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A Goddess And Her Prince

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She walked through the gardens being overlooked by the old clocktower after a long day of lessons and avoiding the "marauders" she sighed as she thought of why she was here. As much as she would like to hex the man into a burning oblivion. James Potter (Or his family) was strong. Was Influential. She couldn't afford to lose the affection of such a man, because she couldn't really just announce herself in charge of this decaying wizarding world. Alas, she'll have to endure


She sat down, leaning her back against the bark of a tree. And opened the book she was carrying, she had snatched it from the restricted section and transfigured the cover, but she still looked around as she opened the book, can't be too careful


She smiled as she started to read the ancient texts, letting mind wander thanks to her double throught process, she could read and think. The fact that she got such a thing by working on her occlumency while entertaining James' notion that they were actually talking. Not to lie, the man was a bit dull. Fanatic about The 'Light' and hated the dark. A scoff escaped her lips at that. As if the world could be so... Dull as to be just black and white.


She sighed as her mind processed the ancient dark text talking about soul magic infront of her. When she thought about it, everything seemed dull, everyone so focused on one of the two factions, they couldn't really see the bigger picture. Even the "Headmaster" (as if he could be the master of anything) focused on 'the greater good' albeit wouldn't say (or wouldn't know) just what that was. Yes, she would have to fix that, she realised. She would have to Save magic from being dumbed down by light, or from being consumed by the inbreeding of the dark. And she would need to guide people into not being "Dunderheads" (she chuckled at herself over the use of Severus' signature insult)


A smile blossomed at her beautiful face. Yes. She would be their goddess, she would guide those who followed her, and she would save magic. Everything made sense with her being a goddess. She was already above everyone, able to stump even the Headmaster in power, Severus in academics.


Her smile never left her face as she studied dark arts, soul magic, married James Potter, and graduated Hogwarts. It only faded away to awe as her son came into this world.


She held him in his arms, ignoring the babbling of James for now, lost in the eyes that stared at her with razor sharp intelligence, with her own eye color. Albeit simply glowing with power, he seemed to assess her as much as she did he, she tentatively smiled at the child, and the calm, cool smile she received made it concrete. This was her child. Her flesh and Bone. Previous thoughts about using the child in her schemes against the current threat, Voldemort vanished. She knew this child was destined for greatness, as she was. So she didn't fight against it. She swore herself she would guard and care for the child. And they would be together in this world. She would rule as Godess and he would pave the way, before joining her. The cool smile turned warm, the child beamed at her, as if understanding what she thought, and approving. She questioned if he inherited her own radius legimency before quickly dismissing the thought and handing the child to James' eager arms, and work on not grimacing as her child giggled and laughed in James' arms, not a trace of the cool attitude. Then smiled as the child momentarily looked at her and smiled it again, before his attention was grabbed by his godfather. She sighed in contentment and looked out the Window.


She didn't like hiding. She really didn't like hiding in a cottage. What she liked worse was that the only thing protecting the cottage was a fidelius, there were many ways the secret could be taken out. But she grit her teeth. She had no ground to work on convincing James to do something else. That meddling old man had his claws so deep in him already. So, she paced in the living room, James had gone out for the day with Sirius and Remus. She agreed in exchange that she herself would go out tommorow. As much as she wanted to make sure her Prince was safe. She needed fresh air. She needed people. But she digresses. She needs to find a way to ensure her prince (and her) will survive if (when) Voldemort finds them. She abruptly stops. Like the opening of a lock, a memory comes to mind.


Of their first and last visit to the Potter Manor. A manor that simply radiated glory, power, prestige. Sadly James seemed oblivious to all of it. And Happily (childishly) guided her from the hall, walking into the study room of Fleamont Potter. Where a Portrait of him and His wife rested. As James talked with his Father, introducing them to his son. Euphemia smiled at the two. Knowingly, her smile got even more enigmatic when James mentioned that they were on the run and she left the portrait, moving in the direction of the hall, Lily stared after her. Getting the message she prepared an excuse in her head to leave the chatting father and son, before both her thoughts were interrupted by a crying Hadrian (she still cringes when she hears the name his father uses for him. Harry. Her son, her Prince. Named with such a mild name. She is much thankful that she managed to convince James to get his name as Hadrian Corvin Potter instead of the horrific "Harry James Potter")


Her thoughts are again interrupted when Fleamont smiles kindly at her. Smiling back and making an excuse of feeding Hadrian. She leaves the study, as soon as she does, Hadrian quiets down. Doing the best imitation of a smirk a baby can, which makes Lily smile. She follows the direction Euhemia went.


Eventually finds her awaiting in another Portrait in the kitchen. She smiles that enigmatic smile as Lily sets Hadrian down on the table and takes a seat in the chair facing the portrait. Euphemia, still keeping her smile, states "you have a very bright son, Lily." Which makes Lily chuckle, it's not often people actually see Hadrian's greatness. She answers politely "thank you Euphemia. I'm glad you noticed"
Euphemia, however. Stares at her, looking like she knows a secret the rest of the world doesn't. "It's rare, you know. But I have seen that trait. I knew enough conquerors in my life to know what those eyes mean. And what you may be looking for." She states. Making Lily narrows her eyes, she has no idea if a portrait can be confunded or not. But she can always destroy it and claim Hadrian did accidental magic. (Although she's not sure those waves of magic he blasts out when James gets too touchy with him is accidental or not) just as she she reaches her for her wand, Hadrian giggles. And stares at the portrait, stilling her hand. That attention always meant something when Hadrian did it near her. So she relaxes her hand, and continues "what I'm looking for?"

Euphemia chuckles, as if catching onto Hadrian's message to his mother, and continues. "You seek immortality, do you not? A way to preserve yourself, and your son." Hadrian smiles cooly, and Lily chuckles. If Hadrian says so... She figures it's safe enough "yes. I have been searching for one, I've yet to find anything except Horcruxes, of course." She sighs. It isn't that she isn't willing to use a horcrux, but she would rather not mutilate her soul like that. And there would also be the problem of Hadrian's life.


Euphemia chuckles. "I can give you what you wish for. A way to keep you, and your son immortal." And Lily perks up, just like that. Still, she's aware that Slytherin's (Or anyone with half a brain) didn't do favours for free. So she narrows her eyes and bites out "What do you want?" Things are progressing too quickly for her liking, she knows who she and her prince really are, and that information she doesn't want on anyone's heads, be it portrait or magical beast. (Although she is also aware she can't keep this information hidden for a long time.)


