see. Taehyung doesn’t think it works.

“Yeah, yeah. Down the hall to the right. His door will actually say Seokjin.”

The man doesn’t say thank you or anything at all. He nods his head in acknowledgment and then turns around and leaves. 

A whistle follows and Taehyung glares at Jimin in response.

“He’s cute,” Jimin whispers. “Totally your type. You love that tattoo shit. His ears were stretched too, did you see? Rocks your punk loving nuts off, doesn’t it?”

Taehyung rolls his eyes and starts to walk off. Jimin has a get Namjoon and Taehyung a boyfriend agenda and he’s passionate about it. For what reason, Taehyung doesn’t know. 

“I need a drink,” Taehyung replies. “Isn’t that why you’re here?”

Jimin jumps forward and pushes his arm beneath Taehyung’s, clinging to it. “Yes, yes. Let’s get fucked up.”



It is a bit awkward going out in a college area and drinking alongside his students. Luckily, Taehyung doesn’t know that many of them yet for him to recognize them. He thinks they recognize him though, he catches eyes following him as he walks around the bar. 

He’s only twenty eight years old but he’s sure his student look at him like he’s ancient. A professor. He’s practically Dumbledore.

The graduate students are a little more bearable, closer to his age. But they don’t frequent the bars as much as the undergraduate students do.

“This tastes like shit,” Namjoon grunts as he shifts his drink to Taehyung instead. His glasses are perched on his nose, square framed and a little too big for his face. He pulls it off though, having the hot professor look down pat. His hair is gelled back and swept off to the side. His normal black tie and pleated suit replaced with a colorful shirt that he has tucked into his jeans. It has a low collar, revealing his collarbones and the words he has inked on his skin.

Strength in loyalty. 

If Taehyung weren’t afraid of being prodded with a needle for minutes on end, he’d get these same words to match.

“Why give it to me then?” Taehyung complains but he accepts the drink as he takes the stool beside Namjoon. Jimin is on his other side, his pink shirt replaced with a see-through shirt that’s tinted gold. Jimin has the same tattoo as Namjoon, but his is written down his spine. Every time Taehyung looks at it he cringes, imagining how much it must have hurt.

“You’ll drink it,” Namjoon says before he calls for another drink. “You eat onions raw, my dude. Your taste is shit.”

Taehyung snorts at that. “So many people do that. Like, so many.”

“And so many are disgusting,” Namjoon says with a laugh. “It makes your breath smell.”

“It wards off vampires.”

Namjoon narrows his eyes at that. If anyone will believe him that vampires are real, it’s Namjoon. Namjoon doesn’t look like he thinks Taehyung is bullshitting when he talks about it. 

But Namjoon won’t talk about it himself. He won’t even admit out loud that he’s a werewolf. Anytime Taehyung even tries to talk about wolves, Namjoon shoots the conversation down. Even the normal, not half human ones.

“It doesn’t,” Namjoon says. “That’s garlic.”

“That’s false,” Taehyung corrects, pointing a finger to Namjoon. “They can eat too. Regular human food. Just not onions. Are you a vampire then, Joonie hyung?”

Namjoon doesn’t look in the mood to joke around. He only side eyes Taehyung and Taehyung holds his hands up, waving a white flag. He’s been holed up for the last few weeks, traveling back and forth over the summer, and now the semester has started. 

Taehyung understands why Jimin was so eager to take Namjoon out.

“The way he never sleeps, maybe,” Jimin jibes in. “You know the other night, I caught him walking into the house at two in the morning? He swore he didn’t have a secret lover, but I’m not so sure.”

Namjoon’s jaw tenses for a brief moment before he stretches his arms out. Taehyung knows that it isn’t a secret lover, but another secret altogether. One Taehyung isn’t supposed to know and he doesn’t understand why Jimin can’t either.

“Enough talking about me,” Namjoon finally says. “Jimin, go. How’s the studio?”

But Jimin isn’t listening. Instead, he’s leaning over the bar, talking to the bartender. There’s a devilish smile on his face and Taehyung grins, knowing he’s on a mission to not only get fucked up himself but Namjoon as well.

“Ah the birthday boy,” the bartender says loud enough for them to hear. He glances their way, a big grin on his face and Namjoon looks murderous. “Happy Birthday, Professor. How old are you today? Sixty?”

“Ha,” Namjoon deadpans before he flicks the bartender off. “You’re older than me, Jackson.”

“Don’t act it though,” Jackson says with a cheery smile. He reaches beneath the bar, pulling out a thick glass bottle with dark liquor inside. “Drinks on the house tonight. But don’t be too loud about it. You aren’t the only birthday boy in Lupi tonight, but you’re the only one I like.”

Jackson nudges his head towards across the bar but Taehyung doesn’t care to look. He watches Namjoon’s fingers curl around his glass as he holds it in place for Jackson to pour the expensive liquor into.

“You know the type.”

Taehyung does look then, turning his eyes in the direction Jackson had nudged his head. At first sight, he sees Professor Seokjin. It’s hard to miss him with his bright blond hair and pale pink sweater, especially when the rest of the people around him are dressed head to toe in black.

“I know the type,” Namjoon mumbles with disdain in his voice that confuses Taehyung. “I’ll need more of that, Jackson-ssi.”

Jackson laughs as he does as Namjoon asks, filling his glass until it nearly touches the brim. Even Jimin’s brows are crunching in confusion.

“The cute professor,” Taehyung mouths, nudging his head and raising his eyebrows. He does it again when Jimin squints his eyes, unable to read his lips.

Taehyung grunts it out loud when Jimin doesn’t get it a second time. “That’s the cute professor.”

Namjoon sputters into his drink, face immediately going red before he elbows Taehyung. Jimin’s eyes widen in pure delight.

“Oh go talk to him, hyung,” Jimin says, tapping Namjoon’s arm like he’s trying to shove him from the stool he sits on. 

But Namjoon barely budges, the muscles in his arms flexing as he strengthens himself against Jimin. “No. Tonight is about the three of us. Every birthday, just the three of us.”

Taehyung snorts so loudly it hurts his throat. “Since when?”

“Since always,” Namjoon says so strongly Taehyung almost believes him. “It’s always been the three of us.”

It has and Taehyung softens at that. But still. “Stop being nervous and just go.”

“Yes, go,” Jimin adds, shaking Namjoon’s arm. “Save him from the Grim Reapers.”

Namjoon laughs, a shyness creeping into his expression as he starts to redden. He’s usually quite confident, but he is always terribly shy when it comes to men. No matter how often Jimin and Taehyung try to hype him up and convince him that he’s a whole meal, the entire course. 

“No. No, the people he’s with don’t look friendly.”

Jimin rolls his eyes and a second later he’s gone.

Namjoon cusses quietly, body going taut as he looks ahead like the glass bottles lining the back of the bar are fascinating. Taehyung isn’t as worried about hiding the fact that he’s watching. He stares openly, his eyes following Jimin who hops over towards the table.

Kim Seokjin has a friendly smile but the others around him don’t look as nice. The smallest of the men looks over Jimin like he might eat him, but Taehyung is used to people looking at Jimin that way. The second man smiles and it is bright and cheerful, all of his teeth showing. 

The third man tucks a hand beneath his chin, eyes narrowing at Jimin. It’s the man from earlier, Seokjin’s brother. Taehyung is almost surprised to see him, but given this is the fifth or sixth time he’s been in the same place as the man in the last few days, he isn’t. 

His bucket hat is gone now, revealing thick curly hair that falls over his forehead. He looks the most intimidating, eyes narrowed at Jimin like he’s annoyed by his presence. 

It’s amazing how at ease Jimin seems, even when the first man takes Jimin’s hand and brings it towards his mouth. He doesn’t kiss the back of his hand like Taehyung thought he might but instead lets his nose trail over the inside of his wrists

“Go get him,” Namjoon says suddenly, a growl in his voice that makes Taehyung jump and look away. “Now Tae, go.”

“Are you really that -”

“Just go,” Namjoon huffs and Taehyung sees it in his eyes that it isn’t just nerves. “Please.”

Jimin smiles when Taehyung approaches. He takes in the faces of the men when he gets close, his feet fumbling over themselves when he takes in the man with the tattoos. There isn’t anything friendly looking about him but Taehyung finds it isn’t him that makes him the most nervous.

There’s something about him that tickles at Taehyung’s mind. Something about the way his eyes trail over him makes Taehyung think of his childhood home but in a way he can’t place. 

Maybe it’s the threat in his eyes, the same way he remembers his father. But he had been terrified of his father and he doesn’t feel afraid of the tattooed man.

It’s the first man that makes him the most nervous. He looks the most menacing, eyes on Taehyung that tell him not to come close. But he does anyway, because it’s Jimin and the sound of Namjoon’s voice has a discomfort settling inside of him. 

“Hey, hey Professor. I see you’ve already found the bar most of the other professors frequent.”

Seokjin laughs when his eyes find him. “‘Course. I heard they have half off wings on Fridays. Couldn’t miss that.”

Taehyung laughs nervously. The others around him are quiet and just staring at him. He refuses to meet their eyes.

“Professor Kim Taehyung,” Seokjin says, waving towards him. “Teaches Magical Lore at the University. Taehyung-ssi, these are my brothers.”

Taehyung smiles at the others. He doesn’t think they’re all related but he doesn’t think twice about it. Neither Namjoon, Jimin, nor himself are blood related but he’d fight off anyone who tried to say they weren’t brothers.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Taehyung says with a quick wave. “This is my brother, Jimin. And - you know, Namjoon-ah. Uh, Professor Namjoon. It’s his birthday and he has this thing about spending it together.”

Jimin is giving him a pointed look that Taehyung pointedly ignores. 

“It’s our maknae’s birthday,” Seokjin cheers, pointing a hand over the table and at the man with the tattoos. “Well, it was last week. We’re a bit late in celebrating because of the move. You should join us.”

Taehyung itches at the back of his neck. Despite being a professor that teaches a handful of students at one time, he isn’t used to so many eyes on him. Especially since most of his students are sleeping or looking off somewhere else, stuck in their own heads. 

“I don’t know -”

“Come on,” the man with the cheerful smile says, curling his fingers at Taehyung as if to beckon him forward. Taehyung warms, his body jerking forward some as if responding to the gesture. “The more the merrier. Your hyung is that one yes? Isn’t that the one you said was cute?”

Seokjin obviously kicks under the table, anchoring his foot into the man’s shin but the cheerful man barely flinches. 

“Ironic,” Jimin says. “He said the same about you.”

Seokjin rolls his eyes but he’s standing a second later, rubbing down his chest to smooth down his shirt. “That is my cue. Ta ta, suckers. Hobi.”

Hobi, the cheerful man, throws up his thumb before Seokjin takes off. 

The tattooed man hasn’t moved at all, eyes still trained on Taehyung and Jimin.

Jimin is quick to take Seokjin’s seat, still unaware of how tense the others are around him. He tucks a hand beneath his chin and crosses his legs. “So, what’s up with the black?”

Hobi laughs, throwing a hand out to indicate the two other less enthused men. “It’s our thing.”

Jimin snorts. “Black? You pull it off nicely.”

Oh no, Taehyung thinks. He watches Jimin’s eyes flutter, a flirty smile teasing at his lips. 

“Hoseok,” Hobi says, holding a hand out. “And you are?”

“Single,” Jimin says, taking Hoseok’s hand into his own. “Jimin.”

The tattooed man snorts at that, finally moving. He leans back, crossing his arms over his chest and revealing that it isn’t just his face that intimidating but his body as well. The sleeves of his shirt stretch around the thickness of his biceps, not quite overly jacked but the muscles in his arms bigger than Taehyung’s fist. 

“This is Yoongi,” Hoseok says, pointing to the first man that had taken Jimin’s hand. “And Kook. Birthday boy. Maknae. Brat.”

Neither men look too happy to be introduced, not acknowledging it. Kook doesn’t even bat at the joke about him being a brat. It’s uncomfortable, to say the least.

“Tae,” Jimin responds, waving towards Taehyung though he had already been introduced. He scooches over on the booth, patting the too small of space for Taehyung to sit as he presses closer towards Hoseok. “Happy belated birthday, Kook-ssi.”

Kook only nods his head, nose wrinkling. Taehyung doesn’t want to sit but he does, putting pressure on the leg hanging off the seat to keep himself from falling.

Glancing at Namjoon, Taehyung finds his smile uncomfortable as he looks between Seokjin and them.

“Your hyung doesn’t look too happy you’re here,” Yoongi says, finally speaking. His words are slow and deep, eyes narrowing as they cross over Taehyung and Jimin.

Jimin shrugs. “Neither do you. Glowering in the dark.”

Taehyung pinches Jimin’s thigh for that but Yoongi smiles, the corners of his lips quirking up to press into round cheeks. 

It only lasts a moment before the tattooed man is standing up, tapping Yoongi’s shoulder for him to move out of the way and climbing out of the booth. “I’ll be back. Smells in here.”

Hoseok laughs awkwardly, head cocking to the side and smiling but Taehyung the pointed look he throws Yoongi. “Don’t mind him. He hates his birthdays.”

Taehyung watches Kook walk off, unsure as to why his eyes follow after him without his permission. Why his eyes won’t look away until Kook is looking over his shoulder and catching him. There’s a quirk to his lips when he does, a smile that doesn’t feel any less intimidating but makes Taehyung feel more intrigued. 

Taehyung’s always been a lightweight. That’s why he tries not to drink so much and he tries to eat plenty, but Jimin is the devil and is addicted to peer pressuring him. Taehyung shoves off a drink that Jimin tries to force his way, hand waving in front of himself as he shoves more bread into his mouth. 

He’s drunk enough that his head feels heavy but he isn’t stumbling over himself. Another drink could either be okay or too much so he passes it up, watching as Jimin throws it back instead. 

He’s jumped between his friends, between Jimin’s flirtation with Hoseok and Namjoon’s serious discussion of long term effects of Ritalin with Seokjin. A subject that Namjoon will talk about all night now that Seokjin has gotten him started, even when he becomes too drunk to even form coherent words.

Most of him wants to go home but it isn’t even that late yet. There is nothing he would do other than sit in his bed and binge watch a show, but he craves the comfort of his solitude.

“Dance with me,” Taehyung hums, pulling Jimin’s attention to him. “I’m bored.”

Jimin’s face is bright red, sweat pooling between his scrunched eyebrows because he always turns into a furnace when drinking. He side eyes the men he’s been talking to before glaring back at Taehyung.

Taehyung snorts but ignores it to climb out of the booth and pull Jimin with him. “Excuse us, fellas. It is the time for dancing.”

The music is some electronic pop song that Taehyung doesn’t know but he bops his head to it, arms singing around with Jimin’s. Jimin resists at first, lips pouted but it breaks when Taehyung drags him close and bumps their chests.

“Jimin-ah,” Taehyung complains. “Dance with me.”

It’s successful in breaking Jimin, the soft fucker easily persuaded by a Taehyung pout. He lets go of Taehyung’s hands to curl them around his neck. “Fine fine. But you’ll have to find someone else to dance with soon. Get laid tonight, Tae.”

Taehyung grunts out his complaint. “You need to get laid.”

“I’m trying,” Jimin says shamelessly. He bites at his bottom lip, eyes searching through the growing crowd of people around them. “But you pulled me away, remember? Even though I’m quite sure Hoseok’s dating the guy with the bad dye job. Not that I mind. He’s cute too, I’m down.”

Taehyung laughs loudly as their bodies start to sway, horribly off beat but he doesn’t care. “Don’t be a homewrecker.”

“Listen,” Jimin says seriously, “he clearly doesn’t have a problem with it. Hoseok was very openly flirting back with me, in front of him.”

“Then they’re probably not dating,” Taehyung says as he finds them in the crowd, having had followed Jimin and Taehyung onto the dance floor. They’re definitely dating.

Yoongi has his hand cupped around Hoseok’s neck, fingers digging in and thumb pressed hard into his chin. Hoseok’s eyes look glazed over before Yoongi brings their lips together and Taehyung rips his eyes away, finding the tattooed man instead.

“The other one kept staring at you,” Jimin says, amusement in his eyes. “Did you notice?”

He’s close by too, Kook. He moves through the crowd of dancing bodies, a glass of something dark red in hand. He doesn’t look or touch anyone, even when they bump into from their dancing.

He’s attractive, that’s why Taehyung’s eyes follow after him. That’s what Taehyung tells himself at least, even if it doesn’t feel true. He isn’t quite big in any way, not too tall or wide, but he seems to tower over the people around him in a way that doesn’t make sense. 

“The one that looked as if he wanted to murder us?” Taehyung laughs. “He was probably plotting on how to get away with it.”

“He’s a bit weird,” Jimin agrees. “Perfect for your weirdo ass.”

Taehyung gasps in mock offense, pinching Jimin on the hip. “I’m your best friend so that makes you a fucking weirdo too.”

Jimin giggles at that. “You were forced upon me. It was never my choice.”

It’s playful because Jimin sucks at pretending to be mean. He banters with him as they dance, or kind of dance. Most of it is them just rocking back and forth, Jimin’s arms around his shoulders as he laughs.

Taehyung considers firing Jimin as his best friend though when Jimin’s arm darts out and grabs a passerby, fingers curling into black material and tugging him forward.

He clearly missed Taehyung’s comment about Kook so clearly wanting to murder them as Jimin curls a hand around Kook’s arm and yanks him closer. He’s close, close enough that Taehyung can smell the faint alcohol on his breath and the cologne lingering on his skin. So close that Taehyung can see that his dark eyes are made up of forest green contacts.

“Yes?” Kook asks, those eyes narrowing down onto where Jimin holds onto his bicep. His jaw tenses and he shoves a tongue between them, poking into his cheek as he glowers at Jimin.

“Want to dance?” Jimin asks, quirking a brow. He lets go of Taehyung to shove him into the man. His body is hard and he barely budges. “My friend thinks you’re hot.”

“I don’t,” Taehyung grits out. He does, but he never said that out loud. 

Kook smirks, a cocky twist to his lips that makes him even hotter. It’s sickening.

“Sure,” Kook says as he takes a sip of his dark drink. Taehyung hates wine, especially red wine because the look of it is too similar to blood.

“I’m Tae,” Taehyung says, feeling his face grow hot as Kook’s eyes drag over him. Jimin’s giggling fades as he leaves them and sinks into the crowd around them.

“Kook.” He reaches out then, tracing a finger over Taehyung’s jaw and down the side of his throat.

Taehyung shivers at the feeling. “I know. From earlier. Your friends.” He hooks a thumb over his shoulder without any idea whether or not Hoseok and Yoongi are still in that direction. “I’ve seen you around campus quite a lot.”

Kook laughs. He has a pretty smile but it doesn’t reach his eyes. “I thought you wanted to dance, not talk?”

Taehyung narrows his eyes at that. He feels for the thousands of people who look like assholes but aren’t really and have to deal with people thinking so because of people like Kook. “Oh yes, that definitely makes me want to dance with you.”

This time the grin does reach the man’s eyes as he reaches out and cups a hand around Taehyung’s elbow. Taehyung hadn’t expected him to want to dance, let alone be expressive in the way he’s interested in doing so. Not with how standoffish he had been at the table.

And Taehyung definitely isn’t expecting the way Kook prods a tongue into his cheek before saying, “you’re pretty hot too, by the way.”

Heat takes over Taehyung’s face and he wrinkles his nose in response. It makes Kook laugh more as he curls an arm around Taehyung’s waist and plants a hand to Taehyung’s spine. 

It feels awkward still as Taehyung curls his arms around Kook’s shoulders. Taehyung has been told he can come off arrogant and rude when he doesn’t mean to, he could just be judging right now.

Because Kook seems friendly enough as he dances with Taehyung; never touching too much or pressing too close. He lets Taehyung take lead and Taehyung has always been bold but something about Kook makes him hesitant. 

“For someone who wanted to dance, you kind of suck at it,” Kook grunts, leaning forward to say the words against Taehyung’s ear.

Taehyung takes that as a challenge, turning so he can plant his back to Kook’s chest. There’s a hand gripping tight to his hip when he curves his back to roll back against Kook. His other comes to Taehyung’s front and Taehyung takes the glass from him to bring it to his lips.

It’s as gross as he expects wine to be but sweet on his tongue. His mind wanders to the thought of Kook tasting sweet and he downs the rest of it to get rid of the thought.

“Not smart to drink something when you don’t know what it is,” Kook says, lips back by his ear. “Especially from a stranger.”

Taehyung turns his head, pulling it back when he realizes how close Kook’s face is to his own. “Trying to roofie yourself then?”

Another smile. It looks nice on him.

The hand on his hip moves to his lower stomach, pulling Taehyung closer to his body. Kook doesn’t respond but grinds against him, his grip on Taehyung tightening when Taehyung reaches up to grab Kook’s neck to keep his face close.

There is something about his eyes and it isn’t just the contacts that has Taehyung holding his gaze as they dance. Maybe he’s drunker that he realized, but his body thrums because of Kook’s gaze, because of the feel of his body.

He’s incredibly hot and he would feel embarrassed by his lips opening around pants, but the only thing he can feel is Kook.

“Do I know you from somewhere?”

Kook raises a brow, fingers catching in Taehyung’s shirt and he feels a breeze over his skin as Kook drags it up his torso.

“No. I think I’d remember someone like you.”

It’s a cheesy line, one that he wouldn’t expect from Kook. But Kook looks serious when he says it.

“Oh really? What stands out about me?”


He pulls away then, hands releasing from Taehyung only to turn him around and plant his hands back to his hips. His eyes focus between their bodies, giving Taehyung the chance to look over his face unnoticed.

It’s unfair how handsome he is. Taehyung wouldn’t forget someone as attractive as him but he swears he knows him from somewhere.

“Is that why you’ve been stalking me around campus?”

“Not stalking,” Kook says over the music. “Unless it’s you that’s been stalking me?”

Taehyung rolls his eyes at that but he thinks his annoyance is ruined by the smile on his lips. Seriously though, he’s seen Kook at both cafes he’s gone to for coffee and in both his department building and Namjoon’s. 

It could be a coincidence. He’s sure there are other people he is often around, just none of them stand out as much as Kook does to him.

“How old are you today?” Taehyung asks, changing the subject. He circles his arms around Kook’s neck as he starts to move again. Kook is tentative in the way he touches over Taehyung’s back, ghosting his palms over his shirt like he doesn’t know if he can touch.

“Older than you expect,” Kook says, amused. “Legal.”

Taehyung snorts. He hadn’t thought of it that way. As attracted as he is to Kook, he hasn’t been looking for someone to hook up with. Even if his body feels hot and aroused by the pressure of Kook’s against his.

He’s strong and Taehyung touches, hands smoothing over bulged muscles and dark black shapes that don’t seem to make much of anything that he can see. There are words in other languages written throughout but he can’t make sense of them. 

“I’d say twenty two.”

“Four,” Kook replies as he leans in. This time his face tickles against the side of Taehyung’s neck and Taehyung huffs out. His neck has always been sensitive and there are butterflies in his stomach when he feels Kook’s nose press into his skin.

“That’s - that’s not that much older,” Taehyung says. “I was expecting you to say fifty or something.”

He can feel Kook’s laughter more than hear it. They’re not quite dancing anymore and Taehyung suddenly can’t breathe. He feels as if Kook’s cologne is too heavy, the heat of the dance floor too heavy. 

Taehyung tenses when he feels Kook’s teeth, gently scraping over his skin. He grips the back of Kook’s neck to pull him off, finding it odd that the man feels nowhere near as hot as he does.

It’s like his pupils have swallowed his irises, contacts and all as he looks to Taehyung’s face. They don’t look green anymore but almost black.

He had thought that was just a thing in romance novels.

“I have a question,” Kook says, hands rubbing up Taehyung’s sides. “You’re theirs, aren’t you?”

Confusion riddles Taehyung’s mind. “What?”

Kook’s eyes shift over the crowd before he finds Jimin and nudges his chin towards them. He’s got an arm slung over Hoseok’s shoulder and Yoongi is smiling at the two of them. “And the other one.”

Oh . Taehyung almost gags.

“No. I’m single. Joon and Jimin are my brothers, kind of.”

Kook looks just as confused as Taehyung feels. He stares at Taehyung for a moment before he nods, realization filling his eyes.

“That’s not - I mean, want another drink?”

In truth, Taehyung wants Kook’s mouth back on his neck. But he nods anyway, finding it surprising when Kook circles his fingers around Taehyung’s wrist to pull him through the crowd. 

Namjoon and Seokjin are still at the bar though Kook guides him to the farthest end away from them. He even plants a hand to Taehyung’s back to guide him and offers him the only empty stool.

“I’ll buy,” Taehyung says as he waves Jackson over. “What will the birthday boy have?”

Fingers trace over the side of Taehyung’s neck but Kook drops them when Jackson steps up to them.

“Jackson-ssi knows what I like, isn’t that right dog?”

Kook leans his elbows on the counter of the bar, grinning wickedly up at an aggravated looking Jackson.

Taehyung can practically smell the testosterone radiating from the both of them.

“You know I’m cool with you being here,” Jackson says. “Every night but tonight.”

Kook only shrugs, uncaring. “Tae, you wanna go? Not a big fan of crowds.”

Taehyung hesitates, teeth catching onto his bottom lip. He finds himself nodding without thinking about it.

“It’s fine,” Jackson interrupts, aggravated. “The regular?”

Curling towards Taehyung, Kook only nods his head and focuses his piercing eyes onto Taehyung.

“Um just, water,” Taehyung stumbles out. No one makes him nervous and he’s considering kicking Kook for making him so. “Please, Jackson-ssi.”

When Jackson walks off, Taehyung turns his own glare onto Kook. “You’re kind of coming off as an asshole.”

This makes Kook laugh, eyes brightening considerably. “I’m not. Jackson’s alright. We just don’t get along.”

Taehyung comes to this bar often and has never seen Kook or any of his friends here before. Seokjin said he had just moved to the area a few weeks before the semester had started. 

“Jackson is one of the kindest people I know,” Taehyung says defensively. 

Kook quirks a brow, making him look even more like an asshole. Especially when he licks over his lips and jabs his tongue into a cheek again.

“I’m sure he’s fine.”

“You called him dawg.”

Kook laughs at that, shaking his head before he rubs his temples. “You really don’t know anything.”

Taehyung takes offense to that though he doesn’t really know why. He isn’t that old, he knows dawg is the same as dude or something. But he doesn’t get a chance to say as Jackson returns with their drinks and Kook steals the water before Tae can take it.

He smells it. Maybe Jimin was right about Kook being a weirdo. 

“Something’s wrong with your pipes, man. Might want that fixed. I think this water is contaminated.”

Jackson grits his teeth. His nose flares and Kook just grins his way, still holding onto the glass of water.

A second later Kook is flinching out of nowhere, shoulder jerking up towards his chin as he winces. His face pinches in annoyance but it isn’t towards Jackson. He turns around instead, eyes searching over the crowd until they land on Hoseok and Yoongi and he flips them off.

“Hey, hey. Don’t start any trouble now,” Yoongi says. “Not our territory.”

Kook looks like he might argue but instead, he slips the glass over the counter towards Taehyung and lets him take it. He grabs his wine instead and pulls away from the counter.

“We’re coolio, broski,” Hoseok cheers, two fingers over his eyebrow before he salutes Jackson.

Jackson looks unsure, eyes dropping to Taehyung. He nods that he’s fine, just truly confused. He moves the glass of water aside, no intention of drinking it now.

“No one says ‘coolio’ anymore,” Yoongi hums, a smile touching his lips. “But I see your effort and I respect it.”

“Well, they should bring it back,” Hoseok huffs, annoyed sounding. He stops beside Taehyung, greeting him with fingers pinching his cheek. “Don’t you agree?”

“Sure,” Taehyung replies. Hoseok is amusing but also a weirdo. “I’ll help. I’ll start saying it to my students.”

Hoseok grins and wraps his arms around Taehyung’s shoulder. “I like this one, Kookie. Hey Tae, do you like magic tricks?”

Both Yoongi and Kook groan at this. The wine Kook is drinking stains his lips a dark shade and Taehyung finds himself watching his mouth as it moves, his words floating through one ear and out the other. 

“Isn’t that right?”

Taehyung doesn’t realize Kook is talking to him until his eyes are on Taehyung’s face, catching him staring. His body is slightly angled towards the bar, showing off the curve of his hips and thin waist. He spreads a leg as he leans and maybe Taehyung had lied about not wanting to hook up.

Taehyung grows hot immediately and he wonders if his whole body does, if Hoseok can feel it and that’s why he laughs under his breath.


“We’re about to leave,” Kook repeats. “You and me?”

Trying his best not to continue looking confused, Taehyung nods.

“No,” Yoongi interjects, reaching behind his ear where there’s a thin cigarette placed. He fiddles with it when he speaks. “You’re not.”

Kook grunts at that. “Don’t worry your head off, old man. Clubs make me anxious, you know that.”

“Yeah. Not the only thing that should,” Yoongi grunts back as he turns around. He looks off to where Jimin is stepping out of the bathroom and waves him over. “We’ll all go.”

Namjoon and Seokjin are no longer where they had been and Taehyung is uncomfortable that Namjoon would leave without telling him. There has been too many times he’s witnessed Namjoon and Jimin fight because Jimin had disappeared without a word and terrified Namjoon.

They used to do it often when they were little. Jimin and himself, sneaking out of the house to poke around the forest behind it when they were kids and then sneaking out for parties when they were teens.

They’ve really made Namjoon’s life hell. He’s only three years older than the both of them but he acts ancient because he’s always had to be.

Taehyung doesn’t mind if he’s finally found someone interesting enough that he doesn’t worry about them for once.

Kook grumbles something before he downs his wine. It must be just Jimin he dislikes as his nose immediately wrinkles and his stance becomes unfriendly again. He doesn’t wait for Yoongi and Hoseok to clue Jimin in before he’s offering Taehyung his hand.

“Don’t you know not to go home with strangers?”

Taehyung rolls his eyes at that, but his stomach is a mess of butterflies. He should be annoyed. “Maybe I’m going through a mid-life and not wanting to be that lonely old geezer at the bar and rather the guy with a hot piece on his arm.”

Kook’s laugh is loud, echoing through the air. He curls an arm around Taehyung’s neck, pulling him close and Taehyung fights back the urge to hold the hand hanging over his chest.

“How old are you, Tae-ssi?”

“Twenty eight,” Taehyung breathes, words hiccuping because Kook cups his jaw then and turns his head to look at him. The pressure of his fingers against his jaw and the proximity of their faces has his butterflies turning rabid. 

Maybe it’s because it’s been a long time since he’s been with someone, or maybe it’s just because Kook really is hot as shit. Jimin had been right; he’s exactly his type. But it isn’t common for people to bring their punk style with them into adulthood. 

“That’s not old,” Kook murmurs, pressing a thumb to his bottom lip before pulling away. Taehyung hears Jimin calling after him to wait up, but he doesn’t. “Not too old to hook up with.”

Kook grins, shaking his head as he walks backwards in front of him. Taehyung narrows his eyes.

“Is that what you want?” Taehyung breathes.

“Maybe,” Kook hums as he takes Taehyung’s hand again. “I need to get something to eat first. I’m starving.”

The house that they bring Taehyung and Jimin to is on a strip of houses side by side. It looks expensive and high tech, much more modern than the cabin like houses in Taehyung’s neighborhood or the tiny ass apartment he rents only to feel like someone what of an adult.

It smells like Lysol and cleaning product. Jimin says as much but Taehyung doesn’t get to listen to what Yoongi says in response as Kook is curling an arm around his neck again, something he keeps doing on and off again, and moving him deeper into the apartment.

“Straight to the bedroom. Right to the point, huh?” Taehyung teases, butterflies erupting into his stomach.

He rarely ever does one night stands, especially with people he doesn’t know. It’s exciting.

“Listen, those three are definitely going to fuck and I don’t want to hear it,” Kook tells him. 

Taehyung laughs at the horror in Kook’s face. It doesn’t match the annoyed one he wore for the majority of their walk here and it’s strange to Taehyung how much more relaxed he grows the farther they walk.

“Are they together? Yoongi and Hoseok?”

Kook nods as he pushes open a door at the far end of the hallway. “Been so for thousands of years. At least that’s how it feels”

“I’m assuming they’re not both your brothers then.”

The room is mostly empty save for a bed and a wardrobe. There’s nothing on the walls but if they all had just moved here, that would be understandable. The only type of decoration at all is a small, Pikachu toy on the nightstand and a box that looks to be a jewelry box. 

“No,” Kook laughs. “Yoongi is.”

“Your room is boring.”

Kook grins at that. He starts to take off the black, matte watch around his wrist as he walks inside, not waiting to see if Taehyung comes in as well. It reveals an inky band around his wrist and a red and green threaded bracelet that he quickly slips off as well. 

“And you call me an asshole.”

“You are,” Taehyung says.

Kook looks at him then, eyes dark and lips forming that cocky grin that makes Taehyung’s heart skip a beat. “Then why are you here?”

He puts the watch and bracelet beside the tiny Pikachu statue. He doesn’t take the rings he wears off but circles back to Taehyung, his attention now solely on him.

“I don’t know.”

This makes Kook more amused. “I can’t tell if you know or not. You and your friends, you’re a weird pack.”

Taehyung tries to snort at that but it comes out too breathless as Kook closes the remaining space between them. 

“Says you. You do realize you and your friends looked as if you were planning on robbing a bank?”

“Quiet for a second, please,” Kook says and Taehyung is pressing his lips together without a thought. He finds his body leaning into Kook when he comes close, his hands reaching out like he wants to grab onto him.

He doesn’t know what Kook is listening to as Taehyung doesn’t hear anything but his own heartbeat, which grows as Kook slips his fingers over the sides of Taehyung’s neck.

“You’re not afraid.”

Taehyung tenses then, hands coming up to grip Kook’s arms to push him off but he only holds onto them. “Why should I be?”

“Is that what your friend meant when he said I’m your type? Back in the office?”

Taehyung opens his mouth but he only shrugs. That’s mortifying. “What?” 

Kook parts his lips, showing off the way his tongue slips beneath his teeth. His very sharp teeth.

Amusement sounds from Kook and Taehyung wonders if he’s made a dumb face because he doesn’t understand what Kook means. Surely he doesn’t - 

“Oh,” Taehyung hiccups, eyes flicking up towards Jungkook’s. His eyes are still black but now there’s a thin line of red circling around them like an eclipse.

It hits Taehyung hard, the memory of red eyes. Such a distant memory that there have been times Taehyung has convinced himself he made it up. That he made up the creature locked away in his house because he was that thankful for the death of his parents.

But he’s studied them since, done extensive research and found other believers, other people with the same memory as him.

And now there is one in front of him. A whole fucking vampire.

“You’re - a. The.”

Taehyung’s tongue feels thick like he can’t speak. He’s imagined meeting one again many times and he thought it would go a lot more smoothly than this.

He’s always been excited to meet a vampire even though he knew they would be more like the part of the man who killed his parents and less like the man who would read to him.

“You didn’t know,” Kook says as he pulls back some. “I’m surprised your pack didn’t teach you how to spot us. With the way they’ve scented you, I can tell they’re protective. The big one, anyway.”

Taehyung can't really move and he knows he looks dumb with his mouth hanging open but he can’t think of what to say. “Scented me?”

Kook nods before he nuzzles back into Taehyung’s throat. He must feel how fast Taehyung’s heart is beating because his teeth are so sharp and so close to his jugular.

But Taehyung isn’t afraid, that’s not why his heart is trying to jump from his chest.

“You reeked of wolf earlier,” Kook comments against his throat. “Now you smell -”

He doesn’t finish and Taehyung breathes heavily through nose, clinging hard to Kook’s arms though he knows he wouldn’t be able to move him if he tried.

“Did you bring me here to?” Taehyung can’t say the word. It feels impossible. But he’s never come up with scenarios like this while he’s drunk, never imagined red lined eyes and razor sharp teeth.

Kook hums as he pulls back. He cocks his head to the side. “To what?”

Taehyung bites his tongue, fingers trailing down Kook’s arms. He feels his knuckles and the bulk of his rings before Kook jerks that hand away.

“Don’t touch those,” Kook murmurs as he cups his ringed hand over Taehyung’s jaw. 

It’s embarrassing how easily Taehyung tilts his head to the side. He doesn’t mean to, he just can’t help it. He’s heard vampires can be enchanting, but it doesn’t feel like Kook is using anything against him.

“You don’t seem scared or surprised. You’ve been aroused since we were dancing and unless I’m wrong, I’d say you still are.”

Taehyung tries to glare at him for that but he can’t process his own thoughts. He licks at his lips, mouth dry before he shakes his head.

“Either your wolves haven’t kept you in the dark or you’re just dumb.”

Taehyung wrinkles his nose at that, coming to enough to push Kook an inch back from him. He doesn’t have wolves, only Namjoon and they don’t talk about it.

They don’t talk about it and if they did, Taehyung would know whether or not the stories about vampires and werewolves being enemies were true. But he doesn’t, so he keeps his lips shut about it.

“Neither. I know what you are and what you want from me but you can’t have it.”

Kook looks amused by this. “What do I want from you then?”

Taehyung huffs as Kook traces a vein down his neck, confirming Taehyung’s suspicions. “That.”

His eyes are unfocused for a moment as he watches his own finger. Taehyung wonders if it’s true that vampires have control over their hunger and aggressiveness, or if the stories of vampires losing control to feed and accidentally killing are more true. 

“That,” Kook hums, head nodding unconsciously. “Once again, you don’t seem surprised.”

“I’m a Magical Lore professor,” Taehyung breathes out. It feels good when Kook touches his neck and he watches his mouth, the way it’s parted and slick from him licking his lips. 

Kook snorts at that, eyes pulling up from his neck to look Taehyung in the eyes. The red line is still there and for some reason, Taehyung wants to grip Kook’s hips and pull him into his body.

“I - I’ve always believed you exist. I knew you did.”

“How’s that?” 

A hand rubs over Taehyung’s side and Taehyung presses closer to Kook. It would be ridiculous to give him want he wants, right? 

“I  - I’ve met one before,” Taehyung says, wishing he could stop stuttering over his words. It isn’t fear or nerves, he doesn’t know what it is causing it. “When I was a kid.”

The amusement slips away from Kook’s face then. “Did he feed from you?”

Feed . Taehyung’s eyes widen but he shakes his head, planting his hands to Kook’s shoulders. “Not that I remember.”

Kook relaxes at that, the tension in his shoulders slipping away under the pressure of Taehyung’s hands. “Good. Feeding from children isn’t illegal but it should be.”

“Illegal,” Taehyung murmurs. Some stories talk of a hierarchy of creatures, a counsel of sorts to keep order from country to country. He thought that only happened in the books, but it makes sense. “Do you - do you have control? Or do you lose your mind?”

Kook laughs at that, a soft giggle leaving his lips. “If you’re asking if I kill people, I don’t.”

“How old are you?”

Kook pulls away at that, but Taehyung digs his fingers into his shoulder to keep him close. His fangs are out now and they’re incredibly long, pressing into his bottom lip even when he closes his mouth. “Old.”

He lets Taehyung pull him back and he doesn’t know why he does it. It feels good when Kook presses into him, when his arm curls around his waist and his fingers brush beneath his shirt and onto his back.

“How old?”

“Not quite twenty four.”

Taehyung grins at the amusement in Kook’s eyes. “Give me a hint.”

Kook warms his hand over Taehyung’s back until he’s arching into him as he rubs his lips together like he’s thinking. “Older than Hangul.”

Taehyung gapes at that. “I have no idea how old that is. But I’m imagining it’s quite old.”

Humming, Kook nods. His skin isn’t warm but Taehyung warms beneath his touch. He curls his arms around his shoulders, feeling ridiculous embracing like this in the middle of his bedroom, but there is something so satisfying about having Kook touching him.

“How much do you know about history?”

“Not much,” Taehyung admits, brushing his fingers through Kook’s hair. He watches his mouth again, wondering if his lips taste as good as they look. “Too busy studying the supernatural. It’s interesting, I want to learn about it one day.”

Taehyung’s lips instinctively part when Kook’s does and he flicks his eyes back up to his, embarrassed.

“Yeah? And what’s your favorite supercreature?”

It’s the same question Taehyung had asked his students after admitting he couldn’t choose one. But the word ‘vampire’ falls from his lips before he can stop it.

It’s the first time he’s said it out loud after realizing what Kook is and there is delight in Kook’s eyes.

“Stupid,” Kook murmurs. Taehyung breathes in sharply when Kook leans in, lips brushing over the edge of his jaw, tickling his skin with his breath. “I’m a monster and yet here you are, looking like you want to eat me whole.”

Taehyung shivers. “You’re one to talk. You quite literally want to do that.”

Kook laughs again and it softens the hungry look in his eyes. “I wouldn’t eat you. Not too much. I heard it feels good for some humans. Maybe you’ll enjoy it. If you want to, that is. You have to give me your permission.”

Taehyung tilts his head to the side and a moan stifles in his throat as Kook flattens his tongue and licks up his neck. Kook doesn’t hold back his own moan, the sound soft and rougher than Taehyung imagines.

“You can,” Taehyung says and Kook tenses. “You can feed.”

“Are you sure?” Kook murmurs, licking at his skin again. His fingers grip tighter into Taehyung, his arms moving around him like a vice grip. He sounds less confident than he had a moment ago, more hesitant.

“Yeah, get it over with so I can leave,” Taehyung says shakily. He most definitely should leave because sleeping with his new coworker’s brother can’t be a good idea, but his cock is twitching with every lick against his neck.

“I don’t want you to leave, even if you still kind of reek.”

Taehyung pants softly as Kook moves him back a step and rolls his lips to the curve of Taehyung’s shoulder. 

“It’s the shirt,” Kook murmurs and a second later he’s pulling it off of him and tossing it to the side.

Taehyung lets him do so easily, not even caring to look where Jimin’s shirt is tossed. 

Part of Taehyung knows Kook could kill him, that saying it’s okay for him to drink from him could mean death. But he also knows that it would be stupid of him because they clearly moved here for a reason, for at least long enough for Seokjin to need a job, and hundreds of people saw them together.

If he is found dead, everyone will know who did it. Vampires work low key, sneaking around so they won’t be caught. They don’t like traveling as much as they have to, sentimental creatures that like one home and that’s it.

And this is a one in a chance fucking opportunity. He’s been envious of the believers he has met who have claimed to be this close to a vampire before. It’s for scientific purposes. 

“I shouldn’t,” Kook murmurs like he’s struggling and Taehyung braces himself when he opens his mouth over Taehyung’s shoulder again, pressing close enough that he can feel the point of Kook’s teeth. “I shouldn’t.”

“You can. Just - just don’t kill me.”

Kook comes back to face level then, gripping Taehyung’s chin and it doesn’t hurt but Taehyung gasps in surprise. “I hate humans, to be honest with you. I hate wolves, and you’re a wolf’s human. I shouldn’t want you here.”

Taehyung swallows thickly. Kook truly does look conflicted. “I don’t - I’m not.”

“Okay,” Kook snorts as he leans in again, breathing in against his neck like he’s addicted to the smell of Taehyung’s skin. Taehyung can’t breathe, suffocating beneath Kook’s body. He wonders if Kook does this every time he feeds, plays around and teases, moving tantalizing slow until Taehyung almost feels desperate for him to bite him. “Wolf boy.”

Taehyung’s body goes rigid, the suffocation in his body growing worse. 

Because that isn’t the first time someone has called him that. He sees it in his mind, the shorter version of himself looking up at the man with the red eyes. 

A gasp forms in Taehyung’s throat but he doesn’t let it out. It can’t be. That would be too coincidental and stupid of that vampire to return here after such a small amount of time. Granted, they’re miles off from Taehyung’s child home, but it’s right outside of the city. 

“Kook,” Taehyung breathes, planting a hand to Kook’s chest. He glances at the Pikachu standee, the same kind of toy he had once growing up. Before his parents died and Hyunmi made him leave everything in his old home. He looks at the pink and green bracelet, remembering the one he owns himself. 

He wants to ask, but he doesn’t want to see Kook’s rage turned on him. Even if it is dumb, he’d understand a vampire killing the son of the man that held him captive.

“Just - just do it,” Taehyung breathes, sliding his arm between them to gently cup Kook’s neck. “You can.”

Sharp teeth touch his skin and Taehyung tilts his head back, eyeing the ceiling. He knows he must be drunk because he can’t believe he’s doing this. Sober him would never let himself do this, but there’s something about Kook that seems to pull him in.

Gentle fingers circle around Taehyung’s wrist as Kook pulls back. His eyes are solid black in the middle now, the rims glowing red more so than before. Veins appear beneath his eyelids, squiggly lines that make him look almost demonic but Taehyung isn’t afraid.

He doesn’t feel fear until Kook brings his wrist to his lips and bites down.

It comes in flashes, how terrified he had been when his father dragged him to his room and into the den he hadn’t known became a vampire prison until years later when he learned about vampire slaves. How his legs trembled and he wet himself as his father demanded the red eyed man bite him. How red his eyes were when his teeth touched Taehyung skin’s but never broke through.

Until years and years later, this day. The same red eyed man looks at him now, eyes now black and Taehyung now taller, his teeth now pushing into the skin around the veins in his wrist.

There’s a piercing pain at first but it’s quickly replaced with something euphoric. It washes over Taehyung in waves and he moans softly, eyes falling closed. Kook groans against his skin, the sound adding to the waves of static rushing to every inch of Taehyung’s body.

He swears he’s never felt something like this; not from sex, not from the few drugs he took in college. Not even pure happiness feels the way he does now.

Kook presses into him until every inch of their bodies touch. His body throbs as if every inch of his skin is covered in his pulse and he wonders if Kook can feel it. If he feels as distant of himself and as much a part of Taehyung as Taehyung feels with him.

It blends together, where they touch, blurring the difference of which chest is Taehyung’s and which is Kook’s. Which man grunts and which moans, the separation between them disappearing until it feels as if Taehyung is the one with blood slipping down his throat.

Kook pulls off suddenly, ripping himself from Taehyung but the pleasure stays throbbing through him though it dies down a great deal with the space between them. They’re both panting heavily, Kook’s eyes wild as Taehyung tries to focus.

“Shit,” Kook grunts, pressing back into Taehyung and pushing him further until he feels as if Kook might break him through the wall. His lips find the curve of Taehyung’s neck and Taehyung whimpers, reaching up to tangle his fingers into Kook’s hair and bury him into his throat.

It feels too good, the pleasure that comes from Kook’s fangs sinking into his skin. Taehyung doesn’t want it to stop, doesn’t want Kook to pull away again. He clings to him, though his limbs feel weak as they wrap around him.

None of the believers he’s met have told him it’s like this. That a vampire drinking from a human feels like this for the human. Most of them haven’t had it happen to them, but he’s met a few that have interacted with vampires, have seen it.

“Kook,” Taehyung grunts, head swarming as he digs his fingers into the back of Kook’s neck. He doesn’t want it to stop, likes how weighed down he feels yet light at the same time. His cock twitches and he isn’t embarrassed by the way he circles his hips to meet Kook’s, because before he even moves, Kook is cupping his hip to drag it forward like he knew what Taehyung was going to do.

A loud thud has Kook pulling from Taehyung again. A loud crash and Taehyung is dizzy, head heavy, so much so he barely registers that it’s Kook’s bedroom door breaking open.

“It was unlocked. That was unnecessary,” he hears someone say but a second later, thin arms are pushing Kook off of him.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Yoongi grunts. There are hands on Taehyung’s elbow, keeping him standing, and he has to blink his eyes to focus on Hoseok’s face. “Get your shit together, Jungkook.”

Taehyung knows it is him but it’s confirmed in the sound of his name. He remembers his face more clearly, it hasn’t changed at all. He doesn’t seem as big as Taehyung remembered him; but Taehyung had been a lot shorter at the time.

“Come with me,” Hoseok says as he tugs Taehyung from the wall. “Let me get rid of that.”

Hoseok’s face twists in disgust as he glances at Taehyung’s neck.

“Kookie, were you trying to tear open his throat?” Hoseok asks, amusement in his voice. “Can you stand?”

“He’s trying to get himself killed,” Yoongi grunts and Jungkook still hasn’t said a word. “What the hell are you thinking? He belongs to a pack, Jungkook, a pack that very clearly hates fucking vampires.”

Taehyung shakes his head, but he still feels dizzy. Too much. Hoseok cusses quietly as he cups the back of Taehyung’s forehead and drags him towards the door.

“Don’t,” Jungkook finally says and he looks troubled, ignoring Yoongi’s angry eyes and looking at Taehyung and Hoseok instead.

Yoongi presses into his chest. “Go, Hob. Make it quick before the little wolf comes sniffing in here.”

Hoseok is talkative as he works and Taehyung isn’t sure if it’s to make sure Taehyung stays alert or not, but he’s thankful because it stops him from feeling awkward.

“Drink the juice,” Hoseok instructs. He works quickly, mixing things together in a small bowl. Taehyung feels sensitive all over, his body uncomfortable like he doesn’t fit inside of it. “Kookie took too much.”

The juice is cranberry and disgusting in a way that makes his feel dry but Taehyung sips at it anyway. 

He doesn’t admit that he didn’t want Jungkook to stop, that he already misses the feeling. 

“What are you making?”

“Elixir. There’s a reason these suckers keep me around,” Hoseok quickly explains. “What were you thinking? Haven’t your wolves taught you better?”

Taehyung snorts. “Everyone keeps saying that. I don’t have any wolves.”

Hoseok stops what he’s doing then to look up at him. “No point in lying. Kookie and Yoons can smell them from a mile away. Thought you were one too. Kook knew you weren’t at least. Beats me how. Yoongi has one of the best noses out there and said you fucking reek.”

He starts to ramble and Taehyung lets him. The juice does help his dizzy head but he starts to feel drained, tired. He isn’t offended by the comment of him reeking. He knows he smells good because he uses the best smelling strawberry bath wash he can find and his shampoo is some other fruit he’s never heard of before.

“I don’t know what his problem is. He knows the rules, not to break them. We can’t afford it,” Hoseok goes on, talking quieter as if he’s speaking to himself. He shakes his head, face twisting in frustration as he aggressively throws what looks like to be grass into the bowl of elixir. “I shouldn’t tell you this. Fuck, whatever, Yoongi’s going to make you forget anyway.”

“What?” Taehyung blurts but Hoseok doesn’t seem to hear him.

“Honestly, Kookie is cautious. But Yoongi started running out of the room when he heard how weak your heart became.”

It isn’t funny, it’s terrifying, and the laugh Taehyung lets out sounds as twisted as that thought makes him feel. “It sure didn’t feel like my heart was weak.”

It had been pounding so hard, Taehyung swears he had felt it in his fingertips and toes.

“Humans,” Hoseok sighs like he’s tired. “You should have passed out. I can tell you feeding feels good, especially when arousals involved, but it ain’t anything worth dying over. It could start a war because I’m sure that leader of yours wouldn’t believe his pup would go walking into a vampire den on his own volition, even if it’s true.”

The elixir is being shoved into his hands when the door to the room they are in opens, keeping Taehyung from asking questions. Yoongi too looks as if he’s nearly had all of his blood drained, a tired expression on his face that matches the way Taehyung feels. 

“Sorry about that,” Yoongi grumbles, running fingers through his hair and offering Taehyung his shirt back. “How do you feel?”

Taehyung shrugs. The elixir tastes disgusting and he knows he probably shouldn’t so effortlessly drink it but he has manners and he’s also in a house of vampires that are already pissed off. 

“Good. You’re leaving,” Yoongi says as cups a hand on Taehyung’s shoulder. He waits for him to pull the cup away from his mouth before he pushes two fingers beneath his chin, making their eyes meet. 

They’re purple and Taehyung almost chokes on the elixir slipping down his throat at the sight of them. He’s heard of the purple eyed vampire before. A myth amongst believers. An old, powerful vampire - the most powerful vampire.

“When you leave here, you’ll forget about what happened tonight. If your pack questions why you reek of Jungkook, the answer is that you just started to hook up but stopped, were too drunk. You feel wasted right now. You’ll just remember Jungkook being a kinky bitch, got it? You won’t remember him biting you, feeding from you.” 

Deep down, Taehyung feels panicked. He’s heard of this, vampires compelling humans. He tries to shake his head and look away but he feels like he’s turned to stone.

His head nods without him telling it to.

Yoongi sighs out in relief and lets him go. “Finish that. You’ll just be a little bruised and headachey tomorrow. We’re not looking for trouble while we’re here. Our aim is peace. If your wolves ask, we treated you kindly and were good hosts.”

Taehyung doesn’t respond. They think he knows more than he does and he’s fine with keeping it that way.

He doesn’t want to forget because he wants to have a reason to talk to Namjoon about these things. He feels himself starting to get upset, his chest heavying a great amount.

“I’ll get Jimin for you.”

“It’s fine,” Taehyung says suddenly. He can’t hide his thoughts in front of Jimin. So much so that Taehyung used to think Jimin could read his mind. “I know my way home. I don’t want to ruin his night.”

Hoseok makes a cooing sound as he tickles Taehyung’s neck. “You sure?”

Taehyung stands. He feels awkward and he wants to be out of the house.

He wants to be around Jungkook again and he’s annoyed about it because Jungkook had been right, he should have been afraid. Even before he remembered him as the man who saved him from his parents.

“Ta ta for now,” Taehyung says and he wants to run out of this apartment - this vampire den.

His whole life he’s been fascinated by vampires and their habitat. Now he’s standing in one and he feels desperate to get out.

Jungkook is nowhere to be found as Taehyung walks out of the apartment. He’s aware of Hoseok following him out as if maybe he’s making sure Taehyung really leaves but Taehyung ignores him.

Hand on the door, Taehyung inhales. He wishes he could remember any of this, especially what it feels like to suddenly have your memories changed, but he can’t even finish the thought as he takes a step over the entrance and the thought vanishes from him completely. 

The air is still warm as Taehyung breathes it in, his head aching. He feels kind of nauseous too and there’s a bad taste in his mouth like he had thrown up. God, he hopes he didn’t. Not in front of Jungkook at least.

Thinking about it makes Taehyung’s cheeks feel hot. Blurred memories of Jungkook’s hands on his body and teeth digging into his skin. He briefly remembers being embarrassing but he can’t remember why.

It had been a good idea for them to stop. It feels wrong to sleep with his coworker’s brother, especially since Taehyung isn’t into hooking up. He gets attached and all too easily.


Taehyung turns, stumbling across the sidewalk some as a figure rushes down the sidewalk. He doesn’t know where he is, too deep into the city. He usually stays around the border, miles off where the houses are more spread out and there’s more sounds of nature and less sounds of traffic.

Kook appears, rushing up the sidewalk to him. He jostles him with an arm around his shoulder but it steadies him at the same time. 

“It’s Jungkook,” Jungkook says. “If you wanted to know it that bad you could have just asked, not walked out.”

Did he? Taehyung frowns. Maybe. He once cried in Jimin’s car while drunk because he bought the peach air freshener instead of the strawberry one. It’s his favorite scent, flavor, color. He had woken up the next after confused as to why Jimin was tossing packs of strawberry air freshener at him and had no idea why.

“Sorry,” Taehyung laughs at himself. “I’m Taehyung.” 

“You shouldn’t be wandering alone at night, Taehyung. There are monsters out here.”

Taehyung can't help but laugh harder. 

“At least someone believes me. My students think I’m a quack.”

Jungkook glances at him, laughing awkwardly. He feels hungover already and the night hasn’t even ended. “What do you teach?”

He’s prepared for Jungkook to laugh, his nose wrinkling defensively. “Magical Lore.”

There are fingers brushing in Taehyung’s hair. It feels intimate. Were they intimate? No, Taehyung had stopped it. No, Jungkook did.

Taehyung doesn’t remember. He doesn’t even know why he’s walking home in the middle of the night. But he likes the way Jungkook touches him and it feels really good when their bodies fit together like this. 

“Like witches?”

Taehyung hums. “Witches, fairies, vampires, mermaids. Et cetera, et cetera. Fuck, I’m too drunk to walk.”

Pulling away from him, Jungkook steps in front of him instead and makes Taehyung smack into him and stumble. He leans lower and it takes a moment for Taehyung to realize Jungkook wants him on his back.

Taehyung giggles at how ridiculous it is but Jungkook lifts him with ease, hands gripping into the back of thighs to wrap around his waist. 

It falls into a comfortable silence then as Taehyung leans the weight of his head against Jungkook’s. He knows he’s heavy but Jungkook doesn’t seem to mind, walking steadily as Taehyung tries not to fall asleep on his back.

“Where do you live?” 

“Ridgeland Forest. By the River.”

Taehyung’s lips bury into Jungkook’s hair as he breathes in the scent of his shampoo. It’s strong like his cologne. A smell he can’t place but tickles his nose and makes him feel warm. 

“I can’t go there,” Jungkook says under his breath. “Go to sleep. I’ll wake you up when we’re close.”

“I have - I have an apartment near the campus,” Taehyung yawns. “I just don’t like living alone. I usually sleep at my family home.”

He’s already halfway asleep, Taehyung thinks. He laughs distantly because there is no way Jungkook is going to carry him while he’s sleeping.

“Where do you prefer to be?” Jungkook asks softly and it seems foreign, unrecognizable.

“My home,” Taehyung murmurs, burying his cheek into Jungkook’s neck.


The first time Jungkook had laid his eyes on Taehyung was at the cafe on campus. He ordered a strawberry drink that looked too sweet and disgusting. He doesn’t know what had captured his attention, but it was captured either way.

Jungkook’s always appreciated beautiful things but not to the point where he allowed himself to act like a creep. Yet he sat in the corner of that cafe and watched the honey blond haired man take over two tables with the contents of his suitcase. He sat there for awhile while the man worked and just observed him.

If anyone were to ask, Jungkook would swear on everything he loved, including Yoongi, that he didn’t mean to run into him so many times after that. But even Jungkook wouldn’t have believed himself. 

“Tell me what your problem is? You know better. You listen for the heartbeat, you don’t let it get so weak.”

“Honestly Kook, you know better than to lose control than that. It’s been fucking centuries since you’ve done that.”

Jungkook looks out the window, eyes focusing on the street in front of their apartment. The sky is just starting to brighten enough to be considered morning and Jungkook is exhausted.

It took him hours to walk Taehyung all the way to Ridgeland Forest. The smell of wolf choked him and he hated leaving Taehyung alone to walk the rest of the way there himself. 

They’re his people, his pack, but they’ve never been Jungkook’s favorite and he doesn’t know why he is so uncomfortable by someone he doesn’t know walking to their home.

Maybe because he looks kind of like him , though it’s been over six hundred years and Jungkook can barely even remember his face anymore.

He fiddles with the ring on his finger, which barely budges as it’s now too tight on him. 

“So silence is the best response here?” Seokjin asks, resting his butt against the kitchen counter. Seokjin strolled in after Jungkook. He wasn’t here; he has no right to be apart of this lecture.

But he will be because they’ve all taken the hyung role too seriously. Jin isn’t even as old as him in actuality, just in their cover up story. Or so, he claims. Jungkook wouldn’t be surprised to find out the half demon is older than Hoseok.

“I have no excuse so would you prefer me just to say bullshit instead?” Jungkook jabs back.

He’s frustrated because he understands why they’re upset. He gets it. He never loses his control; that’s the one thing he’s always been good at. Only when he’s angry, brinking on the edge of blind rage does he ever lose his control.

And he had been happy with Taehyung. It felt a bit like being hypnotized every time he buried his face into the side of Taehyung’s neck.

It wasn’t just the strawberry radiating off of him, but something more. A smell Jungkook can’t quite place but it is as familiar as it is intoxicating. 

He felt it when Taehyung’s blood touched his tongue. He thought it was just the alcohol Taehyung consumed but he’s never felt a heart thumping in his chest before. And with Taehyung he did, like Taehyung’s heart was pounding so hard against his that it restarted his own. 

They will think he’s an idiot, so Jungkook keeps it to himself.

“So you’ve lost your head,” Yoongi supplies, arms crossed over his chest as he narrows his eyes. “He belongs to a massive wolf pack, Jungkook. The strongest in the area. The Seoul Kim’s. And you wanted to leave the club with him by yourself.”

Hoseok nods along to this, arms crossing over his chest to match Yoongi’s stance. He’s the least intimidating out of the three of them, despite being the most powerful in their family. He could cause the most damage, but he has a soft spot for Jungkook that Jungkook uses to his advantage.

“Which was idiot move number one,” Yoongi goes on. Yoongi is the least likely to do damage. He’s all about the lectures, but disappointing Yoongi is worse than any physical punishment he could get. “The second was biting him at all. I wouldn’t have left you alone if I knew you’d pull some shit like that.”

Jungkook sits up then, feeling defensive. “Okay, so I bit the wolf’s boy. Want to tell Kim what you did with the pup?”

Yoongi rolls his eyes at that and Hoseok presses his lips together, a finger pointing towards Jungkook as if he’s made a point. Yoongi ignores it.

“You didn’t,” Seokjin huffs, shaking his head.

“We didn’t,” Yoongi says. “Some people just hang out and talk, you know.”

Jungkook laughs at that. It feels dry. “You would think you two were the sex demons here, not Jin hyung. But okay whatever. ‘I believe you.’”

He does, in truth. When he came back to the house, Jimin had been asleep on the couch, smelling just as disgustingly wolf as he has since Jungkook met him. 

He’s just angry with himself because he had felt the way Taehyung heavied in his hands the moment he pulled back and Jungkook just moved to feed from a different spot. He didn’t hear Taehyung’s heart weaken, but he still should have known.

“We’ll talk about this later. For now, avoid him. If you want to run off for a few hours, that’s fine. But don’t leave for good, again.”

Yoongi softens when he speaks, eyes on Jungkook because the words are only meant to be heard by him. Hoseok and Seokjin know, turning their heads respectively.

Because Jungkook fucks up and runs away sometimes and he’s caused a lot of damage because of it. He’s still trying to make up for the last time he ran away and Yoongi nearly died in search of him.

“Fine, fine,” Jungkook says, standing up from the table. He had lied about walking Taehyung home, saying he fled to the highest roof he could find in the area. Hoseok doesn’t believe him, but at least Hoseok trusts him not to mess up a second time.

Even if Jungkook has proven he will and even he hadn’t trusted himself so close to Taehyung. 

“You know he doesn’t know shit about wolves,” Jungkook says, tapping his fingers against the table. “He was genuinely confused every time I mentioned his wolves.”

They all look perplexed by that. “Huh,” Hoseok hums. “I was under the impression they owned him.”

“It’s illegal for any creature to own a human,” Seokjin reminds him and Jungkook grits his teeth at that. He gets it, whatever, but it’s still completely legal for a human to enslave a vampire.

“People still do,” Yoongi says. “Vamps, wolves, warlocks. Not everyone follows the rules like us.”

Jungkook laughs at that. They aren’t quite following the rules being here if it’s wolf territory. Hoseok and Yoongi’s relationship isn’t legal either, intercreature relationships are forbidden.

“What about the pup? He seemed pretty ignorant too.”

Yoongi rubs at his jaw, his eyes brightening. It still takes Jungkook time to get used to the glowing purple eyes because Yoongi usually wears contacts like he does. 

Hoseok says it’s because Yoongi’s only the vampire that feeds off a warlock every day, but it’s still disturbing. It’s not a threatening color like Jungkook’s red, which makes it easier for people not to feel afraid when he is hungry.

“Exactly what I expected from Park Jongho’s grandson. Park’s head is bigger than his body. Should be named Park Powertrip, if you ask me,” Yoongi goes on, but he seems distant as he thinks about the pup. “Jimin was cocky in that sense.”

“Not really,” Hoseok argues with a roll of his eyes. “You were fond the moment he came to the table.”

An argument ensues and Jungkook snorts, grabbing his glass and slinking out of the kitchen with Seokjin. 

Arguments with Yoongi and Hoseok either turn to things flying around the house or really loud sex. 

“I didn’t mean to disappoint anyone,” Jungkook says quietly to Seokjin. 

“You didn’t,” Seokjin tells him, eyes serious. “It happens. Yoongi is being hard on himself because he didn’t want to bring you to Seoul in the first place but you’re such a clingy shit, can’t be away from your hyung too long.”

With a grunt, Jungkook shoves an elbow into Seokjin, making him laugh. He stays quiet though because it’s true.

If Yoongi had made him stay behind, he would have snuck his way into Seoul anyway to be by his side. 

“You’re gonna be late for school.”

Jungkook grunts in response as he digs his spoon into his bowl and shoves a spoonful of cereal into his mouth. Yoongi glares at him in response, leaning back against the kitchen counter with a cup in his hand. 

Out of all of them, Yoongi is the only one that doesn’t like to be awake during the day hours. He’s one of the few vampires that Jungkook has met that actually prefers to crawl around at night. But because Hoseok walks during the day and sleeps at night, he’s adjusted. He is a super prick about it though, even after hundreds of years.

“Your education is important.”

Jungkook snorts as he swallows his mouthful. “This is my what? Eightieth degree? Something like that.”

“Seventy fifth,” Yoongi muses around the lip of his mug. “So proud of our maknae.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes. “Are you guys going to tell me why we upped everything and hauled our asses back to Seoul? We hate it here, remember?”

“Easier to blend in,” a voice comes from the hallway and a moment later Hoseok is padding in. He doesn’t blend in at all ever. Currently, he’s wearing a silk robe that’s covered in glitter, sparkling like twinkling stars as he moves. His briefs are bright, neon yellow, and he looks silly beside Yoongi in his all black attire.

“Yeah alright. Moving to an area ran over by wolves because it’s easier to fit in makes sense to me,” Jungkook mumbles through his mouth full of food.

“Don’t act smart,” Yoongi grunts, turning to kiss Hoseok’s cheek when he comes close. There’s black scattered across his neck from the dye in his hair that still leaks.

He’s been white blond for almost two hundred years. Jungkook isn’t used to the black.

“Seventy five degrees, remember?” Jungkook says as he points his spoon towards his temple. “There isn’t anything I don’t know.”

“You don’t know why we’re here,” Hoseok shoots back, amusement in his eyes as he snatches a cup of coffee from behind Yoongi, waiting for him exactly like he likes it. “So.”

Jungkook glares when Hoseok starts to sing. He knows it has to do with the wolves. Yoongi and Hoseok has seen the baby wolf a second time since that night at the bar. Just Hoseok, would make sense. He doesn’t hate wolves the way Jungkook does. But Yoongi hates them too, doesn’t trust them.

But he’s been frolicking with the puppy of the pack and that’s a sure sign to start a beef with the Seoul Kim’s. He told Taehyung they want peace and Jungkook can’t figure out which one is true.

“You guys never tell me anything,” Jungkook grunts as he stands, grabbing for his backpack. “I’m six hundred years old. I’m not a baby.”

Hoseok coos at that, mocking him. “You’re quite literally our baby, Kookie. I’m ten times your age now go on, don’t bite the wolves’ human.”

It’s been two days and Jungkook hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Taehyung at all. To the point where he thinks he’s losing his mind a bit. He hates all creatures except for animals and children, it doesn’t make sense.

“I’ll avoid him,” Jungkook lies. He knows where Taehyung’s office is. He even knows where he’s going to be later because Jungkook is a creep and looked at the papers Taehyung had accidentally left behind at the cafe so he could see him again. He had watched Taehyung look disappointed in every one and turned in one of his own. 

Which was probably a bad idea but for some reason, Jungkook hated how disappointed Taehyung looked.

“But you’ve signed me up for three of the leader’s classes, so fuck you guys for that. I hate science.”

Yoongi finally grins and it settles the whole tense air around them. “You have fourteen different science degrees.”

Jungkook flips him off, middle finger over his head as he heads out of the kitchen. “Love you two assholes.”

He has no intention of avoiding the wolf boy as he heads off as stops at a cafe first. He orders a pink drink made up of strawberries, hoping it’s similar to the one Taehyung buys every day. Yoongi told him how he compelled Taehyung and Jungkook doesn’t want to come off as a stalker after a one night stand, even if that’s how he kind of feels.

But it doesn’t stop him from showing up before his door, face screwing in forced confusion.


Taehyung looks up from his desk. Today his honey hair is wavy over his forehead, touching the brim of the glasses he wears despite them that having no actual glass in them. He has a black button up on, the sleeves rolled into his elbows and his collar undone low enough that Jungkook sees the dip between his collarbone.

Jungkook swallows when Taehyung grins and doesn’t at all look displeased to see him. He can smell him already and it makes him to not want to step closer.

“I stopped by to see Jin hyung before class but he’s out for the day,” Jungkook lies as he offers up the pink drink. “I don’t want to throw it away if you want it? Has strawberries in it I think.”

Taehyung’s eyes gleam and it’s probably because the slices of strawberries can be seen through the container but Jungkook forgot and he wrinkles his nose in embarrassment. He curls his fingers, waving Jungkook in. “Come in, come in.”

It’s like a barrier breaks and Jungkook can move, stepping inside the office. He likes it when it’s easy like this and he doesn’t have to prompt the human into inviting him in.

“I love strawberries,” Taehyung says, holding his hands out so Jungkook has to walk farther into the room. “And don’t tell me you’re a student here, Jungkook.”

Jungkook helps himself to the chair across from Taehyung despite Taehyung not inviting him to. “I am. Social science.”

Taehyung looks a bit horrified for a moment as he holds the cup in his hands and moves the green straw around inside the cup. “Well, shit. That’s probably something you should have told me before we hooked up.”

There are artifacts in shelves behind Taehyung; replicas of monsters and things that look like bones but are probably not real. He eyes over rings and a necklace, wondering if they’re tools to enslave vampires.

His own personal rings feel heavy on his fingers as he fiddles with them, a habit he’s developed to ensure that they’re still there.

“We didn’t,” Jungkook corrects. “We almost did.”

Taehyung nods as he drinks, hand moving as is to say ‘yeah, yeah.’ Jungkook has known Taehyung was attracted to him the first time they met in this office, the first time Jungkook came to investigate the stench of wolves and found the stench of Taehyung beneath it.

The first time Taehyung actually looked at him after Jungkook creepily watched him for days.

Yoongi claims to have not been able to tell Taehyung wasn’t a wolf by scent but Jungkook doesn’t get it; it’s too potent.

“We almost can again,” Jungkook offers, resting an elbow on his desk and he knows his grin makes him look cocky and a bit of an asshole, but it also makes Taehyung’s cheeks pink. “I was interested in hearing more about your magic lore shit.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes but they’re still gleaming. It ruins the scolding tone he goes for. “Jungkook-ssi.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes this time, mentally. He can hear Taehyung’s heart fluttering in his chest.

“What are your office hours? I’ll stop by during those.”

He’s disappointed the marks Jungkook had left behind are gone so quickly. Hoseok and his stupid success rate in elixir making. They usually save Jungkook’s ass and maybe this time it did too, but Jungkook hates it.

Taehyung is scribbling down his hours when the smell of wolf hits Jungkook’s neck. He doesn’t need to turn around to know it’s Namjoon but Namjoon makes him anyway as he clears his throat.

“Hey, Tae,” Namjoon greets, coffee in hand and he walks in and gives it to Taehyung despite him already having one. 

It’s a stupid thing to feel possessive, especially about this, but Jungkook glares anyway. He just met Taehyung and he thinks Namjoon has known him his whole life, but he wants to tear his arm off when he brings it too close to Taehyung.

“Did you leave food in here? It reeks of rotten.”

Taehyung narrows his eyes at that, unaware of the defensive, broad shouldered way Namjoon stands. “No. And that was one time. I don’t smell anything.”

Jungkook bites his tongue as not to snort at that. Namjoon is talking about him but he doesn’t care. He’s annoyed having a wolf so close to him but he knows it’s going to keep happening because for some godforsaken reason, he wants to be near Taehyung.

“Well, let’s have lunch in my office because it definitely does,” Namjoon says. “Mr. Min, I am happy to run into you. I got your emails this morning about your worry for class. We can discuss them now?”

Everything in Namjoon’s stance tells Jungkook that he isn’t leaving until Jungkook does and he doesn’t want a fight, doesn’t want to piss off Yoongi anymore than he already has. So he gets up and bows his head towards Taehyung. 

“Wait,” Taehyung says, holding out the paper he had scribbled on. Their fingers brush and Jungkook feels his teeth rapidly protrude from his gums.

What the fuck .

“Can’t wait,” Jungkook hums, careful not to reveal too much of his mouth before he quickly turns and walks out of the office.

His skin crawls when he feels the wolf’s hand on the back of his neck, shoving him down the hall the moment they’re out of eyesight of Taehyung’s office. Anger rushes through him and he clenches his fists, wanting to shove Namjoon back.

“You need to stay away,” Namjoon says under his breath, a growl in his tone as he guides Jungkook down a hallway that looks abandoned. “Stay away from Taehyung.”

Jungkook whips around and shoves Namjoon’s hand away. “Does your pack own him? You know the Counsel frowns upon that.”

Normally, Jungkook doesn’t give a shit about what the Counsel says. They’re a bunch of old ass supercreatures that try to put in rules to protect every creature, especially humans and barely vampires. They’re only focused on protecting humans really, not even their own kind.

“I said stay away. Tell Min to back off of Jimin too. I don’t know what you guys are doing here but you’re not welcome.”

Jungkook crosses his arms. He thinks he can take Namjoon if he needed to. He’s a young dog, a child compared to him. But rumor has it the Seoul Kims are strong, even their pups. Kim Hyunmi is one of the strongest wolves according to Yoongi, and he’s fought a lot in his day.

“If we were up to something, we wouldn’t be so obvious about it now would we?” Jungkook shoots back. He has no idea, his hyungs threw him into this without a shred of explanation. “If I wanted your human, he’d already be gone.”

He’s pissed Namjoon off, Jungkook thinks with a smug smile as Namjoon shoves him hard in the chest. They aren’t in hiding and he could get in trouble for manhandling one of his students, even if he is tenured. 

“I said back off. I won’t say it again,” Namjoon grits out, shoving into his space. “Smart vampires know to stay away from the Seoul wolves.”

Jungkook laughs at that. He’s probably right but Yoongi’s the smartest vampire he knows. “Smart wolves know to prepare their pack better. Yet your two pups seem a bit too fascinated with us vamps. Walked right into our den even after I told him how I was looking to eat.”

A fist comes up, too close to Jungkook’s face but he doesn’t flinch. Namjoon doesn’t touch him, fingers flexing out close enough that he almost does before he tugs his hand away.

“Back off,” Namjoon says before he turns on his heel. “I never killed a vampire before but there’s an itch in my bones to.”

Chapter Text

“What are we doing?”

Hoseok glances over at Jungkook. Smoke fills the room, thick blue smoke that surprisingly doesn’t make him choke. It smells like blueberries and fills his lungs. 

“You are annoying me, that’s what you’re doing,” Hoseok says offhandedly. His face is twisted in concentration as he looks at a massive open book, reading off a spell. It hasn’t been that long since Hoseok has started actually letting Jungkook watch while he practices magic, about a few years. He’s always been secretive only letting Yoongi in on it. 

