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This Gift of Life (forever between us reciprocal)

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Zhao Yunlan knows how it's supposed to work. He's had Wang Zheng read the email aloud enough times for Daqing to protest, but he's not risking anybody unless he's sure he understands. And what he understands is not what the sender intended, if he's guessed right; but really, only one person knows the effects of the Longevity Dial well enough to email them instructions. As recipient, he's to do nothing but accept the transfer of energy.

Yet Li Qian's grandmother was in a coma, near the end of her life when Li Qian used the Hallow. Zhao Yunlan is neither of those things. What's more, he's aware of exactly what's wrong with him, what's needed to reverse it. Dark energy corruption, Shen Wei said, and has volunteered to use the Dial on--with--Zhao Yunlan.

"Okay," Zhao Yunlan says, thinking exchange.

When the Dial's in his hand, the backs of his fingers pressed up against the tantalizing heat of Shen Wei's palm, he takes a breath and directs his will. Other than his blindness, he can't say that he feels the dark energy in his system, but nonetheless he pictures flushing black ink from his veins, through the Dial, into Shen Wei. Don't let this hurt him, he thinks at the Dial, I would rather be blind. But if I can, I wish him stronger from this.

The Dial has responded best to him since Li Qian surrendered it. The email spoke of warmth, a soft glow; Zhao Yunlan can't see the blaze, but he can feel it, hotter than Shen Wei and prickling like static shock. It spreads from his hand through his whole body, and then he can see, light against his eyelids. He opens his eyes to Shen Wei staring, shining like a dark sun, and smiles.