Euphemia laughs, a bright, melodic laugh "right down to business with you, huh girl? Very well. What I ask of you, is simple." Here, her eyes harden, her posture changes. A perfect imitation of her cousin, Dorea. "I want an heir to the Potter and Black name." She states. And Interrupts Lily before she can point out Hadrian is an heir to both families "No, I mean an heir to carry their legacy, their might. You may not be aware, but the Potter family has always been conquerors, they always ruled. Whether it be small groups, or armies and kingdoms. I am afraid that trait was lost to James. As much as he lead "the marauders", he isn't too much of a leader if how he gushes about this 'Dumbledore' is any indication. Blacks aren't much different, they are as legendary as the Potters are, if only for different reasons. I am sure their family Grimore will tell you more. So, Lily Evans Potter. What I want from you, Is an Heir. Fit to rule. Fit to conquer. And fit to create his own legend."


Lily stares for a while. If Hadrian's giggles and smile are any indication, it is exactly as he wants, and so she smiles as well "Very well. You will have your Heir. Worthy of both families, I swear this to you." Magic locks around her. As she makes her oath. Euphemia smiles. And swings open, revealing a secret compartment inside, containing an Leather Bound old tome. the cover has a picture of the family crest. She carefully takes the Tome, it immediately changes into a white, nondescript book. She marvels at such magic as Euphemia chuckles "We better go back Lily, I am sure Fleamont and James are worried about us and young Hadrian" she says and she dissapears from the portrait, likely ending up back in the study, she takes a moment to study the book. Before carefully putting it in her prince's stroller. And disillusions it. Heading up to the Study.


Lily sighs in the empty living room. She didn't wish to open the Grimore, maybe she could've found some other way, she thought. But, she sees now she is forced to seal her promise. She heads up to her son's room and opens the bottom of the crib while her son laughs, as if recognizing her hands being tied and enjoying it. She withdraws the Potter Family Grimore and pages immediately turn until it arrives on a topic in soul magic, called "destiny bond".


While the Researcher in her is excited at the rest of the book. The mother takes priority. And she scans the two pages, she discovers that a destiny bond is much like melding two souls. Except the souls don't become one as much as act like they are one. And thus, the horcrux effect of of staying alive even when the body dies because of a "piece" of a soul remaining in the world kicks in. Despise both souls being whole and different. She smiles. As she reads further modifications to the bond. And sees that, like a horcrux, another soul is required to act as a sacrifice that will bridge the two souls. Unlike the horcrux, the death doesn't need to be by the hands of a caster.


She closes the grimore and puts it in the drawer under the crib as she hears James stumble in drunk with Sirius at his tail. She turns to her Prince, who was smiling at her the entire time, and she kisses his head.


"Soon, Hadrian. Soon, we will start" and she leaves to keep James and Sirius company.

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Hadrian has always been... No, Smart isn't the word yet. Aware. He has always been aware of things.

The moment he was born, he was aware that he wasn't normal. The moment he saw his mother. He was aware of his guide. He was also aware the man who picked him up next was... Totally useless. In a sense. He talked about how handsome he was, how great he was going to be. How he would have a group like the "marauders".

"Hey, Padfoot! C'mon, take Harry. I'm sure he's dying to meet his godfather!"

The next man picked him up from his father's arms. Curly, brown, almost black hair, a storm grey set of eyes that glowed with potential yet to be unlocked. He stared and he quieted down. Hoping to send his mother a message. That this man was different, not as great as they are. But useful. Powerful. He smiled his cool smile at the man. Whose eyes widened and he beamed at the baby in his arms, Laughing.

"Haha! Moony! Take a look! Prongslet's gonna be like James!"

Hadrian immediately pulled his head back a bit as this "Moony" took ahold of him. he could just feel the lack of potential on this... Was he human? He didn't feel like that curly haired guy. What was his name? Padfoot? Were all humans like that? He kept pondering as he giggled and made faces at the... Not human, he was sure of it. Just not sure what he is.

"Here, let's get him back to his mother" smiled Lily. Sensing the distress of her Prince.

Hadrian smiled and quieted down as soon as his mother took him in her arms. That Padfoot was staring at them with a secretive smile, His mother smiled back for a moment. Good. Both of them received his message then.

"I think I'm going out for a celebration! Anyone coming with?" Asked his father. With excited wide eyes, Hadrian narrowed his eyes for a second before focusing on Padfoot and staring at him. What was that greyish blue must around him? And was that normal?

"Oh! Er... I guess I can join... What about you Padfoot?" Asked the not human. He was not taking arguments about that.

"You guys go on, I'm a bit tired from that mission, and now Harry's birth. I think I'll tuck in early." Padfoot answered. With a smile, and they watched the two of them leave. Padfoot immediately faced them. "Okay Lil's. What's going on?" He asked, in a slightly scared tone. Hadrian giggled. He knew it! There was SOME potential there!

"Hmm? What do you mean Sirius?" His mother played while bouncing him a bit. Which was also amusing.

"You know what, Lil's Harry's... Very different. He's kinda like you, actually..." Sirius looked away, he could take only one pair of emerald eyes staring right into the depths of his soul. Not two, thank you.

"I don't see what you-" Lily was interrupted by Hadrian giggling secretively. And insistently bouncing.

"no, but it seems Harry already does. He's really smart, you know?" Sirius stated with an easy smile.

His mother stared at him, and he stared back. With his cool smile. He really wanted to talk already. But alas, his mother got the message. Finally and answered

"Do you know why I married to James, Sirius. And not you?" Asked Lily. With some trepidation. She really couldn't handle an emotional Sirius now.

"It was about the families, wasn't it?" His easygoing smile never faded. But Lily's tentative expression immediately vanished. Replaced by wariness. Only for that to vanish when Hadrian giggled again. And wished to TALK already. This was so difficult.

"Yes. It was. We... Hadrian and I are going to change the world, Sirius. We're going to rule it. We're going to save magic." Lily answered. She felt hesitant for the first time in her life. She either killed, or obliviated before things came to this point. But she understood Hadrian. Hadrian wanted Sirius to know.

Sirius, meanwhile. Narrowed his eyes. Focused on Lily. This was a very different woman from the happy housewife, the dutiful researcher. The young, almost-marauder who had her adventures with them. This was the real Lily. And he had no illusions that she wanted him to see this, and that his godson's insistence was allowing him this.

He thought of Voldemort. The dark lord. He also wanted to change the world. What he did would also "Save" magic. So he hesitantly asked. "How?"

Hadrian giggled and stared at him knowingly. Somehow, it was calming. To see that stare. Mother and son. Scary powerful.

Lily considered Sirius, no doubt she was being compared to the likes of Voldemort. She couldn't quite keep from gagging in her mind, that man claimed to know magic, he hadn't even uncovered a fraction of it. She was sure of that. "If you think I share goals with the dark lord. You're sorely mistaken. Sirius." she stated. Voice razor sharp. Warning him to back off.