Hoseok reaches over the table, grabbing something that looks like ginger root before he throws it into the pot next to his spell book. The reason he probably lets Jungkook in now is because even as he watches, he doesn’t know what the hell Hoseok’s doing.

Jungkook is interested, fascinated by magic, but sometimes it goes over his head. Today especially, when his mind is too busy focusing on other things.

The smoke twists and turns a greener shade of blue. Hoseok hums in satisfaction and grabs something else off the table.

“I’m not doing anything,” Jungkook says. He breathes in the smoke again, feeling his muscles relax as the smoke makes its way to his chest. It’s usually dangerous to breathe in the smoke Hoseok makes, especially when he hums and taps at his chin when he reads the spell book like he doesn’t understand it. “Just wanted to hang out with my hyung.”

Hoseok glances suspiciously at him, the amusement in his eyes calling Jungkook’s bullshit. “What is it?” 



“I’m hungry.”

Hoseok sighs, resting both hands to his waist as he stares down at Jungkook. “You fed like three days ago. You fed a lot .”

Jungkook knows. He’s never this hungry this fast. Usually feeding once a week is good enough for him.

“That didn’t satisfy me. I hate squirrels.”

The smoke turns a darker green as Hoseok stirs it, resembling the color of pine trees. Jungkook even thinks it smells like the tree, too. Hoseok makes a noise of disgust but Jungkook enjoys the smell. “Well, I offered to go feeding with you the other night but you wanted to go to that damn wolf bar again. You’re transparent, Kookie.”

It isn’t judgmental but Hoseok flashes him a knowing look. But he doesn’t know that Jungkook knew Taehyung would be there, that Jungkook can’t get him out of his head.

Jungkook scoffs, kicking his legs out. “I liked the wine. How kind of that bartender dog to put blood in it for me.”

It still amuses him to this day that Taehyung mistook Jungkook’s calling the bartender ‘dog’ as a friendly thing.

Hoseok laughs at that. “Yeah and he put wolf venom in Taehyung’s drink. What if he actually slips it into yours? What if Taehyung drank wolf venom and you took a little sippy sip from his neck and passed out? Explain how we’ll handle that.”

He had seen the bartender slip something into Taehyung’s drink and his intentions were to dump it but Taehyung hadn’t drank it.

Maybe he should have and Jungkook would have never tried to sink his teeth into him. He wouldn’t have his hyungs watching his every move when it came to the wolf pup. 

“We’ll handle it like we always do,” Jungkook says with a shrug, though he knows it’s a bad idea. 

The point is to keep Taehyung from learning about what they are. Which seems pointless, because it’s only time before Namjoon tells him. Or Jimin. 

Jungkook still can’t figure out why Jimin seems so clueless to the years and years of animosity between wolves and vampires.

“What is going on with you, man? Taehyung taste that good?”

He did, Jungkook thinks. But it was more than that; something Jungkook can’t explain. He’s old, trained, in control. But every time he visits Taehyung in his office, his teeth poke out and his body craves to press into Taehyung’s. Sometimes he feels like he can’t trust himself there and he has to excuse himself for the bathroom.

It’s ridiculous and despite this, Jungkook still shows up whenever he can. He likes how much it pisses off Namjoon too, who just recently stopped appearing and interrupting them because it was becoming suspicious to Taehyung.

“S’a pretty cool dude. You know he’s been researching super creatures since he was young? Some of the things he thinks he knows are wrong but you can see how passionate he is about it.”

When Jungkook looks at Hoseok through the fog, he can see judgment in Hoseok’s eyes. 

“That is a bad thing,” Hoseok tells him with a hard look. “Being enslaved once wasn’t enough for you? You know Seoul isn’t far from the same exact town where that happened? Remember -”

Jungkook bares his teeth at the reminder, cutting Hoseok off from speaking more. Of course he remembers. It had been a short time in his long life but Jungkook has never felt so tortured in his life. He’s seen and done so many things in his life, some that he can’t recall at all, even years of his life, but he’ll never forget that.

Sometimes he still has nightmares about it. Not just of the way the stupid human had bound him, pushed and shoved him, starved him, stole from him. But nightmares of the man’s son too. Nightmares of him accidentally ripping the boy’s throat out like he had done to his parents, dreams of the filth that kidnapping him hurting their boy the way they had hurt Jungkook.

He’s covered the scars on his body like he always does, but he can still easily find them. The tattoos do little to rid his memories, and even though time has made it so he doesn’t remember every detail, he still remembers too much.

“I know. That’s why I don’t get why we’re here. Hyung’s protective. It doesn’t make sense that he’d bring me so close to where it happened.”

“Yoongi is meeting with Namjoon today,” Hoseok explains. “If Namjoon complies with Yoongi’s requests, we can leave. But that might be a bit hard since he’s a bit of a hot head and you’ve really been getting on his nerves.”

The smell of the smoke is definitely pine tree, Jungkook thinks as it grows stronger. He doesn’t want to leave and there’s something deeply satisfying about annoying the leader wolf. “What are his requests?”

“Ah, ah,” Hoseok denies him, shaking his finger at him. “Not telling you.”

The smoke grows larger and Hoseok whistles lowly. He breathes in deep, his expression as satisfied as he sounds as he takes in the pine trees.

“Write this down for me,” Hoseok hums, snapping his fingers at Jungkook. “Ridgeland Forest. By the River.”

Jungkook does as he’s told, though he can see little through the thick smoke. Normally his eyesight is superhuman, but whatever Hoseok’s created makes his vision subpar at best.

“You got that out of some smoke?”

Hoseok scoffs. “Come here, see.”

It is difficult maneuvering through the smoke, his hands out to catch on any furniture in his way. Hoseok grabs his arm when he’s close enough, dragging him to his side.

In what Jungkook assumes is the pot, is a neighborhood, standing out amongst the smoke. There are a handful of houses in a forest, the differing levels making Jungkook think them to be on a mountain. There’s a clearing between them, a few small figures scattered across it like they’re staring down from the sky.

Jungkook finds a head full of golden locks and he turns to Hoseok in question.

“That’s where the werewolves are. Their own little village,” Hoseok says, snapping his fingers again. Jungkook already knew, but he can’t admit to taking Taehyung so close to the wolf village.

“Couldn’t you have just asked Seokjin to find out?” Jungkook asks, using the paper he wrote on to wave the smoke from his face. “The leader has a thing for our Jin-ah.”

Hoseok snorts. Jungkook can’t see him through the smoke anymore. “There’s no way Namjoon doesn’t smell vampire on Seokjin. He’s probably confused as to what Jin is too, hesitant to trust him with such sensitive information as where his pack lives.”

Jungkook hadn’t known what Seokjin was either the first time they met. He had no smell whatsoever, which had confused Jungkook. Everything has a smell, even water. But Seokjin didn’t.

Not until Yoongi asked Seokjin to prove what he was and proceeded to fill the room with pheromones so strong Jungkook nearly lost control of himself.

Maybe he should ask Seokjin. Maybe Taehyung is a cambion as well. Or even a full demon. He’s heard a lot of creatures like to enslave demons as well, a more rare breed. Yoongi hadn’t believed in their existence until Jin came along three hundred years ago and Jungkook’s been waiting for the day they stumble upon another one.

“Jin passes as a fine human.”

He can hear Hoseok’s eye roll even if he can’t see it. “Because he’s half human. But if you don’t think Jin has used those sex glands of his to woo Namjoon, you’re dumb. He left the club without hesitation and left his pups with two fucking vampires. Did that make sense to you? The power of hormones, man.”

Jungkook laughs, but it sounds like a cough. The smoke now feels like it’s choking on him and he coughs again, complaining as his chest starts to ache. Seokjin is like Hoseok; he doesn’t hold a grudge against different breeds and as a half human, he also cares about their protection. 

And with Seokjin smiles when Namjoon is near, Jungkook thinks Seokjin isn’t just trying to woo him for the sake of the Clan.

“Why did you put me in his class, by the way? He fucking hates me. I’m already failing and it’s been like two weeks. Jeon Jungkook does not fail at things.”

Hoseok makes a noise that sounds like he’s amused but Jungkook can’t see him. “Let him think he’s keeping an eye on you. He’ll see you’re just there to study or whatever, maybe he’ll believe Yoongi’s lie about wanting to reintegrate vampires into Seoul. Won’t suspect you.”

Jungkook coughs again. It hurts, burns his throat. “Hobi, what the fuck?”

“Sorry, sorry,” Hoseok says in a rush. “Fuck, I don’t know how to get rid of it. I can’t see the spell book. Come, help.”

It takes a long time to get the smoke to clear and if he’s being honest, Jungkook did nothing to assist. He waved his hands around, hoping to clear Hoseok’s vision enough to see the book, but he doesn’t think it actually helped much.

Hoseok is flushed by the time the smoke is light enough to simple tickle their noses.

“I hate potions.”

“You do them so often,” Jungkook points out, grinning as Hoseok fans at his face.

“I still hate them!” Hoseok grunts. “What kind of warlock would I be if I didn’t whip up a potion or two every now and then? The shame I would face. Our family would face.”

Hoseok dramatically throws a hand at his chest and Jungkook has to stifle his laughter. “I don’t think anyone would shame you. You’d kill them with a snap of your fingers.”

There’s a moment where it looks as if Hoseok might deny this but he presses his lips together and shrugs instead. He is a little pale in coloring and he allows Jungkook to inspect him, planting a hand to his forehead and looking over his eyes before he’s shoving his attention off.

“I’m fine. Come on baby vamp, I’m starving now.”

Jungkook follows after him, keeping his hands hovering behind him in case he doesn’t realize how much of his energy he’s depleted.

“Don’t want you to over exert yourself, hyung.”

Hoseok glances over his shoulder, a teasing glint in his eyes. “No, then you’d have to leave that human of yours alone and stay home to take care of hyungie?”

Jungkook rolls his eyes at that. “Like Yoongi would let anyone near you if you drained yourself.”

Hoseok almost looks cocky in the way he smiles at that. “He really is a good one, isn’t he? Might just keep him around for another millennium.”

“Disgusting,” Jungkook says, though his lips quirk up at the way Hoseok’s eyes are full of hearts and he presses his lips together, shaking his head the way he does when he’s happy. 

“Shut up,” Hoseok sighs, bouncing into the kitchen. 

“If I do, will you tell me what you don’t want Namjoon to suspect me of?”

Hoseok doesn’t even look around when he lets out a confident, “nope.”

Despite the warnings, Jungkook shows up at Taehyung’s office again. It isn’t the best idea because he’s hungry, but he swallowed down a blood bag this morning and doesn’t feel like a threat.

He does when he sits across from Taehyung. He looks just as handsome today as every day, his hair pulled back into a small bun at the top of his head and those glassless frames on his nose. Jungkook tends to catch him in the morning, where he looks like he’s rushed from home with his tie still loose around his neck and shirt untucked.

He’s like that now, but Jungkook has seen it so often that Taehyung doesn’t even bother to fix himself anymore.

“Jungkook-ssi.” The way Taehyung smiles at him makes Jungkook think he enjoys his presence too. He hopes. “With how often you come to see me, I’m starting to wonder if you’ve developed a crush.”

He has, Jungkook thinks, but he refuses to let Taehyung know. He only flashes Taehyung a teasing smile as he leans one elbow onto the arm of the chair. “I have an appreciation for beautiful things.”

Pink touches Taehyung’s cheeks as he looks down and pulls out a folder. He does every time Jungkook visits, showing off his lesson plans for the day. “You flatter me, Mr. Min.”

“I’m trying to,” Jungkook says as he rubs a thumb over his chin, beneath his lower lip. Taehyung glances up at him, a grin on his own lips.

Okay, maybe he should try and be a little discreet but he finds Taehyung’s pink cheeks endearing and his smile warms him in a way Jungkook hasn’t felt before.

Taehyung closes the folder before grounding his elbows into his desk and folding his hands beneath his chin. “I’m covering vampires for the next three weeks.”

Tension grips onto Jungkook’s neck but he doesn’t let it show. “Is that so?”

Taehyung hums. “Over my years of researching, I’ve met a handful of people who’ve encountered vampires. Those who remember everything tell me they have coercion skills.”

Jungkook bites his tongue at that. Compulsion, yes. But not coercion. Jungkook plays on his own charm and sex appeal, but that’s nothing a human can’t do. “Is that so?”

Taehyung’s lips quirk up at that. “It’s interesting, isn’t it? That creatures who are ten times stronger and faster than humans, would need to use coercion?”

“It’s interesting,” Jungkook says, straightening himself, “that you think of vampires as creatures who are all the same. Maybe some use force, some use coercion, maybe there are some who don’t use either of those things and only feed when whoever it is consents willingly. Humans are capable of coercion as well, but not everyone does it.”

Taehyung straightens too. “That’s very true, Mr. Min. Though, I’ve never heard a story of a vampire searching for consent to feed.”

Jungkook huffs out a laugh at that. If he only knew. “You believe vampires lack morals.”

“No,” Taehyung denies firmly. “It is no different than humans who eat animals. It is a survival mindset. But while humans can find other sources of food, vampires cannot. It must be blood. I think it would be the same as the good ol’ human question: if you were stuck somewhere and your only source of food was another human, would you eat them?”

It is easy being with Taehyung, even if Taehyung’s talk of vampires has Jungkook feeling as if he’s naked in front of him, teeth bared and eyes ablaze. “Is that a thing? I’ve never been asked that.”

Taehyung adjusts his glasses, laughing quietly. “I’m sorry. I’ve been up all morning thinking.”

“Don’t apologize,” Jungkook says and he means it. Even if the topic makes him slightly uncomfortable because he’s not sure why Taehyung is telling him this, he likes hearing Taehyung talk. “Let me ask you, Taehyung-ssi, would you let a vampire feed from you?”

Without hesitating, Taehyung shrugs. “I’ve thought about it. Part of me thinks no, that would be stupid.”

Jungkook almost nods. It is stupid. Taehyung is stupid for letting him.

“But then, I think if they didn’t kill me, I’d rather they take it from someone consenting than hurting someone unexpectedly.”

“You’d trust they wouldn’t kill you?” Jungkook laughs. “But yet you believe vampires lack morals.”

Taehyung narrows his eyes at that. “That’s not what I meant.”

A second later, a foot kicks at him from underneath the desk. Jungkook is quick to trap his foot between his own. 

The grin on Taehyung’s lips is challenging and amused. “What about you, Jungkook-ssi? If someone needed to feed, would you let them?”

“No,” Jungkook says without pause. “I don’t trust a vampire not to kill me.”

Taehyung leans back in his chair, curious eyes traveling over him. “I’m human and I could kill you right now.”

This throws Jungkook off and he cocks his head, watching the playfulness on Taehyung’s features. If Jungkook thought Taehyung had any idea what he was and his pack actually taught him a thing or two, Jungkook thinks he might be capable. There is no doubt in his mind that a pack as old and powerful as the Seoul Kims have weapons that could be used against vampires.

“You don’t look like the random act of murder type, Taehyung-ssi.”

Taehyung grins wider, showing off his teeth. “And why not?”

Jungkook leans his elbows on the desk. “You’re soft, gentle looking. Sometimes you look like you want to devour me, but not viciously.”

Biting his bottom lip, Taehyung keeps looking at him. His skin is the same honey as his hair and Jungkook wants another taste because he doesn’t remember Taehyung tasting sweet. “I think it’s definitely you that wishes to devour me , Mr. Min.”

A noise vibrates in Jungkook’s throat and he isn’t quite sure if it’s a hum or noise that edges too close to a growl. It’s tempting. There isn’t anything he’d like more than to cross over the desk separating them and sink his teeth into Taehyung’s soft looking flesh. 

And more than that; he wouldn’t mind caressing him either. It feels as if he’s already forgotten the way Taehyung’s breathy moans sounded when Jungkook fed from him. And he knows for a fact Taehyung doesn’t remember at all.

“I’m glad I’ve made my intentions clear,” Jungkook finally says. He’s playing a dangerous game and he’s probably going to get locked up in a cell somewhere like Yoongi’s done before to others who have gotten in his way because they can’t keep control. “Name the time and -”

A clearing of a throat has annoyance filling Jungkook instantly. Taehyung flushes bright red, eyes growing alarmed and the lack of scent tells Jungkook who it is. He yanks his foot away from Jungkook under the table quickly, even though the newcomer can’t see.

Standing in the entrance way, eyes knowing and amused, is Seokjin.

“Jungkookie, I’ve been looking for you,” Seokjin says. He flutters his eyelashes and flashes Taehyung a smile. “I should have known he’d be here.”

Jungkook doesn’t hide the displeased frown on his face. “Shouldn’t you be in class right now?”

“I would be if I didn’t waste my time looking for you,” Seokjin says with a roll of his eyes. “I’m sorry to interrupt, Taehyung-ssi. But I need to steal my brother from you.”

Taehyung nods, eyes soft when they find Jungkook. “I’d say ‘I’ll see you around’ but I think I should say see you tomorrow, instead.”

If it was possible, Jungkook would flush at that. He only grins and nods though. 

Even if it results in Seokjin slapping the back of his head the moment they’re out of view of Taehyung’s office..

“There are thousands of people on this campus you can eat, fuck, whatever,” Seokjin says as he tugs Jungkook into his office. “Even more in the fucking city, man. A lot of them not wolves.”

Jungkook steals a candy from Seokjin’s desk, ignoring him. He can’t even understand it himself so he isn’t going to explain it. 

“You really have no room to talk, hyung. Seokie told me you’re using those sex hormones of yours to woo the leader into your arms.”

Nostrils flaring, Seokjin grunts at that. “I feel really shitty about it.”

Curiosity fills Jungkook and he looks up at that, perching his butt to the edge of the desk. “Do you now?”

Seokjin narrows his eyes. “I am quite fond of the wolf, alright? I would much prefer to woo him for personal intentions and without seducing him this way, but he’s very untrusting.”

“As he should be,” Jungkook laughs. “I want to eat Taehyung, Yoongi and Seokie are doing whatever the hell with his pup, and here you are seducing him to distract him from it. For what?”

“For important reasons,” Seokjin huffs, annoyed. “Joonie has told me he’s quite soft for his pups, though not quite in those words. Yoongi-yah thinks the best way to get Namjoon to listen to him is by building a bond with Jimin.”

Jungkook stands up, laughing dryly at that. “I’m really, truly, failing to see what Yoongi is doing and what I’m doing is any different.”

Seokjin presses his lips together, refusing to answer. Jungkook only gives him a few seconds to do so before he’s shoving himself out of the office. 

It is almost embarrassingly ridiculous how quickly Jungkook stumbles into Taehyung again. Literally, the same day, only a short time after Seokjin told him to back off.

He swears he isn’t trying to, but his peripheral catches the colors of gold and Jungkook’s head is turning to find it. He’s not even close to the window Jungkook stands in front of, but deeper into the cafe, sitting in the corner. Jungkook finds him so easily anyway, smiling softly as he watches Taehyung’s face scrunch and his lips wrap around a green straw.

There is a bell that chimes over Jungkook’s head when he enters the cafe. It’s relatively busy despite being later in the afternoon. There are students at tables with books laid out before them, laptops that they furiously type on, some with so many belongings around them it looks as if they’ve moved in.

Taehyung only has his briefcase resting by his feet. There are papers on the table in front of him, but his elbows are propped and he’s staring at the screen of his phone.

“Excuse me.”

Taehyung lazily lifts his eyes from his screen, looking at Jungkook through glassless frames. It’s faster how his eyes brighten and his lips quirk up. “Mr. Min. How can I help you?”

“Busy?” Jungkook asks. He didn’t plan what he was going to say before he walked in here. His feet didn’t even listen to his brain when he decided it was a good idea not to enter the cafe. “Paperwork?”

Taehyung laughs, cheeks reddening. “You’ve caught me slacking off.”

He turns his phone then, showing off a screen of blue and green. There is a character at the bottom and it takes Jungkook a moment to realize it’s a Pokemon trainer.

“Pokemon Go,” Taehyung explains, turning the phone back to himself almost shyly. “It’s stupid but addicting. There’s a thing, well - have you played?”

Jungkook shakes his head as he takes the stool opposite of Taehyung. Taehyung smiles but doesn’t ask him to leave. “Is it like the Gameboy game? I have those.”

“You do?” Taehyung says, surprise on his face. “I wouldn’t have expected you to be a Pokemon fan, Jungkook-ssi. But no, not like the game. The character goes where you go, see, this is the cafe?”

Carefully, as not to knock any of the papers Taehyung isn’t looking at off the table, Jungkook leans his elbows down and moves closer to see Taehyung’s screen. He points out the cafe they’re in and the record store beside it. 

“What is that?” Jungkook asks, pointing to some kind of blue target that twirls.

Taehyung snickers under his breath, shifting his stool closer until their arms almost touch. “That’s a PokeStop, it gives you shit. What games do you have? Do you still play?”

Not much, Jungkook thinks. Sometimes he listens to the background music because it reminds him of the boy, how he would sit underneath his comforter and sneak playing his games. He would have the volume on low but Jungkook could always still hear it.

“Pocket Monsters?” Jungkook asks. “The Green One?”

Taehyung’s mouth falls open as he holds the screen down. He stares at Jungkook for so long that Jungkook almost remembers what it feels like to be shy.

“That’s the original game,” Taehyung says. “It wasn’t sold internationally, how did you get it?”

Jungkook shrugs. He buys his time, stealing a sip of Taehyung’s too sweet drink, and doesn’t respond until Taehyung’s quirking up a brow as if to tell him to get on with it.

“I have a lot of money,” Jungkook says. “Auctions and shit. I like old stuff.”

It seems to be a good enough response for Taehyung as he pulls his phone back up and looks at the screen. The character is now accompanied by what must be a Pokemon, but one Jungkook has never seen before.

“How do you have so much money?” 

“Our father is a rich man,” Jungkook lies. “What the fuck is that?”

Taehyung’s thick brows furrow, curiosity in his eyes when they trail over Jungkook. “Carnivine. Generation four. For someone who has probably emptied their pockets for the original Pokemon game, I’m surprised you don’t recognize him.”

Jungkook sinks back in his stool, wanting to flush beneath Taehyung’s playful gaze. Taehyung knocks his knee to the side, pressing their thighs together. “There’s a lot of Pokemon,  like a hundred and twenty something. I don’t remember every one.”

It’s a bad coverup, Jungkook knows this. He actually knows very little about Pokemon and he isn’t sure why he wants to connect with Taehyung so badly on the topic, but he does. 

Taehyung laughs, mouth falling open and nose scrunching. “There’s over eight hundred, Pokemon.”

Jungkook clears his throat. What the fuck.

“Well, I like Pikachu. Anyway -”

Another laugh interrupts him and Jungkook wants to lean into it, feel the vibration of it, drown himself in it. Taehyung hiccups when he laughs and leans back.

Jungkook stills when Taehyung grips onto his thigh when he almost falls off of the chair.

“Are you done now?” Jungkook muses, leaning back to press an elbow to the table and turn to Taehyung. He reaches down, his free hand folding over Taehyung’s and keeping it on his leg.

Taehyung’s giggles come out shorter, softer, as he bites down onto his bottom lip. “Tell me something you actually like, Jungkook.”

“I do like Pokemon.”

“You only know Pikachu.”

Almost true, Jungkook thinks. He wishes he remembered more of the creatures the boy was always going on about but he can’t. “I know Eevee too. And the pink one with the horns.”

Taehyung’s lips press together as he tries to suppress his smile. He squeezes gently on Jungkook’s thigh, just his fingers flexing down against his jeans. “I’ll forgive you because those are my favorite, but really, tell me things you like.”

Jungkook’s first thought is you , but that doesn’t make sense because he’s really only spent a small amount of time with him. He wants to like him, maybe, feels himself getting there. Maybe Taehyung really is a sex demon because he’s never been attracted to someone like this before.

“I like tattoos.”

Taehyung’s gaze immediately drops then, eyes slowly raking up Jungkook’s exposed arms. Jungkook wonders if he can see the scars beneath them, can see the raised skin hidden beneath the black. Not all of them are coverups, but there are still six hundred years of scars on his skin and they feel obvious to Jungkook.

“I see,” Taehyung murmurs. “I like them too.”

“Do you want to see more?” Jungkook asks, tongue prodding at the corner of his mouth when Taehyung’s cheeks turn even redder.

“I’m quite busy,” Taehyung says, but his heart has picked up. “As you can see. Researching.”

Jungkook only glances at the papers that Taehyung has been ignoring. “Vampires?”

Another flex of Taehyung’s fingers, another knock of his heartbeat. “Mhm. My students always think I’m a quack when I mention the purple eyed vampire. But he’s the most interesting.”

Yoongi would be amused by that. It’s not that he’s full of himself but the legends of his power have always kept their family safe. 

“I’ve spent years researching him.”

Yoongi wouldn’t like that as much.

“Can I?” Jungkook asks, touching the papers and not grabbing them until Taehyung nods.

Taehyung moves his hand away then and Jungkook misses it the moment it’s gone. He reads quietly over Taehyung’s notes. His writing is messy sometimes like he was interviewing someone and trying to write everything they said without looking at the paper. There is a lot that is correct - too much. 

Jungkook’s fingers grip tightly around the paper when he reads over, ‘ vampire with magic?

There is a line beneath it and Jungkook considers grabbing Taehyung’s pencil and erasing the notation.

“Why are you so fascinated with this one?”

Taehyung’s eyes light up as he takes the notes from Jungkook. He sees it then, that look he gets in his eyes before he talks about something he loves. 

Jungkook finds that he really likes it.

“They say he’s been alive so long he remembers the dinosaurs.”


“And that even other vampires are wary of him. Do you remember that coercion thing I told you about? He has the power to use it on other vampires. It’s uncommon.”


Jungkook rubs at his jaw, smiling when Taehyung literally vibrates in his seat as he talks. His eyes constantly flick between Jungkook and his notes, his words fumbling a bit when their eyes meet.

Jungkook wants to see if he can switch majors so he can be in Taehyung’s classes. If it’s anything like the way he explains things to Jungkook. Not only would Yoongi probably drag him out of school, but it’d also be much more inappropriate for Jungkook to flirt if Taehyung was his actual professor.

“Sorry,” Taehyung breathes suddenly, body shrinking some as he tucks the papers onto the table. He nibbles on his bottom lip, the red in his cheeks trickling up to his temples. “I’m rambling.”

“I like it,” Jungkook says immediately. “You know I don’t believe in this shit but you make it so I want to.”

Taehyung’s smile is blinding, just as blinding as the companion that’s supposedly always around the purple eyed vampire.

Jungkook needs to tell Yoongi about it. Maybe he’ll allow Jungkook around Taehyung without giving him a headache if Jungkook says it’s just to keep watch. Taehyung does seem to know too much about the purple eyed vampire.

He wishes he could tell Taehyung that he’s actually met the vampire he’s so fascinated by.

“Good,” Taehyung hums, resting his cheek to his fist as his soft eyes look over Jungkook. “I should probably get going. Jimin, Namjoon, and I have dinner tonight. Every Wednesday. Tradition. Do you have that with your brothers?”

Jungkook shifts back, allowing Taehyung room to reach for his briefcase. “Why Wednesday?”

“Hump day,” Taehyung laughs. “Jimin’s choice.”  

When Taehyung stands, Jungkook knows he probably shouldn’t immediately follow. But his body tugs him to. His hand shifts behind Taehyung’s back as if to guide him towards the door and he can’t tell what Taehyung is saying with his eyes, but Taehyung does lean into the touch.

The subway and Jungkook’s apartment both are in the same direction and at first, it’s awkward, saying goodbye and walking in the same direction, but Taehyung easily falls into a quiet chatter again.

He keeps his Pokemon game up, stopping here and there to catch a creature that Jungkook doesn’t recognize.

It’s cute, the way he balls his fist into a cheer when he collects a new Pokemon he didn’t have.

“Take care, Jungkook-ssi,” Taehyung says as he falters around the subway. “Tomorrow?”

Jungkook nods, wanting to touch Taehyung but he crosses his arms instead.

“Same time as always.”

Maybe in a past life, or this long shitty one, Jungkook has done something for the universe to fuck with him. Punish him, maintain balance or whatever the fuck.

Because Jungkook does try to not seek out Taehyung again. Even if he still feels like Yoongi is a hypocrite to tell him not to, he doesn’t want it to come off as he’s using Taehyung like Yoongi and Hoseok are. Whatever their reasons are, Jungkook isn’t using Taehyung in any way.

He’s actually very fond of the human. He likes how he laughs at Jungkook’s jabs and so effortlessly returns them. He likes how sleepy he looks in the morning and how he moans into his first sip of coffee like he’s been blessed with eternal life.

(Maybe Jungkook has started coming earlier to the office to bring him his coffee and maybe Jungkook really isn’t trying that hard to avoid Taehyung most of the time, only when he’s hungry.)

He lets himself wander in the opposite direction of the campus, in the direction of the setting sun in search of something breathing to feed on. Yoongi will forgive him for compelling a jogger in the park because he knows sometimes the blood bags just don’t cut it. Right now, nothing is cutting it but Taehyung but he refuses to let himself put Taehyung in a bad situation.

But he finds him anyway.

Taehyung sits in the park, his butt planted to a soft pink blanket. There is a young boy in front of him and the wind drags over the scent of wolf. 

The pup finds Jungkook first, ears jerking back in alarm before his eyes settle onto Jungkook. They’re fearful. At least his pack prepares their other pups accordingly.

Taehyung whips his head around when he notices and immediately frowns.

Despite the turn down of his lips, there’s a smile in his eyes.

“Are you going to admit you’re stalking me now?” Taehyung calls as he leans back, supporting himself with a hand flat against the blanket.

Jungkook denies it, even if it sure as fuck looks it.

He likes Taehyung in his Professor clothes; clean and proper and looking as if he could fit into a museum. But his casual clothes are nice too. His yellow shorts are short , cut off inches above the knees and showing of miles of tan legs. His shirt is a simple, long sleeved cotton white but it makes him look overly soft and Jungkook feel overly fond. 

“What are you doing out here?” Jungkook asks. “It’s getting late.”

Taehyung looks to the small boy, whispering and despite the hunger, Jungkook can hear.

“Like I’m afraid of the dark?”

The pup giggles but he is too tense that it sounds forced.

“You should be afraid of all those monsters you know about.”

Jungkook sits beside Taehyung without asking. He doesn’t want to go home now that he’s found him, or go anywhere but with Taehyung.

Even if the smell of wolf tickles his nose.

“Nah,” Taehyung hums. In his lap is a mess of stems and flowers, petals caught to his bare thighs. It’s starting to grow chilly in the evenings and Jungkook can see every goosebump rising from Taehyung’s skin. “The fairies out here are gentle.”

Fairies . Vicious little shits that will fly in your ears when you piss them off and sing for days and days on end until you actually go mad.

“I heard there are wolves here.”

He isn’t baiting the tiny pup. His rule of never hurting children applies to all species. But the pup narrows his eyes at that.

“Well,” Taehyung says and shrugs. He doesn’t elaborate.

Jungkook laughs as he plucks one of the flowers from Taehyung’s lap, hand brushing over his thigh and Taehyung purses his lips. His eyes are still bright and Jungkook has to bite back a grin.

“Jeongin and I are making crowns,” Taehyung explains proudly. “Show him, Jeongin-ah.”

Jeongin holds up a crown, stems threaded together in a complicated way. Taehyung holds up his own, made up of more weeds than actual flowers and places it onto Jungkook’s head.

“Cute,” Taehyung snickers. “Total bad ass.”

Jungkook leans back on his hands. “What do you think?”

The wolf pup looks surprised to be talked to and shrugs. 

“Don’t be rude,” Taehyung scolds with a laugh. He moves his fingers then, signing to the boy. “ He’s cute, isn’t he ?”

Jeongin wrinkles his nose. “ Average .”

Jungkook takes the crown off and tucks it over Taehyung’s head. He inhales, trying not to focus on the sound of Taehyung’s heartbeat as he joins in the conversation. 

You’re cuter .”

Taehyung’s lips part in surprise. “This is embarrassing.”

His cheeks are pink and it really doesn’t help Jungkook’s sanity.

The wolf picks up on it and he’s moving to force himself between Taehyung’s thighs. It’s cute the protective look on his face and if the pup knows what Jungkook is, he also knows he can’t do anything against him if Jungkook really was a threat.

Or maybe he really is but he’s trying not to be.

“What are you doing later?” 

“Babysitting,” Taehyung replies. He tucks his chin on the top of Jeongin’s head. “This little guy is staying with me tonight. Namjoon’s mother fosters children. He’s been with us a few months now, isn’t that right?”

Jeongin nods, eyes still running suspiciously over Jungkook as he rests back into Taehyung’s chest. He holds up his hand, showing off five fingers.

“She isn’t around much though,” Taehyung murmurs, resting his cheek to the boy’s head. “Usually Namjoon or Jaebeom-ssi watches him. Jaeboem-ssi grew up with us.”

Jungkook wrinkles his nose at that. He makes a mental note to tell Yoongi this, that the leader of the Seoul Kims is taking in pups. He wonders if the pup is one from Namjoon’s pack or another. 

If it’s from another, they could be building their pack and that could be a problem. They’re already one of the largest packs in South Korea.

“After he goes to sleep -”

“No,” Taehyung hums around a grin. “It isn’t smart to tell your stalker where you live. You already know my favorite cafe.”

Jungkook laughs. The sun is setting more, nearly gone and blanketing the park with darkness. He assumes Taehyung and the boy are safe from any wolves that may crawl around in the dark, but those aren’t the only creatures around.

“You should go before it gets dark.”

“Jeongin wanted to see the stars,” Taehyung tells him. “And I wanted to see the sunset. I like the different shades of reds and oranges.”

He feels bad that he’s been distracting Taehyung from doing that. 

“What are you doing here?”

Jungkook adjusts himself so he can look at the sky. “Ironically the same thing.”

Taehyung snorts when he knocks their elbows together. “Sure, sure.”

He ends up staying beside Taehyung and Taehyung doesn’t seem to mind. The pup relaxes after a while, resting back against Taehyung’s chest and playing with his hands.

Jungkook feels jealous and then ridiculous.

Taehyung talks quietly when the boy falls asleep but Jungkook is listening to the rustling around them. His hearing is muted from the hunger but he’s aware of the trees moving around them.

Maybe Taehyung and Jeongin are safe from the wolves, but Jungkook isn’t. Even if he was wolf friendly, the Seoul Kims are not vampire friendly and it would not look good from him to be so close to a young pup. 

“We should get going,” Taehyung whispers as he pets back the boy’s hair. He’s snoring softly. “He’s impossible to wake.”

“Let me help,” Jungkook says as he stands and wipes off the grass from his butt. He shouldn’t be doing this but he helps lift the boy from Taehyung’s lap so he can stand. 

The pup wraps an arm around his neck, nuzzling towards his neck.

The hair stands up at the back of it when he hears the growl, the low rumble from the trees. Taehyung doesn’t seem to hear it as he rubs the boy’s back and gives him a soft look.

Jungkook flashes a look over Taehyung’s shoulder, trying to radiate as many unthreatening vibes as possible. 

“You really want to come over that badly?”

Jungkook isn’t listening, but focusing on the sounds in the trees. The wolf isn’t moving and Jungkook wonders if they’re following after Taehyung or the boy.

Or him.

“Hello? Earth to Mr. Min.”

Fingers are snapping in his face and Jungkook takes in Taehyung’s amused one. 

“What is it?” Taehyung asks, looking over his shoulder.

“Maybe you’re not afraid of the dark, but I am,” Jungkook lies with an uneasy grin. “Let me walk you home.”

It could be trouble, but Jungkook’s always been known as the reckless one. He wants to make sure Taehyung is safe in his home, even if he has to walk him all the way back to the wolf camp. 

“You do want to come over that badly,” Taehyung teases, teeth catching on his bottom lip as he cocks his head. 

Jungkook shrugs. He thinks he should pretend that the boy is heavy but it’s a thought at the back of his mind. “Maybe I just want to hang out with you.”

“Cute,” Taehyung snorts. “You can hang out with me in my office.”


Taehyung laughs at that and swats his shoulder. “Will you shut up if I invite you over?”

Jungkook nods without hesitation.

He wishes he had given in and fed more earlier as they walk. He can’t hear if the wolf is following though it would be a lot more obvious in the open city roads.

And he can’t smell anything but Taehyung. Not even the boy who lays nestled into his chest. It’s overpowering and Jungkook wishes he believed the stories of humans hypnotizing and capturing vampires by their scent alone.

“What are your intentions with me, Mr. Min?”

Jungkook laughs at that. It’s been so long since anyone other than his family has called him by his actual surname. He finds he wants to tell it to Taehyung. “To get to know you, Taehyung-ssi.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes. “You are quite charming, I’ll give you that. But I know what you really want.”

It’s impossible for Taehyung to know that.

“And what's that? Make sure you’re correct if you’re so cocky.”

Taehyung knocks their shoulders together. “You want to learn more about the world of the supernatural.”

Jungkook snorts. He could listen to Taehyung talk about it all day every day. It’s amusing how wrong he can be and endearing how passionate he is.

It makes Jungkook wonder if it would have been alright to let him remember. Out of all the creatures, Taehyung seems the most interested in the kind he is and not because he means to be a threat. 

“You’re right,” Jungkook says. “I’m thankful I found you in the park because I was pacing around, frustrated while trying to figure out just how it’s possible for one to live without a heart.”

Taehyung’s cocky grin isn’t as annoying as Jungkook expected it to be. “Ah yes. The biggest mystery. Funny how vamp hearts don’t beat but they are the biggest of any creature.”

The grin on Jungkook’s face slips then. “What do you mean?”

That passionate look that holds Taehyung’s eyes whenever he explains something appears. He doesn’t look to Jungkook but forward. “Vampires have huge hearts. They love deeply and quickly. They hold things close to their heart even if they don’t mean anything. They’re sentimental, don’t like to leave their homes but they have to.”

For once, everything is right. Jungkook loves deeply and quickly though never romantically. Only once, when he was human. He loves his family with everything inside of him and he knows he would die if anything happened to even one of them. Even if he pisses them off and vice versa, he’d be torn apart without them.

And sentimental, well, Jungkook has been trying not to be since he was enslaved but he still wears the rings and the friendship bracelet the little boy had given him.

It haunts him to this day that he doesn’t remember the boy’s name. He takes the bracelet off sometimes, locking it up tight in a safe that only Hoseok can access with magic, so he won’t let it hold power over him. But he misses it when it’s not on his wrist and he’s afraid that it’s already become an item that could be used against him. 

“I heard this theory that this is the vampire’s biggest weakness. Take something they love and you hold all power over them.”

The hair at the back of Jungkook’s neck stands at this, goosebumps rising over his flesh. “Like literally? Or like a ‘do what I say or she dies, mwahaha’ kind of thing?”

Taehyung glows with amusement but his face scrunches in judgment. “Like a spell, I think? I’m not sure. Either way, I think it’s sickening.”

Jungkook isn’t trusting enough to relax. That shouldn’t be information Taehyung can stumble over. It isn’t easy information to access, that’s why it had been so alarming that Jungkook had found a human family who had the way to enslave a vampire. Warlocks know it, some super creatures.

It took Yoongi years to figure out the spell so Hoseok could find a way to reverse it just in case anything ever happened to him or Jungkook.

Taehyung has done extensive research over his life. He could have just learned how to dig in the right spots. It’s just too close to where he had been enslaved and Taehyung is too close to wolves, who hate his kind, for Jungkook to be trusting.

“But the upside is kind of cool, the whole soulmate thing. Being born to fall in love with someone and binding to them so strongly that you can’t exist without them. Imagine being born in the wrong century as the person your body is made to be with? Not a problem for vampires.”

Soulmates isn’t something Jungkook has ever believed in. Not magically. He believes Yoongi and Hoseok to be soulmates, but that was due to happenstance. The universe didn’t draw them together. 

“Unless their mate dies the day before they were destined to meet.”

Taehyung gapes at him for that. “What a pessimist. I take it you don’t believe in soulmates?”

“Or vampires.”

Taehyung stops them, rounding on him even though he knew this. “I’ve met one before. He had red eyes, I remember that. You won’t believe me, but I promise it’s true.”

Jungkook nearly trips over his own feet. He’s met very few vampires with red eyes before. Most commonly, they turn black like a demon, swallowing up the white of their eyes when they’re hungry or angry. “I think your imagination is just outstanding.”

Taehyung frowns, lips pouting out like he might throw a fit. “You really fit the whole hot bad boy look you’re going for there, Jungkook. A jerk.”

“Outstanding is a compliment,” Jungkook says as he readjusts the boy on his torso. “And keep calling me hot, I like it.”

Taehyung peers his eyes at him. “This is mine. Are your arms okay?”

It’s one building amongst others exactly like it. The lights from it brighten the space around them and shine in Taehyung’s eyes. They almost look as golden as his hair with light in them.

“I lift weights,” Jungkook says offhandedly.

If Jungkook didn’t know any better, he would think the amusement in Taehyung’s eyes meant he knew he was lying about that being the reason he can so effortlessly carry the boy. 

“I'm well aware.”

“I know you like to check me out,” Jungkook murmurs. “If you wanted to again…I’ll give you more to see.”

Taehyung laughs at Jungkook’s suggestive eyebrow shake but Jungkook doesn’t miss the contemplation on his face as he bites his lip.

He doesn’t miss the flutter of his heart or the butterflies, either. Taehyung is the easiest human Jungkook’s ever gotten the chance to read.

“You can stay for an hour,” Taehyung finally says. “Just an hour.”

Jungkook holds Jeongin with one arm as he holds out the other, presenting his pinky. “I’ll be on my best behavior.”

“Somehow,” Taehyung starts, voice low and teasing, “I highly doubt that.”

Entering Taehyung’s apartment proves to be difficult and if Taehyung knew he was a vampire, Jungkook would say it was on purpose.

He feels ridiculous standing in the open doorway, Jeongin in his arms. He is irritated and a little panicked Taehyung will figure out why he can’t come in.

“Oh, now you’re shy?”

Jungkook grits his teeth at that but he cools his expression. “Can’t move. Legs too tired from carrying the boy.”

Taehyung bites at his smile and takes Jeongin from him.

And turns around to place him down on the couch without inviting him inside.

“If you want to stay out there you can,” Taehyung says. “It’s cooler. My fan is shot anyway.”

When Taehyung comes close enough to Jungkook, reaching out to him, Jungkook pulls him by the wrist and into the hallway.

Taehyung’s hitched breath sounds loud even under his thundering heart. Jungkook traces his cheek, head cocking when he notes the faint hint of arousal radiating from him. Their bodies are close and Jungkook considers pressing them closer, but he’s already drowning in their proximity.

“Jungkook,” Taehyung breathes. “Are you going to come in?”

Jungkook wrinkles his nose. Not an invite. “I want to.” 

He could compel Taehyung. It wouldn’t be wrong if Taehyung intends on Jungkook coming in, but it feels wrong to do. He looks over Taehyung’s face, eyes dropping to where Taehyung sucks at his bottom lip.

“Thought you said you would be on your best behavior?” Taehyung whispers as Jungkook’s fingers graze over his jaw. He can’t do it, even if it risks exposing him. He can’t do it again. 

“Would you not call this that?” Jungkook teases, rubbing Taehyung’s chin with his thumb.

Taehyung holds his eyes for a moment, lips parting before his tongue unconsciously traces over the corner of his mouth. “Be a good boy.”

Jungkook nods, not wanting to pull away and lose Taehyung’s warmth. He only feels it with him and when he’s close. “You got it, babe.”

“Co-come in then.”

Jungkook grins, tickling his fingers down Taehyung’s neck before he pulls back and strolls inside.

Taehyung lingers in the hallway for a moment before he joins him. Jungkook doesn’t miss the way he inhales deeply.

There isn’t much to the apartment. There aren’t any decorations and it doesn’t really even smell like him. The most signs of life are the briefcase thrown on the armchair and the remote thrown to the ground instead of on the coffee table. It’s tiny too, looking cramped with both the couch and the armchair inside. 

“There’s not much. I’m rarely here,” Taehyung explains apologetically. “I might have something to drink though? Are you hungry?”

Taehyung walks through a large entryway that leads to the kitchen. He looks even softer under the dim lighting of the apartment.

Jungkook is starving but he shakes his head when Taehyung looks over his shoulder for a response.

“Well, I am. So come in and tell me what you want big guy.”

The smile on Taehyung’s lips is teasing when he winks and disappears.

Taehyung’s empty cabinets decide for him; noodles. Jungkook rests against the kitchen counter as Taehyung sits on it. He’s slightly distracted by the way he slides over the tile and it tugs on his already short shorts until they’re tangled high around his hips. It shows off just how soft his thighs are, his skin there paler than his calves. His thighs round at the very top, soft fat flat against the surface of the counter and Jungkook is distracted

“Why are you looking at me like that? Eat your food.”

Jungkook grins. “You’re fucking bossy.”

Taehyung shrugs. “I have to be. I’m a professor. Have to let the students know I’m not messing around. Come to class .”

From the short stacks of homework Taehyung sometimes has on his desk and the large sizes of the lecture halls, Jungkook doesn’t think many students do. No one ever shows up to his office hours either.

Part of Jungkook is happy that no one cares that much about supernatural creatures but another Jungkook is annoyed and willing to force all of them to enjoy it because Taehyung loves talking about it so much.  

“So tell me how a college professor can’t afford food in his fridge?”

Taehyung chews with his lips pushed into a pout, cheeks bulging. It’s cute. “I’m never here. I don’t like to be alone.”

“If you invited me over more often, you wouldn’t be.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes, planting his cup to the side of him. He must have been starving because he inhaled his food, no shame in devouring food in front of company. “You’re both charming and horrifically bad at flirting.”

Jungkook shrugs. The noodles don’t taste right to him and he doesn’t want to be rude, so he uses the excuse of pouring more water into the cup Taehyung gave him to dispose of the noodles onto the counter.

“Which one makes you want me more?”

Taehyung kicks at him then but Jungkook sees it coming, catching his bare foot easily. He doesn’t think about how fast he moves, too focused on the way Taehyung’s heart leaps.

It’s just as fast as Jungkook how quickly the air changes around them as Jungkook circles his fingers over Taehyung’s ankle. He holds his leg up, tightening his grip when Taehyung tries to yank his leg back.

“Who said anything about wanting you?”

Jungkook grins. Taehyung turns pink easily, he notes. His cheeks already flushed. “I guess I meant, I wanted to know if you did.”

Jungkook follows Taehyung’s leg when he pulls it back again but doesn’t let it go. Taehyung rests his hands behind him, body angling towards him. “I haven't decided yet.”

“Okay,” Jungkook replies without pause. He lets Taehyung’s leg go but keeps close. 

Silently, Taehyung watches him before he hooks that same leg around Jungkook’s hip and nudges him forward. The tile is cool where Jungkook places his palms around Taehyung’s thighs. He really wants to touch them instead, preferring the warmth he can feel seeping from Taehyung’s skin. 

“Do you come to my office hours because you give a shit about what I talk about or because it’s been a few weeks of you trying to woo me into banging?”

Jungkook laughs, he can’t help it, even when Taehyung’s nose pinches in annoyance. He can feel how Taehyung wants him, but he knows better than to trust a bodily reaction to something like this.

“I didn’t give a shit before, no. I just wanted to be around you,” Jungkook admits. “But I really like listening to you talk about the stuff you like. Supernatural, as you call it.”

Taehyung drags him a little closer until Jungkook is standing fully between his legs, his hips pressing into the edge of the counter.

“What do you call it?”

“Supercreatures,” Jungkook answers. He tentatively slips his fingers over Taehyung’s bare thigh, soaking up his warmth and savoring the way he shivers. “So no, not just to ‘woo’ you into banging, as you call it.”

“And what do you call it?” Taehyung murmurs. Jungkook watches his teasing expression as he moves his whole palm to the outside of Taehyung’s thigh. His skin is as soft as it looks.

“Fucking,” Jungkook replies. 

Jungkook thinks his new favorite sound is the race of Taehyung’s heart and the gasp that is so soft it probably can’t be heard by regular human hearing. His new favorite feeling; the warmth and goosebumps beneath his palm. He likes the way Taehyung looks when his eyes lay across him. 

It’s a small movement, the way Taehyung shifts closer to him but he notices it.

“I don’t believe you.”

“Many people call it that.”

Taehyung giggles, shoulders hunching up towards his ears. “I meant that you weren’t trying to woo me.”

“I wasn’t,” Jungkook says. “Or at least, not in a weird way. I’m attracted to you. All of you. Your face, your mind, your body.”

Your everything and it’s been driving me crazy. 

“Is that so?”

The cocky grin appears again as Taehyung lifts an eyebrow. Jungkook shifts his palm higher, gauging Taehyung’s reactions.

“Mhm. You’re handsome, smart, soft.”

The shorts really are high up on his hips, Jungkook thinks as he continues to move his hand and still doesn’t feel them. 

“Definitely wooing me,” Taehyung says as he shifts his torso up until it’s a few inches away from Jungkook’s. “But don’t stop, it’s working.”

The mood heavies and Jungkook pokes his tongue into his cheek, feeling his sharp tooth graze over it. 

“Sexy,” Jungkook murmurs.

He stills when Taehyung reaches up and brushes his fingers over his cheek, thumb rubbing over the high of his cheekbone and grazing beneath his eye. 

He worries for a moment that he had forgotten the forest green contacts, but he definitely put them in. He makes sure to and he even checks throughout the day because he’s paranoid that he’s forgotten.

For years, Jungkook had been great at keeping his eyes normal. But after the last time he lost himself in a rage, he fucks up too often to risk going without them.

With Taehyung, it is even more difficult.

“What else?”

Jungkook huffs in amusement. He leans forward until he can nose at Taehyung’s jaw, shifting his fingers until he can finally feel the material of Taehyung’s shorts. 


Taehyung’s lips part as he turns his head, breath warming over Jungkook’s skin. His fingers trace down Jungkook’s neck in time with Jungkook’s own, which push beneath the shorts.

With his hand curling around Jungkook’s neck, Taehyung pulls closer until their bodies are flushed together. Jungkook breathes him in, soaks in the feeling of his heart against his chest and the pulse beneath his lips.

He kisses him there, knowing it’s dangerous but he feels pulled forward by an invisible force. Taehyung trembles, head anchoring to the side like an invitation.

“Delicious,” Jungkook finishes before he flicks his tongue out.

Taehyung exhales harshly, arousal pouring off of him. His fingers dig in when Jungkook sucks onto his skin, teasing it between his teeth. His touch isn’t strong enough to move Jungkook, but Taehyung presses down like he wants to smother Jungkook into his throat.

The groan slips out before Jungkook can hold it back and he pulls away before he gives in to the pull.

Taehyung gasps softly before he pulls Jungkook down again, angling his head so Jungkook’s mouth slots against his own.

His lips are as soft as the rest of him. Jungkook curls his hand over his hip, pushing against the material of Taehyung’s shorts to pull him closer. An arm wraps around his neck, legs around his waist, and Jungkook’s lips part for the tongue prodding against the seam of his lips.

Kissing Taehyung is just as euphoric as feeding from him. His tongue works past his teeth, licking over his own. Each whimper and gasp Taehyung lets out is loud to Jungkook’s ears but quiet in reality, sending waves of arousal through his body.

Taehyung pulls back with a soft moan, hands tracing down the side of his face before settling before his jaw. Jungkook keeps his eyes closed, breathing in before Taehyung kisses him again.

A growl rumbles in Jungkook’s throat when Taehyung’s teeth snatch onto his bottom lip and tugs. Jungkook returns the favor, teeth catching on the plush lip until he tastes blood.

A voice in his head tells him to pull back but he sucks deeper when the taste washes over his tongue. Taehyung moans, a muffled sound from the back of his throat as his legs tighten around him like a vice grip.

“Quiet,” Taehyung gasps as he pulls back, forcing his head back until Jungkook lets him go. He brushes his thumbs beneath Jungkook’s eyelids again like he’s obsessed with touching him there.

Jungkook didn’t realize he had been being loud. He pushes his other hand onto Taehyung’s thigh, less hesitant about the way he moves beneath his shorts and hikes them higher up his hips. He wants to tear them off. 


“Don’t be,” Taehyung replies immediately. “I like the way you sound.”

Taehyung ruts up against him in response, eyes heavy and dark. His bottom lip is already swelling and Jungkook wonders if Taehyung can taste the blood there when he sucks it into his mouth again.

“Jungkook,” Taehyung whispers breathlessly, fingers shaking their way through Jungkook’s hair to tighten into the strands when Jungkook grinds his hips against him. “C’mere.”

Thumbing at Jungkook’s lips, Jungkook parts them. He leans in close so Taehyung can’t see his teeth but Taehyung is gripping his jaw with one hand, pulling back.

Jungkook sucks his thumb into his mouth instead, suctioning hard around the digit and he watches Taehyung’s eyes flutter, head tilting back an inch before he parts his own lips.

“Kiss me again.”

Jungkook nods, releasing Taehyung’s thumb to duck forward but Taehyung is darting away. 

“Not there.”

Cussing quietly to himself, Jungkook tries to regain control of himself. He nudges Taehyung’s head to the side, lips parting to kiss over his skin.

Taehyung’s breathy moans are as pretty as he is and Jungkook wishes he added that to his list of compliments. Taehyung doesn’t remember that Jungkook fed from this same spot before, but he wonders if his body remembers as he exhales out sharp, shaky, grabbing at the back of Jungkook’s neck when Jungkook licks over the vein in his neck.

His body throbs with want as Taehyung rolls his hips against his stomach, his free hand coming around his waist to grip at the back of Jungkook’s shirt. He tugs, pulling the material where it is tucked beneath his belt. Jungkook tenses in want, in the need to feel Taehyung’s hands on him and Taehyung gives it to him without hesitation.

Jungkook is hard, throbbing between his legs and he knows Taehyung can feel it from how tightly they are pressed together, Taehyung now half hanging off the counter to cling to him. He feels childish for being affected so quickly but it’s a fleeting thought when he gives in to the pull and sinks his teeth into Taehyung’s skin.

Taehyung hisses, but the sound quickly turns into a long, drawn out moan. Or maybe it’s Jungkook that moans, he can’t tell. He doesn’t understand the phenomenon, it isn’t something that’s happened to him before, how he feels as if his body molds into Taehyung’s when he drinks from him.

“S’good,” Taehyung mutters and Jungkook turns greedy, pulling one hand from Taehyung’s shorts to cup the back of his neck and hold him in place. “Fuck, Jungkook.”

Taehyung ruts against him, his hard cock grinding into his stomach as his hands fumbling over the bands of his jeans. 

Guilt had eaten him alive after Taehyung had left him the last time. How he had fucked up so badly and missed how soft Taehyung’s heartbeat had become when it felt like it was pumping harder than ever? He was so in disbelief he believed Yoongi to be lying, just pissed that he bit the wolf boy.

But Jungkook focuses now, not willing to make that mistake again. He licks over Taehyung’s skin, zoning in on the hard beat of his pulse and the way the one in his own chest fades away the moment he pulls away.

“Let’s - let’s go to my room,” Taehyung breathes, twisting his head so his lips brush over Jungkook’s cheekbone when he speaks. 

“Giving up playing hard to get already?” Jungkook murmurs against his skin. He doesn’t want Taehyung to see the way his face looks and he knows he isn’t controlling it well. 

“Not playing,” Taehyung breathes, his voice still borderlining a moan. “I don’t do one nightstands. I wanted to make sure that this wasn’t that first.”

Normally, Jungkook would make a witty comment about the confidence Taehyung has that he will return. But he can’t; because it’s true.

Jungkook feels addicted to the mere presence of Taehyung, so much so that he can’t stop himself from stumbling upon him wherever he goes. This - this is ten times worse.

He pulls back but drops his head to look at the way Taehyung strains against his bunched up shorts, the way his thighs look around his waist.  He can’t focus on calming himself and Taehyung is pressing his fingers beneath his chin, not giving him a chance to.

Jungkook tenses when Taehyung searches over his face with his own, fucked out eyes. He knows he sees it when Taehyung touches over his eyelid again and Jungkook wonders how long his eyes have been betraying him and he hadn’t realized.

“Tae,” Jungkook breathes, pulling back but Taehyung keeps his legs locked around him and takes hold of his hand.

“You better not leave me with blue balls,” Taehyung breathes, bringing Jungkook’s hand between his legs. “You’ve worked hard to woo me, don’t leave now.”

Jungkook lets out a breathless laugh but it doesn’t calm the worry inside of him. He doesn’t want to compel Taehyung again. For some reason, he doesn’t like doing it to him. Even if it’s necessary.

Flexing his fingers, he curls them around the sides of Taehyung’s cock, rubbing softly. Taehyung breathes out through his nose, head tilting back and Jungkook eyes the wound on his neck.

It isn’t small like it should be; just the size of his incisors. Jungkook can make out the shape of his other teeth as well. 

“So?” Taehyung urges, holding his hand against his cock as he grinds up into Jungkook’s palm. “Are you going to take me to my bedroom? Because I’d really prefer not to wake up Jeongin.”

Jungkook grins. Stupid that he’s not afraid. Jungkook doesn’t want him to be but it’s stupid.

It’s stupid if his wolves never told him why this is stupid.

“What do you want?” Jungkook breathes.

Taehyung licks his lips, releasing the hold on his hand as he touches beneath Jungkook’s chin. Stupid, grabbing a monster so roughly. “Your mouth. Felt good.”

Stupid. Stupid of Jungkook to give Taehyung what he’s asking for, to give him what he wants himself. 

Jungkook grabs his jaw this time, making Taehyung look at him. He hates compelling him, but it’s necessary. 

“Forget you saw anything different about my eyes and when you see the red again, you will forget instantly.”


Taehyung can’t fucking believe this.

He’s mind blown, and not just because the way Jungkook touches him makes him feel like he could come from a simple stroke, but because it’s Jungkook.

It had been the morning after they had almost slept together that he remembered. Taehyung had dreamt of the man he had thought he imagined. The man with the red eyes that tore his parents’ throats out for hurting the both of them.

He woke up with Jungkook in his mind. He had laid in bed for so long that Namjoon had to come check in on him trying to convince himself he was wrong.

But the last few weeks, that’s all Taehyung has been able to see every time Jungkook has come into his office. Covered in tattoos like he remembers, the same grumpy look on his face until Taehyung starts talking. The rings. Taehyung remembers how heavy they felt in his small hands.

The pink and green bracelet he wears sometimes. Taehyung doesn’t know what to do with the fact that he still wears it.

He’s known these last few weeks. The man that saved him all those years ago found him again. He wonders if he needs protecting again because Jungkook is near him so often it doesn’t feel coincidental. 

But despite knowing, it feels like the wind has been knocked from his lungs because Jungkook looks like the monster he claimed to be all those years ago. Maybe he did then but Taehyung has no other concept of monster at the time except for his parents. 

Veins run and wiggle beneath his eyes, like veins surging the blood from his body up into the red of his eyes. Red just around the rim, but so bright that they stand out even in the dark of Taehyung’s room.

But Taehyung isn’t afraid.

Taehyung has a hard time wrapping his head around it, but it’s hard to think of anything when Jungkook’s lips are trailing all over his body and he’s waiting for his teeth to sink in again.

For some reason, whatever Jungkook had tried to do in that low hypnotizing voice of his, didn’t work. Taehyung didn’t forget his red eyes and he doesn’t forget to see them now.

But he keeps it to himself, overwhelmed by the feeling of Jungkook’s teeth grazing over the bare of his belly. He swears he’s never been this sensitive in his life, this wrecked by another person without being fucked.

Jungkook is horrific at keeping himself hidden. His teeth slip out easily, the veins appearing beneath his eyes whenever he gently bites into Taehyung’s skin to leave a mark. He wonders if it is hard for the man to control himself but he knows it isn’t.

He remembers those veins before, the way he hurt because Jungkook kept trying to get him to leave. Taehyung hadn’t known it was because he was hungry at the time. So hungry yet he never touched him.

His parents starved him. He remembers them talking about how their guest could go a few more days without eating. But whenever Taehyung snuck in to see him, he never made a move to feed.

It must have been torture.

“Good,” Taehyung moans softly, snatching his fingers into Jungkook’s hair as his tongue dips into Taehyung’s belly button. He wants to stop his mind and just enjoy Jungkook’s touch, but it keeps running. He wishes he remembered how old Jungkook said he was back then so he could figure out how old he is now.

Maybe thousands of years old, a thousand year old vampire slowly unzipping his pants as he licks below his belly button.

“Fuck,” Taehyung grunts, pushing up on his elbows as Jungkook nuzzles into his lower stomach. His teeth send a thrill through Taehyung and he wants to ask him to bite him again. He spreads his legs and pulls them up so his thighs are caging around Jungkook’s head. 

He wonders if Jungkook remembers who he is and that’s why he comes around all of the time. If that’s why he insisted on coming to his office hours and somehow ended up here tonight. If he remembers Taehyung and still wants to protect him the way he did all those years ago.

Or maybe he doesn’t remember and feels the same connection and pull that Taehyung does.

“You’re so hard,” Jungkook murmurs as he opens Taehyung’s pants and presses a kiss between his opened zipper. 

He looks up at Taehyung then, eyes hungry and circled in red before he drops his head and licks him over his jeans.

It’s true, Taehyung is fucking hard. He presses into his shorts uncomfortably and the material is too thick to feel Jungkook’s mouth when he parts his lips over the width of his covered cock and sucks.

Taehyung sucks air through his teeth, fingers gripping into Jungkook’s hair. “Don’t tease.”

A moan vibrates from Jungkook’s lips when Taehyung tugs his hair and Taehyung grins, doing it again.

Jungkook growls. He’s done it before when Namjoon’s stepped into the office and ruffled his hair. He does it like he doesn’t even notice it.

It makes Taehyung’s skin hot.

Jungkook pushes up then, crawling over Taehyung until his back falls into the sheets. He keeps himself propped up, only his head following after him. 

He is soft in the way he kisses Taehyung’s neck but he isn’t gentle when he sucks hard beneath his jaw. So hard it’s like he’s trying to break the surface of his skin without using his teeth and Taehyung gasps loudly, pained as he digs his nails into Jungkook’s back.

His cock throbs as he pushes Jungkook down his torso and Jungkook continues to suck his skin like that, leaving a trail of deep red marks that are going to bruise quickly. “Take your clothes off.”

Jungkook rests back on his calves as he rips his shirt off without hesitation. His chest is covered in ink as well and his rib cage covered in Chinese lettering. Taehyung takes in the hard lines of his body, of the sun he has inked around his belly button. He touches it gently, feeling Jungkook’s muscles flutter beneath the tips of his fingers.

Dragging his touch upwards, he stops at the tiny strawberry inked right below Jungkook’s collarbone. There is an array of tattoos there, half of his chest a collage of ink, but it stands out the most.

“Like them?” Jungkook asks as Taehyung touches over his chest, tracing the shapes and going back to the strawberry. 

“Do they mean anything?”

Jungkook nods. “It would take forever to explain them all.”

Taehyung nods before he leans back and angles his body towards Jungkook. “Now mine.”

He’s mesmerized by the look of Jungkook’s hands as they curl around the waist of Taehyung’s shorts and pull them down his hips. Jungkook is panting softly as Taehyung’s cock springs free and smacks wetly to his belly.

For the monster he claims to be, Jungkook is gentle as he grabs Taehyung’s ankle after removing his pants and kisses his calf. It is erotic the way he licks at his skin and Taehyung moans when Jungkook straightens his leg and sucks at the back of his knee.

Pleasure shoots up Taehyung’s spine and he bends his leg, pulling it back and away.

Jungkook grins. “Look at you.”

His voice is husky and deep as he drops Taehyung’s legs. His hands cup the inside of his thighs and spread them more to fit between.

Taehyung feels speechless as pleasure washes over him and Jungkook’s mouth marks the inside of his thighs. They’re trembling, the pain of Jungkook’s fingers digging into his skin muffled beneath the pleasure he feels.

So much, he doesn’t realize Jungkook’s teeth are sinking in until Jungkook is groaning.

Taehyung’s thighs clench around Jungkook’s head, his cock twitching back to his stomach and drooling precome onto his skin. He fists his fingers into the sheets, trying hard not to touch himself. It feels like too much, circling his fingers around his cock while Jungkook feeds from him.

Jungkook groans, pushing Taehyung’s legs down. It feels as if Jungkook is touching him all over and Taehyung gives in, rubbing his palm over the head of his cock before tickling his fingers down the base.

He shivers at the feeling, how hard his cock throbs before Jungkook yanks back.

“Fuck,” Jungkook grunts, licking his lips before licking over Taehyung’s thigh. “I’m going to get my ass beat.”

“What?” Taehyung breathes, pants, because he’s so overwhelmed he feels like he might come any second. 

Jungkook shakes his head and doesn’t say another word before he bats Taehyung’s fingers away and touches Taehyung’s cock with his tongue instead. He flattens his tongue on the underside of Taehyung’s cock before dragging it up his length. He flicks his tongue out, rubbing at the slip before he wraps his lips around him.

Jungkook suckles around him, teasing. He ignores Taehyung’s whimpers and whines to get on with it, taking his time rolling his tongue over the head of Taehyung’s cock before taking him further into his mouth.

His teeth are far from Taehyung’s mind as Jungkook slips down his length. He takes him with ease, stuffing Taehyung’s cock down his throat until his nose is pressing into the patch of hair around the base.

“Fuck,” Taehyung grunts as Jungkook swallows around him. He doesn’t choke, he doesn’t even seem to struggle to breathe and Taehyung isn’t cocky about the size of his dick or anything, but it is quite thick, stretching Jungkook’s lips almost absurdly. “Oh, s’good.”

Jungkook flicks his eyes up at Taehyung as he pulls off with a wet noise and immediately fucks back down onto him.

It’s mind numbingly good the way Jungkook sucks his cock. He’s messy about it, noisy, slurping over the head and moaning around him when he’s completely down his throat. His eyes are on Taehyung as he mouths down his length, his fingers circling around the base. They’re dark and hungry like before, but worse.

Arousal trickles through him as Taehyung circles his fingers around Jungkook’s. Jungkook grins, tongue flicking out of his mouth and flattening.

Taehyung bites hard on his own tongue as he smacks his cock against Jungkook’s tongue. Drool slips down the tip of it but he doesn’t pull it back into his mouth, lets Taehyung rub himself over it.

“Oh f- fuck,” Taehyung moans, his stomach tightening with pleasure. It’s hot, watching his cock drool and drip onto Jungkook’s tongue. He curls a fist around himself, his body pounding as he feels is climax approaching and quickly strokes himself.

Jungkook wraps his lips around him again, growling low in his throat as Taehyung starts to come.

His head rocks back, eyes clenching closed as he orgasms. It hurts how tense his body grows and trembles. His strokes falter and Jungkook is quick to take over, his fist working quickly over Taehyung to milk out his orgasm.

“Oh,” Taehyung grunts, a strange noise leaving his lips as he grabs Jungkook’s hair and fucks his fingers through the strands. He feels boneless as he falls back, cock twitching between Jungkook’s lips.

Jungkook looks messy when he pulls off, come on his lips and hair sticking up around his head. He quickly crawls over Taehyung, fingers trembling as he works at his own pants.

Taehyung leans up on his elbows, breathing heavily as his nerves spark from sensitivity. He feels like he’s had his brains fucked out over a blow job.

“Fuck,” Jungkook grunts as he gets a hand around himself after pushing his pants to his hips just enough to pull his cock out. He strokes himself quickly, straddling Taehyung’s stomach. He’s uncut, pulling the foreskin back to reveal his weeping head. His cock is just as red as the rim of his eyes and Jungkook arches forward as Taehyung strokes his fingers across the underside.

Jungkook lets himself go and Taehyung takes over, his arm aching a bit from holding himself up and strokes Jungkook quickly. He is heavy in his hand and Taehyung wants him in his mouth, between his legs. He moans at the thought, at the idea of Jungkook taking him on his knees.

“Tae,” Jungkook grunts, hips jutting forward into Taehyung’s fist. 

He’s quieter than Taehyung, his words and moans softer than the slick sound of Taehyung’s fist working over him. His muscles dance as he rolls his hips almost impatiently, his brows furrowing almost as if he’s angry before he comes.

Jungkook falls taut when he comes, mouth hanging open around nothing. His eyes clench closed and his hips work almost robotically as he spurts out across Taehyung’s chest and neck.

Taehyung dips forward, mouth opening and Jungkook is crawling on his knees, fingers snatching into his hair to pull Taehyung down on his cock.

Taehyung moans around him, lips wrapping around the head to lick at the come that dribbles from him. He enjoys that Jungkook moans a little louder, pulls his hair a little harder. 

Jungkook too is thick, and Taehyung doesn’t as successfully take his whole length into his mouth, and he gags. But Jungkook moans again and he isn’t embarrassed because Jungkook sounds as pleased as he feels.

“Oh fuck,” Jungkook grunts as Taehyung pulls off. 

A moment later he’s being wrestled to the bed.

Jungkook kisses like he could fuck around again, licking into Taehyung’s mouth and sucking bruises around his lips. Taehyung clings to him, arms wrapping around his neck and legs around his waist.

He remembers Jungkook being grumpy all of the time. He still has that look in his eye that turns Taehyung on though it should probably scare him, but he doesn’t feel afraid when Jungkook pulls back to look at him.

He strokes Taehyung’s cheek, looking down at him with those veins appearing beneath his eyes again. The red is gone, but he still looks at Taehyung like one would look at someone they were about to strike.

But he doesn’t. He kisses Taehyung again, hard. It’s dizzying the way Jungkook kisses him, stealing his breath.

Jungkook pulls back suddenly, pressing his forehead to Taehyung’s. He tenses, growling at nothing before he pulls himself away completely.

“Jungkook,” Taehyung complains, rolling to his side to grab Jungkook before he can roll off of the bed. “Stay with me.”

Jungkook rolls back instantly until they’re facing each other and he can curl a hand around Taehyung’s waist.

“Don’t be embarrassed, we all have kinks,” Taehyung murmurs. He doesn’t want Jungkook to try and make him forget again, in case the last time had been a one time accident. Maybe he did it wrong or something. “A biting kink is cute. Maybe you’re interested in those vampires you claim not to believe in more than you let on, huh?”

There’s a tension in Jungkook but it falls away for a moment when Jungkook snorts. “Figured you’d be into it.”

Taehyung wrinkles his nose. “Shut up.”

Jungkook hums as he rubs his fingers over the come sticking to his neck like he’s trying to soak it into Taehyung’s skin. It feels good and Taehyung let’s his eyes flutter shut as Jungkook rubs over the muscles there.

When Jungkook kisses him it’s soft, just peppering closed mouth kisses over the wounds and bruises left behind.

“You should eat,” Jungkook murmurs, warming a hand over Taehyung’s back. “And drink some fluids. And forget that I’ve bitten you.”

It would be a weird thing for someone to say if Taehyung didn’t know that Jungkook took his blood. He doesn’t know how much a human has in them or how much they need, but he nods because he does feel a little lightheaded. 

And he nods because he doesn’t want Jungkook to know the way he talks like he’s trying to hypnotize him doesn’t work.

“One second, you’re dirty,” Jungkook laughs before he follows Taehyung and proceeds to lick the come from his chest.

It feels oddly nice laying beside Jungkook. He stays curled on his side, looking down at Taehyung as he speaks. His eyes are no longer red but back to forest green.

Taehyung doesn’t know why he let him feed from him, but it felt amazing and he’s glad to have helped him.

“I grew up outside of the city,” Taehyung tells him. “Moved to the village when my parents died.”

Jungkook frowns at that. “I’m sorry.”

He wants to know if Jungkook knows who he is but he isn’t sure how to ask without telling him. Just something, a hint, an emotion in his face. Anything.

“They were bad,” Taehyung murmurs. “Abusive.”

The red returns when Jungkook grits his teeth. “I’m not sorry then.”

Taehyung sighs, rolling to face him. It doesn’t scare him though maybe it should, because it looks less like lust or hunger and more like anger.

If anyone knows what a pissed off vampire is like, it’s Taehyung, but he’s far from afraid of Jungkook. There isn’t much Taehyung is afraid of in general.

The only thing that brought him the most fear has been dead for over twenty years.

 “What about you?”

He tentatively grips Jungkook’s hip, fingering his pants which are still unbuttoned though he’s tucked himself back into his underwear. 

“I travel a lot,” Jungkook explains. “Foster home to foster home before I found the Mins.”

Taehyung moves closer, tangling their legs. “Your parents died too?”

Jungkook knows, eyes following down the length of Taehyung’s neck before he gently stroked over his sore skin. “When I was twelve, my mother passed away. Sickness, though.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Long time ago,” Jungkook murmurs before he moves in to kiss him. There is no heat behind it, only soft touches of tongue and a giggle escapes Taehyung’s throat when Jungkook hums like he’s pleased.

It doesn’t last as long as Taehyung would like before Jungkook is pulling away and glancing at Taehyung’s door. “It sounds like Jeongin is up.”

Taehyung sighs. He’s thankful Jeongin sleeps like the dead but he wanted to cuddle more, kiss more and talk more. He just wants to be around Jungkook more.

He stands to pull on a shirt from the ground and readjusts his shorts. His skin feels raw from where the material had dug into the junctions of his thighs, from how tightly Jungkook had pulled them up his hips.

Butterflies erupt in his stomach and Jungkook turns to him then, a teasing grin on his lips that has Taehyung pushing out of the room before he distracts himself again.

But Jeongin still sleeps soundly on the couch. Jungkook follows him out, patting down his hair and he’s now wearing the shirt Taehyung had been wearing in the park. He looks just as good in white as he does black.

“Still asleep,” Taehyung says just as someone knocks on the door. 

It’s Jimin, cheeks flushed and a bit sweaty. His eyes look alarmed as he grabs Taehyung’s cheeks and inspects his face.

He almost looks disappointed as he pulls away. 

“What the hell! Namjoon made it seem like you were knocking on death’s door. Are you okay?”

Confusion fills Taehyung and he doesn’t understand when Jungkook laughs under his breath. It’s a barely there chuckle and Jungkook looks more annoyed than amused. “I’m fine.”

Jimin glances between Jungkook and Taehyung before his eyes fill with realization and he cups a hand over his mouth.

“Oh my god,” Jimin sounds delighted, “you two were banging. Namjoon just made me a cock blocker. I’ll kill him.”

Taehyung shushes him with a pointed look towards Jeongin. 

“My poor Tae,” Jimin mock pities as he touches Taehyung’s neck. “Looks like Jungkookie here was trying to eat you.”

Jungkook grunts at that before he touches a hand to Taehyung’s spine. “I should go.”

The first thing Taehyung thinks to say is to  stay , but he doesn’t know how appropriate it is for him to do so. He just wants him to. 

It had been presumptuous of him to assume Jungkook thought of this then more of a one time thing, but Taehyung’s gut tells him Jungkook will be back.

