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Inasa doesn’t know when he first noticed it. The alpha cannot really make out when he first had a hunch, but if he were asked when this hunch came up, it would be when they were in the middle of a remedial lesson. He remembers looking into Shouto’s lovely two-colored eyes because…well, he likes them.

He’s not one to beat around the bush or deny the obvious. He can be oblivious at times, but he usually snaps out of it because when he falls, he falls hard, and the realization will hit him like a two-ton truck.

 He fell hard for Shouto shortly after getting to befriend him. Getting lost in his eyes was a common, every-day occurrence during the remedial lessons. It’s so much so to the point where he can get lost in those eyes, (he always does, no point in denying it) but that particular day…Shouto’s eyes looked…empty.

There was no emotion there, no sign of life, it felt like he was staring into the eyes of a wearied dead man and he had no way out. This ‘no way out’ was not a positive thing, mind you, it was negative. He never felt more on edge than what he did in that moment he stared a bit too long into those lovely eyes dimmed with lifelessness.

The eyes of a corpse are ones no person can ever forget, or so he’s heard. Either way, the look in his eyes haunts him that day. He approaches the small omega (well, okay Shouto is small to him) after the lessons were done for the day, asking him, “Hey Todoroki, how are you doing?”

He’s trying to act normal so Shouto won’t get suspicious or skittish around him, but it’s easier said than done. He softened his tone, he softened his eyes, and he softened his usually over the top scent all to make Shouto feel safe.

The response he received was not at all satisfactory, “I’m doing good.”

Inasa has a hunch he is not. His movements were sloppy during the lessons and his eyes had the same corpse-like glow the whole while. He doesn’t know what happened, but whatever it is, he wants to at least have an idea so he can help him.

“Anything new happen with you?”

He’s known Shouto long enough to know that pressing for answers after getting a dissatisfactory one is not the way to go. The omega will tense up and close himself off instantly, answers will become an impossible thing to obtain then.

“No, nothing new really.”

Inasa bites his lip and takes a bold step for the situation at hand, “Oh, okay. Do you want to do something together this weekend? I was thinking we could go to this party Camie’s cousin is throwing and—”

Shouto’s answer was quick and hard, “No. I don’t like parties.”

Inasa raises a brow to this, finding it strange he would be so vehement on this, “It’s just a birthday party, Todoroki. It’s not anything bad or crazy. There will be only fifteen people there max, and that’s counting us if we go.”

Shouto is firm on his decision as well as his previous declaration, “No, I am not going. I hate parties.”

“Okay, well…can we do something together another time? Like, going out for dinner and a movie or to a pastry shop?” Inasa would cautiously ask the skittish omega in front of him.

“I’d like that, just…nothing to do with parties.”

“Sure, I get it. I’ll be sure to remember that from now on.”

Truthfully, this only makes Inasa’s worry meter rise. Shouto never mentioned hating parties before, so why is he hating them now?

That had been two months ago. During this time period, the look in his eyes remained the same as that day except things have gotten worse.

Shouto is quieter and more withdrawn than usual, which is saying a lot considering he is an introvert by nature. He only speaks when spoken to, he never questions any alpha or beta’s authority or boorish actions, and he’s stopped really giving it his all. In fact, Inasa can tell the omega is phoning it in with the way he acts like such a shell of his former strong, confident self.

He doesn’t like what is happening to the omega, but he knows if he pushes too hard, pries just a bit too much, Shouto will ice him out the way he has done to Bakugou and Midoriya.

Yes, the omega has iced out his best friend and his mate. Bakugou is the one who had told him of this a while back, maybe only a month ago to be exact. Regardless of exactly when it was said, all Inasa knows is when he heard it, he was shocked because Shouto always spoke about Midoriya and how much he admired the beta.

After remedial lessons were done for the day, Inasa had been approached by the shorter, ash blonde alpha with the anger issues… Bakugou? He thinks that’s his name. Either way, he’s never really paid much attention to him before now when he’s stomping over to him, a growl on his breath the whole while he does so.

“Hey, Shiketsu baldy! Why the fuck is half-n-half icing out my mate?”

This caught him off-guard completely, so much so to the point where he didn’t believe it at first, “What? Todoroki wouldn’t do that! Midoriya is his best friend, he talks about him all the time whenever we spend time together. He wouldn’t ice him out like that. I would have known if he did.”

Inasa and Shouto have been spending every other Saturday together whenever they can, no matter how little the time may be for them to do so. Inasa adores the little omega despite his increasing worry over him and he does have the intention to court him in the hopes of mating.

During these hangout times, he speaks about Midoriya nonstop to the point where Inasa feels as though he knows Midoriya without actually ever having met him. Inasa knows Shouto is only doing this to distract him from asking questions about himself, but he doesn’t care. So long as he is spending any amount of time with Shouto away from remedial lessons, he doesn’t care what the omega wants to talk about because he will listen intently no matter what.

“Um, yeah he fucking is! Deku is upset, crying, and acting all emo and shit because of that fucker! You are close to him, why the fuck is he icing out my mate?”

Inasa doesn’t know what to say, so he asks once more, “Are you sure Todoroki is really doing that? All he ever does is speak highly of your mate whenever he’s by me. I have no clue why he would be doing it. Did your mate do something to upset him?”

There are explosions going off in Katsuki’s hands and he’s getting ready to attack if his flared scent means anything, “What? No, my mate did not do anything to that bitch! All he did was ask him if he was okay or not because he’s been super ass worried about him lately and then the bitch got all weird and now he’s icing him out!”

Inasa thinks this information over for a moment before coming to a realization, “Oh…I think he may have pried too hard. Todoroki doesn’t like heavy, intense questioning on his personal life. I did that once before and he iced me out for a week before apologizing about it. He told me questioning like that makes him feel uncomfortable, nervous even, so I do my best to avoid that. Give it a week and he’ll talk to your mate again.”

Katsuki scoffs to this openly, his frustration and exasperation seeping through at the situation at hand, “It’s been over a fucking week, dipshit! He’s still icing him out!”

“Is your mate keeping up with the prying, though? Because that just makes him feel ganged up on and anxious. Trust me, I learned all of this the hard way.”

“You know oh-so-fucking much about him, why don’t you just fucking mate him already!”

There’s silence and a blush on Inasa’s cheeks. Katsuki knows then why the taller alpha has gone out of his way to get so close to the dual quirk user.

“You want to mate him, huh?” Katsuki states more than asks, “Why haven’t you done it yet?”

Inasa’s reply is shocking simple, even by his own standards, “Because Todoroki has a low opinion of alphas I am trying to improve. I want to properly court him and show him not all alphas are pigs who only want him for his body. I want to be his mate, so I will do everything as proper as I can to be sure I can get him to be mine.”

Katsuki doesn’t say anything to this, but he does sigh deeply. He then lowers his hands as the explosions stop going off, his crimson red eyes now on Inasa’s dark ones, “Listen, I don’t know what the fuck is going on with IcyHot, but it’s starting to scare my mate and our other classmates. Even our lives in a sleeping bag homeroom teacher is scared for him because of how weird he’s been acting lately. Figure out what is wrong with him and fix it.”

“How can I do that if I don’t know how he acts at school? I know there is something wrong with Todoroki, but how can I help if I don’t know the full picture?”

Inasa doesn’t mean to sound annoyed when asking this, but it’s fact: he cannot help Shouto if he doesn’t know what is going on at UA as well. He needs the whole story, not just bits and pieces if he wants to be the one to save Shouto from whatever it is he is doing to himself.

“He hasn’t been eating for a long time now. At first it was just lunch, but then it became all meals in general. I’ve only ever seen him consume protein shakes lately, but I’ve heard others say he only drinks water. Every night he wakes up screaming so loud it wakes up everyone on his floor, but he insists there is nothing wrong with him and he apologizes afterwards. He loses control of his quirks during hero courses, which either results in him hurting himself from pushing his body too far or his quirks being so intense to the point where Aizawa has to cancel them out. He doesn’t talk, he doesn’t do anything with us, and all he does is lay in his room all day whenever he has time off. The only time he gets out is when he is seeing you, other than that, he never leaves it.”

Katsuki and Inasa are silent then, but for different reasons. Inasa is trying to take all of this information in whereas Katsuki had finally vented out his worries to the one person who can make it stop. If Inasa cannot fix whatever is wrong with Shouto, then Katsuki is convinced no one can.

Shockingly enough, all Inasa has to say to this information is, “Okay.”

Katsuki raises a brow, his next words being snarled out through gritted teeth, “Okay? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“It means, ‘okay, I know what I am working with now and I will do whatever it takes to fix it’.”

Katsuki leaves with a small ‘tch, whatever baldy’ which Inasa knows means ‘you better do it or else’. Upon Katsuki’s departure, Inasa goes to find Shouto before he leaves for the day.

He finds him changing out of his costume and what he sees has him reeling.

Shouto is so…skinny now. He can count all the vertebrae in his spine as he is bent over while slipping on the pants to his school uniform. When he stands up straight after doing so, his ribs are still a bit too prominent for Inasa’s liking and though the shirt hides it well, it’s not enough to dissuade his increasing concern over the omega.

Shouto turns around, costume in his backpack when he does so, and he sees the alpha standing there, his shock still showing on his face.

He has a hunch of what happened, and yet he doesn’t comment on it, “Hello Yoarashi, how are you?”

“I’m good…” he then pauses and takes in Shouto’s face, his dark circles prominent with his cheek bones soon to follow after, making Inasa suppress a shiver as he takes a wary step forward, “Are you good too?”

He won’t push or pry anything out of him, however, he will ask what is needed to help get his point across.

Shouto’s answer is slow spoken, his eyes barely meeting Inasa’s at this point, making the air in the room feel heavier than it should be, “I am.”

“You don’t look like you’ve slept in a while. You wanna spend the night at my place this weekend? I think you will enjoy it.”

Shouto thinks it over but ultimately shakes his head, “No, I’m fine.”

Inasa decides in that moment to play a card he hasn’t yet, one which he hopes will get Shouto to open up to him. It’s a move of pure desperation, but he’s only pulling it because he wants to save Shouto from himself, but he doesn’t know how. Shouto needs to talk to him if he is to help him and if this doesn’t help get the ball rolling, then he doesn’t know what else will.

He closes the distance between them and hugs Shouto in a gentle embrace. Shouto is taken aback by it at first, yet this all too quickly becomes question, “What are you doing?”

“I’m hugging you.”


“Because I want you to know you can always come to me no matter what. No matter what problems you are facing, no matter what issues you may have, I just want you to know I am always here, and I am always ready to listen to you. So please, talk to me, Todoroki. Tell me what is going on and I can help you.”

He is desperate, pulling at straws here, hoping against all odds that Shouto will finally, finally tell him what is wrong!

Instead, what he gets after three minutes of silence is a calm exhale and a little nuzzle into his chest, Shouto’s words to him small yet to the point all at once, “I am fine, Yoarashi. I’m tired, really, really tired. All I need is some sleep and I’ll be fine. Please don’t worry over me, I’m only tired. Once I go home and get some rest, I’ll be fine.”

Inasa doesn’t believe this. He knows he’s more than ‘tired’ and whatever is wrong will take more than ‘some rest’ or ‘some sleep’. He’s doing all that he can to make Shouto feel comfortable telling him, to let him know he will always be here for him no matter what, and yet…it feels like this was all for nothing.

He’s not giving up, though. He will help his omega out no matter how lost, confused, and frustrated he feels with the situation at hand.

“Alright, go get your rest, Todoroki. I’ll be here for you no matter what happens next.”

The small release of his scent was a way of showing gratitude and Inasa enjoyed it while it lasted before the omega would leave his side again.

At the moment, Inasa is waiting outside the Height’s Alliance dorms to see Shouto again for a small date he has in mind. Well, okay, more like one-sided date since he didn’t tell Shouto it was going to be a date and he used the words ‘hang out’ instead of ‘date’ when he asked him to come. Okay, so it’s not a date at all, but he can dream!

The omega exits the dorms, approaching Inasa with a small smile, which only serves to make the alpha’s heart beat faster as he comes closer.

He greets him with a small wave and a generally laid back, “Hi, Yoarashi—”

Then his eyes suddenly roll back into his head and he passes out on the spot.

Had Inasa’s world not stopped moving in that exact moment, Shouto would have hit the pavement instead of being carried over to Inasa’s side by the wind.

Inasa holds Shouto close, shaking him gently, “Todoroki…Todoroki, hey wake up. This is not a place to nap. Please…wake up.”

Except...Shouto doesn't wake up and Inasa is left to freak out, "Help! I need help, my omega just fainted!" 

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Inasa is loud by nature. He literally cannot be quiet for too long, and even his indoor voice is loud by most standards. So when he is yelling, all in Heights Alliance who were planning to either get ready to head out somewhere or stay and watch movies were all interrupted by the sound of Inasa’s cry of distress.

They all went outside to see Shouto passed out in his arms, their eyes wide with worry and fear with what could be wrong with Shouto.

Izuku is the first one out of the crowd and he’s the first one to ask, “Is he okay? What happened?”

“He just passed out when saying 'hi' to me! I don’t know what’s going on, but I don’t like it and I want my omega back.”

Inasa is having a hard time keeping his calm, which prompts the other students to take control of the situation. Iida runs to get Aizawa, Yaoyorozu leads Inasa over to Recovery Girl’s office, and everyone else stays out of their way, hoping nothing but the best for the omega.


Shouto would wake up in Recovery Girl’s office, but luckily the alpha woman is gone. He doesn’t really want to hear a lecture right now about his weight or his body or how everything he’s doing is ‘unhealthy’ for himself. He knows everything he is doing is unhealthy for himself, but he has to do it. If he doesn’t, then…

Wait, why is he in her office again?

Shouldn’t he be out with Inasa by now?

“You’re awake!”

He’s greeted with a bone crushing hug from the alpha and tears of relief spilling freely from his eyes, “Shouto, never do that to me again! I was so worried.”

“What happened? Why am I here?”

It sounds dumb to ask, but Shouto genuinely does not remember what happened. He’s hoping Inasa will be able to fill in the blanks without any lecturing, annoyance, or exasperation. Everyone seems to do all of the above to him lately whenever speaking to him, and it’s getting sickening. It only makes him shut them out more they act like this. Inasa doesn’t act like this towards him whenever they speak, and he only hopes he will continue to not act this way.

“You’re here because you passed out. Todoroki, I know something is wrong. I’ve known for a long time now and I know you don’t like being lectured, spoken to with annoyance or frustration, so I didn’t do it. I let you be and hoped you would trust me enough as a friend and potential mate to come to me with your problems. I won’t ever think less of you so please…tell me what is wrong. I want to help you. Let me help you.”

Inasa is begging in the softest croon he’s ever heard and though it sounds melodic to his ears, he cannot enjoy it because it sounds so heartbreaking to hear the alpha he likes being so desperate.

His left hand is encased in Inasa’s much larger ones. He feels nothing but guilt over what he did. He never wanted to make the alpha upset, not after everything they’ve been through together.

Shouto sits up in the bed, his vision going black at the edges when he does so too fast, and yet he pushes himself onwards to nuzzle Inasa’s hands. He nuzzles his hands, kissing them gently, and breathes in his scent to relax himself a bit.

He takes a second, third, fourth, soon tenth breath and it is after the tenth breath he decides he is finally ready to tell someone about the weight crushing him from the inside out, threatening to steal his very livelihood away should it ever get to social media or the media in general.

“Please don’t think less of me for what I am about to tell you. I promise, it wasn’t my fault, but if you think it was, then I suppose it must have been.”

Inasa’s shocked to say the least, but he is quick to refute this, “I will never think less of you no matter what. Just tell me what happened. I need to know so I can help you.”

Shouto takes in another breath of his scent, biting his lower lip, not wanting to say it at first because it’s so embarrassing and he was so fucking stupid—

“It all started when Natsuo took me to a party he was going to at his university. I wanted to stay at the dorm alone, but he begged me to go, so I went.”

Here goes nothing. So far, Inasa doesn’t look like he hates him. Well, not yet anyway.

“I’ve never been to a party like the ones they throw at university. I didn’t know what to expect, I’ve never been by kids my own age much let alone older kids. I didn’t know what to look out for, what to keep an eye on, or how to handle the situations I was in. That party was the worst night of my life and it threw my life into the worst spiral it’s ever been on.”

Why had he given in to Natsuo’s pleas of ‘you need to socialize more, Shouto’ and ‘c’mon, I’ll be by your side the whole time, it’s just a small get together with my friends, nothing big here I promise’?

Oh wait, it’s because he wants to spend time with his brother instead of going home to his father’s place during the weekends. This is why he relented and chose to do something he thought would help him get closer to Natsuo.

They are at a club some wealthy friend of Natsuo’s had rented out for the night for their whole class and a few others. He couldn’t believe they were in a VIP section that celebrities and the ultra-wealthy were said to go, but then he supposes he shouldn’t be too shocked. Natsuo himself could easily do the same thing if their father was more laid back and not so strict all the time.

It’s dark, it’s crowded, it reeks of alcohol and sweat, the flashing lights and loud music are making his head throb, and he just wants to go back to the dorm to eat some soba.

Shouto is not a social creature by nature. Rather, he is quiet and closed off most of the time. He prefers to be alone or in smaller crowds than this if he has to be in one. All he is doing right now is sitting in a corner, talking to no one, reading a book on his phone, and waiting for Natsuo to return from wherever the hell it is he is at.

Ugh, he just wants to leave but then Natsuo will worry and he doesn’t want that! Looks like he is stuck here then…

No one has approached him, too busy drinking alcohol, dancing, or whatever the fuck they call that dry humping he thinks is supposed to be a dance. Maybe it’s poorly done? He doesn’t know anymore.

He had gotten himself a cup of water a while ago, but he hasn’t touched it much. He then gets out of his seat to go use the restroom, hoping Natsuo will be back by then.

When he did return to his seat after having to wait a long time to use the restroom, he felt too hot in this damn hellhole and he needed something to drink to make this somewhat bearable for whatever amount of time he’d be here.

He picked up his drink, downing it one go and hoping it would be enough for him to feel not so hot here.

He went back to reading his book, not really noticing anything going on around him. When he did receive a refill on his water, he began to drink it again…this time, he was starting to feel a bit…strange.

His vision kept blurring, he was having a hard time keeping his fingers straight and moving in the right direction he wanted them to in order to change the pages. His cheeks felt kind of hot too, whereas his head felt light.

What’s going on here? Why is he feeling so…disoriented?

That was when he was approached by at least…six? Yeah, it was six people who say beside him at his table. Five alpha guys and one alpha girl. In the dark club with the flashing lights, it was hard to make out what they looked like, but he could somewhat hear them over the music.

“Hey there, you look cute! Mind telling us who brought here, jailbait?” one the guys asked while wrapping an arm around his shoulders.

Shouto put his phone away into his pants pocket (which was a struggle in and of itself) while the others watched with little snickers on their lips.

“I’m here because Natsuo brought me here.” he explains, but it comes out slightly slurred.

In the back of his mind, he is terrified by these changes to his mind and body. He doesn’t know what is going on or how to make it stop. He wants to go home, he wants to go home, he want to go—

“How many fingers am I holding up?” one guy asks him.

Shouto somehow manages to see only one, “One.”

“Dammit, Kairi! Didn’t you make it strong enough? It wasn’t enough if he can still count.”

The girl on the other side of him scoffs to this, “Whatever, asshole! My quirk can make any drink I touch into alcohol of any strength I choose. How the hell was I supposed to know he wouldn’t be wasted enough?”

After this, it all becomes static silence for Shouto as he realizes he should be running out of here right now, but tonight he would not get so lucky as to escape. Suddenly, the guy beside him is holding him down, forcing his mouth open while the girl forces the drink down Shouto’s throat. Shouto has no clue what they are doing and why, but—is that another drink?

His head is already spinning, please no more, please—

This drink is forced down his throat as well, as are at least…four? He thinks it was four more. It was hard to keep count in the dark when his head was spinning and they had their fingers pinching his nose so he had no other choice but to drink whatever they gave him.

Either way, the world was spinning, and he doesn’t feel so afraid anymore for some reason or another.

When they stand him up out of the chair, he can’t stand, his vision is spinning and when he tries to talk, it’s all slurred.

He knows they went outside at some point because he remembers the cool air hitting his overheated body.

He remembers being stuffed into the back seat of a car. He remembers they took him somewhere…a love hotel, he thinks it was? The details were too blurred and fuzzy for him to figure it out. Shouto’s never had any alcoholic drinks before tonight. The effects of the strong drinks are starting to become more prominent the longer it is in his system.

He can’t fight back with his quirks because he’s too drunk to regulate his body temperature and he’s not sure he could even send a location text, let alone find his phone in his pocket. In other words, he’s at their mercy completely.

Either way, nothing could change what happened next.

He will never forget the stench of alcohol on their breaths as they all took turns kissing him, forcing their tongues in his mouth and their hands on his body. He doesn’t want this, though. Even in his inebriated state, he is still afraid of what will happen next and he doesn’t want this.

Another thing he will never forget is the way his jaw felt so sore when he had to take the first alpha’s dick into his mouth. He didn’t even have time to adjust before he was being fucked in the mouth by the offending alpha. His eyes were watery from the pain of it all, he was being forced to suck it or else he’d be choked, even though the taste was so bitter, and the smells were gag inducting.

When this one had cum down his throat, he was forced to swallow it or else choke, but it didn’t stop him from trying to feebly spit some of it out. This would result in Shouto being struck in the cheek and growled at, “Swallow our seed, omega, or else we’ll do worse to you.”

He didn’t want to know what worse was, so he gave a nod and a slurred, “Yes, alpha” in response.

After this, he was fucked in the mouth by the other alphas with their dicks, and forced to swallow their cum, one by one.

His mouth and throat were sore afterwards, but then he was handed a drink of water. Not caring who it came from or whether there was something in it, he drank it in some attempt to relieve himself of his sore throat.

This only resulted in his vision going black shortly after drinking the water. He doesn’t know if it was tampered with or not, but he only hopes they will let him go after this.

Inasa is doing his best to contain his outrage, but instead of screaming, he somehow managed to remain calm enough to ask, “What happened after that? Did they leave you alone?”

“No, they did not. It just got worse.”

His head is throbbing, his ears are ringing, his stomach is lurching out of control whereas his body is sore and cold. At the moment he bothers to open his dual colored eyes, he is met with the shadows of an alleyway, his body on the asphalt floor while the first thing he sees is the brick staring right at him.

Shouto quickly realizes he is naked, but he doesn’t think much of it. Right when he dares to sit up, his stomach lurches and he purges out whatever it is that his body is rejecting.

He would sit straight against the wall, trying to think of something, anything, to use to cover himself. His clothes are nowhere to be found and he has no clue where he is at. He only knows that when he moves, he can feel…cum…cum is…leaking out of his…

Shouto looks down to his dick, lifting it up slight enough to where he can see his pussy and finds it is leaking…cum.

He sets it down and gasps harshly, the slight memories from the night before hitting him like a ton of bricks.

None of it was a horrific dream like he had thought. He couldn’t just wake up in his dorm or room at home and it’d all be over. No, it just—

Someone stops on their bicycle upon seeing him in the alley. The young beta man asks him, “Are you alright?”

Shouto shakes his head, but then…he pukes again, and the guy is calling the ambulance. He stays by Shouto’s side, not knowing what to say or do because the omega is on edge and skittish right now. Whenever he tries to make small talk, Shouto curls in on himself and whimpers. Whenever he tries to release a calming scent, Shouto begs to go home.

There’s no in point in doing anything other than waiting.

By the time the ambulance arrives, Shouto is relieved because after this he will finally get to go home, shower, and forget this ever happened!

Except, it didn’t happen this way. It was easy for anyone to tell that Shouto had been raped and though he really didn’t want to at first, the hospital staff were able to convince him to do a rape kit because of news of a group of serial rapists targeting omegas. Shouto only did the kit because he wanted to help catch the group. However, his details to the police were not of much help since he was too drunk to remember anything from the night before about his captors aside from the name ‘Kairi’, her description of her quirk, the fact they were all alphas, and there were six of them.

Shouto’s information really was just the same thing they had heard from other omega victims. Given the way he was found in the alleyway, he was told to take a drug test to see if he had been roofied up like the other victims. He agreed to do so since he felt it was his duty as a hero to do whatever it took to help catch the guy and yet…

Shouto felt stupid. He felt violated, humiliated, and degraded. Nothing was worse for him than having to take the pictures, having to have the cum sample taken out of him, and having to tell the whole story from his botched up memory.

He felt as though everyone was judging him for not knowing certain things normal people know: why did you leave your drink unattended at public setting? This is a prime way for people to drug or spike it with alcohol so they can take advantage of you. Why didn’t you fight back harder when they were forcing drinks down your throat? Why didn’t you just call your brother or text him to say you wanted to leave before any of this happened? He would have understood and just taken you home or allowed you to go home by yourself. Why would you wear such tight clothing? It’s a way to lure in alphas, you know. Why didn’t you wear your collar? It’s dangerous for omegas to go without collars, you’re only lucky you weren’t marked! As a hero in training, why didn’t you fight your brother harder on not going to the party in the first place if you really are so introverted? It simple doesn’t add up…

Shouto doesn’t know what to say to this. If he tells the truth about his childhood, they won’t believe him, so he’s left to deal with being blamed for everything that happened to him.

What makes it all worse is when his father arrives to take him home and he sees the look of utter disappointment in his eyes, his words spoken through a heavy sigh, “You just had to be stupid, didn’t you, omega? Leave it to an omega to bring shame and dishonor to our family name.”

Shouto looks down to the floor, feeling nothing but guilt and shame over what happened to himself and the way he allowed it all to happen.

It’s truly all his own fault for being so stupid.

Shouto would look down at his lap, his eyes trained on it, but then he would say to Inasa in a soft voice, “All of it was so terrible, but then… Then I…learned something awful and that awful thing led me to doing what I did to end up here.”

Inasa doesn’t say another word, allowing Shouto to speak for himself when he says, “I found out I got pregnant from the incident. I had no clue who the parent was and neither did the doctors because apparently, all the alphas took turns knotting me. After I learned about that, I started starving myself in order to get rid of the child. I don’t want this baby, Inasa. I’ll do anything to get rid of it, even if it means destroying myself in the process.”

Chapter Text

Everything Inasa has heard just now has left him shaken. He doesn’t know what to do, what to think, or what to say even. The first words that come out of his mouth are purely spoken out of his own shock to everything he’s been told by the omega he has a strong interest in, “Why didn’t you get an abortion?”

Shouto looks away from him, his voice quiet and gentle when he speaks, “It’s complicated…”

Shouto had found out he was pregnant the hard way.

He got morning sickness, nausea, and painful stomach cramps. He had hoped it was a simple flu bug, but something told him it wasn’t so. One day after school, with a medical mask on, a pair of large sunglasses, and a beanie over his head, he went over to a drug store to buy the damned pink colored box containing the pregnancy test.

Of course, he did not do this test at home. His father has been giving him hell and tightening the leash on his freedoms and privileges ever since he was raped. If he finds out he is pregnant on top of this…it will make his life that much worse. His father will pull him out of the hero course to save face and get him mated off right away so as to not make it look like he got pregnant out of wedlock.

In Japan, the standards for heroes are strict and higher than in other countries. Heroes are seen as the moral standard most should strive to be, but even heroes are human and make mistakes, something the media and public seem to forget.

Shouto being pregnant out of wedlock would be seen as the ultimate shame. Omegas, especially male ones, have a harder time becoming heroes due to the public’s view on them as not being as efficient because of their nature and heats. If it came out that he’s pregnant by some random alpha he’s only seen once, it will bring nothing but shame and discrimination not only against himself but other omegas as a whole. He can already hear the comments slut shaming him and tearing him to shreds for being so stupid as to get raped the way he did.

His hands were shaking the whole time he held the stick. He couldn’t contain his fears anymore, he couldn’t run from it forever, but…why is he so terrified of a result he has an instinctual knowledge will happen?

He waited for the appropriate time to get the result, never once leaving the stall while he does so. When he cracked his eyes open to see the results, the wind was knocked right out of him.

Positive. He’s pregnant. He’s actually pregnant…

No, this cannot be happening! He doesn’t want this child: he wanted his first pup to be with someone he loved and adored. He didn’t want one from his rapists!

It wasn’t enough to be raped in the first place, now he has to have some sick souvenir from that terrible night, a constant reminder of what happened to him against his will? No, he’s not tolerating this. He doesn’t need to. He will not allow his rapists to ruin his future as a hero.

He will get rid of this pregnancy if it’s the last thing he does.

Inasa swallowed down his horror to the news, his grip on Shouto’s hand never loosening or tightening as he recalled his ordeal. He still couldn’t believe it as he heard it being spoken from the omega he so desperately wants to court.

He asks, “Does your dad know you’re pregnant?”

“Hell no, he never will! I won’t ever let him know I got pregnant. If he finds out, he’ll have me married and mated off to someone else so as to protect my family’s honor.” Shouto snaps with a small, cold laugh at the idea of his asshole of a father finding out about his pregnancy.

When he gets home, he looks up on his phone the many ways to get rid of a baby without an abortion. Needless to say, he tries them all and so far, none of them have worked. He hasn’t miscarried once and it’s starting to scare him.

He then thinks about the only option online left that he hasn’t tried: starvation. Without nutrients, the baby will die. So long as he either fasts or eats only one meal a week, then he will be fine.

At first, this idea made him nervous. He still needs energy and strength to not only do hero training or training with his father. He also needs it to use his quirk since it does drain a lot of energy from him in general to use it to the extent he does.

However, when everything else has failed him, he has no other choice. He needs to do this. He needs to get rid of this thing growing inside of him like some cancerous tumor. He needs to dispose of this thing before it ruins his life and everything he’s worked so hard for.

Inasa hugs him tightly, begging him to, “Please, get the abortion, Todoroki! I don’t like seeing you like this. Please, it’s not worth destroying yourself over something so terrible you didn’t deserve to have happen to you.”

Inasa has never been soft spoken or quiet in his lifetime. He only knows how to be loud and over the top. So to hear him being soft spoken for once and subdued, his voice only a broken whisper barely concealing his own sadness to the news, it made Shouto feel shaken.

He hugs Inasa back, burying his face into his chest, trying to calm him down with a small purr, but it doesn’t work. Inasa is still so horrified to hear of this whole thing, and yet he can still continue to plead to Shouto, “Get the abortion done, it will be worth it in the long run, please…”

“I can’t. My father will have to be notified and if he is, then he will know I am pregnant. He will not allow me to have one because he believes it is wrong, even in cases like mine. He will only get me mated off to any alpha of his choosing and end my hero career before I even have a chance to be one.”

Inasa grips onto him tightly, his eyes filled with anger and worry for the omega in his arms. He wants nothing more than to save him, but he doesn’t know where to begin regarding abortions.

All he can do is tell him, “I will help you with this. I promise, you will not be alone in this terrible ordeal anymore.”

Shouto asks him in response, disbelief heavy in his voice as he does so, “You don’t hate me?”

“No, I don’t hate you and I never will. You are still the one omega I want to court and mate someday when we’re ready for it.”

Shouto’s eyes widen to this. He never knew Inasa felt like this over him. He never knew he had feelings for him that ventured into mating territory.

“You…want to mate me? Why? I’m used and—”

“Stop! Don’t call yourself that! You’re not used, you’re perfect to me no matter what happens or what you survive through. I will always want to be your mate no matter what happens or what has happened to you in the past. I like you a lot, Todoroki, and I want to be your mate someday.”

Shouto is having a hard time taking this all in at once, but he doesn’t have too much time to think on it because Inasa is telling him, “You don’t have to tell me if you like me the same way right now. I can wait for you until you’re better.”

“Can you wait until after I have it done?”

“Of course I can! I am a very patient man and I will wait for however long it takes to have you as my mate or my friend.”

Shouto nods, giving him a small, “Thank you, Yoarashi… Please, don’t tell anyone here at school what I am going through. Abortions amongst omega heroes are frowned upon by people in my class. I don’t think they’d be sympathetic to me… No, more like I know they wouldn’t be going off of the way they speak lowly of people who have it done. Promise me you won’t tell my classmates, Yoarashi, please.”

Inasa holds him closer, nuzzling him as he does so, “Don’t worry, I won’t ever tell them about it, I promise.”

He buries his face into his chest and for the first time ever since his ordeal started, he starts to cry though it is in silence. Inasa allows him to cry into his chest, not caring if his shirt is getting damp from the omega’s tears. He will get him the abortion if it’s the last thing he does!


He has been searching up abortion clinics for teenagers online, and he has found a few clinics…the only problem is, he’d need to have Shouto’s parents or legal guardian there to sign the consent form giving him the right to terminate his pregnancy. Given the way he is vehement about not telling his father about this, Inasa has no choice but to keep looking.

He is doing this for Shouto because, as Shouto told him when he asked about it, “I only told you the full truth because I trust you to be more understanding and sympathetic to my situation than anyone here. I know you won’t do anything bad with the information or use it to condemn or mock me. I knew you wouldn’t judge me too harshly and even if you did, you’d have the decency to be kind and not cruel about it. I trust you, Yoarashi. You’ve never given me reason not to.”

Shouto trusts him which means he has to do this for him. He has to succeed in getting him this, he has no other choice at this point. Even if he has to lose sleep over this, he will succeed for Shouto’s sake because Shouto needs him to! He needs him to succeed so he can get healthy again and have the life he deserves to have, not some grim reminder of his hellish experience he shouldn’t be forced to have.

Inasa knows many heroes in Japan do frown upon teen abortions amongst omegas, but Shouto needs it. He doesn’t deserve to lose everything over some alpha’s crime against his person as a whole. He deserves to be happy, safe, and healthy, something Inasa is willing to ensure will happen no matter what!

Ultimately, he couldn’t find anyone willing to do such a procedure for a teenage rape victim without the consent of at least one or both parents. He can only think it through and ultimately, he has no other choice but to text Shouto and ask: is your mom against omega reproductive rights? because i can print out a form to fill out at this one place so you can have it done with only one parent’s signature

All he can do is wait for Shouto to respond for now. He hopes the omega’s mother is more open and understanding of him. He hopes the omega’s mother is not a thing like his father on the issue. Shouto doesn’t need anyone else in his life being hard on him after everything that’s happened.

Anxiety eats away at Inasa as he awaits for the reply to come from Shouto. He wants nothing more than to call and ask, but he knows it’s too risky to do. If his father overhears on an off-chance, he will be mated to some other alpha and that thought makes Inasa’s blood boil!

Shouto may not have chosen yet, but Inasa knows he can win over his heart. He knows he can get Shouto to give him a chance to win him over, and he knows Shouto would be happier with him than anyone else. If Enji does get Shouto a mate and it’s some random asshole alpha he’s never met…

Well, let’s just say there will be a duel for Shouto’s hand in marriage and Inasa won’t hold back.

For now, he is going through the photo album on his phone, looking at his pictures of Shouto and himself together. Well, specifically, of Shouto doing small things he found to be cute. Like when Shouto petted a stray cat that was hissing at him. For some reason that devil cat loved Shouto but hated his guts. Then there was the one time where the movie theatre was packed, so him and Shouto had to share a seat. Shouto was so tired that he fell asleep in his lap, causing Inasa to hold him closer as he cuddled into his chest. Oh and there’s this one Camie took where Shouto had to be a victim during an exercise in their remedial lessons and he had to save him, except he went a bit over the top. As in, he used his wind to try to save Shouto from stuck up a building, but he wound up making Shouto fall instead. Inasa did catch him with his wind and brought him into his arms, though. When he did this, Camie took a photo and sent it to him when he demanded it.

He has so many cute photos…

Oh! He has a reply from Shouto!

I haven’t told her about any of this yet. I’m too nervous to.

Inasa raises a brow to this, finding it odd at best, why didn’t you?? i’m sure she’d understand, she’s not like your dad at all

Inasa has met Rei more than once by now during his weekend hangouts with Shouto. He knows Rei is a nice, kindly, understanding woman who will most likely support Shouto no matter what. He doesn’t know why Shouto didn’t tell her about this… Is Inasa really the only person aside from his father who knows about this? Because if so, then that’s messed up. His mother deserves to know, as do his siblings. They don’t need to be left out in the dark like that at all.

I know she isn’t, but I’m afraid she will be disappointed in me and think I’m stupid for getting raped and pregnant the way I did.

you should tell her though. do your siblings know about it?

They do, but they’re awkward around me now. I don’t know, it’s kind of strange. They don’t talk to me like they used to anymore. It’s like they’re afraid of making me upset. I don’t like the way they are treating me like I am glass now when I know I am not.

that’s awful, they shouldn’t be treating you like that!!

todoroki, if you’re afraid of telling her about this, then i will go with you so you can tell her. you know i will have your back, so there’s nothing to be nervous about. i will hold your hand the whole time and if you get scared, just squeeze it really tight and i’ll intervene so i can get you out of there

He waits for at least long, agonizing, nerve-wracking minutes before he sees the response from Shouto: Okay, I’ll do it but only with you there and only if you can hold my hand.

He exhales in pure relief to this text and replies quickly, great!! when do you want to do this?

How about this weekend. I want to get it over with and see if she will support my decision or not.

sounds great to me!! even if she doesn’t, i will find a way for you to get it done. there’s no need to worry, todoroki. you are always going to be safe with me

It’s a little promise he makes not only to Shouto but to himself as well. So long as Shouto is with him, he will keep him safe no matter what.


By the time the weekend rolls around, Inasa is mentally prepared to be with Shouto during a hard time. He doesn’t know how Rei will react or how she will take this. He only knows she cannot be worse than his asshole of a father.

On the other hand, he cannot blame Shouto for being cautious and worried. He knows how his friends and classmates talk about omegas who have abortions done. He knows how his father talks about omegas who have abortions done. He knows Shouto has a valid reason to be afraid of doing this, for not wanting her to ever know. After being victim blamed and shamed by his father, he’s nervous and no one can blame for it.

His siblings treating him like he’s made of glass are not making matters better. True, they haven’t victim blamed or shamed him, but treating him the way they have been recently is not the way to make him feel better. Shouto needs real support, and that does not include being babied by his siblings.

Shouto takes a hold of his hand, his nervousness showing subtly through his scent while Inasa sits beside him on the train. Inasa releases a calming version of his scent, trying to keep it more subtle so the other passengers do not choke on it.

He notices Shouto is still feeling nervous, so he decides to pull Shouto into his side. He wraps his arm around the omega’s waist and nuzzles him, hoping to calm him down at least somewhat. It works but only for a short while.

Shouto is nervous and he has every right to be, Inasa can acknowledge that. He only hopes that what he is doing is enough for the omega he cares so much about. He then asks the little omega, “Are you okay? Do you want to do this today? Because if you’re not ready then we can leave.”

“No, I’m fine. I can do this, there’s no need to worry, Inasa. I shouldn’t have waited so long to tell her in the first place.”

Inasa can only wish Shouto is ready to tell his mother because he’s not sure what will happen if he isn’t.  

Chapter Text

Two days after taking the pregnancy test at the drugstore bathroom, Shouto had somehow gotten home in a strange daze where he felt as though he was not there but merely watching his body move from a view above until it got home. The door closed and suddenly, he was back in it again, knowing what all had happened to him only two days ago…

The pregnancy test. The positive results. He’s pregnant and this is not some sick, twisted, cruel nightmare.

He is doing his best to hide his nervousness, but then there’s Fuyumi, greeting him with a warm yet cautious smile and an equally warm yet cautious, “Hey Shouto, how was school today?”

She talks to him in the same tone she uses with preschool children who are scared or hurt. It’s unnerves him and offends him on some strange level or another because he’s not weak. Just because some sick fuckers violated him in the worst way possible does not mean he is weak or somehow less of the same omega who proved himself of capable holding his own against violent, volatile alphas.

Right now, he doesn’t feel like himself. He feels like another person dealing with some sort of malignant tumor growing inside of himself.

In front of his sister, his voice is small and shallow though he doesn’t want it to be and he hates himself for it, “Fuyumi…is dad home?”

“No. Why do you ask?”

He wants to scream at her to stop talking to him like that, to stop touching his shoulder gently, and stop acting so awkward around him because he’s not a preschooler who got a bee sting! He’s still the same person he was before, and he’d much rather be treated like it.

However, what he does instead is whimpers in response, “Um, I need to go to the doctor. I really, really need to go to the doctor, but you can’t tell the old man no matter what.”

“Why do you need to go to the doctor?” she asks in a tone meant to hide her worry, but it’s too cautious sounding around him, like she’s still walking on eggshells around him and he hates it so much.

Why can’t they all just treat him how they used to?

“Why can’t I tell dad, Shouto?”

“…I think I’m pregnant.”

The words spilled easily enough out of his mouth, but he’s hit with another wave of nausea from being too blunt about it. He feels his stomach twist and churn as Fuyumi’s eyes widen in horror and her already pale skin pales further to the news.

She clears her throat suddenly, her voice wavering slightly when she grabs her car keys and tells him, “We should get going then, Shouto. Get out to my car, I’ll call dad and say I have to pick you up from a meet-up with your friends after I am done with running errands, okay?”

He nods stiffly, following her orders to a perfect ‘t’, waiting for her in her car the whole time. By the time she does return, she is smiling shakily, “Well, dad will be working late so be happy for that one! Which doctor do you want to see?”

“The one who did my rape kit.” Shouto answers bluntly, mainly because he wants to see if the DNA from the semen was ever matched to any criminal or not.

“Alright, we can go there then.” Fuyumi replies gently, putting on some calming classical music from some random radio station. It’s a nice way to ease through the tense silence in the air.

Shouto’s eyes had been on the road the whole time, his mind lost in thought the entire ride over to the hospital where he had his rape kit taken. Fuyumi had been able to make an emergency appointment with the doctor when they were driving over there. He didn’t really pay any attention to the conversation, choosing instead to disconnect from everything around him mentally to the point where everything went black yet he was still awake somehow.

He only broke out of this phase when he was inside the hospital and told by Fuyumi to, “Fill out the paper work, Shouto. If you need any help, I can help you—”

“I’m fine. I can fill it out myself.” he insists to her, taking the clipboard away from her hands to fill out the paperwork himself.

He does fill it out for himself and they wait for at least fifteen minutes before there is a nurse calling out his name, “Todoroki Shouto?”

The teenager walks over to the nurse, his sister by his side the whole time, and they go through the doors to a room where his height and weight are taken. They are led to a room afterwards where the doctor will be present but of course, Shouto needs to answer some basic questions to the nurse. The questions being if he smokes (he doesn’t), if he drinks (he never will after what happened to him), and why he is here today as well as any symptoms he may be having (he took a pregnancy test after being sick for a while now).

The nurse is a bit confused as to why he is there, though, “I don’t quite understand…why are you here?”

“I just to be sure if I really am pregnant.” Shouto answers smoothly, but the nurse cocks a brow, “Sweetie, I think you are—”

“Please. I just…I need to know for fact if I am or not.”

Hearing the desperation in his voice, the nurse sighs and tells him, “Fine. The doctor will be with you shortly, Todoroki.”

His sister is by his side, holding his hand so tightly and yet he’s not squeezing back. He simply sits there, staring at a wall as they wait for the doctor.

The doctor enters the room, a look of pity on his face when he greets him, “Hello Todoroki, I heard you believe you are pregnant.”

Shouto explains a bit more, “I have a suspicion I am, but I don’t know for fact if I am or not. I only took one drugstore pregnancy test and I need to be sure if I really am or not.”

He nods a bit gravely, informing him of a simple fact, “Todoroki, you were knotted a lot of times, more than what most omegas are in fact. You were knotted both vaginally and anally at least nine times. The chances of your getting pregnant from this were considerably high. Weren’t you on birth control before this happened?”

There it is. Shouto feels like he is being blamed instead of the alphas who knotted him nine fucking times when he was passed out. No matter what he says or does, they all talk down to him like he is stupid when he is really just sheltered and naïve due to years of isolation caused by his father. No matter what concerns he may have, they almost seem to write them all off and blame him for something that caused the concerns to come up in the first place.

Then again, he has been blamed for this happening ever since he wound up at the hospital, so for him it’s nothing new or shocking at this point. Besides the blaming from his father is far more severe than this…

“I was, but I didn’t know I needed another implant. I thought it was supposed to be good for four years, I didn’t know it had gone bad… My father is the one who keeps track of things like this, not me.”

“Then you ought to learn how to keep track of this stuff for yourself or else have a bilateral salpingectomy so this won’t happen again.”

Shouto looks down to his lap, not wanting to meet the cold, harshly judgmental eyes of his doctor, “Alright, we will perform a pregnancy test on you, Todoroki. I am going to be having you do a transvaginal ultrasound for this one since I do not believe this is a case of false positives.”

The omega boy nods and doesn’t meet his doctor’s eyes once the whole time he leaves. He only looks up when he sees the man has returned with the sonographer. She’s a kindly beta with a happy tone in her eyes, “Hello, Todoroki! It’s nice to meet you, I am Aina and I will be your sonographer for today.”

He gives her a small, “Hello.” in response, causing her to ask, “Alright, can you and your sister follow me please to the exam room?”

They do so, but he is caught up in his head, in his thoughts, in his worries of seeing a baby right there, growing inside of him!

He is laying on a table, he has his feet in stirrups, and he is trying to breathe evenly because it feels so invasive (not to mention uncomfortable) to have this device inside himself. It’s only when he sees a blueberry sized, oddly shaped thing inside of him does he want to purge everything out of him.

“Look, there’s your child, Todoroki! It’s got a heartbeat and everything. Oh, you must be seven weeks along for your child to be in this stage of development. I bet you must have a lucky alpha or beta who would love to see this.”

Shouto is staring at the ultrasound, silent in his horror as the bile continues to build and the sonographer’s words are not the least bit encouraging to him right now.

Fuyumi then asks him, “Shouto, what do you think?”

He has nothing to say other than to gasp as he tries to recollect his breath. He cannot believe this…no, no this cannot be happening to him! No, not this, please not this!

Of all the things to happen to him…why this?

It just cannot get any worse at this point. It cannot get worse at this point: he is pregnant with one of his rapists’ child.

His silence is what causes the ultrasound session to end, with the sonographer going to get the doctor. Once Shouto sees the doctor again, he is looking at him in a way which seems to say ‘I told you so’ more than anything else, but he does manage to at least say, “It looks like you are seven weeks pregnant, Todoroki. Is there anything you want to do from here?”

Shouto’s first words had been instant, so much so to the point where he didn’t register what he had said until after it was spoken, “I want an abortion.”

The doctor’s eyes fill with horror and disgust then, his response being, “Todoroki…don’t be rash here! You cannot blame the child for the actions of the parent!”

“I don’t want it. I was already raped, why do I need a constant souvenir of how badly I fucked up?”

It was an honest question, but then his sister had to speak up on the issue. She grabbed his left hand in a tight grip and begged him, “Shouto, please, don’t do this! I will never approve of it, it’s wrong to do to the child, please… You’re a hero, you cannot kill this baby. You’d be no different from a villain or father then.”

To this, Shouto feels his heart break because to hear his own sister rejecting his decisions with his body…it makes his heart break.

“I don’t care, Fuyumi. I was the one who got raped, not you or anyone else in this room. I was the one who was found naked in an alleyway after being knotted nine times anally and vaginally, not you or anyone else in this room. I have the right to say I don’t want this reminder here with me forever, growing in my body like some parasitic tumor I never wanted or needed!” Shouto looks into her teary eyes then and sees nothing but disappointment. He has never felt such guilt before for upsetting his sister, but he doesn’t want to keep this baby. He has a right to get rid of it if he wants to, regardless of what anyone says, “I’m sorry, but I don’t want or need this thing growing in me and ruining my life.”

She wipes her tears, and when the doctor asks her, “Are you giving consent for the abortion?”

“No… No, I never could, and I never will. Shouto is going to be a hero, he knows better than to even say a such thing.”

“Fine then. The abortion will not commence.” the doctor then faces Shouto, his eyes now relieved at the news, “I know you may not like it now, but she did make the right call for you.”

Shouto only looks down, not wanting to be here anymore. Before he is about to get off the table, he asks him, “Did they ever find the alphas who raped me?”

This doctor would be the one to know, which is why Shouto came here in the first place.

All the doctor could tell him was, “They did find three random alphas from the DNA in the semen samples from you. However, they were three random thugs who wanted to fuck an omega. They were not part of the original group who raped you. I’m sorry, Todoroki: they haven’t caught them yet.”

Insult to injury is added after everything he’s gone through. Just when he thought it could not get worse, it does yet again. No matter what he does, he cannot find anything positive in this situation no matter how hard he tries.


That had happened when he told his sister and tried to get an abortion. She never did tell Enji, but Shouto did go to some extremes to try to end the pregnancy. He would mess up badly during his training with his father to the point where he would beat him in the abdomen, only for the pregnancy to not miscarry. He would allow Bakugou and others to win in fights against during hero training in the hopes their attacks on his abdomen could give him a miscarriage. Unfortunately, even with the starvation, it didn’t work. This thing growing inside of him is far more resilient than he ever gave it credit for.