The exact opposite of the pup. Who was staring at him with excited eyes. Almost leaning towards him. Encouraging him. Giving him strength. The dog inside howled. Eager to fulfill his pup's wish.
So he did. He continued pushing.

"How different? What he does will also 'save' magic. While I don't doubt that magic is indeed in need of saving. How will you do that, Lily?" Sirius asked. Inner dog barking in happiness at his pup's approval shining in his eyes.

Lily opened her mouth. But stopped. She could sense magic from her son. It was going towards Sirius. It was very similar to a compulsion charm but not quite. Still a bubble of pride burst forth from her. And she smiled. Her son was already paving a path for her. Already planning her first follower. One look shared between the emerald colored eyes told her so. So she moved on

"Sirius... I... You know about me, Sirius. You know I am... Above everyone else. You know my role, to lead them all. To protect them from themselves. From their wars of blood purity. From their inbreeding. Sirius, don't you see!? Only I can do it!" She smiles tentatively on the outside. Looking hopeful that Sirius would understand. While on the Inside she laughed in pure joy. Her son, while not using a complete compulsion charm had kept Sirius open-minded. At the very least. So she could see the words finding purchase in Sirius's mind.

Sirius, on the other hand. Thought long, and hard. He was used to people, he could read people. So he knew Lily knew he was at least considering it. What she said... That she was above people. He looked into his godson's eyes. They stared back in warm approval. A thought suddenly popped into his mind. This was Lily. The woman who he shared quite a lot of Broom closets with Durning Hogwarts, even before James. He shared with her partners. Harems, almost. If he couldn't trust her. Who could he trust!?. And Pup was also there, wasn't he? But at the same time... Dumbledore. The headmaster, the man they owed so much to. He was sure he would try to stop Lily. He was also sure Dumbledore would let the world burn before he tried to change the status quo, Merlin knows they debated that enough durning late nights over firewhisky, they never did manage to convince James That he was too scared of purebloods but maybe that was because he had also planted this fear into James, and Remus. He wasn't sure of Wormtail. He took his stare from the ground. He felt his Pup's eyes on him again. Dragging his attention onto them. And his pup smiled, reassuringly. Well. He had asked. He had obliged his godson once. So he would take the plunge.

"What do you need, Lil's?" He asked. While gathering himself. This was dangerous. Far more dangerous than a direct confrontation with Voldemort. This could either mean directly helping a dark lady. Or it could mean helping build a paradise. He wished to bet on the latter. And he pushed on. Because he honestly believed these two would change things.

Lily, for her part. Was Suprised. She fully expected Sirius to at least growl at her first, but she also did notice Hadrian pulling Sirius's attention to himself, she did notice subtle pushes of magic, to insert confidence. To convey support. And she knew that she couldn't treat Sirius as someone disposable. She sighed. Relieved to have gotten this finished, glad that Sirius agreed with her. And ecstatic that her son helped her. She smiled at Hadrian. Who smiled back. "Currently, Sirius. I need a way to be immortal with my son. And I may need your help for it."

Sirius smiled "Alright. I'll see what I can do, goodnight Lil's." He left the patient's room. Even more tired then before. But content. He would sleep with the thoughts of his Goddess and his Prince. Even if he didn't know their position in his life, yet

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It was late at night in the Godric's Hollow no lights except a sliver of a moon In the clear sky. The stars shining and twinkling brightly, almost excited for the future.

It was to this scene that three figures apparated to. Two of them holding a third by having his arms over their shoulders. The third shouted "THAT WAS GREAT! WE SHOWED THEM WHAT FOR!". The one at the clearly drunk figure's left winced.

"We probably should've stunned him before he lunged at the guy, Sirius." Said the light brown haired one. And got a nod from the wizard on the other side of the drunk man.

"I'm just glad James wasn't too roughed up. Or Lil's would chew us to high hell" Sirius remarked with a smile. As they carried the rambling man between them into the cottage infront of them, the trio disappeared into the fidelius. They found exactly what Sirius thought they would: and angry Lily Evans Potter.

"What did you three do THIS time!?" She asked, exasperated anger in her tone, which only got worse at James' answer of "We defended our honor!" Before passing out.
Lily's eyes narrowed and Sirius was NOT liking where this was going.

"Uh, Lil's. Think we can get James somewhere that's not the front lawn?"
He prodded, very aware he risked the great fury of the woman on himself. And smiled as her death glare shifted to him for a second.
Lily huffed. "Fine, I guess he needs to rest. You can tell me whatever happened inside." She turned and entered sighing more in exasperation rather than anger. Which Sirius considered a very good sign.

She immediately went to the kitchen, ordering them to put James down on the couch. Which Remus and he obeyed. They REALLY didn't want to get Lily angry. And settled on the chairs in the sides of the couch. While Lily set a glass of water on the table next to James' couch, and them sat down across them and stared. Nonverbally demanding an explanation.

While Remus started explaining their (James' really) tussle with a Pureblood bigot. Sirius's mind wandered. About Lily, about the things she said before. He had shared a lot with her. Maybe more than he, or she ever shared with James. He stared at her lively red hair as she stared at Remus, listening with the intense concentration only she can manage to make attractive. He wasn't ashamed to admit. He liked Lily. And knew she liked him.

He was brought out of those thoughts by exactly a single cry of a baby. Harry. A smile came to his face as Lily got up to take care of whatever Harry wanted. Her hand brushing his shoulder as she walked by him. An invitation to follow her. They had developed these kinds of messages to each other on things they didn't want the rest of the marauders to know. Their... Darker. Projects. He chatted with Remus a little while before excusing himself to see Harry.

As he arrived into the Room. His eyes were immediately drawn to the baby in the crib staring at him. He smiled at his godson and then looked at Lily. Who was also staring at him with a smile.

"I found a way to make both my son, and me. Immortal." She stated. And Sirius knew this would take a while, so he sat across her. Harry's crib to his left, the door to his right, and Lily across from him.

Lily stared at Sirius with her soul piercing gaze. And slowly stated "It is much similar to a horcrux" and sure enough. Sirius immediately tensed. But stayed still, instead of jumping up. He reasoned that she would explain.

And explain she did: "in that, it requires the death of a person as a bridge for the bonding souls. For the magic to count those souls as one..." She trails off, looking at Hadrian. Even her prince looks nervous, slightly fidgeting but keeping his gaze firmly on Sirius.

Sirius, for the first time in his life. Is completely unsure. Whether to shout at Lily, flee, attack. Or listen.

The decision is made for him when Lily explains further "as I am not splitting my own soul, the death doesn't have to be from my own hand. Not does the dying person have to prefer death more than life. Thing is... I need you to find me someone like that. And use their blood on the ritual circle in the basement, activating the ritual which will then kill said person if they're not already dead. And bond my soul with Hadrian's... Take care that that the person who died. Did so recently. Otherwise the soul has already moved on, and couldn't be used."