But that could be just because Taehyung wants him to come back. He won’t admit it, but he looks forward to the times Jungkook comes to his office hours. Even if he embarrasses himself by talking Jungkook’s ears off, he finds his presence oddly comforting. 

“But -”

Jungkook presses a finger to his cheek, turning his head to peck a kiss to the other one. Jimin coos as Taehyung flushes and Jungkook just looks smug.

When he steps out of the door, Jimin is shoving him playfully. “Dude, seriously, what did he do to your neck?”

Jimin ends up staying with him after Jungkook leaves, telling him about how he had spent the last few hours with Yoongi and Hoseok. There’s too much detail and Taehyung is groaning half of the time, telling Jimin to shut up but he’s delighted by how big Jimin smiles. 

He tries to sway the conversation away from him and Jungkook, but Jimin is insistent, demanding an explanation as to why Namjoon interrupted him but Taehyung doesn’t have one. 

Taehyung is still confused by that. He’s watching Jeongin tonight because Namjoon is out of town for his research project and they haven’t talked all day.

“Really?” Jimin asks in confusion when Taehyung tells him this. “He said he talked to you, that’s why I came here.”

Taehyung shrugs, rubbing the sore spot on his neck absentmindedly until pain reminds him not to. “I don’t know.”

His answer comes the next morning when Namjoon appears, a day earlier than expected. 

“You okay?”

Taehyung opens the door for him, scratching through his sleep mussed hair. “Mhm,” he groans, still half asleep after rudely being woken up by Namjoon’s banging.

He becomes a little more alert when Namjoon sticks his nose into the air and actually sniffs. 

“What are you doing?” Jimin laughs from the couch. Jeongin is in his lap, cheek pressed over Jimin’s thigh as he watches his cartoons on the TV.

“Nothing,” Namjoon says, flushing. His eyes zone in on Taehyung’s neck and Taehyung instantly reaches up to touch it.

The skin is now smooth but tender to the touch. Maybe just bruised.

“Tae, can I talk to you for a minute? Alone?”

“Wow,” Jimin huffs. “Fuck you too, hyung.”

Namjoon seems too distracted to notice Jimin’s disgruntled noise as he grabs Taehyung’s arm and pulls him out of the living room and into the bedroom. He complains loudly. “It smells worse in here.”

“I second that. Fuck you,” Taehyung grunts. “Did you wake me up to insult my apartment?”

With a heavy sigh, Namjoon rubs a hand down his face. “I need you to do something for me and not ask why.”

“There is no chance in hell I won’t ask why.”

Namjoon narrows his eyes at Taehyung but he only shrugs because it’s true. “It’s important.”

“Than tell me why.”

Another aggravated sound and the way Namjoon stalks around kind of reminds him of a wolf. 

It clicks then. He’s quite sure wolves and vampires don’t get along. Natural born enemies, both equipped with strengths to use against the other. Wolf venom poisonous to vampires and vice versa. 

After years of discontent, their species have developed an uneasiness to each other’s scent. 

Taehyung wishes he could smell Jungkook in his apartment.

“I need you to stay away from Jungkook. I’m serious about it.”

Goosebumps rise over Taehyung’s skin. “I don’t think it’s any of your business, Joon. I love you loads but it really isn’t.”

“It is.”

“Why?” Taehyung pushes because he wants Namjoon to talk about it, finally. “Because you’re fucking his brother?”

Namjoon glares harder, cheeks flushing quickly. “No. We’re not. That’s unprofessional. It has nothing to do with what Jin and I are or are not doing.”

Taehyung crosses his arms. He hasn’t even had coffee yet. He’s too tired for this, but it may be his only chance to force Namjoon to admit what he is. “Than what?”

“Just as a favor to me.” 

“Not enough,” Taehyung says, nibbling on his bottom lip. Namjoon already seems angry with him, he can risk pissing him off more. “Or does it have to do with the fact you’re a werewolf?”

Namjoon stops dead in his tracks. He makes a noise, hands flying to his hips and falling back to his side. Another noise before he forces out a rough, “yes. But keep your voice down. Jimin can’t hear.”

Taehyung’s heart beats excitedly. He’s been waiting for this for years and he hadn’t expected Namjoon to admit it so easily. Or maybe not easily, because he looks constipated. “Why not? We don’t keep things from each other. Just the three of us, remember?”

“Don’t use that against me. It’s up to Eomma, not me. You’re not supposed to know either but you have the inability to mind your business.”

It isn’t said harshly but Namjoon looks just as frustrated as before. 

“Well, if anyone has more say than Hyunmi it’s you. You raised us more than she did. She used to disappear for weeks at a time, remember? She still does! That’s why I have Jeongin now. It was you that fed us and got us ready for school. Helped us with our homework even when you had your own!”

Suddenly, Taehyung feels bad for being argumentative. 

Namjoon goes quiet, listening to something before he sits on the edge of the bed. He makes a face before quickly springing up. 

“I don’t want you to know either. But now you need to because I really, really need you to stay away from Jungkook. Like you said, I’ve always taken care of you and that’s all I’m doing now.”

“What about Jimin and the others? You don’t seem so bothered that Jimin is around the other Mins.”

Namjoon laughs at that. “Jimin tells me to fuck off every time I bring it up. You know he’s stubborn, won’t even let me get a word out about it now.”

“I should do the same.”

It feels tense. Taehyung doesn’t know how to tell Namjoon why he feels so defensive over Jungkook because he never admitted to anyone that the vampire killed his parents for him. Jungkook asked him not to. 

“It’s different,” Namjoon grunts. “They won’t hurt Jimin and I’m sure of that. But Jungkook -”

Namjoon looks flustered, fingers flexing into fists by his hips. He gets like this when they argue, when he can’t immediately come up with a way to explain his thoughts. Taehyung is aggravated enough that he doesn’t want to give Namjoon the patience, but he wants to know Namjoon’s reasons.

“You’ve only known him like a month,” Namjoon says finally, reaching out and touching his neck. “You’ve known me - oh.”

The sudden anger that fills Namjoon has a surge of worry pouring through Taehyung. Namjoon would never hurt him, Taehyung knows that and believes that to his core , but he’s never seen him look so angry before.

“Fucking vampires and their compulsion.” Namjoon cusses roughly and Taehyung swears his eyes are glowing but he’s quick to turn around so Taehyung can’t see.

“He - he didn’t,” Taehyung stammers out.

There’s tension in Namjoon’s back and he doesn’t turn around when he speaks. “You wouldn’t know if he did.”

“I would,” Taehyung argues. “Because he tried and it didn’t work.”

Namjoon turns them, eyes normal. “What?”

“He, he had this weird voice and told me not to notice his eyes and if I did I would forget. He told me to forget that he bit me. But I didn’t. I didn’t forget any of it.”

Namjoon stares at him like he’s lost his head. He plants his hands to his hips, just staring. “That’s not possible.”

Taehyung shrugs. A vampire’s coercion isn’t something he knows a lot about because most people just don’t remember. “I don’t know.”

Namjoon starts pacing again, face in deep thought. Sometimes he flicks his eyes to Taehyung before shaking his head.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Taehyung breathes. 

“I can’t believe I’m saying this,” Namjoon grunts more to himself than Taehyung. “I need you to keep seeing him.”

Taehyung laughs, leaning against the closed bedroom door. “Why’s that now?”

“I want to know what they’re doing here, the Min family,” Namjoon tells him. “I’ll include you, but - but you have to pretend like his compulsion works. I need you to spy.”

Taehyung doesn’t like this. He hates it actually but Namjoon looks genuinely worried.

And just because Jungkook saved him all those years ago, doesn’t mean Taehyung knows him. He still worries Jungkook will turn on him if he finds out who he is, but he also thinks Jungkook already does.

It would only make sense. Vampires are sentimental beings and Taehyung had freed him.

But Jungkook paid back his debt already.

Frustration fills Taehyung because he’s too conflicted to decide which thought makes sense and asking Jungkook risks exposing himself as his captors’ son. 

“Fine,” Taehyung declares. “But tonight you and I are sitting down and you’re telling me everything .”

Chapter Text

There is nothing exciting about Mondays. Taehyung hates them. He loves teaching but there’s something about having two days off that makes the first day back to work feel like death.

He’d take death, truly. He’s exhausted from staying up all night with Namjoon, the lucky bastard who doesn’t have class until the afternoon and can sleep in.

Namjoon told him a lot about wolves. There are many types of wolves; wolves that are born they way they are, those who are created from a bite, and those who are born from wolf parents but their wolf lies dormant and they never shift. There are wolves that can shift whenever they’d like and those who only can during a full moon. There are wolves who never turn back to human and some who never want to shift into a wolf.

There are rogue wolves, who lose themselves when they shift and have been known to tear through towns, killing off residents. 

Hyunmi is a wolf like Taehyung had suspected. Namjoon told him he’s been one since he can remember, born the way he is. He shifts whenever he likes and he prefers his wolf form.

It was a lot to take in and Taehyung wasn’t allowed to take down any notes in case he accidentally brought them to school with him.

He so badly wants to tell Jimin but Namjoon had made him promise on his life he wouldn’t, but he wouldn’t tell him why.

To keep him safe, Taehyungie , was all that he got.

Namjoon told him less about vampires. Only that usually wolves and vampires don’t get along and that wolves have claimed Seoul. The vampires shouldn’t be here and he’s convinced Seokjin and Jungkook’s presence at the University is only a cover up for the real reason they’re here.

And Namjoon doesn’t trust them because they can compel and because Yoongi is not a regular vampire.

That much Taehyung has figured out. From the stories he’s heard of the purple eyed vampire. But Namjoon knows Yoongi has long avoided war with any creatures, maintaining peace as much as he can, influenced by Hoseokie.

It’s why Namjoon is so frustrated that Yoongi is around Jimin but isn’t forcing him to stay away like he had tried to with Taehyung.

Thinking of Jimin and he appears, Taehyung swears. He is the first thing he sees through the open door of his office. 

Stepping closer, he sees that across from where Jimin sits so rudely on his desk, is Jungkook.

“That’s sad. I see now why Yoongi is so protective of you.”

Jungkook looks uncomfortable. Instead of sitting in the chair, he’s a lot farther from Jimin. It looks awkward and Jungkook looks relieved when Taehyung steps through the door.

He’s in all black again. His jeans are overly ripped, showing off most of his legs and ink above his knees that Taehyung hadn’t seen before. His shirt is tight, clinging to his torso. It’s a button up but Jungkook seems to hate buttons because it’s mostly undone and he can see all the way down to the top of his stomach.

“Jungkookie here says his parents died,” Jimin says when Taehyung steps in. Taehyung steadies his gaze at Jungkook, licking his lips.

He so badly wants to wrap around him again but it’s inappropriate and Taehyung doesn’t know why he so suddenly feels like an adolescent who just popped his first boner. 

“Oh?” Taehyung asks as if he doesn’t know.

Jungkook crosses his arms over his chest. “I already told you that. And I didn’t tell Jimin that, he just brought it up. A rude way to greet someone so early in the morning, if you ask me.”

Taehyung wonders what the truth is. How long ago his parents actually died. If it was before he was a vampire or after. If it was so long ago that Jungkook’s parents died in a war or the plague or something. His research dates the earliest signs of vampirism in the part of the continent at the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty, but he doesn’t know how true it is because Namjoon told him Yoongi is thousands of years old. 

“I’m sorry. My thoughts are a little fuzzy this morning.”

Jimin interrupts them, flicking Taehyung hard in the neck. It hurts and he gasps but he quiets when a growl rumbles in the room.

Jungkook looks pissed but he quickly schools his features to look grumpy instead. 

“Are you going to tell me why Joonie was so angry with you?”

Taehyung eyes Jungkook for a moment before he shakes his head. He’s still unsure about the whole spying thing, but it could also put his mind to ease if there really is no harm.

But Namjoon had made a point. Every member of Jungkook’s family had latched onto one of their own. He suspects them to be spying as well. Jungkook hasn’t pushed him in any way though, not for information and he had looked troubled the first time he bit into Taehyung’s skin.

Plus, it finally gets Namjoon off his back about hanging out with Jungkook. For research purposes, or whatever lie he tells himself.


Jimin narrows his eyes as he turns towards the door and Taehyung feels bad about the hurt in his eyes. “We’ll talk about this in private,” Jimin says, mocking Namjoon’s deep tone. “ Alone .”

“Jimin -”

But Jimin is walking out the door without another word.

They don’t ever really fight, but Taehyung feels bad when there’s tension between them and he’s clearly hurt Jimin’s feelings. He hates doing that. 

Jungkook takes the seat across from him once Jimin is gone. He wrinkles his nose in disgust. 

“Don’t tell me my office stinks,” Taehyung says offhandedly as he opens his briefcase and pulls out the work he is hoping to send off today. “I’ve been eating lunch at Namjoon’s. There’s no rotting food here.”

The look of disgust doesn’t leave Jungkook’s face as his eyes graze over the briefcase. He almost wants to close it quickly so Jungkook doesn’t seen the knife that he has in there, but that would be too obvious.

It had been a gift from Namjoon. It’s pretty, the handle made out of gold and the blade made out of moonstone. It almost looks like glass but it isn’t sharp at all.

Namjoon said it doesn’t kill a vampire, but it hurts them enough that a regular human has an equal chance in fighting one off. 

Jungkook’s jaw ticks when he eyes it but he doesn’t move.

“It doesn’t,” Jungkook says simply, lazily pulling his eyes back up to Taehyung’s face. “Are you having lunch with him again? I was hoping to take you out.”

Taehyung hesitates, moving papers around to hide the knife behind them. “You should have taken me out before the other night.”

Jungkook laughs at that and Taehyung likes the way it sounds. “Society’s rules change over time. Come to lunch with me, please.”

“I only have an hour between classes,” Taehyung says. “So no funny business.”

A crazy part of him wants to suggest to Jungkook that he could feed again if he wanted to, though. He sees Jungkook focus on his neck, eyes constantly flicking towards the marks he had left behind.

The one on his thigh is still there, still a wound that he feels whenever he moves. It had aroused him the next day and he’s never been aroused by vampires before, not even when he accidentally read smutty vampire fiction online, and he doesn’t mean to be, but Jungkook .

He had felt shame the way he had touched himself to the thoughts, his cock already hard when he woke because Jungkook was in his dreams again.

“Yes, sir,” Jungkook murmurs but there is a gleam in his eyes that tells Taehyung he isn’t quite being honest. “Nothing funny about what I want to do to you.”

Taehyung bites his tongue as his stomach flutters at that. “Smooth.”

Jungkook shrugs, looking pleased with himself. He doesn’t look as if he’s moving anytime soon, even making himself comfortable on the chair. 

“Can I help you with anything else?”

“Kicking me out?”

Taehyung cocks his head, smiling. “I have some more papers to grade and I feel like I won’t get much done with you here, Jungkook. No offense.”

Jungkook stands then, hands flattening on the desk. Taehyung looks over the thick veins spiraling up his forearms and he wishes he could ask Jungkook about vampire anatomy.

“You’re probably right,” Jungkook murmurs. He leans forward and Taehyung finds his body moving in accordance.

“See you at lunch?”

Taehyung exhales shakily, nodding. He almost wants Jungkook to lean over the desk and kiss him but it’s a foolish thought.

He freezes when Jungkook takes his hand and turns it. His breath tickles when he presses it to his wrist and gently kisses him there. 

“Don’t tell me you hate onions.”

Jungkook looks like he’s going to be sick. His expression is one of anger and disgust as he watches Taehyung pop the onions into his mouth. 

“You just eat them raw like that?”

Taehyung nods, holding up his box of lunch he had brought with him and offering it to Jungkook.

He recoils quickly, hands coming up in front of him. 

“If you’re trying to convince me not to court you, telling me that is a good way to do so,” Jungkook jokes. “I would never kiss you again if you tasted like onions.”

Taehyung almost spits out the onions in his mouth. “Court me? What a gentleman.”

Jungkook flushes and Taehyung makes note of that. It makes sense that he must have blood inside of him somehow because his cock had been hard and flushed too. He has veins that Taehyung can see, blue beneath the thin skin of his wrists and thick over the back of his hands.

“I’m considering dropping out,” Jungkook says, cocking his head to the side. “I’m failing anyway. You’ll never see me again.”

“That’s a good way to court me. Tell me all the ways in which you’re failing.”

There are times when Jungkook smiles and he looks a bit like a bunny. There are times when he looks far less frightening but adorable instead. Now is one of those moments.

“I mean,” Jungkook complains, “I think your hyung hates me. He’s failing me and I know my work is correct.”

Taehyung tries not to laugh at that and offend Jungkook. Namjoon’s always been the petty type. He was angry at Taehyung for sitting in his seat at his tenth birthday party that he accidentally took all the frosting off of Taehyung’s piece of cake when cutting him a piece.

It was strawberry frosting too. Taehyung’s favorite and Namjoon knew that.

“He could lose his job for that,” Taehyung says seriously.

Jungkook jerks a shoulder. “I won’t squeal, don’t worry. School’s never been my thing. I was thinking about getting a job at that car shop down by the Forest. I’m good with cars.”

Sweat builds at Taehyung’s neck. There’s something incredibly hot about that and it’s so dumb that he thinks so. But Jungkook in a jumpsuit? Sweaty and greasy? Covered in tattoos and piercings? It’s his worst wet dream.

And lately, Jungkook has been in almost all of his wet dreams.

“You want to court me that badly, Mr. Min?” Taehyung laughs as he scoops his chicken into his mouth. He feels very hot all of a sudden.

Jungkook hums, eyes blazing. “I thought about what you said, about me ‘wooing’ you. Maybe I am doing that, but I do prefer referring to it as flirting or trying to take you on a date. Fucking too, if you don’t mind me being blunt.”

There are stories of vampires and humans. Vampires who enslave humans, who fall in love with them. Vampires who have human servants for their feeding needs and those who have turned them into vampires so they could mate with them. Taehyung doesn’t know why else Jungkook would want to keep him around and he isn’t sure if he’s excited or nervous about it.

It could be a trick, a trap, like Namjoon suspects but Taehyung finds he doesn’t believe it.

“Shh,” Taehyung scolds, glancing towards the door. It’s closed again but Namjoon is at work now and could walk in any minute once he realizes Jungkook is here. “I don't quite want my hyung to hear that. He has a tendency to show up when you’re here.”

“He’s busy,” Jungkook says. It must have been a slip up because his eyes widen before he presses his lips together. “I mean, I overheard him talking about getting lunch with Seokjin.”

Taehyung eyes Jungkook for a minute. It’s amusing how reactive Jungkook is when he puts more onions into his mouth and he wonders what onions exactly do to vampires. If they burn them more than humans. If it makes them sick. 

Either way, Jungkook looks repulsed.

“Come get your kiss, Mr. Min. A reward for all of that hard work you put into courting me.”

Jungkook flicks a piece of grilled meat at him, making it bounce off his chest. “I’ll take a raincheck instead.”

Taehyung’s grin falters at Jungkook’s smug grin. “Clever. Are you not hungry? You’ve barely touched your food.”

Jungkook glances at the bowl of food, still full because he’s mostly been pushing it around. He had done the same the other night with his cup of noodles. “Not really in the mood for grilled meat today.”

Taehyung’s heart skips a beat and Jungkook’s eyes flicker up to him. There is no way he can control his heart and it’s very inconvenient for his lies that vampires can hear heartbeats.

“Oh? Do you want to get something else?”

Jungkook’s tongue prods into his cheek but he shakes his head. Taehyung’s heart is thundering now because he’ll let Jungkook feed from him, he knows it. If he asked.

“Nah,” Jungkook says. He props an elbow to the table, showing off the Latin writing running up his forearm and to his wrist. There are thick bands of tattoos around each one, one of them a collage of flowers and the other a band of thorns.

Taehyung tries not to stare but he hadn’t noticed the raised skin beneath them before. He wants to touch, to feel the thick scars under his fingers but it makes him ache. 

“I will go with you.”

Jungkook’s lips quirk up. “You only gave me an hour.”

Taehyung shrugs. “We can get something in that time.”

The red appears so suddenly that Taehyung feels his neck grow hot. Jungkook blinks and it is gone.

“It’s really okay.”

Taehyung stands, grabbing his work keys. “Let’s go. Can’t have you hungry.”

What the fuck is he doing , Taehyung thinks as he pulls Jungkook from the chair. He breathes unevenly being so close to Jungkook and Jungkook quickly touches his hips.

It is part of the plan. Taehyung never told Namjoon that Jungkook had already fed from him. But Namjoon said he might have to let him if he’s compelled. 

It pissed Namjoon off to say that before he gave Taehyung the knife. He nearly tossed it at him.

“You won’t be able to focus with an - an empty belly.”

The moment they are close, the tiny veins appear beneath Jungkook’s eyes and his nose flares. Taehyung’s body reacts to it, heart thumping, breath rushing past his lips. There’s no way Jungkook doesn’t know.

“Fuck,” Jungkook grunts, blinking his eyes a few times and it takes longer for the red to go away but it does. “I keep fucking this up and my hyung is going to seriously end my life if I don’t stop.”

Taehyung warms a hand over Jungkook’s chest, trying his best to seem like he’s surprised. “What - what do you mean?”

Jungkook hisses quietly, pulling himself away from Taehyung. His fangs are out now and they retreat when he’s a few feet away from him.

“I can’t stop thinking about you,” Jungkook tells him like he’s angry about it. “About tasting you. I know you don’t remember, but fuck.”

Jungkook scratches his fingers through his hair in frustration.

“This isn’t the first time you’ve seen.” Jungkook waves his fingers towards his face. “It’s the third.”

Wait, what? Taehyung thinks, his surprised reaction honest because he’s only seen Jungkook like this once.

Unless he remembers, now. Meeting Taehyung when he was eight.

“Usually, I feed like once a week and survive off blood bags and animals.” Jungkook cracks his neck to the side and he looks as murderous as Namjoon tried to warn him vampires to be. “But - but since I fed from you, nothing satiates me. I’m hungry every day and nothing fucking works.”

Taehyung’s hands are shaking now. He’s never heard of anything like that and the frustration on Jungkook’s face tells him the same. “You - you can.”

Jungkook stops his pacing to glare at Taehyung. He laughs. “I really can’t. Yoongi will end my life. I’m not even allowed to be around you.”

Oh . Taehyung doesn’t understand it but it makes his heart race. 

“He’s your brother,” Taehyung says. “I won’t tell him.”

Jungkook is there a second later, his hand gripping hard into Taehyung’s chest and he exhales loudly. “Don’t be dumb.”

“You - you said you have before,” Taehyung breathes. “That means you didn’t hurt me?”

Jungkook nods, rubbing Taehyung’s cheek a lot more softly than he had grabbed his face. Jungkook had seemed in perfect control last time. “I don’t want to hurt you. You’re not even afraid.”

Taehyung nods, chewing on his bottom lip before he tilts his head to the side. “I’m not afraid.”

Those veins appear again, fangs retracting and Jungkook moans softly. It makes a tingle erupt in Taehyung’s belly and he swallows thickly and remains still.

Jungkook pulls back instead of moving forward, rubbing a hand down his face again when the office door opens.

Namjoon’s face turns into a glare the moment he sees Jungkook’s back. He looks a bit frazzled like he had rushed out of the apartment because he was late. His shirt is buttoned wrong and part of it isn’t tucked properly into his pants. His fly is down and the hair above his ear is sticking up.

“Hey,” Namjoon says calmly as if he didn’t just burst into his office.

“Hey,” Taehyung says as if his vampire hating brother didn’t almost see Taehyung bearing his neck for a vampire to feed from him.

Jungkook turns after a moment, when his eyes are back to normal. He wrinkles his nose but he looks amused, taunting. “Sunbaenim. Were you with hyung?”

Namjoon drags his fingers through his hair, making it messier. “I thought you were going to lunch,” he says to Taehyung, ignoring Jungkook.

“I am,” Taehyung says. “I offered Mr. Min a meal because I heard his stomach growling this morning and he said he had no money.”

It is evident that Namjoon is uncomfortable with this but Taehyung makes a face. It’s part of the plan .

It could be but Taehyung had forgotten about the plan for a moment, too focused on the way Jungkook makes him feel.

“Okay,” Namjoon says, he gives Jungkook a look that is probably meant to be threatening.

Taehyung’s the only one here that’s not supposed to know what Jungkook is. If he didn’t know, he would just think Namjoon was being a dick professor.

“Where are you going?”

“The Harpy.”

Taehyung glances to Jungkook when he responds. He’s never heard of the Harpy but Namjoon must have because the vein over his forehead throbs as his nostrils flare. 

“I heard they’re infested with pests.”

Jungkook looks amused by that. He doesn’t drop Namjoon’s gaze, even when he plants a hand to Taehyung’s back. 

It feels challenging and Taehyung tenses. Jungkook quickly pulls his touch away. 

“I have class soon, sorry to rush out,” Jungkook apologizes. “If you’d excuse us.”

Apparently, the Harpy is a vampire bar. Namjoon said there haven’t been vampires living in Seoul in years and he didn’t clarify how many there are now, either. But it doesn’t make sense for one to be here if their population is so small.

It’s dimly lit and the decor clings to that old, regal gothic vampire stereotype. There’s even gargoyles and curtains the color of blood. Taehyung half expects the staff to wear black cloaks with high necks.

“Oh my god,” Taehyung muses. “How have I never heard of this place?”

“It’s discreet,” Jungkook explains. And empty. There is only one server, who glances up like he’s bored when they enter. His hair is bright cobalt blue, not that discreet. He doesn’t wear a cloak, but a simple t-shirt with the bar’s name on it. “Vampires aren’t allowed to live in Seoul for long periods of time, but some have to come here for business and what not? This place is here for them, to keep the peace. Mostly only super creatures come here because the point is to protect the people of Seoul, not have them eaten.”

Taehyung’s heart thumps in his chest. Jungkook speaks and looks at his mouth at the same time and Taehyung wants to close the distance between them. “Is - is that why you brought me here?”

Jungkook’s eyes darken as he takes Taehyung’s hand into his own, threading their fingers together. He waves two at the server before he walks Taehyung through the bar.


Taehyung exhales, excitement filling him as Jungkook opens up a door that leads to a small room. It’s very tiny, almost like a linen closet or a storage closet. But there’s a cushioned bench and supplies running up the wall.

“It’s a feeding room,” Jungkook explains as he sits on the bench.

“I thought humans weren’t allowed here.”

Taehyung sucks in a breath as Jungkook pulls him onto his lap, his legs twisted to the side. “They’re not banned. They’re just not told about it openly. Vampires can feed from other vampires if they’re mated or enslaved too.”

Breath tickles Taehyung’s throat and he ticks his head to the side. “Does - does it hurt?”

Jungkook groans softly, kissing his shoulder. “You seem to like it.”

Taehyung huffs out a laugh. That’s an understatement. “So - so weird not being able to remember.”

Jungkook cocks a brow at that. “I’m going to have to erase your memory again.”

“Seems tiring,” Taehyung tries, brushing his fingers over Jungkook’s cheeks. He prays Jungkook doesn’t realize he’s already fucked up and reacted to his eyes when he was compelled not to.

Maybe compulsion is temporary. Taehyung knows very little about it because most people who have been compelled don’t remember. 

“And pointless.”

“Not pointless,” Jungkook breathes and parts his lips, accepting Taehyung’s thumb between them. 

It’s like being pricked, painless before the euphoria floods through him.

Taehyung breathes heavily, resting his forehead to Jungkook’s. Last time, Taehyung had felt like he was being touched everywhere, but all the nerves in his fingertips have the pleasure increasing where Jungkook sucks. 

“Oh,” Taehyung moans softly. “That - yeah, that does feel really good.”

Jungkook pulls his hand away, licking at his lips. “I’ve never had a human react like you.”

He curls his arm around Taehyung’s waist, pulling him higher into his lap.

“I’ve never tasted anyone as good as you, either.”

Taehyung flushes as he smooths his hand over Jungkook’s neck. On the side, there are inky flames running up from the base of his neck and behind his ear. Taehyung traces them, feeling the raised skin beneath his fingertips. 

“No? How - how old are you?”

“Six hundred this year.”

Taehyung wrinkles his nose. “Okay, ahjussi.”

He gets pinched for that, the pain worse than Jungkook’s teeth sinking into his skin. He giggles though, squeezing closer to Jungkook.

“Do you have to make me forget?”

Jungkook nods, his expression softer than before. “Your brothers can’t know you know. Can’t know about this.”

Taehyung nods and he’s tilting his head again, letting Jungkook in.

The way Taehyung is twisted on Jungkook’s lap makes it hard for Taehyung to touch Jungkook as he feeds. But he doesn’t move, letting Jungkook hold his neck and reopen the closed wounds on his throat. 

Taehyung doesn’t know how long he sits like that, how long Jungkook feeds from. It feels like seconds and hours at the same time. 

He lets Jungkook kiss him afterwards and they waste more time in the cramped feeding room. 

Jungkook is smug.

“I don’t know why you play around when you want me too, baby.”

Taehyung breathes heavily, arms still wrapped around Jungkook’s shoulders. He’s straddling Jungkook’s hips now, his pants opened and his softening cock resting beside Jungkook’s. Thank god he packs extra clothes in his office because he’s spilled coffee on himself way too many times before.

“Well, you keep erasing my thoughts so it’s not as if I know I’ve given in to you before.”

Jungkook frowns at that. “I’ve never erased that part. Just the vampire stuff.”

“Maybe you’re not really good at it because I don’t always remember a lot,” Taehyung lies because he really doesn’t want Jungkook to try again and be successful.

“Shit,” Jungkook and he genuinely looks worried and Taehyung feels bad for lying. “I’m sorry. I’ll be more specific.”

Taehyung sighs. “If you’re that affected, you should just stop erasing my thoughts and come to me when you’re hungry.”

Jungkook’s eyes immediately go dark. Taehyung knows there is a reason vampires don’t feed from the same human unless they’re servants or will be their mates, vampires get too attached to things.

It’s why there is so much power in holding something of personal value to a vampire.

“Are you proposing to be my blood bag, Professor Kim? You like it that much?”

Taehyung huffs out, pressing his forehead to Jungkook’s. It’s demeaning, the way he says it, but enticing. He swallows. This is stupid, really. Namjoon is going to kill him while Yoongi kills Jungkook.

The promise was only to let Jungkook feed if he’s compelled him to, to keep up the act. But Jungkook hasn’t tried to do that. 

He thinks of how defensive Jungkook became when he told Taehyung some vampires feed with consent only.

“If you need one.”

Jungkook groans low as he grabs Taehyung’s cheek and crashes their lips together.

When he pulls back, his eyes glaze over and Taehyung’s heart rate picks up at the sound of his hypnotic voice. 

“You’ll remember everything except the parts where I’m a vampire, that I’ve fed from you,” Jungkook orders him. “Whenever I drink from you, all you will remember is us fooling around. If we don’t fool around and you let me feed, you’ll remember me kissing you. If you don’t want me to feed, you’ll remember enough to stop me.”

It isn’t working.

Taehyung’s heart is leaping.

“Got it?”

Taehyung nods, licking his lips. “Yes.”

Jungkook looks relieved before he helps Taehyung stand up and tries to clean the come from his pants. It works as well as his hypnotizing did.

“Whatever,” Jungkook snickers as he gives up and tucks his own soft cock into his pants. He doesn’t try to clean himself. “I’ll have to stop wearing black, you’re kind of messy.”

Jungkook grabs a bottle of hydrogen peroxide before opening it. Taehyung frowns but when Jungkook grabs his collar, he sees it stained with blood.

The hydrogen peroxide removes the blood enough that it could be easily mistaken as anything else that’s light brown and it is almost completely unnoticeable when Jungkook rubs it with a cloth.

Taehyung hums, feeling blissed out as he curls a hand around the back of Jungkook’s neck for another kiss.

It takes them a while to get out of the feeding room.

It isn’t as empty as it was when they first came in and Taehyung is red in the face, hoping the feeding room is soundproof. He doesn’t think so when the original server looks at them with a grin.


Jungkook tenses immediately and Taehyung scans the crowd until he finds the bright purple hair. Hoseok had black hair the last Taehyung saw, but now it’s a light shade of lavender.

“We should go,” Jungkook murmurs, half standing in front of Taehyung but it’s like the sound of his voice has Hoseok’s eyes scanning the room and landing on to him.

“Fucking magic,” Jungkook grunts quietly in annoyance. Hoseok’s eyes narrow over Taehyung. 

Taehyung wants to know if Hoseok is a vampire too. He must be if he’s at a bar made for vampires. 

“What the hell,” Hoseok greets, a cheerful smile on his face and amusement in his eyes. He’s no longer dressed head to toe in black like the last time Taehyung had seen him, but his shirt is neon green and his legs cheetah print.  “Fancy meeting you here. Taehyung, right?”

Jungkook plants a hand to the back of his neck, gently rubbing his skin there. The mark is open and still fresh on his neck and Hoseok’s eyes drift over it a few times as he waits for a response.

“Yes, yeah.”

Hoseok rubs his lips together, eyes looking to Jungkook like he wants an explanation for something.

“What are you doing here, hyung? Yoongi hates this place and I thought you did too.”

Hoseok laughs at that, eyebrows reaching up towards his hairline. Hoseok doesn’t look angry but he wonders if Jungkook is going to get in trouble.

From what it sounds like, Yoongi is the leader. But he’s Hoseok’s husband. Which would make Hoseok second in command?

Where does that leave Jin? Is he a vampire?

The sudden thought nearly has Taehyung yelling. He tries hard not to jerk like he wants to.

Holy fucking shit. The bastard lied to him about not believing in the supernatural when he lives with a whole entire house of them.

Namjoon, the hypocrite, is fucking around with a vampire. Even if he claims not to, he at least has a major crush on one. But Taehyung is quite sure they’re actually fucking, regardless of what Namjoon says. 

“Surprised to see me here, aren’t you?” Hoseok looks too amused by that. “We’re having a meeting.”

The others with Hoseok are a range of different ages, ethnicities, and genders. There’s even someone that looks like a child sitting at the bar, a glass of wine in front of them.

“Which, your lovely Yoongi hyung is supposed to be a part of. So why don’t you go and scramble before he gets here.”

“What kind of meeting?” Jungkook asks, looking annoyed. “Or am I suddenly not apart of those either?”

Hoseok rolls his eyes. “Hyung is going to be here any minute now. Do you want him to see this?”

Jungkook is nearly shoving him out of the bar at that. Taehyung giggles at the suddenness of it, but it falters when he sees how hard Jungkook’s face is. He’s gentle when he moves Taehyung, but still quick, and doesn’t let him go until they’re turning down another street.

“I should get back,” Taehyung says, leaning his arm into Jungkook’s in hopes he can relieve the stress in his face. “Are you going back to campus?”

Jungkook’s jaw twitches before he nods. “Mhm. What time is it?” 

Glancing at the time, Taehyung realizes he’s lost track of it. By thirty minutes.

A laugh bubbles from his lips before he can stop it. “You are a bad influence.”

Jungkook looks amused as Taehyung flashes the phone to show him. “Guess that means I get to spend more time with you. When’s your next class?”

They end up walking the streets around campus after Jungkook insisting Taehyung eat something despite the fact that he just had before they left. He settles for strawberry ice cream and doesn’t mind the way it drips onto his fingers because Jungkook takes them and licks them clean.

“Just say you want some,” Taehyung says as he pushes the cone against Jungkook’s lips until it smears across from them.

Jungkook’s eyes are smiling as he bites into it.

A shiver rushes down Taehyung’s back just at the sight. 

“That’s not how you eat ice cream.”

He demonstrates with a kittenish lick and Jungkook’s fingers catch at the back of his neck. “Tease and you’ll never get back to class.”

It’s nice, and Taehyung forgets that he’s supposed to be getting information out of him.

“So, what does Hoseok do for work?”

Jungkook shoves his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “He’ll call himself an entrepreneur. He currently sells aromatherapy uh, stuff?”

“You don’t know?”

Jungkook side eyes Taehyung’s grin. “I don’t know much about it, no. He sells different things all the time. Always has a new fascination.”

“I love it,” Taehyung tells him. “Tell him I’m interested in buying.”

Jungkook looks uncomfortable and doesn’t respond. Taehyung wonders if he’s looking for an excuse for why he can’t, if aromatherapy means something else .

Taehyung quickly changes the subject. “What about Yoongi?”

“Nurse,” Jungkook replies, less hesitant than before. “Transferred here when Jin hyung accepted the position at the University.”

“And you, an inspiring mechanic?”

Jungkook grins, glancing at him again but his eyes drop to Taehyung’s mouth as he sticks his tongue and licks slowly over the melting ice cream.

The ice cream is taken from him a second later. “I’ve changed my mind. I will have some. The rest.”

Taehyung giggles as Jungkook jogs forward, dodging the playful fist he tosses his way.

He’s a lot faster than Taehyung but he lets Taehyung catch him. Taehyung doesn’t think when he wraps his arms around Jungkook’s neck to capture him, how they might look to the other people around them.

Jungkook holds out the ice cream to him, leaning it towards his mouth before pulling it away. Taehyung pinches his neck, complaining until his mouth falls open when Jungkook does it again.

The third time, Taehyung’s pretend annoyance feels too fond when Jungkook quickly pulls the cone away and kisses him instead.

Jungkook tasting like strawberry might be Taehyung’s new favorite thing.

Walking him backwards, Jungkook kisses him softly. Taehyung feels light, a bit giddy, and overly ridiculous because of how it makes him feel.

“Give me my ice cream back,” Taehyung says breathlessly as he makes no move to actually retrieve it.

Jungkook gives him a lopsided grin instead. “It’s mine now.”

Taehyung wrinkles his nose, growling lowly the way Jungkook does before he pulls away. He watches as Jungkook sticks his tongue into the cone, eyebrows wiggling.

“You’re disgusting,” Taehyung lies as he turns around like he’s about to take off.

There’s arms curling around his waist a second later, Jungkook’s chest stitching to him. It makes his walking turn into waddling and his chest turn into a racetrack.

“Here,” Jungkook murmurs, angling the cone back to Taehyung’s mouth to feed him. “We can share.”

“So tell me, mermaids. What’s the deal?”

Taehyung huffs out a laugh. He can’t tell if Jungkook really meant he was interested in his studies, but he is convincing. He claims not to believe in the supernatural, but that must be a ploy to convince humans they aren’t real.

Jungkook, beautiful as always with his hair slicked back and ears sparkling with the amount of metal covering them. Jungkook with his bright eyes and bunny smile, fingering at his jaw as he points into the folder of Taehyung’s research. Jungkook, trying to be intimidating with his ripped sleeves and arms covered in ink, a skull on his chest, but still failing. 

“Inconclusive,” Taehyung muses with a smile of his own. “I’m partial towards them being real because everything is. But no one can confirm.”

Jungkook glances down at the notes, eyes flickering back up a second later and they’re filled with that teasing look Taehyung can never fully comprehend the meaning of.

His work and research has kept him away from the dating scene. He’s drowned himself in it really, and it makes it hard to read Jungkook sometimes. But he’s definitely flirting - always flirting. No matter what it is that he says, Taehyung has butterflies and flushed cheeks. 

“Everything? Does that mean you believe in God, Taehyung-ssi?”

Even that seems like flirting and Taehyung tried to resist rolling his eyes. He tries.

“Undecided,” Taehyung says after a moment. “If demons, spirits from Hell, exist. Surely spirits from Heaven do too. Balance and all that.”

Jungkook’s jaw clenches. Taehyung’s learning to read his tells. He looks amused when Taehyung is wrong and tense when he is right.

“There are more stories about the evils out there. What convinces you there must be good to balance it?” Jungkook challenges with a quirked brow.

Maybe Taehyung believes he’s interested in what he has to say.

“One of the reasons I’m undecided. The assumption is these creatures, demons, werewolves, vampires, whatever, are evil. But like you said, you can’t assume every one of one group is the same.”

Jungkook grins at this, tongue poking into his cheek. “Aren’t they? To the very core?”

Taehyung sinks back in his chair, gazing over Jungkook. “What makes them evil? There is nothing different about them than there is humans? Survival. Nature. Maybe the only difference is power. Well if power makes you evil than isn’t God evil as he is ‘all powering?’”

Instead of responding, Jungkook reaches over the desk and outstretches his hand. Taehyung gives it a minute before he fits his palm over it. 

He won’t get used to it, the way Jungkook so effortlessly presses his lips to Taehyung’s knuckles. 

“Humans are evil in their own way even if they’re not the most powerful. The weakest. They do things not for survival but just, I don’t know, out of cruelty.”

Jungkook squeezes his hand, his expression soft. “Is that what you believe? Humans are just as evil.”

There is a tug on Taehyung’s arm and he laughs at Jungkook’s gentle strength, pulling him until Taehyung is half leaning over the desk. 

“How can I not? Look at the things happening in the world, the awful things that we humans know about, and we turn a blind eye. With whatever reason, with some justification that makes absolutely no sense yet, people believe it so wholeheartedly.”

Taehyung can’t read the look in Jungkook’s eyes but it makes him feel a lot. His throat tight, he tilts his head to the side and watches as Jungkook kisses his knuckles again.

“So that’s why you’re so interested in the supernatural? An evil you can explain?” Jungkook asks.

“No,” Taehyung murmurs and Jungkook is tugging him more but he’s too close to being pulled over the desk completely that he laughs. “I don’t believe them to be evil at all.”

“Then why are you so interested?”

Despite the firm grip Jungkook has on him, he lets go easily when Taehyung moves. He doesn’t think about the open area they’re in, that the door to his office has a window where anyone can see.

He props himself on the desk directly beside Jungkook and strokes his cheeks. He wishes he could tell Jungkook, admit to him how unevil he thinks him to be but he can’t.

“I told you, I met a vampire before,” Taehyung starts. He’s nervous, so much so that he feels the words shake in his throat. “He did bad things because he was forced to but he did good things because his heart told him to.”

He doesn’t know. He doesn’t know why Jungkook saved him but he believes it anyway.

Jungkook laughs at that, taking Taehyung’s hands again. “Your imagination is unreal.”

“Imagination,” Taehyung huffs in mock offends but his breath gets cut off when Jungkook tugs him into his lap. “We shouldn’t.”

He glances towards the window but there’s a hand pulling him back. Jungkook is gentle when he touches Taehyung’s cheek, fingers stroking his skin.

“Why?” Jungkook whispers. “Is this one of those evil things you’re going on about humans doing?”

Taehyung wonders if Jungkook realizes how detached he sounds when he says humans

“No,” Taehyung says, tone dropping as low as Jungkook’s. It’s hard to think with him so close, so gentle, warm. “You’re trying to woo me again.”

And when Jungkook laughs, he feels warmer. His eyes crinkle as his mouth falls open, nose wrinkling like it’s trying to bunch up into the bridge. Taehyung is only allowed to appreciate it for a moment before Jungkook cups the back of his back and drags him down for a kiss.

“An evil human,” Taehyung says between kisses, “is one who interrupts me during my thought processes about the human race and how much I hate it.”

Jungkook laughs against his lips but there’s no shame in his face when he pulls back. “Who determines what is evil?”

A laugh passes Taehyung’s lips and he pushes Jungkook back. “I have a feeling your mind has strayed far from the conversation of evil and good?”

Jungkook warms a hand between his thighs, a subconscious movement like he just likes to feel. “No, no. I like listening to you, I promise. There’s just something.”

He trails off for a moment, fingers running over Taehyung’s trousers as he sighs. 

“I like the comfort of having you close,” Jungkook finally says. “It is comforting.”

“Eloquent,” Taehyung teases, wrinkling his nose as he presses it to Jungkook’s.

He should move, get off Jungkook’s lap, but he’s pulled in by the proximity and plants a kiss to Jungkook’s lips instead. 

“Just,” Jungkook murmurs, teeth teasing at his bottom lip. “Keep going.”

But Taehyung has forgotten what he was talking about, seemingly consumed by the feel of Jungkook against him.

He pulls away because of it, a breath sticking in his throat. He doesn’t understand his pull towards Jungkook, but he doesn’t mind it.

When he was little, he remembers wanting to see the man locked away in the spare bedroom. He remembers wandering outside of his room with the want, need, to push open the door and discover who was inside.

He doesn’t remember if it was the same pull as now, he doubts it. This is different. No longer innocent curiosity.

“Going with what?”

Jungkook laughs, his body trembling with it before Taehyung is suddenly being lifted and sat on his desk.

A second later the door opens and Namjoon pops his head in, just as Jungkook moves across the room to touch over the artifacts lining his office walls. 

Taehyung only glances to Jungkook, wondering if he knows how obvious he is before turning to his brother.

Namjoon is red faced, glancing between the two of them. 

“Hyung,” Taehyung greets, wracking a hand through his hair because he feels flustered. “With how much you’re on our floor, I’d think you’ve switched from social sciences and into the land of the supernatural.”

Namjoon wrinkles his nose. “I just came to remind you that I’m having dinner at home tonight. If you’re still coming?”

Before this moment, Namjoon had never mentioned anything about dinner tonight. But Taehyung doesn’t mention it, instead nodding his head.

It isn’t enough for Namjoon to leave and Jungkook must notice too as he turns around, a dazzling smile on his lips before he bows his head in greeting. 

“Sunbaenim. What’s your take? Taehyung here and I are having a discussion of the human race. Taehyung hates them. I, however, find them quite fascinating.”

Namjoon peers his eyes as his tongue pokes in his cheek and his arms cross over his chest. He has that stance like me may lecture at any moment, but he doesn’t. Jungkook is taunting him and Taehyung presses his lips together, knowing he shouldn’t be amused by it. 

“I’m interested in hearing your take,” Namjoon says. “I’ll bring it up in class on Monday. You can present.”

Annoyance quickly fills Jungkook’s face and Taehyung can no longer keep his smile to himself. 

“Dinner, Tae. Eight. Mr. Jeon - I mean, Min. Don’t forget the paper on Jung’s theory of neurosis due next Tuesday.”

Jungkook is turning around, ignoring him.

Taehyung finally laughs when Namjoon is gone, earning those glaring eyes to turn onto him instead.

“Okay, maybe I believe you that hyung hates you,” Taehyung says as he watches Jungkook close the blinds on his door. He looks pissed and Taehyung’s amusement falters. “Which is probably my fault.”

Jungkook is silent, only raising a brow at that as he locks the door and stalks to where Taehyung is still sitting on his desk.

Butterflies hit Taehyung’s stomach and the way he drops his tone is unintentional. “He’s protective. I’m the baby,” Taehyung explains. “And you look at me like you want to ruin all my innocence.”

Jungkook laughs as he settles between Taehyung’s legs like he had done in his kitchen, palms catching on the sides of his thighs the same way. He rubs at Taehyung’s slacks and grips down like he likes the warmth beneath his palms.

“I think you’re stereotyping me based off of my appearance,” Jungkook murmurs as he leans closer.

“Told you humans were garbage,” Taehyung says, voice hitching as he touches the ink on Jungkook’s neck.

There’s no pulse beneath his jaw but Taehyung can feel the way his muscle moves when he swallows.

“Maybe you’re right though,” Jungkook murmurs, breath against Taehyung’s ear. “Maybe I do want to ruin you. Maybe your hyung should be worried about it.”


There is a problem. A big problem, a massive problem.

The man on Jungkook’s lap tastes like his blood is made out of oil. Petroleum.

He only lasts a second with the taste on his tongue before he’s pulling away, disgust quickly filling him. The man looks blissed out, smiling dopily down at Jungkook with a hand around the back of Jungkook’s neck.

He tries to tug Jungkook back but Jungkook resists.

It’s late and the Harpy is busy. He can hear the noises of people outside. He hadn’t been expecting the humans here, parading around like prostitutes but offering up their blood for sale instead of their bodies.

Well, some are offering up that too but Jungkook isn’t interested. He isn’t interested in feeding off of any of them either, but he has to. 

Jungkook highly doubts the wolves that run Seoul know about this. But he’s thankful for it. Taehyung’s offer sits heavily on his shoulders and he desperately wants to take him up on it, but he knows he’ll be fucked if he does. He already has a strange attachment to Taehyung, constantly feeding from him will only make it worse. 

But for the first time, human blood tastes like dirt on his tongue.

“What did you take?” Jungkook growls, pushing the man back when he tries to tug Jungkook back to his neck. “You taste disgusting.”

There is a flicker of fear in the man. The owner of the Harpy had told him every human here is here on their own accord. Jungkook had been unsure about it when he was offered and he believes the man enough to try it out. But the man’s fear has him second guessing it. He won’t hurt him, Jungkook doesn’t like hurting humans just to feed.

Even if he could care less about most humans, he hates feeling like a monster.

“Nothing s-sir.”

Jungkook grits his teeth. The foul taste in his mouth makes his stomach churn. He grabs the man’s chin, careful in the way he touches him as not to hurt him. “Tell me, are you willingly here?”

The man instantly nods, eyes glazed over.

Jungkook slumps back on the booth. The man is attractive, clearly dressed to seduce with his see through clothing. There are necklaces adorning his neck, accentuating the length of it and his skin is so pale Jungkook can see the blue beneath it.

“Send me someone else.”

He tucks a very generous tip into the man’s shorts and waits for his next.

She isn’t any better. Just as foul tasting as the first. She seems less offended, shrugging as she slides off of his lap.

The third entering the room isn’t a human to feed from, but the owner. He’s younger than Jungkook, maybe two to three hundred years old. Younger than his human self too, not even in his twenties yet. 

“Song Mingi,” the man introduces, his voice deep and vibrating. He wears a black suit, velvet with a paisley pattern that makes him look just as elegant and gothic as the decor. “I am sorry you’ve been displeased with our services.”

Jungkook shakes his head, wiping at his mouth. “They were lovely. I have a small problem though if you’re putting something into them to make them taste so foul.”

It’s challenging. Jungkook knows he shouldn’t be challenging another vampire on his own property, but if he’s drugging them in any way to hurt vampires, it’s an issue.

There are some vampires who have it out against their own kind. Killing a vampire is a crime, but just as every species has evil, every species also has people who don’t like to follow the rules.

Mingi lifts his hands in surrender. “I promise you, Mr. Min, we do no such thing here. All of our workers are plenty healthy, high iron counts. We’ve never had a complaint before.”

Jungkook narrows his eyes. This all could be very convenient to him but of course, with his luck, it isn’t. “I don’t mean offense or disrespect. But I feel like I’ve consumed gasoline.”

With a once over, Mingi clasps his hands in front of himself. “I don’t mean to pry, Mr. Min, but are you mated?”

“No,” Jungkook says, standing up. He doesn’t like sitting in the presence of another vampire, with them towering over him. “I am not.”

Mingi raises a brow at this. “Well, are you intended? In the process of mating? It can be difficult for a mated vampire to feed from anyone else. I’ve heard it tastes like gasoline to them as well. Some have said dirt.”

Jungkook huffs out a laugh at that. He will never mate. It’s a better bond than enslavement, but it’s a bond nonetheless. Yoongi and Hoseok are obsessed with finding a way that they can have the bond of mates, as two different species it’s been hard. Jungkook’s never understood the appeal.

“I am not.”

But Mingi doesn’t look to believe him. He even looks amused. “What about the wolf you brought here last week? The one that reeked of Alpha Kim?”

Just the small mention of Taehyung has him feeling protective. He’s avoided him the last few days because of his hunger and by Namjoon’s not so subtle threat of calling him by his real last name. “I don’t believe that that is any of your business.”

Mingi rubs his lips together in amusement. He presses his hands together like he’s praying before bowing his head. “I apologize, sir. We are on unsteady ground with the Kim pack. One of my employees had been concerned he allowed you in here with one of the Kim’s pups.”

Taehyung had smelt especially bad of Namjoon that day like Namjoon had layered Taehyung with his scent. It had been difficult to ignore it and it felt overwhelmingly good to cover the scent with his own.

“I am surprised Alpha Kim allows this place with humans on order.”

Mingi laughs. “Like I said, unsteady ground. What Alpha Kim doesn’t know, won’t hurt him. But I’m afraid if you’ve mated with the youngest of the Kim pack, I cannot -”

“I haven’t,” Jungkook growls, the sound vibrating around them.

The amusement slips from Mingi’s face before he bows. “I apologize, once again. I don’t mean to assume. I know it’s dangerous for a vampire to mate with a wolf. This is a safe place.”

Jungkook feels irritated and doesn’t entertain another word before he’s leaving the feeding room, unsatiated. He hates that Taehyung smells so much of wolf, but if it keeps him safe having everyone else think so, so he’ll deal with it.

There is a smug feeling inside of him that the staff thinks Taehyung is his mate. 

He ignores Hoseok, who had come with him to babysit. He walks right past him, even when he can feel the tickle of Hoseok’s magic calling for him.

His feet take him where he needs to go and he tries, he tries not to think about the fact that he ends up outside a restaurant where he can clearly see Taehyung. Through the outside window, Jungkook spots his back. He’s with a woman, an older woman. She’s familiar but in a way Jungkook can’t place. 

Jungkook flares. He walks off, circling past the restaurant. He walks, turning down rights and lefts and ends up right in the same fucking spot.

Irritation fills Jungkook. There’s a feeling inside of him that feels like panic, but isn’t. He just doesn’t get it, this whatever that keeps bringing him to Taehyung.

He watches as Taehyung stands, lips pulled into a bright smile before he turns around and it quickly fades. Alarm fills Jungkook and he resists going inside, but Taehyung’s eyes lift and find him.

They immediately go wide before narrowing in accusation.

Jungkook cusses under his breath. He knows how this looks, he totally knows. But he honestly did not mean to show up here.

Taehyung is outside in a second, arms closing over his stomach tightly because of the nippy night. His shirt is thin and made of silk, clinging to his body in a way that Jungkook can see the bones of his collarbones and the hard of his nipples pressing into the fabric. “Okay, you’re really pushing this stalking thing to another level.”

The smell of alcohol radiates from Taehyung and so does wolf. So much wolf. “I know you won’t believe me, but I didn’t mean to show up here.”

He can’t even explain it to Taehyung without revealing himself. Again. He’s trying hard not to do that. He knows he’s been failing a lot.

“It’s fine,” Taehyung huffs, shoulders easing. “I actually was going to call you after I left.”

Jungkook glances over Taehyung’s shoulder and the woman who sits there is looking at them. Her eyes glow and Jungkook bites hard in his tongue as he feels a growl growing.

She’s the wolf. Her scent is strong on Taehyung. Given her age, in her fifties, and the familiar way in which Taehyung had been with her, he suspects it’s Namjoon’s mother, Hyunmi. But the way Taehyung’s smile had faltered, he isn’t sure. 

The Seoul Kims are a large pack, but many of their elders have died over the years trying to keep vampires out of Seoul. Yoongi’s made the comment before that soon the pack will be run by children, as there are more pups than grown wolves. There aren’t many wolves older or even around the same age as Hyunmi. 

“Everything okay?”

Taehyung shrugs, running his fingers through his honey gold colored hair. “I’m meeting with my Eomma. Or, Namjoon’s I mean. Stresses me out. Wanted to see if you wanted to come over after.”

“Course,” Jungkook supplies without hesitation. He was right; Namjoon’s mother. The leader of the pack before Namjoon became of age. “She didn’t teach you the stranger danger rule much.”

Taehyung grins as he slaps Jungkook’s arm. “Are you a danger to me?”

“No,” Jungkook hums, stepping into Taehyung’s space. The world really is against him because he wants to kiss Taehyung so badly it almost hurts. He is starving suddenly and he wants to replace the foul taste in his mouth with Taehyung instead. “Far from it.”

It is intended to be true, but it feels like a lie.

Taehyung hums softly as he folds a hand over Jungkook’s hip. “I’ll be home in like an hour. Will you be there?”

Jungkook doesn’t hesitate to nod.

“Good,” Taehyung says with a grin. “There’s something about you I find, how did you put it? A comfort that’s so comforting.”

It pleases Jungkook so much to hear that that he doesn’t even realize Taehyung is teasing him.

It’s ten minutes before Taehyung said he would be there that Jungkook shows up. He doesn’t enter the apartment but lingers in the hallway, feeling even more like a creep. He nods in greeting at Taehyung’s neighbors, who eyes pass over him without question.

He should look into upping security in Taehyung’s building. No one seems alarmed by the man coated heavily in tattoos and piercings is lingering outside of someone’s apartment,

Maybe times have changed. 

When he spots Taehyung, he looks haggard. Slumping down the hallway before he finds Jungkook and his eyes brighten. Jungkook’s hands instantly circle the sides of Taehyung’s neck to bring him into a kiss.

Taehyung makes a noise of surprise, giggling softly as he cups his hands over Jungkook’s rib cage and let’s him press him into the wall beside his door.

“Missed me?” Taehyung murmurs when there’s space between his lips. “Everything okay?”

There is a flutter in Taehyung’s heart when Jungkook pulls back and Taehyung looks up at him with wide eyes. There’s red circling his vision and Taehyung is pulling him away and into the apartment.

“Go on,” Taehyung breathes like he knows why Jungkook needs, closing the door behind him as he presses into it.

Jungkook doesn’t wait.

It isn’t pleasurable like it normally is. Not in an erotic way, but in a way that feels like he’s ran twenty miles and is finally able to take a sip of water. Like sitting coated in dirt and grime for days and finally being able to step beneath the spray of water, a bar of soap in hand.

Taehyung hums, fingers petting over his head as Jungkook feeds.

It feels like being starved and finally given fresh bread to eat.

“S’good,” Taehyung murmurs. Even his reactions are different as he melts into Jungkook and holds him. “You’re good.”

He sounds like he’s trying to reassure Jungkook of something but Jungkook isn’t upset. He’s frustrated that the only thing that tastes good on his tongue is Taehyung.

He should be more worried about it but it’s the last thing on his mind because it feels right. 

There is a hint of alcohol in his blood, enough to make Jungkook feel dizzy. Or that could just be because he’s being consumed by Taehyung, who hums a pleased noise and holds onto him tighter.

When Jungkook pulls away, he licks at his lips and Taehyung kisses over his cheeks. “What is wrong?”

“Nothing,” Jungkook promises. He feels better, ten times better. “How was dinner?” 

A rumble of laughter sounds from Taehyung’s chest as Jungkook licks his wound clean. “Fine, fine. Dinner was supposed to be with Jimin and Namjoon as well, but neither showed. Made it awkward. None of us are really close with Eomeoni but Jimin is a lot better at holding a conversation.”

Jungkook pulls away, searching over Taehyung’s face. He seems fine. “Why aren’t you close with her?”

Another long sigh and Taehyung is pushing off the wall. “She isn’t around much. Kind of strict, though she is very kind, don’t get me wrong. Are you hungry?”

Jungkook shakes his head. “No, I’m good baby.”

Taehyung lifts a brow at that. “Baby? That’s new.”

“Mhm. I like it, do you?”

Nibbling on his bottom lip is the only response Taehyung gives him before he’s walking out of the room and into the kitchen.

Jungkook follows, finding Taehyung reaching into his cabinets to pull out a bottle of red wine. He holds it up, shaking it slightly like he’s offering it. “I know you like wine. Want a glass?”

It’s not that Jungkook is a fan of alcohol. He can’t get drunk unless he’s feeding off a drunk person. But he doesn’t explain that he only drinks it to cover up the color of the blood inside his glass, only nods in case it’s Taehyung that needs the drink. 

“Dinner was that stressful?”

Taehyung laughs as he fills two glasses. They aren’t wine glasses but regular drinking cups. “I’m eternally grateful that Hyunmi took me in, but she was friends with my parents for a reason. She constantly talks about how much they loved me but all I remember is how badly they hurt me.”

Jungkook clenches his teeth, breathing in through his nose. He hates how angry he gets whenever the slightest mention of Taehyung being upset hits his ears. He hates it almost as much as he hates Taehyung being upset.

“I’m not that close to her because of that and because she was gone a lot, leaving Namjoon to raise us,” Taehung explains. He falls quiet long enough to hand Jungkook his glass and take a sip of his own. “Which makes me feel guilty sometimes because Namjoon is only three years older than me but he was forced to act as a parent. Didn’t have much of a childhood.”

Jungkook listens quietly, watching Taehyung’s shoulders slump with exhaustion and his eyes heavy with guilt.

“That isn’t your fault.”

His guess is Namjoon didn’t have a childhood because he’s been raised to be pack leader. It’s a lot of discipline from what Jungkook’s heard. 

“I know,” Taehyung almost says defensively. “But I wanted my parents dead and it happened. I don’t believe in magic but, sometimes I blame myself that Namjoon would have had it easier if I just accepted my parents instead of praying every night that they would disappear.”

Jungkook moves in a flash, gently easing the glass from Taehyung to embrace him. He trails his fingers over his cheek and watches as Taehyung licks the wine from his lips. “How old were you when they died?”

Taehyung looks at him for a long minute before he whispers, “eight.”

“Then you can’t hold that weight on your shoulders,” Jungkook murmurs. Advice is not his forte, but he so desperately wants to rid the guilt in Taehyung’s eyes. “You were a child that needed a home. I’m sure your hyung doesn’t regret taking care of you? And it’s not like you killed your parents.”

With a wet laugh, Taehyung turns from him. It’s the first time he’s really hidden from Jungkook and Jungkook hates it. “No, you’re right. Joon-ah tells me all the time how happy it’s made him to raise me.”

Turning, Jungkook is left with the sight of Taehyung’s back. His head tilts as downs his glass of wine. Jungkook hesitates before securing a hand to Taehyung’s back because he doesn’t know how much he drank during dinner, but he wobbles slightly.

“He has a really big heart,” Taehyung says suddenly, turning around. “He’s sweet and kind. He’s only an ass because he knows I like you.”

Jungkook grins, taking the glass from Taehyung before he drops it. “Oh, what’s this? You like me?”

Taehyung pushes his lips into a pout, eyes peering at him. “I don’t feel as if this is news.”

He reaches for Jungkook then, fingers curling around the bottom of his shirt and tugging. “It sure is news to me.”

Taehyung grunts at that, nose wrinkling. “Well, forget you heard it because I didn’t mean to say it.”

Jungkook shakes his head. “Hell no.”

Carefully, Taehyung touches at the rubies implanted above Jungkook’s eyebrow. “I haven’t decided yet.”

“You always say that,” Jungkook murmurs as Taehyung moves to his ear next, feeling each stud and hoop trailing the curve of Jungkook’s ear. His eyes are following the movement, giving Jungkook a chance to watch Taehyung’s face. 

“I have a pure reputation,” Taehyung murmurs, amusement making his lips quirk up as he strokes over the tunnel through Jungkook’s stretched ear lobe. “It wouldn’t look good for me to hang out with the resident bad boy on campus.”

Jungkook snorts as Taehyung trails his fingers down the ink on his arms and takes his hands. 

“Everyone might think you’re corrupting me,” Taehyung muses, eyes flickering to Jungkook as he fingers over the thick watch on his wrist and then moves to his fingers.

Jungkook tenses when Taehyung touches his rings, his fingers instantly curling until the tips press into his palm. He wants to pull his arm back but Taehyung touches the ring from Tae Jong so delicately.

“I have a feeling I already have,” Jungkook murmurs as Taehyung rubs over the simple ring and looks to his other hand.

There’s a smile on Taehyung’s lips as he takes the bracelet into his fingers. It’s almost twenty years old now and Jungkook has managed to keep the strings from fraying, though the strawberries that were printed on the beads have long been rubbed off or faded.

“Try harder,” Taehyung teases, letting his hand go. “I don’t think your attempts have worked.”

Jungkook moves into Taehyung’s space, always so drawn to him. Taehyung looks victorious, circling his arms around Jungkook’s neck. “You’re not as pure as you pretend to be. I know that for a fact. Even if you look like a prince right now in that shirt.”

Taehyung’s breath hitches at that, his cheeks flushed. “This is borrowed.”

“Don’t give it back,” Jungkook murmurs before he grabs the back of Taehyung’s thighs and lifts him. He savors the gasp Taehyung lets out and the giggle that follows when Jungkook presses him into the refrigerator. “Pure. Baby, you’re pure sin behind closed doors.”

Taehyung flushes deeper, teeth digging into his bottom lip. “Are you going to kiss me or not?”

“Not,” Jungkook teases. He licks his lips, watching Taehyung’s eyes follow the movement. He leans forward like he might finally give in, just to pull back.

A whine bubbles from Taehyung’s lips and his fingers dig into Jungkook’s neck but Jungkook remains rock still, not letting Taehyung move him.

“Don’t be an ass,” Taehyung tries weakly. He parts his lips, panting softly when Jungkook does it again.

Taehyung makes an aggravated noise when Jungkook pulls back again without their lips touching. Jungkook can’t help but laugh at how frustrated he looks, but it quickly dies when Taehyung’s eyes flutter open and they’re a deep red.

So red they look as if they’re bleeding.

Jungkook jumps back, dropping Taehyung to feet but his normal dark, honey brown eyes have returned.

“What is it?” Taehyung asks.

His hair turns pink then. A bright strawberry pink with the color dark and wet around his scalp like it had just gotten it done. Or it still has dye there, leaking until it touches on his forehead.

It looks like blood.

Jungkook grits his teeth before he storms through the apartment.

Like he’s suspected, Hoseok stands in the hallway with a smug grin on his lips.

“What do you want?” Jungkook grunts.

“Hoseok-ssi,” Taehyung greets, pushing Jungkook aside. He readjusts his shirt. “Everything okay?”

Hoseok doesn’t need to be invited in and he doesn’t wait to be either. He steps right over the threshold.

Jungkook misses the way Taehyung’s eyes widen in alarm and his mouth parts in surprise.

“Bored,” Hoseok says, waving his fingers and now Taehyung’s hair is blue. Taehyung doesn’t seem to notice. Hoseok ignores the glare Jungkook sends his way. “Kookie and I were at the bar and he just left me.”

Taehyung looks ridiculous with his hair flashing different colors of the rainbow. His eyes are narrowed like he may scold Jungkook but Jungkook can’t take him seriously. 

When his hair stops on a light, mint green, Jungkook holds up his hand to stop Hoseok. Hoseok looks pleased.

It looks really good.

“You didn’t have to leave the bar just for me,” Taehyung says, confusing Jungkook. “I’m sorry, Hoseok-ssi. I had a dinner that didn’t go so well and I called Jungkook to bring me home.”

It’s a lie. Hoseok knows it’s a lie but his smile only looks pleased. “Don’t worry. I’m not angry. I hope I did not interrupt anything.”

By the way Hoseok looks to Jungkook, Hoseok knows he did. 

“No,” Taehyung quickly says, turning around and Hoseok snaps his fingers to return Taehyung’s hair to its regular golden blond. “Did you want a drink? We were kind of talking about heavy things, you know. Death of parents and what not.”

Hoseok goes rigid for a moment, glaring at Jungkook but Jungkook doesn’t understand why he looks so accusing. Hoseok doesn’t explain either as he follows after Taehyung.

“Minnie said your parents died quite young,” Hoseok says.

“Minnie,” Taehyung repeats, throwing an amused grin over his shoulder as he pulls out the bottle of wine again. Jungkook’s original glass still sits untouched on the counter. “My parents were shitty people. Karma came for them. Or God. But that’s another heavy topic.”

Jungkook can feel Hoseok staring at him and it makes him uncomfortable. He busies himself helping Taehyung, planting a hand to his back and holding the glasses for him so they don’t spill. Taehyung looks amused by this like he knows Jungkook’s just using it as an excuse to touch him. His cheeks are a pretty pink, flushed and swollen looking. 

“It’s nice when that happens,” Hoseok hums. He’s restless, pacing around the kitchen, and Jungkook wants to ask him why he’s here, but he doesn’t want to alarm Taehyung. Jungkook watches over Taehyung’s shoulder as Hoseok looks at the photographs on Taehyung’s fridge. Some of them are lopsided from Jungkook shoving Taehyung against them.

He holds up one photo, looking at it curiously before pocketing it into his jacket.

As quietly as he can, Jungkook hisses. Hoseok lifts his eyes, looking amused but crosses his arms like nothing happened.

“Here,” Taehyung says, handing Hoseok a glass of wine. He pushes the other towards Jungkook. “I’ve heard you and Yoongi are quite fond of my Jimin.”

Hoseok blushes at that, laughing. “As fond as our maknae seems to be of you.”

Taehyung leans back as he cups the glass in his palms, pressing his shoulders into Jungkook’s chest. “I’ve casted a spell on him.”

Hoseok finds this much more amusing than Taehyung probably meant it to be. His eyes light up in the way that makes him appear as if his whole body is shining. His hair even sparkles like he’s dumped glitter onto it.

The first time Jungkook had seen this, he had been alarmed. He’s used to it now because Hoseok is always shining bright.

There’s a cloak around Hoseok that keeps humans from seeing the magic radiating off of him but Taehyung looks pleased and bright too, like he can see it.

“I believe it,” Hoseok hiccups. He tilts his glass to the side as he cocks a hip and stares over the two of them. He tips it too far, the liquid sloshing close to the edge. “Jungkookie here is a miserable old twat. He could use some love - oh, shit.”

The liquid splatters onto the ground before Hoseok jumps and the glass falls next.

Taehyung rushes to him instantly but Jungkook hesitates, eyeing suspiciously over Hoseok. He’s up to something and he isn’t even trying to be discreet about it.

“I’m so sorry,” Hoseok says, eyes wide and regretful. “Don’t touch, let me -”

Taehyung gasps and the sudden smell of blood hits Jungkook’s nose.

Hoseok wouldn’t. He wouldn’t be testing Jungkook right now.

Seething through his teeth, Taehyung shakes his finger and the smell wafts until it burns Jungkook’s nose. He grabs what looks like a clean dish towel from a drawer and brings it over to Taehyung.

“I’m fine,” Taehyung murmurs, bringing the fingers up to his lips as he looks at Jungkook with wide eyes. Hoseok wiggles his fingers and the tiniest shards of glass on the ground disappear. 

“Let me see,” Jungkook says, reaching out to hold Taehyung’s hand.

If Hoseok is testing him, he’ll prove himself. 

It is a small cut down the top of his pointer finger. But even the smallest of cuts on the hands bleed easily and the cut quickly wells up and drips again when he wipes it.

Jungkook watches as the drip disappears before it can touch the ground and Hoseok is standing up with a handful of broken glass shards.

“Want a bandaid?” Jungkook suggests. “We can play doctor.”

Hoseok makes a disgusted noise at that. “I’ve clearly overstayed my welcome.”

Taehyung shakes his head, but Hoseok is bowing in apology. “No, no. I’ll replace the glass. I should really get going, I know I must have interrupted something. Jungkook looks starving.”

He sends a pointed look to Jungkook but Jungkook knows his face isn’t morphing into anything. 

When Jungkook returns home, Hoseok is awake. They’re the only ones home and Jungkook is glad for it.

“What the hell did you do?”

The apartment they bought was a four bedroom, but the fourth bedroom is used as a spell room. It’s covered in ingredients and objects that Hoseok has warned him not to touch. Hoseok stands in the middle of the room, a small pot in front of him and Jungkook hesitates. The last time he came in while Hoseok was working on a potion, he nearly suffocated to death.

“Whatever do you mean, Jungkookie baby?”

Jungkook narrows his eyes. The pot is a deep red color, the smoke leaving it white. The scent is familiar; honey and strawberry and so Taehyung it makes Jungkook’s nose flare.

“If that was a test -”

Another growl as Jungkook steps in and the smell is overwhelming. The liquid in the potion is thick and bubbling. 

He thinks of the blood that disappeared and how quick Hoseok had been to leave after that.

“What are you doing to him?”

Hoseok grabs something from the table and Jungkook reaches out, grabbing Hoseok’s arm before he can throw it in.

Hoseok’s skin burns so hot Jungkook has to let it go, leaving his fingers a bright red.

“Well well,” Hoseok tuts, raising a brow as he drops it into the pot. “I’m interested in knowing what’s so special about his blood since you won’t leave him the fuck alone.”

Jungkook grits his teeth, shoving his hands into his pockets as he starts to pace. He hates how thick the smell of Taehyung is in the room.

“It isn’t like that.”

It is. This is his chance to tell Hoseok he has a problem, but he can’t. Hoseok is as old as dirt, he’d probably be able to explain it to him.

“I know it is,” Hoseok says calmly as he swirls his finger over the pot. “I’m not judging, Kook. I think I’m starting to understand.”

“Well, explain it to me then,” Jungkook huffs, desperate sounding. Hoseok’s eyes flip lazily to him before he reaches into his jacket and pulls out the photograph that he had stolen.

Jungkook almost rips it from his hands to look at it.

It’s three boys. The middle one is clearly Taehyung, his eyes wide and cheeks sunburnt. He looks small the way he tucks his shoulders down and stuffs his hands between his legs. His knees are scraped and he has light up shoes on, his feet pigeoned and pointed towards each other. His hair is black and long, covering a lot of his forehead and curling around his ears.

Jungkook assumes the other two are Jimin and Namjoon. Jimin looks much younger than Taehyung, his cheeks squishy and lips pouted. He has an arm around Taehyung, his legs tucked beneath him. Namjoon is on his other side, his face losing a bit of the adolescent chub but still clinging onto it a bit. He’s taller than the both of them, legs awkwardly sticking out like he isn’t used to the length of them.

“Okay? Why did you take this?”

Hoseok doesn’t answer as he snatches it back. “I can’t tell you.”

Squeezing his hands into fists barely helps his urge to shove the boiling pot off of the table. He growls lowly, hating how annoyed he feels. Hoseok’s always on his side, they fight the less out of all of them. But right now he’s overly annoyed and aggravated.

“Come here,” Hoseok says, unaffected by Jungkook’s aggravation. He holds a hand out and with an annoyed huff, Jungkook slaps his hand into it.

It doesn’t hurt when Hoseok slices open his palm and lets his blood drip into the pot. The wound closes quickly, faster than his wounds usually heal.

Hoseok hums as the liquid turns silver and then clear. It lasts that way for only a second before turning back to blood red. 

Jungkook isn’t expecting the awkward laugh that leaves Hoseok’s lips. Hoseok cups his hips, staring into the pot with confusion on his face. 

“I won’t tell hyung about this yet,” Hoseok finally says as his eyes lift to Jungkook. “Find a way to break it off with Taehyung. I know you guys have something going on.”

Jungkook wants to deny it, but he can’t. He wants to push Hoseok into explaining what the hell he just did, but Hoseok has that look in his eyes that tells him he won’t get anything out of him.

“If you don’t, I’m going to support Yoongi in sending you out of Seoul. Without us.”

“If you’d actually let me explain,” Jungkook grits out. “You’d understand that I’ve been trying but I fucking can’t.”

Hoseok’s face falls and Jungkook hates it. “Kook -”

Without listening to what he has to say, Jungkook turns on his heel and stomps out of the room.

Because of how often they relocate, Jungkook doesn’t bother in decorating. Sometimes he doesn’t even fully unpack or bring his things with him. 