Natsuo, when he had first heard about the abortion, didn’t have much to say. All he could say was, “Shouto, I don’t approve and I think Fuyumi was in the right…but I know I have no place to talk or criticize you. If it weren’t for me pressuring you…you wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with. I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry…”

Natsuo always sounds so sad and distraught whenever they speak. It’s enough to make Shouto talk to him only once in a blue moon through text only. It feels as though Natsuo is icing him out through his own constant feelings of sadness over the situation and it hurts Shouto. He really wanted to get to know his big brother… Now it feels like he never will.

This little tale of his first attempt at abortion gone wrong is what he told Inasa when he became too afraid to enter the hospital his mother is currently staying in.

Inasa had felt so much rage over what happened to Shouto, and yet he held it inside him to do his best to comfort the omega instead.

“Todoroki…I know your siblings didn’t take it well, and I know the first doctor was awful to you, but I promise you I won’t let it happen again! You have a right to say you don’t want this baby. You have a right to not want that constant reminder of your past in your life forever. No one has the right to tell you otherwise or shame you into thinking any differently.”

He holds Shouto in his arms as he says this to him in a low croon. He would quickly hear a small, “But what if my mother doesn’t want to help me?”

“Then I will be the one to call her out for her nonsense straight to her face and you will get it through any means necessary. I mean it when I say it: I will get you the abortion, Todoroki. Nothing and no one will ever stop me from saving you from this.”

The heavy weight on his heart and lungs seeking to crush him from the inside out all lift upon hearing Inasa’s words. Shouto allows himself to cuddle more into Inasa’s hold, feeling himself allow his worries to wash away when he begins to breathe in his soothing scent.

It takes Shouto at least fifteen minutes of doing this before he feels somewhat better enough to proclaim, “I want to go into the hospital now. I’m ready to tell her what happened and I’m ready to ask her for it.”

Inasa leans down to nuzzle him, reminding him gently, in a much more subdued coo, “You know I am here for you no matter what, right? I won’t allow you to feel shamed or blamed ever again about this. If anyone tries to do so to you, then I will put them in their place and make them see how fucked up they are.”

Shouto feels comforted to hear this from the alpha, causing him to smile somewhat for the first time in months, “Thank you for everything, Yoarashi.”

“Don’t mention it. Let’s go talk to your mother now. Remember, if you feel uncomfortable, just squeeze my hand and I will take you out of there, okay?”


Having Inasa by his side for this makes him less alone, less anxious, less weighted down by everything around him. Knowing Inasa supports his decision no matter what has him feeling more confident to go through with the abortion. He even feels confident enough to enter the hospital, holding Inasa’s hand, checking in to see his mother so he can finally speak to her about everything that’s been happening for the last few months.

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Shouto remembers being in the hospital when Natsuo saw him for the first time after the rape. His big brother, who was usually so warm and kind, was now refusing to meet his eyes as his face paled and his voice became shallow, “Shouto?”

Shouto looks over to his brother and greets him in as clear of a voice as he can, “Hi, Natsuo.”

He wasn’t sure what to say to his brother, so he tried to say something to lighten the mood, “Did you ever get to ask that girl you’ve been talking about out on a date?”

Natsuo takes a shaken inhale and shakes his head, “No…no, I didn’t, Shouto.”

The white-haired young man is not approaching his bedside and it’s starting to make Shouto feel a bit more uneasy. Why isn’t Natsuo looking at him? Is he…mad at him?

He asks his brother with a slight tilt of his head, “Are you…mad at me? Is that why you’re not looking at me?”

“What? No, no I’m not mad at you, I never could be over this! I just…I need to go, Shouto. I’ll see you at home.”

Natsuo leaves him and Shouto is left to wonder if he hates him for what happened to him.

Shouto doesn’t know what will happen in the case of his mother. Natsuo didn’t take it well even after he came home. He still avoided Shouto’s eyes and avoided conversation with him as much as possible. Fuyumi was completely different: whereas Natsuo dwelled in guilt, Fuyumi seemed to dwell on being there for him no matter what, which ultimately is suffocating for Shouto.

When Fuyumi arrived, it was at least twenty minutes after Natsuo had left. She entered the room, meeting his eyes with tears and running over to his side to hug him tightly.

She held him close while she cried, her first words being, “Shouto…are you are you okay? I’m so sorry this happened to you! You didn’t deserve it, you didn’t have it coming, you did nothing wrong, they did! They shouldn’t have been preying on you like that to begin with.”

Shouto blinks, surprised by her reaction yet comforted by her words. Everyone has been acting as though he was in the wrong, he had it coming, and he deserved it for being just as guilty as his rapists. He hasn’t had anyone say something nice to him all day. It felt relieving to know he finally, finally had someone supporting him and not blaming him for everything that was done against him.

“…Thank you, Fuyumi. Please don’t cry: you’re the only one who has been nice to me all day. Everyone seems to blame me and make it sound like it was my fault, but you’re the only one who’s said otherwise. Thank you for that. I really needed to hear it.”

“I’m glad I was able to tell you this, because you do need to know this, Shouto. You are the victim here: you shouldn’t be blamed for anything.”

She ends the hug to hold his hand, telling him, “You can tell me everything, Shouto. I will listen and believe you no matter what.”

That’s the thing. Shouto doesn’t want to talk about what happened. He has already gone through so much, he doesn’t need to talk about it anymore. He’s already told the appropriate people everything. Why does he need to talk about it again after everything that happened when he arrived here?

“I don’t want to talk about it, Fuyumi. It’s too…fresh.”

That is where he went wrong, though.

Because from this point on, she would look at him with pity in her eyes and hold his hand tighter, her voice becoming warm yet cautious when replying, “Okay Shouto, take your time to recover. We all want you to be happy, healthy, and safe.”

Shouto nods and Fuyumi starts to talk about work but she does so in that warm yet cautious tone the whole time. She avoids saying certain words or making certain gestures so as to not offend or trigger Shouto. All it does is make him feel as though he is made of glass.

He would regret not telling her what happened on the spot because this was tone she would use on him from here on out.

Standing in front of his mother’s door, he squeezes Inasa’s hand tightly, making the alpha sigh, “No, Todoroki, we’re not leaving. Your mom deserves to know the truth about what happened to you.”

“What if—”

“I’m here. Don’t worry about the ‘what ifs’. I’ll help you through this.”

Shouto nods, biting his lower lip as he raises his hand to knock on her door.

Rei answers right away, happy to see her omega child and what appears to be his…boyfriend?

How sweet! Yoarashi is a cute boy, he’ll treat Shouto good!

“Hello Shouto, oh, you brought Yoarashi with you! Are you two dating?”

Shouto’s eyes widen when he shakes his head, “No, no we’re not! We’re not dating, I’m not quite ready for that.”

It’s Inasa who tells her, “We’re actually here because Shouto has something…serious to tell you and he wanted me here for emotional support.”

Rei nods quickly, stepping aside so the boys can enter the room. She takes a seat on her bed, bringing Shouto close to her side, while Inasa has to take a chair to sit by the bedside.

Shouto is quiet for a moment, then he clears his throat and forces himself to speak with a tightened throat, “A-A while back…I was spending time with Natsuo at university. He wanted me to socialize more, so he brought me out to a party… I didn’t talk to anyone or do anything wrong, I was just drinking water in a corner of the club. Then I went to the bathroom and came back to my drink…it didn’t taste different or smell funny, so I thought it was good. After I downed it in one go, I started to feel dizzy and light-headed.”

He pauses and she takes his hand, giving him a gentle squeeze of encouragement, but it’s one that makes his voice crack when he speaks more, “These six alphas, they came up to my table and started talking to me. They were shocked I wasn’t ‘out of it’ enough, because one of them could turn water into alcohol with their quirk, and they forced numerous drinks down my throat. So much of it after this is a haze, but I remember I was taken out of the club by them…I remember being forced to give them this thing called a…a blow job before they made me drink something else that made me pass out.”

“I woke up in an alleyway, naked and with cum dripping out of me. A stranger had to call the ambulance where I did a rape kit, had to talk to the police, and had to deal with dad blaming me for what happened.” the tears that were building up on his waterline the whole time finally spill over, making him cry as his voice fully cracks, “I’m so sorry, mama. I didn’t mean to be stupid, please don’t blame me for it. I-I swear I didn’t—”

Shouto hasn’t called her that in years. The last time he did, he was extremely upset so to hear him calling her this now only has her believing this has been eating him up inside for far too long.

She hugs him tightly, pulling his face into her shoulder as she does so, allowing him to cry while she coos, “Shouto, I am not mad at you and you were not being stupid. You were being a good boy there and they decided to take of advantage of you. None of it is your fault. None of what happened to you is the result of you doing something bad. It’s the result of pathetic alpha scum not keeping it in their pants.”

She allows him to cry some more into her shoulder, not really caring that he is dampening her shirt at this point.

Inasa watches the scene with a broken heart, feeling so awful for Shouto. He wants to make him smile again, to erase the pain of what happened to him from his mind, but he knows it won’t ever be possible. The pain and horror of what happened will always be there. He will always have faint traces of memories about it. He will always have the reminders of his abusers in the little things: whether it be clubs, bars, alcohol, the scent of alcohol… All of it will always be a trigger for him. Shouto won’t ever have this experience erased from his mind or life. All Inasa can do is try to make it to where he can handle it better and live his life without any fear.

Shouto pulls himself out of her hold, apparently done crying but his voice is still sad regardless, “Mama, I…I found out not too long ago that I am pregnant with one of the alphas’ child. According to the doctors, I was knotted nine times and the police caught three alpha men but they weren’t apart of the original six who raped me. They’re still trying to find them…”

The omega then meets his mother’s grey eyes to beg of her, “Please, let me have an abortion. Fuyumi and Natsuo are against it completely and I haven’t even told dad because he’ll marry me off to some random alpha instead to hide the ‘shame’ I brought onto the family. I don’t want this baby, mama. I don’t want a souvenir from that awful night. I don’t need a reminder of it, please, let me get rid of it!”

Rei is taken aback by this, and though she is usually not for abortion, upon seeing the look in her son’s eyes…she knows she cannot deny him this. If Shouto has this baby, it will destroy him mentally. Going off of how thin he is now too…

“Have you been starving yourself to induce a miscarriage, Shouto?”

He nods and tells her a streamlined version of the extremes he went through to induce a miscarriage, “I have been starving myself for two months now. I have tried every trick online to induce a miscarriage, I even allowed myself to get severely injured during training so I could miscarry, but it hasn’t worked so starvation is my last resort.”

He is destroying himself and allowing himself to get hurt to get rid of this baby? No, this is not right! Shouto should not be hurting himself to get rid of this thing growing inside of him and killing him slowly with its very existence alone!

She may not believe or agree with abortion completely, but in this case…it’s justified. She will agree to it because Shouto deserves to be happy and healthy and this baby is jeopardizing her baby’s right to that.

“Shouto, sweetie, I may not agree with it…but you need it.” Shouto snaps his eyes up to look at her, awe on his features while she speaks, “W-What? You mean it?”

“I do. Shouto, this baby is killing you and as your mother, my first priority is you because you are my baby, not this thing that is slowly killing you. I will help you get rid of it, there’s no need to worry, baby.”

Shouto almost can’t believe it, but then Inasa is pulling something out of his pocket, “I printed these out just in case if you agreed to it. I found a clinic willing to give abortions to teenage rape victims and keep it discrete. All you need to do is sign the consent form, but since you are an omega, he will need the consent of an alpha in his life whether it be a parent or an alpha who is going to be his mate someday.”

Rei reads over the paperwork, signing where she needs to sign after Yoarashi hands her a pen to do so. She asks him, “Do I need to be there?”

“No, you do not and they will not tell anyone about it either. No one will be notified, not even you. It’s all to protect the omega’s privacy, of course.” Inasa explains to her in a calm, toned down version of his usually loud voice.

Shouto’s never seen Inasa being so serious and upfront like this before. Usually he’s goofy and loud, with the inclination to be obnoxious. It’s a refreshing to sight to see, one that makes his omega feel safe being by him because it feels like this is a good sign Inasa could protect him, keep him safe…

Wait, what? Why did he just think that?

Stupid instincts.

Anyway, he does have one thing to point out to them, “I don’t have an alpha, though. Who will I get to come along with me?”

“I’ll come along with you, Todoroki!” Inasa insists, making Shouto raise a brow in the process, “Really?”

“Yes, really. I already told you: I want to be your alpha no matter what. I don’t think less of you for what happened to you. I never would, because no one deserves to go through what you did. I know you aren’t ready to date now and I can’t blame you. I totally get why you wouldn’t be ready for it, but I just want you to know that I want to be your mate someday and I am willing to wait however long it will take to get my chance to be yours.”

Shouto blinks to this before smiling at Inasa, feeling grateful for everything he’s done for him so far, “Thank you, Inasa. When I am ready to date, you’ll be the only one who will ever have a shot with me.”

Inasa smiles to this, taking Shouto’s hand and kissing the back of it, “I can’t wait for it.”

Shouto knows it may be taking things a bit fast to promise Inasa this, but he feels safe to make such a promise. Inasa won’t hurt him, that much he knows for fact, and he knows Inasa will continue to treat him like gold before he is ready to date.


After they filled out the paperwork, they were able to get the abortion scheduled for a Friday night the following week. Once the surgery was done, Shouto would be staying with Inasa so as to not arouse suspicion from his father, siblings, classmates, or teachers.

Shouto is already planning to feign sickness for the rest of the week so he can recover fully. As for Inasa, he’s planning to visit him every day so he will not get lonely.

The alpha really is so nice to him. Shouto never thought he could get lucky to have someone as good to him as Inasa is. Who knew his situation could start to look up for the first time in months?

Now, if only it will stay that way... 

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Shouto had been trying to stay somewhat positive about getting the abortion done, and he had thought he could tell his friends about it. The only problem is he doesn’t believe he ever could.

His friends—though they are loving and supportive—are not the most understanding at times and allow narrow-minded views based on ignorance to affect the way they take things in.

Take the current situation, for example.

They are at a booth table in the UA Cafeteria, with Shouto wanting nothing more than to talk about his ordeal with at least Midoriya out of everyone else here. He knows his sunny-demeanor friend will be the most patient and understanding out of everyone else here. He knows he can never tell Iida, Uraraka, or even Momo. Midoriya, however, is a whole other playing field since he believed him on the topic of his father’s abuse so he should be able to handle this, right?

Out of everyone here, Midoriya is the most logical choice. He will listen, he will be able to deduce that he had no other choice but to get rid of the thing growing inside of him. He will be able to see things from Shouto’s point of view, which is all the omega truly wants.

There is nothing wrong with Inasa being the main one to know. There is nothing wrong with Inasa being the only one to turn to. He just doesn’t like to keep secrets from those he is close to, especially a complete cinnamon roll like Midoriya.

He would have told Midoriya, but the conversation shifted from the light-hearted fare usually had here to a darker tone when Uraraka checked something on her phone, only to frown and speak in nothing but disgust, “There’s a news article on my phone talking about abortion and how it’s an omega’s right to choose what they want to do with their body.”

Iida rolls his eyes, “Of course, those people still exist in this world despite the all the birth control options available. Abortion is not okay, especially when it’s being used as a birth control for a promiscuous omega.”

For Shouto, these words sting and cut him personally despite the fact he hasn’t even had his done yet. The worst part is, if he were to play devil’s advocate, they would all get suspicious and assume he’s either had one done before or he is going to have one done. Either way, word would reach his father and then it’d be goodbye hero career, hello arranged mating!

He doesn’t know what to do in this situation where he feels attacked for something he hasn’t gotten done yet.

“You’re right, they act like the baby is nothing more than a nuisance to their fun life and partying ways. It’s disgusting to see a human life being treated that way.” Uraraka agrees with the class rep, making Shouto feel sick to his stomach, unable to eat, and yet he has to or else they’ll get suspicious…

(All he has for lunch is usually an extra small salad and that’s it. Even this is a meal he is struggling to finish at the moment due to the turn of conversation.)

Midoriya speaks, and it makes Shouto lose all appetite as he realizes all he has for support in his case are Inasa and his mother, “It may have been legal for years, but it doesn’t make it right. Omegas shouldn’t be killing unborn children and any hero is for it isn’t a hero at all. Killing unborn children over rape is especially heinous, it’s like they’re blaming the child for the actions of the alpha or beta. It’s wrong and unjust to do, either way you look at it.”

That’s it then, huh? Shouto isn’t a hero because he doesn’t want to have his rapist’s child? He’s heinous for not wanting the child? He’s wrong and unjust now?

It does nothing to make him feel safe enough to come forward with the story of his own rape and his planned abortion. All it does is make Shouto shut them out instead from the root cause of his weight loss as well as the other issues plaguing him as of late.

That aside, he always knew he couldn’t tell anyone in his class. He always knew he couldn’t trust ninety-nine percent of them. Then, he had thought Midoriya would be different because he’s trusted him in the past and he trusts him as a fellow hero…

Turns out he was wrong. His closest friend is one he cannot even trust.


Hearing his teachers’ opinions on abortions is not any better for him.

Turns out, his teachers are not any better than his friends or classmates. They too hold the same beliefs on it: it’s evil, it’s wrong, it’s vile and the omegas who do it are ‘looking for an easy out after a night of fun ends in a way they didn’t want to’.

It makes Shouto feel isolated, singled out, and spat upon even though he has not had the procedure done yet. The comments that ring loudest in his ears are the ones from Aizawa and All Might.

Aizawa, in particular, had not been kind on the subject: “Abortion is wrong and the omegas who do it are as despicable as any villain out there. A true hero would never support murder. A true hero would support life.”

Shouto bites his tongue, not knowing what to say because he can’t do anything to defend himself or else his cover could be blown.

All Might, his favorite hero, the one he had looked up to all of his life, was not any better. In fact, he can say All Might’s words hurt the most, “I know they try to say abortion is a right, but if it is a right, then what of murder or infanticide? Are those rights too? Murder is murder and abortion is murder, no matter which way you attempt to splice it. The omegas who have it done are just as evil as any villain out there, regardless of whatever reason they may claim. Always remember to discourage any omega thinking of getting one done and remind them of the life growing inside of them and it’s right to live as well. Just because it is legal does not make it right.”

Shouto never felt so small, so attacked, so…hurt before this happened. He’s felt the sting of rejection, the burn of hatred, and the pain of being shunned for being different. He has been hurt in these ways as well as physically harmed thanks to his father, but he’s never felt an emotional hurt so deep, it breaks his feelings into shatters and shards.

He’s hurt by what All Might said because it’s not at all different from what his father has to say about abortions and the omegas who get them done.

His father’s view on the topic would be seen as archaic anywhere else in the Western hemisphere (then again, so would the views of society and all of the heroes and heroes in training): “Abortion is wrong because it’s nothing more than an omega not wanting to take responsibility for acting like a bitch in heat. They lie about being raped, they lie about being too drunk or high to consent, they lie about missing their pill, and they lie about the condom breaking all because they want to save their own skin. They know they are whores and they know they have no one else to blame but themselves. They know murdering an unborn child is wrong, yet they do not care so long as their reputations are spared. Your secondary gender is filled with deplorable people, Shouto. I will never allow you to be one of them.”

So, given the way his friends, teachers, father, and favorite hero are all so against his decision… Anyone from the outside looking in could see why Shouto felt the way he did when All Might spoke his views so cruelly.

He’s not sure where the anti-abortion sentiment came up in hero society. Abortion was legal in Japan long before it was legal in America and many for years after the advent of quirks didn’t comment much on it.

The media used to treat it with a neutral, unbiased eye. Now it’s all a biased slant meant to demonize the omegas who get it done as ‘lazy whores too incompetent to take a pill’. Shouto knows this because he’s seen it all of his life. However, upon researching omega reproductive rights, he learned of how it was handled and covered in other countries.

In other countries, they treat abortion as an omega’s right. Omegan heroes are still respected and treated the same if they had it done. They aren’t shunned or condemned as evil, lazy whores who couldn’t keep their lust in check. They are treated as people who made a medical decision that was best for themselves.

It brought hope into his life because he realized the world isn’t Japan. There are other countries where people like him do not have to live in fear or have the procedure done in secrecy so as to protect their standing and dignity in society. Omegan heroes who had the procedure done at his age—whether it be because of rape or unprotected sex—are not treated differently and they are still accepted as heroes.

It brings up another fact for Shouto: if he wants to be a hero where he can be honest and open about his past, then he would need to leave Japan and never come back. It upsets him to think like this, but it’s the fact at hand. In superhero society Japan, abortion is viewed as irreprehensible, even more so now in the sight of a decrease in population.

The decrease in population is not because of abortion rates amongst omegas rising, though the government, politicians, media, and bloggers would have one thinking so. It is due to a plethora of factors: people feeling isolated and unable to interact as well with other people in real life, people feeling stressed and tired from the troubles in their lives, people are going to the internet for comfort and love instead of a person, a xenophobic society that rejects everything gaijin, and finally the simplest fact of all: having a child in Japan is simply not worth it.

Kids are expensive to raise in a modern world, especially one with quirks and secondary genders. Fact of the matter is, this all falls on the Japanese government and the businesses themselves.

The average Japanese citizen is not paid enough money at their work to actually justify having enough to support a child when they have to spend so much of it on rent and food. The average Japanese omega is not given good maternity leave during the later stages of pregnancy or after the baby is born. The omega is expected to be back in work two weeks after giving birth, no questions asked or else they’ll be fired. To make matters worse, daycare, babysitters, and nannies are all so expensive to hire there’s simply no point in having a child at all!

Even if they have the support of family, the family can only do so much before it seems like they are the ones raising the child and not the omega themselves.

The aging population, combined with the decrease in population, has led to a situation where omegas who have abortions are blamed instead of the many, many other societal and economic issues that are the true root of the problem.

Shouto knows he cannot ever breathe a word of his procedure to anyone outside of Inasa and his mother. His father is the current number one hero with a strict image to uphold and Shouto knows he will have his head if he fucks it up by allowing news of his operation to spread like wildfire. His father’s rage at him aside, he would also face intense backlash from his peers at school, his teachers, the media, and social media.

Cyber bullying is not as easy to deal with: no matter how many times one blocks a user, they will always keep making fake accounts to spread their messages of hate and they will always find ways to torment their target. They will screenshot their photos or posts and put it on their own profiles with cruel wording and mocking texts. They will get their followers or friends to attack the person who blocked them with nothing but hate mail filled with hurtful words. Overall, even if they are blocked, they will try to find ways to make the person’s life a living hell.

Shouto knows this, that is why he is barely active on social media and has all of his profiles set to private. If on the rare, terrifying chance his rape and procedure become public knowledge, he will at least be spared from direct attacks against himself on social media. The fact he had to think like this after Inasa badgered him into getting a few profiles on a few websites a month ago says it all for him: Japan is truly a hell hole for omegas in situations like his.

No matter what he does, he has to keep his entire predicament a secret, even if it means feeling as awful as he does whenever he hears people talking down about omegas like him as they condemn abortion.

He’s not too sure if he will ever to get close to anyone after this…


The day of the procedure has arrived and Shouto is not excited. He’s worried about being caught.

Friday after school, he tells Aizawa, Iida, and his father he is going to be spending the night at Inasa’s house. They are all fine with it and Iida even thanked him for allowing him to know where he had gone so he wouldn’t worry over his whereabouts. He would leave the Heights Alliance dorms to ride a metro all the way over to the location where he meets with Inasa.

Luckily for them, the clinic is located in an abandoned, desolate area of the downtown district that used to be lively with business back when the shipping business did good here. Then it went bankrupt due to embezzlement and everyone wound up leaving their old homes and businesses to go live in areas more prosperous than this.

The brick buildings are crumbling down, there are condemned signs on the doors, and the windows to the former stores have all been smashed in and looted by random criminals. Not many people come here, so the streets are relatively desolate, minus the few homeless people strung out on something as the teens make their way over to the clinic in pure silence.

Shouto is wearing a beanie over his head, makeup over his scar, and a medical mask to hide his identity in the odd case someone sees him out here.

(He had gotten into this disguise after he had gotten the okay to see Inasa and told Iida of his whereabouts.)

Soon enough, Shouto sees the clinic, but it doesn’t really look like a clinic. The building on the outside looks just as decayed as everywhere else and the pavement leading up to the door is terribly cracked.

He glances over to Inasa to ask, “Are you sure this place is…safe to go to?”

“Trust me, it is. I saw excellent reviews for it online. I think you’ll like it here. If you don’t, we can cancel and I’ll find a better place for you.” Inasa reassures him gently with a small nuzzle thrown his way.

Shouto is still hesitant, but he desire to have an abortion done now is the only reason why he walks up to the door and enters the building with the alpha by his side.

He would greet the lady at the front desk politely, not wanting to upset the one who is going to hopefully get him in with the doctor right away, “Hello, I am Todoroki Shouto and I am here for my appointment.”

The lady is older, an omega just like him, and she smiles at him in understanding, “Of course, here you go. Fill out this form and the doctor will be with you shortly.”

Shouto nods, taking the clipboard with the pen attached to it to fill out the paperwork. It doesn’t take him too long since it is nothing but basic questions, such as: do you have allergies, if so what are you allergic to, have you ever had an abortion done before, have you ever had prior surgery done before, do you have a history of cardiac health issues…

He’s never had any health problems before so filling out the paper work is a breeze for him.

He would hand the paper work back to the lady at the front desk and return to his seat in the lobby with Inasa. At this point, all they are waiting for is a nurse to call him into the doctor’s office to get the surgery done.

Inasa takes his hand, giving it a gentle squeeze while reassuring him, “Everything will be alright, Todoroki. No matter what happens next, I will always be here to stand by your side and defend your honor no matter what.”

“What honor do I have left? I was raped and knotted by nine alphas in a dirty alleyway. I don’t have any honor left in my bones anymore, Yoarashi. It was all taken away when I had to be so stupid—”

“Stop it! You were not stupid! You were taken advantage of! None of what happened to you is your fault!”

Inasa didn’t meant to snap, but he’s so sick and tired of hearing his future omega speak so lowly of himself. Hell, he’s just sick and tired of him blaming himself for what happened when it wasn’t his fault at all. It’s as though no matter how many times he says otherwise, Shouto won’t believe him or listen to anyone else who thinks the same.

“…I should have known better, though. I shouldn’t have caved to Natsuo so quickly. I shouldn’t be so desperate to get to know my siblings I would put myself in a situation I shouldn’t have been in to begin with. I should have known all of the basic common sense stuff most people do, that’s all on me. I should have been more vigilant and diligent in keeping myself safe then none of this would have happened to me.”

Inasa has only one thing to counter this to the crying omega, “You couldn’t have known. Your father isolated you from your siblings and stripped you of a normal childhood where you would have learned the basic common sense stuff. None of this is your fault: it’s all his for making you a target for predatory alphas to take advantage of.”

Shouto doesn’t get to reply to this because there’s a voice calling out for him, “Todoroki Shouto?”

He gets out of his chair to go to the nurse and begin the journey of getting his life back.

Chapter Text

All Shouto remembers from the procedure is having his height and weight taken and his blood pressure tested before being led to the operating room. If there was more before this, it’s all blur to him. Once he was there in the operating room, he would listen to the doctor explain the procedure while he was being hooked up to an IV. He would be asked one final time, “Are you sure you want this?”

“I’m positive.”

“Very well then. We will take good care of you, Todoroki. There is no need to be afraid here.”

He wasn’t afraid, though. He was calm, patient, and most of all, ready for this to be over with.

When he did awaken, he got dressed back into the clothes he came in, placed the medical mask back on his face, and waited for Inasa to arrive. He must have been more tired than originally believed because Inasa arrives sometime later with the nurse who explains the aftercare necessary for Shouto. Unfortunately, he’s still half-asleep so it’s up to Inasa to keep an eye on him and give him the booklet with the aftercare instructions.

It’s not too long before he’s fully asleep again. All he remembers hearing after this are the fading voices of the nurse and Inasa discussing how he must have had a bit too much sedation.


He kept dozing in and out of consciousness the whole time Inasa carried him back to his place. He fell back into unconsciousness once Inasa had laid him on his bed, but other than this…the day of his abortion has a bunch of blurs and blank spots in his memory.

Waking up in Inasa’s arms wasn’t too bad. The alpha is tall, strong, and dependable. Shouto can say he feels…safe here with him. He sits up in bed and asks Inasa in a groggy voice, “Yoarashi? How did I get here?”

Inasa is already awake, of course, and he is quick to greet him cheerily, “Good morning, Todoroki! I carried you over here yesterday, I think they used too much sedation on you…”

He stops himself from speaking, afraid he had offended Shouto, afraid he had triggered him or made him more upset.

He waits anxiously for the omega to reply, but all Shouto has to say is, “Okay, that makes sense.”

Inasa blinks three times before asking him hesitantly, “Are you…how are you feeling? Are you okay with me saying the word abortion now? Will you be okay with hearing people talk about it online and anywhere else? Are you going to be okay now that it’s done?”

Shouto answers this all simply because to him this is a simple issue. Contrary to popular belief, he feels no remorse, guilt, or grief for what he did. He only feels…

“I feel normal and I don’t mind you saying the word ‘abortion’. I don’t mind hearing others talk about it, either. As for whether or not I will be okay, I know I will be okay from now on, Yoarashi. I stopped my rapists from ruining my life in a major way. Why wouldn’t I be okay?”

Inasa is relieved to see Shouto acting more like his usual self, but he still has some concerns. Particularly, one where he has to ask him, “What do you mean when you say you feel ‘normal’?”

Shouto gives him a deadpanned look, “I mean I feel normal. I’m starting to feel like me again after everything that happened. I lost myself in my own desperation to get rid of that thing, and now that it’s gone, I feel more like me again. I don’t feel so…anxious or panicked anymore. I’m not constantly thinking about my pregnancy and how I can hide I am starving myself from others. I feel like I woke up from a strange fog and I’m back again as myself.”

Inasa feels comforted to hear this even if he is a bit confused by the wording Shouto chose. At least he can help the omega recover from any other trauma from the rape with a bit more ease now, though Inasa doubts it will be much. Something is better than nothing and he will take whatever he can get.

“So long as you feel like yourself again, that’s all that matters to me. Do you want something to eat?”

He really wants Shouto to put on some weight. Now that the operation is done, he should want to do this, right? He should want to put on some weight so he’s not so skinny and light as a feather.

Shouto bites his lip and sighs, “I…guess I am, but I don’t know. I haven’t felt hungry in so long, I just got used to it.”

This worries Inasa because when had he stopped feeling hungry again?

“When did that happen?”

“When the hunger pangs stopped hurting.”

Inasa looks at the omega with nothing but concern in his eyes. Here he had thought the operation would fix everything Shouto had been feeling and going through. All it did was highlight the other issues underneath that he never saw coming.

He is still up to the challenge of taking care of Shouto no matter what, but he realizes now it will not be so easy. Just because Shouto does not remember his rape because he was drugged into unconsciousness does not mean he is any less traumatized than a conscious victim would be.

“How about I make you something small, like a crepe and some strawberry sauce? My mom got a crepe pan recently and I have a lot of fun using it.”

“That sounds good. I think I could handle that.”

Shouto sounds so…nonchalant now. Even when he made the comment about the hunger pangs, it felt nonchalant and somehow forced on his end. It’s like he’s trying too hard to make things go back to normal.

The alpha agrees to this nonetheless, his reply being a small, “Alright, I will go make you some. You just lay in bed, I’ll bring your breakfast to you.”

Shouto huffs playfully in response, his eyes falling onto Inasa when replying, “I am not broken off, Yoarashi. I can get out of bed and sit at the table like a normal person.”

“I know you can, but Todoroki, I want you to rest and take your recovery seriously. I don’t want you to stress yourself out or do something that could hurt you. I want you to relax and take it easy.” before the stubborn omega can object, Inasa shushes him, “Let me pamper you.”

Shouto is hesitant at first, but he relents for Inasa’s sake, “Fine, you may pamper me all you want.”

Inasa grins to this and Shouto suddenly feels less annoyed with having to stay in bed, “Great! I’ll go get the crepes made for you right away!”


The crepes were surprisingly excellent. It was light enough for Shouto’s fragile stomach to handle while the strawberry sauce added the right amount of sweetness. He actually wound up having six of them because of how good they were, but he regretted this decision as soon as he finished the last crepe. His stomach was not adjusted to eating much food still, so he wound up laying down in bed with stomach cramps.

Inasa laid right beside him the whole time, rubbing his back and abdomen gently to help soothe the pain. It was a nice touch which served to help calm Shouto’s warring stomach. It did take him a few hours before he was able to stand and move without throwing up. Other than this, his morning was nice.

Inasa is so patient and understanding of him. It’s a wonderful change of environment from home and school where he feels assaulted and degraded whenever they bring up abortion or start talking omega rape victims. Unlike his friends, Inasa doesn’t think lowly of those who had it done before, because according to what he told Shouto when asked what his view of abortion was before he had one: “I never had an opinion on it. I figured if it was legal, then it wasn’t bad. When I looked up clinics for you, I saw all the comments online, the videos, the blogs, and the posts all bashing abortion and those who get it done. It upset me deeply because it felt like they were attacking you. It made me so mad, because they were all so ignorant and self-righteous! It was obvious their positions were nothing more than horrible ego trips.”

Shouto could only wonder in response, “What’s your view on it now?”

Inasa takes his small hands into his large ones and meets his eyes directly when he says it, “I believe abortion is a choice an omega has the right to make for themselves. Talk against it is all about objectifying and degrading omegas to being only wombs meant to reproduce, holes to fuck and push babies out of. Omegas are people too: it’s their body, their rules, and their choice, not anyone else’s.”

The omega’s breath hitches to this in his throat, and he immediately feels the need to purr at the words. Instead, he hugs Inasa, nuzzling him while whispering out, “Thank you for not seeing me as a womb. Thank you for seeing me as a person.”

Inasa hums to this, nuzzling him back before kissing the top of his head, “I never thought it was a bad thing, but seeing them say the shit they did… If alphas could get pregnant, they would be demanding for abortions right away and it’d be seen as something acceptable. When omegas do it, they are spat upon and shamed. I can’t help but to wonder if it’s all sexism at play again, to make society the way it was years ago.”

The sexism Inasa is referencing to here is a sexism that is not between men and women. It is a sexism between alphas, betas, and omegas.

Years ago—more like, for millennia—there was a general idea of how society was supposed to be run in a secondary gender world. The alphas rule the house, government, and have the right to vote. The betas can rule the house so long as they have an omega or fellow beta mate, they can participate in government and have the right to vote as well even if they are mated to an alpha. The omegas were meant for nothing more than keeping a clean home, making their mates dinner on time before they came back from work, bearing and rearing children.

Omegas were not allowed to vote for many years. Omegas were not allowed in the workforce. Omegas were not allowed to join the military or vote. Omegas were not even allowed to attend university. They went to segregated schools where they would learn how to be a proper mate for their husband (essentially, how to be a top notch maid and escort all in one) and in order to graduate, they had to get themselves a mate lest they be known as ‘difficult’ or ‘finnicky’.

Now this discrimination did not only apply to omega women, it also applied just as heavily to omega men. Omegas are seen as more desirable mates for alphas because both genders can reproduce whereas in betas, only women can reproduce but even then, they need hormonal and IVF therapy—surrogates too if they are desperate—to help them conceive. As such, betas were untouched by the discrimination and they participated in it as well.

It took a lot of protesting, a lot of lobbying, a lot of omegas getting raped in the streets and killed by violent alphas and betas who had differences of opinion before equality would be achieved. This too took many years to achieve and were it not for the pioneers of the movements, omegas would be still be stuck in the dark ages of having to tolerate abusive relationships both familial and romantic, segregation from alphas and betas in education, denial of entry into university, the workforce, the military and the right to vote, and being forced to bare children they never loved or wanted.

Whenever Inasa heard the talks against reproductive rights, it reminded him of all of the sexist views alphas and betas had towards omegas for years. Such views are now antiquated, out of date, and have no place in a modern world yet to hear the opponents to abortion talk makes Inasa wonder how many alphas and betas truly carry such thoughts towards omegas in their hearts. How many of them are merely faking their support for omegan equality all to be socially acceptable and capable of winning an omega mate for themselves? How many of them truly believe omegas—Shouto, in Inasa’s case—are nothing more than wombs who belong at home, being a top notch maid and escort?

It’s enough to make Inasa shiver with disgust, especially whenever he thinks of all the awful things he’s seen pro heroes say about abortion on video websites. To know so many heroes could be carrying such sexism in their hearts despite claiming to care about all makes his stomach lurch with disgust and his heart burn with a hateful, fiery rage.

He doesn’t want to even ask Shouto about what his classmates and teachers have said about it around him. He knows he could not hold himself back if he knew about how they hurt him with their cruel, sexist, inconsiderate words.

So he doesn’t ask about it. He doesn’t tread onto the subject because he knows it will only make him pissed off and Shouto doesn’t need that from him. He only needs Inasa to be here as a calming presence to help soothe his broken heart.

“I’m sure it is, but I don’t want to think like that. Then it means all of my friends and teachers don’t see me as a person… I know it may sound dumb to you, but it would hurt me to know that.”

“Ah sorry, I won’t bring that up again.”

“Don’t censor yourself around me. I can handle it.”

“I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to make you think things that could hurt you, so I won’t bring it up again.”

Shouto doesn’t protest this further and Inasa takes this as a sign of gratitude.

Maybe Shouto does have some areas where he is more fragile than others. His insecurities in his relationships with others seem to be a big one, which means Inasa will avoid it at all costs because he only wants Shouto to get better.


In the Yoarashi household, weekend binge-a-thons are a thing and even on Sunday nights before school starts, it is practically custom to binge a show or movie series all day or all night.

Since Shouto was not feeling good due to eating too much while here, he was mostly bedridden while Inasa played a movie series he loved ever since he was in middle school to Shouto. It was one about wizards and witches, a thriller/fantasy/mystery genre of film that Shouto found himself being drawn into and enjoying very much. Inasa and him were able to have long conversations lasting late into the night over the characters, the storylines, and even the many ships Inasa had.

Shouto did not have any ships, but he enjoyed listening to Inasa’s pairings and reasonings behind them no matter how cracky they got.

They would sleep in late on Sunday and once more, Shouto was bedridden after eating too much food. The omega promised himself he wouldn’t make the same mistake, but it seems two months of starvation and food deprivation have left him unable to control himself whenever he gets a decent sized portion of food.

If Shouto were to explain it, it’s like a switch is turned on in himself whenever he eats anything delicious. It’s as though his decaying body is so desperate for any sort of energy, protein, and nutrients that it will override his own desires mentally and provoke him into eating until he’s full.

Who know knew starvation with only the tiniest meal of salad once a day for one to three days a week could do this to him?

Either way, he keeps on making the same mistake every time a delicious bite of soba or miso soup makes it way to his tongue. Which is why he is laying right beside Inasa, his head situated right in the crook of his arm while the arm is wrapped around him tightly. He needs time for his body to get used to digesting such foods again after being away from it for so long. What better way to do this than to lay beside the only nice alpha he knows, and binge watch some TV series he loves?

Shouto never got to watch TV shows aside from the news or see movies growing up. His life was always controlled by his father’s desire for him to be a hero to surpass All Might, secondary gender be damned, which means things such as this were not commonplace for him. He doesn’t understand pop culture references the way his classmates do, and at times they do tend to speak to him as though he is dumb for not knowing it which is frustrating in and of itself. He always wanted to blurt out, “Try being trained to surpass All Might all of your life and see if you can have a normal childhood then!”, but he never does this because he doesn’t like talking about it to many people. He keeps it to himself and simply shrugs it off to the best of his ability, which is a difficult task anyway. Maybe someone from his class watched this show. Maybe he’ll be able to show he’s not totally dense on pop culture when he is able to talk about the characters, his opinions on the storyline, and the message he feels is behind the plot line. He can hope, but he’s not going to get them too high. He knows better than to think Inasa’s tastes are super mainstream, especially with the way Inasa seems to be passionate about everything, even the strange cult classics or the indie stuff no one would take a second glance at.

“So Shouto, what did you think about it?” Inasa asks with a wide, excited grin.

The series is done already? Huh that was shorter than he expected.

“It was good, but I liked the movies we binged last night better.” Shouto answers honestly and is happy to he didn’t dampen Inasa’s mood.

“That’s good to hear! I think you’ll like the next series I have in mind way better. It fits more into fantasy horror, but it’s just as good as the movies we watched yesterday.”

Inasa is going off about this new series and his ships for the series while summarizing the plot to Shouto. The omega really cannot keep up with him, but he allows him to talk anyway. Seeing the alpha be so happy and vigorous is a nice distraction from the constant stream of negative thoughts haunting and taunting him.

Chapter Text

Inasa is not one to be subtle, shy, or beat around the bush about things. Such as now, when he has to take Shouto back to UA and he’s being insistent on something that makes Shouto feel smaller than what he already is in front of Inasa, “I have to carry you, though! You are still fragile after surgery and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I can walk, Yoarashi. I’m perfectly fine, nothing really changed with me after it was done. You don’t need to carry me.” Shouto attempts to reassure him because he really does not need to be carried to his dorm and he doesn’t need the attention brought onto him by Inasa carrying him back to the dorms. He knows his classmates will pounce on him about a potential relationship between himself and Inasa. What he doesn’t need is for them to actually do it.

“Okay, whatever you say…” Inasa mutters in response, but he does have his own questions to ask, “Are you feeling okay? You don’t have any pain anywhere or cramping?”


“I think I should take your temperature. I want to be sure you don’t have a fever.”

“Yoarashi, please.” Shouto replies with a heavy sigh, and Inasa nods quickly, “Right. Sorry.”

Inasa asks him after a few minutes of silent walking, “Are you going through the pads from the clinic or no?”

Shouto blushes bright red to this and stammers, “What? No, I… I haven’t even needed them! I haven’t bled once this entire weekend.”

Inasa exhales in pure relief, “Good, I didn’t know if you were bleeding heavily or not. So it looks like you’ve made a full recovery, huh?”

“I have, there’s no need to worry about it so please stop asking these things.” Shouto begs of the alpha who agrees in ease, “I will stop, Todoroki, there’s no need to worry.”

Inasa is walking by his side over to the metro, wanting nothing more than to hold his hand. He wants to hold the omega’s tiny hand in his own, hold him close to his side, and possibly nuzzle him in public. It’d be nice to do more couple-y things like that because Inasa does want to be his mate someday.

It may also have to do with the way so many alphas take their sweet time to check Shouto out and ask for pics with him. He always has this distinct urge to growl at them and bite at their hands for wanting to touch him or speaking to him. He doesn’t like feeling this way but Inasa cannot help it! He really, really hates it whenever any alpha gets too close to him.

There’s some guy, an alpha who is older than them with braces and round glasses with strawberry blonde hair and amber eyes approaching them, making Inasa seethe as he speaks, “Hey, are you Todoroki Shouto from the Sports Festival?”

Shouto nods, as always, “I am.”

“Cool!” the alpha makes the same request at least two others before him did, “Can I have a picture with you? How about an autograph? Can I get one too?”

“Um, sure.” Shouto says to the alpha, making Inasa choke back a hiss.

The guy pulls out his phone, gets his camera ready, and wraps his arms around Todoroki’s shoulders. He takes the photo in a quick snap, taking at least three too many in Inasa’s eyes, and smiles so cheerily to the omega afterwards, “Thank you so much! Hey, mind signing this photo I have of you?”

“Not at all.”

Inasa’s foot is tapping rapidly against the pavement, trying to not get pissed off at the guy who is taking up Shouto’s free time so selfishly! Who the hell does he think he is? Shouto has a life to get back to and here this prick is, just wasting his time without a care in the world.

After he does this, the boy makes one final request, “Hey, um, my school is having a dance and I was wondering if you’d go with me.”

Shouto is about to shrug and agree (Inasa knows he would too) when Inasa growls, “No, he is not going with you! Todoroki needs to get going so if you’d leave now, it would be much appreciated.”

The alpha frowns at the sight of him, “I don’t have to leave. Todoroki isn’t courting with anyone, let alone you. I am a fan and as such, I have a right to talk to him and do whatever I please to him.”

“No, you do not! Todoroki is a person, not an object! You can’t talk about him like that!” Inasa frowns at the other alpha, his instincts demanding him to rip out the other alpha’s throat with his bare teeth alone.

“Who the hell are you to talk to me like that? You aren’t his alpha.”

Inasa is about to retort when Shouto grabs his hand tightly, “Yoarashi, stop. I can handle this on my own.”

He only stops himself in his tracks because Shouto asked him to stop, not because he wanted to.

“Fine.” he grumbles while Shouto looks over to the other alpha and politely declines his offer, “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to go. I hate parties and dances, so this is not really my idea of a good time.”

The alpha is persistent despite the momentary frown on his face, “How about the school carnival then? My school always hosts a carnival for charity. I bet it would be good PR for you to show up.”

“He already said he can’t do anything with you! Why are you being so persistent!” Inasa snaps at the alpha, his patience officially out the window when this is asked.

Shouto sighs and grips his hand tightly once again, “Yoarashi, please—”

“No, I don’t like him trying to guilt or trick you into doing things you don’t want to do.”

He does the only thing he can to stop an alpha war: “Yoarashi, if we leave right now, I will allow you to carry me all the way back to the dorms.”

Inasa pauses in everything, his hostile pheromones dying the instant he hears this, and he turns on his heel to face Shouto with wide, excited eyes, “You mean it? I can carry you?”

“Yes, you can carry me.”

“In any hold I choose?”

Shouto has a feeling he will regret this, but he goes along with it anyway, “Yes, in any hold you choose.”

Inasa walks over to him with a wide smile and picks him up bridal style, nuzzling him as he does so, “I knew you’d come around to it! Thank you, Todoroki!”

Shouto only exhales in defeat, his words neutral when he replies, “You’re welcome, Yoarashi, just don’t make this into a huge thing.”

“Got it!” Inasa then looks at him expectantly, making Shouto huff a little while crossing his arms over his chest, “I can’t attend your school’s carnival with you. I’m too busy to go.”

“It’s okay, Todoroki. Just hit me up online if you ever do get enough free time to come and I’ll be sure to RSVP you!”

Inasa is about to bare his teeth at the other alpha, his response simply spoken, “Listen buddy, if you think you can—”

“Yoarashi. I need to get going, remember?”

Inasa trudges away from the scene with Shouto in his arms, but not without sending a death glare to the alpha before he leaves. He hopes the alpha gets the message…if he doesn’t…well…

Inasa cannot promise Shouto anything. Especially when it comes down to his hopefully future mate being pursued by other alphas.


Shouto felt an odd mixture of safe, warm, relaxed and small, humiliated in Inasa’s arms. Everyone kept staring at them oddly, which usually would not bother Shouto. However, given the fact he just went through an abortion not too long ago, he feels a bit paranoid of his father somehow discovering it.

Inasa is surprisingly chipper about this. He talks nonstop about his ships from different shows, he nuzzles him quite often, and he even gave a little cheer when he managed to make Shouto purr over something he said or did when he was holding him.

Once they are outside of the dorms, Inasa sets him down, hugging him tightly when he does so, “Take care of yourself, Todoroki. Remember, if you need me, just text or call and I’ll be there!”

“I will, Yoarashi. I wish I wouldn’t worry you so much. I can’t help but feel like a burden to you.”

“You’re not, though! I like being by you, smelling you, talking to you, touching you, holding you, watching shows and movies with you, and I even like spoiling you! I want to be your mate someday, Todoroki. I don’t want to let you down.”

Shouto takes a moment to take this all in, a blush coloring his face when the meaning behind this all hit him like a ton of bricks and yet all he can say to this is, “You like smelling me?”

Inasa feels as though this went over his head if that’s what he has to say to his beautifully worded confession.

“Well, yeah, I do like smelling you. Your scent is amazing to me, it’s the one thing about you I never hated.”

Shouto looks away, a blush on his face, “Ah…okay, then. Thank you for letting me know?”

His father had always commented on his scent as being too ‘perfume-y’, ‘off putting’, ‘gag inducing’, and all around ‘obnoxiously strong’. Shouto had to use scent suppressing patches growing up to hide his natural scent because his father hated it so much. It didn’t help matters that when he was in school, he would be told to wear the patches because his scent was ‘too strong’ and it ‘made the alphas and betas in class feel uncomfortable’.

He had been told on more than one occasion that his scent could induce a rut in an alpha or beta if he didn’t keep it suppressed. Of course, an alpha or beta could have a far stronger scent than him and none would complain or make comments to them about their scents triggering an omega’s heat. None would make it sound as though it’d be their fault if they got raped for their scents being strong enough to trigger an instinctual need to mate.