Sirius stares in horror at Lily. The woman he loves. And is pretty sure every marauder did. And sees cold eyes staring at him. His eyes flicks over to her wand hand and as he already figured. Her wand lays there, subtly crackling with an uncasted magic. And he can't bring himself to do anything more than agree...


Sirius and James jump into the cottage to dodge a Bombarda, cast by Voldemort himself. As he calmly walks after them, cackling "is this really all that the 'best aurors' have?" He asks in his disgusting voice, and Sirius launches a barrage of reductos and Bombarda's and among them, a tripping jinx.
He shares a grim smile with James for a millisecond as Voldemort stumbles. Unexpecting, just in time for Sirius to Cast a killing curse and for James to launch a reducto towards Voldemort.

With inhuman reflexes, Voldemort apparates behind the spells as they sail away further back, and casts a banishing charm on James at the same second, before transfiguring the couch behind him to a pit of spikes. Forcing the man to be pierced. Sirius, meanwhile snaps off a quick series of Bombarda's causing Voldemort to stumble back and for Sirius to erect a steel wall behind him.

Voldemort laughs and casts curse after curse to the wall, probably enjoying the terror... That freak. The curses suddenly stop. With another apparation as Lily shouts "USE IT SIRIUS! I'LL HOLD HIM!". Cruel spellfire and Voldemort's laughter echoes from the lawn as Sirius takes James' disfigured Body off of the transfigured spikes and rushes to the basement. Gently putting the body down, and ignoring James' last words. Still tears in his eyes and blood pumping in his ears. He quickly activates the ritual and rushes towards The lawn. Just in time to see a devil snared Lily get killed by a killing curse. He shouts after Lily, but she smiles at him in her last seconds.

He stops and realizes that Harry is still in his crib, and dashes off upstairs. Not realizing Voldemort was tired of playing with the three, and apparated there. Sirius only finds this out by witnessing the heart wrenching scene of Voldemort bringing down his wand at Harry who was glaring at Voldemort in true fury. Before the Avada kedavra was cast and the house was devastated.


Hours later. One more apparation is heard through the street. As Bellatrix Black approaches the wrecked cottage. She can feel her dark mark getting weaker and she's as devasted as the cottage infront of her is. She walks slowly into the living room. She could just sense her lord's magic pulsing from those spikes. Someone was sent into those. She can figure, she walks further, up the stairs. Following her lord's trail. The man who she loved beyond reason, beyond love. She was his... She would take any crucio, any knife wound.... Anything... Just... Not this. She cried, not this, her mind kept echoing.

Finally, she came across the cradle. Her lord's robes. And her lord's... wand... Her eyes filled with further tears, she collapsed down. She was nothing without her lord. She needed him. She needed him most NOW... But he wasn't here. Where was he? Dead? Didn't he always say he would never die!?

She didn't react as a black and orange snake coiled around her hand, travelling up her body, and then around her neck. She shivered at last when it coiled itself around her neck. And it... Chuckled...

"Oh you poor dear... What happened to you?" Echoed a kind. Radiant voice in her head. The voice was so... Good. It was nothing like she had ever heard before. She wanted to hear it. More of it. The snake, and the voice chuckled.

"I-my lord's..." She answered, brokenly. She couldn't speak one sentence since she heard people celebrating his death, she had half a mind to destroy them all for him but... He was dead. She had to confirm it, so she came here, but he was dead.

She didn't react when the snake wrapped around her neck tighter "your lord? Would that be the man that just died here?" The voice sang to her as the snake nested itself on her hair. Almost like... Was it smelling her? She opened her mouth to ask. But then she remembered she didn't know this snake's name... It didn't really occur to her that only her Lord could talk to snakes

"You... Who... Are..." She managed, between sobs. The snake chuckled again, making her gasp as it wrapped even tighter around her neck, borderline choking her.
"You remember me... The wife of the most infuriating man you've ever met..." The voice spoke, as if talking to a particularly slow child "I am Lily Evans Potter" the snake lifted itself off from her hair and stared at her. Bella knew she should get up. Wrench the snake currently around her throat away, and crush it. But she couldn't... She wouldn't... Why would she? She remembers she should. But not WHY... She narrows her eyes at the snake. She couldn't sense a legimency attack. Her shields were steady... So why had she forgotten...

She must've spoken out loud because the snake chuckled at her again, and without her notice. The surroundings faded a bit more. Leaving just her and Lily... Lily... She's important. She's powerful... Why... Why was she here. Why was she reduced to a snake? She took a breath to ask. But The voice spoke over her thoughts "Now that you know who I am... What happened to my son? To Britain?" The voice asked, oh so gently coaxing the answer out of her. "My...lor-" she was cut off when the snake spoke again "who are you talking about sweetie?". She tried to think. Who was she talking about? Someone important... Someone she... Loved? No, she loved Lily. She loved her Goddess, noone else... So who... And just like that. The thoughts because crystal clear. She gulped to continue "Voldemort was vanquished by the hands of your child. They say it was some large magical burst. People around Britain are celebrating his defeat my Goddess.." The snake laughed melodically, triumphantly in her ear. "Where is he? Where is my child?" She answered her godess. Her tone cracking. She was crying? Why? And over who? Didn't she come here to find her godess after hearing news about her death?... Yes... Yes, she cried of relief when she found her. A smile came over her face as she held the snake as the snake gave a squeeze to assure she was there. She gathered her thoughts and answered. "I don't know, my goddess... I am sorry. I was more worried about you." She pleaded. And nearly sighed in relief when the snake ran it's head along her hair, petting her. As the voice replied "it's no problem. We will just have to find my prince. For now, let us go". She nodded enthusiastically, she wanted to get her Goddess to safety already.

So she apparated away. Thoughts of her Lord going farther and farther from her. Replaced by the thoughts of her godess, while said Goddess laughed. The backdoors Voldemort put on his death eaters helped her a lot in manipulating dear Bella's thought process. It was oh so ironic.

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Lily, still wrapped around Bellatrix's neck. Found the process of apparating in a serpentine body very awkward. It just felt out of place for her. So, she asked Bellatrix to apparate them to somewhere relatively quiet where she could search for her prince through their soul. And not try to search for him between apparations.

Which was how she and Bellatrix ended up in some sort of beach. Lily didn't feel the need to ask why the sand was the color of bronze dust, or why there were bright, glowing crystals around the sand. But made a note to do so at a later date. For now. She closed her eyes and felt her soul. And them turned those senses outside.

From the looks of it. Her prince was in... Privet drive... Surrey... That made her very angry. That was exactly where Petunia lived. She exhaled. She was angry because he KNEW that Petunia was absolutely the LAST choice for Hadrian. He KNEW the woman hated all things magic.

