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For some reason I like to think that whenever Alex get either to riled up or depression hits John calls him 'Lion' to calm him down but if Thomas accidentally called him lion he would try to kill him.


Once a week Dr.Mendel comes in for James cause let's face it he lives with Thomas and works with Alexander.


Eliza teaches special kids, not the slower ones or the smarter kids, but kids who have similar backgrounds. Sense only some of them do she just has maybe 2-3 handfuls of kids. (Her favorite is Charlie cause he's so sweet and polite. She says she doesn't have a favorite though)


Once Marvin and Trina couldn't pick up Jason so both Whizzer and Mendel went to get him and because the school knows that Jason's parents are divorced and that his dad is gay they thought that they were the gay father and his lover.


Phillip is still a baby, his favorite toys are the stuffed lion and turtle.


Charles Lee got his donut stolen by a bird.


The "Squip" used to sell drugs. Still does but it's weed.


To surprise Connor, Evan once went to this dance studio ran by a nice couple and learned to dance ballroom, salsa, and swing.


Jared once got hit on by a girl in LUSH, she did it on a bet she was gay.


Evan works part time as a ranger and volunteers at a community garden.


Veronica used to work for King, she was good friends with Heather McNamara.


During a meeting once Heather Duke had to throw up and she did in the bathroom....the men's bathroom.


If it was legal, Kevin would marry the state of Orlando.


Connor has three plants at the office, one from Evan, one from his sister and one from his mom.


Jason takes baseball lessons from Whizzer who's dad made him take it.


Charlie has an uncle who owns a chocolate shop and likes to spoil him every month and picks him up every other day.


Martha is a kindergarten teacher and loves her job.


Once a month Eliza takes her class on a field trip to wherever the class votes for, this time it's the New York natural history museum, for Matilda had brought up that they were reading about ancient Egypt and Roman history.


Every pride parade Jason makes four flags, one for his dad, Whizzer, and the neighbors.


Burr once set a fire by accident because he got distracted with Connor chasing Seabury around when he brought up that trees were useless.


Jason once told little Theo, who is 4 that tomatoes were poisoning so when she saw Thomas eat one she cried.


Connor likes classic rock.


Evan likes Jazz.


Alex gets coffee from a bodega in the heights because it tastes like home.


JD owns a car shop and put Graffiti Pete in charge of paint jobs because he's that talented.


John is a nurse.


Usnavi likes Queen and won't admit it.


Dani likes talking with the Pirguas guy, she knows his real name.


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Once a week a Mormon comes to the office, trying to get people to at least read the book, everyone like it when a young man named Elder Thomas come because he's so cute, they give him pop tarts.

Matilda started a reading group for her class and so far Jason has made three movie references, Charlie has brought special chocolate from his uncle to share with everyone and the new boy who everyone calls Curchie and he doesn't mind, has brought old newspaper to analyze.

Heather Chandler once b**ch slapped a women at Target because she took a DVD copy right out of her hands during Black Friday shopping.

Caddy owns a petting zoo with her husband Aaron.

Damian has a acting buddy and you all know it's Christen.

Zoe plays Jazz guitar at coffee shops for extra cash.

Connor sometimes gets high with Jared and Michael, Evan can't stand the smell and Jeremy knows that Michael gets dumb when high so they hang out with people, usually with Veronica or Maria.

At a Christmas party Alex got drunk and tried to fight a lamp,the lamp won.

Whizzer and Marvin often switch between being the big and little spoon.

Jason doesn't get nightmares often, but when he does he try's to play it off but Whizzer is a light sleeper so he hears the cry's and whines of a kid trying to not act scared, so he comforts him with tales of when he was younger and when him and Marvin started dating.

Jason loves making movie references, any movie, but most fantasy or science fiction.

Mendel doesn't get half the references Jason makes.

Trina works at a pie dinner.

Jenna is the best single mother out there.

Sonny and Pete are power couple.

Dani and Carla are dating and it's the best thing out there.

Sonny is the little spoon.

Jeremy was so awkward when he started his job so he only stuck to Veronica and Aaron but now he does all the gossip with Maria and Connor.

Janice makes and sells paintings.

Kate is a kindergarten teacher and every lunch Princeton takes her somewhere either different or dumb.

Before baby Philip John got high, his favorite smoke shop was one call 'D-' where the guy, Justin, ran the whole thing.

Heather Chandler has a favorite client, Regina George, who not only owns a very successful shop but is in constant need of legal advice.

Jack Kelly works for Janice.

David and Jack are another power couple.

Les is in the grade below Curchie and is rocking it.

Lulu goes to a fancy private school and is a great freaking singer, her and Tameka are friends.

Katherine owns a small but well know newspaper company and so far she has yet to interview Washington.

David is saving up for a trip to Santa Fe for him and Jack.

None of the newsies go to school except Curchie, Les, and David who goes to college .

Matilda is the smartest in her grade.

There are two rival stores, Jets laundromat, Sharks dryer and cleaners.

Peggy works with Schuyler industry and hates it.

Elle isn't always taken seriously but she doesn't mind, the look on someone's face when they find out she's in charge is often worth it.

Jack is super protective of his brother it's almost sad.

David is studying to be a teacher.

Veronica loves hearing about her co workers lives, to offer support and because it's just plain interesting.

Aaron freaking loves his wife and daughter.

If it was legal Jack would marry Santa Fe, David gets a little tired of hearing about sometimes.

Elle and Emmet run their own law firm and are pretty well respected.

Jeremy and Michael are engaged but want a kid at the wedding.

Matilda freaking loves Harry Potter, and sometimes referees her friends as the golden trio/4.

Whizzer was a stay at home dad, drinking boxed wine with neighbors and Charlotte, but got bored so he takes pictures and sells them.

Mendel has therapy competition, Christmas Eve who's really good at her job, but she's taking clients away from him.

Whizzer and Kevin are twins, when he was 18 Whizzer ran away, changed his name and started a new life.

The heathers are dating each other.

Matilda has OCD, when something is out of order or not in schedule she picks the skin around her fingers till someone stops her.

Connor and Kevin are definitely dating each other.

There is rumor that the new pie shop uses human meat and that the barber that lives upstairs kills people for the shop.

New kid Toby loves talking about his foster mom and the food she makes and the amazing man who cuts hair that rents the space above their home.

Veronica takes no shit from coworkers, people who think they know more, that one lady at the store who wanted her parking space even though she had just parked.

Whizzer, when he was in his early twenties lived on Avenue Q. He kinda hated it but loved it all the same.

Ram and Kurt say their not gay but like...we know they're gay.

The corny colon show is the best.

Most of the bakers are single parents trying there best.

Aaron burr likes the Beatles.

Sometimes Johanna, the man who rents the upstairs unit daughter, likes to pick up Toby from school.

Everyone in law is a human disaster.

Every kid fears the one dentist who's actually good at his job.

Charlotte and Cordelia are the best.

Never go to Sweeney Todd alone.

Alex hates storms.

Lucy, Sweeney Todd's wife is still alive, just in the mental hospital.

There's a 20% chance that Evan tops half the time.

Everything is in freaking New York.

Horace Green is a freaking expensive school, and only except the highly gifted.

Lulu goes to Horace Green for two reasons, one is she can really sing like Jesus. Two her mother owns a business and can pay the tuition.

Aaron Burr 10/10 husband and father, would recommend greatly.

Alex knows, French, Spanish and ASL.

Heather Chandler likes the Beatles

Everyone believes that Crutchie's bad leg can predict the weather, and he's right every single time.

Jennifer Honey, best mom and teacher!!