In UA, he never heard this sexist nonsense, but he is still self-conscious about his scent. After all, having alpha villains like Mr. Compress, Dabi, and Stain comment on how strong it is, how it makes them feel as though a ‘rut is coming on’ and if it does, ‘then it’s all your own fault for wanting to be bred, omega’ only made him feel worse. It made him feel as though his scent is a trigger that could lead to him getting raped.

So to hear Inasa say he likes smelling him and his scent is amazing is a whole other experience entirely. He’s never had anyone say something positive about his scent (he does wear patches still in public and at school on days where it is really strong). To hear it now is strange, exciting in a weirdly positive way, and even a bit…uplifting.

He closes the gap between himself and Inasa, replying so softly, Inasa had to really strain his ear to hear it, “Thank you for liking it, Yoarashi.”

Inasa then pulls him in for a second tight hug, kissing the top of his head as he does so, “Don’t thank me for liking something about you! Remember to call me today, okay? I want to know how things went and if you will need me here or not.”

“Sure, I will. Goodbye for now, Yoarashi.”

Inasa then releases him and they begin their separate paths to school.

“Bye, Todoroki!” Inasa stops himself in his walk to add in something else in case if he doesn’t know this, “You don’t need to give the fans everything they want, you know! You have a right to say ‘no’ when they make you feel pressured or uncomfortable!”

Inasa shouts this because of course, it’s one of the main ways he communicates.

Shouto doesn’t complain about it too much, he just replies back to him, “I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. Goodbye, Yoarashi.”

Inasa leaves, knowing he has a long road ahead of him but he is filled with determination to accomplish goal: help Shouto recover and hopefully get the chance to be his mate.


At school, Shouto is instantly being asked questions of his relationship with Inasa.

“Are you two dating?”

“Are you two courting?”

“Is he your mate?”

“Have you been marked by him?”

“Does he like you?”

“Do you like him?”

“Have you two shared a heat or rut yet?”

“Do you have plans for the future?”

To which, in his feeling of being overwhelmed by being asked so many questions at once so quickly, he gives a blunt answer: “No to a majority of your questions. He does like me and I do like him, but we are taking things slow. All I am asking is for you to respect our privacy.”

His classmates would get huffy over this, but Midoriya would greet him with knowing eyes and a too happy grin, “You don’t have to tell me anything, but I can tell you like Yoarashi. You two like each other a lot and it shows every time you guys are together. I cannot wait to double date with you guys sometime, I know Kacchan would like it even if he says otherwise.”

Bakugou and Midoriya have been mated for a year now. Their relationship is interesting, needless to say, but it is also one of the most loving Shouto has ever seen. It makes him wish he would one day get a mate as understanding and loving as Bakugou is to Midoriya… Just without the Bakugou indirect way of dealing with emotions through rage alone.

Maybe Inasa could be that mate for him…

No, now is not the time to think about that! He has classes to resume and a life to return to. He cannot put it on pause over thoughts like this.


His school day went by uneventfully. Now that the thing is out of him, he feels more like himself. He can converse with friends, he can start to eat again (though he has to take it easy), and he doesn’t feel the crushing weight of anxiety over an unwanted pregnancy from a rape he doesn’t remember happening.

He acts normal and he tries to feel normal…but he’s not.

Here he had thought the abortion would fix everything. It doesn’t fix anything for him aside from the worry of having a baby he could never love or look in the face.

He still feels jumpy being by too many alphas in a room. He always brings his water bottle with him whenever he has to use the bathroom. If he does leave his drink alone, he will throw it out and get a new one instead. When Mineta managed to sneak in some alcohol for game night (none of them had partake for fear of expulsion), he had to leave the common room because the smell and sight of the case made him flashback to the club, to where his rapists first approached him at his table…

He locked himself up in his room, not caring that the alcohol got thrown out and not caring his friends were wanting him to play truth or dare with them. He wanted to be alone and away from these memories merging with his dorm room in front of his eyes. He wanted to be away from what had happened to himself and yet it was as though he could never escape it.

His rapists are still out there. They can always come back. Specifically, they can always come back for him.

Thanks to the Sports Festival, he is like a celebrity now. They know his name, what he looks like, what his quirks are, and what all he can do in a fight. He doesn’t need them trying to inebriate him again or drug him with a roofie. He needs to be left alone so he can move on and forget this already!

When it becomes too much for him, he grabs his phone with a shaken hand and dials a number he knows by heart due to all the late nights spent texting and calling each other.

“Todoroki, what’s wrong?”

It’s going to sound stupid when he says it, but he cannot stop himself when he whimpers, “Mineta brought alcohol for game night and it…I feel like I am back there in the club. Everything looks and feels like I back there, even the sounds and smells all feel like I am there, but I know I am not there! I know I am in my dorm, but it doesn’t feel like it to me and I think I’m going crazy, Yoarashi.”

There’s silence over the phone and Inasa replies, “Stay on the line with me. I am coming over to your dorm right now. I am not leaving you alone, Todoroki. I will help you pull through this.”

Shouto can breathe easier because he knows he has someone who cares enough about him to drop everything and run over to his side, “Really? Even over something as stupid as this?”

“It’s not stupid. Mineta is for bringing something that triggers you. When I see that little grape fucker, he will get it…”

“Yoarashi, please don’t get mad. I can’t handle it right now.”

“Oh, right, I won’t then! Sorry, Todoroki.”

“No, it’s…it’s all good, just don’t stop talking to me, please. I need you so badly, talking to you is the only thing keeping me sane right now.”

“What do you want to talk about then?”

Shouto doesn’t want to talk about his rape. He doesn’t want to talk about what he remembers from that night, but he does want to hear Inasa’s voice right now.

“How about that movie we saw on Saturday? Can you tell me about your ships from it?”

“You know I can write a novella about my ships! Where do I even begin…”

Even if he is rambling, he doesn’t care. He just feels safe hearing Inasa’s voice again.

Chapter Text

When Inasa arrived to the dorms, he got off of the phone with Shouto, relieved more than anything else to be there. He had dropped everything else at home to rush over to his side at this time and is now releasing a tensed breath he had no clue he was holding in throughout the duration of the metro ride. He had thought it would be simple enough to enter the dorm and go to Shouto’s room. He didn’t expect for things to get pretty confusing for him from here on out.

The grape guy is being yelled at by a few people accusing him of ‘making Todoroki upset’ and then there’s another group playing truth or dare all while Inasa himself is being greeted by a worried Midoriya, “Yoarashi, thank goodness you’re here!”

Inasa greets him kindly enough despite his impatience to see Shouto, “Oh hi, Midoriya! I’m here to see Todoroki, so I can’t really stay—”

“Good, good! I just…I really need you to figure out why he freaked out earlier. It has me on edge because I’ve been trying to talk to him but he won’t answer me and I don’t know what to do—”

Inasa feels the need to stop him here before he goes off on a mumbling mess, “What happened? Why was he so upset?”

“Every Monday night is game night. Everyone gets done with their homework and comes down to the common room to play video games, board games, or a game like truth or dare. We were going to play truth or dare when Mineta brought out some alcohol he stole from his dad’s man cave to ‘spice up’ the game. Basically, he was saying one would take a shot of it if they didn’t want to answer a truth or do a dare. Todoroki looked so pale, but then he ran for his life… It was like he was afraid for his life, and yet I can’t help but to think there was something else to it.” Midoriya sighed, his shoulders slumping a bit when he continues on to say, “I don’t know what’s going on. For the first time in two months, he was finally opening up again and letting me in. Now it feels like all the progress made today went down the drain.”

Inasa frowns to this, knowing what happened now and having a good idea as to why Shouto reacted the way he did, “Don’t worry, Midoriya. I’ll go talk to him and sort this out.”

Midoriya hugs him for a brief moment, releasing him as he speaks, “Thank you, Yoarashi.”

Inasa takes the elevator to go to Shouto’s dorm, his body moving by pure muscle memory alone while he tries to prepare himself mentally for his talk with Shouto. All of the mental preparations are for nothing when he knocks on Shouto’s door, “Todoroki? It’s me.”

He doesn’t need to say more before Shouto is answering the door and hugging him tightly.

It’s a greeting he wasn’t expecting, needless to say. He responded by lifting the omega up and entering the dorm, closing the door behind him as he did so.

Before he can even speak, Shouto is already sighing, “I’m so sorry, Yoarashi. I didn’t mean to make you come all the way over here.”

“No, don’t mention it at all! I don’t live too far away from here, you know.”

Shouto hums to this and Inasa has to ask him, “Why did the alcohol freak you out? When I came here, no one was drinking it or anything. I didn’t even see it, so they must have thrown it out. Midoriya already told me what happened, so you don’t need to tell me. I just want to know why you reacted the way you did.”

Shouto doesn’t even know how to explain it at first, but the words have an odd way of escaping him anyway, “It was supposed to fix things. It was supposed to make it all better, but it only cleared up one problem.”

Inasa looks at him oddly, wondering, “What was supposed to fix things?”

“The abortion. It was supposed to fix everything, but it didn’t. I still have nightmares about the what-ifs of what they could have done to my body, what it could have been like had I been conscious, what if they were to come back and rape me again but this time when I’m conscious. The what-ifs are always the most terrifying nightmares to have…especially with the way my mind works.”

Inasa doesn’t know what to say to this. The alpha can only allow the omega to speak further on what is bothering him because otherwise, he will have no clue what to do or where to begin.

“I know it’s dumb, but I thought I could go back to everything after the abortion. I thought my life could resume, but it can’t. It feels like I will always be teleported back in time to that night in the club whenever there is alcohol present in the room either through a drink or a scent of it in the air. I don’t even want to think what going to a club or a party would do to me… I don’t mean to see the club. I don’t mean to see the alphas who raped me. It just…it happened, and I don’t know how I am going to handle this for the rest of my life.”

The alpha doesn’t know what to say to this. He knows flashbacks are not something that can ever be cured or go away completely. He wishes he could tell Shouto ‘everything will be fine’ but he can’t because it’s a flat out lie. Everything will not be fine until his rapists get caught. If this ever does happen, there’s no guarantee still that everything will ever be fine or go back to being normal for him.

It’s enough to leave Inasa feeling helpless because he doesn’t know what to do. He’s never dealt with anything close to Shouto’s situation before. He’s never had to deal with flashbacks.

All he does is hug him back and sit them both down on his bed. After a small while, Shouto releases him from the hug and Inasa sees it: finger shaped bruises on his arm.

“What happened there?”

Shouto is confused at first, but when he notices the bruises, he sighs, telling him, “Talking to you did help keep me grounded. I knew I was in my room still, but I kept seeing the club and the alphas… I guess when I got off the phone with you, I tried holding onto anything that would give me the same feeling talking to you did. I must have squeezed myself too tightly. I’m so sorry, Yoarashi.”

The tall alpha is quick to recover from this without second thought, “No, don’t apologize for anything! You did what you needed to do to feel grounded.”

When Shouto frowns in obvious self-disappointment, he feels the need to offer an alternative to his current situation at the dorms, “Hey, how about we stay here and do whatever it is you want? I think that would be nice, how about you?”

Shouto ponders this over before whispering out, “I would like that.”

“Okay, what do you want to do?”

“I’m really worn out… You don’t mind if I sleep, do you?”

“Not at all! We can even share the same bed so it will feel like we’re a mated couple!”

Most people would be kicking themselves for saying something so outrageous and yet it succeeds in Inasa’s favor: Shouto chuckles to this instead of being off-putted, “Sure, that’s what it will feel like.”

Inasa lays down on the tatami mat while Shouto remains on top of him. He would then get off of the alpha and lay in the crook of his arm. Shortly after, he would fall asleep while Inasa would be on his phone chatting with people from fandoms he was a part of about his favorite ships.


Inasa wound up spending the night at Shouto’s dorm. Shouto woke up a few times, yet Inasa held him tightly all night long. He did have a few nightmares, but Inasa was there to soothe him through it with a few tired croons and a small release of calming pheromones.

The following morning, he would wake up with see Shouto wrapped up tightly in his arms with his head buried in his chest. It made something primal in him spark with pride at the sight, causing him to hold him closer, nuzzling and purring as he did so.

He cannot wait to be mated… Shouto is so small and cute in his arms! He can only imagine what he’d look like with a mark on his scent gland from him. Hell, he can only hope this is a sight he will be lucky to wake up to everyday from now on!

Inasa kisses his forehead and sighs dreamily, knowing he has hearts in his eyes and is acting like some middle school girl having her first crush ever, but he doesn’t care. All he cares about is getting the chance to be by Shouto as much as possible.

The omega wakes up slowly, his eyes blinking rapidly as he does so and his gaze falls upon Inasa instantly. When he realizes exactly where he had been resting against (more like who) all night long, he flushed bright red, feeling so small in Inasa’s arms at that moment.

Inasa grins to the sight, but withholds his chuckle, “Good morning, Todoroki! What do you say we go get something to eat? Oh, how about we get ready together? That’s what mates do, and I do hope to be mated to you someday, so why not?”

For Shouto, this is a lot to take in a simple morning. All he can do is slowly nod his head, his voice too weary to use at the moment. It usually takes him a few moments of being fully awake before he can talk without his voice sounding as hoarse as the voice of an elderly smoker who had smoked many packs of cigarettes their whole life.

“Great! Let’s go get ready together then!” Inasa pauses quickly before asking, “You…do have an extra toothbrush, right? Because, you see, I didn’t really plan on spending the night so…”

Shouto nods and Inasa practically jumps out of bed over it, “Awesome! Let’s go and get ready together!”

The omega gets out of bed with much less enthusiasm, but Inasa doesn’t mind. When Shouto stayed over at his place, he gave him as much privacy as possible, so he didn’t get to see his morning routine.

It sounds like such a dumb thing to obsess over, but Inasa wants to know all about the omega he wants as his future mate. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant it is. He wants to know everything he can so he can be the best mate possible to the omega who is so tiny in his arms!

(Yes. Inasa enjoys the size difference. It’s not his fault he likes small, cute things.)

Shouto brushes his hair first in his dorm, already knowing it looks like a rat’s nest, whereas Inasa is left to watch. He doesn’t mind watching this, he thinks it’s cute to see the omega brush his hair while he has a sleepy look on his features. It’s as though he’s not fully awake yet, but then he heads over to his closet where there’s a small box. Inside, there are a bunch of toothbrushes still in the packaging. He hands one over to Inasa who takes it without saying a word.

Inasa is led out of his room over to where the bathrooms are at. Inasa is quick to brush his teeth, but he enjoys watching Shouto go about his. The omega shoots him an odd look and Inasa smiles as he rinses out his mouth. Once he’s done, he says to him, “You’re so cute, Todoroki! Even in the mornings with the sleepy look on your face, it’s adorable!”

He’s so loud about it too. It’s enough to make Shouto blush bright red as the others enter the bathroom. He rinses out his mouth, his voice finally good enough to use, “Alright, I think we’re ready to eat now. Come along with me, Yoarashi.”

Inasa grins at Shouto before pointing out to him, “Shouldn’t we shower before eating?”

Shouto’s blush darkens and he stammers, “What? Showering…together?”

He’s not sure he could do it!

Inasa is so tall, alpha, and very dominating.

“Um, no. I meant where are the alpha and omega showering stations at? You do have those, don’t you? I mean, I hope they wouldn’t make you shower co-ed.”

To this, Shouto feels ridiculously stupid. However, he is able to respond calmly, “Yes, we do. Come along with me and I’ll show you them.”


At breakfast, Inasa is dressed in the same black joggers, the same light grey hoodie with the white t-shirt underneath it, and the same white socks from the night before. It’s obvious he spent the night at Shouto’s dorm, with everyone wondering if there was more that went on than what they claimed happened. However, when Shouto didn’t have a heavy scent of Inasa and gave them the same deadpanned look when asking about mating sex, they knew nothing happened.

Currently, he is silent as Inasa, Midoriya, Uraraka, and Iida talk about some book series as well as their ships. It’s a series Shouto has never read or heard of, but it appears to be quite popular going off of the way they talk so passionately about it. No one can top Inasa in this field. Case in point, when they brought up a ship he didn’t like, he went on the defensive when his favorite ship was called ‘crack’.

“Blasphemy! My ship makes perfect sense!” he snaps the group of friends, going on some passionate rant about his ship whereas his friends counter with a calm ‘but the author chose our ship in the end’.

To which, Inasa grumbles, “That doesn’t mean it’s right or makes sense!”

Before they could really debate heavily, they heard a loud gagging sound from a certain grape hero, “Damn, Todoroki! Your scent is choking me! It’s like you want an alpha to knot you with how strongly you let it out. Though I wouldn’t mind being the one to knot you if you’re that desperate… You’ve got a nice ass and I can only imagine what you look like naked.”

Shouto looks down in shame, not knowing he had let out too much of his scent. The comments from Mineta—though they shouldn’t bother him and he feels so stupid for being bothered to begin with—remind him of all the bad things he’s ever heard about his scent. He wants nothing more than to go back to his room and hide all week due to the embarrassment alone.

“I must have forgotten my patch… I’m—”

“Say it again, grape creep.”

Shouto snaps his head up to see Inasa glaring down Mineta, his scent flaring with angered and murderous pheromones in the air, his teeth bared, and his eyes narrowed.

Mineta is cowering, his eyes filled with tears and fear when faced with the superior alpha. He swallows down his nervousness, but Inasa’s glare combined with his scent leave him speechless.

Inasa then lifts him up by the collar of his shirt, his eyes now meeting Mineta’s directly at eye-level when openly snarling at him, “Say anything sexist to him ever again and I will be sure you wind up paralyzed from the neck down! Got it?”

Mineta nods, sniffling, yet unable to beg. Inasa doesn’t spare him any mercy despite his pathetic state: he throws the alpha across the room until he hits a wall. He then huffs and takes his seat by Shouto, “Don’t worry Todoroki, he won’t bother you again, but if he does…just text me or call me and I’ll be there to set him straight.”

Shouto replies through a resigned exhale, his eyes no longer on his meal of yogurt, “I should go get a scent patch on. I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about me.”

“What! No, don’t listen to that creep! Your scent is perfect and in no way is it too strong!” Inasa begs of Shouto before turning to his friends, looking for some support in this, “His scent isn’t strong. Don’t you agree?”

They fall silent and it makes Inasa’s eyes narrow once again, “What?”

The hiss is enough to make Uraraka and Iida agree with him on the spot, “It’s just fine, Todoroki! T-There’s no need for a patch!”

Then there’s Midoriya who clears his throat slightly, his answer small, “It…is a bit strong today, Todoroki. I am having a harder time breathing too.”

Shouto nods, getting out of his chair as he sighs, “It’s alright. I’ll go get my patch on.”

“No, please, don’t! I love your scent!”

It was too late though: Shouto was already heading to the elevator, leaving Inasa to turn his death glare over to Midoriya, “Why the hell would you tell him that? His scent is perfect!”

“Yoarashi, I know you love it, but it’s a bit…strong, you know? He can’t really control it and it’s not his fault, but today it was really out of control.” Midoriya does clarify one thing, though, “He doesn’t usually wear patches when he is here! We got him out of that bad habit a long time ago, but he still wears them from time to time.”

Inasa huffs to this, not satisfied but not wanting to start a fight because he knows it will only stress Shouto out more. More stress is the last thing his future mate needs, so he accepts it in stride, “Fine. I will accept it for now, but if I think you are making him feel insecure about himself then prepare to suffer.”

He said it too calmly, too evenly…with an indoor voice as the cherry on top. It was enough to make the trio of friends shiver from the wording alone.

Shouto returns sometime during the awkward silence, a scent patch on his neck and dressed in his uniform. Inasa would love to stay longer, but he has to leave, as sad as that sounds.

“Goodbye, Todoroki. Have a safe and nice day!” Inasa says to him as he begins to head over to the door.

“You too, Yoarashi. Goodbye for now and thank you for all that you’ve done.”

Inasa grins before kissing the top of his head, making Shouto blush yet again, “Don’t thank me! I plan to be your mate someday and as your mate, it’s my duty to take care of you, spoil you, and pamper you! It’s what all good mates do for their omegas.”

Shouto wouldn’t know. He hadn’t ever seen an example of what a good or healthy mating looks like. All he can do is nod his head in agreement and allow Inasa to hurry home so he can get changed into his uniform to attend Shiketsu.

Chapter Text

After Inasa had left, someone told Aizawa of what Mineta did the night before. The grape hero was expelled immediately afterwards, his provisional license revoked, and any chances of graduating from a hero school stripped from him. Since there is a spot open now in Class 1-A, they are looking for viable students to fill in this spot.

Inasa did not hear of this until he visited UA and saw a potential candidate to take Mineta’s place.

This candidate is one Inasa recognizes from the Sports Festival: taller than Shouto yet not as tall as Inasa, wild indigo hair and indigo eyes…the one with the brainwashing quirk…

Inasa doesn’t remember his name, but his name doesn’t matter right now. No, what matters is this potential contender is also a threat to Inasa’s potential courtship with Shouto. As Inasa is entering the gates to reach the dorm, he sees the brainwasher there, chatting with Shouto so casually, so calmly and confidently it makes his inner alpha seethe at the sight.

“Yeah, if you want to go bike riding sometime with me, that’d be cool. It’d be nice to get to know one of Midoriya’s friends he speaks so much about.”

Wha! Say it isn’t so! Midoriya is pimping out Shouto to other alphas!

This will not do! Inasa is the one who will court him, not anyone else!

“I wouldn’t mind bike riding. Yoarashi showed me how to do it before, so we can go—”

Never. You two can go neverbecause Todoroki and I have plans this weekend.” Inasa interjects boldly, his death stare now sharpened on Shinsou while he takes Shouto into his arms from behind.

Shouto sighs lightly whereas Shinsou raises a brow, “I wasn’t saying this weekend. I was thinking about going bike riding after school. Who are you anyway and why does this matter to you?”

“I’m Yoarashi Inasa and Todoroki is going to be my mate someday.”

Shouto blushes lightly to this, his face now covered by his hands, causing his reply to be muffled yet audible to Shinsou, “Ignore him. We can go bike riding after school sometime.”

Inasa is insistent despite this, “Hell no you two cannot! Todoroki, can’t you see it! He’s trying to seduce you!”

Once more, his face meets his hands as the blush deepens, “Yoarashi…he’s not doing that. We’re just going out as friends—”

“Friends on a romantic bike ride.” Inasa cuts him off bluntly, his hostile pheromones filling the air, “I do not know who you are or why you are talking to my future mate, but I will not accept this. I challenge you to a duel for his heart, brainwasher!”

Shinsou gapes at the strange scene in front of him, but he is quick to recover, “First off, my name is Shinsou Hitoshi. Secondly, I was wanting to ask him as a friend because he’s the only sane one I can talk to in Class 1-A. Lastly, I am being considered to replace Mineta in Class 1-A after he got expelled for bringing alcohol into the dorms.”

Inasa does feel a bit dumb for overreacting, but…he can’t help it! Shouto is his omega and he wants to be his mate someday. Any and all competition will not be well received. How can anyone not know this?

“Oh…sorry about that. I still want to come along just to make sure there isn’t anything devious going on.” Inasa insists to the two students, who agree with little issue.

Shinsou was the first to say, “Okay then… I’ll just ask someone else. See you around, Todoroki.”

“Yoarashi, this really was just an invite between friends only… Shinsou really is harmless.” Shouto insists to the alpha who is relieved to hear it, “I’m sorry, okay? I’ll do my best from now on to not let my jealousy or insecurity get in the way of us being happy together!” 

This isn’t where the conversation ends between the two. Oh no, this is only where it begins.

“By the way, you never said there was an opening for Class 1-A!” Inasa exclaims randomly, “I could transfer here and be in your class. That way we’d be able to spend a lot of couple time together.”

Shouto doesn’t mind the idea of Inasa being here with him. The night before was the first night where he was able to get some sleep in between waking from his nightmares. He had actually gotten the best sleep in a while ever since he spent three nights with Inasa…more nights with him wouldn’t be too bad, would it?

If of anything, he can only see it being beneficial. He decides then and there, “Let’s go talk to Aizawa. I’m sure if we do this just right, he’ll agree to you transferring over here.”

Inasa cheers to this, happy to hear he will have a chance to be with Shouto more often than he already is, “Yes! I cannot wait to be in the same classes as you every day and sleep in the same dorm room as you and…”

Shouto ignores this for now but seeing Inasa being so enthusiastic about being by him is nice, cute even.

Wait, did he just think…Inasa was being cute?

I mean, his liveliness and the way he gets so excited about things is adorable…no, wait, what? Why is he using these adjectives to describe Yoarashi Inasa of all people?

Inasa is tall, strong, dominant, and a total alpha. Nothing about him would make others think he’s cute and yet here’s Shouto, mentally using the word to describe him as though it were a synonym for the giant by his side. If he could talk to his own brain right now, he’d be grabbing it by the shoulders and shaking it hard for thinking such ridiculous thoughts! No matter how true it is, there’s no reason…

Oh shit, he just acknowledged it’s all true.

No matter what he does…he cannot escape it: he found something Inasa does all the time over anything most would consider insignificant cute.


When entering Aizawa’s room, Shouto is relieved to find him there. Most of the times he’s usually gone, so to see him now—right when he needs to—is a weight off of his shoulders. He approaches the teacher’s desk, clearing his throat as he does so, “Um, Aizawa, I have something to tell you—”

“I would love to join your class!”

His alpha teacher turns around to face Inasa in all of his excited glory, making Shouto have to do damage control, “You see, I was thinking Yoarashi would be perfect to fill in Mineta’s spot. He’s willing to transfer from Shiketsu and he’s more than willing to join our class. I’m sure he’d fit in just fine and get along with everyone if you gave him the chance.”

Aizawa groans, a mumble escaping him, “I didn’t have enough coffee today…”

The students were confused by this, but they didn’t say anything. They instead listened while Aizawa took a seat at his desk and began to eye Shouto up, “Your condition has been of concern to me as of late. You’re too thin, you clearly don’t sleep enough, and you are starting to experience a drop in your grades. Now, out of nowhere, you want me to bring in some random alpha you shared a bed with last night? Todoroki, this behavior is bizarre and I want an explanation.”

Before Shouto can speak, Aizawa is narrowing his eyes subtly, “A real one, Todoroki.”

The omega boy looks to Inasa, not sure what to say, but Inasa is quick to step in, “I only stayed with him because he was having bad nightmares and I help keep him calm during those times. It was nothing sexual, really, I promise. I would never touch or disrespect Todoroki that way.”

Aizawa is quick to respond, and his response is spoken just as sharply as his earlier demand had been, “I know you wouldn’t, Yoarashi. According to the students, Todoroki has been having problems sleeping at nights for the past two months going on three. He wakes up screaming and won’t tell anyone why a nightmare he had woke them all up.”

His eyes never left Shouto when he spoke. It’s clear enough to him that his teacher wants to know what happened and doesn’t like being left out in the dark over what is going on in his student’s personal life.

Shouto looks over to Inasa once more, feeling so small and helpless, yet Inasa sighs heavily in response, nuzzling him gently when saying, “Just tell him what happened, Todoroki. I don’t think he’d think less of you over this.”

“I don’t think I am ready to…”

“If he gets bad towards you, I can handle it! Honest, you’ll be fine. This is not something you should be hiding from the people closest to you anyway.”

Shouto was still so unsure, but then Inasa kisses him on the forehead, “I’m still here. I won’t leave you no matter what.”

The omega decides to take a leap of faith and tell his teacher what happened. He holds Inasa’s hand and begins his tale with, “When I was growing up, my father…he would put me through brutal and sadistic training sessions where he would use his quirk on me and attack me until I would either throw up or couldn’t stand anymore.”

Inasa tries to hide his emotions itching to display themselves on his face, but it’s easier said than done. Why isn’t Shouto telling him the real reason why he has been having all of these problems lately? Is he too afraid or too ashamed to say anything?

He doesn’t mind being Shouto’s first resort. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to be the only resort.

Fact of the matter is, Shouto grew up in a loveless, abusive home with a tyrant for a father. Inasa knows this because Shouto himself said so to him in the past. He felt immense guilt after that for saying he had his father’s eyes, but Shouto assured him he was over it. Inasa, on the other hand, grew up in a normal, nuclear, loving home with parents who loved and cared for each other no matter what. He has no clue how to handle situations like these on his own. Shouldering the weight of worrying if he’s doing enough, if he’s done too little, said the wrong thing, or if he is not helping Shouto recover properly is starting to wear him down. There’s only so much he can bare before it gets to be too much for him.

He wants to help Shouto. He wants him to recover, but he’s at the point where he can acknowledge he can’t do it alone. The nights they shared together had been proof enough of it. Shouto needs professional help too, and that’s something Inasa cannot give him.

He had zoned out when Shouto explained his tragic story to Aizawa, who only spoke darkly in response, “Todoroki, abuse is not something we take lightly at UA. I promise you: you will leave your father’s care and I will get you into a safe home if it’s the last thing I do.”

Shouto nods, sighing lightly when saying, “Thank you, Aizawa. Don’t do anything that will get yourself hurt by him.”

“Don’t worry about me. Worry about your old man after I’m finished with the bastard for what he’s done to you and your family all of your life.”

“Right. Sorry.”

Aizawa groans, his answer to Shouto’s nervous gaze and posture being, “Don’t be sorry. Everything will be alright from here on out, I promise. If it helps you to sleep at night and focus better in classes, I will allow Yoarashi to transfer from Shiketsu to Class 1-A.”

Inasa—though put off by the fact Shouto did not tell his teacher the truth—was instantly over the moon to the news, “Wait a minute…you mean it! I’ll get to be with Todoroki?”

“Yes, you will be, but I will be watching you like a hawk.” Aizawa’s voice then deepens to something demonic and terrifying as his alpha comes out at full force, making Shouto take refuge behind Inasa when his teacher speaks, “Todoroki is the only omega in my class and the only omega in the entire hero course. In fact, he’s one of the three omegas in all of UA, including second years and third years. If I find out you are using him for heat sex or taking advantage of his fragile state for your own desires, I will fucking obliterate you. Got it?”

Inasa nods quickly, terrified of the alpha before him in all honesty because damn he is scary, “Yes sir, I understand, sir!”

Aizawa calms down his alpha, taking a deep breath to regain his wits before saying, “Good to know. Now, if you excuse me, I need to contact Shiketsu about your transfer. I suggest you call your parents up right now to let them know of this. It’d be a real mess if you didn’t.”

Inasa bows deeply to this, his words strong yet again, “Yes, I will call my parents right now! Thank you for giving me this chance!”

“Whatever, just keep your hands where I can see them.”



Inasa’s parents were informed of his wishes to transfer to UA to fill in the spot left by Mineta. They agreed to the transfer, especially when he said it would help him get closer to his future mate. They were told to contact Shiketsu of their desires to transfer him, which they vowed to do right away so their son could begin the process of courting Shouto soon. At least, they were hoping he could. He has been after that omega for a while now…

As for Inasa, he is in Shouto’s dorm at the moment, stunned at the way he didn’t tell Aizawa the real truth behind his odd behaviors.

“I don’t get it…why not tell him?” Inasa asked out of nowhere when they were watching an interview with Mountain Lady.

Shouto gives him an odd glance and Inasa elaborates, “You should have told him the truth. I know he would have listened to you.”

The omega looks to the dark wood floor and sighs, “Do we need to talk about this now? I don’t care as long as I get out of my father’s house. How is that a bad thing?”

“It’s not a bad thing and I am glad you are getting out of there, but Todoroki… He seems to care a lot about you, and he seems trustworthy. I don’t get why you couldn’t tell him.”

Shouto is quiet at first, not really knowing what to say to the alpha’s curiosities. He doesn’t know how to really accurately put it all into words, but he supposes he can try for Inasa’s sake.

“It’s just…I don’t want him to think less of me. When I had the chance to tell him, I froze up and I talked about my dad instead. It was where my mind went to, I couldn’t exactly stop it even if I wanted to.” Shouto’s eyes are focused intensely on his lap, staring at his hands while continuing on to say, “You don’t get it. I am known as a prodigy, a rarity for my two quirks, and I am known as the strongest student in class despite being an omega. Everyone expects me to be stronger, better, and more invincible than the rest because of these things, but especially because I am the lone omega in the hero course. It is a burden I carry, and I must keep it up. If that breaks down, then omega heroes everywhere will be mocked, belittled, written off, and underestimated, not just me. I can’t afford to let anyone outside of my family and yourself to see me weak. It would ruin not only me but omegas everywhere.”

Inasa never had to deal with a burden like this before. In Shiketsu, there is a more equal balance between the number of omegas, betas, and alphas so he’s never had to go to an area where they are so extremely low in number. When he hears Shouto speak, he tries to understand what it would be like to be in his shoes as the lone omega of a hero course, who is seen as the strongest in his class, and what kind of burden that would be to bear. The burden of perfection, of having to live up to what everyone believed you to be, it’s one Inasa has never had to live with because his home life was so accepting and kind whereas his school life was the same.

He can’t understand that, no matter how hard he tries. All he can do is try to give some words of encouragement because he knows the omega by his side needs some now more than ever, “I wouldn’t ever know what that is like. Alphas don’t have the same pressures omegas do and I am sorry I wouldn’t ever know what that is like. I wish I did so I could help you better, but I can’t. All I can do is tell you…not everyone is wanting to see you fail. You don’t have to keep up that strong front forever. Everyone is allowed to be vulnerable, why not you?”

Shouto leans against him, not looking away from his lap for one minute. He really wants to believe what Inasa says, but it feels impossible to because of the situation he’s been stuck in long before he was raped. All he can do is whisper out a calm, “I’m tired, Yoarashi. You don’t mind if I sleep, right?”

“No, go ahead. Sleep as much as you want. I’m not leaving anytime soon.”

Shouto would rest against Inasa’s chest, his eyes fluttering shut, leaving him dead to the world and Inasa stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

Chapter Text

Aizawa did not call Shiketsu after speaking to the teens. He instead called up his beta mate, Toshinori, after hearing of the allegations. All it took was a simple, “Todoroki claims his father is abusing him.” for the former number one to stand to attention and reply in nothing but pure seriousness, “We need to talk to him right away. Where is he now?”

“He’s with Yoarashi and they’re most likely at the dorms.”

“We’ll leave them be for now, but I do want to speak to him tomorrow. I want you, Recovery Girl, and Nezu there when we do speak to him. I’ve always known Enji to be a competitive hothead, I just never knew it was this severe.”

“Very well then, I’ll call them up and get this arranged.” before he hangs up, he makes a note to say to his mate, “Do not confront Enji about this yourself. I know you two have your issues, but you have to let it go. Confronting him won’t make things easier for Todoroki. We need to be careful and wary in our approach. It’s the only way we can get him out of there.”

“I’ll do my best not to. Thank you for telling me about this, Aizawa.”

“Don’t mention it, I want to help him so things can go back to normal… Well, not normal, but better. Anyway, I’ll see you tonight.”

“Right, I’ll see you then.”

Aizawa hangs up, not knowing where to begin in taking down Enji. He doesn’t allow this confusion to halt his progress though: he instead gets back on his phone and makes the calls necessary to arrange this very tough meeting tomorrow after class. He needs to be quick if he wants to get Shouto out of there for good and he refuses to quit until his only omega student is safe and sound.


Aizawa is protective of Shouto. In fact, he can say he is far more protective of him than any other student in his class. A good chunk of this has to do with the fact he is the only omega in the hero course. The old adage about mated alphas being protective over younger omegas is true, even though Aizawa vowed to himself he wouldn’t be one because they are embarrassing to be by.

Aside from the instinct aspect of this, there is also Shouto’s severe lack of social skills. It was obvious from day one the boy didn’t know how to really interact with kids his own age and it became very painfully apparent when he did speak that the poor boy did not have the same basic knowledge most kids have. He didn’t know what it was like to have a crush on someone, he didn’t know how to tell when someone liked him, he was unaware of how to use social media for the longest time, he knew nothing about pop culture, and he was completely oblivious to the alphas and betas who would try to make passes at him as he walked down the halls.

Now, Aizawa knows this lack of knowledge is only due to his father isolating him and forcing him to train all of his childhood instead of allowing him to be a kid. Still, it absolutely terrifies him to know Shouto is so innocent, naïve and childlike in certain areas where his peers are much more mature and adult. Shouto may be strong, but strength cannot make up for the lack of knowledge he possesses.

Because of these factors, Aizawa treats Shouto with a slightly softer hand when compared to the others. He also tends to worry over him the most which is why he called him out for the twentieth time yesterday in an attempt to figure out what has been going on with him for the past two months going on three. Now that he knows the truth, he is horrified yet determined to take the omega in as his own.

Yes, after a chat with Toshinori the night before, they have decided to adopt Shouto if the abuse allegations against Enji are successful. They are both committed to getting the boy out of there and into a safer home where he can live freely as a normal kid all while getting the psychological help he needs.

Which is why when he hears Inasa is sharing a bed with him, again, he goes over there to check for himself. According to those who live near his dorm, Shouto had woken up screaming again which led to others being woken up at three in the morning. They left Inasa to deal with it, but they don’t know when the omega actually went to bed.

Now, Aizawa knows Inasa is a nice kid who probably won’t do anything to Shouto… He just wants to be sure his most vulnerable student is safe around this alpha he barely knows on a personal level.

He swung open the door loudly, marched right on over to the bed, ripped off the blanket and growled.

Inasa’s hands were a bit too low on his waist for his liking… It doesn’t help matters the alpha is a giant compared to the tiny omega in his arms.

“Hands where I can see them, Yoarashi.”

Inasa is a light sleeper—unlike Shouto—so when he sees as well as feels the caustic glare from Aizawa, he is frozen in fear for a moment there. Then he stammers because damn, he didn’t think this would ever happen in his lifetime, “I’m sorry, sir! I’ll be sure to keep my hands where you can see them.”

Aizawa hums to the answer, but it’s not good enough for the tired man who is just not in a good mood this morning. Shouto has never missed a class before and hearing what those on his floor had to say had him worried. He went from worried to annoyed to slightly pissed off all in a few seconds time.

“Tell Todoroki to meet me at the principal’s office. Tell him he’s not in trouble, no one is mad at him, and we just want to talk about what he said about his father yesterday.”

“Okay, will do!”

“Good, now keep those oversized giant hands on his shoulders at all times. I don’t need any pregnancies happening here because alpha couldn’t keep it in his pants.”

Inasa stifles to the harsh accusation, but he does his best to not act offended (though he is, he despises being compared to Shouto’s rapists even if it is subtle or unintentional), “Yes, sir!”

As Aizawa leaves, he’s not too sure what to think of Inasa…the alpha certainly seems nice enough, but he’s not sure if he wants to see Shouto mated to him or not yet.

Oh well. He can figure this out later. For now, he needs to let the obviously tired omega sleep. Heaven knows he will need the extra rest before their talk.


Shouto wakes up in Inasa’s arms, the alpha greeting him gently, “Good morning, well, more like afternoon… How are you feeling after last night?”

Shouto had a bad nightmare. It started off as a flashback of a brutal training session with his father that then morphed into the day his mother poured the boiling water on him before finally changing to the same out of body scene where he is seeing and feeling his rape happen to his body with nothing he can do or say to make it stop. His imagination of what they did is most likely worse than what actually happened, but until Shouto hears from them exactly what they did to his unconscious body, he won’t be able to rest at night. As strange as it sounds, he wants to know what happened to him when he was dead to the world. He wants closure because his mind comes up with all of these awful ideas which when combined with his paranoia over them finding him again for a second round, makes it impossible for him to sleep at nights.

He’s terrified of what they are capable of. He’s terrified of them finding him again and thinking, ‘hey, let’s take him again, but this time without any drugs or alcohol to subdue him’. Not knowing what they did only amplifies this fear he views to be nothing more than strange paranoia. He wishes he remembered something of what they did so he could know how to spot it out and protect himself. He wishes he remembered the attack so he could put his attackers behind bars before they do this to someone else.

Wishing won’t fix anything now, especially the way he acted last night. He woke up at three in the morning screaming when things got too intense. Believing he was still in the dream, he began to cry and beg for help, only for Inasa to pull him into his strong chest. He did calm down, but it was slow and Inasa had to remind him constantly, ‘it’s just a dream, you’re here, not there’.

At five in the morning, he was finally tired enough to go back to bed. It didn’t silence the feelings of guilt and shame over how he acted. It didn’t silence his mind from picking him apart for inconveniencing the others on his floor. He just wanted to crawl into a hole and rot after hearing they woke up as well. It made him feel so worthless for getting so worked up over a stupid nightmare.

“I’m feeling better, I guess.” Shouto answers the alpha in front of him while not meeting his eyes.

It makes Inasa frown to see this, but he doesn’t argue or pester him. Instead, he says, “Aizawa wants to talk to you in the principal’s office. You’re not in trouble, no one is mad at you, all they want to do is talk about what you told him yesterday about your father.”

Shouto asks his tall friend just to be sure, “Do I have to be alone when I’m there?”

“Todoroki, I can’t stay here all day. I do have school to get to, I mean, my parents did cover me and everything…”

Shouto sighs, cuddling into Inasa’s comforting, warm body while muttering, “I wish I didn’t have to do this alone, but if I want to leave that hellhole…then I have no other choice.”

Inasa coos to him, his words being ones of encouragement, “Don’t worry about it, Todoroki! You’ll be fine. You are the strongest omega I know.”

“Thank you, Yoarashi.”

They would remain like this—Shouto’s legs intertwined with Inasa’s, his face buried into his chest, Inasa’s hands on his upper back—for at least another twenty minutes before they would get ready for the day ahead of them.


Once he was in the principal’s office, Shouto wasn’t nervous at all. If of anything, he felt emboldened to speak out against his father and his abusive ways. He may not be able to put his rapists behind bars, but at least he can save himself from his father.

He will never tell Aizawa about his rape. He doesn’t need to know and besides, if he couldn’t even tell his friends at UA, how could he even begin to tell Aizawa?

No, this is not about what happened in that alleyway or the place they took him to after leaving the club. This is about escaping his father and he is going to make the most of this golden, once in a lifetime opportunity.

Nezu cuts through his thoughts with a calm, “Would you like chamomile tea, Todoroki? Aizawa, All Might, and Recovery Girl are on their way now, but it will be a bit before they are here.”

Shouto rejects the offer, not liking to drink any beverage he hasn’t made for himself personally or bought fresh from a vending or store, “No thank you, I am good.”

It’s nonsensical to have this odd preference of drinks, Shouto knows this, but it’s the only way he feels safe drinking anything after what happened to him.

“Alright then.” Nezu pours himself a cup while they wait for the teachers and nurse to arrive. Shouto is confused as to why she is coming for this, but he figures he can ask when they are all here.

It isn’t too much longer before they all arrive, each with grim looks on their faces. It’s only then that Shouto realizes what is a fact of life to him is a not the same for others. It’s only then Shouto starts to somewhat regret telling Aizawa about his father instead of his rape.

“Todoroki, we need to ask you a few things.” Aizawa begins calmly yet confidently all at once, “For example, can you explain these photos?”

Shouto had passed a few times during hero training courses over the last two months. What he did not know is Recovery Girl had been monitoring his physical condition the whole time in various ways. She kept notes, records of his injuries that were not from any courses at school, and worst of all, photographic evidence showing hand shaped burn marks on his skin.

Shouto sees the photos first for a few moments before Recovery Girl explains in a slightly nervous voice, “I know your father is a pro hero and I know he trains you very strictly. However, over these last two months, I’ve been seeing these marks quite frequently on you. Are these all from your father?”

Shouto takes a deep, steadying breath to gather himself mentally before meeting the gazes of the concerned adults in the room directly, “Yes, they are all from him. It’s a part of the training I’ve been receiving ever since my quirks manifested.”

There’s a small gasp of shock and horror but it is not from Recovery Girl. No, it is from Nezu who looked a bit sick in the face upon hearing Shouto’s strong yet nonchalant answer.

“Is it always so…intense?” All Might asks him and Shouto answers right back with the same nonchalance as before, “It is, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I’ve gotten used to it…besides, it’s probably all a learning curve somehow. I mean, I do know how to properly treat myself for injuries now, especially burns and fractures—”

“Fractures?” Aizawa growls out, wanting nothing more in this moment than to attack Enji in person for what he did to his own family, especially his so-called favorite child.

For Shouto, this is no big deal. He doesn’t get what, exactly is so horrific. He knows what his father does is wrong. He just doesn’t really grasp how wrong it is or why it seems to scare people when he tells them about it. It’s something which confuses him, needless to say. After telling Midoriya everything, he remembers the other boy looking so sad for him and even looking upon him in a bit of pity.

He doesn’t care for pity. It makes him feel like a small, weak, defenseless, stupid, useless omega who is dumb enough to leave his drink alone at a fucking club of all places—

No, he needs to focus on his answer now. He cannot begin to hate himself just yet, “Yeah, I’ve had fractures before that required me to go to a doctor. I know how to hold myself together until a doctor sees me, but that’s mostly because of what I had to learn after three-hour long training sessions gone wrong because of me being stupid.”

They are all silent and still upon hearing this for reasons Shouto doesn’t quite comprehend. All they can do is allow Aizawa to speak, “Todoroki, what you went through is not normal. It was abuse and you do not need to live through that again. We are going to go to the authorities about this so you never have to go back home to the dumpster fire you’re forced to call a father ever again.”

Shouto doesn’t think this will work, but he can at least give some props to their efforts. At least they are trying, even though he knows their efforts will have been for nothing when his father does inevitably win.

“Fine, you can try, but my father is not like an average villain you can demonize with ease and throw into Tartarus. He’s well-connected, known for being the new number one hero, and he has a lot of money on him that can buy whatever he pleases. I’m not sure if you will succeed, but if you do, what will happen to me next? Will I stay with Natsuo or Fuyumi?”

“Natsuo is still a minor. Until he hits twenty, he cannot have you in his custody. Fuyumi doesn’t have her own place, so she can’t take you in.” All Might answers the omega teen, eventually getting to what he wanted to say, “You will be staying with Aizawa and I. We’ve already discussed this and to be honest, it was an easy agreement for us. We only want to know if you would want to live with us or not.”

Shouto considers this for a moment, thinking about the foster care system, the adoption system, the processes behind both… He’d rather be with people who he knows will most likely be good to him and treat him right. He’d rather be with familiar faces as opposed to strangers. So…it sounds like this is the best option he has at the moment.

“Living with anyone would be better than going home. I wouldn’t mind living with you.”

All Might smiles one of his signature bright smiles but this time there’s something else to it that makes Shouto feel a warm sensation blooming in his chest, “Excellent! We cannot wait to take you in as our own.”

“I’ll go contact the proper authorities about this. Todoroki, you can stay at your dorm today. After everything that’s been going on with you, you deserve to have a day off. I do expect you in class tomorrow, though, so don’t be late.” Aizawa warns him with a small glance in his direction while he heads over to the door.

“I will be there on time, no need to worry.”

Aizawa nods to this, heading out of the office with Shouto, Recovery Girl, and All Might following suite. The walk back to the dorms is quiet for him as the reality of his situation sinks in the closer he gets back to his room. It isn’t until he’s in his room that he curls up in the bed and tries to not let the gnawing fear churn his stomach too much.

This is really happening. He is getting a chance to leave his father and suddenly, it doesn’t seem so black and white anymore. On one hand, he’s happy and wishing the effort made by his future parents will succeed. On the other hand, he’s terrified of what all his father will do to explain away his marks and bruises. He doesn’t want his teachers or peers to know of his rape. If they do, they will think less of him and he knows he can't live with that.  

Chapter Text

Life itself seems to despise Shouto for reasons he doesn’t even know.

He knew his father would never let him leave without a fight. He just didn’t expect him to get technical about everything the way he has done. When speaking to the CPS, he called out Recovery Girl immediately, saying she shouldn’t have taken those photos or kept those records without his or Shouto’s consent and knowledge of it. Since Enji was never told of this or asked about it, the CPS were close to dropping the investigation in general. It wasn’t until they interviewed Shouto that the case was dropped.

Yes, Shouto recanted everything he had told Aizawa. It was not without good reason, though.

Throughout the whole interview he was hoping they would see through his façade and know he is lying, except they didn’t. Shouto is stuck with his father for good and nothing he can do can fix it now. It doesn’t help that when he was being questioned, all he could think of was his father’s words to him beforehand spoken in a low, angered mumble directed specifically at him. Shouto didn’t need to be near the man to know what was being said for he heard him loud and clear: “Tell them anything and I will tell the whole world about your being dumb enough to get raped the way you did.”

Shouto doesn’t want to lose the respect he’s worked so hard for. He doesn’t want to lose his status as a powerful hero in training like this, not over being an omega who was dumb enough to get raped the way he did. He knows the old man will do it too, he knows he will do it so he can never work as a hero in Japan without people treating him like some weak, frail, dainty omega who needs to be pitied, taken care of, and go easy on because he’s not really equal to them—

He needs to calm down before those angered thoughts get the best of him.

When he sees the disappointed faces of his teachers, he feels a deep stab of guilt in his chest. It burns him to know he let them down. He wants nothing more than to tell them the truth, but the truth would mean they would look down on him and he knows he can never live with that.