His sheets are plain but soft and he slumps into them, reaching onto his nightstand for the Pikachu statue that rests there. He fiddles with it, restless and he hopes Hoseok has gotten the message to leave him alone. He’s better at it than the others. Yoongi won’t leave him alone until they make amends, even if Jungkook needs the time to himself to calm himself.

He’s frustrated and wants to call Taehyung but he leaves his phone beside him, the screen dark. 

The fact that Hoseok had his blood and was using it for magic makes him overly irritated. It thrums inside of him and no matter how hard he tries to keep himself from thinking about it, he can’t.

It’s only a few minutes of Jungkook steaming in his own frustration that his phone lights up and Taehyung’s name appears.

He considers letting it ring a bit to make him not look so eager, but Jungkook thinks fuck that because he is.

“Hey,” Jungkook huffs, breathing in through his nose as not to sound so tense. “Miss me already?”

“Mhm,” Taehyung hums without shame. “You okay?”

There is no way for Taehyung to know he isn’t and he lies, assuring him he’s fine.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking a bath,” Taehyung whispers. “I was thinking about something.”

Jungkook twirls the statue in his hand, finding as much comfort in the object as he finds in Taehyung’s voice.

“Thinking about me in the bath, are you?”

Taehyung giggles quietly. “Shut up. We have a long weekend coming up. Would you want to spend it with me?”

It’s a bad idea. Jungkook had fed twice from Taehyung tonight after fully intending to satiate his hunger somewhere else, with someone else. He couldn’t resist the urge while in his presence and three days with Taehyung by his side could be a disaster. 

“Of course I do,” Jungkook says anyway, smiling at the statue in his hand. 

Taehyung giggles again. This time softly, under his breath. “Good.”

Jungkook doesn’t know what he’s doing, but it’s the opposite of what he’s supposed to be doing.

There’s something about Taehyung that draws him in and holds him hostage. 

He can’t figure it out and to be honest, he is trying not to think about it. Sometimes he can’t think of much other than Taehyung beside him. He knows Yoongi and Hoseok won’t send him away. It’s a threat that will never work on him.

Yoongi swore never to send him away, made a vow. He won’t break it.

“Are you paying attention?”

Looking up, Jungkook finds Taehyung lounging across the couch with a stack of papers in his lap. He looks divine, hair tousled around his head and face clean of all makeup. His shirt collar rides low,  revealing the sharp of his collarbones and the dip between them.

He’s wearing those damn shorts again, riding high and so loose that they don’t hide much. It’s quite chilly outside but Taehyung doesn’t seem to care.


Taehyung snorts. It’s a lie and Taehyung sees right through him. He’s been pretending to focus on his work since he got here because Namjoon assigned more homework than is possible to do in a weekend.

Part of Jungkook wonders if Namjoon found out Taehyung invited him over for the long weekend and plans to sabotage him.

He gets it. There has long been a tension between their two kinds and Yoongi and the others are definitely up to something concerning the Seoul Kims. But Jungkook has pure intentions.

The purest of intentions. Besides the feeding and the fucking, he really just want to be near Taehyung. Even like this, he’s content.

“I am,” Jungkook argues. “I’m all up on my Freudian knowledge.”

Taehyung snorts, looking back at his own work. “You’re studying Jung this week, Kook.”

Jungkook sighs and tries to focus back on his work. He could just ask Hoseok to do it for him. He knew Jung personally. “Whatever, same thing.”

He hears Taehyung laugh quietly under his breath before he continues his work.

After an hour, Jungkook has finished his assigned reading and answered three of the six chapter questions. Taehyung gets through a small portion of his stack of papers before he’s leaving them on the couch and coming to.

Jungkook moves like it’s his instinct, shifting back as Taehyung sits sideways on his lap and curls an arm over his shoulders.

“So! Jung theory go.”

Jungkook grins up at Taehyung. “Well, his first name is Carl.”

He gets a pinch in the chest for that but Taehyung is quick to smooth it over with his fingers. He tugs his open collar to the side for a moment, feeling over the strawberry tattoo he seems fascinated with.

Out of all the ink covering Jungkook’s body, he hadn’t expected that to be the favorite. Though he’s not surprised because every kiss they share tastes like strawberries and Taehyung’s fridge is filled with so many strawberry type things he looks like a strawberry manic. 

Strawberry ice cream, yogurt, cake, strawberry lemonade, jam. Actual strawberries. There’s regular food too but that’s the most consistent.

Jungkook wonders if Taehyung remembers him telling him he’s hungry every time he feeds, because Taehyung admitted to never having this much food in his house before Jungkook started coming over.

It’s become routine. Jungkook comes over, he feeds, Taehyung forgets. Sometimes they mess around and sometimes they just hang out. Sometimes it’s risky. Taehyung’s office, Taehyung shoved up against the wall that is hidden from the view of the door window, but they’ve almost been walked in on a few times.

Jungkook is well aware of the fact that Taehyung has a knife that could harm him, but he keeps it locked tight in his suitcase. He should worry about that.

But he doesn’t.

He’s being reckless.

It’s possible Namjoon told him about vampires, that they’re in the area. It’s just Jungkook trying to convince himself that Taehyung isn’t a threat.

“Don’t be an ass. I won’t hang out with you if it gets in the way of your studies.”

Jungkook grins as he takes Taehyung’s hand away from his chest and kisses his palm. “By the way, this chapter did refer to Freud. Something about Jung disagreeing with Freud about libido.”

Taehyung laughs at Jungkook’s suggestive tone. “I’m not here to distract you.”

“Why else are you on my lap?”

Maybe Jungkook should be aware of it, but he isn’t. Too focused on the way Taehyung bends his wrist towards Jungkook’s mouth to realize Taehyung shouldn’t be the one initiating the feeding.

He thought the feeling would fade, but it’s still just as good when he tastes Taehyung.

Taehyung rests his forehead to the top of Jungkook’s head, sighing into his hair. His other hand pets the back of his neck, drawing circles over his skin.

Jungkook is getting better at pulling away but he’s also never fed this much in his life. He’s always had to be careful and he thinks he is being so now. 

But he isn’t. Every moment with Taehyung makes him feel more attached to him, more desperate to be around him. 

Jungkook pulls away with a soft gasp, anchoring his head back to kiss Taehyung.

It’s a routine that Jungkook doesn’t mind falling into.

He likes the way Taehyung smiles into his kisses and how gentle he is touching over Jungkook’s jaw and neck. It isn’t a heated kiss, just feeling each other, letting Taehyung taste him too.

Taehyung hums, pleased as his lips rub over Jungkook’s slick ones. “When are you going to let me come to yours?”

Jungkook sighs. He wishes he could, but Yoongi might strangle him. He doesn’t quite understand why everyone else can linger with the Seoul Kims and he can’t, but he gets frustrated every time he tries to ask them why.

The most he has gotten is from Seokjin, who just told him it was them looking out for his best interests.

Which is bullshit because Jungkook’s only interest right now is Taehyung and he can’t think of anything better than him.

“I don’t live alone.”

“I don’t care,” Taehyung murmurs, folding his hand back over Jungkook’s neck to play with his hair. “Am I a secret, Jungkook? Because if so, it’s a bad one. Jimin isn’t good at keeping quiet. They probably already know. They spend a lot of time together, you know.”

Jungkook shakes his head, not laughing at Taehyung’s joke. He is - but not in the way Taehyung probably means. “Hobi hyung is into um, aromatherapy remember? The place always smells.”

There is no way Jungkook has survived this way being such a shitty liar. Taehyung must have something in his body that is a weakness to vampires because Jungkook is failing at being everything he’s always found important to be.

Suspicious, alert, secretive. It’s always been a rule to not feed from the same person. He hates humans and wolves. He doesn’t let himself get intimate like this.

“Really,” Taehyung says as he leans back and into the table Jungkook has been doing his homework on. “If you just don’t want me to come over, I’d rather you say that.”

He doesn’t look upset, doesn’t smell upset. But Jungkook feels bad. “No, no. It’s not - I’ll invite you over. I just have to make sure it’s okay with them first.”

Taehyung nods. “You’re close to them.”

“Yoongi and Hoseok are the old married couple and Jin and I are their children,” Jungkook jokes, warming a hand between Taehyung’s thighs just to touch. He wishes he could provide warmth for Taehyung the way he does for him. “That’s what we always joke about.”

Taehyung giggles, lips stretching into a boxy smile. “I think you’re more like the family puppy, always trailing around. Kind of needy.”

Puppy ,” Jungkook grunts in offense. “I only do that to you.”

“How lucky of me,” Taehyung teases but he looks soft. He nibbles on his bottom lip when Jungkook drags his thumb over the inside of his thigh, slowly grazing it higher until he can see the last bite mark he had left behind. 

It’s his favorite part. He likes how Taehyung smells, how warm he is, how soft he is - even more so around his thighs. He likes the way they tremble when he touches them and how they feel crushing around his head. 

“You are lucky,” Jungkook tells him with a grin he knows looks cocky. “I’m a stud.”

“Stud,” Taehyung says, his laugh breaking into a huffed breath as Jungkook guides his legs farther apart. “Who says that?”

“Me,” Jungkook says defensively. “What would you use?”

“Clown,” Taehyung says immediately, moving further onto Jungkook’s lap. “Troll.”

Jungkook likes how easily Taehyung’s lips fall open when he leans forward, but he doesn’t press their lips together. “Is that so?”

Taehyung hums, thighs tensing beneath Jungkook’s hand. “You’re pretty ugly, babe.”

“Fuck you,” Jungkook laughs, chest light by the amusement in Taehyung’s eyes.

“You could if you wanted to.”

The sudden sound of knocking has Jungkook standing, ignoring Taehyung’s comment and easily lifting Taehyung to plant him to the table. He never is this distracted that he doesn’t sense someone coming.

Especially someone like Yoongi. Jungkook would be able to find Yoongi in a city as busy as Seoul without a problem, even if they were miles apart from each other. But Taehyung makes it so he’s in his own world, unaware of everything around them.

It’s a weakness.

Taehyung fixes his shorts as he jumps from the table. Jungkook tries not to make himself look guilty but he doesn’t know how. He wants to tell Taehyung not to open the door but he’s a thousand percent sure that Yoongi already knows he’s inside. 

Which he does, because the moment Taehyung opens the door, Yoongi’s eyes are on him.

“Yoongi-ssi,” Taehyung greets, leaning into the door.

Yoongi would never hurt Taehyung. He is very careful with humans but Jungkook resists the urge not to cup his hand over Taehyung’s mouth before he can invite him in. Yoongi could do something else, like compel Taehyung to stay away from him or forget about him completely.

Fuck, Jungkook didn’t think about that until now.

He’s a mess. Taehyung is making him a mess.

“Hey, I’m sorry to come unannounced,” Yoongi says, eyes shifting back to Taehyung. “I was looking for Jungkook and Jimin said he’d be here.”

They both look to him then and Jungkook plays it cool, leaning back but he forgets there is nothing behind him and he almost falls over instead. “Oh yeah, what’s up hyung?”

Yoongi jerks his head to the side. “We gotta go. Family stuff.”

“I told you I was out for the weekend,” Jungkook replies as he steps forward. He plants a hand to the door, hovering behind Taehyung. 

There really is no threat here when it comes to Taehyung, but something hot and protective flares up inside of him anyway and it’s confusing. Yoongi peers his eyes at him like he knows. 

“Yeah, but family emergency calls for you stopping all plans,” Yoongi insists. “Get your shit, let’s go.”

Taehyung turns to him then, eyes big and soft. “Come over when you’re done. The weekend has barely even started.”

Jungkook nods. He wants to bend down and kiss Taehyung on the lips. He doesn’t want to leave because he knows there isn’t a family emergency. But he knows Yoongi won’t leave until he does and he doesn’t want to look like a dick in front of Taehyung.

“I know,” Jungkook says and Taehyung’s fingers touch over his stomach, sliding against the soft material of his shirt and curling in.

Taehyung thinks he’s a secret, Jungkook thinks and he’s leaning forward before he can stop himself.

It’s a quick peck, a brush of their lips, but Taehyung’s cheeks are bright pink when he pulls away. “Maybe you’ll get some of that grading done.”

“Don’t forget your home -”

Jungkook is closing the door before Taehyung can finish. 

They walk in silence down the hallway, Yoongi making Jungkook lead. It isn’t until they’re at the elevators that Yoongi is tapping him in the back of the head.

“Tell me what the hell you’re doing,” Yoongi says, eyes desperate. “Honestly. I didn’t ask you to back off for no reason. You nearly killed the kid and I don’t need a wolf’s death on my hands, Kook-ah. That’s instant war. You know it’s illegal to even fight a wolf in Seoul, let alone kill them.”

The elevator bings open, giving Jungkook another moment of silence to find the right response. “That was a slip up. It hasn’t happened again.”

This time, it isn’t gentle the way Yoongi shoves him. Anger fills his expression. “You’ve fed from him again? Jungkook.”

Yoongi huffs out in irritation, rubbing at his temples. “What can I do to get you to stay the hell away from him? Tell me. Anything you want. Or is this because you’re still angry I didn’t save you? Because I promise you, Jungkook, I never stopped looking for you. Not even for a second. I didn’t sleep. I barely fed. Hoseok and I even went in separate ways to find you and you know I hate being away from him.”

Jungkook hangs his head, hating the way that Yoongi feels that way. He always knew Yoongi was looking for him, even if it was Jungkook that found Yoongi first. “I’m not angry at you for that.”

“Than what is it?”

Focusing on the lights counting down to the ground floor, Jungkook shrugs. He doesn’t want to talk about it because it confuses him, but maybe if Yoongi knows he’ll better understand. He’ll stop being so hard on him about something he can’t control. 

“I don’t know. There’s a pull.” He waves his hands. He can’t explain it and he knows it sounds insane. “Like, worse than any hunger I’ve ever felt.”

He can feel Yoongi staring at him, eyes boring into his skull until it burns. “What?”

Jungkook huffs. “I don’t fucking know man, that’s the best I can explain it. I can’t fucking eat normally unless it’s Taehyung. And I’m more hungry than ever, like needing to feed almost every day.”

More silence. Just the sound of the elevator. It vibrates as they reach the bottom floor, when Yoongi finally decides to respond.

“Than we have a huge fucking problem on our hands,” Yoongi grunts and he doesn’t look angry when Jungkook looks up at him but exhausted. “Come on. This really is a family emergency.”

Jungkook is starting to think something is wrong with him when Yoongi orders Hoseok and Seokjin home. Maybe he has some rare vampire disease or something. Yoongi doesn’t talk to him as he paces around the house, phone to his ear. 

Yoongi shuts himself in his bedroom at one point while on the phone, blocking Jungkook from hearing because Hoseok’s spelled the room. Usually a good thing for Jungkook and Jin, but right now it’s inconvenient.

The first to come home is Hoseok, who greets him with a loving rub at the back of his neck. They haven’t discussed Taehyung since Hoseok took his blood and it had been awkward for a few days, but they’ve been together so long they have learned how to find ease between each other again. 

Hoseok is quick to start the tea kettle and pull out a bowl, shoving ingredients into it that Jungkook doesn’t know but he’s used to this from Hoseok.

Seokjin comes a few minutes later. He loiters in the living room and Jungkook listens to the sounds of him removing his shoes and tossing his briefcase to the side before he joins them.

“What is it?” Seokjin asks, eyes accusing.

Jungkook shrugs. “I was at Taehyung’s.”

Hoseok laughs then. “You really have an attachment to the baby wolf, don’t you? It would be cute if it wasn’t so fucking stupid, Jungkook. I want to see you with someone, I do. You haven’t been attached to someone like this before.”

“I haven’t,” Jungkook agrees, fiddling his fingers restlessly over the kitchen table. The table they use more for meetings like the one he feels is on it’s way. 

Tae Jong was long ago. Forbidden. Jungkook can’t remember his face well anymore, but he reminds the kindness in his gestures when he took care of Jungkook, fed him, said kind words to him. He remembers how soft he had been with him and that he always tasted sweet. He remembers when they were found together, tangled together, and Jungkook was dragged away.

He remembers the news of Tae Jong dying, but it had been too hard to focus on anything other than the whips against his skin and the pain covering every inch of his body. 

After Yoongi took him and tended to him until he was strong, Jungkook went back and killed every man who was apart of it.

He took back the ring Tae Jong had given him as a token of his love for him and never returned back to the capital until twenty years ago.

And now he’s here again and he doesn’t want to talk about Tae Jong.

“You saw I could keep my cool. Tell Yoongi, maybe he’ll trust me.”

Hoseok sprinkles something into the bowl. “Sorry, Kookie baby, but it’s not that.”

Slumping into his chair, Jungkook groans. “I don’t deserve this.”

“The last time you had no explanation for something, you said the same thing. You just felt a pull that made you kill that kid’s parents,” Seokjin adds unhelpfully as he sits beside him and pats his hand. 

Jungkook eyes the ceiling. He wishes they would stop bringing that up. He’s apologized for it, made amends.  “I listened to them abuse the kid for months, hyung. I think that’s an explanation enough for what I did.”

“You said you saw red.”

Yoongi speaks softly as he enters the room. Jungkook continues to look up and focus on anything but Yoongi. He listens to the water boiling, to Hoseok humming in his throat. 

“I was starved for months and tortured. My venom stolen from me,” Jungkook breathes. “I lost my cool a bit, okay?”

“No one blames you,” Yoongi says, propping himself on the table beside Jungkook and making Jungkook look at him. “That’s why Hoseok thinks we should tell you what we’re doing here.”

Thank fuck, Jungkook thinks, but he presses his lips closed.

“And hopefully you understand why we want you to stay away from Taehyung,” Hoseok goes on. “No matter how cute it is.”

Yoongi holds up a finger, pausing Hoseok. “That actually just got a bit complicated, babe. I think your theory is right. Seungcheol thinks so too.”

Patience has always been necessary in life. His long life. He is pretty good at being patient, but right now he isn’t. He feels frustrated that they aren’t just spitting it out already.

“When you told me what happened after you came home, I wanted to know how a human became in possession of the spell to use to enslave vampires,” Yoongi starts off, shoulders sagging as he tucks his hands between his legs. “We did some digging, started in one place. Who hates vampires enough to want them enslaved?”

“Wolves,” Jungkook spits because this isn’t a pop quiz.

“Right. Wolves. We looked into the pack closest to where you were held. But it’s a hard bunch to get information on. They’re powerful, they’re secretive. They don’t do business with other packs unless necessary and making Seoul vampire free makes it hard to do the digging. The Thirteen helped us thankfully. They’re on good terms with the wolves up in the mountains.”

Jungkook remembers the feeling of Taehyung’s goosebumps beneath his skin. He doesn’t remember what they feel like on himself, but he thinks in this moment he would have them. 

“You were looking into the Seoul Kims,” Jungkook replies.

Yoongi nods grimly, lips tugging down into a frown. “You know warlocks are big on secrecy too. They don’t share shit on the spells they create, the people they help. It took Hoseok some time to get one of his friends to tell him if they knew of anyone who ever worked with the Seoul Kims.”

Hoseok appears then, a tray of tea in hand. Whatever he mixed together he puts in the diffuser and dips into a tea cup of boiling water before handing it to Jungkook.

“I found a warlock who worked directly with Kim Hyunmi, whose hatred for vampires rivals anyone I’ve ever met. For good reason, though. She’s seen a lot of her pack torn apart by vampires.”

Yoongi glares at him as Hoseok hands him his cup of tea too. “Whose side are you on?”

“Species? No one’s. Specifically, yours. You didn’t kill those wolves, I know that. But vampires did. You can’t ignore her motivation, honey. Hyunmi has a few dozen orphaned pups in her pack.”

Jungkook wrinkles his nose when Hoseok coos and tickles his fingers underneath Yoongi’s chin. It doesn’t change Yoongi’s disgruntled expression.

So ,” Seokjin emphasizes, glaring at Yoongi and Hoseok, “that’s why we’re here. To look into Kim Hyunmi. She was pack leader at the time all of those vampires were being enslaved in this province. There were reports of at least ten different vampires who suffered the same as you. All in the nineties and a few in the early two thousands. All who were drained of their venom completely and sent back to their Clans.”

Jungkook grits his teeth. He doesn’t want to talk about this right now, not while he’s already irritated. “Okay.”

Okay ,” Yoongi emphasizes. “The current pack leader is Kim Namjoon, Jungkook. Someone who is highly protective over Taehyung. Do you understand why we want you to stay away from him? What if that dickhead that enslaved you was their friend? And they figure out you’re the vampire that killed them? What if that doesn’t even matter and they just hate you enough to kill you for touching Taehyung? Taehyung’s intentions with you could fully be a trap here.”

Jungkook stands so quickly the chair rattles beneath him. He knows it’s childish, but he’s frustrated. Yoongi is exactly correct and he’s frustrated.

Because it’s only been a couple of months and Jungkook’s dug himself too deeply, too quickly. He wishes he could just stop going around Taehyung but he can’t even feed from anyone without feeling sick. 

“I need a drink.”

“Kook, we aren’t done,” Yoongi calls but Jungkook is leaving faster than Yoongi can finish calling his name. 

It isn’t surprising Jungkook ends back at Taehyung’s. He swears he never intended to be here, he had been directing his body in a different direction and ended up here anyway.

There is concern on Taehyung’s face as he opens the door. “Everything okay? I thought you would be gone longer.”

Jungkook huffs out. Taehyung is beautiful. He’s seen a lot of beautiful things in his life, that’s what makes dealing with an eternal life bearable. But he’s never seen someone so beautiful and it’s infuriating to him that he can be so weak as to be affected by it.

“Wanna get out of here?”

Jungkook hadn’t planned anything to say when he appeared but the words leave his lips anyway.

“What?” Taehyung half laughs. 

“Pack a bag,” Jungkook hums, leaning into the doorway. He’s already been invited in but he isn’t going to force himself inside unless Taehyung tells him it’s okay to. “Let’s go somewhere.”


Jungkook shrugs. “Where do you want to go?”

Taehyung opens the door, concern still in his eyes but he’s smiling. “You’re a college student with no job. I don’t think -”

“I can afford it. Told you I’m rich,” Jungkook says as he steps inside. 

“Finally, my stalker has come to kidnap me. The anticipation has been killing me.”

It’s teasing and Jungkook softens, already comforted by Taehyung’s presence. “Well let me make it worth the wait.”

Chapter Text

Out of all the places in the country, in the world, Taehyung could choose for them to go, they take the train to the one place Jungkook never goes to. The one place that reminds him of his human life so much that he’s avoided it, but he doesn’t mind as much because of how excited Taehyung is.

“I’ve always wanted to go. They say visiting Jeonju is like traveling through time.”

Jungkook is aware. It’s so different but all too familiar at the same time.

It reminds him of Tae Jong.

“Though, to be honest with you, I’m not a history buff unless it’s directly related to the supernatural. I’ve wanted to come here for the food.”

Jungkook laughs at that. They walk over cobblestoned paths, past houses made of mud and slate tiled roofs. It is like time traveling, Hanok Village is. It reminds Jungkook of his human self walking through similar villages, sweating and dirty because of the heat. Due to his strength, Jungkook was held responsible for carrying heavy items until his back and shoulders would ache.

Some days he could barely walk, but Tae Jong would sneak him into his private bath and boil water hot enough for him until the ache released enough for him to sleep and work the next day.

“Would you believe me if I told you I’m a foodie?”

Jungkook laughs again. It’s easy being with Taehyung. “I don’t know what that is.”

Taehyung takes his hand into his own, swinging it between their bodies as they search for the Hanok they rented for the weekend. Many of the locals surrounding them are dressed in traditional clothing, but they’ve grown so used to tourists that they don’t notice the way Jungkook and Taehyung stick out.

Taehyung in his neon green windbreaker that contrasts with the black ripped jeans he wears. The yellow sunglasses trapped on his nose and the bandana he has pushing his hair back is covered in flowers. Jungkook dressed head to toe in black except for the red zippers trailing up the sides of his shirt. 

“I’ve also heard there are all these murals here. I want to see them,” Taehyung says, pulling Jungkook close to his body. He vibrates with excitement. 

“You could probably have googled them.”

Taehyung pouts as he pinches Jungkook for that. “It isn’t the same. Ah, here we are.”

The hanok is small, not much more than two flat mats inside and a small table low to the ground at the far end for eating. The floor is warm beneath his feet and Taehyung only lets his hands go to feel it against his palms. There had been two options; more modern hanoks and traditional hanoks. Taehyung of course went traditional.

It makes Jungkook uneasy. 

“So cute,” Taehyung murmurs. “All of my records trace the first sightings of vampires in our country here. They say Yi had a military full of them. I may not know a lot about the Joseon Dynasty, but when it comes to the supernatural I do.”

Taehyung is good at his research but not quite a whole military. Some. Including Yoongi. But vampires have been in this country long before the Joseon Dynasty. 

Jungkook had been born towards the start of it, only twenty eight years after the fall of the Goryeo Dynasty. Born beneath the ruling of Sejong the Great. The military is what had brought Yoongi to Jungkook, though Yoongi has yet to tell him how he found him and why he decided to save him.

He claims having had gone after the smell of blood with the need to feed, but Yoongi hadn’t fed from him.

Jungkook owes him his life, quite literally, and yet he’s betraying even the simplest of requests.

“Is that so?”

Taehyung nods, grabbing Jungkook’s hand to tug him onto the closest mat. “Sorry, sorry. Tell me about your family emergency.”

He’s been trying to get Jungkook to speak since they left. But Jungkook doesn’t want to talk about it. He wants to calm himself down with Taehyung and be with him.

Because Yoongi was right. Jungkook is going to have to leave Taehyung alone. Even if it feels impossible, he has to. 

That’s how he justifies it to himself, running away with him for the weekend. A weekend together before he has to say goodbye.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Jungkook tells him. 

Taehyung sighs, touching over Jungkook’s cheek. “Okay. Do you want to get something to eat? If we came in October, we could have gone to the Bibimbap Festival. It originates here, did you know?”

He talks like he’s trying to distract Jungkook and it’s working. He talks with a confidence like he knows what he’s talking about but he glances sideways at Jungkook with amusement in his eyes when he starts to bullshit. Making up stories about historical 

Jungkook listens for a while before he interrupts Taehyung with a kiss.

“Rather have you,” he says into Taehyung’s smile.

Taehyung warms a hand down his chest. “Go ahead.”

The air is cooler outside, causing Taehyung to be covered in many more layers. He hadn’t mentioned Jungkook’s lack of coat or anything that could keep him warm because Jungkook wasn’t thinking before he rushed out of his apartment. But he rubs his hands over Jungkook’s bare forearms like he’s trying to rub away the lingering outside air.

“Later,” Jungkook says. “You wanted to come here, so show me what you are interested in.”

“Are you sure?” Taehyung worries. “We can stay in for the night. Do stuff tomorrow? I want to go to the mountains.”

The mountains are close but far enough that Jungkook doesn’t worry about running into the vampires that inhabit them. They rarely pull themselves away from what they’re used to.

“I’m sure, baby.”

Taehyung jumps up then, hands held out for Jungkook. “How do you feel about history, cutie pie?”

Jungkook wrinkles his nose at that. He’s lived it. The downside in their arrangement is that he can’t even tell Taehyung about it.

“Love it.”

“Let’s get educational,” Taehyung sings, rocking Jungkook’s body with his own movements. 

As much as Jungkook thought coming to Jeonju would be horrific, it’s not so bad with Taehyung. Flashes of how he remembers his human life fill him, even if this exact spot isn’t where he had lived it.

The museum is the worst. He pays little attention to the artifacts, to the ancestral tablets. He listens to Taehyung talk and tries not to correct him, or the information he reads. He likes Taehyung in the traditional Hanbok he rented and likes how excited he is about it even more.

Part of his human life he had blacked out for a long time. Being like a slave to Tae Jong’s family, not being allowed to have a family name of his own. He had cried when Yoongi had given him one because for some reason, it was important to him.

They were Jeons first. For the longest time that Jungkook still takes claim to the name. They change it as they move, having decided on Min this time around. They’ve been every family name one could think of.

He finds he wants to tell Taehyung these things. Things about both his life before and after becoming a vampire. He wants to tell him about the century in Europe and how he was a Royal Guard. He wants to tell Taehyung about how he worked at a pet store in England because he thinks Taehyung will like the stories about the animals there. 

“You’re not interested. Hello? Earth to Mr. Min.”

Jungkook pulls his eyes away from the ceramics lined in front of him to face Taehyung’s curious eyes. “I am, just distracted.”

“You didn’t sleep last night,” Taehyung says as he reaches up and plays with the hoops clinging to Jungkook’s ear. “Not used to sleeping on the floor?”

Jungkook is plenty used to it but he nods and lets Taehyung think that’s what it is.

It’s bothering him too much that so much is a lie between them but he reminds himself that soon it won’t matter.

But it makes Jungkook want time to drag slowly.

Taehyung looks around them, at the empty room before he’s curling his arms around Jungkook’s waist. He’d compel every person around them not to look their way if he needed to, he doesn’t want Taehyung to pull away. 

“Sleep on me tonight.”

Jungkook grins at that, petting his fingers over Taehyung’s cheek. “I don’t think that will help me sleep.”

Taehyung giggles. They’ve had their phones off since they left, Taehyung’s idea after he noticed Jungkook’s phone ringing nonstop but never being answered. Taehyung’s brought him to the one place Yoongi won’t look to find him but he feels tense like the purple eyed vampire is going to show up any second.

Jungkook has vowed not to run away from his family again, but they’ve always taken a few short breaks from each other. It’s necessary when you spend all your time, centuries and centuries of time with the same people.

But Yoongi must know he’s taken Taehyung by now. 

“I heard there are these underground tunnels that used to be inhabited by vampires before they learned how to walk in the sun,” Taehyung says excitedly. “Do you want to visit them?”

Jungkook shakes his head immediately. He’s been in those tunnels before, when he first turned and Yoongi was the only one with a ring that allowed him to walk in the sun. It seemed to take forever, only traveling by night, before they finally made it to Hoseok’s castle so he could make one for Jungkook too.

“You just want to walk right into danger,” Jungkook sighs. “What if there are still vampires there?”

Amusement fills Taehyung’s eyes as he pulls away. “I thought you didn’t believe in vampires?”

Jungkook shrugs, shouldering past Taehyung to point at a painting on the wall. “Read this to me.”

Taehyung laughs at Jungkook’s obvious avoidance and stands in front of the painting’s plaque and starts reading. It’s not that Jungkook can’t read it himself, but he finds comfort in Taehyung’s voice. 

It’s halfway through the historical museum that the hairs on the back of Jungkook’s neck stand and he senses another creature. It isn’t a familiar one, and he tries not to make it obvious to Taehyung. He keeps his back covered, a hand resting loosely on his hip.

The creature never shows itself, uninterested in the vampire and the human that smells so much like wolf he might as well be. But it still makes Jungkook uneasy and Taehyung can sense this, insisting they leave before they finish walking through the entire museum.

Taehyung holds his hand like it’s second nature to, not caring about the people around them as he squeezes Jungkook’s hand and adjusts the hat on his head. “You know, you seemed displeased by the hanok, but you have one on your back.”

With his free hand, Taehyung touches Jungkook’s shoulder, curling in front of him to do so. He doesn’t move, walking backwards until Jungkook secures a hand on his hip and guides him.

“You’ve looked at my tattoos that much?”

Taehyung frowns at that. “Of course. I don’t see your naked back often, your tattoos are a bit of a collage I can’t figure out, but I remember that one.”

It’s good that Taehyung can’t figure it out because everything on his skin is something from his life, a life a lot longer than twenty four years. As many times as Jungkook has stripped for Taehyung, the only time he turns his back to him is when he’s walked away from him. 

There are some that just cover the scars he’s endured because he can’t stomach seeing them. Simple black lines, bands around his wrists to hide the ropes that had been tied there and burned his skin raw. 

“I don’t dislike the hanok, Tae.”

Taehyung sighs, looking over his face before he nods. “Let’s go back and you can show me your tattoos. Tell me about them finally.”

Jungkook isn’t shy or modest, but he feels it as Taehyung stares at his nearly bare body. His eyes scan over every inch of him, lip trapped between his teeth.

Sometimes he traces the lines and sometimes he rubs his palms over Jungkook’s skin like this is all just an excuse to touch. But Jungkook tenses when he touches the raised skin, watching as a wrinkle appears between Taehyung’s eyebrows from how he scrunches them.

“This one,” Taehyung murmurs. His finger trails on the inside of his arm where words are written in Hanja. “I can’t read it.”

“‘The first step to eternal life is you have to die,’” Jungkook reads, biting his tongue as his own amusement fills him. It had been a joke.

Taehyung frowns at that. “How deep. Morbid. This one.”

It’s a bird beside the quote, black and white like the rest of his tattoos. If he colored it, it would be yellow and black, just like the bird that had greeted him in the window of Hoseok’s castle the very first morning he woke up there.

“It’s a bird.”

Taehyung snorts. “No shit. Here.”

He takes Jungkook’s hand, holding the one with his rings. He points at the dark Roman letters staining the skin beneath each of his fingers.

“Jeon,” Jungkook says, throat thick. “My family name. Before I was adopted by the Mins.”

Taehyung’s eyes widen at that. He rubs gently over his fingers, touching the letters delicately. Jungkook is still uncomfortable with him touching so close to the rings.

But Jungkook had taken off the piece of jewelry Taehyung seemed the most interested in. The bracelet. If he sees how easy it is for Jungkook to take it off, maybe he won’t suspect it as an item that could control him.

Jungkook isn’t sure if he would mind being under Taehyung’s control. He already feels like he is.

“Why did you change it?”

Jungkook hesitates. “I felt abandoned like I was the only Jeon left.”

Taehyung looks sad. Jungkook had felt like that when his mother passed away, abandoned. He can’t tell him about it though. Can’t tell him that it has nothing to do with the name because neither he nor her had a surname. 

He barely remembers her now. He had painted her after becoming a vampire, after Hoseok allowed him parchment and a pen. But he keeps it tucked away in his safe and it’s been there so long that Jungkook’s forgotten what she looks like. 

“The flames?” Taehyung goes on, touching Jungkook’s throat. 

It’s a symbol of the strength he lacks. He had gotten it after being enslaved. The neck for a human is delicate, a weak spot. Snapping their neck can kill them as easily as fire can kill him.

And there is fire everywhere .

“Looks cool.”

Another laugh and Taehyung is pushing between Jungkook’s legs. The floor is surprisingly comfortable, but it’s made even better when Taehyung rests against him. 

“I think I’m going to get a set of vampire teeth,” Taehyung muses, his tone too amused to be taken seriously. “Right here.”

Taehyung tilts his head and taps against his neck, over the bruise that’s remained permanent on his skin. Jungkook hums, pressing down to kiss his skin there. 

“No, tell all those hungry vamps to fuck off. Only I can touch you here,” Jungkook teases, breathing against Taehyung’s skin until he shivers.

Fingers snatch in Jungkook’s hair, tightly gripping as he buries Jungkook’s face into his neck and Jungkook doesn’t hesitate to feed. 

“Didn’t - didn’t take you for the possessive type.”

Jungkook licks his lips before he pulls away and laughs. “I am.”

Taehyung wipes at the corners of his lips and regret hits Jungkook when Taehyung presses his thumbs past his lips and he tastes blood. He really is too weak around Taehyung, losing control of himself. 

“Are you possessive of me?”

It’s a loaded question that will reveal too much. Jungkook exhales at the feeling that suddenly hits his chest. 

“I find, I don’t want anyone to touch you but me,” Jungkook finally says after a long moment of silence. “If you - if you chose to let someone else touch you, I wouldn’t be angry but I wouldn’t like it.”

Taehyung grins, lips quirking up. “You want me all to yourself?”

Jungkook nods. It feels right admitting it, even if he wants to lock it all up inside of his chest. This is really his only chance to. But it will hurt him to tell Taehyung about the way he’s started to fall for him and then leave him.

They visit a lot of places, they eat more than they should. Jungkook feeds more than he should. They don’t kiss enough but Taehyung’s mouth is swollen and he complains he can’t feel them at one point.

They touch each other quietly at night and lazily in the morning. Taehyung talks until they fall asleep and mumbles how much he doesn’t want to get out of bed in the mornings.

It’s only two days but it feels like weeks. Centuries.

“Call out tomorrow,” Jungkook murmurs as he wraps around Taehyung’s back and kisses his shoulders. Neither one of them have showered much and there’s a hint of sweat and dirt mixing in with Taehyung’s regular scent. “Stay another night. A week.”

Taehyung laughs, anchoring his head back to rest on Jungkook’s shoulder. “I feel like I’m living in a dream. I am aware I should wake up soon but I’m clinging to the man of my dreams.”

Jungkook kisses the corner of Taehyung’s mouth, snorting at the dramatics. “Why do you have to?”

“Adult responsibilities,” Taehyung groans like he’s in pain. He cups Jungkook’s cheek, maneuvering his head to kiss him properly. “Let’s get shit faced tonight.”

Laughter bubbles from Taehyung’s chest. “Okay, okay. Tell me about this ‘man of your dreams.’”

A teasing smile touches Taehyung’s lips and he shakes his head. “Nope, he stays in my dreams.”

They decide on a local restaurant that’s highly recommended. Taehyung sits close, thigh presses to Jungkook’s as he pours the liquid into shot glasses.

Jungkook can’t get drunk this way but he doesn’t mind the burn down his throat. 

He steals shots when Taehyung isn’t looking once Taehyung’s face starts to get red and sweaty. He’s handsy too, his palm burning hot over Jungkook’s legs, eyes unfocused. He accepts water, though he complains every time Jungkook pushes it his way.

“I’m not drunk,” Taehyung insists, leaning into him and slipping his hands between Jungkook’s thigh beneath the table. “Gimme another bite.”

Jungkook hesitates for a moment, sure Taehyung doesn’t mean what his mind thinks it does, until Taehyung opens his mouth.

He quickly grabs a piece of meat grilling in front of them and blows on it. He watches Taehyung’s eyes on him before settling it on his tongue.

Taehyung moans as he chews, fingers squeezing hard around Jungkook’s thigh. “So yummy.”

He speaks with his mouth open, revealing chewed food, but Jungkook is still somehow fond. “Found something yummier.”

Jungkook leans forward, gently biting the tip of his nose.

Taehyung laughs so loudly, a hand coming up to cover his mouth but not muffling the sound at all, that others around them look their way. “That was so cute. Look at you, being so cute.”

“Look at you, being judgmental,” Jungkook shoots back, feeling embarrassed. 

Taehyung hums his amusement, shoulders shaking. “That lady over there has been giving you dirty looks since we got here.”

Jungkook doesn’t even look to see who Taehyung is talking about. He doesn’t care who is looking at him, as long as their eyes are away from Taehyung. 

He isn’t truly possessive, but he doesn’t trust anyone and he feels too protective of Taehyung.

“She’s been looking at you because you have sauce all over your face.”

Alarm fills Taehyung’s eyes and he’s quickly grabbing a napkin to wipe at his perfectly clean skin. He pulls it back to look at the clean napkin and slaps Jungkook gently in the arm. 

“I don’t have -” Taehyung starts but Jungkook is pulling him close, pulling him into a kiss.

He feels Taehyung’s hum as he cups a hand around his neck to hold him there. It’s somewhat dark inside the restaurant, but not dark enough to hide the way Jungkook embraces him.

“Jungkookie,” Taehyung whispers, pulling back and looking shy. He looks up at Jungkook through thick eyelashes. “One more.”

It is halfway towards molding their lips back together that that feeling hits Jungkook again. The presence of another vampire. He stills, ears tensing as he tries to listen to the voices around him. 

“We should go,” Jungkook says, flicking under Taehyung’s chin. His eyes are heavy. “Get the drunk baby home.”

“Not drunk yet,” Taehyung argues, words slurring. “Just a little tipsy.”

Jungkook laughs, the fondness missing from his voice because he doesn’t like that a vampire is so close to Taehyung and he can’t figure out who he is in the crowd. He can’t tell if it is the same from the museum either and Jungkook doesn’t like it.

“Good. I won’t fuck you drunk, Tae,” Jungkook says just as an excuse to get him up.

Taehyung seems to sober, his grin more silly that lustful like he probably intends.

“Is that your plan?”

“Maybe,” Jungkook says, feeling relief when Taehyung stands and holds his hand. Jungkook glances around, trying to find the vampire because he’s closer now but he can’t.

“Oh baby,” Taehyung murmurs, quickly grabbing Jungkook’s face as if to shield it. “We should go. I’ve been wanting you to fuck me.”

His tone sounds more concerned than lustful, his thumbs rubbing underneath Jungkook’s eyes and he can’t - it isn’t possible. He’s compelled Taehyung not to be able to see his eyes.

But in a moment, Jungkook remembers a handful of times since then that Taehyung has been aware of them.

Before Jungkook can say anything, Taehyung is pulling him towards the cashier to pay and out of the restaurant.

There is more than one vampire and the hair on the back of Jungkook’s neck stands up as Taehyung curls into his side. He smiles but his eyes are too worried to shine with it. He tries not to make Taeyung alarmed, that’s a recipe for disaster. A scared human with a vampire.

“What’s wrong?” Taehyung asks. “Are you? I mean, you seem bothered.”

Jungkook looks over Taehyung’s head, tuning into the noises around them. But it’s busy tonight and everything is loud


A moment later, Taehyung’s thumb is brushing over his bottom lip and past it. Confusion riddles Jungkook and he only presses a kiss to Taehyung’s thumb before pulling it away.

Taehyung’s eyes are wide and round like a puppy. “Aren’t you hungry?”

Jungkook opens his lips, gazing at Taehyung but is interrupted.

“Yo, Jeon.”

Jungkook stops in his tracks, body tensing immediately. It only takes a fraction of a second before he’s coming to and pulling Taehyung behind him.

There are two vampires that Jungkook can see. Two vampires Jungkook knows through Yoongi and has met a few times in his life. Vampires that are on good terms with his own clan but that doesn’t mean anything to him right now.

Taehyung is here and he’s very human. He’s a human that is too interested in vampires and though Jungkook believes Taehyung isn’t drunk, even a tiny bit of alcohol can make you loose lipped.

“Jeon Jungkook, man. It’s been so long.” 

Choi Seungcheol, leader of a clan that’s actually found a place to be stationary up in the mountains. Yoongi stays with him from time to time when he’s traveling and for a short time, Jungkook stayed with their clan when he decided the war wasn’t for him and had to be hidden from his military officials.

Beside him is another from his clan, his companion, mate, Lee Jihoon. He doesn’t look as friendly as his mate, staring at Jungkook and Taehyung with his lips pressed into a thin line.

Jungkook is too aware of the thump of Taehyung’s heart between his shoulder blades when he presses against him, too aware of the way he smells good enough to devour.

“What are you doing in town?” Jungkook asks. He reminds himself they’re not a threat unless he makes them one but he can’t stop the surge inside of him. He tries to keep his voice casual but he’s feeling protective.

“Stopping through,” Jihoon tells him. They’re like opposites; Seungcheol with his ash gray hair and striking blue eyes, Jihoon’s inky black. Even their clothes, Seungcheol dressed head to toe in black, from his jeans to the metal studded leather jacket he wears, and Jihoon in his bright yellow jacket and white shirt with pineapples scattered across it. While Seungcheol is tall and bulky, Jihoon is short and thin. 

Yet somehow, Jihoon looks like the bigger of the pair. 

“One of our kids is M.I.A. Trying to look through every place he would stop.”

Jihoon’s face is of cool indifference but Seungcheol’s is not, eyes bright with interest as they flick from Jungkook to Taehyung. He reminds him of Hoseok with how loud his curiosity is. 

“Heard he stopped through here, but we haven’t found his scent,” Seungcheol explains. “I think he’s headed towards the capital, though it’s dumb for a vamp to venture into Seoul by himself.”

“Oh,” Taehyung says under his breath in surprise. He isn’t afraid.

Taehyung is going to be the death of Jungkook because he’s just never afraid.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Jungkook replies. He doesn’t sound it even if he would mean it under normal circumstances. “They always return home, yeah?”

“Sometimes they don’t,” Seungcheol replies, a frown tugging at his lips. “What about you?”

“Love the atmosphere,” Jungkook says dryly. He calms enough to curl an arm around Taehyung’s shoulders and curl him into his chest. “And the food.”

They both grin at this and Jungkook doesn’t react when Taehyung bites him hard in retaliation. Hopefully, Taehyung trusts him well enough that he knows Jungkook doesn’t mean it.

He’s going to have to deal with the fact that Taehyung clearly knows what the hell is going on at some point. 

“Let's get a drink, catch up. I heard Yoongi’s down in Seoul now too, looking into those wolves.”

A growl threatens to spill from Jungkook when Seungcheol and Jihoon come much too close for his comfort. But he keeps himself calm, nonchalant. He radiates the disinterest that a regular vampire would have with some random human on his arm. “Yeah, he is.”

Taehyung stays still, cheek against his collarbone, and there’s only the tiniest of flutter of his heart when Jihoon steps so close he nearly touches him.

“Shame. Wolves working with humans to enslave vampires. Fucking shame. It’s why I’m so on edge about Soonyoung heading to the capital and no one has heard from him.”

Taehyung’s heart beats harder at that and Jungkook makes a move to leave but Seungcheol is catching his arm.

Living in the mountains, vampires there have a different code than city vampires. The need to be careful is not as strong as a missing hiker can be explained. They don’t have to hide in dark alleyways or the back of clubs so no one will see when they feed. They come from a line of vampires who believed in the food chain, survival of the fittest, the circle of life, that their strength over humans is given to them for a reason. 

Some Clans have humans that they keep around for feeding purposes. Including Seungcheol’s clan. They are treated kindly, but they’re seen as a food bag to be shared amongst him and the others in their clan. 

Humans are food, toys. City vampires feel that way. Jungkook feels that way for the most part. He has nothing to do with humans except when it comes to feeding.

But Taehyung is his human.

The truth in that statement sends a shock wave through him.

“You know us in the mountains run with wolves just fine, but if they did do what the rumors say happened to you, you have our support. If Soonyoung is down there helping out Min, just keep an eye on him for us, would ya?”

Jungkook hates rumors but he nods his head in gratitude. “I’ll tell Yoongi.”

“Come get a drink with us,” Seungcheol goes on, still clinging to his arm. Jungkook remembers him as the touchy type. “Your consort can come too. They’re welcome. Yours is pretty though, some of the vamps around here aren’t so respectful of personal property.”

Seungcheol is kind, he knows it’s just the way he’s learned, but Jungkook pulls his arm away gruffly.

It isn’t even meant as an insult and is probably beneficial, a guaranteed way to keep Taehyung safe from at least these two, but Jungkook doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like consorts and he doesn’t like vampires who think they can feed without consent just because of the fucking food chain.

He really won’t be able to keep his cool with Taehyung surrounded by vampires. And he doesn’t need to start a Clan war because someone looked at Taehyung. Yoongi wouldn’t be happy about that.

“We are actually headed back. Family calls.”

Seungcheol laughs at that, lips spreading wide around his smile. “I get that. Jihoon and I have been gone for a few months and we already miss them.”

“Well, you have eleven of them. I’m sure the break is nice.”

The atmosphere turns grim. “Ten now,” Seungcheol explains, eyes drooping. “Seokmin-ssi got wrapped up in some beef with another clan. Sent back his necklace with their grievances . Soonyoung’s left before we could even fully open the package.”

Jihoon spits at that, anger in his eyes. “The kids are restless with wanting revenge but you know we’re in the mountains. They aren’t used to the city, trying to blend in. Cheollie and I planned on searching for the Clan that took our Seokmin, keep the kids safe.”

“But Soonyoung wasn’t having it,” Seungcheol adds with a weak laugh. “Haven’t seen him or heard from him since.”

Jungkook nods. He can see the pain in their eyes and his own empathy is genuine. “I’m sorry. I hope he turns up. I hope you can find your revenge.”

Taehyung’s fingers curl into the back of Jungkook’s shirt, digging into the base of his spine. But he remains still other than that, only moving his head to watch the two vampires in front of them.

It takes a minute more of chit chat before they finally say goodbye and about five minutes of walking before Jungkook finally feels comfortable giving Taehyung space.

He is flushed to his hairline and quiet. Too quiet for Taehyung. He nibbles at the corner of his mouth, eyes low and focused on the cobbled path that leads to their hanok.

Jungkook circles his fingers around his wrist, feeling his pulse beneath his fingertips. “We need to talk.”

“Why didn’t you introduce me to your friends?”

Jungkook is stumped by the question momentarily. Taehyung’s eyes are wide in that way that eats at his heart, his lips pouting out. Out of all the things he could have gotten out of that conversation, Jungkook wasn’t expecting that.

“Taehyung, I know you know they were vampires. I know you know I am one.”

It falls silent as Taehyung tenses and then turns away from him. His heart rate finally picks up, fear finally radiating off of him and Jungkook doesn’t understand it because now it’s just them.

If the compulsion hadn’t worked, Taehyung knows he has never hurt him. If he remembers everything, he knows Jungkook has confessed to not being able to get him out of his mind. Jungkook never told him to forget that part.

But his fear is here now and it makes Jungkook sick that it could be directed towards him.

“How long have you known?”

Taehyung sighs loudly, the sound pained. “Since we got here. I remember everything.”

His heart is racing too much for Jungkook to tell if he is lying or not. 

“I don’t get that,” Jungkook says, flustered. “It always works.”

“Maybe it’s this place,” Taehyung says, swallowing the following breath before he links their fingers. “There’s a long history of magic here. Those tunnels below us were made by warlocks for the safe passage of vampires. Some people believe they can feel the magic vibrating in the air.”

Jungkook will have to ask Hoseok. He’ll have to fix this.

He doesn’t say as much, remembering how badly Taehyung wanted Jungkook to not compel him.

“Maybe,” Jungkook hums, mind working double time. Taehyung seems to be taking it okay, better than the first time. “I don’t like that there are other vampires here.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes at that. “Afraid I might find one better?”

“No,” Jungkook growls quietly. “Some vampires think of humans as less. As food.” Me, I do . “I don’t want them to hurt you.”

Taehyung pulls into his side again, squishing his face between his fingers. “Would you let them?”

“No,” Jungkook growls again, turning so he can wrap his arms around Taehyung. He is feeling worked up and desperate to get out of here.

Desperate to get away from vampires and magic.

Even though he doesn’t want to compel Taehyung again, he has to. He heard too much and Jungkook is hesitant now to touch him, but Taehyung folds into his arms with ease.

If Taehyung didn’t know about his wolves before, he remembers Jungkook telling him now. And that’s a problem.

He doesn’t know what his hyungs have in store, but Seungcheol made it seem like a war that Yoongi claims not to want.

“Let’s go somewhere else. Book a room,” Jungkook murmurs huskily against Taehyung’s ear. “We can take a bath.”

“Good, you reek,” Taehyung giggles, the sound muffled against Jungkook’s throat. “But I don’t mind staying here. I don’t want to forget yet.”

Jungkook sighs. This is a bad idea. Jungkook is full of them lately. “I won’t make you.”

Taehyung pulls back, eyes wide. “Really?”

Bad idea, bad idea. “Really.”

Letting Taehyung pick out the hotel is a bad idea as well. It’s a love motel, filled with neon pink lights and strawberry wallpaper. Even the bed is the shape of a strawberry, the comforter and sheets a pink red and the pillows a grass green.

Taehyung flings himself onto it, sighing. Jungkook watches on fondly before he takes Taehyung’s foot into hand and takes off his shoes for him. His hands rub over the silky bedding, his shirt pulling up to show off the softest part of his belly.

Despite the corny place, Jungkook is fond.


Jungkook hums, taking his time in removing Taehyung’s shoes like the slower it takes, the longer he has alone with him. The longer they can stay here, just the two of them.

“What’s a consort?”

A chill runs down Jungkook’s spine and he tenses for a moment. “Aren’t you the magical lore expert?”

Taehyung grunts at that, flicking his foot up so it knocks into Jungkook’s stomach. “I haven’t heard of that term before.”

Jungkook is uncomfortable and busies himself with taking off his socks next before he finds the right way to answer. Taehyung is patient in waiting. 

“It’s like um, a human servant. Originally just for feeding. It’s an outdated term that mostly only old fashioned vampires use.”

Resting onto his elbows, Taehyung shivers at the feeling of Jungkook rubbing over his ankles. “Old fashioned? You’re six hundred years old.”

Jungkook makes a face when Taehyung laughs. It’s nice being easy like this, not having to watch everything he says. 

It can’t last and neither can being around Taehyung. If Yoongi does, in fact, want to go to war with the Seoul wolves, it leaves Taehyung and him on opposite sides. Even if it kills Jungkook to think about it, he’d understand why Taehyung chose his family’s side.

“Yoongi is thousands of years old.”

Taehyung’s mouth falls open and it takes him a moment to realize Jungkook is trying to help him slip off his pants as well.

“You’re shitting me.”

“Nope,” Jungkook replies, giving up on getting Taehyung’s attention to knee onto the bed instead. He crawls around Taehyung’s legs to sit on his knees. “Old as fuck.”

Another giggle and Taehyung softens, looking up at Jungkook as Jungkook works on undoing the strings of Taehyung’s slacks.

“Isn’t that what I am?”


“A consort.”

Jungkook freezes, strings in hand. Just the idea of Taehyung being enslaved like that has red lining his vision. 

“No. Consorts are like slaves. They have to serve. They have to let their owners feed. Real old fashioned vampires don’t let their consorts do really much of anything other than that.”

Taehyung’s hips lift, allowing Jungkook to slip his pants down past them. “I’m aware of when you feed,” Taehyung tells him, making Jungkook hands still around Taehyung’s thighs. “I just forget it afterwards.”

It makes sense now, why Taehyung offers him his wrist when he wants it. 

“Your eyes,” Taehyung goes on.

Jungkook busies himself pulling the pants from Taehyung. He’s never considered what compulsion is like from the other side of it before. He doesn’t really understand the mechanisms of it at all.

He doesn’t understand how he seems to lose control around Taehyung so easily. Like he’s a newborn vampire still trying to learn how to handle the heightened senses and the new effects to his body.

His first few years as a vampire, he had felt the strongest. The new sensations, the new power. This is different. Jungkook feels his weakest.

“Let me see them, Kookie baby. Let me see your eyes.”

Jungkook leans down, nuzzling right above his knee. He breathes in the scent of Taehyung as Taehyung leans over and pets through his hair.

The fast pace of Taehyung’s heart has not calmed since they left the mated vampire pair. It only worsens now as Jungkook looks up and Taehyung immediately touches under his eyes. 

There was fear earlier, but now there isn’t. 

“What does it feel like?”

There is no feeling, or maybe Jungkook has grown too accustomed to it to notice it.

“Aren’t you afraid of it?” Jungkook asks instead of answering.

Taehyung shakes his head. Something about the soft curiosity in his eyes reminds him of that boy from all those years ago, who used to touch beneath his eyes the same way. He was never afraid of anything either, just his father.

There’s little Jungkook remembers of him, but that is one thing he does. The boy still smiled and laughed and got excited over things despite the nightmares he faced. It’s one of the reasons Jungkook still wears his bracelets, as an inspiration.

“That’s why you don’t have to make me forget or whatever,” Taehyung breathes.

Jungkook crawls forward, over Taehyung, following him as he falls back into the silky sheets. 

“You heard what Seungcheol said about the wolves. I have to make you forget that.”

“I didn’t understand that ,” Taehyung clarifies, voice rough. 

Jungkook leans down, nuzzling against Taehyung’s jaw. He really doesn’t want to talk about this now or ever. “We didn’t come to Seoul to harm your wolves. Yoongi hasn’t lived as long as he has creating wars.”

Taehyung’s breath hitches as he rubs his hands up Jungkook’s back, hiking up his shirt until it tugs loose from his pants. “It sounded like it.”

“I know,” Jungkook sighs, pulling back to look down at Taehyung. He must be some kind of something , so ethereal laying there with his hair spanned out like a halo around his head. 

Jungkook has never believed in angels, but he might look a little more into their existence.

“There are humans that enslave vampires. Take away their freedom, steal their venom. Do other shit to them, I don’t know.”

“Didn’t you just say vampires do the same thing to humans? Steal their freedom, their blood.”

It’s said softly, not accusingly, Taehyung’s eyes still warm as he rubs his hands over Jungkook’s shoulders. 

“Yes. It isn’t right either way,” Jungkook says as he leans his elbows down, caging Taehyung’s head. He nuzzles Taehyung’s nose this time before kissing it. “Yoongi is against both but, the first is a little more personal.”

Taehyung shifts, legs spreading and head tilting back until his lips touch Jungkook’s chin. He’s nervous and Jungkook wonders if this is too much for him or if he’s nervous because he doesn’t trust him.

“It - it happened to me, in a village outside of Seoul.”

Another hitched breath and Taehyung’s fingers are in his hair, rubbing at his scalp. He doesn’t really need the comfort, or maybe he doesn’t realize he did because it makes his chest suddenly tight.

Jungkook rests heavier onto Taehyung, careful not to apply too much weight onto him as he shifts his arms beneath Taehyung’s head. 

“Yoongi hyung suspects your elder wolves to have taken part of it. I don’t know anything about it. That’s all I know.”

He shouldn’t be saying any of this. But the words tumble from his lips because he wants, needs Taehyung to know they aren’t enemies. 

Jungkook hates his wolves but he would never do them any harm. Even if he had to, he would try his best to lessen the damage for Taehyung’s sake.

It is way past due that Jungkook just accept the effect Taehyung has had on him. He can’t say goodbye if he doesn’t.

“I -” Taehyung rubs his lips together. “I’m - I’m so sorry.”

It isn’t what Jungkook expected. He expected Taehyung to deny it out of trust for his family. He didn’t expect the pain in Taehyung’s eyes or the way he can feel how badly Taehyung’s heart hurts like it’s own.

It’s such a strange feeling and Jungkook hates the way his neck feels tight with it.

“Do you know anything about it?” Jungkook asks.

Taehyung shakes his head immediately. “I don’t. It wasn’t until recently that Namjoon actually told me he was a wolf. So, so I would stay away from you.”

Jungkook hums as he sits back, warming his hands over Taehyung’s torso. “It didn’t work.”

Shaking his head, Taehyung sits up and curls an arm around Jungkook’s waist. “It didn’t. I don’t want to stay away from you.”

Jungkook exhales shakily, touching over Taehyung’s face. It is too much, he feels too much. “Let’s take that bath now, hm?”

Taehyung sighs as he nods. “But I want you to tell me more, even if I have to forget it.”


The water is hot, almost too much but Taehyung likes the way his skin turns red. He likes it even more that Jungkook’s legs are on either side of him and his fingers are rubbing strawberry scented soap through his hair.

He tries to focus on that and not the fact that he’s being dishonest. But it might be his only chance for Jungkook to open up to him.

Taehyung breathes in through his nose, regulating his heart beat. He’s been trying to do it all night so Jungkook won’t catch on.

He’s afraid because of what the other vampires said but Jungkook looks so certain Yoongi isn’t here for war.

He’s afraid that the elder wolves did have something to do with enslaving vampires. Enslaving Jungkook.

Taehyung is feeling torn in different directions and he just needs a moment of serenity before he lets the storm hit him. He doesn’t want to get upset because of assumptions, but it’s hard not to.

“I was a servant when I was alive,” Jungkook says. “In nicer terms. Low class. Not treated very well but my master’s son was kind to me.”

Taehyung hums as Jungkook’s fingers rub at the top of his nape. It’s quiet other than the sloshing of the tub and the soft whisper of Jungkook’s voice.

“I’m sorry.”

So it wasn’t the first time Jungkook had a master. It hurts Taehyung’s heart.

“His name was Tae Jong.” Jungkook falters for a moment and when Taehyung turns to look at him, Jungkook stops him. “Because he was nice to me, I loved him. I don’t know if it was true love or convenient love.”

Jungkook chuckles softly and it takes Taehyung a moment to realize it’s because of the way his heart skipped a beat.

“What did it feel like?”

“At the time, true love. Now, I don’t know if I knew the meaning.”

Taehyung wants to ask more about that but he stays quiet. He focuses on the water slipping over their legs as they readjust their bodies, the bubbles collecting on Jungkook’s knees when he bends them to cage Taehyung’s thighs.

They fit together nicely.

“We were found in bed together and punished for it,” Jungkook says so quietly Taehyung almost doesn’t hear it. A few moments go by while Jungkook remains quiet. “And then Yoongi found me.”

It’s the implication that makes Taehyung’s heart ache. He refuses to let Jungkook keep him from turning around and when he does, Jungkook’s expression is blank. 

“How? How did you turn into a vampire?”

Jungkook breathes out with a grin but it doesn’t reach his eyes. “You consume your maker’s blood before you die and again once you come back to life.”

There are thousands of theories Taehyung has read, that being one of them. He has always been curious to know which one is the truth. “Yoongi is your maker.”

Jungkook hums and turns Taehyung back around. “He is. He was in the military. Hoseok was some scholar, high class. I played as his servant until we had to move on.

“That’s what it’s been for hundreds of years. Moving on. Different countries, areas, names. I don’t mind it too much, but I want to stay in one place sometimes. Those vampires from earlier are able to. They live up in the mountains.”

Taehyung’s head tilts back for Jungkook to carefully rinse the soap from his hair. “Vampires are like that.”

Jungkook chuckles at that and it sounds genuine.

“That’s why you are still with them? Clans don’t separate often.”

There are still bubbles in his hair but Taehyung doesn’t mind as he likes the feeling of Jungkook massaging conditioner through the strands.

“No. We rarely separate. Only if we have to or for business. I haven’t left even the same town as them in twenty years until now.”

Taehyung holds his breath before rubbing his hands down Jungkook’s bare thighs. 


He’s surprised his question comes out steady. He still hasn’t figured out a way to ask Jungkook if he remembers him.

It is silent as Jungkook kisses Taehyung’s neck and grabs the soap next. Taehyung arches his head when he feels teeth, but Jungkook only nips him gently.

“I was captured by some rotten human. For a short period of time, a few months, but it felt like years. Yoongi was looking for me and when he heard about what was happening in the town he suspected me to be in, he raged. Almost died trying not to get captured himself.”

Jungkook doesn’t rub the soap over his skin but curls his arms around his belly.

“You’re upset.”

He is, but Taehyung shakes his head. “No. It’s just sad. Thinking about you like that hurts my heart but I want to know everything about you, please continue.”

Jungkook seems to hesitate and for a moment, Taehyung’s worries he’s ruined his attempts at learning more.

“Did Yoongi save you then?”

“No.” A sharp inhale and Jungkook unwinds his arms to rub the bar of soap over Taehyung’s chest. “A little boy did.”

Taehyung can’t breathe as he waits for Jungkook to go on. At least he remembers that much, even if it’s not him specifically.

And he thinks the boy saved him. It doesn’t sound like he holds a grudge.

“I don’t remember much. The boy used to sneak into where I was held and talk to me. He stole back the things I needed to be free.”

Jungkook is careful in the way he speaks, his tone as soft as the way he washes Taehyung. 

“Yoongi still holds it against me. I had only split from them because we had gotten into a stupid argument. He wanted me to pose as his mate when we visited the Counsel because super creatures can’t mate outside of their species.”

The sigh Jungkook lets out is heavy and Taehyung twists around, grabbing the soap to wash Jungkook next. He tucks his knees together, keeping himself between Jungkook’s legs. The bubbles cling to the water, still thick enough to obscure Jungkook’s body beneath it but no longer mountains. 

“The Counsel?”

Jungkook nods, leaning forward when Taehyung rubs the soap over his chest. “They keep order. Warlocks are at the head and then there is a factor for each major species. Vampires, wolves. All but demons.”

Jungkook smiles when Taehyung’s eyes go wide. He knew demons were a thing, he’s visited crossroads before but was so afraid to summon one that he’s nearly wet himself.

“If I was introduced as Yoongi’s mate, they wouldn’t suspect it to be Hoseok,” Jungkook goes on.

Jungkook slowly relaxes as Taehyung rubs the soap into his shoulders and biceps. “Is he not a vampire?”

Spreading his legs, Jungkook shifts lower until his shoulders are pressing onto the edge of the tub. Taehyung smiles as he climbs onto his lap and loses the soap in the water.

“Warlock,” Jungkook says, holding onto Taehyung’s hips. “I thought it was bullshit. Both Hoseokie and Yoongi hyung have been alive for thousands of years, met thousands of people. If after all that, they still just want each other, I don’t understand why they can’t mate.”

Jungkook’s touch is firm as it slips up Taehyung’s back and grips into his shoulders. Taehyung exhales sharply as Jungkook leans forward again, close enough that Taehyung could kiss him if he tilted his head downwards.

“Yoongi accused me of not caring so I left, showed him that I didn’t. Because sometimes I’m petty and selfish and like a child,” Jungkook says, insecurity creeping into his voice. “I’m reckless and act like I don’t give a fuck even when I actually do.”

Taehyung searches for the cup to slowly pour water over Jungkook’s hair.

Red finds him when Taehyung’s eyes meet his again.

“Everyone can be like that,” Taehyung tells him breathlessly as Jungkook tilts his head back and lets Taehyung pour the water into his hair. “It doesn’t mean you’re good or bad.”

Jungkook’s grip is tight on Taehyung’s shoulder blades, almost desperate. Taehyung breathes out as he leans forward and bites gently at the slope of Jungkook’s throat.

A long moan leaves Jungkook’s lips and he tightens around Taehyung until it’s almost painful.

“Let me wash your hair,” Taehyung breathes, nuzzling over Jungkook’s neck. “Keep talking.”

Jungkook makes a noise of complaint but he releases Taehyung enough that he can finish soaking Jungkook’s hair. Water droplets cling to Jungkook’s eyelashes and Taehyung leans forward to kiss them away.

“What do you want to know?”

Taehyung cocks his head to the side, considering it as Jungkook hands him the bottle of 3 in 1 shampoo. He wrinkles his nose and pours it into his hand.

“Okay, how many lovers have you had?” 

Jungkook glares at him for that but he has to close his eyes when Taehyung warms the cool shampoo through his inky strands. “None.”

Taehyung snorts. “Yeah, alright. You’re telling me you’ve been a vampire for however many years and never fell in love? Never had a lover?”

It’s silence for a moment, only Jungkook humming quietly as his knuckles trail up and down Taehyung’s back before he responds.

“Maybe once. I haven’t decided yet.”

Taehyung hesitates, fingers stilling in Jungkook’s hair before he inhales deeply and continues. He ignores the slight quirk to Jungkook’s lips.

It’s only been a few months that they’ve been doing whatever it is that they’re doing. Surely Jungkook can’t mean him?

But Taehyung doesn’t believe that he hasn’t loved before either.

“How long have Hoseok and Yoongi been together?”

“Longer than I’ve been alive,” Jungkook replies, peeking one eye open as Taehyung smushes Jungkook’s hair into his hands and gives him a mohawk. 

“Wow,” Taehyung sighs. Warmth stirs inside of him as Jungkook’s knuckles trail down his spine and low, nearly touching the curve of his ass before he drags them back up. “That’s - I can’t imagine being with someone that long.”

“What about you? Any lovers?”

The red is back and Taehyung chews on his bottom lip before he grabs the cup and fills it with water. Jungkook looks cute with his mohawk.

“No,” Taehyung says. “I had a boyfriend in college but he and Namjoon fought so often that I ended up breaking up with him.”

Another grin and Taehyung considers pinching him. “Remind me to send Namjoon a thank you card.”

Taehyung giggles and it falls silent as he rinses Jungkook’s hair.

It’s nice, warm. Jungkook tells him lighter stories about his travels, a smile finally lighting his face as Taehyung giggles. He talks about finding Seokjin two hundred years ago and how he hated him at first because he didn’t think their family needed to be any bigger. Taehyung listens as to Jungkook recount tales at different universities and which studies he liked the best.

When he tells him the truth about his mother’s passing, from illness, he doesn’t sound sad but his voice is still distant. 

The water turns cool but Jungkook doesn’t seem to notice as he pulls Taehyung to his chest, softly whispering about how he wishes he remembered more about his mother.

Taehyung hums, rubbing the ink across Jungkook’s collarbone. He wishes that he could hear Junglook’s heartbeat when he presses his ear against his chest but there’s nothing.

“It must be hard, living so long.”

Jungkook shakes his head. “No. There are things that make it worth it.”

Taehyung lifts his head, crawling up Jungkook until he can rest his forearms on the edge of the tub, caged around Jungkook’s head.

He kisses him softly, lips rubbing over Jungkook’s until Jungkook parts his own and Taehyung can slot them together.

The cool water doesn’t bother him as Jungkook warms his skin, hands rubbing up his sides and down his spine. There is no urgency in his touch though Taehyung feels it building inside of him. He licks into Jungkook’s mouth, savoring the feel of their tongues dancing before Jungkook sucks him in.

His groan feels quiet but Jungkook’s breathy laugh makes Taehyung feel as if it isn’t. Heat rushes to his cheeks and he pulls back, planting his hands to Jungkook’s chest to look at him.

Jungkook’s hands are everywhere, catching on his thighs and smoothing over the swell of his ass. A gasp leaves Taehyung’s lips when Jungkook grips down and spreads him, only to let him go and rub at his hips instead.

“Am I?” Taehyung starts, hesitating as he nibbles on his lips and tightens his legs around Jungkook, arousal starting to build inside of him. “Am I one of those reasons?”

There is a serious look on Jungkook’s face as he pushes up, his arm curling around Taehyung’s waist to hold him up. 

“Yes,” Jungkook breathes, his other hand trailing down Taehyung’s chest and stopping to rub over the bubbles still on his skin. He teases his nipple, grin when Taehyung’s eyes flutter closed. “Let me make love to you tonight, Taehyung.”

Taehyung nods without hesitation, cupping Jungkook’s neck as Jungkook’s hand trails lower. He dips into the water, fingers curling over Taehyung’s hardening cock. 

His eyes are red again, but it’s softer. There’s no anger or hunger in them and Taehyung’s heart swells in his chest at the sight.

He can’t help the way he touches beneath Jungkook’s eyelids. 

“Take your contacts out first.”

The silky sheets don’t feel nice on Taehyung’s damp skin, but it’s a thought in the back of his mind. He’s too focused on the tender way Jungkook touches him, his mouth marking his thighs as his fingers work between them.

Taehyung trembles, pleasure washing over him as Jungkook’s fingers push deep. His legs spread, hooking over one of Jungkook’s shoulders to dig between them. It’s good, so good but he needs more .

“Kook,” Taehyung cries softly, his body growing taut as Jungkook’s fingers press insistently against his prostate. His cock twitches where it lays heavy and hard against his belly, dripping with every press of Jungkook’s fingers.

Taehyung wants to rip the pillow tucked beneath his hips and have Jungkook climb over him, consume him. He’s not a patient person and the teasing grin on Jungkook’s lips tells him he has to be.

“There?” Jungkook asks, teeth grazing the inside of Taehyung’s thigh. He keeps looking away from him and Taehyung hates it, wishes he wasn’t ashamed of how red his eyes are. Just as red as the sheets beneath Taehyung, redder than the glow coating Taehyung’s skin.

A groan rips from Jungkook’s lungs as Taehyung clenches around him, thighs tightening around Jungkook as the pleasure becomes too much. It breaks out in tiny, gasped out moans as Jungkook keeps rubbing at that spot.

Taehyung hooks a heel to his shoulder, softly begging for him to stop. It’s too much, the pleasure rippling through him makes his muscles ache from the tension. 

Jungkook does, slowly pulling his fingers back to rub over his slick hole instead. He kisses Taehyung softly, soothing his trembling thighs until Taehyung’s fingers are snatching at any part he can reach to pull Jungkook towards him.

The growl Jungkook lets out when Taehyung tugs his hair is soft, a rumble. He follows easily, climbing over Taehyung’s body and grabbing his thighs to spread around his hips.

“Like this,” Taehyung moans, ignoring the slight ache in his back as Jungkook practically folds his body in half. “I’m ready.”

Jungkook’s eyes are shut as he exhales, his own hard cock digging into the junction of Taehyung’s hip and thigh. He leans back, pressing Taehyung’s thighs together and easing them forward until his knees hover over his chest.

It’s slow, the way Jungkook enters him. Too slow, but Taehyung is pinned with his knees to his chest, unable to rock his hips back to take more. He whimpers quietly at the stretch, hands reaching out to graze over Jungkook’s knees because he needs to touch.

“Oh, Tae,” Jungkook moans quietly, spreading his legs again to fit between them again as he bottoms out. There are lips on his own a second later and that desperate urgency fills Taehyung, making him tighten his arms around Jungkook.

It’s slow the way Jungkook strokes into him, pulling out until the head of his cock catches his rim before pushing slowly back in. Taehyung ruts up against him shamelessly, earning a smile from Jungkook before he buries it into Taehyung’s shoulders.

It’s slick and wet, the noise as obscene as the ones that leaves their lips. The groans that Jungkook tries to muffle with slotting their lips together but fails.

It’s gentle, pleasure slowly tingling through Taehyung, until it’s not. Jungkook’s arms slipping beneath his sweaty back, easily lifting him until it’s Taehyung above him, sinking down onto his cock with his thighs straddling Jungkook’s hips.

Excitement fills him as Taehyung takes over, fingers knotting into Jungkook’s hair as he rocks his hips down against him. It’s easier to kiss him this way, even if it’s more tongue and teeth than anything.

Jungkook still moves slow, knuckles rubbing up Taehyung’s spine like he’s addicted to the way Taehyung shivers at the feeling. His thighs spread, feet kicking out before Jungkook loses his composure too and his hips smack up, cock thrusting deep and hard into Taehyung.

“Like that,” Taehyung pleads, leaning back to rest his hands against the mattress as Jungkook grips his hips and fucks into him at a hard pace. His body wracks with it, cock slapping back against his precome coated belly.  

It’s all in the back of his mind, the way the bed slaps against the wall, the way his moans join it. How red Jungkook’s eyes are when he pulls him close, the red color of strawberries and passion, a lighter shade than the dark red Jungkook always craves to taste.

And he does, tugging Taehyung back to sink his teeth into the junction of Taehyung’s neck. Taehyung succumbs to the pleasure building inside of him, hips jerking as his cock digs into Jungkook’s belly and coats it in come. Thighs gripping around Jungkook as hard as Jungkook grips to the back of his neck.

It’s messy, the sweat and come, the splotch of red dripping down onto Jungkook’s chin as he pulls Taehyung into a kiss.

Jungkook comes like that, hips snapping up and arms dragging Taehyung down onto him as his body trembles with it. He gasps into Taehyung’s mouth, his words garbled and twisting into moans.

They stay like that for what feels like forever, Jungkook’s hands returning to rub over Taehyung’s back as Taehyung rubs at the muscles of his neck. Jungkook kisses him softly, breathes into him, consumes him the way Taehyung needed.

“Tae,” Jungkook starts, a desperate twist in his tone that has Taehyung shushing him with another kiss.

