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mixed feelings

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Given who Zenitsu was, you’d think he’d love the situation he was in.

He opened his eyes, blinking and bleary from sleep, to see the face of a pretty girl looming above him. Long eyelashes surrounded green eyes. Soft-looking hair framed a petite face, one that was only inches from his own.

He was so out of it, being caught in between sleep and awareness, that he nearly brought a hand up to touch her, perhaps caress her cheek.

She grinned savagely, baring her white teeth, and Zenitsu came to a realization very quickly.

Above him was not a girl. How did he know, you may ask?

Because it was Inosuke. So close he could feel the boy’s breathing on his face, quick and hot and excited.

His drowsiness was replaced with adrenaline very quickly. He sat up with a yelp, hands instinctively trying to shove Inosuke back.

Surprising to no one, Inosuke didn’t budge an inch. He sent an unimpressed look down at the trembling grip Zenitsu had on his yukata. Zenitsu tried again, whimpering when a hand bigger than his own clenched around his wrist, and a muscular thigh forced itself between his knees. Bringing them even closer, much to his discomfort.

“You wanna fight?” He asked, no, shouted– eyes alight with excitement. “C’mon! Let’s fight! Let’s fight!”

“O-oi, oi!” He whispered frantically, slapping his free hand over Inosuke’s mouth. “K-keep your voice down! You’re gonna wake Tanjiro!”

Contrary to his point, Tanjiro snored peacefully from a few feet away. Somehow deep in slumber. How Zenitsu envied him. Of course, he was the one who had to wake up to an insane, overbearing savage that happened to have the face of his ideal dream girl.

Inosuke’s eyes narrowed at him.

Something wet and warm slid against his palm, and he snatched his hand back with a scandalized gasp.

“Did you really just lick my hand?!”

“What if I did?” Inosuke grinned. It was all meanness and sharpened teeth, like most of his expressions tended to be. “What are you gonna do about it, weakling?”

“You– you…”

Zenitsu’s gaze wandered, mid-argument.

Inosuke’s yukata was fully open, loose around his shoulders and baring his chest. Zenitsu flushed at that, and then immediately felt stupid about it, because Inosuke was very much a guy. Guys had their chests out all the time! This was fine, normal, and totally not something to blush at!

Hell, he’d seen Inosuke bare-chested mere hours earlier, but this felt different.

Something about the yukata, the way it bared his thighs and pooled around his shoulders, just barely covering what it absolutely needed to–

Frankly, it only made Inosuke look girlier.

A very muscular girl, albeit, but it was enough to make Zenitsu’s flush deepen. He averted his gaze.

Even whilst knowing Inosuke’s gender, he still reacted

Oh. Oh, no. No, no, no.

Inosuke’s gruff, questioning voice couldn’t be heard past the pounding in his ears. He stared brokenly at the floor, eyes wide.

Zenitsu was doomed.