He leaves with his father in silence, keeping his gaze forward the whole while. He didn’t dare to look anywhere else or at anyone else. He knew he failed, but he also knew he saved his own skin. His secret is still safe, and no one will ever look down on him.


Inasa wasn’t happy to hear what happened with the case. He wasn’t any happier when he heard the reason why Shouto had recanted everything. No, he’s frustrated at this point and he doesn’t know how to stop himself from letting it take over him, “Are you meaning to tell me you recanted everything because he threatened you?”

Shouto nods, his eyes on the floor of his dorm when asking Inasa, “Please, Yoarashi, don’t be too loud about this. I don’t want anyone to know.”

“I’m trying to not be, but Todoroki, this is pure bullshit! He shouldn’t have been allowed to even see you before you got interviewed, he shouldn’t have been allowed to be near you enough to threaten you the way he did! They dropped the ball and they need to fix this!”

The omega tenses at the angered pheromones that are released, but he doesn’t know what else to say or do. All he can do and say is, “Yoarashi, I know they dropped the ball, but even if they didn’t, it doesn’t change things. He would have leaked out the story of my rape to the media and the world if I was taken away from him. No one would ever see me as an equal ever again in Japan. I’d have to leave the country in order to do hero work so no one would see me as a weak, pitiful, powerless omega who everyone should go easy on because I’m not a true equal to alphas and betas.”

Inasa sees the look of disappointment on Shouto’s face and he feels bad for getting so frustrated but… He can’t help it! He wants the omega to be free and happy. How can he be free happy and when he is going through something like this?

“Todoroki…the whole world wouldn’t think less of you.” Inasa begins, but is cut off by Shouto sighing deeply, “You’re right, they wouldn’t, and I know that. It doesn’t change the fact that all of Japan and the people who matter most in my life would. That alone makes me not want to ever let anyone know. Japan is not like the rest of hero society around the world. Omega heroes who get raped are seen as survivors in other countries, but in Japan, they’re seen as weak and something to be pitied, something to be protected, and not taken seriously as a hero. I don’t want to be looked down upon here. I want to be seen as me, not as my gender.”

Inasa understands better then why Shouto recanted everything. It was impossible to be frustrated when he could see the defeated look in his eyes so clearly. He approached the small omega and hugged him tightly. Shouto was taken aback by the hug, but melted into it nonetheless. Inasa would croon to him, “I will never think less of you or look down on you. You’re still a strong omega in my eyes no matter what.”

It makes Shouto feel relieved to hear this from Inasa, but there is always a prickle of fear in the back of his mind. If his rape did become public knowledge, would Inasa stand by his side or would he leave him in order to save face?

He’s not sure and it scares him to think of the possibilities.


Inasa did spend the night there again, with Shouto waking up at least two different times from nightmares and Inasa having to calm him down with a mixture of calming pheromone, croons, and gentle rubs on his back. It works to get him back to sleep, but Inasa knows nothing ever lasts forever.

When Shouto wakes up the next morning, his face pales when he checks his phone. His hands begin to tremble, and he’s left to feel violated all over again. Morbid curiosity gets the best of him, though, which is why he clicks on video sent in his email because surely there’s no way, right?

The anonymous sender of the email had claimed to have a video of his rape. They were threatening to release it if they did not get a certain amount of money in the next twenty-four hours.

Here Shouto had thought it be a hoax. Then he watched the video and felt sick when doing so. It was clearly taken back at that one place he was taken to by his rapists and…oh fuck, it was right after he had that final drink, wasn’t it? It looks like it was because Shouto was out like a light and they were all taking turns with his body, making lewd comments (perhaps the most disturbing being “Damn, I could fuck this thing forever—you think we could keep him in like, a basement or something, chained up to a bed? I’m sure the slut would like that. Then he can spend all of his days getting knotted up by us and you know he’d love that.”), and when they felt bored knotting him vaginally, they went for it anally…

Here he had thought if he knew what happened to him when he was out, he would be able to handle it better. Except, now that he’s seen it from beginning to end (beginning being the part where they fucked his mouth and the end being where the video cuts off to them throwing him in the alleyway like a garbage bag) he feels horrified and sick. Bile is coursing up his throat, his eyes are glued to his phone’s screen even after the video is done playing. He doesn’t know what to do or who to turn to—can he even turn to anyone aside from his father over this?

His father! Yes, he will message him, he will pay them off, and the world won’t have to ever see this disgusting, degrading, dehumanizing video!

Horror overcomes him when texting his father with a copy of the email and video, begging him to do whatever it takes to prevent this from being put out there.

Shouto cannot stop himself from dropping his phone, rushing out of his room, and heading over to the omega bathroom where the bile escapes his throat at long last. Afterwards, he had to take deep breaths to recollect himself and calm down, however it wasn’t working. All he can do now is try to…do…what?

What can he do? All he can do is revel in the horror of the fact his rapists had casually talked about wanting to take him that night to a basement and keep him chained up so he could be their sex slave. The only reason why they didn’t do it is because the girl—Kairi, that’s her name, Shouto reminds himself—looked him up and found out who he was. When they heard this, they went ahead with it anyway and decided to throw him in an alleyway in the hopes people would assume Shouto got attacked by a villain.

No, he didn’t get attacked by a villain. He got attacked by something worse than a villain. He got attacked by a group of sociopaths who see omegas as being human blow up dolls they can own without consequences.

There’s a knock on the door, a low voice asking, “Todoroki, can I come in?”

Inasa was outside the door and needless to say, he is worried. When he saw Shouto was gone with only his phone on the ground, he panicked but then he caught a glimpse of the text from his father. He has a vague idea about what happened, but he needs to be sure he has this right because if this really did happen to Shouto…then he will make it his mission to find those bastards and hurt them for hurting the omega!

“Yoarashi?” Shouto asks, just to be sure it’s him and not Midoriya. He cannot face his classmates right now, not after what happened.

“Yeah, it’s me. Can I come in? You left your phone in the dorm and I want to be sure I have this right.”

Shouto thinks it over, not wanting anyone by him but at the same time not wanting to be alone either.

He caves to Inasa, but only because the tall alpha is the only one he can trust right now, “You may. Just don’t be too loud, please. I don’t want anyone over hearing this.”

Inasa enters the room after checking to be sure no one else is up to see this. He is going to be starting UA today and he’d rather be on everyone’s good side instead of their bad.

He sees Shouto on the floor, his knees up to his chest and his eyes lifeless at whatever has happened to him. He wants to rush over to his side and hold him tightly in his arms, but he doesn’t. He instead approaches him slowly and takes a seat across from him on the tiled floor, “Are you okay, Todoroki?”

Shouto shakes his head, a stammer being heard through his sigh and somehow he forces himself to speak, “I don’t know anymore, Yoarashi. I only know I have never been so…disgusted before.”

Inasa takes the initiative to ask him, “I saw the text on your phone from your father saying he wants you to come down to the police station today and hand over your phone to the authorities. He said he wouldn’t pay off your rapists in a million years and to get over it. Did they…send you something that made you upset? Are they threatening you?”

Shouto’s dam breaks and the tears he had been holding in start to fall in silence, “Yeah, they sent me a video of my entire rape. They are threatening to leak it out if they don’t get the amount of money they want.”

Inasa wants to growl, snarl, and hiss at whoever the hell would do something so deplorable to Shouto! Then he hears a whimper and forces himself to remain calm instead, “I’m sorry about that…if you want, I could go with you to the police station.”

“No, it’s fine. I don’t want you to miss out on your first day here. I shouldn’t have kept you up or woken you up so early. I’m so sorry for being a burden, Yoarashi.”

“Don’t apologize to me for anything relating to this. I want to help you and I want to make you better again. I want to be the one you turn to no matter what. Don’t worry about me, Todoroki: worry about yourself.”

He nods and there’s a silence as tears continue to slip out of his eyes. He hasn’t been this scared ever since his mom left and he wasn’t told why right away. Before his mind could go down a rabbit hole of ‘what ifs’, there’s a hand on his knee, giving him a gentle squeeze.

It’s not much, but he’ll take any form of comfort right now.


Enji had told the school Shouto needed to go to a doctor today, so Aizawa was forced to accept this lie much to his own disdain. Inasa was trying to have a nice first day at school, but he couldn’t. It didn’t matter that all of the people were nice to him so far, he couldn’t but worry over Shouto. He wants to be with him, he wants to help him, and he wants to be the one to hold him when it gets to be too much for him.

He’s worried over Shouto and he’s hoping his worry isn’t showing. Though the students do not see it, it seems there is one person who does.

“Yoarashi, I want to speak to you after class.” Aizawa had said to him. He was confused at first, but he decided to go talk to him after class.

If it helps him get his mind off what could be going on with Shouto, he will take the offer.

“Yes, sir!” Inasa forces with too much enthusiasm, making Aizawa roll his eyes at the obviously faked emotion behind it.

Of course, he wasn’t expecting to have Aizawa talk to him about Shouto, but it happened and Inasa was not prepared for this.

“Yoarashi, you’re close to Todoroki, correct?” Aizawa begins and Inasa nods, “I am.”

The alpha teacher is quick to interrogate the new kid because he assumes he will be able to answer a few questions that have been gnawing at him as of late, “Why did he recant everything he told me last week?”

It took a full week for Shouto’s case to the CPS because of Enji’s fighting it every step of the way. Ironically enough, that’s also the time it took for Inasa to transfer to UA because his teachers did not want him to leave Shiketsu. He was able to convince them in the end to let him go, but unfortunately for Aizawa, the abuse case fell apart the moment Shouto recanted everything and sided with his father.

Inasa wants to tell Aizawa the real reason why he did recant everything, but he knows he can’t. Shouto would never forgive him if he did, especially after what he learned just earlier this morning. To know he’d have the omega’s hate for a valid reason has him hell bent on playing dumb to the alpha teacher.

“I don’t know why. He won’t talk about it to me anymore and I’m starting to get worried.” Inasa admits, allowing his true concern for Shouto to show through this one time.

Aizawa seems skeptical but he knows better than to push for answers when he shouldn’t be, “Really? Why isn’t he telling you anything? Given the fact you did sleep with him last night, I wonder why he would be icing you out now.”

“I sleep with him to help calm him down from the nightmares. He says I am the only one he trusts, but he’s not trusting with me this and it’s frustrating because I want to help! It’s like he’s not letting me help him…”

Inasa is frustrated but not over this. He’s frustrated because he hasn’t heard from Shouto ever since he left this morning and he’s starting to get worried over him.

“I understand how frustrating that can be. Yagi isn’t one hundred percent honest with me all the time and it drives me up a wall when he isn’t.” Aizawa decides to take another tactic to get the answers he desires. It will be a long road, but he’s hoping Inasa will fall for it, “If you ever want to vent out your frustrations, you can come to me. I am your teacher; listening and helping you with your problems is my job. I won’t ever hesitate to help a student, Yoarashi. Feel free to speak to me whenever.”

“I’ll be sure to, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to get to my next class.”

Inasa knows he should trust Aizawa. He knows he shouldn’t be keeping details from a pro hero. However, if he wants to have Shouto as his mate someday, he has to withhold details, information, and secrets so Shouto will feel he can trust him. He doesn’t want to lose the omega now, not after everything they’ve gone through so far! No, Inasa will get to keep Shouto by his side and nothing will stop him from doing so.

Chapter Text

Shouto would come back to the dorms, but his mind wasn’t there. All he could do was think of the horrifying facts as is: his rapists had threatened him in an email containing the video of his rape. They went through his phone (he didn’t have any security on it because his father didn’t allow him to), got his email, and they were able to email the video to him. They don’t know why they are being so reckless like this, but Shouto has since surrendered his phone to the phone to them. He lies and tells his classmates, “My phone broke and it’s getting fixed now. I’ll be sure to text you when it’s fixed.”

They all bought but Inasa knew better. He wound up asking him, “Is there something wrong, Todoroki?”

Shouto wouldn’t say anything in front of everyone else, but he would tell Inasa once behind the closed doors of his dorm, “The police had to take my phone to track down my rapists. My father never allowed me to have any form of security measure on my phone because he always did checks on my texts, emails, social media use, and phone calls to be sure I wasn’t doing he didn’t approve of. They think that’s how my rapists got my email from my old phone.”

(Shouto's old phone had been stolen by his rapists after they left naked in an alleyway. Shouto had gotten a new one afterwards, one that was able to receive the backup files on his laptop from the old phone. He had told his friends his old phone had gotten stolen from him, which wasn't a total lie, but not the full truth as to why he had a new number.) 

The alpha takes his smaller hand into his own, crooning to him, “Hey, it will be alright. I’m sure they’ll catch them—”

“It doesn’t change the fact they talked about keeping me locked up in a basement as a sex slave for them to knot whenever they pleased. It doesn’t change the fact they filmed my rape. It doesn’t change anything now that I know what happened to me when I was knocked out!”

Shouto didn’t mean to snap, but after seeing the video, he’s been feeling nothing but disgust, horror, and a crawling sensation on his skin. He wants to pretend this never happened, but after seeing it, it made everything he went through all the more real and potent.

He was raped while knocked out and his rapists filmed it, most likely for their own sick pleasure too.

He feels gross again. He should shower or do something to get rid of this feeling on his skin.

Inasa is concerned to hear this, but he makes him an offer he thinks the omega should not back down on, “Todoroki, I know you’re upset, and you must feel violated all over again after hearing this. I think you should attend counselling at your mother’s hospital to help you cope better with your situation.”

Dual colored eyes are snapped onto him in an instant, horrified and wide when he shakes his head, “N-No…no, no, you can’t make me go to one, Yoarashi! What if they tell my father? What if they leak it out to the media or the internet? What if—”

“None of that will happen. Counsellors are supposed to keep all information on their patients confidential. If they break this rule of confidentiality, they can go to prison, especially if it concerns sensitive material associated with a hero or hero in training.” Shouto doesn’t seem too sold on this idea, but Inasa bites his lip for a moment before placing a hand on Shouto’s shoulder, “Please, Todoroki, there’s only so much I can do for you…allow yourself to say ‘I need and deserve help’ and allow yourself to take it. You don’t deserve to suffer in silence like this. You realize that, don’t you?”

The omega before him says nothing to this, his eyes frozen on him and his body rigid. The dorm falls into a static silence before Shouto—after what felt like the longest, tensest hours of his life—finally gave a hesitant answer, “I’ll give it a try, but what if I don’t want to do it alone?”

“Then me or your mom can be there for you if you don’t want to be alone. There’s no need to worry, Todoroki. You’ll be just fine as long as you get the proper treatment for your mental health.”

Shouto nods, not knowing how to feel about this or what to do about it. All he can do is ask Inasa, “I need to clear my head from everything, but I don’t know want to do anything other than sleep right now. Yoarashi, I know you sleep with me a lot, but I…want to know if you will sleep with me now, please? I know it’s not late out at all, but I’m really worn out after what happened today and—”

“No, you can sleep with me all you want, Todoroki. I don’t mind.”

Shouto heaves a sigh of relief and whispers, “Thank you, Yoarashi.”

Inasa takes Shouto into his arms before the omega can stumble and hurt himself, “No problem, Todoroki. I like sleeping with you, it makes me feel like we’re mated even though we’re not yet. I want to be your mate someday, and I feel like this is great practice before that happens.”

Shouto hums to this, but does wonder, “Why would you want to be with me if you know your future will consist of sleepless nights because of my nightmares and awkward, tense moments with my father who you always want to punch out?”

“I want to be with you because I’m falling in love with you and I can’t see a future where you’re not my omega.”

Inasa lays them down on Shouto’s tatami mat and wraps a blanket around them, “I don’t care what kind of past you have. I don’t care whatever scars or issues you may have that may or may not be there all of your life. I only care about being a part of your future as your alpha.”

He’s so…sweet, cute, and nice to him… Such an alpha is one he always wanted all of his life: tall, strong, kind, understanding, patient, cute, sweet, and nice to him.

Wait, what? No, he did not just—did he? Did he really…think about Inasa like that?

There’s no way he thought that about the man who can write novels on and get into heated, passionate debates about his favorite crack ships. There’s no way he thought this about the person who can find something positive about something as ugly as a cockroach.

His mind is too dead and sleepy to dwell on it now. He falls asleep in Inasa’s arms, his head on his chest as he tries to black out and forget what happened to him.



Shouto’s night terrors were the worst that night. Inasa hadn’t ever seen Shouto get to a state where he actually had to do whatever it took to wake him up because he was so convinced he was awake for his rape this time around, he was so convinced he was back at that random hotel room, with six strangers forcing themselves on him all at once.

He got barely any sleep that night, and since it is the weekend today, he has decided now is a better time than never to act out on his plan.

Shouto visits his mother on the weekends. Yes, he has been seeing her still even after the abortion happened. She still does not hate him for getting it done and she’s never shamed or blamed him once over it. She’s not mad or upset about it either because she can accept it is Shouto’s right to choose, unlike his siblings and his father.

His relationship with her has gotten stronger over this, that much Inasa has gladly noticed. He’s hoping Shouto will agree to go to counselling today because he needs it now more than ever.

Shouto looks at Inasa in nothing but guilt, his wearied voice enhancing it more when he whispers, “I’m so sorry for keeping you up last night, Yoarashi. I’m so, so sorry.”

“Listen, I know you didn’t mean to keep me up last night, but Todoroki, you need help. Last night was a wake-up call to me for how severely you need real professional help.” Shouto appears to look somewhat hurt to this, causing Inasa to clarify, “I don’t mind being your first resort, but I shouldn’t be the only resort and I realize that now. There are things I can’t help you with, and this is one of them. Please, see the counsellor today at your mother’s hospital. I don’t want you to live like this forever. You don’t deserve to.”

Shouto seems to be a bit hesitant yet relieved to hear this, “You…don’t want to leave me after what happened last night?”

Inasa shakes his head to this, “No, I do not want to leave you. I meant what I said yesterday: I don’t care about your past or the problems you may or may not from it, I only care about having a future with you as your mate.”

The omega doesn’t really believe it. I mean, he does believe it on some end or another, but he’s not fully convinced. None of this is Inasa’s fault, because his actions have proven the value behind his words, but it’s all down to Shouto’s own views of himself. He didn’t have a high self-esteem (or any at all) to begin with, but the rape just made it worse. He feels worthless, useless, used, dirtied, hideous, and unworthy of anyone’s love, especially Inasa’s.

He cannot help but to believe he is not good enough for Inasa. He cannot help but to know there will be a point where Inasa will wake up one day and know how much he can do better before leaving him. It’s what Shouto knows will happen someday if Inasa is by him long enough because everyone in his life who loves him always leaves him.

First it was his mom burning him. Then it was Touya committing suicide and Natsuo not seeing him in person after his rape. Soon it will be Inasa leaving him next if he stays around long enough. Shouto is meant to either be alone or be a hole for others to fuck. He’d rather be alone, though, at least it doesn’t burn as bad as being a human blow up doll.

He doesn’t want to lose Inasa, he doesn’t want to feel the pain of losing the only one who knows everything he has gone through and still talks about dreams of a future together with him. He wants to keep Inasa by his side for as long as possible because going without him is terrifying and he’s not sure if he can do it.

Fuck…he got too close to the tall alpha and now he’s paying the price! Why does he have to be sexy and adorable at the same time? Why does he have to be everything he ever wanted in an alpha all of his life?

…Okay, no, this cannot be right. Inasa’s a very close friend who is the only dating or courting option for when he is ready to date or court…isn’t he?

He shakes his head, trying to clear out these headache inducing thoughts all swirling in his head at once like some tornado. Once he is able to, he manages a small, “Okay, Yoarashi. I’ll believe you.”

He can believe in Inasa’s words, just not in his own value or self-worth.

Inasa would beg of him, “Please, talk to your mother about counselling. I’m sure there are ways you can get it done without your father knowing and if you get scared or uncomfortable, I will be there, I promise!”

Shouto doesn’t want to let Inasa down, so he swallows down his apprehension, “Alright, I will give it a try, but only because I don’t like keeping you up all night.”

“I don’t care about your motive as long as you are willing to get the help you deserve.”

Inasa asks him out of his own curiosity, “Are you feeling awake enough to go to a counselling session today? I know you didn’t get much sleep last night either.”

The smaller of the two raises his hand, “There is no need to worry about me, Yoarashi. I’ve been operating off of very little sleep for a long time now. I can handle it.”

The former Shiketsu high student frowns to this, his worried eyes falling on Shouto rather quickly, “I don’t like hearing that, though. You’re too cute and small to be adjusted to sleep deprivation and starvation.”


“No, it’s not right! You shouldn’t be used to these awful things! You deserve better than that.”

Shouto sighs and nuzzles his collarbone, “Everything will be alright, please don’t worry.”

“I can try not to, but it’s easier said than done. You are the one I want to mate someday. I can’t help but to worry over you and your health.”

“Try to worry less. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get better so you don’t have to worry anymore.”

Inasa ruffles his hair a bit, thinking it looks adorable on him when it’s all messy, “You should be doing it for yourself, but I don’t really care about the motive at this point. I only care that you are at least willing to try.”

It’s all true, Inasa doesn’t care about his motives or reasonings for being open to counselling. He only cares that Shouto is at least willing to try.


Shouto is dressed up in tight, light blue skinny jeans (they would have been tight and fit better if he were the proper weight he is supposed to be), a baggy grey pullover, and a pair of light grey slip-ons. Inasa thinks he looks so precious and small, but he doesn’t like the way he can feel bone on Shouto still whenever he hugs him.

Inasa himself is only in a plain white button down with boot cut jeans and a pair of black sneakers on. It’s nothing too fancy, but then this isn’t a date. This is a day where Inasa goes with Shouto to see his mother and ask about an option for counselling.

He takes Shouto’s hand into his own and holds him close as they walk down the street. He really is glad he wasn’t at UA for the Sports Festival because all people do when they see Shouto is comment on his quirk or his looks (usually both) and attempt to ask for autographs. It’s enough to make Inasa hold him as close as possible so the people know to not talk to him. If they believe they are dating or courting, then all the better because Inasa is not going to allow some random creepy, stalker fan to ask Shouto out for a date or courtship.

Shouto isn’t complaining about being held close to him. Even when they are on the metro, Inasa has them sitting down so no one can make any moves on Shouto. Yes, he knows all about the creepy perverts on metros, looking for small, pretty omegas like Shouto to molest… Nope, not happening on Inasa’s watch!

He keeps his eyes out for any potential creeps the whole ride over and found nothing, which was a relief. He did at least get to have the added bonus of Shouto resting his head on his shoulder, another major bonus for Inasa if you ask him! Shouto is so cute when he’s sleeping peacefully because then he looks relaxed. However, he is a tragic sight for Inasa to look at whenever he has a nightmare. His features contort into the signs of horror, his scent reeks of distress and fear, and most of the times he cries in his sleep with sobs following shortly after. The begging and pleading for it all to stop is what really upsets Inasa. He knows what it is happening in the nightmare then, which means he knows the extent of Shouto’s suffering. He wants to help him, save him, do anything for him, but he can’t.

It always frustrates him whenever it gets to that point. He enjoys the sight of a happily sleeping Shouto so much, he will not wake him. He chooses to carry him bridal style instead because he likes having the omega cuddle up in his arms, curling in as close to his body as he can.

It makes him smile to see this precious sight while he can. He knows people look at him oddly whenever he has Shouto in his arms like this in public, but he doesn’t give a damn. Shouto is going to be his mate someday, so they can all fuck off for all he cares! If Shouto were awake, he’d be so embarrassed over being carried like this in public, but he’s asleep now so Inasa will enjoy it while he can.

When they reach the hospital, he enters the building and sets Shouto down in a lobby chair, “Todoroki, wake up, we’re here…come on, wake up.”

It takes him a few good shakes but Shouto does wake up. He blinks rapidly, his body jolting at the surprise, his grey and blue eyes darting about the new scenery in confusion, “What? We’re here already? When I did fall asleep?”

“On the metro, but it’s okay. All that matters is we’re here now.”

Shouto nods, yawning and stretching, making Inasa blush as well as take a video of this for cuteness reasons. Shouto didn’t notice when he started or stopped filming, so he was able to check in at the desk to see his mother right away. When they were given the permission to see her, they walked on over to her room in pure silence, with Shouto holding Inasa’s hand during the walk.

When they do reach her room, she is already answering the door with a bright smile, “Hello Shouto! I was told you were on your way over here so I thought I’d check to see if you are here or not. Oh, you brought Yoarashi again? Are you sure you two aren’t dating or courting yet?”

Shouto blushes bright red to this, shaking his head while he does so, “N-No, we’re not dating or courting yet… He’s here because I need to ask you something pretty serious.”

Her smiles fades to a frown as she steps aside to let them in. Once they are inside her room, she shuts the door and asks, “What do you need to ask me about?”

Shouto isn’t sure how to say it, but when Inasa squeezes his hand, he finds the courage to say it, “Mom, I want…no, I need to go to counselling for what happened with my rape. I was wondering if I could do it here at your hospital…without the old man knowing.”

Rei exhales a heavy breath she had been holding in, taking her son into her arms after doing so to croon to him, “I’m glad you’re finally willing to go to counselling, Shouto. I will be able to get you the counselling without your father knowing, there’s no need to worry. I have been so worried over your mental health ever since you told me what happened with your being…sexually assaulted and I’m just happy you are finally open to getting it straightened out.”

“I’m only doing this because Yoarashi convinced me to. You owe a lot to him, mom. He’s done a lot for me and I wouldn’t where I am at now if it were not for him.”

Shouto means this full heartedly. Without Inasa, he might have died from starving himself. Without Inasa, he wouldn’t have had the abortion done. Without Inasa, he wouldn’t be here, getting help for his mental health issues. Without Inasa, he’d be a wreck, a shell of his former self, and he can acknowledge this. He owes Inasa the world and then some for all that he’s done for him so far.

Chapter Text

On Sunday, Shouto was able to see a counsellor at his mother’s hospital. He wanted her there for the session, but not Inasa which made the alpha feel a bit let down. He’s not going to get too upset over it, regardless, because he knows there are some things that he must not be comfortable telling him about yet. Inasa had been waiting for him in his mother’s room at the hospital, working on some extra assignment for class he had almost forgotten to do when he heard a knock on the door.

He went over to the door, expecting to maybe see Fuyumi for the first time ever, but what he got instead was Natsuo standing there.

In his first impression of Natsuo, he can say a few things about him: for example, he looks exactly like a younger version of his dad in the face. The hairstyle (despite the color being white instead of red) didn’t do him any favors in looking less like Endeavor, neither do the grey eyes or the stocky, athletic build.

No, this brother is everything Inasa has seen in pictures: an Endeavor look alike with their mother’s coloring.

“Who are you?” Natsuo asks cautiously, making Inasa smile in an attempt to get him to feel somewhat at ease around him, “I’m Yoarashi Inasa, Todoroki’s friend! You are his brother, right? Natsuo?”

Natsuo nods and replies, “Yeah…I’m his brother. Why are you here?”

“I’m here because Todoroki went to see a counsellor today with his mother. I usually come with him to this place so I know he’s safe and not in danger or anything.”

He looks to the floor then, his guilt being shown through a slight stammer in his voice, “Ah, I get it…you can keep him safe. That’s good at least. I should probably get going though, I don’t think Shouto would want to see me after what happened.”

Inasa is quick to deny this notion, no matter how strongly Natsuo feels on this, “No, he does want to see you! He thinks you’re mad at him because you won’t call him or see him in person anymore.”

Before Natsuo can ask, Inasa openly admits, “He told me everything that night a few months ago at the party… I’ve been by his side, helping him cope and recover from what happened. I couldn’t do it alone, so I convinced him to get professional help and now he’s finally doing it.”

The other alpha simply shakes his head, “You don’t get it, do you? If I hadn’t pushed him to come along with me to the party none of this would have ever happened in the first place! Shouto would be sleeping at nights, Shouto wouldn’t counselling, everything would be alright, but I just had to selfish and push him to do something he didn’t want to do…”

Natsuo sighs deeply, meeting Inasa’s eyes with his own guilt laden ones, “I am not any less guilty than his rapists. I am just as bad, if not worse, for trying to force him to be more extroverted when he never will be. He probably hates me for what I did to him and if he does, then it’s for the best that I never see him again.”

“He doesn’t hate you. If he did, he would have told me. He doesn’t even blame you for what happened, he blames himself for it. I’ve been trying to get him to stop that, but it’s like nothing ever sticks.” Inasa then gets back on track when he realizes he had changed topics, “But still, you should see him and speak to him! I think it would do wonders for him if you did.”

Natsuo is silent for a moment there and he feels the need to run from this because ever since this whole mess happened, he can’t help but to feel guilty.

If he hadn’t pressured Shouto, then this wouldn’t have happened. If he hadn’t tried to force him to be more extroverted than what he usually is, then he wouldn’t have been taken advantage of. If he had kept an eye on him during that whole party instead of being so confident in his classmates’ decency to not approach an underage omega, he wouldn’t have had his drink spiked and none of this mess would have happened.

He lives in a world of ‘what if’ scenarios in the aftermath of what happened to Shouto. He wants nothing more than to apologize properly to Shouto for being so reckless, selfish, and careless about his safety and comfort. He wants to vow to never pressure him into doing things he doesn’t want to do ever again. He wants to do so much, but he’s not sure if Shouto will accept his vows or apologies. He’s afraid of Shouto tearing him a new one and declaring his hatred for him, something he knows he cannot live with.

“I’m…not sure if it would.” is all he can say to Inasa, but the taller alpha is not one for giving up, “You won’t know if you don’t try! Don’t make your brother think you hate him after everything that happened. If you leave now, that’s what he will think and trust me, that’s something I do not want him to have on his mind.”

Natsuo is hesitant, but if Shouto really does think he hates him now…

“I’ll stay and talk to him, but if things go south, then this will be the last time I ever speak to him.”

“I understand.”

In all honesty, Inasa doesn’t really understand. Then again, he will never fully understand the Todoroki family dynamic because he came from a loving, nuclear home whereas they are broken and dysfunctional as they come.

He will do his best to understand for Shouto’s sake, but he cannot guarantee anything. This being said, if Natsuo does anything to upset Shouto…he can’t say it will end pretty for anyone here. After everything he’s gone through, the last thing Shouto needs is something else to go wrong.


It takes Shouto a good few hours before the session ends and he’s returning to his mother’s room with her by his side. He seems a bit tired, worn out even, but he doesn’t seem as burdened as he had before. Inasa will take any small improvement at this point because any victory—no matter how small—is still a victory in his eyes.

Shouto jolts at the sight of Natsuo, his eyes widen for a only a moment before returning to their normal size, “Natsuo?”

The white-haired young man swallows down his nervousness with a forced, “Hey Shouto, what’s up? I came here to see mom…I didn’t expect to see you or your friend here.”

Shouto is wary when speaking to him, taking his mother’s hand as he asks him, “Why have you been avoiding me? Do you…hate me for what happened?”

Inasa would usually try to do some damage control when it comes down to Shouto’s bluntness, but he figures it is unneeded here. Natsuo needs to hear Shouto’s blunt, uncensored thoughts and feelings towards the way he has been acting towards him. He needs to know he’s hurt Shouto in the way he’s handled things.

“…What? Shouto, no, I…I never hated you for what happened.”

“Then why are you avoiding me?”

“Because I was the one at fault.” Shouto looks at his brother incredulously, prompting Natsuo to unleash the guilt burdening him ever since this whole incident happened, “Shouto, I’m so sorry I pushed you and pressured you into going to the party when you didn’t want to! I should have let you stay at the dorm alone like you wanted to. I shouldn’t be pushing or pressuring you to do things you don’t want to do or be more extroverted and social when you’re not. I’m so sorry, if it weren’t for me and my selfishness, you wouldn’t have been raped.”

Shouto looks at his brother while releasing his mother’s hand. He approaches him at a normal speed pace and hugs him tightly when he is close enough to, “I’m glad you don’t hate me, but Natsuo…none of it was your fault. It was their fault for taking advantage of me and mine for being so dumb as to leave my drink alone in a club. Please don’t be upset over this anymore. This isn’t your burden to bear.”

“It wasn’t your fault! Don’t blame yourself for something they did to you! Dad shouldn’t have isolated you the way he did, and he should have taught you all about sexual assault instead of acting as though it didn’t exist.”

Shouto is silent, biting his lip and his trying his best to not break down in Natsuo’s returned grip on him. He inhales his brother’s scent of ice and holly, finding it soothing at the moment. Shouto doesn’t mind being held in his brother’s arms, but for Inasa…the sight was a bit…okay, it was almost enough to get him jealous.

Higher up families like Shouto’s do arrange for an omega to be mated to family if they cannot find a good mate for themselves. Though this practice is old, outdated, and no longer practiced anywhere in the world, Inasa never could put it past Enji to do something so terrible to his youngest son. As such, he cannot help it if he has to fight against a little bit of jealousy forming in his chest at the sight of the brothers hugging.

(It doesn’t help matters that Natsuo is good looking too.)

When Shouto and Natsuo end their hug, Inasa can breathe easy, but he does not like the way Shouto smells like Natsuo now. He feels so stupid for getting a little bit jealous over such small contact, but until Shouto is his mate, he cannot help it if he does get jealous of any and all alphas who come near him.

Shouto has to wonder, “Will you start talking to me and seeing me again now that you know I don’t hate you or blame you? I really miss spending time with you and being separated from you hurt, it hurt a lot more than you thought.”

Natsuo musses up his hair, grinning at him with all of the relief in his bones, “I will, Shouto. I’m sorry for icing you out. It won’t ever happen again, I promise.”

“Good, because I like spending time with you and getting to know you better. You’re easier to talk to than Fuyumi is at times.” Shouto confesses honestly, making Natsuo chuckle, “Yeah, I am more laidback than she is… So Shouto, anyone you interested in yet as a mate?”

Shouto blinks before blushing when his eyes land on Inasa, “U-Um…I have to get going now! Our curfew is going to be up soon and I’d rather not get in trouble.”

Natsuo hums to this, a sly tone there when he replies, “Cool. I can always ask you another time anyway. Goodbye for now, Shouto. Next time, I’ll figure out your mating situation.”

“No, you will not! Come on Yoarashi, we need to get going now.”

“Sure thing! Goodbye Todoroki family, I cannot wait to see you again!” Inasa calls out to them loudly as Shouto drags him by his hand to leave the room.

When they are out of the hospital and nearing the metro, he cannot help but to smell the air around Shouto. He frowns a bit while taking the small omega in: he’s dressed too cutely today to allow any alphas that close to him, even if it was his own brother…

(For the record, Shouto is wearing these black cigarette pants with an off-shoulder cream colored sweater.)

Ugh, Inasa feels so irrational for thinking like this but his alpha is literally forcing him to at this point!

Once they are on the metro, Inasa has him sitting on his lap, arms wrapped around him tightly as he nuzzles the back of his neck. He keeps Shouto in his hold like this until they reach their stop, but even then, he’s holding Shouto bridal style all the way back to the dorms, making him hide his face in his chest.

“Yoarashi…” he whines, “people will stare!”

“Don’t care.”

“I will smell like you when we get back.”

“What’s so wrong about that? Don’t you like my scent?”

“No, I love your scent!”

Okay, Shouto may have spoken this a bit too loudly because people are now staring, which causes the embarrassed omega to whimper while reburying his blushing face back into Inasa’s chest. Inasa feels like a king while he holds him close, “I’m so happy you love my scent! When we’re mated, it’s the only scent you’ll have reeking off of you so other alphas will know not to touch you.”

Shouto nods but says nothing in response. He will allow Inasa to talk for now and fight his own embarrassment to enjoy being held in his arms. Because believe it or not, Shouto enjoys being carried by him like this…he only feels embarrassed when people make comments about his being a small, weak omega. If people did not make these comments, he’d have no problem whatsoever.

Maybe he should tell Yoarashi this…

He will, but at another time. He’s already had a long day and he doesn’t want to make it any longer.


Right when they are back at the dorms and alone in Shouto’s room, Inasa has to ask him, “How did the first session go?”

“It was good. The counsellor I am seeing is the same one my mom sees and he’s very nice to me, very calming and relaxing to be by. I wouldn’t mind seeing him every Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday.”

Inasa doesn’t like the idea of spending less time with Shouto, but he’s not selfish enough to demand him to make less time for counselling and more time for himself. Even if he doesn’t like it, he won’t be a setback in Shouto’s recovery. He refuses to be one, no matter how much his alpha screams at him to do so.

“Are you okay with doing that? You’re not just going along with it because someone else told you to, right?” Inasa asks just to be sure this is his own idea and not one he’s been pressured into having.

Shouto—thankfully—shakes his head to this, his answer simply spoken, “No, this was all my idea after the session. I want to get better, Yoarashi. I don’t want to live like this forever. I want a way out so I can be a normal, functional person like I used to be before this happened. Besides, I can’t keep waking everyone up at nights and bothering you the way I have been. It’s not fair to anyone, especially you.”

Inasa goes out of his way to take his hand firmly in a move to remind him, “You are not bothering me. I enjoy taking care of you and spoiling you because you are the one I want as a mate someday. Never go off thinking you’re burdening, annoying, or bothering me ever again, Todoroki.”

His voice was firm, strong, and left no room for doubts or arguments. He never wants Shouto to feel guilty for all the attention and support he’s given him so far. He only wants Shouto to see it all as a sign of his devotion, loyalty, and commitment to him. He wants Shouto to look at his actions now and see a potential mate that tops all the others. He wants Shouto to choose him as his alpha, not anyone else.

Of course, this won’t happen until he gets better, but Inasa is a patient man and he can wait however long he will need to for him.

“Alright Yoarashi, I’ll do my best to remember this…” Shouto then asks him something that catches him completely off guard, “Oh, why did you feel the need to scent me like that? You’ve never really scented me in public before, so why now?”

Inasa feels so stupid when he says it out loud but…

“Okay, I may have…gotten a little, teeny, tiny bit jealous of Natsuo when he hugged you at the hospital.”

Shouto stares at him dumbfounded, his only response being a choked out, “Why?”

The more the alpha tries to explain it, the dumber he feels, “I didn’t like it when he hugged you because you’re the omega I want to mate, and I don’t like other alphas touching you.”

“He’s my big brother, though…why would him hugging me bother you?”

“Because I know that in traditional, higher up families like yours if an omega cannot find a mate, then they will be mated off to a family member.” Shouto turns bright red to this, his eyes comically wide when Inasa continues on in his explanation, “I guess I misread him as a threat to our future mating. I’m so sorry if that sounds dumb, Todoroki but it’s what I felt.”

Shouto is horrified when he hears this explanation and his first words once the horror fades away are, “You think…I’m going to mate with Natsuo! Yoarashi, that will never happen! My family maybe traditional, but we don’t do that!”

“I was only worried because I can see your dumpster fire of a father doing that to you!”

“He is a piece of shit, but even he doesn’t believe in that! He already has some random mate picked out for me anyway so Natsuo will never and never could be an option for me!”

Inasa really wants to interrogate Shouto about this mate his father has picked out for him. He also wants to know why he wasn’t told of this mate sooner and when, exactly, did his father pick out this mate.

He won’t do an interrogation now, but only because he knows Shouto did not get much sleep last night and heaven knows the poor boy needs it.

“Oh…I’m so sorry, Todoroki! I didn’t mean to be so dumb.”

He apologizes because he can admit Shouto deserves one.

Shouto sighs and nuzzles Inasa’s chest, “It’s okay, I forgive you. I can understand why you’d get the wrong idea. Everyone thinks weird things whenever they hear about traditional, higher up families. Promise me you won’t be jealous of my siblings or anyone in my family from now on, okay?”

“I promise.”

“Good.” Shouto then asks him, “Do you want to sleep with me tonight? I promise once I get better you won’t have to anymore.”

Inasa frowns to that one, his eyes narrowing at the very idea of it, “I want to sleep with you because I enjoy sleeping with you. I will want to sleep with you more once you’re recovered, you know. I want to wake up with your tiny body in my arms and—”

Shouto does a subtle eye roll before standing as high on his tip toes as he can to kiss him on the cheek, “Calm down, Yoarashi. You can keep on sleeping with me. I was afraid you were getting sick of it, that’s all.”

“I’m not and I never will no matter how rough or smooth the night is. It’s what good mates do for each other and I want to be a good mate to you someday if you’ll have me.”

Inasa has been going off of blind hope this whole time he’s been by Shouto, helping him through his recovery. He hadn’t received any sign of interest or expressed intent to want to court with him, so when Shouto blushes and has him leaning down so he can wrap his arms around his neck… He’s a bit intrigued, but then Shouto kisses him on the lips.

“I will have you even though you’re too good for me.” Shouto answers to him with a smile on his lips.

Inasa blinks once, twice before the happiest smile he’s ever worn on his lips escapes him, “You mean it? You’ll have me as your mate?”

“Once I’m recovered, I wouldn’t mind courting you.”

“What made you decide this?”

“…My session today was all about my feelings for you. My counsellor asked what was on my mind today and I told him all about thoughts on you that I’ve been having for a long time now. He helped me to see I like you back and I wouldn’t mind you being my mate someday. I would have told you sooner, but Natsuo was there and I didn’t get a chance to.”

Inasa lifts him up and twirls him around in a quick, excited motion, “Yes! I will finally get to court you! Todoroki, you’ve just made me the happiest man on the planet! I’m too excited to sleep right now, let’s binge watch some romcoms and plan out our future together!”

Shouto chuckles to this and agrees despite his current sleepy state, “That sounds good to me. I don’t know of any so I don’t really have any.”

“It’s okay, I have a bunch of romcom DVDs in my dorm! Let’s go there and begin our binge watching!”

Shouto allows Inasa to carry him over there like some crazed mad man, glad he followed through on his counsellor’s advice:“It is always better to take a risk, Todoroki. If you don’t follow your heart now, Inasa will slip through your fingers and find someone else then you’ll be spending a whole lifetime wondering on the ‘what ifs’. Confess your feelings to the boy, I’m sure you’ll find the risk to be worth it.”

It was worth it. It was totally worth it: Inasa wants him even though he’s so unworthy of him, not good enough for him, and far too soiled to be by him…

Inasa still wants him and that’s what makes Shouto smile as they sit down on his bed, his laptop fired up with the first romcom of the night they will be watching.

Chapter Text

Shouto doesn’t really trust his counsellor just yet. His mother may have all the trust in the world with this man, but he doesn’t. Just because he is empathetic to her case of abuse, doesn’t mean he will be as tolerant, lenient, or understanding of his case.

Which is why he told him about his confusing feelings on Inasa during the first visit. This way he could try to test the waters with this man without having to give out too much information on his childhood or rape.

His mother had been the first to tease him over it whereas the counsellor simply joined in with light teasing of his own. He felt a bit ganged up on, which the older beta man seemed to notice right away, so he decided to give him his real opinion on Shouto’s feelings and he gave him the advice on what to do.

It was a relief to learn Natsuo hadn’t been waiting alone in their mother’s room for the whole time he was gone. At least Inasa and him got to know each other as best as they could given the situation at hand. Either way, he’s relieved it’s all over with.

He only agreed to do the three-day sessions with the man because he does want to get over what happened to him faster, but he supposes until he builds enough trust in the man to not judge or blame him for what happened, it won’t really happen any faster. It doesn’t mean Shouto won’t try, regardless. He’s so sick and tired of waking up two to three times a night, bothering his classmates, making his friends worry…he’s sick of being a weak, useless burden to everyone in his life. It only makes him feel more guilty over what happened to himself.

The following night, he still wakes up twice from nightmares. He makes a note to himself that at least Mineta’s old dorm room was far away from the others so it didn’t wake up anyone. Which means he should stay with Inasa in his room from now on if he doesn’t want to be such a burden to his classmates.

(He shouldn’t be a burden, though! He’s not the average omega, he’s stronger than that! They shouldn’t worry over him, he should worry over them. Ugh, he’s never felt so useless before.)

Shouto glances at Inasa the following morning when they are eating (Shouto is trying to eat more ever since his abortion was performed), “Yoarashi, please stop glaring down Iida.”

Inasa immediately looks over to him, acting so calm and sweet, “Todoroki, I was not glaring him down! I was just checking to see if he got anything on his face.”

Shouto’s eyes rolls subtly, “Alright, whatever you say, but know right now that Iida and Uraraka are mated so you have nothing to worry about.”

To this, Inasa’s voice becomes louder, “What!”

The omega’s glare of ‘really, it’s too early for this shit’ has Inasa trying to calm himself somewhat from the shock taking over him, “Ah, sorry, but…they’re mated? Aren’t they betas, though?”

“They are, but that’s not a bad thing. They’ve been mated for a long time now.”

“Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

“Because you’re loud and would have shouted it all throughout the school. Mating classmates is forbidden at UA, it’s why Midoriya and Bakugou are waiting until graduation to mate. If it gets out that they mated, they can get expelled. The class knows they are mated, but everyone’s kept it a secret. Please respect this and keep it a secret, Yoarashi.”

Inasa supposes he can understand why he wasn’t told anything about it, which makes his cheeks burn bright red when his eyes meet theirs from across the table, “Ah, um, sorry about that! I didn’t know, I just…don’t like others looking at my future mate like a piece of meat.”

When Shouto explained the situation to Inasa, he did it in a gentle whisper. When Inasa apologized, he was loud about it. No surprise there to all at UA who are adjusting to the tallest alpha in school.

Iida simple lifts up his hand, “It’s quite alright, Yoarashi. I understand why you felt the need to do what you did.”

Inasa heaves a sigh of relief, happy to know the people at UA are very understanding—not to mention patient—with him. People at Shiketsu could sick of him pretty easily but most were too afraid to say anything to him because of his alpha status and his size (not to mention his very powerful quirk).

He is quick to ask Shouto, “So, do you want to go somewhere after school today or no?”

Shouto shakes his head to this, his eyes on the bowl of oatmeal he’s barely gotten halfway through. Eating more food again after starving himself for so long is such a hassle. Had he known this would happen after being on a starvation diet, he would not have ever done it. As an omega, he already has a lower muscle mass than an alpha or beta. What he did to his body truly is reckless and harmful, this much he can acknowledge now with a small sense of horror at just how far he was willing to go to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy.

Inasa is quick to offer with a bit of enthusiasm, “Oh! How about we go to the game night tonight? I heard they’re going to be playing a video game tonight, I think it’s a racing one… Do you want to go to that?”

Shouto rejects the offer with a blunt, “I don’t like video games. Midoriya taught me how to play them before, but I get bored too easily. I’m fine with sitting on the couch and reading a book while they play, but I don’t like playing myself.”

“Oh.” well, Inasa has never heard of a guy who didn’t like video games, but he supposes there is a first for everything, “Do you want to come to my dorm then? We could binge a TV series I’ve been telling you all about!”

“That sounds nice to me, Yoarashi.” Shouto admits in a small voice, “Eating is so hard now after what I did to myself…I almost wished I hadn’t done it.”

Inasa can practically hear the distress dripping into his voice at high levels, which is why he tries to cheer him up, “Don’t worry about it, Todoroki. It will take some time, but with enough baby steps, you will be able to get back to your old weight.”

Shouto hopes so. He doesn’t want to be stuck like this forever. He wants to be a hero someday: how can he save people’s lives if he’s tired, underweight, and low on energy?

He really wishes he hadn’t starved himself now. No matter what he does, it seems his attack will always come back to haunt him in some way or another.


After school was over, they were in Inasa’s room, watching a TV series on his streaming service while they were underneath the covers of his bed. It was a good one so far, and it was a popular one too that his classmates frequently referenced so that made it a plus in Shouto’s eyes. At least he will know what they are talking about now.

It came up randomly on Inasa’s end. When watching a scene where the omega actress is forced to choose between two rival suitors, one arranged and the other not, Inasa would ask him, “When did your dad find you a mate?”

Shouto would tell him, “He told me about it at the police station. As though my day was not stressful enough, he actually made me spend time with the guy even though he knew how tired, stressed, and anxious I was after giving up my phone to the police and having to go through more questioning about the video. That’s why I got back so late from the police station. It was because he felt the need to get me a mate so this ‘embarrassing incident’ won’t ever happen again.”

“How does he think your being mated would prevent it from happening again? There are alphas and betas who don’t care if an omega is mated or not, they will still pursue them.”

“I tried to tell him that too, but he wouldn’t listen to me! He only said that omegas like me who are dumb enough to get raped the way I did don’t deserve to have an opinion on such issues.”

Inasa frowns to this, not liking the way Enji talked down to Shouto, but he won’t go there. For now, he is wondering, “Who is the mate? What is he like?”

“He’s my father’s sidekick, Yamaguchi. He’s an older guy, very old school. I don’t like him at all, though. He reminds me too much of my old man and I can’t stomach the alpha for that reason alone. I know it sounds dumb, but I don’t want to be mated off to anyone who resembles or reminds me of my father. I’d rather be mated to you because I know you will treat me right, unlike that guy.”