She exhaled again. As much as her serpentine body would allow. She put her anger away because there was no time, or pace to lament that. And ordered Bellatrix to apparate there. Which didn't work until Lily described every detail to her.

By the time they made it. It was rearing dawn. So Lily had Bellatrix conceal herself in a glamour and walk to the front of Petunia's house and knock on the door.

As soon as the door opened. Bellatrix whispered "Impero" and Petunia stepped to the side to allow them in.


Margaret. Petunia's neighbor and partner-in-crime of gossipmongering was worried for her friend. It was a Saturday and there was no peep from Petunia. It had been the third week in a row and nobody had seen the woman. Or her husband.

So there she was. Baking a cake as an exuse to go see the woman, when Mark walked by. Kissing her cheek. Ugh! His morning breath smelled horrible! But she kept her face strait. There was no need to upset the marriage she had made now of all times. So she simply put up with Mark as he slapped her ass, laughed and left. Oh dear. He was much better in their early years.

Not giving herself any time to lament. Because that would surely end up in some whiskey and a lot of headaches and rumours. She took her cake out of the oven, put on some finishing touches and and knocked on the door of her neighbor.

It was Petunia who opened the door. She looked stunning. With her red hair. And green eyes. From the way she looked startled it seemed as though she wasn't expecting her. So she presented her cake and smiled at her friend.

"Well, hello there Petunia! You look wonderful today! I came to visit you since you aren't seen often anymore. I was worried." She explained. And watched as Petunia's face brightened a bit.

But how was she to know she had just caused a plan. A plan that may just change the entire Alley.

Lily, for her part. Was planning out several events at once, while staring at this woman's face. First off. She had seen (and felt) Bellatrix's despair and longing Everytime she looked at Hadrian. And from that she could -If with some subtle prodding during their conversations- figure out that dear Bellatrix wanted a child of her own. Lily would admit that this desire was a surprise. Since Bella had also dropped a child while suffering one of Voldemort's Crucio. (As she had picked up with her unique legimency.)

"I wonder if her hair is naturally red?" Came a question from the woman's mind. And she was suddenly reminded that there was a woman infront of her, and she should pay more attention. She chuckled politely and sidestepped, allowing her neighbor into the house.

For Margaret, the house looked so different. It had been... Almost polished. The furniture, the decorations. Everything simply looked... New. Which made her wonder where she got the money from. The answer came to her in a sad tone.

"Dudley and Vernon died in a car crash. I... I didn't want to see... See reminders of them around the house... So I..." Lily trailed off. Acting was a lot easier nowadays. Or maybe that was the experience coming from possessing someone? Maybe from possessing her own sister? Lily wasn't completely sure. What she was sure of, however. Was that it worked.

Margaret covered a shocked gasp with her hands. Now she could see why Petunia looked so sad despite being so lively. Now she could understand why she hadn't even been seen for three weeks. The death of her son and husband would do that to anyone. So she allowed her fellow gossipmongerer to sit her down and tell her all about how she and Vernon had a fight that caused Vernon to take Dudley away, and while driving somewhere else crashing the car. Killing both himself and Dudley in the process.

Margaret listened to how she had then, in a longing for family, called the sister she had despised for all her life. Only to find her sister was as damaged as she was. She wouldn't exactly tell Margaret who the sister was and how the sister was damaged. But merely that she would meet her soon. They shared the cake in relative silence. With Margaret contemplating how to help her friend. When words from the exact person broke her out of her throughts

"Margaret... I... Could you help me? I can't get out of the house, I have to look after my sister. So can you spread the word to the people around the alley?"

Margaret, ever the friend. Stood up and smiled at the grieving wife "Of course!" She agreed. And headed for the door. Only to encounter another woman opening the door. This one had wild, curly black hair. Was dressed in a black summer dress and had skintight leather jeans. The new woman stared at her for a couple of seconds before she ran past her and up the stairs, a bewildered look on her face.

She turned to ask Petunia, who sighed sadly. "That's my sister. Lily. Her husband and son died recently too. The trauma removed most of her memories and I can't..." Petunia audibly gulps, choking back tears.
"I can't leave her alone. You see? I-" Petunia makes to explain more. But is interrupted.

"Shh. I understand. I'll tell the other ladies. Take care of yourself." She murmured for her friend and turned the doorknob. Only to be halted by Petunia

"Margaret. I... I think we should do a get-together soon. The others would no doubt want to see me, so. Maybe in three weeks?"

"Of course Petunia. I'll see you then" and with that, she left.

Lily sighed. There. Now they were officially here. As for her prince. Well. He could be explained away by what was to come. Yes. It was going nicely enough. Now to see if Bella brought home what she wanted.

Chapter Text

Hadrian stared at Sirius, his godfather, as the man tried to cook... Something. And Inevitably fail because he had no experience. He had ended up here as sort of a peace offering after his mother revealed to his godfather that she had been sheltering Bellatrix Lestrange who, after Voldemort's death. Was able to throw off the alternative personalities Voldemort placed on them by training them to have a backdoor in their occlumancy accessible only to himself.

All in all, it was only an advanced version of the "Imperius defence" his mother had talked about. But apparently it held some truth to it because Bellatrix seemed to act differently these days. He would reserve judgement on that. For now, he was perfectly content to watch his godfather fumble in the kitchen.

"Gah! Nevermind. How about we just eat outside? I mean I know Lil's told me to not take you outside. But nobody will notice with a few glamours." Sirius trailed off. Watching him. And he giggled, more out of being unable to talk, then anything else. Which made Sirius smile at him and cast a few spells on him.

The sensation of magic flowing through, and around him took ahold of him again, and he loved the feeling. It was like being thrown up but at the same time going down. Although truthfully speaking he didn't have much sensations to compare it with.

Sirius, while he was musing and relishing the feel of magic. Took ahold of him and while keeping him on his arms, walked out of the wards. Hadrian didn't get a look at himself before leaving, so he didn't know what he looked like. So he tried to look around for a reflective surface. But quickly fell asleep searching for it.

He woke up later, he didn't know how much time passed. At a restaurant, in a baby seat.

"Ah! Woke up, have you Harry? Just in time for our meals!" Sirius said as a bowl of probably cold soup was put infront of him. And Sirius started to feed him that soup. Hadrian didn't object, he was too busy scanning the restaurant because he was curious, he didn't get much chance to go out because his mother was probably wary of something. And of course, Sirius had taken his wandering eyes to mean he was bored so, he was trying to make plane sounds. And telling him to "open the hangar"

He giggled. Because it really was funny. And Sirius smiled at that. After he had ate, Sirius finally decided to eat his own meal, a rare steak. As he started talking to Hadrian.