Jungkook looks fucked out when he pulls back, eyes dilated and heavy. His hair a wreck over his head, dark purpled marks over his jaw and neck. He breathes heavily and when Taehyung rubs his palms over his chest, he swears he feels a beating heart.

“I haven’t,” Jungkook starts, holding Taehyung down so he can’t lift his hips off of his softening cock. “I haven’t felt this way about someone before. It’s confusing me.”

It’s overwhelming and Taehyung traces Jungkook’s features, taking every inch of him in.

“I haven’t either.”

It’s the truth and Taehyung can’t explain it, can only feel it. But he doesn’t have to, doesn’t think he needs to, because he knows Jungkook understands.

When Jungkook finally lets Taehyung go, it isn’t far. There is worry in his eyes as he takes in the state of Taehyung’s body and the tremble in his legs as he tries to stand. He can barely feel them but it’s good, he feels good.

“It looks like it hurts,” Jungkook finally says as he joins Taehyung back in the bathroom to help him clean again. 

It does, Taehyung thinks as he looks into the mirror. It is worse than Jungkook’s bitten him before, but it doesn’t hurt. It feels good actually, the sight of it making his heart swell and maybe there is something wrong with him but he likes it. 

He likes when Jungkook cups his shoulders and kisses over it softly from behind him.

“Don’t make me forget,” Taehyung murmurs as he turns, a warm rag in hand to rub over Jungkook’s stomach. “Please.”

Jungkook doesn’t respond other than pressing a finger beneath his chin to guide him into a kiss.

When it’s time to go home, Taehyung doesn’t want to. He feels boneless and loose, but the sight of his apartment building makes him feel heavy.

Jungkook’s jaw tenses as he pulls up in front of Taehyung’s building. He doesn’t move for a moment, until Taehyung leans over the middle console and cups his chin to make him.

“You’ll come when you need to feed again?” Taehyung asks. 

Jungkook’s eyes search over his face. The contacts are back but they aren’t good enough to hide his eyes.

“I will.”

It feels like a lie.

Taehyung nods, exhaling through his nose. He kisses Jungkook briefly before pulling back.

“Okay, I’m ready.”

Jungkook only stares at him for a minute, hand gripping onto the steering wheel still. Taehyung doesn’t know why he insisted on renting a car, if he plans on leaving for somewhere farther.

“I’m going to embarrass myself because I know this is too soon,” Jungkook finally says. “But it’s my only chance to say it so I’m going to.”

Taehyung inhales, nodding, suddenly nervous. 

Jungkook looks just as nervous.

“I’m falling in love with you, I think that’s what this feeling is,” Jungkook says, voice steady though he doesn’t look steady himself. He grips around the steering wheel, knuckles turning white before he lets it go. “I’ve had a strong connection to you from the moment I laid eyes on you. I can’t explain it but it’s felt like I’ve loved you from that moment even if that’s impossible. Infatuation doesn’t feel like the right word and to be honest, love doesn’t either. But being beside you makes me feel whole in a way I haven’t felt before.”

Taehyung can’t breathe. He stares at Jungkook but Jungkook refuses to meet his eyes.

It’s close to that for him too, but he stays quiet, rubbing his swollen lips together. Maybe it’s not full, passionate love yet, but it’s close. So close Taehyung can taste it and he wants it.

“Hoseokie says Namjoon won’t make peace until I leave you alone,” Jungkook laughs dryly. “But I can’t. I need to, but I can’t.”

“I don’t want you to,” Taehyung finally says, his tone as weak as his legs still feel. 

Jungkook had made love to him again this morning, waking him up with lips on his hips and the morning sun breaking through the curtains.

Taehyung hadn’t wanted to get out of bed and made Jungkook carry him to the car.

It’s been very quiet since and the sense of dread is there but Taehyung doesn’t understand it. 

“I have to,” Jungkook says, finally looking at him. “I have to leave you alone. Until we can make peace.”

Taehyung shakes his head but Jungkook is moving, turning further to him.

“I don’t know how long that will be, I don’t want it to hurt,” Jungkook says before his voice drops low, hypnotizing. “I need you to forget about us being vampires, about me feeding from you, what you heard being said about the wolves. Forget everything I’ve told you, our moments together.”

No, no .

It doesn’t work, Taehyung knows. But panic still surges into his chest and he can’t act on it when Jungkook cups his cheeks ever so softly.

“Forget about me.”

He feels his eyes watering when Jungkook’s does. It is intentional. Jungkook isn’t asking him to just forget about him being a vampire or that he feeds from him.

He’s telling Taehyung to forget about him in general.

“No,” Taehyung breathes when Jungkook’s fingers slip from his chin. “Jungkook -”

“Now,” Jungkook says, lifting Taehyung’s hand to kiss the back of it. “As soon as you get out of this car, you’ll forget about me.”

Taehyung opens his lips again, blinking. He wants to tell Jungkook it’s all been a lie, his compulsion. He doesn’t want Jungkook angry and he doesn’t understand why Jungkook looks so hurt right now.

Telling Taehyung to forget him makes Jungkook look pained like he’s being torn to pieces.

“Go,” Jungkook breathes, begs. “Namjoon is inside, please go to him.”

Taehyung hesitates, swallowing the tears in his throat before he climbs out of the car.


Jungkook is nervous when he approaches his front door. He’s going to get reemed out, he knows it. He’s already on edge and he should probably go somewhere and be alone for the time being, but the longer he takes to get home, the more aggravated Yoongi will be.

Preparing for it doesn’t make him ready for the look on Yoongi’s face. He’s pissed, eyes glowing with it and even Hoseok puts a hand to his chest to press him back when Jungkook comes near.

Yoongi sighs, rubbing his face. “Are you okay?”

Jungkook nods. “I’m okay.”

He isn’t okay.

“Good,” Yoongi grits out, pulling from Hoseok’s touch but not coming close. “Because I’ve had an alpha up my ass accusing me of one of mine stealing one of his all weekend.”

“Your phones were off,” Hoseok adds. “You know, the best response to us saying these wolves might kill you for being around their pup isn’t to go running off with said pup.”

Jungkook rubs a hand through his hair. His chest is tight and he’s on edge. Leaving Taehyung is fucking hard and he doesn’t trust himself not to return to him. Seeing how his eyes teared up fucking breaks his heart and he wants to tear something apart.

“I compelled him to forget about me,” Jungkook grits out. “Are you fucking happy?”

“No,” Yoongi snaps right back. “Because if you stayed a little longer and listened to what we had to say, you’d know it fucking kills me that you have to stay away from him.”

Jungkook falls still, watching silently as Yoongi paces restlessly around the room. He drags his fingers through his hair so roughly he nearly rips it out. Yoongi’s always been frustrated with how quickly Jungkook has learned to run from things.

“I grew concerned when you left the Harpy that time and Mingi told me you said his workers tasted disgusting,” Hoseok explains, eyes switching between his mate and Jungkook. “I’ve only heard myths about that. You seemed well fed when I saw you with Taehyung. I assumed you left the Harpy to feed from him.”

Jungkook doesn’t say anything. He knew Hoseok would know more about it but he doesn’t understand why it makes the room even tenser.

“That’s why I took Taehyung’s blood,” Hoseok says. “At his house, with the wine. The potion you saw me making. To see if it would turn clear when mixed with yours. The purest of water, so clear and clean.”

It had turned clear for only a few seconds. Jungkook feels frustrated that he doesn’t understand what the hell that means.

“Pure, because the purest thing in the world is the bond between two soulmates.”

Jungkook stares at Hoseok. “Okay?”

Yoongi groans at that, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Soulmates, Jungkook. Made to be with each other. Two halves of one whole. Two souls meant to be intertwined.”

Jungkook laughs. “Listen. I might be falling in too deep with Taehyung, but that’s taking it a little far.”

He said the words, put them into existence and they feel right. More right than anything he’s felt before.

Hoseok pulls out a book that resembles his spell book, but older, the pages worn and the spine tattered. “It’s rare. But vampires who have found theirs and fed from them have been unable to drink from any other source until they’ve mated. They say their hunger was never satiated by anyone else and they were hungrier when they fed from their lover.”

Jungkook feels heat at the back of his neck as he stares down at the old ancient writing Hoseok points to. It’s foreign to Jungkook. But Hoseok’s words aren’t. They’re exactly how Jungkook has been feeling.

“Mating with your soulmate makes it easier to go on without feeding so much. I don’t really know the mechanisms behind it but some say your hunger can’t be satiated because it’s the bond you are craving to feel, not typical hunger.”

Yoongi has stopped pacing to stare at them, hands held on his hips. He looks almost sad.

“What does it feel like when you drink from Taehyung? Different than regular feeding?”

Jungkook’s throat is tight. He turns, rubbing at his neck. He wants to lie. He doesn’t understand why he feels like he needs to but what the fuck.

“It feels,” Jungkook rubs his lips together. This can’t be right. “It’s different.”

“How?” Hoseok and Yoongi ask at the same time, both of their heads jerking up in interest.

Jungkook feels like he’s suffocating. It’s been a long time since he’s felt like this. “I don’t - it’s not just euphoric or whatever, but I swear my heart is beating when I feed from Tae.”

Yoongi cusses and Hoseok looks delighted. 

“Don’t look so happy. This is a bad thing,” Yoongi says, pointing an accusing finger at Hoseok. 

Hoseok coos, grabbing Jungkook’s cheeks. “Oh honey, our baby has found true love.”

Both Jungkook and Yoongi scowl at Hoseok for that but he’s unbothered. 

“That’s pushing it hyung. I wouldn’t describe a crush as true love.”

When Taehyung asked him if he had ever been in love, Jungkook’s first thought had been Taehyung.

When he said the words out loud, they were honest.

But he lies because it can’t be.

“Crush, I’m talking soulmates here, Kookie baby. Open your ears,” Hoseok sighs, pulling Jungkook towards the book and gripping his ear to wiggle it. “I’m talking bound together. If he dies, you’ll feel pain so great you’ll want to die too. I’m talking, you’ll be able to find him with your eyes closed. That’s why you can’t stay away from him, your body is going to bring you back to him.”

Jungkook inhales, trying to release the tension in his chest. Since the moment he’s left Taehyung, he’s wanted to be by his side again.

All of those times he had walked with no destination in mind and always ended up where Taehyung was, no matter where he was.

“I will be able to,” Jungkook insists. If he puts his mind to it, he can do it. “It’ll be easier now that Taehyung’s forgotten.”

It won’t be. It’s already hard, it’s already hurting. 

“Soulmates,” Yoongi jabs in, crossing arms. “We’re talking about soulmates, which you can’t compel.”

The grin slips from Hoseok’s lips and he rolls his eyes, looking disappointed at Yoongi.

“What?” Jungkook breathes.

No, no .

“You can’t compel your soulmate,” Yoongi grits out. “It prevents you from forcing them to mate with you. That’s what Jihoon says at least.”

The world starts to spin around Jungkook. No, no. “You’re not serious.”

“I am,” Yoongi says and with a glance towards Hoseok, he nods too.

“Fuck,” Jungkook grunts, planting his hands to his face. This is bad. How did he not realize this? 

Instead of just accepting it, Taehyung had said ‘no’ when Jungkook compelled him to forget. That should have been a sign.

“Than we have a big problem on our hands.”

Anger touches Yoongi’s eyes. “This is already a huge fucking problem. The Alpha told me he won’t agree to peace until you agree to leave Taehyung alone.”

“Well, this is an understandable reason why he can’t,” Hoseok tries, grimacing slightly, but Jungkook is interrupting him.

He’s frustrated, overwhelmed. He hates feeling like this because he doesn’t know how to control it well.

“I don’t think he’ll agree to peace if he finds out we know his mother had something to do with the vampires being enslaved.”

There are hands on Jungkook a second later, shoving him into the wall. Yoongi looks feral, eyes black purple and the veins beneath his eyes swarming up into his eyelids. “You told him? You’re that gone for him that you’ve lost your sense of loyalty?”

Jungkook shakes his head, fingers circling around Yoongi. Yoongi wouldn’t hurt him even if Jungkook did betray his trust, even if he broke Yoongi’s heart like that. “I - I didn’t. We ran into Seungcheol and Jihoon. He mentioned it, thought Tae was my consort. I thought I compelled Taehyung afterwards, but - but you’re saying it didn’t work. I just didn’t want - didn’t want him to think we would hurt him.”

Yoongi lets go of him roughly, his nostrils flaring. “I’m going to his apartment.”

Jungkook pushes off the wall to grab Yoongi, but Yoongi is gone in a flash.

Hoseok grabs Jungkook before he can move and wraps his arms around him.

“Breathe,” Hoseok says softly, his voice so tender it hurts Jungkook’s chest worse. “He won’t hurt him but you need to breathe before you lose it.”

Jungkook can’t breathe. He feels like he’s waking up as a vampire all over again. “You should have never taught me how to breathe again.”

It had been a long process, one necessary to blend in. Now Jungkook’s body does it like a regular human’s would, unconsciously, and he hates it.

“It will be fine. We’ll figure it out.”

Chapter Text

Like Jungkook had warned him in the car, the apartment isn’t empty when Taehyung steps into it. But he still screams when he enters, only seeing the shadow of a person that looks massive before he flicks the lights on and finds Namjoon there.

Namjoon looks exhausted, dead on his feet, and pissed when he glares at Taehyung.

It really isn’t the time. Taehyung wants to be alone. He’s always preferred to be alone when he was upset, even though Jimin never let that happen.

“You know not to disappear without a word,” Namjoon says, his voice lacking of any emotion and it’s even scarier. “That's always been our thing.”

“I told Jimin,” Taehyung says, guilt trapping his heart between its hands and squeezing until his words come out like a sharp breath. It’s true. It’s always been Namjoon’s requirement because he worries easily and he worries a lot.

His mind tends to go to the worst case scenario whenever he can’t get in touch with Taehyung or Jimin.

“Jimin doesn’t know Jungkook’s a bloodsucker,” Namjoon snaps. He bares his teeth before he runs a hand down his face like he’s trying to calm himself. 

There have been times Taehyung has seen Namjoon angry, red in the face and trembling because of it. But this is simmering and ten times worse.

Namjoon looks panicked.

“Jimin-ah doesn’t know how dangerous that is. He only told me you were gone for the weekend. My mind has been going insane worrying about you.”

Taehyung slips off his shoes and jacket. His body still pulses with Jungkook’s touch and his heart is too heavy that Jungkook wants him to forget him.

He almost wishes he does so he won’t be so hurt when Jungkook stops coming around.

It makes it ten times worse with Namjoon there, looking torn from how badly he had worried. 

“I thought the plan was to get close to Jungkook and find out what his clan is so invested in our pack?”

Namjoon stands, looking even more exhausted. “It was, but some new evidence has come to life and I need you to stay away from him.”

“That won’t be a problem. He tried to compel me to forget him.”

With that, Taehyung leaves the room. He knows he isn’t lucky enough to be alone and he’s right, Namjoon follows him into the hallway and into his bedroom. He even sticks a hand out to keep the door from shutting when Taehyung tries to slam it.

“I’m sorry Tae. By the look on your face, I can tell you weren’t just pretending to get close to him. I’m angry, but - but I’m still your hyung. You can talk to me just please, don’t turn your phone off again. Or, if you do, just check in.”

Taehyung chews on the inside of his lip, refusing to confirm or deny that. He crosses his arms over his chest, defensive. "I’m sorry . I didn’t mean to worry you. Jungkook wouldn’t hurt me.”

“You don’t know -”

“The Clan thinks you and your pack have something to do with the enslaving of vampires. I’m really curious about your take on that hyung.”

It’s abrupt and maybe unfair, but Taehyung doesn’t want to deal with Namjoon convincing him that he’s wrong about Jungkook not hurting him. He doesn’t see how genuine Jungkook is with him. If it’s an act, he’s a really good fucking actor.

Namjoon stops before he laughs at that. The genuine amusement on his face makes Taehyung feel a tiny bit of relief. “I don’t care how much I hate someone, I’m not inhumane. You sound accusing though, did the vampire already convince you?”

“No, he didn’t. But Hyunmi?” Taehyung snaps, angrier than he intends to be. 

It makes sense if it’s true. Hyunmi and his parents were close. His parents enslaved a vampire. Jungkook, specifically. Jungkook looked desperate for him to understand that he isn’t a threat to Namjoon’s pack, but Taehyung would fully understand if he was. 

“If she did, why would Yoongi risk being enslaved himself by poking around our pack? Huh?”

Namjoon doesn’t deny it but he doesn’t look as if he believes it either. He looks just as frustrated as Taehyung feels and he hates this, hates fighting. 

“Because,” Taehyung tries, throwing a hand out when he can’t find the words. “I’m supposed to be compelled in forgetting this so you can’t say a word.”

Namjoon holds out a pinky finger but Taehyung ignores it. They haven’t done that since they were children. Maybe it’s to ease the tension because he knows Namjoon hates fighting just as much as he does.

“Because it’s personal. Because - because Jungkook was enslaved in this same town.”

The anger reaches Namjoon’s eyes again and when he laughs, it sounds sarcastic. “Is that what he told you? Vampires are manipulative, Tae. That isn’t the truth.”

“It is,” Taehyung snaps, suddenly emotional. His throat feels tight and the pressure burns up into his eyelids. It’s been bubbling up inside of him and now it’s ready to explode. “It is true. I know it is true. Because I was there and I witnessed it.”

Silence fills the room as Namjoon stares at him, eyes slowly growing wide.

“It was my parents that kept him captured. That hurt him. It was me. I was the one who freed him.”

Namjoon cusses, rubbing a hand down his face. He seems to vibrate and when he looks up, his eyes are glowing.

If Taehyung thought Namjoon would ever hurt him, he’d be afraid. But he knows Namjoon wouldn’t, just like he knows Jungkook wouldn’t.

Maybe before he was unsure, if Jungkook knew the truth of who he was, but now he doesn’t. 

“Taehyung,” Namjoon starts slowly, his face paling. “Jungkook killed your parents.”

Taehyung’s heart is thudding so hard he can feel it in his face. “I - I know. How do you know?”

Another cuss and Namjoon’s fist is slamming into his wooden door before Taehyung can even realize his hand is moving.

“Eomma,” Namjoon snaps, teeth extending in a way that reminds him of Jungkook. But his canines are much thicker. “She saw you with him, when you guys went to the restaurant. She recognized him.”

Horror fills Taehyung and he steps back, a weak sound leaving his lips. “She recognized him because she knew my parents captured him. She helped them.”

When Namjoon takes a step forward, Taehyung is shoving him back. “That’s not true, Tae.”

 “Get out. Get out.”

“Tae -”

“Get the fuck out,” Taehyung huffs, panic and emotion swirling through him. “How could you  - you’re just okay with that?”

“No,” Namjoon yells, but Taehyung is still shoving him backwards. He knows Namjoon is stronger than him but Namjoon doesn’t make a move to stop him. “That’s not it Tae. That’s not how she knows. You have to listen to me.”

“No, I don’t,” Taehyung grunts, pushing Namjoon hard one last time. “I don’t care. Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

“Taehyungie,” Namjoon grunts. “Don’t be so blinded right now. Of course Hyunmi hates vampires, but that doesn’t mean she would do something like that. Vampires killed Jimin’s parents.”

Taehyung freezes, feeling wild as he looks at Namjoon. He looks just as wild, his eyes glowing so bright that Taehyung squints instead of looks at him.

“You should hate them too. They killed yours.”

“I wanted him to,” Taehyung sobs. He presses a hard hand into his chest but it doesn’t release the tension there. “I fucking wanted him to. I asked him to. Okay? Do I deserve to be enslaved because of that? Because I wanted the parents who pinched and punched and pulled at me all of the time to die?”

Pressing his lips together, Namjoon is speechless. He looks horrified. “Tae -”

“Go,” Taehyung grunts. “Please, just go.”

Namjoon stares at him for a minute and Taehyung doesn’t wait for him to leave until he’s slamming back into his bedroom.

He doesn’t cry but he wants to. His chest feels locked up and he lays slumped onto his bed for forever before he finally pulls off of it. He digs for the small box he keeps hidden under his bed, taking it out with careful hands and laying it onto his bed.

There are a lot of keepsakes here. His birth certificate, his baby teeth, the first birthday card Jimin had given him.

Taehyung digs around until he finds the bracelet. He holds it in his hands, eyeing the strawberries that are still intact on the beads. It is difficult to untie the knot and it is a tight fit, but after a while he manages to get it onto his wrist.

It’s then that he hears a knock on his door and dread fills him. Either Namjoon is back or he sent Jimin to be the peacekeeper like he always does whenever they fight.

But it’s neither of them and Taehyung feels a tiny bit of fear hit him as he opens the door and finds Yoongi there instead.

Yoongi’s eyes glow purple and he looks pissed. There is no greeting, no leeway into it. Yoongi blurts it right out. 

“I know Jungkook’s compulsion didn’t work.”

Taehyung takes a step back. Yoongi can’t enter unless Taehyung invites him in.

But Taehyung doesn’t know if he’s repellent to all compulsion or just Jungkook’s and Yoongi could very easily compel him into inviting him in.

“I know you know we realized the truth about your pack. That they enslaved vampires.”

Taehyung nods, mouth dry. He clings to the door, wanting to hide behind it. “I know it’s an assumption.”

Yoongi snorts. “My gut feelings have never been wrong.”

“I don’t - I don’t support it,” Taehyung says weakly. “And neither does Namjoon.”

Yoongi inhales through his teeth, making a soft hissing noise. “I don’t trust your Alpha. But I trust you.”


“Should I not?” Yoongi asks, crossing his arms over his chest and raising an eyebrow.

“No,” Taehyung says immediately. “I mean, yes you can trust me. I wouldn’t hurt Jungkook or any vampire for that matter. I mean, unless they were truly trying to actively kill me then maybe. But I’d be forced. I’m not actually even strong enough to kill one, probably.”

He’s rambling and he can’t stop. It’s the nerves.

There’s a glint in Yoongi’s eyes but it doesn’t touch his lips. Taehyung falls silent when he reaches into his jacket and pulls out a photograph.

It used to be clung to his fridge and he had assumed it had fallen and slipped beneath it after Jungkook had pressed him against it. He doesn’t really know how old he is in the picture and he doesn’t remember it being taken, but it’s always been close to his heart.

He had been upset when he realized it was gone from his refrigerator.

“When I saw you at that bar the first night, I thought I recognized you,” Yoongi says, rubbing his nose. “I wasn’t positive until Hoseok brought me that home.”

Taehyung’s tríes to breathe but it’s difficult. “You - you knew me as a child?”

Yoongi shakes his head.

He never makes a move to come inside and he doesn’t look as if he wants to either.

“Jungkook kept coming back here after you freed him. It pissed me off because I was afraid he would get captured again but it was like he was driven mad with the need to make sure you were okay. It pissed him off you were with wolves.

“Which I understand. I about blew my head when I followed him one day and saw how close he got to your little pack village. He showed me you then.”

Taehyung’s throat feels thick. Jungkook has come back for him a few times? It doesn’t make sense because Jungkook doesn’t remember who he is.

He stares, blurry eyed, down at the photograph, unsure what to say.

“It makes sense now why he couldn’t leave you alone,” Yoongi mumbles, looking distant like he’s talking to himself more than Taehyung. He even nods his head as he talks, thumb rubbing at the corner of his mouth. “Why he felt so drawn to you. He’s been good these years, I thought coming to Seoul again would be okay because I could trust him to act on his best behavior.”

When Yoongi looks up, his eyes are purple again.

“I made him forget you,” Yoongi announces as he pushes off the wall and shoves his hands into his pockets. “I made him forget your name and your face because it put him in danger. But he was still drawn to you. Still put himself in danger. I know it isn’t your fault, but I’ll do anything to make sure Jungkook is safe.”

There is a crack in Taehyung’s chest but he doesn’t get to focus on it because Yoongi’s voice dips down into something deep and hypnotic.

“I need you to invite me in, Taehyung.”

Out of all the things that had flooded into Taehyung’s mind that Yoongi would do to him inside his home, he wasn’t expecting Yoongi to saunter into the kitchen and start making tea. 

The compulsion had worked on him. Taehyung found the invitation leaving his lips before he could even try to stop it. 

“You know,” Yoongi says as he swirls his spoon into his mug, looking much more casual and relaxed than Taehyung feels, “I invented tea.”

Taehyung sits at the kitchen table, fingers tapping anxiously over the wood. He’s trying not to show his fear but he’s failing miserably. Even if he doesn’t show it, he’s sure Yoongi can sense it.

Yoongi glances at him then, smiling softly, “I’m just kidding.”

The laugh Taehyung lets out sounds as weak as he feels. 

“There’s a lot of different stories about how tea came to be,” Yoongi sighs. He sips at the cup, pausing a beat. 

“I have a feeling you didn’t compel your way into my home to talk about the origin of tea,” Taehyung interrupts. He doesn’t want to drag this on. If Yoongi wants to hurt him to keep him quiet, to keep Jungkook safe, he’d rather the vampire get it done with.

Another beat of silence. “You’d be correct. I need to talk with you and I’d rather not have your neighbors overhear.”

Taehyung glances around the apartment.  He wishes he hadn’t kicked Namjoon out though he knows Namjoon wouldn’t have given Yoongi a chance to speak before it turned violent. He does want to hear what Yoongi has to say but he also feels as if he might pass out.

“I want to speak to your old pack leader, Kim Hyunmi. I want to hear directly from her whether or not she had anything to do with enslaving Jungkook,” Yoongi explains softly. “I don’t like to react based off of assumptions, you’re right I do not have solid proof, but your Alpha won’t let me near her.”

Taehyung rubs at his jaw. “That’s probably for good reason.”

Yoongi laughs. “It isn’t. I won’t hurt her.”

“Unless she did have something to do with it. Would you not hurt her then?”

Yoongi’s eyes find his and Taehyung’s surprised by the pure honesty in them when he nods his head.

“You have to understand, I would do anything to protect the members of my Clan. It is lucky for you I didn’t find Jungkook all those years ago because I wouldn’t have spared you. Even if I wanted to. I don’t hurt children or humans. But Hoseokie says I tend to lose my cool when it comes to Jungkook.”

Taehyung tries to swallow but his mouth is dry. He wants to stand to get water but he’s too afraid to move. Yoongi talks so conversationally as if they’re not talking about murdering him.

“That makes me feel a lot more comfortable, thank you.”

Another laugh and this time it looks genuine. “Tell me what you think about this, about Hyunmi’s involvement.”

Taehyung shrugs. His fingers ache from tapping so much but he can’t stop them. “I don’t know enough about it. Just that Hyunmi was close to my parents.”

“Is that coincidence or evidence?” Yoongi asks.

Taehyung truly doesn’t know but he does believe it isn’t a coincidence. He just doesn’t want Yoongi to hurt his family, so he refuses to tell him that.

“I know Namjoon has nothing to do with it.”

Yoongi leans back in his chair, arms crossing over his chest as he runs those purple eyes over Taehyung. “I don’t think so either. I meant it when I want peace with the Seoul Kims. It is easier to do with a young leader, new to rule. I’ll do what it takes. I need it more than ever.”

“What do you mean?”

Yoongi stands then and Taehyung braces himself as he approaches. He moves like a big cat about to strike and Taehyung tries to regulate his breathing.

“You and Jungkook are in the steps towards bonding,” Yoongi says as he plops himself on the table next to Taehyung. “From all the stories I’ve read, from the people I know, the bond has always been completed. I’m not willing to risk using Jungkook as the test dummy to know what happens when it isn’t.”

Taehyung shrinks into the back of the chair. Yoongi is smaller than him in every way but the power that radiates from him makes Taehyung feel like a small child again.

“I don’t understand.”

“You don’t have to,” Yoongi says. “I’m not making a choice for Jungkook, if he wants you to forget him that’s on him. I’ll even compel you to forget him if that is what he truly wants. But he’s doing it because of your pack because we’re enemies. Because I told him to. Because your pack leader enslaved him once and she could do it again. I want to give him the chance to choose without these factors.”

It’s difficult to wrap his mind around. As strict and absent as Hyunmi has always been, she’s also always been kind to him. She held him the night his parents died, fought the police off when they tried to spend hours and hours interrogating him. She never yelled at him like his parents did when they caught him up when he was supposed to be sleeping. She allowed him to sneak out of his room and crawl into Namjoon’s or Jimin’s. 

When he didn’t want to eat, she never forced him to. When he did bad in school, she would scold him gently but it wasn’t unfair because there were times Taehyung was too focused on his own research than trigonometry. 

“I wouldn’t let that happen to him,” Taehyung breathes.

“You wouldn’t be able to stop her,” Yoongi says.

Taehyung brings a hand up to his face, rubbing over his stressed features. This is too much for his brain right now.

“Yoongi -“

He is cut off by hard fingers around his wrist, ripping it from his face.

Fear catapults through him. Yoongi’s eyes aren’t just purple but the veins are swirling beneath his eyes and anger is radiating from him. It’s intense how vicious he looks and Taehyung feels his body lock up beneath his stare.

“What is this?” Yoongi snarls, yanking his arm.

The only thing there is is the green and red friendship bracelet.

The breath leaves Taehyung’s lips, making it difficult to speak as Yoongi yanks him from his chair. 

Pain explodes in his back as Yoongi tosses him back, shredding the bracelet from his arm. A welt quickly appears but Taehyung doesn’t spare it a glance, only holds it to his chest.

“It’s mine!” Taehyung blurts. “It’s mine.”

Yoong holds it up. “You’ve already bound him? How did you get this?”

“No,” Taehyung snaps, trying to remain steady but panic is washing over him. “No, I promise. I made -”

His words turn into a sob as Yoongi reaches for him, his body growing taut in anticipation of the blow.

It doesn’t come as something sizzles in the air and Yoongi is stumbling backwards.

“Fucking,” Yoongi grunts, a few feet away from him now. 

There’s a large, transparent purple screen in front of him.

“Sorry baby,” comes a voice from the hallway before Hoseok steps in, his hands held out and sparks dancing over his fingers. He sounds much calmer than he looks, his now red hair frayed and standing up above his head. “I know you’re worked up, but what did you say? You don’t act based on assumptions. You trying to prove you can keep cool isn’t going to work like this. I don’t think you realize how scary you are, darling.”

Yoongi bares his teeth but it isn’t as vicious towards Hoseok as it had been towards Taehyung. It’s more frustrated than anything.

“He can’t keep his cool when it comes to Jungkook,” Hoseok whispers loudly, cupping a hand around his mouth but Taehyung suspects Yoongi can still hear.

It doesn’t make Taehyung feel any better, even if he understands. Hoseok has a screen up for a reason and Taehyung suspects being hundreds of years being with someone leads them to knowing the other quite well. 

“Jungkook and I both have one,” Taehyung breathes out, confident enough to speak but not enough to speak loudly. He can’t look Yoongi in his eyes. “I - I made us friendship bracelets. When I was younger. I haven’t bound him. That one is mine.” 

Hoseok’s eyes widen in delight and he takes the bracelet from Yoongi. The purple screen wavers for only a moment, though long enough for Taehyung’s heart to start pulsing, before falling still again. 

“That’s so fucking cute,” Hoseok says. “Truly, honey, where’s my friendship bracelet?”

Yoongi glares at him, jaw locking. “I wouldn’t call us friends.”

Hoseok rolls his eyes at that but he seems unaffected. “You love me, shut up. Here.”

He holds out the bracelet but Taehyung doesn’t move. Hoseok is Yoongi’s husband, he doesn’t know how much he can trust him. He wants to, he seems to be trustworthy enough that Taehyung thinks Hoseok won’t let Yoongi hurt him, but he doesn’t know.

“I have a feeling Kookie is going to show up any minute now, so you might want to catch your breath. Honestly, Yoongi, you talk about Namjoon’s temper.”

Yoongi huffs, looking like a petulant child and Hoseok drops the barrier. “You know how much that bracelet means to Kook.”

Hoseok hums, walking closer and forcing the bracelet into Taehyung’s hand. “I know. That’s what makes it so cute. I should have seen it, how attached he was to you after only a few weeks. Don’t look afraid, neither Yoongi nor I want to hurt you. And if we did, we can’t.”

Taehyung looks hesitantly at Yoongi, who paces but doesn’t come closer even though the barrier is gone.

“I don’t trust you.”

Hoseok shrugs. “That’s fine. But we can’t either way. The loss of a soulmate is like the loss of a limb and Yoongi won’t hurt Jungkook like that.”

Taehyung’s eyes dart between the warlock and Yoongi. “What?”

A giggle leaves Hoseok’s lips and he slaps his forehead. “Right. You have some catching up to do. You, Jungkook, soulmates.”

A weak laugh escapes Taehyung’s lips. “Funny.”

But neither Hoseok nor Yoongi look like they’re joking.


Telling Taehyung to forget about him was well intended. Jungkook believed strongly that he’d be able to keep that promise despite wanting to be next to him the moment he ran away.

But knowing Taehyung hasn’t forgotten him, he wants to find him and explain his actions. He was trying not to lie, knowing he couldn’t explain to Taehyung why he had to stay away. It was his only choice not to hurt him.

Which he did anyway.

Jungkook knows his feet are taking him to Taehyung even if he doesn’t direct them to.

He stalks through the streets of Seoul, feeling as if he looks as rabid as he feels. He knows Yoongi won’t hurt Taehyung, he has to believe it.

There is no one on this Earth that Jungkook trusts more than Yoongi. But Yoongi is fiercely protective of him. Rules and morals don’t matter to him when it comes to protecting Jungkook.

It makes him feel bad that he’s so reckless, always causing Yoongi to have to. 

“You don’t think well when you’re pissed,” Hoseok had said. “And you don’t think well when it comes to Taehyung.”

Maybe he’s right. Jungkook is aware that Hoseok must be following after him but he’s thankful Hoseok gives him his space.

He thinks so at least, before a hard body slams into him, crushing him into the wall.

The streets are mostly empty but it still isn’t the place. The smell of wolf has Jungkook snarling and shoving Namjoon off of him.

“I know who you are,” Namjoon snaps, teeth bared. “I know you killed them.”

Jungkook braces himself. He really meant it when he said he doesn’t want to hurt Taehyung’s family but he’s fucking pissed. Red coats his vision and he knows he’s going to tear the wolf’s throat out if he can’t calm himself down.

He’s been worked up since this morning, knowing he had to make Taehyung forget him. It’s only grown worse since then and this really, really isn’t the time to deal with the Alpha.


“Kim Daesung and Yunhee,” Namjoon snaps. “I know you tore their throats out.”

The names only enrage Jungkook more, but he inhales deeply. The fact that Namjoon is so angered by this tells Jungkook one thing; the wolves are as guilty as Yoongi thinks they are.

 “I did. Snapped them right in half. Revenge never tasted so fucking good.”

Namjoon lunges but Jungkook dodges it. He’s much older than the wolf but Namjoon is quick on his feet and he’s spurred on by anger.

Anger makes even the weakest human strong.

“And?” Jungkook spits, taunting. Maybe hurting Namjoon would make Taehyung want to forget him enough that he stays away anyway. “Would you have? If you had to listen to their son scream in fear and pain? Or does that not matter to you?”

Jungkook truly feels like a predator as he circles around Namjoon, braced for another attack. He knows he can take the wolf but he doesn’t want to really. He needs Hoseok to hurry up and intervene.

“He had nightmares for weeks,” Namjoon growls, raw emotion filtering into his tone. They must have been close, maybe even family, for Namjoon to react like this. “Screaming in the night about monsters.”

Pain mixes in with anger. He knew he had scared the boy. It was one of the few times that he had felt the boy had been afraid of him and he fucking hated it.

But the boy didn’t think of him as a monster. He remembers so clearly the boy calling his father one instead. He would laugh when Jungkook called himself one. He remembers how strange it had been.

“You know him?” Jungkook huffs. He had looked for the boy before Yoongi forced him to stop. His tone is more surprised, desperate than angry.

Namjoon’s jaw locks, eyes narrowing. They’re glowing bright, brighter than the lights hanging above them.

“Of course I fucking know him,” Namjoon grits out. 

“Because your pack had something to do with it,” Jungkook accuses, hands snapping forward when Namjoon moves like he might lunge again. “Your mother worked with the Kims. I wonder what your mother would think about Daesung starving me and forcing me to bite his son.”

Namjoon falls still, growls rumbling from his throat. Jungkook has his attention.

“He wouldn’t go to bed, threw a tantrum,” Jungkook explains quickly, trying to buy his time until Hoseok catches up. He doesn’t actually. remember the details but he remembers it had been at night and the boy had been in trouble. He never slept when he was supposed to and some nights, he didn’t sleep at all. “And he forced him into my prison, after starving me for weeks, and ordered me to bite him. You should know, once enslaved, I have to do everything I’m ordered to do. Daesung knew that and he ordered me anyway.”

Namjoon lunges forward, shoving Jungkook back into the wall. Jungkook brings his forearms up as he feels the nails scrape at his throat. He’s stronger than anticipated, making Jungkook struggle and gasp in pain when those claws tear down his chest.

When he manages to shove him off, fear rattles inside of him for the first time in a while. Wolf venom is poisonous to vampires and Namjoon looks a second away from snapping into his neck.

“So yeah, I tore their fucking throats out and I would do it again to make sure they never fucking go near him again.”

Namjoon’s nostrils flare as he breathes heavily. “You’re lying.”

“I am not. That is the honest truth,” Jungkook hisses.

He leaves out the fact that he would have killed them either way. Even if they were the parents of the year, he would have killed them.

But not even being enslaved made him as angry as hearing them hurt their son had. 

Jungkook keeps himself against the wall. There is another wolf approaching, he can smell him. 

It’s Jimin.

Hoseok is nowhere around.

“He had these - these cards,” Jungkook goes on, buying time and hoping Namjoon won’t fight him in front of Jimin. He really doesn’t want to kill Taehyung’s brother, even if it’s effective in getting Taehyung away from him. 

He doesn’t want Taehyung to stay away from him and he feels like this is his second chance at it, even if it still isn’t a good idea. 

“They were important to him. His father trashed them when he freed me.”

“He did free you?” Namjoon grunts, his ears perk and Jungkook knows he’s heard the sound of Jimin’s approach.

He says it like he already knew this.  

“Yes,” Jungkook says, pulling from the wall. “So I freed him.”

Namjoon laughs at that, thick incisors poking out of his mouth. There’s hair sprouting on his neck and Jungkook knows he’s still pissed, so pissed that he might shift right here in the open streets of Seoul. 

“Freed him? Just to bind him again? What are your intentions with him! Convince me!”

Namjoon is loud the way he snarls his words, almost a roar. 

“Convince me you won’t hurt him.”

Confusion riddles Jungkook. He wants to ask who the boy is, why he’s so close to Namjoon’s heart. Why it brings such rage to him.

“I haven’t seen him in twenty years.”

Namjoon falls still, a few yards away. Jimin is so close that he’s going to come upon them at any moment. “Lying to me isn’t convincing me blood sucker.”

“I haven’t!” Jungkook grunts. He needs to get to Taehyung right now, he doesn’t have time for this. His chest is pounding and it makes him afraid because his heart doesn’t beat.

The only time he has felt it is when he feeds from Taehyung. 

Taehyung is afraid of something, Yoongi, and Jungkook needs to fucking go.

Namjoon laughs, bearing down on Jungkook.

Jungkook side sweeps him. His hopes that he won’t act in front of Jimin is gone. Namjoon is too gone to think right.

Jungkook takes off the ring, the one given to him from Tae Jong and tosses it at the wolf’s chest. It’s the only thing Jungkook has that makes him weak, vulnerable, honest.

“Does that convince you enough?”

Namjoon ignores the ring and it clatters to the ground. “Then why are you bothering Taehyung?”

“What?” Jungkook growls. The name brings the red back to his eyes and he’s losing it. “Does Taehyung have to do with it?”

A fist smashes into Jungkook’s chest and he braces himself for another. He tightens his fingers into fists, warning Namjoon with a growl.

He can’t hurt him. Taehyung won’t forgive him.

Distantly, Jungkook is aware of the shriek beneath their snarling. He snaps when a body shoves between Namjoon and him, his arms reaching out and smashing into Jimin’s side.

“Stop! Stop!” Jimin screams, forcing himself between them despite the pained noise he lets out from the blow.

Jungkook spits, trying to calm and not tear Jimin aside again. He’s just as important to Taehyung.

A fearful sob rushes past Jimin’s lips as he sags into Jungkook’s chest, his arms stretched out to keep Namjoon back.

The glowing eyes immediately disappear and are replaced with a look Jungkook would only call regret as Namjoon registers Jimin in front of him.

“Joon,” Jimin breathes, the fear radiating from him worse than his body trembles. 

“Chim,” Namjoon says, the name sounding like a curse as he twists around aggressively and plants a hand to his face. 

Jimin is tentative in the way he steps forward, arms still stretched out. “What? What are you? What is happening here?”

Jimin flips around, eyes boring into Jungkook. He looks terrified as he takes in Jungkook’s face.

“I said what the fuck is going on!” Jimin hollers despite his fear.

Jungkook ignores him, cussing quietly as he grabs the ring from the ground. He can’t sit around any longer, the pounding in his chest is ten times worse.

The feeling in his gut is terrible. Yoongi wouldn’t hurt Taehyung, he has to believe it.

“Taehyung has everything to do with it,” Namjoon says, exhausted sounding as Jimin grabs for him. “Taehyung is the kid. Daesung’s son.”

The words float through Jungkook’s ears but he doesn’t register them. Not at first.

“What are you talking about?” Jimin asks desperately, reaching up to take Namjoon’s face into his hands. 

Despite how afraid he had been, he’s so tender in the way he touches Namjoon even though Namjoon looks pained by it.

“You’re lying,” Jungkook says but the truth sits with him.

Taehyung’s parents were murdered when he was eight, twenty years ago. He met a vampire whose eyes were red and he wasn’t afraid just like he isn’t afraid of Jungkook.

Namjoon hyung is here. He’s eleven so he’s babysitting me.

“I’m not,” Namjoon says. “And if you hurt him, I will kill you. Even if I end up dead myself.”

Jungkook whips around, storming off in the opposite direction of Taehyung’s apartment and praying his feet don’t take him there.

He’s angry Hoseok taught him to breathe again because he feels like he’s suffocating.

All those years ago, Jungkook swore he wouldn’t forget the boy’s face. He’d find him and keep him away from the wolves. Make sure he remains safe because his need to felt primal, instinct like eating is. 

But Jungkook doesn’t remember it. Even as he tries to picture Taehyung as a child, he doesn’t remember it.

The room is a mess around him but he doesn’t care, tearing the furniture to the side to rid the rage and frustration inside of him.

He sinks to the ground with the stupid Pikachu in his hands. The only thing safe in his torn up room. Even though he assumed the boy wouldn’t be in his family home, he had gone back there. It had been empty, abandoned. The posters still on the wall, the broken binder of cards still on the ground.

“What the hell happened?”

Seokjin’s voice is one of alarm as he rushes into Jungkook’s bedroom. His expression is too. He breathes heavily as he grabs onto the door frame in support, glaring questioningly down at Jungkook. 

“I killed Taehyung’s parents.”

Seokjin falters and rubs his hands down his face. It’s silent for a moment before he breathes out, “I know.”

Jungkook tenses when Seokjin sits beside him and lets him take the statue from him. He’s fucking exhausted and hungry and desperate to be alone.

“Two vampires went missing in this area about a year ago now,” Seokjin explains. “That’s why we came here. The true reason. Yoongi was going to keep us out of it but he owes the Clan a favor. Agreed to look into it. He didn’t want you to think he was risking your safety for no reason.”

Jungkook leans his head back so it rests on his mattress. He can still smell Taehyung on his skin.

“Yoongi had a feeling your Taehyung was the same Taehyung you risked your neck to go back to.”

“How come I don’t remember his name then?”

Seokjin sighs, rubbing over Pikachu’s ears distractedly. “Yoongi compelled you to forget so you would stop putting yourself in danger.”

Jungkook grits his teeth. Yoongi vowed to him never to use his compulsion on any of them. Not many vampires can compel other vampires, but Yoongi isn’t like any other vampire.

He made a vow to Jungkook and fucking broke it. 

“And he thought it would be a great idea to bring me here?”

“You insisted,” Seokjin reminds him. “He was going to send you up to the mountains, remember?”

Jungkook flies to his feet. He feels caged in and aggravated. “He’s with Taehyung right now.”

“I know that too,” Seokjin hums. “Like you know he isn’t going to hurt him.”

Restlessly, Jungkook fiddles with the old bracelet. He tugs it off, dumping it onto his dresser because it feels like it’s burning his skin.

He wants to remember the little boy’s face as well as he remembers the way his hands looked when he excitedly presented the bracelet to Jungkook.

They were small, much smaller than the handprint that had been on his cheek the night Jungkook had killed the ones who put that mark on him.

It’s like his face is blurred in his memory and Jungkook is annoyed he didn’t realize he had been compelled.

“I don’t want to know if Taehyung remembers.”

From their conversation, he doesn’t think Taehyung is angry his parents are dead. But that doesn’t mean anything.

“If he doesn’t, he probably has been told. Joonie wasn’t pleased about you two taking off. He was waiting for Taehyung at his apartment the last I checked and he was desperate to keep you two apart.”

Jungkook lets out a shaky breath. None of his compulsion worked if Yoongi and Hoseok were correct. 

He’s probably already told Namjoon, hence why the wolf was so angry. Jungkook isn't angry either. 

If Taehyung had told him something like that about his family, he wouldn’t hesitate to tell Yoongi.

Forbidden and difficult, just like being with Tae Jong. Back then it was class; a low commoner in bed with the son of a yangban .

Now, a hungry vampire in love with a member of the vampire hating wolf pack.

Jungkook almost laughs. If there is a God, he's definitely evil. 

“We need to call hyung,” Jungkook breathes.

“He called me,” Seokjin tells him. “To check on you. He’s with Taehyung and Hoseok now. Was expecting you to show up.”

“How can I face him?”

Seokjin wipes his hands on his pants as he stands. “Easily. You walk in there and turn your body towards him.”

Jungkook snorts. Easier said than done. He’s old enough to have learned that by now.

But as Seokjin hands him back the statue, he finds an ounce of confidence. Enough to at least get to Taehyung’s apartment. 

Whatever happens after that well, he’ll deal with it when the time comes.

The moment Jungkook faces Taehyung’s front door, he decides it’s a bad idea.

Seokjin plants a hand to his back, shoving him forward. He isn’t as strong as Jungkook but it’s enough to make him swallow and step forward.

He can hear the erratic pulse of Taehyung’s heart and he follows it. He’s quiet, listening for any other sounds of movement.

“Anyone here?” Seokjin yells, making Jungkook jump.

He elbows Seokjin in the side in retaliation but a moment later, Hoseok is appearing before them. He’s smiling, teeth and eyes dazzling.

“Your boy is in his room,” Hoseok says immediately. His nose wrinkles, eyes narrowing. “Is that blood?”

Jungkook glances down, his shirt torn and the material damp and his nails crusted red. The blood has dried, sticking to his skin, which is broken. The cuts aren’t deep, but enough to make Hoseok look concerned.

He feels fine, adrenaline still rushing through him that the pain is just a dull throb. Wounds from wolves take longer to heal, weaken the vampire and make them feel human. 

Hoseok hums, fingers trailing over the smooth skin. “Claw marks. Uh oh, did you get in trouble with a wolf my dear Jungkookie?”

Jungkook grunts, side stepping Hoseok. He has only one thing on his mind now that he’s the only one he smells, feels.

The nerves are little compared to the overwhelming need to be near Taehyung, even if he is nervous to be so close to him. He finds him easily, watching him through his cracked door where he sits on the edge of his bed.

Jungkook hesitates for only a second before he knocks on the door.

He’s expecting anger, maybe fear. Taehyung had been afraid of him when he killed his parents.

What he isn’t expecting is the way Taehyung flings whatever is in his hands to the ground and flies across the room to capture Jungkook into his arms. 

“Are you okay?” Taehyung breathes, holding him tightly. He pulls back a second later, eyes alarmed and apologetic as he glances down at Jungkook’s chest.

“It doesn’t hurt,” Jungkook assures, closing his hands around the one Taehyung moves to touch his wounds. He brings it up to his lips and kisses it. “Wolf wounds heal slower.”

Taehyung makes a face. “Namjoon? What did he do?”

“Nothing I couldn’t handle,” Jungkook lies. He won’t admit how hard it was for him not to snap, to not hurt the man that raised Taehyung.

He won’t admit that he was afraid. Not afraid of Namjoon getting the upper hand on him but afraid of what he would have done to get Namjoon off of him.

“Looks like my hyung hates you just as much as yours hates me.”

There is a growl threatening to leave Jungkook’s lips when he spots the red, welted skin of Taehyung’s wrist. But it’s cut short when Taehyung leans in and kisses him.

“He thought I was going to harm you,” Taehyung breathes, hands rubbing over Jungkook’s neck. He digs into his pocket before pulling out a torn bracelet.

If anything confirms who Taehyung is, it’s the sight of the friendship bracelet he made them twenty years ago. This one is smaller, the strawberries still intact on the beads.

Jungkook takes it carefully. “Taehyung -”

“I knew,” Taehyung tells him as he steps back. “From that first night, I remembered you.”

Jungkook fiddles with the broken bracelet, finding comfort in it. It doesn’t make his throat feel any less thick. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Taehyung laughs but it sounds distressed. “You told me you freed me because I freed you. Debt paid. If I told you who I was, what if you seek more revenge?”

The laugh Jungkook lets out is actually amused. “I would tear my own throat out before I ever hurt you.”

There is a look in Taehyung’s eyes that Jungkook can’t read but it makes him feel warm, heavy. It makes the emotions burrowing into his chest threatening to release.

“I know,” Taehyung whispers. “I know.”

When Taehyung kisses him a second time it’s softer. Gentle fingers threading through his hair and lips caressing over his own. Taehyung’s breath warm and ghosting over Jungkook’s tongue until he feels his own heart except it and grow in his chest.

Taehyung doesn’t pull away until Jungkook has calmed and Jungkook wonders if Taehyung can feel him the way Jungkook can feel Taehyung.

“We should talk more,” Taehyung murmurs, pressing their foreheads together as he continues to play with the strands of hair at Jungkook’s nape. It’s silent for a moment before Taehyung’s breath hitches and a need to protect runs so deep inside of Jungkook it’s hard not to grab Taehyung into his arms and run off.

He does the first, arms snaking around Taehyung until their chests are plastered together and he ignores the pain on his own. He buries his face into Taehyung’s neck as Taehyung’s arms squeeze around his.

He listens to the erratic beat of Taehyung’s heart and the way his lungs catch on short breaths. It isn’t fear necessarily radiating off oh him and there are no tears, but Jungkook holds onto him anyway.

“I felt it when you were scared,” Jungkook admits quietly. “And I didn’t come to you.”

“You did,” Taehyung rasps, tightening his arms around him even more. 

“I would have hurt him,” Jungkook says. “If he kept pushing, I wanted to.”

Taehyung pulls back but there isn’t anger in his eyes. “You wouldn’t have.”

“I would -”

Taehyung tugs his hair to keep him quiet. “We need to get everyone together.”

“Good idea.”

Jungkook jumps at the sudden sound of Hoseok. He is never this unaware of his surroundings, never taken off guard.

It’s been this way lately and it aggravates him, irritates him to the core. He’s never felt so weak, human before. But Taehyung makes him feel that way.

“Let me get my energy up,” Hoseok sighs as he walks into the room. “I’ll need a lot of it to keep those two hot tempered alphas away from each other enough to have a conversation. So protective yet idiotic about it.”

Taehyung cocks his head in concern, fingers rubbing over the tattoos on Jungkook’s neck. 

“In the morning,” he says softly. “I think Jungkook and I should talk first.”

His hands move away to be replaced by Hoseok’s. There’s a familiar tingle on his skin before he feels his shoulders relax and the on edge feeling he has summer out. 

“Let me check those wounds first,” Hoseok compromises.

An hour later and much convincing Yoongi to leave, Taehyung and Jungkook are alone.

For some reason, it makes Jungkook nervous.

“Here,” Taehyung says as he plops himself into Jungkook’s lap and gently traces around the ointment Hoseok had put on his chest. 

“Hm?” Jungkook asks in question, eyebrow cocking as Taehyung doesn’t elaborate on what he’s presenting.

A sly smile takes over Taehyung’s lips as he grabs Jungkook’s hands and circles them around his back. He tilts his head to the side, eyes fluttering.

It takes Jungkook a moment before the realization hits him and he ducks forward.

Jungkook doesn’t know much at all about this soulmate thing but he finds he might believe it as his body soars in a way it hasn’t before. He takes only a little, kissing Taehyung’s neck afterwards to soothe the indentation of teeth away.

“This soulmate thing,” Taehyung starts, rubbing Jungkook’s shoulders when he tenses. “What does it mean?”

“I don’t know,” Jungkook tells him. He picks Taehyung up then, carrying him to the couch. “You’re the Magic Lore expert. You probably have more information than me.”

It’s quiet as they adjust themselves on the couch, Jungkook lying on his back with Taehyung tucked into his side and propping an elbow onto his chest. 

“Hoseok said you’re having a hard time feeding because of it,” Taehyung says quietly.

Jungkook is annoyed they talked to him before Jungkook had the chance to. It could have scared Taehyung off.

Even though at the time, Jungkook had been trying to push him away.

“I have had a hard time feeding from anyone but you.”

Jungkook doesn’t understand the amusement in Taehyung’s eyes or why he smiles. “That makes me surprisingly pleased.”

Jungkook grunts as he reaches over and tucks Taehyung’s hair behind his ear. “I wouldn’t have taken you as the possessive type.”

“I’m not,” Taehyung denies with a pout. “But a lot of times when you feed it turns sexual and I - well, you didn’t let me get to tell you earlier but I feel a connection to you too. The same as you said.”

Jungkook’s dead heart swells. “Maybe that’s what that means. The connection.”

Taehyung shakes his head as he crawls further up Jungkook’s chest. “That makes it sound like it’s not our choice. If it’s true but - I think even if there is nothing supernatural about it. I would still choose you.”

Jungkook breathes out, cupping Taehyung’s cheek and dragging it back down to his chest. He doesn’t know what to say and he feels too much to figure it out.

“Me too,” Jungkook whispers and hopes that’s enough.


After Jungkook falls asleep, Taehyung pulls away. Carefully extracting himself from Jungkook’s body to tiptoe into the guest room that he’s made into a study. Or half study, as there is still a cot for people if they stay over.

There are filing cabinets filled with Taehyung’s research and he pulls one drawer open, yanking out everything he has on soulmates.

He doesn’t sleep. His mind is too busy.

As much as he’s read, he’s always found it difficult to imagine the feelings described. Maybe because he’s never even been in love.

Everything he has is myth and legend, stories passed down. He worries when he reads about it, how hard it is for vampires to feed once they’ve fed from their soulmate. 

Hoseok had said it’s the bond the vampire craves, not the blood.

But there’s nothing about humans and soulmates, only humans who have fallen in love with supernatural creatures and became them to be with their lover.

Taehyung doesn’t know what to make of it and Yoongi, Hoseok, and Jungkook had all been clear that they don’t fully know either.

It’s maddening. Taehyung wants to know the details, to understand, to know how to help Jungkook.

He’s seen him become frustrated because he can’t stay away.

Taehyung doesn’t close his notes until he hears Jungkook sleepily calling for him. It’s still early and Taehyung feels heavy with exhaustion, feet dragging over the ground.

A moment beside Jungkook and his frustrations feel dulled enough that his head doesn’t hurt because of it. 

Maybe that’s what soulmates are like.

“You didn’t sleep,” Jungkook mumbles, caging Taehyung’s face between his hands. He looks worn out and the wounds on his chest still aren’t fully healed. 

He’s watched the marks he’s left behind on Jungkook’s skin disappear in an hour, yet it’s been hours and the ripped open skin on his chest is still exactly the same.

“I did, woke up early,” Taehyung lies before Jungkook presses a kiss to his forehead. “Are you hungry?”

Jungkook shakes his head and wraps his arms around him. 

Taehyung is careful that his shirt won’t brush against Jungkook’s broken skin. He hates the sight of it, hates that Namjoon did that to him even if he understands why.

“Wolf venom is poisonous to you? I read that.”

Jungkook sighs, pulling away. “Your leader didn’t bite me.”

Namjoon being called a leader is strange. Taehyung doesn’t see him that way, even if he’s always taken the role of caregiver. It’s still a lot to get used to.

“Plus, Hoseokie put a salve on it. I’m fine,” Jungkook promises. “Are you?”

Carefully, Jungkook traces his finger in the bite mark on Taehyung’s neck that still hasn’t fully healed from their night together just the day before.

It feels like a lifetime ago with everything that has happened since. 

Taehyung nods. “Babe, can I ask you something?”

Jungkook smiles sleepily at the pet name. “Yes. If I can answer, I will.”

“How do vampires mate?”

It’s immediate, the way Jungkook tenses. He wracks a hand through his messy hair, which is starting to curl as it grows out.

“Because,” Taehyung says quickly, suddenly nervous, “well, there’s a lot of theories and I was just wondering.”

“Is that what you were doing awake?” Jungkook asks as he turns and pads off, headed into the kitchen.

Taehyung prays he hasn’t upset him. “Yes.”

Jungkook is quiet as he makes work of the coffee pot, filling the reservoir with water and taking his time in precisely measuring the ground coffee. 

“I am just curious,” Taehyung says to fill the silence. “Sucks being a researcher who can only ever know theories not facts.”

Jungkook plants Taehyung’s mug beneath the machine and turns to him. He steadies his eyes for a moment before his hands turn out like he wants Taehyung to come close.

Taehyung moves without question.

“Blood exchange,” Jungkook finally explains. “You feed from another while you bond together. It’s like the way wolves do but it requires feeding while wolves’ mating requires sex. Warlocks rely on magic, bonding their bodies.”

Taehyung squeezes Jungkook’s fingers, trying not to wrinkle his nose. “I am never asking Namjoon about that.”

His joke lightens the mood enough that Jungkook smiles. “Different species can’t mate with each other. Not the way two of the same kind can. The bond strengthens you, your connection to your partner.”

Taehyung nods. The only sound is the coffee streaming into the mug and Taehyung’s own breathing.

“Yoongi and Hoseok have always wanted to.”

“And you?”

Jungkook shakes his head. “No. The only person I’ve ever felt strongly enough about is human. It never crossed my mind.”

He turns them even though the coffee pot has yet to beep that it is finished. Taehyung hesitates, hands hovering over Jungkook’s tense shoulders and lips parting to speak but he doesn’t know what to say.

“Hoseok says we - you are starving because we aren’t mated.”

The tension in Jungkook’s shoulders grow. “And we won’t be. But that’s something to figure out later. Hyungs are here now.”

Jungkook turns again, eyebrows stitched together and his lips tugged down into a frown.

“And Namjoon isn’t the only wolf with them.”

Nerves fill Taehyung. He had expected to spend the day convincing Namjoon to speak to Jungkook’s Clan, to beg him just for a peaceful conversation. He isn’t prepared for this.

Jungkook is hot on his heels as he goes to open the door. He finds a very pissed off looking Yoongi, which isn’t surprising. But it is surprising to see how enraged Hoseok and Seokjin look as well.

Behind them is Namjoon, looking pale and haggard. He doesn’t look hurt at all, like he never was in the same fight that left Jungkook’s chest torn open.

Beside him, Hyunmi. She stands elegantly, shoulders back and hands clasped in front of her. It’s a new look for her. He’s used to her dressed plainly, t-shirt and slacks. But now she wears a suit, fitted to her body. Hair done up and not sticking out around her ears like usual. 

“Taehyung-ah,” Hyunmi greets warmly but her eyes are cold when she looks over his shoulder at Jungkook.

Yoongi moves first, stepping over the threshold and in front of Taehyung almost like a shield. Hoseok second, the air glimmering around them and something icy slides over Taehyung’s chest. 

Jungkook’s hands touch Taehyung’s back and he grows tense when Jungkook growls.

“I’m so sorry about this,” Hyunmi says, stepping closer. 

A second later the hallway is filling with the rumble of footsteps.

“What’s this about?” Yoongi asks, his tone just as icy as Hyunmi’s gaze.

Taehyung swears shame fills Namjoon’s eyes but his jaw tenses and he hangs his head.

“There is a reason vampires like you aren’t welcome in Seoul, Mr. Min,” Hyunmi starts. “The law is very clear on what happens to those who bring violence to the city.”

Taehyung looks to Namjoon, questioning, but Namjoon won’t look at him. 

“None of us have,” Yoongi answers and it’s then that Taehyung realizes he isn’t standing protectively because of him, but because of Jungkook.

The realization comes crashing down around Taehyung and his eyes are no longer questioning when they look to Namjoon but accusing.

“One of your Clan attacked my son last night,” Hyunmi declares and the hallway is slowly filling with more faces Taehyung recognizes. People from home, that he grew up with. He sees Jaebeom, standing tall beside Jackson. 

He wonders if all of them are wolves.

“Bullshit,” Jungkook grunts, moving as if he may walk around Taehyung but Taehyung steps in his way.

Hyunmi no longer looks at him warmly.

Taehyung doesn't like standing opposite of Namjoon like this. It tears him up inside but he doesn’t move. Even if he feels pulled to both sides, he remains still. 

“That’s a statement of war,” Yoongi grits out. “One we did not make.”

“The Counsel will decide,” Hyunmi says, taking a step forward and a purple screen flickers up so fast it makes Taehyung’s eyes water from the brightness of it. It’s the same screen Hoseok had used to keep Yoongi away from him. “It’s been reported. They’re on their way. As us wolves have ruling over Seoul, Mr. Jeon must come with us until he’s prosecuted.”

Jungkook growls low, body pushing into Taehyung’s but he doesn’t move closer. “Your son attacked me. Will he be imprisoned as well?”

Namjoon’s head snaps up at that and he doesn’t look angry, his eyes wide.

It’s the truth, Taehyung can see it in his eyes.

Taehyung can’t bring himself to say anything. He doesn’t know enough, he doesn’t know what will happen to Namjoon.

He doesn’t know what this means for Jungkook but dread is so heavy on his shoulders he feels himself sinking into the ground.

“I would tread lightly, Mr. Jeon. This is not the only crime your Clan could be charged for. I could tell the Counsel how you’ve taken one of our pups, tore open his neck.”

Taehyung steps back into Jungkook when Hyunmi’s gaze shifts over his neck and then to Yoongi.

“I could tell the Counsel about you. Warlock and vampire. I’m sure they would love to stop that. Too much power you have, Mr. Min.”

Jungkook trembles with anger as he maneuvers Taehyung aside, easily slipping from Taehyung’s hands when he tries to grab for him. 

“Put the wall down, Seokie.”

Hoseok’s face is hard as he ignores Jungkook and keeps the wall up. Taehyung thinks about the face Jungkook had made when he told him about Yoongi and his fight, about Yoongi needing him to pose as his mate. 

How protective and upset he looked when he explained his confusion as to why Hoseok and Yoongi couldn’t be together.

“You can’t prove anything you claim to be true,” Hoseok says. “Tell the Counsel. I literally don’t give a fuck.”

Hyunmi looks delighted by that and Taehyung grabs Jungkook’s elbow. He looks a second away from dodging through the barrier between them.

“I can smell you all over Jimin. I’m sure he’d speak for a little truth of who he is.”

Disgust riddles through Taehyung and he sees it in Namjoon. Part of Taehyung prays he has nothing to do with this but he can’t be sure.

He knows though, in his heart, Namjoon would never use Jimin like that. Even if he’s wrong about not telling him, he wouldn’t hold it over Jimin’s head. He wouldn’t bribe him with it. 

“You’re a wicked bitch,” Seokjin huffs. “Foul.”

Hyunmi is unaffected, not even glancing Seokjin’s way. 

“Eomma,” Namjoon starts, finally speaking, and his voice is raspy. Hyunmi holds up a finger to quiet with us.

“Best come with us, Mr. Jeon. And peacefully. All of my boys here would be fine putting you down.”

Taehyung puts all of his strength into holding onto Jungkook’s arm but Jungkook is gentle in the way he pries his fingers off so effortlessly.

He touches over the back of Taehyung’s hands, turning his back to the wolves before he tugs his rings off.

Delicately, he places them into Taehyung’s palm. 

“It’s fine, I’ll go. They can’t charge me for something I didn’t do,” Jungkook says under his breath. “Yoongi won’t let them. We want peace.”

He says this louder, for all to hear.

“I’ll show you we only want peace.”

Hoseok takes convincing to pull the screen down and only does so when Jungkook jerks forward like he’s going to try and step through it.

“You’re being an idiot,” Yoongi grunts and panic washes over Taehyung as the wolves in the hallway move around Jungkook.

He pushes through them, uncaring if they touch him to curl his hand around Jungkook’s.

“Peace,” Hyunmi laughs as someone else grabs Jungkook’s other arm and Taehyung holds onto the one he has so tightly his own arms shake because of it. “Oh, how hopeful of you. There will never be peace. Grab him.”

There isn’t peace. Jungkook doesn’t go without a fight, not after Jackson grabs Taehyung’s arm to pull him away, not hurting him but enough to pull out an overwhelmed gasp from his chest, and Jungkook snaps.

It’s terrifying the noises, the shouting, the snarling. It’s a blur of moving bodies. Hyunmi standing calm amongst them all.

Jungkook is the scariest of all, moving towards Jackson like he might kill him right in the hallway before the people around Hyunmi swarm him.

“Get off me,” Taehyung snaps, shoving Jackson so hard he stumbles with it. 

The sound Jungkook lets out when Taehyung falls breaks his chest so badly he’s sure he could die from it.

Hoseok breaks it up, a blast shooting through the hallway that has bodies separating, some hitting back against the apartment walls. He bars Yoongi back into the apartment, eyes wild and teeth out as Jungkook is dragged away.

Taehyung flings his hands out when Namjoon reaches for him, anger fueling inside of him. He doesn’t move even as the hall empties out.

“You have to come with me,” Namjoon whispers.

Taehyung shakes his head, eyes welling up in his tears. He shoves a hand out, forcing Namjoon away.

“Nothing will happen to him,” Namjoon promises.

“You lied!” Taehyung grits out. “You didn’t see his face when he told me he wanted to kill you. How bad he felt! And you’re unharmed. Yet his chest is torn open!”

Namjoon pales, a desperate look on his face and Hoseok lets Yoongi go to step in front of Taehyung when Namjoon ignores his gestures to keep back. 

One of his neighbors sticks his head out, alarm on his face but he looks over them like he can’t see a thing before closing his door. It’s quiet for a moment, the tension heavy in the air only growing.

“You have to listen to me for a second,” Namjoon says, pleads. “I didn’t tell her about what happened.”

“You didn’t correct her,” Yoongi interrupts but Namjoon doesn't acknowledge him. He doesn’t look at him, eyes stuck on Taehyung. 

“He’s right,” Taehyung says, sounding just as pleading because he wants to understand.

Just the night before, Namjoon acknowledged that Taehyung had gotten close to Jungkook. 

“I found something out,” Namjoon says. “And unless you want to be held down there Yoon - Yoongi, Jungkook is the only way in.”

It sounds like it pains Namjoon to call Yoongi by his name. Yoongi doesn’t seem to like it either, lips curling over his pointed teeth. 

None of this is helping. This is Namjoon, his hyung, the man that raised him. He can see the desperation in his eyes and Taehyung knows it’s real.

Maybe it’s all over Taehyung’s head and he’s being naive, but he knows Namjoon wouldn’t use Jimin’s truth over him, he wouldn’t hurt Taehyung on purpose.

“It is just as unlawful to betray your pack,” Namjoon goes on. “But you’re mine. You and Jimin, more than anyone else. So please, trust me for a second. Even if it was unlawful, I would break every bone in my body before I hurt you.”

Yoongi throws an arm out when Taehyung steps closer but he moves it. He doesn’t know when Yoongi’s turned from threatening to him to protecting him when it’s unneeded. But he’ll explore it later.

If there’s anything Taehyung is one hundred percent about, it’s that Namjoon isn’t a threat to him.

“You break every bone in your body to shift,” Yoongi grunts. “Not convincing.”

Namjoon’s nostrils flare, lips parting but Taehyung interrupts them.

He doesn’t need another fight.


Namjoon breathes out in relief, furiously wrecking his fingers through his hair until it sticks up around his head. “Eomma expects me and Taehyung to follow her right now. I have to be brief. She thought it would take some convincing to get him out, so I only have a short period before I have to meet them.”

Anticipation makes Taehyung tense as Namjoon glances up and down the hallway. It feels like forever before he finally speaks and Taehyung feels a furiousness inside of his chest that doesn’t feel like his own.

Like it’s coming from somewhere else.

“There are other vampires,” Namjoon finally says. “Being held at the village. Trapped.”

Yoongi is a blur as he moves forward, pinning Namjoon to the wall. Namjoon’s eyes glow but he doesn’t make a move to push Yoongi off.

“You’ll explain or you don’t leave at all.”

Chapter Text

Namjoon calls Hyunmi, tells her that Taehyung is upset and they need to go on a walk. That it should be him that explains all of this wolf stuff , as he calls it.

It’s a good enough coverup but Hyunmi hadn’t sounded happy about it either way.

“There’s an old cellar beneath this place we’ve always called the elder home. Hyunmi moved in there when I became of age. It used to be used for wolves who couldn’t control their shifts. I’m talking long ago. It’s never used anymore. Those rogue, wild wolves now are extinct.”

Namjoon paces as he speaks, hands moving in front of himself like he does when he’s anxious. This is the Namjoon Taehyung knows. Talkative, anxious, falling into tangents when he’s flustered. He avoids eye contact for the most part, but Taehyung doesn’t miss the way he keeps looking to Seokjin and he doesn’t miss the soft looks Seokjin sends him in return.

Yoongi doesn’t miss them either, eyes narrowing onto Seokjin every time it happens but Seokjin doesn’t seem to notice, his own focused on Namjoon.

There is a lot of eye conversation going on, none of which involves Taehyung. Hoseok and Yoongi share glances too, the way Hoseok’s eyebrows arch up in a barely noticeable way and his face unreadable but Yoongi nods as their eyes connect makes Taehyung feel like they are communicating mentally.

At this point, Taehyung wouldn’t be surprised if they could. 

“The house is creepy,” Taehyung adds. “No one goes there much. Not just because it’s old but because people have died there. They say it’s haunted.”

“Right,” Namjoon breathes, pointing to him. “I’ve always thought that too. Lots of stories about whisperings and weird noises. The smell of blood.”

Taehyung had always been fascinated by it, but the one supernatural thing he is wary of us is ghosts. You can’t see them, they aren’t spurred on by survival instincts but rage, despair. He’s never had a reason to enter into Hyunmi’s new home and the stories he learned as a kid kept him from wanting to.

“But I got called there. Hyunmi heard about the fight, I swear I don’t know how. I didn’t even mean to attack him I just - after my conversation with you, Tae, I thought Jungkook was manipulating you. I had overheard Eomma tell one of the other elders your parents were killed by a vampire when I was younger. I thought of your nightmares, screaming about monsters.”

Taehyung doesn’t remember the nightmares but his heart hurts that on top of everything Namjoon had to deal with in taking care of him, he had to deal with that too.

“And when you told me what Jungkook said to you, I thought he was manipulating you. I caught his scent and rage just, I don’t know, consumed me.”

Yoongi snorts where he leans against the kitchen counter, an impatient look on his face. 

“I’m still working on it,” Namjoon grunts with the same irritated look Yoongi throws his way. 

“Good luck,” Hoseok sighs, swirling his fingers in the air and Taehyung feels a calm settling over him. “Yoongi here has been trying to control his anger when it comes to protecting Jungkook for half a century now. He’ll never admit it, but that’s his baby.”

Namjoon’s shoulders visibly relax as does Yoongi’s, affected by whatever Hoseok’s done to the air, but they both still glare at each other. 

“Not the point,” Yoongi drags out. 

“It is ,” Hoseok insists, fitting his hand beneath his chin. “Kookie would hate this, but he’s like our Clan’s pup, as Taehyung is yours. There’s not going to be peace here until you two accept that you act like fools trying to protect them. I find you two would relate to each other quite well.”

Both Yoongi and Namjoon make a disgusted face at that and despite the tension, the anxiety in the air, the corners of Taehyung’s lips quirk up.

“Continue,” Yoongi finally says, waving a dismissive hand at Namjoon. “I thought you had to leave.”

Hoseok is right. Yoongi seemed convincing when telling Taehyung that he would do anything for peace, even leave Hyunmi unharmed if she proved to be guilty. But even then, he snapped the moment he thought Taehyung had Jungkook enslaved to him.

Growing up, the only time Namjoon has really lost his cool around them is when he was worried about them. 

“Anyway,” Namjoon sighs. “I went there to talk to Eomma about it. I could hear talking from below. Murmurings.”

“Alpha senses,” Seokjin says and he almost seems pleased. 

Taehyung kicks him under the table. Seokjin ignores it.

“It was faint but someone was listing off names. I definitely heard Soonyoung and uh, maybe Jeonghan. But they sounded like, whoever it was weak. It was creepy, exactly like the stories say.

“I waited for Eomma to dismiss me and I went into the woods. The cellar door is there, buried beneath bushes and whatever. It is big, stretches beneath quite a bit of the yard and a few houses.”

Yoongi grunts when he pushes up from the counter. Taehyung understands he’s restless, wanting to move to get Jungkook, but this is how Namjoon gets his thoughts out. Especially when he’s nervous and right now he looks like he’s going to be consumed by nerves.

“Get on with it. I’m getting old here.”

Hoseok looks alarmed, body straightening. “First off, you’re already old baby. Second, you said Soonyoung and Jeonghan? Are you positive?”

Namjoon ignores the both of them, looking to Taehyung now. Definitely nervous, like nothing else can enter his mind other than what’s already consuming it. “I could smell them Tae. Vampires. I don’t know how many but the door was padlocked. The bushes made out of nightshade. It weakens a vampire, you see. As does moonstone. Those wouldn’t keep a werewolf out and vampires don’t step into our village to keep them out either.”

Worry fills Taehyung, anger mixing in with it.

His childhood home isn’t that far from the elder’s house. He grew up close to there. He’s played in those woods, stumbled upon that very door. They used to make each other touch it, giggling around and double daring each other like kids do to brush their fingers over the old wood.

“What does this have to do with Jungkook?”

“That’s where they’ll take him,” Namjoon explains. “I overheard Eomma telling Jaebeom-ssi. It’s the only place that’s strong enough to hold him. It’s set up that way if what I saw is any indication.”

Yoongi cusses as he stands, pacing the way Namjoon just had been doing. He holds his hands out a few times, fingers pointed like he’s about to say something but doesn’t. Taehyung is a mess of confusion, thoughts racing as he tries to make sense of what Namjoon is telling him.

But his heart hurts and his chest is filled with worry for Jungkook and he just - he doesn’t know, he needs to be beside him.