Shouto speaks of this with disdain visible on his face and voice, his eyes narrowed at the sheets all while explaining this to Inasa. Inasa, on the other hand, is relieved to hear Shouto doesn’t like the guy. At least it means he’s still the only one who has a shot with him.

“He doesn’t sound right for you. I can’t believe he’d pick an older alpha for you like that. Here I always pegged him for the incest type.”

“No, he doesn’t agree with incest because it would make him look bad in the public eye. He would rather have me mated off to someone he can control before that would ever happen. His image is everything to him, after all…”

Inasa notices his sudden saddened mood, wrapping an arm around his waist to make the omega feel safer, “It’s okay, you won’t be mated off to him! I’ll be the only one whoever gets that honor, not some prick your father likes.”

Shouto smiles to this, enjoying Inasa’s enthusiasm for the moment.

He knows how much Inasa likes him, but he still cannot help but to feel he’s not worthy of him. He’s still stuck in the fearful mindset of ‘what if he wakes up one day, knowing how much better he is than me?’. He wishes he could take Inasa at his word, but even after his little confession yesterday, he’s nervous and cautious.

He wants to take things slow. He wants to be his normal, functioning self again before he can even consider courting with anyone, especially Inasa. Inasa only deserves the best out of him and he won’t allow him to have only the subpar version of himself that is present before him.

With this thought in mind, he wonders if his best is good enough for Inasa or not. Inasa only deserves the best because he is the best alpha in the world, but Shouto’s not the best omega. He’s used, dirtied, tainted by nine others, worthless, and has nothing of value for any other Japanese alpha or beta to find desirable. There’s no way Inasa could actually want to settle for someone like him, is there?

I mean, he didn’t run for the hills or make some awkward lie up on the spot when he did finally admit he’d like to court him someday, so maybe Inasa could want to try to settle…but what if he does court Shouto and then leaves because he knows he can do better?

Shouto’s not too sure how he would handle that heart break. The only main thing motivating him to confess to Inasa yesterday was the paranoid thoughts of losing him to someone else before he even had a shot with him. The whole trip back to UA, he saw how other omegas and betas looked at Inasa like he was sex on stick for the first time ever. It made him feel…jealous, insecure, and threatened in a weird way.

(Okay, he hadn’t told him this part, but he didn’t want Inasa to think he was more pathetic than what he already is!)

It didn’t feel good to know others look at Inasa with lust in their eyes, speak to him in their omega and beta voices so they can seduce him, and it didn’t help they were all so much better than him in every single imaginable.

He was being selfish when he confessed. He shouldn’t have done that. Inasa can do better, he deserves—

“Todoroki, did you see that! Wasn’t it awesome to see the arranged getting his ass kicked!”

Shouto nods quickly, trying to sound as engrossed into the series as Inasa is, “I did, and it was awesome, Yoarashi.”

“If your old man’s chosen mate for you ever does that shit, I will kick his ass too, except I will do it better!” Inasa exclaims with stars in his eyes, making Shouto chuckle at the sight, “I bet you will.”

He hopes he will. Shouto knows he’s not good enough of an omega for a sexy alpha like Inasa who can get even the prettiest of omegas to fawn over him and his sexy looks.

‘Yoarashi is an alpha, and good looking alphas are always the first ones to be taken, Todoroki. Keep this in mind before you decide to make him wait forever. An alpha can only wait so long for an omega before they go for another.’

Inasa is good looking and he’s better than him. He doesn’t know what else to do now to get the alpha to remain interested in him.


Despite the fact Inasa holds him closer than ever before that night, he still has these thoughts in his head, tearing him apart slowly the more he thinks about it for too long. 

Chapter Text

It was Wednesday after school when he was asked by Inasa to go out for ice cream. Usually he would use this day for extra training after school to get his mind off of…what happened…but he’s fine with what he’s doing now. Ice cream after remedial lessons is always much better than training. At least he can eat a bit more ice cream without getting sick.

Inasa had taken him out to a small shop to get some, which was sweet because Shouto cannot stand overly crowded spaces ever since the party…

Here he is now, waiting in the cotton candy pink and white striped shop with the black and white checkerboard tiled floor, sitting in a pink booth with a white table between himself and Inasa. Currently, he is waiting for Inasa to return from the restroom, but he is enjoying his strawberry sundae to his heart’s content.

It is at this moment when a strange yet familiar face reemerges into his life by invasively sitting right next to him in the booth, an arm slinging around his shoulders, “Hello Todoroki, it’s been a while! I see you never took up my offer to find me on social media…it’s too bad because I recently added you not too long ago.”

Shouto raises a brow to this and he sighs deeply, “I will assume you haven’t checked lately.”

“No, I haven’t, and I’m sorry. I’ll add you when I go back online to check.” the omega then asks, “Who are you again? I’m afraid I don’t remember your name from the last time.”

“Ah yeah, I didn’t really give it to you the last time! I’m Ueda Haruto, but you can call me Haru-sama, Shoucchan.”

The flirty wink doesn’t do anything to make Shouto feel at ease with the teen beside him. If of anything, all it does is make him feel…uneasy. He doesn’t like the way the alpha is coming off so strong, especially with the way he is releasing his scent and the way he keeps on eyeing him up as though he were some doll.

Shouto goes back to eating his sundae, doing his best to ignore the alpha in the hopes he will leave him alone. Except, when some of the sauce and slowly melting ice cream drip slightly down his lips all the way to his chin, he’s feeling a quick thumb wipe the mess off of his lips and chin.

His dual colored eyes snap right over to the alpha in pure horror, “Why did you do that? I didn’t give you permission to touch me.”

Haruto rolls his amber eyes to this, “Shoucchan, I can touch you as much as I please! Being a hero means you are property of the public now and as such, accepting my touch with ease is a part of your job.”

“No, no it’s not. It’s really, really not. You do not get to touch me without my permission first. That’s not how consent works.” Shouto replies confidently with a shake of his head to the alpha’s direction.

“Consent? Are you really using Western words and standards here? Last I checked, we are still in Japan and the age of consent is thirteen here. Consent means you are free game from the moment you omegas are thirteen and up. If you happen to seduce us or cause us to do something to you, it’s only your own fault for leading us on, teasing us so cruelly.” Haruto shoots a glare at him with narrowed eyes, but the amber…it’s starting to glow…brighter.

Consent is not clearly defined in Japanese law. Given the lack of education on rape, the lack of education on sexual assault and harassment as well as hentai being a form of sexual education where one learns what sexual consent is, consent is a murky picture at best. Shouto never noticed it until early after his rape when he looked up what consent is. In other countries, it can be either be as murky at best like in Japan or it can be clearly defined as ‘no means no, I will only do whatever I feel comfortable doing’.

He never knew it until he looked it up for himself, but all porn is based upon what alpha’s like and in all porn…the omega is raped, but it is somehow romanticized or glamourized to look as though it is meant to achieve the ultimate sexual gratification. It’s as though they believe an omega cannot enjoy safe, consensual sex without it being scary, forced, and dangerous.

(Shouto couldn’t even watch it past the first fifteen minutes when it reached to the parts where the sex would begin. It made him feel too revolted, not to mention degraded in a way he didn’t even know was possible.)

Shouto does know—from his research online at least since he knew so little about sexual assault before his own happened—what consent is supposed to be. It’s not supposed to be what he is hearing this alpha prick say.

“No, that’s not consent. I do not want you to touch me and if you don’t stop touching me, there will be problems!” Shouto warns with a hiss, but suddenly…he’s starting to feel dizzy the stronger and brighter the amber eyes glow.

He tries to fight it off, but it’s as though he cannot pull away from the guy’s eyes.

Before the alpha can give a shit eating grin and grab the omega, there’s a large hand on his shoulder, the scent of a powerful, enraged alpha in the air, “What the hell are you doing to him?”

The amber eyes stop glowing, leaving Shouto able to look away from them, and the alpha is stuck trembling in his spot, “I…was just…we were only…talking.”

“Talking, huh? Yeah right, bullshit!” Inasa growls at him, his eyes practically burning the man to dust, “Get away from Todoroki before I make you.”

There was something deadly and lethal to Inasa’s scent, but Shouto’s head was still spinning so he couldn’t really focus on it. This did not mean the alpha beside him did not get the message. Oh hell no, he ran for it the first moment he could!

Once alone, Inasa would take a minute or two to calm himself down before asking Shouto in a croon, “Are you okay?”

Shouto nods, his head slowly starting to clear up, “I’ll be fine. Let’s just enjoy our day here, Yoarashi.”

“Yeah, let’s.”

Inasa doesn’t believe everything to be alright. He wants to ask Shouto more about what happened, but he knows it will have to wait until Shouto’s ready to talk about it.


During their little ice cream outing, Shouto would ask him at one point or another, “Why do alphas and betas feel entitled to do whatever it is they want to an omega’s body?”

Inasa was a bit stunned by the random question, but Shouto does explain himself further, “The alpha from before kept touching me in ways I did not like, but he acted as though it was his right to touch me, he even said that my wanting to be a pro hero means he has a right to. All of my life, alphas and betas have acted like they have a right to touch my body and I have to tolerate because I’m thirteen or older now so it’s all a fair game. Why do they act this way? Why can’t they respect my opinion and my right to say ‘no’ to them?”

To be honest, Inasa doesn’t know how to answer that. He was raised to respect omegas as equals and having omega relatives makes it easier for him to understand the struggles omegas go through even in the modern age. He wants to give Shouto an answer, but he can’t. He doesn’t know anything about consent other than ‘no means no’. He also doesn’t know much about what the average alpha who wasn’t raised to respect omegas think.

“I don’t know why they feel that way. I never felt that way because I had omega friends and relatives, so I understood their struggles intimately and I knew what happened to them was wrong. I think the problem is…alphas are taught about omega’s rights but they aren’t taught how to respect omegas. They know the oppression against omegas for many years was wrong, but they believe that because they have so many rights today, everything is fine and they are equal now. Which, don’t get me wrong, there have been amazing strides for omega rights, but if omegas are still being victim blamed, victim shamed, slut shamed, virgin shamed, and having crimes against them treated with little seriousness, then it’s not truly equal.”

He comes up with his own conclusion then, a small gleam of disappointment in his eyes, “I think it’s all down to a lack of empathy. I think if they were to live a day as an omega, they’d understand and stop acting the way they do.”

Shouto sighs as he thinks it over, “It’s too bad there can’t be a way for them to experience a day in the life of an omega…”

“Please Todoroki, they couldn’t survive! They’d all be crying their eyes out about how ‘unfair’ it is and how they are being ‘mistreated’!”

Shouto laughs to this and nods, “Yeah, you’re right there.”

Inasa wants to make Shouto laugh more, but he will accept the cute sound for what it is now, “Your laugh is adorable, I can’t wait to hear it more!”

The omega smiles to this, his eyes back on his now soupy remnants of his sundae. No matter, he’ll eat it still anyway.

When they are done at the ice cream place, Inasa feels the need to ask him, “Do you want to…maybe…I don’t know, go for a movie now? I think it could be fun and there’s this new romcom out that I really, really want to see!”

He is making this more like a date, he knows this, but he wants to see what a date with Shouto will look like someday when he is ready to date or court. Whichever one suits him best.

Shouto sees no problem with it, “That sounds like fun to me. Is it something more mainstream or indie? I’d like to know a few mainstream things so I can understand what people in class are talking about.”

“Oh, no, trust me it is definitely mainstream!”

“Alright, let’s go then.”

Inasa is dying of happiness on the inside and it shows in the way he becomes so animated when walking Shouto over to the theatre. He pays for the tickets (like he did for the ice cream) and gets himself a large bucket of popcorn, shocking Shouto at how large it really is.

The omega by his side did feel guilty about Inasa paying for everything, though, “Yoarashi…allow me to pay you back. I have the money, I can—”

“No, don’t! I’m the alpha, I should be the one spoiling you rotten, not the other way around!”

It is with pure reluctance and embarrassment that he accepts this in silence.

Once inside, the seats are all packed and Inasa offers him, “You’re small enough to fit on my lap! Why don’t you sit on my lap, Todoroki? It will be fine by me if you do.”

Shouto bites his lower lip, nodding at the idea of sitting on his lap, “I will sit on your lap, but only if it doesn’t bother you.”

“It really doesn’t! Come on, let’s go and take our seat!”

Inasa is so over the moon when he picks the best seat around and has the pleasure of seeing Shouto settle himself on his lap. He would beam in pride the whole time the ads went on. Feeling Shouto relaxing against him has him on cloud nine. He cannot wait for this movie to start! Call Inasa cheesy, but he loves romcoms and he wants Shouto see this one. It was written and directed by an omega, shows a healthy relationship from an omega’s point of view, and it has enough humor in it to make Shouto take his mind off of the bad things in his mind.

Well, that’s what Inasa has read from reviews on the movie anyway. He hopes Shouto will like it. He really, really hopes Shouto will like it.

Throughout the movie, he notices Shouto struggles with understanding some of the jokes, but other than this, the few he does get, he genuinely laughs at. He loves hearing the laugh again, feeling blessed to hear it more than once in a day.

After the movie is done, Shouto is telling him, “The movie was nice. I liked it quite a lot, it was really nice to see an alpha treating an omega like a human being for once instead of some sex object or trophy to win.”

“I liked it too, but my favorite part of the movie was hearing your adorable laugh again.”

“…That wasn’t a part of the movie, though.”

Inasa tends to forget from time to time that Shouto is dense. This moment is a perfect example of such denseness, “No, I mean, I know it was not a part of the movie. I like hearing your laugh, Todoroki. It’s really adorable and I wish I could record it because it’s just so cute!”

Shouto finds this to be odd, but he will not ruin a good thing with a debate, “…Okay then?”

Inasa knows Shouto doesn’t understand, but oh well! Maybe someday he will get it…

As they are making their way over to the subway to get back to the dorms, they are approached by an alpha who nervously clears his voice, “H-Hello? Are you…are you Todoroki Shouto?”

The alpha looks to be a third year, but he’s of average height, with light golden brown hair, and light brown eyes. He’s plain, timid, and shy in every single way, so he feels the need to say it, “I…I am a huge fan of yours. I don’t have a f-flashy quirk, so I can’t be a hero ever, but I did enjoy watching you on TV! W-Would you…would you sign this for me?”

Shouto doesn’t see the harm in this, “I wouldn’t mind.”

That and he feels bad for the poor guy, regardless of the loud foot tapping Inasa is doing the whole time he signs the photo of himself. The alpha is very grateful and polite afterwards, bowing when saying, “Thank you very much! You are so very beautiful and kind, I cannot wait to see you flourish in your hero career! Good luck, Todoroki Shouto. I’m rooting for you.”

An alpha…is rooting for him?


“Why are you rooting for me? I’m an omega and I know a lot of alphas don’t think of omega heroes as being equal.”

The alpha in front of him blinks twice before clearing his throat, “Because I don’t care about your being an omega. I only about how strong you are and how good you will be as a hero. I already have a beta mate, so it’s not truly your beauty that makes me root for you or support you. It’s your power and your skill: I know you will do great things, Todoroki. You just have to go for it and believe in yourself.”

It’s such touching words to hear…Shouto never knew this would happen. He never know he’d see the day where an alpha fan of his actually had something nice to say to him about his quirk and power instead of just his looks.

“Thank you for believing in me. I promise to not let you down: I will become the hero you think I can be, but I’ll be better than anything you could have ever imagined.”

“Y-You’re welcome, but ah, I have to go n-now! Goodbye!”


Inasa doesn’t say much to this, but he does comment, “I had faith in your skills as a hero long before these people did!”

“…You hated me at first, Yoarashi.”

“…That was a misunderstanding we were able to clear up! I still believe in you more than any slutty alpha fan of yours and your friends do!”

Shouto rolls his eyes, replying softly, “Whatever you say.”


Upon arrival back to the dorms, Inasa had planned to kiss Shouto but was stopped by the loud, angry door slamming open done by Aizawa, “What the hell? You two were out two minutes later than what curfew allowed!”

He freezes in his spot and swallows down his fear, “Um, well, w-we were just getting ice cream and seeing a movie.”

Aizawa may not be as tall as he is, but damn if he is not terrifying when mad!

“Alone? Todoroki, was this a date?”

Shouto shakes his head, his tone showing his confusion, “It wasn’t a date, we were just hanging out as friends.”

“Good. Todoroki, go to your dorm. I need to speak to Yoarashi alone for a moment here.”

Shouto nods and heads off right away without a second word being said. He knows better than to incur his teacher’s wrath, after all!

“You are lucky this was not a date or a courting event.” Aizawa begins, “Because if you had done so without the proper permission first, I would have sent you flying back up the bean stock you came from!”

“Isn’t that Endeavor’s place to give me permission?”

“His permission doesn’t mean shit here because he’s an abusive fuck. What matters is my permission and my permission is the only one you need to ask for before you do anything to him! Got it?”

Inasa is quick to agree because fuck, Aizawa’s getting scarier by the second, “Yes sir! I understand!”

“Good. Now go be by Todoroki.” Inasa’s incredulous look on his face prompts Aizawa to groan loudly, “As much as I hate to admit it…you are the one person who can keep him calm at nights. I need you there to be sure he sleeps through the night without waking anyone else up.”

Inasa smiles to the command and begins his march over there, “Thank you, sir.”

A moment later, Aizawa would hear the loud, “Todoroki! Let’s start watching this one TV show I think you’ll really like!”

He’s not too sure if Shouto will actually mate with this guy, but he has hope in Shouto having good taste…


Shouto’s life was getting back to normal. He was starting to warm up to his friends again slowly, but his eating habits were still a struggle he’s improving on. Sleeping in Inasa’s dorm has prevented too many people from waking up due to his nightmares and he’s starting to think he can maybe pull through this.

Then on Friday, right as he is in the hospital after school to see his mother for the counselling session, he sees it on his phone’s news notifications.

His rapists were caught, but it came at a price: his video was leaked out to the internet and now, it’s all everyone is talking about.


Chapter Text

He approached his mother as calmly as possible, but the omega woman saw right through her son. She knew there was something wrong with him, but she didn’t know what it was. When she asked, his composure broke and all he could do was cry. Rei didn’t know what to do since her normal ways of comforting him were not working and he had come alone. All she could think to do was hold him until he cried out his tears.

After he was done with this, she took him to see the counsellor because she knows she cannot help Shouto with this alone. Which is why Shouto is currently in the counsellor’s office, hugging his mother and holding her close, “Mama…it’s out there. It’s out there, everyone knows, the school knows, the world knows… I can’t believe this is happening, mama, I don’t know what to do.”

He only ever calls her ‘mama’ whenever something upsets him deeply. She knows it’s only a matter of time before he starts crying again, which is why she asks him, “Shouto, baby, why didn’t you tell Uena about this during your first session?”

“Because I don’t know if he’ll blame me for it or not… How was I supposed to know if he would see me as the perpetrator instead of the alphas?” Shouto answers in a shrinking voice, his eyes filling with tears at the horror of what all is happening at the moment.

It’s what causes Uena to speak up, “Todoroki, I have known your mother for ten years now. I know all about your upbringing with Enji as well as the abuse he put you and her through. You do not need to tell me what happened with your sexual assault, I only need to hear how this whole event has affected you, how it is making you feel.”

Shouto is hesitant, but the older man reassures him, “I will not judge you or make you out to be the bad guy. If you feel I do, you can stop seeing me for good and I will understand.”

The omega doesn’t leave his mother’s side, breathing out a barely there, “Okay, I will…give you a fair chance then.”

“Good. Now, can you tell me what has really been going on ever since this whole event happened?”

Shouto doesn’t have a choice. He can’t lie his way out of it anymore. He will…have to trust this man and tell him everything.

The people who raped Shouto were a group of serial rapists who had targeted omegas at clubs, bars, dances, parties, and various other events. They were dubbed by the media as well as the police as the Roofie Gang for their usage of rohypnol on unsuspecting victims. What truly surprised both Shouto and Inasa was the fact Haruto was not a part of their gang, but the shy, nice alpha who asked Shouto for his autograph after their ice cream-movie outing had been a member. In fact, this alpha was the one who had suggested keeping Shouto in a basement. His name was revealed to be Kai Masumoto, his twin sister Kairi was a part of the gang as well. All were third years, all were perfectly average, normal people.

Kairi had a quirk that allowed her to turn any water into an alcoholic drink lacking scent, color, and flavor. She has to hold the cup or bottle in order for her quirk to work, but the longer she holds onto it, the stronger the inebriation effects becomes. Since Shouto had downed his first water in one go, the effects were pretty quick yet slightly subdued because she had not held onto it long enough. Her quirk was used to get the omegas to a state of drunkenness where they would be easy to take out of a scene and easier to play with for a while before using a roofie on them to have penetrative sex with them. The total number of victims are unknown, but the numbers are rising.

Shouto had his phone back from the police for a while now, but he didn’t know what else to do when Inasa called him. Luckily for him, the alpha sensed his distress and made the conversation short so he could go to his mother.

He is understanding yet saddened when he hears from Shouto three days later. The tall alpha would learn that he is staying at his mom’s place for a week to get away from the chaos for now. No matter how sad he feels about being temporarily separated, he takes it upon himself to bring Shouto his schoolwork. Aizawa does agree to allow him to do this, but only on one condition: “I want to see him and speak to him.”

(Needless to suffice, Inasa agreed but mainly because he feels as though Aizawa should have been told about this a long time ago.)

Everyone’s reaction in school had been one of horror and shock. The things Inasa has heard people in the halls whisper about were spoken in pure disgust:

“Can you believe the Roofie Gang had been around for so long? They have over twenty victims of their rapes!”

“Poor Todoroki, to be a victim as well, at such a young age… I feel so bad for him.”

“He’s such a pretty omega too. I can get why they did it to him, but damn, they really couldn’t ask for his consent? They really had to get him inebriated and drugged up before doing anything to him? What assholes! They deserve to rot!”

“They should be in Tartarus for what they did!”

It relieves Inasa to know that in a hero school with only three omegas in it they can acknowledge what happened to Shouto is wrong. It relieves Inasa to be able to tell Shouto no one in the school blames him for what happened or thinks less of him.

Perhaps what is most surprising is the way his class has been sullen over the news in their own ways.

The so-called ‘ Bakusquad ’ were the most obvious. They became quiet, sullen, and rather despaired over the news. They were no longer loud, joking about, or rambunctious. While the others had fallen into a state of seriousness, Bakugou had stopped doing many of the things he usually does. He doesn’t scream as much, he doesn’t get hostile as often as he did before, he doesn’t call people ‘extras’ anymore, and he’s quit calling Shouto all of the nicknames he usually does, instead choosing to stick with ‘fucking bastard’ or ‘Todoroki’.

Then there were the ones who were not that close to him who had the same pitying thoughts in their minds. Tokoyami despairs over the idea he saw a classmate in need and didn’t do anything to help. Shouji wonders what all he could have said to get him to open up. Koda wishes he had said something when he thought Shouto wasn’t eating enough. Ojiro feels guilty for never making an effort to ask or wonder if there was something off with him. Sato beats himself up for not checking to see if he was alright when he had the chance. Hagakure wants nothing more than for Shouto to come back unscathed but even she knows it’s impossible at this point after all he had gone through. Tsuyu feels guilt over not doing more to make Shouto feel as though they were good enough friends to where he could talk to her about something like this. Jirou wants to kick herself for writing it off as ‘omega problems’ when he lost control over his quirk. Yaoyorozu wishes she had bothered to take note of his deteriorating condition and talked to him about it instead of brushing it under the rug to study.

The students who took the news the worst were his closest friends: Iida, Uraraka, and Midoriya.

Midoriya took it the hardest, feeling terrible for not seeing the signs of psychological trauma in his friend when he had displayed it so clearly. Instantly, he was asking Inasa nothing but questions of Shouto’s condition. Questions such as ‘why didn’t he tell me’, ‘doesn’t he trust me as a friend’, and ‘why didn’t you tell me, Yoarashi’.

Many wondered why Inasa didn’t tell anyone and his answer was simple, “Because Todoroki didn’t want me to tell anyone. I promised him I wouldn’t, so I didn’t say a word. I wanted him to tell at least the teacher, but he didn’t feel safe enough to do that. He told me he’s afraid of everyone looking down on him as a weak, useless omega who is not as strong or valid of a hero as an alpha or beta. He went through a lot of victim blaming after this happened and it traumatized him. He was treated like the criminal instead of a victim, so it made him afraid to tell anyone else. Please, don’t victim blame or shame him. He didn’t want this to happen and he did nothing to deserve it.”

Iida and Uraraka took it almost as hard as Midoriya, but they were much more subdued about it. They instead tried to keep up morale in a devastated class shaken to its core.

“C’mon guys, Todoroki wouldn’t want us to be devastated over this! He wouldn’t want us to feel upset. We should do whatever we can to make him feel safe and happy when he comes back.” Uraraka offers as a solution to the problem of Shouto’s inevitable return to school.

Iida is quick to say, “We need to do whatever it takes to make him feel comfortable and safe to tell us anything from now on. He should have been able to talk to us and trust us in the first place. The fact he turned to Yoarashi instead says it all right there: we didn’t make him feel safe enough around us. We didn’t do enough to make him feel accepted or equal to us. All we can do now moving forward is to make him feel accepted, equal, and safe around us.”

They all agree with the sentiment, but the one really kicking themselves the hardest over this is Aizawa. He feels as though he should have been able to see through Shouto’s pain and mask since he has dealt with victims of these sorts of crimes so many times in the past… How did he not see the signs? How did he not know what was happening to him right under his nose this whole time?

Shouto was unravelling and he didn’t even connect the dots right. If anyone deserves to feel guilty over letting him down, it’s Aizawa himself (or so his mind tells him).

No, it’s going to be alright. Thanks to Inasa, he has a chance to right his wrongs and he will take it. He has a class to lead and he has to be strong for them right now because they need him to be.  

After school, Inasa had gone to the hospital with Aizawa by his side. Shouto was fine with seeing him, but not the rest of the class. He doesn’t know how they will take it just yet and he isn’t ready to face them.

Shouto admitted he hasn’t been on social media, watched any videos, or gone on any websites ever since the video was leaked out. He refuses to watch the news on TV or listen to it on the radio. He only chooses to call and text  Inasa and that’s it.

During the trip over to the hospital, they were stuck in a nervous silence. There was no tension, awkwardness, or pleasantness, only nervousness on Aizawa’s end. He doesn’t want his emotions to get the better of him, but whenever he hears the word ‘roofie’ or the word ‘gang’ his mind flashes back to the mugshots of those third years who had raped Shouto and he wants nothing more than to kill them—

No. He has to remain calm. Shouto needs to him to be calm now more than anything else. He has to be a pillar of strength and trust the omega student can rely on so whenever he does get hurt, he can feel safe enough to go to him.

Having to check in at a front desk to see his mother must be hard enough on the boy. Then again, given his home life, it’s all he can do to see her again. It saddens him to know Shouto had been so isolated from the most important omega presence in his life. It’s no wonder why he didn’t know as much as the others when he first came to UA…

No, he cannot think about Enji! He still wants to have that man’s head on a silver platter for what he did to Shouto. He can only imagine how awful it was for Shouto to tell him about the sexual assault. With his bad luck, he most likely got stuck with the man being the first one to show up at the hospital after his assault.

Details of his case were leaked out to the media not too long ago. Aizawa knows the full story because of these leaks and it makes him sick to know how Shouto was left there, naked in the alleyway, like some piece of trash.

His mind had been in quite a haze as Inasa checked them in and lead the way to the room. He had only been snapped out of his daze by Rei asking him, “Hello Aizawa, it’s nice to see you again. It’s been too long. How have you been?”

Aizawa wants to tell her ‘good’ but he can’t. It’d be too much of an obvious lie because fact of the matter is, “I’m not fine. Ever since your son started losing weight and control of his quirks, I began to worry over him. I’ve been worried over him this whole time and to think he could not feel safe enough to come to me after this happened… It’s upsetting, to say the least.”

“I can understand why it would be. It sounds like you care deeply about Shouto.”

“I do. I was willing to take him in as my son, but I guess Enji always has ways to get the law to bend to his whim. I’m sorry you’re here, Rei.”

“I’ll be okay. Right now, my baby needs me more than ever . I hope you understand this, but h e needs to work on his mental health before he can do anything else.”

“No, I understand completely. There’s no need to worry.”

He then turns his eyes over to Shouto, who looks so small in his mother’s bed and casual clothes. It pains him to view the omega student in a vulnerable light, but his mind cannot allow him to stop seeing it.

Shouto is vulnerable. He’s not a perfect, invincible hero immune to all dangers and injuries. He’s a human being with his own flaws, faults, insecurities, and weaknesses too. None of the above makes him a less qualified or talented hero. It only makes him a human. He wonders if his only omega student knows this as well or at least sees himself this way. Living up to the pressure of being the only omega in class has been hard on him, and it manifested itself in the fact he didn’t feel safe enough to talk to anyone about his rape.

He approaches him slowly, asking him in as neutral of a tone as possible, “Todoroki, are you feeling okay today?”

Shouto only shrugs to this, not knowing what to say, “I guess so. Maybe? I don’t know.”

The alpha approaches the omega who is laying on his side, informing him, “I’ve allowed Yoarashi to be the only one to bring you your studies. I’ve also forbidden everyone from seeing you until you are ready to see them.”

“Thank you.” he whispers in response, not trusting his voice to crack after hearing about the details of his case being spilled out into the media.

(Again, the news notification on his phone brought this up as a top headline. Shouto was horrified to see it and he didn’t need to know this happened as well. He’s been a wreck ever since, but the counselling sessions are helping somewhat with his spiraling moods.)

“Why didn’t you tell me what happened?”

It’s a question Shouto can answer honestly, “I didn’t want you to think lesser of me or to see me as not being as good of a hero . I didn’t want to be pitied as the ‘poor, stupid omega’: I wanted to be treated as an equal still and I was afraid this would ruin that for me.”

Aizawa sighs while taking Shouto’s hand into his own in a firm grip, “Todoroki, I do not see you as being lesser. I also do not see you as being not as good of a hero. I know you may not believe there was anything good that came out of these leaks, but one good thing did: it reminded us that you were not invincible. It reminded us of the pressure on your shoulders to be a perfect, powerful hero because of your omega status. It also reminded us of how unfair this pressure is when the subpar like Mineta never had to live with such a burden. This whole event reminded us you are a human being with your own flaws, faults, insecurities, vulnerabilities, and fears. You are a human being and it’s about high time everyone—yourself included—sees you that way.”

“Being a human being doesn’t make you a lesser hero. It makes you human like every other alpha and beta out there. There’s nothing wrong with being a survivor of an attack or crying every once in a while. If alphas and betas can do so without flack, so can you.” Aizawa releases his hand and Shouto’s eyes are meeting his directly now, “I’m sorry for not doing enough to ease this sexist standard off of your shoulders, Todoroki. I promise to be the teacher you can always be human around from now on.”

Shouto is silent for a moment before inhaling a sharp breath and wiping at his eyes, “…You don’t need to. I’ll be fine.”

I do.”

Shouto doesn’t verbally thank him, but the hug suffices enough for the time being.

Chapter Text

It took Shouto two weeks before he could return to his classes. He’s still not sleeping well, his state of mind is only improving bit by bit at a time, and he’s nervous as all get out about how everyone will react to him. Inasa’s tried to keep his spirits up, but it’s futile when all he can do is worry and stress over what he will be put through next.

He’s still going to need to go to counselling after this, but he doesn’t care. He only cares about getting to a point where he can sleep at night without the constant nightmares of what happened on that video replaying over and over in his head.

He has seen comments on what people were saying in response to his case and needless to say, he is getting mixed reactions on an international scale he did not see coming.

In Japan, a majority of people are acting like his father: why was he in a club in the first place, is he too weak to stand by what he believes in to be persuaded so easily, why didn’t he keep an eye on his drink, and what was he wearing that night? Was he trying to hook up with a hot alpha during a night of partying? Why didn’t he fight back? Why didn’t he at least struggle or scream?

The only ones defending him are people from other hero schools, which is nice to see, but it hurts to know the public are just like his father in every regard when it comes down to his rape.

However, he has been receiving nothing but comments defending him from people all over the Western hemisphere. He has seen comments and videos talking about why victims like him can’t fight back, struggle, or scream, why what he was wearing doesn’t matter, and why even if he was trying to hook up with a hot alpha, it doesn’t excuse his attackers for one second.

Shouto doesn’t take to well to feeling attacked or cornered, so he wrote up a blog explaining why he went to the club (Natsuo begged him to go and he couldn’t refuse the brother he wants to get to know better, also he thought it would be at a house not a club), why he didn’t keep an eye on his drink (he went to the bathroom when Kairi touched it, he doesn’t know much about this sort of thing because his father only trained him to be a hero, not an average person who would know to be wary of such things), he posted up a photo of his outfit from that night (it was a black turtleneck with grey cigarette pants), he was not trying to hook up with an alpha because he’s not ready for any relationship yet, and he couldn’t fight back, scream, or struggle when he was thoroughly inebriated after having who knows how many alcoholic drinks shoved down his throat in a rapid succession.

Shouto hopes it’s enough to answer the public’s questions and to hopefully see things from his point of view, but he’s not too sure if it will sway them. He ended the blog explaining why he wanted to be a hero still after this, stating that: I know it sounds strange, but I still want to be a hero so no one ever has to go through what I did and live with the shame, humiliation, and blaming all victims of sexual assault go through. This has made me realize I want to be a hero who prevents others from suffering what I suffered.

He hopes they will understand and stop being so judgmental towards not only himself, but the other victims as well who were brave enough to speak out whereas Shouto was too cowardly to do so.

Up arrival to UA, he was expecting things to be tense, but then he is greeted with a hug by Midoriya, who instantly apologizes, “I’m so sorry, I should have known something was wrong! Don’t worry, Todoroki, I’m on your side no matter what!”

Shouto blinks to this and hugs him back awkwardly, “…Thank you, Midoriya. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but…you’ve seen the comments online from Japanese citizens, right? They think I am a pariah; some even say I shouldn’t be in UA anymore to be a hero because I allowed myself to be taken advantage of.”

“Don’t listen to them! You’re strong no matter what happens to you! You’re valuable as a hero, regardless of what you went through.”

He smiles at his friend’s words, allowing himself to feel relieved for the time being, “Thank you, Midoriya.”

Uraraka approaches him next after entering the classroom, “Todoroki, I’m sorry about what happened to you and the way everyone’s acting online. Don’t worry about what the haters say, I’ll keep those victim blamers and shamers away from you!”

She figures if she acts cheery and supporting enough, then it will be enough to calm him down. Luckily for him, it does keep him calmed down enough to see Uraraka acting like her usual self, “You don’t have to do that for me. I can hold my own.”

“But it’s not fair to you to make you handle everything bad in your life on your own. It’s an unfair burden you shouldn’t be bearing alone. I’m sorry if I didn’t do enough to make you feel like you could talk to me about anything, but I hope to one day be someone you can share your burdens with.”

It makes a part of his heart warm up to hear this. Here he had thoughts his friends would have looked on him the most and yet, they haven’t said a bad word once.

“I’m sure you can be someday, Uraraka.”

She smiles brightly and it’s more genuine than the first one he saw. Before he can say much else, Iida is entering the room, approaching his desk at a higher speed than usual to declare, “Todoroki, I have failed you as a class president and a friend!”

Shouto is slow to respond to the bizarre declaration, “…What? How did you even do that?”

“I wasn’t a good enough friend to you when you needed me most. I should have been someone you could talk to about any subject, no matter how dark and heavy it is. I am deeply sorry for not being a good enough friend for you to rely on, but from now on, I will do whatever I can to be a better friend to you from here on out.”

Shouto almost purrs to all the positive attention, but he contains it inside himself to maintain enough composure to say, “You are a good friend to me, Iida. Don’t beat yourself up over this. I didn’t tell anyone because of my own insecurities…in all honesty, I owe you guys an apology for not having enough faith in you to handle this properly. I’m deeply sorry for not telling you.”

“Only because we didn’t do enough earn it.” Iida comments right back, his eyes meeting Shouto’s in a burning glance of determination, “We will earn your trust and faith in us. Just you watch, Todoroki: soon enough, you’ll be able to come to us for anything.”

Shouto accepts his declaration with aplomb, a small smile gracing his lips, “I look forward to the day I can, Iida.”


The rest of the day went by normally, but it got old really quick.

People who never spoke much to him before are suddenly interested in being his friend. Case in point, Bakugou’s friends, Ojiro, Tokoyami, Hagakure, Jirou, and Momo all invited him to sit at their tables for lunch today. When he politely declined to eat with his usual trio of friends and Inasa, they all took the liberty of eating at the same table together. Some are being too cheery than usual, others are walking on eggshells, and then there’s the few who feign ignorance to the whole situation. It’s enough to make him feel overwhelmed and suffocated by having all of these people by his side at all times of the day! What’s so bad if he wants to be alone for a short while?

What’s worse yet is the way those in other classes and years treat him. They look at him with pity in their eyes, even Monoma doesn’t make any nasty comments to him about Class 1-A anymore, and what’s worse yet is whenever he hears them whisper about him in the halls.

“He’s looking so thin now…how did anyone not notice it?”

“Wow, poor omega, they shouldn’t have gone so hard on him in the media. Omegas are such delicate, fragile creatures, it’s a shame anyone would want to destroy them in the way they tried to do to him.”

“Whoa dude, take it easy! You could have bumped into him! After everything he’s gone through, you need to be cautious and careful to treat him with proper care.”

He’s not weak! He’s not less of a person or a hero! Why can’t they get it? When they speak like this about him, it degrades him to a level beyond what is possible for most to do to omegas. By the end of the first school day back from the hospital, he’s locking himself in Inasa’s dorm and refusing to come out to interact with the rest of the class. He only wishes to be left alone for now, to be given some space and treated like how they used to treat him before this all went public.

Inasa knocks on the door as gently as he can, trying to not be intrusive or obnoxious about his presence while he does so, “Todoroki, can I come in?”

Shouto wouldn’t mind talking to Inasa about this. He won’t be seeing his counsellor until Friday, so he may as well try to get some of this annoying frustration off of his chest while he can.

“Yeah, you can come in.”

Inasa enters the room, approaching the omega as he usually does, which is what Shouto truly wants. He wants this ordeal to be over with already, but it’s like nothing or no one will allow him to move on from it.

“Are you upset? You seem like you are.”

Shouto sighs when explaining it to him, “I am not upset. I’m annoyed because everyone is treating me like I’m a fragile piece of glass and not like a hero to be respected! Bakugou—of all people—almost punched a person out that he thought was saying something bad about me. I’m not weak or something that needs to be protected all because of what happened to me! I’m still me, I’m still the same Todoroki Shouto with the two quirks, I’m still the same person everyone said could be the strongest one in class. I don’t like being handled with kid’s gloves. I want everyone to see me, not what I went through, and I want to be treated the same way I was before.”

“I don’t know…I know I’m being irrational, but I want this to be over with already and with everyone treating me differently, it’s like a knife twisting in my wound, you know? I feel like I can never move on from this, no matter how badly I want to or try to.”

Inasa looks upon his future omega in a bit of distress himself, finding it sad that so many are making him feel this way unintentionally, “Is that why you wrote up the blog before you came to school? Was it to make people stop talking about it?”

“That was part of the reason why I wrote it. I mainly wrote it to explain my side of the story because I got sick and tired of complete strangers trying to tell it for me.”

Inasa huffs to this, a frown appearing on his face, “If you want, I can set them straight and make them see just how bad they are making you feel!”

Shouto chuckles to the alpha’s protectiveness, his head tilting upwards to meet his dark eyes, “You don’t need to protect me, Yoarashi. Don’t tell them this, it’s something I will have to do on my own time. For now, I can deal with it because I know they don’t mean to do it.”

“But I want to, though! How am I supposed to be a good mate to you if I cannot protect you!”

“You don’t need to protect me to be a good mate. You’ve already done things for me that go far above and beyond what protecting can do. You are my favorite alpha in the world, Yoarashi. Nothing ever will or can change that.”


He wasn’t in Inasa’s room for a full hour when he heard a worried cry from Midoriya, “Todoroki, come quick to the common room! Y-Your attackers…they’re being attacked by the League of Villains!”

Shouto snaps upright to this from his position in Inasa’s arms. Instantly, he is over to the common room, the gigantic alpha following him suite as he watches the attack live on TV.

“What happened?” Shouto asks Uraraka in pure astonishment. Why were the league targeting these small-time criminals whose only ambition was to rape omegas, find the ‘perfect one’, and take them to a desolate building where they would lock the omega up in a basement and use them as a sex slave.

“Your attackers pled guilty to all charges. They were on their way to face the judge for their sentencing, but then, the league stopped the van. Then some members got out of the semi and now they’re attacking the ones who raped you.”

Uraraka’s face pales and she’s quick to realize her wrongs, “Oh, I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have said it!”

Shouto is confused by this, but he doesn’t bother to explore the reason behind her actions any further, “I’m fine with you using the word. A word won’t make me breakdown, Uraraka. I’m still the same person you’ve all known for this whole semester, so please treat me like it already and stop handling me with kid’s gloves.”

Everyone pauses to his sharply spoken outburst, making them all feel a tinge more guilty than necessary, “Listen, I know you guys mean well, but I…don’t like having everyone walk on eggshells around me or suddenly acting different from normal. I want to move on from what happened to me, and all of this babying isn’t helping me.”

“We’ll do our best to keep that in mind, Todoroki.” Yaoyorozu vows for the class, but the attention on this is only for a moment. The news crew gets a closer shot of the carnage happening on the highway, the newswoman almost out of the helicopter due to her own flabbergasted state of mind, “What is this? It looks like there is a blue wall of flame and the sex offenders with the water quirks are struggling out there against it. Already I can confirm the Masumoto twins are deceased, but there are four more who are trying to fight for their lives against this vicious villain who already killed the hero assigned to escort the vehicle.”

In a close up, though it is a bit blurry, they see Dabi in the center of the ring of fire and they watch in a bit of horror as he all too easily does away with two of the rapists, leaving their charred corpses on the road alongside the Masumoto twins.

Though the final two—also known to be identical twins with the same water quirk—put up a much more valiant effort to survive, it was for nothing in the end. The heat of those beautifully flowing, bright blue flames reduced their water to steam and suddenly, the final set of twins were reduced to ash.

Shouto is stunned by the development to say the least, in fact, he’s almost speechless because of it, “Didn’t they do the same attack on that Overhaul guy?”

“They did, but this time only two members were present, and they wound up disappearing in that weird black goop we saw from Kamino.” Midoriya remarked, his eyes glued to the screen as all the possibilities came flowing out into his mind for the motive, the message, and the greater purpose to whatever goal the villains have in mind for this.

The reporter then commented, “It is my own personal opinion this attack may have been personal…a charred body was found in a residential neighborhood, belonging to the man who had leaked the video of Todoroki Shouto’s sexual assault on a porn site in order to make some quick yen. What message are the villains trying to send? Are they trying to revamp their image as a pro-omega organization or is this all a ploy to lure in unsuspecting omegas to their doom?”

Shouto doesn’t know how to feel about this. The part of him that wants to be a hero says this is wrong, abhorrent, and evil. The part of him that is a normal teenage boy who had been victimized by them is happy they are gone for good and never coming back.

It’s a conflicting feeling: he’s both relieved and a little bit put off by this.

Inasa takes his hand, his face showcasing his concern as clear as day, “Todoroki…are you okay?”

Shouto doesn’t know how to answer this in front of his friends and classmates. All he can do to get himself out of this is to give a neutral answer, “It’s a lot to take in… I don’t know what to think about what just happened.”

Inasa pulls him into his side, trying to figure out how to approach this subject with him. He knows it has to be conflicting—I mean, Inasa himself (though he will never, ever admit it out loud) had thought about hunting down Shouto’s tormentors and giving them a taste of their own medicine using his mighty wind. He won’t say if it involved murder or not, only that it included Shouto’s attackers getting their just due.

Shouto asks him, “Can we go back to your room now, Yoarashi?”

Clearly, he wants to talk alone about this and Inasa cannot deny him it, “Alright, let’s go talk alone.”

The pair leave the common area together, with their class none the wiser as they discuss this recent villain activity in near professional detail and deductions.

Chapter Text

When Shouto six (or ten…he can’t remember really), Touya faked his own death to get out of the damned house with the old man. His only regret to this day is leaving his omega brother—the only omega child in the house—alone with the old man. Shouto was loved for his quirks but despised for everything else. His father always berated him, always made him feel worthless for being an omega, making his powers out to be the only redemptive quality in him.

The alpha had wanted to take his omega brother away with him, but at the time, he knew it was pointless. Enji would only turn his flames to the other two alphas in the house and despite being more protective over little Shouto, Dabi still cared about the other two enough to not risk their lives.

Which is why hearing little Shouto had been gang raped by a bunch of thugs who got him drunk, drugged him up, and then threw his unconscious, naked body into some random ass alleyway where he was raped by other thugs after concluding they couldn’t keep him in a basement as their sex slave because ‘he’s too famous’ made him see red.

Dabi wanted to kill them the minute he heard some random fucker in a suburb had managed to obtain the video (turns out, he was roommates with one of the rapists) and leak it out online onto porn sites for quick yen. He didn’t need to see the video nor did he ever want to watch it. It doesn’t change the fact Shigaraki did watch it, with the volume on loud, and Dabi couldn’t avoid it even if he wanted to. Knowing random alphas had violated Shouto, the same little Shouto he couldn’t save from their father years ago, made his stomach twist and churn into tight knots as the fire bubbled up from underneath his skin, begging so loudly to be released, he swore he could have heard it speak.

The cyan eyed alpha was relentless in his search for the ones who had harmed his brother. He had hired a hacker to find the guy who had leaked the video. Once he found him alone at his home, he went to work on him. After tormenting him for a good, long couple of hours, he got the information he needed about the rapist scumbags who had attacked his little brother.

From this point on, Shouto’s attackers were placed onto the media circuit, with many not sparing more than a paragraph on the leaker’s murder, which was good for Dabi in the end. It made following his plan using the league’s connections to various people in the underground much easier in the end.

Two weeks after it was announced on air, Toga (disguising as their defense attorney using her quirk) had been able to tell him where they would be heading, which vehicle they would be escorted in, and when this would all play out. Of course, his reasoning for this had been to revamp the league’s image and show omegas just how little society values them.

It wasn’t a complete lie, anyway. The way the alphas and betas online and in the media attacked Shouto for ‘allowing himself to be victimized’ made him sick with rage alone. To know his little brother would be victim blamed for his own rape, despite his being an omega minor, made him want to burn the world around them and take little Shouto away to somewhere safe where he will never be hurt again by anyone.

So, yes, he did kill them and left their corpses to burn on the road, but it’s only because he didn’t know what else to do about this. Their father was not defending or supporting Shouto at all. No, his only statement to the public was that ‘Shouto’s situation has brought the greatest shame and dishonor our family name will ever face’.

When pressed, he would never clarify if he was saying Shouto himself brought this upon the family or if he meant the media coverage alone did so. Dabi knows better though, all of these years later and he can still read through the old man’s fuckery: he meant to say Shouto himself brought the greatest shame and dishonor the family name will ever face.

Fucking. Asshole.

Dabi wants to kill him next, but he needs to get stronger before he can take down that sick fucker.

He feels the need to say something to Shouto. He doesn’t even know why he does, but he… He’s not sure how to explain it, really.

Whenever he looks at Shouto, whether it be in person or on a photo or video, all he sees is the same little boy he left behind. Even when he hears Shouto speak now, he doesn’t really his actual voice, he only hears the voice he remembers from back then.

When he discovered what had happened to Shouto, he couldn’t see the teenager being violated on the screen, he only saw the little boy he had left behind being hurt by strangers. He could only imagine how Shouto would have taken it if he had been conscious… He doesn’t want to think about Shouto crying, begging for them to stop, and screaming when it hurts too much. It makes bile build up at the back of his throat when he does so. He chooses to ignore this thought, instead grateful for the fact Shouto was totally unconscious when they did the worst to him.

He wants to know if Shouto is doing okay, if he is still hurt and hiding it underneath a façade of strength, or if he needs his big brother now more than ever. He does want to speak him, but then, he’s not sure if he can handle it mentally. He’s not sure if he could visit Shouto in person without wanting to kill the old man for not doing enough to make him feel supported throughout this entire ordeal.

He’s just not ready for the possibility of seeing the little boy he left behind crying over something awful that happened to him. Something that should have never happened, never would have happened had Dabi taken him away with him years ago.

He will think of a way to check on him, but it has to be indirect and it has to be something he can send to him with ease…


Shouto is stunned when, three days after his rapists were killed, his mother is handing him a letter addressed to him that had been left at the hospital.

He looks at it strangely, asking her, “Who is it from?”

Her voice is just as curious sounding in her response, “I’m not too sure. There’s no return address and when the nurse found it, it was only labeled ‘for Todoroki Shouto’.”

He wonders if it’s a fan letter or a hater letter. Either or he’s curious enough to open it.