"You know, I'm not sure why Lil's left you with me for two days. She wouldn't answer when I asked, but you would probably know, wouldn't you?" Sirius turned to him with a cheeky smile. Hadrian giggled and marveled over the fact that, no, he really did not know what his mother planned or was doing the time. He knew it probably included the neighbors, and that "thing" his mother had asked bella to bring with her next time she returned from her missions. (Hadrian had at least some idea what THOSE were).

He kept wandering this the whole time they were in the restaurant, occasionally giggling at Sirius's antics. And then enjoying the ride at the back of 'padfoot' Sirius's dog form.




He had learned why he went with Sirius that night after eight and a half months. Because his brother Saros had been born. He had immediately taken a liking to the silver eyed boy sharing his house and then they had done most of the things together afterwards, even now. At age 6 they were both in the restaurant he and Sirius went into. Hiding from their muggles, because Saros had somehow managed to magic a whole box of chocolate into his hand in the muggle world

Of course, they knew they could just ask one of their mother's for help, but usually that ended with a chewing out on not being careful. Granted, it was "accidental" magic this time around and Hadrian knew they were being ridiculous, but this gave Hadrian an ample opportunity to prove a theory for himself.

He had theorized (after he and Saros' showed accidental magic by apparating to a coast together. and Bella had explained it to them what it was after bringing them back.) that "accidental" magic could be controlled. Without a wand. If one simply reached out for their magic. And conveyed their wishes to it. And then allow it to simply come out of their hands.

The four policemen who were searching for them had spotted them from the glass of the restaurant. And Hadrian smirked, whole Saros' eyes almost escaped their sockets and he looked at Hadrian with pleading eyes and whined "come onnnn, they're so close!"

Hadrian, meanwhile reached into his mind, felt the magic "pool" around his stomach, sent his desire to make the dinning booth they were in unnoticeable, and put his hands out infront of him.

The steps started getting closer. And closer. At the same time the spell started to flow out of his fingertips. Saros had probably said something to him, he couldn't hear what. But he definitely felt Saros' trying to get him to move.

He had almost gotten it. He could do it. So he shrugged off his brother's hand. And gave a final push.

And felt his magic dance around them as he opened his eyes and realized how DRAINING that was. He was sure he managed it. He was sure he had cast a spell that would make them unnoticeable, like that leaky cauldron.

"What? They were just here! Where did they go!?" Shouted one of the policemen, obviously distressed, while Hadrian smirked at Saros. Who was very still and didn't dare breath as the policemen stood an inch away from them, talking about how they were missing.

The man who was probably the chef, based on his attire came by and told the policemen to leave as they were unnerving his customers. Hadrian's smirk only intensifies as the policemen left and Saros looked like the world's weight had been lifted off of him.

He promptly asked his brother. "Hadrian, how did you do that!? Even mom couldn't cast that without a wand!"
He shouted, because as he knew it, thie magic was advanced stuff. Of course, his brother just smirked at him and answered.

"You got secrets about how strong you are, I got mine" while he winked and Saros' pouted. It's true Sat himself was strong... Physically. He could lift three times his weight. But he didn't think it compared to just controlling accidental magic!

He was yanked out of his musings by his brother coughing and then sighing "would be nice if you could just... Call Mom or something. I don't think I can walk..." he Muttered as he laid his head on the table. True, he didn't feel tired. But he felt... Mind-tired? He didn't know the feeling. It was the first time experiencing such a thing. It was like his body weighed a million tons and his mind was filled with mud, but he could think and move. Even If the movement part was limited.

"Oh! Right!" Said Saros and pushed his magic into his indigo stoned silver amulet. He and Saros' had gotten these for their fifth birthday because for one, they looked good. And two because they could use I to alert their mothers whenever they needed them. Like now, for example. Where Hadrian like he couldn't move a limb.

It took Barely a minute before a Bellatrix who was wearing punk-style attire came into the restaurant, looking around for them. Saros' raised his hand and waved his mother over. Who took one look at Hadrian and sighed wearily. "Magical exhaustion" she had told her Goddess that this would happen. But she had simply asked her to encourage Hadrian if it did. But she, herself also felt that it was an incredibly stupid thing to do, in the middle of a muggle establishment. She smiled as she thought of her pseudo-son's favorite phrase "I'll deal with it later." And decided it would work in this situation. Part of her snickered at using his own tactic against him as she took the child in her arms, despite his surprisingly weak protests. If there was one thing she knew about Hadrian Corvin Potter it was that he did not like to be carried. She raised an eyebrow at Saros who she and said "well he probably used too much magic. More then he can handle." Which Bella took that to mean there was something abnormal. Which didn't surprise her at all. Hadrian had been odd from the start. Where most children detested the magic cast on them while they were young. Hadrian had loved it. Who other magical children would look in awe at some of the things magic could do beyond everyday tasks, Hadrian had wanted to feel it. Dissect it, almost. He had looked upon every piece of magic, be it a tool or a spell, with the eyes of a researcher who was on the brink of completing their research. She would know, she had seen Augustus Rockwood. "You should at least try your magic in private, Harry." She lightly chasitized him, still smirking because Hadrian didn't have much love for the name. "Well I've done it, didn't I?" Came the slightly groggy response and she laughed. A far off echo of her insane laughter. And called for a cab.

Chapter Text

Hadrian was sitting in the backyard of the dursley home. Over time, his two mother's had renovated it. Now it had three floors like a proper mansion. The backyard was also a garden of both magical and mundane plants. Which was what Hadrian was here for. The ambient magic of the "muggle"plants

Hadrian had the ability to sense magic, to feel it going through, around or above or anywhere of anything. It was this ability that made him think accidental magic could be controlled, since accidental magic followed the same path through the human body as a normal spell.

He pushed those thoughts away and focused on his meditation. He looked deeper and deeper into the plants, and saw just a tiny thread of magic in the muggle ones. Took a deep breath, eyes still closed. And pushed his magic into them.

The groaning of a plant, the crackling growth of plant-matter suprised him. He did not except success, he surely didn't expect to make all the garden instantly grow into a jungle.

And the gasp that came from behind him proved that.
So he dropped his concentration and rose from the grass, turned to his brother "what is Saro?" He asked, head tilted.

"What is it!? What is it!? Brother you just MADE A FOREST! And with what? Just your magic? This is incredible!" He blurted out, and just as he was about to keep going on about his magic.

The plants reverted to their normal size. And Hadrian fell to his one knee, gasping for breath. 'Oh' Hadrian thought. 'I have to keep feeding them. Meaning that there really IS a pool of magic. And that I can manipulate it.'

He stared at his brother. And thought about his brother's pool of magic. And if he could manipulate it.

Saros, who was fussing over his brother suddenly took a step back. His brother was staring at him with the same stare he used for fascinating subjects he wanted to learn all about. To experiment, to understand. He chuckled, warily "hey, uhh. Brother? You can stop with the stare now..." He trailed off.

