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“Thank you for choosing Global Airlines this flight and we wish you a great day. Safe travels!”

Namjoon had finished packing his earphones, phone, and was fishing out his beanie and sunglasses when the intercom buzzed again.

“Welcome to Incheon International Airport. Today is…”

Namjoon tuned out the intercom and waited for the plane to clear out. He twisted around to see how his bandmates were farring. He stifled a laugh and watch in amusement.

Yoongi was still asleep with his face mask and beanie on leaning against the wall.  Jin was quietly packing his book in his bag and prepping for the fans and onslaught of flashes when they crossed the airport. Or he was until his seat was kicked. 

Taehyung was playing footsie with Jimin having already finished packing minutes before. Jimin’s giggles filled the plane when V kicked too hard and hit Jin’s seat. Taehyung froze and slowly lifted his head up. His eyes connected with Jin’s playfully glaring eyes before he gave his boxy smile.

“Yah! Who kicked my seat?” Jin exclaimed.

“Jin hyung he kicked it,” Jimin said pointing to Taehyung.

Jin pouted to Taehyung and shook his head. Taehyung’s boxy smile grew as his body shook with laughter.

“Ah sorry hyung,” Taehyung said.

Meanwhile Hoseok and Jungkook were double checking their belongings were in the bags, bags were zipped, and were ready for the screaming and flashes of the fans and cameras.

“You ready to see ARMY, Kookie?” asked Hoseok.


“JK. Are you ready?”


Hoseok huffed and turned around to Jungkook. He opened his mouth ready to scold him when he noticed the far away look in Jungkook’s eyes.

‘He’s off in his own world again’  bemused Hoseok.

Hoseok tapped Jungkook on his shoulder to bring him back from his mind. Jungkook jumped from surprised and cutely titled his head questioningly at Hoseok.

“Are your stuff packed and ready to go?”


Hoseok nodded and settled in his seat.

Jungkook was struggling to hide his dilemma. A big one at that. Jungkook’s anxiety was spiking up and he was having difficulty calming down.

‘Okay focus on breathing. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe…’

Jungkook sighed in relief as he felt the intense pressure on his chest slowly lessen. He started fishing out his face mask just to feel preoccupied and take his mind off the pressure he still felt on his chest. Hoseok mistook the sigh as exhaustion and looked at him.

“Hey we’ll be back to our dorm and in our beds soon enough. Then you’ll be able to sleep as long as you want. How does that sound?”

Jungkook, with his face mask already on, just nodded his head to look like he was still waking up from a “restful” sleep.

Sejin announced for everyone to start heading out of the plane and into the lounge. Once everyone was gathered up they grouped up so the members wouldn’t lose each other in the crowd.

They walked out of the terminal and into the screaming and screeching of the crowd outside. They tightened their grip on each others hand and marched through the crowd.

Fans were crowding in on their space more and more with each passing second. The members and staff quickened their steps in hopes of evading an impending disaster news outlets hungrily sought after.

Until it all went downhill.

One of the more overzealous fans harshly grabbed at Jungkook’s sleeve and tugged back hard. Jungkook stumbled forward in surprise. Junkook’s anxiety came back with a vengeance so his breathing started to become laboured. His grip one Jimin’s hand loosened and slipped. He stumbled as everything became blurry. He felt an arm wrap around his shoulders and the other around his waist.

Jimin felt Junkook’s hand leaving his so he turned around to check on him. He thought he was okay until he heard the increase of noise and turned around again. He felt his blood turn cold when he saw a swarm of people bombard Jungkook and watch Jungkook dangerously sway forward. He pushed his way over to him and wrapped an arm over his shoulders and waist. He noticed the shaking and difficulty Jungkook was having breathing so he pushed Jungkook forward with the help of security keeping the “fans” away. He locked eyes with Jin’s worried-filled eyes noticing all the other members were already outside along with their manager so he picked up his pace.

Once they were outside the members created a circle around them and had them get inside the van first with Jin next. Everyone turned toward JImin’s and Jungkook’s direction asking them about what happened and if they are okay.

Jin turned his head away from Jungkook and used his hyung’s voice.

“Be quiet.”

Jimin was occupied with calming down Jungkook and finally addressed the group when he got Jungkook’s breathing to slow down.

“Jk? You feeling better now?”

Jungkook’s vision had cleared and his head didn’t feel stuffed with cotton. He nodded.

Jin ran his fingers through Jungkook’s hair and felt him relax slightly.

Yoongi couldn’t take the silence anymore and voiced the question on everyone’s mind.

“What happened?”

Jimin looked at the other members as he began telling what he saw.

"The crowd became out of control and they swarmed him. Jungkook's anxiety kicked in and started having trouble breathing. I went back to get him and just managed to calm his breathing down."

Namjoon directed his gaze to Jungkook and reached over to put a hand on his knee.

"Jungkook-ah how are you holding up?"

Jungkook nodded and hunched in on himself more.

Hoseok's zeroed in on the way Jungkook had his right arm tucked into his chest in a protective hold.

"What happened to your right arm?"

Everyone's eyes zoomed in on Jungkook and starred in worry. Jin gently cooed at Jungkook to let him look at his arm. Jin pulled the sleeve up as Jimin held Jungkook's wrist in place.

There was a collective hiss when they saw red scratch marks across his arm. Namjoon looked on in worry and voiced his question.

"Jk how did you get those scratches?"

Jungkook unfurled from his position and recalled what happened in the airport.

"I was walking when a fan suddenly grabbed me and yanked me. I stumbled and I guess that was how I got this. She also had long nails."

V felt a surge of overprotectiveness, worry, and anger when he saw those marks on his only dongsaeng. He began rummaging through his bag for cream. He passed it over to Jimin who was also fighting anger and focusing on helping Jungkook. Jin began to run his hand through Jungkook's hair to keep him calm as Jimin applied the cream.

"It's going to sting a little bit, okay Kookie. It'll go away after a few seconds."

Jimin carefully dabbed and spread the cream across the scratches softly whispering to Jungkook when he flicked and tugged his arm away.

"Where the hell was security when this happened?"

Yoongi's tense voice cut across the van. They looked at him and saw his face with a frown and steely look in his eyes. Jimin answered as he rubbed the back of Jungkook's back.

"I don't know. When I got to him they reappeared and tried to keep the fans at bay. Sort of."

"I'll talk with the managers about better security so something like this doesn't happen again. Everyone get some shut eye. We have the next three days off to ourselves before going back to the company building."

Everyone nodded and began to settle down in their seat. Jungkook was no longer tense and leaned his head on Jin's shoulder. He felt a head lay on his and a hand on top of his on his lap. His eyes began drooping and closed after a fruitless battle against sleep.

"You're safe now Kookie. Get some sleep. Love you."