When he does, he is stunned to say the least.

The paper itself is plain yet slightly wrinkled. What is written down on it makes his world itself implode on him with some unknown emotion he’s never felt before until now.

Shouto, little Shouto, it’s been too long, hasn’t it? I saw the shitheads who raped you and leaked the video out were butchered like they deserved to be. I also saw the old man blaming you for everything on TV, then again, what else is new with that bastard? I’m wondering how you are handling this after all of this time, if you’re okay or not. Leave a reply to this letter at the park in Ikebukuro, you know, the one by the international school where all the celebrity kids go. I hope to hear from you soon.

He’s not sure what to make of it because only one person in his life ever referred to him as ‘little’ or ‘baby’ and that was Touya. There are tears building up in his eyes, but he’s not sad. He’s…he’s…

“Shouto, are you alright?”

“Yeah mom, just something in my eye.” he places the letter in his pocket, telling her, “It was just a fan letter telling me how good looking I am, that’s all.”

Before he can jump to conclusions, before he can even allow himself to think for one moment Touya is still alive, he needs to verify it for himself. He needs to know this is actually Touya and not some random person pretending to be him. He doesn’t know if he could handle the heartbreak coming his way if this truly is an imposter. He doesn’t know if he could ever get over it.

She seems to accept this and doesn’t ask much more from him, “Alright Shouto. Are you ready to head off to counselling now?”

Shouto nods, feeling a strange feeling welling up inside of him, something he’s never felt before…no, is this…

“I’m ready, mom.”

The feeling keeps on bubbling up and for the first time in a long time, it feels as though things are looking up for him ever since this whole leaking situation happened.

The feeling bubbling in his chest, the feeling following him down to the counsellor’s office, it’s all…hope. Hope. An emotion he has never had before in his lifetime but has now.

He enters the counsellor’s office feeling oddly light despite what has been weighing him down ever since the leaks happened. For the first time ever, he feels as though he can conquer this. He feels like he stands a chance of beating his own demons and it’s all because of this one letter from someone he believes to be Touya.


He would write up a reply letter to the one that had been sent to him during the train ride to Ikebukuro. He had decided to send back a reply before heading back to the dorms because if this truly is Touya, then he needs to know as soon as possible.

His reply had been something simple and it was to the point, he had thought.

Touya, if it really is you, if you really are not dead…why didn’t you just run away? Why lead me onto into thinking you were dead this whole time? I thought you had left me behind because you hated me and didn’t want to be by me anymore. As for your worries, I am doing the best I can with this. The old man blamed me for everything the day after it happened, Fuyumi and Natsuo act like they are walking on eggshells around me, and all I am doing now is attending counselling with mom at her hospital three days a week (usually Friday through Sunday). Regardless, know that I will be okay eventually. I cannot wait to hear from you again, if it really is you.

He probably said too much there. He most likely gave away too much information, but he doesn’t care. If there is even a slim chance of this being Touya, his Touya that he lost so many years ago, then he will do whatever it takes to bring him back into his life if he can.

Since Touya didn’t specify where to leave the letter, he arrived at the park feeling a bit helpless at first.

Then he saw it, a black bandana he specifically remembers Touya wearing after he had first gotten their ears pierced. He didn’t regret it or anything, it was all so their father would not want to attack him and kill him on the spot.

He would wrap the letter in the black bandana and tie it to the tree it was attached to. After doing this, he waited for five minutes to see if Touya would take it. When he saw Touya was not coming, he decided to head back to the dorms before he broke his curfew.

Had Shouto stayed five minutes more, he would have seen a young in a dark grey coat with a hood up that covered the lower half of his face approaching the tree to take the note.

“Every time I think you’re grown, I’m always reminded why I have to keep an eye out for you, little one.”


Shouto came back to the dorms in a better mood, which made Inasa happy, but he wasn’t sure what was the cause of it. When Shouto told him it was over some really nice fan mail he had received, Inasa couldn’t help but to feel jealous.

What if this fan is an alpha?

What if this fan wants to steal Shouto from him?

What if this fan is plotting something nefarious and it’s all starting with that one nice letter?

“Yoarashi, are you okay?”

Inasa shakes his head, “Yeah, I’m fine! I’m perfectly fine!”

Well, if Inasa cannot make Shouto seem so happy and bright, then he’s failed as an alpha. This is something Inasa simply cannot accept! No, Shouto is his omega and he will be the only one to make him feel so happy and bright from now on!

“You’re really pretty, Todoroki. Have you ever noticed that? Because I have!”

What better way to make him feel happy and bright than to compliment the living daylights out of him? It’s a foolproof plan!

Shouto looks at him in confusion, his face blank when asking, “…What?”

“You’re the prettiest omega ever! You have this super pretty face that you get from your mom, your body is curvy like your mom’s, and you’ve got these stunningly gorgeous eyes so full of gorgeousness I could just die from the amount of it alone!” Inasa begins, hoping he’s one upping the competition as much as possible, only for Shouto to start to slowly blush in response. Since he’s not saying anything, Inasa decides to forge onward with his plain, “You’re really small too in comparison to me, which I like a lot about you! Your size is so cute, I can pick you up by your adorably tiny waist and raise you up high enough to where I can twirl you around like a prince does to a princess. Oh, and then there’s your pretty hair! I like your hair a lot, I’ve never felt anything so soft and seen something so exotic in my lifetime. Your hair is a perfect complement to everything about you: your gemstone blue and steel grey eyes, your soft features, and your small size… I love it all! It’s all so cute!”

Shouto is blushing a medium pink right about now, but he’s still not saying anything which makes Inasa push even further, “Even the way you eat soba is adorable! You look like a kitten lapping up a bowl of milk whenever you eat soba.”

“Yoarashi—” Shouto begins as his blush deepens and his hands are slowly starting inch upwards to his face.

“The only thing I think would be more adorable—aside from your peaceful sleeping face—would be if you were ticklish somewhere. That way, I could make you smile whenever and get to see you happy for a few moments.”


“Are you ticklish anywhere on your beautiful, perfect omega body, Todoroki? I wouldn’t mind knowing for future reference.”

His hands are now fully covering his face, a small bit of steam coming off of his left side, “I-I…wouldn’t know. I’ve never been tickled before.”

Luckily for him, all of Inasa’s embarrassing compliments were not spoken out in public. No, it was all said within the safety of the alpha’s dorm.

Before he knows it, Inasa is pressing him on the bed and sliding his hands up his shirt, feeling around for any area he can get his hands on to test the waters out.

When they lightly brush against this one area of his waist, Shouto lets out a small squeak. This one squeak is all Inasa needs to hear before he starts aiming this one mercilessly, enjoying the adorable sound of Shouto’s laugh while he can before stopping so the shorter one can catch his breath and not get the hiccups.

(Though he could imagine Shouto’s hiccups sounding cute too.)

“Even your laugh is freakishly cute too! Everything about you is so cute, I just love it!” Inasa exclaims while hugging him tightly and rubbing his cheek against Shouto’s own.

The still blushing omega clears his throat a bit, “Yoarashi, why did you…why are you saying these things to me? You’ve never said them before.”

“Because it’s true and no other alpha is allowed to make you feel good with compliments except for me.” Inasa states so casually, he made it sound as simple of a fact as ‘the sky is blue’.

“Inasa…the letter was just some fan mail saying that they are cheering me on to be the best hero I can. It was probably some hospital’s worker kid, it’s nothing to be worried about.”

Well…color Inasa surprised!

He doesn’t regret what he said or did, though. He feels as though Shouto wasn’t given enough compliments growing up and that’s why he tends to go so hard on himself. It’s something he didn’t truly take note of until he transferred over to UA. Whenever Shouto fails or makes the smallest of missteps, he crushes himself so hard with negative criticism, it’s like he cannot see the positive no matter how hard everyone around him tries to get him to see it.

He is trying to help Shouto with his low opinion of himself, but it’s not as easy as it looks…

A light bulb literally just went off in his head right now! If he compliments Shouto every single day, maybe he will start to see himself in a better light!

“Well, that’s okay too, but I don’t regret what I said because it’s all true. I don’t think you heard enough nice things being said about you, Todoroki. I think you deserve to hear the nice things about yourself because they’re true and you don’t seem to see it yourself.”

“I used to hear nice things all the time from Mineta.”

“Oh really, like what?”

Shouto looks away from Inasa in a bit of his own embarrassment and shame, “Like, for example, ‘wow Todoroki, you have an amazing ass’, ‘whoa Todoroki, I love the new costume, it really brings out your sexy curves’, and ‘Todoroki, let me touch you, please, I swear I can die a happy man then’.”

Inasa frowns to this, biting back his growl and focusing on the boy in his arms, “Those aren’t nice things, Todoroki. Those are gross, creepy things perverts say to omegas when they are cat-calling them. Nice things aren’t supposed to be gross or make you feel gross.”

Shouto feels so dumb right now, it’s unbelievable, “Oh.”

“Nice things are supposed to make you feel good because they are said with good intentions and meaning.” Inasa explains to him more, making Shouto feel oh-so-stupid for not knowing the difference.

“I’m…wow, I’m dumb.”

“You’re not! Your father just didn’t raise you like a normal person, that’s all.”

Shouto is quiet for a few moments, but soon enough he is asking, “Do you really believe all those nice things you said about me, Yoarashi, or were they spoken out of jealousy?”

“I will I admit I was jealous at first, but I meant every single word I said.” Inasa then tells him with pure confidence in his voice, “I believe in what I said because it is fact! All of it, every single last word!”

It makes a special part of Shouto’s heart warm up enough to where there’s a strange bubbling feeling in his chest rumbling through him and before he knows it, he releases a small purr.

Shouto has never purred before in his lifetime. Hearing it for the first time ever has him rushing to cover his mouth, but Inasa is quick to stop him, “What are you doing? Don’t cover your mouth! Your purr is so sweet and adorable! I could listen to it all day long.”


“Even when you speak through it, it still sounds so freaking cute! Please don’t cover it from me, Todoroki. I love it, I really do. It’s something all omegas do when they’re happy. Please, please let me hear it.”

Shouto agrees but only because it makes Inasa happy to hear it and despite what Shouto tells himself, saying ‘no’ to Inasa on anything is far harder than it looks.


He’ll allow this strange purr thing to happen for now. He’ll still ask Recovery Girl if it really is normal or not later, though. He’d rather be safe than sorry.

Chapter Text

When he receives his second letter from Touya, it comes with an answer and a small promise. One that makes Shouto almost purr at the thought of it, but this time around, he manages to keep it in.

I had to fake my death, if I didn’t, the old man would have hunted me down and killed me for running away. I don’t hate you, little one, I never will. I had to leave because it was getting to be too much for me. I had to leave because I was losing my mind there and it wasn’t good for me to live there anymore. I’m sorry, Shouto. I shouldn’t have left you behind because then none of this would have happened to you. Shouto, if you ever want to leave the old man, let me know and I will take you away from him at any and all costs. For now, stay in counselling and focus on getting better. Don’t worry about Natsuo and Fuyumi, they will come around on their own time. Stay strong for me, okay?

He stuffs this letter into his pocket and heads off to his next session, his heart feeling lighter with each message of his currently living brother.

After his session is done, he has a reply written down very quickly on the train over to Ikebukuro (he assumed Touya wanted it to go there again) and his response is to the point of the matter.

I’m sorry for what happened there with you and dad. Natsuo told me everything before my incident happened and I never felt more awful for you. I will do my best to get over what happened to me, there’s no need to worry there. Touya, will I ever be able to see you in person again? I’d love to see you at least one more time.

He hopes Touya will respond to him, but his session ran a bit longer today than usual so he cannot afford to stay for any longer period of time than necessary to wrap the letter in the black bandana and tie it to the tree.

As for Dabi, he’s simply relieved his surveillance of Shouto proved to be fruitful when he saw the boy went to see their mother on Saturdays. He didn’t know about the other days until after the last letter, but he is determined to make sure the boy is at least somewhat safe and mentally well after everything he’s gone through.

As much as he would love to see the littlest one of them again, he knows he can’t.

If little Shouto knew what he had become, he wouldn’t want to ever speak to him again. It’d hurt him too much to meet up in person. It’s simply easier for the two of them if they never see each other again.

He would walk away with the letter and once he was back at their base, he would read it with interested eyes. He can feel Shouto’s excitement radiating off of the words written (then again, Shouto cannot control his scent when he’s excited), but he cannot see him ever again. Thus, his next reply would be the one that would be hardest to send.

Shouto, we cannot ever see each other again. I know it’s hard to believe, but I do not live a stable life. I do not want you to get involved with me and wind up dead or raped again. I want you to be safe and because I do care about you so much, I will never see you again in person for your own good. I hope you can understand.

It’s the hardest letter he has ever sent, but the response he received was not as heartbroken as he had expected.

It’s alright Touya, I can make room to understand for you. I will leave you be, just promise to be careful and safe out there, alright? I wouldn’t want the old man arresting you or you getting hurt.

In some sense, it stings a bit to know he cannot smell Shouto’s scent of distress, fear, or sadness in the note. He had hoped little Shouto wouldn’t have outgrown him, but he was gone for so many years…

No matter. He shouldn’t be leading on little Shouto anyway. There’s no way he could ever return to his life, so he may as well end the communication and continue to watch from the shadows.

Funny thing for you to be telling me! No need to worry little one, I’ve survived off of the streets for all of these years, I will be fine on my own. Promise me you will be careful and promise you will get help right away the next time something bad happens to you. This letter will be the last one I send you for now. I have some business to attend to, but when I am free enough to get another one out there, you will be able to find it.

He knows he is doing a shitty thing to Shouto, but a shittier thing would have to be exposing himself as the villain Dabi, the one who almost killed their father on live TV not too long ago after that last nomu attack. He doesn’t think he can live with Shouto’s hate. He doesn’t think he can live with the baby of the family wanting nothing to do with big brother Touya anymore.

I’ll be safe from now on, Touya. At least I can rest easy now knowing you are alive and well. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about our letters. I only hope you can day see me again. I’d love to see you soon, if I ever can. Goodbye for now, Touya. I hope you’re happy wherever you’re at.

After all of this time later, Shouto still cares so much for him… It’s enough to make his burnt heart flutter at the thought of it. At least his little brother still loves him, even if he doesn’t act as though he needs him anymore.

(Lies! Shouto will always need him whether he wants to own up to that fact or not.)


As for Shouto, had he not had Inasa by his side, he would have been devastated by the letters he received from Touya. However, thanks to Inasa’s presence, he felt at peace with everything concerning his eldest brother. Inasa keeps him calm, rational, and…hopeful for the future. Which is something Shouto’s not used to feeling.

This aside, Inasa’s compliments to him (though he feels unworthy of them) are a nice treat to wake up to every morning. Usually it’s the standard, “Good morning most beautiful omega in the world!” or the second standard, “Hello sunshine, you’re looking extra glowy and pretty today!”

He blushes and stammers each and every time whenever he has to respond to this. It’s amazing what Inasa can do to him with words alone! No matter how unworthy he feels of such compliments and signs of affection, he cannot stop himself from indulging in it and enjoying it to his fullest capacity.

He feels bad for not telling Touya about Inasa, but he doesn’t want his big brother to go nuts on him. I mean, he did almost roast a poor alpha alive back when he was in elementary school because he thought the alpha was getting too ‘close’ to him. Needless to say…the alpha was only asking to play with him on the swings and Touya overreacted severely. He didn’t even apologize for his wrongs afterwards either! He just said, “It’s your fault for making me think you were trying to use your alpha ways to hurt my brother.”

Yep. No, his brother does not need to know about Inasa!

That morning, Shouto would go with Inasa to the common area to have breakfast with Inasa. He’s still struggling with gaining his weight back, but so far, he has managed to gain back at least five pounds so that’s a victory, right?

He thinks it counts as one anyway. Recovery Girl isn’t too kind in this respect, “You are a male omega! What were you thinking going on such an extreme starvation diet? Todoroki, male omegas don’t have the same muscle mass as an average alpha or beta male. They are far more akin to women in this regard and what you did to your body was near catastrophic. You need to eat more protein to build up your muscles and larger portions at meal times to help you gain back the weight. I’ll write up a diet plan for you. I hope you can follow through with it.”

Shouto’s back to feeling worthless over his failure, his voice empty when commenting, “I am trying to eat larger portions, but I get sick from it if I eat too much. It’s not as bad as before, but it’s still pretty bad. What can I do to make this easier on me?”

“First off, you need to readjust your body to eating regular sized portions again. From what Yoarashi showed me, your portion sizes at meals are still too small to get your body back on track. What you need to do is take baby steps to get your body used to eating regular sized portions again and from there on, you need to follow the diet plan to gain the weight back.”

He nods in response, a sad smile gracing his lips, “I’ll do my best, then.” 

“Just as a question, how much more weight does he need to gain back?”

“Fifteen more pounds.”

Inasa’s eyes show his horror long before his voice does, “What!”

“He lost twenty pounds, Yoarashi. He was being reckless with his diet: a hero in training does a lot more working and exercise than the average person. He lost a lot of weight in a pretty short time period from this and it didn't do him any good. He’s too thin to be doing hero work, but by standard male omega weight, he’s only underweight by five pounds.”

Inasa immediately takes Shouto into his arms bridal style, still freaked out what he heard, “Five more pounds wouldn’t be bad, but he’d still be too skinny then for my liking. He needs to get back to where he was before because he was perfect then. In my eyes he was, at least.”

The nurse gives him a knowing glance, her eyes tinted in mischief, “Sounds to me like you view our Todoroki here as a potential mate, Yoarashi.”

Inasa blushes to this and his eyes suddenly go everywhere else, “Oh, me? I…well, um…”

She laughs then, her cackle catching them off guard and making them both jolt every so slightly, “Aw, don’t worry! I think you’re good for him. Ever since you two started spending time together, he’s starting to gain his weight back and he’s going to counselling to better his mental health.”

Recovery Girl does forewarn them, though, “Just be careful. Aizawa is a tough nut to crack and I don’t think he’ll care for any alpha going for the only omega in class.”

“I’m sure I can win him over!” Inasa declares confidently, making Shouto chuckle openly, “Sure you can. He almost attacked Mineta back when he was in school because he tried to peep on me in the omega changing room.”

Inasa’s grip tightens, his teeth gritting to the news, “I should teach this Mineta person a thing or two about respect! It’s too bad he’s expelled now, I would have—”

“Yoarashi. We’re going to be late for class.”

“Right! We will get going then! Goodbye Recovery Girl!”

She waves the strange alpha and the small omega goodbye, grinning the whole time at the idea of Aizawa acting irrationally overprotective over Shouto with Inasa’s presence around him.

As for Inasa, he doesn’t care if Aizawa is protective. He will win him over and get him to see he is the only suitable mate for Todoroki!

“Yoarashi, you’re late.” comes the annoyed voice of the teacher he needs to impress.

“Ah, yeah, we were at Recovery Girl’s office for his daily check-up. Sorry sir, it will not happen again!”

(Shouto has been needing to have these ever since news of his attack came to light. Ever since they learned he had starved himself after the attack, the school now wants him to see Recovery Girl daily to be sure he is gaining weight back and getting healthy again.) 

“Todoroki can go to those alone and you do not need to carry him.”

Those eyes are burning holes into his body the whole time he nods and sets his omega down with the utmost care and grace, “Yes sir, understood!”

Aizawa knows Inasa is good for Shouto in the sense of getting him into counselling and comforting him during a horrific ordeal. This doesn’t mean he’s fine with Shouto settling for any alpha who happens to be nice to him. He wants Shouto to pick an alpha for himself when he has more self-esteem and isn’t always downing himself over every flaw he believes he has.


After class is done, Shouto has to ask Inasa, "Did you think I was attractive back when I was twenty pounds underweight?" 

Inasa looks at him incredulously, "I still thought you were pretty, but Todoroki...I hated seeing you like that. You really scared me with how skinny you got and I don't want to ever see you like that ever again." 

"It's you think I am only attractive and perfect when I am at a certain weight and muscle mass?" 

The alpha beside him takes his smaller hand into his own and holds it tightly, "Todoroki, your weight and muscle mass have nothing to do with how perfect and attractive you are to me. I only care about that when it becomes something that can endanger your health. Other than that, you will always be perfect and attractive to me." 

Shouto exhales a sigh of relief, happy to know he doesn't have to maintain a perfect standard in order to keep Inasa by his side, "That's relieving to hear." 

Inasa holds his hand as they go onto their next class, his head held high as he felt a surge of pride wash over him at the sight of a small smile Shouto flashed in his direction. 

Chapter Text

Aizawa does have a small, tiny problem with Inasa being interested in Shouto. It has nothing to do with the boy himself, but Aizawa has his concerns given not only what happened to Shouto in regards to his sexual assault. No, his other concerns arise from something else entirely: Shouto’s bad luck with alphas.

Aizawa has scared away many an alpha who he thought had showed a little bit too much interest in the omega. However, there was one he had to keep a constant eye on and that was Mineta.

The perverted alpha had always been the type to go for any omega so long as they were curvy enough and when he one time saw Shouto getting changed through a peep hole…everything changed.

Of course, he didn’t know the miniscule sized alpha had found the peeping hole a long time ago. He only found this out after someone else (Kaminari) ratted him out after he was expelled. His only recollection of ever knowing about Mineta’s spying on Shouto was the one time he went in there when he noticed the repulsive creature was taking a bit too long in there…

Mineta had been taking too much time in getting dressed and he didn’t quite understand why either. The other alphas were already out of their showers and ready to go back to their usual classes. So what is taking him so long? For that matter, what is taking Shouto so long to get out too? Did something happen?

He’s not too sure, but either way, he will get to the bottom of it.

Upon entering the locker room, he didn’t know what to expect, but it wasn’t an empty one. Well, almost empty at least.

Mineta is not one who can hide his inclinations, it would take possessing some level of shame to do so, and thus Aizawa finds him exhaling heavy, lustful gasps of, “Oh, Todoroki, you are so fucking sexy! All the things you do to me…yeah, that’s right, good omega, good! Lift up your dick, let me see your pretty pussy…”

He ripped open the locker door and glared him down hard, “What the fuck is this?”

Mineta stares at him in horror, his erection in his hands, and the sizeable peep hole into the omega locker room in full view.

He doesn’t even Mineta a chance to answer or defend himself when he’s using his capture weapon to wrap the sickening creature up and take him away from the peep hole.

If Mineta got a bit…bruised or cut up from being yanked out of the locker with far too much force, it wasn’t Aizawa’s fault, really! It was all the little bastard’s fault for being a pig in the first place.

After that, Mineta kept making attempts to touch Shouto, to grope him and feel his hips whenever he could. He even attempted to beg him to let himself be Shouto’s sparring partner. He did once, but Shouto almost froze him to death. He only did this after Mineta had used his sticky balls to trap him and make a move to grab his ass, which Aizawa allowed to happen because Mineta had it fucking coming.

Seeing as how Mineta and the other alphas Aizawa had scared off from going near Shouto were all perverts, Aizawa is worried about Inasa. He may look and act nice, but he could be a player who is only doing this to get Shouto in bed with him. He could be someone who is using his close bond with the omega all for his own selfish purposes and desires.

Inasa has a lot to prove to Aizawa if he ever wants to court Shouto. Enji’s word is irrelevant here because Aizawa doesn’t view a guy who openly victim blames and abuses his kid as father or even a human being. He only sees them as scum of the earth, which is the pure definition of Enji Todoroki in a nutshell.

He sighs as he finds himself watching Inasa walking with Shouto down the halls, complimenting him on his eyes this time, “I mean it! Your eyes are super pretty, I think they’re like gorgeous pools of aquamarine and graphite!”

Shouto bites his lower lip and looks away from him, a small blush dusting his cheeks, “Yoarashi, not so loud, please…”

“What? You need to hear how pretty and great you are! You don’t hear it enough from anyone else, so I will fill in that gap!”

In the midst of his watching them, he hears the smooth baritone of his mate’s voice remarking to him, “Watching them won’t make Yoarashi stop pursuing him, you know. He’s really head over heels for Todoroki and he seems to be a good kid. I don’t get why you’re so hard on him.”

“Because he could be a pervert in the making. Todoroki has a bad record of attracting perverts and I’d rather keep an eye on him to make sure he’s safe than to risk anything else.”

“Aren’t you being a bit over protective here? Yoarashi is a good kid and he hasn’t done anything to Todoroki once. I think you’re being unreasonable here.”

“You’re a beta, it’s easy for you to be lax about this! Todoroki is an omega with a bad history of being a pervert magnet. I have to do whatever it takes to protect him because no one else will.”

All Might does have a feeling what this is really about and he does his best to take a stab at it, “You are trying to make up for him not going to you about his sexual assault?”

Aizawa’s shoulders tense up immediately, causing All Might to sigh deeply, “It wasn’t your fault. Look at his father and the way people online initially spoke about the attack: he had every right to be afraid of telling everyone, even you. You have to look at it from his point of view and whose care he was under at the time. He was convinced he couldn’t tell you, so he didn’t.”

“I…just want him to feel safe coming to me for anything.” Aizawa speaks up after a full two minutes of silence, “I was—and still am—willing to take that kid in as my own, Yagi. I cannot help it if I want to have him trusting me enough to turn to me first whenever bad things happen to him. It’s hard to live with yourself when you’ve failed someone you desperately want to save.”

All Might hugs him from behind and gives a low hum, “I know it is, I’ve been there before too, but you have to move on from it and do the best you can for him now.”

All Aizawa can do is nod, and yet his eyes are still trained on the alpha and omega pair as they make their way through the halls.


After the video had been leaked out to the media, Shouto had received numerous offers from hero schools in Europe, Australia, Canada, and America to attend their schools instead of UA, claiming Japan is still too ‘far behind’ when it comes down to handling issues like his own. He had told Inasa about this and his initial response had been: “You should go to them if it ever gets to be too much to be here. Don’t worry about losing me either, Todoroki, because I will go anywhere with you!”

Shouto smiles to this and he feels lighter knowing Inasa is willing to leave Japan to be with him.

Everything had been going so good, he didn’t even glance at the emails he had received from the schools. He didn’t even think about them, really, especially after he and Yoarashi had gotten their Provisional Licenses. Everything was starting to look up for him around the time he obtained it. He was slowly starting to have only two night terrors a night, he had gained back ten pounds, and he was starting to feel like his old self again.

He had been doing so good, everything had been looking up for him…that is, until the worst thing that could have happened to him, did.

There was a leak of abortion clinics patient’s registry. This was done by anti-choice groups to expose who the omegas are who get abortions done and how many of them do it. Needless to say, he was in the news again before lunchtime and this time, it was over his name being one of the many registered patients who had an abortion done.

He didn’t even know his name was back in the news until he saw Midoriya checking his phone. What happened next, left him speechless to say the least.

“Todoroki…you…weren’t ever pregnant, were you?”

It’s an odd, not to mention deeply personal and terrifying, question to bring up to him during lunch. He brings out his best neutral face and says, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“It says here in the news…you had an abortion done after getting pregnant by one of your rapists.”

Midoriya shows him the article on his phone and in an instant, Shouto’s face pales beyond comparison. He suddenly feels sick to his stomach, unable to tear his eyes away from the screen and face the judging glares of his peers who are all now getting out their phones and looking this up for themselves.

He hands Midoriya’s phone back to him, unable to meet his eyes, yet so grateful he has at least one good thing by his side…

“So what if he did? Abortion is legal in Japan he didn’t do anything wrong.” Inasa comments right away, his eyes starting to narrow at Midoriya.

The beta isn’t backing down from Inasa’s tiny snarl, “It doesn’t matter if it is legal or not! Abortion is wrong and as a hero, Todoroki knows this. There is no excuse for what he did. That child didn’t choose it’s father, and that child had no say over whether or not it could live or die. What he did was cruel, selfish, and evil!”

Inasa cannot stop the growl coming out of his throat, “That child was the byproduct of rape. What kind of future would that child have had once they discovered they were a byproduct of rape and that’s why they were abandoned at an orphanage? I know I wouldn’t want to be a byproduct of rape. What’s funny to me is you keep talking about choices, but what about Todoroki’s choices? Don’t they matter too or is it only the rape souvenir you care about?”

Midoriya isn’t backing down, “His choices do matter because they caused a life to be ended over his selfish reasoning! If he hadn’t gone to that club, none of this would have happened. That child didn’t deserve to pay the price for his bad decisions!”

Shouto meets his friend’s eyes then and finds what he had never wanted to see: disappointment, outrage, and disgust.

It breaks his heart to see it, what makes it worse is hearing Midoriya say he brought his rape upon himself.

“Is that why you were starving yourself, Todoroki? Were you trying to induce a miscarriage?” Iida asks him, his eyes full of bewildered astonishment at the news he read online.

Shouto can only nod, his words heavy on his tongue, “I did…I didn’t want this baby and I still don’t want it. Despite what you believe, having it would have been worse for me mentally. I wouldn’t have ever been able to get over what happened to me had I gone full term with the pregnancy. I needed to get that thing out of me, I didn’t want any reminders of that night.”

Uraraka is the one to say it, and it cuts him so deep, “Well, now you have the video leaked out there and it’s on the public’s conscious. I hope the abortion was worth it, Todoroki, because now you have a reminder that will never go away.”

Inasa’s alpha comes to life with all of these attacks against his omega. Friendship be damned, these people are fucking evil for what they are saying to his omega!

“Shut up, all of you! Japan is backward compared to the rest of the world when it comes down to views on abortion. In other nations, top omega heroes get abortions done and it’s no big deal. Only in this nation are close-minded, sexist bastards like you give a soap box to go out on some self-righteous rage meant to feed your own damn egos! Todoroki did what was best for himself. It’s his body, his rules, not anyone else’s. If you assholes could get pregnant, you would be demanding an abortion as well if you didn’t like the person who got you pregnant or if it was your rapist. So why should Todoroki be forced to have no choice when you bitches would be crying for one of your own if you were put in his shoes?”

“Our views are not sexist, Yoarashi.” Iida firmly insists to him and yet Inasa is nowhere close to being convinced.

“Really? Because all of the talk I’ve heard from pro heroes here and you guys is backwards, sexist shit. You say abortion is wrong because omegas who get it done are trying to avoid responsibility for their night of fun and partying. You say omegas who get it done are placing the blame on the wrong person, which is an extension of victim blaming and shaming of sexual assault. You say abortion is murder and omegas who get it done are evil. What about the omegas who have high risks pregnancies and could die from child birth? Aren’t you killing them for the sake of thing that will most likely die anyway? How is that not murder? Oh no wait, I forgot, you guys only see omegas as wombs who should be barefoot and pregnant at all times! How dare they have reproductive rights, how dare they have rights at all! You’re all sexist bastards and Todoroki deserves better than this shit!” Inasa takes Todoroki’s hand, causing him to look at his group of…friends or former friends, he’s not sure at this point in time, “…Are you still willing to be my friend even after this?”

When they all go silent, he knows the answer. Which is why he didn’t need Midoriya confirming it, “Abortion is wrong, Todoroki. I cannot be friends with someone who murdered an unborn child. I’m sorry.”

He knew it. They hate him. They all hate him.


Students in the halls all glare at him in shame, hatred, and rage as he walks with Inasa by his side. Had it not been for Inasa growling at everyone around, someone would have said or done something cruel to him. Had it not been for Inasa releasing extreme amounts of murderously angered pheromones, his classmates would have said something to him. Even Bakugou can admit Inasa can best him in a fight without this protective alpha rage. With this protective alpha rage on him now, he knows better than to even think about doing or saying anything to Shouto, not when Inasa is ready to strike at any moment.

His teachers were not any kinder to him. They would not acknowledge him, they would not congratulate him on getting his provisional license, and many of their talks were about the topic in the news, with many of the classes starting off with pointed lectures about why abortion is wrong.

Though they never name Shouto directly, with their glares on him the entire time, he knows they are talking about him.

What hurts worst is when Aizawa gives him that look of pure disappointment, his face when saying, “You really had great potential, Todoroki… UA does not look highly upon abortion and those who have it done are expelled from school as punishment. Did you think of this before having it done?”

Shouto gulps down his nervousness and shakes his head, “I…didn’t know this.”

“Well, now you do. Unless if you find another school in two day’s time, you will lose your provisional license. Good luck, Todoroki. I hope the procedure was worth it.”

In the dorms with Inasa, he doesn’t speak to anyone because he doesn’t need to hear it from them. He knows what all of Japan thinks of him and he knows of the petitions claiming for him to lose his license. He knows his siblings have disowned him because of the text messages they sent him today, all condemning him for getting it done behind their back and lying about it all along.

What he didn’t need to see was his own father on a livestream news conference from his phone, speaking calmly to the crowd,“What Shouto did was abhorrent and it goes against everything I’ve ever raised him with. Only villains get abortions done. In order to restore honor to the Todoroki name, and to atone for my son’s mistakes, from here on out, he is no longer my son. Shouto is no longer a Todoroki.”

In only a few hours, the entire school turned against him. In only a few hours, his siblings disowned him. In only a few hours, his father disowned him publicly.

His world fell apart in only a few hours thanks to a leak and everyone being close-minded sexists to him. He’s never felt more destroyed, never felt more alone, and hopeless than what he does now. After he sees the news conference on his phone, he is burying his face into Inasa’s chest, crying in silence as the weight of it all finally causes him to snap.

Inasa hugs Shouto back, crooning and cooing for him, finally releasing some calming pheromones for the first time today.

The only good thing that came out of this is Shouto knows Inasa means it when he says he wants to mate him. Inasa has stood by his side throughout everything spoken in person and online today. He has defended him with all of the passion in his person and Shouto can say he cannot envision a better mate for himself than Inasa.

“I don’t care what they say, they’re all jealous because they’re ugly compared to how pretty you are. You put Yaoyorozu and all of those girls to shame, that’s why they tried to talk down to you! Jealousy is an ugly thing and they were clearly using this situation—not to mention their sexist views—to release that jealousy.” Inasa says in an effort to cheer him up, only it doesn’t work.

Shouto only mumbles out a small, “Okay, I guess…”

Inasa doesn’t know what to do for the omega. All he can think of what to do is show him videos of support for him in other countries, who are all decrying Japanese media for the sexist treatment of Shouto, “I know you feel like the world hates you, but that’s really not true! See, there are a lot of people from other countries who support you just as much as I do!”


“Just look at the video for a moment, please. It’s filled with people who are making arguments in your case.”

Shouto begrudgingly does this, nervous at first to do this, but when he sees it for himself…he’s shocked.

It is a genuine support video. It’s a short one, but it still helps. Then there are comments in the video, all supporting him as well. He clicks on another one and another and another until he’s watched almost half of them available on the website.

“Just because you don’t have support here doesn’t mean you don’t have it elsewhere in the world. You will always have me and the entire world, no matter what these backwards losers say or think.”

Shouto, after watching a video of support from a Canadian user who happened to be in Canada’s best hero school, suddenly remembered, “I did get an offer to transfer to a Canadian school, but I’m not sure if they’ll have me now.”

Inasa holds his hand in a gentle, reassuring grip, “You’ll never know unless if you contact them first.”

With Inasa’s encouragement, he contacts the school and hopes for the best.

Chapter Text

The following morning, he would hear from the hero school in Canada. Well, more like two hero schools in Canada after he had contacted the second one off of Inasa’s advice. After being offered a spot in the first one he contacted, he was happy and elated to know he would have a chance at another school.

However, there is a catch he has: his mother, Inasa, and his counsellor must be allowed to come with him to Canada or any other hero school in any other country.

Luckily for him, the schools around the world are extremely competitive with one another when it comes down to wanting Shouto to go to their school. This means they are willing to give him whatever he pleases, and as such, he is allowed to bring his counsellor, his mother, and Inasa with him to Canada.

Inasa had been gone to see his parents when he learned the good news, but luckily for him, since it was the weekend, the dorms were empty…

Well, they were supposed to be empty, anyway.

Since the Canadian school is going to handle getting the documents required for himself and Inasa to be transfer students there, he doesn’t have to face his teachers or the principal, which is a relief off of his shoulders. What he was not wanting to face was Bakugou, alone, in the dorms. Of everyone else in class, he knows Bakugou will be the nastiest, meanest, vilest one around and he will show no mercy in his words to him.

“Hey IcyHot, what’s going on with you?”

So far, though, he seems to be acting…civil. There’s no sneer, snide quality in his tone, or a twisted grin on his face. No, he’s being calm, civil even, which is…not what Shouto had expected.

“If you are going to tell me how I don’t deserve to be a hero or to even be here, then save your breath. I am going to transfer to a hero school in Canada with Yoarashi very soon. You won’t ever see me again.”

Bakugou clicks his tongue and makes a remark lacking any hostility or rage in him, “It’s bullshit you have to leave. Honestly, I don’t give a fuck about whether you had an abortion or not. I only give a fuck that you were destroying yourself to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy all without telling us the full story.”

Shouto’s eyes fall to the ground, a breath he had been holding in released at that moment, “I had to hide it, though. Everyone online blamed me for what happened and if my father had known I had gotten pregnant, he would have had me married and mated to someone else. My hero career would have been before it could have gotten started, all for the sake of preserving the family honor. You know how pro heroes in Japan and what my closest friends think of abortion and induced miscarriages. You have to know why I couldn’t say a word about it to them.”

What shocks Shouto the most is the way Bakugou can concede to all of the above without so much a fight, “Yeah, I know Deku can bit get over the top with how strongly he believes in something. His convictions of what is right and wrong do make him a great hero, but it came make him a bad friend to someone like you. I’m sorry he acted so shitty to you. I’ll try to get him to see what he did wrong, but I’m not making any promises here. Next time you have something like this happen to you, don’t destroy yourself. Get help right away, got it?”

“…Why are you doing this for me? I thought you hated me.”

“I do, but…even I can admit when something is wrong and what everyone did to you is wrong and fucked up. They’re treating you like you’re a villain when you’re not. If they’re against abortion so fucking much, why not try to change the laws then? You know they won’t ever do it, because they want an excuse to let their sexist bullshit out without being called out for being sexist.” Bakugou does give away a little ulterior motive despite this, “And besides, I don’t want Deku hating himself for this years later when the culture shifts and he realizes how wrong he was. I’d rather have him acknowledge it now than later.”

The dual colored omega tells him, “You are a good alpha, Bakugou. Midoriya is lucky to have you. Thank you, at the very least, for being civil and understanding of my situation.”

“Bastard, how the hell can I surpass you if you’re not at the top of your game? Get better and come back if you can! I will surpass you then.”

Shouto nods, replying with a small smile, “I’ll try to come back, if I ever can that is.”

It’s a saying that makes the air heavy with disappointment and ultimately—on Shouto’s end—sadness. He cannot believe there’s a very high possibility this may be his last few days in Japan in general. He knows he is a pariah in the eyes of the public, but he would at least want to visit Japan someday if he cannot live in it. It depresses him more when he considers even this will not be a possibility with the way everyone is taking the news about his terminated pregnancy.

Bakugou leaves to go somewhere, he’s not sure where and he doesn’t really care. Sometime after he leaves, Inasa returns and he is giving off angered pheromones at a pretty high rate, “Hello Todoroki, I just got back from seeing parents.”

“How did it go?”

Shouto can be dense and he cannot read social cues as well as others can. As such, Inasa has to explain to him, “It went horribly! They kept telling me to not see you anymore and to give up on you to find a better omega for myself. I don’t want to give you up, though, so I told them I wouldn’t because you’re the only one for me and they…didn’t take it well. They are going to send me off to live with my grandparents if I do leave UA for another school again.”

Shouto asks him in a small tone, “They don’t think I’m good enough for you, do they?”

Inasa sees how upset his future mate is and he is quick to go over to his side to comfort him, “What they think doesn’t matter! What matters is I adore you and I want to be your alpha still, no matter what happens next!”

“Are you willing to go to school in Canada with me?”

Inasa blinks to this, “What? Todoroki, I—”

“I told the school the only way I would go is if you, my mother, and my counsellor were allowed to go with me to Canada. They agreed to bring us all over if everyone else agrees to come with, that is.”

Inasa’s response is quick as he tackles Shouto into a tight hug, “I’d love to go with you to Canada, Todoroki! Canada would be so amazing and cool to go to! I’ve never been anywhere outside of the country before. This is so exciting! Oh! What about your mom and the counsellor? Are you going to ask them?”

Shouto nods from his position of being buried into Inasa’s chest, “I am going to when I go to my session today, but…can you come with me? I don’t want there to be any trouble when I go to my session.”

“You know I’ll be there for you no matter what!”

Shouto relaxes into Inasa’s hold, finally feeling as though things are looking up for him.

“You are so cute when you smile. I want to make you smile all the time when I’m your alpha someday!”

“I hope you can, Yoarashi.”


Getting his mother to agree to going with him to Canada was surprisingly easy, “I’d love to go with you! The idea of being an entire hemisphere, an entire ocean away from your father is enough to make me happy. This way I can live with you full time again and make up for my years of absence.”

No need to worry, Shouto did take off the medical mask, the sunglasses and beanie before telling his mother this (she had been shocked to see him being so covered up, but at the same time, she understood it. She knew what people were saying about her baby, so she can understand why he took all the necessary precautions he did). Because of his disguise, he was able to go outside, be in the public, and ride the metro to get to his mother’s hospital with little to no hassle on his end. Inasa’s protective, threatening stance scared off everyone around them too, so this was a huge help.

Shouto is excited to know she agreed to this, hugging her tightly when saying, “Thank you for being willing to come along with me. Will Uena be willing to come along too?”

“I’m sure he will. He was raised in Canada, after all.”

While Shouto, Inasa, and Rei were getting excited over a move to Canada, there was someone who was nowhere near excited.

Dabi had Toga use her quirk to bug the room so he could listen to his mother and Shouto’s conversations whenever the omega teen was around. To know Shouto is going to Canada, with their mother and his counsellor, without him has him feeling a little bit ticked off.

Then he hears his mother ask, “What about you, Yoarashi? Are you going to Canada with us as well?”

“Of course I am! Todoroki did say I was one of three people necessary to go along with him if the school wanted him to go to Canada.”Inasa happily responds, making Dabi feel confused as to who this guy is, but then he continues on to say, “As Todoroki’s future alpha mate, I will do whatever it takes to make him smile and laugh in the future! Nothing will ever hurt him ever again!”

Now Dabi’s fire is really itching for release under his skin.

A future alpha mate that he hasn’t ever met or seen before until just now from the app on his phone?

A future alpha mate who is going to Canada with Shouto…an alpha mate their mother is a-okay with?

Nope. Nuh uh. Not happening here, not today, Satan!

Shouto is a baby in Dabi’s eyes, to know he will be courting with that gigantic alpha monster… It has him nearing the point of spontaneous combustion from his rage alone.

How dare this alpha make a move on his clearly vulnerable, omega brother! How dare he try to take advantage of him like this!

Dabi is trying his best to contain his rage, but oh fuck is it hard!

After what happened with this latest leak of Shouto’s rape aftermath, he has been killing off random people who give his brother hell for terminating his pregnancy. Needless to say, Dabi has a no sexist bullshit policy when it concerns this matter. He was plotting something to burn UA to the ground with a shit ton of nomus running around. Now, he will allow Shigaraki to carry out that plan by himself (since he did give him the idea for it), but he will come up with his own plan to get into Shouto’s life again.

At first, he had thought it best to maintain a distance between them. Now he knows this is impossible because fact of the matter is, their mother is failing Shouto if she actually is allowing some alpha prick to be near him, to talk about courting him, and to talk about future mating with him.

He does not know this Yoarashi person. Therefore, he does not approve of them. (Then again, Dabi wouldn’t ever approve of anyone courting, dating, or mating his omega brother. He doesn’t think he will ever see him as more than a little kid whenever he looks at him, so… Yeah. There’s that.)

This Yoarashi thinks he has won at something, hasn’t he? Well, too bad because Dabi is coming back into Shouto’s life and Dabi will not allow just anyone to be near his brother!


The day they are boarding the plane to leave for Canada (the school had paid for a special private jet to bring them in so they would not have to deal with harassment at the airport), everything is happy and everything feels as though it is a new, fun, exciting chapter for the couple.

That is, until they get on the plane and there’s a fifth passenger coming aboard. Though he is quirk cancelling cuffs, he is familiar and despite the presence of the police there, Shouto growls at the alpha, “What is Dabi doing here?”

“He’s signed up to be a part of Canada’s International Villain Reform Program. He claims that he wants to turn in information on the League of Villains and he wants a chance to partake in normal society again. He is riding the same plane as you due to the high security tech and the high security personnel available for the flight.”

Dabi grins widely, ruffling Shouto’s hair up a bit, “Hello little one, mind telling me why you left out the fucking giant in our letters?”

Shouto’s eyes widen to this, the nickname knocking the wind out of him whereas his mother gasps, getting out of her seat immediately to examine the young man before her, “…Touya? Is that…really you? I thought you…I thought you killed yourself.”

“I didn’t, mom. I faked my death and ran away. Faking it is what caused these to appear.” Dabi explains while pointing to the scars on his arms and face.

She’s quiet at first, but the sharp smack across the face takes them all by surprise.

“Touya, why would you do that to us! You could have just ran away! You didn’t have to make me believe you were actually gone!” she snaps, her tears starting to build up in her eyes, “Then…then to do villain work, work that would hurt Shouto—why? Why do any of it?”

She’s sobbing by the end of this rant and yet, her reactions are the exact same ones Shouto would have had if he were not so curious about the villain riding the same plane as them.

Only Touya called him ‘little one’. Also, it would explain why Touya had said they could never meet in person and it filled in the blanks as to what path he took after leaving their home.

“Because I wanted to kill the old man for everything he did to you, me, and Shouto. I’m sorry, mom. I’m going to make it right. I will pull myself back together again, just you wait.”

Truthfully, Dabi is only here for a free trip to Canada. I mean, he couldn’t just leave his little one alone with that fucking giant, now could he? He thinks not!

(Okay, so he signed up for the program to keep an eye on Inasa and Shouto. It doesn’t make him a bad person or a creepy stalker. It makes him a wonderful big brother.)

His mother is quiet for a moment, but Shouto asks him, “Why did you start writing those letters to me?”

Dabi’s eyes soften to the omega teen, giving him nothing but the truth in response, “Because I was worried about you after what happened. I did kill your attackers and the fucker who leaked that video out. I know you probably didn’t want me to, but I couldn’t accept anyone hurting you like that lying down. I wanted to be sure you were okay after everything. It was nice to know you still needed me all of this time later.”

Shouto can understand where the hatred of their father can lead a person down a darker path. It led to his mother burning him and Shouto hurting himself by not using his left side. It only made sense that it would lead to someone in their family becoming a villain hell bent on killing him.

In some sense or another, he doesn’t blame Touya for the way he turned out and what he did. He doesn’t blame Touya for becoming a villain because he’s positive that if he had gone through whatever it was Touya did, he would have done the same.

“Touya, I may not like what you did, but you’re the only sibling who didn’t act weirdly around me and I don’t know if you disowned me or not over the—”

“Shouto, I would never disown you over getting rid of a rape pregnancy. If Fuyumi and Natsuo did, then they are backwards shits.”

Shouto’s saddened eyes answer it for him on the issue. Backwards fucking pieces of shit.

Oh well, no time to obsess over that now! Not when Shouto is replying softly, “Thank you for being the only other family member to not disown me, Touya.”

“Don’t mention it, little one. So, where the fuck is the—” Dabi’s growl comes out at full force when he sees it, “Fuck. No. You are not sitting next to him, giant! You are not going to be sitting next to him for even ten minutes!”

Inasa returns the growl with a subtle one of his own, “I can sit wherever I want to! Todoroki is going to be my mate someday!”

“Not without my approval!”

The officer groans in annoyance, “Settle the fuck down! You will either sit in between the two teenagers or you and the giant will sit next to Uena. Got it?”

Inasa huffs whereas Dabi agrees with a widening smile, “I accept it. Move over, giant.”

The alpha teen moves over out of pure reluctance while Dabi takes his seat in between them. He takes a sick satisfaction out of using his elbows and feet to kick and push Inasa away whenever he feels he is getting too close to Shouto.

As for Shouto, he feels a strange sense of happiness to have his long-lost big brother back. After being disowned by Fuyumi and Natsuo, Touya being Dabi didn’t bother him as much as it should have. It felt nice to have at least two members of his family who believed him and stood by his side, even if one was a villain. One could say Shouto was desperate for familial support, but Shouto himself views it more as being desperate to have some semblance of a loving family in his life.

Chapter Text

The plane ride was—for lack of a better term—hell for Inasa.

While Shouto and Dabi were getting all buddy-buddy, there was Inasa, alone. Whenever he tried to speak to Shouto, Dabi would kick him. When he got up out of seat to see Shouto for himself, Dabi would pull his little brother closer to his side, snarling and baring his teeth at Inasa who just wanted to say ‘hi’.