And sure enough, Hadrian jolted, shook his head, and smiled at him. "Yeah, uh... Sorry about that Saro. It's just. I found out that there are pools of magic in everything. And it can be manipulated with one's own magic. I was just wondering if I could somehow manipulate yours"

Saros raised an eyebrow "brother, that's enough experimentation for today and-" here he raised a hand to stop his brother from pretending he was fine. "You always do this. I know you're making progress and you HAVE to find out more about magical pools. And trust me, everyone here wants that too. Lily-mom's even setting you up with members of her order and all that. But you have to rest. You're magically exhausted again. And don't try to use that 'absorbtion of ambient magic' technique. Bella-mom told you -us- to only use it in emergencies."

Hadrian forced himself up, and stared at his brother. Then. He laughed, a roaring. Joyful laughter. "Alright alright. Don't call Bella on me. You're enough to chew me out as is. So.." he extended a hand to his brother. "Help me go up? Have to record what I found."

Saros' stared at his brother for a minute or two, unimpressed. Before he took his hand and pulled, throwing Hadrian's hand over his shoulders and started walking his brother (and most definitely not carrying him) towards their room. Passing by an amused Lily, who laughed at Hadrian's beat down state and Bella just stared, bemused.

They arrived to their room. Which was scarce in decorations and full of study journals. And Saros would be lying if all of it was Hadrian's study journals on magic.

Saros himself had a research on politics. The game of masks, of pictures, of thinly veiled politeness while awaiting to ruin someone. It thrilled Saros. Whether he watch it. Or he play it. He knew acting. He knew dancing. And for all intents and purposes, he was a young pureblood. He had tested himself against Malflys, Greengrasses and the like. He had mingled with the pureblood community and set his place as the black heir what was orphaned, and then found by the current mysterious guardian of both Hardrian and himself.

Saros knew that he was not the Black Heir. His heir apperant ring had only been granted to him because Hadrian had insisted on it. Hadrian who had discovered Saros' interest and knack in politics earlier than Saros himself had when they were seven. And from then on he was trained in acting, dancing, customs and everything else a pureblood heir would do.

Hadrian, when Saros asked him why he wouldn't be the black heir. Had replied that the spell that soul-bound him and Hadrian's mother. Came from Hadrian's grandmother who had them swear that Hadrian would uphold and improve what it means to be a Potter and a Black. Even though Hadrian himself was of the idea he could do that even with Saros being the head of the house. His mother wasn't, so he had elected to prove that in Hogwarts.

Hadrian had moved to his journal and started writing his results. He had planned to publish some of his research to his mother's followers in Hogwarts. His mother had thought of the idea, to make her -and in extension, his- image as rulers even more solid. Since these were things people simply didn't find.

Nobody in their right mind would sit and be constantly imbued in spells cast by others, nobody in their right mind would try to use accidental magic on purpose. Nobody in their right mind would sit and force their brother to do spells with and without wand for hours on end. Nobody, but Hadrian.

It made sense that Hadrian wasn't "in his right mind" because, like his mother. He was meant to rule. But he was also unlike his mother in the same regard. His mother wished to lead people into a better tommorow. A tommorow where people protected each other. Looked out for each other, they stood united against any threat, and one where all life mattered.

He thought it was for naught. Because the tommorow's never really stopped coming, humans as they were would always need guidance. People would always, and only look out for those who were powerful enough to look after them themselves, it was instinct. He was, instead. Focused on leading evolution. Of changing how people saw magic. Saw themselves and saw one another.

He would never tell his mother. But he thought his mother, even with her disdain for people willing to be lead. Didn't understand those people. Didn't understand their self-preservation instincts, didn't understand their jealousy. Didn't understand their hatred from said jealousy and how their vices could force them into doing things that were detrimental towards themselves or their goals

That didn't mean she didn't understand them at all. She knew of their greed. Of their denial of danger. Of their avarice to those who weren't themselves or their allies, in some cases even their allies. She just... Didn't understand enough, like Sirius's own jealousy towards the dark arts, thinking of how free they were and wanting to use Dark magic. Yet being tied down because he needed to be "an example" for him and Saros. Which his mother thought as Denial , the need to be far away from his family.

Hadrian had figured out his position in his mother's world relatively quick. As ruthless as she was towards people she disliked. As powerful and persuasive as she was. She couldn't make the right judgments alone. She would need someone to explain to her the human nature. The reasons that communism didn't work. And the reasons why her "benevolent to all" world wouldn't really work unless backed with proper magic, and even then. They would need "evolution"

A loud sigh drew his attention from his musings and theories, Saros half-heartedly glared at him "Brother, you have to learn to mask your concentration. I could practically hear the engines roaring from here!"

"What do you mean, "mask my concentration"? Hadrian questioned.

Saros groaned in aggravation. "I MEAN. that you need to learn to pretend that you're not thinking of world domination with Lily-mom and instead thinking of the weather, of the homework, or some other 'childish' thing. Which I still remind you we are children!" He ranted. "And what are you smiling about anyway!?"

Hadrian shook his head. "You just wanna teach me."

"I... Er... That MAY have a role in it." Saros trailed off, looking to the ground sheepishly, they both enjoyed teaching things. Much to the eternal amusement of Bella-mom.

Hadrian snapped his book shut and swung his legs out of the bed he was lying on, and tilted his head at his brother with a smile "I'm your to teach, brother. YOU'RE the pureblood here, after all."

Saros smirked, despite the teasing. His brother had meant it. And always did. He didn't remember an instance where they argued, they just had the same idea, or two parts of one idea all the time.

"Okay, First, you must be aware of your facial expression at all times..."

Chapter Text

Lily Evans Potter laid back on her seat. She was at the Dursley home. Enjoying a slow afternoon and reviewing her plans.

She had done a lot after getting Harry to stay with Sirius for the time of the "tea party" which she had thrown for Her dear Bella. Which had caused her to have a son of her own. Who was upstairs with Hadrian, probably teaching and Learning from one another once again. They were almost always like that.

Her original plan had been to claim the Peverell Ladyship and overwhelm Albus' hold. She was sure she could do it with the Boy-who-lived being her son. But quite a few suprised over at gringotts had changed her mind.

Firstly, she and her son passes for the same being. Sharing Headships and Inheritances.

Secondly, she couldn't be the head of the Peverell house. But her son could. The line was Patriarchal. That was solved by her having a faux head ring and her son carrying the real ring. Although she grumbled about it a bit. Much to the amusement of her son.

Thirdly, she could have an Headship. The Headship of the Slytherin line. When she asked why, all she got was that she had activated the rite of conquest and defeated Voldemort. And thus the house was hers.