“What is your plan here? Why are you telling us this?” Yoongi finally says, planting a hand to his hip as he stares Namjoon down, fingers now pointed at him. “What the hell could we possibly do with Jungkook locked down there? Do you have the key? Hoseok can’t just magic Jungkook out of there, it will make him look guilty.”

“No, I don’t have a key,” Namjoon says, glancing nervously at Taehyung. “I’m trying to figure that out. But I need someone other than me to see what’s down there. I can’t betray my pack, it’s illegal.”

Yoongi scoffs at that, twirling around with a look on his face like he’s truly dumbfounded. “So you can risk one of mine? Because you can’t go against Mommy?”

Namjoon’s top lip curls, fingers tightening into fists but he shoves them beneath his armpits as he crosses his arms. “Loyalty is what we pride ourselves on. It’s sacred to us.”

Another look of disbelief and Yoongi even laughs, pure amusement on his face. “Yeah, it is to me too. But I’m sitting here listening to this howling bullshit -”

“Hey,” Seokjin interrupts, standing up from his chair. “This isn’t helping and I doubt any of us want to drag this out any longer. We need to get Jungkook out of there as fast as we can. If any of you have forgotten, he’s wounded.”

Taehyung slumps in his chair, seeing the guilt cross Namjoon’s face. Worry is filling him, quickly filling him to the brim and causing a tightness in his throat that he can’t afford to have right now.

“I think,” Hoseok adds as he stands too, gracefully sauntering around the table, “Namjoon is right; he has a pack to lead, he can’t show disloyalty.”

Yoongi parts his lips defensively at that, but Hoseok holds up a finger and smushes it to his lips.

“But, you’re also forgetting one thing; Park Jimin.”

Taehyung frowns at that and Hoseok does as well as he looks around and no one seems to understand. Hoseok sighs, tapping his knuckles to his forehead. 

“Park Jimin, grandson of Park Jungho, of the Busan Parks.” Hoseok holds out his hands, but still, nothing. “The oldest pack to exist. Dating all the way back to when all land connected. The Original Pack.”

Yoongi’s brows lift at that but Namjoon’s stay furrowed.

Taehyung hasn’t traced werewolves that far. The farthest he’s gotten is a few hundred years, but even those seem more mythical legends than anything. He can’t quite tell if the story tells are talking about a regular coyote or an actual werewolf either.

“I’m not following,” Namjoon says, his stance still defensive. “Or, I’m not understanding how that can help us.”

“Jimin doesn’t know any of it,” Hoseok finally says, crossing his arms over his chest. There are tassels hanging from the sleeves of his jackets that swing as he moves. “Jimin doesn’t know he’s one of the last members of the Original Pack.”

Taehyung watches as Yoongi starts to pace again, as Namjoon grows more defensive. Seokjin cups a hand to his neck but it doesn’t release the tension in Namjoon’s jaw.

“I’m not following,” Namjoon finally says, annoyed sounding now.

“He’s not a part of your pack,” Hoseok finally says. “He’s one of the last of the Original Pack. If anyone can bring up the Seoul Kim’s wrongdoings without being prosecuted as a traitor, it’s him.”

“Jimin’s dormant,” Namjoon responds, gritting through his teeth. “You don’t know what dormant wolves have to go through. The torture they get from other wolves. Jimin can’t know. No one can know.”

Hoseok snorts loudly at that. Even Yoongi looks amused. “Dormant wolf isn’t a thing, pup,” Yoongi says, rolling his eyes. “But you are right. Their kind is tortured for being who they are. Seen as vicious. Which is fucking stupid seeing as all of you wolves wouldn’t exist without them.”

Taehyung’s attention is caught, eyes focusing on the way Hoseok and Yoongi look at each other like they’re speaking mentally again.

The researcher part of Taehyung wants to scribble this all down and ask more, implore more. But time is ticking and he’s restless. The only other person who looks that way too is Yoongi, who keeps fidgeting and twisting his wrists. 

“Your so called dormant wolves are just as much of a wolf as you,” Hoseok explains. “Those rogue wolves you were talking about? Wild to the point they need to be chained when they shift? That’s the Original Pack. Park Jimin.”

Namjoon laughs at that, twisting around and out of Seokjin’s grip. “That’s not true.”

“It is,” Hoseok explains. “Good thing we need a little wolf who is going to need those cellars of yours once he decides to shift. A perfect alibi for him to sneak around that mother’s of yours until we figure out what the hell is down there.”

It’s quick, how Namjoon moves into Hoseok’s space but not close enough to touch.

“It’s a good plan,” Hoseok says immediately, not backing down. He doesn’t even look timid. “Hyunmi and you will be busy taking on the aftermath of having a rogue wolf in your village. They’ll need to either move whatever is down there or something. I’ll try to get close enough to see what’s in there when they do and I’ll put a glamour up in case any wolves come snooping and Jimin can free roam through Hyunmi’s to find evidence.”

“Me too,” Taehyung adds but he goes ignored.

“It is good,” Seokjin adds. “Because if Jimin doesn’t find anything we can say the pup became nosy waiting to shift and stumbled upon whatever is down there.”

Namjoon grits his teeth. “It won’t be believable for him to just stumble upon some captured vampires.”

“No?” Yoongi asks, lifting a brow and he almost looks cocky. “Is that cellar wolf proof or vampire proof? If you can hear them from the ground floor, Jimin can at least say he heard them enough to warrant the Counsel’s interest in exploring. Cellars like those usually have cages, sections. They’re not going to remove the vampires down there, but move them to a different part.”

Yoongi speaks of it like he already has a definite idea of what is going down in those cellars, while Hoseok speaks hypothetically.

It feels bad, but Taehyung finds his mind walking down the same path as Yoongi’s.

“I don’t know,” Namjoon says. It is a good plan. “But I’m not letting Jimin wander around Hyunmi’s by himself.”

“I’ll go too,” Taehyung says, louder this time.

A collective and firm ‘no’ sounds from the four of them and Taehyung slumps back, trying not to pout as he crosses his arms.

If they think he’s going to sit aside and not snoop around, not try to get Jungkook, they’re all idiots.

“Listen, we don’t have hard evidence,” Yoongi says. “Just your word because you heard some murmurings. I believe you’re right, but there is nothing we can use. We need to find proof, more than just Jungkook saying it. They don’t trust him.”

Namjoon looks conflicted, messing his fingers through his hair as he turns and paces in a circle. His back turning, missing the way Yoongi puckers his lips in a kiss to Hoseok before suddenly disappearing. 

“We’re not bringing Jimin into this,” Namjoon says lowly.

Hoseok grins, pressing his lips together until his dimples stand out. “Oh, I’m afraid we are. We’re going to be pack in laws, Joonbug. It is time we work together as a team and I for one, am annoyed that Jimin doesn’t know who he is. So win win. Plus, Yoongi is already on his way there.”

A growl escapes Namjoon’s lips when he sees Yoongi has disappeared and then he too is taking off. 

Seokjin sighs, pressing his hands to his face. It is tensely quiet for a moment, though the air is still calm enough that Taehyung doesn’t feel like he’s going to panic.

Hoseok looks tense too, jaw ticking as his eyes remain on the place that Namjoon stormed out.

Taehyung doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do right now, but he wants to run both to Jimin and back to the village, to where Jungkook is supposedly being held.

But he can’t just storm into the village demanding for him to be free. Taehyung suspects Hyunmi would be just as unhappy as Taehyung’s relationship with a vampire as Namjoon is.

“How does one choose to shift?”

Hoseok glances at Taehyung for a long moment. “They kill someone. Triggers the wolf gene.”

Ice trails down Taehyung’s spine and he tenses, throat tight and he doesn’t realize he’s shaking his head at first. “Don’t worry there, little one. He won’t be even entering the cellar. I’m not trusting him in there with a bunch of starved vampires.”

Hoseok heads towards the door but Taehyung quickly trails after him. “And how are you supposed to come up with a dead body to convince them of this?”

Dread fills him when Hoseok smiles and grabs Taehyung’s coat for him. He barely gives Taehyung time to slip on his shoes before he’s headed out into the hallway. 

“This is why I like you, Tae. Those two hot heads are so filled with revenge and protection they don’t ask the big questions,” Hoseok sighs. Seokjin snickers as he follows behind them but Taehyung is too panicked to be amused. “Don’t get me wrong, I love Yoongi with my entire being but he’s a bit blinded right now. His mind is focused on protecting Jungkook, but if there are vampires down there, we need to save them too.”

“So?” Taehyung says, jogging to keep up with Hoseok. “Answer me then.”

Hoseok swirls around and boops Taehyung’s nose. “I’m going to kill Yoongi. Boom, dead body.”

Telling Jimin what he is doesn’t go as well as Hoseok’s positive manner makes it seem. 

“I’m a wolf?” Jimin screams, eyes hard and narrowed as he crosses his arms. His gaze is boring into both Yoongi and Namjoon and somehow, out of the three of them, Jimin is the scariest.

“Guess we got here just in time,” Seokjin whispers under his breath but none of them move except Taehyung. 

He wants Jimin to know the truth about who he is, but his body is thrumming with the need to get to Jungkook. He stands strongly despite this, coming up beside Jimin who looks up at him with wide, shiny eyes.

“You belong to a pack called the Busan Parks,” Yoongi says, everything about him ten times softer than he had been earlier. “They’re an ancient pack, one of the oldest. Long before the Three Kingdoms, they’ve been on this land.”

Jimin’s eyes flicker to Namjoon and he looks frustrated but his eyes are still soft onto Jimin. “He’s right. But, you’re my pack, Jimin. Park, Kim, whatever. Us three.”

Taehyung curls his fingers through Jimin’s. The way Namjoon says it is intense and he gets it, understands even if no one else does.

It's always been the three of them, even if it hasn’t felt like that lately. But even then, as close knit as they are, Jimin’s insecurities about not being Namjoon’s true blood brother have always surfaced.

They’ve never bothered Taehyung. But maybe it’s because Jimin’s been with Namjoon since he was only a few months old.

“Okay,” Jimin breathes out harshly, cheeks pink. “I kind of thought you were fucking with me but Joon’s face.”

Namjoon looks away, face tense. It falls completely tense for a second and Yoongi’s eyebrows raise, lips pushing out around a soft whistle.

“I was expecting you to freak out,” Yoongi finally says. “I had prepared for that, not this.”

“Does my?” Jimin asks, using his free hand to wave around his face. “Does my face do that when I’m angry?”

A snort comes from beside them and Hoseok finally joins their small huddle. “No. Your wolf is inactive.”

Jimin slumps with how heavy he sighs out in relief. “Oh thank god. No offense hyung, but you looked so scary with the - the glowing eyes.”

Namjoon rubs a sheepish hand over the back of his neck. “I’m sorry you had to see that and - and that I’ve avoided you since.”

If Taehyung was closer, he’d hit Namjoon for that. “You did what?”

“I’m sorry,” Namjoon whispers. 

“It’s okay. I’m just really confused,” Jimin says, squeezing Taehyung’s fingers. “I - don’t really.”

Jimin swallows, eyes blinking and they’re wet with tears.

They’re inside Jimin’s studio, the place he comes when he’s the most stressed out. It’s large, bigger than Taehyung’s apartment and the walls covered in mirrors. Taehyung glances at them, finding Hoseok and Seokjin standing off to the side.

“This can’t be true. You’re really not fucking with me?” 

Hoseok looks pained when he looks at Jimin’s tears. “Show him, Namjoon.”

“Okay,” Namjoon says, huffs. He pats his thighs, fingers fidgeting like he’s nervous. “Okay, don’t scream.”

Jimin does scream and Taehyung doesn’t blame him. He feels one bottling up in his own throat as he watches the painful twists of Namjoon’s limbs, the hair sprouting out of his skin. 

If he had never seen the wolf before, Taehyung thinks he’d pass out.

“Holy fucking shit,” Jimin wheezes, leaning into Taehyung. He stares up at the wolf in fear, flinching when Namjoon moves forward.

Namjoon stops, resting on his hind legs. His fur is a dark silver color and he’s much, much bigger than Taehyung remembers. He seems massive, towering over them and his fur thick and fluffy. His canines bigger and longer than Taehyung’s fingers.

His head cocks to one side, ears twitching before he lolls his tongue out of his mouth and flops over.

“Cute,” Hoseok hums, amusement in his tone and Namjoon is quick to scramble to his feet - paws again. 

The cute act does little to calm Jimin’s overwhelmed expression.

“Holy fucking shit,” Jimin gasps again, bending over to press his forehead into their clasped hands. “What the fuck was that? Oh fucking lord.”

It takes about ten minutes to get Jimin to finally calm down and look at Namjoon again. He laughs, but there are nerves in his eyes as he quickly throws a hand to cover his mouth.

“That didn’t just happen? Holy fuck, Taehyung. Namjoon hyung just -”

Jimin turns to him then, realization in his eyes. Along with tears. They build quickly, collecting at his eyelashes and dripping beneath his eyelids. “Oh, I’m so sorry for not believing you.”

“It’s okay,” Taehyung promises, flicking beneath Jimin’s chin. “It really is, don’t worry.”

“Hyunmi told me not to tell you,” Namjoon says and he’s suddenly human again, turning around and padding off towards Jimin’s office and Taehyung quickly turns away at the sight of his bare body. There are shredded clothes on the ground and Taehyung wonders how annoying it must be to be a wolf. 

How expensive .

Everyone looks away then but Taehyung doesn’t miss the concerned look Yoongi has concentrated on Jimin.

“Dormant wolves are shamed a lot,” Namjoon explains. “Seen as weaker, lesser. Pack pups tease them and sometimes it’s too much. Way past teasing and straight into bullying. Like severe bullying.”

Namjoon walks beside them again when he has sweatpants pulled up over his hips, showing off his ankles and a bit tight around his thighs despite Jimin’s logs being quite as thick as his.

“Which is bullshit,” Yoongi grunts, side eyeing Namjoon. “The Busan Parks is one of the strongest wolves in existence. They haven’t given you a chance to reach your full potential.”

“For protection ,” Namjoon growls.

Both Hoseok and Seokjin are joining them a second later, Hoseok’s arm curling behind Jimin’s neck and Seokjin touching the back of Namjoon’s.

It almost feels like they’re united, almost.

Taehyung wishes Jungkook were here.

“It’s not important,” Hoseok sighs. “Not right now. Your leader here was protecting his pup, but you’re an adult.”

Jimin sucks his bottom lip into his mouth. “Is that why you call me that?”

Taehyung slowly pulls his fingers away at the tilt in Jimin’s voice.

“I thought it was a kink thing.”

There is a collective groan around them, but mostly from Taehyung and Namjoon. Hoseok’s grin is teasing as he drags a finger over Jimin’s jaw.

“It was,” Hoseok whispers too loudly. “But we’ll talk about that.”

Yoongi grins, arms crossing over his chest. “Yes, before that we should probably tell you that there aren’t just werewolves.”

Jimin looks to him, groaning softly. “Oh god. Okay. I'm ready.”

Uneasiness fills Taehyung. He’s restless and the feeling of foreign anger is still in his chest. He knows, he knows it’s Jungkook’s. Even if it feels ridiculous, he just knows it is.

“I’ve tried years to convince you of these things,” Taehyung sighs.

“You didn’t transform into a wolf,” Jimin hisses, before he turns back to the ones in front of him.

Yoongi’s eyes are bright purple and Jimin gasps, taking a step back but he doesn’t cower away. Even when the veins appear beneath Yoongi’s eyes and his teeth poke out into his bottom lip.

There is a moment of silence before Jimin’s face goes pale and he slumps backwards.

“Probably not the best way to go about that, baby,” Hoseok grunts as he holds onto Jimin so Taehyung can get his arm beneath him too.

It takes a while. Too long. But Taehyung tries to keep himself calm, tries to keep himself from running and finding that damn cellar himself.

Yoongi and Namjoon disappear at times as they explain, phones pressed to their ears or heads close together as they discuss under their voices. 

They’re plotting, planning, and Taehyung wants to be a part of it.

It’s overwhelming, the way Taehyung realizes he’s the only human here and probably the most useless.

Jimin handles it better after he’s recovered and been tended to, though his cheeks puff out as he exhales and tries to catch his breath. He holds Taehyung’s hand often, sometimes leaning into him for support.

“That makes so much sense,” Jimin whispers, eyes wide as he looks around at nothing like he’s in shock. “It literally feels like Hoseok’s fingers are magic.”

Okay ,” Namjoon interrupts loudly, making a disgusted face. “Please don’t.”

Hoseok grins where he sits, pride in his eyes. Yoongi elbows him. 

Jimin snickers, folding his hands between his thighs. “Sorry, sorry. I’m just - I don’t know. Overwhelmed. Give me a second.”

He stands then and quickly closes himself into his office.

The scream and the ‘holy fucking shit’ mantra isn’t as muffled as Jimin probably hopes it is.

After a couple of minutes, he comes back out, his face red and hair a wreck over his head. “Okay. Now explain the Jungkook thing more.”

Namjoon darts eyes at his lap, embarrassment taking over his face before he starts to explain. He won’t look Taehyung in the eyes again but Taehyung isn’t angry at him.

He was, at first. But he grabs Namjoon’s hand and squeezes softly to assure him that he isn’t now. Hoseok had been right, he’s protective. He always has been. 

“So, vampires are pretty much barred from Seoul unless it’s for business. Feeding and fighting in the city is unlawful. Vampires can get in serious trouble,” Yoongi starts off, a bit of irritation in his tone.

Taehyung’s uneasy again. Jimin’s eyes flicker to his neck a few times. He doesn’t say anything but it makes Taehyung more aware of the state of it.

It hasn’t healed as fast as Jungkook’s bites normally do and he’s afraid it won’t before the Counsel comes. Granted, he didn’t get the bite in Seoul, but Jungkook has fed from him plenty of times while within the capital.

“Fighting us, our pack, is even worse,” Namjoon explains uncomfortably. “Hyunmi told the Counsel Jungkook fought with me. But - but it was really my fault. Jungkook was on the defense the whole time, only pushing me off. Which, is impressive by the way. He easily could have killed me. He looked like he would but I didn’t stop.”

That makes Taehyung even more uncomfortable, but a part of him warms with pride at how well Jungkook controlled himself.

It won’t get out of his head, how broken Jungkook had looked telling Taehyung how he was feeling during the fight.

“He wouldn’t have,” Seokjin supplies. “You’re too important to Taehyung.”

Jimin looks at Taehyung then. He’s yet to explain their connection, their alleged connection.

The connection feels too right not to be true because Taehyung is growing more and more uneasy the longer he’s away from Jungkook. It could just be the worry, but it feels like so much more than that.

“He’s being held in those old cellars beneath Hyunmi’s house,” Taehyung says.

“Oh those are so creepy,” Jimin says with a frown.

“Right. We always thought they were haunted,” Namjoon sighs. “But now I think it’s something else. Vampires, not ghosts. Jungkook said his Clan thinks our pack has something to do with a series of vampire disappearances and I didn’t believe it at first.”

Hoseok is soft the way he traces Yoongi’s cheek and covers his hand over his parted mouth as if to keep him from adding in. 

“But I do,” Taehyung goes on. “Jungkook uh, well he was one of those vampires. Kidnapped, enslaved. By um, my uh parents.”

Jimin’s eyes bulge out of his head. “Oh, this is - this is one for the books go on.”

So they do and Taehyung feels tired by the time they’re finished. Worry is eating at him so ferociously he feels like he’s going to be sick with it. His legs shake, knees waving like butterfly wings, hands fumbling in his lap.

“We need to find hard evidence that it’s Hyunmi,” Hoseok explains. “We have a way to do it but it has to be you that brings the truth out. You’re not a part of the Seoul Kims, you won’t be betraying them. Namjoon can’t snoop around because he has to be with the Counsel and well, if any of us step foot into the village it’ll be suspicious. I can glamour myself, but Yoongi has a suspicion that if Hyunmi is capturing vampires, she has or had a warlock helping her. Can’t guarantee I can get into that cellar in enough time.”

Jimin looks uneasy, eyes flicking over them over and over again.

“You’re a part of my pack,” Namjoon reminds him again. “Regardless of all that.”

Yes ,” Yoongi agrees. “No one disagrees with that. But it won’t be betraying you either if this is also important to you.”

Namjoon looks to Taehyung then, holding his eyes for a moment. “It is. Jungkook is important to Taehyung, saving him is important to me.”

It feels like the tension breaks then. Even if Namjoon should care for more reasons than just that, it’s enough to ease the animosity that has been surrounding them.

“Okay,” Jimin breathes out. “I want to help. What do I have to do?”

Even Taehyung is curious then. As Namjoon and Yoongi have clearly worked in devising a plan, he wants to know it. He needs to know it, to offer some sort of relief or hope inside of him.

“You’re going to make the Counsel think you’ve activated your wolf gene,” Hoseok explains. “You’ll need to pretend to shift and they’ll need the cellar for it.”

Taehyung tenses, remembering what Hoseok had said. There is no way Jimin could kill someone and there’s no way Namjoon nor himself would allow it. 


It is awkward then and Namjoon glances at his hands, staring down at his hands.

“Because wolves like you lose their humanity when they shift,” Yoongi says gently. “The first few times. They only recognize their own pack and sometimes not even that.”

Jimin stares at him for a moment, clearly upset by this. He even looks afraid and Taehyung tightens his hand around Jimin’s so he knows he doesn’t have to be.

“And then what?”

“Then it’s in Yoongi and my hands,” Namjoon says. “I’m not betraying my pack if they all agree that this is wrong. I need to convince them.”

How anyone can’t see how wrong this is is beyond Taehyung.

“And I’ll be contacting every Clan out there that I know has had a member missing in the last few decades,” Yoongi adds. “The vampires have never had a united front, that’s why it’s been impossible to tear down all the barriers to get enslaving outlawed. They see it as a way for humans to protect themselves, but it’s bullshit.”

Yoongi’s eyes flare purple again and Jimin is pulling away from Taehyung to sit beside him.

It’s gentle the way he takes Yoongi’s hand into his own and his eyes fade back to brown. Even though he had been terrified before, he doesn’t look it now.

“Why can’t Namjoon just say it’s not true?” Taehyung asks, glancing between them all. “This would be so much simpler.”

Namjoon shakes his head. “I have. It’s - any relations with another species, romantic or sexual, is also outlawed. It’s a high crime and.”

He swallows and Taehyung feels his heart break when his sad eyes look to Seokjin. 

“And Namjoon and I were found out,” Seokjin finalizes for him. Despite his words, his eyes are warm when they look to Namjoon. “In my opinion, Mama Wolf has had her son followed to find any reason he can’t lead. If she does, she’ll be in charge until Namjoon has a child.”

Taehyung wrinkles his nose in disgust. “You’re kidding me.”

Hoseok stands then, the irritated look strange on his face. “Don’t be so surprised wolf boy. I’ve lived thousands and thousands of years and people still find a way to hate someone over who they love.”

Jimin’s eyes are sad when they look between Hoseok and Yoongi. “Okay, I’ll do it. How am I convincing them of this? That I’m an um, wolf?”

Falling tense, Taehyung is confused by why Hoseok smiles when he looks to Yoongi. It’s soft like he hadn’t suggested murdering him earlier. Since it hadn’t been brought up, Taehyung had thought Hoseok was just kidding to (unsuccessfully) ease the tension that’s been in the air around them since this morning.

But when Yoongi groans, eyes narrowing, Taehyung isn’t so sure. 

“Don’t be alarmed,” Yoongi says carefully, eyes slowly shifting from Hoseok to Jimin. They’re definitely communicating mentally. “This won’t actually kill me. Only temporarily.”

There’s a moment of silence where the words aren’t registering with anyone. It happens a second later, Jimin making a strangled noise, eyes popping out of his head. “What?”

“We just have to come up with a logical explanation,” Hoseok says, eyes on Yoongi and their eyes are finding each other, holding onto each other’s gaze. “It wouldn’t make sense for a young pup to be able to snap the neck of a vampire as old as you, love.”

Jimin looks squeamish. “I’m doing what?”

Taehyung feels squeamish too. They’re talking about this like one would discuss what they’re having with breakfast. He feels like he’s third wheeling with the way they look at each other. Seokjin doesn’t seem phased by this but both Namjoon and Jimin are making strange faces.

“Right,” Hoseok says, giving Yoongi a nod and confirming Taehyung’s suspicions. “We should probably do this at your place, Jimin. The apartment you have out of the village. And don’t worry baby, I’ve killed Yoongi plenty of times before.”

The story is simple, yet logical. At least, to Taehyung. Not that it makes it any better seeing it.

He’s being strong for Jimin but he’s really regretting it in the moment.

“Remember, Yoongi hyung told you about the gene,” Hoseok says, looking ten times calmer than anyone around them. “You asked him to help him trigger it.”

Jimin glances at where Yoongi lays, tears in his eyes and hands trembling some. Taehyung can’t look, even if he knows Yoongi will wake up in a few hours, the sight of him makes his stomach toss.

“You got this baby,” Hoseok says sweetly, grabbing Jimin’s trembling hands. He brings them up to his lips, taking his time in kissing his knuckles. “Honey never had a heartbeat, it isn’t any different than how he normally sleeps.”

Taehyung almost argues that. Maybe it’s true, yet they had heard the crack and Taehyung hadn’t been able to close his eyes in time, seeing the way Yoongi’s head twisted unnaturally.

Jimin inhales, cheeks bulging out. Despite the tears in his eyes, he’s a lot more put together than Taehyung.

He hasn’t eaten all day and he has been a mess of anxiety and anger. It isn’t just nausea, but his whole body aches with discomfort. He knows it shows on his face because Hoseok’s eyes are concerned when they look to him.

“Okay, call Namjoon.”

They had parted ways after leaving the studio. It would be better for Namjoon to be around the Counsel and Hyunmi when Jimin broke the news to him, even if Taehyung is doubtful because Namjoon isn’t the best liar in their bunch.

Jimin nods, eyes glancing at Yoongi again like he can’t stop himself. “Okay.”

Cooing softly, Hoseok pulls Jimin to him. Taehyung looks away, giving them a moment but he can hear the soft way Hoseok murmurs to him before he kisses him.

Despite everything, it brings a smile to his face to see someone so tender with Jimin.

“Okay,” Jimin breathes, taking his hands from Hoseok and rubbing them down his face. “Okay. I need a fucking drink.”

Hoseok nods, throwing a thumbs up. “Got you.”

It’s believable. Even Taehyung starts to get upset hearing Jimin gasp into the phone, clutching it desperately to his ear as he sobs out a quiet, “hyung I did something - I did something bad.”

Jimin’s always been the best actor. He’s gotten away with a lot because of it, the little shit he is. Taehyung’s always been fond, maybe even a little envious of it. His pouting has worked numbers on Namjoon, easily getting Namjoon to forgive him for sneaking out and worrying him or lying about how he wasn’t the one to eat the last of Namjoon’s cakes.

Taehyung can’t hear Namjoon’s words, but the tone sounds frantic. Hoseok returns with a bottle in his hands, cups floating behind him, and Taehyung nearly drops it when it comes flying to him.

“Should you be here?” Taehyung asks as he holds the cup out for Hoseok. Jimin’s panicked noises are making him too ill to even think about drinking, but he lets Hoseok pour the dark purple liquid into his glass anyway.

“Oh yeah,” Hoseok says. “Seokjin and I both. Wouldn’t make sense for Yoongi to agree to let a wolf kill him alone. Make sure you know, Jimin doesn’t do the actual deed while Yoongi’s out.”

Taehyung pushes his tongue to the roof of his mouth, all of which is dry. “How do you actually kill him?”

Hoseok sucks his teeth, lips tugging downwards. “That’s information I will never share. Not even to Jungkookie.”

Taehyung doesn’t push after that. He sips slowly at the sweet wine, letting it sit on his tongue more than anything.

Jimin downs his first glass before throwing the glass out towards Hoseok for more, pulling the phone away from his face. “I can’t fucking believe this.”

Hoseok grins. “It’s hard every time it happens. But it doesn’t hurt him, I promise. We’ve had to do it a few times to get out of a shitty situation. He’s quite pretty, don’t you think so?”

Taehyung chokes on his wine. “He’s dead .”

Waving a dismissive hand at Taehyung, Hoseok saunters over to the couch in which Yoongi lays, back towards them. He sits on the edge, his back pressing against Yoongi’s and it’s gentle, how he strokes over Yoongi’s cheek with his knuckles. 

“He was like this when I found him the first time, all of those years ago,” Hoseok tells them, voice distant. “Almost, at least. I didn’t have super hearing at the time, I couldn’t hear his breathing. Couldn’t really feel his chest move either. I had heard of ways to bring humans back to life, give them eternal life. But those were ancient myths, you know. I thought he was pretty then. Wanted to save him.”

Taehyung sinks into Jimin’s armchair, leaving room for Jimin to squeeze in beside him. Seokjin stands off to the side, staring warmly at Hoseok and Yoongi. The mood is weird around them but the way Hoseok looks at Yoongi, makes Taehyung think of Jungkook.

It’s a lot different. Hoseok and Yoongi have been together for thousands of years. Taehyung’s only been around Jungkook for a few months.

But the thought is in his head and he doesn’t want to push it out.

“Well, did that wrong,” Hoseok laughs, brushing Yoongi’s hair off of his forehead. “I knew they needed blood when they woke, didn’t quite realize it wasn’t supposed to be warlock blood.”

Jimin and Taehyung exchange glances at that. “You mean, you made Yoongi a vampire?”

Hoseok looks to them, raising an eyebrow as he hums in affirmation. “Yep. Not quite the first ever vampire, but the first ever vampire of his kind. Went centuries without every making one himself. Then Jungkookie came along and you just get that feeling when you look at him? Like you want to save him. Yoongi gave into that feeling.”

Taehyung sinks further into the chair, looking away. He knows that feeling, he feels it now more than ever.


Fury sticks with him. It doesn’t fade, even when his body weakens with a pinch in his neck and he can barely stand. It’s been a long time since he’s felt physically weak and he fucking hates it.

Everything is red and Jungkook feels feral, but he keeps himself as calm as he can be. He can do this. He wanted to do this peacefully. 

But they pushed him over the edge touching Taehyung. He would have torn out every throat in the goddamn hallway for touching Taehyung if they hadn’t sedated him. 

He’s thankful, in hindsight. Even if that urge to destroy them is still very loud inside of him, he would have hurt knowing Taehyung saw him like that again.

It’s too soon. Jungkook hasn’t had any time to deal with the fact that Taehyung is the boy he thinks about often. 

“Get in there, sucker. Mind your head.”

Jungkook doesn’t know who is holding onto him, if they're close to Taehyung, but he’d rip his arms off if he could. 

It looks like a basement door, an old wooden one that has three different padlocks on it and is covered in weeds that Jungkook knows will burn his skin if he touches them. The inside is dark and wet, but the first thing Jungkook notices is the smell of blood.

It reeks with it.

The wolf that holds him is rough, dragging Jungkook when he stumbles and kicking at the back of his legs. Jungkook grows even more irritated and snaps his teeth at him the moment the wolf lets him go roughly, making it so his knees smash into the ground.

“Cute,” the wolf laughs. There’s the clink of metal, the smell of grime and sweat and something that reminds him of the mountains.

The metal they wrap around Jungkook’s wrists is heavy and burning. His skin stings but he refuses to hiss, refuses to let them know he’s hurting.

He doesn’t react to the jabs and punches that come his way after he’s been locked to the wall, doesn’t think about the last time he had been in a predicament like this.

And he definitely doesn’t think of how desperately Taehyung had grabbed onto him to keep him from going, despite being faced with his family. It’ll tear him up inside.

But he had to go, even if he didn’t want to and thinks it’s bullshit. He wants peace because he needs it. 

Jungkook sits in silence once the wolves leave, eyes closed. He doesn’t want to take in surroundings just yet, not until he’s calmed his mind down enough to think straight.

But he can’t. 

“Fuck,” Jungkook grunts, yanking at the chain around his wrist. Pain, burning, it’s nothing to him. He feels helpless. 

“Fuck is right.”

It’s whispered, raspy. Jungkook jolts at the sudden sound of it, eyes flying open to search for the source.

It’s a distance away, another body. Jungkook is weak but he can still see through the dark, can make out the shape of long legs and a broad chest. Long hair that’s matted around a sunken in face.

“Who are you?” Jungkook says immediately. The chains are low to the ground, keeping him from standing. 

“Lee Seokmin,” comes the response followed by a dry laugh. “I can’t see you. What’s your name?”

He’s weaker, much weaker. Jungkook shifts, listening to the metal drag over the dirt ground. “I know that name. I’m Jungkook.”

Another weak laugh. None of this is amusing but he doesn’t find offense. He doesn’t know how long Seokmin has been here. He’s heard stories of vampires going mad when they can’t feed, others of vampires turning into corpses that are still conscious.

Jungkook’s never wanted to know which is true, but looking at Seokmin in the shadows, he thinks it’s the second. He never reached that point, even after weeks of being starved.

He doesn’t want to think about how long Seokmin has been here.

“Fuck, Jeon Jungkook?”

Jungkook tenses. He hates when someone he doesn’t know knows his whole claimed name. 

“Yoongi must be tearing up all of South Korea right now.”

It’s almost fond, the way Seokmin speaks. Jungkook hesitates for a minute, listening around. He can’t hear anything, Seokmin isn’t breathing. Isn’t moving.

“Probably all of Asia,” Jungkook murmurs. “How do I know you?”

It’s quiet for a moment before Seokmin speaks again. “I’m - I’m part of the Thirteen. Seungcheol’s Clan.”

Jungkook peers his eyes, trying to make him out better but he can’t. It’s been some time since he’s been around the entire clan. “They’re looking for you.”

Seokmin makes a pained noise at that. “Oh, I hope they don’t come close to here. They - they already have Soonyoung.”

Jungkook plays with the chains, trying to see how far they reach. There are no windows or doors other than the one Jungkook had come through but he can smell the earth. There has to be a window somewhere, but there is no light.

He doesn’t know what Hoseok did, but he had left Taehyung’s apartment building in anticipation for the sun to make his skin feel raw. But he had been able to walk beneath it, despite his sun stone being in Taehyung’s possession.

“They’re looking for him too,” Jungkook adds unhelpfully.’

Rage fills him again. He never told Yoongi what Seungcheol said, that he’d be in their side if his Clan needed him.

It’s even more true if two of his are here. Seungcheol and Jihoon are protective of their clan, so much so that they rarely leave the mountains in fear of losing them.


“Another room,” Seokmin says and the sadness in his voice only encourages the rage inside of Jungkook. “I don’t know how many there are, but there’s a lot of us.”

Jungkook strains his ears but he can’t hear anyone else.

“How long have you been here?”

“What month is it?”

Jungkook hesitates. “November.”

“Maybe a year,” Seokmin tells him. “Longer. I don’t know. The only light I get is when they come down to feed us and it feels like centuries between each feeding. I tell the seasons by how the wolves smell.”

Jungkook grits his teeth. “What do they do with you?” 

“They take venom,” Seokmin explains. “Interrogate me about some woman named Park Ji Yoo. She was killed by a vampire but I don’t know anything about it. I wish I did, so they’d either kill me or let me go.”

“I doubt they’d let you go,” Jungkook whispers.

Seokmin laughs again. “Yeah.”

Time drags. Jungkook can hear some movement from above him, but not much. Footsteps, muffled speaking.

He’s starving already. If it weren’t for this soulmate whatever, his senses would be better, he wouldn’t be hungry so quickly.

Seokmin and he talk some, but not often. Jungkook is fine with the quiet but the absence of Seokmin’s breathing is bothersome. For so long, Jungkook has been around super creatures who breathe. He isn’t used to the stillness, the quiet, of Seokmin’s body.

It makes him feel like he is actually sharing a room with a corpse.

Jungkook doesn’t know how long time passes before he gets too restless and tries to stand. It is useless and he smashes his hand into the ground in frustration.

Pain shoots up his arm and he does it again. He hears Seokmin ask him something, but an idea has dragged into Jungkook’s kind and he keeps punching.

He keeps punching and punching until he can’t feel anything past his elbow. 

Jungkook pants softly, hissing as he shimmies the large metal cuff down his arm. The pain is almost unbearable but he forces it past his shattered wrist.

“Dude, what are you doing?”

Jungkook inhales through his nose, eyes collecting with tears. A scream rattles in his chest when he grabs his limp fingers, the smell of blood filling his nose, and shoves them through the cuff. 

He has hope that there will be a shorter time between visits with the Counsel coming. Unless that had been a lie and they plan on keeping him down here, killing him off maybe.

Jungkook sinks into the cement wall, eyes closing as he breathes through the pain and thinks about the one thing that comforts him.

But even thinking about him makes his body feel as if it’s been set on fire.

“How long were you enslaved before?”

Jungkook groans softly, eyes squeezing closed. He doesn’t know how word spread all the way to the mountains, but he suspects Yoongi had reached out to them in his hunt.

“A handful of months,” Jungkook finally says. “It was close by to here too. Ironic, huh?” 

“What brought you so close to Seoul? To a village of wolves anyway.”

It isn’t judgmental, just curious. But Jungkook doesn’t know. It had felt like the right place to go at the time. 

When time passes and Jungkook doesn’t respond, Seokmin murmurs out a soft apology. “I don’t mean to pry.”

Jungkook shrugs, forgetting that Seokmin can’t see him. “I just don’t know the answer.”

It feels like days and days roll by before the door finally opens again, letting in a slither of light. Jungkook keeps his eyes closed, the image of Taehyung giggling presses to the back of his eyelids. 

He’s never felt a yearning like this before, like his body physically needs him to get up and find Taehyung. But he’s unable to unlock the second cuff from his wrist because his broken fingers still haven’t healed.

The claw marks on his chest burn and Jungkook is hot, feverish.

So feverish that the scent of wolf seems muted beneath the scent of Taehyung. It’s so strong that Jungkook’s body thrums at the smell of it, his eyes fluttering open in desperation to see him. It’s the fever because the man walking into the cellar isn’t him. His shoulders are as broad as Taehyung’s, but he doesn’t walk the way Taehyung does. 

He needs to snap out of it. His plan is to grab the wolf when he comes close, push through the pain and tear his throat out. Feed off of him even if the thought of tasting wolf blood would normally make him sick.

But he can’t. Of course he fucking can’t. 


Jungkook wrinkles his nose, refusing to open his eyes. There’s a pain worse than anything in his chest that Namjoon still smells so much of Taehyung after what he did.

It’s unfair of him and maybe if he was better, he would calm himself down and tell himself this. Taehyung grew up with Namjoon. He’s Taehyung’s Yoongi. It wouldn’t make sense for Taehyung to so effortlessly toss the man who raised him aside for someone he only met a few months ago. 


“Go away,” Jungkook snarls, but it sounds too weak. Namjoon moves slowly, shoulders hunched. “Don’t speak to me.”

Namjoon doesn’t stop moving and Jungkook is getting angry. He can’t stand, hates being below the wolf.

Hates that he can’t think about anything other than Taehyung and can’t focus on anything other than the smell of him.

“Here,” Namjoon says, an edge to his voice. “This is from Yoongi. “

Jungkook doesn’t trust Namjoon enough, but when he comes closer, Jungkook can make out the bag of blood in his hands and he almost moves to yank it from the wolf’s hands. 

“Give it to him,” Jungkook says, jerking his head in the direction of Seokmin. “He’s hungrier than I am.”

He doubts it, truly. He’s sure they’re in the same state. Since he started feeding from Taehyung, his hunger has grown more frequent and more demanding on his body. 

He starves easily and he’s starving now. He feels like he’s being drained. 

“Okay,” Namjoon says, though his tone sounds unsure. “Who is it?”

Jungkook laughs, finally understanding Seokmin’s laughter at the wrong time. “You’ve gone and locked up vampires and don’t even have the decency to ask their names?”

Seokmin laughs dryly when Namjoon grunts at that. Namjoon’s eyes start to glow enough that it brings light to the room.

“I don’t mind. Lee Seokmin,” Seokmin introduces. “I haven’t seen this wolf before.”

“Because I had nothing to do with this,” Namjoon snaps defensively He tosses the bag when he’s a few feet away from Seokmin. “And I’m helping your Clan fix it.”

Jungkook doesn’t believe him, even if he’s brought him blood. Even if he still smells like Taehyung and claims Yoongi is helping him. Even if Yoongi would stoop low enough to ask someone he doesn’t trust to help him when it comes to Jungkook.

“Does this let you trust me?”

Whatever he lifts up, Jungkook can’t see in the dark. It’s tossed at him a second later and he grabs it with his cuffed hand.

It’s the Pikachu statue. The amount of comfort it brings to Jungkook is overwhelming and his throat feels tight. He refuses to let Namjoon know how weak it makes him feel, so he hides it in his lap and swallows back his tears. 

“He gave this to you,” Jungkook murmurs weakly. “Or did you steal it?”

There is no way Namjoon would have even known about it to steal it. It’s impossible for their apartment to be broken into. Hoseok has warded off unwelcome visitors. 

But Jungkook refuses to trust someone other than his Clan. 

“I really don’t have the time to prove it to you,” Namjoon says, exasperated. “The person that is supposed to be here to move you is currently unconscious and he has to check in soon.” 

Jungkook tenses, pushing into the cement wall when Namjoon takes a step forward. “Moving where?”

“Another sector of the cellar,” Namjoon says and suddenly his hands are on Jungkook, lifting his broken hand.

A snarl rips from Jungkook’s throat before he can stop it, arm jerking back as pain shoots up into his shoulder.

“Calm down,” Namjoon grunts. “We have a plan here. Yoongi and I worked it out together. You trust him, don’t you?”

Jungkook eyes Namjoon warily. “I don’t trust you’re telling the truth.”

“I could get Yoongi here but I’m sure you know how dangerous it is for a vampire to step into a wolf’s den. Can’t guarantee he’d be able to leave. He’s kind of in the hot seat with us wolves.”

Jungkook hesitates at that. Even if he’s chained into another part of the cellar, it wouldn’t be any different than here. Maybe walking there, he’ll be able to find the source of the outside air he can smell. 

“I want to be in the same sector as Soonyoung. Seokmin and I.”

Namjoon hesitates with his hands over Jungkook’s arm. “I don’t know where or who. I need you in the sector with a window.”

“What? For me to burn?”

That’s exactly where Jungkook wants to be, but he feels like being difficult. 

Pain hits his hand again as Namjoon grabs his wrist. He can see him frowning when he notices the cuff gone.

“No,” Namjoon says. “You need your sun ring and Taehyung won’t let anyone have it but you. Not even me to bring it to you.”

Taehyung’s name has Jungkook relaxing, letting Namjoon grab his other cuffed hand.

He knows what those rings mean. Jungkook hadn’t hesitated to trust him with them and he smiles softly knowing he was right.

If it could, his heart would be beating rapidly at the thought of seeing Taehyung again.

“Did you break your hand?” Namjoon sighs as he locks an old key into Jungkook’s cuff. “You’re an idiot.”

“I could just run,” Jungkook says, ignoring him because he knows it was dumb. He never takes this long to heal, though. “Didn’t think of that, did you?”

“You could,” Namjoon says as he walks away to get Seokmin next. “But you don’t have that ring yet. Yoongi literally died for this plan, so be grateful.”

Jungkook grits his teeth. He’s so exhausted by the red touches his vision. If he had a heart it would be fucking up his insides with how quickly anger flushes through him. “What the fuck do you mean?”

“Not dead, dead. Like, died for a few hours and is walking just fine now,” Namjoon says, laughing in a pained way. “Hoseok snapped his neck.”

“Why?” Jungkook growls.

“Long story, he’s fine though,” Namjoon says, a hint of nerves radiating from him that has Jungkook lunging.

He’s weak, even Namjoon could take him. But Namjoon lets him press him into the walls, hands flying up but not touching him.

“I want to talk to him.”

“Do you think I’d let you free and then tell you that Yoongi is dead and him not be okay? I’m not a stupid man, Jungkook. He’s fine. It was Hoseok’s idea,” Namjoon says, voice steady now. “Ask Taehyung when he comes to see you. As I said, I can’t get Yoongi here.”

Jungkook lets Namjoon go, but not gently. He wants to stalk off, but Namjoon is right. The world and it’s stupid need for balance has locked him in the dark. 

“He’s coming here?” Jungkook asks, trying to sound disinterested. He doesn’t want Taehyung anywhere near this place even if he’s desperate to see him.

“Yeah, later on, come on.”

Seokmin isn’t as resistant, allowing Namjoon to unlock him from the wall but he remains cuffed. One blood bag isn’t enough for him but at least he can stand, though Jungkook hooks a hand to his elbow in case he needs it.

“Shit,” Seokmin sighs. “I haven’t stood in a long time.”

The metal keys rattle as Namjoon leads them through the cellar, into hallways lined with cages and doors. It’s much larger than Jungkook had seen.

There’s snarling and whispered breaths, hummed prayers. 

So many vampires that Jungkook feels himself starting to lose his cool.

“What is this?” Jungkook growls as they walk past a vampire who looks no older than the boy Taehyung had been babysitting. Even if he’s thousands of years old, the sight of a child makes Jungkook’s stomach twist.

“I - I don’t know,” Namjoon says and he sounds genuinely confused and horrified.

Jungkook doesn’t feel bad for him.

“Soonyoung?” Seokmin whispers, breathes as they walk past each cuffed vampire.

It doesn’t take them long to find him. He looks a bit better for ware, his face rounder and not as sunken in as his Clan mates.

His eyes blacken immediately, lips curling when they rest on where Jungkook holds Seokmin.

Seokmin chokes at the sight, immediately jerking from Jungkook. Namjoon doesn’t scold him for letting go, but he’s quick to pull the chains dangling off of Seokmin’s arms.

“I have to lock you up,” Namjoon says apologetically as he locks Seokmin a few feet away from Soonyoung. “I’m sorry this happened to you.”

“Sure you are,” Soonyoung spits. “The Thirteen is at peace with wolves.”

Namjoon doesn’t respond to that, focusing on the task at hand before he immediately steps away. Jungkook watches him, his stressed features he thinks he hiding before he returns to him again.

“Let’s go.”

“Why are you doing this?” Jungkook asks immediately. 

It’s quiet for a moment as Namjoon stalks through the cellar, looking for something. 

“I don’t agree with this,” Namjoon finally says. “Whatever this is here. Nor do I agree you being blamed for my actions.”

How noble , Jungkook thinks sarcastically but doesn’t say so out loud.

“And either way,” Namjoon finally says as he takes a sudden turn. There’s a peek of light ahead, from a small window higher towards the ceiling. “Either way, Yoongi told me why you can’t stay away from Taehyung. Tae - Tae told me why you killed his parents.”

Jungkook presses his tongue to the roof of his mouth, silent as they walk towards the light. “I didn’t know.”

“I know,” Namjoon finally says. He turns, handing Jungkook the cuffs. “I have to put these back on you. But I’m leaving the key so you don’t have to go and fucking break your hand again.”

It’s uncomfortable and makes Jungkook uneasy bit he allows Namjoon to. 

He doesn’t trust that he will get the key until Namjoon is shoving it into his pants pocket.

“Taehyung will show up when we can get him here,” Namjoon says. “I don’t know if it will be before or after Hoseok comes.”

“Hoseok?” Jungkook asks, stomach lurching as Namjoon locks him back to the wall, too close to where the sun streams onto the floor. He had been safe in the sun on his way here, but he doesn’t trust that he still is now. Not if they’ve planned for Taehyung to bring him his ring. 

“Long story,” Namjoon says. “I have to go. Don’t unlock yourself yet, there are going to be people coming to check on you.”

Jungkook grits his teeth but doesn’t say anything at first, doesn’t move until Namjoon is moving away. 

“Tell Yoongi to get in touch with Seungcheol. He has our back,” Jungkook says, “and his missing boys are here. Tell him to tell Seungcheol that Seokmin is alive. Soonyoung and Seokmin are here. Remember those names.”

Namjoon looks down the corridor before letting his eyes fall onto Jungkook again.

“Your fucking pack sent them his necklace,” Jungkook says, turning from him. “You don’t know the pain of losing one of yours. He deserves to know it, even if we don’t get out of here.”

There’s silence before the sound of Namjoon’s fading footsteps hits his ears.

There’s commotion after Namjoon leaves. Jungkook can hear some of it from the window. Yelling, feet stomping over wet grass. It smells like it’s been raining.

There are wolves who come and check on him. He doesn’t recognize these ones either. Their comments aggravate him but he doesn’t let it show.

He feels weak and he hates it.

Jungkook wishes he had drank the blood Namjoon had given him. His senses dull, his hunger loud. It makes his irritation burn louder, makes it harder to hide it until he feels exhaustion weighing heavily on him from maintaining a bored expression.

Even if he’s afraid of light burning his skin, he’s thankful he can see the sky and as the day changes.

It still feels like centuries before the light disappears and the night appears.

The whisperings of the room are louder than they were with just Seokmin. Some groaning, cussing, praying. 

The cellar vibrates with the noise and Jungkook can’t tune it out. He wonders how long everyone has been here, how they ended up here.

He isn’t foolish enough to trust Namjoon will tell Seungcheol about Seokmin and Soonyoung, but he still hopes the message can get to him somehow.

He’s never lost a member of his Clan, but he’s seen it. Just the idea of it can bring Jungkook so much pain it makes him feel sick. 

Them and Taehyung, his own Clan, he keeps them in his mind as the time ticks slowly. He is determined to find a way out of here, even if Yoongi fails.

Which he never has before. And Jungkook trusts that, relies on this heavily. 

Hey .”

Jungkook tenses up, biting his tongue. He’s dreaming of Taehyung again, he must be. He wonders what happens if soulmates meet and are ripped from each other.

If it will tear him in two because the idea of not seeing Taehyung again feels that way.


Jungkook snaps his head up, eyes blinking to find the moon so close to his window.

Because that’s what Taehyung is, he decides. The warm glow of his features, the light in the darkness.

But he’s also the sun, giving him warmth and shining so brightly he wonders if Taehyung could burn him alive without his sun ring.


“Oh,” Taehyung gasps. There are bars on the window, making it so he wouldn’t be able to fit more than an arm in. Even then, it’s up higher and farther away. “Oh, baby.”

Jungkook stands, thankful Namjoon has connected his chains to a metal ring higher up the wall. The sounds seem loud when he moves but he’s too focused on Taehyung’s wet eyes.

“Don’t. I’m okay,” Jungkook promises him. He is now, so it isn’t a lie. 

“I’m not,” Taehyung huffs. “I can’t stay long.”

“I know.”

Silence follows, paired with Taehyung’s gaze on him for a long moment.

Jungkook doesn’t mind when time ticks by slowly in this moment.

“You can trust Namjoon,” Taehyung finally says teaching his arm in. The ring is snug on his middle finger, beside the others. “He’s helping us get you out.”

“He said Yoongi died.”

Pain fills Taehyung and Jungkook can sense it, can hate it more than even being trapped down here. “I saw it. It was so scary. But he’s fine now. I swear to fucking god. Weirdest shit I’ve ever seen.”

One of the reasons Jungkook had wanted Taehyung and him to part ways was because he wasn’t sure if he could really trust him. Being a part of the wolf pack, he didn’t know.

But he thinks, deep down, he always knew he could. Or maybe, even if he couldn’t, he would anyway. He feels relief by Taehyung’s words, even if Taehyung’s pain is strong enough for him to be lying about Yoongi being fine. 

“What’s the plan?” Jungkook asks. He isn’t close enough, only able to rub his fingers halfway up Taehyung’s forearm. 

“They won’t tell me much, just that they need to find a way to prove this and prove Hyunmi had something to do with it,” Taehyung sighs. “Hoseok is threatening to lock me in my office so I can’t come and help.”

Jungkook smiles at that even if Taehyung glares because of it.

The first touch of their skin has Jungkook inhaling slowly. He ignores the ring to slide his thumb over the dark vein under Taehyung’s wrist and higher, touching as much as he can.

“Good,” Jungkook says. “Knowing Yoongi, whatever he is going to do will be bloody.”

“They’re revealing this cellar to the Counsel,” Taehyung whispers, voice trembling. “You didn’t drink from that blood bag, did you?”

Jungkook shakes his head but ignores it after that. “The Counsel doesn’t care about vampires being enslaved.”

“You’re wrong,” Taehyung says but he wouldn’t know. He may research supercreatures and know more than the average human, but he doesn’t know this. “There are vampires on the Counsel.”

“They’ve never cared before,” Jungkook tells him. “They’ve never voted on our side. They’ve always wanted -”

Jungkook slides his thumb over Taehyung’s palm, humming. He hesitates as he starts to think, eyes flicking up to Taehyung.

“I know what Yoongi’s doing,” Jungkook says. “Tell him not to do it.”

Taehyung frowns at that, his teeth digging into his bottom lip. “What is it?”

“He’ll put the factors against each other, I bet,” Jungkook says, wishing he could bring a Taehyung closer and kiss his fingers. “Everyone is interested in the centuries old vampire with purple eyes. He’ll give the vampire factor a reason to fight against the others.”

Taehyung shivers slightly as Jungkook slowly pulls the ring from his finger. “Like a war.”

Jungkook nods. He isn’t sure if it’s a war per se, but the upheaval of their governing system in a way that could shake their foundation.

He knows what the vampire factor wants; the secrets to Yoongi’s power.

He’ll have to reveal where he gets it from. Admit to the Counsel that he only feeds from his lover.

He’ll make them vow, make an oath, to help him to get that information. And Yoongi will have to vow as well. 

“Tell him not to,” Jungkook begs quietly as he slips the ring on his finger. Just the one already brings him comfort.

“Okay,” Taehyung says even though they both know Yoongi won’t listen. He keeps his arm dangling from the window, moving even closer until his cheek presses into the bars. “Feed, baby.”

Jungkook shakes his head. He doesn’t want that to be his every moment with Taehyung. The stark difference between them always so apparent.

But it will be because Jungkook needs it more than ever and even though Hoseok thinks it will fade if they bond, they can’t. 

“I can see those wounds on your chest,” Taehyung pleads. “Please.”

It’s then that Jungkook remembers the key in his pocket. It isn’t easy to unlock, but it’s much easier than smashing his fingers to pull the cuff from his wrist.

It feels like his heart is thumping when he can swing closer to Taehyung, gently pressing his smashed fingers into Taehyung’s knuckles.

“What happened?” Taehyung hiccups, stretching more until Jungkook can nuzzle his nose into his skin.

He doesn’t answer. He takes and breathes in, focusing on every way Taehyung exhales. The movement around him, Hoseok nearby. The murmurings around him louder, clearer.

Maybe Jungkook didn’t believe in soulmates before but the feeling inside of him, the way his heart thumps in his chest, he believes it now.

And nothing gives him more hope, more happiness despite this shitty fucking situation, than it being Taehyung.

He pulls away after a moment, kissing Taehyung’s skin and holding onto him. He feels childish for not wanting Taehyung to leave.

“We have to go,” he hears Hoseok say from somewhere behind Taehyung, farther away.

Jungkook grips on tightly, looking up to Taehyung. He doesn’t have anything to say, or he doesn’t know what to say.

“We’re getting you out don’t worry,” Taehyung says, flexing his fingers so they brush Jungkook’s chin before he starts to pull his arm back. He grins when Jungkook still doesn’t let you go. “I know you don’t trust Namjoon, but trust me, okay?”

Jungkook nods, finally letting him go. “I do.”


Seeing Jungkook has rattled him. It’s only a day, but Jungkook looked sickly. His face pale, bags under his eyes. His shirt dotted with blood like his wounds had reopened.

He makes Hoseok bring a salve for him. Hoseok hangs his head in misery when Taehyung tells him about his hand.

Taehyung is on edge. Everyone is. It had felt like centuries before Yoongi woke and Taehyung had been placed to keep an eye on him.

Not that he could do much but he appreciates the trust. Namjoon and Jimin had been dragged away by Hyunmi, who had been kind in the way she cupped Jimin’s cheeks and tried to console him.

He’s conflicted about what they say about her. He believes it but he also doesn’t.

Now he’s waiting again. That’s all he’s been doing. They were right about the wolves being wrapped up to discuss Jimin, who is supposed to be in the cellar now but is sneaking around Hyunmi’s home.

His apartment feels weird being empty, even if he’s always been used to it.

Maybe he’s just restless and he’s always hated being alone. But now it’s worse .

Time ticks by slowly and Taehyung curls up in his window, watching the city with his phone held in his hands. He doesn’t have Yoongi’s number to call him and he isn’t sure why he wants to, he just doesn’t want to be sitting here doing nothing.

It’s close to midnight when someone’s finally knocking at his door. He moves eagerly, still wide awake despite barely sleeping the two nights before. 

Taehyung yanks open the door to find Yoongi, who looks much more relaxed than Taehyung feels.

“Come with me.” 

“What is it? Is everything okay?”

There is a tiny lift to Yoongi’s lips. “Jimin just reemed me out for leaving you alone. He said he would kill me for real if I didn’t come and get you.”

Taehyung tilts his chin haughtily. “Good.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “I am sorry I felt you would be better off here in a magically warded space than in an apartment filled with vampires.”

Scoffing, Taehyung grabs his jacket from the coat rack and quickly slips on his shoes. He doesn’t think about how cold he’ll be in his loose basketball shorts, he doesn’t have time to change them.

“I’ve been interested in vampires my entire life, why would you think such a thing?”

Yoongi steps aside to let Taehyung through. There is judgment in his eyes. “Not all of them see humans as equals. A lot of them see humans as food and nothing else.”

Maybe, maybe Taehyung is a little nervous. But he isn’t afraid. He can’t explain it but he feels safe around Yoongi.

The most dangerous vampire of them all, but he feels safe. 

Maybe it’s because he insisted that Hoseok ward his house so no one can enter but Taehyung. Or maybe it’s how tender he is with Jimin that Taehyung knows he wouldn’t hurt him because Jimin will kill Yoongi for real if he ever did.

“I have a feeling you wouldn’t let them touch me,” Taehyung says confidently,

He can hear Yoongi laugh, but he doesn’t confirm or deny it.

They don’t talk much after that, keeping silence between them as Yoongi walks him from his apartment to his. Taehyung is excited to see it. He’s always wanted Jungkook to invite him over, but he never has.

“Why has Jungkook never let me come to your apartment?” Taehyung asks suddenly, staring ahead when Yoongi looks to him. “I’ve always wanted to see it.”

Yoongi doesn’t answer at first. The silence falls again until Yoongi is no longer walking. Taehyung doesn’t notice at first, not until Yoongi is reaching out to take his arm into his own and tug him back.

“Because I told him he couldn’t see you,” Yoongi says, jaw tensing, “and he didn’t listen to that.”

Makes sense, Taehyung thinks, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jacket. Yoongi’s known who he is, maybe he saw Taehyung as dangerous as his parents had been.

Just the idea of hurting Jungkook makes him feel sick to his stomach.

“You thought I would hurt him.”

Yoongi nods, letting Taehyung’s arm go. “You or your pack. Enslave him again. I was also worried he would kill you. From the start, he’s been fucking weird about you.”

There is a quirk to Yoongi’s lips but it doesn’t reach his eyes. Not fully. It feels strange talking so simply with Yoongi like this.

“He would never,” Taehyung assures him. “He’s very controlled.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” Yoongi says. “He wasn’t always.”

Before confusion can take over Taehyung’s face, Yoongi is gently cupping his chin to make Taehyung look down at him. 

“Remember everything from your first night with Jungkook. You remember the things I compelled you to forget.”

It isn’t a flooding of memories per se, but they are suddenly there. Taehyung gasps softly at the strange feeling. They don’t feel like new memories but they are at the same time.

The way it had felt to have Jungkook on him, how ghostly he looked when Yoongi forced him off.

How dizzy he was. It explains why he suddenly remembered who Jungkook was when he woke the next morning.

Yoongi gives Taehyung a moment to get his shit together, watching in concern as Taehyung rubs gently at the sore skin of his neck. He isn’t afraid, he hadn’t been at the time.

Jungkook has been so careful since, never taking that much from Taehyung again.

“We’ve been looking into a lot about soulmates,” Yoongi says. “Between everything. So we can understand it. I’ve been told it can be very overwhelming and demanding, the need to bond right away. I don’t know. I think that’s why he lost control the first time.”

Taehyung isn’t listening. He turns, walking off towards the direction of the apartment. When Jungkook feeds from him, sometimes he can’t tell the difference between where he starts and Jungkook ends. He feels Jungkook’s heartbeat even if he doesn’t have one.

He feels...he feels whole with Jungkook, even if he has never felt like he’s been missing something before.

A normal person may be uneasy surrounded by dozens of vampires, especially being the only human in a room filled with them. But Taehyung isn’t. The only negative feeling he has is his worry and sadness for Jungkook.

Taehyung feels a little amazed by the amount of diversity in the room. It isn’t the time for research but Taehyung finds himself in that mode anyway. He wants to ask questions, to implore further, but he remains quiet. 

“He said Seokmin?” the shorter vampire from Jeonju says, eyes narrowing into Seokjin like daggers. Jihoon, Taehyung thinks his name is. 

“Yes,” Seokjin repeats for the fifth time. “Jungkook told Namjoon that Seokmin is alive and Soonyoung is with him. He was very insistent that we tell you.”

The short vampire grits his teeth. He doesn’t look as pleased as one would expect finding their family member is still alive. 

“The leader of this pack. He told you this?”

Seokjin always looks the calmest out of everyone, but right now he looks annoyed. “Yes. He had nothing to do with it. He’s helping us.”

Jihoon scoffs at that but there’s no amusement in his eyes. “How many else?”

“He said a lot. Two of our Clan is in the cellar now.”

Taehyung walks away then. He can’t stomach the thought of it. Of all of those vampires being down there, broken and chained. Probably starved, maybe burning from the nightshade Namjoon had told them about

Taehyung wanders. No one pays him much attention, doesn’t talk to him at all. Their eyes divert even when he comes near and Taehyung wonders if that’s Yoongi’s doing. 

He feels out of place, unsure where to go or how he can fit in, but he’s thankful not to be alone. 

He’s anxious.

Taehyung sighs, exiting the common area and finding his way to Jungkook’s bedroom. Just that alone is enough to bring him some comfort, even if it looks untouched and as if no one lives here.

Especially when he finds the friendship bracelet laying there. The only sign of life inside the room. The Pikachu statue is gone too and he hopes it isn’t lost. 

Taehyung hugs the bracelet onto his wrist, smiling as it sits next to his own. It’s much more used looking like Jungkook has worn it often. 

They haven’t had a chance to talk about it, not really. He wants to know how Jungkook is feeling about it all, about it being him. The boy who saved him, as he had put it. 

And the soulmate thing. They haven’t been able to talk about that either and the last few hours, Taehyung has been thinking about his connection with Jungkook. Especially since Yoongi has mentioned it.

He’s never really been interested in someone as much as he has with Jungkook. Even before he remembered who Jungkook was. It doesn’t feel like any different than normal attraction, normal crushing, normal falling for someone.

But Taehyung doesn’t know. He just knows he yearns so badly to be with him.


Taehyung tenses as his eyes lift and focuses on an unfamiliar vampire. He thinks one of the Thirteen. He has a kind face and legs that are so long they could rival Namjoon’s tree trunks.

“No harm,” the vampire instantly says. “Yoongi said if we even so much as bump into you, he’ll tear our hearts out.”

Taehyung smiles at that. “Taehyung.”

“Mingyu,” the man introduces. “You’re Jungkook’s mate.”

Taehyung opens his lips before closing them again and nods. Sure.

“It’s ironic,” Mingyu goes on, leaning in the doorway. “When I first met Jungkook, I introduced him to my mate. My soulmate, he laughed. Didn’t think they existed even though there are two pairs in our Clan.”

Taehyung’s interest is piqued and he turns, facing the vampire. He pulls a leg up, tucking his foot into his thigh. “Really?”

Mingyu hums as he nods. “Wonwoo and I. Cheol and Jihoon. It’s funny because Woo and I crossed each other’s path multiple times before we found each other. Cheol said Woo wouldn’t be quiet about going to Anyang, that he just felt he needed to be there. And that’s where he found me.”

Taehyung’s heart grows in his chest. He wonders if it was like that for Jungkook.

But the thought turns sour quickly as he wonders if the only reason Jungkook came to the place he would be enslaved in was because Taehyung was pulling him there. Their bond was pulling him there.

“I feel that now,” Taehyung admits. “I feel like I’m being tugged and tugged to get back to him.”

“You haven’t bonded yet,” Mingyu states, eyebrows raising. “The way Yoongi made it sound, you had. And no offense, him and Jungkook are a little terrifying. That’s probably why he said that.”

Taehyung snorts at that as he folds his hand over his ankle and rubs at the bone. Mingyu’s eyes are wide like a puppy when he says that. “No. Does it get easier after you bond?”

Mingyu looks contemplative before he nods. “You still want to be with them but it doesn’t feel so urgent, doesn’t feel like you will tear a limb off to be beside them. It was easier for Woo, too. He only feeds from me now but he doesn’t do it like a man starving.”

Taehyung smiles softly. He wants that for Jungkook. Even if they haven’t been together that long, or whatever they are, he wants to keep spending his time with him. Wants to explore Jungkook and fall in love with him.

But it will torture Jungkook because they can’t bond. Taehyung can deal with the pull to he near him because other than now, Jungkook is never gone from his side for too long.

He understands now why Jungkook tried to compel him into forgetting.

“It wasn’t like that for you? The feeding?”

Mingyu shakes his head. “No, I was human. I didn’t change until after we bonded. When I realized I would die and leave Wonwoo to feel that pain. But at that point, we were already bonded and I never felt that hunger like Woo.”

Taehyung stares at the tall vampire, at the way he smiles softly whenever he mentions his mate. His words don’t make sense. “You were human when you bonded?”

“Yeah. Cheol didn’t want to bring a human into the pack, but -”

But, Taehyung isn’t listening. He blurts out a quick apology before jumping from his bed. 

Mingyu looks startled by this but he moves out of the way, allowing Taehyung through. Eyes are on him as he makes his way back into the rooms of vampire, quietly turning from where they’re turned from Yoongi and Seungcheol at the head.

“We’ll be sure to have the vampire and warlock factor on our side,” Yoongi is saying. “They want one thing from me and I’ll give it to them.”

“You can’t,” Seokjin says. “Just for this?”

Yoongi nods without hesitation and Taehyung stills, watching on silently as concern crosses Seokjin’s expression.

“Just for this? Jin, this - this enslavement needs to stop. We need the factor on our side to get it to. Or this will keep happening. This is the second time Jungkook’s been locked up and I will murder everyone in South Korea if they try it a third time. It’s in the Counsel’s best interest.”

Yoongi starts to pace, rubbing his chin. 

“You know,” Jihoon adds from where he sits beside Seokjin, “even if Hyunmi is prosecuted for these crimes, even if enslaving a vampire is made illegal, it doesn’t drop the charges against Jungkook.”

Taehyung sucks in a breath and Yoongi’s eyes snap towards him. They are purple and unfriendly but Taehyung knows it isn’t towards him, but towards the truth of Jihoon’s words.

He knew it wasn’t this easy.

“I know,” Yoongi says lowly. “But what they want from me is a big deal. I’m not just asking for this enslavement to be banned, I’m asking for Jungkook back. Retribution.”

Taehyung breathes in. Even Yoongi doesn’t look convinced that this will work.

“And if we aren’t given what we want,” Yoongi says firmly, “its war.”

Chapter Text

It’s war.

The words vibrate through Taehyung’s head. He doesn’t even know what Yoongi means by that but he doesn’t like the sound of it at all.

Jungkook had said the same thing and the words are haunting him. 

“You’re not supposed to be here.”

Taehyung turns, finding Namjoon strolling down the corridor and towards him. He looks how he’s been, locked away in a court style room for days on end. Being tugged from that to the rest of his pack, the larger portion - the younger generation, and trying to convince them of what is wrong.

It had worked, distracting the Counsel. They’ve been focusing on Jimin and his recent discovery of who he is. It’s caused an outcry, a rattle amongst the pack knowing a rogue wolf existed when they for so long believed them to be no longer around. Namjoon said there was a lot of disbelievers, but he had men in place to spread the word of Jimin’s shifting, claiming they had seen it with their own eyes.

Most of it had been a glamour, but Namjoon didn’t seem to fully trust Hoseok’s capability.

They are wolves who are feeling betrayed by the lies and Namjoon’s giving them another reason to feel that way; Hyunmi’s actions with the vampires. He’s told them it could start a war between species.

Taehyung wonders how many people are going to keep saying that before it becomes true. 

“Neither should you,” Taehyung says.

The hearing is today. Taehyung doesn’t know if he’s relieved he doesn’t have to wait for it anymore or miserable because it’s already here.

He knows no matter what, Yoongi will save Jungkook from whatever conviction he’s facing. But for some reason, it hasn’t started making him feel positive yet. He is still filled up to the brim in worry that something is going to happen to him.

The worst part is, he doesn’t even know what would happen if Jungkook was convicted. Is there a vampire prison? 

“Need a break,” Namjoon says, rubbing a pinky over his eyebrow. “Wolves need sleep, unlike the warlocks and vampires.”

Despite this, instead of finding somewhere to rest, Namjoon sits on the bench beside Taehyung. “You’re not supposed to be in the hearing. Human and all.”

Taehyung scoffs, mouth opening to start complaining at that but Namjoon keeps talking.

“Though, being magically bonded to a vampire makes you a little more super creature than we originally thought,” Namjoon says, smiling as he turns to him. “You have my permission to go in. Not that you were looking for it, I’m assuming.”

Taehyung almost jumps from his seat. He grabs Namjoon’s cheeks, squishing them until he gets embarrassed. 

“Oh thank you, that saves me from having to sneak in.”

Namjoon side eyes him but doesn’t scold him. “Yoongi’s presenting his evidence against Hyumi at the start of the hearing. Our pack is on edge about him being here. You know, after Jimin killed him. Made them even more afraid of rogue wolves. I don’t think we thought of that.”

There wasn’t much time to think about anything, really. And all Taehyung has been able to think about is Jungkook, even when he’s trying so hard to focus on what is actually in front of him.

Hoseok says it’s the bond, trying to pull them back together.

“Jimin seems okay,” Taehyung says softly. At least, a lot better than when they first told him. He excitedly asks Yoongi to ‘vamp out’ again as he calls it, and he’s no longer passing out at the sight of Yoongi’s eyes.

“Yeah, yeah,” Namjoon agrees, nodding over again as he rakes his fingers through his hair. “I expected him to be angry for not telling him.”

“I didn’t,” Taehyung tells him without hesitation. He doesn’t quite understand why wolves would torment ones they find to be dormant. 

It’s just the evil in the world. People having to have someone less than them. It isn’t right, but he understands why Namjoon wanted to protect Jimin from that. 

Namjoon offers him a noncommittal shrug and nothing else in response.

“How are you, by the way?” Taehyung asks, nudging their shoulders together. “You know, with our Eomma.”

Silence falls for a minute and Taehyung lets Namjoon have it. The meeting house is mostly empty, save for the stray person here and there, and quiet for the most part. They’re close to the doors that lead into where the hearing will take place but Taehyung doesn’t hear anything behind them.

Namjoon and his mother were never close in the sense one would expect a child and mother to be. Taehyung has always wondered if he held animosity towards her for always leaving him behind, making him take care of the kids.

If he didn’t but does now because he can’t freely love who he wants to and she is holding that over his head. 

“Jimin found evidence,” Namjoon finally says, rubbing his thighs. “Journals your father wrote, letters between him and Hyunmi. It’s even more proof than just the cellar, directly tying to Hyunmi. I’m ashamed to admit that I think I always believed it to be true, even if I said I didn’t. I’m trying - I’m trying to convince the pack that supporting her, this, this is a betrayal. Disloyalty. Not me bringing it to light.”

Taehyung nods, unsure if he wants to ask for details about the journals, the letters. It goes unsaid that it’s about Jungkook and he doesn’t want his memories to become any more clear.

They’re fuzzy at times. Having been so long ago, he remembers more feeling than anything. Some actual moments. But he didn’t see a lot of what his parents had done to him. Most of their time spent together was because Taehyung could never sleep at night and always wanted to be in the same room as Jungkook.

Namjoon doesn’t give him a moment to decide to ask questions as he pulls out a small, old leather bound notepad from his pocket and hands it over. It sits in Taehyung’s hands for a minute as he stares down at the KDS inscribed on the front and refuses to open it.

“There are parts about Hyunmi wanting to interrogate these vampires, find out who killed Jimin’s mother,” Namjoon says softly. “I want to believe there was good intentions behind bad actions but she had no proof for any of the vampires she enslaved. Just enslaved them because that’s what they were; vampires.”

Carefully, Taehyung opens the notebook. After all these years, he still recognizes his father’s handwriting.

It’s a log of sorts. Dates mixed with amounts. His stomach jolts at the label days without feeding’ and hates to see how long they had pushed Jungkook.

Part of him wants to desperately, so desperately think of it as any other vampire than him, even if it’s still wrong, but his name is bolded at the top.

Vampire 17; Jungkook.

“There is a note in there, that Jungkook had shown his face in Seoul the year Jimin’s mother died,” Namjoon says as he takes the notepad back. “But there is no record of them asking him about it here. Look at this.”

Namjoon flips to a page and pulls out a small piece of paper taped inside. It seems to be a letter with his father’s name written at the top.

He had been in Seoul that year, Daesung-ah. I remember him. He is hard to forget with the way he looks. I won’t forget it, seeing a vampire so close to Seoul Hospital, I could only think he must be there for the dying humans inside.

I won’t forget it. You know I’ve been so protective of that wife of yours, I had to run right inside and assure her and her newborn son were not the next snack for a man like that. Can you imagine? A baby only a day old, already succumbed to the cruelty in this world. 

“Looks like Jungkook came to Seoul when you were born,” Namjoon hums, the corners of his mouth flicking up. 

Taehyung doesn’t know how to feel about that. He doesn’t expect guilty to be the loudest. 

He can’t get it out of his mind that this soulmate bond thing, whatever, between them, is what pulled Jungkook to the village where he was captured.

“So, he’s been stalking me my whole life.”

It’s meant to be a joke but Taehyung doesn’t laugh, only smiles softly. He wants to see Jungkook, but suddenly he doesn’t want to go in and face Hyunmi.

“You didn’t answer my question about how’re you doing with all of this.”

And Namjoon probably won’t. He’s always been like that. He’s always diverted questions about his well being and focused them onto Jimin and Taehyung instead.

“Yoongi said if this all works out, he’s leaving the area. Maybe the country,” Namjoon says, confirming Taehyung’s suspicions that he’ll change the subject. “I don’t think Jungkook will go with him.”

Taehyung laughs sadly at that, shaking his head. “He’ll have to.”

Namjoon nods to himself. “I was thinking that too. So will Jimin. People are expecting him to shift again during the next full moon. He’s not fully safe here now and he’s always wanted to travel.”