He tried asking Rei about it, only for Rei to chuckle at the sight, “Aw, they’re so cute together! Touya has always been so protective over Shouto and it’s so nice to see this hasn’t changed, even after the life he’s lived.”

Inasa’s left eye twitches to this, his rage meter building up at her words, but it all became worse at night when Shouto would sleep. His brow would furrow, his face would be pinched in fear, and his movements would be jerky before he’d start screaming and crying. Inasa had planned on getting Shouto into his arms, but instead was met with something else thwarting his plans entirely.

Dabi maybe cuffed with quirk cancelling hand cuffs by the Canadian authorities, but he can use his hands still, much to Inasa’s chagrin. He lifts up the armrest of the seat separating himself from Shouto and he pulls the omega onto his lap. From there on, he allows Shouto to situate himself on his chest, lifts up his arms, and gracefully lowers his arms so Shouto is now underneath the cuffs. He then releases some calming pheromones while hugging the boy tightly, making Shouto’s would be screaming and crying fest not happening at all.

It amazes Inasa to see this display, and it makes him ask Dabi, “How did you know that would work?”

Dabi scoffs in response, his answer haughty, “Um, duh, because I am his big brother and I have been there with him during these nightmares many times over the years.”

This is the first night Shouto had a peaceful night’s sleep without waking anybody up, which is a huge blow to Inasa’s ego, but he does take some pointers from this he plans to use later on.

When Shouto wakes up in his brother’s arms, he’s not embarrassed or ashamed. Rather, he’s calm and grateful, “Thank you, Touya. I really needed it.”

“Don’t mention it, little one. It’s just what good big brothers—and alphas, by extent—know how to do by instinct alone.”

Inasa sees the dig at himself for what it is and he is about to pounce on the villain when Rei grabs his collar, “Don’t you dare! Since Enji is not with me, Touya is the alpha of the family and you will respect him.”

“Thank you, mother, now I know I have someone I can count on here.”

This is going to be one long plane ride.


When they finally arrived in Canada, Dabi was separated from his sibling and mother once more by the authorities. Shouto would hug his brother, telling him, “Come back and see me when you’re better, okay?”

“I will little one, don’t worry. Just promise me one thing first.”

“What is it?”

“No courting, dating, or mating until you’re forty.”

Inasa snaps to this, his voice loud and firm, “Oh hell no! You cannot control that part of his life! Todoroki has the right to choose for himself when to court, date, or mate, not you!”

Dabi’s teeth are starting to be bared, making Inasa’s stance sharpen in the process, “Is that so, windbag?”

Before Inasa can escalate things further, Shouto is hugging him from behind and Rei is holding Dabi tightly in her arms, tears escaping her grey eyes, “Come back to us soon, Touya. I don’t want to miss another year of spending time with you.”

Dabi calms down at the sight of his mother’s teary eyes, promising her, “I’ll do everything I can to reform as quickly as possible. Promise me you won’t allow anything bad to happen to the baby again.”

“I promise. Goodbye for now, Touya.”

“Goodbye mom… Shouto! Quit touching the alpha! You’re too young for that shit!”

Here Inasa had been enjoying the surprise hug and Dabi ruined it by causing Shouto to release him, “T-Touya, it’s just a hug!”

“And hugs lead to mating sex, Shouto. You’re too young for that shit.” Before Dabi is taken away into the van to lead him to the facility, he calls out to him, “I will reform myself as quickly as possible and if I find out you’re mated when I get out…I’ll burn the fucking giant to a crisp.”

Inasa pales to this because he’s heard of Dabi’s crimes the whole plane ride over from an officer. He’d rather not be a crisp, thank you very much, and he knows Dabi is serious about this too.

“Ah…well, Todoroki, we should get going, huh?”

“We should.” Shouto replies while waving his brother goodbye and getting in the taxi provided for them by the school.


The house they are staying in is located in a nice suburb. There are no dorms at their new school, but they do have uniforms still, which is nice for Shouto and Inasa to see.

Their new house is a two story with four bedrooms, three baths, an open concept floor plan, and a finished basement for guests to stay in. The house has a white picket fence and it is a light grey on the outside with white trim everywhere. Immediately, his mother picks the master suite, Uena picks the guest room across from the master suite, and Shouto and Inasa call the basement because their rooms are right next to each other.

There is light oak flooring throughout the house except in the kitchen and baths where light grey tile makes up the floors instead. Many of the walls in the house are either dove grey or a platinum color, which doesn’t bother Rei and Shouto at all since it’s a breath of fresh air from Enji’s home.

Inasa wants to paint his room, though. He’s thinking a bright, happy color like baby blue. As for Shouto, he’s already planning on how to make his room exactly like a traditional Japanese room.

Rei doesn’t want to change anything about her room. She likes it as is, with the walk-in closet and the master suite bathroom not too far from it. Uena is a subtle man, and as such, he doesn’t mind his smaller, plain room. It fits perfectly for him in comparison to whatever the hell the two boys downstairs in the basement are planning for their rooms.

The basement reminds Shouto a lot of the dorms back in UA: it has its own full bathroom, a kitchen, a small dining space to eat, and an entertainment area where there are couches and a large TV with a complete system set up for DVDs, blu-rays, and game stations. He feels at home here… Well, okay, that’s mainly because Inasa and his mom are here with him. Aside from this, though, he really does feel at home in this new place in Canada. Now, time to find out what his school is like and what the students here think of him.


Three days after arriving to their new home, he could finally attend school in Canada with Inasa by his side. Luckily for him, Inasa learned from Dabi the proper way to handle Shouto’s nightmares in the beginning stages, so the omega was able to sleep through another night without any problem.

Uena had made them a wonderful breakfast that morning: crepes with strawberry sauce and cream on top.

Shouto loves crepes thanks to Inasa, and Uena’s are to die for. He’s grateful the man came with them, but he shrugs it off easily, “I am a citizen of Canada, and I did miss working here, so it only made sense to come back home. I am flattered you wanted me to come with you, though. I’m guessing I was able to become someone you can trust, huh?”

“…You were, that and I wouldn’t mind you mating with my mother once she gets the medication to end her bond with my father.”

Such medication is available to omegas and betas only if the alpha or dominant beta in the relationship is present with them to buy it. In Canada, omegas and betas can buy it without the presence of the alpha or dominant beta around, which means his mother will be free of their father here.

That and Shouto thinks this man would be a far better mate to his mother than anyone else. It only makes sense in his eyes for this kindly man to be with his mother after all of this time of knowing each other.

Uena shakes his head to this, chuckling, “Todoroki, if I did that, then I would lose my license. Doctors and patients cannot intermingle in the field of mental health. I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s okay, I understand.”

It puts a small damper on his mood, which Uena seems to notice because he’s quick to ask, “Are you excited to start school today? I heard they were able to give you a Canadian hero license once the paperwork was filled out.”

“I am…fine with it, I guess. I mean, a lot of my supporters did come from Canada, so I guess I am fine.”

Uena smiles to this, reminding him, “You will always Yoarashi by your side no matter what. Don’t be so afraid, okay? I can assure you nothing bad will happen today.”

Inasa is quick to interject himself into the conversation, smiling brightly as he does so, “I will be here by your side no matter what, Todoroki! I promise to keep you safe from all danger! By the way, you look extra pretty today. A fully rested, healthy you is the prettiest you around.”

Shouto freezes for a moment there before returning to his meal, a light pink blush on his cheeks, “Ah, um…thank you for unnecessary compliment, Yoarashi.”

“It’s not unnecessary! You need to hear more positive things about yourself because you can’t seem to see what I see. So, I will keep on complimenting you until you see what I see in you and nothing you can say or do will ever make me stop!”


“Your hair is extra soft and nice looking today! It’s just as sweet as your scent is to me, so take off the patches!”


Rei settles this down with a hard smack on the dining room table. She had used a rolled up newspaper to disperse the small outburst while she could. Before any could ask why, she explained herself after giving herself a moment to collect her emotions, “Shouto, while Yoarashi is nice to you and he has every right to compliment you, we have to keep Touya’s feelings in mind as well. Once he is well enough for visitors, we will see him every weekend, just like you did for me. Until then, try to keep it PG you two. We don’t want Touya to be upset when we are able to visit him.”

Inasa bites back his snarl about Touya, focusing instead on Shouto, “Are you really ready for this? You don’t have to go to school right away.”

“I am ready for this, Yoarashi. I need to start my life over and I cannot put off for any one second longer.”

Yoarashi smiles and takes his hand, “You’re so brave and strong, Todoroki! I couldn’t have gone through what you did with such poise and confidence! You really are the best omega I’ve ever known in my lifetime.”

Shouto blushes deeper to this, his mother ‘awes’ at the words spoken, and Uena simply shrugs at it. Shouto checks the time on his phone, telling Inasa, “We have to catch the bus now if we don’t want to be late for school, Yoarashi.”

“Oh, right! The bus! Come on, Todoroki, let’s go have our first ride ever on the Canadian school bus!”

Shouto grins to Inasa’s excitement and grabs his things before heading out the door with Inasa.

It’s intimidating at first to get on the bus, but with Inasa by his side, he feels as though he can take on anything in the world.


Riding the bus wasn’t too bad. Despite his English skills being better than Inasa’s, Inasa was the one who spoke to people on the bus the most. He is catching on to English pretty quick, but he still needs Shouto by him to help him with some pronunciation of certain words and phrases. Shouto has gotten some attention on the bus, but most of it was more along the lines of ‘I support you and damn, Japan is so fucked up when it comes down to cases like yours! I’m amazed you held it together at all, you’re really strong, Todoroki!’.

He had been tensed at first, being by so many new people. After hearing their words of support for him, he couldn’t help but relax. He didn’t talk too much regardless, still, it was the effort he put into some conversations that mattered.

At school, people do not stare at him in the halls, he cannot hear any gossip or chatter about himself (positive or negative), and for the first time in his life, he feels like a normal kid in a normal school environment.

It makes him lean against Inasa’s arm as they make their way to their new classroom.


Before Shouto had gone to school, he did get to meet his new teachers at his new home. They were all pro heroes in Canada, and they were all very different from the ones in Japan.

They were supportive of him, kind and reassuring as they vowed he will never face discrimination for having an abortion done or being a victim of rape. Some of his omega hero teachers even had gotten an abortion or two done themselves, which shocked him and yet brought him a sliver of hope. If these heroes could be respected in society despite having terminated their pregnancies, then maybe he could too.

The omega teachers made him feel welcomed, accepted, and warm. The alpha and beta teachers made him feel safe to turn to them for anything, no matter what the subject matter is because they will never shame, blame, or put an unrealistic pressure/expectation of perfectionism on him that his old school teachers did.

It makes his heart feel lighter knowing the entire school staff supports him. Which means if the students act up around him, they will do something to stop it.

Thanks to this meeting beforehand, he feels safe around the teachers. He cannot say the same about the students, but at least he knows the teachers and principal will do something if he is being harassed.

Their class will have at least thirty students in it and unlike UA, there are far more omegas in all grades and courses. It’s enough to make Shouto feel a little bit less anxious to meet his classmates up until the point where Inasa opens the door to allow them in the classroom.

Canadian classrooms are not too different from the ones at UA from what he can see so far. Luckily for himself and Inasa, the staff agreed to allow the two to sit next to each other in every single class.

Oddly enough, the students are not that invested or interested in the new kids in class. This was perfectly fine by Shouto. Then life decided to hate him and have a tall kid with dark ash brown hair and icy mint eyes approach him, “Ah, no way! Are you the Todoroki Shouto? Dude, you’re amazing! I saw you on TV at the Sports Festival. You were so cool and such an inspiration for omegas like me everywhere! We don’t get that much exposure from UA, but I’m glad we got it through you.”

He would never have guessed this kid was an omega off of looks alone. He’s the size of Inasa, but larger built, with a thickly muscled body to accompany his looks.

“Um…thanks, I guess, and yes, I am Todoroki Shouto.”

The guys smiles widely—he’s so warm and bright, he honestly reminds him of a mixture of Midoriya and Uraraka with his smile—when going on to say, “So cool! Wow, I am really honored to have you here! Oh, I’m James, in case if you were wondering. If you two want to, you could eat with me, my mate, and my friends at lunch.”

Shouto looks over to Inasa, who gives him a big, goofy smile with a thumbs up, “That sounds nice. Thank you for inviting us to have lunch with you.”

“Thank you for even coming! I cannot wait to get to know you better, Todoroki. Omegas gotta stick together, am I right?”

Such unity amongst omegas is not openly expressed in Japan. It is only kept in silent, small circles that are so small, not many fellow omegas know of them. Omega rights groups are always the targets of discrimination and mockery by the media and society as a whole, who declare that omegas are already equal to alphas and betas. At this point, they’re only trying to get special treatment.

Canada is different indeed. Shouto’s never heard of this saying before, which is why he draws a blank upon hearing it.

James seems to understand this, making him clear his throat, “Ah, right, sorry, I forgot how strict Japan is about these things… You see, omega rights groups in Canada are very vocal and present in society. They are a part of everyday life and deal with very little opposition or criticism. It took our country years to get to this point, but at least we’ve reached it now, right?”

In response to the silence he is receiving, James continues on, “So, the saying ‘omegas gotta stick together’, that’s a common omega rights phrase used by omegas to show unity and solidarity with one another during times of peace, distress, freedom, equality, and oppression. It’s meant to show that none of us are alone and none of us will forget what the many omegas before us had to do in order to ensure the rights and freedoms we have today.”

Shouto gets it now, and it makes him wish they had something like this back in Japan. He could have used some form of solidarity or unity from his fellow Japanese omegas, but all he received was radio silence instead.

“I will be sure to remember that. It’s a great saying that should be said more around the world for omegas everywhere to one day be as free and equal to alphas and betas everywhere.”

James smiles to this, about to say more when the teacher ordered them all to their seats. So far, Shouto’s first day is going good. He never had any omega friends growing up, so having some now feels nice. It makes him feel less alone in a field dominated by alphas and betas.

Chapter Text

James had a nice group of friends. There was his mate, Amber (in this school, it is okay to mate your classmates) an alpha who is short, small framed, and bookish with shoulder length dark brown hair and light brown eyes. His other friends in class are mostly omegas, but they prefer to eat lunch with their mates. At their table, there are three single male omegas from a general studies class, Inasa, Shouto, James, and Amber. It makes Inasa wonder, “Um, so how many kids in class are mated to each other?”

“Oh, all of us are.” James admits nonchalantly, “You are guys are the only ones not mated. It’s quite strange to see, actually.”

“In Japan, there’s a long courting process that takes place before mating and our schools don’t allow classmates to mate each other.” Shouto explains to his fellow omega, who nods in response whereas his mate shows interest, “Really now? That is interesting indeed. Care to tell me more about the differences between Japan and Canada, and not just the way society over there handles omega reproductive rights?”

The table goes silent, the other three single omegas from a general studies class all wanting to kick her at once, but Shouto doesn’t know why they are so upset at her.

“Sure, I can tell you that. I am wondering why everyone else here seems to be kind of…mad at you.”

One of the omegas—Roy, he thinks is his name—lets out a small, partial groan, “Listen, Amber can be really direct at times and she can be unintentionally insensitive. She thinks more like a mad scientist at times than a normal person, so she will say and do things like that without second thought. I’m so sorry if you got offended by her, Shouto.”

Shouto blinks to this, his answer simple, “I’m fine with it. Nothing she said was offensive. Back in Japan, everyone made my rape out to be my fault after the news of my abortion got leaked out into the news. Everyone was treating me like I was a villain, and it felt awful to go through that. I was lucky to have Yoarashi beside me. If I didn’t have him, then I don’t know what I would have done.”

Roy’s brown eyes narrow while he scoffs to this, “Alpha and beta pigs! They had no right to treat you like that, dumbass fuckers.”

Another one of the omegas speaks up to the boy with the dark blonde hair, “Roy, calm down! He’s a whole hemisphere away from them. There’s no need to get so wound up.”

Roy grumbles to this before returning to his meal, this omega sighs and introduces himself, “I am Xavier and it’s nice to meet you, Shouto. You’ve already spoken to Roy, so you know what he’s like.”

Xavier is far calmer than Roy, his hazel eyes remind him of a forest on a clear day and his mushroom brown hair only serve to go along with the nature aesthetic the boy exudes.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Shouto says to him, hoping Inasa will dominate the conversation soon because Shouto’s not the best with new people, but Inasa is already chatting away with Amber, James, and Roy.

“I supported you very vocally online and even learned a bit of Japanese so I could take on your sexist critics. The way they treated you even before the second leak was abhorrent and should not exist in the modern world. I’m sorry you had to endure such sexism. Just know that if anyone tries that here, you’ll have an omega squad to take them down.”

Despite being calm, Xavier is surprisingly lively and lethal when it comes down to omegas being attacked by alphas and betas. This much takes Shouto off-guard, but he supposes he can come to like the boy in front of him.

Then his other friend besides him speaks up, “I made a video bashing the way everyone talked ill about you after the second leak. It was enough to make me so mad because shit like that shouldn’t be happening anymore and I just…let my rage get the better of me.”

Shouto does recognize this boy though because he did see his video and thought it was sweet and heartfelt, “You’re Takashi, right? It’s nice to meet you. I saw your video and I was very moved by your support. Thank you for taking my side so passionately in all of this.”

Takashi is short, small boned, with delicate features, dark ash blonde hair, and blue grey eyes. He is softer spoken in real life than what he is online, which is a pleasant surprise for Shouto to find. He already has Inasa, he doesn’t need much more noise, thank you very much.

“R-Really? Oh wow, um, you’re welcome and thank you for even watching my video! It’s a real honor to have such a famous omega watching me.” Takashi then clears his throat in an attempt to pull himself together, “So, how are you enjoying Canada so far? Do you like Japan better or Canada?”

Shouto thinks this over, thinking of Takashi as being like a shier Midoriya but without the prejudice he obviously carries towards male omegas, “I am enjoying Canada so far. It’s nice to be in a society that’s pro omega and doesn’t condemn me for my choices and what happened to me. I cannot say if I like it better than Japan yet or not. I haven’t been here long enough to say if I like either or better.”

Before the omegas can converse some more, there’s a loud sound of a young man dashing over to their table, Xavier and Takashi’s faces paling at the sound because they know it all too well…

“Oh fuck no…” Xavier breathes out in horror.

Takashi hides underneath the table immediately, making Shouto ask, “What’s wrong?”

“There’s a single alpha in the senior class. He’s also the son of the owner of this school and he’s very, very…obnoxious.” Xavier orders him in a whisper yell to, “Quick, get underneath the table and—”

“Hello newbie! Mind me saying you are the most stunning creature on this planet?”

He’s eighteen, he’s Inasa height, he’s loud, he’s off-putting, he has lilac hair with dark violet eyes, and he dresses in a dark blue three-piece suit that is not at all like the uniform they are supposed to wear.

Shouto doesn’t know what to do. The other alpha literally did a backflip to get over to his side and is now speaking to him on a bended knee. Shouto doesn’t know what to do other than give a slow answer, “I’m doing good…who are you?”

The alpha smells of lilacs and lavenders so much to the point where his scent is suffocating. Shouto doesn’t really mind it too much considering how strong his own scent is. His lack of discomfort is what makes him grin widely in realization, “I am Damian Aure! It’s a pleasure to meet you, my sweet.”

He takes Shouto’s hand, kissing the back of it for a moment before handing him this huge bouquet of flowers, “For you, my dear. You are simply too beautiful to not receive a bouquet of flowers every day.”

Shouto looks at him before asking, “Where did these come from?”

“Oh, I can make plants grow my hands and I can make them grow when I touch the ground. I can make any plant I desire to grow in my palms, but I have to take soil conditions in mind when I try to use make them grow from the ground.” Damian explains, but before Xavier can warn him of the dangers of accepting one bouquet from this guy, Shouto naively takes it in order to give a better first impression than what he did to Inasa when they first met, “That’s…interesting.”

Damian’s eyes widen with joy at the sight of Shouto taking the bouquet, smelling it, and enjoying it, “You are so stunning and definitely meant to be mine if you accepted my bouquet! Shouto Todoroki, will you marry me?”

Shouto is baffled, confused, and uncomfortable all at once from the spot he’s been put on. Usually, such a thing is only said after a long courtship or dating relationship. It’s not said so suddenly…unless if Canada differs on that as well.

Inasa had been watching this from the corner of his eye, trying to not get jealous, but in the end, he couldn’t stop himself.

“Hands off of him! I’m the only one allowed to give him bouquets, Mr. Slutbag!” Inasa declares while wrapping his arms around Shouto’s waist and pulling him onto his waist, “Who do you think you are to even say such a thing to such a classy, beautiful omega like him? You sure are full of it!”

Damian’s eyes darken the slightest, his laugh slightly hollow, “Really now? You aren’t mated to him! He’s as single as Roy, Takashi, and Xavier here. All of the other omegas in school are taken, but now I have a new one to go for who is not repulsed by my scent! So, I’ll ask you again, Shouto Todoroki, will you marry me?”

Shouto stares on, unable to say anything to the odd proposal from the odd eighteen-year-old.

“Well, I’ll give you time to think it over. Just know right now, no omega can resist the charms of The Rose forever! I will make you mine soon enough and we will be married.” Damian when his eyes land on the empty seat next to him, he’s asking, “Can I sit next to you, my lovely? Such a beauty like yourself should not be eating lunch alone, like some unwanted piece of trash.”

Inasa growls, his annoyance and frustration being made known through his scent as he swings his legs over the available seats, “Not today! Go away, you scheming homewrecker!”

Damian shrugs it off, rolling his eyes at Inasa’s antics, “Very well then. I will see you around, my sweet.”

He leans down to kiss Shouto on the cheek, making Inasa almost jump out of his seat to attack the fucker, but he’s quick on his feet and surprisingly flexible. Before he can attack, he’s already gone.

Inasa asks Xavier, “Who the fuck was that?”

Xavier explains it all with a small sigh on his lips, “That…was Damian Aure. He’s got a scent so strong and obnoxious it repels all betas and omegas away from himself, making it impossible for him to get a date or find a mate. He’s in the hero course, he is what you back in Japan would call one of the ‘big three’. He’s a hopeless romantic who doesn’t believe in quitting no matter what, and as such, he will pursue any omega or beta who accepts the first bouquet he makes for them. If they reject it on the spot, he will leave them alone. Since Shouto accepted the bouquet…be prepared for the most embarrassing, obnoxious proposals known to mankind. He will not stop unless if Shouto gets mated, so unless if you’re planning on doing so anytime soon…then I suggest you learn to get used to it.”

Inasa huffs to this boldly, “Well I don’t give a damn what that homewrecker does! I won’t allow him to steal Todoroki from me.”

“Inasa, he won’t steal me away from you. You’re the only alpha I like and want to mate someday, not anyone else, not even him.”

It makes Inasa smile widely to hear this, but before he can kiss Shouto, the blushing omega is back to eating his meal.


Rei is happy when she sees the boys are back home. She hugs them both, asking them sweetly, “How was your day?”

Shouto tells her point blank, “I made omega friends for the first time ever. That was strange, but…nice because now I know I’m not alone in the daily struggles of being an omega.”

She kisses him on top of his head, cooing while she speaks, “That’s so sweet to hear! I always wanted you to have omega friends, but your father never allowed you to have any so…”

The omega mother shakes her head and asks Inasa, “How about you? How did you like your new school, Yoarashi?”

“It was great! Everyone there is so nice and the teachers are amazing! Canada is amazing, I cannot wait to go to school tomorrow!”

Rei is taken aback by his enthusiasm, but she welcomes it wholeheartedly, “Alright, Yoarashi, that’s…nice to hear. Oh, Shouto, Uena will see you now in the basement for the counselling session. Do you want me to go with you?”

“Why isn’t he at a mental hospital? Isn’t that where he worked in Japan?” Shouto asks his mother out of pure curiosity.

“He will be transferring to a mental hospital soon enough, but there is a waiting for it. He says once he starts working, he should have just enough money to get his own apartment here in Canada.”

Shouto nods, taking a small step towards his mother, he holds her hand, asking her, “Can we go to the session now? I don’t want to keep Yoarashi waiting.”

“Sure, baby.”

Inasa was left to wait, but that’s okay! He entertained himself by binge reading a new book series he had been told about today by James and Amber. So far it’s pretty good, but he cannot go fast as he usually would since his English skills are not as good as Shouto’s. He doesn’t mind. He will get better and soon enough, he’ll be fluent.


After Shouto’s session was done, they headed back upstairs to have dinner with Inasa. They ordered take-out since Rei didn’t have much food to work with and Uena still had enough money in his account that was transferred from Japan to Canada to buy them some.

It was good food (a pizza, mainly because Rei wants Shouto to gain back the final five pounds he had lost before), throughout the meal, Inasa kept talking so brightly about the other students… It made Shouto wonder why.

Why isn’t Inasa bringing up Damian?

Why isn’t Inasa talking about the alpha who had gotten so forward with him?

Is he…okay with what Damian did?

His rational mind knows he isn’t, but the insecure part of himself isn’t so sure. Inasa can do so much better than him, this much he still knows and believes to be fact. Inasa is perfect and Shouto is flawed. That’s all there is to it.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone about Damian?”

It’s something that catches Inasa off-guard, causing him to trip onto the bed they are going to share for the night, “Why are you asking me this? I thought you wouldn’t want your mother to know about him.”

Shouto looks to the ground, feeling so stupid after hearing the explanation from Inasa, “Oh… Well, I…I was just afraid of you being okay with what he did.”

“I never would be! That guy is a homewrecker! Todoroki, you’re the only omega for me and you always will be.”

He decides to hold Shouto close in his arms, nuzzling him as their legs intertwine, and he asks him, “We are going to see your brother at the rehabilitation center, right? When will that be?”

“We will visit him Friday after school, Saturday, and Sunday. It’s the same schedule we used with my mom back in Japan. Why are you asking?”

“I was thinking Damian could come along with us. If he does want to marry you, he should ask Touya first, shouldn’t he?”

Shouto can sense an evil intention coming off of Inasa, “Touya will kill him, Yoarashi. Is that what you are planning?”

Inasa hums to this, trying his to hide his evil intention to the best of his abilities, “Maybe… It’s like what Xavier said, he won’t leave you alone until you’re marked, and I know you aren’t ready for it. What better way to get the homewrecker to leave you alone than to invite him to go see Touya with us on Friday?”

Shouto is a bit hesitant, “I’m sure if I tell him ‘no’, he’ll get the idea and stop asking.”

Inasa tightens his grip on him, “I don’t like other alphas coming on to you like that. It’s wrong, it’s sick, and it’s evil—”

“It’s evil for someone else to ask me to marry them? Why is that?”

“Because I’m the only one allowed to marry you someday, not anyone else!”

Shouto blushes, hiding his face in Inasa’s chest, “Oh.”

The alpha then remembers something, “I forgot to tell you how pretty you are today! Ugh, I’m so dumb! I hope you can forgive me, Todoroki. You’re so pretty, you deserve to have your future mate tell you how pretty you are every single day!”

“You don’t have to—”

“I need to! I need to let you know how I see you every single day!”

Shouto goes silent in order to hear Inasa declaring how pretty he is for at least good thirty minutes. He won’t ever say it out loud, but Inasa’s compliments—no matter how flustered they make him feel—make him feel good and at one point, he even purrs from how nice he feels to the compliments he hears.


The rest of the week before Friday had been hell on Inasa’s temper and his nerves.

The day after Shouto had rejected Damian, the alpha would get this great idea to propose to Shouto in the hallways, a large bouquet of red roses in his hands, “Shouto Todoroki, future pro hero The Rose here to let you know a true rose never quits, a true rose with true love in their hearts never wilts, withers, or fades. No, a true rose stands strong and powerful for their love! Will you marry me?”

Shouto had thought if he told Damian, “I don’t want to marry you or mate you. Yoarashi is the only one I’d do that with.”

Damian didn’t take it the way he thought he would, “Ah, so I’ll have to propose in a more grandiose way to make you see the extent of my seriousness. Alright, challenge accepted! You will be mine!”

Shouto’s omega friends would tell him they can’t do much about him since his father does own the school (apparently, Xavier tried to report him for omega harassment in the past, only for it to go nowhere). It doesn’t bother Shouto too much. At the most, it only embarrasses him because he doesn’t care for being the center of attention.

The proposals after this kept getting larger and grander. Damian had gotten a marching band to play a piece from Swan Lake for him and Shouto to dance to (Inasa would, of course, kick him away from Shouto) and then there was the mariachi band waiting for them outside, Damian’s proposal already being played out in song right when Shouto got off of the school bus (Inasa had used his wind that time to blow the annoying homewrecker away).

Friday morning had been the worst of them all, when Damian had found out where Shouto lived and right when they were eating breakfast, they could hear a strumming of guitar from inside the house.

Shouto went over to the door, still in his pajamas (which consisted of nothing more than a large, baby blue shirt that looked more like a too short mini dress) when he opened it.

Damian was out there, playing a song on his guitar and singing his proposal for all to hear, “I love your eyes, I love your hair, you’ve got a beauty to which none can compare. I adore your scent, I adore your voice, and I know if you chance, I could find more to obsess over. Please, Shouto, give me a chance. I swear I will be the best man and if you would just keep an open mind, I promise it will be worth your time. Shouto will you marry me?”

Shouto—despite having to deal with this craziness ever since he first the alpha on Tuesday—is still not used to such big, loud, grand gestures of love. He fidgets in response to this, his eyes anywhere but Damian’s dark violet ones. Damian then begins to play another song, “Flustered you is cute, as is your blush, and your legs are to totally die for—”

“What the hell! I cannot even eat breakfast without you trying to ruin my life, homewrecker?” Inasa snaps, finally truly snaps to Damian and his ways. He glares down the young man and snarls, “Who the hell do you think you are to even make a move on another alpha’s omega?”

“Clearly Shouto must like it. I mean, he is blushing, and he did come out here to greet me himself with a nice display of leg.”

Inasa then snaps his eyes down to Shouto’s legs being exposed in broad daylight, making him gasp in horror, “Todoroki, you’re too sexy to be showing off that much leg to a whore like him! Go inside before he gets more perverted ideas of you!”

Shouto wants a break from the craziness of Damian Aure, so he agrees to go inside without second thought. That and the fact he had brought up his legs twice has him traumatized because ew, the creep saw my legs!

Inasa has had enough of this intrusive alpha! He doesn’t care if Shouto approves of it or not, but what has to be done, has to be done.

“You know if you want to marry Todoroki, you should get approval from Touya, his alpha big brother. He’s here in Canada now at a rehabilitation center. We’re going to visit him after we get done eating. I think you should come along with us, you know, so Touya can approve of you himself. Todoroki won’t agree to marry you without his consent. He is traditional, after all.”

Damian beams to this, smiling as he declares, “Alright, I will do it! Todoroki will marry me by the end of the day!”

“Uh huh, sure he will, but you have to wait outside. Todoroki is a shy, private omega who doesn’t like new, unknown alphas being in his house.”

“Understood! I shall be waiting then!”

Inasa slams the door on him, finding a deeply embarrassed Shouto hugging his mom, “He saw my legs, mama! He even made managed to bring them up twice. He’s so annoying and I don’t know how to get him to leave me alone.”

“Todoroki, how about we skip school today to go see Touya? I bet that would get him to leave you alone.” Inasa offers his evil idea to Shouto, who finally cracks, “…Okay, Yoarashi. We can go see Touya today if you want.”

Rei doesn’t object, adding in the suggestion of, “Bring this Damian boy to see Touya as well. I think he needs a reality check.”

“Don’t worry, he is definitely coming along to meet Touya.”


Dabi hadn’t been expecting to see Shouto so soon. He was excited at first, but then he saw the giant windbag and another, flowery smelling alpha with an obnoxiously strong, flowery scent.

“Ah fuck, Shouto, who the hell is the flowery bitch! Can’t he control his disgusting scent or no?”

This should have been a happy visit for Dabi, but no, it was never meant to be happy.

The flowery scented bitch speaks up confidently, introducing himself to Dabi, “Hello, I am Damian Aure, and I am interested in marrying your brother! I have been proposing to him all week long ever since he first attended school and I have been told if I get your approval, he will marry me.”

It was some of the worst words Damian could have used, but the nail in his coffin comes when Dabi asks Shouto, “Shouto…is this fucker bothering you?”

Shouto, seeing his chance to be free from this annoyance, took it with all that he could, even dramatizing some of his own emotions to get Dabi on the attack, “He won’t take no for an answer, Touya! He’s been badgering me with proposals every day of the week and he just won’t stop! Please, make it end for me. I don’t want to put up with this anymore.”

Dabi nods and looks at the flowery bitch, “You’re going to stop proposing to him or else I’ll fucking end you.”

Damian blinks to this, and fucking laughs it off, “Yeah right! Shouto, this was fun, really but since I didn’t get a straight answer from him, I’ll ask again: will you marry me?”

Dabi tackles him to the floor, punching him, strangling him, going all out feral on him and yet…Shouto doesn’t feel too much pity for Damian. Even the guards at the center don’t, but they do intervene after a short while to get Damian away from Dabi.

The raven-haired alpha looks over to his little brother with a small, victorious grin on his face, “Next time you are having a problem with an alpha or beta bastard who won’t take no for an answer, come to me right away and I will make them leave you alone. Got it, little one?”

Shouto nods, reassuring his brother, “I will from now on, Touya. I’m sorry if I didn’t earlier.”

“It’s okay, I know I have to do more to be involved in your life again…” he then glares down Inasa, “By the way, what the fuck is giant windbag doing here?”

“Inasa wanted to see you ‘kick Damian’s ass’ as he told me.”

“Oh, okay, now he knows what to expect for himself if he ever steps out of line.”

“I…suppose so?” Shouto replies in a bit of confusion, wanting to speak to his brother more when the guard reenters the room, “I do think what you did to that alpha was not wrong, which is why I think this is bullshit. Touya, you are needed to speak to the supervisor here over your attack on the alpha. Attacking anyone is strictly prohibited here, even if they have it coming.”

Dabi rolls his eyes, but nods nonetheless, “Fine, I’ll go.”

Before he leaves he ruffles Shouto’s hair, telling him, “Remember: come to me whenever any alpha or beta is giving you problems.”

“I will. I’ll see you tomorrow, Touya.”

“See you then, Shouto.”

Inasa feels good knowing Damian will definitely leave Shouto alone after this. He scoops Shouto up into his arms bridal style, nuzzling him while declaring, “Your brother is the best! I know once we get to know each other better, he’ll love me.”

Shouto chuckles to this, his own uncertainty to this being heard in his voice when he says it, “I don’t think he ever will, but you’re charming enough. Maybe he will learn to tolerate you.”

“Pfft! No, he’ll like me! I just know he will!”

"Whatever you say." 

Inasa and him head on home, with Shouto feeling better now that he knows he really can turn to his big brother for anything relating to annoying alphas and betas. As for Inasa, he feels relieved to know he can use Touya to ward competition away from Shouto. 


It goes without saying that Damian’s proposals ended after his encounter with Dabi. Now he only gives Shouto love letters, plushies, and chocolate to show his interest. This is better by Inasa standards because he knows he can always one up the alpha without having to deal with Shouto's distress over public declarations of love and marriage proposals. 

Chapter Text

Inasa doesn’t quite remember when the nightmares became a once a week thing to a once a month thing before eventually becoming a once a year thing. He only knows he is happy with the progress Shouto has made over the last three years!

In Canada, they are adults when they hit eighteen, which is strange but nice at the same time because it means Shouto and Inasa can start their hero careers right away. They lived with Rei for a bit at the home they first moved into, but once they had enough money, they moved into an apartment that was close enough to their agencies. (Dabi lives right across the hall from them because he ‘doesn’t trust the alpha’ Shouto is living with. He works with the police now as an informant on villains and other criminals.)

Inasa didn’t like working at a separate agency from Shouto. It hurt him too much to be away from the omega he’s been courting for the past year.

Yes, you heard this correctly! Inasa and Shouto have been courting ever since they were seventeen (with Dabi’s permission). He has been thinking about asking Shouto if he can mark him soon, but he wants to do it when the time, place, and setting are right.

Roy and Takashi have beta mates now. Xavier doesn’t, proudly declaring he’s, “Single for life!”

Unlike Inasa and Shouto, the omegas all went into different lines of work. Takashi is going to become a lawyer for omega rights, Roy is going to become a detective to catch criminals who go after omegas the way Shouto’s rapists did to him, and Xavier is working on getting into politics so he can help write up legislation for omega rights and equality.

Shouto’s case sparked international outrage at how he was treated in Japan. Many people—heroes, civilians, politicians, celebrities, and law enforcement alike—protested Japanese embassies around the world over their actions. Ever since then, though it took them a good year to do so, the Japanese government passed new legislation banning all schools from expelling omegas who’ve had abortions done or induced miscarriages. They even went as far as to ban teachers (whether they be in hero schools or not) from giving personal opinions on abortion and induced miscarriages, as well as banning them from talking negatively on it. Heroes who were found to have spoken negatively about omegas who have had abortion done—much like teachers in normal schools—were to lose their licenses immediately.

Xavier and Takashi were particularly happy over this, seeing as how they protested the Japanese embassy themselves on more than one occasion. Xavier would be the first to tell Shouto, “Your case inspired me to make the world a better place for omegas everywhere because living in the modern does not mean omegas are equal worldwide. I will fight to make sure one day, we are equal worldwide, and no one will ever go through what you did ever again.”

He feels happy to have inspired his friends to do something to make life easier for omegas around the world. Takashi was especially inspired, telling him, “I cannot wait for the day I get to give innocent omegas the justice they deserve. Alphas and betas have always had the law on their side. I cannot wait to change it.”

Though they are all in university now, he still does all that he can to keep in touch with his omega friends. They are the ones he is closest to now ever since leaving Japan. Shouto is close to Inasa too, I mean, he is thinking about being his mate now but…friends-wise, his omega friends are the ones he is closest to because he can talk to them about omega things that he can’t really talk about with others.

It’s tricky for Shouto to explain. It’s not like he didn’t value his old friendships in Japan with his beta friends. Far from it, he actually valued them a lot. However, when things got tough, they all turned on him and he hasn’t exactly received an apology from Midoriya, Iida, and Uraraka just yet. He knows his omega friends would never turn on him because they understand and empathize with him better than alphas and betas do.

When it concerns UA and his old friends there, what’s odd is Aizawa and All Might were the first to apologize. After they did, everyone else apologized to him and admitted they were in the wrong. People he didn’t talk to much—basically, everyone outside of Iida, Midoriya, and Uraraka—all apologized to him: Yaoyorozu, Jirou, Tokoyami, Kirishima, Kaminari, Mina, Sero, Hagakure, Ojiro, Sato, Koda, Aoyama, and Asui.

What hurts him still is the fact all of his teachers, his former principal, Fuyumi, and Natsuo have all apologized at least two years after he left Japan for Canada yet not his friends. They could all admit they were wrong, and they could all take responsibility for their actions and prejudices. For some reason or another, his friends have made no move to contact him, directly or indirectly, to apologize. He hopes one day they will, but he can admit that if they ever did, their friendship would never be as tight knit for him as it once was.

He is happy with the progress Japan is making. Now the anti-abortion people are no longer the majority and omega rights are being pushed to the forefront. This does not mean Shouto feels comfortable going back, though. Every time he is online, he will always receive at least a few sexist, hateful comments from Japanese trolls which further serve to remind him Japan still has a long way to go. If there are videos, blogs, podcasts, or posts criticizing him, they are always done by other Japanese citizens. Don’t even get him started on his father! The man may have apologized publicly, but Shouto knows better than to trust it.

One day, he hopes to return to Japan. For now, though, he is happy in Canada where half of the country’s hero population are omegas and omegas are treated more equally than what they were back at home.

Whenever thoughts of his old life in Japan haunt his mind, he reminds himself of everything he’s accomplished here and the new life he’s building for himself. Every time he does so, he feels like nothing can hold him back, not even what happened to him three years ago.


He works at different agency from Inasa, this fact alone makes being away from the taller alpha a much more arduous task than what it should be. Shouto forces himself to move on with it regardless of what he feels. The only downside to his otherwise top of the line, best agency in all of Canada is one little thing…

The hero The Rose (aka Damian Aure) works here as well and he is someone who is frequently partnered up with Shouto.

Though he is still as desperate as he ever was back in school, he has toned it down enough to where he doesn’t ask or beg Shouto to marry him. He only makes small gestures to show affection: he will give Shouto cute plushies and the softest blankets to use for his nest, he will buy Shouto lunch whenever he can, and he will take him out to dinner if Shouto ever agrees to it.

(The only times Shouto does is if Inasa isn’t home to cook for him. Shouto can’t cook worth crap and if it means the apartment will not burn down, he will allow Damian to buy him dinner. Inasa, though he will grumble about it, can admit it is better than having Shouto actually attempt to cook.)

It had been after a hard mission when Shouto was asked by Damian, “Do you want to go to James’ birthday party with me? Amber told me all about it today when I got back from a patrol and I didn’t know if you knew about it or not.”

“Oh, I know about it and I am going.” he informs the other.

Truthfully, Shouto doesn’t like parties of any sort. He still gets triggered by parties, clubs, alcohol, the scent of alcohol in the air…all of it makes him flashback to three years ago when he was having alcoholic drinks forced down his throat before choking on six different cocks, one at time, each one going faster and harder than the last.

He hasn’t told Inasa this. He doesn’t want to deprive his mate of a social life and as such, he is willing to put himself through very, very uncomfortable and triggering situations to keep him happy. He doesn’t want to be a burden to Inasa. He doesn’t want to be someone who holds him back from experiencing the things he wants to do.

“Great, but…you don’t seem too excited.” Damian points out, his perspective nature immediately locking onto Shouto’s body language and subtle shifts in facial expression, “Are you okay with going to the party? You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”

“No, I want to go. Everything will be fine, Damian.”

Damian isn’t sure about it, but he gets the idea that Shouto is lying to him. He won’t pressure him on it. This doesn’t mean he won’t keep an eye on him during the party, just to be sure he’s safe.

“Okay, I’ll take your word for it.”


The party was at a luxury cabin in an area by the lake. People were outside, playing loud music, dancing underneath the string of lights, some were making smores by the firepit, and then there were the ones inside and out getting sloppy drunk.

Shouto cringed at the sight, already starting to slowly have some flashbacks of the club, the alphas who forced drinks and their cocks down his—

“Are you okay, Shouto?” Inasa asks him with a small look of concern, “You seem to be pretty shaky.”

“No, I’m fine, Inasa. I just need to get outside for some fresh air, that’s all.” Shouto reassures him.

“If you say so… I’m going to find James and Amber! It’s been so long since I last spoke to them!”

“Alright, have fun.”

“You too, but don’t go too far, okay?”

“I won’t. Don’t worry.”

Inasa kisses him on the lips and leaves to go find his friends whereas Shouto heads outside in the hopes it will be less triggering for him.

Upon heading outside, he noticed a cooler filled with water bottles and he decided to take one since he was not planning on drinking anything else here. He had it opened and took a small swig of water before heading over to the dock leading to the boats on the lake. He took off his shoes, dangling his feet in the ice-cold water to help soothe his nerves, trying to mentally distance himself from the noises and the scents of the party behind him.

He keeps trying so hard to not flashback, to not breakdown or cry over what he remembers of that night in the club. He keeps trying to pull himself together, to keep himself from going off of a scary ledge he can’t seem to get away from.

He can’t. He tried so hard, but he can’t. He can’t get himself away from the ledge no matter what he tries.

He heads back inside the cabin, ready to tell Inasa he wants to leave when he has the hand of an alpha who smells like they are in a rut grab him by his wrist, “Hey there, pretty omega! I haven’t seen you around until now. Who are you?”

Shouto flinches, trying so hard to not flashback right now, “I…I need to go, alpha. I need to find my boyfriend—”

“I bet he’s nothing compared to me! Hey, what do you say we have some fun?”

“N-No, alpha, no, I need to go.”

He is starting to slowly see the club with the flashing lights and the scents of alcohol and pheromones in the air…

Shouto is turned around and slammed into a wall, everyone else around him too busy getting all over each other to notice or care he’s being held here against his will.

The man is taller than him, looks like the type to go into big business except his suit is messy and he’s not exactly well-kept at the moment. If Shouto’s omega friends were here and not studying for exams at university, he’d be saved by now. Except, they’re not here and he’s left alone.

The alpha has a drink that is colored bright pink in his hands, his smirk when slurring, “I heard omegas like you like the pretty drinks. Here, try it sweetie! It tastes fruity there’s no need to worry.”

“No, alpha, let go of me!” Shouto grits out through his teeth, but then…his body. He cannot move it. His eyes widen in horror at what happens next. Right when he opens his mouth to ask, the drink is shoved down his throat.

In order to not choke on it, he is forced to swallow it. It doesn’t help that the alpha is grinding his pelvis against himself and pinching his nose so he can’t breathe. Once the drink is all gone, Shouto is gasping for breath and the alpha’s drunken grin takes on a predatory tone, “Enjoying this, omega? You’ll like what I’m gonna do to you next.”

The stranger with the bronze colored hair and eyes begins to kiss him, forcing his tongue in his mouth, making Shouto taste more of the drinks he’s had tonight. He feels disgusted with the kiss, but when he’s feeling lightheaded from something, he begins to whimper.

Already, he’s starting to flashback and it’s not easy to keep it under control. He desperately needs to find Inasa and leave before he has a full-blown breakdown.

His hands are grabbing him by his dick and pussy at once. At the same time, it feels as though Shouto is stuck to the wall and can’t move. He tries to use his quirks, but he can’t. He’s literally stuck to the wall, feeling lightheaded, and starting to have flashbacks.

“W-Why can’t I move?” he manages to stammer out in his own horror, making the alpha begin to undo his pants, “It’s my quirk. Once I touch people, they stick to whatever surface I have them up against.”

Suddenly, the sticky feeling is gone, but Shouto’s head feels lighter now and his legs are wobbly. His vision is starting to slowly swim, making him whimper for the second time that night, “Alpha, let me go to my boyfriend, please…”

“Aw, no need to worry sweetie! I’ll be your mate by the end of tonight.”

Before Shouto knows it, he’s being thrown over the shoulder of the alpha and taken upstairs to a room with a bed in it. The alpha throws him on the bed, immediately pouncing on him as he takes off his pants and panties, working his fingers inside the omega despite his protests of, “No, no, no… Only Inasa is allowed to touch me there.”

The alpha doesn’t listen. Instead, he keeps on going, shoving his fingers knuckle deep inside his pussy and curving it just right, while his other hand plays with his dick. His own comments leaving Shouto feeling sick, “I don’t know why more alphas don’t play with a male omega’s dick… The cum is so sweet to taste and I bet yours tastes the sweetest.”

“Stop, please!” Shouto begs, his flashbacks already playing out at full force.

Just when it seems the alpha won’t stop, there’s someone opening the door. Someone who uses their plant-based quirk to wrap strong vines around the alpha’s body and pull him off of Shouto.

Damian growls at the alpha, his eyes narrowed, “Fucking scumbag! Keep your rut to yourself!”

He then sees Shouto, freeing his left hand of the vines and heading over to the traumatized omega’s side. He is gentle when he speaks, his eyes kind and his body language calm, “Hey, Shouto, are you alright? Do you need me to do anything? I smelled your distress pheromones and decided to come see if you were fine.”

Damian had gotten his hero license off of his interactions with the rescue actors. He was noted for being excellently attentive, patient, sympathetic, kind, and considerate of the victims during the rescue exercise. Shouto can say after being on the receiving end of his treatment, he gets why people like Damian and why people like being rescued with him. He really is the nicest guy around and his scent (though strong) is never hostile, distressed, or annoyed.

“I-I need Inasa.” Shouto manages to say once he is sure his voice won’t break into a sob.

“Alright. Here, I’ll get your pants back up and I’ll take you to him, okay? Don’t worry about the alpha, I’ll get the police to take him away and—”

“No, it won’t change anything. I’m a hero now, this shouldn’t be happening to me anymore. I’m in Canada now and even here, I’m just a hole to fuck.”

Damian gets his panties and pants pulled back up, zippering them up and buttoning the button there, “You’re not just a hole to fuck. You’re a wonderful person and an amazing hero. Listen, there are bad alphas and betas around the world who prey upon people no matter what. Just because you’re a hero doesn’t mean nothing bad will ever happen to you again or that you are immune to predatory people from anywhere in the world. Heroes, no matter how pro they are, can have bad things happen to them too. It doesn’t make them less of a hero or less of a person if something bad happens to them. It makes them a survivor of an attack who is able to better relate to those who need to be saved.”

Damian then picks him up bridal style, sighing as he says, “I won’t ask what happened, but I do want to know if you really want me to report this guy or not.”

Shouto mulls it over in his head, finally coming back with his answer, “You can but…please, don’t let anyone outside of the police department know about this.”

“I promise I won’t.”

Damian then exits the room with Shouto, only to be met with the angered growl of Inasa, “What the hell are you doing to him! Why does he look so sick? Did you do something, homewrecker?”