A bit of a planning session between the four members of the family. And she had Bella spread a few rumours about "the right path" of course, people grew curious. And researched the path. Eventually coming across her. She had convinced those who found her that she was touched by the Lady magic herself by baring their magic infront of them. It was heavier then Dumbledore's and if Bellatrix was right, it was heavier than Tom's... That thought made her smile.

Let it be known that she didn't really have that big of a magical core. Her son had found a method to let out one's magic passively. Because his own started to hurt if he didn't use it for long enough. ("what a shocker. His magic is as eager to he used as my brother is to use it" Saros had drawled upon hearing that.) And she had simply modified the spell Her son had made.

That. Along with her Headship of the Slytherin house and the Peverell house. Two of the oldest active houses. Convinced a good number of purebloods from both alliences to join her side. The rest hadn't bothered following her trail. Now she had plans to declare her side as the neutral side. A couple more houses to join her faction and they would have enough votes to have control of the Wizengamot.

She had no idea about the muggleborn, however. She wasn't about to dissmiss them. She had proposed a plan of making an elementary-school like place for them. But her son had smiled at her and told her that he would handle the muggleborn portions. Sensing his confidence. She had said yes.

She smiled from her seat as her son had idly sent his thoughts about what Saros was teaching him to her. She sent back another thought urging him to tell Saros what he thought. And she felt like she was being ng stared at as if she had grown a fifth head. And she laughed. She and her son could communicate like this no matter the distance and no matter what they were doing.

They had, however, walled off one another when they were not communicating it sending important information. And frankly she could simply ask her son what he was thinking. He was entirely honest with her. Unlike Saros. But she hadn't blamed the child. Lying and putting up images was his favorite thing to do. She had only warned him not to do it too much and to not let lying become a habit. He had laughed but agreed.

She was also very much aware of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Thank you ma'am.

She had her own plans. But had allowed Harry to add his own measures. Most were for the sake of convenience, but she didn't mind.

Their joint plan was to present Saros as the son of a squib from the black family. Who was taken under Lady Slytherin/Peverell. Saros had then found Harry Potter and requested that the Lady Slytherin/Peverell also take him in. Obviously, this was going to become appearant after she had announced her neutral faction and her Ladyship by proxy who was Sirius. Which concreted the Slytherin/Peverell and Black allience in the eyes of the Wizengamot.

After having the Wizengamot. In a tidal-lock. She would then proceed to start businesses all over the wizarding world. Using the ancient knowledge hidden within the vaults. What she would use. She has yet to discover. She hadn't actually travelled into the vaults yet.

She smiled, things were going well for her. And she would make sure they continued to do so for the foreseeable future.


Bella's life had changed so much since having a son. At first she thought it her Goddess' influence. But she had soon discovered that having healthy interactions with other people would "lift the fog from your mind" so to say. That didn't mean she stopped being fun. She just enjoyed a different sort of... Everything, honestly.

Her Goddess was much easier to please than Her old master. And she was more pleasurable to add. Even the punishment of Her Goddess was pleasureable. Thanks for it came to her naturally. She hadn't had to summon it.

Her thirst and love of chaos still remained. And Her Goddess allowed her to use it, chasing danger through the world at tasks she trusted her to do. And she loved every second of those chases. She had loved coming back home to play with Saros when Saros was a baby and now loves Hearing all that he had learned, all that he shares with her.

Her son. The thought still filled her with giggles. She had a son. One that loved her despite all that she did. And one that she loved with all her heart.

She loved Harry too. She loved his infinite curiousity about magic. About him just having the presence to force one of them to cast spells infront of him for a few hours while he concentrated on the feelings of it.

She loved Harry's duels with her. Even wandless, she had taught Harry what she could. And he had taken it like a fish to water. So he had requested to duel her whenever he found her. And it always thrilled her because Harry matched her. Her Goddess was above such battles, she would never think of her son as a battle partner. But Harry. Harry was perfect for it. And Harry had shared that thought with her. Calling her "Bella" instead of anything respectful.

She also loved a lot about her son. About how he played the game of politics so well how he lied and manipulated, yet remained true to those he seemed trustworthy. How he was loyal to "the bitter end" when he and Harry were found out by Her Goddess. And she knew that as much as both Harry and Saros enjoyed teaching. Saros would always be the better teacher. Harry wanted perfection. For you to be the master of what he taught you. Saros wanted you to know, and understand. Simply learn. Harry was also impatient about others. Saros was understanding. Saros was a "people person" she had heard.

She let her thoughts stew as she poured tea for her Goddess and herself. And heard her Goddess chuckle to herself as she sat down on one of the chairs. It was another plus of having her life changed. Her Goddess didn't demand her to bow down... Casually anyway...

"So, my dear Bella. Have you acquired Hadrian's curriculum for the next year?" Her Goddess joked and she nearly fainted when those eyes stared at her. Her Goddess had her under mind-control one point. She knew. But looking back... She didn't blame her. She was quite simply put... Insane back then. Not like she's the epitome of stability now. But still.

"No, my Goddess. The Arcane secrets of the Anatolian shamans are still missing." She smiled at her Goddess, who brilliantly smiled back. She felt like what they told Sirius was actually the truth. Despite not having something controlling her actions. She very much felt so. And now she was just... Free. She was loved. And she herself loved. What more would she ask for?

Her Goddess shrugged. "That's fine. Hadrian will search for what he wishes himself. What house do you think they will end up in?"

"My Saros will most likely be a Hufflepuff. He always has been the more... Loyal one" she smiled. After all. It was mostly her son that was getting Harry out of trouble. And having him stay that way.

Her Goddess chuckled, the sounds like the softest of bells. "of course. What about Hadrian?" She tilted her head. Eyes half-lidded. Meaning she was in thought. She didn't need so much of that. "Slytherin. Harry's too ambitious for the Hat to put him anywhere besides that."

"Really? I was thinking Ravenclaw myself. With how he's always researching and all that." She gets up and walks around her, reaching for her shoulders. She starts to knead them. Which makes Bella lean back into her touch. She HAD been working too hard.

"That-" here she moans at a particularly hard knot knead away by her Goddess' hands. "Probably... But he does also want to change the world along with you, doesn't he?" She tilts her head, towards her Goddess' left hand and nuzzles it. Drawing a chuckle from it's owner.

"You know... I think some sort of punishment is necessary... For you to just TELL me you failed your mission like that..." She squeezes her hands on her shoulders and Bella gasps, both the huskiness of her Goddess' voice and her actions.

Lily then lowers her hands, sailing through the body of her dear Bella. Feeling the soft, perfect flesh underneath the clothing. Her slowness in the aft causes Bella to moan yet again. She chuckles huskily as Bella spreads her legs apart as she approaches her thighs with her hands. She then commands her to follow her and goes into the bedroom without another word.

Oh she just loves working dear Bella up.