Taehyung wishes he could sink into the bench and disappear forever. It makes sense, but the three of them have never been apart for more than a short period of time, a week or two, maybe a month. And he doesn’t want Jungkook to leave the area as much as he doesn’t want Jungkook to leave Yoongi’s side wherever he goes.

“You trust them enough to take Jimin?”

Namjoon laughs softly at that. “I don’t know. Hoseok and Yoongi treat him so tenderly like they know Jimin needs it even if Jimin can kick anyone’s ass. Including theirs because I have a feeling they’d let him. Not everyone feels so negatively about Jimin, but I don’t want him around it until I can weed out all the bastards that will harm him. Pack mates or not.”

Taehyung grins, cupping Namjoon’s leg. He’s never been good with physical comfort, but his hand hovers in the air before he gently pats the back of Taehyung’s.

“Well, that’s why it’s the three of us, right? You know I don’t know a lot about this, but those who are your family, your pack, loyalty shouldn’t even be a question. It’s a habit, becomes who you are.”

Namjoon sucks in through his teeth. “I’m glad you think so Taehyung.”

There is a grim look clinging to Namjoon’s face and Taehyung hates it. He wants to ask about the plan, about Namjoon’s thoughts, but he knows Namjoon isn’t going to open up to him. 

But Taehyung is notorious for trying anyway.

“And what about Jin? Is he going with them too?” 

Namjoon shrugs. It’s enough conversation for him and he makes it obvious by the way he claps his palms to his thighs. “We should get something to eat before the hearing starts.”

The evidence is enough if supernatural court is anything like human court. 

Well, if it is like human court, enough evidence still might not be good enough to get someone convicted and not enough evidence is enough to get the wrong person convicted. Maybe it isn’t even enough to stop Jungkook from getting in trouble, but Taehyung doesn’t accept everyone else’s lack of faith in the Counsel.

Jungkook didn’t fight with Namjoon but if he had, it’s understandable why.

The fact that Namjoon can’t speak out against his mother is weighing heavily on him. It makes it hard to eat and the closer they get to the start of the hearing, the worse Taehyung feels. He finds he hates Hyunmi, despite having cared for her for so long.

Maybe loyalty isn’t truly deep down or maybe Hyunmi’s never given him a reason to have that blinding loyalty to. 

Jimin is back at the meeting house when Namjoon and Taehyung return. Namjoon explains its a place where they hold their pack meetings usually. He looks apologetic that he lies so much, having always claimed he came here for peace and quiet to do his research, not to lead an entire pack of wolves. The biggest pack of wolves on the continent.

“Yoongi is already inside,” Jimin says the moment they see each other. “Wanted to talk to the Counsel by himself. He said he doesn’t trust that your pack will choose you, hyung.”

Worry fills Namjoon’s eyes as he excuses himself and pushes through the doors without a word. It’s urgent the way he moves and Taehyung looks to Jimin to see that same worry there.

 “What’s he doing?” 

Jimin lifts his shoulders in a shrug, hands rolling over each other in front of himself. He looks just as worn out and tired as Taehyung feels.

He can’t stop thinking about what Jungkook said, telling him to stop Yoongi from whatever Jungkook had assumed he had planned. He hated the look of pain in Jungkook’s eyes.

But Namjoon had said he was only going to present the evidence of the enslaved vampires.

Namjoon’s worried eyes didn’t match up with that. 

“I don’t know.”

The meeting house is slowly filling with wolves from their village. The outside dark, which Namjoon had insisted on. Taehyung suspects to allow any of the vampires who had come to Yoongi to come as well. But vampires aren’t allowed here uninvited and he doesn’t see any of them anyway. 

By the time the doors open again, the waiting area is packed yet silence still hangs around them. There is soft murmuring here and there, but no one says much of anything.

The man that lets them in looks funny. His clothes are bright and extravagant, diamonds hanging off the lapels of his shirt and chains circling around his thighs. His hair is short in the front, bangs tickling his eyebrows, but long and hanging down to his shoulders in the back.

It’s not what Taehyung expects for someone to look like for a hearing.

“Come in, come in,” the man says, fingers lifting to wave them in and there are sparkles around his fingers that remind Taehyung of Hoseok.

“Warlock,” Jimin whispers, grabbing Taehyung’s arm as they enter the meeting room. “Head of the Counsel I think. Hongjoong. Hoseokie says he’s almost as old as him. Not as powerful. Yoongi says no one is as powerful as him but I think he’s biased because he says with those heart eyes, you know?”

Taehyung has become used to Hoseok’s magic but he’s still uneasy glancing at the warlock. 

Jimin’s ability to seem calm talking about Yoongi and Hoseok’s love for each other despite everything gives Taehyung confidence to walk through the door. His researcher side is eager to. There’s little information on the Counsel, just rumors about a governing system that rules over the supernatural.

He wishes there were different circumstances where he could see it in action. Most of the things he’s learned lately he wishes were under different circumstances.

“There’s six in each factor,” Jimin goes on as Taehyung’s eyes find them.

They’re to the left of the room, separated from each other with a small space between each group. Taehyung recognizes Jimin’s grandfather, who keeps his chin tilted and eyes away from his grandson.

They aren’t close and Jimin’s never wanted to be, especially after Hyunmi said his blood family couldn’t take him in because they were too busy . It had hurt Jimin’s feelings so badly that he still holds it with him.

The middle group is all dressed as extravagant as the warlock that had let them in. There is a shimmer around them and Taehyung blinks, thinking it’s his vision, but it doesn’t disappear. The middle seat empty between them makes Taehyung think it’s the warlock factor, the head of the Counsel, the peace keepers as Hoseok refers to them.

To the far side, there’s a more diverse collection of people. Different ethnicities, different ages. There’s even a boy that looks to be quite young, maybe a preteen, but he holds himself like he’s ancient.

The vampires.

“Oh no,” Jimin sighs, pulling Taehyung’s attention to the other side of the room before pulling Taehyung’s body that way too.

There’s a towering of empty chairs, only three occupied. He spots Yoongi, Hoseok, and Seokjin in them and none of them look happy.

“Where’s Joon?” Taehyung asks as Jimin drags him into the stands. 

He knows Jimin doesn’t know but Jimin shrugs anyway.

It’s tense, the air around the three Mins. Yoongi’s eyes are openly purple, his jaw tense. His body too, shifted in his seat and away from Hoseok beside him.

“Hey pretty pup,” Hoseok greets, a soft smile on his lips as he pats the seat beside him but he isn’t as bright as usual. “Tae. Welcome to the show.”

It’s uncomfortable and Taehyung wants to ask what happened, but Jimin is beating him to it.

“What happened?”

Hoseok rolls his eyes. “Namjoon and Yoongi here decided to go rogue. Little wolf and this sweet cheeks here has had a plan of their own this whole time and never bothered to share. Been keeping so very important information to themselves.”

He speaks with a soft smile but there’s annoyance in his voice. 

“What is it?”

Hoseok pushes a finger to his lips as a clap sounds through the room. It’s loud as if done with a megaphone but Taehyung doesn’t see one.

The wolves settling into their seats quickly do so and a few moments later, silence falls upon everyone. 

The warlock that had opened the doors doesn’t return to his seat and is nowhere to be seen. The silence seems to drag on for a moment before the doors open again and Hyunmi enters. She greets the Counsel with a bow before standing before them.

The sight of her makes Taehyung’s stomach twist and Jimin is shifting uncomfortably beside him.

This is the woman that took them both in when they were too young and had nowhere else to go. The same woman who took in a dozen of vampires and chained them, starved them.

“I want to thank you, Counsel, for coming so promptly,” Hyunmi starts off, her voice echoing through the room. “I know there have been events that have distracted us from the reason you’ve traveled all the way to our village, but I find it of the most important that we get to it as soon as possible.

“As you’ve been told, my son, the leader of the Seoul Kims, had been attacked by a vampire on the streets of Seoul. This is an act of war, a high crime, and we wish to see that the accused is given the highest of -”

One of the warlocks in the middle holds up a hand, his fingers adorned with thick, bulky rings. Hyunmi looks annoyed but presses her lips into a thin line.

“I apologize Hyunmi-ssi, but we can’t start the hearing until your son and Hongjoong return. Some new information has come to light and I find it to be of much more import than the punishment of a vampire acting on behalf of his beloved.”

Hyunmi’s eyes widen at this, her body tensing. She clasps her hands in front of her body, her knuckles turning white from how hard she holds them. 

Beloved . Taehyung wonders if it was Namjoon or Yoongi that referred to him this way. 

“May I ask what is more important than the leader of the largest pack in South Korea being attacked? Unprovoked?”

Taehyung bites hard into his lip, wanting to scream out that that’s not the case, but someone is speaking his thoughts for him.

“Unprovoked might be a stretch,” a vampire says, their tone just as emotionless as their face. “Or completely inaccurate. That’s for us to decide.”

Hoseok leans to Jimin and Taehyung then and despite his earlier, grumpier look, he looks pleased.

“Vampires and their big hearts. They love love more than anything even if they’re too hard headed to admit it.”

Taehyung wants to smile at that. He’s always heard that about vampires and he’s seen it himself. He remembers how soft Jungkook had looked when he told him how big of hearts vampires had. Maybe he was even a little surprised when Taehyung said that.

“You don’t have to admit it out loud,” Taehyung says as he looks back to the court. “It’s the actions that show it.”

Maybe Hoseok agrees with him, but he isn’t paying attention to his response as the vampire continues speaking, his eyes finding Taehyung in the crowd.

Maybe he’s paranoid, but he’s sure the vampire is looking to him. Right at him.

“I would like to ask you Hyunmi, what your thoughts on soulmates are?”

Taehyung tenses, staring back at the vampire. There is a grin on his lips before his eyes shift to Hyunmi and Taehyung finds his own follow.

Now, he can only see the back of her.

“I don’t think I know what you mean.”

Hoseok stands suddenly, clearing his throat in a way that it echoes through the entire Counsel and captures everyone’s attention. He fixes the bedazzled blazer he wears, grinning.

“I am overly joyed by the mention of this,” Hoseok says, the size of his smile showing just how joyed he is. “I apologize to you all, but I am more than capable of stepping in Hongjoong’s place. For it was I that got him the position in the first place. That little minx and I have known each other since we were in diapers. And I am quite invested in this topic at hand.”

There is a rattle amongst the audience but no one speaks out against Hoseok. He waits for it, looking around before he makes a move to step out of the stand.

Yoongi jerks his hand out to reach for him but quickly retreats it. 

“Hoseok-ssi, your relationship with the accused is too personal,” Hyunmi says, turning to look their way. Her eyes aren’t kind when they find Taehyung.

“Oh, indeed it is,” Hoseok agrees. “My personal relationship with Jungkook is the only reason I’m in Seoul to begin with. In the cold .” Hoseok makes a face. “You know I much rather be on an island.”

The warlocks seem amused, even the vampires’ lips twitch a centimeter up. Hoseok is captivating to watch, even if he’s not talking about anything. It’s the way he moves so eloquently, slow in his movements, a hand propped up and wrist bent, finger twirling in time with his footsteps.

“I have little to see what this -”

Hoseok huff, holding up a finger to cut Hyunmi off. He holds her gaze for a moment, slowly moving down the steps towards the ground level.

“As I was saying, I’m sure you know about soulmates. That uncontrollable tug and pull to be by their side, to mate. That primal instinct to protect at all costs. Well, when you’ve lived five hundred years being enemies with the wolf, you’ll see them as a threat even when they aren’t. A twist of a romance, I tell you. Jungkookie’s soulmate is surrounded by them. I’m sure you know of this same tragic feeling, yes Hyunmi?”

Hyunmi’s jaw locks. “As I said, I do not know what this has to do with anything.”

A mock look of surprise takes over Hoseok’s face. He clutches his hands to his chest, eyes wide as he looks between the Counsel and where Taehyung and they are sitting.

“Oh no? Ah right, yes. You weren’t here when my sweet Yoongi spoke to the Counsel.”

It is quiet for only the briefest of moments before the crowd around them shifts as if they’re unsettled. 

“The dramatics are unneeded,” Jimin’s grandfather, Jongho, says with an irritated look on his face. “Hyunmi-ssi, the Head of the Min Clan presented the Counsel with an argument that Jungkook’s attack was only out of love. Love you understand.”

There is another shuffle and Jimin gasps again, an intake of breath before he’s turning his head to look accusingly at Yoongi.

“You didn’t.”

Yoongi licks his lips like he’s unbothered but when his eyes meet Jimin, it’s obvious that he is. “It wasn’t me. It was that leader of yours that told the Counsel.”

He points to his ear then and nudges his head towards where the vampire factor sits.

Jimin presses his lips tightly together and stares ahead.

He looks mad but when Yoongi shifts into Hoseok’s empty seat to take Jimin’s hand, he lets him. 

In any other circumstance, Taehyung would feel warm at how indignant Jimin looks but still let’s his eyes wander to their clasped hands as he inhales. 

Hyunmi‘a laughter drags Taehyung’s attention back to him. “Wolves are known for their loyalty and love they have for their pack members. Of course I know the love one would have for their own.”

There is a muttering of agreement from the crowd and Taehyung isn’t following. He doesn’t understand the way Hoseok paces, finger twirling in the air around his head. He looks like a lawyer, his other hand rubbing over his jaw as he circles around Hyunmi.

“Interesting. But that’s not the type of love Counsel member Jongho means, I suppose,” Hoseok says and the wolves look irritated by his interference.

But the warlocks and the vampires, they look at Hoseok like they’re interested in every word he has to say.

“You’ve heard of soulmates, yes?”

Hyunmi has been tense this entire time, but now her hands curl into fists by her sides. “I have. Legends. Everyone has heard them.”

“But you ,” Hoseok says, stopping to wag his twirling finger at her, “you know it personally.”

“Enough,” Jongho says, face starting to redden. “The accusations are only set to distract us from the true crime at hand here!”

There is some agreement and Taehyung feels his heart lurch up in this throat when angered eyes fall onto Hoseok.

As always, he looks completely unbothered. Maybe one of his brothers could better tell his true feelings, have had spent so many years with him, but Taehyung finds Hoseok to be truly enjoying himself.

“But isn’t it completely relevant? Hyunmi here was ready to leave her pack for love, love she claims to be of soulmates. Abandon her pack without a leader. Break all laws for soulmate love.”

Hyunmi starts stuttering but it can’t be heard over the rumble of talking around them. 

Quiet ,” a voice echoes through the meeting room as a purpled haired warlock stands, a finger pressed to his throat. “Hyunmi isn’t on trial here, Hoseok-ssi.”

“No,” Hoseok sighs and he looks bummed , eyes wide and shoulders sagging. “No, unfortunately not yet. I don’t believe one should be prosecuted for their love, but I’m simply saying, a love that strong makes you do silly things! And Hyunmi here knows it.”

Taehyung wonders if Hoseok is stalling or if there is really a point to all of this. He can’t find one if there is. 

Hyunmi’s been alone as long as he remembers. Namjoon’s father gone for most of his life, though now Taehyung wonders if there’s another reason behind his leaving of the pack. Maybe he disagreed with Hyunmi’s actions.

“You are stalling,” Hyunmi accuses instead of responding. 

“No, I’d just rather not sit in silence while we wait for Hongjoong and Namjoon’s return, how terribly boring.”

Yoongi laughs, a quiet sound under his breath that shouldn’t be heard by anyone more than the people around him but Hoseok’s eyes find his and he winks.

“What better way to fill the time but with a story of epic love? Hyunmi, if you would, please tell us of your eloping with Park Ji Yoo.”

Silence hangs heavy after that. Hoseok continues to look at Hyunmi, awaiting an answer, but Taehyung is turning to Jimin.

His cheeks are red and his bottom lip trapped beneath his teeth. He isn’t looking at the people in front of him but down in his lap, where his hand so securely fits over Yoongi’s.

There is no surprise on his face and Taehyung wonders if Namjoon and he weren’t the only two out of their three hiding a secret. 

“How are you allowing this?” Jongho finally bursts, turning to his other Counsel members. “The warlock is not in charge here!”

Another laugh from Yoongi and Hoseok looks delighted, clapping his hands together. There’s a shimmer slipping from his fingers, the air around him vibrating with it.

“I’m sorry, Park Jongho, but before this hearing started, the Counsel agreed to cooperate with Yoongi’s list of demands before he offers the information you so desperately crave,” Hoseok says, the amusement slipping from his features as the vibrations grow heavier around him. “Every demand. This is one. The Min Clan wants the story of Hyunmi and Ji Yoo. You were there, your wolves voted in favor for us to retrieve it.”

The warlock with the purple hair nods, gesturing towards Hoseok to continue.

“Speak, Alpha Hyunmi. And speak with the truth.”

She doesn’t, not at first. She glares and her eyes shine like Namjoon’s had when she was angry. It’s uncomfortable to watch.

“I did not elope with Park Ji Yoo,” Hyunmi finally says, voice steady. “We were going to, but she was killed before we made it through the mountains.”

A gasp rattles inside of Taehyung’s chest and sounds out loud around him. There’s an echo of it, like people in the audience are doing the wave with their shocked noises. 

Jimin is quiet.

“Killed by a vampire,” Hyunmi corrects, tone harsh. “She was dormant, they did not know her to be a wolf.”

Taehyung thinks he hears Yoongi muttering about her lying but Jimin is quieting him. Taehyung wants to take Jimin’s hand too, knowing how much he misses the mother he never had. But he looks strong right now, eyes clear but still focused on his lap.

“And what was the reason for this running away? This eloping?”

“You sound like you already know the answer,” Hyunmi snaps angrily. 

“I do,” Hoseok replies. “Soulmates you claimed to be. Or at least, that’s what you told your son, yes? When he found letters of goodbyes from you hidden in your things? Reasons and apologies for why you were going to abandon him?”

Taehyung inhales, chest puffing. What .

He considers demanding an answer from Yoongi because Hoseok’s clearly drawing this out, but Yoongi is staring hard at Hoseok in a way that makes Taehyung nervous to interrupt him.

It’s Jimin that does, looking up to Taehyung’s wide eyes. They’re watery now, not as strong.

“I found them,” Jimin whispers. “Years ago.”

He says it apologetically like it’s something that would upset Taehyung. It does, but that sadness isn’t directed at   Jimin and Namjoon. But for them.

“Soulmates who couldn’t be together, you to lead the pack and her rogue . So in love you would abandon your own son? Expect him to lead one of the greatest packs in the country, yet without a mentor to teach him how to? No parents at all?”

There is commotion from the wolf factor but Hoseok waves his hands and their mouths keep moving but nothing comes out of any of them.

Jimin is no longer looking at his hands but around them, eyes wide with worry when they flock back to Hoseok. Taehyung feels the same way, feels the restlessness and confusion growing around him. Inside of him, everywhere.

Namjoon didn’t mention a word of this. 

“So in love that you would seek vengeance for the death of your beloved? Perhaps, enslaving vampires? Stealing from them, making them feel as weak as you felt after her death? Because that’s what happens when a soulmate dies, you break apart inside. It’s the worst kind of pain and vampires and wolves are quite similar in their desire for vengeance.”

Taehyung can tell people are moving, talking around him but it’s all silence. Hoseok has silenced them all. He wonders if he opens his lips, if any sounds would come out. 

Because there’s one building up in his throat. He isn’t that close to Jungkook yet, they haven’t known each other long in the grand scheme of things, but it already hurts as bad as his first heartbreak did thinking Jungkook is going to leave after this.

“You,” Hyunmi starts, throwing a finger at him. “That is a wild accusation.”

She turns to the Counsel, continuing her objections but no one looks convinced.

Taehyung is so nervous his hands are trembling. His stomach feels sick and that rage is back inside of him, that rage that feels like is coming from Jungkook.

He must be close by and Taehyung so desperately wants to find him just to hide the tremble inside of him.

“Hoseok, this is an intense accusation,” the purple haired warlock says. 

“Is it?” Hoseok supplies. “It isn’t illegal to enslave vampires, is it? Hyunmi would be in no trouble here? Well, I mean before. Yoongi did demand that the enslaving of vampires become illegal.”

“And that will happen,” a vampire on the Counsel interrupts. “Though, I feel humans who know of us will be less interested in enslaving vampires for their venom and finding out more of the vampires created by warlocks.”

There is no amusement on Hoseok’s face now, he looks pissed actually. He claps his hands together, rubbing them softly as his chest puffs in an inhale. Yoongi is cussing now loudly and Jimin’s eyes are wide in concern, hurt. 

“My point ,” Hoseok says, dragging the conversation back to the one he started, “is that by punishing Jungkook for the actions you lied and said he did, you will be giving that same pain to another boy you were to raise and love. You will be giving him enough pain to kill him, a member of your pack.”

It feels like all eyes are turning to Taehyung then and he wants to make himself small but he doesn’t. He keeps his chin tilted, eyes focused on Hyunmi but she never turns to look at him. 

“You’re pulling at straws to save your own Clan mate,” someone calls from the crowd. There is a chatter of agreement around them.

Hoseok laughs, shrugging. “Maybe so. I’m just wondering why my Clan, your apparent enemy here, is more concerned about the wellbeing of Taehyung dropping dead then the woman who raised him?”

Taehyung shrinks some now. The words throb through him and he doesn’t know if Hoseok is just saying it for dramatics or in truth. He opens his lips to continue and Taehyung braces himself in anticipation.

But the doors are opening them, cutting him off as Hongjoong reveals himself. He is shimmering too, but there’s something angry about it.

“Excuse me,” Hongjoong says, Namjoon following in behind him. There is crowd slipping through the door after them, including Jaebeom and other people Taehyung grew up with in the village. People Taehyung has learned to be wolves just like Namjoon.

He sees the vampires too, the Thirteen. Between the leader and Jihoon is a man who looks to be a zombie, face sunken in and gray.

It isn’t until then, as the crowd moves in, that Taehyung sees even more creatures like him. Nearly dead looking. Limbs hanging, faces sunken in. 

Jimin sucks in a gasp, hand shooting out to grip Taehyung’s thigh.

“I am sorry to say that what the young wolf had claimed is true,” Hongjoong announces. “As much as I didn’t believe it. Today has been a very interesting day, I’m afraid.”

Dread fills Taehyung as he watches Namjoon. He stares ahead, at nothing, jaw tight, but the way he rubs his fingers tells Taehyung just how nervous he is. 

He wonders why Namjoon didn’t tell him this before. This isn’t just an opening up about feelings kind of deal, this is - just a lot . There is no other word for that. Taehyung can’t even wrap his head around the fact that Namjoon found a letter like that from his mother. 

Taehyung wants to know when. How long he had been sitting on this. If he recently changed his mind as he seemed so sure that he could not speak against Hyunmi. 

Namjoon had said it was illegal and he’s doing it in front of the Counsel who could prosecute him for it. 


Jungkook can hear the commotion inside the meeting room. He listens to it, Hoseok’s going ons, not quite bringing everything to a point but building a suspension for it. Seokmin had told him about being questioned about Park Ji Yoo’s death but Jungkook never had been.

Anger is hot inside of him but he’s still chained. The key is still in his pocket but he doesn’t trust himself to uncuff himself.

He wants to tear everyone inside apart but Taehyung is in there, he feels it.

He doesn’t give a shit if Hyunmi and Ji Yoo were mated and married thousands of years. It doesn’t make what she did right, excuse her actions at all. 

“Your hearing is better than mine, what are they saying?”

Jungkook gazes over towards his guard, the bartender. Jackson. He had been the one to take Jungkook from the cellar, whispering on about how Namjoon had knocked out another guard so it could be him.

So no one noticed the sun ring on his finger. Jungkook wonders how the Counsel would respond if the wolves had left him to burn. If they would be fine with it or if they’re suddenly interested in him now because Yoongi fucking told them about where he gets his power.

A power they’re probably only concerned with because it’s more than they possess. 

Fucking balance. Jungkook doesn’t understand how it exists when so many people are determined to overthrow it.

“Park Ji Yoo and Hyunmi were lovers.”

Jackson whistles. He looks a lot calmer than Jungkook feels. His trust for Namjoon is present right now, but still wavering. he knows if he had to, he could take on Jackson even cuffed.

Namjoon had told him Jackson was on their side but he doesn’t know yet what side Namjoon is on.

He won’t believe it’s theirs until he proves it.

Deep down, very deep down, Jungkook feels bad if it’s true that Namjoon discovered letters like that. Taehyung’s always going on about how hard Namjoon worked and did everything his mother wanted him to do. All of it just to find out his mother didn’t want him from the start.

“Hyunmi was going to abandon your leader to elope,” Jungkook rattles off because the sound of his own voice is better than silence.

Jackson’s easy going face falls at that. He nearly turns white before he rubs awkwardly at his neck. “Shit. Shit. That makes a lot more sense.”

“What?” Jungkook asks, pulling at his cuffs some. They still bite and burn at his skin and he wonders why the leader wolf didn’t give him a regular pair of fucking cuffs. 

“The pack has been really giving Joon a hard time about what he’s doing. Disloyal or whatever. I say fuck that, my loyalty’s always been with Joon. It was him helping me with schoolwork, you know? Not Hyunmi. She might have taken us in but it was always Joon that took care of us.”

Jungkook narrows his eyes before cocking his head back and wishing he didn’t ask. He doesn’t want to hear about Jackson’s childhood and how his loyalty is determined by who helps him with his subtraction.

But he doesn’t want to listen to the hearing either. He knew it, he knew in his gut that Yoongi was going to wager the truth to his power.

It doesn’t make sense. Vampires have been enslaved for hundreds and thousands of years. Why now? Why is it so important for Yoongi to stop this now? 

The power Jungkook can feel seeping through the doors has Jungkook wondering if it’s only a distraction tactic, but his heart wants to stammer in his chest when he thinks Hoseok’s going to tell them.

The mention of Taehyung dropping dead has a fire burning over Jungkook’s skin like he has been sitting in the sun. So powerful, he misses the slam of the doors opening. 

I am sorry to say that what the young wolf had claimed is true. As much as I didn’t believe it.

Snapping his head back up, he points a finger at Jackson to tell him to shut up. He can hear the thundering hearts of the wolves inside but one stands out more than them all.

Even if he doesn’t see him, Jungkook knows it’s Taehyung. He is hurting and his heart is racing so fast Jungkook is digging into his pocket for the damn key before he can even wonder why it’s racing.

“You can’t,” Jackson starts, hands flying up as Jungkook fumbles to stick the key into his cuff.

“I’ll eat your arm off if you try to stop me,” Jungkook grits out, warning Jackson to stay back. 

Jackson cusses something about not being paid enough, or at all , but Jungkook doesn’t listen as he frees himself and lets the key fly to the floor.

The commotion is loud and Jungkook is careful in the way he sneaks through the back door of the courtroom, opening it just enough for his body to fit through.

On the ground level, he spots Hoseok first. He’s sparkling, face a mask of rage. Hyunmi’s looks just as angered. Namjoon isn’t looking at either of them.

Jungkook sneaks around the stands the Counsel sits in as fast and quietly as he can until he slips behind the crowd seeping into the room. He spots Seokmin first, who cups tightly to the hand of the other vampire from his Clan that had been captured.

Seokmin nods when their eyes meet and it takes Jungkook a moment to figure out what he’s doing when he turns. He nudges the arms around him and the people around him form a wall, stepping back, until there is a small barrier and space for Jungkook to slip through unnoticed. 

It’s almost like an eagerness, but a more negative feeling, that has Jungkook nearly tripping over his feet until he gets to Taehyung.

Taehyung doesn’t see him first. Eyes wide and wet as they stare down at the crowd. Yoongi’s eyes are on him but he’s sure they have been since he stepped into the room.

They are neither warning nor scolding, only watching. 


Taehyung jolts when Jungkook touches his hand. His eyes go wide, his heart thumping so hard Jungkook feels it. 

It’s ten times more than before. The feeling of being beside of Taehyung. Ten times more than the first time Jungkook felt that beating in his chest, felt what it was like to have Taehyung so close.

Taehyung clutches onto Jungkook’s hand, holding it tight and breathing in so sharply, Jungkook wonders if he can feel it too. 

“What are you doing?”

“What’s wrong?” Jungkook breathes, ignoring the question. He wants to pull Taehyung out of here and inspect him for damages. But he can’t. He didn’t think this through really, he just needed to get to Taehyung.

“This is ridiculous!” Hyunmi says in the background, Taehyung’s eyes flicking to her. “Those cellars haven’t been used in decades! If you truly found them there, it has nothing -”

Yoongi’s chair is loud as it scrapes across the ground and Jungkook ducks, hiding behind the chair Taehyung sits behind not to be seen. He glares at Yoongi.

“I don’t believe Hongjoong mentioned anything about cellars.”

Jungkook doesn’t even need to look at Yoongi to know he’s radiating off power the way Hoseok radiates magic. He can hear it in his voice, the one he so rarely uses because he doesn’t like to flaunt just how powerful he is.

“And not in years? Soonyoung and Seokmin of the Thirteen have been gone for less than a year,” Yoongi goes on. “Their Clan tracked them to this village.”

For a moment, Jungkook is conscious of how rough he must look as concern fills Taehyung’s eyes with every glance his way. He keeps his hands hanging between his legs, letting Jungkook hold them without being seen.

Jungkook doesn’t understand the source of Taehyung’s pain but he’s still feeling it. It’s raw and deep, Jungkook doesn’t understand it. Doesn’t understand how it’s inside his chest like it’s his own feeling. 

Yoongi lists off vampires that have all disappeared over the last few years, all which stand in the courtroom looking like zombies. Their own Clans beside them even though some, Jungkook knows, are from distances away. 

They put this together quickly, Jungkook thinks. But he would speed across the entire Earth if one of his Clan had been lost and then found.

“The Min Clan, the Thirteen, every vampire you see before you and Kim Namjoon’s pack, there is no difference between us,” Yoongi announces. He takes a step to the side, subtly shielding his body over Jimin’s. “We are one Clan today and I’ll be honest, I was fully prepared to go to war if you didn’t listen to us. I upheld my end of the bargain here. You know the source of my power. I want Hyunmi arrested and Jungkook released.”

Jungkook rips his eyes up at Yoongi at that, but he’s too close for Jungkook to see his face. He can’t see much more than his profile and Jungkook wants to stand up and take his side.

He hopes he didn’t ruin Yoongi’s plan by releasing his cuffs and running in here, but he hopes that Yoongi knows about the bond and won’t judge Jungkook too harshly.

“Arrested?” Jongho snaps. His voice shakes like he is starting to lose his composure and he understands now why Hoseok was baiting them. The angrier, the more loose lipped and reckless. “For what?” 

“For what?” Yoongi laughs. “When you abandon your pack, you cannot rejoin it until you are given forgiveness by the leading alpha. Even if he was young, Hyunmi’s abandonment left Namjoon at the head. A child. She’s betrayed her pack in more ways than one.”

There’s a rumble of noise and Jungkook wants to reveal himself when Yoongi starts to walk away. But there is a shimmer surrounding the four of them that Jungkook can both see and feel.

It’s purple tint tells Jungkook it’s a protective shield but it’s so light he isn’t sure anyone without supernatural sight can see it.

“And I don’t accept her as part of the pack,” Namjoon says, attempting confidence but there’s a waver in his voice.

Taehyung’s pain grows and Jungkook drags his hands to his lips and kisses him softly.

He’s hurting because of Namjoon. It’s raw because of how much he cares for him. Jungkook understands the feeling now but he wants to take it away from Taehyung. If he could do so, he would rip it from his chest and bury it in the deepest pits of Hell just so it couldn’t ever reach him again. 

“I don’t accept any member of the Seoul Kims who does not stand beside me. Standing against me is an act of disloyalty. Standing behind Hyunmi, a traitor, and you will be faced with the same exile she will,” Namjoon goes on, the waver slowly leaving his voice. “Counsel, I address you now and I’d like to state, on the record, that it was I that attacked Jeon Jungkook in Seoul. He never touched me.”

Jungkook moves to stand but there’s a voice in his head, Hoseok’s voice, telling him not to.

It’s only happened once before. Hoseok getting into his head, speaking to him. It’s jarring. 

“I’d also like to request that any wolf, including Hyunmi, who is involved in the enslaving of these vampires be exiled and not allowed to rejoin a pack. A pack of any kind. I don’t wish for Hyunmi to be punished for abandoning us, I understand that amount of love one feels for a person. But this - this is unacceptable. We have enough evidence to prove her hand in this.”

The commotion is loud but not loud enough to be from everyone in the room. Taehyung’s hands tremble slightly and his eyes are wide as he stares around him and finally meets Jimin’s.

Despite the noise, Jungkook hears the whizzing sound. Something flying through the air before the protective shield ripples from something shiny and sharp smashing into it.

Right in front of Seokjin’s face.

Taehyung jumps but Jungkook holds onto his hands as he jumps to his feet, standing protectively before him. There isn’t even a thought in his head, his body moving on its own accord to cover Taehyung behind him.

Down on the ground level, there’s a commotion as the anger fills Namjoon, eyes immediately glowing and teeth baring. He moves instantly to get to them, but Hoseok is stopping them.

Another whizz of metal, now with people’s attention, has a commotion erupting around them. Wolves swarming towards Hyunmi, healthy vampires tucking their starved family members below them.

But it isn’t Hyunmi who threw the piece of metal. She’s too low to the ground. The eyes are on her and where Seokjin sits, not behind them.

Hoseok must catch on to it too as his hands move the moment Park Jongho stands. Reckless, just like Hoseok wanted. 

Jungkook watches as Jongho’s arm moves back, the metal between his fingers glimmering before it snaps back.

Agony twists over Jungho’s face as Hoseok snaps his fingers and his arm twists again. The Counsel is moving now, the room becoming a mess of yelling and movement.

It reminds him of war, though it’s nothing like it. The screaming, the commotion, the fights breaking out as the wolves slip away from the stands and to join the commotion.

It’s a declaration of disloyalty, every wolf who fights against who stands behind Namjoon. Fighting against the vampires. Yoongi had called them all one Clan and Namjoon is quickly going to see just which wolves are against him.

Jungkook whips around and grabs Taehyung’s thighs to lift him into his arms before he takes off. So quick and fast speed despite his weak state that Taehyung barely has time to grab onto his shoulders. 

When Taehyung gets his bearings he is gripping and shoving at Jungkook to let him go. Panic fills Jungkook that someone will see, follow, but he needs to get Taehyung out. Far away, preferably, but he doesn’t have the time to run Taehyung to another country.

He collides into Jackson, pushing Taehyung to his feet and into the wolf.

“Get him out.”

Taehyung’s hair is whipped around his head and he looks off kilter as he tries to regain his balance. It doesn’t stop him from grabbing Jungkook’s shirt though, putting all of his strength into tugging him back. 

“What are you doing? What's going on?” Taehyung wheezes.

“That’s going to be a fight,” Jungkook breathes, ducking forward to kiss the corner of Taehyung’s mouth. “Go. I’ll find you, you know I will. I’ll always find you.”

Taehyung starts to say something but Jungkook is running back inside before he can.

It is a fight. The wolves in the stands against the wolves on the floor. Jungkook doesn’t know enough about the wolves to know who is behind Namjoon and who isn’t. He’s careful as he tosses them aside, no major damage just in case.

Maybe he doesn’t fully trust Namjoon, but he stood against his mother for the sake of Jungkook, of the vampires. It’s enough for Jungkook to be on his side at the moment.

Jungkook could feel the power Hoseok had been strumming up, knew he was building it, but he doesn’t realize it’s because he had been anticipating a fight until he stops it.

Everyone turns into a statue, their bodies frozen in whatever stance they had been in when the magic floods through the room. There is blood everywhere, matted on clothes, smeared across the ground. Jungkook hates the feeling of it but he hates even more how angered Hoseok looks. 

He’s always bright and smiling but right now he looks murderous. 

“Enough,” Hoseok wheezes. Concern fills Jungkook when he sees his hair lighten in color. Yoongi grunts, but he too is frozen with his arms circling around Jimin. “Enough. This is just a taste of what is to come if you do not remedy this. We’ve given you what you’ve asked for, yet you sit up there and allow this to happen.”

Hoseok looks to the Counsel, the few that are left still in the stands just watching the mess before them.

“This is nothing,” Hoseok goes on, anger radiating from him and his skin pales alongside his hair. “This is barely a battle and there will be one. It isn’t just one measly Clan that has been harmed, even if one is enough. Call yourself peacekeepers but this will keep happening if you allow the enslaving of vampires.”

There is a beat right before Hoseok’s hair turns white and he slumps to the ground and the hold around them releases.

Jungkook tears across the floor but Yoongi is there first, knocking him aside like he doesn’t even realize he’s there.

Yoongi is quick to scoop Hoseok into his arms. There is alarm in his eyes and he doesn’t care about who sees before he bites into his own wrist and shoves it against Hoseok’s mouth.

No one moves as the purple seeps from Yoongi’s wrist and past Hoseok’s lips.

Only once has Jungkook seen Hoseok drain himself by using too much magic. Yoongi had burst into the home they had been living at the time, somewhere in Europe, with Hoseok slumped in his arms.

He had been so white he was almost recognizable. Yoongi never told him what happened.

It took days for Hoseok to recover. Days where Jungkook was afraid that any movement of his would cause him to collapse again. 

“I am afraid,” Yoongi starts, voice steady, “that if you do not side with us today, Counsel, you will be an enemy of every vampire in this room today. And if you’ve forgotten, there is not a single one of you that is more powerful than me.”

Jungkook shifts a hand beneath Hoseok’s head as Yoongi pulls away to stand. A body bumps into him and Jungkook feels a warning growl building inside of him before he spots Jimin’s gentle hands cupping Hoseok’s cheeks.

The moment Hoseok dropped, the barrier broke. As much as Jimin’s presence has felt like an itch beneath his skin, they are as Yoongi said - one Clan, one Pack today.

And the way Jimin looks at Hoseok gives Jungkook enough trust to let him touch him.

“And you will be an enemy of the Seoul Kims,” Namjoon announces from somewhere behind him. “We stand beside the vampires and the Seoul Kims do not recognize any wolf that doesn’t stand with us.”

There are more declarations of unity but Jungkook focused on Hoseok, watching Jimin wipe the purple from the corner of his mouth.

“The wolves that reside in the mountains alongside us stand with us as well,” Seungcheol adds. “They are on there way here now. As well as the Bhuwakul Pack of Thailand. The Chois of Mokpo.”

Jungkook looks around when he doesn’t hear Hyunmi, who has been prone for interruption.

He finds her on her knees, pressed down by a wolf with his hands hard on her shoulder.

The purpled hair warlock still sitting stands. Jiwon, Jungkook thinks, claps his hands together in front of himself.

“Quite a dramatic act,” Jiwon sighs. Jongho is no longer sitting amongst the Counsel, he isn’t in the room at all, dragged out by his other members after Hoseok broke his arm. “Truly unnecessary. You’ve made your point and we’ve already agreed to it.”

Hongjoong is on the ground level and he kneels beside Jimin, touching beneath Hoseok’s chin. He tugs his hand back when Jungkook bares his teeth. 

“We are the peace keepers,” Hongjoong says, eyes on Jungkook and Jungkook doesn’t like it. “We can punish the wolf for her acts. There is enough evidence given. Never once has there been wolves and vampires coming together to stand up for the same thing.”

Hongjoong stands, turning to face the purple haired warlock. “It’s what we’ve been waiting for. We recognize there was no fight until Jongho stepped in. We will investigate this. I have a feeling the elder wolf’s intention was to start a fight here.”

There’s a confused murmur and anger grows inside of Jungkook. It’s blinding, consuming, keeping him from realizing that he can feel Taehyung so close to him.

“Excuse me?” 

That’s Yoongi, the same rage in his voice.

“Enslaving vampires has always been allowed by the hands of a human. But never a supercreature. Any supercreature that assists, werewolf or warlock, demon or vampire, will be punished. It’s always been the law.”

“Never a law that’s been upheld,” Yoongi grits out. 

Hongjoong shrugs at that. Jungkook moves to stand but there’s a hand cupping at his neck and a second later Taehyung is kneeling beside him.

There is worry in his eyes when he looks to Hoseok but softness in his features when he looks to Jungkook. 

He’ll kill Jackson for letting him back in here, one Pack one Clan be damned.

“You might find it in your favor that we do not uphold every law,” Hongjoong says. “The evidence Alpha Kim presented me against his mother also can be used against Jungkook in the deaths of Kim Daesung and Kim Yunhee.”

Taehyung grips hard around Jungkook’s neck. He isn’t strong enough to hold him back but Jungkook’s need to be beside him in a room full of angry creatures has him remaining.

“Jungkook did kill Daesung and Yunhee,” Namjoon says and Taehyung whips his head around, hurt radiating from him. “He did so to save one of my pack and for that, I am indebted to him. Unlike my mother, I place the safety of my members to the highest regard. Any person, creature, that protects them, I am indebted to.”

There is a murmuring and Hongjoong sighs, waving his fingers towards where they huddle around Hoseok. Hoseok’s eyes move beneath his eyelids but they don’t open. 

“We will discuss this when you’ve all calmed and Hoseok has regained strength. Alpha Kim, Yoongi. The rest of you return to where you are staying. I’m afraid the starved vampires must be under the guidance of the vampire factor. We can’t have them tearing through Seoul. We will make sure they’re fed.”

No one moves. No one says a word and Jungkook isn’t sure what to do, what to trust.

“Lock Hyunmi in the cellar,” Hongjoong finally concludes. 

“You will talk to us now,” Yoongi says as Hongjoong moves like he is to leave. “It is in your best interest to do so. I am pissed off and I cannot promise it won’t be me that rips through Seoul due to my impatience.”

Hongjoong takes a long look at Yoongi before he smiles. “I am sure of that, Min. I too would want to tear through a city if my lover was lying on the floor like that.”

Jungkook paces. He is cuffed again, a precautionary measure he had been told. Whatever he’s pissed.

Staring at an unconscious Hoseok doesn’t help but he finds his eyes constantly traveling back to him. His head rests in Jimin’s lap as Jimin gently strokes his white hair and hums softly.

Taehyung is beside them, hands tucked between his thighs and eyes following Jungkook as he paces. His shoulders are hunched and maybe Jungkook sees part of the boy he can’t remember fully in him. 

Yoongi and Namjoon have been inside the meeting room for an hour. 

An hour, a small amount of time in the centuries Jungkook has lived but that hour feels like a century itself. He doesn’t know what they could be discussing. Yoongi told them what they wanted to know, the Counsel agreed to hold up their end of the bargain. 

Demands have been met on both sides as far as Jungkook knows. But he knows little, like always .

It’s his aggravation and exhaustion eating away at him. He doesn’t know where to direct it and every thought entering his brain only fuels it to become stronger.

“Jungkook, come here.”

Jungkook’s feet move before he can tell them to. There is no space beside him, but Taehyung tugs him down until he’s propped on his knees.

It would be ironic at some other point in time, some other circumstance, that Jungkook moves like he’s bound by a man with Jungkook’s rings on his fingers but it’s welcomed.

“You look like death.”

“I am dead,” Jungkook says offhandedly. He’s tired and anxious but Taehyung is warm and comforting. Being beside him doesn’t rid the feeling but makes it feel less like he’s being thrashed apart on the inside.

“Do you want?” Taehyung starts, lifting his arm but Jungkook curls his fingers around his wrist and keeps it on his lap. He’s fucking starving and craves to sink his teeth into the lovely slope of Taehyung’s neck but he’s missed the sight of Taehyung’s face too much to look away.

“Are you okay?”

Jungkook nods. “Are you?”

Taehyung nods too, confidence taking over his face like he’s trying to prove his words true. “Seeing as I had literally no idea what was going on.”

“My grandfather tried to attack Jin,” Jimin says lowly. “Or me. Don’t know how good his aim is.”

Jungkook frowns as he watches Jimin’s chest fall heavily with his sigh. He traces over Hoseok’s features over and over again.

Maybe he seeks that same comfort from Hoseok that Jungkook feels beside Taehyung. 

“I don’t think either,” Jungkook tries to assure him. “The three of you are all close to Namjoon, I think he was trying to provoke a reaction. Make him violent. Wolves have bad tempers and that leader of yours is a good example of it.

Jimin glares at him then and Taehyung pinches his thigh, eyes warning. 


“Your temper isn’t too great either,” Jimin says defensively. “From what I’ve heard.”

“Oh stop,” Taehyung huffs, tired sounding. “No one’s temper is good when it comes to protecting the ones they love.”

It’s true, for the most part. All of this, every accusation, every crime committed is out of love. Taehyung says as much and Jungkook feels drawn to his deep voice, the slow way he talks before his eyes fall closed.

“Not saying it’s right,” Taehyung says. “Namjoon’s out of love for us. Yours out of love for me and your Clan. Hyunmi’s actions are out of love for Ji Yoo either way.”

Jungkook scoffs at that. Love for me , he says it so easily Jungkook doesn’t know what to do with the heavy feeling in his chest. 

Is it that yet? He doesn’t know. He does know he feels as strongly for Taehyung as he does for Hoseok, Yoongi, and Seokjin. Albeit differently, but just as strongly.

“It’s different. I wouldn’t abandon my family the way she did.”

Taehyung flickers his eyes open, rubbing Jungkook’s thigh. “If Yoongi and they decided to leave Seoul, leave this area, hell leave the country, would you stay behind?”

Speechless, Jungkook stares down at Taehyung. The room is tense but Taehyung doesn’t look it, only looks curious. 

“Stay behind with you?”

Taehyung nods.

The answer comes to him immediately but it isn’t easy to say out loud. He is frustrated that Taehyung’s proved his point but it’s still different .

“Wolves and vampires don’t work the same way,” Jungkook says. “We don’t have to travel in packs.”

The corners of Taehyung’s lips flick up. That cocky look that Jungkook pretends to find annoying fills his eyes but they remain soft somehow. “You would stay but I wouldn’t let you.” 

After a moment of staring at Taehyung, he still can’t come up with a response to that.

“I hate hypotheticals,” is all Jungkook manages.

“It isn’t,” Taehyung sighs, moving his legs beneath him and Jungkook worries he’s too heavy for him. “Namjoon said after this Yoongi and your Clan are leaving.”

Jungkook stares at Taehyung’s mouth. There’s something so distinctly wrong with his words, with what he’s saying. With being apart from him.

“Why are you so defensive of her?” Jungkook asks softly. He doesn’t want to be the reason Taehyung feels any more bad feelings, but he’s frustrated by the idea of Taehyung lumping him and Hyunmi into the same group.

“Not defensive, Kookie baby,” Taehyung clarifies. “Just - still trying to wrap my head around this all.”

Jungkook feels his own shoulders slump. He doesn’t know what to say. “I’m sorry. I’m just - no excuses.”

Touching beneath Jungkook’s eyes, Taehyung sighs. “Don’t be. Really. That’s not something I should have brought up now.”

Taehyung clears his throat, patting Jungkook’s thigh as Hoseok stirs beside him. He doesn’t want that to hang in the air between them, not right now, not on top of everything else.

Because even if Jungkook doesn’t want to, maybe his body won’t even let him, it’s still the best option for the Clan. Namjoon is going to have to rebuild his pack after Hyunmi’s betrayal, deal with people still looking at him as a traitor too. The impact of Hyunmi’s actions are going to cause a distrust from the vampires, worse than before. Even if there are none in the area, it will spread across the country.

And vampires love vengeance, even if it wasn’t them personally hurt. 

Just like Jungkook wants vengeance now and he can’t control it. But he has to because Taehyung is hurting. He drags Taehyung’s hand to his lips, apologetically kissing his knuckles until Taehyung offers him a soft smile in return. 

Jimin slowly lifts Hoseok’s head as his eyes start to flutter open. Jungkook hates how sickly he looks, even if he knows he’ll be fine.

“You know better than to burn yourself out,” Jungkook scolds as he shifts from Taehyung’s lap and helps Hoseok sit. “What were you thinking?”

Hoseok rubs his lips together, nose wrinkling. “I knew someone. Attack.”

It’s all he says before he fully comes to. Hongjoong left them water and food, but Hoseok only accepts the water.

The color has yet to return to Hoseok, nor the sparkle that’s always around him, as he groans out in pain. 

“Could feel someone was going to attack, I was searching for who it was before Jongho did,” Hoseok says, eyes unfocused as he accepts more water from Jimin. “I had, I had to build up a lot of energy to make you all freeze like that and after glamouring last night. I slipped up.”

Jungkook frowns. Hands cuffed he can’t do much but plop himself down in the now empty space between Taehyung and him and take his hand.

He fiddles with the rings on Hoseok’s fingers as Jimin sighs,

“Or blast them all to smithereens if they tried to tell me I couldn’t love Yoongi,” Hoseok laughs. “I was building up for that too.”

Jimin laughs quietly. “See? Love really does make one do stupid things.”

“Talkin’ about you too, pup,” Hoseok murmurs and lets his eyes fall shut again, 

Jimin only glances at them, cheeks turning pink, as he wipes Hoseok’s sweaty forehead.

“How long until he gets better?” Taehyung asks, curling up against Jungkook’s side. He’s warm where his chest presses into Jungkook’s back, his knee pressing into his thigh.  

Jungkook is thankful the tension beside them has resided.

“Not long, I think,” Jungkook says. “I’ve only seen this once, I’m not sure.”

Taehyung rubs a palm over his shoulders and a moment later, his lips are brushing over the back of his neck.

“I’m going to get more water, baby. Be right back.”

Jungkook hates the feeling of Taehyung leaving his side but Jungkook is the only one that’s not allowed to leave the room. Precautionary measures until the Counsel and Yoongi come to an agreement.

It leaves him alone with Jimin and a half out of it Hoseok. Before, the presence and smell of Jimin bothered him. Now he doesn’t mind it as much. Jimin smells as much of Taehyung as Taehyung smells of him and he’s gotten used to it.

“Yoongi hyung asked me to leave with you guys after all of this,” Jimin says quietly, still watching Hoseok’s face. “He said no matter what happens, what the Counsel decides. For my safety.”

“Your leader seems to have finally stepped up to his position,” Jungkook says. “You’ll be safe,”

Jimin rolls his eyes at that. “Just because people claim to be loyal to him doesn’t mean they fully will be. I’ve only known about my wolf side for a few days and have already heard the nasty shit they’ve had to say.”

Jungkook’s been one to stereotype, he won’t deny it. He’s hated wolves and humans for a long time. Yet in a short period of time, only a handful of months, he’s found some wolves he can tolerate and a human that he wants to fucking bond with. Out of all things. Not even just be beside him, but his body wants to bond with him.

“You want to travel with Yoongi and Hoseok,” Jungkook says knowingly, raising an eyebrow towards Jimin. “You can admit that’s the reason.”

Jimin rolls his eyes, shoulders drooping when he sighs. “I don’t know. I don’t want to get between them.”

Jungkook watches Jimin quietly for a moment, listening to Hoseok and the wolf’s breathing before he speaks. “Yoongi doesn’t even look at me as softly as he looks at you.”

There is a smile on Jimin’s lips as he tilts his head back, his heavy eyes falling onto Jungkook. “Look at us, being friends.”

With a huff of denial, Jungkook stands. He nearly flies from the bench actually. “You wish, dog. Can you go check on Taehyung? It’s been awhile.”

Jimin laughs as he nods. He doesn’t stand until Jungkook is back to Hoseok’s side, making sure he doesn’t topple over. 

Even if Jungkook really isn’t being held captive or enslaved or anything like that, he fucking hates waiting and sitting here. He hates the cuffs on his wrists and he hates the rings gone from his fingers, even if they’re safe with Taehyung.

He hates that Hoseok looks dead beside him.

Jungkook sighs, eyes falling closed. It’s no surprise that Taehyung is on the back of his eyelids. He was with him a few minutes ago but whatever. Needing to bond with Taehyung and not being able to will probably drive him crazy but whatever .

After a few minutes, Jungkook considers shredding the cuffs from himself when Jimin hasn’t returned either. He stands up, pacing restlessly before he hears it.

It’s shrill, making Jungkook’s skin erupt in goosebumps. It’s Jimin yelling and Jungkook is already moving from the room before Jimin can scream again. He isn’t locked down to anything and if he was, he’d be able to tear it no matter what kind of metal it was made from by how badly his adrenaline soars through him.

“Tae! Taehyung!”

Jungkook moves quickly. He doesn’t need to focus on where he’s going, Jungkook meant it when he told Taehyung he’d always find him.

Even if they were countries apart, Jungkook knows it in his bones he’d always find Taehyung. That’s why he said it, promised it. No words have ever felt more true leaving his lips.

The smell hits him first and panic floods Jungkook. A raw fear so deep inside of him that he almost feels as if he could hide the way Taehyung had done all of those years ago instead of dealing with it.

But he does, body pulled forward even when nausea surges up into his throat at the sight. Even if his chest suddenly hurts so bad he can’t fucking breathe and he’s choking on everything.

As much as he’s craved Taehyung’s blood, feeding is far in the back of his mind. There’s a lot of it, on the ground, seeping down his shirt, covering Jimin’s hands and his shirt as he holds onto him

“Tae,” Jungkook wheezes, knees slamming into the ground as he takes Taehyung from Jimin. The snarl he lets out sounds distant, he’s too focused on the quiet breathes leaving Taehyung’s lips.

There’s more screaming but Jungkook doesn’t hear any of it as he rips his teeth into his own wrist and shoves it against Taehyung’s mouth.

Chapter Text

Taehyung doesn’t hear it coming. Doesn’t hear the footsteps over the water running. He hums quietly, trying to ignore his worried thoughts as he fills up the jug of water for Hoseok. He’s already on edge, trying to pretend to be an air of calm for Jungkook and Jimin’s sake. But he needs a break from it.

The talk of Hyunmi, of Jungkook leaving, the sight of Hoseok looking so dead , all of it has him spiraling. The thoughts are loud in his head and he knows that being beside Jungkook will calm him, but he needs a moment.

A moment just to catch his breath and deal with the pain in his chest. It isn’t even for Hyunmi really. He doesn’t know what it is exactly, but it’s consuming.

He doesn’t hear him coming until a hand grabs his shoulder. Taehyung doesn’t recognize the man and fear doesn’t even have time to surge into him before the pain explodes into his side. It’s excruciating and he can’t hear the man grunt as he moves again, the sharp end of the blade plunging into Taehyung once more.

All Taehyung sees is black and he barely registers his knees hitting the ground. There’s blood in his mouth and he isn’t sure if he’s screaming or not. It feels distant if he is, far away like someone other than himself is screaming.


It’s healing, vampire blood. It’s supposed to be. Jungkook prays this isn’t like the compelling and doesn’t work on his soulmate either. 

It would be the worst kind of fate, the world failing at trying to keep up with it’s balance.

“Get - get Yoongi,” Jungkook wheezes, forcing his wrist harder against Taehyung’s mouth. He doesn’t even know if Jimin is around him any longer. He can’t focus on anything but the way Taehyung’s eye move behind his eyelids, the only part of him moving. “Get Yoongi!”

It’s shrill and desperate but Jungkook doesn’t fucking care. Taehyung’s heart beat is too faint and he can’t, he can’t handle the storm inside of him.

Fingers catch on his side and Taehyung’s lips move against his skin. Anger takes over his fear as he sees Taehyung’s eyebrows flicker together, but his eyes remain closed. Everything is red, not just the blood on the ground and now soaking into his clothes. 

He’s never felt anger like this before. He feels like he’s tearing apart and maybe they need to explore this vampire’s need for revenge a little deeper because this feels animalistic inside of him.

It doesn’t feel like he wants revenge, it feels like it must happen. The need to kill has never been so apparent inside of him before. 

Taehyung’s heart is weak to his ears but his fingers slide over Jungkook’s side again and attempt to grip into his shirt.

A hand comes around to pull Jungkook’s arms from Taehyung and if Yoongi wasn’t stronger than him, he would have torn his throat out without thinking. 

That deep, primal need to protect Taehyung feels right, even if snarling at Yoongi feels just as wrong.

Yoongi’s grip is hard on Jungkook’s neck as he pushes him back, keeping him from snapping at him. Jungkook breathes in, trying to settle himself but he fucking can’t. 

“It’s just me,” Yoongi says, anger in his own purple eyes as he scoops an arm beneath Taehyung. “Let me have him. You can’t -”

Jungkook shakes his head but he allows Yoongi to pull his wrist from Taehyung’s mouth. He really has no choice, Yoongi is strong. 

“If you take him I’m going to kill someone,” Jungkook declares. He needs Yoongi to understand. He can’t quite explain the feeling, he just needs Yoongi to understand it. 

There are other people around him, he doesn’t care who hears it. 

Yoongi nods, a sharp jerk of his head. “Only holding him. Don’t leave his side.”

Taehyung gasps in pain and that fear returns as Jungkook tries to take him back from Yoongi, but Yoongi blocks him. His anger directs towards him but Seokjin is there, a hand pressing into his chest. 

“It’s okay,” Seokjin says but it isn’t okay. It isn’t okay when Yoongi lays Taehyung against him and slowly pulls the gold handle still sticking out of his stomach.

Jungkook hadn’t even noticed it.

It’s the same knife that Taehyung has tucked away in his briefcase. The moonstone blade, the golden handle. Jungkook had suspected it to be Namjoon’s.

Jungkook whips his head around, finding Namjoon’s horror filled eyes as he stares down at Taehyung. His eyes are glancing to Yoongi’s hands, to the knife, and suddenly those eyes glow. It isn’t anything like the night they fought. This isn’t just anger, but that same vicious feeling inside of Jungkook. That same overpowering rage, overpowering need to protect.

“What is going on?” Hongjoong yells as he storms into the room, his casual amusement no longer on his face. His eyes widen in horror and he comes close but Jungkook braces himself, broadens his body as if to shield Taehyung behind him.

He doesn’t even want Yoongi and Seokjin near Taehyung but he can control himself with them. He won’t if anyone else comes near, not even Namjoon.

“I - found,” Jimin starts, voice shaking where he stays, pushed to the side. Maybe at another time, Jungkook will feel bad but he can’t with how angry he is looking at Jimin’s crimson hands. “I found him like this. Oh fuck. Oh fuck, oh fuck.”

“It’s okay baby,” Yoongi says, his voice calmer than he looks as he feeds Taehyung his own blood. Jungkook hates the purple over his lips, spreading with the red already there. It should be his own. “Vampire blood heals.”

Jimin lets out a soft shuttering sound and there’s commotion as more people try to peer into the break room. Hongjoong comes closer when Jungkook isn’t looking, but his hands come up when Jungkook snarls again at him.

“Don’t fucking touch him.”

“Someone go to Hobi,” Yoongi says, desperate. “Jin go. Keep an eye on him.”

Seokjin is moving a second later, leaving space beside him that Namjoon seems to find he can occupy. He shoves hard into Jungkook when Jungkook tries to stop him and there’s a hand against Jungkook’s throat again, keeping him back.

“You need to stop,” Yoongi commands, his voice tilting into that hypnotizing tone as he locks eyes with Jungkook. “Calm down. Namjoon isn’t going to hurt him. I’m not going to hurt him.”

Jungkook hates being compelled, hates the way his body relaxes when he doesn’t want it to. There is a pain inside of him that feels like desperation and maybe later he’ll be thankful for the way Yoongi calms him. “Stop touching him.”

“I need to,” Yoongi says, softer this time. “We need to get him up and cleaned. Alright?” 

Jungkook grits his teeth and tugs away from Yoongi’s hold. His hands are shaking, trembling so badly he almost doesn’t trust himself to scoop Taehyung into his arms. But he does, easing Taehyung into them and cradling him into his chest.

There is no kindness in the way Yoongi and Namjoon shove the crowd apart, but an urgency. The calmness Yoongi placed inside of Jungkook keeps him from snapping when Jimin comes near, but he still hates the way Jimin touches Taehyung.

“Oh, Tae Tae,” Jimin murmurs, fast walking beside Jungkook to keep up with him. 

“Jimin -“

Jimin has yet to activate his wolf but the anger in his eyes, despite them not glowing, could top Namjoon’s. Could probably even top Yoongi’s or his own.

“If you tell me not to touch him, Jungkook, I will rip him from your arms. Your vampire strength be fucking damned.”

Taehyung lies on the small bed, eyes still closed. The rise and fall of his chest could make it seem like he’s sleeping, but Jungkook’s mind is in the worst place now.

His heart is pumping stronger now, but Jungkook doesn’t feel any relief.

Gently, he cuts the sides of Taehyung’s shirt and pulls it from his body. The bleeding has stopped but they didn’t give him enough blood for his wounds to close up. It’s nasty and hurts Jungkook to look at.

The healing takes time anyway and Jungkook hates it.

He’s afraid he can’t heal Taehyung because the mark he left on his neck all those nights ago is still there, just now starting to scab over.

Feeling weak has always been his most hated emotion, but now he thinks that’s changed to feeling helpless. 


“Quiet,” Jungkook murmurs, the sound of Taehyung’s raspy breath making his heart ache. It won’t stop beating and as much as Jungkook has loved feeling it again, he hates it now. “Rest baby.”

A wrinkle appears between Taehyung’s eyebrows but he doesn’t open his eyes. Jungkook inhales shakily, fingers touching over the opened flesh. 

“Find out who did this,” Jungkook snaps at where Namjoon stands by the door, not coming close since Jungkook can’t seem to stop snapping at him. “I’m not leaving his side.”

“I’m not either,” Namjoon grunts, resting his head back against the door. “So fucking get used to me being here. Everyone is still locked inside. Yoongi’s compelling the answers out of them.”

It isn’t enough. They could be long gone, having slipped out during the commotion. 

“The knife -”

“Is Hyunmi’s,” Namjoon says, his voice void of emotion. “They’re passed on from Alpha to Alpha. I gave mine to Taehyung.”

Jungkook knows this. If he wasn’t so terrified to leave Taehyung’s side, Hyunmi would be dead. A little nightshade isn’t going to keep Jungkook from going down into that cellar. He doesn’t think anything could stop him.

“Make sure you’re certain it was her,” Jungkook says lowly. “Because I’m going to kill her if it is.”

Namjoon doesn’t reply to that and Jungkook doesn’t expect him to. He takes Taehyung’s hand, turning it gently and feeling the pulse in his wrist. 

“You came to Seoul the day Taehyung was born.”

For the first time since they’ve gotten here, Taehyung’s childhood bedroom, Jungkook gives Namjoon his actual attention. He doesn’t know if Namjoon is lying or why he’s talking about it at all. He rarely has ever come to Seoul since it’s been vampire free. Sometimes he stops through because the city is massive and hard to avoid, but he’s never stayed more than the time it takes to drive through.

“Seoul Hospital,” Namjoon explains, allowing Jungkook to see how exhausted he is when his eyes droop. “My mother wrote about it. Said Tae was a day old when she saw you. Jimin’s mother died a few days later. A few days after the new year.”

Jungkook glares. He can’t be fucking accusing him of that, not right now. “What are you saying?”

“I think she thought it was you who did it,” Namjoon says. “I kind of remember when the Kims had you. I remember smelling something foul and Taehyung disappearing whenever I babysat him. He said he had a friend. I thought he meant the squirrels that liked to run outside of his bedroom. He liked them.”

Even that makes him angry and he’s growing annoyed with the feeling, frustrated. 

Taehyung’s father threatened to feed him something that would hurt his son. It was years ago but his anger and hatred towards Daesung is resurfacing and that’s dangerous.

“I don’t give a shit what she thought.”

“I know,” Namjoon says and again, Jungkook doesn’t know why the hell Namjoon is speaking to him. He’s fine with the silence if Namjoon insists on staying. “I’m just - I want to apologize because I had told her about you two.”

Jungkook’s vision has been on the edge of red since they’ve gotten here. He knows his eyes are a mess and he doesn’t fucking care, enjoys the way Namjoon’s heart skips a beat when Jungkook glares into him.

“When she told me she saw you, that you killed his parents. I was always told vampires were vicious, killed for no reason. I thought that’s what it was.”

Jungkook stares down at Taehyung, holding his hand. He still remembers the way he had screamed and sobbed when he was a boy. The look of fear in his eyes though he still can’t fully remember the boy’s face. Even if it’s in his mind, Yoongi compelled him until he can’t recognize it. “I would have killed them even if they were parents of the fucking year.”

“I know,” Namjoon says again and Jungkook is getting irritated. More irritated. He thinks this kind of anger doesn’t have a word for it. “I wouldn’t have blamed you then either.”

Silence falls after that and Jungkook is thankful. He keeps holding Taehyung’s hand as he listens to him sleep, listens to his heart to make sure it’s working fine. Every thump, every beat, drags Jungkook towards being calm. Slowly .

The day turns into night and night into day before Taehyung finally wakes again. Namjoon is asleep, legs curled up this chest and head back against the door and Jungkook hasn’t moved. He’s been sitting on the edge of the bed, Taehyung’s hand held into his own. Wide awake.

They’re connected and Jungkook feels if he moves, he may die. He is terrified if he falls asleep, he’ll wake up and Taehyung will be gone.

“Kook,” Taehyung murmurs, fingers flexing as his eyes slowly open. He groans low in pain and Jungkook finally moves, closer up the bed to cradle Taehyung’s hands in his face. 

“Shh,” Jungkook murmurs, ducking down until their noses nuzzle against each other. “You’re okay, Tae. You’re fine. Vampire blood is healing.”

“I feel like shit,” Taehyung murmurs, sighing. His chest rises and falls with his breath, his heart beat even. It’s all Jungkook has wanted. 

“Do you -” 

Maybe it isn’t the time to press Taehyung for answers yet but Yoongi has yet to return and Jungkook’s mind has been going haywire trying to figure it out.

“Do you know who did this?”

“No,” Taehyung moans quietly. He hisses as he moves but he doesn’t stop himself from grabbing Jungkook’s forearm. “No, I don’t. Some guy. Older guy.”

Jungkook nods, kissing the tip of Taehyung’s nose before moving to his forehead. He doesn’t stop until he’s kissed as much of Taehyung as he can. He can’t find the words, doesn’t know if this is showing them enough, but he hopes it does. 

The soft smile Taehyung gives him is worth it.

Yoongi returns hours later. He hesitates in the doorway, assessing that Jungkook isn’t going to rip his head off before he comes in.

“Found the guy,” Yoongi says without greeting. Taehyung has his eyes closed and Jungkook’s very carefully changing his bandages. “A wolf. Pledged his loyalty to Hyunmi. He claims Hyunmi told those few loyal to her to take out every person close to Namjoon for betraying her.”

Namjoon doesn’t say anything, doesn’t even look up at Yoongi.

He has stuck to his word and has refused to leave Taehyung’s bedroom. Even as his pack is crumbling and falling apart, he hasn’t left Taehyung’s side.

Namjoon’s constant declarations of the three of them being a pack could be seen as a betrayal now, but Jungkook would never speak a word of it.

“Jongho said the same shit,” Yoongi says, approaching the bed. “He knew he was going down for helping Hyunmi, his name is all in those letters and notebooks Jimin found. Thought he’d take Seokjin out with him. The metal he threw is bad for demons. It was planned.”

Jungkook’s anger has simmered down due to exhaustion but he really doesn’t need any reason to be angrier. Not right now, not when Hyunmi is alive and Jungkook is so badly craving her death.

“Fuck,” Namjoon grunts, rubbing a hand down his face. “When are you guys leaving?”

Jungkook’s head snaps up at that. Yoongi never told him they were leaving. Even if it makes sense. 

There is a look in Yoongi’s eyes that looks like regret.

“As soon as Taehyung is healed,” Yoongi says. “The Counsel needs Hobi and I to go to Madrid. They have a research facility there. They want to do some experimenting , they said. I’ve only agreed because it’s the only thing allowing us to stay together.”

Bullshit, Jungkook almost spits. Creatures found involved with other species are banned from each other, spelled to remain apart. The idea that Yoongi even risked that happening for him makes him feel almost as angry as he had been when he had found Taehyung.

He almost says it out loud, releases his frustration, but Taehyung is moaning again in pain.

Yoongi reaches out, stopping him from biting into his wrist. He can’t take Taehyung being in pain anymore and he says as much.

“It’s a bad idea,” Yoongi says gently. “You may bond with him or someone can come in here and kill him and boom, we have an inspiring vampire on our hands.”

Jungkook hadn’t even thought of the last part. He hates it, but he drops his wrist back to his lap. “You’re an idiot if you think I’m letting anyone in here,” Jungkook says. He knows Yoongi can tell he hasn’t slept. “And I can’t bond with Tae, he’s human.”

“You can,” Yoongi says and he doesn’t elaborate as he stands. “You’re going to have to stop your hiding soon, wolf. Your pack is in shambles.”

Namjoon narrows his eyes but he doesn’t move. “I’m not hiding. You have Jimin and Jin locked up in Tae’s warded apartment. This isn’t warded.”

Yoongi sighs. “Hoseok isn’t healed enough for magic yet and Taehyung shouldn’t be moving.”

“I’m not leaving.”

Yoongi crouches in front of Namjoon. It’s familiar, the same look and stance he’s used on Jungkook whenever Jungkook’s felt consumed and stubborn.

“I know you’re still hesitant about Jungkook but I vow to you, swear on Hoseok’s life, fucking pinky promise you is that’s what you like, that Jungkook isn’t going to let a soul near him,” Yoongi promises. “Even the strongest of wards couldn’t beat Jungkook right now. So go to your pack, do your duties.”

With a grumble, Namjoon stands, glaring. Maybe in another time, Jungkook would be amused by this but not right now.

Namjoon turns those glaring eyes to Jungkook and he can’t help but smile smugly. 

“If you leave his side, call me first.”

“How are you feeling?”

“Fine,” Taehyung says, eyes drowsy as he wipes the sleep from them. “Never felt better.”

Jungkook peers his eyes at him before he leans down and gently kisses next to the still open wound. He’s curled up on his side protectively, though no one has even come close to the house since Namjoon and Yoongi left.

There are wolves outside, ones Namjoon claimed to be on his side but Jungkook doesn’t want a single one of them to enter the house.

They haven’t even tried.

“I want to heal you more,” Jungkook says, cussing lowly. “Yoongi hyung says I can’t give you any more.”

Taehyung sighs as Jungkook rests his cheek to his belly and closes his eyes. He’s careful when he runs his fingers through Jungkook’s hair, gently petting him but it doesn’t do anything to calm the red of his eyes.


“The bond,” Jungkook murmurs. “We have to share blood, remember?”

It’s been quiet all day and it hasn’t bothered Jungkook until now. Taehyung only hums quietly, fingers twirling in his hair. He doesn’t know what he wants Taehyung to say but he wants him to keep talking.

“That’s fine.”

Jungkook likes the way Taehyung’s stomach lifts when he breathes. How the room is interrupted with his breathing. Every sign of life still being inside of him. 

“Almost died and you still have humor.”

Almost died. Just thinking about it makes Jungkook feel like he has a gaping wound too, except in his chest instead of his stomach. 

“I’m serious.”

Jungkook lifts his head, staring at Taehyung. Even looking like he’s been dragged through it, he’s still soft and beautiful. Thick eyelashes fluttering, cheeks a soft shade of pink. The round of his cheeks sitting high on his cheekbones.

The honey told of his hair falling over his eyes, the sharp of his features doing nothing to hide how soft his face also is.

He’s beautiful and Jungkook finds it hard to look at him for too long.

“I know it’s scary almost dying like that. But I’ll never let anyone touch you again. I’m not changing you into -”

“No,” Taehyung interrupts, shaking his head as he strokes his fingers down Jungkook’s cheek. “There are members of the Thirteen, Mingyu and Wonwoo, they bonded when one of them was human.”

Jungkook presses a hand on the other side of Taehyung to lean over him, careful not to hurt him. Yoongi had said they could bond too, but -

“That’s not possible.”

“It is,” Taehyung says. He grins, wagging his eyebrows. He’s always been an air of positivity even in bad situations. This being the worst of them all, he still looks light. “Plus, it doesn’t hurt to try right? Come take a bite, baby.”

Jungkook isn’t amused. He glares down at Taehyung. It isn’t something to take lightly. Bonding is for life . Taehyung’s short, short life.

In only a few decades, if not sooner, Jungkook’s going to have that open wound feeing in his chest forever after Taehyung dies.

He can’t tell if Taehyung is joking or not. Or if he’s saying it because near death scared him. But humans and vampires can’t bond together and he’s not willing to rush into a decision like eternal life. He’ll wait years for Taehyung to decide on that and Jungkook will still probably be hesitant that he’s ready.

“We’ve only known each other a few months,” Jungkook finally says.

“My life is a lot shorter than yours, maybe that feels like a long time to me,” Taehyung jabs, reads Jungkook’s mind. “Plus, we’re literal soulmates. That’s already more intense than a bond or even marriage. We’re destined to be together.”

Jungkook won’t look away from him. He isn’t blinking and his chest isn’t moving like he isn’t breathing either. Taehyung talks like this is such a casual thing, like discussing the location of their coffee date.

“I’m sure there are platonic soulmates that don’t bond.”

Taehyung grunts in complaint, slapping Jungkook’s arm. He hisses in pain and Jungkook whips head to look at him, but he’s grinning.

“When you leave it will be easier for you,” Taehyung goes on. “Your body won’t be fighting for you to come back. Baby, we were apart a short time and you already looked ravished.”

It is an understatement. Jungkook’s never felt so, just, wrong in his life. 

It went away the moment Taehyung was near. 

“But I wasn’t,” Jungkook explains. “Just needed to be beside you.”

Taehyung holds his gaze for a long moment. “You’re going to be far from my side soon.”

Jungkook hisses through his teeth. He wants all of this to be over with so they can have some normalcy. That’s all Jungkook wants. No more angst and turmoil, just the two of them enjoying the bond between them like before.

Before they even knew the bond existed.

“I’m not leaving you here in Seoul, Tae. Someone stabbed you.”

“And they might die for it. Namjoon’s mother, by the way. I’m not leaving his side,” Taehyung declares but he looks apologetic immediately. “Jimin is leaving, I can’t leave him too.”

Jungkook is exhausted. “I know,” is all he says.

Taehyung sighs, struggling to sit up until Jungkook presses against his back and relieves the pressure. 

“I’m serious,” Taehyung finally says, taking Jungkook’s face into his hands. “I’m okay with it.”

The door opens and a growl is rumbling in Jungkook’s throat before he notices it’s Hoseok. Hoseok rolls his eyes. Some of his color has returned, his hair now a dirty blond and eyes still a pale blue.

“I can’t use magic,” Hoseok says apologetically. “Yoongi’s orders. I hope you understand.”

He still looks kind of shitty, his fingers shaking some as he holds out something in them. It’s a container that Jungkook recognizes as the one he uses for his salves.

“I do,” Taehyung promises. “Are you okay?”

Hoseok nods, planting his hand to his chest. He almost looks like his normal self. “Me? Oh, I’m fantastic. I needed that rest.”

With obvious intent, Hoseok ignores the glare Jungkook sends his way. He sits on the edge of the bed, waiting for Jungkook to move back. 

When Jungkook doesn’t, Hoseok’s eyes flutter like they might roll back and Jungkook is finally moving from Taehyung’s side to reach for him.