Damian snarls at Inasa, his tone showing his offense, “I did nothing to him. I saved him from being raped on your fucking watch. If Shouto were my omega, I wouldn’t take him to a place where he didn’t want to go, and I wouldn’t leave him alone.”

Inasa’s eyes snap over to Shouto’s, asking him shortly, “Is this guy telling the truth, Shouto?”

Shouto nods, his eyes already bleary with tears, frustration, shame, and humiliation, “Yeah, he is. Can we go home now, Inasa? I don’t want to be here anymore.”

“Sure we can, pretty baby. Here, I’ll take you home now.” Inasa takes Shouto out of Damian’s arms delicately yet there was nothing delicate about the hiss thrown at the alpha.


When they arrive home, Shouto tells him everything and Inasa has never felt more horrible than what he does now.

“Why didn’t you tell me it was all triggering for you? I wouldn’t have gone if I knew that.”

“Because I didn’t want to ruin your fun… I’m sorry, Inasa, but I can’t ever go to a party, drink alcohol, or be a part of the nightlife. It’s all a bad reminder of what I went through and this…this won’t make it better.”

Inasa can understand this much, which is why he sighs as he holds him closer on their bed, “You aren’t ruining my fun. I’m fine with staying home and binging new things with you. I don’t need a nightlife or a party to be happy, Shouto. I only need you by me.”

Shouto buries his face into his chest and sighs in relief. At least he has reason to believe Inasa will be happy with him if he does want to mate him.


The alpha who tried to rape Shouto was arrested that very same night thanks to Damian and none of it was made public. Ever since his last attack three years ago, security has tightened with abortion clinics and police files around the world. Now it is harder to leak out information about victims of any crime and abortion clinic patients than what it was back then. Shouto feels safer knowing this, which helps him to get a somewhat better state of mind after what’s happened.

(James and Amber feel awful for what happened, but Shouto has insisted it wasn’t their fault. Now his friends know to have a private day set aside with Shouto and Inasa if they want to celebrate occasions with them.)

He’s having daily nightmares again because of what happened at the party, but that’s okay because Inasa knows what to do handle it! This being said, he does want to mate him. After what happened, he realized he cannot wait for too long. He needs to mate Shouto now or else the homewrecker will steal him away!

Which is why he is knocking on Dabi’s door, “Yo! Touya, mind if we talk?”

Dabi still doesn’t care for the name Touya because it’s attached to so many bad memories, but he doesn’t mind Rei and Shouto calling him it. He hasn’t spoken to Fuyumi and Natsuo. He doesn’t care if they apologized to Shouto, he’s still pissed at them and he’s not ready to accept them back into his life.

“It’s Dabi to you, asshat. What do you want to talk about?”

Inasa is quick to recover from his misstep, “I’m sorry, I forgot! It’s just what Shouto calls you all the time and I just…got it messed up. Sorry, Dabi.”

“What do you want to talk about?”

Dabi is losing his ever thin patience, which is why Inasa cuts to the chase, “I was wondering if I could get your blessing to mark Shouto.”

Dabi thinks it over for a moment, wondering, “What happened to waiting?”

“Shouto being attacked by an alpha intent on marking him.”

Dabi bristles to this, immediately demanding of Inasa, “Tell me everything that happened.”

He allows Inasa inside the apartment after this is said. Inasa doesn’t hold anything back. He gives him the full story without sparing any detail. By the end of it, Dabi’s only response is, “I will only let you mark him if you promise to never put him into another situation that could trigger him ever again. I don’t care if you don’t think it will, always talk to Shouto first and make sure he really is fine with it. If he isn’t, then don’t do it. Can you do that, alpha?”

“I promise I will.”

Over the last three years, Dabi has had to reluctantly admit that Inasa is a good alpha and someone he can trust with Shouto. Sure, he lives right across the hall from them, but he does it so he make sure Shouto’s not being used or pressured for sex. Considering this has not happened, he can safely say he’s been proven wrong about Inasa.

It’s either Inasa or flower bitch at this point. Needless to say, Dabi despises flower bitch to kingdom come and back again. So Inasa will do for his brother. He at least seems to be in true love with him, unlike flower bitch.

“Fine. You may mark him, but only with his consent and I have to be there to be sure he does consent to it!”

“Got it! Thank you so much, sir!”

Dabi rolls his eyes at Inasa’s joy, waving his hand while telling him, “Yeah, yeah whatever. Now get the fuck out of here.”

Inasa does as he is ordered, feeling as though he is on cloud nine when he walks back into his apartment and waits for Shouto to return home.


Inasa did not ask Shouto to mate him until the end of the month. Simply put, life got in the way: they both had a lot of work to do with these particularly nefarious villains that had been attacking their cities as of late. It took a combined effort to bring them to justice, but once they did it was a relief for the couple. There is some good news to come out of this month: Damian moved on from Shouto after being rejected one too many times. He is now courting a medium height, bigger boned, beta with honey brown hair and amber eyes named Arve. The beta is a journalist and much like Damian, has an obnoxiously strong scent that turned many away from him for the longest time. When Damian declared him to be the most stunning person on the planet upon first meeting, their courtship was sealed.

Though Inasa is relieved to know Damian has moved on from Shouto, he still has a hard time comprehending how he could find anyone else as desperate himself. He didn’t think it was humanly possible, but he supposes he was wrong on that one.

No matter, it just makes his plan for tonight easier: he will take Shouto and…Dabi, of all people, out for dinner and there he will ask Shouto if he wants to be marked by him or not.

(He’d rather do it in public in case if Dabi nitpicks something he does and has an urge to attack him out of nowhere.)

Because life seems to want to make him suffer some more, Dabi is the first one to show up, a neutral look on his face and yet, Inasa couldn’t help but to feel his glare on his person.

“Hey, Dabi! How was your day?”

“Shut the fuck up, windbag. If I think you are coercing, pressuring, or forcing Shouto into this for one second, I will fucking end you.”

Well…that’s a nice thought right there. Inasa clears his throat then and acknowledges the threat for what it’s worth, “I understand.”

Things are silent and tense between them by the time Shouto arrives, looking as pretty as ever in Inasa’s eyes with his chin length hair, his black skinny jeans, and plain white t-shirt.

“Hi, Shouto! You look really pretty tonight, like you always do.”

Of course, one thing that has not changed from three years ago is the fact Inasa still compliments him every single day with at least one compliment. Shouto still gets flustered by them, which is great for him to see, especially when he does that cute tucking the hair behind his ear thing.

He feels a strong, bruising kick to his calf, making him let out a pretty loud, “Ow! What the hell!”

“Quit staring at his legs, pervert. His eyes are up on his face, not on his thighs.” Dabi warns him in a lowered tone.

“I was not looking there! I was looking at his pretty face and—ow!”

Dabi kicked him again, in the same spot but harder this time around, “Quit making this an uncomfortable moment for Shouto, pervert. This is supposed to be a happy occasion, right? Why not act like it and quit popping a boner over my brother?”

Inasa really was not perving out over Shouto. He really was caught up in his eyes again, but Dabi didn’t think so. He reads any and all affection/physical contact (as well as compliments) with Shouto as Inasa being a shameless pervert.

“Maybe you should try being civil—ow, you kicked harder that time on purpose!”

Dabi shrugs his shoulder, giving Inasa a final kick before asking Shouto, “Is this someone you really want to continue being with, Shouto? Are you really sure you cannot do better?”

Inasa about to dive over the table to tackle Dabi for even saying this when Shouto responds, “Touya, I love Inasa. He’s the only one who stood by my side through thick and thin. Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am at today. I want to be with Inasa for as long as he’ll have me. He’s the only one who makes me really, truly happy.”

Dabi nods curtly to his answer and gives a small sigh, “Yeah, fine.”

“You’ve known him for three years now: he is not a bad guy and he will not do anything bad to me. Be nice to him, please. No tackling him, strangling him, or kicking him from underneath the table?”

Dabi has done all of the above to Inasa when he first moved in across the hall from them. He had managed to get a copy of their apartment key made up so he could check in on Shouto at random times of the day and night to make sure the giant was on his best behavior. It should go without saying that Dabi has misread many, many minor situations as being worse than what they are, and he has done all of the above that Shouto mentioned to Inasa at least more than once.

He swallows down his pride to give his little brother the peace he desires…for now at least, “Fine. I’ll be nice to windbag.”

Shouto exhales and takes his seat, “Good, that’s all I need to hear.”

They order their food and have a little chat about work as well as the idea Shouto has of adopting a cat. Inasa is all for it, but Dabi finds it hard to be happy when his foot has this itch to kick Inasa…

After their meal is brought to them and they are done eating, Inasa asks Shouto with a nervous blush on his face, “Shouto, um, you are the only omega I’ve wanted for the last three years and I was…well, you know how I’ve always said I wanted to be your mate?”

Shouto nods and Inasa continues, “W-Will you…allow me to mark you? Do you want to be my mate?”

Shouto is stunned: no matter how much Inasa compliments him, he will always have a hard time of seeing himself as worthy of him. He firmly believes Inasa can do better, which is why he asks him, “Are you sure you want to be with me? Inasa, I’m not the best omega around and you…you can do so much better than me. Do you—”

Inasa kisses him on the lips, reassuring him afterwards, “I want to be with you. I don’t care what happens next or how long I will have to wait until you are comfortable with certain things. You are the only omega for me, and I know I want you and only you to be my mate.”

Shouto is stunned into silence for a moment there, and yet when he does find the courage to speak again, it’s to say, “Yes, I want to be your mate. You can mark me, Inasa.”

“Yes! I promise to be the best mate ever! Trust me, you will not regret this one bit, Shouto!”

Inasa declared this while standing out of his chair and taking Shouto into his arms. Normally Shouto would be horrified, but right now, he only feels happy to know Inasa truly does care for him despite everything that happened to him.


Inasa marks Shouto at their home in their bed the same night he asks for permission to mark him. He takes the white t-shirt off of his omega, adoring his small waist and curves for a moment before asking him one more time, “Are you sure you’re ready for this? We can always wait for when you’re more comfortable.”

“No, I’m ready for this. Mark me, Inasa.”

Inasa nods, nuzzling him a bit before biting down on his scent gland. He holds Shouto close, pulling him into his chest and scenting him after this is done. Shouto purrs to the sensation, making Inasa feel as though he’s on cloud nine.

He knows he will have to wait until Shouto is ready to spend a heat with him. He knows he will have to comfort Shouto for a long time after what happened at the birthday party and he will have to be more mindful of his triggers from now on. He knows there are things Shouto will never be able to do, but he’s fine with this.

Shouto was the only omega he ever wanted. Many would have left Shouto a long time ago, and yet here he is, still here with him. He always told himself he would take Shouto as-is and now he finally has him as his official mate, purring in his arms.

“Inasa, I love you. You know this, right? Do I do enough to—”

Inasa kisses the mark on his neck, making Shouto release another loud purr, “You do more than enough to show it for me. I know you love me, and I love you as well.”

Their future may be bumpy and rough at times, but Inasa wouldn’t have it any other way. As long as he has his stunning omega in his arms, he’s happy.

Chapter Text

When they first met, they got off on the wrong foot.

Shouto seemed to hate him for even breathing and he didn’t even know why. He tried being nice to the pretty, small omega and all he got was a nasty response in return. For the longest time, he thought of him as being just like his father.

Then, during the licensing exam, he had told him he could never respect him or his father as heroes. This is when Shouto had snapped at him, his voice a low growl when he shouted back in return, “Let me guess: the alpha pig doesn’t want to see an omega hero! Whatever, I don’t need the respect of an alpha pig like you or any other alpha here.”

He had not expected that response. It threw him off guard and despite the fact they were able to work together again in the end, Shouto refused to acknowledge him… No, not just him, but all alphas who were not in his class.

At first Inasa thought it was something with himself, that maybe he came on too strong to the omega and he took his intentions the wrong way. Then he saw how he acted towards the other alphas here: cold, stand offish, and snappy when needed.

It bothered Inasa because…he’s not like the other alphas. He does feel responsible for Shouto failing the exam, though, so he decides to do the right thing and apologize, “Hey Todoroki, I’m sorry for what I did! I caused you to fail. I shouldn’t have let an old grudge stand in the way of everything else.”

Shouto does at least acknowledge him, but he’s not giving him the same recognition he was hoping for, “I was at fault too. There are some things I need to work on with myself that working alongside you brought out.”

This does nothing to pacify Inasa. No, it only makes him stand up and say, “Todoroki, do you not like me because I’m an alpha?”

Inasa is blunt, straightforward when it comes to this issue. He’s heard of omegas who hate alphas, but he’s heard they’re rare.

Shouto’s eyes fall on him and his answer is cold, “Why should I like any alpha? You’re all the same underneath it all no matter how different you try to pretend or claim to be: you are all boorish, sexist, rapist pigs with dominance issues just like my father.”

The alphas from his class heard this and all were stunned by what had come out of Shouto’s mouth.

“Todoroki, do you…really think that way about alphas?” Midoriya asks him, “What about the alphas in our class? Don’t you like them?”

Shouto replies to his friend in a somewhat more civil tone, “I tolerate the ones in our class. I don’t trust them, not after what happened a while ago.”

“What about Aizawa? He’s an alpha.”

“He’s an exception to the rule, not the standard.” Shouto then says something very pointed to his classmates, something which makes them all flinch to the words, “Oh and before you complain or feel upset: when an omega is in heat in your class, don’t trap them, gang up on them, and try to mark them! I don’t care if it was your first time being by an omega in heat, it doesn’t excuse what you alpha pigs tried to do.”

Inasa, though he knows this isn’t directed at him at all, feels offended somehow to hear this, “Hey, not every alpha has been by omegas in heat. You don’t know if their instincts took over their rational mind or not. You don’t know if they meant to make a move on you or not. You can’t call them ‘alpha pigs’ because of a one time thing. That’s not right.”

Shouto scoffs to this, his eyes rolling to Inasa’s response, “Alphas are pigs, Yoarashi. Nothing you say can change my mind on it.”

Inasa frowns to this and decides to step up to the challenge.

He will make this omega apologize to his classmates by getting him to see how wrong he is about all alphas in general.

“You’re right. Nothing I say will change it, but I will get you to see how wrong you are about alphas in general and when I do, you better apologize to your alpha classmates you just offended right now.”

“Like that will ever happen.”

Challenge accepted (on Inasa’s end, at least).


During their first remedial lessons course, Shouto had only cooperated with alphas…so he could one up them and humiliate them.

It makes Inasa upset because he figures that if Shouto hates alphas, then it’s most likely because he went through more than one bad experience with them. He has researched this online ever since he rode the bus back to Shiketsu after the licensing exam. It’s something psychologists call ‘alpha hate’.

Alpha hate is when an omega goes through either one really traumatic experience with an alpha doing something to jeopardize their safety and virginity or when they endure nonstop abuse, harassment, and degradation from alphas. It’s something that is either cultivated instantly or done over a lifetime. Either way, it is always related to an alpha doing something awful to an omega that makes them hate all alphas in return.

He knows Shouto compared him to his father and given his first experience meeting the man, he wouldn’t doubt if he was the alpha who turned Shouto against all alphas in general. In which case, since he hates the man, he despises being compared to him. He will do whatever it takes to get Shouto to see not all alphas are him.

He approaches Shouto after the class is done, deciding now to make his offer, “Hey, do you like swimming? I was thinking we could go swimming after class tomorrow if you’d like.”

Shouto glares him down in response, a hiss barely contained in himself when he bitterly replies, “Why alpha? Is it so you can see me in as little clothing as possible?”

Inasa’s eyes widen to this, his own response being a strangled, “W-What! No, that’s not what I meant at all! I just wanted to do something fun with you, that’s all! I want to be your friend, Todoroki, but it’s like you won’t even give me a chance because I’m an alpha.”

“An alpha wanting to be friends only with me is something I find highly suspicious, Yoarashi. I know better than to trust such frivolous lies.”

The alpha asks it before he can stop himself, “Did you go through something bad with alphas? What happened to make you hate us all so much?”

Shouto can answer this quite honestly, though his voice is bitter there’s an underlying current of hurt there that Inasa didn’t see coming, “My father is an excellent reason why I hate alphas, no omega wants to be abused, verbally or physically, for being what they are. Then there’s the other alphas, the ones who would claim they’d want to be friends with me. Every time I made a ‘friend’, said ‘friend’ would invite me over to their house only to try to mark me by force during their ruts. I don’t trust you alphas because I have no reason to. Your kind haven’t ever given me a reason to see you as nothing more than the pigs you are.”

“I’m sorry every alpha was terrible to you and I’m sorry your father hurt you, but Todoroki…you’re wrong!” Inasa insists strongly, “Not all alphas are bad. I never once spoke to you with the intention of trying to hurt you or see you naked, but you wouldn’t know that because you wrote me off as being like the others. All I wanted to be was your friend and you wrote me off as being a shameless pervert! How can you know what my intentions are if you don’t even try to see me for the person I am instead of my secondary gender?”

Shouto doesn’t have anything for this, which makes Inasa drive his point home, “Look, you cannot say I am bad because I’m an alpha. That’s just as crappy and fucked up as what I did to you. I shouldn’t have lumped you in as being like Endeavor just because you’re his son, much like how you shouldn’t have lumped me in with those perverts just because I’m an alpha.”

The omega in front of him takes a deep breath and releases it to calm himself down properly before countering with his own little speech, “Tell me, do you know what quirk marriages are?”

Inasa nods and Shouto continues on, “Because my alpha father forced my omega mother into one. Growing up, all I remember is her sobbing as my father used his fists and his alpha dynamic to keep her in submission. When he discovered I’m an omega, he beat me so severely I thought he was going to kill me. A perfect son meant to surpass All Might is supposed to be an alpha, not an omega, he’d say. All of my life, he’s beaten me and used his dynamic to try to force me to be the hero he wants me to be. All of my life, alphas have used their dynamics to keep me under their thumb and you expect me to believe you’re not all bad after that? You really expect me to buy that bullshit when I know the true nature of your kind? It’s thanks to my alpha father’s abuse that my mother snapped and called my left side ugly before pouring boiling water on it! It’s because of an alpha bastard I have a scar I can’t get rid of! You really expect me to like you alphas after that?”

He should be feeling offended, but he doesn’t. Inasa can’t feel offended, not after hearing this.

Shouto’s alpha hate comes solely from his father. The actions of others only justified his feelings of hatred towards alphas in general, leading him to believe all alphas are bad just like his dad and their actions prove it.

Inasa doesn’t blame him for having this intense hatred in his heart towards alphas because he can admit if he had gone through the same thing as an omega, he’d be the same way.

He approaches the omega slowly and without warning, hugs him tightly. Shouto tenses at first but after a short while, he starts to relax. Once he is relaxed, Inasa finally gives him a response, “I’m sorry you went through that. I never knew and I am so sorry you had to endure it. Todoroki, if I went through everything you did as an omega, I’d hate alphas too. I don’t blame you for hating us at all. I can’t even say it bothers me that you do after hearing this. All I want is to be given a fair chance because I’m not like him and I know I can prove myself to you.”

He would try again, his final attempt to be exact. If Todoroki rejected him, then he’d leave the omega be and try to remain civil with him at best. That much he can do for the omega should he ever not want anything to do with him again.

Shouto, on the other hand, doesn’t know why Inasa is being so tolerant of him. It makes him curious and to prove he is right about Inasa being like the others before him, he agrees to his offer, “Okay, I’ll go swimming with you, Yoarashi.”

Inasa blinks in shock before releasing Shouto for a moment, “Really? You mean it?”

“I do.”

“Yes! Don’t worry Todoroki, I’ll be sure we have the best time together!” Inasa vows excitedly while twirling Shouto around in his arms.

“Okay, whatever you say, Yoarashi.” Shouto comments to him, a plan already forming in his mind to prove himself right on the alpha in front of him.


When Shouto had given Inasa his number, he was expecting to be barraged with dick pics and pressure from the alpha to send a nude of himself. This never happened, which shocked Shouto. All that happened was Inasa giving him the address for the pool they were going to meet up at.

Ever since his little snap at the licensing exam, his alpha classmates can’t bear to look at him. Mostly this is due to shame, but Shouto doesn’t care. An alpha is not to be trusted, regardless of how good or heroic they may seem.

Midoriya, Iida, and Uraraka have been trying to get him to apologize but it’s been all for naught. Shouto isn’t going to apologize because he doesn’t believe anything he said to be wrong.

Which is why Inasa is confusing for him. So far, the alpha hasn’t acted like the others have in the past, which is unnerving to him because this must mean he is better at hiding his true nature than most are. There could be a very small, miniscule chance he really is not like the other alphas in his life, but he won’t admit to that. Not until he really puts Inasa through the ringer.

A swimming pool is the perfect place to prove his point about alphas. Shouto already knows what he will wear too: a pair of strappy black bikini bottoms a former ‘alpha friend’ of his had gotten him for his birthday a while back.

He despised the gift, but never got around to throwing it out due to his harsh training schedule. He actually forgot he had it until he went through his things and found it buried deep somewhere in his closet.

The omega brings this along as well as long white t-shirt to wear in case if the alpha tries to act on his instinct.

Once he has everything in his backpack, he is ready to go. He would tell his friends where he was going, leaving them shocked, but hopeful Inasa will get him to change his mind.


It was after their second remedial lesson when Inasa saw him at the pool, his grin wide and his large arm waving in the air, “Todoroki, hi! I’m so happy you came!”

He would then actually look at what Todoroki is wearing and feel his heart drop to the bottom of his stomach.

The omega is sexy. I mean, sure he thought he was pretty when they first met, and he could always admit the omega is attractive even when he didn’t like him. However, he never expected to see him in only a pair of strappy bikini bottoms and nothing else.

His curves were highlighted, brought to the forefront by the outfit. His waist is so tiny, his hips are wide enough to birth him lots of pups, and oh dear crap, his nipples are the prettiest shade of pink!

Inasa forces himself to look away from his body to focus on his nervous blush, his slight tremors in his movements and his lightly distressed scent.

“Todoroki, if you’re feeling too uncomfortable, we can do something else. We don’t need to swim today. We can go to an ice cream shop instead or an arcade. I hear the arcade around here is super good!”

Shouto shakes his head and sighs deeply, “No, you wanted to swim, so that’s what we’ll do.”

Before Inasa can further object, there’s the lifeguard blowing his whistle and shouting, “Sexy omega alert, everyone! Be sure to be on your best behavior if you want a piece of that ass, hot damn.”

The alphas and betas in the pool all turn to look at the one omega there, their eyes shining with instant lust upon first sight of Shouto.

The alpha closest to them looks over to Shouto, releasing his scent and giving him a flirty wink, “Hey there, you’re looking really fine, omega. Why don’t you come in the pool? Don’t worry, the water is fine, and I promise I won’t bite too much.”

Another alpha swims up to the edge of the pool where Shouto stands, “Come on, omega! Get in here, I think you’d look sexier wet.”

Shouto crosses his arms over his chest, trying to hide as much of himself as he can, and it makes Inasa’s blood boil to see this going on!

“Hey! Quit talking to him like that you perverts!”

They all pause then to look at Inasa and they all start to growl at him, “What, you want the omega for yourself?”

“No, I don’t! He came here to have a fun time with me. I was planning on playing pool volleyball with him and possibly Marco Polo if we had the time. That doesn’t matter though! What matters is you guys are acting like depraved, sexist pigs right now with no form of self-control.”

“If he really came here for innocent fun, then why wear that sexy getup?”

Inasa almost punches the alpha closest to the edge of the pool. How dare they try to make this out to be Shouto’s fault! Bastards!

“His outfit has nothing to do with anything! He should be able to wear whatever he wants without having an alpha trying to force themselves on him because they lack self-control! You are all such depraved, sexist, rapist pigs, I’m turning you all in for omega harassment!” Inasa then goes through his bag, finding a shirt for Shouto to wear, “Come on, Todoroki, let’s leave this shitty place.”


Inasa does report all the alphas there as well as the lifeguard for omega harassment right after they left the pool. He had gone straight to the manager to complain and needless to say, she was horrified at what she heard. She vowed to get Human Resources involved in this right away, promising to hand over the recording and the names of the people who had gone in the pool that day.

It was past curfew when Inasa took him back to the dorms, feeling bad about the whole situation, “I’m so sorry, Todoroki. I shouldn’t have taken you swimming, all it did was prove you were right to not trust alphas. I understand if you don’t want to see me ever again.”

“It’s okay, Yoarashi. In all honesty, I only wore this swimsuit to test if you really were like the others and if you would make a move to grab me or not. I shouldn’t have gone in trying to sabotage you to prove my point. I’m sorry for ruining things.”

Inasa doesn’t feel upset or offended to hear this. If of anything, he was kind of hoping to be tested so he could prove Shouto wrong and now he’s wondering, “Did I pass or fail your test?”

Shouto is hesitant to admit it, but he can concede defeat when it is due, “You passed, Yoarashi. You passed and exceeded my expectations. You really are different from the rest, but that only makes you an exception to the rule, not the standard.”

Inasa frowns to this, not liking what he is hearing, “An exception? So you’re still saying that you hate alphas, just not me or your teacher.”

“Yoarashi, I know better than—”

“I don’t believe every alpha ever in your life was bad to you! There had to be others that were at least civil or nice. Don’t they count as well? What about siblings, surely you have at least one alpha sibling who was nice to you?”

“I do have older siblings, but I was isolated from them all of my life because of my alpha father. The only alpha who has ever been nice to me is Touya and he killed himself to get away from my alpha father’s brutal control.”

Inasa pauses to this and asks him, “Do you think Touya would want to see you talking like this about alphas? Do you think Touya would like hearing you call him an exception to the rule? Because when you say that, it sounds like you are saying we’re still bad somehow but it’s okay because we’re an exception to the rule.”

Shouto has nothing for this because…he knows Touya would be hurt by this. He knows Touya wouldn’t have taken this lightly or the right way either.

“Why don’t you ask your teacher how it feels to be the exception to the rule? Because Todoroki, it doesn’t feel good.”

“I’ll ask him about it then, Yoarashi.”

“Good. Because I still want you to apologize to the alphas in your class. I don’t think they deserved to hear that being said to them in public. You humiliated them in front of other omegas and betas from other schools. I don’t care how much you hate alphas, there was no need for that.”

Inasa then looks over to him and sighs, “I know they didn’t act right when you went into heat in class. Going off of what you said, it sounded scary. I don’t blame you for being on guard around them all the time, but you didn’t need to do that to them.”

“I’ll consider it. For now, the wound is a bit too fresh, considering it only happened a week before the licensing exam.”

Ah, fuck, well…that does not bode well for them. Even Inasa can admit it.

“Alright, just…at the very least, try to hear them out and try to give them a second chance, okay?”

“I’ll try, but I can’t make any promises.”

Inasa hopes he can get Shouto to see where he went wrong with his hatred of alphas. He hopes Shouto will start to realize that judging all alphas by the actions of a few is wrong.



“…Thank you for everything you said and did at the pool. I really appreciated it a lot.”

“Ah, don’t mention it, Todoroki! I was just doing what any decent person would.”

It was the first time in his life Shouto ever felt compelled to thank an alpha for anything. Inasa truly is different from the rest.


He had wanted to talk to Aizawa alone about something. It was pretty important, he had said, and Aizawa obliged him with a visit to the dorm. There, he and Shouto had a private talk where Shouto would ask him how he felt about being an exception to his rule about alphas.

Needless to say, Aizawa does know about Shouto’s alpha hate because for the life of him, he is not subtle about it. He didn’t use his full power on Bakugou because he’s an alpha. He didn’t talk to alpha students or cooperate with them well (Yaoyorozu was the only exception, but even then he only did so to pass an exam, not because he had been swayed from his alpha hate). He despises alphas, it’s why he hangs around a trio of betas only.

This is the first time he’s bothered to talk to him about it. Aizawa can only guess Inasa is the reason why he is doing so now. Truthfully, he’s grateful the alpha is trying to break down Shouto’s walls of hate. Everyone else is too nervous and guilt-ridden to do so after what happened a while back.

“I don’t like being an exception to the rule. It means you are saying you still think I could turn ‘bad’ because as an alpha, I’m a wild, untamed, uncivilized beast who cannot control themselves around any omega or beta. It’s like you’re implying I’m still lesser thans because I’m an alpha.”

“Oh, so, just like what Yoarashi told me today.”

“Yeah, we’ll go with that.” Aizawa takes in the sight of his confused student who appears to be feeling somewhat guilty. He decides to make things a bit easier on him by saying, “I know you have an intense hatred of alphas. I get it, Enji is a prick and he’s an alpha. I cannot even begin to imagine what he’s like behind closed doors. That being said, we are not all Enji and I know alpha hate comes from intensely negative experiences with alphas. I know you had to have gone through hell with the alphas in your life, but Todoroki, you’re going about life the wrong way.”

“If you want to be a hero, you will have to work alongside and rescue alphas. Whether you like it or not, your alpha hatred will hold you back and it will impair you from being the best hero you can be.”

Shouto nods sullenly, finally starting to get it (at least, Aizawa hopes he is starting to get it), “I understand, sir. I’ll try to get over my hatred of alphas, but it’s not easy. They’ve all been so awful me, even at the pool, they were all making gross comments to me and it rubs me the wrong way.”

“But Yoarashi did report it though. The manager was an alpha who was appalled at what she heard. I got a phone call about it, Todoroki. I know everything that happened. You cannot keep writing off all alphas as bad forever. You’d be no different from the sexists you claim to despise then.”

“I’m an omega, though. Omegas can’t be sexist.”

“Replace all the words you use to describe alphas with the words used by sexists to describe omegas and you’d see there’s no difference.”

Aizawa even hands him a paper of the things he has heard Shouto saying about alphas to his friends and on the same paper, is the things those who are sexist against omegas say about them.

Upon reading it, Shouto’s eyes widen in horror at the realization hitting him hard and heavy. He’s become the very thing he despised.

“I’m…I had no clue. I’m so sorry for making you feel offended and lesser than, Aizawa.”

Aizawa is glad he’s starting to make some progress with Shouto, but he tells him, “I’ll accept your apology when you apologize to your classmates. They are the ones you hurt with this, not me.”

Shouto is hesitant, which leads to Aizawa suggesting, “Talk to them about what happened with your heat. If they don’t give you a decent explanation, then you don’t have to apologize to them and I’ll take your apology as is. If they do give you a good explanation, then I expect an apology out of you.”

Shouto nods and tells him, “I’ll talk to them tomorrow in class, Aizawa. I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused with this.”

“It’s alright, Todoroki. You went through a lot to gain that alpha hate. I know you can conquer it, if you give yourself the chance to.”

Aizawa hopes he will give himself the chance to.


The next day at remedial lessons, Shouto isn’t as bad to work with when it comes down to working with alphas. He listens to their suggestions, he makes a move to work with them instead of one upping them, and he keeps any comments about their alpha status to himself.

It makes Inasa feel better to know he has brought some positive change to Shouto’s life, however small it is. He approaches Shouto after the class is done to ask him, “Hey, Todoroki! How are you doing?”

“I’m doing good, I guess. Aizawa made me see how wrong I was for hating alphas and how it was holding me back.” Shouto then turns to face Inasa once he is changed back into this uniform, “I’m sorry for lumping you in with my father, Yoarashi. You didn’t deserve that, no one does. I am working on seeing alphas as people and not their secondary gender. I know it will take time for me to feel differently about them, but if I try, I know I can change my view of them.”

It makes Inasa smile to hear this, happy to know he is the one who helped break down his wall of hatred, “Really? There’s no more exceptions to the rule?”

“No, there isn’t. I have a lot to work on with myself if I want to be a great hero. The licensing exam showed me that, as have yourself and Aizawa. I am grateful to you for all that you’ve done to prove me wrong. I am grateful to have you in my life, even if I must have made you feel uncomfortable. I hope we can start fresh and be…friends, I guess, if you want to be.”

Inasa smiles to this, cheering loudly, “I’d love to be friends with you! You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear this!”

The cheerful alpha pauses and asks him, “What about the alphas in your class? Did you ever apologize to them? Because if you didn’t, then this all would feel redundant to me.”

Shouto admits casually, “I did apologize to them this morning during our homeroom class. They all explained to me that when I went into heat, their base instincts took over their rational minds and they couldn’t control themselves. They said they were really sorry for making me feel the way I did, and I apologized for humiliating them in return.”

Inasa hugs him again, praising him, “I’m so proud of you, Todoroki! I know you will continue to keep on making improvements in this. I know you will conquer your alpha hatred because you’re too strong and incredible not to!”

Shouto blushes to the praise, feeling weird to hear it, and then Inasa releases him, asking him, “What’s your favorite dessert?”

“I don’t have one. I wasn’t allowed to eat them growing up.”

“Well, I am going to take you to a dessert shop then! I know you’ll like all of the food there. I’ll text you the name of place and we can meet up after you go back to the dorms, okay?”

“Sounds good to me, Yoarashi.”

“Great! I’ll see you then!”

This trip to the dessert shop was different from the pool incident. Shouto and Inasa talked like two regular people getting to know each other. By the end of this one trip, they would plan more events to hang out with each other after remedial lessons were done for the day. All of these pleasant times spent together led to a friendship that would eventually lead to Inasa discovering he has feelings for the omega he finds to be cute, sweet, shy, strong, and brave, not to mention flat out beautiful.

Todoroki will be his mate, he promises himself after realizing his feelings for the omega. If he could break down Shouto’s wall of hatred towards alphas, then maybe he could break down his hesitation to date and court next…

Oh well, only time will tell. For now, he’ll just enjoy spending time with his new friend/crush.

Chapter Text

Shouto’s first Valentine’s Day with Inasa had been a disaster. His heats last five days and he had a bad one hit him that year. It made Inasa sad to know he couldn’t spend Valentine’s Day with Shouto, but at least Amber’s mom agreed to have him over for the five days Shouto would be going through the heat.

They were in Canada, Shouto had turned sixteen a month ago and they had a wonderful birthday celebration with their new friends. Inasa got him a tatami mat for his birthday so he could feel more at home in Canada. Shouto loved it and was happy to sleep in something familiar again.

Inasa knows Shouto’s scent is strong so the most he can do is have Rei take his gift inside the house for him. The only problem is, what can he do?

Damian already got him an extra large teddy bear, but he wants to one up that. Bring him something from Japan that he knows he misses…

Oh! Inasa has an idea in mind.

“What are you going to get Shouto for Valentine’s Day?” Xavier asks him, “Trust me when I say this, a courtship offer is not the way to go. Freaking alpha bastards…”

Takashi, being the nice boy he is, suggests, “Maybe…Inasa could get him some roses?”

Roy scoffs to this hardcore, “Yeah right! Inasa, give him the gift every omega will love you for: mace and a taser to keep the perverts away.”

Inasa shakes his head, his mind already made up, “Nope! I’m going to give Shouto a better gift than that! I’m going to make him a tart with strawberry cream with strawberries and white chocolate on top.”

“Why would you give him food? During heats, no omega wants to eat a lot of food.” Xavier deadpans to his alpha friend.

“Because it’s something he can eat later. His heat will end the day after Valentine’s Day, so he can have it then. Besides, it’s the only dessert I know he likes…well, unless if you can count crepes. It’s also something we had a lot back in Japan. It was when we were at the shop having the pastry that I realized I liked him as more than a friend.”

After Inasa had first taken Shouto to the dessert shop, he found out a few things about his new friend: he doesn’t mochi of any kind, chocolate is only but he prefers white chocolate over the other kinds, and his favorite dessert is the tart with the strawberry cream, strawberries, and white chocolate on top.

It had been after their eighth remedial lesson and at this point, it was custom for the boys to hang out together after the lessons were done for the day. Even on Sundays, they would spend time together since they usually had only two hours together after lessons were done. This was all due to Shouto’s curfew more than anything else. So Sundays were days where they could have more time together. Some would think they would get sick of each other and yet they didn’t.

(Saturdays don’t work for Shouto seeing Inasa because that is the day he reserves for his mother.)

If of anything, Shouto didn’t like going without Inasa on Sundays. He’s more withdrawn and downright sad without the giant alpha there by his side. Inasa isn’t much better. If he cannot see Shouto for a Sunday, he will sit down, and binge watch sad movies to get himself through it.

This day, they had gotten done going to a theme park and the sun was starting to set as they walked into the familiar dessert shop, with golden wood floors, the Easter egg yellow walls, the vintage themed tables and chairs, and the display of the wonderful desserts there.

The first time Inasa had taken Shouto there, the omega had stared at the desserts, not sure which one to pick since he’d never had anything presented in the display case. Upon explaining this to the worker there, she got him out a sample of every desert there.

He didn’t like any of them aside from the strawberry dipped in white chocolate and the strawberry cream tart.

His faces of disgust were adorable, though: the way his nose would crinkle and he’d have a tremor he couldn’t suppress. Sometimes, he would let out a small, ‘ew’, before going to the next one. After he had chosen the tart, they would both get one with Shouto letting a small moan from how good it was.

They would talk about their favorite fruits—of all things—the whole time they were there. It wasn’t exactly ideal because Shouto had to get back to the dorms right away, but it was this random conversation that led to Shouto spending more time with him to try to become friends with him.

If asked why Inasa even bothered with Shouto in the first place, he could say it was partly because he wanted to prove the omega wrong about alphas and partly because he’s too pretty to pass up.

He may not have liked Shouto at first, but even when he did say all of those things about alphas, he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about how awful things must be between him and his father to compare anyone to him. He wanted to help him, because he thought Shouto needed help to see not all alphas are bad like his father. Well, okay, Shouto is also is super pretty and he was willing to overlook everything for his pretty face.

He can’t help it if he thinks Shouto is pretty! Back when he didn’t like him, he thought his looks were the best quality to him and he feels nothing but shame for thinking this now.

There’s so many qualities to Shouto he likes that far outweigh his looks: his introverted nature, his poor attempt at humor, his poor attempt at understanding humor, his smile, the way he smells, the way he always tries his best to keep his friends happy even if it makes him feel awkward, and the way he is open to so many things because he’d been isolated from the world for so long.

Okay that last one is kind of sad, but he’s open to trying so many new things that people who were not isolated and sheltered from the world are simply closed minded to.

Shouto orders the same thing at the dessert shop each and every time they come here: the strawberry tart. It’s another thing Inasa finds adorable about him, once he finds something he loves, he doesn’t let it go. He’s loyal in all aspects of his life.

Shouto is so cute when he eats too, but he didn’t quite catch what he had said there, “Yoarashi, are you alright?”

Inasa snaps out of his reverie to look at Shouto, a nervous blush spreading across his cheeks, “Can you repeat that? I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch it.”

“Well, I was wondering if you’d like to meet my mother next Saturday. You are someone I’ve grown close to… It’s kind of funny, you know me better than my classmates and friends do. I think you know me better than my own siblings do. I think it’s time you meet my mother, I mean, she would like you. I think she would anyway. You’re a loving giant with an optimistic outlook on everything. Even if there’s a storm in the skies, you make it feel like summertime with your presence alone. I think she’d like that kind of light.”

Inasa’s heart is beating so fast and all he can think is, ‘I’m in love!’.

His alpha is ordering him to mark Shouto now, but he restrains his basic instincts to reply to his friend who he may like as more than a friend, “I’d love to meet her! I bet she’s where you got your pretty face from too.”

Shouto blushes and gives him a true, genuine smile. He’s been told he’s never felt the need to smile for his friends and classmates, but around Inasa, Shouto cannot stop himself. He said something about how Inasa makes him feel happy just being by him.

“My face isn’t that pretty. Nothing is with this scar on me.”

“I think you’re pretty even with your scar! Any alpha or beta would be lucky to have you as a mate, Todoroki! I know I’d like to have a mate as pretty as you!”

He pauses and blushes once again, making Shouto’s own blush slightly darken as he resumes eating his strawberry cream tart.

Inasa arrives at the home he would be staying at if Shouto were not in heat right now. Uena had gotten his own apartment a while back, so it was just himself, Shouto, and Rei living in the same house.

He has a tart with the same strawberry cream, strawberries, and white chocolate drizzling on top to give to Shouto as a Valentine’s Day gift. Rei was a bit confused by the gift at first, “Is this what you wanted to give Shouto?”

“It’s a favorite dessert of his from Japan! We used to get it a lot whenever we went in there.”

Rei smiles to the gift, telling him, “I think he’ll like it when his heat is done. Thank you, Yoarashi.”

After Shouto’s heat was done and he was back in school, he would tell Inasa, “Thank you for the tart. It was better than the one we used to get back in Japan.”

Shouto misses many things about Japan and this tart was one of them… Well, not so much the tart as it was the times him and Inasa would spend in the dessert shop. It was still nice to have a piece of his homeland back for a while.

Inasa beams to this, announcing loudly, “You’re welcome, Todoroki! When we are mated, I will make this for you whenever you want it!”

Shouto smiles and Inasa’s heart skips a few beats in response, “I cannot wait to be mated then.”

He may not have spent Valentine’s Day with Shouto, but he did get a kiss on the cheek from it. Overall, it wasn’t the worst one ever. No, he can say it went great.


Inasa’s first date with Shouto when they were seventeen had been something the omega did not see coming. They were going to go sky diving.

He had asked Inasa, “Why sky diving?”

“Because it’s fun and something we haven’t done together yet.”

Here Shouto was thinking about going to this Renaissance Festival with their friends, but no, Inasa had picked something as random as sky diving.

It’s not that he doesn’t love his soon-to-be mate. He just wishes he did not pick something that terrified him.

Shouto is afraid of sky diving. Simple as that, he doesn’t like sky diving. He didn’t like the idea of it when he was younger, and he doesn’t like the idea of it now. Sky diving is scary to him and yet he’s not afraid of heights in general. It’s a strange fear to have, but he doesn’t like the idea of jumping out of a plane with only a parachute to save him.

Sky diving means he’s stuck there in a plane with the ultimate threat of jumping out of the plane. What would happen if the cord ripped or broke? What could he do to save himself then? If he tried using his ice, it could cause injury to either himself or someone beneath him. With his flame, he would need to use it at his strongest level, but that wears him out to the point of blackout exhaustion.

He’s scared of this date, though he won’t say it. He doesn’t want Inasa to be upset, or to think about what could have been. Thus, he forces himself to go through with the date, even though he really, really doesn’t want to.

Come the day of the date, Shouto is doing his best to hide his fear. He is doing his best to come off as someone who is not afraid of the activity he will be put through.

Inasa turns to him when they’re on the plane, ready to jump out at any minute, his grin wide and his eyes lively, “I cannot wait to jump! It will be so much fun, Shouto!”

“Yeah, it will be, Inasa.”

If Inasa does catch something is off with his scent, he doesn’t get the time to comment on it. He’s jumping off the plane with the instructor and letting out a scream of joy, proclaiming loudly to all how he, ‘feels so alive right now!’.

As for Shouto, once it is his turn to jump, he forces himself to go through with it, screaming bloody murder the whole time. He is suddenly feeling as though he’s five years old and back at home with his angry father, ready to beat him. He doesn’t like this, his eyes are screwed tightly shut, but when the parachute opens without any issue, he is finally open to his eyes.

It’s a beautiful sight…at least, it would be if his life wasn’t dangling on a parachute in the air! He will tolerate it for now. He will tolerate anything to keep Inasa happy with him. He will put up with anything to keep Inasa interested in him and being his mate.

The lower the parachute descends, the safer he feels. The closer to the ground, the better. He just wants to get out of this thing and leave this hellish place where he was forced to jump out of a fucking plane at who knows how many thousands of feet in the air!

The ground is coming closer and Inasa is waving at him excitedly with both arms in the air.

Shouto feels safer seeing his mate there. He can do this. He can do this without freaking out the moment he touches the ground.

They land on the ground and the instructor is instantly getting him out of the harness, mumbling to himself, “Damn, you really freaked out bad…and your scent! Ugh! It was way too strong. Try to control that better next time.”

Shouto is used to hearing negative comments about his scent, so he doesn’t care. He only hopes Inasa doesn’t find out about his fear.

“Wasn’t that fun, Shouto? I know I had fun! It was such a blast, especially when we went out the plane and everything it hits you all at once before the parachute opens!”

“Yeah…it was fun. I had a good time.”

The instructor who had been with Shouto scoffs openly to this, “Yeah, sure, if screaming bloody murder the whole time didn’t mean anything at all.”

Shouto feels terrified the moment the instructor speaks, his secret being out in the open now because he’s not a good liar and lying to Inasa makes him feel nauseous, “What is he talking about? Were you…scared?”

Shouto doesn’t know what to tell his mate, but the instructor comments, “Keep your scent in check next time too! I don’t want to choke on the scent of scared omega.”

Inasa takes Shouto’s hand and leads him over to the area where they are getting changed out of their suit. He asks him, “Are you okay? Why was he saying those things? You liked it, didn’t you?”

Shouto’s distressed pheromones tell him all he needs to know, “You weren’t okay with it, were you?”

His omega finally admits it, because he cannot lie to Inasa any longer, “I’m sorry, Inasa. I’m terrified of sky diving and I didn’t really want to do this.”

“Then why go through with it?”

“Because I want to keep you happy with me. I’ll put up with anything to keep you by my side because you’re the only alpha I want, and I don’t want to lose you.”

Inasa is taken aback by this, but he takes his time to say, “Shouto, I don’t want you to do things because you are uncomfortable with because you’re afraid I’ll leave you or not like you anymore. I want you to do things because you feel comfortable doing them. I want you to do things with me because you want to do them. If you don’t want to do anything at all, tell me and I will understand.”

Shouto sighs to this, his eyes full of guilt, “You shouldn’t have to give up anything for me. Then I’d be more of a burden than anything else.”

“You’re not a burden to me. I can always do these things with my friends if you’re not comfortable doing them. Just let me know beforehand so it doesn’t feel like being with me is making you do things you don’t want to do. I don’t want to be a source of control and discomfort. I want to be the one who makes you happy.”

Shouto’s distressed scent isn’t going down, so Inasa releases calming pheromones and nuzzles him. Once it seems his scent has somewhat decreased in intensity, he asks him gently, “What did you want to do today?”

Inasa cannot help but feel awful to know Shouto only did something because he wanted to appease him. He doesn’t want their relationship to be like the one Rei and Enji had. He wants their relationship to be healthy, stable, and strong. How can it be if Shouto tends to act like his mother from time to time without even knowing it?

(Then again, they do say omega children tend to take after the omega parents, which is why being in a happy, healthy relationship is so vital for raising pups, especially omega pups. Omega pups tend to act like the omega parent in relationships without knowing it, so good mated relationships are a key thing to have. Since Rei didn’t have one, he is stuck with the bad habits from his mother he subconsciously picked up. Except, instead of appeasing the alpha to avoid a beating, Shouto is appeasing Inasa to avoid him leaving him.)

“I wanted to go to this thing called a Renaissance Festival with Xavier, Roy, and Takashi. They said it was really fun…it’s okay though, I can go with them tomorrow.” Shouto sounds a bit let down and it makes Inasa feel worse because it’s like he’s saying he’ll be happier with his omega friends than him.

He doesn’t like this, so when the taxi arrives, he tells the driver, “Take us to the Renaissance Festival!”

Shouto looks at him in surprise, “What about your other secret plans for the day?”

“It’s fine, we can do them on our second date. Right now, let’s go do something you want to do.”

Inasa has taken the lead whenever they do things together. This is mainly because Shouto grew up so sheltered and isolated from everything else normal kids got to do and enjoy, he doesn’t have much of a clue on what to do for fun. He supposes since Shouto has gotten more exposure to new things in Canada, he should have tried to get his input instead of assuming he doesn’t know what to do.

The first part of the date may not have gone well, but Inasa will make up for it. He will do whatever it takes to make Shouto happy, even if it means cancelling everything else he had planned to go to the Renaissance Festival with his future mate.

The Renaissance Festival was totally Inasa's favorite part of the day.

The food, the festivities, and seeing Shouto happy with his omega friends made him smile. When they arrive home, they head on down to the basement, tired from the day's activities and events. He would purr in Inasa's arms once they were ready for bed. Inasa took pride in this purr since it is pretty rare to hear from Shouto on any basis. He would soon hear, "Thank you Inasa, I had a great day today." 

"Really? You mean it?" 

"I mean it. Plus, it was nice to see you to demonstrating your strength today at the festival. I think it was nice at least. It was added on proof that I chose the best alpha to be mine." 

Inasa is overflowing with joy to this statement and as such, he overreacts. He hugs Shouto close tightly in his arms, nuzzling him, and kissing his cheek repeatedly, "I'm more than proud to be your alpha! Thank you for choosing me over anyone else, Shouto." 

Shouto giggles to this, and Inasa makes sure to save the sound to memory because he's hell bent on making that adorableness happen again, "You're welcome, Inasa. I'm more than to be your omega, as well."

It may have started out on the wrong foot, but Inasa managed to get the date back on track. He knows they will only have more and better dates in the future. One day soon, Shouto will be his mate and he cannot wait for the day he finally is.