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Paper Thin Skin

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Human Daughter (break me out of this shallow case I’m in/underneath this skin/ there’s a human)


  •        You were never just a girl.


Howl Florence + the Machine (like some child possessed/ the beast howls in my veins)


  •        On the nights you can’t sleep, your little sister lets you use her heartbeat as a lullaby from three rooms away.


Bad Karma Ida Maria (you better believe in voodoo, babe/ I gotta long list of your sins)


  •        You bare your teeth too often, and your mama stares and stares and stares.


Bad Moon Rising  CCR (don’t go round tonight/ cause it’s bound to take your life)


  •        The tips of the mittens you wear to school are torn to shreds. Your daddy thinks you cut them with scissors. You didn’t.


Werewolf Heart  Dead Man’s Bones (my skull is full of sunken ships/ my heart’s a prisoner in my ribs)


  •        It’s a Tuesday night and your daddy’s angry, and your teeth feel too big in your mouth.


Kill of the Night  Gin Wigmore (this is a bad town/ for such a pretty face)


  •        You’re in the car and your little sister is sleeping and the moon is a perfect, white circle punched into the black sky and---and--and--


Blood On My Hands  Hans Zimmer (instrumental)


  •        You lose yourself in the dark.


Devil’s Backbone The Civil Wars (give me the burden give me the blame/ I’ll shoulder the load and I’ll swallow the shame)


  •        Living as a beast shouldn’t be so easy, you think, but you can’t remember why.


Bones MS MR (dig up her bones/but leave her soul alone)


  •        The familiar man in the familiar house weeps, loud enough to pull you from sleep. This hurts you. You learn to stay away.


O’ Sister City and Colour (what makes you feel so alone/ is it the whispering ghosts/ you fear the most)


  •        You always come back to the wreckage in the ravine. 


The Beast Austra (The morning I was born again/ I was made into a beast/ am I free now? am I at peace?)


  •        Coyotes are solitary hunters, and you shouldn’t feel lonely, but you do.


Who Are You, Really?  Mikky Ekko (I’ve got nothing left to lose/see me bare my teeth for you/ who are you?)


  •        You think you had a name, once.


Can’t Play Dead  The Heavy (she walks like a zombie/ talks too cold/ livin’ in a graveyard/ like the one I call home)


  •        The cave stinks of hate and sweat and worry and wolf. You lose another home, and it’s familiar.


Moonlight Sonata  Ludwig Van Beethoven (instrumental)


  •        You run, and the moon feels heavy on your back.


No Church In The Wild  Jay-Z and Kanye West(what’s a god to a nonbeliever/ who don’t believe in anything/ will he make it out alive?)


  •        The wolf howls and tears you into a new [old] skin and suddenly you remember how painful it feels to simply exist.


Blood On My Name  The Wright Brothers (I’ve got nowhere to run/ nowhere to run/ nowhere to run)


  •        They tell you it was an accident. You were the lucky one, they say. You laugh and laugh and laugh.


Things We Lost In The Fire Bastille (Do you understand/ that I will never be the same again?)


  •        You shouldn’t feel lonely, but you do.


Run Kill It Kid (make shallow waters run thick with blood/ run, run, honey, run on now)


  •        An utterly normal, pale boy with bruise-dark eyes and human-blunt fingers takes you home wrapped in his jacket like a gift. You want to reach out and taste his heart. You don’t, barely.


The Wolves Ellie Goulding (can’t you find a clue/when your eyes are all painted Sinatra blue)


  •        The familiar man in the familiar house [your father?] asks you why your eyes don’t look like your mother’s anymore and you don’t know how to answer.


Young Blood  Birdy (can’t help myself but count the flaws/ claw my way out through these walls)


  •        They tell you that you are sick, that something’s wrong. You want to tear out their throats and chew on their insides and say yes yes yes something’s wrong just let megojust let me run


Set Free Katie Gray (you have the means to leave this place/ but god, you’ll never make it)


  •        In your padded cell, you can see the moon. 


Help, I’m Alive (AcousticMetric (if I stumble they’re gonna eat me alive/ can you hear my heart beating like a hammer?)


  •        The pale boy with the bruise black eyes doesn’t look quite so normal anymore. He watches you, wary and wanting, and for the first time in weeks, you feel wild.


A Wolf At The Door  Radiohead (don’t look in the mirror/ at a face you don’t recognize)


  •        He offers you another way back into the woods. You take it.


Lies (Acoustic)  Marina & the Diamonds (you’re never gonna love me/ so what’s the use?)


  •        Teenage girls are lower on the food chain than you were hoping. You wonder if their insides taste as vicious as their words.


Cold Aqualung (what you are given/ can’t be forgotten)


  •        Your skin feels paper thin and weak, and every soft breath of wind cuts you to the bone.


Iron Woodkid (I have to run away/ I want to feel the pain and the bitter taste/ of blood on my lips again)


  •        It’s hard to remember, sometimes, that you’re running with wolves. You can’t afford to forget.


The Fear Ben Howard ( I been worrying/ have I become what I deserve?)


  •        You wonder if you’ll ever go back. If this is all there is.


August Moon Gregory & The Hawk (don’t undo the true chance that chooses you/ face to face a new day)


  •        But maybe you’re not so lonely anymore.


From The Woods  James Vincent McMorrow (newer ropes, stronger nets/ have us plumbing further depths/ for the wolves we’ll never be)


  •        Sometimes you miss the simple bliss of seclusion, and the trees coax and whisper your name through the [always open] windows of your room. 


Into The Wild  Cascadeur (I heard a spell/ the devil’s wish/ isn’t paradise like hell)


  •        You hold your pale [not-so-normal] boy’s hand as you walk through the halls and his hummingbird heartbeat settles something in your chest.


My Body Is A Cage  Arcade Fire (just because you’ve forgotten/ don’t mean you’re forgiven)


  •        The crowd of people surges around you, but all you see is meat.


Shake It Out Florence + the Machine (I am done with my graceless heart/ tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart)


  •        Too wild to be a girl and too willful to be a wolf, you dance along the dainty line. [You were always so light on your feet.]


Sister Mumford & Sons (sister, don’t let go of us/ cause your roots will rot away)


  •        You always return to the wreckage.


Lonesome Hunter  Timbre Timbre (please break this spell you put me under/ every heart is a lonely hunter)


  •        “I thought you were running,” he says, heartbeat thumping heavy and hard. “Not yet,” you answer. “Not without you.”


Homesick Sleeping At Last (call it survival/ call it freedom of will/ where breath is our own/compass needle standing still)


  •        You wonder if you would forget yourself like the first time, if you went back to the woods. If you would lose all of yourself now. [this makes you hesitate.]


Wilderland Anais Mitchell (O mother, shelter us/ from the wild winds howling/ O father, shepherd us/ from the wild wolves howling)


  •        At night, you feel it grow restless under your thin girl-skin.  Your teeth lengthen in hunger and you taste blood in your mouth.

It calls you back so easily.