He scowls at the smug look Hoseok gives him as he takes Jungkook’s place beside Taehyung.

“Jungkook’s blood isn’t going to heal you too much,” Hoseok says. “Moonstone weakens a vampire, makes them like a human. Ingesting it and putting it in your system will help, but vampire blood doesn’t work well with moonstone.”

Jungkook is quick to sit on Taehyung’s other side and take his hand into his own. Whatever Hoseok has in a small bowl in his hands is cold and dark green. He tentatively spreads it over Taehyung’s wounds.

“And Yoongi was eavesdropping,” Hoseok says with a soft smile, glancing at the closed door. “He doesn’t think you should bond either. I, however, don’t agree. I think you might have to.”

Hoseok says the last part louder, a grin on his lips as he continues to spread the cold salve over Taehyung’s skin. He seems distracted, touching parts of Taehyung’s stomach that aren’t harmed.

“It’s the only way you’re going to be somewhat bearable after we leave,” Hoseok says, teasing Jungkook. “Seungcheol told me he misses Jihoon when they’re apart and he feels whole when they’re together, but he doesn’t feel like he’s dying whenever they spend a short time away from each other.”

Taehyung hisses at a sting of pain and Jungkook’s eyes whip from Hoseok to him before softening. He’s trying not to come off aggressive and possessive and it helps a little now that Taehyung is better.

Because it isn’t like that. Jungkook is just so afraid of him being hurt that it’s messing with his head. 

“A short time apart?” Jungkook huffs. “When we leave to new towns, we go for at least a decade.”

Hoseok nods to this and Jungkook suddenly can’t look at Taehyung. 

“I’ll be like forty,” Taehyung whispers to himself. “And looking real fucking creepy dating someone so young. Almost as creepy as Jungkook looks when stalking me.”

Hoseok laughs but Jungkook doesn’t. He is upset and the more they talk about this, the more upset he becomes.

“You’re so dramatic,” Hoseok says as he hands Jungkook the container. “No one is saying you have to leave Seoul and never see Taehyung again. You just can’t reside in Seoul. I feel an inner wolf pack war brewing and you really can’t be here for that.”

Jungkook really doesn’t want to have this conversation but he can’t deny the pull towards Taehyung. He’s been leaving it to the fact that Taehyung is injured but it feels physically impossible to leave Taehyung’s side right now.

“My heart beats,” Jungkook finally says. “My heart beats when I feed from you. What if that is why my body craves you? Not because we’re supposed to be together.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes, the hurt obvious in them. “Whatever. Forget I mentioned it. It’s dumb. You’re right. It’s only been a few months.”

Jungkook shakes his head and grabs Taehyung’s hand, bringing his palm up to his face.

For a moment, Taehyung’s body tenses and Jungkook wonders if he shouldn’t touch, if Taehyung is angry with him. 

His heart is thrashing inside of him when he kisses Taehyung’s wrist hesitantly. He plants Taehyung’s hand to his chest, letting him feel. 

“I haven’t fed in days,” Jungkook tells him. “It’s still beating. Has been since I found you.”

Hoseok stands then, gently easing himself from the bed. He must make a face at Taehyung because Taehyung’s eyes are amused when they follow after him. 

“Not funny,” Jungkook says defensively. “My heart hasn’t beaten in over five hundred years, Taehyung.”

“I know,” is all Taehyung says, softer this time, “I know.”

The war between the packs follows Hyunmi’s exile. Jungkook hears it, the cries of anger, the snarling,

He removes himself from Taehyung’s side but he can’t see anything from the window. The place Hyunmi was to be sent off is on the other side of the village, far from Taehyung’s childhood home.

It unsettles him and Taehyung must realize it as he watches Jungkook in concern. He’s able to sit and stand on his own now, but Jungkook doesn’t want to risk upsetting him.

He doesn’t want to even think about it but he’s given no choice when Yoongi storms into the bedroom.

“We gotta go,” is all he says, waving at the two of them. “Jimin and Seokie are at yours, Tae. You’re going there.”

Alarm fills Taehyung’s eyes as he stands. “What? What’s going on?

“The older wolves,” Yoongi says, curling his arm and waving them to hurry up, “are attacking those who stood by Joon.”

Jungkook cusses quietly and grabs Taehyung before he can take off. He knows what he’s thinking because maybe they’re soulmates after all.

“I -“

“You’re injured,” Jungkook grunts, scooping Taehyung into his arms. “I’ll bring you home and come back to check on Namjoon.”

Taehyung tries arguing this but Jungkook isn’t listening. He’s thankful Taehyung doesn’t fight him off and instead complains while holding onto his shoulders.

The fighting is louder as they step outside but Taehyung doesn’t seem to hear it. He struggles to get on the sidewalk but Jungkook tightens his grip around his legs.

“I’m faster,” is all Jungkook says before he takes off at full speed.

He feels Taehyung’s heart jump at the speed, his face tucking into the side of Jungkook’s neck and hands holding onto him so tightly Jungkook would worry about his neck breaking if Taehyung were stronger.

Out of the village, Jungkook doesn’t slow. Neither does Yoongi. 

It takes them longer than Jungkook likes when they finally get to Taehyung’s. He feels weak again but he refuses to show it, only letting Taehyung down on the elevator when his arms suddenly feel like they can’t hold him anymore.

Taehyung wobbles and Yoongi is stepping in, giving Jungkook a warning look when he tries to pick him up again.

“You need to feed,” Yoongi says under his breath, causing Taehyung’s already worried look to worsen.

He probably should but Jungkook shakes his head. If he tries to feed from anyone other than Taehyung, he’ll feel sick and Taehyung is still too injured.

“I’m good,” Jungkook says as fingers slide through his own. “What do the odds look like?”

Yoongi rubs his jaw in thought. “A lot more wolves pleaded their loyalty to Namjoon. A lot. Mostly everyone behind Hyunmi seems to be older, but that doesn’t mean they’re weaker. They could do some damage.”

Taehyung inhales sharply, eyes watering as his grip tightens around Jungkook’s hand. But he keeps his face impassive, head tilted high. 

The fear still radiates from him.

“But they won’t win,” Yoongi assures, “because Namjoon has at least four dozen vampires on his side.”

The elevator beeps as Jungkook turns to Yoongi, but he’s walking out of the elevator without so much as a glance.

“We are fighting?” Jungkook asks. “All of us?”

“No,” Yoongi says, shaking his head. Jimin must already be inside because they find Hoseok in the hallway, pacing. “Don’t worry Taehyung. The only person in that pack nearly strongly enough to take down the current Alpha is Jaebeom, and he’s on Namjoon’s side.”

Taehyung looks surprised to be addressed or maybe too busy in his own mind, but his eyes widen a fraction before he nods.

“Please don’t interrupt my thoughts. I’m trying to think of a way to run away and back to the village,” Taehyung says and Jungkook isn’t sure if he’s trying to joke or if he’s serious.

For a moment, the anxiety in Jungkook’s chest isn’t consuming him. Just a brief moment of it before looking at Taehyung’s attempt to smile.

“Hey,” Jungkook says, taking Taehyung’s hand. Even though he can hear them, Yoongi nods his head and walks off to give them privacy.

Gently, Jungkook cups Taehyung’s cheeks. He can hear his heart throb, the blue veins in his neck screaming at him just as loudly. But he presses his lips to Taehyung’s, kissing him softly.

“I’m gonna protect Namjoon. Nothing will happen to him, I vow it to you.”

Taehyung looks at him, heavy eyes searching over Jungkook’s face before he holds up his pinky.

When Jungkook only glances at it, Taehyung knocks it into his chest.

“That’s not how you vow -“

“It’s how humans do,” Taehyung sighs and Jungkook wraps his own pinky around Taehyung’s and curls their hands until their thumbs meet. “I need you to vow me one more thing.”

Jungkook nods. Yoongi might have to physically pull Taehyung away from him because his skin is still too pale and clammy.

“Make sure nothing happens to you too.”

Exhaling sharply, Jungkook nods and leans in again. He only nuzzles against Taehyung’s cheek as Taehyung rubs a hand over his back.

“I’m sorry for being pushy about the bond thing,” Taehyung whispers. “I think, I think it’s my human way of trying to bond with you since I can’t vamp all out and crave your blood.”

Taehyung waves a hand at his face, indicating his eyes and it’s obnoxious. 

“Don’t say apologies before you leave someone before a fight, Tae,” Jungkook tríes to tease back as he pulls away enough to walk Taehyung to his door. “Don’t you know in the movies and books, that always means someone’s going to die?”

Taehyung’s eyes widen and Jungkook swears he pales more.

“Good thing vampires aren’t anything like the ones you read in the books.”

Jimin is standing on the other side of Taehyung’s door, looking annoyed. This time the ward can’t be seen, unlike Hoseok’s usual protective shield.

“You kind of are,” Taehyung sighs, rubbing Jungkook’s chest gently around his almost healed wounds. “How disappointing that I’ve made myself look like a fool in front of my students.”

Jungkook bares his teeth for the sake of Taehyung’s eyes brightening. He doesn’t let go until Taehyung gently eases his fingers off of him and steps through the threshold.

It’s immediate, how wrong it feels. A sensation Jungkook can’t explain, but there is a buzzing beneath his skin and something terrible twisting in his chest. 

“No death,” Yoongi promises as he takes Jungkook’s shoulder and taps two fingers against his temple towards Taehyung, “because Jungkook isn’t fighting.”

Whipping around to face Yoongi is a bad idea, he should just run off. But he doesn’t and Yoongi is pushing him back against the wall, strength against him, eyes ablaze. 

“You’re going to go to the mountains where the Thirteen live right now. Take Hoseok with you.”

Jungkook wants to shake his head. He understands now why humans hate this. Because in the moment he’s aware it’s happening, feels the panic of it.

“And you’re going to stay there until I give you my word,” Yoongi goes on, jaw tense even as he speaks. His touch is gentle, apologetic. “I don’t want you anywhere near here, Jungkook.”

When the hold breaks, Jungkook shoves Yoongi back. His feet move without him wanting to him to.

“I can’t -“

“There are wolves out there with a vendetta against you,” Yoongi says, eyes fading from purple and filling with apology. “You get one bite and I can’t help you. We have no warlock to heal you and Taehyung is too weak for you to feed from.”

Hoseok is catching up with him, hands easing out but Jungkook dodges them. His hands turn into fists and he so desperately wants to run forward, back to them, but his feet won’t allow him to.

“I’m leaving my heart in your hands,” Yoongi says, waving towards Hoseok. “I’ll take care of yours. I vow it to you.”


Taehyung isn’t much of a crier. He’s never seen the evolutionary benefit behind it. Not that he’s never cried, of course has. But he usually doesn’t need to.

Maybe it’s his exhaustion, his pain. Maybe it’s the look on Jungkook’s face, maybe it’s just the bond. But either way, there is a sob breaking in his chest that has Jimin giving Yoongi one last look before closing the door and reaching for him.

“Lay down,” Jimin says, guiding him towards the couch. “Let me look at your wounds.” 

Taehyung shakes his head. He wasn’t compelled to stay inside but he doesn’t know what he’d do if he left. He’s sure Yoongi is still outside, making sure they stay in. He can’t defend himself in a battle of supercreatures and he has no idea where the Thirteen live.

He shouldn’t have let Jungkook bring him here but Jungkook had that determined look on his face that told Taehyung fighting would be useless.

Suddenly, he understands how horrific it feels to be trapped.

“Hey, it’s gonna be alright,” Jimin says, always the head of reason. He guides Taehyung to the couch, leaning him back. “Let me take a look.”

Taehyung stares at the door, a growing feeling of dread inside of him he can’t shake. He lifts his arms, leaning back for Jimin to inspect him.

Always the head of reason but Jimin hasn’t shown up to check up on him the last few days. Taehyung knows it’s because he can’t stomach the sight of him not well. He looks queasy now, but he pulls out a container in his pocket and hands it off to Taehyung.

“Let me wash my hands.”

Even without super hearing, Taehyung can hear the way Jimin’s breathing is ragged and choked before he hears the faucet.

When Jimin returns, it’s silent as he gently layers Taehyung’s wounds with the salve Hoseok gave to him. His gloved fingers shake but neither one of them mention it.

Taehyung knows the battle Jungkook is feeling inside of himself right now. He feels it too. He doesn’t want to be stuck here. He can’t fight and he can’t be away from Jungkook either.

It’s after Jimin is satisfied with his work that Taehyung realizes he never grabbed his cellphone.

He doesn’t even remember where he had it last. He’s been so in and out of it the last few days. It felt more healing to be beside Jungkook than it did with consuming his blood, but now he feels sickly.

“Jimin-ah, let me use your phone please.”

Jimin nods, settling on the couch and pulling Taehyung’s legs over his own before he hands it over.

It’s in his hands barely a second before it lights up with an incoming call. There is no name attached, only numbers, but in Taehyung’s gut, he knows who it is. 

They never communicate on the phone much. He’s always left that up to Jungkook being old fashioned. 

“Jungkook,” Taehyung breathes into the receiver without even making sure it’s him first. He just knows.

“Tae,” Jungkook says roughly, his voice wrecked. “I love Hoseok but I feel like I’m going to tear him apart.”

Taehyung closes his eyes. The ache inside of him is worse now. There’s no exact location, it just feels like a blanket of pain and discomfort across his body.

“I have a really bad feeling like I’m not supposed to be apart from you,” Taehyung admits, ignoring the way Jimin looks at him in surprise.

“I know,” Jungkook says. “Me too. But I physically fucking can’t get back to you. Just stay on the phone please.”

Taehyung nods even though Jungkook can’t see. He closes his eyes and listens to Jungkook breathing into the receiver.

“Talk to me about those creatures you like,” Jungkook says suddenly. “That always calmed me - before. I can’t remember you, still, but I remember that.”

Warmth settles on Taehyung and he closes his eyes, absorbing it. “Well, there's about seven hundred you don’t know so prepare for this to last a while.

Taehyung falls asleep on the phone, Jimin wide awake and restless beside him. The phone is laying on his chest, now hooked up to a charger. It is hot against his skin, even through his clothes. But Taehyung barely recognizes it.

Taehyung feels like he’s being torn apart inside.

He groans lowly and Jimin is moving, concern loud in his eyes as he kneels beside the couch and takes his face into his hands.

“You’re burning up,” Jimin breathes and he’s scrambling away a moment later.

It feels nothing like a fever. Not like the flu or a cold. It’s worse, so much worse.

“Jungkook,” Taehyung says before he grabs the phone and looks to the time. It’s ten at night and he can’t imagine the battle is still going on.

Talking to Jungkook had buried some of his thoughts about what was going on, but not enough.

The call is still up but it takes Jungkook a moment to answer.

“Hey, go back to sleep,” Jungkook says. “We’re just getting to the mountains now.”

Taehyung inhales. Alerting Jungkook to how sick he feels will only torture him. He doesn’t know if his voice sounds as steady as he wants it to be, but silence will concern Jungkook too.

“Do you think our bond brought you to Seoul back then? When you were enslaved?”

Jimin returns with a bottle of water and a pain reliever in his hands. He gives Taehyung a pointed look until he takes it. Taehyung knows Jimin hates to see him sick but he can’t keep up a full front. 

“I don’t know,” Jungkook says, his own breath labored.

Yoongi had said he needed to feed but he didn’t.

Taehyung pushes up from his position, ignoring the pain in his body. It isn’t as loud as his concern and need to be by Jungkook’s side.

“It didn’t feel like this back then,” Jungkook admits. “I would listen to your laughter and it was comforting. I hated hearing you cry. Your presence didn’t annoy me.”

Taehyung laughs shakily. “Well, that’s good.”

“There was always a need to protect you,” Jungkook goes on. “But that’s just, children are innocents. I didn’t think of it any other way before. But now -“

Jungkook falls quiet for a moment as Jimin pats Taehyung’s sweaty face with a cold rag. It doesn’t relieve him but he doesn’t say anything. He feels helpless and he doesn’t want Jimin to feel that way too. 

“Now, I am physically aching because you’re so far and you sound like you’re in pain.” 

Taehyung rests back against the couch. His shirt is sweat soaked and clinging to his body, the heat and sweat behind his thighs uncomfortable. Even his feet feel uncomfortable and his hands cramped.

“Me too.”

There is a knock at the door and Jimin is scurrying to it. Taehyung’s brain feels on fire too as he tries to assure himself no one can enter.

It’s one of the Thirteen vampires. The one that had been trapped and looking like death in the meeting house. He looks healthier now, though his face is still slightly sunken in.

“Still no word,” the vampire is saying. “I think the battle is still going on.”

Taehyung frowns at the distress radiating off the vampire. 

“Seokmin-ssi, it’s okay,” Jimin says, sounding just as distressed.

“Who is that?” Jungkook asks. “Who is with you?”

“Seokmin,” Taehyung replies. 

Jungkook laughs at that but it doesn’t sound amused. “Let me call you back.”

Taehyung grips onto the phone, wanting Jungkook to stay on the line but he’s hanging up.

The bad feeling inside of him grows worse and Jimin is flying back to him. Seokmin is in the doorway but he can’t step through it.

“What’s going on?” Seokmin asks. 

“Tae,” Jimin gasps, bringing the towel back to his forehead. It’s no longer cool. “What is wrong?”

“I need to go,” Taehyung says. “Seokmin, where are the mountains?”

“What?” Jimin grunts, leering Taehyung from standing. “You can’t go to the mountains. You need to go to a hospital.”

Taehyung shakes his head. He doesn’t know how, he just knows he has to be beside Jungkook.

“Jimin, please.”

“Wait for a second,” Seokmin is saying, bringing his phone to his ear. “I think I know what this is.”

Seokmin walks out of view and Taehyung wishes he didn’t feel so weak so he could shove Jimin off of him. 

“Jimin, please.”

“Okay, okay,” Jimin concedes, helping Taehyung stand. “Okay. I’ll take you to the mountains.”

He’s lying but Taehyung doesn’t care. He foregoes his shoes, only grabs his jacket. He doesn’t even think of the ward around him and what it could do if it’s made to keep him inside.

It doesn’t do anything and Taehyung is in the hallway, Jimin rushing out behind him.

He finds it easier to walk as determination sets in. Seokmin is stopping him though and maybe Taehyung understands the need to shove someone.

“Wait, we’ll meet up with one of my Clan. They’re getting a car. Just - just give it a few minutes. This same thing happened with Mingyu, I remember. He looked like death before he bonded with Wonwoo. Let me help you. I owe your Clan.”

Taehyung shakes his head. He doesn’t want to wait.

“Not my Clan. And you wouldn’t owe them even if it was.”

Seokmin smiles at that. “That’s how vampires work. We don’t have debts. And you’re bonded to Jungkook; that’s your Clan.”

He thinks of Yoongi’s words, how he proclaimed them to be one pack, one Clan.

Taehyung hopes it’s possible. 

The phone is ringing a second later and Taehyung nearly loses it with how quickly he brings it up to his ear.

“Hoseok doesn’t have enough magic to keep the battery going,” Jungkook says. “Hyung says the battle should be over soon. It doesn’t sound good but Namjoon is okay.”

“Okay,” Taehyung breathes. He wants to feel relief but he feels too sickly. “Jungkook, I feel like I’m dying.”

A wicked sound leaves Jungkook, a sound that drags something deep and raw and painful inside of him. 

Jimin’s hands are on him but he’s only distantly aware of it.

“I’m coming to you,” Taehyung tells him. He hears Jungkook debate this, but he’s ignoring it. “Jungkook, I have to be with you.”

The car Mingyu brings is stolen. Taehyung doesn’t care, his mind focused on getting to Jungkook in any way, no matter what.

There is blood on Mingyu’s shirt, some on his neck. His hair is disheveled and he is quiet as Taehyung climbs into the back seat. Taehyung doesn’t have the strength to ask questions. He can’t deal with the idea of something bad happening to Namjoon.

Jimin brings him into his lap, tucking his head onto his thighs. Taehyung is shaking now and he can’t break it. It feels like his bones are rattling inside of him.

“Hyunmi’s wolves are determined, won’t give up,” Mingyu says as the car takes off. “Which is stupid because Hyunmi ran off. So loyal to someone not loyal to them.”

“Probably because they support enslaving vampires that much,” Seokmin says wetly. 

Mingyu hums, eyes flicking up to the rear view mirror to look at Taehyung here and there. “Yeah, they went after a few members of the Counsel too. If they don’t run off, they’ll keep dying. Namjoon’s feral man.”

The thought of it makes Taehyung sicker and Jimin’s fingers stall in his hair. 

That’s their hyung. It’s supposed to be the three of them, always. But they’ve been torn in different directions and Taehyung prays this ends with them being all together again.

“A wolf bit Jin in the arm and he snapped. I’ve never been afraid of wolves before, but I tell you. Scary. He’s fine though. People really underestimate the power of demons.”

Mingyu keeps talking but Taehyung doesn’t listen any longer. He can’t or he’ll start losing his mind.

Jimin hums as he pets his hair, eyes focused on his face. Taehyung grips weakly into his sweatpants, holding him close.

Some of his sickness eases as they drive but Taehyung is restless. He doesn’t know how far away the Thirteen’s mountains are.

“Taehyung-ssi,” Mingyu addresses him, “before Woo and I bonded, I broke my hand. Not a big deal but you would have thought I lost my arm with how Woo reacted.”

There is a smile in his voice and Taehyung lifts his head from Jimin’s thigh to meet his eyes in the rear view mirror.

“Gave me his blood to heal me. Made me feel worse. Like I was dying. I physically felt like my body was coming apart when he wasn’t by my side. It was so strong that even though it’s been a long time, I still remember how it felt.”

It’s how Taehyung feels now but he doesn’t think he has to say so. Mingyu knows.

“It’s like that. Each step towards the bond makes it harder to ignore,” Mingyu explains quietly. “When Woo returned, we bonded right then and there and I haven’t felt that way again.”

Jimin’s phone interrupts the silence that follows but he doesn’t answer it. He doesn’t jostle Taehyung go pull it from his pants.

Not until it rings a second, a third. Accompanied by someone’s phone ringing from the front seat.

Jimin is scrambling them, gently easing Taehyung’s head up to rip his phone from his pocket. Taehyung sits up as much as he can, curling closer to Jimin so he can hear.

“Yoongi-yah,” Jimin gasps into the phone as he fumbles to press the speaker. “What is it? Are you okay? Hyung?”

Yoongi is breathing heavily and his voice comes out panicked. “Where - where the hell are you?”

Jimin sinks into the seat, eyes falling closed. The panic and concern in Yoongi’s voice make Taehyung's heart ache. 

“I’m headed to the mountains. Tae, he’s really bad hyung. You should see him.”

Yoongi cusses and Taehyung can imagine him pacing the way he does when he’s pissed, rubbing at his jaw or eyebrows. It’s all he’s seen the last few days.

“Seokmin with you?” Yoongi finally says. 

“Yes and Mingyu.”

Yoongi sighs, long and hard. “Okay, okay. They’re good people. You’re safe. I’ll be there soon. Your leader wolf’s been hurt but he’s okay. We killed most of the rebel wolves, some got away. Took a big chunk out of Joon’s side but he’ll be fine. Hongjoong is taking care of him. I just want to watch over and make sure he finishes healing him. I don’t trust anyone but us.”

Jimin gasps weakly, eyes closing around wet eyelashes. It should be nice to hear how Yoongi and Namjoon, who have nonstop bickered and hated each other, are looking out for each other.

But all Taehyung can think about is Namjoon being hurt and himself feeling like death. He wants to be with Namjoon right now too.

“Hold on, Seokie’s on the other line.”

Taehyung drops back into Jimin’s lap, curling an arm beneath his thigh to hug him close. He feels like he’s crawling out of his skin, unable to do anything. Helpless, helpless.

Just like when he was a child and couldn’t do anything to stop the pain his parents made him feel. How helpless he felt when he wanted to help Jungkook when he said he felt hungry all of those years ago. He remembers it now, the way Jungkook had snapped at him to stop him from getting him food when Taehyung thought he needed it.

“Hey,” Yoongi’s voice interrupts. “Tell whoever is driving to step on it.”

The car accelerates without question, without explanation. Taehyung feels nauseous, dizzy because of it. He used to search different diseases and their symptoms when he was younger and suddenly every single deadly illness is coming to the forefront of his mind.

He feels so suddenly sick that he clutches at his chest, lights sparkling around the corners of his vision.

“Jungkook collapsed,” Yoongi says, his voice more even that Taehyung would expect. “Get Tae to him, quick.”


Jungkook’s legs give out the minute they’ve stepped into the Thirteen’s camp. It’s a cluster of cabins, hidden by massive snow covered trees. He only gets a hint of wolf before his knees hit the ground.

Hoseok isn’t strong enough to hold him up, but he keeps him from falling face first. Jungkook feels queasy, a feeling he hasn’t experienced in so long.

“You’re good, I got you,” Hoseok says, calm. He helps Jungkook sit before he’s taking our his phone.

His heart is beating erratically and he can’t breathe. He felt an ache since the moment he left Taehyung but it is nothing like this. Nothing has ever been like this.

There’s movement in the trees but Jungkook can’t focus. He feels the danger but he can’t do anything about it.

“Taehyung is coming,” Hoseok says, clapping his hands to Jungkook’s cheeks. “That’s what you need isn’t it?”

Jungkook blinks his eyes open. He feels fucking weak and ridiculous that just the sound of his name has the nausea settling.

“Yeah, fuck,” Hoseok grunts, standing. He wipes at his forehead. “Yo, I see you out there. Come help me.”

Jungkook doesn’t see what Hoseok sees and he’s too tired to keep his eyes open anyway. He smells the wolf, hears his feet drag over the snow.

“Seungcheol sent you,” an unfamiliar voice says. “He told us to anticipate a vampire. Was he poisoned?”

“Sure,” Hoseok laughs awkwardly, shoving his hands beneath Jungkook’s armpits. His skin feels cold, his clothes soaking in the snow. “If you consider love a poison.”

The wolf doesn’t ask questions and Jungkook doesn’t like the familiar hands on him. But they lift him with ease.

“And no offense, I am a fan of the male body believe me, but could you put some clothes on?”

The wolf laughs as he scoops Jungkook into his arms.

He hates it with a burning passion but he can’t feel his legs.

“I'm not in human form often,” the wolf says. “Junhoe, by the way. I’m assuming you’re Hoseok. I’ve heard about you.”

Hoseok says something but Jungkook isn’t listening any longer. He sighs when warmth envelops him and the scent of vanilla and burning fills his nose.

He misses the scent of strawberries.

Jungkook is in and out of it. He doesn’t know how much time passes until he starts to feel better, not like he may die at any moment. Hoseok sits beside him, whispering beneath his breath as his sparkling fingers run over Jungkook’s face.

He tries to tell him to stop, to build up how energy but Hoseok pretends he can’t hear him. Not until Jungkook attempts to shove him aside.

“It’s simple magic,” Hoseok promises quietly. “I could do this on my literal death bed. So shut up and let me try to ease the pain.”

The wolf that had helped them is still with them. Jungkook sees him clearer now, lingering around. He did put pants on, but his strong body is still out. He’s scarred in places, his skin dark from the sun. His black hair long and covering his ears.

“It won’t work,” Junhoe says, watching them. “You need to bond with your mate, boy.”

Jungkook grits his teeth and tries to remind himself this is a friendly wolf. This isn’t his home and the wolf is welcome here.

“I know.”

“No, like you’ll die if you don’t,” Junhoe goes on. “I’ve seen it happen. Soon the longer you go apart, the harder it will be. And where’d you say your mate was? Seoul? Next time, he might not even be able to make it here in time.”

Hoseok laughs awkwardly. He flicks his fingers and the wolf is gasping, grabbing at his chest. “We were trying not to tell Jungkook that, thanks.”

When Hoseok looks to Jungkook, at least he has the decency to look apologetic.

“We didn’t think it would be this quick,” Hoseok hisses at him. “You also weren’t supposed to give him your blood so that one is on you.”

If Jungkook were strong enough, he’d shove Hoseok off the couch.

“He was stabbed,” Jungkook grunts.

“Yeah well,” Hoseok circles his finger in the air. “Circumstance. I need to see if my phone is charged so I can call Jimin.”

Hoseok doesn’t look so well when he stands, still a little wobbly on his feet but he waves Jungkook’s comment about it off before he gets his cellphone from the wall.

“We’ll be there soon,” he hears Jimin say as he lets his eyes fall closed again. There is a cramp in his chest that even rubbing at doesn’t dissipate.

He wonders if vampires can have heart attacks.

It wouldn’t be surprising. He’s finding not to be surprised by things that can kill him. 

“Taehyung is pretty out of it,” Jimin says, fear in his voice. “I’m going to kill you and Yoongi for not telling me he could die from this.”

Hoseok glances at Jungkook. “And force their bond because they’re afraid of that? It’s a big step.”

Hoseok is moving away then but Jungkook doesn’t miss it.

“He’s human, Jimin-ah baby. It’s not just bonding with Kookie that Taehyung has to think about. He also has to consider the fact that he has to choose to die in a couple decades or you know, live the fuck forever.”

Jungkook closes his eyes and tries not to think about it but it makes the cramp in his chest worsen.

He wishes he listened to Yoongi’s studies while he was becoming a nurse so he could recognize the symptoms of heart attack.

Time passes but he doesn’t know how long time passes until all he can smell is strawberries.

“This is so stressful,” he hears someone - maybe Jimin say. He sits, the sick feeling inside of him leaving so quickly it makes him feel dizzy.

Jungkook feels like he can breathe again and all he breathes in is strawberries. All he can see is red but it isn’t anger.

It surrounds Taehyung like an aura. A deep res, blocking out anything or anyone in the room.

“You look like shit,” Taehyung says, his own voice weak as he slumps himself into Jungkook’s lap. 

He thinks the sudden feeling of rightness has him in shock. Taehyung wraps around him, touching him as much as he can and that feeling is back.

That feeling of being whole again even if he’s never realized he hadn’t felt that way before. 

“You look beautiful,” Jungkook says, finally coming to wrap his arms around Taehyung. He sinks his face into his neck, finding comfort in the pulse of his heart.

Taehyung’s fingers thread through his hair as he exhales shakily. He tugs on a few strands, neck arching and Jungkook takes.

It’s been days yet felt like years. The thumping in his heart regulates, the chill seeping from him. He can feel Taehyung’s heart like it’s inside of his chest two, two hearts beating in time with each other.

Taehyung pushes him back with a hand to his shoulder, fingers dancing down his arm to catch on his hand. Jungkook feels feral again, his breathing coming out harsh.

“Please,” Taehyung murmurs, lifting Jungkook’s hand and pressing it to his lips. 

Despite his previous hesitations and worries, he sinks his teeth into his own wrist without hesitation. 

For the first time in days, Jungkook’s heart stops in his chest as Taehyung brings his bleeding wrist to his lips. It feels wrong, the sight of it, but the feeling pumping through his veins is right.

Nothing exists around him, absorbing all into the man on his mouth before he brings his lips back to Taehyung’s neck.

Before, the relief he had felt being with Taehyung was intense. Or at least he thought so. It’s nothing like this, this moment. He can’t tell the difference between their mouths, who is touching who where.

The world doesn’t shatter around him like he expects, but everything comes together.

He knows maybe he should be nervous. The first time he had experienced this it had been so overwhelming he had nearly drained Taehyung. That feeling is stronger now but Jungkook knows, deep down, he won’t hurt him.

There are images in his mind he doesn’t remember but they aren’t unfamiliar. Jimin and Namjoon when they were younger, the red eyed man in his old bedroom.

The feeling that comes with the memory of Jungkook when he was enslaved has Jungkook feeling even more overwhelmed. Taehyung truly hadn’t been afraid. 

There’s Namjoon again, his hands slowly stroking over his skin, cooing for him not to be afraid. Jimin, maybe in his teen years, leaping into the air before his arms fly around him. 

There are those silly little creatures and a table full of research notes. A classroom full of students, focusing on one whose eyes are wide with interest as he teaches. A graveyard with Taehyung’s parents' pictures in front of him. More red eyes.

He sees himself, smiling. Laying across the bed and he’s never seen the way he looks when his head throws back and his lips fall open around a full bodied laugh.

Normally, he would be disturbed by it but Taehyung’s memory is filled with nothing but happiness.

The realization that he’s seeing Taehyung’s memories because they’ve become one - mind, body - has Jungkook pulling back with a gasp.

Taehyung looks back at him, eyes heavy and blazing red. 

Fear strikes through Jungkook and he grabs Taehyung’s cheek, fingers digging into his top lip to soothe over his normal human teeth. He buries his face against Taehyung’s neck, feeling his normal heart beat.

His normal heart beat that now feels like Jungkook’s own.

Chapter Text

Taehyung is only half aware of the people around them. He would be embarrassed normally, doing this in front of people he doesn’t even know, but all he can think of is Jungkook.

The way he feels, tastes, smells. The way his hands rub so softly over his arms as he looks up to him, something in his eyes that Taehyung can’t read but he can feel it.

The flashes of memories he knew weren’t his own but felt like it. A strange boy with heavy eyes that looked too much like himself, dressed in clothes that Taehyung couldn’t recognize but felt like home. The way he kissed him - Jungkook on the lips and the way Jungkook felt the swell in his chest but it’s nothing like now.

The sight of Yoongi, his hair long and pulled back into a high ponytail. Glowing purple eyes that look as promising as the words that leave his lips.

I’ll save you. You’re safe with me.

Hoseok, Seokjin. A man slipping a ring onto his finger. A woman, sickly looking, touching his cheek so tenderly.

I love you, Jungkook-ah. Eomma loves you so much. 

Him as a child, his face blurred but Taehyung recognized the old tattered Pikachu shirt he always wanted to wear.

And him as an adult, sitting in a cafe completely unaware of Jungkook watching him.

It feels like they are his memories, but they aren’t.

There is a soft clapping and something whispered from Hoseok but Taehyung isn’t listening as he surges forward and kisses Jungkook instead.

Their tastes mix together and he sighs into it, trying to make sense of the way he feels connected to Jungkook in an impossible way. It feels right, like lying in bed after a shit day. Like being congested for days and finally being able to breathe.

Jungkook pulls back suddenly again, gasping before his fingers are shifting into Taehyung’s shirt and tugging it above his belly.

There is no pain and Jungkook’s fingers brush over bare, flat skin. There are two thin scarred lines where Taehyung’s wounds used to be and Jungkook touches them like he can’t believe it before he’s bringing Taehyung onto a kiss again. 

Mingyu had been wrong though. The idea of separating from Jungkook right now feels like death and Jungkook must agree, taking Taehyung with him as he stands. His arms secure beneath Taehyung’s thighs with Taehyung’s arms wound tightly around Jungkook’s neck.

They find a place of solitude and Taehyung doesn’t care where or what room they’re in. He gives to Jungkook and takes from his as well, barely allowing any space between their bodies.

Jungkook breathes ragged, lips stained and swollen. He doesn’t wear contacts but his pupils are blown so big they turn his red irises into thin lines. 

He presses Taehyung’s back to the door and makes love to him like this, their bodies tangling and moving together with the way their hearts are. It’s an odd sensation, feeling Jungkook’s thoughts when he teeth bite back into his skin.

Feeling how overwhelmed he is by Taehyung, how pleased and relieved his body is being beside him.

The feeling of his heart beating against his chest.

“It doesn’t hurt?” Jungkook asks, fingers trailing up Taehyung’s stomach and back over his scarred skin.

Taehyung shakes his head. They’re decent enough people to not occupy the bed of those who had invited them into their home. They lay on the floor instead, bare limbs tangling together and a sheet thrown over them that Jungkook had found tucked away in the closet.

He takes Jungkook’s fingers into his hand, touching the dark letters staining each one. “Jeon. This is your first family name?”

Jungkook hums. “With Yoongi, yes. I didn’t have one before.”

“I saw how happy it made you,” Taehyung murmurs, rubbing the dark ‘J’ before letting him go. His fingers are bare save for the sun ring, yet he hasn’t asked Taehyung for his rings back. “Who was the boy?”

Jungkook’s eyes follow him as Taehyung lays his head against the floor. “What boy?”

“He kissed you.”

The confusion on Jungkook’s face looks genuine, eyebrows scrunching together and eyes darting sideways like he’s thinking.

“Must be important if you thought about him while bonding with me,” Taehyung teases, pinching Jungkook’s now healed chest. 

“I was only thinking of you,” Jungkook tells him softly, hand cupping his cheek as his thumb darts out to rub at the corner of his mouth. “I saw your memories of Namjoon and Jimin. At least mine was romantic, that’s practically incest.”

Taehyung laughs as he shoves Jungkook fully now, no longer worries about hurting him. He feels stronger now, his body like the memories; both unfamiliar and familiar.

“Shut up, I saw your family too. What else did you see of me?”

“Your Pokémon, your parents funeral,” Jungkook says, falling beside him and propping a hand beneath his head so he can continue to look at Taehyung. “You teaching. Me in your home.”

Taehyung smiles, turning to Jungkook.“All of the things that made me happy.”

His parents’ death didn’t make him happy, per se. Maybe relieved, safe. It was a sad moment, the funeral, but Namjoon and Jimin had held his hands and he felt safe

It’s so much more than happiness - just like this now. 

“Mhm,” Jungkook hums. His dark lashes flutter shut as he rubs at the dermals above his eyebrow, that same okay feeling on his face. “I think so.”

“So happy moments,” Taehyung ponders, his heart expanding at the ones he had seen of Jungkook’s, “means that whoever that boy was was a happy moment for you.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes, breathing through his teeth. “Tae Jong. I loved him when I was a human. Or, he made me feel loved then.”

Taehyung softens his teasing smile and grabs Jungkook’s hand, kissing his wrist where the bite mark is already gone. “He looked like me.”

“I don’t remember his face,” Jungkook admits. “I told you.”

“I know,” Taehyung says. He isn’t jealous or anything. That was long ago and the feeling Jungkook felt wasn’t as strong. He’s happy that someone else was smart enough to love Jungkook too. That he has those happy moments. “What did you think about when you were enslaved? To keep your spirits up.”

Jungkook curls around him, hooking an arm on the other side of Taehyung’s head so their faces are close. “My Clan. They really helped me get through all that bullshit about Pokémon.”

Taehyung snorts. This is happiness, the surge of amusement that pours into him so quickly his cheeks hurt from smiling. “Bullshit? Didn’t you say you own the original, first edition of the -“

He’s being kissed before he can finish. It’s more laughter than anything but Taehyung embraces it.

These are the things in life, the tiny things - even if they’re only short moments at a time, that can help make the bad ones bearable. Taehyung clings onto this moment, one that would probably join the many other moments Jungkook saw that’s made Taehyung’s life worth it.

Jungkook cups the side of his neck and Taehyung covers the back of his hand, holding him there and feeling his knuckles. The veins that trail down and the raised skin beneath the bumps of his wrist.

“Tell me about these,” Taehyung says when he pulls back, touching over the marred skin that Jungkook has covered with ink.

Jungkook hesitates for a minute before he sits, taking Taehyung’s hands into his own. Silence falls upon them as Jungkook guides Taehyung’s hands over his scars.

He keeps his eyes trained on Taehyung like he doesn’t need to look to see where he needs to guide his hands.

“When I was found in bed with Tae Jong,” Jungkook says, pressing Taehyung’s fingers into his wrists. “They bound me.”

Taehyung inhales sharply as Jungkook presses them to his chest next. Maybe he shouldn’t have asked, shouldn’t have ruined the moment. But these are parts of Jungkook and he wants to know them.

“Whipped me.”

Taehyung regrets asking even more when Jungkook touches up his arms and shows that the black markings Taehyung hadn’t thought made much sense when they first met again are also covering up scars.

“I fought in a few wars over the years,” Jungkook explains and he looks a lot calmer than Taehyung feels. “Knife wounds, bullet wounds. None that could kill me but vampires scar still. 

“When I was enslaved,” Jungkook whispers, touching his neck. He shivers when Taehyung flexes his fingers and ghosts over his skin. “I was stabbed repeatedly in the neck with something that made me pass out. After a while the skin there became blackened like I was burned.”

There is the shape of fire beneath Taehyung’s fingertips and Jungkook stops, alarm in his eyes.

“Don’t cry.”

“I’m not,” Taehyung says though his vision is starting to blur. “I hate them.”

Jungkook sighs, pulling Taehyung in. “Don’t think about them right now.”

He doesn’t want to but he suddenly feels angry, protective. Even if it’s a threat long gone.

“If it wasn’t for me you would have never gone there,” Taehyung whispers. He doesn’t know why it’s coming out now but the words rush from his lips before he can stop them.

There is an easy grin on Jungkook’s lips. After so many days of stress and turmoil, Taehyung has missed seeing him bright.

“Was that talk about not being sure about believing in God your way of hiding the fact that you’re actually Him? Creator of destiny and soulmates?”

Taehyung complains, pinching Jungkook’s shoulder. “That’s not what I mean.”

“Because that’s what I did,” Jungkook goes on, not listening. “I told you I didn’t believe in supercreatures even though I knew I was one.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes. “It’s not that. I know it isn’t my fault but I still feel guilty.”

“Don’t,” Jungkook insists. “If we weren’t bonded, I wouldn’t have returned to you this time either.”

With a nod, Taehyung accepts it. The guilt doesn’t go away but he feels reassured someone. Jungkook looks genuine enough and Taehyung can feel the truth inside of him.

The second time they take and give, Taehyung’s mind fills with thoughts that are sad - angry. An unconscious Hoseok being carried into their home by Yoongi. Fighting over Seokjin’s placement in their pack and how Jungkook fills with regret when he thinks about it.

Watching Yoongi die the first time, the pain nearly so overwhelming Taehyung almost pulls away from Jungkook. 

But then he is appearing again. His face is blurred again but the fear radiating off of him is intense as he sticks out his hand for Jungkook to bite.

“Do you still think you’re a monster?” Taehyung asks, stretching until he’s flat on his belly with his arms curling beneath his head.

He can’t see Jungkook’s face as he rests a cheek against Taehyung’s shoulder place and circles his fingers up his spine. “I do.”

Taehyung lifts up so quickly that Jungkook falls, head hitting the floor. Luckily it’s a small distance but Jungkook groans anyway, glaring up at him.

“Sorry,” Taehyung huffs, taking the sheet and curling it around their shoulders when Jungkook sits. They should really get up and eat something but Mingyu said they have to feed from each other three times until the bond stays complete. “You’re not a monster.”

“Sometimes I go feral,” Jungkook says, folding his legs to his chest so Taehyung can wrap around him. “Lose my mind, can’t control it. I almost ripped Yoongi’s arm off for touching you when you were hurt.”

Taehyung cocks his head to the side, wanting to roll his eyes but he likes the walls falling down around Jungkook.

“Because I was hurt,” Taehyung states, “and you didn’t. Almost whatever. That sounds like you have control over it just fine.”

He leans forward, pressing a kiss to Jungkook’s knee.

“I think you’re just immune to fear,” Jungkook says and there is nothing true about that. Lots of things terrify Taehyung. 

Losing his family. Jungkook leaving. Jungkook staying. Ghosts. Your Pokémon fainting while you’re stuck in the middle of a grassy area, trying to get to town to heal it.

“Because you were right looking at me with my red vamp eyes as Jimin calls them and I am six hundred years old looking at you with them and I am afraid.”

Taehyung’s face scrunches as he reaches up and touches beneath his eyes. “What do you mean?”

He’s scrambling up then, grabbing the sheet around his waist. He has no idea where the bathroom is but he spots a mirror near the closet.

A yelp stumbles in his chest as Taehyung takes in his reflection. Jungkook is right. His eyes are a blazing red, bloodshot to the point it looks like the veins in his eyes are leaking down beneath his eyelid too. 

“What the fuck,” Taehyung breathes, leaning forward to look again. “I’m not?”

He presses into his pulse and Jungkook is there a moment later, curling around him. He cups his jaw, placing a kiss to the hinge of it.

“You’re not, I don’t know why,” Jungkook murmurs in the shell of his ear. “Maybe for the same reason my heart is beating when it’s not supposed to. Us sharing pieces of each other.”

Taehyung finds Jungkook’s eyes in the mirror and he still isn’t afraid. They look alike with their blazing red eyes, their bodies molded together. 

Two pieces of one whole or whatever corny shit Taehyung’s always thought sounded nice.

“One more time,” Jungkook murmurs, teaching his hand around to offer his wrist to Taehyung. He waits until Taehyung brings it to his lips, gives Taehyung the reigns to decide to complete their bond.

Taehyung doesn’t hesitate. 

The third time is fear. Taehyung feels safe in Jungkook’s arms, but he feels the fear in Jungkook’s memories. A lot of them the same as his sadness, but the sight of him lying on the ground is jarring.

How strong Jungkook’s fear then was has Taehyung’s fingers gripping hard into Jungkook’s arm. He’s never felt a fear that strong.

The last he sees before Jungkook pulls away is his face again, eyes blazing red with the veins snaking underneath and Taehyung doesn’t quite understand the fear he feels Jungkook have.

The sky outside is reddening when Taehyung hears the rumble of voices outside. He doesn’t know how long he’s been asleep after they wandered into the rest of the empty house searching for food. 

Jungkook still is asleep, arm loose around him and mouth opened around soft breaths. He doesn’t wake when the voices float through the room, though his nose scrunches at the first sound of it and Taehyung is afraid he will.

“Where are they?”

“In there. Fuck not being able to use magic, I had to hear Jungkook moan .”

Taehyung smiles, tucking it into Jungkook’s shoulder. He hopes Yoongi being here is a good sign, that Namjoon is okay.

He hopes the others, the wolves that stood behind Namjoon, are trustworthy enough.

“I need a rest,” Yoongi says tiredly. It’s whispered, but Taehyung can still hear it. “A rest and then we can bring Taehyung back to his village. I told the Counsel we’ll need a few weeks before we go to them. But we can’t stay for too long. We have to keep up our end of the bargain.”

Taehyung’s smile slips away and he very tentatively rubs his hand over Jungkook’s chest. He hates that Yoongi and Hoseok are going to be tested like some lab rats.

There are horror stories about those kinds of things and he prays this won’t be one of them.

“Don’t make that face. Taehyung knew Jungkook was leaving.”

Taehyung sighs as he sits, careful to keep the sheet over Jungkook as he searches for his own clothes. He quietly pulls them on, stretches out for ache in his back and neck, and enters the living room.

There are a lot more people than Taehyung expected and he suddenly feels embarrassed.

The room is lit with flickering candles, vanilla scented. Jimin is asleep, laying his head onto Hoseok’s lap with Yoongi say on the edge of couch beside him. There are members of the Thirteen with them as well, the two soulmated pairs.

Taehyung recognizes Mingyu’s mate from the brief introduction days ago, but he would know who it was by the way he touches ever so gently over his hair where Mingyu sits between his legs.

“Joon?” Taehyung asks because it’s the most important and he can’t think about Jungkook leaving, not yet. Not now.  

Not when he feels like that one time he tries ecstasy in college. It will probably be like that, the high flying euphoria before the crash and burn.

“Is okay,” Yoongi says, not surprised by Taehyung’s presence. “Hongjoong healed him up well. He’s with Seokjin.”

Taehyung nods, leaning back against the door he had closed behind him. “Can I use your phone to call him?”

Before, it had felt impossible to detach himself from Jungkook but he feels okay now as he wraps a fur coat Jihoon had offered him and takes off outside. The moon shines brightly against the snow, despite the tall trees and he watches his footprints dent the white as he waits for Namjoon to answer.

When he does, he sounds okay, and relief washes over him.

“Hyung, everything okay?”

Taehyung smiles. “Since when is Yoongi ‘hyung’?”

Namjoon inhales deeply. “Oh, Taehyungie are you okay? Where is your phone?”

“Answer my question first.”

The laugh Namjoon lets out sounds too tired to be amused. “When someone saves you from your body being ripped in half, calling them hyung seems more appropriate.”

There is a bench a short distance from the cabin they’ve been staying in and Taehyung wipes the snow from it before he sits. It’s cold against him but he doesn’t mind.

“I’m okay, are you okay?”

“Tired, mostly,” Namjoon tells him. “We lost a lot of people we grew up with today. Older generation. I don’t want you to come to the village yet. Some of it is gone, we had to create a fire to explain the deaths. I want to clean up before you return.”

Taehyung feels uneasy. He doesn’t know what to say, how to feel. The silence feels okay though, so he lets it stay for a minute.

“I’m in the mountains. Not sure which ones. I was kind of uh, passed out a bit on the way here,” Taehyung tells him nervously.

Bonding feels right but suddenly he’s worried about telling Namjoon.

“Good, you need sleep,” Namjoon says but it isn’t what Taehyung meant. “Stay there as long as you want. Don’t rush home, I’m okay. I already told the school board you’ve been attacked and they think you’re in the hospital.”

Taehyung could laugh. For so long research and teaching has been his life but he hasn’t thought of it once since all of this.

“Sadly, I’m sure my students are happy they don’t have to listen to crazy Professor Kim rant about his vampire theories.”

Namjoon laughs and the sound of it makes him smile. “Well, you can rant about them to me. I’m sure you have a little more evidence now.”

Taehyung folds in on himself, unable to stop his smile. Namjoon must sense his silence is hesitating not just comforting because his tone is worried when he speaks.

“What is it, Tae?”

“Jungkook and I bonded,” Taehyung whispers, peering into the tall trees. He can hear the wind blowing through the leaves and sticks cracking. He wonders if this heightened hearing will last or fade away.

“I figured,” Namjoon murmurs and Taehyung can’t read his tone. “He and I are really going to have to find a way to get along, hm?”

Taehyung huffs at that. “Well, it should be easier now that you don’t think he’s going to kill me and he doesn’t think you have anything to do with the enslaving.”

Maybe later, he’ll laugh at the universe giving him such a dramatic plot to his life just to get him to fall in love.

“Yeah well, circumstance,” Namjoon murmurs. “You should go back to him. I’ll see you soon Tae and I uh, yeah.”

Taehyung snorts. “Love you too hyung.”

When Taehyung steps back into the cabin, everyone quiets like they were talking about him. He peers his eyes as he hands back Yoongi’s cellphone.

“Talking about me?”

Hoseok gives it away with his grin but it’s Jihoon speaking.

“Yeah, about how you banged in our room,” Jihoon grunts, his eyes accusing.

Seungcheol grins just as happily as Hoseok, hooking an arm around his mate’s shoulder. “It’s a good feeling, right? Bonding.”

Heat washes up into Taehyung’s cheeks and it’s then, as he wonders if they’re as red as his eyes, that he realizes they probably are.

“I should go and borrow your room for a little longer,” Taehyung says sheepishly as he scurries across the living room. “It’s lovely by the way.”

He thinks he hears Jihoon say ‘hurry up’ as Seungcheol says ‘enjoy’ but he’s slipping into the room and closing the door behind him too quickly.

 Jungkook is waking up when he steps in, hand moving over the empty space behind him before he flies up into a sitting position. Half asleep and alarmed is cute on him, but not as cute as the way as he glares at the spot Taehyung had been in.

He relaxes at the sight of Taehyung, eyes falling closed again. Taehyung falls beside him, legs circling around Jungkook and dragging him down until Jungkook is resting against his shoulder.

“Hyung’s here,” Jungkook states, his breath tickling his skin. “How’s Namjoon?”

“Fine,” Taehyung murmurs, rubbing Jungkook’s forearm. “He could be lying. He does that so we don’t know when he’s hurting.”

Jungkook doesn’t say anything at first and Taehyung thinks he’s fallen back asleep.

“Don’t tell him I said this,” Jungkook grunts, “but he’s alright.”

Taehyung buries his smile into his hair. “Oh, I’m definitely telling him that.”


The village has that eerie feeling to it, like it’s been abandoned. There are burnt down buildings and Taehyung’s grip is hard around Jungkook’s as he looks at each one.

He lets out a shaky exhale when they pass by Hyunmi’s house, the one above the cellar. Jungkook knocks their shoulders and gets a small smile in return.

Taehyung’s eyes are no longer red. They faded at some point and Jungkook isn’t sure if he’s happy about that or if he’s missing them.

Namjoon looks like shit. There are heavy bags beneath his eyes and he moves awkwardly, hissing when Taehyung wraps around him in a hug.

Despite this, Taehyung swats him in the chest.

“You said you were healed,” Taehyung accuses before he lifts Namjoon’s shirt and takes in the bandage wrapped around his abdomen. 

“I am healed enough I won’t die,” Namjoon clarifies.

“He refused more vampire blood,” Seokjin says from beside him, eyes rolling and tone judgmental. “Said it tastes gross.”

“Must be a rotten vampire, Jungkook tastes amazing,” Taehyung replies without thinking. 

There is a collective groan from around them and even Jungkook feels embarrassed by that. Taehyung flutters his eyelashes, pride in his eyes when he takes in Jungkook’s glaring face.

He’s been starting to wonder if he’s found his reason. That thing that is supposed to make the change from human to vampire fucking worth it.

The groundbreaking change that sounds corny as shit to Jungkook but he feels his world tilt slightly every time Taehyung smiles.

If he were never changed, he wouldn’t even be close to ever meeting him. 

“That rotten vampire is me,” Yoongi says as he walks past Jungkook to clap Namjoon’s shoulder. “You alright? I never like when the police are crawling around.”

There had been investigators crawling around when they first came into the village. There was a fire, taking out a dozen residents. A gas leak, spreading over a cluster of homes and burning part of the trees.

Yoongi had explained Hongjoong had stuck around to make sure the fire didn’t spread further into the forest, helped control it. But he had depleted himself as well and a bit more of the forest burned than they had planned.

Hoseok is back to his usual self, sparkling and hair a deep purple. He looks unusual in a plain white shirt and tan slacks that he had borrowed from the wolves and Jungkook knows he’s eager to get home and into his regular clothes.

He slings his arm around Jungkook’s shoulder, pulling him close. “You want to explain this?”

Confusion fills Jungkook before Hoseok lifts his hand and reveals his bare fingers. Only his sun stone is on, the rest occupying Taehyung’s hands.

He never gave them back and Jungkook never asked for them. 

“Tae has nice hands.”

Hoseok snorts. “Sure, sure.”

“It’s not like he can bind me to him more than he already has,” Jungkook murmurs.

For the first time, Jungkook doesn’t really mind being bound.

After discussing the finer details of the cleanup and what the plan is for the next few days, Taehyung returns to his side and swings their arms.

“Come on, now that you’re free to explore this wolf den, I want to show you something.”

Jungkook smiles at the excitement in Taehyung’s eyes and lets him drag him off.

His childhood home is untouched and Taehyung doesn’t hesitate to tug him inside. He doesn’t really want to go into the room that he had sat in, cleaning Taehyung’s torn up stomach, but he doesn’t say as much.

He isn’t expecting the way Taehyung drags him into the closet and sits. He hesitates before sitting criss cross beside him. 

“What is it?”

Taehyung pushes up to close the closet door, blanketing them in darkness. Jungkook can still see Taehyung, the way his smile falters. There are drawings on the walls inside, but Taehyung must not want to show him since he’s made it dark.

“I can see them,” Taehyung says, reaching out to trace a messy drawing of Pikachu. “I didn’t get to show you before.”

Most of the drawings are Pokémon. But Taehyung hesitates his fingers over a pair of eyes, bright red in color.

“I used to hide in here when I was scared and Namjoon and Jimin weren’t home,” Taehyung tells him. “I never told anyone. I always hid in closets, that’s why I liked hiding with you when I was younger. It was so dark in there and you always sat pushed into the corner like I did.”

A fist squeezes around Jungkook’s heart. He hates the idea of Taehyung being afraid. He hates that Taehyung remembers so much of him and he doesn’t.

He wants to say as much, but Taehyung is interrupting him.

“I don’t want you to leave,” Taehyung admits under his breath, the words coming out slowly. “You need to, but I don’t want you to. I’m finally allowed to have you, you’re finally allowed to have me.”

Jungkook nods, hand cupping over Taehyung’s thigh to feel his warm skin. 

“You have to go with your Clan and make sure they’re safe. I have a feeling Yoongi won’t let you stay behind anyway because he doesn’t trust the wolves to be loyal to Namjoon.”

Yoongi has barely said a word about leaving but it seems true enough. There’s that feeling in the air that comes whenever they are about to pack up their things and move onto the next city or town. The next country, the next decade is their life.

“If there are wolves that are disloyal to Namjoon, you shouldn’t be here either,” Jungkook says.

Taehyung sighs, leaning against Jungkook’s shoulder. “I won’t leave Namjoon alone.”

“I know,” Jungkook tells him. He knows. He felt the way Taehyung feels about Namjoon in his memory, the same way Jungkook feels for Yoongi.

The emotion was the exact kind of strong, that exact way Jungkook feels that he thought for some reason Namjoon’s face was taking Yoongi’s place before he realized it was not his memory.

“I just want you to know I don’t want you to go,” Taehyung explains, tracing the eyes on the closet door now. “I don’t want you to think it’s easy for me.”

Jungkook moves, turning to Taehyung. The closet is big enough for him to sit sideways, though his knee presses into the wall.

They move like they’re in sync, Taehyung climbing onto his lap the moment Jungkook reaches for him.

He doesn’t understand why Taehyung would hide in the dark when he was afraid. The dark is usually what makes people afraid.

“I’m glad I found you in a time where there are trains and video calls,” Jungkook laughs. “A couple decades ago, this would have been torture.”

“Look at you, being positive,” Taehyung says in mock surprise. The amusement is bright in his eyes. “Go be that mechanic you wanted to be and save up so you can bring your bonded to Europe and take him sightseeing.”

His bonded. Jungkook isn’t sure why that makes his chest swell as much it does but he likes it.

When Taehyung’s eyes faded, the beat of his heart had too. But he still feels it when Taehyung is close, like somehow Taehyung’s heart has transferred into his chest. The memories still come with each feeding and they talk about them, learn even more about each other.

“I will,” Jungkook promises. Taehyung sits back as he plays with his own fingers and it takes Jungkook a second to realize he’s stripping the bulky rings from his fingers.

Jungkook cups his hands over Taehyung’s, stopping him. “Keep them. They’re safer with you.”

He can feel Taehyung’s sharp intake of breath. “Jungkook -“

“Just because they outlawed enslaving vampires doesn’t mean it won’t happen,” Jungkook tells him. “And you don’t need to go through all the work it takes to enslave me. You could just ask nicely.”

Taehyung smiles before he leans down and tucks it into Jungkook’s neck. It’s quiet after that and Jungkook savors it.

It won’t take long for Yoongi to wrap things up in town, compel the people he needs to to get them out of their jobs and make sure their cover up story works well. Time will drag and will fly by at the same time and Jungkook isn’t ready for either.

But he enjoys the silence of just them breathing together, even if the closet is kind of cramped. It makes them close, bound to each other both physically and more .

After what feels like hours, Taehyung suggests they return to the world of the living. He ignores Jungkook’s remark about how half the people around them aren’t actually living and pulls Jungkook out of his childhood bedroom.

It feels oddly like they are one big Clan when they meet in the common area, when they sit together for dinner. 

Namjoon and him don’t exchange many words but there’s a peace treaty in the smiles they share.

Maybe this also feels a little like something that’s made it all worth it. 

“Listen, Kook was obsessed with finding those games after we got him back. I didn’t understand why, he would put them in his Gameboy and just listen to the theme music,” Yoongi goes on, amusement in his eyes as he embarrasses Jungkook. He doesn’t eat, but constantly scoops the food on his plate and shoves it towards Jimin’s mouth in a way that seems like a habit.

Jimin is wearing a pleased smile on his face after every bite he accepts.

“He snapped at me once. ‘It’s Pikachu hyung’ like I was supposed to know.

Taehyung giggles through his mouth of food, cheeks bulging. He quickly presses a hand to his lips, shoulders shaking.

“Whatever,” Jungkook says. “The theme song was dope.”

It is nice the way everyone around him laughs and smiles. Even if shit isn’t fully over with yet, and won’t be for awhile, it’s nice they can all have this moment.

And Jungkook isn’t uncomfortable being surrounded by the scent of wolves anymore.

Taehyung shifts a hand under the table, cupping Jungkook’s thigh. He squeezes gently, thumb rubbing over his jeans.

“Tae literally dedicated his career to learning about vampires and the supernatural,” Jimin chimes in with a grin, “so they’re both disgusting.”

Taehyung makes a noise of offense before he flings a green bean at Jimin, making the laughter grow even louder.

It’s really fucking nice.

“I want to ask you something.”

Jungkook lifts his head, looking at where Taehyung paces around his kitchen. They have one day left before Jungkook has to leave and he wants to stay here instead. He feels selfish keeping Taehyung to himself, keeping him from work and helping his pack, but Taehyung doesn’t seem to mind.

Except he’s been restless and pacing since they got to his apartment and Jungkook can feel the anxiety in his chest. 

“What is it, babe?”

Taehyung huffs as he paces back into the living room and leans over the couch. He plants an upside down kiss to Jungkook’s lips and groans in complaint.


Jungkook grabs his forearms before he can pull away and leans back more, locking his lips with Taehyung until he feels calm.

“Tell me.”

He only lets Taehyung go when he’s sure he won’t run off. Taehyung climbs onto the couch, pulling his legs to his chest. 

Jungkook really likes the rings on his fingers and the way he fiddles with them. He doesn’t remember his parents much, doesn’t think about them often, but he wonders if they would like Taehyung. 

“Okay,” Taehyung grunts, rolling his eyes at himself. “When we bonded. Do you know the memory thing? Well, I want to - I don’t know. I want to know why you were afraid of my red eyes.”

That isn’t what Jungkook had been expecting. They discussed the memories they saw but Taehyung hadn’t mentioned that then. 

“Is it because I looked like a vampire?”

Jungkook grins. Not at that but because Taehyung knows his thoughts before he can speak them. Maybe because he’s actually felt them himself, but he likes how strong their connection is still growing.

“I think so.”

“You think so?” Taehyung presses on, pushing a foot out to squeeze beneath Jungkook’s thigh.

Even if they weren’t bonded, Jungkook would find it hard to leave his side.

“I didn’t think about it a lot before, you being a vampire,” Jungkook admits. “Only briefly when you first asked to bond with me. I thought about how I didn’t want that for you.”

Taehyung tries to pull back again but Jungkook circles his fingers around his ankle and keeps him there. 

“You don’t seem to like the idea of it and I totally fucking get that.” Jungkook has never been good at words and he wishes their bond could speak for him right now. “And I don’t want you to one day decide to change even if you don’t want to just because you know it’ll cause me pain.”

Taehyung tucks his cheek to his knee, his eyes soft. “I can change and if I don’t like it, I’ll go stand in the sun or something.”

Jungkook can’t help the way he scowls at that. He doesn’t want to talk about this right now even if they have to. It’s different than bonding; that was inevitable and Jungkook wanted it even if his body was deciding for him to do it. 

This, this isn’t necessary for them to be together anymore.

“We don’t die in the sun, just become weak,” Jungkook clarifies. “And this isn’t like bonding. This is something you should think about for weeks, months. Maybe even years.”

This time, Taehyung scowls. “So when I’m fifty and change, I have to pretend to be your father when we move place to place?”

An unwanted laugh leaves Jungkook’s lips but it seems to relax the tension around them. “You can be Yoongi’s. I’ll be your hot sugar baby.”

Taehyung’s laugh joins him. “That’s literally so gross. I’m trying not to live my eternal life as a fucking creep.”

Eternal life. The words settle in Jungkook’s chest and he isn’t sure how to feel about it. Maybe he should talk to Wonwoo. He had bonded with a human before they changed too and Taehyung’s been in touch with Mingyu, bothering him with question after question about every new sensation between them.

“No. I’m saying, we didn’t have time to think about bonding. But we have time to think about this. You’ll find I’m incredibly patient.”

“Doubt that,” Taehyung teases as he climbs over to him. He touches Jungkook’s cheeks, pressing their foreheads together, and it feels like they’re one again. “Even if you are, I’m not.”

It’s a lie. Taehyung is incredibly patient but Jungkook doesn’t call him out on it. Instead, he stands, taking Taehyung’s hands into his own.

“How about today we just think us right now, in this moment,” Jungkook suggests, “the future later.”

Taehyung looks like he’s going to argue but he doesn’t. Not when Jungkook grabs the bottom of his shirt and pulls it from himself. He wags his eyebrows, looking down Taehyung’s body.

Taehyung rolls his eyes but his cheeks are bright red. 

“Think about how long you want to be with me,” Jungkook says as he steps back, walking towards Taehyung’s hallway. “Think about hundreds of years with the same person.”

Taehyung follows after him, feet padding against the wooden floor. “Hoseok and Yoongi have been together centuries.”

“They didn’t have to decide that though. They were going to live that long to begin with,” Jungkook explains, speeding up his backwards walking when Taehyung reaches for him.

He teases because he likes the way Taehyung’s face crumples in complaint.

“We haven’t been together long,” Jungkook says as he jumps back again, dodging Taehyung.

“Is that what we are? Together?”

Jungkook hesitates, confused by the serious look on Taehyung’s face. It’s a ploy, he realizes a moment to later, as Taehyung succeeds in grabbing him and knocks him back into the end.

The smile he shines down onto Jungkook is dazzling.

“We’re literally bonded soulmates,” Jungkook grunts as he rolls Taehyung onto his back to hover him.

He kisses Taehyung then because the reminder of it makes some strong burrow it’s way into his chest.

“I know,” Taehyung gasps. “Didn’t you say there are platonic soulmates though?”

Jungkook groans, their bodies shifting until they align together comfortably. He slots his thigh between Taehyung’s, feeling his stomach rise with his breathing and touch his own.

“I wouldn’t call this platonic,” Jungkook breathes, whispering the words against the corner of Taehyung’s mouth. He rolls his hips down once, twice to earn himself another ragged breath from Taehyung. “Would you?”

Taehyung shakes his head, hands coming up to cup around Jungkook’s neck. “A little more than platonic.”

“A little more?” Jungkook questions, nuzzling his nose beneath Taehyung’s jaw.

He feels more than hears Taehyung’s hum in affirmation.

“Like? Best friends platonic?” Jungkook asks, kissing over his pulse before he parts his lips over Taehyung’s skin and sucks it into his mouth softly.

Taehyung rolls his hips up as he presses Jungkook’s neck down, a low sound rumbling in his throat. “A little more.”

“Hm,” Jungkook hums, trailing another kiss down his neck. “Can’t say I know what you mean.”

Taehyung rugs on Jungkook’s hair as he grunts his complaint. As much as they’ve touched each other over the last few days, Jungkook is still overwhelmed by how easily Taehyung rocks up against him. How he grips into his skin, the sweet sounds that leaves his lips.

“You know,” Taehyung breathes as Jungkook shifts a hand beneath his shirt, rubbing over his soft belly and towards the ridges of his rib cage. 

“Intimate,” Jungkook whispers, kissing the part of his collarbone that is revealed from the loose collar of his shirt. “Lovers?”

Taehyung sighs when Jungkook licks up the column of his throat. He can feel it like it’s his own, the pulse of arousal building inside of Taehyung. He mouths at his Adam’s Apple, tongue lapping over his skin.

“What are we talking about?” 

Jungkook chuckles. “I think you were asking me to be your boyfriend or something.” 

Taehyung chokes on that. “Shut up.”

“It’s cute,” Jungkook promises.

He’s never had a boyfriend before. Tae Jong wasn’t that, not at the time. A lover. No one since him. The word seems unimportant to him, something so minute compared to what they do have.

“Not that, I don’t care about a title or whatever,” Taehyung says as Jungkook pulls back. He follows, yanking his shirt from his torso. “Just - just want to make it so you’re only mine. Like, romantically and sexually, only mine.”

Jungkook hesitates and there’s an insecurity in Taehyung’s expression that is unfamiliar on him. It doesn’t fit there. Taehyung is always confident and sure.

“Because I know you’re going to have to feed from other people possibly,” Taehyung says as he smooths his hands down Jungkook’s chest. He touches the strawberry over and over and Jungkook realizes why he’s so obsessed with it. 

“I got that for you,” Jungkook tells him as he traps Taehyung’s finger to the strawberry. “Every piece is a part of me, my long life. You brought me a lot of comfort and I felt a strong need to protect you.”

Taehyung inhales even though Jungkook has already told him this before.

“I’ll get a new one, for this part of our story,” Jungkook goes on as he drags Taehyung’s fingers to the base of his throat, the skin unmarked. “‘Only Taehyung’s’ or whatever.”

Taehyung’s eyes squint as he laughs. “You don’t have to do that.”

Jungkook leans back over him, lowering Taehyung until Taehyung is on his back again.

“Of course I’m only yours,” Jungkook promises. “Romantically, sexually. Mind, body, soul. All of the above.”

Taehyung nods, hooking a leg around Jungkook’s waist. 

“I’ve never wanted another person but you. In the five hundred and seventy six years I’ve been a vampire. Only ever you. I guess that means I’ve always been yours, doesn’t it?”

Taehyung’s eyes widen then, bottom lip trapping between his teeth. “Okay.”

Jungkook takes a minute to watch Taehyung’s expression, to feel that calmness inside of him to make sure he isn’t worried or bothered.

“I vow to you,” Jungkook goes on, holding up his pinky finger and Taehyung rolls his eyes. “I vow to you past, present, and future, I am yours.”

Taehyung knocks their fingers together. “I’ll think about it.”

Taehyung is loud as he laughs at Jungkook’s shocked expression, quickly grabbing Jungkook’s finger with his own. “I’m kidding, I promise. I vow you the same!”

He thrashes when Jungkook pins him down, his teeth blunt and gentle when Jungkook bites at Taehyung’s neck.

“White flag! White flag!” Taehyung smacking Jungkook’s chest but his voice is filled with laughter.

That, that sound definitely makes it all worth it.

The moment Jungkook is dreading is here. He can’t stop kissing Taehyung’s face even is it’s embarrassing him. Their van is packed, everyone already inside except for Jimin who holds on tight to Namjoon.

Seokjin is staying behind, finishing out the next semester of teaching. Probably longer. Jungkook is going to miss him too. 

“Take care of Jimin,” Taehyung says, grabbing Jungkook’s cheeks and kissing his nose. “Sometimes he has to be alone when he’s angry so just let him be.”

It’s one of the many Jimin things that Taehyung has instructed him on. The Do’s and Don’ts of Park Jimin, he’s called it.

“Visit me soon.”

“Tomorrow,” Jungkook promises.

Taehyung laughs. It’s what he wants to see before they go their separate ways. “Send me a picture in your mechanic uniform.”

Jungkook doesn’t want to be a mechanic, truly. He had just been teasing but Taehyung keeps mentioning it so it doesn’t hurt to try. He was around when cars were first made, after all. He knows a thing or two.

“Without a shirt though.”

Jungkook snorts. “Just ask for a nude, babe.”

Taehyung’s shoulders shake and rise towards his jaw when he chuckles again. 

“Go now, before I refuse to let you go.”

Jungkook wishes he would. He would stay if Taehyung asked him. He’d figure it out, but Taehyung looks so determined about him being with Yoongi and Hoseok.

Which Jungkook should be. Taehyung is right about that. Maybe this testing thing will only take a week or two.

Maybe he’s just hopeful.

“Okay,” Jungkook says, pulling back. Taehyung doesn’t let him go though. “Okay. I love you Kim Taehyung.”

The surprise makes Taehyung go still, hands loosening and Jungkook slips from them. It surprises him too, just how easily and quick the words had left his lips.

But he needs Taehyung to hear it just in case. Even if he’s just a boy that’s too wrapped up in something even close to love but not quite, he still feels it.

“Remember what I said about the future,” Jungkook says as he walks back to the van. “About the things you should consider before you decide. We have time, so don’t stress about it.”

Eyes fall onto Taehyung and Namjoon peers his eyes at Jungkook. He probably knows what Jungkook is implying but they’re making a walk towards fully getting along now so Jungkook tries not to glare back.

They are one Pack, one Clan now.

“And take care of Tae,” Jungkook says as he is pulled into the car by the back of his shirt by Hoseok. “And Jin hyung. If you don’t, I’m coming for you wolf.”

Namjoon snorts, a hand raising in a wave before he slings his arm over Taehyung’s shoulders. “I’d let you do whatever you wanted if I didn’t.”

They have an understanding, a common ground. Jungkook thinks it’d be impossible to leave Taehyung behind if he didn’t fully, one hundred percent trust the Alpha. 

But Jungkook is stubborn and refuses to admit it.

“You’re like a love sick pup,” Hoseok grunts as he grabs Jungkook’s seatbelt.

“What was that?” Jimin asks, turning around in the front seat like he’s been called.

Hoseok chokes on a laugh, shaking his head. Jungkook would laugh too but he’s finding Taehyung’s face as the car starts to move.

His eyes widen as his mouth drops like he’s just remembering something and Jungkook feels his sadness and surprise.

He wonders if he’ll feel this even when they’re in different countries. Jungkook thinks it’ll bring him comfort but also drive him mad is Taehyung is upset or worried.

Taehyung rushes from Namjoon then, following after the car as he raises his hand into the air. He keeps his ring and middle finger down, keeping the other three digits poking straight up.

Happiness fills Jungkook’s chest and he laughs under his breath, pressing the same sign into the window for Taehyung to see.

They’re walking into the airport when Jungkook’s phone rings, the sight of Taehyung’s contact name making him flare with worry.

As does the breathless sound of Taehyung’s voice.

“It’s been an hour,” Taehyung says, laughing at himself. “That’s so annoying.”

Jungkook grins. He understands. It’s not that he’s missing Taehyung, it’s the dread hanging on him knowing he will. “I understand. Me too.”

Taehyung sighs and it’s quiet. Jungkook doesn’t push him, though he feels anxious to understand Taehyung’s silence. So much so that he’s clutching the phone to his head so tightly like that will make him hear better.

It’s the pump in his chest, that foreign feeling he’s starting to get used to that makes him realize Taehyung is nervous too.

“Well, I just wanted you to know I hate it and I realized something. I don’t need to think anymore about it.”

“What is it?” Jungkook asks, dragging his suitcase behind him as Yoongi looks over his shoulder, a question on his face.

“I sure as fuck am going to spend my eternal life with you,” Taehyung declares, voice shaking. “Not right away. But I’m going to change so we can spend thousands of years together and still be gross and still learn about each other. Don’t argue with me about it, I know I won’t change my mind. Got it?”

Jungkook swallows thickly, emotion filling. It’s not just Yoongi looking at him in concern now. “I got it.”

Taehyung sighs again, sounding relieved. “You’d want to spend eternity with me?”

He laughs because he can’t help it. 

“Of course,” Jungkook promises. “Every fucking second of eternity I want to spend by your side.”

Taehyung laughs. It’s worth everything if Jungkook can hear that sound. “Good. Me too.”

There has long been a time where Jungkook has felt there is no true upside to this life. To living hundreds and hundreds of years. But now Jungkook thinks he'd live an eternity just for this. Just to find Taehyung.